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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on GL
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Monday, November 13, 2006

At The Beacon, Olivia confronts Jeffrey about the night he forced himself on her. As their voices are raised, Harley arrives with a uniform police officer to warn Jeffrey that the poison Blake ingested was meant for him. When she asks if he knew anyone who would want him dead, he replies, "Who doesn't?" He doesn't implicate Olivia. Harley tells him to be careful and leaves. Olivia is certain Jeffrey didn't point the finger at her because it would bring up his past and what he did to her. They argue about whose life was ruined more by that night. Olivia leaves to go to Company.

When Olivia shows up, Ava accidentally bonks her in the head with a football. While Coop goes inside to pack for his business trip, Olivia tells Ava she should let the past go. She should stop looking for her father. Olivia goes inside to have a drink and sees Jeffrey on television. Alan-Michael arrives outside and presents Ava with a gift of a diamond. She refuses the gift and leaves to see Coop off. Olivia sees Alan-Michael and asks him to help her throw Ava off the trail of finding her father. She gives him the name of someone at the party that night and asks him to pursue him as the father. At first Alan-Michael declines, but ends up realizing he can have time alone with Ava if he follows this "lead." He calls Ava to tell her he's on his way to San Cristobel to look into the lead. She invites herself along for the trip.

Ava has literally bumped into Jeffrey on Main Street after taking Alan-Michael's call. Jeffrey has just given his assistant the night off. He had been having flashbacks to Olivia's revelation that she "got rid of" the child he fathered. Ava smothers him with adoration, saying she voted for him because she feels she can trust him. She leaves to go meet Alan-Michael and Jeffrey heads into Company for a drink. While there, a young woman comes onto him suggestively strong. He turns her down when he thinks back to Olivia referring to the child as a girl. He realizes she may have given their baby up for adoption. He makes a call for a background check on Olivia, and any involvement she may have had in an adoption years earlier.

While Billy and Cassie discuss what may happen now that Reva is in remission, Reva heads to the farmhouse and surprises Josh in Cassie's bedroom. He wants to go downstairs to talk with her, but Reva insists they remain in the bedroom. Josh can't figure out what Reva wants. He tells her that she exhausted him and he wants a relationship without all the complications. When Reva asks if Josh loves Cassie the way he loves Reva, he admits he doesn't. He does, however, insist that Cassie makes him happy and he loves her very much. Reva fondles the wedding rings on her necklace and says she honestly didn't even notice putting them on when the hospital nurse gave them back to her. Josh tells her that his life and his future are with Cassie now. He and Cassie are there to help her. Reva does not want their pity. Cassie enters the bedroom and she and Reva hug. Reva readies herself to leave, saying she needs to figure out what to do with this second chance God has given her. When Reva leaves, Cassie asks Josh not to have intimate conversations with Reva in her (Cassie's) bedroom. Josh says, "Our bedroom." Cassie replies, "Yeah, we'll see." She packs Josh's bags with clothes from the closet, telling him to leave to go help Reva and that she'll be waiting when he comes back. He says he's not coming back because he's not leaving. He tries to assure her that he's not leaving her. The two kiss.

At Outskirts, Lizzie is having a devil of a time trying to be a waitress. She's been mixing up drink orders and dropping things. A couple of customers have been asking for Tammy back. Jonathan is very nice to her and says she's doing better than he had thought she would. He tells her to lighten up for the baby's sake. He quickly adds she is already a great mother. Tammy and Remy come in to gather her things from the old apartment. Billy arrives having just seen the pair on Main Street. Tammy is surprised to see Lizzie waiting tables. But Lizzie reminds her it is a family business after all. Just as Tammy is saying that change is good, Jon receives a phone call and leaves immediately with Lizzie. Billy looks at Tammy and says, "Doing the right things sucks, don't it."

