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Monday, November 13, 2006

As Michael and Paul considered what Bardwell's investigation has found so far, Michael asked Paul if he could figure out how to give Bardwell another suspect to consider because Devon doesn't have an alibi, and Dru and Neil have only each other as alibis. Paul told Michael that there just has to be someone they're overlooking who could be a possible suspect.

At the D.A.'s office, Bardwell and Sullivan discussed results processed from evidence, which proved that fibers from Neil's clothing were found on Carmen's body and vice versa. Sullivan shook her head because she said she would've bet a week's salary that Dru's clothing fibers would be found on Carmen, but this was not the case. After more tests were completed, results of evidence processed from the Romalotti's place showed that fibers from Devon's clothing were also found on Carmen's body. Sullivan recalled that fibers from Carmen's clothing worn the night she was killed were also found on Neil's clothes, so Sullivan theorized that Neil and Devon killed Carmen together. Bardwell offered another theory that perhaps one killed her, and then enlisted the help of the other one to move the body.

As Bardwell and Sullivan discussed the results of the collected evidence, a woman named Molly Doherty, who's an employee of Newman Enterprises came in and told Bardwell and Sullivan that she overheard Michael Baldwin threaten Carmen. Doherty said she was coming down the corridor when she saw Carmen and Michael arguing by the elevator. She remembered that Michael told Carmen that he'd bury her. Doherty said she knew Baldwin from his picture in the paper and that she'd seen him around Newman before. Sullivan asked her if anyone else had witnessed the conversation, and Doherty told Sullivan that Phyllis Newman was there, too. Doherty said she was positive it was the day of the murder because it happened on the last day of work before her vacation. She added that she didn't think anything about what was said at the time because people sometimes say things they don't mean, but when she returned home and read about Carmen's murder in the newspaper, she decided to contact the police. Sullivan and Bardwell later wondered aloud about why Baldwin had threatened Carmen.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria and Korbel worked out details of the museum benefit. Colleen showed up and seemed to feel like a third wheel because Korbel was busy acquiring information from Victoria regarding benefactors and other resources. Jana overheard Victoria discussing the museum benefit and asked Victoria what the money was for. Victoria told her that funds were being raised for renovations on the antiquities wing. Jana told Victoria and Korbel that she'd like to help because she once worked as a professional fund raiser. Jana volunteered to assist with the writing of an art catalog. Such a job would entail Jana's direct involvement with the pieces of antique art. However, Victoria said she wasn't sure help would be needed. At that, Jana seemed visibly let down. Jana later told Korbel that since she'll be working on the benefit, she hoped that Victoria would allow her access to the Newman art collection. As Colleen considered the many tasks she had before her concerning the benefit and her class projects, Korbel told Colleen that he wouldn't give her favoritism as his student. Colleen told the professor that she'd be working with him, not for him, on the benefit.

In Brad's office, J.T. gave Brad information he'd collected on Korbel, which was a preliminary investigation. Brad read the information aloud about Korbel, who had excelled as a student, was born in Tel Aviv, grew up in Hong Kong and had previously lived in New York. Records also showed that Korbel has never been married and has no children. Brad said the report didn't show anything out of the ordinary, but he was afraid to take any chances, so he instructed J.T. to keep the investigation open. Victoria came into the office and she, too, spoke with J.T. about the information gathered on Korbel. J.T. told Brad that he also wanted to know more about Korbel because he's around Colleen every day. When Colleen came to Newman to return Victoria's PDA, Victoria told her about J.T.'s investigation and warned her not to tell anyone. Colleen acted as if she knew all along about J.T.'s investigation of Korbel. Later, in Brad's office, Victoria told Brad about Jana's involvement in the museum benefit. Brad recalled that Jana had found and returned Victoria's stolen purse. When Brad mentioned that he'd order J.T. to investigate Jana, Victoria told him that she'd already told Paul to do it. Later, Paul showed up at Crimson Lights. Paul ordered water from Jana. He asked her where she was from because he couldn't place her accent. Jana answered that her accent was little bit of this and that because her family lived all over when she was a kid. She also told Paul that she'd been in the states for a few years. Paul accepted Jana's offer of ice in a glass, which Jana touched. Paul carefully carried the glass with gloved hands out onto the patio, where he covertly placed the glass into a sack and carried it away inside his coat.

