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Oscar collapsed and slipped into a coma. Kristina took steps to become a member of the Trust. Willow was put on notice. Finn bought Anna an engagement ring. Lulu decided to take Rocco to Paris for an extended vacation.
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Oscar collapsed and slipped into a coma
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Kevin puts in a plea

Kevin puts in a plea

Monday, April 1, 2019

Elizabeth sat and watched as Franco paced when Kevin entered in handcuffs, escorted by an officer. Kevin informed Franco that he regretted what Ryan had put Franco through, but Franco thought that Kevin should regret what he'd done to Franco. He'd trusted Kevin, but he accused Kevin of feigning concern so he could get more information to help Ryan. Franco concluded that he was done with Kevin and done with therapy, and he walked off. Elizabeth was sorry for all that Kevin had been through, but Kevin placed all the blame on himself. Elizabeth followed Franco.

Lucy entered and assured Kevin that he wasn't alone. He was surprised that she didn't hate him like everyone else, but she informed him that friends were there for the good times and the bad. She admitted to having trouble finding out about his arraignment, because she couldn't figure out who was representing him. He told her that he'd had to go with an out-of-town lawyer. Just then, his lawyer arrived, and she introduced herself as Nora Buchanan.

Nora asked the officer to let her speak with Kevin in private before his arraignment, so they went into the courtroom. As she took out her files, he said that his friend Marty Saybrooke had vouched for Nora's skills. Lucy suddenly recognized Nora as Olivia Jerome's lawyer, and Nora related that she believed everyone deserved a defense. Nora began to talk about the case and said that she could see Kevin's "lack of criminal intent." Margaux entered and introduced herself to Nora. Margaux remembered that Nora was from Llanview and added that she was "more of a Pine Valley person."

When Margaux was gone, Nora started talking about different strategies. However, Kevin divulged that he'd retained Nora to negotiate a more lenient sentence, as he intended to plead guilty. Nora and Lucy both protested, but Kevin wanted to take responsibility for his actions. Nora said that that was fine, but he shouldn't also take responsibility for Ryan's actions. She was confident that she could at least get the charges reduced, and she urged him to fight. The bailiff entered, signaling the beginning of the arraignment, and Judge Chua entered and sat. She recited Kevin's charges of obstructing justice and aiding and abetting a known fugitive, and she asked for his plea. Kevin pleaded not guilty.

Judge Chua asked Margaux about bail, and Margaux opined that Kevin had the means and the skills to flee. Nora objected, as Kevin was "an upstanding member of the community who frequently cooperates with law enforcement." Lucy asked to speak, and the judge invited her forward. She introduced herself and talked about how good, gracious, and supportive Kevin was, and how he never ran away from a fight. She concluded that he was "absolutely not a flight risk" and sat down. The judge decided that Kevin would surrender his passport, and she set his bail. "See you in court," Margaux said as she left.

Alexis got off the elevator at the hospital and met up with Laura. She took an envelope out of her purse and instructed Laura that her marriage to Kevin would be dissolved with the signing of the papers. Seeing the look on Laura's face, Alexis wondered if she was having second thoughts. Laura didn't know if she could ever trust Kevin again, but she confessed that she still loved him. She wanted to understand why Kevin, who usually had good judgement, had done what he'd done.

Alexis responded that she was in no position to judge. She added that, while not cut from the same cloth, Kevin and Julian seemed to be similar, since they'd both lied about a dead sibling and ended up hurting a lot of people. She advised Laura that she could take her time, as things would be all right whether or not she signed the papers. Laura got an alert on her phone as Alexis turned to leave. Laura looked at the alert and called Alexis back, wanting help with something else.

Nora was ecstatic with the results of the arraignment, and Kevin was shocked. He thanked Lucy for her support, and she excused herself to take care of something. Nora wondered if he still wanted her on retainer, and he replied that he would need her. She wondered what arrangement he wanted her to make regarding his bail, but the bailiff approached and informed Kevin that his bail had been paid. Kevin saw Lucy on the phone and smiled. When she hung up, Kevin thanked her for paying his bail, but she informed him that she hadn't. "Then who did?" Kevin wondered.

Back at the hospital, Laura thanked Alexis for her help. Laura got a notification on her phone and looked down at her confirmation of Kevin's paid bail.

Franco stormed into the hospital, wanting to punch something, and Elizabeth followed behind him. She stopped him and urged him to think about how much progress Franco had made with Kevin. She revealed that she was angry, too, but it didn't negate all the work Franco and Kevin had done. A few minutes later, Franco had calmed down, and he thanked Elizabeth for talking him down. Just then, Alexis and Laura approached, and Alexis revealed that she would need everyone back at the hospital the next morning. She told them that she would be giving the final instructions for Gail's bequest to the hospital.

Nina asked what Maxie and Peter were up to, and Maxie admitted that she'd had a DNA test run on Nina and Sasha. She'd wanted to be sure that Sasha was really Nina's daughter, and the new DNA test confirmed it. Nina was furious at Maxie and wondered why Maxie had felt the need to run another test. Peter admitted that he'd found out that Liesl was holding something over Valentin, and Maxie added that she didn't want to see Nina hurt. Nina shot back that Maxie had been the one to hurt her.

Nina said that she needed space and left the Metro Court restaurant. When Maxie and Peter walked away, Sasha wondered what Valentin had done. He reminded her that they'd gotten their desired result, and he followed after Nina.

