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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 1, 2012 on GH
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Monday, October 1, 2012

At General Hospital, Jason met with John McBain and told him that the DNA test they had arranged had not confirmed that Sam was the mother of Téa's child. Both Jason and John were mystified. Liz overheard their discussion.

Michael picked Starr up at the apartment that she shared with Trey. They left to attend Kate and Sonny's wedding while Kristina and Trey remained behind to talk. Trey told Kristina that he knew he could trust her. Kristina responded that she and Trey could figure anything out together.

Trey broke down and told Kristina that his mother was the bride in the wedding they were attending. Kristina quickly put two and two together and realized that Kate was Trey's mother and that Trey had been lying to her for a long time. Kristina was very upset by Trey's betrayal. Trey tried to explain that he had not been part of his father's plot initially and was no longer part of the plot. Trey told Kristina that everything had changed for him when they made love. Trey acknowledged that he had real feelings for Kristina.

Kristina did not believe Trey and was not accepting of his explanation. Kristina accused Trey of being a liar and a hustler and of using her, just like her friends and family had warned. Trey insisted that he had real feelings for Kristina, but Kristina refused to listen and stormed out of the apartment with tears in her eyes.

At the lake house, Alexis prepared to leave for Sonny's wedding while Sam elected not to attend. After Alexis departed, John McBain arrived to pick up papers sent to Alexis by Natalie's Llanview attorney. John was surprised to see an envelope addressed in Natalie's hand. In a letter, Natalie told John that she had met someone else and that she was moving on.

Natalie told John that if he cared about her or their son, Liam, he would honor the terms of the restraining order. John vowed to fight for his son. Sam admitted that she had served Jason with divorce papers after overhearing Liz tell Lulu that Jason had kissed Liz and was moving on with Liz, instead of trying to reconnect with Sam.

John asked Sam if she really wanted a divorce. Sam said she did not, but Jason obviously did. John said that he regretted his actions and should have seen losing Natalie coming, but he had not. John confided that he had lost something valuable, and he had to figure out what to do next.

Sam and John shared a drink, which John said was not a good idea, considering their past history. Sam agreed. John said that he should leave, and Sam said she would walk him out. John told Sam that all he wanted was her happiness. Sam agreed that she wanted the same for John. They share a long, slow kiss.

Liz met Jason at the penthouse, dressed for their date to the wedding. Jason shared his, Spinelli's, and the lab tech's confusion about the results of the DNA test on Téa's baby and its conflict with other testing that had been done on tissue samples from Sam's dead baby. Jason said that the only way to be sure was to exhume Sam's deceased child. Jason added that he did not want to make Sam suffer through that process, so he would do nothing further.

Liz found the divorce papers on Jason's desk. Jason told Liz about his dinner the previous evening at the Noodle Buddha with Sam. Jason revealed to Liz that he had not thought that his marriage to Sam would survive, but he had hoped to give Sam the thing she wanted most, which was to have a child and be a mother. Liz looked stricken when Jason thanked her for always being honest with him.

As Jason opened the door to leave for the wedding, Liz stopped him and admitted that she had lied to him. As Jason listened, Liz confessed that at the bachelorette party the previous evening, she had said things to Lulu that had deliberately led Sam to conclude that Jason had moved on to Liz, which in turn, had triggered Sam to believe that she and Jason had no chance and to serve the divorce papers to Jason immediately.

Liz said that her actions had been stupid and immature and that all she had really cared about was getting a chance to have a real relationship with Jason. She told Jason that she was very sorry. Jason only responded that it was time to leave. Liz said that there was more to tell, and it had to do with Sam's baby.

Johnny surprised Carly when he arrived at her home in formal dress. She thought that they were going to spend the day at the park. Johnny said that Kate had summoned him to be on hand to handle any last-minute problems that might arise at the wedding. Carly wanted to know why Lulu could not handle the situation for him, but Johnny merely replied that Kate had insisted.

Johnny told Carly to stay home and he would take care of everything, but Carly said that if Johnny were going to the wedding, she was going to the wedding. Johnny watched television while Carly dressed. When Carly bounced downstairs, both she and Johnny were intrigued by a celebrity contestant on a popular dance show who eerily resembled Sam. As they left, Carly was worried about Johnny's demeanor. Johnny said that he was happy to be alive and to be with Carly. Carly said that she felt the same way about Johnny.

On the Haunted Star, guests began gathering for the much-anticipated wedding between Kate Howard and Sonny Corinthos. In a secluded stateroom, the bride-to-be, Kate, chewed gum and channeled her alter, Connie, who put on a tacky wedding dress and speculated about the fireworks that would soon erupt at her nuptials.

Dante, Lulu, Olivia, and Steve were among the first arrivals. Olivia went to offer help to Kate while Dante and Steve discussed the apparent hallucination that Olivia had had at the bachelorette party when she had thought that Kate was Connie.

When Olivia entered Kate's stateroom and glimpsed Kate cavorting as Connie, she accused Kate of being Connie and said that she was not hallucinating because Kate would never wear the tacky dress that Connie had chosen to wear. Connie immediately blamed Maxie, who had also entered the room. Maxie quickly pointed out that Kate had asked for something Connie-like, but that there were also two dresses in Kate's style. Connie easily convinced both Olivia and Maxie that she was Kate.

Maxie went back to supervising the wedding, and Olivia helped Kate dress. Connie pretended to be impressed when Olivia loaned her a blue lace handkerchief, which had been lovingly crafted by their deceased grandmother, to serve as the traditional "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Sonny knocked on the door, and Olivia admitted him despite the traditional superstition, which Sonny called nonsense.

After Olivia left Sonny and Kate alone, Sonny wanted to know about Kate's meeting with Trey. Connie did not divulge learning that Trey was her son, but instead said that she had taken Trey to task about his treatment of Kristina. Sonny chose to believe her and said that he loved her. Sonny added that anything else he had to say could wait. They kissed, but after Sonny left, Connie wiped her lips. She tossed the fragile blue handkerchief in the trash.

Olivia returned and found Connie crying. Connie said they were happy tears and that she needed some time alone. Connie went to the bathroom. Olivia wiped her face with a tissue, but when she tossed it in the wastebasket, she noticed the blue handkerchief and picked it up.

Back among the guests, Sonny greeted Carly and Johnny, who said that he was there at Kate's request. Sonny was not thrilled, but Carly asked him to bury the hatchet. Starr and Michael concurred. Elsewhere, Maxie told Lulu that she had tried to reconnect with Spinelli the previous evening, but when Maxie had finally caught up with Spinelli, she had overheard him making a date for the wedding with lab technician, Ellie. Lulu said that Spinelli would change his mind once he knew Maxie's true feelings.

Milo told Max that he was still having flashbacks from the bachelorette party and Kate's inexplicable behavior. Just as Max said that the boss could not know, Sonny walked by and wanted to know what he was not supposed to know. Max said it was a wedding surprise, and Sonny accepted that answer.

