General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 25, 2013 on GH

John killed Caleb. Sabrina learned that she would not be graduating from nursing school. Duke stole the relish from Tracy and gave it to A.J. Elizabeth agreed to go out on a date with A.J. Steve nearly died when Heather stabbed him. Olivia and Steve decided to get married, but the Memphis police arrived to arrest Steve.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 25, 2013 on GH
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Monday, February 25, 2013

John McBain, Lucy, and Rafe searched the dead professor's offices for clues to where Caleb might have taken Sam and Danny. The intrepid trio found a blurb on the Internet about a musician named "Stephen Clay" who looked just like John and had a dead wife named "Livvie" who looked like Sam. Stephen was alleged to be an escaped serial killer who thought he was a vampire named Caleb Morley.

John and Lucy argued about whether or not Caleb was actually a vampire. Lucy insisted that vampires were real. Eventually Lucy recalled seeing Caleb at Wyndemere on Spoon Island. John wanted to go after Sam and Danny alone, but both Rafe and Lucy demanded to go along. John was forced to agree. Lucy and John gathered up several medieval weapons that had been mounted on the professor's walls before they, along with Rafe, headed out for Wyndemere.

Anna arrived too late to arrest Lucy, Rafe, and John, but did find the information about Stephen Clay and noted his eerie resemblance to John.

Caleb greeted a fuzzy-headed Sam when she awoke on a sofa at Wyndemere. Sam told Caleb to go away, but he said that they were reunited, and Sam would remember everything soon. Sam was groggy and at first thought that she had been drugged. Sam quickly realized that she had bite marks on her neck and was suffering from blood loss. She was terrified for Danny, whom Caleb held closely.

Caleb nuzzled Danny and told Sam that she needed to remember who she was. Caleb told Sam that they had come full circle. Caleb said that they were even because he had hurt her by sleeping with Alison and producing Rafe, and she had slept with another person and produced Danny. Caleb said that he would accept her son if she would accept his. Caleb continued to refer to Sam as "Livvie." Sam denied being Livvie, but Caleb said that it would take three times for her to remember.

Sam screamed as Caleb bared his fangs and moved toward her throat. He stopped when he heard Lucy calling for him from the hall. John was disgusted and said that he had hoped to sneak up on Caleb, but Lucy scoffed that it was impossible to sneak up on a vampire, and she kicked open a set of double doors. They found Danny but did not find Sam, whom Caleb was holding hostage in a secret tunnel.

Starr went to the spot where Cole and Hope had been killed and took flowers as a token of remembrance. Someone watched from the trees as Starr told her loved ones how sorry she was that they were gone. Michael surprised Starr, who gasped in surprise at his sudden appearance. Michael apologized for not keeping his promise to Starr. In flashbacks Michael remembered his promise to save Cole and Hope.

Starr told Michael that he had done his best and had saved her from killing Sonny. In flashback, they remembered how their friendship had begun and had then blossomed slowly into something more. Neither Starr nor Michael regretted the path that had led them to each other. As they embraced, Michael pointed to a shooting star, so they both made a wish.

Starr wished for peace for Hope and Cole, and Michael wished the same for Starr, who looked at Michael and said that she was slowly getting there. Michael told her to take all the time that she needed because he was not going anywhere. As Starr and Michael strolled away, a man, who had been watching from the woods, walked up to the memorial and stared down at it.

Patrick attended an A.A. meeting at General Hospital. He shared his story of addiction and recovery in the year since Robin's death and noted that he was 200 days sober. After the meeting, Patrick went to the chapel to light a candle for Robin.

Steve was not paying attention as he ran up the stairs. He left a message for Olivia and careened into Sabrina who was carrying a vase of flowers. The vase spilled, and Steve was soaked. Sabrina tried to apologize, but Steve was having other thoughts as he left Sabrina and scurried into the vacant meeting room, where a few moments later, Elizabeth found him eating doughnuts.

Elizabeth asked what was wrong, so Steve told her that he was worried about Olivia's visions because they had an uncanny way of coming true. He explained about the vision where he had been all wet in a shower with Sabrina and how he had just been soaked. Elizabeth said that Olivia's visions were not always literal, so the vision that Olivia had had about Steve being covered in blood could be anything from a moment after surgery to a spilled ketchup bottle. Steve was mollified but not totally convinced.

Sabrina went to the chapel to think and found Patrick there. She expressed her sympathies about Robin and asked after Emma. Patrick said that they had fed the squirrels, a tradition Robin had started that he was continuing. Sabrina approved and said that Emma was lucky to have a dad like Patrick. Patrick said that he was lucky to have Emma and all the friends that had been there for them.

Patrick noticed that Sabrina was very subdued. She told him about crashing into Steve. Patrick commiserated with Sabrina about the inquiry, but Sabrina said that she could not stop thinking about Officer Carlson and his family. Sabrina admitted that she had gone to his memorial service. Sabrina said that she could not help but feel responsible for a good man's death.

Patrick told Sabrina that those kinds of things happened. Sabrina said that they did not happen to everyone. She said that they had not happened to the nurse who was her role model. As Patrick questioned Sabrina, he learned that Sabrina's mom had been her hero and that Sabrina's mother had passed away when Sabrina had been Emma's age. Sabrina told Patrick that her father had not been strong like Patrick and that instead of keeping Sabrina with him after her mother's death, he had sent Sabrina to Puerto Rico to live with cousins.

Patrick sympathized as Sabrina showed him the stethoscope that she wore that had once belonged to her mother. Sabrina recalled that whenever she had said that she wanted to be a nurse just like her mother, Sabrina's mother had always responded that Sabrina could be anything she wanted. Her mother had always told Sabrina that her heart would let her know what she really wanted to do, then it would be up to Sabrina to make her dreams real.

Patrick agreed with the sentiments. He told Sabrina that she could do anything. He said that she had resurrected the Nurses Ball and that Sabrina would do the same things with her own dreams. A subdued Sabrina thanked Patrick for his support. Patrick encouraged Sabrina to have faith in herself like Sabrina's mother did and like Patrick did.

Sabrina offered to leave Patrick alone so he could light a candle for Robin, but he suggested that they both stay and light candles, one for Robin and one for Sabrina's mother. Sabrina agreed.

At Steve's apartment, Kate was devastated to find out the circumstances of Trey's death from Sonny and Olivia. Kate blamed herself for being a bad mother and lamented that Trey had never had a chance with her as a mother. Kate was not happy to hear that Connie was the one who had decided to pull the plug on Trey, despite being assured by both Olivia and Sonny that Trey had been declared brain-dead. They explained that Trey had been a hero because he had been responsible for organ donations that had saved other lives.

Kate was not consoled. She accused both Olivia and Sonny of taking Connie's side. She was furious with Sonny for giving up on Kate after only a few short months. The more Sonny tried to explain his actions, the madder Kate got. She insisted on knowing when Sonny had reached the point that he knew that he would sleep with Connie. Sonny's explanation was drowned out as an angry Kate told Sonny that neither Kate nor Connie would ever sleep with him again.

Later, after both Sonny and Kate had left, Olivia answered a knock on the door. Janet was standing in the doorway, holding a knife.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sonny met up with Kate at the scene of the accident that had led to Trey's death. Sonny didn't think that it was a good idea for Kate to be there, but she hoped that it would spark memories of that fateful night and the moments before Trey had collapsed. Sonny insisted that it wouldn't change anything, but Kate explained that the only way for her to honor her only son was to remember how Trey had died, especially since she hadn't been a part of Trey's life. Sonny urged Kate not to blame herself for the tragedy, but Kate pointed out that Connie was a part of her. Sonny promised to stay with Kate and reminded her that he had once vowed to stick with her through everything when she had been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder.