Later, an angry Colleen ran into J.T. in the parking garage and told him that she was upset that he'd kept secret the fact the he was investigating Korbel. J.T. said that he Brad had ordered the investigation, but Colleen said what upset her was J.T.'s habit of keeping secrets. J.T. claimed that he was just doing his job. Colleen, however, asked J.T. what kind of a relationship they could have if she couldn't trust him.

Jack told Victor that Ji Min offered Billy the Hong Kong job. Victor thanked Jack for having assisted Carmen in securing the same position before she died and said he was awed that Jack would go out of his way to help Newman Enterprises. Later, Victor spoke to Ji Min, and Victor asked him about Billy's job. Ji Min told Victor that Carmen had been offered the same job only a week before she died. After Ji Min left, Victor remembered a past conversation with Jack regarding Carmen's job offer when Jack had told Victor that he'd use NVP's contacts with House of Kim to see if he could get Carmen a job offer out of the country during the time that Carmen was threatening to sue Newman Enterprises.

Michael came to Victor's office. Victor, who assured Michael that he's been seizure free, admired a photo of Fen. Michael told Victor about his family and how Gloria has suffered because of Jack. He told Victor that Gloria had been cut from John's will and thrown out of the house. Just recently, he added, his poor mother had had her project taken from her and given to Ashley. Victor then told Michael that he'd learned from Katherine that Jack had tried to buy Jabot through a dummy corporation. Victor pressed Michael for more information. Michael explained, speaking hypothetically, that if someone owned a corporation that was not performing well and still received an over-top-dollar offer from a small foreign firm, which itself was bought by an off-shore outfit from the Caribbean, that it would look suspicious. When Michael told Victor that he was able to connect the dots, Victor told Michael he wished to put him back on retainer at that very moment, so their conversation was considered privileged from that point. Victor then told Michael that he believed that Jack owned House of Kim. Victor theorized that Jack made an offer to buy Jabot, but Katherine turned him down, so Jack set up a dummy corporation and tried again to no avail, because he was found out. Then, Victor continued, Jack took Sharon to Antigua, and they also stopped in Belize, perhaps for Jack to set up a dummy corporation. Victor noted that shortly thereafter, House of Kim made the offer to buy Jabot.

Also, Victor said he was suspicious that Jack is not upset that Ji Min owns Jack's father's company and that Billy was given a huge promotion. However, Michael pointed out that there's no proof. Victor told him that there's no proof yet. Michael said he'd have to tell Katherine because if Victor's theory is true, then Katherine could be sued. However, Victor said they could protect Katherine and at the same time they could take Jack down. Although he didn't spell it out, Victor told Michael that he had a plan, and Michael agreed to help Victor get N.V.P. back for Nikki. Michael added that he'd dearly love to see Jack get what he so richly deserves. Just as those words were out of Michael's mouth, Jack came into the office with Zapato. Although Michael and Victor acted as if they were discussing Fen, Jack looked a bit worried that the two had their heads together.

In Jack's office, Ji Min told Jack that Carmen had placed ad coverage perfectly for the Christmas season. Jack said it was a nice parting gift. Ji Min agreed it was considering that Carmen could've ruined them with what she knew. Jack said that he hated what happened to Carmen, but that dead women tell no tales. Ji Min also reported that Gloria's perfume on the Glo project was set to be a huge success for the holiday season. Jack's conversation was interrupted by a call from Billy, who said he had arrived safely in Hong Kong and is living in Ji Min's apartment. Ji Min told Jack that he was surprised when Jack suggested Billy for the position because he thought that Jack was anxious to get rid of Gloria. Jack said that he was but not just to get her out of the country. After what Gloria did to his father, Jack added, he wanted her out of Jabot. However, Jack explained that since Gloria hadn't done anything that merited firing, he didn't want to bring any extra attention from Jill or Nikki. Jack swore to Ji Min that as soon as he possibly could, he'd erase every trace of Gloria and her progeny from Jabot.

