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Passions Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on PS
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Miguel is insisting that Kay tells Fox that they love each other, but Kay refuses because she thinks Fox is dying and wants to stay by his side through such an ordeal. Fox is stalling because he does not want to talk to Miguel since he already knows what Miguel wants to tell him. Fox will do anything to hold on to Kay, even if it means lying about his health. Miguel tells Kay that it's always better to tell the truth since lies tore Grace, Sam, Theresa and Ethan apart. Fox put in a call to one of Alistair's investigators. He wants the investigator to find someone that will possibly tear Miguel and Kay apart forever. Fox manages to make Kay feel guilty enough to hold off on hearing Miguel pledge his undying love for her. Fox asks Miguel to be his best man at he and Kay's wedding. Miguel is shocked since he and Fox have been at odds with each other. Miguel was about to decline, but Kay interjects and tells Fox that it's a great idea. After Fox leaves to go to bed, Miguel tells Kay that if there is going to be a wedding, it will be between him and Kay and not Fox and Kay. Miguel tells Kay that he does not want her sleeping with Fox. Kay promises that she won't but tells Miguel that Fox has been good to her and Maria, and he loves her. Kay goes to bed with Fox, and he tells her that he wants to make love to her all night long. Kay wonders how she is going to get out of this one after promising Miguel that she won't make love to Fox.

Luis tells Paloma and Sheridan that Fancy is dead. Luis is upset that he never got a chance to tell Fancy how much he loves her only to realize that Fancy is still alive. Paloma and Sheridan are relieved. Paloma & Sheridan lower down a survival kit in the mineshaft so that Luis can tend to Fancy. Luis gets up close and personal in order to save Fancy, and she is grateful to Luis for saving her life. Sheridan can't help but feel jealous of Fancy & Luis, even though she is married to Chris.

Theresa is working overtime trying to convince Ethan that Gwen & Rebecca were responsible for the tabloid debacle. She is rambling on and on about Ethan divorcing Gwen and marring her to be a family with Jane and Little Ethan. Gwen tells Ethan to make her stop because she cannot take anymore of the nonsense. Theresa tells Ethan that Gwen is lying because she was with JT earlier. Ethan refuses to believe it because he is sure that Gwen was at the B&B all night with him. Ethan is wondering why Theresa is hell bent on pursuing this when she told him that she has moved on in Rome. Without knowing the full story, Ethan tells Gwen that this will all be over very soon. Ethan tells JT to talk to him man to man without lying to him. He wants to know what JT has to say. Gwen's voice: "It's over. Theresa's about to steal my husband." Ethan asks JT point blank who exposed his true paternity. To both Theresa's and Gwen's dismay, JT lies to Ethan. He tells Ethan that it was Phyllis. He paid her to infiltrate the mansion as a housekeeper. Theresa is angry with JT and tells Ethan that he is lying. Ethan is at wits end with Theresa. He tells her to stop. Theresa just won't give up, but Ethan is done listening to her for now. He tells Theresa that it's over and he apologizes to Gwen. Ethan asks JT to expose the other secret. He wants to know why Theresa gave him up in Rome.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fox overheard Kay promise Miguel she would stay with Fox until he falls asleep. But Fox is no longer tired when Kay comes into his room. When she tells him they shouldn't make love because he is not feeling well, Fox makes her feel guilty. Miguel tells Noah that Fox is "dying."

At the cave, Sheridan is glued to the monitor that shows Luis tenderly caring for Fancy in the mineshaft. The pair kiss, upsetting Sheridan. Paloma asks Sheridan if she married Chris solely for James' sake.

Ethan implores J.T. to tell him Theresa's secret. J.T. denies he knows what she's hiding and Theresa insists there is no secret. Gwen becomes angry that Theresa is keeping quiet. Theresa reminds Gwen about the tabloid scandal, but Ethan comes to his wife's defense. Later, Gwen asks J.T. why he lied to protect her. The sneaky editor tells her Julian has the answer.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In the mineshaft, Fancy complained about being tired. Luis insisted she needs to stay awake and told her that help is on the way. Up above, Sheridan watched them on the closed-circuit monitor, and Paloma observed Sheridan's sadness. Paloma told Sheridan to tell Luis she's still madly in love with him once Luis and Fancy are rescued. Sheridan refused and insisted she couldn't do that to Chris and James. Besides, Sheridan reasoned, it's too late: Luis has moved on with Fancy. Paloma declared that if two people ever deserved to be together it was Luis and Sheridan. Paloma respected Sheridan's feelings for James but said they were a lousy reason to stay married to his father. Sam returned with a cable and harness to rescue Luis and Fancy from the mineshaft. Sam and Chris lowered the cable and harness. Luis buckled himself onto it and had Fancy wrap herself around him. As they ascended the mineshaft the pulley got jammed and the tension broke on the cable, sending Luis and Fancy into free fall down the shaft. The workers were able to cut the brakes on the cable so that Luis and Fancy stopped within feet of hitting the bottom of the shaft. Sam ordered the workers to slowly begin to pull up the cable again. When they reached the top, Sam and Chris pulled them to safety. Everyone watched as Sheridan ran to Luis to check on him. Luis exploded on Chris and blamed him for what happened. Chris defended himself and Sheridan and Sam sided with Chris. Luis resolved to find the truth and warned Chris that if he finds proof that connects him to what happened to Fancy, he'll answer to Luis personally. The paramedics arrived and took Fancy to the hospital.