Maxie didn't blame Nina for her reaction, and she thanked Peter for helping her. He thought that they made a good team, and she agreed. He reluctantly figured they could go back to their own lives, and she told him that she would see him around. She walked away and got into the elevator. Peter approached Sasha, who'd just ordered a drink, and he instructed the bartender to put it on his tab. "It's the least I can do," Peter said, and he apologized for what he and Maxie had done. He walked away, and Sasha told the bartender that she would probably need another drink.

Valentin entered Nina's office, and she asked him what Liesl had been blackmailing him with. He claimed that, while he didn't know how Liesl had gotten the information, she knew that Nina had been the one to inject Cassandra. Nina was fuming that Liesl would use Nina's actions against Valentin, and she wanted answers. Valentin believed that Liesl had been bluffing, as she hadn't asked for anything since getting a job at the Invader. Nina figured that Liesl was unpredictable when she was cornered. Valentin apologized for not telling her, and, while Nina didn't like it, she said that it made her love him more.

Lulu was sitting on the couch, staring into space, when there was a knock on the door. She got up and opened it to Sonny and Carly, who wanted to check in on Dante. "He's gone," Lulu stated. She told them why Dante had left, and a shocked Carly wondered if Sonny had seen any signs of Dante being "off." Sonny replied that he'd just thought Dante needed to adjust to being home, and Lulu agreed. Rocco emerged and remembered Lulu saying that everything would be all right. She promised it would be, but Rocco wanted Dante to return.

Sonny suggested that Rocco show his skills on the gaming system Sonny had gotten Rocco, so they went over to the television. A short while later, Rocco stopped playing, and Sonny said that he missed Dante, as well. He assured Rocco that Dante had left for the safety of his family and so he could be a better father and husband. He continued that Dante would want someone to take care of Lulu while he was gone, and he wondered if Rocco could handle that. Rocco enthusiastically nodded.

Carly and Lulu went into the kitchen to talk, and Carly asked if there was anything she could do for Lulu. Lulu refused to fall apart, and she was glad that she and her mother could lean on each other. Lulu confided that Dante had told her not to wait for him, but she was determined to. When the women left the kitchen, Sonny thought that Rocco was ready for bed. Carly assured Lulu that she would always be there if Lulu needed to talk.

When Sonny and Carly were gone, Rocco asked Lulu to tuck him into bed, even though he wasn't a baby anymore. She agreed and assured him that she would be right there. As soon as he was gone, she began to cry. Later, Lulu sat with Dante's welcome banner and heard a knock on the door. She answered the door to Maxie, who flew in rambling about Peter. When she turned and saw Lulu's face, she wondered what was going on. Lulu collapsed, crying, into Maxie's arms.

At the Metro Court, Carly told Sonny about Dante's incident there the previous day. She thought it had looked like PTSD, and Sonny agreed that he could sense how much Dante was struggling. He wished that Dante had asked him for help, but he reasoned that Dante was doing what he had to in order to protect his family. Carly marveled over how alike Dante and Sonny were. She was confident that Dante would find his way home because he was "too much like his father not to."

The reading of Gail's will is completed

The reading of Gail's will is completed

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Many of the residents of Port Charles gathered at the nurses' station on the tenth floor of General Hospital in order to hear the reading of the last part of Gail Baldwin's will. Alexis announced that each person would receive an envelope with a copy of a piece of the original blueprint of the hospital.

Alexis instructed everyone that they would go to the location indicated on their blueprint, where they would have to search for another envelope with their name on the front. They were to return to the nurses' station without peeking inside the envelopes. Monica noted that much of the hospital would be different from the original blueprints.

Alexis also indicated that those people who hadn't known Gail personally had been instructed to appear for some reason. Scott declared that he had never listened to Gail while she'd been alive, but he felt privileged to follow her instructions one last time. Leslie Webber raised her envelope in a toast to Gail, and everyone else followed suit.

Monica and Leslie ended up in the same place, the old cafeteria. "Hello, stranger," Leslie called out. The women recalled how that had been a favorite greeting of Gail's. The women located their envelopes as they joked and bickered over old times. Leslie wondered about the new coed showers and was thankful they hadn't been like that in the past.

Leslie thought that Monica would have never left the showers, and no man would have been safe. Monica declared that at least she'd known how to have fun as she referred to Leslie as a "saintly earth mother." Leslie called Monica a slut.

Bobbie and Felicia encountered each other in front of the wall display of photos. As they located their envelopes, Felicia confessed that she still missed Tony. She was grateful to him and Bobbie for what they had done for Maxie. The women reminisced about B.J. and the work of the hospital.

Stella and Curtis walked through the hospital, and Stella spoke about the good work of the hospital. Laura ran into Scott who had been having difficulty trying to find his own envelope. He noted that the walls were different, and Laura offered to help him out. She chuckled, and Scott commented that she had the same smile as she'd had when she'd been 17 years old. He added that, thanks to Gail, he'd met Laura. He was hopeful that his envelope would contain advice on how to get along without Lee and Gail, and he was lucky that he and Laura had stayed friendly.

Shortly after, Scott met up with Franco, who apologized for not letting Scott know what he'd been up to with Jordan. He was also sorry for not contacting Scott after Gail had died or even before then. He felt like a terrible son. Scott admitted that he'd been the same way when he had been younger, and he had taken his parents for granted.