Kate scoffed at the suggestion that Sonny had been loyal to her because he had broken his promise to her when he had slept with Connie, the woman who had kept Kate from Trey and Kate's loved ones. Kate confessed that what hurt the most was that Sonny had slept with Connie after Connie had taken Trey off of life support, so Kate wasn't interested in hearing Sonny's empty promises. "How could you leave me for her?" Kate cried. "You're the one who left me," Sonny replied.

Kate couldn't believe that Sonny had suggested that she had chosen to let Connie emerge, so Sonny clarified that he hadn't meant it that way. He explained that Kate had disappeared when he had needed her the most. Kate sarcastically apologized, so Sonny assured her that he hadn't meant to suggest that she had done it intentionally. However, he wondered if perhaps subconsciously Kate had allowed Connie to take over during a time when his world had crumbled. Sonny admitted that it had been difficult to look at Kate's beautiful face, knowing that he couldn't reach her, despite every effort that he had made.

Kate realized that something significant had happened, so Sonny told her that he had nearly lost Michael and that Jason had been killed. Kate's anger evaporated as she sincerely offered Sonny her condolences. However, she reminded Sonny that she didn't have any control over Connie because DID was an illness. Kate thought that Sonny had understood that. Sonny assured Kate that he understood how DID worked, but Kate doubted it.

Kate explained that it had been Connie's decision to emerge. Kate insisted that it was offensive for Sonny to suggest that Kate had chosen to disappear and never know her son when in reality Connie had taken Trey and Sonny from Kate. Sonny begged for a second chance at a fresh start, but Kate explained that she needed to deal with Trey's death before anything else. A tear slid down Sonny's face as he assured Kate that he had never stopped loving her. Kate watched as Sonny walked away.

At the hospital, Steve examined his arm as he chastised his sister for impaling him. He suspected that she had drawn blood, but Elizabeth told her brother to stop whining because she had made certain that Olivia's vision had played out without the dire results that Steve had feared. Steve explained that Olivia had seen him clutching his stomach in an attempt to stop the bleeding from a stab wound, so Elizabeth poked him in his stomach with a pen. Steve chuckled and accused his sister of being crazy, but Elizabeth bragged that she had saved him from a violent death.

Elizabeth suggested that Steve go home, share the good news with Olivia, and then get to work on planning the wedding. She was shocked when Steve confessed that he and Olivia hadn't set a wedding date. Steve quickly distracted his sister by unexpectedly asking her to be his "best man." Elizabeth was deeply touched and gladly accepted the honor. Steve hugged his sister and told her that he loved her. However, he suggested that she work on her taste in men.

Elizabeth playfully scolded her brother and then ordered Steve to go home to Olivia. After Steve left, A.J. called out to Elizabeth. He confessed that her smile was exactly what he had needed. Elizabeth was surprised that A.J. was at the hospital, so A.J. revealed that he'd had a session with a psychiatrist that had lasted two grueling hours, during which he had shared his deepest darkest secrets. Elizabeth was glad and asked how it had gone. A.J. confessed that he'd been tempted to flee the session, but he had stayed because Elizabeth had urged him to seek professional help for his panic attacks.

Elizabeth wondered if A.J. had gotten to the root of his problem, but then apologized because she realized that he might not want to discuss it. "I don't, except with you," A.J. confessed. A.J. had suspected that the stress had been a result of his return to Port Charles and attempt to reclaim his place in the family, but the psychiatrist had suggested that the problem went further back. Elizabeth guessed that it might have something to do with the things that A.J. had done before his disappearance. She realized that he had made a lot of mistakes, but she insisted that he had also been a victim because someone had tried to murder him.

"Oh yeah, right here in this hospital. Good times," A.J. replied. Elizabeth thought that it made sense for A.J. to be uncomfortable in the hospital because it invoked bad memories for him. A.J. was quiet for a moment, so Elizabeth assumed that he wasn't ready to discuss what had happened. A.J. confessed that he did want to talk to her about it because the psychiatrist had recommended that he open up to someone he trusted. Elizabeth suddenly became distracted by the arrival of a patient in critical condition.

Heather held a lethal-looking knife as she menacingly advanced on Olivia. Olivia slowly backed into the apartment, so Heather closed the door and confessed that she wouldn't hesitate to kill Olivia. Heather began to grumble about John McBain's attempt to strangle and drown Heather. Olivia mumbled under her breath that it was a shame that John hadn't succeeded, but Heather heard her. Olivia cut to the chase by demanding to know what Heather wanted.

Heather claimed that she wanted to reconnect with her new little son. Olivia pointed out that the baby belonged to Sam, not Heather. Heather's temper flared as she accused Olivia of forcing Heather to find a replacement for Steven Lars. "You're the one who made me lose my son. Payback's a bitch," Heather growled as Olivia stumbled and fell onto the sofa. Heather loomed over Olivia, so Olivia distracted Heather by insisting that Heather had lost Steve all on her own.

Heather accused Olivia of poisoning Steve against his mother by filling his head with lies. Olivia argued that she had merely told Steve the truth and that Heather's own actions had pushed Steve away. Heather screamed that Olivia deserved to be dead. Heather raised the deadly knife and prepared to thrust it into Olivia, but Olivia fought back. In the struggle, Olivia's arm was slashed. Moments later, Steve appeared in the doorway.

"Mother?" Steve asked, shocked at the scene that greeted him. Steve ordered Heather to let Olivia go, but Heather blamed Olivia for everything that had gone wrong between Heather and Steve. Heather insisted that Olivia needed to die, so Heather lunged for Olivia with the knife. Steve jumped in front of Olivia, so the knife was driven into Steve's stomach. Olivia and Heather watched in stunned disbelief as Steve clutched his stomach and then collapsed to the ground. Heather quickly pulled the knife out of her son, but Olivia ordered Heather to help stop the bleeding.

Olivia showed Heather how to slow the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound and then ran to the phone to call 9-1-1. A short time later, the paramedics arrived. Olivia explained that Heather had stabbed Steve, so Heather quickly clarified that it had been an accident. Heather stepped back as the paramedics worked on Steve. Distraught, Heather quietly begged the paramedics to save her son's life as she slowly made her way out of the apartment before the police arrived to arrest her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was horrified when she realized that the gravely injured patient was her brother. Olivia tearfully explained that Heather was alive and had stabbed Steve.

In the interrogation room, T.J. blasted Molly for helping three prisoners to escape. Molly was stunned when he revealed that it was all over the news and accused her of throwing her life away for a guy that she barely knew. T.J. snidely congratulated her on being famous for all the wrong reasons. Molly conceded that T.J. had a right to be mad, but T.J. was unmoved. Shawn stepped forward to suggest that T.J. take it down a notch because Molly had a lot on her plate at the moment, so she didn't need T.J. to make things worse.

Shawn decided to fetch Alexis to find out about the status of charges against Molly, so he made it clear that he expected T.J. to behave. After Shawn left, T.J. admitted that he couldn't understand Molly because it wasn't like her to break the rules. Molly reminded him of the things that she had done when they had started to date, but T.J. argued that it wasn't the same because Molly had helped three prisoners to escape and had harbored a fugitive. T.J. wanted to know why Molly was so determined to help Rafe. Molly argued that she had also helped Lucy and John because she believed that Lucy and John were the only chance of Sam and Danny being rescued.

