One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on OLTL

Rex learned the identity of Todd's son. Cole began to have difficulties with drug abuse. His mother was revealed to be Marty Saybrooke. Natalie was determined to find proof that John was still alive. Vincent couldn't tell Paige that the hospital patient was really John.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 13, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, November 13, 2006

There was lots of dancing and small talk at Jessica and Antonio's wedding reception. Jessica wondered why Nash would ask her to lie to Antonio about the conversation they had had before the wedding. (The conversation where Nash tried to convince Jessica not to go through with the marriage.) David commiserated about losing Dorian. "You'll always be the one who got away," David said. David wondered how long he should wait before hitting on Natalie. Natalie and Viki both looked sad. Viki was crying tears of joy and relief that Tess had not emerged. David reminded Adriana that some day her mother would be gone. "No second chances," he said to a serious Adriana. Viki congratulated Cristian on being cleared of all charges and Evangeline for joining the DA's office. Rex and Adriana tried to get a very sad Natalie to eat something. Nash reminded Jessica that she still has doubts about her marriage. Jessica denied it. Nash said she was acting just like Tess "when she got cornered." Antonio arrived and then Jessica asked Nash to leave. Antonio asked her if she was sorry she married him. No, she assured him. Never.

Kevin and Kelly wondered how they would explain Zane's parentage to him, especially if they were to remarry. "Remarry," Kevin said. "Well, that's part of the London package, right?" Kelly replied.

Cole admitted to Gabe that he felt "like crap" when he took steroids. "I want to do it (play football) all on my own," he said. Coach gave Cole a pep talk and reminded him that he needed to work harder on his own. "Keep focused, no distractions, you need to keep proving yourself," he said. Cole looked exhausted. Brittany made a play for Cole, and he pushed her away. A clearly jazzed-up-but-in-a-bad-mood Cole tried to rally the kids up for a party. The cheerleaders were shocked when he was rude to his mom. Starr asked Todd if she could stay at Langston's that night.

John again identified himself as John to Vincent, who almost fell over. "You're John McBain," he said. Paige and Vincent hovered by John's bedside. Of course, Vincent is the only one who is aware of the bandaged man's identity. Paige went on and began thanking Vincent for being such a good friend to her son. "That you for caring so much," she said. Vincent didn't know what to say. Paige wondered what was going on when she entered the room. "Did Hugh try to say something to you?" she asked. Paige told John, who was struggling to speak, that whatever he had to say could wait until after his surgery. Vincent arrived at the wedding reception and told Natalie he needed to speak to her.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Vincent tries to tell Natalie that John is alive but in typical Natalie fashion, Vincent is unable to because Natalie becomes hysterical. She pleads with him to leave John's memory alone as she is having a hard time coping with the fact that he is gone. As Vincent tries to calm her down, Cris walks up and misinterprets the scene. He grabs Vincent and threatens him with physical harm if he doesn't leave Natalie alone. Natalie begs Cris to stop and tells him that he misinterpreted what was going on between her and Vincent. Vincent apologizes again to Cris for what transpired between them. Vincent makes a comment to Cris about how Todd isn't his biggest fan. When Cris tells him that he already knows that, Vincent reveals that Todd knew about the set up.

Evangeline and Todd have a heart to heart talk regarding relationships and his supposed feelings for her. Evangeline tries to convince Todd that he and Blair have the real thing but Todd isn't convinced. He tells Evangeline that he needs a woman who is intelligent, who will stand up for herself, and who is hard to ignore. Evangeline reminds him that Blair is all of those things. Todd tells Evangeline that he forgot to mention a woman who is loyal as well. He wonders about her relationship with Cris and Evangeline comments that her relationship with Cris works because they are honest with each other. Evangeline tells him that he and Blair might want to give that a try if he wants a relationship like the one she has with Cris. Todd wonders if that honesty policy extends into friendship. When Evangeline tells her it does, Todd begins to come clean about his involvement in Cris' boxing scandal.

While Jessica and Antonio are enjoying their first night as man and wife, Nash gets a chance to spend unsupervised time with Bree. He tells her how beautiful she is and how she looks so much like her mother with a little of him mixed in. Nash snaps a few pictures of the two of them together and wonders if he should send a few to Jessica. He tells Bree that although her stepfather is a good man, she only has one real daddy and he is not going anywhere.

Clint tries to get Asa to come clean about his time with Spencer's mother. Asa makes a deal with Clint; he will tell him what he wants to know if Clint ends his relationship with Dorian. When Clint accepts the terms, Asa reneges and tells him that he is not going to reveal anything that went down. Clint threatens to beat the old man and then apologizes for his harsh words. Asa accepts his apology and then assures Clint that nothing will stand in the way of his seeing that justice comes to Spencer for everything that he did to Duke and to Kevin.

Dorian decides that since she and David are the only two rational people in Llanview, they should think about a future together back at home. Unfortunately, David has other plans and tells Dorian that even though he would love nothing better than to leave with her, he has decided to go and seek fame and fortune in Hollywood. When Dorian calls it a pipe dream, David reminds her how Hilary Swank used to live in a car before Million Dollar Baby and an Oscar. Dorian still thinks that David is dreaming and that he has tried it before and it didn't work out but David is determined to pursue his dreams no matter what the outcome.