Spinelli introduced Ellie to Maxie, who was green with envy. Maxie soon learned that Ellie was as smart as Spinelli and a match for him in many ways. Spinelli and Ellie got closer as Spinelli described the nomenclature that he had assigned to his friends. He also told Ellie about his history with Maxie. Maxie gave Ellie and Spinelli the evil eye as Spinelli explained that Jason was Sonny's best friend. Ellie responded that something very important had to be keeping Jason from the wedding.

Maxie asked Lulu to go check on Kate so that Maxie could keep watch over Spinelli and Ellie. Lulu reluctantly agreed. Starr asked Carly about Johnny's whereabouts. Carly said that Kate was probably making Johnny scrape the barnacles off the boat. In fact, Connie was asking Johnny if he was ready, and Johnny was begging Connie not to make him hurt Carly by continuing with Connie's scheme. Connie told Johnny that he did not have a choice as Lulu walked in.

Michael and Dante gave Sonny a boutonniere. Sonny said that nothing was more important to him than his family. Olivia held the handkerchief that she had given Kate and told Steve that something was wrong with Kate -- and not in a good way.

Sonny caught up with Alexis. He told her that Trey had admitted that Joe Jr. was his father, and then Sonny asked about Kristina's whereabouts. Alexis said that Kristina and Trey were working out some issues. As Alexis put in a call to Kristina, Sonny told Max to increase security.

In the hallway outside Trey's apartment, an angry Kristina was about to answer the call from Alexis when she was grabbed from behind, and a gloved hand covered Kristina's mouth.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

At the Haunted Star, Starr reminded Michael that he didn't have to worry about his speech for Sonny and Kate because he was surrounded by family and friends.

Nearby, Maxie watched as Spinelli and Ellie chatted. Spinelli was delighted to learn that Ellie was a comic book fan. Carly approached Maxie to ask if Maxie had seen Johnny, so Maxie pointed toward Johnny's office. After Carly left, Maxie fetched a plate of hors d'oeuvres to use as an excuse to talk to Ellie. Maxie was curious how long Ellie had known Spinelli, so Ellie admitted that it was their first date and then confessed that she was impressed with Maxie's wedding preparations. After Spinelli and Ellie walked away, Maxie grudgingly admitted that Ellie was a nice person.

Meanwhile, Max and Milo reported to Sonny that the guards were in place and everything seemed quiet. Sonny was pleased, but he wanted everyone to keep their eyes open for trouble. Max and Milo assured Sonny that Joe Jr. would not get near the ship. After Sonny walked away, Max noticed that Milo seemed tense. Milo explained that he was still nervous about what had happened with Kate during the bachelorette party. Milo insisted that Kate had acted like a completely different person.

Max feared that Sonny would take it out on Milo if Milo told Sonny that Connie might have returned, so Max ordered Milo to keep quiet. Max was confident that Sonny would figure out that something was off with Kate soon enough.

Elsewhere, Olivia warned Steve that Kate wasn't herself, and Olivia was certain that Connie had returned. Steve and Dante seemed skeptical, so Olivia showed them her grandmother's lace handkerchief, which Kate had used to wipe off mascara and then tossed into the garbage. Olivia wanted to warn Sonny, but Steve and Dante suggested that perhaps Olivia had had another episode. Olivia insisted that Kate would never have treated their grandmother's handkerchief so carelessly, so Dante suggested that Kate might have been overwhelmed with the wedding.

After Olivia left to powder her nose, Steve and Dante discussed Olivia's claims. Olivia returned in time to hear Steve warn Dante that Olivia might have to go to Shadybrook for treatment if Olivia continued to lose touch with reality.

In Johnny's office, Johnny refused to let Connie go through with her plans, but Connie warned him that he didn't have a say in the matter Johnny grabbed Connie's arm, as Lulu entered the office. Concerned, Lulu asked what was going on. Johnny immediately let go of Connie as Connie explained that she had threatened to put the nightclub out of business if the wedding didn't go as planned. Lulu promised that everything was in place, so nothing would go wrong. Johnny cryptically assured Connie that she had made her point and then left. Lulu followed him out.

Moments later, Lulu caught up with her husband. She noticed that Dante seemed tense, so he told her about Olivia's claims. Lulu confessed that Kate had been acting strange and that Johnny and Kate had acted guilty when she had walked in on them.

Carly was relieved when she spotted Johnny. She was frustrated because Kate's selfish demands had deprived Johnny of much-needed rest, so that he could properly recuperate. Carly insisted that they would leave right after the wedding.

Alexis became concerned when she failed to reach Kristina by phone. Shawn was certain that Kristina was on her way to the Haunted Star. Moments later, Kristina called her mother and tearfully explained that she and Trey had argued, so Kristina had decided to skip the wedding because she was upset. Alexis tried to change her daughter's mind, but Kristina abruptly hung up. Moments later, Sonny walked up.

Alexis told Sonny about Kristina's phone call. Sonny confessed that he hoped that Kristina had finally decided to annul the marriage. Shawn stepped away, so Sonny confided that he had decided to wait until after the wedding to tell Kate about Trey, because he wanted Kate to know that she had the support of her husband. Moments later, Judge Newcomb let Sonny know that it was time to start the wedding, so Sonny sent Maxie to fetch the bride. In the office, Connie smiled with satisfaction as she stared at her reflection.

Trey called Kristina, but her voicemail picked up. He disconnected the call and vowed to make things up to Kristina. A short time later, Trey arrived at the Haunted Star. He was surprised when Starr and Michael revealed that Kristina wasn't there. Trey confessed that Kristina had walked out after an argument. Michael smiled because he knew that Kristina would eventually see through Trey, but Starr reminded Michael that it was between Trey and Kristina, so Michael should stay out of it.

Nearby, Maxie asked the guests to be seated. After the bridal party joined Sonny and Judge Newcomb at the altar, Maxie cued the music. Moments later, a beaming Connie walked down the aisle. Judge Newcomb began the ceremony by reminding everyone that honesty, trust, and communication were the foundations of a good marriage. The judge then asked if anyone had any objections to Kate and Sonny's marriage. "Wait. Wait. I've got something to say, your honor," Olivia said.

Connie glared at her maid of honor, while Steve jumped up to remind everyone that Olivia had not been well. Olivia quickly changed her mind about exposing Connie, so she told everyone that Kate was a lucky woman who had "come full circle." Olivia wished her cousin all the happiness in the world, so Connie smiled and hugged Olivia. The ceremony was about to resume when Milo decided to speak up. Max quickly stood up and explained that Milo had merely been caught up in the spirit of the occasion. Milo quietly sat back down as Sonny invited the judge to continue.

The judge asked one more time if anyone had any objections. Everyone was stunned when Connie confessed, "I have an objection." Connie explained that she couldn't marry Sonny. Sonny asked to have a moment alone with the bride, but Connie insisted that it wasn't necessary because she refused to commit bigamy. Everyone gasped when Connie confessed that she was already Johnny Zacchara.