T.J. quickly apologized for being so focused on his anger towards Rafe that he had forgotten about Sam and Danny. Molly assured him that she was sorry, too, and then confessed that she had loved his Valentine's Day gift to her. She insisted that the journal had been a perfect gift and then admitted that she had a present for T.J. too. T.J. smiled, but Molly was worried about her sister and nephew. T.J. was certain that Sam and Danny would be fine because Sam was one of the toughest women that he knew.

In Wyndemere's library, Rafe picked up Danny and noted that the baby seemed happy enough and had a dry diaper. John thought that it was confirmation that Caleb and Sam hadn't been gone long. Lucy was frustrated when her slayer senses couldn't help her locate Caleb. John was certain he knew where the mentally ill serial killer was, but Lucy doubted it, since John wasn't a slayer. John ignored the remark as he explained that Caleb had likely fled with Sam through one of the castle's secret tunnels, so he enlisted Rafe's help to open an access door in the library.

Rafe and Lucy were prepared to join John in the tunnels as he hunted for Caleb and Sam, but Lucy and John agreed that Rafe should stay behind to watch Danny. Rafe agreed, so Lucy gave Rafe a St. Michael medal and explained that Michael had been an archangel who had battled Lucifer, so the medal would protect Rafe. After Lucy and John left, Rafe kept the baby occupied by walking around the room with Danny and talking about Alison. Rafe missed his mother as much as Danny probably missed Sam. Rafe regretted that he had handed Danny over to Heather, but Rafe hadn't realized how crazy Heather had been.

Rafe heard a noise in the tunnels, so he assumed that Lucy and John had discovered another entrance. Rafe promised Danny that Lucy and John would return soon, but it was Heather who emerged from the tunnels.

Meanwhile, Lucy and John decided to part ways in the tunnels to increase their chances of locating Caleb and Sam. Lucy became frustrated when she reached a dead end.

In the secret passages on Spoon Island, Caleb carried the woman he believed was his deceased wife, Livvie Locke Clay, to a chamber with a dais in the center. Sam remained groggy, but her only concern was for Danny. Caleb promised her that Danny was fine and that they each would soon be reunited with their sons. Sam warned Caleb that John would find them, so Caleb wouldn't get away with whatever he had planned. Caleb bragged that he already had gotten away with it and that he was certain that she would be glad in the end.

Sam was disgusted that Caleb had bitten her in the neck, but he was unapologetic because he was certain that all of her memories of their life together would return with the third and final bite. Sam was powerless to stop Caleb from scooping her up and depositing her on the dais. She screamed in terror when he flashed his fangs and then lunged for her neck. Afterwards, Sam complained of feeling dizzy and strange. Caleb assured her that her memories were returning as her eyes drifted closed.

A short time later, Sam woke up and looked down. She was shocked when she realized that she was in a white wedding gown that Caleb had sprinkled with red rose petals. Her concern mounted when she discovered that her hands had been restrained. Caleb claimed that he hadn't wanted her to hurt herself, but Sam didn't believe him. Caleb showed her a snapshot of him and Livvie on their wedding day, so Sam studied the picture and then explained that the woman in the picture wasn't her. Caleb decided that it was time for "Livvie" to be reborn into his world, which he promised was vibrant and full of knowledge and power.

Sam begged Caleb not to hurt her because she didn't want to die. Sam screamed when Caleb showed her his fangs and then swooped down to bite her. Seconds later, John appeared in the chamber. "Get your hands off her," John ordered Caleb.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the library as she spoke to Ned on the phone. She assured Ned that she had everything under control and bragged that she had outwitted A.J. by hiding the key to the refrigerator, with the coveted pickle relish, in a different location every night. Tracy opened the book Vengeance is Mine and put the key inside of it. After she closed the book, which she hid under several others, she left the room. Tracy was unaware that Duke had been spying on her from the terrace. Duke quickly called A.J., but reached A.J.'s voicemail, so he left A.J. a message.

Duke revealed that he might have found a solution to A.J.'s pickle relish dilemma. Moments later, Duke slipped into the library and sifted through the books to look for the hidden key. Duke was about to snatch the key when Tracy suddenly threw open the door, wielding an umbrella. Tracy was shocked when she saw Duke and immediately demanded to know what he was doing there. Duke claimed that he had wanted to talk to Tracy about Anna. Duke confessed that he was desperate to win Anna back, but didn't know if he had a chance because of Anna's relationship with Luke.

Tracy told Duke that Anna had ended things with Luke because Anna had realized that Luke wasn't the love of Anna's life. According to Tracy, that honor belonged to Duke. Duke enthusiastically hugged Tracy on the pretext of thanking her, but it was a distraction to steal the key from the book. Tracy noticed that she had spilled some wine on his coat, so Duke asked to use the facilities to clean up. Tracy pointed him down the hall.

A short time later, Duke returned to the library and slid the key back into the book without Tracy noticing. He told Tracy that she had made him a very happy man and thanked her for everything that she had done. After he left, he stopped to look at the inside of his coat, where the last jar of Lila's pickle relish was hidden.

At the police station, Anna received a call about the attack on Steve. After she ended the call, she ordered a police officer to have several units patrol the area by Steve's apartment in case Heather remained nearby. Anna also instructed the police officer to contact the sanitarium in Alabama where Stephen Clay had been a patient. Anna wanted a copy of Stephen's medical records and to talk to someone who had treated Stephen prior to Stephen's escape.

After the police officer walked away, Anna looked at the newspaper article about Stephen Clay that she had printed out from Professor Mosser's computer. Moments later, Alexis entered and asked Anna to talk to the district attorney on Molly's behalf. Anna didn't know what she could do for Molly because the surveillance footage was damaging. Alexis reminded Anna that it had been Lucy's idea and that there hadn't been any criminal intent on Molly's part because Molly had been desperate for someone to rescue Sam and Danny.

Anna explained that she had too many fires to put out with the three escaped prisoners and Heather stabbing Steven. Anna likened Heather to a cockroach that couldn't be killed. Alexis was curious if Heather's appearance meant that Todd had lied about John's look-alike. Anna assured Alexis that Caleb was real and then told her about Stephen Clay, a rock star who had assumed the persona of a vampire as part of his act. Anna explained that Stephen had suffered a breakdown after the death of his wife, Livvie, which had led to a killing spree.

According to Anna, all seven of Stephen's victims had been bitten and had died from blood loss. Anna revealed that Stephen had been arrested but had claimed to be a vampire named Caleb, so he had been deemed unfit to stand trial and had been sent to a sanitarium for treatment. Alexis was shocked when Anna reported that Stephen had escaped from a locked room in the sanitarium on Halloween in 2011, but Anna suspected that it had been some kind of trick because Stephen's career had given him a flare for theatrics.

Alexis pointed out that none of it explained why John and Stephen looked exactly alike and why Sam and Livvie had a striking resemblance to each other. Anna was confident that they would soon have an answer, but she assured Alexis that Sam was safe because Stephen/Caleb had been devoted to Livvie. Alexis was frustrated that it had taken the police so long to figure things out. Anna apologized, but Alexis wanted Anna to find Sam because Alexis couldn't handle losing Sam. Alexis quickly apologized when she realized that Anna was in a unique position to understand that kind of heartbreaking loss.

Anna assured Alexis that Alexis was entitled to her feelings. Alexis confided that she had lost Sam once before. Anna was surprised when Alexis revealed that Alexis' father, Mikkos Cassadine, had forced Alexis to give Sam up for adoption at birth. Anna was curious who Sam's father was. Alexis tensed, but received a reprieve from answering the question when the district attorney called.

