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Tad and Dixie were devastated when the DNA test results revealed that Emma was not Kate. Emma was taken into protective custody. Babe was plagued with guilt after JR's fall. Adam was determined to push Babe out of JR's life. Jamie and Julia gave in to their feelings.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Tad daydreamed about JR being a little boy. However, this daydream turned into a nightmare when he saw shattered glass and JR falling. Then, Jeff approached Tad. Jeff said he would not allow Tad's son to hurt his son, Josh. Still, Jeff did not want to see JR hurt either. Jeff advised Tad to help JR and let him know he was loved very much. Tad thought Jeff sounded like their father. Tad also stated that Josh was very lucky to have such a great father.

Julia was surprised that Jamie wanted her back. Jamie stated that their relationship was serious in his mind. Julia said they were too far apart in age. Jamie was tired of the age excuse. Jamie wanted a straight answer from Julia as to why she would not be with him. Then, Julia was paged and left before answering. Meanwhile, David overheard this conversation and later told Julia that she was in for heartache if she got back with Jamie. Then, when Jamie found Julia and asked for an answer, Julia said it would not work for them.

Kendall approached Tad. Kendall said she understood the pain Tad was going through. However, she felt Tad deserved it. Tad looked surprised. Kendall said Tad lied to her about Zach and Dixie having an affair and it almost killed her. Kendall said she did not know what Tad was capable of. Tad said he did not know either. Tad also said he felt badly about lying to her, but did what he had to do anyway.

Jack asked Erica what was going on between her and Jeff. Erica denied any romantic feelings for Jeff and was upset by Jack's accusations. Jack stated he saw how they looked at each other. Jack believed Jeff had romantic feelings for Erica. So, Jack asked Erica who was more important to her. He also asked her to come home. Erica despised the ultimatum and accused Jack of trying to control her. Then, Brook walked up to them. Erica was very annoyed by Brook's presence and accused her of having feelings for Jack. Brook called Erica shallow and dense. Erica stated Brook always went for her sloppy seconds. Then, Jack yelled, "Enough!" He proceeded to tell Erica she needed to come home. Erica said she was going back to the Pine Valley Inn and stormed off. Brook then consoled Jack. Brook also admitted Erica was right when she accused Brook of being attracted to the same men as her. Jack asked if Brook liked Jeff. Brook laughed and said no.

Kendall and Bianca were talking about Maggie. Kendall said Maggie lied, so Bianca should forget about her. Bianca said she would forget about Maggie when Kendall forgets about Zach. Kendall asserted that Bianca and Josh both need to, "Do as I say, not as I do!" They laughed, but Bianca was still upset that she did not fight hard enough for Maggie. Kendall said Bianca was beautiful inside and out and that the right woman would come along. Bianca stated Maggie was the right woman. They both agreed that love could make you forgive the unforgivable. Then, Bianca got up to take a walk.

Babe yelled for Josh to get away from her, but Josh refused to leave. Babe said she hated Josh, but he still would not leave her alone. Instead, Josh tried to convince Babe that JR's accident was not her fault. Babe claimed it was because she drove him to drink by breaking her wedding vows. Josh said if JR was not unconscious in the alley, JR would have tried to kill him. Then, Babe looked horrified and asked what Josh did to JR in the alley. She wondered if Josh hurt JR to get an advantage with her. Josh asked if she really thought he was capable of that. Then, Bianca walked in and told Babe she was wrong. Bianca proceeded to explain that Josh saved JR's life. Then, Di walked up and announced there was news about JR.

Everyone gathered around to hear the news about JR's condition. The doctor said he was not completely out of the woods, but they stopped the internal bleeding. The doctor also said JR had many fractures, including his pelvis. Dixie asked to see JR, but the doctor said it was too soon for visitors. Babe then ran out and Josh went to follow her, but Bianca stopped him. Kendall then approached Adam. She explained that Josh was a Kane and if Adam made a move on Josh, the Kane's would make a move on Adam. Adam said he wanted Kendall to make Babe move out of his family and Kendall agreed that Babe was terrible to live with. Still, Kendall warned Adam that she would disregard his violence towards Josh at the hospital, but it was a one time only pass.