Scott thought that kids should spend time with their parents, and he would never turn his back on Franco. He recalled how Lee had spoken to him sternly, but Gail had always been nicer. Scott loved Franco, and he was finally better able to understand his own parents. He hugged Franco.

Julian encountered Alexis on the stairway and asked why he had been invited. He understood why Franco had been summoned as Scott's son, but he had no connection. Alexis admitted that she had spoken to Gail about Julian in the past, and he was probably there because of her. She hadn't made it clear enough to Gail that she had been finished with Julian. He thought that Gail had probably been insightful and had known Alexis better than Alexis knew herself.

Monica found Lucy going through a rack of dresses and suits from the Nurses Ball. Lucy announced that she would sell the clothing and donate the proceeds. She held up a pocket square that she'd found that had belonged to Alan. They talked about Alan's performance in the ball, and Lucy noted that Monica had always been Alan's queen. Lucy apologized for the past and handed the pocket square to Monica to keep.

Sonny sat in the chapel with Laura. She mentioned the first time they'd met, and they both giggled. She had thought he was sweet but trouble. "A good guy in a bad guy's clothes," Laura added. She stated that she felt reflective, and she noted that they'd both come a long way.

Sonny stated that he approved of Laura's work on behalf of mental illness, but Laura replied that she owed it all to Sonny and his strength. She was proud of the work being done at the hospital. "Thank God for General Hospital," Sonny said.

Maxie and Mac were stymied in the search for their envelopes. Maxie was certain that there had previously been vending machines in the space where they had been led. She thanked Mac for his support in the past, and Mac noted that he would have never believed he would be happy as a father in the suburbs. Felicia found them and commented on the missing vending machines.

Bobbie encountered Elizabeth in a room and helped her to search for her envelope. Bobbie mentioned Elizabeth's grandmother Audrey, and Elizabeth confessed that both Audrey and Bobbie had been a part of her choosing the nursing profession. Elizabeth recalled how kind and comforting Bobbie had been after Elizabeth had been raped. Bobbie thought that Elizabeth was a wonderful nurse.

Sonny descended the staircase and admired the plaque dedicated to the Stone Cates Memorial Wing. Curtis found Laura lighting a candle in the chapel. He thanked her for allowing Jordan to continue working during her illness.

Carly and Bobbie met in the pediatric wing dedicated to Michael where Carly had found her envelope. She divulged that she was pregnant, and she explained that she had to be careful for risk factors. Bobbie was happy for her daughter. Carly revealed that Sonny didn't want to love the baby because of what had happened to Morgan. When Sonny found the women, they were laughing and joking. Bobbie congratulated Sonny and noted that miracles happened more often than anyone thought.

As Bobbie found Scott in an examination room, he was sad about the day's events. He asked if they could get together once in a while over a bottle of wine in order to talk about Gail. Bobbie agreed, and she noted in awe that they were "still here." Scott admitted that while he'd change a few things along the way, he was glad they were still friends. They hugged.

Lucy found a lost-looking Kevin, who had had difficulty with his blueprint. Lucy offered to help, and she told him she'd always stand by him. Kevin declared that he loved Laura, and he didn't want Lucy to misconstrue any of his actions. He added that they hadn't been a mistake when they'd been married, though, and he stated that sometimes beautiful things didn't last. Lucy grew teary but looked at his blueprint and pulled him out of the room they were in.

Leslie declared that Gail had organized the scavenger hunt on purpose. Monica thought that Gail had wanted to show that there were more things that bound them together than separated them. Both women agreed that they had always admired the other, even when they couldn't stand each other. Leslie added that they had both ended up with the right men, and had they known that would happen, they could have saved some of the drama. Monica thought they'd liked the drama.

Lucy and Kevin saw Laura in the chapel, where Lucy found Kevin's envelope. "This is where you are meant to be," Lucy told Kevin as she watched him and Laura staring at each other. She quietly left, and the couple smiled faintly. They made small talk, and each admitted they missed the other. Kevin hated that he'd ruined them, but Laura disagreed. "Not completely," she said.

Laura reminisced about the evening of Kevin's marriage proposal, which had been one of the best evenings of her life. Leslie arrived and turned to go after looking at the couple, but Laura beckoned her inside. Leslie was glad that Kevin was safe, and she and Laura shared a hug. Laura told her mother she'd be okay.

Laura recalled being a candy-striper at the hospital and how Leslie had been a role model for her. Leslie recalled Laura as a teenager but voiced her wonder and praise over the fact that her daughter had turned out to be the mayor.

Lucy ran into Scott. She told him that she had wanted Serena to be able to listen to the last part of the reading of Gail's will, but the connection had been bad. Scott thought that he and Lucy should have had a love story just like Lee and Gail. As Scott saw Kevin draw near, he commented that their relationship had been complicated.

Everyone finally retrieved their envelopes and congregated once more at the nurses' station. Alexis informed everyone that they were to open their envelopes at the same time and on her count. Everyone laughed and was surprised to find that the envelopes contained nothing but sparkly confetti. Franco tossed his into the air.

Alexis read Gail's letter out loud. Gail wrote about the fact that everyone would have wondered about the "goose chase" that she'd sent them on. She thanked them for their time and spoke about cherishing their time with friends and carrying the good work forward. She mentioned how she'd cherished everyone. As Alexis read, Scott wandered over to the wall of photos and removed the covering from Gail's photo.

