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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on GH
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sonny and his thugs barged in on Alcazar and Skye's romantic dinner at Alcazar's house. Sonny directed his men to grab all of Alcazar's computer stuff, and they left after Sonny advised Skye that Alcazar was working with Ric to take Jason and Sam down. Skye was furious with Alcazar, which renewed all of her fears and concerns about the kind of life Alcazar led.

Ric had tracked Liz by the tracking device he had slipped in the pocket of her scrubs, and he was on his way to her location. Jason discovered the tracking device in Liz's pocket, so he and Sam left. Ric busted down the door to the apartment where Liz was and barged in. Liz was angry at Ric, and she denied having any idea where Sam and Jason were.

The super entered and demanded to know what was going on. He told Ric that Liz had been interested in renting the apartment, but she could forget it because he did not need people renting who were in trouble with the police. Ric apologized to Liz for ruining her chance at getting the apartment.

Ric later tried to make things up to Liz by taking her dinner at work. Ric told Liz that he still cared about her and wanted to make sure she and her children were safe. He questioned Liz as to why she was so loyal to Jason. Liz defended her friendship with Jason and stressed that he was a good friend to her. Ric tried to get Liz's sympathies by telling Liz that Alexis was keeping Molly from him.

Laura had a therapy session with Lainey and said that she remembered everything and was able to face what had happened with Rick four years earlier. While Laura was with Lainey, Robin and Luke spoke in the hallway. Robin urged Luke to tell Laura and the family that the drug was only temporary and that psychomotor dissociation would return. Luke and Robin discussed that they had known from the start that the drug's miracle cure for Laura would only be temporary. Robin explained that the psychomotor dissociation was a physical condition as opposed to a psychological condition and that there was no cure for it. Luke was reluctant to tell Laura or anyone else that her cure was only temporary because she was so happy and was enjoying her life again.

Luke assembled the entire family together -- Lulu, Nikolas, Lucky, and Lesley -- so he and Laura could share the news that she had remembered everything and that she was okay. They were all relieved to hear that she was okay. Laura begged her family not to keep any more secrets from her and to be honest from that point on. Lucky told Laura about his addiction and affair, and the subsequent breakup of his marriage to Liz. Laura was supportive of Lucky and told him that she was proud of him for how he was fighting to get his life back on track.

Patrick and Professor Pete had a beer at Jake's as they reminisced about their college friendship. Patrick revealed that he had fallen in love with Robin, and Pete was not happy with the news. Pete mentioned a deal they had made in college that if one of them got too far gone into a relationship, the other would pull him out with a wild-guys-only trip to Vegas.

Sonny, Stan, Jason, and Sam met up, and Stan worked to find out who Alcazar's computer hacker was. Sonny advised Sam and Jason that their way of doing things had not worked up to that point, and from then on, they would do things his way. Jason and Sam agreed to follow Sonny's rules. Stan got a hit on the person who had done the computer hacking to plant the evidence on the flash drive. He told Sonny that the guy was an English professor at Port Charles University who was, at that moment, running a tab at Jake's.

Patrick insisted to Professor Pete that he was in love and blissfully happy as Robin joined them at Jake's. Pete shared his skepticism with Robin that there was no way Patrick had changed from the commitment-phobic ladies' man that he had been in college. Pete was dismayed to learn that not only had Patrick said "I love you" first, but he had done it while serenading Robin. Pete and Robin bantered back and forth for a few minutes about love and then Pete decided to leave.

As Pete left Jake's, Jason grabbed him and took him to where Stan and Sonny were. They demanded to know why he was working for Alcazar, and Pete insisted that he had no idea what they were talking about. Pete told them that he hardly used his computer at work, and when he wasn't there, the door was locked. He said that one of his students who was a computer science major and English minor had set up his computer at work for him.

Alcazar threatened the computer hacker -- a college student named Spinelli -- that Sonny had better not be able to find any information on the computer that would show that Alcazar was involved. Spinelli was overly confident in his abilities as he reminded Alcazar that he was the "jackal" and that they wouldn't be able to trace anything back to him. While Spinelli and Alcazar spoke, Ric barged into Alcazar's house and seemed surprised to see the college student there.