At Wyndemere, Rafe was shocked when Heather suddenly appeared in the library. "Now, this is perfect," Heather said as she closed the door and began to ramble about God and how God worked in mysterious ways by giving and taking. Heather demanded that Rafe hand over the baby, but Rafe refused. Heather argued that she was the baby's nanny, but Rafe revealed that he knew the truth about who Heather was. Heather shrugged and explained that she wanted Danny because the baby was her son. Rafe insisted that he had promised to take care of Danny until Sam returned, so that was exactly what he intended to do.

Heather claimed that Sam didn't deserve Danny because Sam was an unfit mother. Heather suddenly grew quiet, so Rafe wondered if she was okay. Heather confessed that she had once been accused of being an unfit mother even though she had tried her best to take care of her son. Rafe was startled when Heather began to talk about the past, including her decision to sell her newborn on the black market. Heather claimed that she had wanted nothing more than to take her son back and run away with him. However, she had failed her son.

Heather doubted that Rafe would understand, but Rafe surprised her when he revealed that he did. Rafe believed that he had failed his own mother. Heather was curious what Rafe meant, so he told her about his life on the run with his mother. Heather was certain that his mother had done the best that she could, but Rafe explained that his mother had lived in fear of an evil man finding them. According to Rafe, his mother had often left him alone in strange places and had kept him from making friends. He had resented his mother for her strange ways, so he had decided to take off.

Heather empathized, but Rafe explained that it had resulted in his mother's murder because he hadn't been there to save her. Heather was moved to tears when Rafe revealed that his mother had been stabbed to death because of him. Heather thought about her own recent violent encounter with Steven. Rafe was surprised when Heather stood up and hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry," Heather tearfully whispered. Rafe pushed her away because he suspected that it was a trick for her to get her hands on Danny.

Heather assured Rafe that she was sincere and that she had changed her mind about taking Danny because she wasn't Danny's mother. Heather realized that Steve could be dying that very moment, so all she could do was pray for her son. Heather folded her hands in prayer as she acknowledged that she would have to face her maker one day, but she pleaded with God to spare Steve's life. After Heather left, Rafe picked up Danny and gently rocked him as they waited for Lucy, John, and Sam to return, unaware that Alison's ghostly image hovered behind him, smiling.

Anna sat down in the interrogation room as she looked at a picture of Robin's smiling face on her cell phone. Anna couldn't believe that a year had passed since her daughter's tragic death. Anna confessed that she saw Robin everywhere and then revealed that the whole town had gone mad. Anna questioned her ability to save Sam when she had failed to protect Steve and her own daughter. Anna prayed for God to watch over Robin and to let her be surrounded by Anna's love.

Anna started to leave but stopped short and drew her weapon when she opened the door and discovered Heather about to enter. Heather assured Anna that the gun wasn't necessary because Heather was there to turn herself in.

On Spoon Island, Lucy was frustrated when she hit a dead end in the tunnels. Lucy feared for Sam's safety when Caleb discovered that Sam wasn't Livvie. Lucy's luck didn't improve when she tripped, hit her head, and knocked herself out for a short time. Lucy woke up and saw Alison's ethereal spirit smiling down on her. Lucy was moved to tears when she saw her slain friend, but Alison assured Lucy that everything was fine because Alison had been reunited with her husband, Rafe, and they were both at peace. Lucy apologized for failing Alison, but Alison insisted that she was there to help Lucy because it was up to Lucy to protect Rafe.

Lucy questioned if it was possible to defeat Caleb because he was so much stronger than he had been. Alison argued that Lucy was the only person who could stop Caleb, so Lucy begged Alison to show her the way. Alison looked at a corner of the tunnel. Lucy followed Alison's gaze and spotted a crossbow. Lucy quickly picked it up but discovered that Alison was gone. Lucy promised to protect Rafe and Sam from Caleb, so she begged God to show her the way and to give her the strength to defeat the monster.

In the secret chamber, Caleb prepared to sink his fangs into Sam's neck when John appeared at the entrance and ordered Caleb to get Caleb's hands off of Sam. Annoyed, Caleb slowly stood up to face John. Caleb was confident that his exchange with John wouldn't take long, but John wasn't intimidated because he knew that Caleb was just a mortal man named Stephen Clay. Caleb growled that he was Caleb Morley, but Sam didn't care because she was eager to know if her son was safe. John assured Sam that Danny was unharmed, but he became concerned when he noticed that Sam was bleeding.

John explained that he knew about Stephen's tragic loss, but John insisted that Sam wasn't Livvie. Caleb disagreed and assured John that Sam would remember everything when Caleb bit her a third time and then claimed their sons. John vowed to stop Caleb, but Caleb ignored him and turned to bite Sam. Sam screamed in fright, so John sprang into action and pulled Caleb off of Sam. A struggle ensued between John and Caleb, but Caleb quickly gained the upper hand by rendering John unconscious.

Caleb bound John's hands and then secured John's unconscious body to a rock structure. Sam struggled to wiggle free while Caleb fetched the ax and sharpened it in preparation for killing John. John slowly opened his eyes, so Sam warned him about Caleb's plan. John tried to get free while Sam prayed to God for help and to protect her and John from Caleb's evil intentions. Sam's hope plummeted when Caleb returned to her side and announced that he was ready to kill John and then bite her. Sam pleaded with Caleb to let her go, but Caleb refused.

Caleb turned to John just as Lucy appeared in the entrance. "Caleb," Lucy shouted as she aimed her crossbow at his heart.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was shocked when she realized that the patient who had arrived by ambulance in critical condition was her brother, Steve. Olivia wept as she explained to Elizabeth that Heather had stabbed Steve. Nearby, A.J.'s face filled with concern as he watched the tragic scene unfold. Steve was taken to a trauma room as Olivia and Elizabeth followed. The doctor and nurses raced to stabilize Steve, but Steve's injury was too grave. The doctor ordered a nurse to check if an operating room was available, but A.J. stepped forward and reminded everyone that Steve was one of their own, so an operating room should be made available immediately.

The doctor nodded and instructed the nurse to let the surgical staff know that they would be there in three minutes. Elizabeth wanted to scrub in, but the doctor refused to consider it because Steve was Elizabeth's brother. Elizabeth started to argue, but A.J. pulled her away so that Steve could be taken to the operating room. Olivia tried to follow, but the doctor made it clear that Olivia was not permitted near the operating room. Olivia ignored his orders and decided to use the staircase.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth confessed to A.J. that she had been the one to encourage Steve to go home where Heather had been waiting.

Later, A.J. checked his messages and listened to the one from Duke. However, instead of calling Duke back, A.J. stopped outside of the chapel and watched Elizabeth light a candle for her brother. Elizabeth quietly wept as she recalled her brother asking her to be his "best man." She was startled when she heard a noise, so she turned to the entrance and saw A.J. He offered to leave, but Elizabeth admitted that she would like his company. A.J. didn't hesitate to sit beside her in the chapel and promise to stay with her all night long if she needed him.

Elizabeth smiled softly and begged for her brother to live. A.J. assured her that Steve wouldn't die, but she pointed out that A.J. had no way of knowing that. A.J. agreed, but he reminded her that he had once been on the brink of death and had survived. Elizabeth insisted that A.J.'s recovery had been a miracle, but she couldn't count on miracles. A.J. suggested that she pray then quickly apologized because he realized that a nurse might have a different view of things like prayer.

Elizabeth assured A.J. that she appreciated the power of prayer because she was a nurse. However, she was surprised that A.J. believed in it. A.J. explained that prayer had gotten him through recovery and had kept him sober. A.J. and Elizabeth knelt at the altar and began to pray. Elizabeth begged God to give her a miracle by saving her brother.