A montage of old clips and flashbacks played during a song that spoke of holding on to good times and wishing to be able to turn back the clock. The citizens of Port Charles began to depart amid hugs and goodbyes. A banner across the scene proclaimed, "Happy 56th Anniversary!"

Michael has a plan to help Kristina

Michael has a plan to help Kristina

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Franco was getting dressed in the hospital locker room when Elizabeth entered and kissed him. She reminded him that he was supposed to have a "chat" with Cameron, but he thought he was the last person who should be giving Cameron advice. Elizabeth countered that Franco had a way of talking to kids, and she thought that he would be helpful. She kissed him and left the locker room. He looked at himself in the mirror and urged himself, "Be yourself, only better."

Bobbie was looking at Gail's newly hung portrait when Elizabeth talked about what a great day they'd had. Bobbie added that she'd loved learning that she'd been part of Elizabeth's inspiration in becoming a nurse. Elizabeth wondered if Bobbie had any advice about raising boys. Bobbie admitted that her biggest regret had been her reaction to Lucas telling her that he was gay. Elizabeth related that she wanted to handle things right with Aiden. She wanted him to know that, no matter who he became, she didn't want him to doubt that he was surrounded by love.

Shiloh entered the Dawn of Day house and found Kristina, who was ready to prove her commitment to the organization. She handed him the recorder and told him that she'd recorded a secret about someone else that would devastate her family if it surfaced. He listened to her recording with headphones and appreciated her entrusting him with the information. She wondered when she could join "the Trust," and he revealed that it took planning, preparation, and ten thousand dollars. "What if I can't get the money?" she wondered. He assured her that he had faith in her, and she left.

Jason waited on the footbridge until Sam appeared. She wondered how mad he was about her leaving Danny with Shiloh, but she asked him to hear her out. She told him the circumstances and assured him that Brad had been there, as well. Jason demanded that Shiloh stay away from Danny, even if it blew her investigation. She promised not to take Danny near Shiloh, but he wondered how much more time she needed.

Just then, Sam's phone went off, and she answered it to Shiloh, who believed that she was ready for the next step in her journey. She wondered when they would begin, and he answered, "Now." When she was off the phone, she begged Jason to ask Sonny for more time, and she left.

Sonny was beating on a punching bag at the gym when Michael entered, wondering if Shiloh was the target. Michael advised Sonny that they could force Kristina to make a choice, and they needed to get her out of Dawn of Day "with dignity." Michael thought he had a way to "lead" her to the exit. Sonny hoped that Michael wasn't considering joining, because he feared that Michael would get "sucked in." Michael explained that he and Kristina had always been close, and she'd always seen him as a "voice of reason." He could do a better job checking in on her, and he could take her in when she had nowhere left to go.

A short while later, Michael was gone, and Jason entered. Sonny shared Michael's idea, and Jason told Sonny about "roughing up" Shiloh. He disclosed that Sam wanted more time. Sonny wanted to "get rid" of Shiloh, but he agreed about Kristina's fragility. Sonny hoped that Sam could get proof of something they could use against Shiloh, and he thought he knew of someone who could help.

Trina, Cameron, and Josslyn sat in Charlie's, and Cameron thanked Trina for supporting him in court. Josslyn apologized for not being there, but Trina thought that Josslyn and Oscar had had more important things going on at the County Clerk's office. Cameron wondered why they'd gone there, but Josslyn spotted Oscar enter. Julian intercepted Oscar and jokingly assumed that Oscar wasn't there to work. He offered that anything they ordered would be "on the house," and a thankful Oscar joined his friends.

Cameron again asked why Josslyn and Oscar had gone to the County Clerk's office, but Trina scolded him for prying when the couple clearly didn't want to share. Cameron's phone went off, and he saw that it was Franco. Josslyn urged him to answer, so he did, reluctantly. Franco told Cameron that he needed to meet Franco at the hospital, and he hung up. Cameron sighed and said that he had to go, and Trina offered to walk him out. "Finally," Oscar said when they were gone.

Outside, Cameron wondered what Trina wanted to tell him. Trina clarified that she'd wanted to give Oscar and Josslyn some alone time, because they were too nice to ask for it. Cameron had observed how sick Oscar had looked. Trina told Cameron that Oscar was trying to act like everything was normal, so they needed to act like they believed him.

A short while later, Josslyn and Oscar walked onto the footbridge. He thanked her for not telling their friends that they'd tried and failed to get a marriage license. Josslyn promised him that she was his forever, with or without marriage, and he agreed. He wanted to give her something more to remember him by, and he took a large lock out of his backpack. He reminded her about the bridge in Paris where couples put locks to symbolize their love, and he thought that they could start it on their own bridge.

Josslyn asked for the combination, and Oscar told her that it was the day he'd first told her he loved her. She put the numbers "oh-six-two-six" into the lock, and it opened. A few minutes later, she had "J + O 4ever" on the lock in nail polish, and she hung the lock on a rail. He told her that, no matter what, the lock would keep his love for her safe and secure. She closed the lock around the rail as he imagined all the strangers that would make up stories about the mysterious "J and O." He hoped others would add their own locks, and he kissed her.

