General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 4, 2013 on GH

Steve was taken to Memphis to serve out his prison sentence. Connie returned. Anna ended things with Duke. Spinelli stole the relish recipe from Ellie. The charges against Todd were dismissed. Lucy and Kevin reconciled.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 4, 2013 on GH
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Monday, March 4, 2013

At General Hospital, Felix was deliriously happy to find out that he had graduated from the nursing program and equally stunned when Sabrina said that she had not. Felix was convinced that Sabrina's name had to be on the posted list, so he checked it again. Patrick joined them and agreed with Felix that Sabrina had to have passed the final test. Patrick supported Felix when Felix said that there had to be some kind of mistake. Patrick spotted Britt and said that he might have an answer as to what had caused the mistake.

Felix suggested that a clerical error had occurred and volunteered to check it out with head nurse Epiphany. Felix jokingly told Sabrina to send the rescue dogs if he did not return in 15 minutes.

Patrick confronted Britt to ask her if she had done anything to prevent Sabrina from graduating. Britt smugly denied that she'd had a hand in Sabrina's failure. Britt said that she had more important things to do than meddle with a lowly nursing student. Britt offered the opinion that perhaps Sabrina had not known the material, or maybe Sabrina had been distracted by her crush on Steve Webber.

Patrick defended Sabrina, whom he said was too professional to let personal feelings interfere and too smart to flunk an exam. Patrick declared that he would find out what had happened. Patrick warned Britt that if she had done anything to prevent Sabrina from graduating, it would be Britt, not Sabrina, who would be forced to leave GH. Britt smirked and gave Patrick a knowing smile.

Patrick walked away. Sabrina stopped him as he passed by and thanked him for standing up to Britt. Felix returned and told Sabrina that the good news was that Sabrina had passed the exam with flying colors, but the bad news was that Sabrina had been accused of cheating.

Elsewhere in GH, a minister was about to pronounce Steve and Olivia legally married when two Memphis police detectives interrupted the ceremony. Elizabeth challenged their authority, but the men showed their badges and announced that Steve was being extradited to Tennessee to face murder charges.

Evidence that Heather had killed Maggie and faked a suicide note had led detectives to reopen the case of the murdered patient. Evidence in that case had led to Steve. Olivia tried to deflect attention back to Heather, but the detectives were adamant that Steve would be leaving Port Charles as soon as he was able to travel.

After the detectives left the room, Elizabeth said that it did not make sense, but when she looked at Steve's face, she knew that it did. Steve admitted the truth to Elizabeth. Olivia got out her phone to call Alexis, but Steve stopped her. Steve told her that even though he had taken a life to save a life, he felt guilty, and even more so because his mother had killed Maggie to cover up his crime. Steve told Elizabeth and Olivia that he would go to Memphis, plead guilty, and do the time.

Elizabeth told Steve that she was always on his side and hugged him. She left his bedside and exited the room to give Olivia and Steve privacy. A tearful Olivia said that they had been only seconds away way from completing their vows. Olivia told Steve that she loved him no matter what. She begged Steve to call the minister back in, but Steve refused. He told Olivia that what had just happened was no way to start a marriage.

When Olivia asked if Steve was seriously backing out, Steve said, "For now." Steve added that the wedding would have to wait until after Steve had served his time. A tearful Olivia told Steve that she had bargained with God to save his life the previous evening and had offered anything. Olivia said that she had never imagined that the price for Steve's life would be giving him up. Olivia said that it was not what she had bargained for, and she was not letting go of her dream for a life together with him. Olivia was crying as she left Steve's room.

As a news reporter recounted Sam's rescue on the television in Anna's office, the mayor, accompanied by the district attorney, lambasted Anna and called the rescue of Sam by three escaped felons a public relations nightmare. Anna told the mayor she needed to watch as Lucy, Rafe, and John were escorted into the police station in handcuffs. Alexis was with them as waiting reporters with TV crews began to hurl questions.

At the lake house, Molly and Kristina were watching the same broadcast as Anna and the mayor. Molly was keeping quiet so that Danny and Sam, who was still recovering from the drug in the fake fangs, could get some rest after their ordeal. Molly said that no matter how much her actions had upset Alexis, she did not regret them and that under the same circumstances, she would do the same thing again.

Lucy told the press that she had no regrets, but Alexis quickly quieted her clients. Before she could herd them into the interrogation room, Sam and Danny arrived on the scene. Sam declared that she wanted to give an interview because she wanted the mayor and all of Port Charles to know that Lucy, Rafe, and John had saved her life and Danny's life. Sam said that she would fight for Lucy, Rafe, and John just like they had fought for her. Sam vowed that she would do everything in her power to see that they were set free.

The mayor was not happy as she took Anna to task. She blamed Anna for letting three people escape and allowing single mother, Sam, to give an impassioned televised plea on behalf of Lucy, Rafe, and John. The D.A. insisted that laws had been broken, and someone had to pay. The mayor said that prosecuting the heroes made them look bad and not prosecuting made it appear that the administration condoned vigilantism.

Anna said that there was only one solution. She pulled out her badge, gun, and a resignation letter, in which she took full responsibility. The mayor said no because she had appointed Anna, and that would make her look even worse. When Anna asked what the mayor would do, the mayor smiled.

Sam, Danny, and Alexis were allowed into the interrogation room with Lucy, Rafe, and John. Rafe apologized to Sam for letting Danny go off with Heather the first time and thanked her for saying that he had saved Danny at Wyndemere. Lucy also thanked Sam for showing up and supporting them on-camera. Sam said that there was no reason to thank her because they had saved her, and she was just returning the favor.

Alexis chafed because the heroes were still in handcuffs, but John cautioned her not to anger the mayor. Rafe told Lucy about his encounter at Wyndemere with his dead mother, Alison. Lucy said that she had also seen Alison, who had comforted both of them and given them strength to go on. Rafe said that Alison had told him that Caleb was his biological father. Lucy confirmed it but told Rafe that Caleb was not his real father. Lucy pointed Rafe at John McBain as a role model. Rafe feared that he would turn out like his father, the serial killer.

Alexis was restless and left to find out what was happening. John asked Sam how she was holding up and if the bites on her neck hurt. He apologized for not getting there sooner. Sam was glad that he had gotten there at all. Lucy interrupted to say that the mayor had arrived.

Alexis asked what was happening as the mayor ordered the cuffs removed and asked the prisoners to join her. When all were gathered in front of the cameras, the mayor announced that the prisoners were free to go because they had been working secretly with Anna all along, and the jailbreak had been a ruse to confuse Caleb.

Those in the know were stunned by the mayoral announcement but played along, since it meant freedom for Lucy, Rafe, and John. After the mayor sailed out of the room, the D.A. told Anna not to arrest people if she did not intend to prosecute them. Anna told John that she hated "spin," but in that instance, she should have know the difference between a dedicated police officer and a deranged killer. John said she could buy him a beer, and they would call it even. Anna agreed.

Molly realized that events had not occurred as the mayor had announced on TV, but she was happy that they were all free. When Molly said that she was going down to the police station, Kristina kidded Molly about Rafe and asked how T.J. felt. Molly denied special feelings for Rafe and said that all she could think about was that everyone was safe.

Kristina gave Molly a kiss on the cheek before leaving for her job at Pentonville. Kristina and Molly shared a laugh about how lucky they were that Kristina was not serving time in Pentonville and Molly had not ended up in juvenile detention.

Lucy joined Anna and John and seemed convinced that Stephen Clay, a.k.a. Caleb Morley, was a deranged mental patient and not a vampire. Lucy wondered about the unanswered question of why John looked so much like Caleb Morley and why Sam looked exactly like Livvie. Anna told Lucy to be grateful that the case was over and everything had turned out fine. Lucy followed Anna to her office and asked to see the body.

Anna assured Lucy that Stephen Clay was not a vampire. Lucy accepted what Anna said but insisted on seeing the body. Anna complied. In the morgue, the attendant uncovered a body, which Lucy agreed was Stephen Clay. When Lucy examined the body's hands, she noticed that Caleb's ring, the symbol and source of his power, was missing. The attendant said that the ring had not been on the body when it arrived. Anna could not find it on the inventory sheet. She told Lucy that it had to be an oversight and that Anna would locate the ring.

