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Monday, November 6, 2006

At the Baldwin's apartment, Kevin told his mom that he and Jana were later planning on going out together to look at a place to rent, as Lauren and Fen were resting after the baby had a fitful night. Gloria said that she should also look for a place to live. Kevin suggested his mom use the Internet to research rental listings. However, Gloria's research subject was Will Bardwell. On the Internet, Gloria learned that Bardwell had been a semi-pro baseball player. She also read everything she could about Bardwell's late wife, her career, and the happy marriage she and Bardwell had. Kevin teased Gloria that Bardwell must be busy dating many women, but Gloria insisted that her research was purely innocent, as she needed to know more about the man who would be pitted against Michael during the Mesta-murder grand jury proceedings. When Gloria mentioned that she and Bardwell are both involved in the same bereavement-support group, Kevin warned her that Bardwell is also in charge of investigating the still-open case of the tainted face cream. Gloria maintained that she enjoyed Bardwell's friendship because he understood the pain of losing a spouse, and that perhaps she is very much like Bardwell's late wife.

Before Jana left the coffeehouse, she waited on Bardwell, who was having coffee before work. Jana grilled the D.A. for information regarding Carmen's murder. Bardwell told her that he could not talk about it and wondered aloud why the young woman, who introduced herself as Jana Hawkes, was so interested in the case. Jana told Bardwell she once worked as a morgue photographer and found it to be fascinating work. After she told Bardwell that she wouldn't mind taking it up again, Bardwell suggested she contact the coroner's human-resource office.

After work, Jana showed up at the Baldwin's apartment to pick up Kevin. Jana refused Kevin's offer of scones for breakfast because she claimed that she was on a detoxification diet for a week. Later, after Kevin and Jana visited the property for rent, they went to the coffeehouse to talk. Kevin said he wasn't impressed with the property because it's quite a drive from Jabot and the coffeehouse. Jana agreed to look at rentals closer to town and informed Kevin that she'd be selling her camper, since the two will soon be flat mates and that she didn't plan on going anywhere.

After Jana and Kevin left, Gloria continued her research on Bardwell and his wife, and then she left for the office. After remembering a detail during her research about Bardwell's late wife, Gloria asked Ashley if Jabot had ever developed a gardenia-scented fragrance, and she told Gloria that a gardenia fragrance was in the supply closet. Later, Gloria seemingly accidentally ran into Bardwell in the hallway and offered her thanks to him. When Bardwell asked how she was, Gloria explained that she didn't know what she would've done if he hadn't answered the phone when she needed someone to talk to. After a bit of small talk, Bardwell asked Gloria if she knew whether or not Jack had shared a close relationship with Carmen Mesta. Before Gloria could answer, a pensive look swept over Bardwell's face. When Gloria questioned him about it, he told her that he liked her perfume and that gardenia was his late wife's favorite. Gloria gushed, feigned surprise, and told him that it is one of her favorites, too. Gloria told Bardwell that she never saw Jack bring Carmen to the mansion, but that Gloria had been thrown out of her house long ago by Jack. Gloria wished Bardwell good luck with his grand jury even though he is challenging Michael's clients, citing that she understood that Bardwell's mission was to find out what happened to Carmen.

At the mansion, Kay and Jill argued over the best way to handle Billy's financial problems. Kay told Jill that if Billy saw Jill as a pushover, then he might continue gambling and losing money, and then he'd try to borrow more money. Kay warned that Billy's habit could become a vicious cycle that could drive him right over the edge. An increasingly upset Jill did not agree with her mother's assessment. Later, Kay overheard Billy trying to borrow money from Esther. She stopped Esther from loaning money to Billy, and later privately told Esther to be on the look out for anything unusual in Billy's room that could signal trouble. Esther said she knew that Kay was very stressed about Billy. Kay explained that when Billy was a baby, she had no idea that he was her grandson, and she thought that perhaps things could've been different if she had been a bigger part of his life from the beginning. Later, while Kay was napping on the sofa, she had a dream. In the dream, Kay saw herself years ago saying, "I could give your child every advantage, a million dollars, Jill. One million dollars, that's what I'm offering you to let me raise your baby as the child of Phillip Chancellor. Did you hear what I said? One million dollars."

