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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 17, 2012 on GH
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Monday, September 17, 2012

At General Hospital, Spinelli was reeling over the results of the blood test on the stored tissue sample from Sam's dead baby. The test proved that the infant had not belonged to Sam. As he was trying to figure out what had happened, Spinelli bumped into Todd and spilled the contents of the case file.

Spinelli and Todd argued about whose fault the collision had been. Spinelli said he was on urgent business and should be forgiven. Todd wanted to know if the story was anything he could use in the Sun and offered to pay for publication rights. Spinelli gathered his papers and left without a reply.

Liz decorated Jason's penthouse with balloons to celebrate Jason's birthday. She asked if Jason and Sam were still divorcing. When Jason responded in the affirmative, Liz kissed him. Sam opened the door and saw them. Sam closed the door and left before she saw Jason gently disengage and tell Liz that he was sorry because he could not give her false hope. Jason said that he did not want to hurt Liz. She replied that since Jason was getting a divorce, they were both free at the same time and could explore how they felt about each other.

Jason told Liz that they could not go back to the past. Jason said that he had never been a father to Jake because he had wanted to protect Jake, Liz, and her other children. Jason told Liz that he would be dishonoring Jake's memory if he put her in danger. Jason also said that he was responsible for Sam's baby's death, and he had to put it right. Liz said that he was not, but Jason added that he had doubts about the death of Sam's baby. Spinelli rushed into the apartment before Liz could respond; he said he had news.

Spinelli apologized for interrupting, but Liz said that she had to leave because she needed time to think. Spinelli told Jason that the lab tests proved that the dead child was not Sam's, which they agreed meant that Sam's baby was still out there.

Spinelli and Jason went over the event timeline, beginning with Sam giving birth and ending with Jason finding the dead baby in the planter box outside the garden shed. Spinelli wondered whom the baby Jason found in the planter box belonged to. Jason said finding who the baby belonged to might help locate Sam's son. Spinelli asked if it was time to tell Sam what they knew.

Jason said that he did not want to give Sam false hope and make her mourn all over again if her real baby had also died. Jason said that he and Spinelli could reconstruct that night without Sam. Spinelli understood and asked where they should start. Jason said they should start at the shack where Sam had last had contact with her living baby. Spinelli asked if the shack was off Route 59. When Jason said yes and asked what Spinelli knew about the place, Spinelli responded that he knew more than he cared to know. Spinelli told Jason that Heather had buried Anthony's body near the shack and had held Luke hostage in the shack.

Todd found Steve and overheard him talking to Ferncliff about Heather. Steve told Todd that he had been harsh with Heather during the virus crisis and wanted to apologize. Todd suggested that Steve consider that he was better off with Heather, whom Todd called a "psychopath," out of his life. Todd said that he had a lot of experience with loony relatives and that they were best left locked up.

Steve thanked Todd for his unsolicited advice and started towards the elevator. Todd could not resist adding that Heather had done all sorts of strange things when she worked for him. Steve asked for specifics. Todd casually listed a number of criminal offenses before a call from Téa interrupted him.

While Steve phoned Ferncliff in at attempt to locate Heather, Téa welcomed Heather, in the guise of "Susan Moore," into her home in Llanview. Téa told Heather that she had checked her references and had some questions. Heather wondered if her referenced were okay. Téa said that they were impeccable. Téa said her only question was why Heather wanted to work for Téa when Heather could be making more money elsewhere. Heather responded that she was grateful just to have a job in difficult times and added that she would work for peanuts in order to be close to sweet baby Victor.

Téa liked Heather's answer and hired her on the spot. Téa got a business call and asked Heather to take over Victor's care. When Téa left the room, Heather whispered to baby Victor that she had faked the references. She told the baby that the references were airtight. She said that after kidnapping, DNA tampering, and a couple of murders, faking the references had been child's play. As Heather put the baby to bed and told him that soon he would be calling her mother, Téa phoned Todd to tell him about her new nanny.

Téa told Todd that she had hired Susan Moore as her new nanny. Todd did not recognize the name. Téa was about to explain, but Todd heard the phone being taken away and Téa ask another person what they were doing before the line went dead. At the other end, Heather distracted Téa by telling her that Victor seemed to have a fever. The phone rang again after Téa rushed away to check on the baby. Heather saw that the caller was Todd and muttered that she would have to do something.

Téa returned and found Heather with her phone. Heather explained that she had answered Todd's phone call because she had wanted to explain why Téa had hung up so abruptly and to remind Todd who she was. Heather was immediately contrite and asked about Victor. Téa said that the baby did not have a fever. Heather gathered her things to leave and apologized for making so many mistakes on her first day, because she had hoped that things would work out for her as Téa's nanny.

Téa assured Heather that even though Heather had overreacted about the baby's fever, Heather still had a job. Téa told Heather that she was a godsend. Heather said that the baby was the real godsend, and she was happy to be in his life.

When Téa did not answer her phone, Todd left a message saying that the new nanny could not be that important if Téa was too busy to pick up the phone. At the hospital desk, Liz reported in to work an extra shift and hugged Steve. When he asked if things were okay with her, she told him that the timing was never right for her. Steve received a phone call from Ferncliff. He was stunned to hear that Heather had escaped.

On the terrace at the lake house, Alexis told Sonny and Kristina that Jason and Sam might get back together. Sonny groused about Trey, but Alexis and Kristina both assured Sonny that the marriage would soon be annulled. Sonny told both women that he would not be leaving until Alexis prepared the annulment papers and he saw Kristina's signature on them.

Sonny got a phone call from Bernie and found out about the disappearance of the ransom money. Sonny instructed Alexis to get started on the annulment papers. Sonny said he would be back after he saw Tracy Quartermaine and Todd Manning. Kristina and Alexis went inside to start the paperwork. Alexis asked about a prenuptial agreement, but Kristina said that Trey did not want her money.

When Alexis asked if they could speak frankly, Kristina said they were both adults. Alexis responded that adults generally had their own money, did not live with their parents, and did not get married to drive television ratings. She gently told a petulant Kristina to grow up. Kristina assured Alexis that both she and Trey had always intended that their marriage would end with an annulment. Alexis said that she would start the process, and Kristina would soon be single. Sam walked in and told Kristina to get in line.

Sam told Kristina and Alexis that she had seen Liz and Jason together and had left without saying anything. Alexis asked if Sam had perhaps misinterpreted. Sam said that it was obvious that Jason had moved on, and she did not feel she had the right to interfere because she had encouraged Jason to do just that.

Sam asked for a pen to sign her divorce papers. Both Kristina and Alexis encouraged her to wait a little longer before making her decision final. Alexis told Sam to be really honest with herself and try to figure out if a divorce was what she really wanted from Jason.

Sam held out her hand for the pen. Alexis refused to give it to her, but Sam took the pen from Alexis and signed the papers. She took off her wedding ring and said that her marriage was over.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy held Joe Jr.'s medallion, which matched the one that Trey wore, and asked him what the initials "JMS" stood for. When Joe Jr. was not forthcoming, Tracy said that she knew the reason. When Joe Jr. asked, Tracy said it was because he was embarrassed about his name, something she understood because she was a Quartermaine with a middle name of Angelica. Joe Jr. said her name was charming. Before Joe Jr. could tell her his last name, Tracy got a phone call from her accountant.

The accountant, who had been trying to recover the 88 million dollars that had been wired to Jerry's account, told her that the money had disappeared. When she got off the phone and told Joe Jr., he wondered if Jerry was still alive. Tracy said it was more likely that one of the scum who had been working with Jerry had taken the money. Tracy had her back to Joe and did not see his momentary flash of guilt.