Lucy was agitated. She argued that she had tried to remove the ring and that it could only have been removed by lopping off the finger. Anna said there had to have been another way, and she would find out what had happened to the ring. A reluctant Lucy agreed that there were no vampires because the vampire in question was dead, but Lucy appeared to have lingering doubts as she followed Anna out of the morgue.

Inside the morgue, the attendant, seen from the shoulders down, went to a drawer and removed a gold signet ring, which he slid on his right ring finger. As he walked out of the morgue, the attendant's back was in view. From the rear, his appearance was eerily similar to that of Caleb Morley.

Sam and John were talking when Molly arrived and hugged them both. She asked about Rafe and headed to the interrogation room. John worried about Rafe and looked thoughtful when Sam asked where Rafe would go and what he would do.

Molly hugged Rafe and told him that she was glad he was getting out of jail. Rafe said he did not know where he would be going. Molly told Rafe that they would figure it out. Molly asked if Caleb had been awful. Rafe made a quip about an insane killer who thought he was a vampire, and then added more soberly that Caleb had been his father.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

At the hospital, Sabrina denied that she had cheated on her nursing exam. Patrick wanted to find Felix to figure things out, but Sabrina couldn't understand why Epiphany had made the accusation. Epiphany walked up and dropped a heavy box on the counter of the nurses' station. Patrick suggested that he and Sabrina talk to Epiphany directly, so he called out to Epiphany and revealed what Felix had told them. Epiphany insisted that it was true; Sabrina had cheated.

Sabrina and Patrick were surprised when Epiphany explained that Sabrina had scored perfectly on the exam, which had never happened. Patrick credited it to Sabrina's hard work, but Epiphany revealed that an anonymous caller had tipped them off that Sabrina had obtained the answers to the test in advance. Patrick scoffed that Epiphany would take the word of someone who hadn't had the courage to give their name. Epiphany explained that a search of Sabrina's locker had yielded the incriminating proof. Patrick immediately claimed that Sabrina had been framed.

Epiphany was stunned when Patrick accused Britt because a respected physician wouldn't have any reason to harass a student nurse. Epiphany demanded proof, so Patrick explained that Britt had hounded Sabrina from the beginning and had been furious when Britt's efforts to get Sabrina booted over the mix-up with Officer Carlson's medication had failed. Epiphany argued that it wasn't proof, which meant that Sabrina had to leave the premises immediately. Epiphany handed Sabrina a box containing the contents of Sabrina's locker.

Patrick promised Sabrina that he would talk to Britt, but Sabrina warned him that it wouldn't matter because Britt would lie. Sabrina was determined to clear her good name by proving that she hadn't cheated, so she demanded to be given another test under Epiphany's supervision. Sabrina promised to leave without complaint if she didn't answer all of the questions correctly like she had the first time. Patrick thought that it was a brilliant idea, so Epiphany agreed. Relieved, Sabrina promised to wait in the conference room while Epiphany fetched the test.

Patrick thanked Epiphany for giving Sabrina a second chance. Epiphany confessed that she had never pegged Sabrina as the type to cheat, so she had been greatly disappointed to find the test answers in Sabrina's locker. Patrick was confident that Sabrina would restore Epiphany's faith in her, so Epiphany broached the subject of Britt. Epiphany confided that she hadn't approved of Britt's attempt to fill Robin's shoes and suggested that Patrick needed someone who had a big enough heart for him and Emma. After Epiphany walked away, Patrick glanced into the conference room where Sabrina waited to take the test.

A short time later, Epiphany handed Sabrina the new exam. Sabrina asked Patrick to wish her luck, but Patrick didn't think that she needed it. Sabrina smiled as she watched Patrick leave the room.

At the apartment, Kate was about to open a black backpack when Olivia walked in. Kate immediately set the backpack aside as she asked her cousin what had happened. Olivia tearfully explained that Steve had called off the wedding. Kate assumed that Steve merely wanted to wait until he had recovered, so Olivia was forced to reveal why Steve had cancelled the wedding. Kate tried to console Olivia, but Olivia was distraught because Steve was determined to go to jail instead of hiring a lawyer to fight the charges.

Kate confessed that she understood Steve's desire to take responsibility for what he had done because she felt the same way about Trey's death. Kate showed Olivia the backpack and confided that it had belonged to Trey. Kate had gone to St. Timothy's, where Trey has lived for the last few months of Trey's life, to find out what she could about Trey. Father Coates had given Trey's backpack to Kate, and the parish secretary had revealed that Trey had had coffee with the elderly woman every morning. Kate shared that Trey had preferred his coffee with extra cream and sugar. Olivia chuckled because Kate liked her coffee the same way.

Kate hugged the backpack tightly and patted it lovingly as she confessed that she didn't think that she had the right to go through Trey's belongings. Olivia disagreed because Kate was Trey's mother. Kate admitted that she was afraid that what was inside the backpack would break her heart, so Olivia offered to go through it with her cousin. Kate gave her a watery smile and unzipped the backpack. Inside the bag was a book about California. Olivia suspected that Trey had been studying up on California because he had intended to move there to pursue his film career.

Kate's tears flowed when she found a picture of Trey and Kristina in the bag, so she kissed the photo and held it close. Next, Kate discovered a large envelope filled with newspaper clippings about her. Olivia was certain that Trey had tried to get to know Kate through the newspaper clippings. Kate thanked Olivia and admitted that it meant a lot to Kate to have Olivia in her life. Olivia reminded Kate that Kate had Sonny too.

Kate told Olivia about going to the accident site and Sonny's claim that Kate had been the one who had walked out on him. Olivia thought that Sonny had oversimplified things, but Kate conceded that Sonny had had a point. However, Kate had not forgiven Sonny for sleeping with Connie. Olivia wondered if Kate might be open to forgiving Sonny, so Kate evaded the question by accusing Olivia of walking out on Steve when Steve had been in trouble. Olivia insisted that their situations were different, but Kate urged Olivia to fight for Steve.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was disappointed when he opened the door and saw Carly standing on his doorstep. Carly was surprised when he confessed that he had been expecting Kate. She was curious when Kate had returned, so Sonny reluctantly admitted that it had happened on Valentine's Day. Carly acknowledged that she wasn't a fan of Kate's, but Carly preferred Kate over Connie. Carly's eyes narrowed when she noticed that Sonny didn't seem happy.

Sonny admitted that it was complicated, so Carly wondered if it had to do with Trey. Sonny revealed that he'd had to break the news about Trey's death to Kate. Carly couldn't imagine how difficult it had been for Kate, but Sonny became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so he told her that he had to leave. Carly sensed that he was hiding something and pushed for an answer until Sonny confessed that he had slept with Connie right before Kate had emerged.

Carly assumed that it had been a desperate ploy on Sonny's part to draw Kate out, but Sonny admitted that he had slept with Connie because he had wanted to. Incredulous, Carly wondered if Sonny had feelings for Connie. "What if I do?" Sonny asked defensively. Carly reminded Sonny that Kate had had a mental breakdown, so it had been inappropriate for Sonny to sleep with Kate's alter. Carly appreciated why Kate had felt Sonny had betrayed her, but Sonny argued that Kate had been gone for five months, during which time he had gotten to know Connie. Carly argued that Connie had stolen Kate's life and had made everyone in town miserable.

Sonny agreed that Connie was selfish and had made mistakes, but he assured Carly that there was another side to Connie. Carly was outraged and accused Sonny of being selfish because Kate had given him her heart and had trusted him, but he had repaid Kate by lying to Kate's face. Sonny denied that he had lied to Kate, so Carly admitted that she had been thinking about Todd. Sonny was confident that even Diane wouldn't be able to keep Todd out of Pentonville. Carly was clearly unhappy at the prospect.

