General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 14, 2015 on GH

Robert, Anna, and Patrick raced to rescue Robin. Morgan skipped a dose of medication. Franco escorted Elizabeth to the gala. Johnny figured out Valerie's weakness. Kristina returned home with a secret.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 14, 2015 on GH
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Breaking Up is Hard Enough

Breaking Up is Hard Enough

Monday, December 14, 2015

Tracy, Monica, and Paul sat down in the Metro Court for a Nutcracker Gala planning meeting. Monica expressed worry that the event wouldn't sell out. Tracy reminded Monica that they still needed a keynote speaker. Paul offered to call the mayor or the governor, but Tracy shot both of those ideas down and suggested Paul. She explained to the "stunned" Paul and Monica that, as the district attorney, he was an influential man. Paul got up to check his schedule with his secretary.

Monica immediately called Tracy on "fawning" over Paul. She reminded Tracy how miserable she'd been during the short time she'd been married to Paul. Tracy assured Monica that their only connection was as Dillon's parents. Paul returned and informed Tracy that he would be free the night of the gala. He'd also asked his secretary to get people to get tickets for the event, or to donate if they couldn't attend.

Monica told Tracy and Paul that she'd had another fundraising idea - "a gun amnesty program." She vowed to donate one thousand dollars for every firearm that was turned in, and she needed Paul to grant amnesty to those who returned them. Paul agreed to think about it, and he left to go to court. Monica hoped that Tracy wouldn't be disappointed by Paul. "Not this time," Tracy said.

Lulu entered the Haunted Star, calling out for Johnny. He appeared, and she asked him about his plan to get rid of Valerie. Just then, her phone went off. She read the text from Dante, which said, "I need to see you ASAP -- I'll be over within the hour." She scoffed at the text and said that it was "nothing important." Johnny wanted information about Valerie. Lulu told him that Valerie was a "snake" who'd destroyed Lulu's marriage and had had the nerve to blame Lulu. Johnny clarified that he wanted to know where Valerie lived and worked.

Lulu answered that Valerie lived at Carly's and worked as a cadet at the police academy. Johnny grabbed Lulu's computer and looked Valerie up on the Port Charles Police Department website. "You didn't tell me she was a knockout," he commented after finding her picture, earning him a smack from Lulu. Johnny covered that Valerie could "never hold a candle to you." Johnny asked for Dante's sign-in information for the website. Lulu gave him the password, which was the digits of Dante and Lulu's wedding day.

Johnny found the schedules of the entire police department. "I gotta move on this," he said, getting up suddenly. She warned him that it would be dangerous for him to go out in the daylight. She also demanded to know what his plans were. He wanted her to have deniability, so he only said, "Later, Lulu," and left.

"I guess silence is better than cursing," Dante reasoned after not hearing back from Lulu. Jordan wondered if Dante was all right. He informed Jordan that he'd just signed separation papers. Jordan advised him that moving on and letting go were part of life, and "life changes." She expressed her sympathy for the end of his marriage. Dante told her that he was going to start "taking charge." He turned to leave just as Valerie entered the station. They exchanged flirty looks, and Dante left.

Jordan congratulated Valerie on being at the top of her class. She advised Valerie that it was a critical time for a cadet, and Valerie needed to stay focused. Jordan informed Valerie that, just because Dante and Lulu had signed separation papers, that didn't mean that Dante and Lulu wouldn't be getting back together. "What does that have to do with my training?" Valerie wondered. "Hopefully nothing," Jordan replied.

Dante entered the Haunted Star and found Lulu. He had something to tell her that he wanted to say in person, even though he thought it would make her hate him more. She didn't want to talk to him, but he told her that "we need to talk for Rocco's sake." "Go on," she finally agreed. He told her about the night before, when he'd left Rocco with Valerie for a few minutes. "Okay," she stated when he was done. He realized that Olivia had already told Lulu.

Lulu was saddened that Dante's priorities had clearly changed. She reasoned that getting angry didn't solve problems, but taking action did. He tried to downplay the situation by telling Lulu that Rocco was comfortable with Valerie, but Lulu told him to "just go." When he was gone, Lulu opened her computer to see Valerie's picture. "Payback is a bitch, Valerie, and it's coming for you," she spat.