Jax and Carly were surprised to arrive at Sonny's house and find that Lady Jane had arrived early for the wedding. Jane told them that she had been confused when she learned that Carly and the boys were living with Sonny, but she was somewhat understanding when she learned that the arrangement was to help out Alexis and her children. Jane and Carly had a moment alone as Jax took care of the kids upstairs, and Jane shared her concerns that Carly was going to break Jax's heart.

Later Jax and Carly visited Luke and Laura, and Carly graciously offered to step aside and allow Luke and Laura to get married on the 16th, as both couples were planning weddings for that day. She felt so generous that she offered her entire wedding -- photographer, flowers, and all -- to Luke and Laura, much to Jax's dismay.

Sonny arrived home and found Lady Jane waiting for him so they could have a chat about his relationship with Carly. Sonny told Lady Jane that no matter how much he and Carly fought it, they just seemed to be meant for each other.

Later, Jax and Carly returned to Sonny's and were somewhat surprised to find Lady Jane and Sonny being quite chummy with each other. Sonny excused himself, and the first words out of Carly's mouth to Lady Jane were not to trust a thing that Sonny said. Lady Jane replied that Carly had just proven that Sonny had been right about everything all along.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tracy refused to let Luke marry Laura in the Quartermaines' garden, saying that it was wrong to make his wife watch him marry someone else. Luke tried to explain that he was trying to give Laura one complete day of happiness, and that was all he was after. He let her know that he loved her and that their marriage was a true marriage, but he wanted to give his children and Laura happiness while he could. She tried to convince him that he needed to let the children know of Laura's prognosis. He disagreed, saying that they all should be able to be happy as long as possible.

Jason and Sam tried to convince Pete to let them know which student had put together the evidence to frame Sam. Pete refused to divulge that information, so Jason and Sam let him go. He immediately called Spinnelli and asked Spinnelli to meet him at Kelly's. He tried to convince Spinneli that working for Alcazar was dangerous, but Spinelli said the money was too good to give up. Outside of Kelly's, Sam and Jason captured Spinelli, and took him to the safe house. They tried to convince him to turn on Alcazar and help them.

At Shadybrook, Maxie visited Lucky to get some health information that Dr. Lee had requested. While he completed the form, Liz stopped by. There was obvious hostility between the two women; before leaving, Maxie let Liz know that they would have to learn to get along for the sake of their children. Lucky made it very clear to Maxie that while their child was important, his family with Liz was a priority.

Lady Jane tried to explain to Carly and Jax why they should not get married. Her thoughts were that Sonny would always be a part of Carly's life and that Carly would choose to help her ex-husband. Carly tried to defend herself by explaining that while she and Sonny would always have a bond because of their children, she loved Jax and would make the marriage work.

Later when Carly and Jax were alone, he tried to convince her that they should elope so that they did not have to worry about Sonny's involvement. Carly felt that eloping would be running away and not allowing her children to be involved in the very important event. Jax was open to taking the children along, however, he was still insistent on eloping that night. As he left Sonny's, Jax let her know that he would have the jet ready for them in the morning and that if she did not show up, he would know that it was over

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Laura found Luke brooding. He insisted everything was fine. She lamented losing four years and revealed she still had some blank spots in her memory. She praised Luke for waiting four years for her.

Meanwhile, bound in a straitjacket, Helena confessed to Nikolas that Colleen was her operative, but Nikolas wouldn't listen. He ordered her sent to a facility in Arkansas.

At General Hospital, Robin told Patrick that Laura had summoned her, and she dreaded telling Laura the bad news about her condition. Lulu visited Laura to ask for help choosing a dress. Nikolas took Spencer to visit Laura and assured her that Helena was out of the picture. Then Robin arrived. Laura told her about her shaky memory and invited Robin to the wedding.

Back at the hospital, Lucky told Liz he had been released from rehab. Later, Liz visited Laura, who advised her to have an open mind toward Lucky because some loves could overcome near-impossible odds -- like hers and Lucky's. Luke checked on straitjacketed Helena, who hinted that Laura's recovery might not go well. Luke threatened to snap her "lovely neck" if she interfered.

Helena promised Luke hadn't heard the last of her. Back at the hospital, Robin lamented not heeding Patrick's advice and staying out of Laura's case. Lucky visited Laura and vowed to fight for his recovery and his family. Laura revealed that Liz had agreed to keep an open mind. Laura said Lucky would be a great father.