Jon and Lizzie arrive at Cross Creek in answer to Reva's call. She tells them she's in remission. They are all very happy. Reva suggests they move in with her. She tells them they can all look after one another and once the baby is born, she'll help change diapers. They all decide it is a great idea and will drive Alan crazy. Jon says, "What boy doesn't want to live with his mother?"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blake regains consciousness. Harley and Gus speak with her, telling her she was poisoned. Harley tells Blake they know she is the Springfield Burns blogger. Blake claims she was set up by Jeffrey. Harley pushes Blake - and she soon confesses - she is the blogger. Blake uses the excuse that she wanted attention. Her heart monitor goes off and her breathing becomes labored. As she's fading, she tells Gus she didn't tell anybody his secret. Gus asks her what secret she's talking about. Back at the station Marina tells Harley she feels sorry for Blake. Harley admits she feels guilty for not paying more attention to Blake when she was grieving after Ross' death. Gus tells Harley Blake made reference to keeping his "secret." They try to unravel the mystery.

Olivia is avoiding Buzz. Meanwhile, Buzz picks out a ring - to propose to her. Coop tries to talk Buzz out of it, but to no avail. Buzz wants to prove to Olivia that he won't walk out on her. Buzz sets up a romantic evening including dinner, candles and soft music, but has yet to hear from Olivia. He decides he needs to find her.

Alan-Michael and Ava find out the person whom Olivia sent them after is dead. They run into his widow at the cemetery. She tells Ava he couldn't have been her father. He was sterile. Alan-Michael let's Ava know the lead was given to him by Olivia and now realizes it was a set-up to throw them off track. Ava accuses Alan-Michael of using this trip to get her into bed. Alan-Michael denies it. Ava doesn't quite trust his motives. Alan-Michael calls Olivia to warn her Ava knows she set them up.

Jeffrey gets a call from his contact - confirming Olivia put a baby girl up for adoption almost 9 months after the Royal Ball. Jeffrey breaks into Olivia's room and waits for her to return. He confronts her - threatening to turn her in for putting the poison in the champagne. He tells Olivia he knows she put the baby up for adoption. Jeffrey tells her he doesn't recall that night the same way she does. He also tells her he doesn't want to have anything to do with his daughter. That night caused him to lose everything as well. He storms out. Olivia overhears Jeffrey setting up a press conference, jumping to the conclusion it is about her. They struggle - Jeffrey knocks her down into a chair, covering her mouth to prevent her from screaming - just as Ava walks into the room. Ava asks what's going on. Olivia blurts out that her "father" is hurting her again. Ava calls the police who come and take Jeffrey away. Buzz walks in and Olivia tells him Jeffrey is the man who attacked her 20 years ago.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Inside the Light: The Frost Moon

A large snow globe appears. Inside it, people on Main Street prepare for a carnival. The voiceover of a fortuneteller explains that every month has its moon. November's moon is the Frost Moon. Springfield founders used the Frost Moon to guide them to that land and they finally settled. Hundreds of years later, people still believe that the Frost Moon guides the path of lost people.

Dinah lugs suitcases when she runs into this fortuneteller on Main Street. With one look at Dinah's palm, the woman predicts bright love in Dinah's future. Dinah snatches her hand back, claiming that love was the pastónot the future. She blasts the seer for giving people false hope and continues to struggle with her suitcases as she goes on her way.

Dinah visits Vanessa. She lives at what looks like the Beacon in a full suite with a living room and fireplace. Dinah retrieves a photo of her father and announces to her mother that she is leaving town for a while. When Vanessa demands to know what is chasing her out of town, Dinah explains how she believes that Mallet set up for an inquisition at the police station the other day. Dinah rhetorically wonders if her mother can believe that Mallet thought she would poison anyone. Vanessa's slow answer causes her daughter to assume that she thinks like Mallet. Vanessa disagrees, suspecting that maybe Mallet was trying to protect her. As Vanessa implores her to not run away, preteen Clarissa Marler emerges from the back room, wondering if Dinah is leaving her, too. Dinah promises Clarissa that she wouldn't leave her if she needed her. Vanessa asks the girl to see about a game Matt bought, but the child cynically quips that this must be adult talk time. She retreats to the back room. Over her shoulder she warns Dinah not to go anywhere.