Later at Jabot, when Jill tried to talk to Ashley about the argument with Kay regarding Billy, Ashley sided with Kay and Jack agreeing that Billy should get no more handouts and insisting that they all had Billy's best interest at heart. Later, Kay showed up in Jill's office to tell her about Billy's attempt to borrow money from Esther and his lies about what the money was for. Jill, still defensive, became even angrier at her mother when Kay told her that John would be appalled at Billy's behavior. Jill declared that she knew what was best for her son because, she pointedly asked her mother, "Aren't you the one who gave your child away?" Later, however, Jill learned from Gina that Billy had not paid his tab at the club, so she asked him what he'd done with the money she'd given him to pay it. Billy confessed to his mom and Jack that he owed some bookies in Miami thousands of dollars. Jack told Billy to forget about getting cash from his inheritance anytime soon. Jill demanded that Billy prepare an itemized list of all his debts. When Billy offered to just to fix everything, Jack wondered aloud if Billy planned more lies and schemes. Jack warned Billy that no matter how well he covered his tracks, people who are trying to get money back will find him!

Sullivan and Bardwell showed up at Jabot and questioned Jill about Carmen. Jill told them that she barely knew Carmen, and Jill was quite surprised to learn during the investigation that House of Kim had offered Carmen a position. Jill told the Bardwell and the detective that Carmen had done a great job handling the Glo-Again tragedy and had rebuilt the company's reputation. Although it was noted that Carmen had been involved with Jack's departure from Jabot, Jill assured them that Jack and Carmen got along because Carmen later worked for N.V.P. As Bardwell and Sullivan left, Bardwell told Jill that he'd make a personal call to her soon. Bardwell also questioned Ashley, who was careful when she gave information regarding the House of Kim, not wanting to divulge too much information.

At Newman, Sharon was thrilled that Victoria had called Dru back to work. Sharon listened as Dru worried aloud about what could happen at the grand jury trial. Dru told Sharon about the note she'd written to Devon telling him that it was important to come home at 5:30. And that later, Devon had bumped into Carmen and that he had tried to reason with her about his concern regarding his family. Dru said that Carmen must have grabbed Devon's pad and wrote "no way in hell" on the back of the note that was later found on Carmen, who died that same day between 5:00 and 6:00. Dru panicked when she saw Bardwell, but Bardwell had come to Newman to question Jack. Dru wondered why. While she was talking, Dru realized that she'd lost one of her earrings. Dru later told Sharon about Carmen's affair with the married executive and the payoff she was given not to sue for sexual harassment. Sharon, not surprised to hear about Carmen's previous settlement, told Dru that Carmen pressured Victoria for a sizable pay out, too. Dru told Sharon that Bardwell knew about the information Paul had dug up about Carmen. Sharon reassured Dru, promising that she would do whatever it took to help and that she'd make sure to prevent Dru from going to jail.

Bardwell and Sullivan entered Jack's office. When Jack saw them he told them that they'd already discussed the messages Jack had left for Carmen and the reason he had left them, so he didn't know what more he could tell them. Bardwell asked if Jack's relationship with Carmen was purely platonic. Jack said he'd had an attraction, but it wasn't worth noting. When Sullivan asked if Carmen had boyfriend or personal problems, Jack answered that Carmen didn't have time for dating because she was too busy working. Bardwell inquired about Carmen's coworkers and their relationships with her-and Sullivan sarcastically noted that it was understood that Carmen and the Winters family didn't get along. Jack answered that it seemed to him that coworkers liked her and that Carmen's family in Texas had invited fellow employees to the funeral. Bardwell told Jack that Carmen's financial records showed a wire transfer for a large amount from him into her bank account, and he asked what it was for. Jack explained that Carmen had accepted a job offer at House of Kim, and it was her signing bonus. Bardwell pressed Jack for more noting that he thought House of Kim owned Jabot. Jack answered that Bardwell was correct. Jack, stammering to cover his lie regarding ownership of Jabot, told Bardwell that he'd misspoken, and that the money came from N.V.P. to pay Carmen's contractual obligations. Jack also told Bardwell and Sullivan that Carmen had, all on the very same day, accepted the job offer at House of Kim, given him her notice, and it was also the day he had wired the money to Carmen.