Joe Jr. told Tracy that the money could still turn up and that she would earn the money back in no time. Joe Jr. flattered Tracy and said that a woman like her could earn that money back before lunch. Tracy laughed and agreed; she said that they had a lot to be grateful for. Joe Jr. was about to tell Tracy his last name when Sonny walked in and called him "Scully."

Joe Jr. tried to stop Sonny from saying anything, but Sonny delighted in telling Tracy exactly who Joe Jr. was. Sonny advised Tracy to ask Luke about Joe Scully, Sr. Sonny chuckled when he told Tracy that she had traded one gangster for another. Joe Jr. said that he was not in the mob. Tracy told Sonny that a person could not pick his parents, and she would not judge Joe Jr. on that basis. Sonny said Tracy did not know anything about Joe Jr., who Sonny said was a murderer and rapist.

Joe Jr. tried to explain, but Sonny told Tracy to talk to John McBain and Kate. Tracy asked Sonny to leave and said that she would contact him if she heard anything about the money. Sonny did not want to leave her alone with Joe Jr., but Tracy insisted. After Sonny was gone, Tracy rued her involvement with Joe Jr. and worried about what Edward would think. Joe Jr. tried to explain himself, but Tracy told him to leave.

Tracy tried to give Joe Jr. his medallion back, but he would not take it. Tracy said that she wanted nothing to remind her of him, but Joe Jr. said that Tracy would not forget him after what they had meant to each other. Joe Jr. said that they had something special and vowed that he was not going anywhere. When Joe Jr. left the room, Tracy threw the medallion at the door as it closed after him.

At Sonny's place, Kate recognized the medal around Trey's neck as the same one Joe Jr. had been wearing on the night that he had raped her. Kate grabbed it from around Trey's neck and saw that the initials "JMS" were engraved on the back. She asked Trey if his father was "Joseph Mitchell Scully." Trey denied it at first, but eventually admitted that his father was Joseph Mitchell Scully, Jr. As Kate railed at Joe Jr., Trey defended his father. Trey told Kate that everything Sonny had amassed belonged to Joe Jr., because Sonny had stolen it.

Kate was incredulous. When she asked about Trey's mother, Trey said that his mother had walked out when Trey was a baby. Trey said that his mother had never sent him a birthday card or contacted him. When he let it slip that his mother had been from Brooklyn, Kate demanded to know Trey's age. When he told her that he was 25, Kate sank down on the sofa and moaned, "Oh no!" When Trey wanted to know what was wrong, Kate said that she thought she might be Trey's mother.

Trey refused to believe Kate, who said that Joe Jr. had raped her. Trey thought that both Sonny and Kate were lying about his father. Kate was almost hysterical as she recounted her grief and regret after giving birth to Trey and leaving him in a boarding house. As Kate approached Trey to embrace him, Trey pushed her away and tried to leave. Connie stopped him.

Connie called Trey her "bastard son" and forced him to listen to her story. She told him he was lucky to be alive, and if it were not for Catholic guilt she would have aborted him. Connie said that she had been in her own personal hell. Trey asked about Connie's family. Connie responded that she was supposed to be the good one, not the one who got knocked up.

Trey asked why she had just left him. Connie said that she had not just left him. Connie said that she had left everyone. She told Trey that he had gotten the sweet end of the deal because he was still alive instead of the alternative, which had been abortion.

Connie continued to taunt Trey and try to destroy Trey's illusions about his father. Trey tried to leave, but Connie pushed at him. Sonny walked in when Trey pushed Connie aside. Sonny grabbed Trey and shoved him down. Sonny demanded to know what Trey was doing to his fiancée. Connie had a sly smile on her face as she watched Sonny manhandle Trey.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At the nurses' station, Olivia overheard Steve calling for an update about Heather. She asked him what was going on, so he reluctantly told her that his mother had overpowered a nurse and slipped out of Ferncliff. Steve admitted that the police had no idea where Heather had gone. "I do," Olivia told him. Olivia was certain that Heather intended to take care of unfinished business.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu lounged in bed after making love. Dante confessed that almost dying had made him appreciate the little things in life, like how Lulu smelled and the way that she bit her nails. Lulu was curious what day it was. Dante wondered why it mattered, so Lulu explained that she wanted to know in case they had just made a baby. Lulu fetched her calendar to see which days were favorable for her to get pregnant.

Lulu revealed that she was most fertile for three more days, so Dante decided that they should take full advantage of it. After they made love again, Dante and Lulu talked about their baby. Lulu was surprised when Dante referred to the baby as D.J., because he wanted to name their son Dante Jr. She was curious what had happened to Rocco. Dante hadn't realized that she had been serious about naming their son Rocco, so Lulu assured him that she was as serious about Rocco as Dante was about Dante Jr. Moments later, Steve called to alert Dante about Heather's escape. Steve feared that Heather would go after Olivia, so he wanted Dante to issue an APB on Heather.

Dante promised to track down Heather and then asked to speak to Olivia. After Steve handed the phone to Olivia, Dante ordered his mother to be careful and to stay away from Heather. Olivia assured her son that she didn't have any desire to tangle with Steve's deranged mother. However, Olivia didn't want Dante to underestimate Heather. Dante promised that he wouldn't and then ended the call.

After Dante and Lulu got dressed, Dante made some calls about Heather. Lulu was relieved that her father was still in Europe. She didn't understand how Heather had managed to escape from a maximum-security facility for the criminally insane. Dante hoped to wrap things up quickly so that he and Lulu could resume working on making a baby. Lulu warned him that she refused to name their son D.J., but Dante told her that it was too late. Lulu grinned and absently rubbed her belly as she watched her husband leave.

At the hospital, Todd tried to get a statement from Jax about Jerry's illegal activities. Jax led Todd to a room so that they could speak privately. Jax refused to talk about Jerry, but he wanted to know what Todd and Johnny had been arguing about at the marina. Todd resented how Johnny always whined and blamed others for the things that Johnny had done wrong, so Todd had told Johnny to start taking responsibility. Jax suggested that it had sounded like Todd has spoken from experience. Todd admitted that he had killed his own brother, Victor, but he assured Jax that Carly knew all about it.

Jax had overheard some of what Todd and Johnny had said, so Jax knew that Johnny had been hiding something from Carly. Jax wanted to know what it was. Todd explained that Johnny managed Starr's music career, so Todd had planted a camera in Johnny's office to dig up dirt on Johnny. Jax was eager to know what Todd had uncovered, so Todd told him that he had footage of Johnny dancing in women's underwear. Jax was not amused, so he demanded to know why Todd was covering for Johnny.

Todd didn't have a ready answer, prompting Jax to realize that Johnny was holding something over Todd's head. Todd went on the defensive by insisting that Jax didn't have any right to act like the hero when Jax had abandoned his wife and daughter. Todd stormed out of the room, but froze in his tracks when he overheard Steve on the phone, talking about Heather's escape.

In Johnny's hospital room, Carly thanked Johnny for saving her life. Johnny assured her that he wouldn't have had it any other way. Carly smiled, and then confessed that she wanted to know what Johnny and Todd had argued about at the marina. Carly confessed that her instincts told her that Johnny was hiding something. Johnny tried to claim that he had merely been concerned about Carly, but Carly reminded him that he had tried to tell her something before he had gone into surgery. She wondered why, if it had been important enough to tell her on his deathbed, he couldn't confide to her when he was okay.

