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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, November 13, 2006

Kate is nearly caught red-handed in E.J.'s apartment, but Bo calls in her arch nemesis to save the day: Sami. As Sami flirts with E.J., John rescues Kate. In the surveillance truck, Kate shows the men what she found in the apartment: an onyx ring that resembles the one Stefano used to wear. Meanwhile, Sami tells E.J. she can't continue their relationship. After Sami leaves, E.J. hears a noise and realizes someone was in his apartment. He later tells Kate, then says John Black is probably behind it. He'd like Kate to keep tabs on their friend John. Kate says she'd be happy to. What is she up to?

At the hospital, Hope tells Steve she ran into Billie and that he's making the right decision sticking it out with Kayla. Steve nearly confesses the truth to Hope but decides against it. John arrives and Marlena expresses her worry about him doing the surveillance. She senses he's keeping something from her, and he is forced to reveal the onyx ring. Marlena is chilled and urges John to let the case go. After Sami and Bo arrive, he tells Roman that Sami helped out with the E.J. surveillance. A pleased Roman thanks his daughter. Later, Steve sees a blond-haired man and is momentarily thrown by the stranger's appearance.

After receiving a note from E.J., Patrick arrives at the hospital to keep tabs on John and Bo, but Hope asks him to leave. Before he goes, Bo drops the bomb that Eve Michaels scratched his police ID number on a piece of paper. We see Patrick is rattled by this. Later, Nick arrives with good news regarding the serum to save Kayla's life; unfortunately, due to a blizzard, there's no way they can get to it. Marlena makes a suggestion: she and John will take his plane and pick up the serum. John has no choice but to agree.

Mimi tells Patrick that Bonnie had to be the one who took his money. Who else would do it? Patrick interrogates Bonnie, but the scam queen remains tight lipped.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kayla continues to get worse. As John and Marlena get ready to leave, they are told the weather is getting worse. John gets a single engine place from a friend to take so it will be safer.

Shawn tells Willow that he doesn't want her to move in with him so he can spend more time with Claire. She gets upset and leaves. Belle comes by to see Shawn's new apartment. She can't believe he can afford such a nice place. Shawn has to leave to make a delivery for Patrick and leaves Belle at his apartment. She finds Willow's bag in the cabinet.

Hope sees Patrick still hanging around the hospital. She tells him that she is going to the Bradys' Pub with Bo. He tells her that Bo still has it out for him and still thinks he is responsible for Eve's murder.

She talks to Kayla while she is asleep and tells her that he doesn't remember her and that he's only telling her that to keep her alive. Benjy shows up and Steve remembers him. He starts signing to him and can understand Benjy. Benjy tells him that he read in the paper that he was alive. Benjy tells him about a Christmas that they all spent together and suddenly Steve remembers! He tells Kayla about it after Benjy leaves.

Willow shows back up at the apartment to get her bag and has an argument with Belle. Shawn shows up and Willow and Belle both leave.

Hope asks Bo if he is investigating Patrick and he tells her he is. She wants to know more so Bo tells her. She is happy that he shared this with her and hopes it isn't true. She is ready for good times!

John and Marlena face turbulence in the air. Marlena tells John that she does not want him investigation E.J. anymore and he agrees.

Victor has a surprise for Claire. He takes her into a room where a bandages person is sitting in a wheelchair.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

On the way to Canada to pick up the antidote for Kayla, Marlena and John's plane loses altitude. Marlena insists they need to lighten the load, so she parachutes out. Frantic John lands in Ottawa, picks up the serum, and demands a full-out search for Marlena. She's landed in the snow and is stranded with an injured ankle. Meanwhile, a distraught John prepares to bring the serum back to Salem, and Marlena is faced with a terrifying stranger wielding an ax.

The doctors have cleared Steve to leave the quarantine room, but he refuses. He's trying to keep Kayla alive by connecting to their past, and he is having some real memories of their relationship. Nonetheless he asks Bo to bring Billie to him so he can explain his plan to her. Later, Kayla again has difficulty breathing, and at best has only hours to live.

Bo and Hope convince Stephanie that she should heed the doctor's advice, and go home with Hope. Stephanie asks if her uncle Bo will be there as well, and, to Bo's surprise, Hope asks him to move back in. Bo agrees, even though they both realize it could be a bumpy road back for them. At the same time, Chelsea reveals to Billie that she saw her in bed with Bo and is thrilled they're back together. Billie explains that Chelsea misread the situation.

In counterpoint, Patrick tries to reach Hope again and can't. He heads to the hospital to confront her and she tells him Bo is moving home. She also tells an angry Patrick she needs a break from him. Meanwhile, Bo tells Billie that Steve wants to talk to her, but she's not interested. She wishes the best for Steve and Kayla, but doesn't want to be heartbroken again. Later, Chelsea runs in to tell them that John and Marlena had plane trouble. John made it to Ottawa , but Marlena jumped and is missing!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Steve encourages a weakening Kayla by making her recite a reading from their second wedding. During this, Steve has flashbacks of that wedding and also of his first kiss with Kayla. Suddenly, though, Kayla flatlines. The medical team tries to revive her, but they finally pronounce her dead. The entire Brady clan, watching outside the quarantine unit, are devastated. Steve refuses to accept defeat and places a deep kiss on her lips -- which revives her! Bo then races in with the medication, which is administered to Kayla. Everyone is buoyed by Kayla's miraculous recovery and the fact that she doesn't reject the new drug. Doctor Myers tells Steve how important he is to Kayla's health and suggests he be there for her full time.

Roman and Abe inform John that a black glove was found in the airplane he and Marlena used to fly to Canada and that the gears were tampered with. John has more pressing matters to deal with -- saving Marlena. While he agonizes over not hearing from her, Belle and Sami arrive. Sami slaps him, accusing him of abandoning her mother.

Meanwhile, Marlena awakens in a luxurious cabin in the middle of nowhere. She is frightened by the sight of a man in a furry coat and hat standing over her with an ax. She threatens the man -- until he removes his hat, and we see it is Smokey Robinson! Smokey cares for Marlena and, eventually, sends an email to the Salem P.D. with Marlena's whereabouts. John takes the first plane out and is reunited with Marlena. They dance romantically as Smokey sings to them.

Shawn goes to Victor's to pick up Claire, but Victor refuses to allow him into the room where Claire has been "sleeping." Shawn is suspicious and later tells Belle he believes Victor is up to something and they must be careful. Victor then goes into the mysterious room, where we see the man with the bandaged face. He promises the mystery man that Claire will spend more time with him. We get a huge surprise when Victor calls the man by his name -- Philip!

Friday, November 17, 2006

On their way back from Canada, Marlena tells John she doesn't want him investigating E.J. and Patrick anymore. It's too dangerous. John refuses. Alone, Marlena goes to Bo in hopes that he'll convince John to opt out of the investigation. Bo reluctantly agrees to help Marlena. Meanwhile, Abe and Roman give Tek the task of sifting through E.J.'s bank records. John asks Abe to deputize him so he can help with the investigation in an official capacity. Just then Tek emerges with information: E.J. has a safe deposit box.

Kayla's feeling much better and thanks Steve for all his help. She knows this has been hard for him, so she gives him the option of walking away from their relationship. Steve is unable to do so when Stephanie arrives and interrupts the moment. Steve tells Stephanie that when he and Kayla leave the hospital it will be together. Later, Steve confides in Hope about his predicament with Billie/Kayla. He wants to help Kayla, but Billie is the one he has feelings for.

Bo arrives at his house with a suitcase. He's moving back in after Hope agreed that they should give their relationship another try.

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