Elsewhere in the hospital, a distraught Olivia pleaded with God not to take Steve from her. She reminded God of all the good that Steve had done and insisted that Steve was a decent and loving man whom Olivia wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Later, near the nurses' station, Olivia saw Elizabeth and A.J. Olivia became concerned when she realized that there hadn't been any word about Steve. Olivia feared the worst and blamed herself for ignoring the vision that God had sent to her. Olivia was furious with herself for not getting Steve out of town and far away from Heather, but Elizabeth insisted that it wasn't Olivia's fault. A.J. added that Olivia had likely saved Steve's life by acting so quickly. Olivia's anxiety mounted when she spotted Steve's solemn-faced doctor approach.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starr and Michael tried to ignore the knocking on their front door as they kissed. However, Duke insisted that it was urgent, so Michael answered the door. Duke apologized and explained that he had Quartermaine business to discuss. Michael was surprised when Duke handed him the last remaining jar of Lila's pickle relish. Duke had hoped to give it to A.J., but A.J. had been nowhere to be found. Michael was curious how Duke had obtained the relish, so Duke admitted that he had resorted to subterfuge and then told Michael what had happened.

At the hospital, Dr. Keats explained that Steve's wound had been deep, but Steve had made it through surgery and was expected to make a full recovery. Olivia cried with joy, while Elizabeth turned and hugged A.J. Elizabeth thanked A.J. for his unwavering support and for making her believe in miracles. Olivia was eager to see Steve, so Dr. Keats assured Olivia and Elizabeth that Steve could have visitors once Steve had been settled into a room. After Dr. Keats left, Dante arrived. Dante assumed the worst when he saw his mother, but Olivia assured Dante that Steve's prognosis was good.

Olivia and Dante went to ICU to check on Steve, while Elizabeth took another opportunity to thank A.J. for everything that he had done for her. She confessed that having him there had made all the difference. Moments later, Michael called A.J. to ask A.J. to stop by the apartment. A.J. promised to be there shortly and ended the call. A.J. offered to stay if Elizabeth needed him, but she assured him that he had done more than enough for her. A.J. reminded her that she had always been there for him, so it had been the least that he could do.

Olivia entered Steve's hospital room and smiled when Steve slowly opened his eyes. Steve was relieved that Heather hadn't harmed Olivia. Olivia insisted that Steve had been the one who had risked his life to save her and then confessed that the doctor hadn't been certain that Steve would survive, so she had prayed.

Later, Elizabeth entered her brother's hospital room, so Olivia stepped out to give them some privacy. After Olivia left, Elizabeth confessed that they had all been worried about Steve, so he assured her that he wasn't going anywhere because he had a lot to live for. Elizabeth warned him that she intended to hold him to their deal. Steve's brow furrowed in confusion, prompting her to remind him of his request for her to be his "best man." Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as she confided that she had no idea what she would have done if Steve had died.

Elizabeth assured Steve that she loved him and appreciated all that he had done for her and her sons. Steve felt terrible for what Elizabeth and Olivia had been put through, but Elizabeth insisted that it wasn't his fault. Steve argued that he had been unconscious for most of the ordeal, so Elizabeth and Olivia had been forced to deal with everything. Elizabeth revealed that she had leaned on a friend, so that had helped.

Dante called the police station to get an update on John and to confirm that Heather remained under lock and key. After he ended the call, he spotted his mother, so he let her know that Heather was safely behind bars. Olivia regretted that she hadn't paid closer attention to her vision. She reminded her son that most of her visions played out one way or another fairly quickly, except the vision about the dog and Maxie. Frustrated, Dante wondered why Olivia had mentioned that particular vision, since it was old news.

Dante insisted that Olivia's vision about the dog and Maxie had been a warning that Maxie would trip over a dog on New Year's Eve, but everything had turned out fine. "Yeah, that must have been what that was," Olivia quietly replied. A short time later, Olivia returned to Steve's hospital room. Steve apologized for not taking Olivia's vision seriously, but she pointed out that the vision had lacked crucial details, so it hadn't been Steve's fault. Steve promised that he would be more respectful of Olivia's visions in the future, so she revealed that she'd had a vision of them wearing wedding bands. However, she quickly confessed that it had been more wishful thinking than vision because she wanted to marry Steve right away.

At the apartment, Michael ended his call with A.J. and revealed that his father was on his way over. Michael was certain that Tracy would freak out when she discovered that the jar of relish was missing. Starr noticed Michael's smile, so she questioned him about it. Michael explained that he would prefer that all of the Quartermaines work together, but Tracy had refused to compromise. Starr was surprised when Michael revealed that it had been an ongoing issue for years. Duke confirmed that the Quartermaines had elevated infighting to an art form.

Later, A.J. arrived at Michael's apartment. A.J. smiled as Duke explained how the jar of relish had been procured. A.J. wanted to get the relish analyzed quickly, so Duke admitted that he had a discerning palate that might help. A.J. appreciated Duke's offer, but didn't want to risk it because it was the only sample left. A.J. was startled when Starr suddenly offered to analyze the relish.

Starr confessed that she was a "science geek" and familiar with chemicals. Michael added that Starr took the toughest chemical courses at Port Charles University, so Starr was capable of analyzing the sample. Starr explained that it was a matter of reverse engineering; she realized that it would be difficult, but she was up to the challenge. A.J. was curious when she could get started, so Starr promised to work on the relish sample in the morning. A.J. admitted that he felt good about things for the first time since the financial disaster had hit ELQ.

A.J. hugged Michael and Starr and then left with Duke. In the hallway, A.J. suggested that it might be best if Duke didn't go to the office at ELQ and kept their association secret until the relish recipe had been secured. Duke agreed, but he didn't appear happy about it.

In the apartment, Michael and Starr settled down to snack on ice cream. Michael doubted that it would take Starr very long to figure out the relish recipe because it was a food product and couldn't have that many ingredients. Starr was curious if Michael knew how many ingredients were in the ice cream that they were eating. "Four," Michael answered. "Eggs, cream, sugar, and vanilla," Michael added. Starr smiled indulgently as she listed several other chemical ingredients in the ice cream.

Michael thought that she was a genius, so she admitted that the ice cream ingredients were listed on the label. However, he could call her a genius when she figured out the relish recipe.

Monica entered the library, where Tracy was lounging on the sofa. Monica explained that she had wanted to read before turning in to bed for the night, but Tracy suspected that Monica was in the library to spy on Tracy to figure out where Tracy had hidden the key to the locked refrigerator containing Lila's relish. Tracy bragged that she was ELQ's only hope for success because she had the last jar of the coveted relish. Monica reminded Tracy that A.J. was in charge of ELQ, but Tracy scowled at Monica then began to ramble about her plans to save ELQ.

Monica pointed out that Tracy had been the one to put ELQ into financial straits and that Tracy was the one who refused to allow another to clean up the mess that Tracy had made. Monica insisted that A.J. and Michael wanted to honor Edward's legacy, so she urged Tracy to do the right thing with the relish and give it to someone who could mass-produce it. Monica was surprised when Tracy agreed.

However, Tracy quickly clarified that she intended to have the relish analyzed herself and then take steps to market the relish and regain control of ELQ. Tracy decided to fetch the relish, so she left the room. Monica shook her head and settled down to read. Moments later, she heard Tracy scream. Tracy returned to the library to demand to know where the relish was. Monica had no idea what Tracy was talking about, so Tracy accused A.J. of stealing the jar of Lila's pickle relish, since Alice was out of town at a wrestling convention, and the only recent visitor had been Duke Lavery.