Johnny explained that all of his money had been tied up in the nightclub, so he had gone to some mob associates for the ransom money. He insisted that time had been of the essence, so he hadn't been able to turn down Todd's request for help. However, Todd had later found out about what Johnny had done, so Todd had confronted him at the marina. Carly found it odd that Todd hadn't told her about what Johnny had done, but she was more concerned about Johnny not keeping any more secrets from her. Johnny assured Carly that he loved her, so he promised to be completely honest with her.

Satisfied, Carly smiled. Johnny admitted that he needed something from her. He wanted her to sign the divorce papers, ending her marriage to Jax. Carly pointed out that it had been a good thing that she had still been married to Jax because it had given her access to the money for Jerry's ransom demand. Johnny reminded her that the crisis was over.

Moments later, a nurse asked Carly to step out of the room for a few minutes so that the nurse could check Johnny. In the hallway, Carly bumped into Jax. Jax was startled when Carly suggested that it was time to file their divorce papers.

Starr returned to her apartment with a load of clean laundry. Michael was sitting on the sofa, so she wondered if Trey had returned yet. "No," Michael admitted, prompting Starr to ask if he had talked to Kristina. Michael didn't see the point, since Kristina would only defend Trey. Michael insisted that Trey was the only one who could answer his questions. Starr enlisted Michael's help with folding her laundry as they continued their discussion about Trey.

Michael doubted that Trey would have married Kristina unless it had somehow benefited Trey. He was certain that Trey and his father were after Sonny's money or something else. Starr believed that Trey genuinely cared about Kristina, so she didn't think that Trey was out for revenge. Michael suspected that Kate had already told Sonny about Trey's father, so he decided to go to Greystone Manor to talk to his father.

At Greystone Manor, Trey was unaware that the woman he was talking to was Connie, not Kate. Connie cruelly taunted Trey about being the product of a vicious rape. Devastated, Trey tried to get his pendant back from her, but Connie refused to hand it over. Trey went to grab it out of her hand, so Connie screamed for him to get his hands off of her. Sonny misread the situation when he walked in, so he threw Trey against the bar and demanded to know what was going on. Trey tearfully told Sonny to ask Kate.

Connie quickly adopted a calmer tone as she assured Sonny that it was okay and asked him to let Trey go. Trey bolted out of the house the moment that Sonny's grip loosened. Meanwhile, Connie carefully slipped the pendant into her pocket. Sonny assured her that it wasn't necessary to protect him, since he knew "who that little punk" was. "How did you find out?" Connie nervously asked.

Sonny revealed that Kristina had told him. Sonny couldn't believe that his daughter had married "that idiot." Connie relaxed, because she realized that Sonny had no idea that Trey was Kate's son. Connie claimed that she and Trey had been arguing because Trey had bragged that there was nothing that anyone could do about the marriage. Sonny revealed that he had given Kristina two options: Kristina could be Trey's ex-wife or Trey's widow. Sonny made it clear that it was not negotiable, so he decided to head over to Alexis' house to make certain that the papers were drawn up.

Connie seized the opportunity to leave, too, so Sonny kissed her goodbye. After Connie walked out of the parlor, she wiped Sonny's kiss off with the back of her hand. She then pulled out Trey's pendant and looked at it with disgust. She was not impressed with Joe's lack of imagination by naming his son after himself. Connie was also annoyed that she was stuck with a son she didn't want, who lived in Port Charles and might make trouble for her.

Connie opened the front door to leave just as Michael arrived. "What do you want now?" Connie asked in an irritated tone. Michael raised his eyebrows, so Connie quickly apologized and explained that she was irritated because of an ugly confrontation with Trey. Michael wondered if Sonny was home, so Connie reluctantly led him to the parlor. Michael greeted his father and asked about Trey's father. Sonny had no idea what Michael was talking about, so Michael asked Kate why she hadn't told Sonny about Trey's claim that Sonny and Trey's father had history.

Connie claimed that she had become sidetracked by the confrontation with Trey. Moments later, Kate's cell phone rang, so Connie quickly answered it. After a brief conversation, she ended the call and announced that Steve wanted to see her, so she had to leave.

After Connie left, Michael told Sonny about what Trey had told Starr. Michael explained that he and Starr had gone to Las Vegas to confront Trey about Trey's father's connection to Sonny, but Trey had claimed that he had made the whole thing up. Michael explained that Trey had insisted that it had merely been a storyline idea to draw ratings. Michael was certain that Trey had lied, because Michael suspected that Trey meeting Kristina had been a set-up from the beginning. Sonny was curious what Michael knew about Trey's father, so Michael revealed that Trey's father had been released from jail just before Trey and Kristina's trip to Las Vegas.

Sonny admitted that an old enemy of his had also been released from jail around the same time. "Son of a bitch. I think I know who Trey's dad is," Sonny growled.

At the apartment, Starr was concerned when Trey arrived home because it was clear that he was upset. Trey explained that he had gone to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny, but he had encountered Kate instead. Starr explained that Sonny listened to Kate, so Kate would be able to talk to Sonny on Trey's behalf. Trey revealed that there was no hope of that happening, because Kate had been livid about Trey's marriage to Kristina. Trey thought about the ugly confrontation at Sonny's house, when Trey had learned that he had been a product of rape.

Starr was confused about why Kate had been upset, but Trey would only tell her that Kate had said some unbelievable things that had been complete lies. Starr had a difficult time believing that Kate would act like that. Trey couldn't understand why Starr would defend Kate when Kate had been responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. Starr wanted to know what Kate had said, but Trey refused to tell her. She assured Trey that he could trust her, but Trey disagreed, because she had betrayed him before by telling Michael about his father.

Starr understood why Trey didn't trust her, but she hoped that he could confide to someone, because it was clear that Trey was rattled. After Starr left the room, Trey called his father to tell Joe that they needed to talk about Trey's mother.

At the hospital, Steve refused to leave Olivia alone while Heather was on the loose, so he decided to call Kate. A short time later, Steve was relieved when she saw Kate exit the elevator. Olivia frowned, because she immediately recognized Connie. Steve reminded Olivia that Kate had been integrated, so Connie was gone. Connie smiled sweetly, as she assured her cousin, "I'm cured." "Yeah, right," Olivia replied.

Steve asked Olivia's cousin to keep an eye on Olivia. Connie readily agreed as she draped an arm around Olivia and hauled Olivia away. Moments later, Connie announced that she had to leave. Olivia reminded Connie about the promise that she had made to Steve, so Connie explained that she had merely intended to go to the gift shop to pick up a few things. Olivia frowned as she watched her cousin walk away.

A short time later, Connie entered Johnny's hospital room and shut the door. Johnny was shocked when Connie informed that she was back -- for good.

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli suggested that Heather might have switched Sam's healthy baby for a dead one. Jason revealed that he had looked around the cabin and the surrounding area on the night that he had found Sam and her baby, but there hadn't been any sign of anyone else. Spinelli pointed out that Heather had spent a lot of time in Ferncliff over the years, so Jason shouldn't underestimate Heather. Spinelli explained that Heather had had a grudge against Sam, because Sam hadn't delivered a letter to Steve, as promised. Jason argued that there wasn't any proof that Heather had been near the cabin on that fateful night.

Spinelli revealed that a police officer had stopped a woman fitting Heather's description who had been in the company of a man who was later revealed to be Anthony Zacchara. Spinelli then told Jason about the discovery of Anthony's body, which had been buried in the vicinity of the cabin. Jason conceded that Heather had motive and opportunity to switch babies, but not the means. Spinelli recalled that Luke had mentioned being fed by Heather's accomplice while Luke had been held captive in the cabin.

