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Peter slowed things down with Maxie. Anna worried that she might not be Robin's mother. Spencer and Valentin clashed. Jason kidnapped Kristina from DOD. Laura, Felicia, and Ava hatched a plan. A mystery person spied on Ava.
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Jason kidnapped Kristina during her Dawn of Day ceremony
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Sonny wants to handle the Shiloh situation his way

Sonny wants to handle the Shiloh situation his way

Monday, April 8, 2019

Sonny and Jason met at Pozzulo's to talk business about Shiloh. Jason revealed that he was willing to go after Shiloh right away, although Sonny was concerned that things would then be worse for Kristina. Jason didn't think they could wait, as he thought things would already get worse, but Sam arrived to urge Sonny to back off during her investigation. She also informed him that Shiloh had "influential followers," and that included Margaux.

Sam and Jason related the various ways in which it seemed apparent that Margaux was a follower of Shiloh, including her release of Jason without pressing charges. Sonny was angry, but he explained that Margaux had been through a lot in the past year. He also thought she was the type of person that Shiloh would target. Sam regretted that she hadn't learned anything yet during her own investigation of Shiloh, but she had to leave.

Jason was determined that Shiloh be eliminated immediately. He explained his reasoning to Sonny, but Sonny didn't want to make trouble with the district attorney. Jason explained that there had been a pattern in every town where Shiloh had established a home, and they all had pull with the local officials. Sonny saw it clearly as a way for Shiloh and his group to run the towns.

Jason pointed out that Shiloh's group was merely a con in order to get money from his followers. He added that the higher those people rose in the group, the more money they had to pay. Sonny thought there had to be another way to take control.

As Shiloh watched a video of his time with a blindfolded Sam at the Dawn of Day house, Kristina walked in, and he gently closed the laptop. Kristina presented him with the additional money needed in order for her to join the Trust, and Shiloh promised the process would take place that evening.

Shortly after, Sam arrived looking for Shiloh. Kristina related that he would be back shortly. Sam revealed that she'd had a one-on-one session with Shiloh, and she had returned to schedule another one. Kristina was excited and admitted that she had been jealous when she'd learned of Sam's involvement with Shiloh earlier. She added that she would no longer be that way after that evening.

Sam wanted a hint about the evening's festivities, but before Kristina could say anything, Harmony walked in with Daisy. Harmony was there to see to the preparation for the evening's session, and Kristina was excited to see her. Harmony met Sam and then proceeded up to the attic with Daisy. Kristina explained that Harmony was in charge of the DOD house in Beechers Corners. Kristina told Sam that Shiloh trusted certain people with more responsibilities.

Up in the attic, Harmony and Daisy looked around. "Let's get started," Harmony proposed. Daisy began to light candles as Harmony surveyed the room filled with pillows. Once things were set up, they returned to the living room. Harmony wanted to speak to Kristina, who said goodbye to Sam. Harmony took Kristina and Daisy to the kitchen.

Sam left the house but sneaked back inside. She headed up to the attic and looked around the elaborately decorated room. She saw a small black bag and opened it. She pulled out its contents. "Well, somebody's getting a tattoo," she muttered.

Willow and Chase shared a kiss at school but separated abruptly. Willow declared that she couldn't "make out" on school grounds, especially after almost being fired. Chase wanted to hear what had happened, and she told him about the parents of the student who had once been accused of bullying another student. The principal had supported her then, but she had then, without real proof, accused the child of possibly cheating.

Willow continued that she had been accused of bias. She also didn't like the child's stepmother, but she admitted that perhaps she had jumped to conclusions with the cheating. Willow didn't feel that she was the person she wanted to be, but Chase assured her that she could readjust after her bad judgment, learn from her mistake, and admit she had been wrong.

Willow agreed that she wanted to be able to teach her students other things besides schoolwork, and they could learn those life's lessons from her. She sat at a child's desk, and Chase stooped to her level. He thought it was "cool" to see Willow's passion. "Trust me, she's always been that way," Shiloh said as he walked in.

Shiloh called Willow by her original name, Kelli, more than once, until she ordered him to stop. She was not happy to see him. Chase asked Shiloh why he was there. Shiloh suggested that Chase take his problem child to DOD because they had good programs, and he thought that Willow would back him up. Chase thought that he should arrest Shiloh for harassment, but Shiloh announced that he had something of Willow's.

Chase corrected Shiloh when Shiloh referred to him as officer; Chase said he was a detective. Willow declared that she didn't want anything from Shiloh, who asked Chase to leave so that he could talk to Willow alone. Willow ordered Chase to stay. Shiloh held out a photo of himself with Willow and talked about how happy she'd been. He pointed out her huge smile.

Willow snapped that looks were misleading, but Shiloh believed that she had been happy with her DOD family and had trusted him. Willow replied that DOD had never been her home, although Shiloh thought that the DOD members would disagree with her. She ordered him to leave, and Shiloh reminded her that she would always have a place in the family.

After Shiloh had gone, Willow ripped up the photo and assured Chase she was okay. She knew that Shiloh would not stop harassing her. She maintained that there had always been an "illusion of free will," but Shiloh was a manipulator. Chase comforted Willow as she related that the group would always "bombard" a person who wanted to leave, but she would never be free until she got rid of something. Willow showed Chase her DOD tattoo.

At the Floating Rib, Alexis ran into Neil, who tried to get away from her. Alexis demanded that they spend some time talking, and she finally blurted out that her daughter was in a cult. The doctor gave in, and they sat at a table. Alexis apologized for overstepping boundaries and mentioned that she understood that as a lawyer but not as a mother. Neil wanted some history on Kristina. "She was born," Alexis began. She filled him in briefly on Kristina's life in general terms but quickly got to the cult situation.