Monica suggested that Duke had taken the relish, but Tracy immediately dismissed the possibility because Duke had been there to ask Tracy for information about Anna's relationship with Luke. Monica argued that it could have been a ploy, but Tracy was adamant that A.J. had taken the relish. Tracy threatened to call the police to report the theft, so Monica wisely reminded Tracy that Tracy didn't have a shred of proof that A.J. had stolen the relish.

Monica suggested that Tracy only had herself to blame for what had happened because Tracy had acted like a teenager hiding a key to a diary. Monica informed Tracy that the relish might not have been needed if Tracy hadn't "brought ELQ to its knees." Monica admitted that Tracy had been the bane of Monica's existence for years, but Monica hated watching Tracy tortured by the "relish thing." Monica advised Tracy to do everyone a favor by admitting defeat. Monica walked out, so Tracy loudly proclaimed that she intended to reclaim her rightful place at ELQ, but Monica ignored her.

Later, A.J. called Elizabeth at the hospital to apologize for leaving so abruptly, but she assured him that it was okay because Michael had needed him. After Elizabeth gave A.J. an update on Steve's recovery, A.J. asked how she was holding up. Elizabeth admitted that she was better than expected thanks to A.J. A.J. and Elizabeth reluctantly ended the call. Moments later, Tracy appeared in the doorway of the library and accused A.J. of stealing the pickle relish. A.J. denied that he'd had anything to do with the theft, but Tracy didn't believe him. A.J. wished her luck proving it then walked away.

Tracy marched over to the phone and dialed information. Afterwards, she called Duke Lavery, but he didn't recognize the number, so he let it go to voicemail.

In Wyndemere's library, Alison's ghostly spirit watched as Rafe paced the floor with Danny in his arms. Rafe assured Danny that Sam would be back soon and confided that someone had once told him that there was always a little light, as long as one believed, even when things seemed their darkest. Rafe suddenly stopped in his tracks when he spotted his mother standing in the corner. "Mom?" Rafe asked in disbelief.

Alison smiled as she assured Rafe that she would always be a part of him. Rafe was filled with guilt because he hadn't been able to save his mother, but Alison explained that Caleb couldn't have been stopped, so Rafe wasn't to blame. Rafe told Alison about Caleb's claim that he was Rafe's father. Alison insisted that Rafe Kovich was Rafe's true father, but she conceded that Caleb was her son's biological father. Alison revealed that Caleb had taken advantage of her, but she was adamant that Rafe was nothing like Caleb because Rafe was a good and caring person. She begged Rafe to remember that good always prevailed over evil.

Rafe's eyes filled with tears as his mother's image began to fade, but Alison assured him that she loved him and that he would never be alone.

In the secret chamber hidden in the tunnels of Wyndemere, Caleb prepared to kill John with an axe. "Caleb," Lucy shouted as she suddenly appeared at the entrance and aimed her crossbow at Caleb. "Lucy, I've been expecting you," Caleb replied with sarcasm. Lucy ordered Caleb to drop the axe because she refused to let him hurt anyone again. Caleb invited her to shoot him, but Lucy berated him for terrorizing innocent people and informed him that Sam was not Livvie.

Caleb suggested that if Lucy was right about Livvie, then perhaps Caleb wasn't a vampire, which meant that Lucy wasn't a slayer who had special protection against him. Lucy was rattled, but warned him that the arrow in the crossbow had a silver tip that would easily kill him. Caleb ignored Lucy as he insisted that he and Livvie would live in everlasting bliss. Meanwhile, John worked furiously to shred the rope binding his hands together as Sam tried to wiggle free from her restraints.

Lucy finally decided to pull the trigger on the crossbow, but Caleb easily plucked the arrow out of the air before it struck him. Shocked, Lucy backed up as Caleb advanced on her and grabbed her by the neck. Caleb dragged Lucy into the chamber with the intention of ending Lucy's life. Sam pleaded with Caleb not to kill Lucy, but Caleb insisted that Lucy's time was at an end. John warned Caleb that the police were on their way, but Caleb didn't believe John. Caleb turned his back on John and began to strangle Lucy just as John managed to free himself.

John immediately pulled Caleb away from Lucy, who ran to untie Sam from the dais. John gained the upper hand when Sam distracted Caleb by calling out Caleb's name. Caleb looked up, assuming that his precious Livvie had returned, which allowed John to drive the silver arrow into Caleb's heart. Caleb collapsed as Lucy and Sam huddled against the wall in fear. John confirmed that Caleb was dead by checking for a pulse. John then made certain that Sam was unharmed and thanked her for saving his life.

Lucy was curious if John and Sam had noticed that Caleb had been incredibly strong and fast. John assured Lucy that Caleb hadn't been a vampire and then went over to the body to pull out the two prosthetic fangs. John suspected that they had been props that had been used during Caleb's days as a rock star. Lucy insisted that the ring on Caleb's hand had given Caleb immortality, but John argued that the ring had also been part of Caleb's act.

John decided to take Sam to Danny, but Lucy wanted to stay with Caleb's body. John promised Lucy that Caleb wasn't going anywhere, but Lucy stubbornly stayed behind. After John and Sam left the chamber, Lucy looked at the fake fangs that John had given her. She had been certain that the man on the floor had been Caleb Morley, king of the vampires. However, Caleb wouldn't have needed prosthetic fangs if he had been a vampire.

Lucy suddenly theorized that it had been Caleb's plan to fake his death because he had depended on the ring to save him, since the ring had been the source of his immortality. Lucy decided to take the ring off of Caleb, but it wouldn't slide off. Lucy started to reach for the axe to chop off the ring, but stopped herself. She refused to waste another minute on a man who had been crazy. She prayed that her family would take her back because her days as a slayer were over. After Lucy left, Caleb's ring seemed to illuminate.

Meanwhile, Sam was reunited with Danny. Sam held her son tightly and promised him that she would never leave him again. Sam smiled at John and thanked Rafe for taking care of Danny. Rafe was curious where Lucy was, so John explained that Lucy would join them in a minute. John assured Rafe that Rafe was safe and that it was over. Rafe was curious what had happened to his father, Caleb, so John revealed that Caleb was dead.

Friday, March 1, 2013

At the hospital, Sabrina was about to help herself to a doughnut when Patrick appeared in the doorway and informed her that the doughnuts were for the Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Embarrassed, Sabrina pulled her hand out of the box and apologized. Patrick chuckled and assured her that she wasn't the first staff member to sneak a doughnut; Steve was notorious for taking them. Sabrina confessed that she was nervous about the hospital's verdict on her future, but Patrick was confident that the board would vote in her favor.

"Afraid you killed your career?" Britt snidely asked Sabrina from the doorway. Britt leaned on a set of crutches as she held up an envelope and announced that the board had made a decision. "Want to know what it is?" Britt wondered. Patrick was curious about Britt's injury, so she revealed that she had slipped in the parking lot. Britt was annoyed by Patrick's lack of sympathy, so Patrick explained that he didn't wish Britt any misfortune, but it was a shame that she couldn't extend the same to others. "And here I am trying to do a nice thing," Britt replied without a hint of sincerity.

Patrick snatched the envelope out of Britt's hand and gave it to Sabrina. However, he questioned how Britt had ended up with the letter. Britt explained that she had been called to testify after the board had read her letter, so she had been on hand when the board had rendered its decision. According to Britt, Monica had given Britt the envelope to pass along to Sabrina when Monica had been called in to surgery. Sabrina read the letter aloud. Britt was stunned when the board cleared Sabrina of any wrongdoing in Officer Carlson's death, which had been ruled "accidental."