Jack went to talk to Mr. Kim immediately after Bardwell and Sullivan left Jack's office to warn Kim about the line of questioning regarding the money Jack wired to Carmen's account, which he had admittedly claimed was a signing bonus from House of Kim. Ashley walked in about that time and added sarcastically that Jack's wayward actions were "smooth, really smooth." Jack told Ashley and Kim that he tried to cover his lie by saying it was really N.V.P. money, paid for services rendered, but that he wasn't sure they were buying it. Mr. Kim assured a nerve-wracked Jack that he'd cover for him. A dismayed Ashley wished the two good luck because, she added, they'll both need it.

Bardwell and Sullivan went to question Kim in his office and asked him about Carmen's contract with House of Kim. Mr. Kim, careful to restate Jack's lies, claimed that Carmen was offered a position as liaison between his company and N.V.P. in Hong Kong and that she had accepted the offer shortly before she died. Sullivan asked rhetorically if Carmen had consented to move all the way to Hong Kong on a handshake. Bardwell added that no contracts were found in Carmen's files. Mr. Kim explained that his company had not yet worked out the terms of the agreement. Sullivan asked Kim if he knew anything about the wire transfer from Jack Abbott into Carmen's bank account. Mr. Kim said that Jack had mentioned that he was trying to reconcile all monies owed to her by N.V.P. When Bardwell asked if the money was a signing bonus from the House of Kim, Mr. Kim answered that it was not because Carmen hadn't yet signed a contract. Bardwell wondered aloud how Jack and Ashley felt about losing Carmen, citing that it was generous of Jack to be happy about losing his star consultant. Bardwell added that perhaps he wasn't too surprised by Jack's actions, considering his history with Jabot, because he had also agreed to work for Mr. Kim. Later, Mr. Kim saw Ashley and thanked her for her suggestions that helped him make his interview with Bardwell and Sullivan seem truthful.

Sharon, walked past Kim and Ashley as they talked in the hallway, after she paid a visit to Jack in his office. Sharon told Jack what she'd learned from Dru regarding Carmen's past from Paul's findings. After she left, Jack returned to Kim's office, just after Bardwell and Sullivan's interview ended. Mr. Kim told Jack that he'd backed up Jack's stories regarding Carmen's job offer and the N.V.P.-money-transfer story. Mr. Kim assured Jack that, together, they'd made a pretty convincing team. However, Jack informed Kim that he'd recently learned that Carmen had accepted a payoff from her last job to make a sexual harassment suit go away, so Jack's payment to her looked very bad. Jack feared that he and Kim were digging a hole that becomes deeper by the minute with their lies and attempts to cover those lies, because Bardwell will continue to investigate, and, Jack added, who knows what he'll find.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Lauren checks on the baby while Michael prepares to go to the courthouse for grand jury testimony. Lauren wonders if Michael believes Dru killed Carmen. Michael says it's not his job to have an opinion on that. Phyllis, Brad, Victoria, Neil, Dru, Lily, Daniel, and Devon prepare as well. Daniel asks Phyllis to go easy on Dru, but Phyllis says she's going to tell the truth. She does think Dru is capable of violence. Lily thinks Devon might be a suspect since he doesn't have an alibi as she tells Colleen about the letter the police found in their apartment. Brad and Victoria agree to stay on their toes and not reveal anything about Brad's past. Dru and Neil agree to lie about their alibis, but Dru worries that Devon may be a suspect. Each person goes into a room to testify and comes back out, with the Winterses going last. Devon doesn't hear Michael talking about the DNA swab, so they have to remind him that he could be held in contempt if he refuses to give it. Dru goes in last and comes out and says she did fine and didn't lose her cool. She tells Neil that she stuck to their story.