"You do nothing," Neil recommended. Alexis declared that she wouldn't pay Neil for such horrible advice, but Neil reminded her that Kristina was an adult. He added that he had worked with families in similar situations, and he thought that Kristina would resent Alexis if Alexis attempted to remove her from DOD.

Neil thought that Kristina needed to hear the "seeds of doubt." Alexis didn't think she had time to do much because Sonny had been anxious to make a move. Neil asked if it involved kidnapping Kristina. Alexis thought that was a strong word, and Neil thought there were things that could be said to Kristina instead. Alexis admitted she didn't have a good record of communicating with Kristina.

Neil suggested that Kristina be made to look at her situation from the outside, and he thought that she should have her life's memories jolted with old photos. He thought they could continue the conversation during their next session. He wrote a bill out for Alexis. After Neil left, Alexis jotted down some notes and hoped she wasn't too late.

Standing near the bar, Maxie and Peter awkwardly admitted their feelings for each other after Maxie confessed that she'd turned down Chet's invitation for a date. "I care for you so much," Peter stated. They went back and forth as they revealed their feelings and finally shared a kiss.

Peter agreed that he was ready if Maxie was because he thought they made a good team. Maxie agreed. They were interrupted when Lulu approached them and announced that she was leaving Port Charles the next day. She admitted that she had merely been "treading water," after the exhausting year and all that had happened. She wanted a rest.

Maxie understood but confessed that she hated the idea of Lulu leaving. They hugged, and Lulu apologized to Peter. She asked him for a leave of absence. Peter denied her, and Maxie gave him a hard time. Peter declared that he wanted Lulu to remain on staff at the newspaper, and he suggested that Lulu think about writing a book. He thought that people would love to read about her experiences.

Peter and Maxie both tried to convince Lulu that a book was a good idea. Peter made a gracious exit and told Lulu she'd still have a job. Maxie stopped him to kiss him before he walked away. Lulu was upset that she hadn't known about Maxie and Peter, but Maxie assured her it had only happened in the past few minutes. Maxie guessed they were official. Lulu thought it looked like it and was happy for Maxie.

Lulu agreed to have a drink, and Maxie asked if Lulu would be returning to town soon because she'd be a mess without Lulu around. Lulu felt the same. They toasted to being best friends.

Anna sat at a nearby table, engrossed in what was happening between Peter and Maxie. She ignored Finn, who held onto the small ring box and tried to talk to her. "So, I was thinking..." Finn began, but Anna couldn't listen. She bragged that she was partly responsible for Maxie and Peter finally getting together. She was glad the young couple could share some happiness. She turned to Finn to ask what he had wanted.

Finn declared that he loved Anna, and she felt the same about him. Finn added that he only saw Anna in his future but before he could pop the question, Robert arrived and pulled up a chair. Robert revealed that after investigation, he'd learned that Anna had actually been the agent in Berlin and not Alex. He had found Alex to have been in Singapore at the time.

Anna was sad about the incident, but Robert reminded her that she had been ambushed. Anna replied that Alex had made the entire thing so real, as if she had lived it. Robert pointed out that Alex knew Anna well, but Anna realized that she still didn't know which memories were her own. Robert turned around and was annoyed to see that Peter was present.

Anna walked away, and Robert chatted with Finn, who felt that it would be difficult when Anna's past would return to haunt her. Robert didn't think a "civilian" could really understand. Finn wondered if Robert had a plane to catch, and Robert joked that he knew that Finn wasn't trying to get rid of him.

Anna wandered over to Peter, who admitted that he had expressed his feelings to Maxie. Anna was happy, but Peter realized that Anna had expected things to work out the way they had because he had seen her talking to Maxie. He thought that if Anna had said things to Maxie that were similar to the things she had said to him, it was a "mom" thing to do.

Peter returned to Maxie and Lulu, and Lulu announced that she had to leave to pack. She ordered Peter to keep an eye on Maxie for her, or he'd have to answer to her. Peter comforted Maxie as Lulu left.

Anna found her way back to Robert and Finn with drinks in hand. Robert thought that the memories that Alex had been hiding had to be important if she had lied about them. Anna thought they were probably emotionally heavy and that Alex wanted them to affect Anna.

Sonny and Jason continued to talk about Shiloh. Jason thought that Shiloh could want money to free someone from the group, but that would be extortion. He wondered if there was a way to get to Shiloh legally. Sonny announced that he had a plan. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Sonny opened it to welcome Neil inside. "Thanks for coming," Sonny said.

Shiloh returned to the DOD house as Sam was still going through items in the attic.

Kristina is eager to join the Trust

Kristina is eager to join the Trust

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Laura and Felicia entered the Floating Rib to meet up with Ava, who wanted to discuss Ryan with them. Ava wanted to formulate a "plan of action" for whenever Ryan decided to return. Felicia believed that Ryan would return for Ava, as he'd been relentless in his pursuit of Felicia. She added that Ava needed to be ready for his return, so she proposed that they lure Ryan back "on our timetable" by using Ava as bait. Ava vowed to do whatever it took, but Laura wasn't sure she wanted to be involved in the "vigilante justice" as mayor.

Ava gently suggested that Laura leave before she and Felicia discussed their plan further, but Felicia countered that Laura was "the real deal." Laura reluctantly asked what they had in mind. Felicia pointed out that Ryan hated losing, and Ava wondered if Felicia was thinking that Ava should find a new man and flaunt him. Laura warned that the plan would risk Ava's life and the life of whoever Ava chose, but Ava patted her purse and insisted that she had it covered. She wondered if Laura had a better idea.

Shiloh entered the Dawn of Day house, and Harmony informed him that Kristina was preparing for her initiation. Harmony thought that Kristina was perfect for the Trust, and she added that she'd also met Sam. She continued that the supplies for the initiation were in the attic. Shiloh related that he had more good news: "I found her." An anxious Harmony asked how "she" was, and Shiloh replied that she seemed well, but she'd changed her name to Willow.