Valerie was driving through "the middle of nowhere" when her car died. She reached for her phone to call a tow truck, lamenting all the time she would miss on the shooting range. Just then, Johnny knocked on her window. He wondered if she needed help.

Elizabeth heard a motorcycle outside and ran to the window. She was happy to see Jason walking up to the house as his phone rang. "Are you home?" she wondered when she opened the door. She asked if he was going to answer his phone. He told her it was Sam, and he ignored the call. They went inside the house, and he thought they should figure out what to tell the boys about why he was moving out.

Elizabeth urged Jason to take some time to think about his decision as he gathered some of his things. She vowed to make it up to him. "You can't deny that you still love me," she shouted as he walked up the stairs. A few minutes later, he returned with a duffel bag. He told her that the people she needed to "make it up to" were Jake, Sam, and Danny. He informed her that loving someone meant taking their feelings into consideration.

Elizabeth told Jason that they could still be a family. "I really did love you," he told her, "but it was built on a lie, and it's over." He left the house. A short while later, there was a knock on the door, and Elizabeth answered it to Diane. She told Elizabeth that she had some confidential papers for Jason's review. Elizabeth demanded to know if it was about Jason and Sam's divorce.

When Diane wouldn't answer, Elizabeth accused Diane of never approving of Jason's relationship with Elizabeth. Diane replied that she was paid to handle Jason's legal affairs, so her opinion was irrelevant. Elizabeth blurted out that Jason didn't want her anyway. She knew Diane would run straight to Sam and Carly. "Get the hell out of my house," Elizabeth demanded, and Diane left. Elizabeth found one of Jason's shirts and remembered giving it to him. She hugged the shirt and cried.

Hayden asked Curtis how much it would cost for him to get Shawn's gun from the evidence room of the police station. Just then, Nikolas approached the table and wondered who Hayden's friend was. The two men introduced themselves, and Hayden presented Curtis as the interior designer she'd been consulting about redecorating ELQ. Nikolas wondered what Curtis' plans were. He explained a couple of ideas for the space and promised to have something drawn up for Hayden soon.

When Curtis was gone, Nikolas wondered how Hayden had gone from firing people one day to redecorating the office the next. She explained that redecorating was a "one-time expense." He promised to talk about it later, because he needed a drink. He quickly updated Hayden on what had happened between Jason and Elizabeth. Hayden worried that they would be in trouble with the law, but Nikolas thought Jason's wrath would be worse.

Just then, Jason tapped Nikolas on the shoulder. "Great," Nikolas said sarcastically. Jason demanded to know how long Nikolas had known about Jason's identity and what it had been worth to Nikolas. Nikolas thought that Jason's loved ones would have been better off without him. Jason punched Nikolas in the face, and the two fought. A few guys separated Jason and Nikolas. Before Jason left, he warned Nikolas that "you hurt my family, and you took my life. I'm coming for you."

Curtis talked to his friend on the PCPD, who recognized that Curtis was "calling in a favor." The cop unlocked the door to the evidence room and let Curtis in. A short while later, Curtis emerged and bumped into Jordan. Recognizing Curtis, Jordan demanded to know what he was doing there. He covered that he was there to wish her well after hearing that she'd been promoted to commissioner.

Jordan accused Curtis of lying and informed him that she wouldn't give him a job if that was what he was after. He told her that he was in town for a job. He asked about T.J., his nephew. Jordan instructed Curtis to stay away from T.J., because he was doing well in college. She hoped that his business in town would be brief. She warned him that she would find out if he was involved in something illegal because "I know you." He left and looked in his bag. He had Shawn's gun.

Johnny finds Valerie's weakness

Johnny finds Valerie's weakness

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia greeted Lulu and asked if Lulu had talked to Dante about what Olivia had told Lulu. Lulu nodded, but Lulu had decided to take a page from Olivia's book by putting Rocco first and remaining civil. Olivia thought it was for the best and hoped that Dante and Lulu would find their way back to each other. Moments later, Laura walked up. Olivia excused herself but admitted that she was deeply disappointed in her son.