Adam told his lawyer to put the best custody lawyer on retainer for him. Then, Krystal walked up to him and asked who he was talking to. Adam did not answer. Krystal proceeded to ask Adam not to go after Babe. Krystal said Babe made a mistake and should not be punished for the rest of her life. Adam stated his son could possibly die. Krystal asked Adam to promise not to seek revenge on Babe. Adam said nothing and walked away. Then, David approached Krystal. He announced that Babe's marriage was over and it was up to Krystal to pick up the pieces. David urged Krystal to move Babe and Little Adam out of the Chandler mansion. Krystal called David a disease. David said Babe would understand one day that everything he did was for her own good. Meanwhile, after the news about JR's condition was announced, Krystal tried to talk to Adam again. Krystal claimed that JR was going to make it and they would also. Once again, Adam had no reply.

Tad and Dixie discussed JR. Tad stated AA was not enough to help JR's addiction. Tad believed he needed to be in an inpatient facility for rehab. Dixie was worried that if they sent JR away, then he would be resentful and still drink. Tad believed JR exhausted all of his other options. Dixie said they did not have to figure this out right away. Then, Dixie went to see JR, regardless of the doctor's wishes. Dixie sat by his bed with tears in her eyes. Then, Tad received a phone call from Ryan announcing the DNA results were in. Tad got Dixie and they left the hospital.

Babe thanked Josh for saving JR's life. Josh asserted that JR had the rest of his family to take care of him and did not need Babe anymore. Josh encouraged Babe to take Little Adam and divorce JR.

Erica was entering her hotel room, when Jeff walked up. Erica invited Jeff in for tea and he accepted. They discussed Josh. Erica was amazed by how Josh saved JR's life. She said he took after his father. Erica also admitted that she should not have gotten made at Jeff earlier because she did want Jeff to kiss her. Nevertheless, Erica said she loved Jack and wanted to fight for her marriage. So, Jeff left the room.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

As Babe sat at J.R.'s hospital bedside, tears on her cheeks, Jamie walked in and told her she shouldn't be in there. Colby came in and Jamie took Babe out of the room. An angry Jamie told Babe that she was the last one J.R. should see. Colby came out and yelled at Babe. Adam wanted a moment alone with Babe and he sounded like he was defending Babe. Suspiciously, she wanted to know what he was up to. He said he thought that she was J.R.'s only hope. He said that part of him was still angry with her, but Krystal turned him around. Babe said that she only wanted to be with J.R. Adam said he believed that she was sorry and that she did want him back. Babe promised to spend the rest of her life making it up to him. Adam began telling Babe that J.R. needed time to recover and he won't have the energy to work on his marriage too. He told her that she needed to stay away from J.R. and that his jet would take her where ever she wanted to go. Adam said that going away was not permanent, but a chance for J.R. to heal and then they could be a couple again. Babe asked how J.R. would handle Little A being away from him and then (the real) Adam said that the boy would have to stay in PV with him. Babe said she was not leaving her husband, her son or PV. Babe went back in to see J.R. and he opened his eyes. She told him she loved him and everything would be alright and then he began to flatline.

Amanda accused Josh of being the reason J.R. flew out a window. Josh told Amanda what really happened and begrudgingly told her J.R. would live. Josh said that it would have been easy to let J.R. die, but he couldn't do that to Babe. Jamie came up and he and Josh got into it. Jamie told Josh that Babe loved J.R. and that he took advantage of her. Josh listed all of J.R.'s sins and Jamie told him to get off his high horse and that Babe would never love anyone as much as she loved him.

Adam told Krystal that Babe was responsible for what happened to J.R. Krystal retorted that J.R. wasn't completely innocent in all this. Adam swore to Krystal that he would not hurt Babe. He also said that he wanted their family to heal and that he would reach out to Babe. Colby took Krystal home and Colby said that she was responsible for J.R.'s accident because she was the one who told him about Babe and Josh. Colby told Krystal that all she wanted was for her brother and daddy to love her again. Colby said that she never wanted to leave when Liza took her and missed Adam and J.R. while she was gone. She said that they never looked for her so they must not have loved her. Krystal assured her otherwise.