Sam looked around the attic and spotted a bag on the floor. She went through the bag and observed, "Someone's getting a tattoo." She took pictures of the room until she heard Shiloh and Harmony outside the door, talking about focusing on Kristina. When they entered the room, Sam was nowhere to be seen. From her hiding spot, she listened as they talked about how eager Kristina was to join the Trust.

Harmony asked about Kristina's pledge offering. Shiloh informed her that it was an "inconvenient truth" about Kristina's family that would prove useful to them. Harmony wanted to finish preparing for the initiation, as "midnight will be here sooner than you think," and they left. After making sure that they were gone, Sam ran out of the room. Downstairs, Harmony expressed her surprise that Shiloh would put someone from Port Charles in the Trust, but he thought the people could be "beneficial" to them. The two went to the kitchen to prepare a drink for Kristina's nerves, and Sam took the opportunity to run out of the house.

Neil entered Sonny's office, and Sonny introduced himself and Jason. He invited Neil to sit, and he revealed that Neil had the experience that he was looking for, involving rescuing people from cults. He told Neil about Kristina and Dawn of Day. Jason got a text and excused himself to meet someone. Neil revealed that Dawn of Day met all the criteria of being a cult, and he advised Sonny to keep open communication with Kristina. Sonny revealed that he hadn't been able to save his son, who'd been a lot like Kristina, and he didn't want another child of his to pass away.

Sonny begged Neil to help, and Neil revealed that "exit therapy" was a challenge, and Kristina would resist. Sonny thought that Alexis would be all in for it, and Neil flashed back to his conversation with Alexis about Kristina. Neil told Sonny that all of his prior experiences wouldn't guarantee success and that his last exit therapy had ended badly. He offered to provide references for Sonny, but Sonny begged Neil to help. "Name a price," he said. Neil commented that it wasn't about money, and he finally relented and agreed to help Sonny. Sonny sincerely thanked him and promised to let Neil know when he was needed.

At the Floating Rib, Chase and Willow sat at a table, and Michael approached them. Chase invited him to sit, and Willow asked if Kristina was still involved in Dawn of Day. Michael admitted that she kept getting in deeper, and Willow commented that Kristina was in more trouble than Michael realized. Michael wondered if there was anything criminal going on, but Chase revealed that there was nothing yet to prosecute Shiloh with.

Willow advised Michael to find out if Kristina had been chosen for the Trust, as she would be giving herself to Dawn of Day "in every conceivable way." The initiation was "up to Shiloh," and he made it appear that being in it was a choice. Michael's phone went off, and he excused himself to meet up with someone. Willow hoped that he saved his sister, and he left. Chase thought she was brave for sharing about her experiences with Dawn of Day, but she hoped it wasn't too late for Kristina. Willow wanted to focus on anything but Dawn of Day, and Chase had an idea.

A short while later, Chase and Willow were putting on roller skates at the park. He told her about a bad experience he'd had in high school, crashing into the DJ booth after trying to impress a girl. He confided that his nickname for years after had been "Wipeout." They got up and carefully made their way to the rink. Later, they emerged from the rink, and Willow joked that he'd lived up to his nickname. He replied that it was worth it to hear her laugh, and they shared a kiss.

Jordan emerged from her dialysis treatment, and Curtis met her at the door. She thought she needed to sit, but she passed out into his arms. A few minutes later, she sat on a bench, and he got her some water. She explained that lightheadedness was common after a dialysis treatment, especially after the call she'd had with Margaux. She informed him that Margaux had decided to close the Ryan Chamberlain case. Curtis thought that it was a "free pass" for Ryan to start killing again. Jordan revealed that the cops couldn't do anything, so he would have to.

Jordan insisted that he was the best investigator she'd ever met, and he needed to pick up where the authorities had left off in Niagara Falls. She begged him to help her peace of mind, but he wanted to be there with her during her "health crisis." She didn't like it, but she understood. He told her that she needed to take it easy in the future, and she agreed that she needed to be rested and ready if Ryan returned. Just then, Jordan's phone went off, and she saw that it was the Canadian forensics lab. She revealed that Ryan had been alive when his hand had been severed.

Kristina greeted Shiloh, and he asked if she was nervous about her initiation. She replied that she was eager to start, but he urged her to meditate on any uncertainty she might have. She wondered what his part in the ceremony was, and he answered that he wasn't involved in the ceremony. He explained that the "sisterhood" of the Trust would welcome her in, and they needed to bond with her. She clarified that he had no part in her initiation, but he told her, "I never said that. After you're welcomed in, I'll complete the initiation." He assured her that she would get hours with him to tell him about the ceremony.

Harmony returned and handed Kristina the dress she would wear for the initiation. Shiloh suddenly realized that he didn't have a picture with Kristina, so he handed his phone to Harmony, and she snapped a picture of the two.

A short while later, Shiloh led Kristina, clad in the initiation dress, to the attic. He entered with her, and she thought the room was amazing. He revealed that only the Trust was allowed in. He told her that he'd transcribed her pledge offering to sign as a safeguard in case something happened to the recording. She signed the paper and told him that she wanted to make him proud and repay him for everything he'd given her. Stroking her face, he told her that she was a special person and to enjoy the ceremony, and he left.

Jason and Michael arrived outside the Floating Rib, and both had updates on Dawn of Day. Sam entered and told them about Kristina's initiation that night, and she showed them her pictures from the attic.

Michael told Jason and Sam all that Willow had told him about the Trust, including Shiloh's part of the ceremony that including him having sex with the inductee. Sam knew that Kristina would probably feel honored to do it, and Jason decided to "handle" it. Michael wanted to help, but Jason instructed him to get himself an alibi. He asked Jason to tell him when Kristina was safe, and he went back into the Floating Rib. Sam instructed Jason to hurry, as the initiation was set for midnight.