Miguel grilled Kay on why she was late coming out to meet him. Kay flashed back to making love with Fox. Miguel demanded to know if she still wants to be Fox after declaring her love for Miguel. Kay covered as Fox eavesdropped from the window. Fox gloated at the idea that Kay won't leave him. Kay guilted Miguel and reminded him that Fox dying of a terminal illness changes the picture. Miguel relented and apologized for pressuring her. Kay asked Miguel if he'd ever consider going back to Charity if she returned. Miguel reiterated his commitment to Kay, and claimed he won't make the same mistake (leaving Kay) twice. Fox made a phone call on his cell and arranged "a big surprise" for Miguel.

Theresa lamented the idea that she's lost Ethan for good. She ran into J.T. and tackled him. Theresa demanded to know why J.T. didn't tell the truth. "Because I stopped him," gloated Julian, who walked up to them on the docks. Julian and Theresa faced off, and took back the money Theresa had planned to use to pay J.T., claiming she has no right to take money for Crane corporate accounts. Theresa disagreed, saying Alistair left her in charge. Julian cited the company's bylaws, and accused her of attempting embezzlement. Theresa demanded to have the money back. When Julian refused, Theresa attacked him. J.T. pulled Theresa off of Julian, who kept the money. Theresa and Julian traded barbs and threats. Julian made Theresa an indecent proposal. He'd allow J.T. to tell Ethan the truth about Gwen and Rebecca in exchange for one thing: full custody of Little Ethan. Theresa exploded at Julian's offer, and blurted that he has "nothing to do with Little Ethan." Theresa regrouped and refused to accept his offer and vowed to get Ethan back another way. Julian was perplexed by her decision, and reminded her that as a result she'll stand to lose everything, Ethan AND Little Ethan, but Theresa insisted she'll find a way to get what she wants.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Three of the Lopez-Fitzgerald siblings continue to be on the losing side of love. First, Miguel shares with Pilar that he and Kay are finally going to be together once Kay tells Fox it's over. Pilar listens as Miguel fills her in on the chain of events that brought Kay and him together.

Theresa is at Crane Industries talking with Whitney about what happened with JT betraying her. Whitney tries to convince Theresa to find Jared and patch things up with him. Theresa is still devastated that she's lost Ethan again. Whitney tells Theresa that she thinks Chad is having an affair because of what Rebecca told her. Theresa tells Whitney that Rebecca is probably lying because Rebecca is just trying to hurt those that Theresa cares about.

Back at the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Paloma walks in on Luis as he's in deep thought. Paloma wants to know why Luis is smiling. He tells her that he's thinking about Fancy and a possible future with her. Paloma remembers Sheridan's confession of love for Luis while they were in the tunnel looking for Fancy. She questions Luis whether he would still want to be with Sheridan if given the chance. Luis wants to know why Paloma asked that question.

Sheridan visits Fancy in the hospital. While there, Fancy talks to her about Luis. Sheridan tries to hide her feelings for Luis but Fancy can tell Sheridan isn't over him. Fancy pleads with her Aunt to finally let Luis go. Sheridan tells her that she chose to be with Chris and James and that her life with Luis is in the past. Luis arrives at the hospital to see Fancy. He doesn't know Sheridan is in the back of the room.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Fox continues his scheme to keep Kay from Miguel. Kay overhears Fox having another conversation with his doctor. When he finishes, Kay walks in and talks with Fox. She wants him to tell him what's on his mind but he just tells her that he's surprising her with a huge bridal shower. Kay leaves Fox alone and meets up with Miguel in the house. She tells him she can't tell Fox just yet because she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Little do they know that Fox is on the phone talking to Charity about her return to Harmony.

Chad and Jared are at the coffee house chatting about Whitney and Valerie. Jared warns Chad that if he continues seeing Valerie, he'll lose Whitney. Chad tells Jared to mind his own business. Jared informs Chad he's leaving Harmony once he finds another job.