Vanessa informs Dinah that DA Doris Wolfe has taken an interest in Clarissa's welfare. She scheduled a hearing about her today with social services. A shocked Dinah calls Wolfe a publicity whore is who just using Clarissa. Hurriedly Vanessa grabs her purse and instructs Dinah to stay with the child while she picks up her homework from school before the hearing. Dinah hangs out the door, vowing to leave town the moment Vanessa returns. Clarissa strolls in with a cookie for her half-sister. Dinah calls her "Munchkin" when she thanks her. Clarissa retorts that she's a little old for that name. Dinah agrees and decides that today, they'll do something fun together, just the girls.

Meanwhile Mallet and Marina are together at the station when the camera crew arrives to film Mallet's The Law reality show. Today is not the day Mallet wants to fool with this. He skirts out, leaving his new partner with the camera crew. We hear the song, "Policemen, Policemen, we're putting away bad guys..." as Marina poses for the camera.

At the hospital, Dinah is alone visiting Blake. As she sleeps, Dinah covers her in a blanket. With great difficulty, Dinah admits that she understands Blake's desire to lash out and hurt people. She knows that Blake was lost after Ross died. She assures sleeping Blake that, for the sake of Ross's memory and her children, she will not harm her. Dinah admonishes Blake for abandoning her children's need for security while she terrorized Springfield as the blogger. Dinah, whose mother left her to be raised by carnival employees, insists to Blake that one doesn't leave their children on the side of the road and expect them to find their way home. She must protect them. Dinah has an epiphany that she must have her father somewhere deep inside of her. She vows that she will not end up like Blake. Grabbing her coat, she tearfully wishes Blake well and exits.

Mallet shows up at Vanessa's to learn that Dinah has left with Clarissa. When Vanessa returned home from picking up Clarissa's lessons, Dinah, Clarissa and both of their belongings were all gone. Vanessa thinks it has something to do with the hearing today. Mallet runs out of the door, saying that he's on it.

Clarissa and Dinah pull their bags up and sit on the bench in front of Company. As Dinah holds plane tickets, she previews all the great things they will do in Florida. Clarissa is sad because of all the gossip about her mother. She doesn't want her mother to be alone. A breathless Mallet runs up, wanting to talk to Dinah. Clarissa goes into Company to get some food. Alone with Dinah, Mallet accuses her of running with her little sister. Dinah dismisses his theory and grabs his handcuffs. Handcuffing herself, she asks him if this is all that he really wants to do. Just then, the camera crew shows up and the host says, "We're back on the air with Detective AC Mallet. Looks like we have a fugitive situation...with a twist..."

Startled, Mallet ushers Dinah off camera. He uncuffs her and the camera is still following them. When he learns that the show is live for the whole country to see, he flashes Dinah's tickets to Orlando, announcing them as a sweepstakes prize for his show. The tickets are to be awarded to the one hundredth caller to the producer's home phone number. As he asks her for the phone number, she stops the cameraman's filming and angrily walks away. The theme music for The Law plays as Dinah glares at Mallet before stomping into Company.

Once Dinah comes back outside after retrieving Clarissa, Doris Wolfe calls Mallet from Vanessa's house. Dinah begs Mallet to do something. Mallet makes up a story that Clarissa is with him because she is a witness in her mother's case. He says that he can't bring her to the hearing because they are questioning her per the Chief's orders. After some nasty comment Doris makes, Mallet wonders if Doris eats with that mouth. As soon as he's off the phone, the TV crew is back to filming. This time they focus on Clarissa until Dinah warns them to get that camera out of the child's face. Once the camera crew leaves, Clarissa wants to go to the Frost Moon Carnival. Dinah agrees. Mallet wants to accompany them since he just told the TV crew that Clarissa is his witness. He comments that Dinah doesn't like carnivals. She murmurs about her bad childhood, but shrugs, saying that sometimes, you just have to suck it up.

Main Street is decorated with frosty blue and white balloons, white lights and snowy Christmas trees. The host of The Law complains that they are not at a crime scene. Frustrated, they charge off to find themselves some crime at the carnival. Meanwhile, Dinah's mind blurs while surveying the carnival scene. He asks if she is okay. Wistfully, Dinah nods that she is fine.