Alan and Monica ran into Jax at the airport and suggested that he rethink marrying the "selfish" Carly. Meanwhile, Carly was late getting to the airport because Sonny had shut off her alarm then he wanted her to babysit. She showed up at the gate with Sonny and the kids. "I can't elope," she moaned, adding, "I have to babysit." Sonny dumped the misbehaving kids on them and left.

Carly didn't want to elope, anyway -- she wanted a huge ceremony. Jax was skeptical but told Michael that his parents wouldn't get back together, and Jax wasn't going away. Back home, Jax and Carly finally found some quiet time. Carly insisted they would be together and would get married.

Jason told a frightened Spinelli that Alcazar would assume Spinelli had talked, so he might as well talk. Meanwhile, Alcazar told Ric he had to assume Spinelli had talked, so Ric had to destroy the flash drive and kill Jason -- immediately. Spinelli offered Sam the proof she needed. Sonny told Jason and Sam to turn themselves in, because cooperating would keep them from being shot as fugitives and would expose the frame-up.

When Lucky returned to the police station, Ric said he'd give Jason's case to Lucky. Mac objected, so Lucky took him aside and apologized for hurting Maxie. Mac warned Lucky that if he backslid, Mac would bust him personally. Spinelli wanted to run away with Sam to Costa Rica, but she balked.

Sonny went to Mac at the police station to arrange Jason and Sam's surrender. Ric took that information to Alcazar, who realized the frame-up would be exposed. Alcazar declared they all had to die before surrendering. Ric balked at killing Sonny, but Alcazar said he couldn't guarantee Sonny's safety when the bullets started flying the next day.

Luke found Laura going over the guest list, and promised her the day would be perfect. Back at Shadybrook, a man released Helena from her straitjacket. She told him to make it look like she was a patient in Arkansas because Luke and Laura were getting hitched the next day, "and I wouldn't miss that for the world."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Laura and Lulu walked around the Quartermaine estate and talked. Laura felt like it had been 25 years since her first wedding to Luke but other times it felt "like yesterday." Lulu said that she was awed by the love she saw in her parents' eyes when they looked at each other, and Lulu hoped she would find a love like theirs. Lulu left to get ready for the wedding. Helena showed up and surprised Laura. Laura asked if Helena was there to curse her wedding to Luke. Helena said she wouldn't miss the wedding and that she didn't have to do anything because the marriage wouldn't last anyway.

Meanwhile, Luke walked around the living room, dressed in jeans and a shirt. Tracy found him, and she wore all black as if it were a funeral instead of a wedding. She reminded him that if he married Laura, he would be committing bigamy. Luke asked her to just let Laura have that day. Tracy said she wasn't that generous. They ended up taking their argument out in the foyer.

Bobbie showed up, and Tracy stormed off. Luke sat down with Bobbie to tell her the secret he was keeping from his children and friends about Laura. He asked her not to tell the kids what he was about to tell her, because the wedding was about all Laura would have for the marriage. Robert showed up and told Luke he was there to make sure Luke got ready and made it on time for the wedding. He ushered Luke upstairs to get dressed before Luke could explain to Bobbie what he had meant.

Later, Laura seemed to get lost in the hallways upstairs in the mansion. She found her room and saw that her mother, Emily, Liz, and Lulu were waiting there for her. Emily gave her something to borrow -- a pair of sapphire earrings that Lila had given her -- and they were blue, so that took care of two of the traditions. Lulu and Liz gave her a new bracelet to wear. Finally, her mother gave Laura an old lace handkerchief that Lesley's own mother had given to her many years before. Laura was touched by all of their gifts.

Later, Lucky helped Luke put on his tie, and the two embraced over how special it was to have Laura back with them so they could all be together again as a family. Lucky was pleased that Liz was also going to be at the wedding. Tracy got drunk and showed up at the ceremony, practically falling over. Edward grabbed her and warned her not to ruin Laura's day. Tracy ignored him and planned to do whatever she pleased. Edward made her sit down between Alan and Monica so they could keep an eye on her. He ordered Alice to use whatever force was necessary if Tracy got out of hand during the ceremony.

