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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 24, 2012 on GH
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Trey spoke to Joe Jr. in the run-down motel room where Joe Jr. was living. Joe Jr. said he was only staying there until he and Trey could claim what was theirs. Trey said he was not so sure he wanted to claim those rights. Joe Jr. said that he and Trey were partners and should claim what was theirs, especially since Trey's mother was not in the picture. Trey refused to discuss his mother and instead told Joe Jr. that he cared about Kristina, and he wanted to be a real couple with her.

Joe Jr. encouraged Trey and said that he did not care what kind of relationship Trey had with Kristina as long as Trey stayed married to her. If Trey could have a real and happy relationship with Kristina, that was all the better, as far as Joe Jr. was concerned. Trey said that he did not like lying to Kristina and covering up the enmity between Sonny and Joe Jr., not to mention that Sonny was marrying Trey's long-lost mother, Kate, whom Trey believed had cheated on Sonny with Joe Jr.

Joe Jr. asked if Trey was feeling guilty about going after Sonny. When Trey said that Sonny was his father-in-law, Joe Jr. shouted that Sonny was a liar and a thief and deserved what he got. Trey questioned what that meant. Trey said that he had done everything that Joe Jr. had asked. Trey admitted that he had real feelings for Kristina and said that he deserved to know why Joe Jr. had instructed Trey to get on the inside of Sonny's family. Trey said that even though he had accepted that Joe Jr. had kept secrets about the past from Trey in order to protect him, Trey was a grown man and needed answers more than he did protection.

Trey asked if Joe Jr. wanted him to liquidate Kristina's bank accounts. Trey said that if that was what Joe Jr. wanted, Kristina did not have access to Sonny's bank accounts, not to mention that she had three brothers who would share Sony's wealth. Joe Jr. changed his approach and told Trey that he no longer needed to help with Joe Jr.'s plan. Joe Jr. told Trey to go be happy with Kristina and forget helping further the plan.

Trey was confused and asked how Joe Jr. could say that Trey was a big part of the plan and then tell Trey to go away and be happy. Joe Jr., said that all he really wanted was Trey's happiness. After Trey left, Joe Jr. looked at a photo of Trey and apologized for lying to him. He said that there was no way that the plan was going up in smoke; in fact he said, it was white hot. Someone knocked on Joe Jr.'s door. When Joe Jr. opened it, he told the unseen visitor that he/she was right on time.

Carly was taking care of Johnny in his apartment when Connie knocked on the door. When Carly answered, Connie pretended to be Kate and said she had business with Johnny. Carly wanted to know what business Kate had with Johnny. Connie/Kate said it was about the wedding. Carly said that Johnny was recuperating and could not attend. Connie/Kate said that it was too bad because she had hoped that both Carly and Johnny would attend. However, Connie/Kate added that she was actually there because she wanted to rent the Haunted Star for her wedding and reception.

Carly was shocked and remarked that the Metro Court or Archer Pavilion seemed more Kate's style. Connie/Kate protested that she could not hold it at either place because of Connie. Johnny looked concerned as he listened to the conversation. Connie/Kate said that she did not want to use the Metro Court because it was a reminder of the disastrous birthday party that Connie had thrown for Sonny that had resulted in Connie sleeping with Johnny.

Johnny hastened to add that nothing like that would happen again. Carly questioned Kate's use of the Haunted Star because of the bad blood between Sonny and Johnny, as well as Kate's accusation that Johnny had taken advantage of Kate. Connie/Kate said that if she could go elsewhere she would, but there was no place else to turn. Johnny said that he would meet Kate later at the Haunted Star to discuss it. Connie/Kate replied pointedly that time was of the essence. Carly listened suspiciously.

While Connie/Kate made a phone call, Johnny spoke privately with Carly. He told her that Kate was determined to have the wedding on the Haunted Star, so it offered him the opportunity to exact an enormous fee and put a serious dent in the loan he had taken out to pay his share of the pathogen ransom. Carly got a call from the Metro Court with an emergency. Carly left Connie/Kate alone with Johnny when she was forced to take care of the problem at the hotel.

Connie admitted that she had caused the emergency that had forced Carly to leave. She pulled out papers, signed them, and then told Johnny to sign them as well. Johnny refused. Connie said that he had no choice. Connie told Johnny that if he did not sign, "Kate" would remember that Johnny had been the one who had shot out Anthony's tires. Johnny said that if Kate remembered, then Connie would disappear. Connie said only if Connie let Kate out, and Connie had no intention of doing that. Johnny pushed the papers aside. Connie/Kate dialed the police and asked for Dante. Johnny signed the papers.

Connie/Kate had the signed papers as she left the apartment and Carly returned, mystified because the emergency had been handled by the time she reached the hotel. When Carly asked Connie/Kate about papers in her hand, Connie/Kate said they were the rental agreement for the wedding and reception, and she breezed out of the apartment. Carly thought Connie/Kate was acting weird. When she asked if Johnny was okay, he said that he was, although he looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Sonny waited for Kristina to return home. He and Alexis disagreed about keeping Trey's parentage secret from Kristina. Sonny was not ready to upset Kate with the news and did not want Kristina to know that she was married to Kate's rapist's son. Alexis had just agreed that Kristina did not need to know about Trey when Kristina walked in and demanded to know what Alexis meant.

Sonny said that no one would know that Kristina had married Trey and that Mob Princess would never hit the air. Sonny told Kristina that all she had to do was sign. Alexis agreed, and Sonny offered a pen. Kristina refused to sign. When Sonny wanted to know why, Kristina said that it would not be right because the marriage had been consummated. Sonny was speechless, but Alexis said that she could use other grounds. Kristina said that neither she nor Trey wanted the marriage to end.

Sonny immediately got angry and wanted to know if Trey had forced himself on Kristina. Kristina denied that she had been forced. Kristina said that she cared about Trey, and he cared about her; she added that it did not matter if Sonny did not like Trey. Alexis said that Kristina deserved more that a hurried, tacky Vegas wedding, but Kristina said that she and Trey wanted to be together, and that was all that mattered. Kristina told Sonny to tear up the agreement. Sonny responded that the annulment would proceed on the grounds of fraud.

Kristina said that there had been no fraud because she had gone into the ceremony with her eyes open. Sonny refused to share what he knew about Trey but did try to bully Kristina into the annulment. Alexis pointed out inheritance issues, but Kristina said that she wanted to stay married and asked Alexis to confirm that Kristina was of age and could not be compelled to end her marriage. Alexis agreed. Kristina told Sonny to concentrate on his upcoming marriage to Kate and to let her concentrate on her marriage to Trey.

Kristina said that her parents could not strong-arm her about Trey her like they had done about Yale. Sonny told Kristina that she was irresponsible and making bad choices that would some day haunt her. Kristina insisted that she loved Trey and wanted to be with him. Trey entered the room and backed up Kristina. He called her beautiful and talented and said that he wanted to be with her always. Kristina was overcome with sentiment. Sonny was incredulous.

Sonny asked Trey what he wanted. Trey said that all he wanted was to take his wife home. Kristina left with Trey. Alexis admired Sonny's restraint. Alexis suggested that Trey might be sincere about his feelings for Kristina. Sonny assured Alexis that Trey and his father, Joe Jr., were up to something.

Spinelli sat at the bar in the Floating Rib, thinking about Jason and Sam. He bemoaned the fact that people who cared about each other could not get over themselves and just be together. Maxie walked up and sipped his drink. She chided him for his "Shirley Temple, hold the Temple" vodka-laced drink. Maxie said that even though Spinelli did not want her for a friend, it looked like he needed one. Maxie asked Spinelli to put their non-friendship on hold.

Spinelli said it was tempting, but that his problem was of an intimate nature and to share that with someone who shunned his intimacy seemed counterproductive. Maxie sighed and started walking away when Spinelli shouted out that Sam and Jason were getting a divorce instead of celebrating their anniversary. Maxie said she was sorry. She said it was sad when two people who were meant to be together could not work it out.