Jason moves to rescue Kristina

Jason moves to rescue Kristina

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Willow and Chase entered his apartment and talked about how much fun they'd had roller-skating. Chase took out a bottle of wine and called it "magical." He explained that Stanley at the specialty wine store had called the wine "the vintage of love." He poured the wine, and Willow toasted to "new adventures and magical vintages." She laughed and told him that she remembered how she'd "freaked out" on him when she'd been there for their first date. He thought that he should have shared his plans for the night with her, but she wondered why he'd continued to pursue her. He simply replied that he liked her.

Chase teasingly asked if Willow still considered the apartment his "lair." She answered that she was happy there because he was there, and she felt happy and safe with him. They shared a long, passionate kiss. He admitted that he wanted her, but only if she wanted him. She shared the sentiment, and he carried her to the bedroom, where the two made love. Later, Chase made sure that she was all right. She confided that "I had no idea it could feel like this. The only reason I know is you," and the two shared a kiss.

Finn and Anna left the Floating Rib, and Anna was clearly distracted as they walked. Anna confessed that she feared Alex had been hinting that Robin was the memory that had been implanted into Anna. Finn thought that Anna was getting herself worked up over nothing, but she reminded him of how Drew could recall things that hadn't happened to him. Finn believed that it was unlikely, but she shot back that anything was possible. Finn wondered if Robin not being Anna's daughter would change anything, and Anna replied that she would still love Robin "'til the day I die." She tearfully wondered how she was supposed to explain the situation to Robin, and Finn pulled her into his arms.

Maxie and Peter arrived in front of her apartment, and she wondered if he was staying or going. He answered that he was staying, and she was glad to hear it. A few minutes later, Peter remarked on how big James had gotten, and Maxie reminded him that James's first birthday was approaching. He couldn't believe it, and both agreed that they were glad Peter had been there for Maxie. He walked toward her, and she backed up as she babbled about getting him food or a drink. He assured her that everything he needed was already there, and he kissed her. Just then, James began to cry, so she ran off to tend to him. Peter took the opportunity to look around, and he caught sight of pictures of Maxie and Nathan.

When Maxie returned, Peter told her that the pictures made him smile, and she agreed. She wondered if things were "weird," but he turned the question back on her. She answered, "Yes and no," and she added that life was complicated. Changing the subject, she wanted to know about his dating history, and he answered that all of his relationship had been "brief and uncomplicated." She wondered if he'd ever been in love, and he admitted that he hadn't, but he was looking forward to it.

Peter thought it was time for him to go, but Maxie protested. He assured her that he wanted to stay, but he didn't want her to rush into something because she was trying to convince herself that she was ready. She promised that she would be ready one day, and he promised to be there waiting for her. "You're it, Maxie," he told her. He instructed her to take all the time she needed, kissed her, and left. She looked around at the pictures of her and Nathan.

In his office, Sonny assured Carly on the phone that he would be home soon, and he asked her to give his love to Josslyn. When he hung up, he heard the outside door slam, and he reached for his gun. The door to his office burst open, and Alexis stormed into the office. She demanded to know if Sonny intended to kidnap Kristina, and he reasoned that he wanted to get her out of Dawn of Day. She revealed that she'd talked to an expert, who'd advised her to plant seeds of doubt and let her make her own decision to leave. "Where did we go wrong? Don't answer that," Alexis said.

Alexis believed that Kristina's problems went back to her "dysfunctional" parents. Sonny just wanted to get Kristina out and "deal with the rest later." Alexis worried that Kristina would resent him, but he thought that she would eventually understand. Alexis still didn't like the idea, but she agreed that they needed to get Kristina out. Sonny informed her that Jason was doing just that, that night. "Thank you for the update!" Alexis cried sarcastically, angry that he hadn't gotten her blessing first. He promised that they would fix things with Kristina.

Outside the Floating Rib, Jason informed Sam that he was going to "case" the Dawn of Day house, wait for an opening, and grab Kristina. He instructed Sam to make sure that Shiloh was occupied while he did that. "Watch and learn," Sam replied confidently as she took out her phone.

In the attic of the Dawn of Day house, Kristina signed her pledge. Shiloh said that she was special and told her to enjoy the ceremony. He left the room, but she called out for him, so he returned. He assured her that the ceremony was "painless" and that only good memories would remain, but she wished he could be there. Harmony entered and handed Kristina a cup. She instructed Kristina to drink, as it would calm her nerves. She took a sip, and the Dawn of Day symbol was on the bottom of the cup.

Shiloh instructed Kristina to lie down and reflect on her past and future. He promised to see her later, and he and Harmony left the room. Shiloh ordered Harmony to move the ceremony up, as Kristina was ready. Harmony walked away to prepare, and Shiloh's phone went off. He answered it to Sam and asked if she was all right. "No," Sam admitted, and she broke it to him that she didn't think she would make their session the next day. "Is it Jason?" Shiloh wondered.

As Sam held Jason's hand, she told Shiloh that she missed Jason and wanted to be with him. He asked where she was and promised to meet her there. "And that's how it's done," Sam gloated to Jason when she hung up. He asked her to keep Shiloh busy for at least half an hour. "Go get my sister," she told him, and he promised not to leave the house without Kristina.

Kristina sat up and looked around. She saw a framed quote that read, "When I let go of what I am, I become what I can be." She picked up the cup, drank the rest of the liquid, and passed out, dropping the cup. Jason arrived outside the house and looked in the window. He entered the house and heard Harmony in the distance, asking for help finishing up preparations for the ceremony, as Shiloh had moved it up. Jason's eyes widened, and he kept moving.