Maxie showed up to crash the wedding. She told Dillon that she was there because she was expecting Luke and Laura's grandchild and should be there. Liz and Lulu weren't too pleased to see her. When Lucky arrived with Luke as his best man, he was surprised to see Maxie there. Laura got ready upstairs in her room, and Nikolas showed up to check on her and to escort her down the aisle.

Lulu asked Dillon to videotape the wedding because he had experience with filming things. He reluctantly agreed to do it. He videotaped his mother talking about Luke's phony marriage to Laura. Monica told her that Luke had gotten a quickie divorce from her. Tracy realized that Dillon was videotaping her. She put her hand over the camera lens to stop him.

The ceremony began. Luke and Laura started to exchange vows. The priest asked if there was anyone who believed they shouldn't be wed. Tracy was about to stand up to object but Monica tripped her as she tried to walk over to the altar. Tracy fell flat on her face and was sprawled out in the aisle. Alice picked her up and carried her away.

Laura watched them with concern and asked Luke to look at what was going on. Luke refused to look at Tracy and what had happened. He said he had tunnel vision at that moment and wanted to get on with the ceremony. Laura saw Helena from across the altar, but then Helena disappeared. Laura lost her train of thought at first, and Robin and Patrick worried that she was going to start relapsing during the wedding. Laura gave her vows to Luke, and the two were pronounced husband and wife. They shared a kiss, and everyone applauded.

Luke proposed a toast to Laura and thanked their friends and family for sharing their day together. Leslie ordered all the single women to get up and get ready for the bride to throw the bouquet. Maxie pushed her way to front of the single women and caught the bouquet. Laura turned around, saw that it was Maxie, and wasn't too pleased. Liz didn't say anything but was disgusted by Maxie's behavior.

The photographer took pictures of everyone in the family in various poses. Maxie stepped in for one picture with the family. Laura and Liz couldn't believe what Maxie was doing. Liz walked off after the picture was taken, and Lucky followed her. Everyone else followed them, and Maxie was left standing alone with the bouquet. She wasn't pleased that Lucky had gone after Liz.

Luke and Laura were surprised when a horse-drawn carriage showed up for them. Luke told her that he hadn't thought up the idea and that Nikolas had insisted that she deserved to have something sophisticated to ride away in. They ended up at a gazebo where they danced.

Back at the reception, Lucky apologized to Liz because Maxie had crashed the wedding, and he told her he hadn't known she was going to do that. Liz said she didn't want to talk about Maxie, and they danced instead. Alice opened up the closet and put a piece of wedding cake on a tied-up and gagged Tracy's lap. She closed the closet with Tracy still inside.

Spinelli complained to Sam that there was nothing good to eat in the halfway house. Sam told him to eat the crackers Jason had bought. Spinelli waited until Sam went into the bathroom to take a shower before slipping out of the apartment.

Meanwhile, Jason showed up at Sonny's while Sonny complimented Carly on her dress as she got ready to go to Luke and Laura's wedding with Jax. Sonny planned to go to the wedding also. Carly argued with him about trying to cause trouble again for Jax and her by going to the wedding. Jason agreed that Sonny needed to go to the wedding to create an alibi for the day. Carly hugged Jason and wished him luck turning himself in to Mac.

Later, Spinelli sneaked back into the apartment with a bag of chips. He hid the chips when Sam stepped out of the bathroom. Jason showed up minutes later with groceries. He got Spinelli all excited when he handed him a video game system and a new video game to play. Jason pulled Spinelli into the bathroom and put a chair against the door to keep him there.

Sam asked Jason if he should keep locking Spinelli in the bathroom. Jason he said he had done it so he could spend some time alone with her. He cooked her dinner, and they kissed.

Meanwhile, Alcazar got his men ready to shoot both Jason and Sam outside the police station when they headed in to turn themselves in. Ric met Alcazar on the docks to put their plan in motion. Ric didn't like that Alcazar had Diego with him. Alcazar said that he was the one taking all the risks and would let whomever he wanted be in on it.

Later, Ric lost his cool when he realized that his plan might backfire if Sam and Jason turned themselves in successfully. Alcazar called Ric at his office and said that Diego had spotted Spinelli heading into a convenience store and had followed him. Ric realized that Diego knew where Jason and Sam were hiding.