Kristina found herself strapped to a chair in Sonny's warehouse, while Joe waved a gun in her face. Joe forced Kristina to call her mother to explain why Kristina wouldn't be at the wedding. After he disconnected the call, her phone rang. Kristina was certain that it was Alexis calling back, but Joe revealed that it was his son. Kristina was confused because she couldn't understand why her abductor's son had cell phone number.

Joe explained that Kristina was married to his son. Kristina was horrified to realize that her abductor was Joe Scully Jr. Joe was disappointed that Trey had told her about him. He began to rant about Kate and Sonny, but Kristina accused Joe of being a liar. She vowed to annul her marriage to Trey immediately and then warned Joe that Sonny would squash Joe like a "cockroach." Kristina insisted that it had been foolish of Joe to take her to her father's warehouse.

Joe admitted that it was justice for what Sonny had done to him. Joe claimed that Sonny would have killed him if John McBain hadn't arrived in the nick of time. However, no one would arrive to rescue Kristina because everyone was at the wedding. "This will all be over before Connie and Sonny say, 'I do,'" Joe promised. Kristina warned Joe that he had taken the wrong hostage, because she could be a "real bitch." Kristina was confident that Joe would be begging to let her go soon.

Joe understood why Trey had fallen for Kristina; she had a lot of fire. Kristina was tired of talking to Joe, so she ordered him to call Sonny to make a ransom demand. Joe explained that he wasn't interested in ransom money; Joe wanted everything that Sonny had stolen from him. Joe was confident that he would get it once Kristina was dead. Joe explained that the nice thing about Sonny's line of work was that Sonny had a lot of enemies. Joe recalled that there had been a shooting in Sonny's warehouse a year earlier around the same time, during another mob wedding.

Joe insisted that Kristina's death would simply be more of the same, so he doubted that anyone would suspect him of killing Kristina. Kristina argued that Joe would never get away with it because Trey would figure out what Joe had done. Desperate, Kristina reminded Joe that he would never get his hands on the ransom money if he killed her. Joe revealed that he was after much more. Kristina was shocked when Joe explained that Trey, as Kristina's husband, would inherit everything if Kristina died.

Kristina begged Joe to reconsider, but Joe insisted that Sonny hadn't given him any other choice. Kristina warned Joe that Trey would despise Joe if he killed her, but Joe doubted that Trey would ever find out. Joe relished the idea of Sonny losing while Joe won.

At the lake house, John and Sam kissed. Things quickly heated up until Sam pulled back before they went too far. She feared that they wouldn't be able to stop if things went much further. Sam reminded John that she had just ended her marriage, while he had just found out that his relationship with Natalie was over, so they were hurt and angry. John agreed that those were the wrong reasons to turn to someone. Sam pointed out that if their connection was as strong as it seemed, then they could explore things when they were in a better place emotionally.

John didn't want to cause Sam more pain or to complicate her life. They were on the verge of kissing again, but Trey knocked on the door, looking for Kristina. Sam explained that Kristina wasn't there, so Trey asked to leave his wife a note. Sam agreed, so John decided to leave. John and Sam agreed that it had been a strange day, but not all of it had been bad. "See you around, Sam," John said with a soft smile as he left.

Later, Trey spotted Kristina's bracelet in the hallway when he returned to his apartment; however, Kristina wasn't in the apartment. Trey recalled his father's insistence that the way to get to the king was through the princess. Trey raced over to his father's motel room, fearing that Joe was behind Kristina's disappearance. Trey's anxiety mounted when he discovered that Joe wasn't at the motel.

At the penthouse, Liz tearfully begged Jason to understand that she had lied because she had deep feelings for Jason and had wanted it to be their time. Jason explained that he had a wedding to go to, so he started to leave, but Liz confessed that she had to tell him something about Sam's baby. Moments later, Spinelli called to find out where Jason was. Jason insisted that he couldn't make it to the wedding. After Jason ended the call, Liz revealed that she had changed the results of the DNA test.

Liz apologized as she conceded that she had completely betrayed Jason's trust. She handed him the correct DNA test results and clarified that Sam's baby was alive. Liz tearfully confessed that she hadn't been able to sleep, knowing what she had done. Jason asked her why she had lied, so Liz wondered if it even mattered. Jason insisted that he needed to know.

Liz confessed that she had thought about the woman who had been caring for Sam's baby, loving and raising him as her own, when she had seen the test results. Liz insisted that the woman didn't deserve to have a child that she believed was hers taken away from her. "And I didn't deserve to have my child taken away from me either," Liz tearfully added.

Liz reminded Jason of the time that Sam had stood by and watched as Maureen had kidnapped Jake as a newborn. Sam had let Jason, Lucky, and Liz lose their minds with grief, anger, and pain, knowing the whole time where Jake was and never saying a word. "So, what is this? Payback?" Jason quietly asked. "I don't know," Liz cried. "Maybe," she conceded.

Liz explained that she had tried really hard to put it behind her, but a part of her couldn't help but think that, if it hadn't been for Sam, Jake might have had a different life. "Right?" Liz asked. Jason didn't have an answer, so Liz revealed that Sam's role in Jake's kidnapping had only been a part of it. Jason wondered what the other part had been. "I don't want you with her," Liz truthfully admitted. She had been afraid that the baby would be a catalyst for Jason and Sam's reconciliation.

Liz couldn't understand why, after everything that she and Jason had been through, they couldn't have a chance. Jason had no idea what she expected him to say. "Nothing," Liz assured him. She realized that she had slowly been losing her mind ever since they had lost Jake. Liz had been trying to recover on her own by hoping that time would heal her wounds, but they had only gotten worse. Liz had thought that Jason could make everything better and fix things for her, but she realized that it hadn't been fair to expect that of him.

Liz started to leave, but Jason called out to her. Liz apologized for ruining everything that they had had. Jason knew what it was like to make a terrible mistake, but she, at least, had been able to make things right. Liz insisted that things wouldn't be right until Sam had her baby back. Liz promised to tell Sam everything, but Jason asked her not to say anything until he had a chance to figure out the best way to handle things. Liz reminded him that he knew what it was like to lose a child, so she asked him to be kind to the woman who had Sam's son.

After Liz left, Jason called John. A short time later, John arrived. Jason showed him the DNA test results as he revealed that Sam's baby was alive and living in Llanview with Téa. John was stunned and warned Jason that Téa would be deeply hurt because she loved the baby. Jason agreed, but he wanted Sam to have her son back.