Jason found the attic and went in. He knelt next to Kristina and tried to wake her, but he couldn't. He saw the tattoo equipment and the cup, and he pocketed the cup. He picked Kristina up and left. Outside, Kristina woke up and slurred, "Jason?" He promised that he was taking her somewhere safe, and he kept moving.

Shiloh arrived at the Floating Rib and found Sam in the back with a drink. She slurred that she was embarrassed he was seeing her like that. He offered to get some coffee for them, and she agreed. A few minutes later, they sat at a table, and she told him how she and Jason had played pool there in the past. He wondered if she liked who she'd been when she'd been with Jason, and she answered that she didn't. She jokingly offered to give Shiloh the "bullet points" of why she shouldn't be with Jason, and he thought that those reasons would remind her that she was on the right path. "How much time do you have?" she wondered.

Sam couldn't believe that Shiloh had had the time to see her, as there were so many people who wanted and needed him. He explained that every person served a different role in the organization. She asked him to help her figure out her role, and he answered, "Of course." Sam's phone went off, and she saw a text from Jason that read, "Got her." Sam thought that it was time for her to go, and Shiloh offered her a ride. She thought he'd already spent enough of his time helping her. He hoped to see her the next day, and he left; she watched as he went.

Harmony returned to the attic and announced to Kristina that they were ready to start the ceremony. Seeing that Kristina wasn't there, she looked around the room then took out her phone.

Outside the Floating Rib, Shiloh's phone went off, and he got his phone out of his pocket. He read the text from Harmony that said, "She's gone."

Oscar learns he doesn't have long to live

Oscar learns he doesn't have long to live

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Alexis arrived at Charlie's Pub as she spoke on the phone to Sonny. He told her that Kristina was safe but still asleep after having been drugged. Julian spotted Alexis as she walked in and asked how things were. She told him there was "a lot at stake." After Julian received a text message from Kristina to inform him that she wouldn't be in for her shift, he assumed that that had something to do with Alexis.

Molly walked in and announced that she wanted to make a peace treaty with Kristina, but Julian informed her that her sister would not be there. He was headed out to the hospital to see Kim, and Alexis revealed that she had a meeting to attend.

Sonny found Josslyn and Carly at General Hospital as they waited for Oscar to wake up. Sonny handed Josslyn money and told her to get some food for herself and her mother. Carly explained that Oscar had been taken off the ventilator, but they didn't know if he would wake up.

Terry spoke to Kim and Drew in Oscar's room. Just then, the monitor beeped, and Oscar struggled to open his eyes. Kim assured him that his parents were there. Oscar looked at her and tried to talk. Terry told him not to, as she had just removed his breathing tube. Drew announced that he would retrieve Josslyn, and Terry asked to be able to see Oscar alone for some testing. Kim kissed his forehead and told him she loved him.

Josslyn returned with food, and Kim and Drew walked up. They updated Josslyn, Carly, and Sonny on Oscar's condition. Josslyn announced that she planned on taking advantage of the fact that Oscar couldn't speak. Kim left to phone Julian, and Sonny had to leave as well. He stated that Oscar was in his prayers.

"It's not over yet," Josslyn said as she smiled. Carly hugged her. "We still have time," Josslyn added. Terry arrived and announced that Oscar had fallen asleep again. Josslyn asked if she could sit with him, and Drew told her to go. Terry explained that Oscar's seizure had taken its toll, and Josslyn promised that she could handle it. Carly left to give the others privacy, and Monica arrived. Terry asked that they go somewhere more private to talk.

Terry told Kim, Monica, and Drew that the tumor's growth had "severely compromised" Oscar's mobility, and she was worried about his being able to walk. She thought the tumor would progress quickly, but there was nothing that could be done medically. Monica stated that they needed a plan. As the group talked, Josslyn made her way to Oscar's side, and he grabbed her hand and apologized.

Monica advised Kim that she and Oscar could move to the Quartermaine residence, and they'd all be together because they were family. Drew explained that they would have to talk to Oscar first, and Monica assured him there was no pressure. Kim cried that they would have to talk about Oscar's end of life plan, too.

Josslyn was reading out loud to Oscar as she sat in bed beside him. Kim and Drew walked in, and Drew asked that Josslyn leave them alone. She left, and Kim sat on the bed. Oscar admitted he couldn't understand why he felt so tired. Kim told him the tumor had been growing fast, and he would probably have more seizures.

Sadly, Oscar realized that he was in the "home stretch." "I'm really dying," he said simply. Kim wept and admitted that he was. Out in the waiting area, Josslyn and Carly discussed the book that Josslyn had been reading to Oscar, The Wind in the Willows. Josslyn was surprised that her mother had never read it.

Monica appeared with an update and stated that time was short. Josslyn cried and exclaimed that the book was long. She knew that Oscar would not want to die in the hospital, and Monica related that options had been discussed. Carly comforted her daughter as they both cried. Josslyn told her mother that she wanted to hurt to prove how much Oscar meant to her.

Drew reappeared and revealed that Oscar and Kim would be moving to Monica's house. He informed Josslyn that she would always be welcome at any time. Julian arrived and comforted Kim. Drew sat with a weeping Monica and tried to console her.

Josslyn returned to Oscar's room. "You know," Oscar said as he looked at his tearful girlfriend. Josslyn was happy that Oscar was awake and able to talk, and he confirmed that he would have never left her without saying goodbye. Josslyn asked Oscar what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He beckoned her to his side, and she lay down beside him.

Chase looked at Willow's tattoo as she lay in bed beside him. He admitted that it bothered him, as it seemed as if Shiloh had branded her. Willow agreed that he had; however, she was free, and it no longer disturbed her. Chase leaned over and kissed her.