As they waited for the lab results on who Emma really is, Tad proposed that if this really is Kate, he get to play a large part in her life. Tad tried to explain to Annie and Ryan that because Greg Madden was the attending physician. Ryan told them about the condition that allows a mother and child to not have the same DNA. Tad asked for proof and Ryan said that once the results arrive there will be proof. Dixie assured Annie that if the test results prove that the little girl isn't Kate, they will walk away and not bother her again. A knock at the door brought the envelope with the answers. Ryan handed the envelope to Dixie who in turn gave it to Tad. He opened it, turned to Dixie and said he was sorry. Tad assured Dixie that they would find their little girl. Back at the hotel, Dixie took a bag full of presents she had bought for Kate over the years and spread them on the bed. As she looked at each one, David was at the door.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ryan and Annie were happy and relieved that the DNA test proved Emma was not Kate. Then, just as Annie suggested champagne to celebrate, there was a knock at the door. It was Ms. Thompson from child services. Ms. Thompson revealed that the judge ordered her to check up on Annie because she had a child in her custody that was not hers. Annie explained that Emma was not Kate. However, this did not matter to Ms. Thompson because she only cared that Annie's DNA did not match Emma's. She then asked where Emma was. Annie told her to leave, but she refused. Annie was very upset. Ms. Thompson explained that children go missing all the time and that Emma might be one of these missing children. She further explained that she would take Emma and run her DNA through the system to see if she was a match with any missing children. Ryan then told Ms. Thompson about the possibility of Annie's rare DNA. Ms. Thompson said she would return Emma when she received proof about Ryan's rare DNA claims. Also, she stated Emma would be put into foster care with three other children. Annie asserted she would never give up Emma and said she would not disclose her location. Just then, Erin came home with Emma. Erin asked why there was a cop outside. Ms. Thompson said Annie had no choice but to give Emma over. Annie proceeded to tell Emma with tears in her eyes that she was leaving to go on a fun sleepover. Emma stated she would not go without her mommy. Annie said the sleepover was not for mommies, but she would see her soon. Then, Emma began to cry and begged Annie not to send her away. Annie cried and Ms. Thompson took Emma. Ryan tried to call his contacts, but found no immediate help. Annie was distraught. Ryan held her as she wept.

David walked into Dixie's hotel room and looked at the presents on her bed. He read the cards and realized they were for Kate. He then announced that it was tragic Emma was not Kate. Dixie asked if her misery was what he wanted. David said he wanted them together. Dixie was upset with David because he fooled her into thinking Emma was Kate. David said Dixie wanted Kate, so she used him and he wanted Dixie, so he used Kate. Dixie called him sick for hurting an innocent girl. David stated he wanted to cause Dixie to feel the same pain he endured. He said Dixie broke his heart. Dixie believed David had no heart to break. Dixie said she once thought there was good in him, but not anymore. David said the other men in her life were not good either. He claimed Tad helped Joe kill his baby daughter. Dixie said they tried to help her, but David would not hear it. David proceeded to say Jamie and JR were worthless also. He also said the only good thing JR ever did was jump out that window. David wished JR was the child she lost, not Kate. Dixie then attacked David with her fists, but he restrained her! Dixie screamed she would kill David! David replied he was already dead because of Dixie! Then, David was paged and he called the hospital. He announced JR took a turn for the worse. Dixie rushed to the hospital.