While Clarissa gets cotton candy, Dinah strolls through the carnival with Mallet, pointing out what's fake and only illusion. She admits she hasn't spent any time on this side of it all (as a spectator), and she continues to criticize carnivals. They spot the fortuneteller, and Dinah suggests that Mallet arrest her because she's a con artist. The woman strolls up to Dinah, places a blue crystal charm bracelet in her hand, and reminds her that she sees great love in her future. What she sees, Dinah corrects her, is a single man beside her, and so she assumes that Dinah wants to be fed some type of hope about him. As they stalk off from the fortuneteller, Dinah hesitates, staring at the crystal bracelet. She looks back at the seer.

Dinah tosses the bracelet and it lands on a ring toss game. The operator of the booth announces that Dinah has won. She can claim her prize or risk it all for an even bigger reward. Dinah denounces the games as rigged, but Mallet is excited, wanting to try their luck. Dinah refuses. They tousle over the toss rings and Dinah falls down. As she comes to her feet, an argument ensues. Dinah just wants the relationship to be over after Mallet tricked her at the police station. Mallet asserts that he doesn't believe she poisoned anyone. Marina is the one who suspected her. Recalcitrant, Dinah ends the discussion to go find Clarissa.

She locates the child as some other girls are snatching a balloon dog away from her. They walk away laughing. Clarissa explains that those girls claimed her mother is the blogger and called everyone in her family freaks. Dinah can't deny any of that. When Clarissa sounds off about how hard things are, Dinah reveals that she grew up in a carnival. She said that she slept in a different place every night. Clarissa wants to know what her father did at the carnival. Dinah answers that he wasn't there, neither was her mother. Upon seeing the distress in the girl's eyes, Dinah tries to reassure the child. She explains that her parents didn't know that she was alone, but the carnival people took care of her. She recalled watching all the families that attended carnivals and admitted her obsession with being normal. Clarissa asked if she ever got that desire. Frankly, Dinah tells her that she didn't. Dinah promises the child that her life will not be that way because she has a family and loved ones. She belongs somewhere. As Mallet looks on, Dinah comforts Clarissa, reminding her of how much Blake loves her and believes in her. She is very lucky to have that because not everyone does.

Clarissa runs off to play one last game. While Mallet and Dinah discuss returning Clarissa and facing social services, the camera crew returns. They want to stage a mugging to get some interesting footage. Responding to the shock on the faces of Mallet and Dinah, the host retorts that reality TV isn't real. Fuming, Dinah decides to give them some reality.

She pulls the camera on her and announces that she is the main suspect in the poisoning investigation. Mallet continually interrupts and finally gets the camera's attention. He explains that Dinah is no longer a suspect. They ask him what about the evidence depicts. He believes Dinah's word is just as strong as any evidence. No matter how impulsive she is or how many mistakes she has made, she's a deeply loving person, even when people don't return her love. Dinah admiringly stares at him as he continues to speak about how hard Dinah's life is, but she always picks herself back up, hoping maybe this time she can stop running and start hogging all his sheets again, singing in his shower and making him laugh like no one else can. He looks into her eyes and asks her to stop running, to just come back. To the camera, he asks if they got all that. They cut the filming and Dinah replies that she got it. They passionately kiss.

Outside of Vanessa's, they drop off Clarissa. The camera crew of The Law is anxious to get back out there and find some crime. Mallet ditches them by recalling an old knee injury that suddenly has him doubled over in pain. He limps away, leaning on Dinah as she explains that they will have to reschedule. Once the two reach Mallet's door, Mallet is carrying her in his arms. Before they go in, the camera crew rounds the corner, hollering that they knew it was a lie. Mallet's fake pain reemerges and he practically drops Dinah on the floor. They scramble into his place, shutting the door behind them.

Dinah jokes that all his lying and faking today leads her to think she is a bad influence on him. He mentions the things he said about her earlier. Dinah's face thins, and she tells him that it's fine if he lied about those things. She tries to leave, but he won't let her, reaffirming those statements he made about her. He asks for trust in return. He wants her to believe in him and not just wait for him to disappoint her. No matter what happens, he wants them each to promise the other not to leave again. Looking out the window, Dinah expresses her anxieties. Mallet tells her that they can't keep jumping out the window when there are problems. She kisses him and promises not to run away any more.