Kristina entered Charlie's, and she observed that it was slow. She remarked that she could use the tips, and Julian wondered if she was short on cash. She admitted that she had a "once-in-a-lifetime chance" to invest in her future, and she needed ten thousand dollars. Michael entered as she explained to Julian that she didn't want to be "beholden to her family" for the money. When she spotted Michael, she assured him that she would get back on track with paying him back. He offered to help if she was in financial trouble, "no strings attached." She didn't know if she could trust him, but he assured her that, while he didn't understand Dawn of Day, it was important to her, and he wanted her to feel safe with him.

Julian sat down with Margaux, who was reading Shiloh's book, and he wondered if she was investigating the author or the organization. She questioned the intent behind his question, but he admitted that he hoped that she was focusing on the Ryan Chamberlain case. She informed him that all she could tell him was that the search had been closed by United States and Canadian authorities, but it was still open in Port Charles. He wanted to motivate the police for Ava's sake. She began to insult the Jeromes but stopped after catching sight of her book. She was sorry for what Ava was going through, assured him that she was doing all she could, and left.

As Michael ate at a table near the bar, Julian approached Kristina with an envelope. He handed it to her and told her that it was the money for her future. She screamed happily and hugged Julian, kissing him on the cheek. The reaction caught Michael's attention as she asked Julian not to tell Sonny. "Because I talk to Sonny," Julian replied sarcastically.

Franco sat with Cameron in a conference room at the hospital and started to talk about "feelings." Cameron insisted that he'd had health class in middle school, but Franco demanded that Cameron sit. A simultaneously amused and horrified Cameron sat as Franco talked more about true relationships, consent, and knowing when the time was right. Cameron listened until he insisted he had to go to his community service, and he left. "That went great!" Franco said when Cameron was gone. Later, Elizabeth wondered how the talk had gone. Franco confidently maintained that he'd "crushed it." Elizabeth wanted to know his secret, and he promised to tell her when they got home.

Sam arrived at the Dawn of Day house, and Shiloh told her that they would be one-on-one that night. He explained that one needed to embrace the unexpected and the darkness, and he produced a blindfold. "Do you trust me completely?" he asked, and she claimed that she did. He moved to put the blindfold on her, but she stopped him immediately. A disappointed Shiloh informed her that she'd failed the test practically before it had begun. Sam countered that she needed to feel empowered, so she needed to put it on herself. She took it from him and tied it around her head.

Shiloh looked at Sam intently and asked if she was nervous. "A little," she admitted. He asked if she could sense the energy flowing between them, and she said that she could. He advised her to let her guard down and wondered if she was afraid of him. She told him that she was only afraid of "how right this feels." He took her blindfold off and told her that they were done for the day. She inquired when they would work together again, and he promised to let her know.

When Sam was gone, Shiloh watched footage on his computer of his one-on-one with Sam. Outside, Sam bumped into Margaux, who asked if Sam had just finished a class. She replied that she had just finished a session, and Margaux related that she was heading inside for one.

Oscar gets a bad prognosis

Oscar gets a bad prognosis

Thursday, April 4, 2019

At the hospital, Epiphany gave Carly a flyer and said that she expected to see Carly at her Lamaze class. Carly lightheartedly reminded Epiphany that she'd "done this before," but Epiphany proposed a refresher, as the baby was important to her, too. Epiphany refused to let Carly push herself too hard during her high-risk pregnancy. Carly wasn't sure about some of the tests she was supposed to have done, because they were "scary." Epiphany wondered when Carly had become a coward, so Carly rethought her position. She asked Epiphany to schedule the tests, and Epiphany smiled, saying, "That's the Carly I know!"

At the footbridge, Josslyn thought the lock was the perfect symbol for them, and Oscar added that it would be there even when they weren't. He had to get to an appointment at the hospital, but he had something else for her. He handed her a box, and she pulled out a watch. He explained that, every time it hit eleven-eleven, a lost loved one reached out, so he wanted her to think of him at every eleven-eleven. She told him that she would think of him all day, every day. He put the song they sang at the Nurses Ball on his phone and asked her to dance. Moments into the dance, Oscar passed out. Josslyn called for paramedics as she frantically tried to wake him up.

Drew was working out at the gym when Curtis entered. Both related that they were trying to get their minds off of other things. Curtis updated Drew on Jordan, who he hoped would take some time to rest. Drew informed Curtis that Oscar didn't have much time left, and he actually had to go to an appointment for Oscar at the hospital to discuss end-of-life care. Curtis promised that he had Drew's back, no matter what, and Drew left.

Kim entered Charlie's, and Julian sang Oscar's praises to her. He suggested a sleepover that night, but Kim answered that they couldn't do that anymore. She explained that she and Oscar were moving into the Quartermaine house, but she didn't know when. Getting upset, she told Julian that they were going to talk about Oscar's end-of-life care that night. Julian hugged a crying Kim and promised that he would do anything he could for her. He assured her, "You can do this." They shared a kiss, and she left.

Kim and Drew entered the hospital and wondered where Oscar was. Just then, Kim's phone rang, and she answered it to Josslyn. She listened as Josslyn frantically explained what had happened until Josslyn entered and told them that Oscar was in a coma. Kim and Drew ran to where Oscar was, followed by Josslyn. Josslyn called Carly and told her what had happened, and Carly ran to meet Josslyn.

In Oscar's room, Kim looked at her son in bed with tubes down his throat, and she begged him to wake up. Terry entered and informed them that it had been Oscar's worst seizure so far. She'd ordered some tests and promised that they would give more information.