Jason and Sam talked and kissed. Spinelli started calling out to them to let him out of the bathroom. Jason let go of Sam reluctantly and let Spinelli out. He told them that it was time for them to turn themselves in. They headed out of the apartment and got in the car. Jason was about to turn on the ignition but stopped suddenly. He ordered Sam and Spinelli to get out of the car immediately. They got out of the car moments before it blew up.

Meanwhile, Sonny showed up at the wedding and insisted on sitting next to Jax and Carly. He also asked to cut in on a dance between them. Ric showed up at the reception to arrest Sonny for aiding in Jason and Sam's escape. Sonny warned Ric about arresting him and said he was sure that, at that moment, Jason and Sam were going to present evidence that Ric had set Sam up.

Sonny guessed that he was going to have Jason and Sam ambushed on their way to turn themselves in. Carly started to push Ric around and accused him of trying to get rid of Jason. Liz listened to the argument and then passed out on the floor. This drew everyone's attention to her lying on the floor.

Friday, November 17, 2006

At Luke and Laura's reception, Ric arrived on official business to arrest Sonny for being an accessory. Sonny said if Jason and Sam hadn't surrendered themselves, it was because Ric had set up an ambush. Liz's ears perked up. Carly asked Ric if he had; she told him that Jason and Sam still had 15 minutes left. She started going off on Ric and pushing him when Liz distracted everyone as she passed out on the floor, breaking glass as she fell.

Lucky and Emily helped Liz. Edward walked in and demanded to know what was going on. Carly told him to ask Ric. Ric said he was doing his job. Sonny had a cell phone in his hand, and Ric asked if he was trying to call Jason. Carly said if anything happened to Jason, she would kill Ric.

Sonny told Ric to check his watch. They still had ten minutes unless Ric wanted all the witnesses at the reception to testify that Ric had jumped the gun. Ric said that Sonny had made the deal with Mac, not him. Then Ric said he might have the surrender time wrong, and he would wait and give them the benefit of the doubt. Ric was concerned about Liz as Lucky and Emily had her sit down.

Ric received a phone call that there had been an explosion in an alley with gunshots, and Jason had been seen in the area along with a woman, probably Sam, and an unidentified man. Ric said it looked like Jason had changed his mind about giving up. Carly still confronted Ric, insisting that he was on his way over there to make sure.

Ric turned to Liz and asked if she was all right. She shook her head yes. He told her that he was not trying to kill her friend. He was just trying to do his job. He asked if she believed that. She told him that she did. As Ric walked out, Lucky asked Liz why she was covering. Carly confronted Skye and asked what her boyfriend was using as an alibi that night.

Lulu and Dillon were talking and said at least Luke and Laura had been able to have their perfect day before everything happened. Dillon told her at least she knew why his family had been so desperate for her to have the baby. She looked at him, not understanding. He told her because his family was always looking for a replacement for Jason. No matter how much they hated the way he lived his life, he would always be the golden boy, and the only way that was going to change was if Jason has a baby of his own.

Liz was in the same room as Lulu and Dillon and heard what Dillon had said. She told Lucky she was fine; she was just a little lightheaded from all the excitement of the day. Lucky added he was worried for Jason. He told her that Jason was addicted to danger as much as Lucky had been to pills. He told her that Jason wouldn't give up his addition, but Lucky had because he had a better reason.

Nikolas walked in and told everyone that Laura had just called. She wanted to see him, Lucky, and Lulu at the house. Lucky refused to go because of Liz, but she told him she was fine and to go see what his mother wanted. Emily told Liz she knew she knew Liz wasn't fine, and neither was she, but they needed to pray that Jason was.

Alcazar and Diego were at the hospital, and Alcazar said the alley would be tied up for about an hour. He told Diego to stay as far away from there as possible. Diego said it was good to make an appearance so that they had witnesses, but he couldn't go from 100 to zero. Alcazar told him to relax, sit back, and act surprised. Diego said he could do that and walked away just as Alexis walked up with a scarf on her head and looking bad. She told Alcazar that she has been watching the news, and she had noticed that he had kept his underworld mayhem to a minimum. She thanked him for doing that until she could take her job back and arrest him herself.