Both Spinelli and Maxie agreed that they cared about Jason and Sam and were saddened that Jason and Sam could not keep their relationship together. Maxie fretted that Jason and Sam were splitting up because of all the miscues that had arisen from her wedding planning, mistakes she hoped to rectify with the wedding she was planning for Kate and Sonny. Spinelli pointed out that Maxie was making it all about herself.

Maxie agreed but said she really hoped to make it back into Kate's good graces; however, Maxie really feared that Kate was veering off the path of trendy and going tacky. Maxie said that Kate had told her that Kate was trying to embrace her Connie side. Spinelli remarked that Connie had hurt a lot of people. Maxie said that she just wanted to be on Kate's good side and get her job back. Maxie rued her poor performance as a wedding planner and said that the only good ceremony she had participated in was the non-wedding between herself and Spinelli.

Maxie asked if Spinelli recalled the ceremony. They spent a few minutes in sentimental discussion. Maxie said that she had been scared to get married and afraid to say it, and she appreciated Spinelli's refusal to marry her. Spinelli replied that they obviously were not meant to be married.

Maxie said she had a lot to do for the upcoming nuptials between Sonny and Kate. She told Spinelli that he could relax, and they could go back to being non-friends. Maxie asked if they could be friends again when both were in a relationship. Spinelli agreed, but was thoughtful when Maxie left the bar.

Heather planned to leave Llanview with Victor, who was really Sam's baby, when John McBain knocked on Téa's door and identified himself. Heather recognized the name as an enemy of Todd's. Heather hesitated inside, trying to decide what to do, while outside, Téa arrived home and invited John inside.

When John and Téa entered her home, neither Heather nor Victor was there. Téa went to look in the nursery while John waited and looked at a picture of Victor. Téa was relieved to find Heather and the baby in the nursery. She told Heather that she wanted Victor to meet a visitor downstairs. Heather said that Victor was just dropping off and should not be awakened. Téa agreed and asked Heather to transport the baby down when he woke up.

Downstairs, Téa said Victor was napping and would be down later. John and Téa discussed John's move to Port Charles and the restraining order that was preventing him from having access to his son. Téa assumed that John was there to see her about getting access to his son, Liam. John played along. Téa said that she would love to help, but she was close to Natalie's family and worked for Natalie's father, so it represented a potential conflict of interest. Téa was genuinely sorry for John's predicament.

John said he understood. Téa said she was furious at Todd for his part in John's estrangement from Natalie and Liam. When John asked if Téa was upset with Todd in other areas, Téa said it was hard to stay mad at the man who had delivered her baby on the side of a road and was the reason that Victor was alive. When John asked to see Victor before he left, Téa went upstairs and found Victor awake. Heather made an excuse to stay upstairs.

John was looking at a folder marked "Susan Moore," when Téa returned with the baby. John made endearing remarks about the baby and played along when Téa mentioned Victor's genetic disease, one that did not appear in either her family or that of her late husband, but did appear in Sam's. John held the baby and made the appropriate comments about child.

John asked for a glass of water. When Téa went to the kitchen, John took a DNA swab from baby Victor while she was gone. John exchanged the water for the baby and left after telling Téa to take care of the baby. Outside the door, John looked at the DNA swab and vowed to find out if it belonged to Sam's baby.

Jason went to the Chinese restaurant where he and Sam had been married. Sam was also there. The waiter assumed that they had arrived separately to celebrate their anniversary and showed Jason to Sam's table. Jason was surprised. Sam said she was too. Sam showed Jason the dragon that she had recovered earlier, and Jason showed Sam the matching phoenix figurine that he had also recovered that day. They agreed that it was an amazing coincidence.

Jason sat down and said that he had gone there to think. Sam said that she was there for the same reason. Both agreed that a lot had happened in a year. Sam said that she had hoped that everything could go back to the way it had been before Franco had spoiled their happiness. Sam had tears in her eyes as she acknowledged that they could not go back. Sam was about to give Jason the divorce papers when the restaurant's owner approached them; he said he had recognized Jason's bike and realized that they were there to celebrate their anniversary. Sam hurriedly wiped away her tears.

Sam tried to set the owner straight, but he remembered them from the previous year, when they had been running from their over-planned wedding. He asked them if they were running from something on this date as well. Sam said that they were not running from anything. Jason tried to explain that they were divorcing, but the owner's elderly grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Yi, who had also participated in Sam and Jason's wedding, joined the group.

In Chinese, Mrs. Yi told Sam and Jason that she was very glad to see that they had retained the symbols of double happiness, indicating the figurines. Both Sam and Jason flashed back to their wedding and recalled that they had been married under the symbols of the dragon and the phoenix. Each symbol alone signified happiness, but together, meant double happiness. Sam laughed and said that she remembered.

Sam and Jason tried to leave the restaurant, but Mrs. Yi, who insisted in Chinese that they stay for an anniversary feast, stopped them. As the elderly couple left to prepare the food, Jason and Sam tried to decline the meal, but the grandson insisted that preparing the meal for Sam and Jason would make Mrs. Yi, who might not live through another year, very happy. He begged them to stay. Sam and Jason agreed.

Alone, Sam said that she felt terrible about lying. Jason said it was for a good cause. Sam asked if Jason was okay being the center of attention. Jason told Sam that that was the reason that she had gotten stuck running interference. At that moment, the Yi family rolled out a serving cart filled with delicacies. The owner said that it might seem odd, but he thought that his grandmother had been expecting them.

Along with the food, Mrs. Yi made a toast, which contained a reminder that if times turn bad, Jason and Sam should look to the past when times were good and remember their vows. Both Sam and Jason remembered their wedding ceremony and their promise to love and care for each other through eternity, no matter what happened between them. Sam had tears in her eyes as they looked at each other.

Sam thanked them for the meal and lovely toast. Mr. Yi asked them to return every year, even if the elderly couple was gone. Sam again thanked the Yi family for the dinner and said it had been meant to be. Jason agreed and noted that Sam had made the same remark the previous year. He also thanked the Yi family. Sam said that fate had meant for them to stop there when they had.

Alone, Jason and Sam reacted to their emotional connection and shared a long, passionate kiss.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

At the Drake residence, Patrick called Britt to let her know that he was running late, so he wondered if it would be okay to meet her at the Floating Rib. Britt agreed, so Patrick ended the call just as the doorbell rang. Sabrina dropped the stack of books in her arms when a shirtless Patrick opened the door. Patrick apologized for startling her, but Sabrina assured him that he hadn't done anything wrong. Patrick admitted that he'd had difficulty deciding which shirt to wear, so he asked for Sabrina's help.

Sabrina pointed to one of the shirts as she explained that she liked it best because it matched his eyes, which were beautiful. Sabrina realized what she had said, so she quickly explained that she had meant that the shirt was beautiful. Patrick didn't seem to notice Sabrina's embarrassment as he went to the bedroom to finish getting dressed. A short time later, he returned with Emma in tow. Emma was shy as Patrick introduced her to Sabrina. Emma wondered where Patrick was going, so Patrick revealed that he had plans to take a fellow doctor to dinner because the doctor was new at the hospital.

Emma wanted Maxie to stay with her, but Patrick explained that Maxie was busy. Patrick let Sabrina know that there was food in the refrigerator and then said his goodbyes. After Patrick left, Emma ran to her bedroom.

At the hospital, Britt struck up a conversation with Liz as they waited for the elevator. Britt confided that she had a hot date, so Liz smiled politely and commented that it must be nice. Britt couldn't believe that a pretty girl like Liz didn't have a man in her life. Liz confessed that she'd had one, but things hadn't worked out. Britt confessed that she knew that Dr. Keenan had tried to kill Liz. Liz quickly changed the subject by clarifying that she had been referring to someone else, but the man wasn't available. Britt advised Liz to make it happen by going for it.