Tad asked Julia to page David. He also explained that Emma was not Kate. Jamie then walked up and Tad told him the same news. Jamie stated he wanted a piece of David and Tad agreed. Then, Jeff rushed by and they realized he was going to JR's room. Meanwhile, JR's heart rate went up fast! Babe yelled for someone to help JR. Jeff and Julia ran into the room. Adam grabbed Babe and threw her out of JR's room. He asserted that Babe's presence made JR get worse. He was also upset that Jeff was working on JR's case. Tad stated Jeff would not hurt JR. However, Adam thought he would finish off JR for Josh. Tad then left a message for Dixie about JR's condition. Tad proceeded to go into JR's room. Jeff was hesitant about letting Tad talk to JR, but finally gave in. Tad told JR that Emma was not Kate. Tad said Dixie needed her son more than ever. He said the whole family needed JR very much. As Tad said this, JR's heart rate lowered and JR was stable again. Meanwhile, Babe was outside the room with Amanda. Babe believed Jamie was right in that JR should not see her face when he woke up. Amanda said it was not her fault. However, Adam and Jamie wanted Babe gone. Palmer even showed up and agreed with Adam for JR's sake. Palmer said he would speak to the hospital board about getting Babe thrown out. Jeff then agreed that JR did not need extra stress. Jeff announced that only JR's parents could visit him. Soon after, Dixie arrived and was relieved to hear JR was doing better. Dixie went into the room and sat next to him. She held his hand and sang "You Are My Sunshine".

Josh walked into ConFusion and kissed Bianca and Kendall. Josh announced he was over Babe and moving on. Kendall was overjoyed by the news and started to bash Babe. Kendall also had an idea to get Josh away from Babe permanently. Kendall suggested Josh work in Paris with Bianca. Josh seemed to like the idea. However, Bianca did not look happy and took Josh to the roof to speak privately. Once they were alone, Bianca said she did not believe that Josh was over Babe. Josh asserted that Babe loved JR more than anyone else and he could not stop her from being with JR. Bianca claimed Josh was very similar to Erica and Kendall. Josh replied it was better than being like Bianca because she gets taken advantage of. Bianca assumed he was referring to Maggie. Josh said Erica and Kendall take action, but not Bianca. Bianca was upset and turned to leave. Josh asked her not to leave and apologized. Bianca stayed. She explained that she felt guilty for being with JR when he jumped out of the window. Josh did not know why, since it was not her fault. Bianca further explained that JR was once her friend and a great guy, until he began using drugs and alcohol. Bianca also said that if she felt guilty then Babe must be feeling even worse. Bianca stated this was the reason Josh loved Babe; because she would not leave someone who was hurt. Josh did not think he had a chance, since Babe chose JR. Bianca told Josh to give Babe time and stated it was not over unless Josh gave up. Meanwhile, Kendall told Simone and Danielle she was taking over one of Babe's projects. They were not happy because they felt Kendall was trying to get rid of Babe. Kendall said she was only diminishing Babe's workload because of her recent bad decisions. Simone and Danielle assumed Kendall meant Josh and did not believe this was grounds to fire Babe. Kendall thought Babe took advantage of Josh at a vulnerable point in his life. Kendall also stated her decision was part of family business. Babe then walked in and Kendall just stared at her.

Tad and Jamie were outside David's cabin. However, when they went inside, it was empty. The cabin looked deserted. They looked shocked and confused.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tad and Jamie are livid when they show up at David's cabin to confront him with his latest crime and are faced with nothing but emptiness. They agree that no one can get away completely clean, and commence with searching for some clue as to David's whereabouts. Jamie goes into the bedroom, and when he ceases to hold up his end of the conversation, Tad rushes in to find out what happened. After chiding his son, Jamie reveals his find - a portable digital video player. They turn it on, and find a video message from David. In it, he admits that he lied about Emma being Kate, and tells them that their incompetent family is why he lost his Leora. Because of that, he has been in hell every day since, and he now offers to give it to the Martins. He bestows upon them his wish that they never find peace. After a few moments, Tad admits that David was right - he alone was responsible for where they are...without Kate. Jamie tries to protest but Tad verbally overpowers his son and tells him that even though he knows that David is a liar, all David had to do was dangle a bit of hope to make Tad jump all over it. Tad also reminds his son that he alone is responsible for Madden's death. He admits that he freely gave David all of the ammunition he needed to wreak havoc in their lives, and that he needed to own up to it.