Meanwhile, Liz went to the lake house to talk to Sam. Sam wasn't interested in hearing what Liz had to say, because she had heard enough at the bachelorette party. Liz confessed that what Sam had overheard had been a lie, because Liz had known that Sam had been listening. Sam revealed that she had seen Liz and Jason kiss on Jason's birthday. Liz explained that Sam hadn't seen Jason pull away from the kiss and admit that he and Liz didn't have a future together. Liz insisted that, divorced or not, Jason still belonged to Sam.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

At the Haunted Star, everyone was stunned when Connie announced that she was married to Johnny. Sonny demanded to know why she had waited until they were at the altar to tell him, so Connie proudly revealed that she was Connie, not Kate. Sonny refused to believe her because Kate had been integrated. Connie sarcastically reminded Sonny what a great doctor Ewen Keenan had turned out to be, but she was grateful, because she was free to finally be herself. Connie then turned to Johnny to confirm her claim that they were married.

Nearby, Spinelli decided that it was time for him and Ellie to leave, but Ellie wanted to stay because she was fascinated by the turn of events. Spinelli was curious if Ellie had studied dissociative identity disorder in medical school, so Ellie confessed that most of what she had gleaned about DID had been from daytime television. Spinelli conceded that daytime television could be a surprising font of information.

Meanwhile, Dante regretted that he hadn't listened to his mother, because Olivia had been right about Connie. At the same time, Maxie realized that Kate's odd behavior finally made sense.

Carly demanded that Johnny set Connie straight and deny that he had married Kate's alter personality. Johnny remained quiet, so Connie smugly announced that she and Johnny had been "hooking up" on a regular basis since the night of Sonny's April birthday. Sonny accused Connie of lying, because Kate would have known if she had been losing time. Connie implied that Kate had mentioned it to Ewen, but Sonny didn't believe her. Carly agreed that Connie was lying, so Connie turned to Johnny for corroboration.

Johnny was forced to admit that he and Connie were legally married. Sonny demanded proof, so Connie pulled a folded piece of paper out of her bra, and then presented the marriage license to Sonny. "Bride: Constanza Falconeri. Groom: John Zacchara," Connie said, as she showed Sonny the signatures on the marriage license. Sonny handed the document to Alexis for authentication. Alexis admitted that it looked real.

Sonny couldn't understand why Connie had gone through with the charade of getting married, so Connie explained that she had wanted Sonny to "eat dirt." Connie was eager to know how Sonny felt, so she invited him to share every humiliating detail. Sonny's anger exploded as he attacked Johnny. Sonny brutally pummeled Johnny, so Dante, Shawn, Max, and Milo sprang into action and pulled Sonny off of Johnny. Johnny called out to Carly for help, but Connie raced to Johnny's side instead.

Connie demanded that Steve check Johnny, but Steve explained that he wasn't there as a doctor. Connie reminded Steve that Johnny had been recovering from a gunshot wound. Steve gave Johnny a cursory glance and determined that Johnny would be fine. Satisfied, Connie decided to goad Carly by promising to take Johnny to bed. Carly was livid, but Starr stepped forward to confront the person she believed had killed Hope and Cole.

Starr punched Connie in the face, so Michael intervened before the altercation went further. Starr angrily demanded to know how Johnny could marry the woman who had killed Starr's little girl. Johnny looked shamefaced as Michael led a distraught Starr away. Afterwards, Connie asked Johnny to kiss her "boo-boo." Johnny didn't budge, so Connie suggested that it was the least that he could do after she had been attacked for killing "those two people." Johnny dutifully stood up and kissed Connie's chin, but she turned her head at the last minute so that his lips landed on hers.

Sonny was curious if Johnny felt good about taking advantage of a mentally ill woman. Meanwhile, Carly realized why Johnny had asked her to run away with him the previous night. Sonny promised to have Connie committed to Shadybrook and hire the best specialists in the field of DID so that Kate could return. Connie defiantly reminded Sonny that only her husband could commit her to Shadybrook, which Johnny wouldn't do. Johnny confirmed Connie's claim. Carly was furious that Johnny had been sleeping with "this skank" since April, so she violently slapped Johnny and stormed out.

"Looks like you're on your own, Connie," Sonny remarked as Johnny ran after Carly. Sonny insisted that Connie's claim of an ongoing affair with Johnny was a lie, so he wondered if there was anything that could be done to get Kate the help that she needed. Connie bragged that she and Johnny were a match made in heaven, so Shawn pointed out that Johnny wouldn't have raced out to catch up with Carly if that were true. Alexis revealed that Olivia could be appointed Kate's guardian ad litem and commit Connie, but it would take some time.

Meanwhile, Dante received a call about shots fired at Sonny's warehouse. Lulu urged Dante to go to the warehouse, but Dante insisted that his father needed him. Nearby, Sonny decided to talk to Connie privately, so he asked everyone to leave. After everyone filed out, Sonny appealed to Kate to fight Connie. Sonny promised Kate that he loved her and assured her that she was stronger than Connie.

Johnny followed Carly into his office. She refused to believe that he had been cheating on her, so she demanded that he tell her what was really going on.

At the motel, Trey searched his father's room for a clue that might lead him to where Joe had taken Kristina.

At Sonny's warehouse, Joe apologized for having to kill Kristina, but he insisted that the payoff was too good to resist. Joe relished the idea of Sonny losing and Joe winning. Kristina desperately tried to sway Joe from his murderous intentions by promising to help Joe get his hands on Sonny's money in exchange for letting her live. Joe explained that Kristina had to die in order for Sonny to suffer and blame himself for her tragic death. Joe ordered Kristina to close her eyes, but Trey suddenly appeared before Joe could pull the trigger.

Trey was horrified when he realized that his father had intended to kill Kristina. Joe insisted that it was the only way to ensure that Trey inherited Kristina's estate. Trey quickly jumped between the gun and Kristina as he explained that Joe would have to kill him first. Joe pleaded for his son to understand that he was doing what was best for Trey. According to Joe, Sonny had denied Trey his birthright. Trey argued that he'd had everything that he had ever needed, but Joe insisted that everything bad that had ever happened to them, including Kate abandoning Trey, had been Sonny's fault.

Joe believed that it was poetic justice for Sonny's daughter to die on the day that Sonny married Kate. Trey refused to let his father murder Kristina to get back at Sonny and Kate. Trey insisted that he didn't care about the money or growing up without a mother, because the only thing that had mattered was that Joe had been waiting for Trey every day after school. Joe argued that they deserved to live in the lap of luxury and to enjoy the power that Sonny had wielded, but Trey vowed to call the police if Joe pulled the trigger.

Kristina screamed when Trey lunged for the gun. After a brief struggle, the gun went off. Joe was shot in the shoulder. Trey pressed a cloth to his father's shoulder as he promised to call for help, but Joe ordered his son not to make the call, because Joe didn't want to have to answer to the police. Trey assured Joe that they could make up a story to explain everything away, but Joe refused to risk it, so he ran out of the warehouse. Trey started to follow his father, but Kristina cried out for help.