At the Floating Rib, Mac greeted Patrick and Britt. Patrick was surprised to see Mac, because Mac and Felicia were suppose to have been in Niagara Falls. Mac revealed that the plans had been cancelled because he had been asked to fill in for someone at the last minute. Mac was curious what Patrick and Britt were doing at the bar, so Britt admitted that she and Patrick were on a date. Patrick explained to Britt that Mac was Robin's uncle, so Britt immediately offered Mac her condolences.

Mac offered to fetch Patrick and Britt something to drink, so they gave Mac their order. After Mac walked away, Patrick excused himself so that he could have a private word with Mac. At the bar, Mac assured Patrick that he wasn't upset to see Patrick out on a date. Mac was certain that Robin would be happy for Patrick because Robin would want Patrick to move on. Meanwhile, Britt took it upon herself to answer Patrick's cell phone when it rang.

Sabrina explained that she needed to talk to Patrick because Emma was having a difficult time and wanted Patrick. Britt explained that it was Sabrina's job to distracted Emma, feed the little girl, and then put Emma to bed. Britt reminded Sabrina that Sabrina was the babysitter, so it was Sabrina's job to set limits. Afterwards, Britt disconnected the call.

At the Drake residence, Sabrina tried to cheer Emma up with a game of cards, but Emma wasn't interested in playing cards. Emma threw herself down on the sofa and cried for her father.

At the Floating Rib, Mac served Patrick and Britt dinner. Mac promised to add more vegetarian fare to the menu as he handed Britt a large salad. After Mac walked away, Patrick apologized for not suggesting a more suitable place for a vegetarian. "Next time," Britt suggested with a sly smile. Later, Patrick's phone rang. It was Sabrina, calling to report that Emma had locked herself in a closet.

Patrick assured Sabrina that he was on his way home and ended the call. He apologized to Britt for cutting their date short, but promised to see her at the hospital. Britt's strained smile disappeared as soon as Patrick left.

A short time later, Patrick arrived home. Sabrina felt terrible that Patrick's date had been cut short, but Patrick insisted that it was his fault for not properly preparing Emma for his evening plans. Sabrina assured Patrick that he was a wonderful father. Patrick went to the bedroom to talk to Emma. A short time later, he returned to the living room with Emma. Sabrina decided to fetch Emma and Patrick a snack, while Patrick coaxed a smile out of Emma.

Patrick gently suggested that Emma apologize to Sabrina, because Emma had scared the young nurse. Moments later, Sabrina returned to the living room with two glasses of milk and chocolate syrup. Sabrina prepared a glass of chocolate milk for Emma, and then surprised her with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. Sabrina started to leave, but Emma invited Sabrina to stay. Sabrina didn't want to intrude, but Patrick insisted that Sabrina join them.

At Greystone Manor, Connie smiled with delight as she looked at the envelope that contained the document that Johnny had signed. Moments later, Sonny appeared in the doorway. He greeted her but noticed that she was hiding something behind her back. Connie let Sonny see the envelope, but refused to let him see the contents because she insisted that it was a surprise. Sonny became sidetracked when Maxie arrived to give Kate an update on the wedding plans.

Maxie assured Kate that she had arranged for the Noodle Buddha to cater the reception; however, Maxie wanted to finalize the plans for the bachelorette party at the Floating Rib. Sonny was stunned because none of the plans sounded like anything that Kate would select. "You're right, it's Connie," Maxie revealed. Maxie explained that it was part of Kate's integration. Connie quickly ushered Maxie out the door then focused on damage control so that Sonny wouldn't realize that Connie had emerged. Connie insisted that she had instructed Maxie to order "Pan-Asian" food for the reception, not Chinese food.

Connie claimed that she had wanted a complete departure from their last wedding, to avoid any reminders of that horrific day. According to Connie, Maxie had misinterpreted the instructions. Sonny was curious about Maxie's remark regarding Connie, so Connie dismissed it as a lack of understanding of what integration meant. Connie suggested that they could elope, but Sonny refused to consider it, and he pulled her close for a kiss. Sonny suggested that they take it to the bedroom, but Connie insisted that she wanted to wait until they were married to be intimate, because it would make their wedding night more special. Sonny reluctantly agreed, so Connie revealed that she would move back to her house until the wedding.

Sonny wasn't thrilled, but Connie assured him that absence would make the heart grow fonder. She kissed him goodbye and then left. Outside, Connie wiped her lips in disgust and vowed that it would be the last time that Sonny kissed her.

At the police station, Anna ushered Todd into the interrogation room as she checked his cell phone. Todd admitted that she made him feel like a criminal, so Anna assured him that he didn't have anything to worry about -- unless he was a criminal. Anna explained that she was curious about his relationship with Heather. Todd denied that he had a relationship with Heather, so Anna played the "crazy calling" ringtone that he had set for Heather on his phone. Anna handed the phone to Todd as she conceded that it was a catchy ringtone, but she found it odd that he had set a special ringtone for someone he claimed was little more than a stranger.

Anna knew that Heather had called Todd after Heather's arrest, so Anna was curious why Todd had shown up at the police station. Todd explained that Heather had worked for him, so he had assumed that Heather had some kind of scoop about a police scandal, since Anna's police department wasn't exactly "squeaky clean." Anna refused to be distracted, so she demanded to know why Todd had helped Heather. Todd claimed that he had given Heather the benefit of the doubt, because he knew from personal experience what it was like to be wrongly accused of a crime. Anna was curious what Heather had wanted from Todd, so Todd explained that Heather had been worried about Steve's reaction to Heather's arrest, and she had been concerned about losing her job.

Anna couldn't understand why Todd had hired Heather in the first place. Todd explained that his sister had struggled with mental illness for many years, so he had decided to give Heather a chance. However, he had promptly fired Heather when she had started to kill people. Moments later, Todd's cell phone rang, so Todd wondered if it would be okay to answer it. Anna didn't mind, as long as it wasn't Heather. It was Johnny, but Todd was careful not to let Anna know.

Johnny demanded to see Todd right away. Todd quickly ended the call and explained that he had to go. Anna explained that she would track Heather down sooner rather than later, because Heather didn't have the resources to stay ahead of the authorities. Anna warned Todd that she would find out if Todd had helped Heather in any way.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Carly complained that Kate had had no right to make demands on Johnny about the wedding, but Johnny didn't want to talk about Kate. Johnny pulled Carly close and asked her how she was feeling. Carly assured him that she had fully recovered from the effects of the pathogen. However, she couldn't stop thinking about Kate because she thought that it was strange that Kate wanted to have her wedding and reception at the Haunted Star. Johnny insisted that they had more important things to talk about, like what to have for dinner. Johnny admitted that he had been craving the Noodle Buddha's vegetable soup, so Carly agreed to pick some up, since they didn't deliver to the penthouse.

After Carly left, Johnny called Todd. A short time later, Todd arrived, so Johnny explained that he needed Todd to neutralize Connie. Todd regretted not smothering Johnny when he'd had the chance, but Johnny made it clear that they would both be in trouble if they didn't figure out a solution quickly. Todd reluctantly agreed to deal with Connie, provided that Johnny took care of Heather.

At the Noodle Buddha, Sam and Jason kissed. Sam pulled away to ask Jason what they were doing. Jason started to kiss Sam again, but Sam insisted that she had to leave. Jason's eyes landed on the divorce papers on the table. He was stunned to realize that she had signed them. Sam explained that she had wanted to make things as easy as possible. Before Jason could respond, he received a text message from John explaining that John was at General Hospital with the DNA sample. Jason insisted that he had to attend to something that couldn't wait, and he left.

A short time later, Carly arrived to pick up her order. She spotted Sam at a nearby table, so she was curious what Sam was doing there. Sam explained that it was her one-year wedding anniversary, and then she admitted that she had bumped into Jason. Sam confessed that she and Jason had kissed. "How passive-aggressive of you," Carly remarked. Sam assured Carly that any feeling that Jason had felt had evaporated when he saw the divorce papers.

Carly felt bad for Jason and Sam, but Sam didn't believe her. Sam assured Carly that Jason would soon put Carly first again. "Or not," Sam added. Carly wondered what that meant, so Sam revealed that Jason and Liz had rekindled their romance. Carly refused to believe that Jason would go back to Liz, but Sam assured Carly that it was true, because Sam had seen Jason and Liz kiss on Jason's birthday. Carly insisted that Sam had no right to judge Jason.

