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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, November 13, 2006

At Taylor's, Hector and Harry worry about Phoebe's safety and frantically try to find out what Shane's address is. When Hector gets the address, Harry races out to rescue Phoebe.

At Shane's apartment, he continues to pressure Phoebe to get romantic. She's freaked out by all the pictures of her he has taped on his wall. She tells him she's changed her mind about dinner and that Harry is going to be picking her up. Shane is very upset and tries to convince her to stay. He tries to calm her down and make her relax and reminds her that she promised to stand by his side as long as he needs her too. He tells her that he thinks he could be the kind of man she deserves. Phoebe tells him it's hard to feel romantic when she's so worried about her mother. Shane tells her to believe in him, convinced that his testimony will set Taylor free. Just when he starts kissing her, Harry bangs on the door, demanding to be let in, or he will break it down. When Harry busts in, he tells Shane that Phoebe doesn't want to be near him. Shane gets angry, asks Phoebe if it's true and threatens to get on a bus and not testify but Harry says he has to testify because he's been subpoenaed. Once Phoebe finally convinces Harry to leave, Shane wants to make sure she isn't using him just so he'll testify on Taylor's behalf. When he asks her if there is something between them, Phoebe admits that she is attracted to him, but not ready to get physical and not in the mood to have fun tonight. She promises him they can celebrate tomorrow when it's all over. Happy to get any time with her, Shane agrees and they hug and kiss.

At Thorne's , when he goes to check on his daughter, Allie tells him how much she misses Taylor and wants to know when she will be home. After she hands him a card and picture that she made for Taylor, Thorne hugs Allie and tells her how much he loves her. Once Allie leaves the room, Thorne looks at a picture of Darla and tells her how much Allie has come to depend on Taylor. He knows Darla wouldn't want Taylor to spend ten years in prison and hopes that Shane's testimony will convince the jury it was an accident.

Meanwhile at the prison, Taylor worries about Shane stalking her daughter. When Storm drops in to see her she demands that he put Shane on the stand first. She tells him she can't believe she allowed Shane to move into her home and she's glad to know Harry will protect her daughter. She's insistent that he keep Phoebe off the stand. Storm assures Taylor he will try to do as she requests, but adds that she'll have to let him do his job. Right as Storm is leaving, Thorne drops by. Once they are alone, Thorne asks how she's holding up and she tells him so much rides on Shane's testimony. Taylor thinks it's very possible that Shane won't be able to convince the jury that it was an accident, but all that matters to her is that Thorne knows it was. Thorne tells her how much Allie misses her and gives her the picture and card from his daughter. Taylor is touched and thanks Thorne for not telling Allie about her involvement in Darla's death. Thorne tells her that he hopes Taylor will be able to continue spending time with Allie once this is all over. He admits that he hasn't come to terms with everything, but he knows she would never intentionally hurt Darla and believes a jury will see that too. So grateful for his support, Taylor gives him a huge hug and thanks him.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

At the courthouse, Phoebe worried that Shane would not show up to testify on behalf of Taylor. Meanwhile, Shane couldn't stop thinking about the promise that Phoebe had made: she would celebrate with him after he testifies at the trial and Taylor is acquitted.

Harry and Hector arrived to support Phoebe. She informed him that she had promised Shane that she would celebrate with him after the trial was over.

Bridget went to see Dante with some bad news about their baby. She told Dante that she had been bleeding earlier and had lost the baby she was carrying. Bridget thought perhaps the miscarriage happened for the best since Dante is married to Felicia. Dante pointed out that Bridget was wrong; he told Bridget that he really wanted their baby. Dante explained that he and Felicia both wanted Bridget's baby. Bridget questioned whether she was meant to be a mother after having lost two babies now. Dante tried to encourage Bridget explaining that many women have multiple miscarriages before they give birth.

At court, Storm made a great opening argument to the jury. The prosecutor did her best to make Taylor look like a monster who murdered Darla during her opening argument. During Shane's testimony, she attempted to make Shane say that he was a loyal employee of the Forrester's and would say anything to protect them. Storm then had Shane point out that when the Forrester's took him in after his hand injury, they did not know that he had witnessed the accident. The judge suddenly interrupted and ended the trial for the day.

Shane took Phoebe by the hand and told her that they would celebrate tonight even though the trial was not over. Phoebe told Shane that she couldn't focus on anything romantic until her mother is free. Shane did not want to hear what Phoebe had to say.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

At Shane's apartment, Shane tries to rush Storm out so he can begin his evening with Phoebe. Storm is concerned that Shane won't be prepared for his testimony tomorrow if they don't spend more time going over it. He also tells Shane he needs to dress neater tomorrow and appear more together. While Storm is advising him, Shane is daydreaming about Phoebe. Realizing that Shane is unwilling to continue going over things, Storm leaves.