"Look at you, pining over the son of a bitch who stole Jason's kid," Sonny snidely remarked. Carly made it clear that she had never condoned what Todd had done to Danny, but she also appreciated that Todd hadn't acted entirely on his own. Sonny accused both Johnny and Todd of being "dirtbags" and "murderers" who deserved to go to jail. Carly was curious who Sonny was to judge Johnny and Todd. Sonny and Carly traded barbs until they realized how awful they sounded.

Carly admitted that she had stopped by to give Sonny a copy of Morgan's itinerary for spring break. Sonny was disappointed that Morgan planned to spend the time in Washington, DC, but he appreciated the itinerary. Carly imagined that Sonny would want to spend time with Morgan when Morgan returned home, so she wanted to help father and son reconnect. However, she couldn't blame their son for wanting to avoid them because Sonny and Carly were both a mess. A short time later, Kate knocked on Sonny's front door.

Dante stopped by Steve's hospital room to give Steve an update about Heather. Steve was relieved when Dante revealed that Heather had been sentenced to a high-security facility for the criminally insane that made Ferncliff look like a country club. Dante was curious where Olivia was, so Steve confessed that the Memphis police had arrived to arrest Steve in the middle of the wedding ceremony. Dante wasn't surprised that the police had figured out that Maggie Wurth's suicide confession had been forged. Steve explained that he couldn't marry Olivia under the circumstances because he loved her too much to ask her to wait while Steve went to jail.

Dante understood Steve's motivation, but feared that it would break Olivia's heart. Steve insisted that he couldn't marry Olivia if he couldn't offer her a future. Steve hoped that Dante supported Steve's decision. Dante reminded Steve that Steve had made a choice when Steve had allowed one patient to die so that another patient could live. Dante respected that Steve was prepared to accept the consequences for those actions and appreciated that Steve had called off the wedding.

Dante was certain that it would help Olivia when Dante and Lulu had their baby. Steve agreed and admitted that he was happy that Olivia had family to lean on. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Heather calling for Steve. Heather apologized and told him that giving birth to him had been her greatest achievement. She urged him to live a happy life with Olivia and then quickly ended the call. Steve looked at the phone curiously then told Dante about Heather's apology, which had sounded sincere. Dante hoped so for Steve's sake.

Dante decided to search for Olivia, but she suddenly appeared in the doorway. Dante realized that Olivia wanted to talk to Steve alone, so he stepped out of the room. After Dante left, Olivia tearfully confessed that she would miss Steve like crazy. However, she was prepared to accept his decision if he believed that it was for the best. Olivia insisted that she loved him, so Steve assured her that he loved her too. Olivia began to cry as she wondered how she was going to say goodbye to him.

In the squad room, Todd spotted Heather handcuffed to a desk. She had demanded a phone so that she could call her son, but the police officers ignored her. "So, the rumors are true; you're not dead yet," Todd said as he was handcuffed to a desk next to Heather. After the police officer walked away, Todd confessed that Heather wasn't someone he considered a friend, but she hadn't deserved to end up on the bottom of the harbor. Heather was startled because it had been the nicest thing that Todd had ever said to her.

Heather doubted that anyone else would agree with Todd. Todd was curious why she had turned herself in after stabbing Steve. Heather insisted that it had been an accident. "If I had a nickel for every time I accidentally skewered one of my children," Todd sarcastically said. Heather resented the remark and asked him to be nice to her for a change. Todd's smile disappeared when Heather revealed that the district attorney had asked her to testify against Todd.

Todd argued that he and Heather had never been partners, but Heather ignored him as she confessed that she had hit rock bottom when she had stabbed Steve. She assured Todd that she hadn't meant to hurt her son, but he had jumped in the way when she had gone after Olivia. Heather had finally realized how much pain she had caused her son over the years. Heather admitted that she didn't regret 90 percent of the things that she had done, except for the pain that she had caused Steve.

Todd's tension turned to disbelief when Heather revealed that she had taken the blame for the kidnapping and that she had refused to testify. However, it wouldn't be enough to keep Todd out of Pentonville because Johnny had hired a goon to claim that Heather and Todd had been in cahoots. Heather pointed out that the police didn't have any real evidence against Todd, so he needed to persuade Johnny to call off the goon. Todd was surprised when she advised Todd to let Johnny know that Carly was out of Todd's life. Todd sensed that Carly had softened towards him, but Heather pointed out that Johnny didn't need to know that. Heather urged Todd to have Diane talk to Johnny.

Heather thought that Todd should do whatever was necessary to get out of the charges because he might have a second chance with Carly. Todd was curious why Heather was helping him, so she admitted that stabbing Steve had given her clarity. Heather jumped when Todd loudly demanded to talk to his attorney. Moments later, a police officer removed one of Todd's handcuffs and handed Todd a phone. After the police officer walked away, Todd gave the phone to Heather so that she could call Steve.

Todd dialed the number and pretended to be on the phone with Diane while Heather spoke briefly to Steve. Afterwards, Todd thanked Heather for the advice and help. Heather wondered if Todd was glad that they had met. "No, not at all," Todd answered. Moments later, a police officer fetched Heather because the van from the sanitarium had arrived. Todd shook Heather's hand as he wished her luck. Heather hoped that the trial went Todd's way and then reminded him not to give up on Carly because Heather believed in the possibility of redemption for all of them.

After Heather was taken away, Todd received a call from Diane. He instructed her to go to Pentonville to persuade Johnny to keep the goon that Johnny had hired from testifying. Todd suggested that she mention that Todd and Carly were not together.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was unsure if Kate or Connie stood on his doorstep, so Kate assured him that she wasn't Connie. Sonny quickly invited Kate inside as he asked her what was wrong. He was shocked when Kate revealed that she wanted to apologize to him. Sonny insisted that she didn't owe him any apologies, but Kate disagreed because he had been right when he had accused her of leaving him. Kate conceded that she had pulled back when she had learned the truth about Trey, which had allowed Connie to emerge and take over.

Kate went on to explain that she wanted to start over with Sonny in her life because she loved him. Sonny assured Kate that he wasn't going anywhere and apologized for sleeping with Connie because he knew that Kate had felt betrayed. "Do you want me, or do you want Connie?" Kate nervously asked. Sonny was adamant that he cared for Kate and wanted her by his side. Kate relaxed, but she still had difficulty understanding how Sonny could have had feelings for Connie after all of the horrible things that Connie had done to both of them.

Sonny admitted that he had seen a softer side of Connie that he hadn't expected, but he insisted that it hadn't diminished his love for Kate. Sonny asked for Kate's forgiveness for failing her, so Kate hugged and kissed him. Sonny vowed to get Kate the best doctor possible, but Kate wanted to focus on the present and deal with the rest in the morning. Sonny took Kate to the bedroom and made love to her. Afterwards, Sonny promised to find a doctor who would make Kate whole and assured her that they would never be apart again. Kate kissed him and curled up into his warm embrace.

Later, Kate woke up to a woman calling out her name. Sonny slept soundly next to her, so she crawled out of bed and followed the sound of the voice. Eventually, Kate wandered into the parlor. She was shocked when she saw Connie standing in the room. "Oh, come on, you didn't think that you were going to get rid of me that easily," Connie said with a smirk.

Outside of the hospital's lab, Spinelli was on the phone with Tracy. Tracy demanded to know if Spinelli had gotten his hands on the pickle relish recipe, but Spinelli explained that he needed more time. He then informed Tracy that he was at the lab to pick up his girlfriend, so he was off the clock. Tracy was furious and reminded him that ELQ's future was on the line. Spinelli assured Tracy that he wouldn't let anything stand in his way of getting the recipe then ended the call.

Moments later, Spinelli entered the lab and greeted Ellie, who had been hard at work. Spinelli reminded her that she was supposed to have spent the day getting acclimated to the lab, not working. Ellie confessed that she'd been given a project too good to pass up. Spinelli was curious what Ellie was working on, so she held up the empty jar of Lila's pickle relish and explained that she had been hired to extract the recipe. Stunned, Spinelli carefully wondered if she'd had any success. Ellie admitted that she would need more time but made it clear that she would only share the results with A.J.