Trey returned to Kristina's side to untie her. Kristina was hysterical as she fell into Trey's arms, while Trey profusely apologized for what his father had done. Trey promised that he'd had no idea what Joe had planned.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica noticed Tracy looking at Joe's pendant, so she demanded to know what Tracy was doing with it. Tracy explained that it was complicated, so Monica reminded Tracy that Joe was a gangster. Tracy confessed that she had gone to see Joe to return the pendant, but Monica realized that Tracy had ended up in bed with Joe instead. Tracy admitted that it had been a moment of weakness, so Monica congratulated Tracy because Tracy's dreadful taste in men had reached an all-time low.

Tracy explained that she had been unable to help herself, so Monica pointed out that Joe was a violent and dangerous psychopath. "According to Sonny," Tracy argued. Tracy revealed that Joe claimed to have been a victim of circumstance and that he had assured her that he was not a part of the mob. Monica warned Tracy that it was only a matter of time before Joe involved Tracy in his dirty dealings.

Monica insisted that the family had seen enough mob violence. Tracy agreed and then blamed Jason. Monica warned Tracy not to drag Jason into it, because there was no comparison between Joe and Jason. Monica threatened to tell Edward about Tracy's involvement with Joe if Tracy didn't break things off with Joe. Tracy pointed out that Edward was in frail health, but Monica didn't want Edward to be blindsided when everything blew up in Tracy's face, because it would break his heart. Tracy refused to expose her father to danger, so she agreed to cut all ties to Joe.

Monica appreciated that it wouldn't be easy for Tracy. After Monica left, Tracy opened the front door to leave. She was startled when Joe stumbled into the foyer, clutching his bloody shoulder and begging her for help.

At the penthouse, Jason revealed that the baby in Llanview with Téa was a DNA match to Sam, so Sam's baby was alive. John realized that the news would devastate Téa, because she loved the baby. Jason insisted that Sam deserved to have her baby back. John agreed, but he didn't know how to break the news to Téa. Jason offered to go with John to tell Téa, because it might be easier for her to hear it from a stranger. John explained that Téa was an attorney, so they would need more than the DNA results from a lab that had a questionable reputation. Jason suggested that they ask Sam to agree to exhume the baby that had been buried to prove that it was Téa's child, but John pointed out that it wouldn't be possible, since Sam wasn't the child's mother.

John decided to talk to Téa, because she was his friend. John suggested that Jason deliver the news to Sam. Jason warned John that Sam would head to Llanview as soon as Jason told her about the baby. John knew that Téa would always love the baby that she had been raising as her own for months, but all that mattered was that Sam got her son back.

Later, John arrived in Llanview. He looked at the DNA test results and then knocked on Téa's door.

At the lake house, Liz explained that Jason had pulled away from the kiss on his birthday because he and Liz didn't have a future together. Sam was skeptical that Liz would simply walk away from Jason without a fight. Liz admitted that Jason would always be in her heart, but she wanted Sam to hear her out. Sam invited Liz inside, so Liz entered the house and then confessed that she had manipulated Sam into handing the divorce papers to Jason. Liz explained that she and Jason had only kissed twice, and each time Jason had pulled away.

Liz revealed that she had gone to Jason's penthouse earlier that day to convince Jason that Sam and John were in a relationship, but Liz hadn't been able to go through with it, so she had told the truth instead. Sam was curious why, so Liz explained that her lies had been a complete betrayal of what Liz and Jason had shared over the years, their son, and the love that they had had for Jake. Liz had decided that she needed to stop lying, because she had lied to Jason, herself, and another mother.

Sam was confused, because Sam's son had died, so she didn't understand what her baby had to do with anything. Liz knew what it was like to lose a child, so she didn't want to add to Sam's pain. Sam was curious if Liz would have cared if Jason hadn't turned Liz down. Liz didn't expect Sam to forgive her, but she was sorry for everything that she had done. Sam admitted that she wasn't in any position to judge because of her own mistakes. Liz appreciated Sam's understanding, so Sam confessed that she was grateful that Liz had stepped forward with the truth.

Liz hoped that Sam would soon see how far Jason had gone to make things right for Sam. She promised that Sam would soon get back everything that Sam had loved. "Not everything," Sam sadly replied. "You'll see," Liz softly said, and then left. A short time later, Jason arrived to talk to Sam.

Sam revealed that Liz had been by earlier, and had told Sam about the lies that had led to Sam giving Jason the divorce papers. "And that's all?" Jason wondered. "Why? What else is there?" Sam asked.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

On the Haunted Star, Sonny appealed to Kate to fight. He assured Kate that he loved her and that he had faith that she was stronger than her alter. Connie's expression slowly changed as her eyes filled with tears. "Sonny? What happened?" she asked. Relieved, Sonny hugged her. He promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to Kate.

"But you did," Connie whispered into Sonny's ear. Shocked that Connie had fooled him, Sonny pushed her away. Connie angrily accused Sonny of letting Joe Jr. rape her and then getting her shot on their previous wedding day. "So much for promises, right?" Connie asked and then taunted him because his love hadn't been enough to wake Kate up. Sonny reminded Connie that he had reached Kate before, so he would be able to do it again.

Sonny was curious what had drawn Connie out, so Connie told him about Kate's confrontation with Trey. Connie explained that Kate had gone on a permanent vacation when Kate had realized that her "unwanted brat" was alive. Connie confessed that it had felt good to unload on Trey. Sonny was curious why Connie hadn't left town, so Connie revealed that she had wanted to pay Sonny back for the previous wedding day, when Kate had been shot at the altar. Sonny warned Connie that Alexis would soon return with the paperwork that would allow them to commit Connie to a sanitarium for treatment. Connie reminded Sonny that only Johnny, her husband, could commit her.

Connie started to leave, but Sonny grabbed her arm to stop her. Connie was furious and accused him of being a pig and a bully. Connie claimed that Kate hadn't had the guts to kick him out, but Connie did. Sonny refused to let Connie leave with a "rat" like Johnny. Connie decided that they should see what Johnny had to say about that. Sonny wrapped his arms around Connie to keep her from leaving, so Connie screamed for Johnny.

In a stateroom, Carly refused to believe that Johnny had callously betrayed her, so she demanded to know what Connie had been holding over his head to force him to marry Connie. Johnny assured her that he was sorrier than she could imagine, but Carly wasn't moved. She tearfully wondered if their relationship had been a joke to him and then asked what Connie had given him that no other woman could. Johnny didn't have an answer, so Carly's hurt turned to anger as she reminded him that Connie was a symptom of a mental illness. Carly suddenly recalled all the times that she had walked in on Johnny and Todd during tense moments, so she realized that Todd had known about Connie.

Johnny quietly explained that his conversations with Todd were private. Carly demanded to know why Johnny had married Connie. "Because I love her," Johnny replied. Carly was shocked by the answer. Johnny insisted that he had tried to change his life around and become a better person, but he hadn't been able to. According to Johnny, Connie accepted him for who he was and didn't expect him to change to prove himself.