J.T. and Colleen are at the courthouse when Korbel comes in. He and J.T. talk about music and Colleen acts uneasy when the two of them get along. J.T. invites Korbel over for dinner one night, and Colleen gets frustrated, saying he should have cleared it with her. She feels like she's spending too much time with him. Korbel calls Victoria and asks for her help with an art benefit.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Although Michael and Lauren both desperately wanted an uneventful evening at home, Gloria had planned a dinner party for them. Jana and Kevin arrived, as did Nick and Phyllis. Michael and Phyllis agreed not to argue about Dru for the evening, but the night was still disastrous. Gloria's cooking was terrible, and Michael and Nick finally left to get Gina's Italian food from the club for everyone.

While the guys were gone, Lauren tried to keep the evening going. But when she and Gloria struggled over a plate to take to the kitchen and Gloria crashed into a table, Lauren lost her temper because the noise woke the baby. While Lauren went to take care of Fen, Kevin tried to reassure his mother that Lauren wasn't really angry with her. She was just tired and overwhelmed. But when Lauren returned and was cool to Gloria, Kevin pretended he and his mother had some Jabot business to take care of, and they left with Jana.

There was still a great deal of strain between Jill and Katherine as Jill got ready for her date with William Bardwell. Katherine and Esther also had plans to go out for dinner and a play afterward. Jill and William went to the club, and both assured the other that they needed a nice relaxing evening after the days they'd had. But when Nick and Michael arrived at the club to pick up food, Michael was incensed to see William having a good time. He lit into the district attorney, accusing him of tormenting the entire Winters family. While William and Jill were out having a great time, Neil's family was home trying to recover from a grueling day in court, although they'd done nothing to deserve the way William was treating them.

Victoria was at the club meeting with Dr. Korbel to plan a benefit for Genoa City's art museum. She'd broken away from him for a moment to speak to her brother, but when Nick saw what was going on between Michael and William, he hurried over to break it up before it got worse. Victoria returned to Dr. Korbel at the bar while Nick tried to calm Michael down.

Michael admitted that his behavior was uncharacteristically over the top, but he attributed it to his concern about Devon. On top of his hearing loss, Devon was having to endure William Bardwell. Nick thought Michael might also be tired and stressed out from Fen's premature birth and recent arrival home. Although they both said that the responsibility of an infant was exhausting, they also agreed that there was nothing like fatherhood.

Like her husband, Phyllis was doing what she could to calm things down in the Baldwin household. She told Lauren that anyone would feel the strain that Lauren was feeling. She'd been through a lot. Lauren said it was more difficult because Gloria was there. She wanted to be nice to Gloria, but she was just so tired, and Gloria made it hard. When the guys got back, Lauren seemed to finally relax. After Nick and Phyllis left, Michael told Lauren to take a nice soothing bath and go to bed. He'd take care of Fen so she could sleep.

Esther was worried about Katherine. She could tell she wasn't sleeping well, and Katherine admitted she was having bad dreams. She didn't tell Esther that she kept having memories of when Phillip III was a baby and she and Jill were fighting all the time. They cut their evening short when the play was bad. Unfortunately, Jill and William had also come home after leaving the club and were on the sofa getting romantic when Katherine and Esther interrupted them. William left, and Esther went to bed.

Jill and Katherine's argument turned to laughter and things seemed better between them. But then Katherine began questioning Jill's judgment and her parenting abilities again, in relation to Billy, and Jill blew up at her. The two of them ended up raging at each other over their shared history. Jill finally said Katherine was in no position to judge her parenting when she'd never been a mother to her own daughter.

Nick and Phyllis ended up on the patio at Crimson Lights, because Nick said it wouldn't be long before they couldn't go out whenever they wanted to. Phyllis insisted that their baby was going to be perfectly behaved and happy, not crying all the time like Fen. Nick laughed at Phyllis's delusions.

Inside the coffee house, Gloria was feeling sorry for herself with Jana and Kevin, who were trying their best to cheer her up. Gloria said maybe she should buy Jana's camper and live out in the country, far away from everyone. But she cheered up when she saw William walk in. Jana and Kevin left them alone, and William admitted that his dinner plans had been cut short. Gloria said she'd had the same thing happen, so now she wouldn't take no for an answer: William had to eat dinner with her.