Outside the room, Carly burst out of the elevator to Josslyn and assured her that she'd done well. Josslyn cried that she needed more time with Oscar and hugged her mother. A few minutes later, Kim and Drew emerged from Oscar's room and explained that the tests would give them more information about Oscar. Drew thanked Josslyn for getting help for Oscar so quickly, and she commented that the seizure had seemed worse than his other ones.

Terry returned, and Drew and Kim walked over to her. Josslyn tried to follow, but Carly urged her to give Drew and Kim privacy, as they would share the news with Josslyn when they were ready. Terry informed Drew and Kim that the tumor had grown rapidly, and Oscar wasn't responding to anti-seizure medication. She continued that there was nothing more she could do for him, and she didn't know whether or not he would regain consciousness. "This might be it," Drew said solemnly as Kim collapsed, crying in his arms. Terry urged Kim and Drew to prepare themselves because, if Oscar woke up, he might not be the same.

Josslyn watched as Terry talked to Kim and Drew and observed that it looked like bad news. Josslyn exclaimed, "This isn't what he wanted!" Carly soothed that, when it was Oscar's time, he would go somewhere beautiful, where he could be strong and free. Josslyn cried that she needed him to wake up so she could tell him she loved him one more time.

Jordan entered Charlie's and sat with Lulu. She informed Lulu that she'd talked to the WSB, and Dante was being treated at an "unspecified location." She'd also talked to Anna, who was forced to follow the WSB's protocol. Lulu thanked Jordan for trying, and Jordan assured Lulu that the PCPD would be there for Lulu. Jordan broke it to Lulu that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the FBI had suspended their searches for Ryan and believed him to be dead. Jordan added that she would assume he was alive until it was proven that he wasn't. She offered to send an officer to patrol Lulu's neighborhood, but Lulu replied that Sonny had people keeping an eye on the family. Lulu quickly gathered her things and left.

Stella entered Charlie's as Jordan was gathering her things to leave, and Jordan said that Stella could have some one-on-one time with Curtis for dinner. Curtis entered, and Jordan insisted that she had to go to work, but he promised that work would still be there after dinner. Stella had an update about Jordan's dialysis, and Jordan commented that she preferred to stay at General Hospital. Stella revealed that, while Mercy Hospital covered Jordan's dialysis, General Hospital was out of network. Curtis hoped that Stella could help them, and she answered that she was trying to get the provider to "bend." Curtis appreciated her help, and Stella admitted that she liked having Jordan at General Hospital.

Jordan's phone rang. She apologized to Curtis and Stella, but she answered it. "Can you repeat that?" she said into the phone in disbelief. She hung up the phone, kissed Curtis, and left. Curtis confided in Stella that he was worried about how hard Jordan was pushing herself, and he worried that it would catch up with her. Stella agreed, but she reasoned that Jordan wouldn't stop doing what she thought was right.

Laura's doorbell rang, and she answered the door to Kevin. She invited him in and remarked that he'd had a good day in court. Kevin credited Nora and Lucy for the success at his arraignment. He was grateful to Laura for paying his bail and wondered why she had. She answered that he wasn't a danger to society, and it seemed cruel to leave him locked up after he'd been locked up for so long in Ferncliff. He thanked her for the faith, and he stated his intention to make things better for everyone Ryan had hurt, especially Laura.

Laura understood why Kevin would want to help his brother, but she questioned why he hadn't talked to her about it. He confessed that she would have wanted to turn Ryan in -- and she would have been right -- but Kevin wouldn't have wanted to face that. He regretted throwing away "the best thing that ever happened to me." Laura informed him that she'd gotten the divorce papers from Alexis, but she hadn't signed them. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Laura let Lulu in. When Lulu caught sight of Kevin moments later, she grabbed a vase and screamed at "Ryan" to stay away from her.

Laura calmed Lulu down, and Kevin decided to leave. Laura promised to continue the conversation with him later, and he left, apologizing to Lulu. Laura sat Lulu down, and Lulu told her mother about Dante leaving again. She wondered, after she'd nearly died, how she was supposed to heal without Dante. She admitted that she was pretending that she was all right, but she wasn't. She revealed that she'd been making up excuses to work from home because being in her office only reminded her of her attack. She didn't feel like herself, and it was only getting worse. Laura suggested that Lulu leave Port Charles.

Ava was asleep on the couch when someone began to stroke her arm. The hand moved to her throat and began to choke her. She tried to get the hand off of her throat until she snapped awake to an empty room. She picked up the gun on the coffee table and yelled out for Ryan to show himself. Later, she picked up her phone and called the company that ran the security for her gallery. She told them that her residence needed a security upgrade.

A short while later, someone from the security company put the finishing touches on Ava's upgraded security system and installed brand-new locks. Her phone went off, and she looked at the live feed of her front door that showed Julian was there. She let him in as the security installer left, and she explained that she was taking precautions for when Ryan returned for her. She believed that Ryan had survived and was hiding while he healed, but she intended to kill him "slow and extra painful."

Julian asked Ava for a new key and the code for the alarm, as he was moving in until it was confirmed that Ryan was dead. She said that he was welcome to stay, because she could use some backup. Moments later, Julian let Jordan in, and she informed Ava and Julian that Ryan had been found.

Kevin approached Epiphany at the hospital and told her that the key to his office wasn't working. She informed him that the locks had been changed. He wondered where to get a new key, but she said that someone should have notified him that the board had voted to suspend him. She went on to say that, while she hadn't known Mary Pat or the producer, Kiki had been a "bright light," and Ryan had murdered her "because he could." She concluded that he no longer belonged at General Hospital, and she walked away from him.