Alexis told the doctor not to say anything because she had checked herself out, and the day was a special occasion. Kristina was at Kelly's looking out the window at a dog that someone had tied while they went inside. Just as she walked out the door to see the dog, Alexis walked up, and Kristina gave her a big hug. Kristina asked if she could go see the puppy, and Alexis said she could.

Alexis spoke to Mike and held Molly. He told her that she wasn't supposed to leave the hospital, but she insisted she wasn't going to miss Molly's birthday because birthdays only happened once a year. Kristina was petting the dog. She took it off its leash, and it ran away. Kristina ran after it into a warehouse. Alexis walked out to get Kristina, and she was gone.

Jason, Sam, and Spinelli got in a car in the alley, and as Jason turned the key, he was suspicious and yelled for everyone to get out of the car. They all escaped, and the car exploded. They hid behind a dumpster. Alcazar's men started shooting at them. They made a run for it and stopped when Spinelli couldn't breathe. Jason and Sam were trying to figure out how the men had found them. Spinelli told them it was probably him; he had gone out for a bag of chips.

Jason pushed Spinelli against the wall, but Sam stopped him just as Alcazar's men found them again and started shooting. Jason was trying to figure out a way to get out. Diego showed up and told the men that they need to finish it "now;" his dad was out for blood. Jason covered as Sam and Spinelli ran. They ran into a warehouse.

As Sam and Spinelli were going upstairs, Diego walked in and saw them. He shot at Sam, but it hit the railing. Sam shot back and hit him. Kristina saw him on the ground and screamed. Sam ran down to Kristina and asked what she was doing there. The police yelled for them to walk out with their hands up. It spooked Spinelli, and he ran up the stairs. Sam told Jason to go after Spinelli, but Jason didn't want to leave her. She told him that Spinelli was their only way out of it, and she would stay there with Kristina.

The police barged in the warehouse as Sam held Kristina to protect her. Cruz walked in and told the officers to put their guns down. Ric walked in and paused for a second as he saw Sam and Kristina, but then he told the police that Jason had to be around there someplace, and they went off looking for him. Cruz saw Diego and said that he was dead. Sam told him it had been self-defense, handed him her gun, and told him that she needed to take care of her sister.

Cruz walked them out of the warehouse, and two officers saw Jason and Spinelli above them. Just as Jason said that was it, and they were going to turn themselves in, Spinelli said no way and ran as an officer was behind them and told Jason to put his gun down. Jason threw his gun down, and Ric ran up and yelled that Jason had another gun. He ordered the officer to shoot. The officer shot, and Jason jumped over the side into the water. Sam screamed for Jason, and Kristina saw it all.

Mac arrived, and Ric told him they had Sam, and Jason had been shot resisting arrest. Cruz said there had been another man up there, and Ric said he had run through a door on the catwalk. They searched the water for Jason. Sam held Kristina, and Ric walked over to ask if she was all right. Alexis found them and told Ric to get away from her daughters. Sam told Alexis that Kristina had seen Sam shoot someone.

Alcazar showed up and wanted to know where his son was. Sam held back tears and told him that Diego was inside. Alexis said she needed to get Kristina out of there, but Kristina wouldn't let go of Sam. Mac told Alexis he needed to take Sam into custody. Alexis told him that Kristina was in a state of shock, and if he took her away from Sam, it could get worse. Mac told her that Sam was an escaped prisoner that had just shot and killed a man. Alexis told him it had been self-defense, but Mac told her to tell it to the judge. They pulled Kristina away from Sam and gave her to Alexis.

Alcazar walked inside and saw Diego. Alcazar got down and hugged Diego as he cried and screamed, "Why?" He said no matter what it took or who had to pay, he would spend his last dying breath seeking revenge for Diego.

In the bridal suite, Luke and Laura toasted to their marriage, but Laura wanted to know the truth about herself. She told Luke that she had seen Helena. He wanted to know when and where. She told him it had been before the wedding, and Helena had said that she could enjoy the wedding because it wasn't going to last long because it was going to fade away. Laura had figured out that her recovery wasn't going to last.