Jason was curious what Spinelli knew about Heather's accomplice, so Spinelli revealed that the accomplice had worn a mask and hadn't spoken. Jason decided to pay Heather a visit, so he grabbed his gun. Spinelli doubted that Jason would be able to sneak a gun into Ferncliff, but Jason decided to worry about that when he got there. Moments later, Steve called to let Spinelli know that Heather had escaped.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

At the hospital, a new nurse named Sabrina recited the names of the doctors on staff. Epiphany assured Sabrina that she was not expected to know everyone right away, so Sabrina should focus on her job. Moments later, Dr. Britt Westbourne handed Epiphany a stack of files and asked who had written the notes on the charts. Sabrina took responsibility, so Britt ordered Sabrina to do it over, because the handwriting hadn't been legible. After Britt walked away, Epiphany explained that the doctors needed to be able to read the charts, so she handed the files to Sabrina. Sabrina started to walk away with the stack of files, but bumped into Patrick.

The files scattered to the ground, so Patrick helped Sabrina pick them up. Sabrina stammered her apologies for not paying attention, but froze when she got her first real look at Patrick. Patrick wondered if Sabrina was okay, so she quickly introduced herself. Patrick smiled as he handed her the last of the files. After Patrick walked away, Sabrina asked Epiphany about Patrick.

Epiphany shrewdly eyed Sabrina as she revealed that Patrick Drake was a neurosurgeon on staff. A short time later, Sabrina saw Britt ask Patrick for a consult. Sabrina decided to pump Epiphany for information about Patrick, so Epiphany told Sabrina about Robin's tragic death and revealed that Patrick and Robin had a young daughter. Epiphany talked about what a sweet family the Drakes had been and then explained that Patrick and Emma were still putting their lives back together.

Meanwhile, Britt thanked Patrick for his help, so she offered to buy him dinner. Patrick realized that she was asking him out. Britt admitted that she had overheard that he was single, so he confessed that he hadn't been out on a date since his wife had died. Britt immediately apologized because she hadn't realized that Patrick was a widower.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany figured out that Sabrina had a crush on Patrick, so she warned Sabrina that Patrick was still in mourning. Sabrina wished that she could help Patrick. "I bet you do," Epiphany replied knowingly. Sabrina conceded that Patrick was a "gorgeous" man, but insisted that she hadn't meant it the way that Epiphany had taken it. Epiphany didn't believe Sabrina. Moments later, Patrick walked up to ask Sabrina for a favor.

"Anything," Sabrina replied. Epiphany rolled her eyes, but Patrick didn't seem to notice as he explained that he had a young patient close to Sabrina's age who was nervous about having surgery. The young lady was a huge fan of Katy Perry, so Patrick had promised to make certain that his patient woke up from surgery to one of Katy Perry's songs. Sabrina confessed that she loved Katy Perry too. Patrick smiled with relief because he was not familiar with any of the singer's songs, so he wondered if Sabrina had any ideas about what song to pick. Sabrina named a few, and then decided that "Firework" would be best because it was about how special a person was.

Sabrina held out an earbud so that Patrick could listen to the song on her iPod. Patrick and Sabrina were listening to the song when Britt approached the nurses' station. Britt bristled at seeing Patrick and Sabrina together, so she asked Sabrina to check on a patient. Epiphany wanted Sabrina to focus on the files, so Epiphany went instead. Patrick thanked Sabrina for her help because the song had been a perfect choice. Britt was curious what song Patrick had been referring to, so Patrick told her.

Britt smiled brightly as she confessed that she loved the feel-good song. Patrick surprised Britt when he shifted gears by accepting her invitation to dinner. Sabrina was crestfallen when she overheard Patrick.

In Johnny's hospital room, Connie announced that she was back for good. Johnny was curious what had happened, so Connie cryptically explained that Kate had had a "blast from the past," which Kate hadn't been able to handle. Connie claimed that she and Johnny had some unfinished business and then tried to make a pass at him. Johnny made it clear that he wasn't interested in having sex with Connie, so he ordered her to get to the point. Connie revealed that Kate and Sonny had decided to move up their wedding date, so Connie wanted to make certain that the marriage didn't take place. Johnny assumed that Connie intended to leave town, so he offered to help her.

Connie insisted that Sonny was like a dog with a bone, so Sonny would track her down and stick her in a sanitarium if she tried to leave. Johnny was curious how she planned to stop the wedding. Connie smiled as she climbed into bed with Johnny and then whispered her plan into his ear. Johnny refused to help her, but Connie argued that it would be a "mutually beneficial" agreement that would keep her from ending up in a sanitarium and him from going to jail.

Johnny was not swayed, so Connie warned him not to be too hasty. She urged him to consider the consequences if he didn't play ball with her. Connie threatened to tell everyone about his role in Hope and Cole's deaths. She imagined that Todd wouldn't hesitate to kill Johnny. Johnny smiled as he revealed that Todd already knew about what Johnny had done. Connie was curious why Todd hadn't retaliated, so Johnny admitted that he had damaging information against Todd.

Connie was impressed but undeterred. She doubted that Starr would be happy to learn about what Johnny had done. Johnny sobered and warned Connie that her plan would destroy his relationship with Carly. Connie didn't care as long as it stopped the wedding. Johnny feared that Connie's plan would be a disaster, but Connie preferred to think positively because she intended to go through with it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy listened to Joe's voicemail message, imploring her to give him an opportunity to tell his side of things. Tracy began to cry as Monica entered the room. Monica assumed that Tracy was upset about Cook's passing, so Tracy clarified that she had been crying about something else. However, Tracy assured Monica that she would miss Cook, even though it was nice to have their kitchen back. Tracy admitted that she had been crying because she had found out who Joe really was, so it was over.

Tracy was furious that she kept getting pulled back into a lifestyle that she had tried hard to get away from. Monica had no idea what Tracy was talking about, so Tracy explained that Joe was a mobster named Joe Scully Jr. Monica recognized the name but couldn't place where she had heard it. Tracy reminded Monica that ten years earlier, a mobster named Joe Scully had made inroads in Port Charles. Monica suddenly recalled that Lucy Coe and Luke had been involved in the mess and that Sonny had killed Joe Scully in a shootout. Tracy revealed that Joe had followed in his father's footsteps, and Joe was a gangster, murderer, and a rapist.

Tracy waited for Monica to tell her, "I told you so," but Monica refused because she had seen the strong connection between Tracy and Joe. However, Monica was relieved that Tracy had found out before things had gotten serious. Tracy confessed that she had developed real feelings for Joe. Monica was stunned as Tracy admitted that, despite Joe's unsavory affiliations, Tracy thought that Joe had been attentive, considerate, and very sexy. Monica was confused because she thought that Tracy had ended things with Joe. Tracy argued that there were two sides to every story.

Tracy refused to accept the word of Sonny, who had his own agenda. Monica was curious why Sonny would lie to Tracy about Joe, especially in regards to the rape. Tracy insisted that Kate had been responsible for the deaths of two innocent people, but Monica reminded Tracy that Kate had dissociative identity disorder, so Kate's alter had shot out Anthony's tires. Tracy argued that it was a convenient excuse, but Monica insisted that Kate's mental illness had been diagnosed and treated. Tracy refused to take Kate's word over Joe's, because Tracy felt an intense connection to Joe. Monica argued that it was just great sex and then announced that they had to get to Cook's funeral.