Willow hoped it had been okay that she had spent the night, and she admitted that Chase was her first relationship, if that was what it really was. She wasn't familiar with etiquette. Chase agreed that they were in a relationship, and he was happy that Willow had spent the night.

Later, Chase was dressed and in the living room when someone knocked on the door. It was Michael, and he wanted to speak to Chase about "closing Shiloh down." Chase informed him that there hadn't been any evidence of fraud, but Michael insisted that Shiloh's practices weren't legal. Chase declared that he couldn't do anything to break the law.

Willow emerged from the bedroom, dressed in Chase's shirt, and Michael awkwardly decided he should leave. Chase invited him to join them for breakfast so they could talk. The trio sat around. Willow stated that Shiloh hadn't broken any laws, and it had always been considered an honor to give money to his group. Michael thought there had been "implied coercion" that could be considered extortion.

"We have you," Michael said to Willow. Chase quickly declared that he had seen Shiloh's games of manipulation toward Willow, and he refused to have her be anywhere near the man. Michael suggested that Willow meet with Kristina alone instead because she might be the only person who could get Kristina to accept the truth.

Willow replied that she would love to help but was fearful of what would happen when Shiloh found out about it. Michael agreed that Shiloh could go after Willow, but he thought that, with his or Sonny's connections, they would be able to protect her. He thanked Willow for taking the time to think about it, and he left. Chase declared that he didn't want Willow to do it if she would worry. He thought that Michael and his family could figure it out.

Jason held onto Kristina's phone after sending a text message to Julian. Kristina was asleep on the sofa but slowly began to wake up. He informed her that she had been in a bad place, and he had removed her from it. Jason handed her a glass of water, and Kristina asked where they were.

"It's a property," Jason answered. Kristina realized it was one of her father's safehouses, and she asked why she was there. She recalled being at the Dawn of Day house and waiting for the ceremony to begin. After Jason began to explain why he had taken her out of the house, Kristina began to yell at him angrily.

Kristina wanted to leave, but Jason stopped her. He added that both Milo and Max were guarding the house, and she would not be able to escape. He suggested that she be angry at him. Kristina shouted that he was jealous of Shiloh, and Jason had violated her rights by kidnapping her. She continued that Jason would never get Sam back, and while Shiloh was an enlightened man, Jason was on a path to nowhere.

Jason ignored her speech. "You want something for breakfast?" he asked. Kristina continued to yell and demand her freedom. She calmed down briefly but started to shout again. She reminded Jason that he had known her for her entire life. Jason replied that he had always wanted to keep her safe, and he wasn't about to stop.

Sonny met with Jason outside the house, and Jason filled him in on Kristina's frame of mind. He stated that she was not happy. He had gotten Kristina's password to her phone from her when she'd been "doped up." Jason added, "She's furious." Sonny walked into the house, and Kristina ran to him and hugged him. She cried and told him that she was better off at the DOD house and wanted to go back.

Sonny and Kristina sat down. Sonny declared that he was trying to keep her safe, and she couldn't go back to the house and the predator who had been keeping her from her family. Kristina began to scream and shout again and declared that she wanted to talk to her mother, who knew the law. Just then, a knock on the door revealed Alexis on the other side. "Go ahead; talk," Sonny urged Kristina.

Alexis walked inside. Kristina couldn't believe her eyes and threatened to press charges and have Alexis disbarred. Alexis thought it was worth it. She tried to explain that Shiloh and the group weren't loving and kind and that impressionable people were lured to the group. There was another knock at the door. Sarcastically, Kristina asked if everyone had been invited to her kidnapping. Sonny opened the door, and it was Alexis' turn to be surprised as Neil walked in.

"He's my therapist," Alexis stated. Kristina found the situation amusing as she pointed out that her father had hired her mother's therapist to help to remove her from the "imaginary cult." Neil said it was nice to meet her, but Kristina called him an accomplice to a federal crime. She told him off and declared that her parents needed his services more than she did. DOD was her new family, Kristina added as she stormed off.

Sonny assured the others that Kristina wouldn't be able to escape. Alexis challenged Neil on his participation, and he replied that Sonny had ignored his advice. He maintained that if they didn't successfully deprogram Kristina, her return to DOD would mean they would never see her again, as she had been consumed with rage.

At the Dawn of Day house, Shiloh and Harmony discussed Kristina's disappearance. Shiloh was certain that Kristina was a devoted follower. Sam hesitantly stood outside, knocked, and walked in. She announced that she was embarrassed because of her behavior the previous night, but Shiloh told her she had reached out for help. He didn't think it was a big deal. He wondered if she had spoken to Kristina.

Sam replied that she hadn't spoken to Kristina and asked if something was wrong. Shiloh suggested that there had been a miscommunication, but he thought it was normal. Harmony asked how Kristina had been when Sam had seen her last, and Sam clarified that her sister had been happy and at peace. Shiloh revealed that Kristina had missed the daily check-in for the first time.

Sam joked that Kristina wasn't normally a rule follower, although Shiloh indicated that she had been good with the rules at the house. Sam responded that everyone had "off days." Sam and Shiloh sat, and Sam apologized again for her behavior. Shiloh grabbed her hand and told her she'd made a "significant" breakthrough. Just then, Molly burst into the room. She saw Sam and asked why Sam was there. She assumed Sam had been looking for Kristina.

Molly accused Shiloh of running a cult and brainwashing Kristina. Shiloh denied it, and he and Sam told her that they didn't know where Kristina was. Sam insisted she wasn't worried, and Shiloh revealed that Sam was one of his students. "Have you completely lost your mind?" Molly shouted at Sam.

Sam confessed that she had investigated Shiloh, and he was completely legitimate. Molly thought Shiloh was good and that his helping the homeless and feeding the poor had just been a front. She pulled his book from her bag and told him she'd read it. She continued that much of it had been plagiarized, and the writer had been a "textbook narcissist." She tossed the book and ran out.