In Laura and Scotty's hotel suite, Laura leaned over Scotty's shoulder as she read a newspaper article with him about John, Lucy, and Rafe's release from jail. Laura was glad that everything had worked out for everyone, including Luke's "girlfriend." Scotty thought about Anna's admission that Anna and Luke were no longer a couple. Seconds later, Luke burst through the door and called Scotty a "son of a bitch." Luke insisted that he knew what Scotty had done, so Laura demanded to know what Luke was doing. "Ranting like a lunatic. What's new?" Scotty answered.

Laura tried to give Luke the benefit of the doubt until Luke accused Scotty of sending the Ice Princess replica to Lulu. Laura reminded Luke that the infamous diamond had been the reason that Mikkos Cassadine had been killed, so it made more sense that Mikkos' widow, Helena, had sent it. Luke insisted that it was exactly what Scotty wanted Laura to believe. "Spoken like a true paranoid," Scotty said. Luke argued that the Ice Princess replica had been delivered on the same night that Scotty had appeared in Port Charles, but Laura remained skeptical.

According to Luke, Scotty had never forgiven Lulu for killing Scotty's "deadbeat" son, Logan. Scotty growled a warning, but Laura quickly interceded before things turned violent. She conceded that Scotty had been grief-stricken over his son's death, but Scotty had gotten past it and was ready to move forward and make up for his mistakes. Luke wondered if that included "gaslighting" Lulu because Luke hadn't forgotten that Scotty had wanted Lulu to face the death penalty for killing Logan. Laura was curious what Scotty would hope to gain by sending the Ice Princess replica to Lulu, since Lulu hadn't even recognized it.

Scotty warned Laura that Luke couldn't be reasoned with because Luke couldn't even admit what was really making Luke "monkey-crazy." Scotty suspected that Luke couldn't fathom why Laura would move on with her life by marrying Scotty. Scotty was certain that Luke wanted Laura for himself, but Laura reminded Scotty that everyone had moved forward, including Luke. She advised both men to stop letting the past cloud their judgment because they needed to focus on finding out why the replica of the Cassadine diamond had been sent to Lulu. Scotty threatened to have security remove Luke from the suite, so Luke warned Scotty to stay away from Lulu and then marched out.

Afterwards, Scotty grumbled that Luke was a crackpot and then changed the subject by suggesting that they go to dinner. Laura remained quiet, so Scotty quickly assured her that he would never harm Lulu. Laura promised Scotty that she believed him, but she wasn't pleased with the way that Scotty had goaded Luke. Scotty argued that Luke was an easy target, but Laura insisted that they all knew that Scotty's accusation about Luke wanting Laura back was untrue because Luke was with Anna.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy ended her call with Spinelli as Lucy rounded the corner. Lucy had overheard Tracy mention that ELQ's future was at stake, so Lucy asked Tracy what was going on. Tracy was more interested in knowing what Lucy was doing in the mansion, so Lucy revealed that she had been cleared of all charges and released from jail. Lucy reminded Tracy that Lucy lived there, so Lucy intended to freshen up, but Tracy warned Lucy that the only place that Lucy was headed was to "Hell." Lucy's eyes narrowed as she listed all of the hardships that she had recently endured, including facing down a serial killer, so Lucy refused to let Tracy cheat Lucy out of Lucy's rightful place at ELQ.

Tracy explained that A.J. had taken control of ELQ, so Tracy and Lucy were out. Lucy was momentarily dismayed until she realized that Tracy likely had a plan to reclaim control of ELQ. Tracy admitted that she did and vowed that A.J. and Duke would regret ever crossing Tracy. "Duke? Come on, he's so roguishly charming. He's got that smile and that yummy accent," Lucy said, certain that Duke wouldn't align himself with A.J. Tracy assured Lucy that Duke and Duke's smile worked for A.J.

Tracy was confident that by the time she was through with A.J. and Duke, both men would know, "Mess with Tracy, get the horns." Tracy revealed that the key to A.J.'s downfall was Lila's pickle relish. Lucy assured Tracy that she would do whatever was necessary to help Tracy because Lucy was determined to rebuild her life and her cosmetic company, and rescue the Nurses Ball. However, Lucy admitted that none of it would mean anything without Kevin.

Later, Tracy stretched out on the sofa with a drink as Luke stormed into the library, grumbling about his encounter with Scott Baldwin. "Baldwin is up to something," Luke told Tracy. Luke claimed that he could smell the lies on Scott like cheap cologne. Tracy wasn't surprised that Luke had gone after Scott without one iota of proof, knowing that Scott would deny everything and leave Luke twisting in the wind. Tracy insisted that Luke was physically incapable of thinking clearly when he was around Laura because he cared too much for his first love.

At the Floating Rib, Mac and Kevin drank their beers and talked about Heather when Felicia arrived. Felicia glanced at her phone when she received a text message from Frisco asking where she was. She tucked her phone away then approached Mac and Kevin at the bar. Mac handed Felicia a drink and toasted to her beauty. Felicia smiled but warned Kevin that he would need to keep his wits about him because Lucy had been released from jail. Kevin had no idea what his sobriety had to do with Lucy, so Felicia explained that she was certain that Lucy would seek Kevin out and demand that he take his rightful place at Lucy's side.

Kevin scoffed at the idea, but Mac reminded Kevin that Kevin and Lucy had been through a lot together over the years, so they had an unbreakable bond. Mac urged Kevin not to let anyone get between Kevin and Lucy. "Who said anything about somebody else?" Kevin asked in confusion. Meanwhile, Felicia received another text message from Frisco, so she announced that she had to meet an old friend. Felicia gave Kevin a quick hug, kissed Mac, and then left.

"That was odd," Kevin admitted. Mac confessed that it hadn't been unexpected and then revealed that Felicia had lied. Kevin was surprised when Mac suggested that Felicia had gone to meet Frisco. Kevin had his doubts, but Mac confided that he had seen Felicia and Frisco earlier that day during a heated conversation. Kevin was curious what Felicia had said about the conversation with Frisco when Mac had questioned her about it.

Mac admitted that he hadn't talked to Felicia about what he had seen, but she had been acting "squirrely" since Frisco's arrival. Kevin reminded Mac that Frisco and Felicia had children together, but Mac argued that Frisco had never cared about Georgie or Maxie. Mac was certain that Frisco was only in town to woo Felicia back. Kevin pointed out that it didn't matter what Frisco wanted because Frisco couldn't force Felicia to do what she didn't want to do. Mac confessed that he feared that Felicia had already fallen for Frisco's act.

Kevin urged Mac to fight for Felicia, but Mac insisted that it had to be Felicia's decision to stay with Mac. Kevin empathized, so Mac wondered if Kevin and Lucy could work things out if Lucy reached out to Kevin. "If only," Kevin replied. "Then it's your lucky day," Mac said as he looked at the doorway. Kevin turned to see what Mac had been looking at.

Lucy quickly mustered up her courage and approached Kevin. They exchanged greetings, then Lucy launched into an apology for leaving Kevin behind at Ferncliff after Heather had knocked him out. She realized that it had not been the act of a woman who was truly, madly, and deeply in love. However, she assured Kevin that she was all of those things and wanted him back. Lucy promised that she would never utter the "V-word" again. Kevin told Lucy to "shut up and kiss me." Lucy beamed with joy and kissed him.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Frisco sat at the bar, waiting for Felicia, when Anna entered. Anna immediately approached Frisco and exchanged warm greetings with him. Anna noticed that Frisco had on a suit, so she wondered if he had a date. "That remains to be seen," Frisco cryptically replied and then invited Anna to join him for a drink. Frisco offered Anna his condolences and admitted that he would always fondly remember Robin as a young, feisty girl. Anna smiled wistfully as she confessed that she thought about her daughter every day.

Frisco changed the subject by reminding Anna that she had Duke back. Anna admitted that she was grateful for Duke, but she still occasionally saw Faison when she looked at Duke. Frisco assured her that it was normal, given what Faison had done. Anna feared that her relationship with Duke would always be tainted by Faison, but Frisco disagreed. Frisco recalled that Anna and Duke had always had great chemistry and an unbreakable bond. Anna smiled as she looked up and spotted Duke enter the restaurant.