Luke told Laura the truth: she was going to gradually start losing her memory until she ended up back where she had started. Laura was upset; she said she could fight it and not to give up. Luke told her it wasn't something that she could fight. Laura still didn't want to accept it, but she realized that there had been a few times where she hadn't remembered things. She said she felt something was dragging her under like quicksand. She wanted to know how long she had, and he told her not long.

Laura wanted to know how long Luke had known. He told her he had known from the beginning because that was one of the things that he'd had to consider when he had needed to choose whether or not to give her the drug. He said he had wanted to do it for the kids and for her, but he had been selfish, and it had really been for him. He loved her. He asked her what she would have done. She told him she would have done the same thing with one exception: she would have let him know from the beginning.

Luke said he'd wanted to spare Laura the fear and desolation that he'd felt. Laura realized how important time was and that it was gone in a blink of an eye. She told him that it was happening to both of them. He shouldn't try to carry it alone. He asked her what she wanted to do. She told him there should be no regrets, and she wanted to make the best of her time. She didn't have the time to waste on all the negative emotions. She wanted to tell the kids the truth.

Luke and Laura called the kids to the house. Laura thanked them for making it such a memorable day. It had been just like a dream. Lulu asked why Laura wanted to see them. Laura said she didn't. Nikolas covered and said he had misunderstood. Luke backed out of telling them, and they started to leave, but then Laura told them not to go.

Laura started to tell her children about the memory lapses, but Lulu ran out and said that she couldn't hear it. Laura told Luke to go after Lulu. Nikolas suspected the truth already, and he asked Laura if her recovery was permanent. Lucky held back tears. Luke tried to talk to Lulu, and she realized that he had known all along.

Jax, Carly, and Sonny were at Sonny's, and Carly asked Jax to leave. She told him that she loved him, and she knew he loved her, but she might have lost her best friend, and she was going to do and say things that he wouldn't like her very much for. He told her that he already knew and to go ahead and ask Sonny. She walked over to Sonny and told him not to let Ric hurt another person that he cared about; Sonny needed to find a way to kill Ric. Sonny told her that Jason could beat the odds.

Carly told Sonny it wasn't the same. Sam was with him, and he would do whatever it took to protect her. Ric was counting on that to set up his trap. She told Sonny that Jason would die for Sam, and Sonny knew it. Sonny told her that Sam and Jason worked as a team. Carly accused him of using that as an excuse so he didn't have to kill his brother. Jax said that Jason wouldn't want the two of them going after each other.

Carly said she was sorry, but they couldn't lose Jason. Sonny got a phone call. Sonny told Carly and Jax that Jason had been shot. He had been unarmed and had fallen into the water. Sonny left. Carly told Jax that she shouldn't have yelled at Sonny. She had lost perspective, and she denied that Jason was dead as Jax tried to comfort her.

Cruz confronted Ric and said that had been murder. Cruz thought they were supposed to be better than that. Ric asked what Cruz was saying. Cruz said that Ric had ordered the officers to shoot at an unarmed man. Ric said that Jason was a cold-blooded hit man that deserved what he had gotten. Sonny walked in and told Cruz that Cruz was a man with integrity, and he respected that, but that was why Sonny was going to ask Cruz to leave Sonny alone with his brother and forget he had ever seen Sonny.

Ric told Cruz it was okay; his brother was not going to hurt him. Ric told Sonny that Sonny could make threats, but what Ric had told Cruz was true, and they both knew it. Sonny pulled out a gun and unloaded it as he asked if Ric knew how many times Jason had asked him to kill Ric, starting with the time that Ric had chained Carly to a wall when she had been pregnant with their son because he had wanted to steal their baby, up until the time that Ric had slept with Sam.

Sonny put one bullet back in the gun and the rest in his pocket. He asked if Ric knew why Sonny had let him live. Sonny said there was one reason only -- because Ric was Sonny's mother's son. Since Jason was dead and had been his real brother, and since Ric had gotten Jason killed, that took all bets off the table. Ric said there was no way Sonny could kill him. Sonny put the gun against Ric's chest.

Liz was at a church, praying for Jason. As she lit a candle, she heard someone say her name. Jason was on the floor of the church, almost passed out. She was frantic and asked him if he was okay. She told him he had to live for the baby's sake. It wasn't Lucky's baby -- it was Jason's.

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