Carly was curious where Kate fit into everything, because Johnny had felt incredible shame for what he had done to Kate the first time around. Carly also wondered why he had asked her to run away the previous evening. Johnny claimed that Connie had been pushing him to get married because she had grown tired of sharing him with Carly. According to Johnny, he had gotten cold feet, so he had asked Carly to leave town with him. Carly couldn't understand why Johnny hadn't simply broken off their relationship when he had decided to marry Connie. Johnny assured her that he would have spared Carly if he could have.

Carly knew that Johnny was still lying, so she accused him of being scum. She made it clear that they were truly over and started to leave, but Johnny called out to her. Moments later, Connie yelled for Johnny. "There's the little lady now," Carly snarled. Johnny begged her not to leave, so Carly reminded him that he had made his bed, and then she walked out.

In the main room, Sonny reminded Connie that she had killed a three-year-old child, so she needed proper treatment. Connie was relieved when Johnny joined them, so she demanded that Johnny help her. Johnny just stood there, so Connie warned him that he wouldn't like the alternative. Johnny calmly sat down and ordered Sonny to take his hands off of Johnny's wife, or Johnny would press charges against Sonny for assault and false imprisonment. Sonny let Connie go, so she snatched up a bottle of champagne as she made her way to Johnny's side.

Sonny implored Johnny to reconsider, because Kate desperately needed help. Connie wrapped her arm around Johnny's, as she asked, "Shall we, husband?" "Sorry Sonny, I can't help you," Johnny said as he led Connie away.

At the hotel, Todd was on the phone with a private investigator. Todd ordered the man to find the crazy blonde lady with a huge syringe filled with LSD. Moments later, Todd admitted that he had been joking about the syringe, but he made it clear that he wanted Heather found. Starr heard Todd's remark as she entered his suite, so she was curious why Todd wanted to find Heather. Todd ended the call and asked how Starr had gotten in. Starr showed him the keycard that he had given to her and then repeated her question.

Todd explained that he was concerned that Heather might try to retaliate by harming someone he cared about. Starr suggested that Todd focus on an enemy closer to home, like the person who had killed Hope and Cole. Todd feigned surprise when Starr revealed that Connie had returned. Starr was furious, because Connie had never really been gone, so Starr decided to call the police to let the authorities deal with the woman who had killed Hope and Cole. Todd carefully reminded Starr that Starr had made an impassioned plea on Kate's behalf when Kate had faced a judge, so he suggested that Starr let Sonny handle Connie's return.

Todd was stunned when Starr explained that Connie had married Johnny, so Sonny didn't have the power to commit Connie. Starr added that Carly had been blindsided by Connie's shocking announcement at the wedding. Starr confessed that she also felt betrayed by Johnny, because he had been sleeping with the woman who had killed Starr's little girl. Todd claimed that he hated to tell her, "I told you so." Starr doubted it.

Starr confessed that she wondered what else Johnny was hiding, but Todd insisted that it didn't matter, since she should cut all ties to Johnny. Starr explained that she couldn't because Johnny held her recording contract. Todd offered to buy it out so that she could return to Llanview. Starr refused to leave town while Connie was running around. Todd insisted that revenge and retribution were his thing, not Starr's, so he asked her to let him handle things. He promised to make certain that Hope and Cole's killer would suffer.

After Starr left, Todd conceded that Johnny had already started to suffer. A short time later, Carly knocked on the door. Todd invited her in as he confessed that he had heard about what had happened at the wedding. "How can I help?" Todd asked. Carly slapped Todd because he hadn't told her that Johnny had been cheating on her. Todd assured her that he had tried, but Carly didn't believe him. She was hurt because she had almost trusted Todd.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was startled when she opened the door and Joe stumbled in, clutching his bleeding shoulder. Joe begged her for help, so Tracy led him to a chair and offered to call an ambulance. "No," Joe shouted. He explained that a gunshot wound would have to be reported to the police. Tracy immediately became suspicious as she demanded to know what he was hiding. Joe claimed that Sonny's men had tried to kill him.

Joe was hurt that Tracy didn't appear to believe him. "Sure, on his wedding day, Sonny thinks, 'What would make this day extra special for me and Kate? Rubbing somebody out.' No, I don't believe you," Tracy replied. Joe argued that Sonny had probably thought that killing the man whom Kate had accused of rape would be the perfect gift for Kate. Tracy pointed out that professional killers wouldn't have let Joe walk away. Joe insisted that he had run for his life, which wouldn't last long if Tracy didn't help him. Tracy reluctantly agreed to get Monica, but Joe made it clear that he only trusted Tracy, so she would have to dig the bullet out.

Tracy fetched Monica's medical bag, and then returned to the parlor and discovered Joe resting on the sofa. Tracy was aghast as she asked him what he was doing. "Bleeding," Joe replied. Tracy informed him that he was bleeding all over an expensive antique sofa. Joe was more concerned about his bullet wound, so he urged Tracy to hurry. Tracy pulled some instruments out of the medical bag, and then handed Joe a wooden spoon to bite down on, because she didn't have any painkillers for him.

Later, Tracy bandaged up Joe's shoulder, and then handed him the bullet that she had removed from his shoulder. Joe told her that she was an angel and then asked her to hide him out. Tracy objected, but Joe claimed that he was too weak to even stand. Joe insisted that she was his only hope, so Tracy relented. Tracy helped Joe to the foyer, but they froze when Dante banged on the door and ordered someone to open up.

In Llanview, John looked at the DNA test results and then knocked on Téa's door. Téa was surprised, but happy, to see John, so she invited him in. They briefly exchanged pleasantries, and then Téa apologized for the restraining order that Clint had issued against John. John revealed that he was there on another matter. He explained that he needed to discuss something important with her regarding her baby. Téa decided to fetch Victor, but John assured her that it wasn't necessary.

Téa insisted because the nanny tended to let Victor sleep too much as it was. Moments later, Téa returned and asked John if he had seen the nanny. John admitted that he hadn't seen anyone, which sent Téa into a panic, because the nanny and Victor were missing. Téa called her nanny's phone, but the call went unanswered, so John decided to call the police. He was stunned when Téa revealed that the nanny's name was Susan Moore, the good Samaritan who had helped Todd on the night of Victor's birth. John quickly pulled up a picture of Heather on his phone.

Téa confirmed that the woman in the picture was her nanny, so John explained that the real Susan Moore had died in 1983. John told Téa that the woman in the picture was Heather Webber, and then he called the police to have an APB issued on the fugitive. Téa was shocked when John revealed that Heather had recently escaped from Ferncliff.

At the lake house, Sam wondered if something was wrong. "Yes," Jason admitted. Sam was curious if it had to do with Liz, but Jason assured her that it didn't. Jason explained that he had been working on something important, but he didn't have an opportunity to elaborate because Trey and Kristina burst through the door. Trey helped Kristina to a chair, as a shaken Kristina revealed that Trey's father had tried to kill her. Jason wanted to know what had happened, but Kristina was too rattled to say much, so Jason pulled Trey aside to get the story. Trey assured Jason that he was on their side.