After Monica left to fetch Edward and Alice, Tracy looked at Joe's pendant then picked up her cell phone.

On the pier, Joe left Tracy a message, asking her to give him an opportunity to tell his side of things. Trey overheard his father as he walked up. "Go ahead, I'm listening," Trey told his father. Joe ended the call and explained that he had gotten Trey's message, so he was curious what was going on. Trey revealed that he knew who Kate Howard really was to him. Trey told his father about his confrontation with Kate, when she had revealed that she was Trey's mother.

Joe insisted that he had kept the truth from Trey to protect Trey from learning that Kate had abandoned Trey at birth. Trey told Joe about Kate's accusation that Joe had raped her. "That's a damn lie," Joe shouted. "Is it?" Trey questioned. Joe insisted that Kate had invited him over on that fateful night years before to hit on Joe, because Sonny couldn't give her the things that she liked.

Joe was adamant that it had been consensual sex and insisted that Kate had never told him about the pregnancy. Trey wondered why, if that were true, Kate hadn't used the pregnancy to her advantage. Joe claimed that Kate had been ambitious and determined to go to college. According to Joe, a baby hadn't fit in with Kate's plans, so she had rented a room at a boarding house until she gave birth to Trey, and then had walked away from her newborn son. Joe insisted that Kate had believed that her baby had died in the boarding house.

Trey didn't want to hear the ugly details, but Joe was relentless as he accused Kate of lying. Joe insisted that he had acted out of love when he had tried to shield Trey from the painful truth. Trey couldn't understand why Joe had continued to lie, especially after they had put their plan into motion, knowing that Kate had been involved with Sonny. Joe claimed that he couldn't bear to see his son hurt; however, he hoped that Trey finally understood why Sonny and Kate had to pay for what they had done to them. Trey couldn't believe that Joe expected Trey to plot against his own mother.

"That woman doesn't deserve the title," Joe snarled. Joe wondered if Kate had been remorseful or had begged for forgiveness when she had told Trey that she was his mother. Trey quietly admitted that Kate had confessed that she had wished that Trey had died. However, Trey reminded Joe that Kate had DID, so it was possible that her alter had said those cruel things, not Kate. Joe refused to let Trey make excuses for Kate. "That bitch is one hell of an actress," Joe added.

Joe was certain that Kate's DID was merely a creative way for Kate to avoid taking responsibility for the awful things that she had done. He urged Trey not to be fooled by it, because Kate had left Trey for dead after Trey's birth. Joe implored Trey to put it out of his mind, but Trey insisted that it was impossible because Trey had just learned that Kate was his mother. Joe argued that giving birth didn't make Kate a mother. Joe wanted to proceed with their plan because nothing had changed, but Trey didn't know if he could trust his father. Joe assured Trey that he had protected Trey to the best of his ability from "the heartless bitch."

Joe thought that in order for their plan to work, that they should go their separate ways for a while and avoid all contact with each other. Joe warned Trey not to sign any annulment papers, so that they would have room to maneuver. Trey feared that Sonny would be furious, but Joe was confident that Sonny couldn't afford to harm Kristina's husband. After Trey left, Tracy called Joe to let him know that she was willing to hear him out.

Kristina stopped by to visit her husband, but Starr explained that Trey wasn't home. Kristina was curious where Trey was, so Starr revealed that Trey had been upset after talking to Kate. Kristina wondered what had happened, but Starr confessed that Trey had refused to tell her. Starr thought that Trey might feel more comfortable confiding to Kristina. Kristina realized that Starr and Michael thought that she had been stupid to marry Trey for the show, but Kristina insisted that she genuinely cared about Trey. Starr started to tell Kristina that there was something that Kristina needed to know about Trey's father, but Michael's timely phone call stopped Starr.

Michael asked Starr to meet him and Sonny at Greystone Manor. Starr revealed that she was with Kristina, so Michael asked Starr not to say anything to Kristina. Starr agreed, and then ended the call. Kristina was curious what Starr had been about to tell her, but Starr explained that she didn't have time, because Starr had to meet Michael. Kristina decided to wait for Trey. A short time later, he walked through the door, so she ran into his arms.

Kristina admitted that she had been worried about him because Starr had mentioned that he had been upset when he had left. Kristina wanted to know what was going on. Trey confessed that he didn't know what was real anymore. Kristina wondered if it had anything to do with their wedding. "No," Trey admitted, but he regretted that he had dragged her into it. Kristina assured Trey that she was strong enough to handle whatever he had to tell her. Trey told her that he needed her, so he kissed her and then carried her to the bedroom.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny realized that Joe Scully Jr. might be Trey's father. Sonny told Michael about Kate's rape, John McBain's sister's murder, and Joe's arrest and subsequent release from jail. Michael sensed that there was more, so Sonny made it clear that Michael was not to breathe a word of what Sonny was about to tell him. Michael agreed, so Sonny told him that Kate had given birth to Joe's son after the rape. Sonny believed that Trey was that son.

However, Sonny needed proof that Joe Scully Jr. was indeed Trey's father. Michael confessed that Starr had met the man, so she could identify Trey's father. Michael called Starr to ask her to meet him at Greystone Manor. A short time later, Starr arrived. Sonny showed her a picture of Joe, so Starr confirmed that it was Trey's father.

Starr was furious that Trey and Joe had lied to her. Sonny warned Starr to be careful because Joe was a dangerous man. Sonny also asked Starr and Michael to keep quiet about the new information because a lot of people could get hurt. Starr assured Sonny that she was good at keeping secrets.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

At Greystone Manor, Connie was relieved to discover that she was home alone. She spotted the newspaper, which featured an article about Kate's upcoming wedding to Sonny on October 2, 2012. Connie glanced at the picture of Kate and Sonny smiling and vowed that Sonny wouldn't be smiling for long. Moments later, Maxie arrived. Maxie explained that Sonny had enlisted Maxie to help with the wedding preparations.

Maxie had stayed up late to research the latest wedding trends, so she hoped that Kate would be pleased. Connie flipped through the various magazines that Maxie handed to her, but wasn't impressed. Connie insisted that she wanted to show cleavage and have an edgy wedding with leopard prints and yellow Easter lilies. Maxie was horrified, because it didn't sound like anything that Kate Howard would want. Connie smiled, as she revealed that she was Connie Falconeri.

"Should I be scared?" Maxie asked. Connie realized her mistake, so she explained that her integration meant that Connie had become a part of her. Maxie decided that the integration could work to Maxie's benefit, because the Connie side of Kate's personality was less demanding. Connie smiled with satisfaction, and then instructed Maxie to match Connie's style with Kate's. Maxie had doubts, but Connie had faith in Maxie.

After Connie sent Maxie to Kate's bedroom to get to work, Connie called Johnny. Connie warned Johnny that time was running out, but Johnny didn't want anything to do with Connie's plan to stop Kate and Sonny's wedding. Connie reminded Johnny that she had taken responsibility for Hope and Cole's deaths, so he owed her. "Enough! I will not let you do this to me. Do you hear me?" Johnny shouted and then disconnected the call.

Moments later, Maxie returned with some fresh new ideas. Connie was pleased as she sifted through the printouts. Maxie was relieved, so she decided to finalize the plans for Kate's elegant "high tea" bachelorette party. Connie insisted on having tequila and male strippers in a bar, because she wanted to have fun. She handed Sonny's credit card to Maxie and told her that money was no object. Connie added that she also wanted Chinese food served at the reception. After Maxie left, Connie vowed that it would be a wedding that no one would forget.