Sam apologized for Molly and ran after her. Molly was beside herself with anger and accused Sam of being recruited. She refused to lose both of her sisters. Inside the house, Harmony told Shiloh that the cup was missing from the attic, and she was worried that someone who shouldn't see it would find it. Shiloh ordered her to search again. He planned to look for Kristina.

Outside the safehouse, Jason held onto the cup he'd retrieved from the DOD house and answered a phone call from Sam. He told her that Kristina was "pissed." Sam related the scene with an angry Molly, and she told him that Shiloh and Harmony had asked about Kristina. She had left them with the impression that Kristina had left the house on her own. Jason thought it would be awhile before Kristina would be able to see the truth.

Inside, Alexis was astounded that Sonny had had Kristina kidnapped. They began to argue but Neil ordered them to either stop or go outside. He told them they had a lot of hard work ahead of them, and he believed that Kristina would try to manipulate them against each other. They had to be united.

The charges against Kevin are dropped

The charges against Kevin are dropped

Friday, April 12, 2019

At General Hospital, Spencer complained to Laura about having to sit in her board meeting. Laura told her grandson that she'd had to keep her eye on him due to his past mischief. Spencer revealed that he had some ideas for the upcoming Nurses Ball and wanted to share them with Epiphany or Lucy. Laura lingered at Gail's photo as Spencer took off.

Finn spoke to a skeleton in an exam room as he rehearsed his marriage proposal to Anna. Laura watched him through the door and finally went inside after knocking. She confessed that she wanted Finn's opinion on whether he thought it possible that Ryan had survived after losing his hand. She explained the official finding, and Finn reminded her that it wasn't his specialty.

Laura maintained that she respected Finn and thought of him as an excellent doctor. Finn was flattered, and he related that if Ryan had received proper medical care after his hand had been severed, it was possible for him to still be alive. He assumed that Laura would prefer that Ryan was dead, and she admitted that it would be easier for many people.

Laura confessed that she had noticed that Finn had an important question for someone. He was embarrassed, but Laura chuckled. He showed her the ring and asked for her opinion. Laura was floored. "She's going to love it," Laura assured Finn.

Out in the hallway, Valentin ran into Spencer as he was having difficulty with the vending machine. Valentin retrieved the boy's snack, and he stated that he had wondered if they would run into each other. He asked about Laura. Spencer assured Valentin that his grandmother was fine, and he had been looking after her.

Spencer asked Valentin if Nina had realized yet that Valentin and Sasha had been up to something. Valentin replied that Sasha had been a welcome addition to the family, but Spencer noted that Valentin was in "cahoots" with Sasha. He thought that Charlotte should be made aware of it. Sarcastically, Valentin snapped that Charlotte had told him about Spencer rigging the election, and he warned Spencer that the truth would always show itself.

Spencer retorted that he had never admitted anything to Charlotte. Valentin thought the FBI would be interested, and he suggested that there would be a severe punishment for Spencer's crime. "What's going on here?" Laura questioned as she returned after talking to Finn. Valentin said that they had just been talking about her, but Laura coldly ordered him to stay away from Nikolas' son.

Laura continued that she wanted to work out a visitation schedule for Charlotte while Lulu was away. "I don't think so," Valentin spat as he walked away from her. Laura followed him, and she reminded him that there was joint custody of Charlotte. Valentin clarified that Lulu's name was on the court order, not Laura's. He added that Lulu hadn't made any arrangements, so he had full custody.

Valentin declared that he would allow Charlotte to visit Laura if the little girl wanted to and it didn't interfere with anything else. He wondered if Spencer had been staying with Laura, because he thought it could be awkward. He was aware that Spencer and Charlotte hadn't been on good terms. He stepped onto the elevator.

Sasha met Peter and Maxie at Charlie's Pub for lunch, at their request. She sat down at their table, and Maxie explained that she wanted to make things up to Sasha after running the DNA test. Sasha understood that they had been trying to protect Nina, and she assured them that Valentin loved Nina and wouldn't hurt her.

Peter declared that Valentin would manipulate the circumstances, and Maxie added that it had all been her fault because she had wanted to snoop. Peter had gone along with her. Maxie revealed that she wished that Nina would understand because they had hardly been speaking to each other.

Curtis visited with Nina in the Crimson office, where they talked about Jordan and Nina's publicity for a kidney donor. Curtis related that Jordan's career interfered with a regular dialysis schedule, and Nina promised to publicize it again. Curtis revealed that he wanted and needed more work. "Got any assignments?" he asked. Nina didn't, although she confessed that she had been involved in another investigation.

Nina didn't want to say more, but she told Curtis about Maxie and Peter running another DNA test on Sasha. Curtis was surprised, and Nina explained that Maxie didn't trust Valentin, which Nina thought was ridiculous. Nina told Curtis that Maxie also suspected that there was a secret between Valentin and Liesl.

Nina was annoyed that Maxie hadn't completed some work for the magazine because of running around doing other things like the DNA test. She phoned Maxie and spoke to her sharply. Maxie agreed to return to work right away, and she apologized to Peter and Sasha for having to leave.

Maxie returned to the office, and Nina was short and rude to her. Maxie replied that she had only been trying to protect Nina, but Nina saw it as Maxie trying to prove that Valentin and Sasha had been deceiving her. Sasha ran in at that moment and urged Nina to listen to Maxie.

Nina snapped that it wasn't Sasha's business, but Sasha disagreed. Sasha also confessed that she had been jealous of the bond between Maxie and Nina when she'd first arrived. She went on to say that families were messy and came in all kinds, but they consisted of love and forgiveness. She added that Maxie was her family, too, and she had forgiven her.