Britney tries to warn Starr that Cole is only after her to have sex with her but Starr and Langston refuse to believe Britney especially after all of the things that she has done to them. Britney tells Starr that Cole is used to being with girls who put out which leads Starr to wonder why Cole didn't bring Britney instead. While Starr and Britney are exchanging words, Cole is having a heated argument with one of his teammates who wants him tape his encounter with Starr. When Cole refuses, the player taunts him until Cole takes a swing at him. The two wrestle until other players break up the fight. Cole grabs Starr and leads her into a bedroom. He kisses her and Starr is taken aback by his aggressiveness which leads to Cole becoming angry.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cole loses it and begins tearing up the bedroom when Starr rejects his advances, frightening her. He tells her she's lucky just to be with him, considering he alone won the football game. As Langston searches for her friend, she runs into Gabe, nursing his wounds after a fight with the star football player. He alludes to the fact that Cole is uptight and raging but refuses to provide any more details. Starr finally manages to get out of the bedroom and away from Cole. Britney suggests that both Starr and Cole are on drugs and after seeing Starr's ripped shirt and the disarray in the bedroom, forms a new plan. She calls 9-1-1 and pretending to be Starr, pleads for help, stating that Cole is high and attacked her. When the cops show up and ask for her, Starr pulls Langston aside to hide. They remove Cole from the party.

David discloses that he's leaving Llanview, when Clint comes across him at the pier. He announces that he's handing Dorian off to him. Clint, in turn, finds it hard to believe that he would ever be with Dorian and Asa would prefer that he not. He's certainly too old to be taking orders from his father though. The men have an actual decent conversation, with David lamenting the fact that he didn't have a family like the Buchanans. Perhaps he would have turned out differently, he expresses. Clint makes it known that the family is very grateful to David for going against Spencer. David feels that they have more in common than they thought.

When Rex arrives at his place with Adriana, he finds the door unlocked. Pushing her aside, he sneaks inside, only to have a blanket dropped on him. Wrestling it off, he finds Roxy, who thought he was a burglar. She had a key and was thirsty, the liquor store was closed, and so she found her way to his place. Rex makes a multitude of attempts to get her to leave, but is thwarted at every turn. The three end up playing a game that Roxy finds in the closet, but when some of the playing becomes heated (it's a game of ethics and morals), it's time for the fun and games to be over. He finally gets his mother to leave and he and Adriana have a game of their own.

Todd admits to Evangeline that he knew of Vincent's plan about an hour prior to the fight. Evangeline is astonished to hear that her so-called friend did nothing and did not come to her. It's even worse when he admits to betting against Cris and no amount of apologizing will get Evangeline to forgive him. Cris hears the conversation and comes over to join in, which annoys Todd. They are curious as to how much money Todd made, but when he claims to have forgotten, their anger is only increased. The money was so important that he went against his friendship and Cris' life, reputation and career, but now he doesn't know how much money he made? Evangeline reminds him of the hell she went through for him and the risks she took. She informs Todd that they are not friends and never were. She's actually saddened. Todd, on the other hand, doesn't understand why Evangeline is angry. When she stalks out, Cris speaks to Todd alone. He knows why Todd never mentioned it; it's because he's in love with Evangeline. He's also been using Evangeline to get to Blair. Todd denies everything and in return, accuses Cris of being afraid to lose Evangeline to him. Cris assures him that Evangeline will get over it all. They accuse each other of being deluded. Todd has gone too far this time, Cris warns him. If Evangeline did have any feelings before, rest assured, they're gone now. Later, Todd tries to call Evangeline but she won't answer his call. He also calls to check on Starr and she lies and mentions that she's at Langston's house. She had a great time at the party, she continues.

Nat is totally disbelieving when she finally allows Vincent to continue, when she hears him say that John is alive. He's actually in Hugh's bed, he answers to her question. It's not Hugh who is there. He tells her about the different eye colors, how the patient said, "My name is John," and how he grabbed his arm when he mentioned kissing Nat. Sure, it could be another John, he responds to her further questioning. She describes how John was identified; by tattoo (but Hugh also had one) and the St. Jude's medal in his hand (which Vincent can't explain). Also, his badge was lying nearby. She needs to see him for herself and they take off for the hospital. Once there, Vincent tries to stop Nat from charging in, but she does, and the bed is empty. Bo and Paige are there and wonder why she's so upset. They mention that Hugh has been taken to surgery for a risky skin graft operation. She asks to speak to Bo alone, outside of the hospital, but he's hesitant to leave Paige alone. The surgery is dangerous and if something happens, they need to be there. Nat is ready to charge into the operating room, to demand a DNA test or to tell them that she has a warrant. She's frantic, but Vincent tries to make her see how none of that would be possible. What if he dies on the operating table? Vincent states what may be the obvious; that Hugh is buried in John's grave. Suddenly, Natalie asks to be driven to her car. He leaves her and she heads for the cemetery, where she begins to dig up the gravesite!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

It was a full house at Asa's when Kevin and Kelly showed up. Kevin announced he was moving to London today. Asa observed that Kevin and Kelly were getting back together. Asa said there was no way in hell anyone was leaving today. Didn't Kevin want to see Spencer get what he deserves? Kevin promised to say goodbye to Renee before he left for London. Viki started to cry and didn't want him to go. Kevin said he couldn't have gotten through the last few years without her. Asa toasted Kevin and Kelly and little Z.