Carly helped Johnny into his penthouse. After she had him settled on the sofa, she revealed that she had a surprise for him that would make him happy. Carly reminded Johnny that he had told her that they wouldn't be able to move forward until she divorced Jax. Johnny assured her that he hadn't meant to pressure her. Carly conceded that she would always care for Jax because he was Josslyn's father, but Johnny was Carly's guy.

Carly revealed that she had signed the divorce papers, so she was a free woman. "That's great," Johnny said. Carly was disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm, so she wondered if something was wrong. Johnny pushed thoughts of Connie's visit to his hospital room out of his mind as he blamed his subdued mood on the painkillers. Satisfied, Carly kissed Johnny and then decided to fetch a blanket for him.

After Carly left the room, Connie called to remind Johnny that he was expected to help her stop Kate and Sonny's wedding. Johnny made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with Connie's plans and ended the call. Carly returned to the room in time to hear Johnny's parting words to Connie. She assumed that he had been talking to the men that he claimed had loaned him the money for Jerry's ransom demand. Johnny didn't correct her, but he wanted her to remember how much he loved her, in case something happened. Carly was curious what Johnny thought might happen.

Johnny claimed that the shooting had made him realize that he hadn't told Carly often enough how much he loved her. "I love you too. I'm not going anywhere, no matter what," Carly assured him.

At the apartment, Starr assured Michael that she could deal with Trey and then ended the call. "Deal with me how?" Trey asked as he entered the living room. Starr claimed that she had meant it differently than the way that Trey had obviously taken it. She insisted that she had been worried about him because he had freaked out after his talk with Kate. Starr noticed that a good night's sleep hadn't helped. Trey assured her that he was fine, but Starr didn't believe him.

Starr invited Trey to talk to her, but Kristina explained that it wasn't necessary because Trey had a wife to confide in. Starr was surprised to see Kristina, who had entered the living room, wearing Trey's shirt. Kristina was curious why Starr seemed shocked to see her, since Kristina and Trey were married. Starr reminded Kristina that Kristina and Trey had claimed that they had only married for the sake of the show. "Not anymore," Kristina replied, as she cozied up to Trey. Starr had no idea what to say to that.

"I don't expect you to say anything, to be honest," Kristina replied. Kristina was curious if Starr was worried about Michael's reaction to Kristina and Trey's deeper commitment. Starr was certain that Michael would be furious, but she suggested that Kristina should be more concerned about Alexis and Sonny's reaction when they found out that Kristina and Trey had spent the night together. "I can handle my parents, but thanks," Kristina snidely responded. Starr suggested that things might be easier if Kristina and Trey annulled their marriage and tried dating like normal people. Kristina argued that there was nothing normal about Kristina and Trey.

Kristina insisted that her parents would just have to get over it, and then left to take a shower. Starr insisted that Trey owed it to Kristina to tell Kristina the truth about his father if he intended to remain married to Kristina. Trey demanded to know what Starr meant by that, so Starr reminded him that there was bad blood between Trey's father and Sonny. Trey insisted that he had made it up, but Starr didn't believe him. She wondered if Trey was with Kristina for another reason.

A short time later, Kristina returned to the living room as Trey asked Starr what she was hiding. Starr claimed that she imagined that Trey and Kristina would want their own place, since they intend to stay married. Trey admitted that nothing had been decided, so Starr told him to let her know when they had figured things out. After Starr left, Kristina wrapped her arms around Trey as she revealed that Alexis wanted Kristina to return home to sign the annulment papers. Trey was curious what she planned to do, so Kristina assured him that she didn't intend to sign the papers, especially after their night of passion.

Trey confessed that it had been amazing to make love to her. Kristina wished that she could stay in bed all day with Trey, rather than face her mother. Trey offered to go with her, but Kristina declined.

At the lake house, Alexis assured Sonny that Kristina's marriage would be annulled within hours. "Good," Sonny replied. Alexis was disappointed that Sonny didn't seem happier, so Sonny admitted that he had sought Alexis out because he needed to talk to someone he could trust. Alexis was flattered but also a little scared, because it sounded ominous. Sonny confided that he was about to shatter Kate's world.

Alexis was stunned when Sonny told her that Joe Scully Jr. was Trey's father and that Joe had raped Kate. "Unbelievable," Alexis said. "We haven't even gotten to the worst part yet," Sonny warned her. Sonny revealed that Kate had become pregnant as a result of the rape. He then confided that Kate had left the baby for dead and then had embarked on a new life as Kate Howard. Alexis wondered if that had triggered Kate's dissociative identity disorder, so Sonny admitted that Kate didn't know.

Alexis conceded that it was a heartbreaking story, but she didn't know what it had to do with Kristina. Sonny just looked at her until she realized that Trey was Kate's son, which meant that Trey and Joe might have targeted Kristina for a specific reason. Sonny didn't want to shatter Kate's happiness before the wedding because it would put Kate back in a place that was filled with fear and desperation. Alexis agreed that it would be best not to tell Kate about Trey until after the wedding. However, she insisted that it was imperative to end Kristina's marriage quickly.

Sonny was not pleased when Alexis admitted that she had no idea where Kristina was. However, his frustration was short-lived, because Kristina sent a text message to let Alexis know that she was on her way home. Alexis hoped that the annulment went smoothly because she refused to let their daughter be used as ammunition against Sonny. Sonny wasn't optimistic, so Alexis reminded him that Trey couldn't stop the annulment because the marriage hadn't been consummated.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Joe thanked Tracy for giving him the opportunity to tell his side of the story. Tracy warned Joe that Alice was nearby, so if he made one wrong move, then Alice would put him in a headlock or worse. Joe assured Tracy that he would never hurt Tracy or anyone else. Joe insisted that Sonny had lied about Joe being a murderer and rapist, but Tracy was curious why Sonny would do that. Joe claimed that he didn't know, but he suspected that it was because of the bad blood between Joe's father and Sonny. Joe promised to tell the truth, but he warned her that she might not be prepared for it.

Joe confessed that he had been in an Atlantic City jail awaiting trial. Tracy revealed that she knew about the murder charges, so she was curious why he had been released from jail. Joe insisted that Sonny had killed Lieutenant McBain's sister and then had framed Joe for the crime. Joe claimed that he was ashamed of his last name because people always assumed the worst about a mobster's son. According to Joe, he hadn't told Tracy that he was a Scully because he was afraid that it would scare her off. Tracy appeared to soften as she asked about the rape.

Joe insisted that Kate had flirted with him and invited him over because her parents hadn't been home. According to Joe, they had gotten drunk and then had ended up in bed together. Joe promised Tracy that he hadn't forced himself on Kate. He was curious if Tracy had ever been afraid around him, so Tracy admitted that she hadn't been. Joe reminded Tracy that she hadn't been a saint, either, because several of her ex-husbands had been criminals. He was curious why she couldn't accept him if she had been able to accept her ex-husbands.

Tracy resented Joe trying to turn things around on her. She pointed out that they were ex-husbands for a reason. Joe quickly apologized and confessed that she had changed his life. He claimed that he had never felt as strongly for someone as he did for Tracy. Joe kissed her and then dared her to deny that she had felt something for him. Tracy confessed that she couldn't do that, but it didn't mean that she trusted him. Tracy had been made a fool of too many times in the past, so she refused to let it happen again.