Jason demanded to know Trey's father's name. "Joe. Joe Scully Jr.," Trey replied. Meanwhile, Kristina finally calmed down enough to tell them that Joe had abducted her outside of Trey's apartment and then had taken her to Sonny's warehouse. Jason decided to make some calls, including to Sonny, while Sam and Trey tried to comfort Kristina. A short time later, Dante arrived. Dante demanded to know why Trey hadn't taken Kristina to the hospital, so Kristina assured her brother that she hadn't been hurt.

Kristina credited Trey with saving her life, so Dante asked Kristina to explain what had happened. Kristina gave him a brief recap and revealed that Trey and Joe had struggled for the gun. Trey added that Joe had been shot and then had fled. Jason insisted that they needed to tell Sonny, but Sonny's phone had been turned off for the night because of wedding. Dante explained that the wedding hadn't happened because Kate had had a breakdown and her alter had emerged.

Trey was stunned when Dante added that Connie had married Johnny the night before. Trey was curious if Connie had been in control a few days earlier, so Dante admitted that, according to Connie, Connie had been around since April. However, Dante was more concerned about finding Joe, so he wondered if Trey had any ideas were Joe might have gone. Trey admitted that his father had a room at a local motel, but Dante and Jason agreed that it was unlikely that Joe had gone there.

Jason recalled that Sonny had mentioned that Joe and Tracy knew each other, but Jason didn't know, nor did he want to know, the nature of their relationship. Jason admitted that Sonny had had the sense that Joe and Tracy had been more than acquaintances. Dante ordered Trey and Kristina to go to the police station to give their statements, while Dante headed to the Quartermaine mansion.

After everyone left, Jason remained concerned about Sonny, because he believed that Sonny had a right to know about what had happened to Kristina. Sam asked Jason to let the police handle it and then offered to call John. Jason explained that John was busy. Sam was curious how Jason knew that. As if on cue, John called Jason to let Jason know that the baby was missing.

Friday, October 5, 2012

At Steve's apartment, Olivia confessed that she was worried about her cousin. Steve regretted that he had doubted Olivia's claims about Connie, because he might have been able to help Kate. Olivia wondered if Steve had any idea what it was like not to be able to trust what he saw. She feared that Connie was right; Olivia deserved to be in a sanitarium. Steve insisted that Connie had been lashing out, so Olivia shouldn't listen to anything that Connie had said.

Olivia confessed that she would give anything to be able to go before a judge and request guardianship of Kate so that Kate could get help. However, Olivia doubted that a judge would agree, since Olivia couldn't even trust her own sanity. Steve advised Olivia to give it time, but Olivia explained that Kate couldn't afford it.

Later, Steve joined Olivia on the sofa as Olivia worried that her hallucinations would continue. Steve pointed out that all of her visions had become reality, so they seemed more like premonitions. Olivia revealed that Dante had said the same thing, so she conceded that perhaps Steve and Dante were right, but she wished that she could be "normal" again. Steve confessed that he liked the idea of having his own personal psychic, so Olivia lightened the mood by confessing that she'd had a vision of them spending time in Steve's big bed. Steve smiled and led Olivia to the bedroom.

In Todd's hotel suite, Carly couldn't understand what kind of friend would let her stay with a guy who had cheated on her. She demanded to know how long Todd had known about Johnny's affair with Connie, so Todd revealed that he had learned about it when Todd had planted the camera in Johnny's office. Todd claimed that Johnny had insisted that the tryst had been an isolated incident. Carly was hurt that Todd hadn't told her, so Todd explained that he hadn't been able to.

Todd reminded Carly that each time he had broached the subject, Carly had refused to listen and had ordered Todd to leave Johnny alone. Carly argued that he could have tried instead of letting her get blindsided. Todd confessed that he hadn't wanted to be the one who hurt her. Carly's anger leeched out, but not her curiosity. She wondered how Todd could be okay with Connie, the woman who had killed his granddaughter, running around.

Todd reminded Carly that Kate was sick. He assured Carly that he would never forgive the person who had killed Hope and Cole, but he refused to put Starr through the pain of reliving the loss of her daughter and boyfriend, because Starr had forgiven Kate and had built a new life for herself. Carly conceded that it was noble of Todd, but Starr had confronted Connie at the wedding. Carly couldn't understand why Todd seemed okay with Connie doing whatever Connie wanted.

Todd admitted that he had already spoken to Starr about it, and then shifted gears by reminding Carly that he was sorry about what Carly had gone through. Carly confessed that it was easier to be mad at him than at herself for being so pathetic. Carly acknowledged that Todd had warned her for months about Johnny, but she hadn't listened. Carly confided that she continued to have doubts, even after what had happened, because she was certain that Johnny was hiding a big secret that had driven him to marry Connie.

Todd insisted that Johnny wasn't good enough for Carly, and never had been. Carly tearfully argued that she had known Johnny better than anyone else, so Johnny's marriage didn't make sense. Todd hugged Carly, as she cried on his shoulder. Moments later, she decided to go home, but Todd insisted that she stay because it was clear that she needed someone to talk to. Later, Todd tucked a blanket around Carly as she settled on the sofa for the night. He promised her that everything would be okay.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny was drinking from a bottle of liquor when Alexis walked in. Alexis realized that the evening had not improved after she had left. Sonny couldn't see how that was possible, since the bride had married another man. Alexis sat down and invited Sonny to tell her what had happened. Sonny explained that Connie had planned the fiasco at the wedding, because she hated Sonny as much as Sonny hated Connie. Alexis warned Sonny that hating Connie wasn't helpful, so Sonny admitted that it had been hard to watch Connie walk out with Johnny.

Sonny was curious if Alexis had figured out a way for Kate to be admitted to a sanitarium for treatment. Alexis revealed that only an immediate family member could do it, so Sonny had no legal standing. Sonny was curious if Alexis would be able to have Olivia appointed as Kate's guardian, but Alexis reminded Sonny that Olivia had her own mental health issues. Alexis conceded that Connie had been smart to marry Johnny. Sonny wondered if they could get the charges for killing Hope and Cole reinstated, so the court could order Kate into treatment.

Alexis explained that courts didn't distinguish between personalities, so the charges that had been dropped against Kate also applied to Connie. Sonny refused to let Johnny take advantage of Kate's situation by having sex with Connie, so he decided to head over to Johnny's penthouse. Alexis advised Sonny not to go near the penthouse because he would just make things worse. Alexis was curious what had triggered Connie to emerge, so Sonny revealed that Kate had discovered the truth about Trey. Sonny was outraged that Trey hadn't said a word to anyone, but he blamed Joe for putting everything into motion by pointing Trey in Kate's direction.