Duke joined Anna and Frisco at the bar. After another round of greetings and a quick exchange of pleasantries, Duke led Anna to a nearby table for their dinner. A short time later, Felicia arrived. She ordered a drink and then looked at the end of the bar where Frisco was seated. Frisco regretted that he had doubted that she would meet him. Felicia explained that she wanted Frisco to leave town.

"You can't be serious," Frisco replied. Felicia insisted that he couldn't simply drop into her life and expect her to run off with him. Frisco argued that perhaps he was ready to settle down, but Felicia didn't believe him because she had heard the same thing from him before. Frisco claimed that things were different, but Felicia refused to let him complicate what she had with Mac. Frisco was certain that she loved him, not Mac, so he reminded her of the special moments of their life together. Felicia quickly shook off the memories and accused him of making it sound as if their life had been one great big adventure.

Frisco assured Felicia that he hadn't forgotten the bad times or the significance of the date. Felicia's eyes filled with tears as Frisco quietly admitted that it was Georgie's birthday. Felicia was surprised that Frisco had remembered, so he explained that he might have been a terrible father, but he had loved his daughters. Frisco regretted that he had abandoned his family, but Felicia argued that he wouldn't have been satisfied living in Port Charles. Felicia was surprised when Frisco told her that he had wanted to return sooner, but he had been afraid to face the truth.

Felicia was curious what Frisco was talking about, so he revealed that if he had stayed in Port Charles, then Georgie wouldn't have been murdered. Felicia's tears flowed freely as she insisted that he couldn't know that. Frisco realized that he couldn't make up for the time that he had lost with Georgie, but he could make up for the time that he had missed with Felicia and Maxie, if they let him. Frisco promised not to push Felicia, but he vowed that he wouldn't give up on her.

Frisco started to leave when Felicia spotted a small black box on the bar. She picked it up and held it out to Frisco as she asked if it was his. Frisco gently stroked the hand that held the small box as he told her that it belonged to her. After Frisco left, Felicia opened the box. Nestled inside was a necklace. She recalled another time that he had given her a similar gift with the inscription "Lady of My Heart" on the back. She opened the pendant and began to cry because the same inscription appeared inside.

Nearby, Anna told Duke about her day and admitted that the mayor should have accepted Anna's resignation. Duke disagreed and accused Anna of being too hard on herself. Anna confessed that she didn't trust her own judgment because of what had happened with John and Caleb, but Duke insisted that she was a born leader who was a role model for all women, including her granddaughter, so she needed to carry on what she was doing. Anna smiled and thanked him for the pep talk. Duke surprised Anna by handing her a small black box.

Anna was touched by the diamond heart pendant necklace, but insisted that she couldn't accept such an extravagant gift. Duke assured her that he could afford it, but Anna was skeptical because ELQ's funds had been frozen. Duke recalled the briefcase filled with money that Tracy had given to him, so he assured Anna that his finances were sound because the Quartermaines always found investments that they could tap into. Duke then stood up to put the necklace on Anna. Anna asked how it looked on her when he sat down, so Duke confessed that there wasn't a jewel in the world that could compare to her.

Duke surprised Anna by admitting that he'd rather focus on the future rather than looking back on the past. Duke was eager to start a new chapter of his life with Anna. Anna's eyes filled with tears of joy as she leaned forward and kissed Duke. At that moment, Laura and Scotty entered the restaurant but stopped short when they saw Anna and Duke.

A short time later, Laura and Scotty returned to their suite. Laura confessed that she had lost her appetite when she had seen Anna with another man. She couldn't believe that Anna had cheated on Luke, so Scotty urged Laura not to jump to conclusions. Laura insisted that the only other explanation for what she had seen was that Luke and Anna were no longer together.

In the restaurant, the waiter returned to inform Duke that he couldn't accept the cash that Duke had paid with. Duke and Anna were shocked when the waiter explained that the money had been counterfeit.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Kate followed the sound of a woman's voice calling out Kate's name. Kate was shocked when she saw Connie's image reflected in the parlor's mirror. Connie chuckled as she asked if Kate had thought that it would be that easy to get rid of Connie. Kate insisted that Connie had caused enough damage, so there was nothing left for Connie to do. Connie disagreed; she intended to take her life and Sonny back. Outraged, Kate argued that Connie had been the one to steal Kate's life, not the other way around.

Connie reminded Kate that Connie had been "out" for five months because Kate had gone running for the hills when Kate had found out who Trey was. Kate accused Connie of exploiting a weak moment, but Connie was unapologetic and blasted Kate for sleeping with Sonny. According to Connie, things had changed between her and Sonny, so Kate quickly pointed out that Sonny had never professed his love for Connie. Kate insisted that Sonny had only used Connie to reach Kate because Kate was the woman that Sonny loved. Kate suspected that was the real reason for Connie's appearance.

Kate reminded Connie that Kate and Sonny shared a real connection, while Connie didn't have a connection with anyone because Connie wasn't real. Kate was rattled when Connie argued that Kate had it backwards; Kate was the alter personality. Kate denied it, but Connie informed Kate that the courts had agreed that Connie was the host personality. Kate was curious if it was the same court system that had Kate and Connie on record for killing Hope and Cole rather than the real culprit, Johnny Zacchara. Kate pointed out that anyone could say anything to the courts, but it didn't make it true.

Connie countered that Connie Falconeri had been born in Bensonhurst, had fallen in love with Sonny, had been raped by Joe, and had abandoned her newborn son. Kate made it clear that changing her name to Kate Howard and fabricating a past had been a conscious decision, not the result of dissociative identity disorder. Connie snidely suggested that it was an excuse that Kate used to convince herself that Kate was real. Kate explained that Dr. Keenan had told her about her disease, so she was certain that Connie was the alter personality. Connie called Ewen Keenan a sheep farmer turned psychopath and then lied by claiming that Connie had found a real doctor who had confirmed that Connie was the host personality.

Distraught, Kate picked up a small statue and hurled it at the mirror. The mirror shattered along with Connie's image. Kate looked at the damage, took a deep breath, and then walked to the staircase. "I'm coming, Sonny," she said with a bright smile as she raced to Sonny's bedroom.

At the police station, Alexis arrived with food from Kelly's for herself, Molly, John, and Rafe. Molly was frustrated because they had been waiting hours to find out what would happen to Rafe. John explained that Social Services was working on finding Rafe a foster home, but it wasn't easy to do late at night. Rafe was curious if he'd be sent to an orphanage if a foster home weren't available. John clarified that Rafe would be sent to a group home, not an orphanage, but Rafe didn't see the difference. John quipped that they didn't serve "porridge" in group homes then turned serious by assuring Rafe that a lot of people were pulling for Rafe.

Molly implored Alexis to make some calls on Rafe's behalf, but Alexis explained that it was too late in the evening to do anything. Molly suggested that they take Rafe home with them, but Alexis doubted that she could handle another teenager, especially one that Molly had recently hidden in Molly's bedroom. Alexis also reminded Molly that T.J. might object to Rafe staying at the lake house. Moments later, John received a call from a social worker.

After John ended the call, he revealed that a foster home hadn't been available, so Rafe would have to spend the night in a group home. Molly was upset and wanted to stay with Rafe until the social worker arrived, but Rafe admitted that he wouldn't be good company. Rafe promised her that he would be fine, and he urged her to go. Molly hugged Rafe and vowed that they would find Rafe a suitable home. Alexis nodded in agreement.

After Molly and Alexis left, John held up a deck of cards and invited Rafe to choose a game. Rafe opted to play poker, so John dealt the cards. A short time later, the social worker arrived to pick up Rafe. She promised to get Rafe settled in, but he made it clear that he didn't look forward to spending time in an orphanage. The social worker clarified that it was a group home, so Rafe asked her what porridge was. The social worker chuckled and explained that porridge was more commonly known as oatmeal.