"How's John McBain?" Carly asked to make a point. "I don't need this," Sam complained, but Carly accused Sam of having double standards. Carly was curious why it was okay for Sam to kiss John whenever she wanted, but it wasn't okay for Jason to kiss Liz. Carly had seen the picture of Sam and John's kiss on the pier, so Carly knew that Sam had been "totally into it." Sam tried to turn things around on Carly by reminding Carly of all of the times that Carly had cheated on men that Carly had claimed to love. Carly argued that she had taken responsibility for what she had done, while Sam sat around crying about a divorce that Sam had wanted.

Sam insisted that she had no desire to be angry and disappointed by Jason again, because he had shut down on her when Sam had found out that she was pregnant with her rapist's child. Carly realized that Sam couldn't forgive Jason for what he had done, but she pointed out that Sam had done some unforgivable things too. Carly pointed out that Jason had given Sam the divorce that Sam had asked for, so Jason and Sam were free to see others. Carly hoped that John knew what he was in for and then confessed that she was starting to feel a little sorry for Liz. Sam doubted that Liz needed Carly's sympathy because Liz had wanted Jason for a long time, so Liz finally had her chance.

Carly doubted that Jason truly wanted to end his marriage to Sam, prompting Sam to wonder if Jason had talked to Carly about it. Carly revealed that Jason had simply asked Carly not to try to fix things between him and Sam, because he was a constant reminder to Sam of the child that Sam had lost and how he had failed Sam. Carly insisted that Sam had all of the power, so Sam could have Jason back if she wanted him. Sam was confused, because she had the impression that Carly thought that Sam taking Jason back was the worst thing that Sam could do to him. Carly clarified that kissing Jason one minute and then jumping into John's lap the next was the worst thing that Sam could do to Jason. Carly wanted Sam to stop jerking Jason around and let it be over.

"What if it's not?" Sam asked. "What if it's meant to be?" Sam added. Carly didn't have an answer, so she left. Afterwards, Sam looked at the dragon figurine and the divorce papers.

Meanwhile, Carly returned to the penthouse and told Johnny about her encounter with Sam. Carly revealed that Sam had been crying, even though Sam had decided to divorce Jason. Carly suspected that it had finally hit Sam that Jason would no longer be a part of Sam's life. Johnny was surprised when Carly admitted that she hoped that Sam tore up the divorce papers. Carly explained that there had been a time that she had hoped that Jason would never lay eyes on Sam again, but now she hoped that all the wrongs would be righted.

At the hospital, John gave Jason the DNA swab that had been taken from the baby in Téa's care. John was certain that Todd knew that the baby with Téa wasn't Téa's son. Jason was curious how the baby was doing, so John assured him that the baby had been well cared-for. John warned Jason that a lot of people would be hurt if the baby were revealed to be Sam's son. However, John insisted that it would be on Todd's head.

Later, John arrived at the police station. Anna revealed that she had questioned Todd about Heather, but Todd had denied knowing where Heather was. John was curious if Anna had believed Todd, so Anna admitted that she had caught Todd in a lie because she knew that Todd had recently visited Heather at Ferncliff. Anna was determined to find out why Todd would help a woman like Heather, whom he barely knew. John confided that he might have the answer to that question. John promised to tell Anna everything once he had confirmation because he wanted to be present when Anna arrested Todd.

At the hospital, Liz saw Jason and John enter an examination room. She waited until John had left before she approached Jason to find out what the two men had been talking about. She was stunned when Jason confessed that he had found Sam's baby, but he needed confirmation via a DNA test before he told Sam. Liz couldn't imagine what it would be like to be reunited with a child that she had lost. Jason sobered as he realized that Liz had been thinking of Jake.

Liz offered to take the DNA sample to the lab and have a rush put on the test, but Jason didn't feel comfortable asking that of her. Liz refused to take no for an answer. She assured him that there would be less chance of a mistake if her name were on the test. She also pointed out that it was also a way to ensure that the lab didn't call Sam with the results, especially if they weren't a match. Jason didn't think that it was fair to ask that of Liz, but Liz was confident that Jason would do the same for her if their roles had been reversed. Jason handed the DNA sample to Liz and thanked her.

A short time later, Liz returned to let Jason know that the sample had been turned over to the lab. She hoped that he got everything that he wanted.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

At the nurses' station, Patrick apologized to Sabrina for Emma's behavior the previous evening, but Sabrina assured him that it wasn't necessary. She was curious how Emma was doing, so Patrick confessed that his daughter had asked about Sabrina that morning. Meanwhile, Britt eavesdropped on Patrick and Sabrina's conversation as they talked about how much fun they'd had with Emma, drinking chocolate milk and eating cookies. Britt quickly made her presence known by claiming that she was happy that everything had worked out with Emma. Sabrina apologized to Britt for calling Patrick during his date with Britt, but Britt insisted that Sabrina had done the right thing. Patrick agreed and then announced that he had to check on a patient.

After Patrick left, Britt tore into Sabrina for not properly controlling Emma. Britt wondered how Sabrina could be trusted to look after Britt's patients if Sabrina couldn't handle a child. Britt suspected that Sabrina had intentionally sabotaged the date because Sabrina had a crush on Patrick. Sabrina denied that she had romantic feelings for Patrick, but Britt didn't believe her. Sabrina insisted that she wasn't Patrick's type and then left.

Later, Patrick invited Britt out for another date. Britt happily accepted and revealed that she was free that evening. Sabrina walked up as Patrick explained that he didn't have anyone to watch Emma. Britt was not pleased when Sabrina offered to babysit, so Britt suggested that they find someone else to watch Patrick's little girl. Patrick revealed that Emma had had a change of heart about Sabrina, so he was certain that Emma would enjoy spending time with Sabrina. Patrick finalized plans with Britt and Sabrina, and he left.

Britt was furious as she demanded to know what Sabrina was up to. Sabrina fantasized about grabbing Britt's hair and yanking Britt's head back while blasting Britt for treating her badly. In the fantasy, Sabrina insisted that Britt had no right to berate her. Britt tearfully apologized and promised to make amends by taking over Sabrina's bedpan duties. "Hello. Are you listening to me?" Britt demanded, as Sabrina snapped out of the daydream. Sabrina explained that she had offered to babysit because she felt bad for ruining Britt's first date with Patrick. Britt made it clear that she didn't want any problems from Sabrina or Emma on the second date, and then she stomped off.

At Pozzulo's, Connie greeted Sonny. Sonny confessed that he had missed her because she hadn't spent the night with him, so Connie reminded him that he only had to wait one more day until their wedding. Sonny smiled and kissed her, but Connie quickly pulled away to explain that she had a lot to do before the wedding. She was curious why he had called her, so Sonny admitted that he had some concerns about her involvement with Johnny. Connie played innocent by claiming that she had no idea what Sonny was talking about.

Sonny couldn't understand why Kate had decided to get married on the Haunted Star instead of somewhere else, like Metro Court. Connie reminded Sonny that Lulu, his daughter-in-law, was part owner of the Haunted Star and then claimed that Metro Court was a horrible reminder of the worst night of her life. Sonny immediately backed down, but he warned her that Johnny had better not disrupt the wedding in any way. Connie assured Sonny that Johnny wouldn't even be there.

Later, Connie stood outside of the restaurant, as she looked at Trey's pendant. Two men suddenly nabbed her as she grumbled about having a son that she hadn't known about.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was on the phone with Todd. Todd wanted to know if Johnny had taken care of Todd's "crazy lady" problem, so Johnny was curious if Todd had dealt with Connie. Todd made it clear that he wouldn't do anything to help Johnny until he was certain that Johnny had held up his end of the bargain. Johnny claimed that his men had tracked Heather down to the south, so it was only a matter of time before they caught up with her. Todd saw through the lie, so he warned Johnny not to give him the runaround. Johnny reminded Todd that Connie and Heather had the power to bury them, so Todd agreed to deal with Connie, provided that Johnny had Heather in Todd's office within three hours.