At the police station, Trey asked a police officer if there had been any word about Joe, but the police officer didn't have anything to report. Moments later, Michael burst into the squad room and pinned Trey against the wall. Michael was furious that Trey had endangered Kristina. Kristina desperately tried to pull Michael off of Trey, as she tearfully explained that Trey had saved her life, but Michael refused to release Trey. Moments later, a police officer intervened and pulled Michael off of Trey.

Michael demanded to know where Joe was. Trey confessed that he didn't know, but he was worried because his father had been hurt. Michael's temper flared because Trey was concerned about the man who had tried to murder Kristina. Kristina reminded Michael that it was unfair to expect Trey not to be concerned about Joe, because they would be worried about Sonny if Sonny had been hurt, even though Sonny was a criminal. Michael didn't want to fight with Kristina, so Trey sarcastically wondered if that meant that Michael would spare his life.

Kristina asked Michael and Trey to stop fighting and then changed the subject to find out how Sonny was holding up. Trey was curious how Kate was doing, prompting Michael to ask why. Trey admitted that Kate was his mother. "I know," Michael replied. Kristina demanded to know why Michael hadn't told her, so Michael pointed out that the bigger question was why Trey hadn't told her. Trey confessed that he had kept quiet because he hadn't wanted it to be true. Michael wondered why, so Trey revealed that he had learned the truth during an ugly confrontation with Kate, when Kate had said some awful things that Trey had hoped to forget.

However, Trey realized that it might have been Connie who had said those cruel things, given what had happened at the wedding. Michael was livid that Trey hadn't told anyone about the confrontation, because it might have prevented Connie from marrying Johnny. Kristina tried to defend Trey, but Michael reminded her that she hadn't witnessed the "freak" show at the Haunted Star. Michael revealed that Sonny hadn't gone after Connie, because Sonny had been afraid of hurting Kate. Michael also admitted that Carly had been devastated by Johnny's betrayal.

Later, Alexis and Sonny arrived. They quickly comforted their daughter, relieved that she was unharmed. Moments later, Sonny spotted Trey. Sonny went after Trey, but Kristina and Michael quickly explained that Trey had saved Kristina's life and had shot Joe in the process. Sonny quickly calmed down. Trey admitted that he loved his father, but he couldn't defend what Joe had done. "I'm sorry for everything," Trey added.

Kristina confirmed that Joe had made it clear that Trey hadn't been aware of Joe's plans. Later, Sonny was frustrated that he couldn't help Kate, because only Johnny had the power to commit her. Alexis explained to Kristina and Michael that they had hoped to have Olivia appointed as Kate's guardian, but Olivia had her own psychological issues. Alexis glanced at Trey, as she revealed that a close blood relative, like a sister or mother, might have more success.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Joe froze in the foyer when Dante pounded on the front door, demanding that someone open it. Joe begged Tracy to hide him, so Tracy wondered why Joe was acting like a fugitive. Joe insisted that Sonny was a powerful man who would find a way to frame Joe for a crime. Tracy helped Joe to the parlor, closed the door, and then went to the front door to deal with Dante. Joe eavesdropped as Dante asked if Tracy knew Joe Scully Jr. Tracy claimed that she had no idea who Joe was, so Dante showed her a picture of Joe and revealed that an eyewitness had seen Joe at the mansion a few days earlier.

Tracy reluctantly admitted that she did know "Joseph" because he was an antiques dealer who had been helping to redo the east wing of the mansion. Dante knew that Sonny had told Tracy exactly who Joe was, so Tracy insisted that Sonny had made outrageous false accusations against Joe. Dante was curious if Tracy had any idea where Joe was, so Tracy asked why Dante was looking for Joe. "He tried to kill my sister," Dante replied. Tracy was stunned and immediately tried to deny it. Dante assured her that there had been two eyewitnesses, so Tracy accused Sonny of trying to frame Joe.

Dante explained that Joe had kidnapped Kristina and then had tried to kill her so that Joe could get his hands on Kristina's inheritance. Tracy argued that it didn't make sense, since Joe wouldn't be able to claim Kristina's inheritance. Tracy was shocked when Dante revealed that Joe's son was married to Kristina and that Trey had shot Joe during a struggle for the gun. Dante begged her to help him, so Tracy pointed to the parlor as she ordered Dante to get a warrant to search the house. Dante realized that Joe was hiding in the parlor, so he drew his gun and then entered the parlor, but Joe was gone. Dante called the police station to arrange for a squad car to park outside of the mansion, in case Joe returned.

Dante was curious how badly Joe had been wounded, so Tracy conceded that it was bad enough that she doubted that Joe would get far. After Dante left, Tracy pulled out Joe's pendant and began to cry. She sat down on the sofa and vowed that Joe would never lie to her again. Afterwards, she broke the chain and threw both pieces across the room.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Connie regretted that she hadn't taken an entire case of champagne, since she doubted that Sonny would be celebrating. Johnny ignored her as he unlocked the door and entered the penthouse. Connie wanted Johnny to carry her over the threshold, but Johnny refused. Connie pouted as she picked up her bag and entered the penthouse. She advised Johnny to lose his attitude, or she would send his butt to the slammer. Johnny offered to carry her over the threshold, but Connie declined.

Johnny was curious why Connie had hurt Carly, so Connie explained that goading Carly had merely been the opening act; the main event had been blowing apart Sonny's world. Connie suggested that they go to bed to make their marriage official, but Johnny insisted that he had only married her because she had blackmailed him. Connie was confident that Johnny was hot for her and reminded him that they'd had a lot fun on Sonny's birthday. Johnny argued that that had been different, but Connie refused to believe that he had slept with her just to stick it to Sonny.

Connie turned on the charm as she tried to seduce Johnny, but he shoved her to the sofa and made it clear that he wouldn't kiss her if she was the last woman on earth, because he only wanted Carly. Connie didn't believe him, because he had lied to Carly for months. Johnny insisted that he loved Carly and had never intended to hurt her, but Connie wasn't interested in hearing Johnny's pity party. Connie argued that Carly had had it worse than Johnny, because Carly had been betrayed and humiliated in front of all of her friends. Johnny explained that he had tried to be the man that Carly had wanted and had worked hard to get out of the mob.

Connie warned Johnny that he would never have been happy with Carly, because he would have had to lie to Carly for the rest of his life. Connie's eyes misted as she assured Johnny that she accepted Johnny for who he was, so he didn't have to pretend with her. Connie insisted that their marriage was real, but Johnny was unmoved, so he suggested that she go find a party. Connie refused to leave the penthouse in case Sonny found a way to have her committed.

Connie made it clear that she intended to make the most of her marriage to Johnny, so she advised him to follow her lead and stop mooning over Carly. Johnny agreed and then pointed out that he had the power to have Connie committed. Connie's smile disappeared as she threatened to tell the police that he was a baby killer. Connie confidently picked up her bag, informed Johnny that she had picked up some sex toys, and then skipped up the stairs to the bedroom. Johnny sat down on the sofa to look at a picture of him and Carly. Afterwards, he searched the Internet for "institutionalizing your psychotic spouse."

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