In a harried rush, Dru and Neil loaded luggage into their car. However, they were unaware that a man watched them as they drove away. Dru and Neil went to the Romalottis' to pick up Devon. Dru worried that they were not doing the right thing by leaving, but Neil told her that they had no other choice. The man who had been watching the Winterses called Bardwell and told him the Winters were leaving and that his contact at the airfield had told him that the Winters' pilot had filed a flight plan. Bardwell told the man keeping an eye on the Winterses that he'd be getting an arrest warrant.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nick and Phyllis arrive early at the NVP photo shoot and play around with the equipment. Jack runs into Sharon and offers to accompany her to the shoot. When they get there, it's immediately awkward. The shoot starts with Sharon posing, but Phyllis is upset because Jack and Sharon decided to change the outfit she picked out without running it by her because she is the one running the shoot. Sharon is posing too stiff, so Phyllis tries to get her to loosen up which results in Sharon making snide comments at Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis continue to argue when Jack throws his weight around and Nick tries to get everyone to calm down and stop fighting. When the proofs come back, Nick and Phyllis argue with Jack and Sharon over which ones to use, and Jack ultimately pulls rank, which Sharon obviously enjoys. Sharon accuses Nick of favoring Phyllis, making snide comments again. Nick tries to stop the fighting again and suggests a re-shoot with a different model. Sharon gets upset and Jack comes to her defense and tells Nick to butt out. On the way back to Newman, Sharon admits that she still has feelings for Nick and gets jealous of Phyllis, and Jack says the same thing about Phyllis. Later, Phyllis complains to Nikki about the shoot and Nikki wishes Phyllis wouldn't let Jack walk all over her. She says that Jack is still hurting because Phyllis made him think he still had a chance with her, but Phyllis says she's not going to apologize for falling in love with Nick because he makes her happy. Jack runs into Nick and tells him that Phyllis needs to learn to separate personal from work and Nick tells him to take his own advice. Sharon talks to Nikki and warns her to watch out for Phyllis because she's going to ruin NVP, but Nikki says she agrees with the direction Phyllis wanted to go in. Sharon accuses Phyllis of trying to sabotage her but Nikki says to stop taking things so personally and just do her job. On the way home, Nick and Phyllis talk about the shoot and admit that there will always be residual feelings there, but it doesn't mean that they love each other any less.

Victor tells Nikki that a senator is asking for their support. Nikki is tired of Jack and Sharon flaunting their relationship in the workplace and Victor agrees, but warns that it won't last for long. Michael comes in and gives Victor an update with Nikki there. Michael says it will be difficult and Victor tells him to do whatever it takes because he cannot forgive Jack for this. Lauren comes in and asks to speak with Michael so he leaves. Nikki doubts Michael's involvement, but Victor reassures her. He talks about how upset he is that Jack took advantage of his medical condition and vows to teach Jack a lesson he'll never forget. Later Jack comes in and Victor makes small talk. Jack tells Victor that John would be disappointed in Billy because of the way he's acted lately. His father respected honor.

Dru and Devon wait for Neil in the car and as he's coming out, Bardwell and Sullivan catch up to him. Will tells them that they have to appear in front of a judge because they are material witnesses. Dru says that they're only going to see a specialist for Devon and than that it's important, but the DA won't budge. Lauren and Michael are talking about her postpartum depression when Neil calls and tells him about the forthwith notice and he has to leave. They go to the hearing and Will argues for remand because the Winterses have a jet, but Michael argues that they only want the best for their son. Ultimately, the judge decides Devon's case isn't serious enough for them to leave the state. Dru reassures Devon that he will get the implant. Will receive the results of the grand jury testimony.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lauren and Michael were both exhausted after a sleepless night with Fen. But Lauren told Michael he needed to focus on the Winters case. Katherine stopped by to bring another baby gift. When Paul called Michael to tell him that Bardwell was holding a press conference, Michael left. Katherine told Lauren that she'd never bonded with Brock as a baby, and that was one reason why she'd given up Jill for adoption. She said it was normal for any mother to feel overwhelmed and even resentful of a new baby. Lauren insisted that she didn't feel that way. Katherine still thought it would do Lauren good to get a day away, and she offered to pay for both of them to get some relaxing spa treatments at NVP.

Just before Bardwell's press conference, Detective Sullivan brought the D.A. new evidence. Bardwell canceled the press conference and went to see Drucilla and Neil. They were already worried about Devon, because Daniel told them Devon was still upset by not being allowed to leave the state for the surgery he needed. Neil also didn't like it when Daniel pointed out that the murder publicity would be good for Indigo's business. He didn't want the public speculating that he and Dru were profiting from Carmen's death. Then District Attorney Bardwell had more bad news for them. A traffic camera provided proof that Neil and Drucilla didn't have the alibis they'd claimed, because Neil was alone in his car during the time that Carmen had been murdered. This meant that Drucilla had no proof that she was at home cooking dinner, since no one had been with her. Either one of them could have killed Carmen.