Mallet tells her that he heard her say that, when she was in the carnival, she woke up in a different place every day. He asks her would she wake up here everyday with him. He catches her eyeing the window again. Dinah is looking at the window but swears she isn't thinking of running. The night is beautiful. Together they gravitate to the window. Holding each other, they stare at what Dinah believes is the Frost Moon. Music plays and lyrics sing, "Hold on, hold onto this perfect moment..." The camera pans the empty but lit carnival. The fortuneteller turns off the lights, signifying that the carnival has ended and they will move on tomorrow.

Dinah and Mallet fall into bed together. We watch them make love inside the sparkling snow globe. The camera zooms in on the crystal bracelet.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Olivia tells Buzz she recognized Jeffrey's eyes. Buzz tears a campaign poster down and mutters Jeffrey is lucky the police picked him up, or else he'd have been a dead man. Olivia tells Buzz she needs to rest. As soon as he leaves, she takes off as well.

Jeffrey is at the police station. Mallet, in charge of the investigation, takes his sweet old time reviewing the case, aggravating Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Mallet he and Olivia had words and that's all the security officer saw. In walks Olivia asking to talk to Jeffrey alone. Olivia tells Jeffrey she's not going to press charges. She wants to punish him in a bigger way - she's going to ruin him. Olivia informs Mallet she's not pressing charges and he should release him. Mallet begrudgingly releases him. On his way out, Buzz punches Jeffrey knocking him into Coop and Ava. Ava kindly asks Jeffrey if he's ok. Jeffrey thanks her and leaves. Ava calls him back asking him if she can talk with him - to find out more about him. Olivia witnesses the punch and the exchange between Ava and Jeffrey. A reporter asks Olivia for a story - she offers to tell him all about Jeffrey's history of violence against women if he promised to not use her name as the source.

Lizzie witnesses one of Reva's dizzy spells. Jonathan tells Alan he and Lizzie are living with Reva. Alan is upset. Jonathan prevents Alan from going in to visit with Lizzie at Crosscreek, that he was trespassing. While Lizzie and Reva are out on a walk, Jonathan tackles the assembly of a stroller and practices strolling a doll only to have the stroller fall apart. Lizzie and Reva have a heart to heart talk during their walk. Reva tells Lizzie she's suspicious of her motives of being nice to her. Lizzie tells Reva her actions are sincere or at least partly sincere because she's trying to impress Jonathan. Reva and Lizzie go their own way.

Tammy tries to pay Reva a visit and Jonathan answers the door telling Tammy they now live with Reva. He invites Tammy inside. They make small talk realizing they're uncomfortable being alone with each other. She leaves asking Jonathan to let Reva know she came by to visit. Tammy asks Jonathan if he's coming to Thanksgiving dinner. She walks out awkwardly, glancing sadly through the window on her way out.

Alan pays a visit to Dr. Sedwick to find out Lizzie's due date. He later runs into Reva. He expresses his concern about Lizzie and the baby living in her "shack." He asks her if she wants a war. Reva tells him to stay away from Jonathan and Lizzie or else.

Lizzie returns home, without Reva and Jonathan is upset. Lizzie is thrilled with the stroller (fixed with Tammy's help). Jonathan tells Lizzie Tammy stopped by to visit Reva. He tells Lizzie the truth that he wanted to see Lizzie. Jonathan tells Lizzie that Alan had also stopped by to try to see her. He tells Lizzie he can't promise he won't see Tammy again. Lizzie storms off.

Remy and Marina were waiting for Tammy at the restaurant. Tammy comes in telling them she went to visit Reva. Remy senses she's upset. Tammy asks Remy to help her hide all mementoes of Jonathan. He tells her he can't help her with this.

Jonathan and Lizzie fight about his feelings for Tammy. Lizzie tells Jonathan that he hasn't really changed. She tells him watching him torture himself is getting old. She tells him to pick her or Tammy and to mean it.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Doris is reaming Jeffrey out about the incident with Olivia. He reminds her that no charges were filed and she retorts that he brought embarrassment on the DA office. Jeffrey quits right there. Afterwards, he sees an article on the first page claiming that he has a history of abusing women. Realizing he has to do damage control, Jeffrey arranges a press conference.