Julian met Alexis at the Floating Rib and kissed her as they sat down across from each other in a booth. Alexis hoped Julian would have time for more than lunch, but he explained that he had to get back to work to watch Crimson go up in smoke. Julian revealed that the numbers for the magazine were abysmal. He was eager to close the magazine and focus on more important matters like their daughter. Alexis agreed that Sam had been having a hard time.

Julian wondered if he and Alexis could somehow spare Sam further heartache, but Alexis insisted that Sam just needed their support. She assured him that their daughter was a tough cookie, which he thought Sam had inherited from Alexis. Alexis suggested their daughter had a bit of both of them in her. Julian smiled because it meant that Sam was a survivor. Moments later, Olivia walked up and greeted Julian and Alexis. Olivia was eager to show Julian a Christmas sweater she had picked up for their son.

Alexis was surprised when Olivia mentioned that Julian's assistant Cheryl had told Olivia where to find Julian. Olivia asked Alexis to scoot over then slid into the booth next to Alexis as Olivia produced a matching Christmas sweater for Julian. Julian looked horrified, but said nothing as Olivia explained that she wanted to carry on Olivia's grandmother's tradition of taking family photographs in matching Christmas sweaters. Startled, Alexis asked if Olivia intended for Julian, Leo, and Olivia to wear the sweaters on Christmas.

Olivia's eyes rounded with innocence as she asked if Alexis had wanted one too. Julian wisely seized the opportunity to excuse himself and get back to work, while the ladies sorted things out. After Julian left, Olivia started to follow Julian out the door, but Alexis asked Olivia to wait because Alexis wanted to have a chat with Olivia about boundaries. Alexis realized that there might have been mixed signals on Thanksgiving, but Alexis explained that things would be different for Christmas because Alexis and Julian still hadn't made plans. Olivia revealed that the joke was on Alexis because Julian had already invited Olivia and Leo to spend Christmas with Julian and Alexis.

Alexis hid her surprise as Olivia asked Alexis to give Julian the sweater, since Olivia wouldn't be seeing him before Christmas. Alexis clarified that Olivia was welcome to give Julian the sweater, but Alexis had wanted Alexis and Olivia to respect each other's boundaries. Olivia revealed that she considered Alexis family because both Alexis and Olivia had children with Julian. According to Olivia, she didn't have many boundaries with her family. Alexis warned Olivia that Julian wouldn't wear the sweater. "We'll see," Olivia replied as she took the sweater from Alexis and left.

In Nina's office, Nina reviewed the photographs that Dillon had taken of her. She was impressed with his work because he had captured her new confident inner spirit. Maxie insisted that Dillon was quite gifted. Nina beamed with joy because they were on a roll and were certain to make Crimson a huge success. Nina, Maxie, and Dillon entered the reception area as they discussed which of Dillon's photographs to use in the magazine. Franco exited the elevator and admitted that he would love a new picture of Nina for each day.

After Franco greeted Nina with a kiss, she and Franco retreated to her office. She told him about all her plans for the magazine but sensed his lack of enthusiasm. Nina realized that Franco lacked faith in her ability to run a fashion magazine, but he assured her that she was great at what she did. However, he was concerned about why Julian had hired her because Julian was a shallow, superficial, and treacherous person with an agenda. Franco insisted that he didn't want Nina to get hurt. Nina agreed to give what he'd said some thought and watched him leave.

In the reception area, Maxie raved about Dillon's photographs, but grumbled that the magazine's photographer had quit without notice. Maxie suddenly had an idea and tried to persuade Dillon to join the staff as the new fashion photographer, but he reminded her that he was a filmmaker. Maxie insisted that Dillon was also a wonderful photographer, but he was curious why she really wanted him to take the job. Maxie reluctantly admitted that her sister Georgie had made Dillon and Maxie family. Dillon was touched and admitted that he had decided to stick around because he wanted to keep an eye on Lulu and make certain she didn't get mixed up with the wrong people.

Maxie asked what Dillon was talking about, but Nina walked up and announced that it was time to get back to work. Julian exited the elevator and heartily agreed with Nina. Nina was curious why their "fearless leader" was there, prompting Julian to explain that the figures for the recent issue of Crimson had continued to decline. Nina pointed out that her predecessor was to blame. Julian agreed, but he had wanted to keep Nina apprised of the situation.