After Johnny ended the call, he left his apartment. Moments later, two goons abducted Johnny. A short time later, Johnny was escorted into Sonny's restaurant. Johnny demanded to know what was going on, so Sonny explained that he would never forget what Johnny had done with Connie. Sonny realized that there weren't any guarantees that Connie would never surface again, so he expected Johnny to let him know if Connie ever turned up on Johnny's doorstep.

Johnny insisted that he loved Carly, so, if he had a choice, he would never hurt Carly again. Sonny believed that it was inevitable, but he refused to let Johnny use Connie to do it. Later, Sonny found the pendant that Connie had been holding at the time of her abduction. He asked his henchmen if it belonged to either of them, but they both shook their heads.

At Manning Enterprises, Connie was livid when Todd's goons escorted her into Todd's office. Her outrage quickly turned to fear when Todd accused her of being Connie, not Kate. Todd revealed that he knew that Johnny had been responsible for the crash that had killed Hope, so it was time for Connie to say goodbye. "What the hell does that mean?" Connie nervously asked, fearing that Johnny had arranged for Todd to kill her. Todd's goons grabbed Connie by the arms, so she warned Todd that Johnny wouldn't hesitate to give him up to Sonny if something happened to her.

Todd claimed that he was willing to take his chances. Connie realized that Johnny likely had something on Todd, but she couldn't figure out how to use it to her advantage. Desperate, Connie decided to tell Todd about her plans to force Johnny to help her stop Sonny's wedding to Kate. Todd was impressed with the twisted plan, which had the added benefit of ending Carly's relationship with Johnny. Connie smiled with satisfaction, as she pointed out that Todd would be free to pursue Carly. Todd denied that he was romantically interested in Carly, but he believed that Carly could do better than Johnny.

Connie tried to persuade Todd to reconsider ending her life. Todd confessed that getting rid of her had its perks, but sticking it to Johnny was almost too good to resist. "What the hell," Todd decided, as he gave his thugs the signal to take care of Connie. "You've got to be freaking kidding me, Todd," Connie shouted as Todd's henchmen dragged her away.

Later, Johnny arrived to find out if Todd had eliminated Connie as a threat. Todd wanted an update about Heather, so Johnny explained that he needed more time. Todd was tired of Johnny's excuses, so Todd hit the buzzer. Moments later, a smiling Connie appeared in the doorway. Johnny was infuriated that Todd had failed to hold up his end of the bargain. Todd assured Johnny that Connie wouldn't be a problem.

"For me," Todd added, as he left the office. Connie warned Johnny that he shouldn't have tried to get rid of her, because she intended to make certain that he paid for it "in full."

At the Floating Rib, Jax greeted Alexis. Alexis was curious why he had asked her to meet him at the bar, so Jax explained that he had wanted to have some alcohol on hand. Alexis reminded Jax that he had asked for the divorce, so Jax confessed that a part of him had been hoping to work things out with Carly. However, Carly had moved on with Johnny. Jax assured Alexis that he was fine with Carly moving forward, but he didn't want Johnny to hurt Carly. Alexis hated to sing Johnny's praises, but she reminded Jax that Johnny had taken a bullet for Carly.

Jax didn't trust Johnny because Johnny had been keeping secrets from Carly. Alexis sensed that Jax hated the idea of not being the one to rescue Carly. Jax insisted that it wasn't his job anymore, so Alexis gave Jax the divorce papers but reminded him that he could still change his mind. Jax insisted that he was ready to move forward, so Alexis changed the subject by asking if Jax had any idea when Jerry had become fixated on her. Jax wasn't surprised that Jerry had wanted to spend his final days with Alexis, because Alexis was an incredible woman. Jax and Alexis briefly talked about their marriage of convenience until the conversation drifted to the topic of Shawn.

Jax threatened to return from Australia if Shawn didn't treat Alexis like royalty. Alexis was disappointed that Jax intended to leave, so Jax assured her that he would periodically return to visit Josslyn. Alexis confessed that she would miss Jax and then offered to deliver a copy of the divorce papers to Carly. Jax revealed that he had arranged to meet Carly at Kelly's, so Alexis decided to tag along because she had plans to meet Shawn at the diner.

At Kelly's, Carly spotted Liz. Carly noticed that Liz had been checking the phone, so she was curious if Liz had been waiting to hear from Jason. Liz put the phone away as Carly explained that she would forever be grateful to Liz for saving Josslyn's life by donating Jake's kidney. Carly knew that Liz and Jason would always carry the grief over losing Jake, but Carly warned Liz that Liz didn't have a future with Jason. Carly explained that Jason had given Jake up to keep his son safe, so Jason would never expose Liz, or her sons, to his dangerous lifestyle.

Liz was surprised when Carly revealed that she knew about Liz and Jason's kiss on Jason's birthday, because Sam had told Carly about it. According to Carly, Sam had signed the divorce papers because of the kiss. Carly regretted the years of grief that she had given Liz because of Jason. She conceded that she had felt threatened by Liz. Liz was curious why Carly had decided to insert herself into a situation that wasn't any of Carly's business, especially when Carly had no idea what Liz and Jason shared.

Carly was certain that Jason didn't want to hurt Liz, but she warned Liz that Jason and Sam weren't ready to walk away from their marriage, despite their decision to get a divorce. Moments later, Jason walked in. He was concerned when he saw Carly talking to Liz. Carly assured Jason that everything was fine and claimed that she and Liz had simply been catching up. After Carly walked away, Jason offered to tell Carly to leave Liz alone, but Liz assured him that it wasn't necessary because she believed that Carly's intention had been good.

Liz announced that she was headed to the hospital, so she invited Jason to join her because the results of DNA test that Jason had requested were due back.

Meanwhile, Shawn joined Carly at the counter. He noticed that Carly seemed upset, so she told him about her divorce from Jax. She explained that she was waiting for Jax, who had picked up the divorce papers from Alexis. Shawn was curious about Jax and Alexis' relationship, so Carly revealed that Jax and Alexis had once been married. Carly started to tell him that Jax and Alexis had been deeply in love but then burst out laughing. Carly confessed that she had been kidding around, and she admitted that Jax's marriage to Alexis had been a marriage of convenience.

Carly was surprised when Shawn confided that he was dating Alexis. Carly was curious if it was serious, so Shawn explained that he would like to see where things went with Alexis. Moments later, Jax and Alexis arrived. Shawn greeted Alexis and asked if Alexis had had fun with her ex-husband. Alexis suspected that Carly had been stirring up trouble. "Just a little," Shawn admitted with a smile. However, he realized that there was a lot about Alexis that he didn't know. Alexis felt the same way about Shawn.

At the counter, Jax gave Carly the divorce papers. Carly was sad that their marriage was over, even though she had wanted it. Jax confessed that he might have felt better if she hadn't been involved with Johnny. Carly assured Jax that Johnny was good for her, but Jax disagreed because Johnny had been keeping a secret from Carly. Carly revealed that Johnny had told her all about it, so she assured Jax that it wasn't as bad as Todd had implied. Jax invited Carly to call him if she had any problems with Johnny.

Carly appreciated Jax's concern, but she assured him that she was fine. She urged Jax to spend some time with Josslyn before he left down and then hugged him goodbye.

At the hospital, Jason waited in an examination room while Liz checked with the lab to see if the results for the DNA test were ready. A short time later, she returned with the results in hand. She hoped that the results were what Jason wanted. Liz promised to help Jason through the difficulties of reuniting Sam and the baby if the results confirmed that Sam's baby was alive. Jason thanked Liz for her support and then opened the envelope. He was shocked when they revealed that the baby hadn't been a match to Sam.