At the Floating Rib, Shawn sensed that something was troubling T.J. T.J. tried to deny it, but Shawn saw through the lie, so T.J. reluctantly confessed that he was upset that Molly had opted to spend her first night of freedom at the police station with Rafe rather than with T.J. Shawn assured T.J. that Molly was merely concerned for a friend, but T.J. argued that it was more than that. T.J. explained that Molly had been all about Rafe lately. T.J. recalled that Molly had focused on T.J. when he had been in trouble, but she seemed to have moved on to another project since T.J. had cleaned up his act.

Shawn pointed out that T.J. had helped Molly as much as she had T.J. when T.J. had tried to get Connie to return Molly's stolen manuscript. T.J. reminded Shawn that it hadn't helped, so Shawn revealed that Kate had recently emerged. T.J. perked up when Shawn explained that Kate had integrity and would do the right thing by returning Molly's manuscript. Shawn thought that it might help Molly forget about Rafe if T.J. shared the good news with Molly.

A short time later, Alexis and Molly arrived to meet Shawn and T.J. The adults noticed how subdued the teens were, so Alexis announced that she could use a drink. Shawn and Alexis went to the bar while Molly sat down at the table. T.J. assured Molly that she could talk to him about anything, including Rafe. Molly admitted that she felt bad for Rafe because Rafe was all alone. "I'm sorry," T.J. quietly replied and then revealed that he had some news that might cheer her up.

At the bar, Alexis told Shawn that Rafe had been sent to a group home and that it was unlikely that a foster home would take him in. She hated when the system failed and worried about Molly. Shawn was confident that things would soon turn around for Molly. As if on cue, Molly cried out with joy. Alexis was curious what was going on, so Molly hugged her mother and revealed that Kate was back.

In the hotel suite, Laura was upset that Anna had cheated on Luke. Scotty warned Laura not to jump to conclusions, but Laura insisted that there wasn't any other explanation for Anna to kiss Duke, unless Luke and Anna weren't together. Scotty assured Laura that they were, so Laura questioned Scotty's certainty. Scotty reminded Laura of Luke and Anna's kiss on the pier that Laura had witnessed. Laura thought about the kiss and conceded that Luke and Anna had seemed like a couple. She also recalled that Lulu had mentioned that Luke and Anna were together.

Scotty insisted that it wasn't their business if Anna had kissed Duke, but Laura disagreed because she thought that Luke had a right to know. Scotty suggested that Laura focus on their future by making wedding plans, but Laura refused to let it drop. She explained that Luke wasn't the type to give his heart easily. "You would know that," Scotty groused. Laura immediately apologized for the insensitive remark, but Scotty assured her that it was okay because he appreciated that Laura and Luke had history and two children. However, Scotty reminded her that they, too, shared history and a future together.

Laura smiled and promised Scotty that she was glad about that. Scotty kissed her and offered to go with her to tell Luke about Anna if she was still determined to tell Luke, but Scotty thought that she should let it go. Laura agreed, so Scotty decided to take a shower then order dinner and find an old movie for them to watch. A short time later, Scotty emerged from the shower and realized that Laura had left. "Damn it," Scotty growled as he went to the bedroom and changed. He called Laura.

At Metro Court's restaurant, Duke and Anna were shocked when the waiter explained that Duke's cash had been counterfeit. Anna wondered if there was something that Duke wanted to tell her, but Duke assured her that he'd had no idea that the money had been counterfeit. The waiter excused himself so that the police commissioner could address the problem privately. After the waiter walked away, Duke explained that he had obtained the money in a private transaction with the Quartermaines.

Anna reminded Duke that ELQ's funds had been frozen, so Duke pointed out that the Quartermaines' personal accounts hadn't been affected by the Securities and Exchange Commission's actions. Anna feared that Duke had reverted to his old ways, but Duke assured her that he hadn't and admitted that he had gotten the money from Tracy. Duke explained that the Quartermaines were battling over relish and that Tracy had managed to turn the tables on Duke. He admitted that their entire evening had been paid for with Tracy's money.

Duke decided to set things right immediately, so Anna insisted on going with him to talk to Tracy. The waiter called out to Anna as she and Duke were about to leave. Anna realized that the young man needed payment for the bill, so she handed him her credit card. Duke appeared embarrassed and uncomfortable as he stood behind Anna.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy informed Luke that she had a plan to get even with Duke for stealing her jar of relish. Luke was curious what she was cooking up, so Tracy smugly assured him that her revenge had already been served. Luke was pleased when she revealed that Duke had been set up to take a fall, but Luke wanted to know details. Luke's smile vanished when Tracy told him about the counterfeit money that she had given to Duke. He was curious if Tracy had ever heard of the concept of "proportional response."

Tracy argued that she had shown amazing restraint given what Duke had done. Luke was surprised when Tracy told him that Duke had asked about Luke and Anna's relationship. Tracy was certain that Duke had known it at the time that things had been over between Luke and Anna, since it was common knowledge. Luke remained concerned about Tracy because she could end up in trouble with the FBI if the counterfeit money was tracked back to her. Tracy was confident that Duke wouldn't say anything, since he had broken the law too. Luke warned Tracy that women loved honesty, so Duke might be tempted to tell Anna everything.

Tracy decided that she would cross that bridge when she got to it then turned the discussion to Luke and Laura. Luke insisted that Laura had moved on, so there was nothing to discuss. Tracy disagreed because Luke had stormed over to Laura's suite to confront Scott. Luke thought that Laura had had a right to know that Scott had been up to something. Tracy cut to the chase by asking if Luke wanted Laura. Luke claimed that he was tired of revisiting the same old discussion. Tracy warned him that no matter how many times he claimed that it was over for him and Laura, it never really was because Laura always needed some kind of rescuing.

Luke refused to apologize for wanting his ex-wife to be happy. "No matter who you have to step over to make that happen," Tracy grumbled. Luke assured her that she was his ex-wife too, so he wanted her to be happy as well. However, he conceded that Tracy seldom required rescuing, but he promised that he would always be there for her just like she had always been there for him. Tracy appreciated the sentiment, but she didn't measure up to "the greatest love of all." Moments later, Laura entered the room.

Laura explained that she was there to talk to Luke. Tracy was curious how Laura had managed to track Luke to the mansion, so Laura admitted that it had been the logical place to look when she hadn't found him at the hotel. Luke was curious what had been so important, so Laura revealed that she needed to tell Luke something about Anna and Duke. Laura became distracted when her phone rang just as Anna and Duke entered the room. Laura saw that the call was from Scotty, so she let it go to voicemail. Meanwhile, Tracy demanded to know what Anna and Duke were doing there.

Anna confessed that she was there on official business. Luke invited Laura to follow him into the foyer while Tracy dealt with Anna and Duke. In the foyer, Luke wondered what Laura had wanted to talk to him about, but Laura was reluctant to tell him. Luke assured her that she could tell him anything, so Laura mustered up the courage. However, Scotty suddenly burst through the front door. Luke and Scotty traded barbs until Laura asked them to stop. Scotty asked to speak to Laura privately, so Luke decided to talk to Alice and find out why she kept letting the "riff-raff" in.

"What are you doing?" Laura asked Scotty. He was curious why she was there when they had agreed to stay out of Luke's business. Laura confessed that she'd had a change of heart because she thought that Luke had a right to know about Anna. Scotty wondered if Laura had considered how he would feel when he discovered that she was gone. Laura quickly apologized and admitted that it had been wrong to leave without telling him. Scotty asked Laura not to tell Luke about Anna and to return to the suite.

A short time later, Scotty and Laura arrived at their suite. Scotty had noticed that Laura had barely said a word during the ride back, so she explained that she hoped that she had done the right thing by leaving. Scotty assured her that she had and reminded her that Luke's life had always been a mess, so it wasn't her responsibility to clean it up. Scotty insisted that he and Laura were where they belonged, so she promised him that she loved him.

In the Quartermaine library, Duke threatened to press charges against Tracy for defrauding him by paying him with counterfeit money. Tracy denied that she'd had anything to do with the counterfeit money and threatened to press charges against Duke for theft. Anna demanded to know what Tracy was talking about, so Tracy revealed that Duke had stolen Tracy's relish. Anna was curious if relish was code for something or if they were referring to a condiment. Tracy explained that Lila's pickle relish recipe could save ELQ, so Duke had broken in and had stolen the last remaining jar in existence.