Paul and Michael were at the courthouse for the press conference that was canceled. They tried to get information from Detective Sullivan, but she evaded them. Neil called Michael and said they needed to talk. They agreed to meet at the Baldwins' apartment, so Paul and Michael went there. When Dru and Neil arrived, Dru was nearly hysterical and Lauren warned her not to wake the baby. When Lauren went to check on Fen, the Winters told Michael and Paul that the D.A. knew they'd lied about their alibi. Michael was furious, because they'd also lied to him. Paul hurried Lauren out of there, and Michael blasted the Winters for making their situation even worse. The D.A. now had cause to arrest them, and even if they were never found guilty of murder, they could do jail time for lying to the grand jury.

Lauren and Paul went to the club, where Paul tried to cheer Lauren up. But she kept worrying about Fen back at the apartment. Paul realized she was driving herself crazy and warned her that she couldn't keep worrying about things that could go wrong. Lauren insisted that she'd be fine as soon as Fen got older and was on a schedule, but Paul was obviously concerned about Lauren's state of mind.

Victoria went by the loft to see Colleen, but she found only J.T. there. He told her that Colleen was angry with him because she'd found out he was investigating Adrian Korbel and had kept it from her. When Victoria asked how Colleen had found out, J.T. pointed out that it was Victoria who'd told her. Victoria apologized and said she was sure Colleen would come around, but J.T. wasn't convinced.

Colleen confronted Brad with his decision to investigate Dr. Korbel. Brad said J.T.'s search hadn't really turned up anything yet, beyond Korbel's academic successes. He refused to apologize for investigating Adrian, pointing out that he had to do whatever was necessary to protect his family, including Colleen. He also told her not to be angry with J.T., who was just doing his job. Later, Victoria gave Colleen the same advice. She said it had been hard for her to trust Brad again, but she understood that everything he'd done had come after years of protecting his mother. J.T. wasn't trying to keep secrets from Colleen, however. His job required confidentiality, and Colleen couldn't take it personally when J.T. didn't share things with her.

J.T. and Dr. Korbel ran into each other on the basketball court, and J.T. started a game with the professor. He was careful to lose so he could keep Dr. Korbel engaged in conversation. But he found that Adrian wasn't very forthcoming with information about his past. Later, J.T. talked to Brad and told him that Adrian had been so good at not offering information that it made J.T. suspect he had something to hide. In the meantime, Dr. Korbel went to Crimson Lights, where he ran into William Bardwell. Bardwell showed that he was good at sizing up people when he accurately identified Korbel's interest in medieval art as evidence that he probably worked in the academic world.

Dr. Korbel and Colleen saw each other in the break room at Newman Enterprises. Colleen let it slip that she knew about his scholarships, and Adrian wondered if she'd been researching him on the Internet. Colleen agreed that she'd gotten her information online, not telling him that it had actually come from Brad. Later, Colleen talked to Daniel at Crimson Lights. Daniel said that if Colleen couldn't overcome her difficulty with the secrets J.T. had to keep, maybe it was time they admitted their relationship wasn't working. Otherwise, things would only get worse. Colleen confessed that she'd been thinking the same thing. Later, however, when she went home, she was touched by J.T.'s efforts to make up. He'd gotten her favorite takeout food and also gave her flowers.

When Victoria and Dr. Korbel were working on the museum benefit, he let it slip that he knew one reason Victoria was so careful about privacy was because of her family history. When Victoria wondered what he meant, Adrian told her what he knew about Rebecca, Brad's mother, from Colleen: that Colleen's grandmother had investigated, tracked down, and returned art that was stolen by the Nazis. Victoria covered her shock that he knew so much, but later, she stormed into Brad's office to tell him what Colleen had revealed to Adrian.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Jana are happy about finding a place together. Gloria is thrilled to hear that they are moving only a few floors away in the same building as Michael's. Jana finds out that Gloria is interested in William Bardwell. Kevin can't believe Gloria would like someone that put her husband in jail, and is going against Michael in a prosecution against the Winterses.