Jason couldn't understand how it was possible because he had been certain that Sam's baby was alive. He insisted that everything had pointed to it. Liz's expression was etched with guilt as she watched Jason grapple with the stunning news. Liz tried to comfort him as she gently told him that it was over. Jason put his arm around Liz and then drew her close.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

At the motel, Joe threw a roll of duct tape into a duffle bag. He quickly zipped the bag closed, and then shoved it under the bed when someone knocked on the door. Moments later, Joe confessed that he wasn't surprised that Tracy had stopped by, because they had an undeniable connection. Tracy insisted that she didn't feel it, so Joe asked her why she had stopped by. Tracy handed him the pendant that he had lost during their last tryst and explained that she had wanted to personally return it so that he wouldn't show up on her doorstep looking for it.

Joe thanked her for the pendant. "You're welcome," Tracy replied, but didn't make a move to leave. Joe smiled smugly as he asked her what was keeping her there. Tracy didn't have an answer, so Joe suggested that she wanted to stay because he was under her skin. Tracy tried to prove him wrong by leaving but only made it as far as the door. She stood with her back to him for several heartbeats and then turned around and threw herself into his arms.

At the apartment, Trey's thoughts were on the ugly confrontation that he'd had with Kate. He pushed the unsettling memory away as he finished buttoning his shirt. Moments later, Starr entered the living room. She immediately sensed that he was upset, so she asked him what was wrong. Starr was stunned when Trey admitted that he'd had an encounter with his mother. Starr was curious what his mother had said, but Trey insisted that it wasn't important.

Starr disagreed, but Trey refused to discuss it. Starr offered to skip Kate's bachelorette party so that she and Trey could talk, but Trey wasn't interested.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny studied the pendant that he had found as Jason arrived for the bachelor party. Sonny slid the pendant into his pocket and greeted Jason. Jason handed Sonny a box of Cuban cigars as he congratulated Sonny. Milo eyed the box of cigars with relish and confessed that he couldn't wait to have one. Sonny revealed that he had other plans for Milo; Sonny wanted Milo to work security at Kate's party, to make certain that Joe Scully Jr. didn't show up.

After Milo left, Spinelli arrived, so Max served drinks. Moments later, Michael walked in. Sonny quickly led his son to the office to show Michael the pendant that Sonny had found. Sonny revealed that the initials on the pendant were JMS, which indicated that Joe had been lurking around Pozzulo's. Michael was shocked when Sonny revealed that Trey Mitchell was Joe's son.

Michael was curious if Trey knew the truth about Kate and Joe, but Sonny pointed out that it didn't really matter. Michael worried how Kristina would take the news, especially if Sonny made a move against Trey. Sonny promised to act in Kristina's best interest, but Sonny was also determined to protect his family. "Protect us from what?" Dante asked from the doorway. Sonny claimed that he had been referring to Spinelli, who had a tendency to count cards like Rain Man.

In the restaurant, Spinelli decided to save his Cuban cigar because he hoped to bump into someone later that evening who might appreciate fresh breath. Jason realized that Spinelli had been referring to Maxie. Spinelli claimed that he had put his feelings for Maxie to rest, but Jason was skeptical. Spinelli insisted that he had joined an online dating site to meet someone new, so Jason was curious how it was going. "I'm optimistic," Spinelli replied. Jason wondered if Spinelli had met anyone yet.

"I'm optimistic," Spinelli repeated. Max and Jason chuckled. Jason suggested that Spinelli focus on finding just one thing in common with a potential date, and then going from there. Spinelli agreed that it would probably be better to find someone who challenged him, like Sam challenged Jason. Jason warned Spinelli that it wasn't the time or place to discuss Sam. Spinelli was surprised because he recalled that Jason had been close to proving that Heather had orchestrated the baby switch with Sam's newborn.

Jason confessed that he had been wrong about the baby switch. Spinelli was shocked when Jason revealed that a DNA test had confirmed that the baby with Téa was not Sam's son. Spinelli insisted that it was impossible, but Jason pointed out that the DNA test couldn't have been wrong. Spinelli suspected that there were other forces at work, so he decided to reach out to Ellie, the lab tech that he had met a few weeks earlier. Jason wanted Spinelli to leave it alone, but Spinelli refused.

Spinelli urged Jason to have faith, and then confessed that he had given Sam similar advice when she had stopped by the penthouse with divorce papers. Jason confided that he had bumped into Sam on their one-year wedding anniversary at Noodle Buddha and then revealed that she had signed the divorce papers. Spinelli assured Jason that Sam had not given up on the marriage, so Jason shouldn't either.

Sonny, Dante, and Michael emerged from the office, so everyone gathered around the poker table. Moments later, Trey entered. Sonny invited Trey to join them, but Trey declined. Sonny offered to give Trey the money needed to play, so he led Trey to his office, while Spinelli, Max, Michael, Dante, and Jason proceeded with the game. Michael told everyone about Trey and Kristina's elopement in Las Vegas. Michael confessed that he and Starr had agreed that they would never get married in a place like the one where Trey and Kristina had exchanged vows.

The men were surprised that Michael and Starr had talked about marriage, so Michael quickly clarified that he and Starr weren't ready to get married because they were too young. Dante assured Michael that marriage wasn't bad, while Spinelli reminded Michael that Romeo and Juliet had been younger than Michael and Starr. Max talked about Diane as he warned Michael not to settle down too soon. Meanwhile, Jason advised Michael to think things through carefully because marriage was a lifetime commitment that could be unbearably painful if it ended too soon. Michael was emphatic that he and Starr weren't getting married, so Spinelli changed the subject.

Spinelli admitted that the evening reminded him of a poem. Max was curious if there was a hobbit in it, but Spinelli ignored him. "Think of where man's glory begins and ends. And say, my glory was that I had such friends," Spinelli recited. "I call," Jason replied, as he tossed some chips into the middle of the table. Spinelli proudly showed his hand, a full house. Spinelli's smile quickly faded as Jason revealed that he had a straight flush.

Max was curious where Sonny and Trey were, so Michael confessed that they might be gone for a while.

In Sonny's office, Sonny offered Trey a stack of money, but Trey claimed that he wasn't comfortable taking Sonny's money. Sonny was surprised, since Trey hadn't had a problem taking Sonny's daughter, Kristina. Sonny was certain that Trey didn't just want Kristina, so he pulled the pendant out of his pocket and suggested that Trey use it to ante up.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie knocked back a drink and then asked Mac to give her another one. Felicia advised Maxie to take it easy because the party hadn't started yet. Maxie warned Felicia that easy wasn't in Kate's vocabulary because Kate had run Crimson "like Mussolini ran trains." Maxie was worried that the bachelorette party wouldn't meet Kate's expectations, but Mac was confident that Kate would have a wonderful time. Moments later, Connie entered and squealed with delight when she noticed the decorations. However, in the next breath, Connie asked, "Where's the beefcake?"

Maxie vowed to throw a bachelor party the next time that she helped to plan a wedding. Connie demanded to know where the guests were, so Maxie assured her that they would arrive soon. Mac handed Connie a glass of champagne, so Connie took it and asked Maxie what the plans were for the evening. Felicia quietly asked Mac why he had been plying Maxie with alcohol, so Mac confided that the drinks were mostly water.

Meanwhile, Maxie revealed that she had bought some adult toys that she intended to hide for a scavenger hunt. Connie was more interested in hearing about the strippers that Maxie had hired. The timely arrival of Liz, Lulu, and Olivia spared Maxie from having to explain that she hadn't hired any strippers. A short time later, Kristina and Sam arrived. Sam had a change of heart about staying at the bachelorette party when she spotted Liz, but Kristina refused to let her sister leave. Sam reluctantly agreed to stay as Maxie kicked off the party with a short speech about Kate and then urged everyone to give Kate a "classy send-off."

Connie announced that she was ready to get her "drink on," so everyone lined up at the bar to do shots of tequila. Afterwards, Connie tried to get Olivia to loosen up. Olivia explained that her doctors had been trying various drug combinations to keep her hallucinations at bay. "Poor thing. And everybody thought I was the crazy Falconeri," Connie replied. Nearby, Sam warned Kristina to take it easy with the shots because Kristina wasn't used to drinking.