Colleen wasn't happy to see Dr. Korbel and Victoria together and asked where her father was. Victoria said Brad was working late because their hours in court had impacted their business day. Colleen pretended to be okay with the news that Victoria and Dr. Korbel were planning a benefit together, but she was jealous. She couldn't stop thinking of the kiss she and her professor had shared. After Victoria left, Colleen told Dr. Korbel that she had to get home, but he talked her into staying to have a cup of coffee with him and talk about a project they were working on. As soon as Colleen sat down, however, Dr. Korbel realized things were a little too friendly between them, so he abruptly brought their evening to a close.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Katherine apologizes to Jill for being rude to her in front of Mr. Bardwell the night before. Katherine still believes that Jill needs to discipline Billy. When Katherine cannot find an antique of hers, she runs to Billy's room. Jill is outraged that Katherine would invade Billy's privacy, but when they find out that Katherine was right about Billy, Jill is outraged. Billy had stolen and pawned one of Katherine's antiques. After Katherine got it back with a fight, she confronted Billy. Katherine said that Billy's father would be very disappointed in him, and that he had better figure out how to gain her trust back if he was planning on continuing to live with her.

After Jill tells Jack about Billy's charades, Jack tells Billy that he will pay off Billy's debt if he takes Mr. Kim's job offer in Hong Kong. Billy is happy to get away, but Jill is sad that her son is leaving.

Victoria asks Colleen if she would like to help at the silent auction. Colleen turns her down. Mr. Corbel apologizes to Colleen for leaving abruptly. When J.T. shows up, Colleen says that she needs to go. J.T. walks her out. Brad talks to J.T. about investigating Mr. Corbel. Brad says that he thinks it's strange that Mr. Corbel is suddenly so interested in Colleen and Victoria and the art collection. J.T. doesn't think it's a big deal, considering that Mr. Corbel is an art teacher. Brad asks J.T. to investigate Mr. Corbel. Brad tells Victoria he is supportive of her idea to have a silent auction. They decide to go home for lunch to make love.

Victor shows Nikki a letter from Carmen's brother. He finds it interesting that Carmen had told her brother about her job offer to go to Hong Kong. Victor wonders who Carmen told besides her family about taking the job from NVP. Victor calls Mr. Kim and asks him to breakfast to find out. Jack warns Mr. Kim about Victor. At breakfast, Victor and Mr. Kim discuss owning companies and how together they can benefit each other. Mr. Kim admits that Jack has been very helpful and that he trusts his opinion. When Jack asks about the job offer with Carmen, Mr. Kim blows it off as a good job opportunity. Victor is not convinced.

Nikki finds out from Sharon that her and Jack made a surprise stop in Belies on vacation. Victor comes to the conclusion that this has to do with the purchase of Jabot. He is saddened that Jack is still up to his old tricks and that he had been tricked by Jack when he was sick. Victor worries that Sharon got together with Jack too soon after the divorce, and that Jack may be using Sharon.

Sharon tells Jack about Nikki's idea to send Sharon on a promo tour of the Caribbean. Sharon wants to know if Jack would be up for another getaway. Jack says that that sounds like music to his ears. He tells Sharon that he couldn't have gone through these past few months without her. Sharon tells him about Nikki's interest in their previous getaways.

Gloria tries to convince Mr. Kim that her Glo by Jabot perfume line will be a success. After Mr. Kim and Jack discuss this, Mr. Kim calls and tells Gloria that they will continue the idea, with Ashley in charge.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Groups of people in Genoa City all speculated about who had killed Carmen and why. Paul, Michael, and Neil were at the club talking about the murder. Michael outlined a scenario wherein Dru caught Carmen in the parking garage at Newman and just wanted to talk to her. But their talk got out of hand, and Dru picked up a steel pipe and struck Carmen across the back of the head with it.

Neil said Michael had a motive, too. He'd dug up dirt on Carmen and infuriated her. Maybe later, she'd approached him in the parking garage and started screaming at him. When he pushed her away from him, she fell and hit her head.