Rex found himself surrounded by babies. He thought he had a lead on Todd's son while Michael and Marcie hired him to get the 911 on their adopted one. They had a copy of his birth certificate but there were no names on it. Todd barged in and reminded Rex that he worked for him. Rex said he had to follow a lead for Todd before he could find out about little Tommy's birth parents. Rex's phone rang; it was Ms. Herman, who had been the secretary to the lawyer who had handled the adoption of Todd's son.

Evangeline told Todd they were no longer friends. She threatened to have him arrested for impeding a police investigation. All Todd wanted was for Evangeline to forgive him. Evangeline was working on Spencer's trial. Todd said he wouldn't miss sitting in the courtroom and Evangeline begged him not to. "Butt out," she said.

Spencer wondered why he was still handcuffed in the court room. Spencer's lawyer didn't want David to testify, but David, who happened to stroll in at the time, said he wouldn't miss that opportunity for the world. Spencer reminded David that he owes him and suggested that he have a slight lapse in memory. David told Spencer that it was just cold that Spencer fooled with Thomas McBain's stitches. So not only did Spencer shoot Thomas but he made sure he didn't survive the surgery. Spencer offered David money, but Spencer's attorney butt in. Nora showed up and asked Evangeline if she was ready for this. Nora was going to be second chair. Spencer's trial began.

Vincent tried to stop Natalie from digging out the coffin. Vincent reminded her that if John was alive, that meant Hugh was dead and he wondered how would that affect Paige. Natalie began beating herself up about not knowing if the man in the bandages was John. Natalie wondered why she didn't have that connection with him anymore. "I wasn't there for him," she said. Vincent tried to make her feel better. "I need to know now," she cried. Vincent promised her she'd know the truth about John soon enough. Vincent wished he had waited for some more information before telling Natalie about his theory regarding John.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Adriana met Rex and he asked her to get pregnant fast. Ms. Herman arrived, and Rex and Adriana pretended to be pregnant and hoped that she would give them the name of someone who might want their baby. Adriana offered to give her 20 percent in return for Nevin's (Ms. Herman's late boss) records. Ms. Herman didn't remember them, but Rex covered. Ms. Herman asked Adriana all sort of questions and then stabbed Adriana's stomach with a fork. "You are no more pregnant than I am. This meeting is over," she said as she left the table. Rex tried to explain what he really was up to. Rex threatened to turn in Ms. Herman for selling babies. She let Rex read Nevin's files. Rex realized that Marcie and Michael were raising Todd's baby.

An uneasy Starr came home and didn't want to answer any of Blair's questions. Todd boasted that he caught Jessica's garter at the wedding reception, while Evangeline caught the bouquet. Blair goaded Todd about Evangeline and Cristian. Blair found Starr's torn shirt. Then Detective Bauer arrived to talk to Starr about what happened last night. Todd and Blair realized that Starr had been at a private party. Starr denied that she had called the police. The detective told them that Cole may be arrested. Todd asked Starr if Cole hurt her. Starr had to go to the police station to make a statement. While there, Todd forbade Starr to see Cole again. Todd and Blair learned that Todd had been on drugs. The detective asked Starr to tell her exactly what happened. Starr recounted the events of that evening and then Cole and his mother entered the interrogation room. Todd and Blair easily recognized Cole's mom she was Marty Saybrooke.

Spencer's trial began. He said he was not guilty. Evangeline faced the jury and told them that Spencer Truman murdered police officer John McBain in cold blood. Natalie got a note to her uncle. After the defense made their statements, the judge adjourned for an hour. David told Paige that Spencer had tried to bribe him not to testify against him. Spencer asked about Hugh. Bo told Natalie that he had heard from the Atlantic City police that someone had tried to dig up John's grave. Natalie admitted she was that someone, and it was because John was alive.

Earlier, Natalie rushed into Bo's office but couldn't find him. Vincent was right behind her. Vincent reminded her that dumping this stuff on him wasn't helping the situation. Natalie promised she wouldn't dig up any more graves.

Jessica said she felt married, and was looking forward to her honeymoon with Antonio. Nash was enjoying playing daddy with Bree. Claudia popped in and asked how Nash dealt with the the wedding. Jessica and Antonio showed up. "What the hell are you doing with my baby?" Jessica barked at Claudia. Claudia got teary after Jessica wailed into her. Antonio reminded her that she was drunk at their wedding. He asked her how much she'd been drinking. Jessica wondered if she should even leave Bree for her honeymoon, but she decided to anyway. Nash took Bree for a walk, but refused to let Claudia go with him.

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