J.T. and Colleen are happily about to enjoy Colleen's favorite takeout, when Professor Korbel shows up. J.T. let's them have some time to work, but isn't happy that Korbel has interrupted their time. When J.T. comes to eat something, Korbel says that it's late, and he's going to leave. J.T. tells him that he doesn't have to stay. Colleen thinks J.T. was rude and ruined their night. J.T. doesn't want to hear Colleen accusing him anymore, and decides to leave. As J.T. plays basketball, he wants to call Colleen, but doesn't. At the loft, Colleen looks at her phone.

Nick comes home looking for Phyllis, and she surprises him with kisses. She tells him that she will not always be so hormonally hot. Nick tells her that she will be hot no matter what she does.

Jill comes home and is angry with Katherine. Her position at Jabot is being undermined by Mr. Kim, and she is furious with Kay that Billy is away. Katherine tells Jill that Jill should have thought about that when Billy was a young boy and was sent away. The two angrily argue with each other. When Jill storms away, Kay has tears in her eyes.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Neil and Drucilla were arrested for lying to the grand jury. Michael got there in time to keep either of them from revealing any more information about their activities to William Bardwell. But William did give the Winters some more information. The DNA evidence included fibers and hair from Carmen and Devon on each other's clothes. Michael reminded Bardwell that Devon and Carmen had been on the elevator together. Bardwell said the videotape of Devon banging on Carmen's door and Devon's lack of an alibi were also factors and took away the plausibility of the Winters' explanation of the note that had been found on Carmen's body. After Lily, Devon, and Daniel handled all the bail arrangements, Neil and Dru were free to leave. But Michael warned them that it seemed likely that Bardwell's main suspect was now Devon.

Brad went to see Colleen because he was upset that she'd told Adrian Korbel the truth about her grandmother's history. J.T. listened grimly as Colleen tried to explain how the conversation had come about. Brad reminded her of how he'd found his family dead. He couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to Victoria, Abby, or Colleen. Any information to anyone could put all of their lives in jeopardy. Colleen apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.

Later, J.T. went to see Brad. He, too, was concerned about the things that Colleen had told Dr. Korbel. Although his investigation hadn't turned up any evidence against Korbel, J.T. had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. He didn't understand why Colleen's attitude toward her professor had shifted, but now she seemed to think he walked on water. Brad agreed that J.T. should follow his instincts and continue to investigate Adrian.

Colleen was at Crimson Lights when Dr. Korbel came in. He showed her an article in the newspaper about the museum benefit. When he brought the conversation around to Rebecca, Colleen said she might have exaggerated her grandmother's efforts to return art to its rightful owners. She hadn't wanted Adrian to think that her family would buy art on the black market, and she'd said things she shouldn't have said. Colleen then made an excuse to hurry away, and Dr. Korbel stared after her with a puzzled expression.

Nick took Phyllis to the hospital because she'd been in labor all night. But after examining her, the doctor told her that her contractions were false labor. She needed to go home, take it easy, and relax. Later, however, Phyllis insisted on Nick taking her to work. They agreed to have lunch together, and Nick cautioned her to take it easy.

Jack was furious to find out that one of NVP's land development deals was being stalled because of environmental impact. When he tried to reach Phyllis, he found out her phone was turned off. He then talked to Victor about it, and Victor promised to intercede for Jack with an influential politician. Later, however, the politician told Victor he couldn't help him. There was too much risk to his career if there was even a hint of impropriety about his dealings. Victor warned the senator that if he couldn't help get a variance for NVP, it might be time for him to retire.

Jack ran into Phyllis at work and demanded to know where she'd been. Phyllis told him she'd been in false labor and had gone to the hospital. Jack showed no concern for her physical well being, simply saying that NVP was having a problem that could cost them millions of dollars. He also raged at Phyllis for canceling one of his orders for NVP spa robes. He reminded her that he owned the company. If he gave an order, he expected it to be followed through on.

Later, Nick came to check on Phyllis. She admitted that Jack had been bothering her. She was also disturbed to find out that the false contractions could last several weeks. Nick reassured her by reminding her that their baby was due in seven days.

When Jack talked to Victor about his meeting with the senator, Victor planted a new idea in Jack's head. He thought maybe Jack should consider running for office himself. Jack wasn't aware that Victor was playing him and seemed moved by Victor's faith in him. He seemed to be giving the idea some consideration.

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