Sabrina was overjoyed, but Britt insisted that the board had only absolved Sabrina to avoid a lawsuit. Patrick warned Britt to back off, so Britt barred Sabrina from all of Britt's patients. Britt advised Patrick to consider doing the same. After Britt left, Patrick promised that Sabrina would get to be a nurse like her mother.

Ellie used a walker as Spinelli guided her into the lab. Ellie noted that nothing had changed, except for her. Spinelli assured her that she would soon be able to get around without any assistance, but he offered to help her in the interim. Ellie was determined to work in the lab on her own, which was why she had decided to take the day to get herself acclimated before she returned to work. Moments later, Tracy called Spinelli and requested that Spinelli meet her at the mansion. Spinelli wondered if the meeting was of a professional nature.

"As opposed to what? I don't want to socialize with you," Tracy snapped. Spinelli explained that he was busy, but Tracy offered to pay him handsomely for his services. Spinelli needed the money, so he agreed. He ended the call and told Ellie that he had to leave. Ellie assured him that it was fine, so Spinelli left.

Near the nurses' station, Frisco called Felicia, but her voicemail picked up. He warned her that she couldn't keep avoiding him because sooner or later she would have to admit the truth about her feelings for him. Frisco understood her reluctance to hurt Mac, but nothing could keep two people apart when they were meant to be together. "Who are you talking to?" Maxie asked as she suddenly appeared. Frisco quickly ended the call and claimed that he had been working on a project. He deftly changed the subject by asking how Maxie felt.

Maxie smiled and revealed that she was at the hospital on business, which made her feel useful rather than like a human incubator. Frisco wondered if she had heard from Britt. Maxie assured him that Britt hadn't made a peep since Frisco had had a talk with the despicable doctor. Maxie confessed that she felt terrible about the horrible "trick" that Britt had forced her to play on Sabrina. However, Maxie warned her father that there wasn't any guarantee that Britt would keep quiet about the baby being Maxie and Spinelli's child. Just then, Spinelli appeared.

Maxie breathed a sigh of relief when she realized that Spinelli hadn't heard what she had said. Spinelli had stopped to meet Maxie's legendary father, so Maxie made the introductions. Frisco's temper flared when he realized that Spinelli had been the one to break Maxie's heart. Spinelli accused Frisco of being a hypocrite for acting like a concerned father when Frisco had abandoned his daughters at a very young age. Frisco was curious if Spinelli had recently been thrown through a wall. Maxie quickly intervened and warned her father to leave Spinelli alone. Maxie explained that she and Spinelli had worked things out, so they were in a good place.

After Spinelli left, Frisco looked at Spinelli with disdain as he growled, "That's the father of my grandchild?" Maxie defended Spinelli, but Frisco became distracted when he spotted Britt. Maxie noticed that Britt was on crutches, so she wondered what had happened. "Maybe she's clumsy," Frisco suggested. Maxie immediately suspected that her father had had something to do with Britt's accident, but decided to walk away rather than find out if her suspicions were warranted.

Frisco approached Britt and greeted her. Britt immediately accused him of causing her to fall. Frisco offered her a saccharine smile as he reminded her that accidents happened, especially to people with bad karma. Britt argued that she had left Maxie alone, so they were done. "It's over when I say so, Toots," Frisco warned her. Britt demanded to know what he wanted, so Frisco reminded her of Sabrina.

Britt told Frisco that the board had cleared Sabrina, but Frisco refused to leave Britt alone until he was certain that she wouldn't tell anyone about Maxie's baby. Britt assured him that he had her word that she wouldn't say anything, but Frisco wasn't satisfied. She wondered what else she could do to make him believe her. He promised to let her know and left. A short distance away, Patrick watched Frisco walk away. Moments later, Patrick approached Britt.

Britt assumed that Sabrina had complained to Patrick about her, so she assured Patrick that she had left Sabrina alone. Patrick was curious what Britt had done to anger Frisco. Britt claimed that Frisco wasn't happy about the circumstances of Maxie's pregnancy. Patrick confessed that he didn't like the way she treated people, so Britt assured him that she was no longer a threat to Sabrina. Britt limped away as Sabrina walked up.

"What was that about?" Sabrina asked. "I'm not sure," Patrick quietly replied. A short time later, Patrick and Sabrina saw a group of student nurses congratulating each other. They were surprised when one of the young ladies revealed that the list of graduating student nurses had been posted. Patrick immediately urged Sabrina to check the list, certain that she would be Valedictorian. Sabrina nervously looked at the list. "I'm not graduating?" she asked in shock when she realized that her name wasn't on the list. Nearby, Britt smiled with satisfaction.

At the Floating Rib, Mac ogled Felicia as she stood on a ladder and cleaned a top shelf. She glanced down and laughed when she realized what Mac had been doing. Mac helped Felicia down from the ladder and kissed her as Duke strolled into the bar. Mac warmly greeted Duke as Felicia's phone rang. She looked at the screen and told Mac that it was the wrong number, so Mac picked up the cleaning supplies and carried them to the basement while Felicia offered to fix Duke a drink. She wondered why he wasn't at work, so Duke explained that he was consulting on a special project that required him to work in the field.

Felicia hated that phrase and admitted that she'd prefer that a person just say that they weren't working. Duke insisted that nothing was simple about working at ELQ. He was grateful for the job, but it wasn't without its complications. As if on cue, Duke's phone rang. "Chief among them being Tracy Quartermaine," Duke added as he glanced at the phone's screen. Felicia confessed that he couldn't pay her enough to work at ELQ. Duke smiled and reminded Felicia that he hadn't been in a position to be picky.

Duke conceded that he had always associated the Quartermaines with "Darling Lila" rather than "Deadly Tracy." Felicia felt sorry for Tracy because Tracy had worked hard to make ELQ a success, only to have A.J. rip it away. Duke reminded Felicia that Tracy had had troubles with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but Felicia argued that Tracy wasn't the only Quartermaine to have had shady dealings. Duke agreed and admitted that he hadn't intended to cross Tracy, but he had. Concerned, Felicia wondered what he had done. Duke thought about the jar of Lila's pickle relish that he had stolen, but cryptically explained that he had borrowed something that Tracy wanted back.

Felicia was tempted to dig for details but decided that she had enough on her plate. Duke was curious if it had anything to do with the wrong number that she'd had earlier. Felicia admitted that it had been Frisco. Duke had heard that Frisco was back in town and had intended to call his old friend. Felicia encouraged Duke to spend some time catching up with Frisco and even go away for a short trip. Duke chuckled because he sensed that she had mixed emotions about Frisco. Felicia explained that Frisco had used Maxie's pregnancy as a pretext to return to town to woo Felicia back.

Duke reminded Felicia that he had only recently learned that Felicia and Frisco had been estranged, but she insisted that it had been more than that because she was committed to Mac. Felicia confided that Frisco believed that what she and Frisco had shared had been beyond compare. "Does it compare?" Duke wondered because he empathized with Frisco. Felicia argued that Frisco had left his family by choice, unlike Duke.

Felicia regretted all of the things that she had sacrificed for Frisco and was grateful that Mac had given her a second chance and an opportunity to repair her relationship with Maxie. Duke thought that it sounded like she had her answer, so he advised Felicia to tell Frisco in no uncertain terms that it was over. "Unless it isn't," Duke added. Felicia acknowledged that she and Frisco had history, but she insisted that it was impossible to have a relationship with someone who always left. Moments later, Frisco entered the bar.