Anna warned Tracy and Duke that she would have to arrest both of them unless they mutually agreed not to pursue any charges against each other. Tracy and Duke readily agreed. Satisfied, Anna left, as Duke trailed behind her. In the foyer, Anna took off the necklace that Duke had to given her. Duke offered to buy her a drink, but Anna decided to head home because she had to get up early to return the necklace. Duke insisted on doing it himself and took the necklace from her. However, he tried to get her to change her mind about the drink, but Anna thought that it was best that things didn't go any further between them because she couldn't afford to socialize with someone who habitually broke the law.

Duke was shocked that Anna believed that of him, but Anna pointed out that his first impulse had been to break into Tracy's home, which meant that he hadn't really changed. Anna insisted that Duke had always liked to be one step outside of the law. She couldn't turn a blind eye to that without losing her job and her self-respect. Duke suspected that there was more to it. "Is it Faison?" Duke asked.

Anna denied it, but Duke wasn't satisfied. He wanted to understand what had changed. Anna assured him that she had tried to make things work, but she couldn't go down that road with him again. Duke was clearly hurt but accepted her decision and left.

In the library, Tracy poured herself a drink, but Luke entered the room and snatched it out of her hand before it reached her lips. Luke took a drink as he explained that Laura had left with Scott without revealing the reason for her visit.

Friday, March 8, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was sound asleep as Kate lay next to him in bed, thinking about her encounter in the parlor with Connie. She brushed the unsettling thoughts aside and leaned over to kiss Sonny awake. Sonny smiled and whispered Kate's name. He confessed that he couldn't believe that she was still there and thanked her for giving him another chance after everything that had happened. "You mean after you slept with Connie?" Kate asked.

Sonny thanked Kate for listening to his side of things and for understanding. Kate made one request; she didn't want to pretend that it hadn't happened. "You had real feelings for her, didn't you?" Kate asked. Sonny admitted that he had, but Connie was gone, and he was happy. Kate asked him to tell her that he loved her. "I love you, Kate," Sonny told her then vowed to spend the rest of his life proving it to her.

Sonny and Kate kissed and made love. Afterwards, Sonny offered to make her his world-famous breakfast. Kate remained in bed while Sonny went to the kitchen. He stopped short when he entered the parlor and saw the shattered glass on the ground. Sonny wondered what had happened as Kate joined him in the parlor. Kate seemed as confused as Sonny about the broken mirror, so she suggested that perhaps Max or Milo had accidentally broken the mirror. Sonny seemed skeptical, but Kate offered to clean up the mess while he fixed breakfast, so Sonny went to the kitchen.

A short time later, Sonny and Kate enjoyed breakfast in the parlor. Kate made a toast to them and to Connie being gone for good. Sonny suggested that they go to the hospital after breakfast to get a referral to a doctor who could start working with Kate on the integration. Kate assured him that she wanted to get well more than anything, but she insisted that she had some things to take care of first. Sonny decided not to pressure her, so he went to the bedroom to get dressed. Kate walked over to the desk and picked up a large piece of broken mirror.

The real Kate demanded that Connie let her out. Connie smiled at Kate's reflection. Connie vowed to remain in control and to make Sonny pay for cheating on her with Kate.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. called Elizabeth, but reached her voicemail. He left her a message explaining that he had been sorry to hear about Steve, so he promised not to get upset if she decided to cancel their lunch date, provided that she gave him a rain check.

Tracy was furious when Spinelli appeared on the front doorstep of the mansion. She feared that someone would see him, so she dragged him into the library and quickly closed the door. She demanded to know if he had gotten his hands on the relish recipe, so he explained that he hadn't. Seconds later, A.J. called out to Tracy. Spinelli dove behind the sofa to hide as A.J. entered the library. Tracy and A.J. traded a few insults until A.J. bragged that he and Michael were on the verge of cracking the formula for the relish recipe and saving ELQ.

"God, I hate him," Tracy growled between gritted teeth as A.J. left. Spinelli stood up and assured Tracy that he had made some progress. Tracy was delighted when Spinelli revealed that he knew who A.J. and Michael had hired to analyze the relish. Tracy ordered Spinelli to steal the recipe, but Spinelli admitted that he couldn't because the lab tech was his girlfriend. Spinelli refused to betray Ellie, but Tracy turned up the heat by informing Spinelli that the Quartermaines owned the building that Spinelli's private investigation office was in. She threatened to evict Spinelli if he didn't get the relish recipe before A.J. could use it.

Sabrina approached the nurses' station to ask if Elizabeth had heard anything about Sabrina's test results. Sabrina was startled when she realized that Elizabeth had been crying. Elizabeth explained that Steve had been taken to Memphis to serve out his prison sentence for sacrificing one patient to save another. Elizabeth realized that it had been wrong, but she insisted that Steve didn't deserve to be locked up with hardened criminals who had done far worse than Steve. Sabrina felt bad for her friend, but she admired Steve for owning up to his wrongs.

Elizabeth suggested that she and Sabrina follow Steve's lead by not lying anymore. Sabrina agreed, but wondered what she had been lying about. "Patrick. Your feelings for him," Elizabeth answered. Sabrina quickly tried to change the subject, but Elizabeth urged Sabrina to talk to Patrick. Sabrina refused to jeopardize her friendship with Patrick by confessing to feelings that he might not return.

Sabrina was certain that Patrick wasn't over Robin, so she doubted that he was ready to get involved with someone. Elizabeth wondered if Sabrina intended to continue pining for a man who had no idea how Sabrina felt. Sabrina glanced down at Elizabeth's phone and noticed that Elizabeth had a message, so she handed the phone to Elizabeth. Sabrina was curious who it was from, so Elizabeth admitted that A.J. had called. Elizabeth stepped aside to listen to the message.

Afterwards, Elizabeth confided to Sabrina that A.J. had called to let Elizabeth know that Elizabeth could cancel their lunch date. Sabrina was surprised to hear that her friend had a real date, so she was curious if Elizabeth intended to back out of it. Elizabeth admitted that she was tempted to because she needed to be honest with herself about who A.J. was and who he used to be. Sabrina recalled that Elizabeth had told her that A.J. had changed and that he had been there for Elizabeth during Steve's recent surgery. Elizabeth insisted that she would always be grateful for A.J.'s support, but she didn't know if she could trust him. Elizabeth confessed that she didn't want to be wrong...again.

Sabrina pointed out that there was always a risk in getting close to someone, so Elizabeth should ask herself if A.J. was worth it. Elizabeth smiled and decided to call A.J. to reschedule their date. Sabrina was happy for her friend and reminded Elizabeth that even if it didn't work out, at least Elizabeth had tried. Elizabeth arched a brow and suggested that Sabrina take her own advice. Eventually, Sabrina agreed to take a chance, so she called Patrick.

Sabrina was surprised when Patrick revealed that he was on his way to the hospital. Sabrina told him that she would wait for him because she had something important to tell him.

In the lab, Ellie worked on the pickle relish recipe while Starr read an article in the Sun about Todd. Ellie noticed that Starr seemed distracted, so Starr told Ellie about Todd's trial. Ellie admitted that she had read about Todd's exploits, so she imagined that it hadn't been easy on Starr. Starr conceded that Todd had done a lot of bad things, but she still loved him. However, Starr doubted that he would be able to get away with his latest crimes, so he would likely be sent to jail for a long time. Ellie assured Starr that it was okay if Starr wanted to go to the trial, but Starr was determined to work on the relish recipe.

Starr and Ellie were able to figure out that the ingredients included sugar, vinegar, and celery seed, so they cooked up a batch of relish to start sampling the recipe that they were extracting. A short time later, they realized that they were still missing a key ingredient, but they were close. Ellie continued to work on isolating the ingredient while Starr stepped into the hallway to call Michael with an update.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly read the newspaper featuring a story about Todd's impending trial when someone handed her a bag of cheese puffs. She looked up and smiled when she saw Michael standing behind her. Carly hugged her son and invited him to join her for breakfast. Michael sat down at the table and confessed that he had thought that the bag of junk food would cheer her up. Carly pretended that she had no idea why she would need cheering up, so Michael warned her that ignoring her feelings wouldn't help.