Ryan's right hand is found

Ryan's right hand is found

Friday, April 5, 2019

Finn sighed as he walked into Volonino's Gym and saw Chase lifting weights. Chase saw him and beckoned him over. He was happy that they had agreed to meet. A less-than-enthusiastic Finn finally relented to his brother's proposed exercise instruction after a couple of taunts.

"Oh, dear God, why?" Finn exclaimed after he'd done some weightlifting of his own and had stopped to drink some water per Chase's order. The brothers sat on a bench, and Chase revealed that Willow had decided to stay in town and face her ex. The men made some small talk about their girlfriends, and Finn extracted a box from his pocket to show Chase. It was a ring.

Chase was excited, although Finn told him to calm down, as he hadn't asked Anna the question yet. He also admitted that he hadn't told anyone else. Chase congratulated Finn and assured him that Anna would say yes. Chase also declared that he would be the best man unless Finn had planned on asking Roxy. The men joked, and Chase thanked Finn for telling him.

Finn was anxious to leave, and Chase wished him luck. He held out his hand but then pulled his brother into a hug. "Don't get emotional," Finn said matter-of-factly.

Valentin and Nina showed up at school for a meeting with Willow and Principal Schultz. Nina sat down to wait for the principal, and when he arrived, he noted that they would have to wait for Willow's union representative in order to ensure Willow's rights. Valentin and Nina were angry, and Willow declared that she would waive her rights if Charlotte's parents would accept her apology and move on.

Valentin refused and stated he would wait for Charlotte's sake. Shortly after, the meeting began, and Willow walked around the other seated participants. Valentin and Nina explained that they had wanted advanced placement for Charlotte, and Nina added that Willow had called Charlotte a brat. Willow defended herself and clarified that she had only meant there was a possibility she could turn into a brat, given the circumstances of Charlotte's bullying.

The representative asked why Lulu wasn't at the meeting, and Valentin offered that Charlotte's mother didn't share his concerns. Willow sat down and stated that she owed Valentin and Nina an apology for previously speaking to them in an unacceptable manner. Valentin refused to accept the apology and added that Charlotte had also been singled out for allegedly cheating.

Willow explained that the tests of Charlotte and the girl next to her had been identical, even down to the errors. Valentin thought that Willow had prejudged Charlotte, and he proceeded to detail the many ways and reasons for the tests being the same. He wondered if other students had made the same errors and whether the test had been misleading.

Willow denied that Valentin's excuses were valid, but she offered to recommend Charlotte for advanced placement because she had decided to remain at the school to teach. The principal noted that the placement would occur in the fall, but Valentin insisted that his daughter had been targeted. He thought that Willow would make his daughter's life difficult. Willow declared that Valentin's beliefs went against her nature and calling, but Nina suggested she find a new calling. The couple announced that they wanted Willow to be fired immediately.

The union rep maintained that Willow's record was "unblemished," and she could not be fired. The principal agreed that there were no grounds for dismissal, and it wasn't good for Charlotte to move her to another classroom mid-year. Valentin wanted Willow to be supervised closely, and he threatened to take the three school employees to court if he found out his daughter was being bullied.

Once Valentin and Nina were gone, Willow exclaimed that she couldn't teach if she deferred to every parent's wants. She was surprised that Valentin had appeared to take his wife's side in the matter, as he was usually the "peacemaker." The principal suggested she be more careful, as any intent might have been unconscious. He warned that there wouldn't be a second chance if there was more trouble.

Later, Chase showed up and asked about his pretend child. Willow announced that she preferred to not even talk about her day, so Chase kissed her instead.

Lulu paid Laura a visit and cried that she was having a difficult time getting over Dante's leaving and the rest of the issues that had pressed her. Laura suggested that her daughter take a break and leave Port Charles temporarily. She added that there were too many reminders in town, and she offered Lulu the use of her flat in Paris.

Lulu began to make excuses, but Laura offered to look after the kids while Lulu was gone. Lulu was certain that Valentin wouldn't allow Charlotte to go with her, and she didn't think she could leave her daughter. Laura declared that she was there to look out for Charlotte, but Lulu didn't want Laura to "endure" Valentin. Laura insisted that she could handle it, and that was what grandmothers were for.

Laura wanted Lulu to give herself a chance to heal, but Lulu wondered who would look after her mother. Laura insisted she was fine, and she would rather have Lulu go away. She added that wise people asked for help. Lulu hugged her and began to cry.

Jordan showed up at Ava's place, and she told Ava and Julian that Ryan's hand had been found. Ava was obsessed with which hand it was, and she assumed that Ryan had cut off his right hand because his left hand was his dominant hand. Julian thought the idea was insane; Jordan agreed with him but said that Ava was probably right.

Jordan added that the fingerprints and DNA had matched Ryan, and she explained where the hand had been found. She was still waiting for the full report from Canada. Julian suggested that Ryan was dead and had lost his hand when he'd fallen over the bridge. Jordan declared that the Canadian authorities had closed the case, and she would only be able to do so much.

Jordan added that it was possible that the local district attorney would also consider the case closed. After Jordan was gone, Julian expressed his dismay over the money that Ava had spent on a security system. He didn't think that Ryan would return to town if he was still alive.