Duke and Frisco exchanged warm greetings. Frisco smiled as he admitted that it seemed as if nothing had changed. Felicia looked past Frisco as Mac returned. Duke glanced at his phone when Tracy called again, so he explained that he had to attend to some business that couldn't wait. After Duke left, Mac was curious why Frisco was there. "Felicia," Frisco answered and then asked if Felicia had received his message. Mac decided to give them some privacy, so he left.

Felicia scowled at Frisco as she asked him what the message had said. Frisco told her to listen to it and then to meet him later that evening at Metro Court. He asked her to dress up and to wear some of the Aztec jewels from the treasure that they had found together. Felicia thought about their adventure as Frisco left, unaware that Mac had been eavesdropping in the next room.

Spinelli arrived at the Quartermaine mansion for his meeting with Tracy. Tracy revealed that she needed him to steal back a special jar of relish that had been taken from her. Spinelli clarified that he was a private investigator, not a thief, so he refused to take the job. He suggested that Tracy call the police, but she admitted that the police wouldn't take her seriously. Spinelli bristled when Tracy grumbled that Spinelli had been her second choice. Tracy couldn't understand why Duke hadn't returned her calls, since he was unemployed, so Spinelli revealed that Duke already worked for her.

Tracy laughed, but Spinelli assured her that it was true because one of his network of people, known as "Friends of Spinelli," worked as an IT person for ELQ. The woman had bragged that she had processed the "Dashing Duke's" identification card. "A.J.! That weasel," Tracy snarled as the pieces suddenly fell into place and she realized that Duke had stolen the pickle relish for A.J. Tracy conceded that Spinelli had been useful after all. Spinelli was curious what Tracy intended to do with the information, so Tracy smiled and called Duke.

A short time later, Duke arrived at the mansion. Tracy greeted him and joked about him using the front door. Tracy explained that she had called him because she had figured out that A.J. had stolen her last jar of Lila's pickle relish, so she wanted to hire Duke to steal it back. Duke declined, but Tracy showed him a briefcase filled with money. Duke quickly changed his mind and accepted the money. After Duke left, Tracy called out to Spinelli, who had been hiding on the terrace.

Spinelli assured Tracy that he had heard everything, so she smiled with satisfaction because she was certain that Duke was on the phone with A.J. at that very moment, reporting back to her nephew. Tracy wanted A.J. to think that he had the upper hand. She intended for Spinelli to act as her spy, so Spinelli agreed. Pleased, Tracy instructed Spinelli to get a copy of the recipe once A.J.'s lab extracted it from the relish.

In Steve's hospital room, Steve tried to get out of bed, but Elizabeth stopped her brother. Steve explained that Olivia wanted to get married right away, so he intended to be ambulatory for the wedding. Elizabeth insisted that it would have to wait. "That's why I'm bringing the aisle to him," Olivia announced from the doorway, dressed in a stunning wedding gown. Olivia modeled the dress for Steve and Elizabeth as she explained that she had hired Maxie to put together a wedding for later that morning.

Elizabeth warned Olivia that Maxie's weddings tended to end in disaster, but Olivia insisted that Maxie was her good luck charm because Maxie was carrying Olivia's grandchild. Moments later, Maxie entered the room with a dress for Elizabeth to change into. Maxie planned for Elizabeth to be Olivia's "matron of honor," but Elizabeth explained that she had already agreed to be Steve's "best man." Olivia was disappointed, so Elizabeth quickly assured Olivia that she didn't mind being both.

Satisfied, Maxie hustled Elizabeth out of the hospital room to get changed. A short time later, Sabrina entered to pick up some charts. Olivia thought that it was a good time for Sabrina to understand that Steve was off the market. . Steve decided to take the opportunity to let Olivia know that her vision about Steve and Sabrina getting wet together had happened. Olivia quickly recovered from her shock when Steve told her about the incident with the vase that had resulted in Steve being drenched in water. Olivia relaxed, so Sabrina confessed that she'd never had a crush on Steve.

Sabrina assured Steve that he was a good-looking man and a fine doctor, but her crush was on another staff member. Olivia was greatly relieved when Sabrina explained how the lie had spiraled out of control, but she urged Sabrina to tell her crush the truth, provided that he wasn't involved with someone else.

Michael emerged from the bedroom and was surprised when he saw Starr hard at work on the relish. She confessed that she had been up all night, researching relishes and compiling a list of various ingredients. Moments later, A.J. arrived and apologized for being late, but he had stopped by to check on Elizabeth and to get an update on Steve's condition. Michael was curious how Steve was doing, so A.J. revealed that Steve was surprisingly well. Michael told A.J. that Starr had been up all night, working on the relish ingredients.

Starr explained that she needed a lab to start the next phase, so A.J. suggested that she use the lab at Port Charles University. Starr warned A.J. that it wouldn't be secure, so they thought about using the one at ELQ until they realized that Tracy might get wind of what they were doing. Eventually, they went to the hospital to talk to Ellie. Ellie thanked Michael and Starr for everything that they had done for her on the night of the accident. Michael introduced A.J. as his father, which confused Ellie because she had been under the impression that Sonny was Michael's father.

Michael explained that he had two fathers, so he was a lucky guy. Starr looked around the state-of-the-art lab and explained that they needed to test some samples. Ellie wanted to help, but the hospital had a strict policy prohibiting "civilian" testing because of liability issues. A.J. explained that his family had practically built the hospital, but Ellie's hands were tied. Starr suggested that she work as Ellie's assistant, but Ellie hadn't been authorized to hire one. Michael and A.J. pleaded with Ellie for help until she relented.

Michael and A.J. went to the hallway to wait, while Ellie and Starr worked on the recipe. Michael hoped that Starr and Ellie would be successful, but A.J. admitted that for the first time, he wasn't thinking about ELQ, the relish, or Tracy. Michael was curious what was on his father's mind, so A.J. confessed that he was proud of Michael for being smarter than A.J. had been by finding someone who was intelligent and beautiful. Michael grinned and suggested that perhaps it was A.J.'s turn to find the same kind of woman. Seconds later, Elizabeth, wearing a sexy red dress, rounded the corner and stopped short when she saw A.J.

Michael smiled as A.J. and Elizabeth greeted each other nervously. "Wow, you look, um...," A.J. stammered at a loss for words. "Beautiful," Michael offered. "Yes, very," A.J. agreed. Elizabeth shyly thanked A.J., so A.J. asked why Elizabeth was dressed up. She told him about Steve and Olivia's decision to get married and explained that she had been asked to be the matron of honor and "best person."

A.J. assured Elizabeth that they had certainly gotten the last part right. Michael excused himself on the pretext of getting coffee as a way to give A.J. and Elizabeth some privacy. After Michael left, Elizabeth suggested that she get back to her brother's hospital room, but A.J. blurted out that perhaps they could do something "sometime." "You mean like a date?" Elizabeth asked. "Yeah, definitely like a date," A.J. replied.

Elizabeth smiled and admitted that it would be nice. A.J. returned the smile and promised to call her. Elizabeth assured him that she looked forward to it and left. "Yes," A.J. whispered with excitement. A.J. grinned when Michael returned and confided that he had caught Elizabeth checking A.J. out. Moments later, Duke arrived and filled A.J. and Michael in about Tracy's decision to hire Duke to steal the relish and return it to her. A.J. admitted that his day kept getting better.

Maxie entered Steve's hospital room and introduced Steve and Olivia to the clergyperson. Moments later, Elizabeth joined them, so Olivia ordered Maxie to get some rest. After Maxie left, Steve and Olivia exchanged wedding vows and rings as Elizabeth witnessed the ceremony. The pastor was about to pronounce Steve and Olivia husband and wife when two Memphis police officers barged into the room and announced that Steve was under arrest.

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