At the prison, Taylor tells Thorne she is worried about Shane. Thorne thinks Storm will be able to get him to clean up his act for tomorrow. Taylor is more concerned about Shane's infatuation with Phoebe. Thorne offers to check on Phoebe when he leaves, but Taylor doesn't think that will be necessary, she's just glad that Shane doesn't live in her home anymore. She still fears the jury will convict her, but Thorne doesn't think so and tells her he knows she would never intentionally hurt someone. Thorne believes the jury will realize this too. Ridge drops in to tell her that Shane is going over his testimony with Storm and won't have time to bother Phoebe tonight. Taylor is relieved, but hates feeling so disconnected from her family. Thorne assures her it won't be that way for much longer. Ridge hugs Thorne and thanks him for coming through for Taylor. Storm stops in and tells Taylor he's confident that Shane's testimony will set her free. When they're alone, Thorne holds Taylor's hand and says he should have believed her all along. Taylor tells him that all that matters is that he believes her now. She tells him his support and kind words are what have gotten her through this ordeal. She vows to make the most of her life from now on and never jeopardize the lives of the people she loves again.

Meanwhile, at Taylor's, Hector, Harry, Ridge and Phoebe are all upset about Shane screwing up his testimony, but are relieved that Thorne came through for Taylor. Ridge feels that's Shane's growing interest in his daughter is inappropriate, and tells her to stay away from him. Phoebe fears Shane will get upset and jeopardize her mother's case if he thinks she is avoiding him. Ridge doesn't think Shane will be a problem, since he should be with Storm all night going over his testimony for tomorrow. Before Ridge leaves to visit Taylor he makes Phoebe promise to stay away from Shane and let Harry or Hector answer the phone and door. Harry assures him he will take care of Phoebe. After Ridge leaves, Phoebe ignores her Dad's orders and answers her phone when Shane calls. He wants to know if she is on her way over to celebrate. She tries to back out of it saying she's not feeling well, but then Shane thinks she's leading him on. Trying to keep him happy, she invites him over, explaining that her Dad doesn't want her to leave the house tonight. He agrees when she tells them they can meet at the pool, where they will be alone. Harry thinks she is crazy for inviting him over and begins to wonder if she likes Shane. He insists on hiding in the bushes in case Shane becomes too aggressive. Shane arrives with roses, kisses her and is excited about finally having their night together. He's disappointed that they won't be drinking champagne, but Phoebe reminds him that she's underage, adding that champagne would only make her sleepy. As he moves into a kiss, Shane tells her he definitely doesn't want her falling to sleep on him. When Phoebe pulls away Shane becomes frustrated and accuses her of seeing him the same as she did the day they met. Phoebe denies his accusations, saying that everything is just so new for her. Not convinced, Shane continues to believe she is using him for his testimony. When he starts getting angrier, Harry jumps out of the bushes and punches him. Shane is furious with Phoebe for lying to him about them being alone. He thinks he was all wrong about her. Harry makes things worse by calling him a dirt ball who is trying to force Phoebe to have sex with him against her will. Shane lunges at Harry and knocks him out. He then begins yelling at Phoebe again, for using him. Crazy with anger, Hector comes running out to the pool like a madman, swinging a baseball bat. He hits someone badly with it, leaving blood all over his face..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

While Phoebe became unglued as she watched Shane knock Harry to the ground unconscious, Hector entered carrying a baseball bat and took a swing at Shane, not knowing for sure who it was that he hit. When Harry came to, he and Hector called the police and the emergency squad. While Phoebe was trying to explain to Harry and Hector, that she was not in any immediate danger from Shane, Shane quietly slipped away and out of their site. When they noticed that he was gone, Harry went to look for him. The police arrived, but was told several different versions of what happened by everyone. Lt. Baker went to Shane's home, but when no one answered, they broke in to find no one there. The lieutenant then received a call from someone stating that there was a man injured at the deli. The police headed there as Shane hung up the phone making the call for help.

Shane slipped away to see Phoebe and broke down at knowing that he was very smitten with her, but his feelings were not being reciprocated. He felt that he had nothing left to do, but leave. Phoebe began to get all hyper at the thought that no one would be there to help her mother. She called after Shane but he did not answer her calling.

Stephanie, Thorne and Alexandria all chatted about when Taylor might be coming back from London. As Alexandria headed off to bed, Thorne told Stephanie that he still wasn't sure that he could forgive Taylor for everything that had happened. Stephanie reassured her son that moving forward with Taylor and his life was the right thing to do.

After talking again to the guard, Taylor started to think about a life with Thorne and Alexandria. Would she ever be so lucky?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Phoebe tries to defend Shane to Taylor. Storm and Taylor are discouraged because Shane is missing and won't be able to testify. Storm tries to get a continuance from the Judge, but is denied. Storm puts Taylor on the stand, and she puts all the blame on herself, further discouraging Storm. As Storm is about to tell the Judge he has no more witnesses, Thorne jumps up asks to be put on the stand. The Judge allows it, and Thorne begs the jury to set Taylor free.

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