Kristina changed the subject by asking how things were between Sam and Jason. Sam confided that there was a chance that she might not get a divorce because Sam and Jason had kissed on their anniversary at the Noodle Buddha. Kristina was thrilled for Sam because it meant that there was still hope for Sam and Jason. Liz watched Sam as she recalled Jason's reaction when he had learned that the DNA test hadn't confirmed that Téa's baby was actually Sam's son. Lulu noticed Liz standing alone, so she approached her former sister-in-law to find out what was on Liz's mind.

At the bar, Maxie told Felicia and Mac that Kate wanted a stripper, but Maxie had no idea where to get one. Maxie decided to enlist Spinelli's help, so she called him. Moments later, Connie demanded to know where the strippers were, so Maxie was forced to admit that she hadn't hired any. Connie confided that Todd wanted to reinstate Kate as the head of Crimson. According to Connie, she had considered hiring Maxie back as a personal assistant, but Maxie's failure to arrange for strippers had raised some concerns.

Frantic to please Kate, Maxie grabbed Lulu and explained the dilemma. Lulu's eyes landed on Milo, so Lulu approached him to persuade him to strip. Afterwards, Lulu returned to Liz's side to apologize for the interruption. Liz confessed that she had messed things up with Jason. Liz explained that she had respected Jason and Sam's marriage, but Liz and Jason had reconnected after Jason's split from Sam. However, Liz had jeopardized everything by doing something stupid. Sam stood nearby, watching Liz and Lulu.

Starr arrived and quickly approached Kristina. Starr explained that she had talked to Trey, so Sam decided to excuse herself. After Sam walked away, Kristina asked, "So, what were you talking to my husband about?"

Moments later, Maxie introduced "Magic Milo" to the stage. Milo, dressed in a suit and tie, stepped onto the stage, as music blared from the speakers. However, he didn't move, so Lulu decided to show him some moves from the sidelines. Milo mimicked Lulu's moves, as the ladies cheered and clapped. Soon, Milo grew more confident, so he began to strip. The ladies applauded loudly and showered Milo with champagne, as they stuffed dollar bills into his boxer-briefs.

Connie boldly threw Milo down onto the pool table and then poured tequila on him. She started to do body-shots on Milo, but Mac quickly intervened and led Milo to a back room so that Milo could get dressed. Milo smiled because he had made out better at Kate's party than he would have playing poker with the boys. "Did somebody say something about making out?" Connie asked from the doorway. Milo became uncomfortable when Connie began to run her fingers down his muscular arms and chest. She confessed that she'd had no idea that he had been packing so much heat.

Milo assured her that a nine-millimeter gun and back-up pistol were standard weapons for a bodyguard. Connie confessed that she hadn't been talking about those kinds of guns. She was curious what he did to work out the muscles between his impressive abs and thighs. Milo decided that it was time to get dressed, but Connie had other ideas.

Meanwhile, Olivia decided to track her cousin down. She was stunned when she found Connie in the back room, passionately kissing Milo, who had been pinned against the wall.

Friday, September 28, 2012

At the Haunted Star, Johnny looked at a picture of Carly as he thought about Connie forcing him to sign documents and telling him that he hadn't had a choice. Johnny vowed to prove her wrong, so he dropped the picture of Carly in a duffel bag, along with his passport. Moments later, Carly arrived. Carly was furious that Johnny had asked her to meet him at the nightclub, because he should have been at home resting. Johnny assured her that he was fine and then explained that he wanted to whisk her away.

Carly was curious if Johnny had a particular place in mind, so Johnny offered to leave it up to her. He explained that all he had to do was lift the anchor and set sail. Carly laughed, because she was certain that the Haunted Star would sink. Johnny revealed that the ship was seaworthy because it had been refurbished when they had remodeled for the nightclub. Carly appreciated the offer to go sailing, but she had to get home to Josslyn. Johnny clarified that he wanted to leave town for good.

Carly insisted that the plan wasn't realistic because she couldn't uproot her daughter on a whim. Carly sensed that there was something else going on, so she wanted to know what was really going on. She feared that Johnny was having trouble with the mobsters who had loaned him the money to pay for Jerry's ransom demand. Johnny claimed that the shooting had opened his eyes to how much opposition they had, so he wanted to start over with Carly in a new town, where no one would try to tear them apart. Carly assured Johnny that she wouldn't let anyone get between them, but she suggested that perhaps one day they could leave.

Johnny hoped that it wasn't too late, because things could change. Carly pointed out that that was why they needed to keep working on building trust because it would give them a strong and solid foundation to hold on to. Carly started to leave, but Johnny pulled her back for a kiss.

At the Floating Rib, Mac ushered Milo to the back room so that Milo could get dressed after the striptease show. Connie followed Milo and then slipped into the room after Mac left. Milo was startled when Connie made a pass at him. He tried to politely rebuff her advances, but Connie pinned him against the wall and kissed him. Moments later, Olivia entered the room, looking for her cousin. Shocked, Olivia demanded to know why Connie was kissing Milo.

Milo quickly escaped through the door as Connie faced Olivia. Connie denied that she had been kissing Milo and then suggested that it had been another one of Olivia's hallucinations. Olivia refused to believe Connie, but Connie was adamant that Olivia had simply walked in on Connie trying to calm Milo down. Connie insisted that she would never hurt Sonny by kissing another man, because she loved Sonny.

In the bar, the ladies confessed that they'd had no idea that Milo had such a hot body. They agreed that he could have a new career, as a dancer, if he wanted it. Maxie called dibs on managing Milo's new career, but Lulu wanted a cut, because Lulu had been the one to persuade Milo to take off his clothes. Felicia pointed out to Maxie that the party had been a huge success, so she was confident that Kate would be pleased. Maxie conceded that Milo's performance had saved the party, so Maxie thanked Lulu. Lulu grumbled because Milo had insisted that Lulu hire him as her professional trainer in exchange for his agreement to dance.

Felicia suggested that everyone had walked away a winner, including Mac, who had had his first glimpse of a bachelorette party. Maxie assured everyone that she intended to use the success of the party to her advantage by getting her job back at Crimson. Lulu was surprised when Felicia suggested that Maxie pay Spinelli a visit, because Maxie was still married to Matt. Maxie confessed that, under the right circumstances, she would want to rekindle things with Spinelli. Mac revealed that Spinelli was reluctant to give Maxie a second chance.

Lulu assured Maxie that Maxie and Spinelli balanced each other out perfectly, but Maxie had hurt Spinelli by getting involved with Matt. Lulu pointed out that Spinelli had been the only person who had understood Maxie's self-destructive spiral after Robin had died, but Maxie had rejected him time and again. According to Lulu, Maxie had to make the first move with Spinelli and work at it, but Maxie feared that she might not know how.

Meanwhile, Sam thanked Kristina for making Sam stay, because Sam had had a good time. Sam confessed that Kristina was a good sister, but Kristina disagreed, because Kristina had put her family through a lot with Mob Princess. Sam assured Kristina that Kristina had been given a free pass because Kristina had been going through a difficult time. Kristina acknowledged that she had gotten through it, so she was confident that Sam and Jason would get through their struggles as well.

Nearby, Liz listened as Sam admitted that Sam and Jason weren't a sure thing, but Kristina disagreed. Kristina doubted that it had been a coincidence that Sam and Jason had ended up at the Noodle Buddha on their one-year anniversary and then had kissed. Kristina also pointed out that the divorce papers hadn't been delivered, so she was certain that Sam was still in love with Jason. Moments later, Starr walked up to talk to Kristina about Trey, so Sam excused herself.

Kristina wondered what Starr had wanted to tell her about Trey, so Starr revealed that Trey had had an encounter with his mother. Kristina was stunned because Trey hadn't seen his mother in twenty-five years. Kristina was curious what Trey and his mother had talked about, but Starr confessed that she didn't know. Starr suggested that Trey might be inclined to talk to his wife about it.