Maxie turned to leave, but Nina called out to stop her. They hugged and made up. Nina requested that Maxie be more "up-front" with her in the future. Maxie agreed and thanked Sasha for her little speech. Sasha noted that sometimes a person got in too deep and couldn't climb out. She would hope that Nina would forgive her, too.

Anna and Robert sat in Anna's living room as Anna poured cups of tea for both of them. She claimed that she had wanted Robert to visit in order to "catch up," but Robert wasn't buying it. The two of them joked about old times and a past case until Anna suggested that he fill in some of the details for her because her mind was a bit "murky." Robert guessed that that was the real reason for his visit.

"What's going on here, Annie?" Robert asked. Anna claimed she had been feeling nostalgic, but Robert could tell she almost looked scared. Anna asked if maybe it had been Alex on the first mission they'd been discussing, and maybe Alex was really Robin's mother. Robert clarified that he and Anna were Robin's parents, but Anna reminded him that she held a significant memory of Alex's.

Robert emphasized that there had been lots of significant memories, but Anna wanted him to be able to prove that it had been her in that particular memory and not Alex. She reminded Robert that she and Alex were identical twins, so they wouldn't be able to use a DNA test. Robert continued to insist it had been Anna, and he would have known the difference.

Anna continued to stand her ground. She informed Robert that he hadn't really known her on their first mission, but Robert declared that he would have been insulted by her comments if he hadn't seen her face. Anna continued that she had the entire scenario worked out in her head. She didn't think that Alex would have been able to handle the fact that she would end up with a child, so she'd had the memory transferred to Anna.

Anna was upset to think that she might not be the mother and grandmother she'd thought she was. Robert poured himself a stiff drink and accused Anna of punishing herself because she'd never been punished for being a double agent. He wanted her to stop punishing herself and everyone else who might be included in Anna's belief.

Robert declared that he was Robin's father, and Anna was Robin's mother. Finn walked in as the pair continued to argue. Anna admitted that she'd told Finn about it, and Finn agreed that it wasn't impossible that Anna had been speaking the truth. Robert snarled that Finn hadn't been there, and he should stay out of it.

Anna cried that she couldn't live with the uncertainty of it all, and she would have to pursue it. Angrily, Robert said that he didn't want to be involved because he knew the truth. He walked out.

Outside of the courtroom, Jordan attempted to make further plans with Margaux on the search for Ryan, but the district attorney wanted no part of it. Ava hid nearby, eavesdropping, and after Margaux walked off to the courtroom, Ava approached Jordan in disbelief.

Jordan explained that all the authorities involved in the case were convinced that Ryan was dead, and her personal opinion carried no weight. Ava declared that Jordan's opinion mattered to her, although she understood that Jordan had no resources to help her. Jordan was sympathetic to Ava and promised to resume the search if anything new developed.

Ava didn't plan on waiting for another victim to turn up, and Jordan warned her not to break the law or jeopardize an investigation. Ava reminded her that the case had been closed, and she left. Jordan called Julian and asked to meet him to discuss Ava before Ava did something she might regret.

Inside the courtroom, Kevin sat with Nora Buchanan, who was tired from celebrating her son's engagement. She explained that if all went well at her last-minute request for a meeting, then there would be no trial. Nora explained that she had found some new precedents, and Kevin couldn't be found guilty. He reminded her that he was.

Margaux walked in unhappily, and Judge Chua took her seat. Nora requested that all charges against Kevin be dropped. Margaux announced that Kevin's confession was on record, and she accused Nora of wasting time. Nora went on to explain that all of the charges against Kevin had involved his harboring a fugitive, but Ryan hadn't been a fugitive; he'd been considered dead.

Margaux objected that Ryan hadn't been dead, and Nora clarified that he'd been presumed dead and therefore had not been a fugitive. The two women preceded to argue various points and precedents until Margaux cited that Kevin had had a moral obligation to reveal Ryan. Nora replied that court was not in the business of "legislating morality."

Nora again clarified that Ryan had been declared dead, and therefore, Kevin had not aided and abetted a dead man. The judge decided that while Kevin had shown a defective judgment, there had been no legal precedent. She announced that all charges would be dropped. An angry Margaux disclosed that she would appeal.

The judge declared that an appeal would be a drain on resources, and Kevin did not pose a threat. She accused the district attorney of wanting to grab a headline as she had in the past. "This isn't over," Margaux fumed as she left. "What just happened?" Kevin asked Nora. "I saved your butt," Nora replied.

Nora stated that she had done her job but couldn't help Kevin with his conscience. She suggested he volunteer at any number of organizations. She pointed out that Laura would receive her bail money back. Nora proceeded to make a phone call to make dinner plans.

Peter ran into Valentin outside the pub. Valentin snidely asked if Peter wanted a hair sample, but Peter apologized for his part in the DNA test. Valentin declared that he would never hurt Nina, but Peter replied that sometimes actions had "unintended consequences." He had seen no harm in going along with Maxie, but there had been vindication. Valentin received a message and had to depart.

Inside, Ava ordered a drink then switched her order to coffee. Someone watched her from outside.

Spencer chatted with Laura at the hospital and admitted that he and Charlotte had differences, even though they shared a grandmother. Kevin stepped off the elevator, and Laura persuaded Spencer to leave them to chat. Kevin revealed that he would be filing an appeal with the hospital board because all charges had been dropped. Laura was happy, and she also asked Kevin if he believed that Ryan could still be alive. She explained that Finn had thought it possible.

Kevin agreed, and Laura guessed they would have to wait to see. She was happy for Kevin but wouldn't be able to participate in the board vote. She couldn't be objective. She added that she would vote in favor of Kevin if she had the opportunity.

Valentin approached Nora as she finished up in court. "Fancy seeing you here," Valentin said.

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