Ava declared that Ryan would have kept his hand if he had had plans to travel elsewhere. She wanted him to be alive in order to kill him. Julian insisted that she didn't want him dead because then she'd have to blame herself for Kiki's death; there would be no one else to blame. He knew that Ava had wanted to punish Kiki for being with Griffin and so blamed herself.

Ava hoped that Julian would never suffer pain from burying a child or having his last words with someone be angry words. Julian confirmed that Kiki had known Ava's flaws but had still loved her. He was certain Kiki's death was not Ava's fault, but Ava insisted she didn't know that. She couldn't ask Ryan about it. She concluded that Kiki's killer would have to pay with his own life.

Jordan's next stop was Laura's house, where she gave the mayor the same news that she had given to Ava and Julian. She informed Laura that if Margaux closed the case, they would not be able to search for Ryan on their own. Laura wanted to speak to Margaux, but Jordan revealed that the district attorney was aware that Laura had posted Kevin's bail. She added that soon, the entire city would know.

Laura proclaimed that Kevin was still her husband, but Jordan thought that Margaux would probably want to concentrate on Kevin rather than Ryan. Laura was aware that Ryan might still be alive.

Julian didn't want to sit around and wait for Ava as she waited around for Ryan to show up. Ava told him to go home and to stay out of her way. She placed a call to Laura, and the women discussed the news they'd heard about Ryan and the district attorney's decision to close the case.

Lucy walked into Charlie's Pub and found Kevin sitting at a table and arguing with someone. She tried to calm him down as he raged about Ryan having taken over his email and bank accounts. She urged him to be patient, and she assured him that he wasn't responsible for Ryan's crimes. Kevin argued that most of the townspeople didn't think the same way.

Lucy was concerned that someone might try to capture Kevin, and she suggested that Monica put word out at the hospital. Kevin revealed that he had been locked out of his office and had been suspended from his job. Lucy was incredulous, and she offered to make a call to try to fix things. Kevin didn't want her to do anything. He insisted that he would prefer to save his marriage.

Kevin further revealed that he wasn't welcome at his home any longer, and Lucy declared that she would offer Kevin a warm welcome. She admitted that she hadn't been a good friend and had been even worse as a wife, but she had been "retooled." Kevin thought that he would have to do something similar about himself.

Lucy showed Kevin a condo that was up for sale that was in move-in condition while the owner waited for a buyer. Kevin was welcome to live there, as the seller was in no hurry to sell. Kevin accepted, and Lucy informed him that she would never abandon him.

Lulu met with Valentin and Nina at a nearby table, and she informed them that she was taking Rocco overseas. She would not be taking Charlotte, and she had no idea how long she'd be gone. Nina thought that Lulu deserved it, but Lulu urged Nina not to get used to it.

Lulu announced that she would be by to speak to Charlotte. Valentin adamantly urged Lulu to provide him with an itinerary and a contact number. Lulu agreed and assured Nina and Valentin that they would miss her, but Laura would be filling in with Charlotte while she was gone.

At the Floating Rib, Anna and Maxie sat at a table where Anna showed Maxie some photos of her grandchildren. They were discussing the possibility of seeing Robin when Peter walked in. Maxie revealed that she was actually waiting for Lulu, and Anna told her just to "be there" for her friend. Maxie declared that many people, including Peter, had helped her to move on.

Anna wondered what was going on between Maxie and Peter, and Maxie insisted there was nothing. Anna asked about the two of them at the Christmas party, but Maxie replied that that had been about Peter and Anna only. She didn't think that Peter was into her. She explained that her special project that included Peter was over, and Peter had wanted to go his own way.

Maxie claimed to have sent him signals, but he hadn't been interested. "Are you sure?" Anna asked. Anna thought that Maxie should make her feelings for Peter known. Just then, Maxie received a call from Lulu, and she got up from the table to take it.

Peter stopped at the bar to talk to Chet, who was working. The men chatted, and Peter admitted that he didn't have many friends in town. Chet suggested they hang out together, and he added that he had an ulterior motive for talking to Peter.

Chet wondered if he stood a chance with Maxie because he wanted to ask her out. He maintained that Nathan had been a great guy, but it had been over a year since he'd passed away. He also thought that maybe no one stood a chance with Maxie. Peter suggested that Chet ask Maxie out.

Peter turned and saw Anna sitting by herself, so he wandered over and sat down. Anna was happy to see him, and she wanted to show him a photo. He revealed that he had already seen it, thanks to Robin. Anna was pleased that they were in touch, and Peter wondered if Maxie had been the one to put in a good word for him. He thought her a good friend. "Is that all she is to you?" Anna asked.

Anna asked about Peter and Maxie. He thought it was wrong to imply that there was something between them, but he admitted he had feelings for Maxie. He knew that Maxie didn't have feelings for him. He had tried. Anna asked Peter if he had used words, and she thought that he should say something to Maxie. She wondered what he might have to lose.

Peter went over to the bar to stand behind Maxie, who was looking at her phone. She announced that she was waiting for Lulu. She also revealed that she had known Chet for a long time, and he had asked her out. She had turned him down because she already had feelings for someone else.

Finn arrived and found Anna eying Peter and Maxie at the bar. She was excited and told him the couple was trying to work things out. She thought they might witness something special. "We might not be the only ones," Finn replied as he pulled the ring box out of his pocket and slid over to sit beside her.

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