Annie and Ryan make a beeline to the hospital so that they can get her another DNA test. Julia tries to assist them but because of heightened emotions, neither of them is very clear about what happened. Jeff Martin wanders by, and Ryan snags him for help as well. After a few moments, Annie works herself up so much that she needs her inhaler. Ryan however is able to calm down enough to explain that the state took Emma based on the test showing Annie to have no biological connection to Emma. Jeff admits that he was updated through Tad and is confused as to why they are questioning the test. Ryan asks if he'd ever heard of chimeras and Jeff admits that he is familiar with the more famous cases. He agrees to do a more intensive DNA test to determine if Annie is indeed afflicted with the condition. She asks Ryan to stay with her, but he tells her that he has some searching of his own to do. As Julia helps Jeff set up for the procedure, Ryan walks into the hall and finds Jack. Jack asks why he'd been summoned, since the DNA test proved that Emma was not biologically related to Tad or Dixie. Ryan tells him that since he helped rip apart Annie's life at the hearing, he would now help put it back together. Jack offers to find another lawyer to help out, but Ryan refuses, as they don't have enough time to catch someone else up to speed. Jack tells him that he might want to consider that perhaps Emma really isn't Annie's child, and that some other couple is still looking for their daughter. Ryan thinks that Jack is stonewalling him because of their caustic history, and asks if Jack will always look at him and not only see his past mistakes, but all of the wrongdoings of his brothers. Without waiting for an answer, he tells Jack that he owes it to Annie to do what he can to get Emma out of whatever foster home she is in and back home with her mother. Jack relents and says that he will do what he can within the legal system to expedite the process. Ryan tells him that he has something else to take care of but that he would be reachable by cell phone.

Back in the room, Annie asks how the state could possibly take her crying child out of her arms and say that they are acting in Emma's best interest. Jeff tells her that although the situation is difficult, she has to know that Emma is being taken care of. He then tells her that they will do everything in their power to right this wrong. Annie questions what would happen if they can't find a second set of DNA, and Jeff promises her that they will continue to work as hard as they can to get her the results that she needs. He then asks her to pull it together for Emma's sake so that they can better work toward their goal. A short time later, he has all of the samples that he needs and takes it down to the lab himself. Once he leaves the room, Julia tells Annie that she is sorry. Annie accepts it blithely, reiterating what Jeff said about how freaking out won't bring her daughter back any sooner. Julia then tells her that she is the one responsible for her daughter being taken away. Annie asks how that could be and Julia admits that she was the one that pulled Annie's file and gave Tad the information about the DNA test from New York. Annie asks if she has any idea what it's like to be a mother with a tiny life dependent on you, and when Julia notes that she does, Annie asks her how she could inflict that kind of pain on someone else. Julia tries to apologize again but, angry, Annie demands that Julia leave the room so that she can get dressed.

After Tad completes his speech, Jamie tells him that he should not have to pay for how things turned out, simply because all of the things he did were out of love for Dixie and Kate. He then tells his father that he is going to do some searching to see if he can find any of David's acquaintances that might be helpful. He goes on to say that once found, he will be dragged back and shown a whole new level of hell. At that moment, Ryan shows up in the doorway and volunteers to help out. Jamie tells Ryan that there is nothing for him at the cabin but Tad notes that it is okay for Ryan to stay. He then tells his son to go ahead without him and see what he can find out. Jamie goes and Ryan fills Tad in on what happened with Annie, and then notes that Hayward would have loved this latest round of chaos that he caused. Ryan admits that he really wants to see Hayward pay, and Tad tells him that he may get his chance because there might be one person still around that knows where he is.

Jamie shows up at the hospital looking for David. He asks a nurse about his whereabouts only to find out that David had been paged but with no response. He leaves his number with her and asks her to pass it on to anyone who can get it to David. Moments later, he finds Julia in an exam room, teary eyed and lamenting over what role she'd played in Annie losing her daughter. He puts his arm around her in an attempt to comfort her but she soon rejects him. He tells her that he saw her hurting and wanted to help. He goes on to say that he cares about her whether they are together or not. She doesn't know how to take that, so she quickly exits the room, passing Annie once again. Ryan returns just then and checks to see how Annie is doing. She tells him that the samples were delivered but the waiting is making her crazy. He distracts her with tales of what they will do when Emma comes home for a few moments before Jack reappears. He tells her that Emma is doing well, and that he is just getting started with trying to get her daughter back. His phone rings and Jack walks away to take the call. Ryan comforts Annie and tells her the nightmare will soon be over.