Nina asked to speak to Julian in her office. Maxie was nervous as Julian followed Nina because Maxie feared that Nina might be out of her league with Julian.

In Nina's office, Nina asked why Julian had hired her to run Crimson. Julian opted for honesty. He applauded her efforts, but he admitted that he had needed someone to fill the position and keep things running until he had fulfilled his obligations to the magazine's advertisers. Julian added that Nina had been in the right place at the right time, but he'd never had any expectations of the magazine turning into a moneymaking venture. Nina remained calm as Julian revealed that he intended to cut his losses by shutting the magazine down permanently, since it no longer offered him a profit margin.

After Julian left, Nina returned to the reception area. Maxie immediately peppered Nina with questions about the meeting because Maxie hoped Nina could hire Dillon. Nina smiled brightly, assured Dillon that he had a job, and assured both Maxie and Dillon that Julian supported their efforts to make the magazine a success.

At Greystone Manor, Carly left a voicemail message for Jason to call her back. Sonny entered the living room as Carly ended the call and asked if she'd had any luck reaching Jason. Carly shook her head, but she was frustrated that Jason had turned to Sonny with his problems. Carly insisted that it was her turn to help Jason because she was certain that Jason needed her. Sonny urged Carly to give Jason space to figure things out for himself, but Carly argued that Jason was part of their family. Moments later, Dante arrived. Carly decided to run some errands while Sonny visited with his son.

At the nurses' station, a doctor greeted Elizabeth. Elizabeth was surprised to see the doctor on the doctor's day off, but the woman explained that she had taken Patrick's shift because Patrick had needed time off. Elizabeth's expression fell, which didn't go unnoticed. She asked if Elizabeth was okay and suggested that Elizabeth go home, but Elizabeth admitted that no one would cover Elizabeth's shift.

A short time later, Elizabeth bumped into Carly. Elizabeth wasn't in the mood to deal with a lecture from Carly, but Carly wanted to thank Elizabeth for finally showing Elizabeth's true colors to Jason. Carly bragged that she'd never had to lie to Jason because Carly and Jason had always accepted each other for who they were, while Elizabeth had always played the damsel in distress, eager to trap Jason into a relationship he had never wanted. Elizabeth tried to walk away, but Carly followed and continued to rant at Elizabeth. Elizabeth insisted that everything would have been fine if Sam had left things alone, but Carly disagreed because Jason would never have been happy with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth dragged Carly to Franco's art room to finish their discussion in private because Elizabeth didn't want to lose her job on top of everything else. Carly was certain that Elizabeth would love to blame Carly for being fired just like Elizabeth had blamed Sam for Jason walking out on Elizabeth. Carly was curious what Elizabeth had intended to do when Jason had finally remembered his past and realized that he was a bigamist. Elizabeth warned Carly that Jason might never remember, but Carly disagreed because Jason had already had brief flashes of memory.

Carly continued to blast Elizabeth as she demanded an answer to her question, but Elizabeth argued that it didn't matter how she would have handled things if Jason had recovered his memories because he had left Elizabeth just as Carly had hoped. Elizabeth added that her sons were brokenhearted, but Carly insisted that Elizabeth was to blame because Elizabeth had encouraged the boys to bond with Jason. After Carly walked out, Elizabeth angrily wiped away her tears then threw some art supplies across the room in a burst of rage.

Elizabeth was startled when Franco, who had been reclining on the sofa, suddenly sat up and scowled at her. He objected to Elizabeth making a mess, but she ignored him as she started to leave. Franco demanded that she clean up the mess she had made, but she refused. Franco warned Elizabeth that it might not be a good idea to leave yet because Carly would be eager to go another round. Elizabeth was horrified when she realized that Franco had overheard her argument with Carly.

Franco thought Elizabeth had done what was necessary in regards to Jason. She groaned with disgust because she'd hit a new low if Franco had sympathy for her. Franco ignored the insult as he told Elizabeth that it wouldn't have changed things if she had told Jason about his past because Jason's memories continued to remain buried. Elizabeth was surprised when Franco revealed that he was grateful that she had kept quiet because Franco would remain safe as long as Jason didn't remember what Franco had done. Elizabeth had no idea why she was still talking to Franco, but he explained that he was one of the few people willing to listen to her and knew what if felt like to be the town pariah.