"You can see yourself out," Tracy told Joe. Joe couldn't believe that Tracy was willing to walk away from what they had. Tracy assured him that she was by leaving the room. Frustrated, Joe checked his messages. Trey had sent his father a text message explaining that Trey intended to stay married to Kristina, but not because Joe had told him to. "At least one thing is working out," Joe grumbled. Joe spotted the newspaper with the article about Kate and Sonny's wedding announcement. Joe vowed that it would be a wedding that no one would forget.

Sam sat on her mother's porch, looking at the signed divorce papers, when John walked up. Sam greeted him with a smile, so he confessed that he had stopped by to make sure that she was okay, because he had heard about Heather's escape from Ferncliff. Sam revealed that Steve had called her to let her know. John wanted Sam to be careful, so he advised her to make certain that there were people around her at all times. Sam smiled and changed the subject by asking how he was doing.

John assured her that he was fine, and then confessed that he had also stopped by to talk to Alexis about the restraining order against him. Sam revealed that Alexis was talking to Sonny because they were trying to get Kristina's marriage annulled. Sam admitted that it was a big day for ending marriages, because she had signed her divorce papers, so her marriage to Jason was over. John was sorry to hear that Sam and Jason hadn't been able to work things out. Sam told him that she had been close to changing her mind because she and Jason had talked about the baby. Sam explained that Jason had helped her to understand that nothing could have prevented her son's death because the baby's lungs hadn't been fully developed.

Sam revealed that she had gone to tell Jason that she could forgive him, but she had been too late, because Jason had already moved on with Liz. Sam confessed that it had hit her hard, but she was determined to move forward. John was surprised when Sam confided that it would have been her one-year wedding anniversary if she and Jason had stayed together. Sam talked about her unusual wedding in the Chinese restaurant. John realized the significance of the figurine that Sam had carried around during her pregnancy. Sam admitted that she had left it in the motel room after she had given birth to her son, so John revealed that he had found it earlier that morning when he had gone to lost and found to look for something that he had misplaced.

John had picked it up because he had recognized it. He handed it to Sam, but she didn't take it, so he set it on the table. Sam confessed that there had been a time that she might have seen it as a big neon sign; however, it was too late to save her marriage. John advised her not to close the book yet, because life could change in an instant. Sam was curious when John had become so optimistic, so John revealed that facing death a few times could change a person's perspective. Sam picked up the figurine and decided to take the divorce papers to Jason. After Sam left, Jason called to ask for John's help.

At the nurses' station, Jason asked Steve if there had been any news about Heather. Steve insisted that it was none of Jason's business, even if Jason had saved Liz's life. Jason explained that he wasn't there to talk about Liz, prompting Steve to wonder why Jason was interested in Heather. Steve assured Jason that he had already called Sam to warn her about Heather, even though Steve was certain that Sam was low on Heather's list of people that Heather wanted to harm. "Not physically," Jason agreed. Steve wanted to know what Jason had meant by that, but Jason was more interested in knowing if the police had any leads on Heather.

Steve explained that no one knew where Heather had disappeared to, so Jason asked Steve to let him know when there was any new information. Steve agreed, provided that Jason explained why Jason wanted to find Heather. Jason wanted some privacy, so Steve led Jason to Steve's office. Jason made it clear that Steve could not repeat what Jason was about to tell him, especially to Sam, because Jason wanted proof first. "Okay, I won't say anything," Steve assured Jason.

"I think Heather took Sam's baby," Jason confessed. Steve insisted that it wasn't possible, so Jason told Steve what he had uncovered. Steve remained skeptical, so Jason revealed that Sam had last seen her son alive at the cabin where Heather had held Luke captive. Jason explained that the cabin was also near where Heather had buried Anthony's body. However, Jason confessed that he couldn't figure out how Heather had managed to switch Sam's baby with a dead one. "I think I know," Steve admitted.

Steve told Jason about a couple who had arrived at the hospital with a newborn who had been delivered at a bus stop. The couple had claimed that the baby hadn't been breathing after his birth, until a good Samaritan had helped them. Steve had had doubts about the story, because the baby had seemed healthy. Jason and Steve realized that Heather might have been the good Samaritan, so Jason wanted to know who the couple had been, because Sam deserved to know if her son was alive.

Friday, September 21, 2012

At the penthouse, Spinelli was on the phone with Jason. Jason revealed that he knew where Heather had gotten the baby to switch with Sam's son. "You found the baby?" Spinelli asked as Sam entered the penthouse. "What baby?" Sam asked. Spinelli quickly ended the call and explained that he had been working on a case. Sam offered to help, but Spinelli assured her that it wasn't necessary and then changed the subject by asking why Sam was there.

Spinelli hoped that Sam wanted to work things out with Jason, but Sam explained that she was there to drop off divorce papers. Spinelli refused to believe that Sam was ready to end her marriage to Jason, so he offered to call Jason, but Sam ordered him not to. Sam confessed that Spinelli's devotion to all things Sam and Jason was unfair, because she and Jason were human and made mistakes. She insisted that Spinelli shouldn't put her and Jason on a pedestal, because they couldn't live up to Spinelli's lofty expectations. Sam explained that he was just setting himself up for disappointment.

Spinelli was certain that Sam and Jason loved each other, so he believed that their love would prevail, despite the difficulties that Sam and Jason had experienced. Spinelli insisted that Sam deserved to have a happy ending, so he urged her not to give up on Jason "a minute before the miracle." "What miracle?" Sam wondered. Spinelli tried to cover his slip by explaining that love was a miracle that would grace her again if she gave it time. Sam explained that she and Jason had put the divorce off long enough, but Spinelli implored her to wait at least another day.

Sam didn't understand what was so important about the day, so Spinelli reminded her that it was her one-year wedding anniversary. Sam assured him that she knew that, but she needed to move on because Jason had moved on with Liz. Spinelli argued that Jason was doing all that could to make amends, but Sam assured Spinelli that she had forgiven Jason. Sam insisted that her problems with Jason ran a lot deeper, so Spinelli had to accept that Sam and Jason's marriage was over. Spinelli reminded Sam that she and Jason had made promises to each other when they had exchanged vows, so he asked her to delay the divorce one more day. After Spinelli left, Sam pulled the dragon figurine out of her pocket and looked at it.

In Steve's office, Steve confirmed that Téa's baby had type O blood and that the infant had shown signs of an iron deficiency, which suggested that the baby had a condition called beta thalassemia. Jason was familiar with the blood disorder, because Sam's baby had had the markers for it because of Sam's Greek heritage on the Cassadine side. Steve explained that the blood type was common, as was the disorder. Jason argued that everything added up to Sam's baby being alive.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina daydreamed about Patrick offering to whisk her away but returned to reality when Patrick called out her name. He had noticed that Sabrina had been working on a huge stack of files, so he hoped that Sabrina wouldn't have to work too late. Sabrina confessed that she wasn't in a hurry to leave, because she had a lot of studying to do. Patrick advised Sabrina to take some time to relax, so Sabrina was curious if he ever relaxed. Britt walked up in time to hear the exchange, so she assured Sabrina that Patrick would get to relax when Britt and Patrick went to dinner later that evening.

Patrick reminded Sabrina to have some fun before hitting the books and then left. Sabrina confessed that Patrick was a very nice man. Britt agreed. Later, Britt handed Sabrina another thick stack of files to work on, and then left to shower and change before her date with Patrick. Sabrina indulged in a fantasy of Patrick choosing her over Britt. Sabrina's daydream evaporated when Britt returned to pile more work on Sabrina.