Michael and Neil were curious about why the D.A. was questioning Brad Carlton. They wondered if there were things about Brad they didn't know. Paul couldn't tell them what he knew about Brad's past, but he speculated to himself that maybe Carmen had threatened to expose Brad. He could visualize Brad killing Carmen to protect his secrets and his family, just as Brad had killed the men in Cleveland.

Brad and Victoria were also talking about Carmen's death. Brad said that Victoria could look as guilty as he did. Perhaps Carmen had been the one who stole Victoria's portfolio and had figured out what Victoria and Brad were hiding. If she'd threatened Victoria's family, Victoria might have struck her on the back of the head with something. Their conversation was interrupted by Jana. After Jana left their table, Victoria said Jana could be guilty, too. She'd been the one who found Victoria's jewelry. Maybe that was because she'd stolen it. Maybe Carmen had surprised her looking at Victoria's portfolio, which Jana had also stolen. So Jana had to kill Carmen to keep her quiet. Brad was amused by Victoria's vivid imagination, and Victoria said his paranoia was starting to rub off on her.

Kevin and Jana were also discussing Carmen's death. Carmen said it could be the work of a serial killer--someone handsome, educated, and charming on the outside, with a secret desire to kill, someone like Ted Bundy. As Kevin asked who in Genoa City was like that, Jana's eyes fell on Dr. Korbel. She said he was the last person anyone would suspect, because he was handsome and charming. Maybe he'd been carrying on a flirtation with Carmen and had been following her. Then, when he'd found an opportunity, he'd killed her. Kevin thought the whole theory was a little farfetched.

Dr. Korbel and Colleen were talking about how upset Colleen was that any of the Winters family could be suspects in a murder. Dr. Korbel told her she was being naive. Maybe even Lily had done it. He outlined a scenario in which Lily confronted Carmen in a remote location. Their argument escalated, and in a moment of passion, Lily pushed Carmen, who fell and hit her head. When Colleen wondered why Lily would have dumped the body behind Indigo, casting suspicion on the Winterses, Dr. Korbel said that it was a clever ploy to throw off the police, because that would be the last logical place any of the Winters family would take the body.

Colleen said it could just as easily be Kevin, who Colleen described as a homicidal maniac. Although she hadn't seen him, she was sure he was the person who'd locked her in a cooler and set Gina's restaurant on fire around her. If he'd been prepared to kill once, he would kill again. Perhaps Carmen had resisted his advances, so Kevin had killed her in a fit of rage. Dr. Korbel wasn't really buying Colleen's theory, and their meeting was interrupted when the Winters kids came in with Daniel.

Colleen joined her friends, who were also talking about the murder. Devon said he looked bad because he'd admitted to the police that he'd gone for a walk alone in the park to cool off after his unsuccessful attempt to see Carmen. Plus he had the note that made him look guilty. Lily and Colleen thought it was ridiculous, but Daniel agreed with Devon. They were all suspects to the cops because none of them had alibis.

Meanwhile, Neil was insisting to Paul and Michael that it was ridiculous for anyone to think his kids were guilty of hurting Carmen. Paul and Michael pointed out that Neil, too, could have a motive for killing Carmen. Their relationship had gotten out of hand, and she was a threat to his family. When he tried to talk to her, she was uncooperative and hateful. When she turned away from him, Neil beat her head in with a wrench he was holding. Neil dismissed that notion and said Jack could be guilty, too. After all, he'd once been sexually involved with Carmen. Maybe he was angry with her about something.

Jack and Ji Min were also talking about Carmen. Jack could see a possible murder case against him if the police thought Carmen was blackmailing him. But he also remembered Ji Min telling him that Carmen wouldn't be a problem anymore. Maybe his statement had more sinister implications than Jack had realized at the time. Ji Min assured Jack that he wouldn't risk everything by killing Carmen. Jack said that Paul had been investigating Carmen. Maybe she'd confronted him and threatened him, and Paul had pushed her away, causing her to fall and die.

Back at the club, Paul was telling Neil that if he found any evidence that anyone in the Winters family had killed Carmen, then he was taking himself off the case. Neil assured him that wasn't going to happen.

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