Erin finds Jonathan working at the ConFusion offices and when he sees her tears, she admits that something happened with Annie and Emma. As Jonathan listens incredulously, she explains the situation involving the state taking custody of Emma. He asks her if she can use the Miranda Center to track down Emma's whereabouts, and Erin realizes quickly that Jonathan wants to kidnap Emma and give her back to her mother. Jonathan tries to tell her that all he wants to do is find out if Emma is okay so that he can ease Annie's mind, but Erin reminds him that as his sister, she knows him and knows when he is lying. She points out that she knows he has no faith in the system and uses his reaction to Lily's stalker as proof that he takes immediate action when he cares about someone. He admits that she is right, but promises her that he will stay on the right side of the law this time. Amanda approaches the office and overhears the promise, as well as Jonathan begging his sister to use the system to make sure that Emma is really being cared for. She tells him that she will do what she can, and turns to go. Amanda times it perfectly, entering just as Erin gets to the door. The women exchange places, and Amanda is alone with her once upon a time beau. When the door closes behind Erin, Amanda calls Jonathan a liar - saying that she knows he will kidnap Emma and screw up his life for good. Jonathan packs some money in a bag as he tries to blow her off by telling her to go look after Del. She refuses to be treated as such and takes the money from him and stores it in a safe. Jonathan isn't threatened, as he set the combination. She tells him that he will have to go through her to get it. He effortlessly picks her up and moves her out of the way. Furious, Amanda tells him that if he goes through with his plan, the one thing that is certain is that he will confess when the cops figure out it was him. She tells him that he has no regard for his future and he replies that it is his to do with it what he will, and that he doesn't matter in this situation. The only people that do are Annie and Emma. Amanda refuses to let him past, saying that she will not allow him to pull this kind of stunt with her. She tells him that he is a loved and valued friend and family member, and that he owes it to the people that care to keep his promise to Erin. She tells him if he doesn't, he risks losing the life that he deserves.

At Fusion, as Bianca listens in, Kendall immediately launches into Babe, letting her know that she is not wanted or needed. Babe admits that she is ready to make up for all that she'd done, and notes her plan to sign all of her shares over to Kendall. Kendall thinks there's a catch, but Babe assures her that she can have the shares free and clear. Bianca jumps in and tries to convince her that her problems won't be solved by bailing on Fusion, but Kendall continues to urge Babe in that direction - insisting that the company would be much better off without her. Bianca ignores her sister for the most part, instead telling Babe that she too had been wondering how things would be if she had acted differently. Kendall loudly insists that Bianca should in no way try to take the blame for what happened, and Bianca uses that admission to demonstrate to Babe that no one should have to pay for the sins of another person. Kendall reminds them that all of the pain that JR has caused was because of Babe. Babe tells Bianca that she doesn't need to defend her anymore because she knows that she only got where she is because Greenlee wanted revenge. She admits that she convinced herself that time and hard work would show that she deserved to be part owner of the company, but now knows that pain follows her and she wants to stop hurting the people that she cares about. Kendall notes that she should have had this revelation and conversation before she slept with Josh and then told her husband about it. Babe admits as much, then saying that she doesn't know if she can make it right but wants to try - and then asks for Kendall's help. Kendall rejects the request initially, but Bianca asserts that Babe is making an effort. Babe then owns up to all of the major mistakes she has made that caused the Kane family pain and notes that though she claimed love every time, it was really about her selfishness. With Josh, she admits that she should have cut ties and run when she first felt the pull to be with him but instead she hired him and put temptation right in her path. She mentions all of the excuses that she made to make her behavior more acceptable and says that the only way that she knows to stop the pain is to get out of everyone's way. Kendall, silent up until this point, calls out the discourse as classic Babe - taking the easy way out, and tells her that she will not be allowed to do that this time. She reminds Babe that even though she doesn't want to admit it, they have Zarf on board because of her hard work. Babe offers to talk to him so that he will stay on with their product line even if she is gone, but Kendall demands that Babe stay and finish what she started. Just then, Tad comes in and asks to speak to Babe. She tries to tell him it isn't a good time but Kendall insists that they get it over with so that Babe can get back to work. They head up to the roof and when Kendall and Bianca are alone, Kendall braces herself from some fallout from her little sister. Instead, Bianca simply extols her sister's virtues, thanking her for not taking Fusion away from Babe when everything else is crumbling around her. Kendall tries to maintain that she made the decision for practical purposes but, knowing that her sister can see right through her, she soon acquiesces.