Paloma talks with her mother about the love triangles her brothers and sister are involved in. Pilar tells her that love is not easy. Paloma tells her mother that she has feelings for someone who doesn't know she's alive but won't tell Pilar who that someone is. Paloma is afraid to act on those feelings because she doesn't want to end up like her siblings.

Chad joins Theresa in her office and tells her that Jared is leaving town. Theresa is sad to hear the news. Chad tells her that she better try to find him before it's too late.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fancy is cheerful to see Luis and thanked him for saving her life, but Sheridan can't help but being jealous. While Eve examines Fancy, Luis grills Sheridan about Fancy. Since Sheridan was spending time with Fancy while in the hospital, Fancy might have said something to Sheridan about her feelings for Luis. Sheridan came to the realization that Luis loves Fancy, or why else would he be so concerned about the conversation she had had with Fancy. Eve gives Fancy discouraging news about Luis. She tells Fancy that Luis will break her heart like he did Sheridan, mostly because he is still in love with Sheridan. Luis tells Sheridan that he has fallen in love with Fancy, and he asks Sheridan if she is happy with Chris. Sheridan tells Luis that she loves Chris and James and that they are the family she always wanted. She did not answer Luis' question, so Luis still does not know if Sheridan is happy with Chris.

Kay is getting ready for the bridal shower Fox has planned for her. Miguel tells Kay that there isn't going to be a bridal shower. Noah shows up at Tabitha's house telling Kay that Fox informed him to come and plan his bachelor party immediately following Kay's bridal shower. Kay is shocked that Miguel told Noah about them being together. Tabitha is surprised to hear that Fox is dying since she did not see it in her magic bowl. Miguel insists that Kay tells Fox the truth about them so that he doesn't end up looking like a fool. Kay doesn't know what to do and neither does Tabitha because Endora might throw a tantrum after finding out that Fox is dying. Meanwhile, Fox clues Julian in via a phone call about his plans to keep Miguel and Kay apart. Fox makes plans for Charity's arrival in Harmony. Fox couldn't wait to brag to Miguel about marrying Kay. He tells Miguel that he will be making love to Kay all night long; giving her pleasure in a way only, the two know. Miguel tells Fox to stop because he can't take it anymore. Julian arrives at Tabitha's house, and Fox tells him that Charity will be arriving in time for Kay's bridal shower. Charity has arrived and was told to use the back entrance to go up to Kay's room. Julian and Fox head upstairs to greet her. Julian gives Fox a pat on the back and tells him that he's coming into his own as a Crane. Julian and Fox welcomed Charity home, and Fox tells her how much he is glad to see her.

Julian tells Ethan that he wants full custody of Little Ethan (LE). He does not want to share him with Theresa. Ethan tells Julian that he won't help him take LE from Theresa because LE means the world to her. Julian asks Ethan if he would trade a child for love without filling Ethan in on the details about JT and Theresa. Julian thinks aloud to himself that he can get full custody of LE in exchange for Theresa getting Ethan back. Julian lays down the ground rules for Ethan. He tells him that he works for him, and he wants full custody of LE. Ethan's back is against the wall, so he plans to warn Theresa about Julian's plan. Jared and Theresa chitchats before preparing for LE custody hearing. He tells Theresa that he has hired a headhunter to find him another position since he is leaving Harmony. He wishes Theresa well, even though it didn't work out with Ethan. Theresa begs him to stay and not to leave her. She catches herself and tells Jared that she meant to say Crane Industries. She is too transparent to keep up the act, so she asks Jared not to leave her. Jared tells her that he was never hers since Ethan had already filled that slot. Theresa tells Jared that it's over with Ethan for good this time. Jared is not buying it since something else will come up and have Theresa running back to Ethan. Ethan goes to see Theresa, and she tells him that she does not want Julian to have partial custody of LE. Ethan uses the opportunity to tell her that Julian wants full custody. In addition, Ethan tells Theresa that he gets the feeling that Julian knows something to which he is totally unaware. Ethan asks Theresa if Julian is blackmailing her. Theresa doesn't answer the question. Her focus is on keeping LE out of Julian's clutches. Ethan tells Theresa that he agreed to represent Julian because Theresa was keeping LE from Julian all together, and now Julian is about to do the same thing Theresa is doing. Both Julian and Theresa are fighting for full custody of LE. Ethan tells Theresa that he will try to convince Julian to back down only if Theresa is willing to meet him half way. Theresa tells Ethan that Julian cannot get custody of LE because he is not LE father. Ethan keeps asking Theresa what she meant by that comment until she finally blurts out that he is actually LE father and not Julian.

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