Buzz is babysitting Emma when Coop arrives to give him the engagement ring he asked him to pick up. After they both play with Emma, the babysitter finally arrives to take Emma to the park. Coop suggests it might be best to wait and propose when Olivia is in a better mood. Buzz insists that it has to be now. He wants Olivia to know that she can count on him to stick around. They then head out to run an errand.

Jeffrey is giving his press conference downtown. He denies that he assaulted any woman He admits that when he was younger he did have some brushes with the law and states that the federal government drafted him into service when they convinced him that he committed a serious crime. He goes on record saying the "serious crime" was simply a wild teenage boy spending the night with a wild teenage girl. He goes on to say that he paid his debt to society. Buzz is in the audience and goes off on that, questioning that he paid his debt. Suddenly, the press bombards Jeffrey with questions asking for the name of the woman in question but Jeffrey refuses to give it.

Olivia finds Ava at Outskirts. She wants to talk about the man who fathered her. Ava tells her she does not care about Jeffrey O'Neill. Olivia does not quite believe her because she saw how she helped him at the police station. Ava states that she did research on Jeffrey and knows now that both of her parents are miserable people. They bicker a little and Ava asks Olivia what is she afraid of. That Jeffrey will tell her the assault never happened and she will believe him? Olivia replies that she just talked to Jeffrey and he did deny any responsibility in her assault. Suddenly, they see Jeffrey on TV doing exactly that. After they shut the TV off, Olivia tells Ava that her pregnancy disgraced her mother. The argued and her mother just stopped---she died. She tells Ava that Jeffrey did not just take her innocence, he took her mother. After Olivia leaves, Coop comes to find Ava and talk to her about the press conference. He tries to get her to tell him what Olivia said about it, but Ava does not want to talk about it. Later he takes her home and she asks him to leave since she knows he will want her to talk. Coop tries to tell her that there are worse fathers than Jeffrey but Ava is not convinced. She admits to Coop that she misses her "real" mother. He agrees that the woman who raised her was her real mother. Later, Ava hears a knock at the door. It is Jeffrey - he wants to talk.

Olivia arrives home a little early; Buzz is still setting things up. A smiling Olivia states that she saw what he did at the press conference. Buzz thinks he was a little over the top but Olivia states it was heroic. After they profess their love to each other, he takes her outside.

Reva arrives at Billy telling him she needs his help since Alan's on the warpath. She sees a glass of liquor and automatically thinks Billy has started drinking again. Just then a woman comes out of the bedroom. It is Sheila, the woman Reva introduced Billy to at her going away party. After Sheila leaves, Reva starts telling Billy about her problem with Alan and how he needs to help. Billy is not very receptive and asks what happened to her not wanting to be dependent on him. Reva tries to tell him that this is a different situation-this is family. Reva states that he is the best friend she has ever had and he reminds her how much he has fallen for her. He tells her he needs distance and shows her the door.

Josh meets Cassie on Main Street. Cassie is agonizing over the guest list for Thanksgiving. After all, Reva is on the outs with Billy, Jonathan is on the outs with Tammy, and then there is Reva. As Josh is trying to calm her fears, they run into Reva who is out walking. Cassie invites her for Thanksgiving. A less than thrilled Reva asks who else is invited and points out it could be messy. Josh asks Reva to say yes, but she passes; she is not ready to spend the holiday with them as a couple. When Cassie notices that Reva is wearing their mother's cameo, Reva tries to return it. Cassie refuses the offer saying she gave it to Reva. She does not take things back she has given away. Reva says neither does she and walks away. Later, Josh and Cassie are discussing Josh's idea of throwing Thanksgiving for all the veterans without families. Suddenly, Josh gets a call from work-a potential donor is passing through town and wants to meet with him. After he leaves, Cassie spots Billy and invites him for Thanksgiving. She tells him Reva will not be there but he still declines. Cassie bemoans the fact that the family is coming apart. Billy asks what did she expect and walks off. Meanwhile, someone has been watching Cassie this entire time.

Josh arrives at the restaurant to meet the donor and sees Reva sitting there. Reva states that Lillian called her to tell her about a cancer survivor meeting there. They realize someone set them up. Suddenly, they see who---Marah.

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