Michael explained that Starr wanted to write Todd off, even though she loved her father. Carly wasn't surprised because Todd had always been devoted to Starr despite the many horrible things that Todd had done. Carly was frustrated when she realized how she sounded when she talked about Todd, so Michael suggested that perhaps Carly was falling in love with Todd. "No," Carly quickly replied. She conceded that she had been torn about her feelings for Todd, but she made it clear that she would never take Todd back. Michael suspected that Carly was trying to convince herself of something that she didn't really believe.

Carly was adamant that she was done with men who were bad for her. "This is a loser-free zone," she proudly proclaimed as A.J. entered. "Or it was," she amended when A.J. called out a greeting to them then pulled up a chair to join them. Carly glared at A.J., but A.J. smiled and asked if she minded if he helped himself to the glass of orange juice. Carly assured A.J. that it would be fine, provided it got him out of there quickly.

A.J. started to take a sip of the juice, but stopped. "Did you put vodka in this?" A.J. asked. "You. Trying to lure me into drinking again?" A.J. taunted. "You son of a bitch," Carly spat. Michael demanded that his parents stop arguing. Michael made it clear that he didn't care who did what to whom because he wouldn't hate either of them. Michael insisted that he wanted both of his parents in his life and refused to pick sides, but their constant bickering made everything more uncomfortable than it had to be.

A.J. immediately apologized, while Carly stepped away from the table. Michael suggested that he and A.J. head to the lab to check on Starr and Ellie's progress, but A.J. declined because A.J. had something to discuss with Carly. Michael warned his parents to behave, and he left. Carly and A.J. waited until Michael was gone before they accused each other of putting Michael in the middle. A.J. was surprised that Carly didn't show A.J. any gratitude. "Everything that you are and everything you have, one way or another, came from Michael, and Michael wouldn't exist if it wasn't for me," A.J. explained.

Carly thought that A.J.'s reasoning was convoluted and self-serving. A.J. smiled with satisfaction because her reaction proved that he was right. Carly cut to the chase by asking what A.J. wanted. He admitted that he was interested in knowing who the mystery Quartermaine heir was. Carly was curious why it even mattered, since A.J. had secured control of ELQ. A.J. doubted that Tracy would give up, so he wanted a backup plan in place for him and Michael.

Carly assured A.J. that Michael would be fine, but A.J. was disappointed that Carly would sacrifice Michael's dreams out of spite. Carly laughed and reminded A.J. that their son was still young and trying to find his path in life, so working for ELQ was not Michael's dream. Moments later, A.J. received a text message. He smiled and changed the subject by asking Carly to reserve a table for two later that evening because he had a date. Disgusted, Carly asked what "skank" would go out with A.J. A.J. warned Carly that his date wasn't a "skank."

Carly backed down, but remained curious who the woman was. "Elizabeth Webber," A.J. answered. Shocked, Carly wondered what Elizabeth had been thinking to agree to go out with A.J. She realized that Elizabeth had had a rough time lately, but she hadn't realized that Elizabeth had decided to scrape the bottom of the barrel. "Maybe she likes me," A.J. suggested. Carly accused A.J. of trying to pretend to be a decent guy in the hopes that Elizabeth would buy it.

A.J. was curious if it had ever occurred to Carly that he could be a decent person for the right woman. Carly warned A.J. that that whatever part of Elizabeth's heart didn't belong to Lucky belonged to Jason. A.J. wondered what gave Carly the right to dispense advice about relationships when every single one of hers had crashed and burned. Annoyed, A.J. informed her that he had a better shot with Elizabeth than she had with Todd, and he left.

Michael greeted Starr as she stepped out of the lab. Starr revealed that she had been about to call him. After they hugged, Starr told him that she and Ellie were close to replicating Lila's relish recipe. Michael admitted that he'd had two reasons for stopping by. He wanted to know if they'd made progress on the recipe, but more importantly he wanted to check on Starr because he knew that she would be thinking about her father's trial. Starr wanted her father to know that she loved him, so she decided to attend the trial. Michael insisted on going with Starr, so Starr dashed into the lab to let Ellie know that she was leaving.

Spinelli rounded the corner as Michael and Starr left for the courthouse. Ellie was hard at work in the lab when Spinelli entered. He jumped when Ellie suddenly announced that she had figured out the compound for the secret ingredient in the relish. She jotted it down on her notepad and held it up. "This is the enigma that put 'Lila' in Pickle-Lila," Ellie told him proudly and then hugged him.

Later, A.J. arrived at the lab as Ellie slowly made her way down the hall. A.J. was eager for an update, so she informed him that she was about to make him a very happy man. A.J. and Ellie entered the lab as she explained that she had figured out the key ingredient that made Lila's pickle relish so popular. A.J.'s joy quickly turned to concern when Ellie discovered that the piece of paper with the formula was gone.

Meanwhile, Spinelli returned to the Quartermaine mansion with Ellie's formula for the pickle relish. Tracy was ecstatic and demanded that Spinelli hand it over, but he held the piece of paper out of her reach.

Todd and Diane arrived at the courthouse and made their way through a throng of reporters. The reporters were eager for a statement from Todd, so he decided to give them one. He looked at the cameras and spoke to Carly, declaring his love and promising to find a way for them to be together. Diane shoved Todd into the courtroom before he made any potentially damaging statements. In the courtroom, Todd was curious if Diane had talked to Johnny. Diane assured him that she had, but Johnny had refused to make any promises, even when Diane had reminded Johnny that Johnny had killed Todd's granddaughter.

Moments later, the judge entered the courtroom. The judge explained that Todd's fate was in the judge's hands because Todd had opted to have a bench trial rather than a jury trial. Todd assured the judge that he understood, so the trial began. Todd and Diane were surprised when the prosecutor called Heather Webber to the stand, and Heather was led into the courtroom in a prison jumpsuit and shackles. Todd had no idea why Heather was there when Heather had agreed to take the fall for him. Diane was curious if Todd had ever been to Miscavige, so Todd shook his head.

Diane explained that the prison for the criminally insane made Ferncliff look like a five-star resort. Todd realized that Heather had probably made a deal for a lighter sentence in exchange for her testimony. Meanwhile, the judge questioned the prosecutor about Heather's credibility. The prosecutor was confident that Heather would be a compelling witness, so the judge agreed to let Heather testify. The prosecutor's confidence evaporated when Heather took full responsibility for the baby switch and claimed that Todd hadn't been involved.

Next, the prosecutor called Pete Fillmore to the stand, but Pete wasn't there. Todd relaxed because it appeared that Johnny had ordered the goon not to testify. However, Pete suddenly entered the courtroom and took the stand. Pete testified that Johnny had ordered him to follow Heather on the night in question and that Pete had seen Heather in the shed with both babies. Todd was stunned when Pete claimed that Todd had been standing on the porch unaware that Heather had switched Sam Morgan's living infant for Téa Delgado's dead newborn. The prosecutor was outraged and reminded Pete that the testimony contradicted Pete's statement to the police.

Pete explained that Johnny had ordered Pete to implicate Todd in the baby switch, but Pete had decided to tell the truth on the witness stand. Diane called for an immediate dismissal of all charges, but the prosecutor reminded the judge that Todd had tried to bribe a police officer and had escaped from Ferncliff. Diane reminded the judge that the trial wasn't about those charges and that they should be tossed out, since the prosecution's witness had admitted to lying about Todd's involvement in the baby switch. Diane argued that the arrest hadn't been warranted. The judge agreed with Diane, so he dismissed all of the charges against Todd.

Later, Michael and Starr arrived for the trial, but only Diane remained in the courtroom. Michael and Starr were shocked when Diane explained that Todd was a free man.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly watched Todd's declaration of love on her iPad. She turned it off and started to walk away from the bar, but she stopped in her tracks when she saw Todd standing in the restaurant.

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