At the Chinese restaurant, Maxie was going over the menu for Kate's wedding reception with Mr. Yi. Maxie warned Mr. Yi that she would only pay wholesale cost for the food. Mr. Yi glanced up in time to see Patrick enter, so he jumped up to fetch Patrick's carry-out order. Patrick was curious why Maxie had been so hard on Mr. Yi, so Maxie explained that she hoped to impress Kate with the wedding plans so that Kate would reinstate Maxie as her assistant if Todd agreed to publish Crimson again with Kate at the helm. Maxie suddenly realized that she had promised to babysit Emma that evening, so she apologized that she had to bail on Patrick, because Maxie only had a few days to put the wedding together.

Patrick assured Maxie that it was fine because he had been nervous about going out on a date. "Date? You were going to go on a date?" Maxie asked, stunned. Maxie offered to change her plans, but Patrick insisted that it wasn't necessary.

At the Floating Rib, John bumped into Anna as she was about to leave. He welcomed her home and confessed that stepping into her shoes during the crisis hadn't been easy. John was curious if her trip had been successful, so she admitted that she had closed the case because the trail had gone cold. Anna wondered if he intended to return to Llanview soon. John explained that it was a work in progress because he wasn't popular with some of the people in Llanview. John shifted gears by offering to give her a full report on Jerry Jacks, but Anna assured him that it could wait, since Jerry was presumed dead.

Anna explained that her priority was to find Heather. John was curious if Luke knew about Heather's escape, so Anna revealed that she had not been in touch with Luke. Anna wondered why John was at the bar, so John explained that Jason had asked to meet him, but John didn't know why. Anna asked how things stood between John and Sam. "Nowhere," John said and then confided that Sam was going through a divorce.

Anna conceded that relationships were complex in the best of times, but John had put himself in the middle of a marriage, so he was arguably the wedge that had broken Sam and Jason apart. "That's true. That wasn't very nice of me, was it?" John replied. Anna explained that she merely wanted John to understand that he had made a dangerous man angry, so she asked John to be careful. John promised to play nice with Jason, as Jason walked in. Anna greeted Jason and reminded him of their conversation when she had warned him that she wouldn't look the other way if Jason broke the law. Jason assured her that he understood, so Anna left.

Jason explained that he had called John because Sam's son might be alive and living in Llanview. Jason told John about the discrepancies in Sam's medical records and the things that he had uncovered, which led Jason to believe that Heather had switched Sam's baby with Téa's son. John was certain that Téa hadn't been involved, but he couldn't put it past Todd to do everything possible to make it up to Téa for killing Victor, including giving her a healthy son. John also realized that it explained why Todd had hired Heather to work for the Sun. However, John warned Jason that they had to be careful chasing down leads, because a lot of innocent people could be hurt.

Jason suggested that they test the DNA of the baby that Téa had taken home. John had reservations about it, because he knew that Téa loved the baby. Jason insisted that John would help Sam get her son back if John truly cared about Sam. After John left, Jason went to pay the tab. He became still when he noticed the phoenix figurine among several other items perched on the counter behind the bar. The bartender explained that it was a collection of things that patrons had left behind but hadn't cared enough about to retrieve.

Later, Spinelli sat down at the bar and ordered a Shirley Temple with vodka. Spinelli grumbled that he couldn't understand how two people who had clearly been made for each other couldn't admit it, get over themselves, and do something about it. Moments later, he sensed a presence. He turned and saw Maxie standing behind him.

At the hospital, Patrick called out to Anna when he spotted her at the nurses' station. Anna was delighted to see him. After a warm hug, she confessed that she had been relieved that they had survived the deadly pathogen, so Patrick revealed that Emma would have been okay regardless, because Edward had given Emma the last dose of life-saving serum that Patrick had developed. Anna confessed that she would be forever indebted to Edward for the selfless sacrifice. Anna regretted that she hadn't been there for Patrick and Emma during the crisis, but Patrick argued that she couldn't have known what would happen. Patrick asked about her trip, so Anna explained that she couldn't talk about it.

After Anna promised to catch up with Patrick and Emma later, Patrick tracked down Britt to explain that he had to cancel their date because he didn't have a babysitter for Emma. Britt was confident that they could find a babysitter, as her eyes landed on Sabrina. Britt asked Sabrina to babysit for Patrick, but Patrick wasn't comfortable with the idea because he didn't know Sabrina very well. Britt assured him that children loved Sabrina, because she had seen Sabrina interact with children in the pediatric ward. Patrick didn't want to impose, but Sabrina assured him that she wouldn't mind.

Elsewhere, Anna approached Steve. He realized that she was there to question him about Heather. She was curious if he knew why Todd had hired Heather. Steve admitted that it had been an odd decision because Heather had never been a writer. Anna pointed out that it hadn't been the first time that Todd had helped Heather out. She revealed that Heather had called Todd after Heather's arrest following the discovery of Anthony's body. Steve wondered if Anna suspected that Heather had turned to Todd for help after the escape, so Anna confessed that it was worth looking into.

At Johnny's penthouse, Carly urged Johnny to rest. Moments later, someone knocked incessantly on the door. Carly was certain that it was Todd, so she opened the door and demanded to know what Todd wanted. Todd tried to pretend that he'd had no idea he had ended up at Johnny's penthouse, but Carly wasn't in the mood for Todd's games. She informed Todd that Johnny had told her everything. Johnny quickly explained that he had confessed to Carly that he had obtained his portion of the ransom money from a mob associate.

Carly warned Todd not to torture Johnny, but Johnny assured Carly that he was perfectly capable of dishing it back out to Todd. Johnny wanted to speak privately to Todd, so he asked Carly to make some tea. After Carly left, Todd warned Johnny that they had a problem because Heather had escaped. Johnny wondered why he should be concerned, so Todd made it clear that he would expose Johnny's secret if the police arrested Todd for the baby switch. Johnny agreed to help Todd -- if Todd helped Johnny with Connie.

Todd wondered what was going on with Connie. "Do we have a deal?" Johnny demanded as Carly returned with the tea. Carly was curious what Johnny and Todd had been talking about, so Todd explained that he and Johnny had been strategizing on how to recoup the ransom money. Carly wanted in on it, because she and Jax had lost millions too. Johnny promised to help Todd as long as Johnny could count on Todd. Todd assured Johnny that Johnny was all that Todd thought about.

After Todd left, Carly demanded to know what had really been going on. Johnny claimed that he couldn't translate Todd's way of talking, so Carly conceded that Todd had a tendency to talk in riddles. She was curious if Johnny believed that Todd could get their money back. Johnny accused Todd of being a tool, but he admitted that Todd knew his way around money, so it was possible.

In the hallway, Todd bumped into Anna. She confessed that she had been looking for him because she wanted to know about his association with Heather.

In Llanview, Heather assured Téa that the baby was fine. After Heather ended the call, she told the baby that his "pretend mommy" had been on the phone. Heather couldn't wait until she could be herself again, so that the baby could call her "mommy." Heather vowed that she would do everything right the second time around. Heather insisted that the baby's real parents, Sam and Jason, didn't deserve him, so the baby would be her "brand new" Steven Lars.

A short time later, Heather admitted that it was only a matter of time before Todd exposed her to Téa, so she decided that it was time for her and the baby to take a road trip. Heather threw some things into a bag, picked up the baby, and asked him where he would like to start their new life. "Corinth? Pigeon Hollow? I hear Pine Valley is very lovely this time of year," she told the baby. Moments later, John knocked on the front door.

Jason entered the Chinese restaurant, and Mr. Yi greeted him promptly. Mr. Yi revealed that Jason's wife was already there and then pointed to a table where Sam was seated. Sam looked up and saw Jason.

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