Sam sat at the bar when Lulu approached Liz to find out what had been troubling Liz. Liz wasn't comfortable discussing it unless Lulu promised to keep it a secret. Lulu agreed, so Liz confessed that Jason had kissed her. Liz revealed that she felt confused about things because Jason was a married man. However, Liz admitted that Jason had told her that he had feelings for her.

Liz promised Lulu that she had no desire to get between Jason and Sam, but Jason had assured Liz that the marriage was over, so he had told Liz that she had nothing to feel guilty about. Lulu was curious what Liz planned to do, so Liz admitted that she intended to wait until the marriage was over and the divorce papers were signed. Lulu wondered if Liz was concerned that Jason might change his mind. "No," Liz replied. Liz explained that Jason had told her that he intended to sign the papers and put his past mistakes with Sam behind him.

Liz assured Lulu that Jason was ready to move forward. "With you?" Lulu asked. Liz shrugged. Meanwhile, Sam took a drink as she continued to eavesdrop on the conversation. Liz reminded Lulu that Liz had known Jason far longer than Sam had and that Jason and Liz had been in and out of each other's lives for many years, during which time she and Jason had confided to each other, helped each other, and had shared a child. Liz admitted that the timing had always been off for them, but they finally had a chance to make things work. Moments later, Sam left.

Meanwhile, Connie pulled Maxie aside to thank Maxie for a job well done and to reveal that Maxie could have her job back at Crimson. Maxie was elated, so she left to share the news with Spinelli. Nearby, Olivia asked Lulu to take her home. Lulu could tell that Olivia was rattled, so Olivia explained that she had thought that she had seen Connie, but she had been wrong.

A short time later, Connie persuaded Mac and Felicia to leave her the key to the bar so that she could spend some time alone to take everything in. After Mac and Felicia left, Connie cranked up the jukebox and then danced on the pool table. Later, Connie dropped by the Haunted Star to pay Johnny a visit. Johnny pleaded with her not involve him in her plans, but Connie insisted that it was time for Johnny to take his medicine.

At Pozzulo's, Dante, Jason, Michael, Spinelli, and Max were gathered around a poker table. Dante was curious where Milo was, so Max explained that Sonny had sent Milo to work security at Kate's bachelorette party. Spinelli suspected that Milo had gotten the better deal because Milo's wallet would remain intact. A short time later, Spinelli folded, so he walked away from the card table. Jason noticed Spinelli texting someone, so Jason approached Spinelli to find out who Spinelli had been texting.

Spinelli admitted that he had reached out to his friend, Ellie, a lab tech that he had turned to when Jason had needed answers about the blood type discrepancies with Sam's baby. Jason insisted that it was over, but Spinelli refused to let the matter drop because they hadn't confirmed that the baby with Téa was actually Téa's son. A short time later, Ellie arrived. Max was reluctant to let Ellie enter, but Ellie insisted that Spinelli had invited her. Jason watched the exchange between Ellie and Max as Spinelli sang her praises. According to Spinelli, Ellie was intelligent, well-spoken, and knowledgeable in many scientific and technical arts.

Jason admitted that Ellie was cute, so he suggested that Spinelli ask her out. Spinelli smiled as Ellie walked up. At Spinelli's urging, Jason outlined the medical discrepancies that had led him to believe that Sam's baby hadn't died. Ellie explained that it was impossible that there had been a mistake with the tissue samples and autopsy blood typing, because she had tested the samples herself. She was adamant that the baby who had died was AB negative. Spinelli insisted that it was proof that the baby who had died wasn't Sam's son. Jason couldn't understand why the DNA sample taken from Téa's baby hadn't matched Sam.

Moments later, Sam entered. She gave Jason the signed divorce papers and explained that he would be free to move on once he signed them. Jason didn't have a chance to respond as Sam walked out.

Nearby, Spinelli asked Ellie out to dinner, to show his appreciation for her help. Ellie revealed that she was free the following day, so Spinelli invited her to the wedding as his date. Ellie happily agreed. "Great, it's a date," Spinelli said as Maxie walked in.

Max immediately became concerned when he spotted lipstick on Milo's neck. Milo didn't want to talk about it, prompting Max to speculate that Milo had been with Diane, so he ushered Milo into a nearby room to confront his brother privately. Max was shocked when Milo revealed that Kate had made a pass at Milo. "You idiot," Max admonished his brother. He reminded Milo that Kate was about to marry Sonny. Max warned Milo that if Sonny didn't kill Milo, then Sonny would have Jason do it.

Milo wanted to tell Sonny about what had happened, but Max warned his brother to keep quiet. Milo feared that Olivia would tell Sonny, because she had walked in on Milo and Kate. Max decided that Olivia was better able to handle the fallout than Milo.

Dante was curious how things were going with Michael and Starr. "Good," Michael assured his brother. Dante was relieved, because Dante didn't have a good feeling about Trey living with Starr. According to Dante, there was something off with Trey. Dante insisted that Trey was a hustler and con man with an agenda. Michael agreed, so Dante advised Michael to make sure that Michael and Starr kept their distance from Trey, because it was bad enough that Trey had his hooks into Kristina.

Michael confessed that he had tried to stop the wedding, but Kristina believed everything that Trey told her. Dante explained that Kristina didn't want to have to admit that Trey was using her. Michael confided that he had attacked Trey at the wedding, but Starr had managed to pull Michael off of Trey, before Trey had been seriously injured. Dante warned Michael to be careful, because Trey was the kind of "weasel" who would press charges. Dante reminded Michael that Michael couldn't afford it because of Michael's criminal record. Michael assured his brother that he was trying to stay out of it.

Dante was curious if Sonny had decided to handle things, so Michael suggested that Dante talk to their father.

In Sonny's office, Sonny confronted Trey with the pendant, so Trey admitted that he was Joe's son. Sonny agreed to save Trey as much hardship as possible for Kristina's sake, provided that Trey followed Sonny's orders. Sonny demanded that Trey divorce Kristina immediately, but Trey refused. Trey accused Sonny of framing Joe for a murder that Joe hadn't committed and of stealing Joe and Trey's inheritance. Sonny wasn't surprised that Joe had fed Trey a bunch of lies, but Sonny wasn't in the mood to set the record straight because Sonny was more concerned about keeping Trey away from Kristina.

Trey insisted that he cared about Kristina. Sonny wondered if Trey had cared about her when he had tricked her into starring on the reality show and marrying Trey. Sonny accused Trey of using Kristina to get to Sonny, but Trey denied it because he would never hurt Kristina. Sonny wanted to know what Trey had planned for Kristina. Trey insisted that there weren't any plans and that he had made it clear that Joe was to leave Kristina alone. Sonny shoved Trey against the wall as he accused Trey of preying on Kristina's feelings and innocence by not revealing who he really was.

Sonny warned Trey that Joe had Trey in way over his head, so he demanded to know where Joe was hiding. Trey refused to let Sonny get near Joe so that Sonny could make Joe disappear like Sonny's other enemies. Sonny pulled a gun out of his desk as he asked, "What makes you think you have a prayer of stopping me?" Sonny vowed to protect his children, so Trey assured Sonny that no one would hurt Kristina. "Oh, but Michael and Morgan are fair game? So are you," Sonny snarled. Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. Sonny quickly returned the gun to the desk as Trey demanded that Sonny return the pendant.

Sonny suggested that Joe fetch his own pendant, but Trey revealed that it belonged to him. Trey explained that Kate had ripped it off of him during the confrontation. Sonny didn't believe him because he had seen Trey "manhandling" Kate. Trey was curious if Kate had told Sonny that. Sonny didn't have an opportunity to respond because Dante suddenly opened the door. Trey turned and walked out, so Sonny warned Trey that they weren't done.

Later, Sonny arrived at the Floating Rib, but no one was there.

Meanwhile, Starr and Kristina arrived at the apartment. Their smiles disappeared when they noticed Trey sitting on the sofa, looking tense. Starr went to her bedroom as Kristina joined Trey on the sofa. She admitted that Starr had told her that he'd had an encounter with his mother. Kristina invited him to talk to her. She reminded him that she was his wife, so he could trust her above all others.

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