As soon as they get to the roof, Babe makes a note that she is more like her father than she'd like to admit - hurting all of the people that she cares about. Tad tells her to never make that comparison again because there is a huge difference: where David just leaves carcasses in his wake, Babe actually tries to go back and make up for the pain she causes.

Friday, November 17, 2006

In JR's hospital room, Dixie has flashbacks of times she spent with JR. Adam walks in as JR opens his eyes and calls out Babe's name. Adam tells JR not to worry about Babe, but JR says he wants her out of the house. Adam says he is working on it, but Dixie tells JR to rest. JR begs his parents not to let Babe take Little Adam before Dixie rants on Adam outside of the room. Dixie tells Adam that Babe and JR can work a visitation arrangement with their son, but Adam thinks he needs to protect JR. Dixie goes back to see JR, who says he heard Tad talking tell him Emma was not Kate when he was unconscious. Dixie goes outside and tells Tad that JR heard him talking and that is the reason he came back to them. Dixie says they won't find Kate, but Tad is still determined to find David and get answers. Tad goes inside and JR asks when Tad was going to rag on him for being an idiot. Tad jokes that he was waiting until after he got the OK from the doctors. JR asks about Kate and Tad says he is still looking for her.

Dixie goes outside the hospital, where she finds David who had been spying on her. David tells Dixie he is leaving town soon, but has to finish up some business. Dixie tells David that it is not Tad's fault she chose him over David. David tells Dixie that Krystal is carrying Tad's child so it's not too late to give Tad his little girl.

Babe goes home and gets comforted by Krystal. Babe tells her mother that she doesn't understand how she could make such a big mistake if she loved JR. Krystal says that many other people know how Babe is feeling right now. Babe continues to blame herself for JR's accident so Krystal brings her Little Adam so she will realize she has so much to fight for. Babe and Little Adam play with building blocks until Winnie gives him a bath. Babe thanks her mother for reminding her that everything is not lost. Krystal tells Babe they are in this mess together, but Babe does not think she deserves her kindness. Krystal says she knows how Babe feels because she slept with Tad and is now pregnant with his child. Krystal tells Babe that no one can know her secret, so Babe promises not to say anything. Adam walks in and tells them that JR has opened his eyes and started talking. Adam presents a court order giving him temporary custody of Little Adam while JR is in the hospital, which also means Babe has to leave the house. Babe rips up the papers and tells him that she custody papers for Little Adam signed by JR. Krystal tells Adam she will not let him take Little Adam away from Babe. She tells Adam that if Babe leaves, she will leave with their unborn child too.

Jamie finds Julia at the beach, but she asks to be alone. When Jamie asks Julia why their relationship changed, she says they are going in different directions. Jamie thinks Julia is holding back more information and asks her to be honest since so many other people have lied to him. Julia blurts out that she loves him, but she wants to start a family and settle down, which is something Jamie isn't ready to do because he is so young. Jamie tells Julia he loves her too. Julia thinks he only said that because he feels obligated. Jamie claims he has loved Julia for awhile and their age difference doesn't matter. He explains why he loves Julia, but does not want to let her get away again. They share a kiss

Tad goes to Aidan and asks for his help to find David. Aidan pulls out a gun, stuffs it in the back of pants and explains that he is only going to use the gun, if necessary. Plus, Aidan said that David deserved a dose of his own pain more than death. Tad tells Aidan he is up for anything, unless it involves a gun and asks Aidan to put it away. Di walks in and conveys her sympathy to Tad about Emma not being Kate. When Tad leaves, Di tells Aidan how badly she wanted Emma to be Kate because it would help piece their family together. Di blames herself for the problems because she worked with David to betray Tad and Dixie. Di asks how she can help Tad and Dixie, but Aidan says to leave that to him.



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