At Greystone Manor, Dante revealed that an arms dealer had been spotted in town. Dante wondered if Sonny knew anything about it, but Sonny denied doing business with arms dealers or having any knowledge of guns moving through his territory. Dante appeared skeptical and worried that Sonny would try to take matters into his own hands, but Sonny pointed out that he was confined to a wheelchair and "off the front line." Dante wondered if Sonny's brush with death had made Sonny reevaluate things. Dante reminded his father that Sonny had a wife and children who needed him, including Michael who was about to become a father for the first time.

Sonny insisted that it was impossible for him to walk away from the mob and changed the subject by asking how Dante was doing. Dante shrugged and explained that he and Lulu were moving on with their lives after filing for separation. Sonny wondered if Dante was ready to end his marriage, but Dante insisted that it didn't matter because Lulu wanted a divorce. Sonny reminded Dante that Sonny and Carly had gone through their ups and downs over the years that had resulted in several divorces, but they had always managed to find their way back to each other despite a few detours along the way.

Sonny was curious if Dante and Lulu were going through a detour, but Dante didn't know. Sonny appreciated Dante's honesty and offered words of encouragement by assuring Dante that if Dante and Lulu were meant to be, then things would work out. Dante picked up his jacket and thanked Sonny for the talk just as Carly returned. Carly and Dante exchanged quick greetings then Dante told Sonny to be careful, and he left. Carly sensed there had been more to Dante's parting words and asked Sonny about it.

Sonny brushed it off and quickly changed the subject by asking about Carly's errands. He wondered if she had managed to restrain herself from tracking down Jason. Carly assured him that she had, but added that she'd had an encounter with Elizabeth. Intrigued, Sonny asked about it. Carly explained that she had told Elizabeth that Elizabeth had only herself to blame for losing Jason. Sonny chuckled, but Carly was unapologetic.

On the side of the road, Johnny approached Valerie's car and asked if she needed help. She explained that her car had stalled and wouldn't start, but she had no idea why. Johnny flashed a friendly smile and offered to take a look under the hood. Valerie got out of the car and began to relax as Johnny pretended to be impressed that she was a cadet. He introduced himself as Greg before looking at the car's engine. Valerie stood nearby as Johnny worked and struck up a conversation.

Johnny warned Valerie that it might take him some time to figure out what was wrong with the car. He invited her to wait inside the car to stay warm. Valerie sighed in disappointment because she realized that she would miss her time on the gun range. Johnny was intrigued when she off-handedly admitted that things were already stacked against her because there was an incident in her past that she didn't want anyone to learn about. She feared that her fellow officers might perceive her differently, and she desperately wanted to be taken seriously because the job was important to her.

Johnny feigned sympathy then admitted that it was too cold to work on her car without gloves. Valerie thanked him for trying and decided to call a tow truck, but Johnny refused to leave her stranded for a couple of hours and resumed working on her car once his fingers had warmed up. Valerie noticed him staring at her, so he admitted that she reminded him of someone. Valerie hoped it was a good thing. Johnny promised that it was.

Seconds later, Johnny asked Valerie to try to start the car. She was delighted when it immediately fired up. Johnny regretted that he hadn't been able to help her sooner, but Valerie was grateful and insisted that he had been her hero. Johnny told Valerie that she would make a good cop and bid her goodbye.

Later, Dante entered the Floating Rib to join Valerie at the bar. She was upset because she had ruined her perfect record at the police academy by arriving late for a session at the gun range, which had landed her in hot water. Dante urged her not to be too hard on herself because it wasn't her fault that the car had broken down. He was curious how long she'd waited for the tow truck to arrive, but she admitted that a kind stranger had stopped to help.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura talked to Lulu about Dante. Laura realized that it might seem like Valerie was trying to take Lulu's place, but Laura was certain that Dante did not want that. Lulu promised that she had no desire to fly off the handle and was determined to take the high road. Laura's eyes narrowed because she was certain that Lulu was up to something. Laura recognized the steely gleam in Lulu's eyes because Lulu's father had always had a similar look when he was bent on revenge.

Laura conceded that it might be easier for Lulu to hate Valerie than Dante, but Lulu argued that Valerie had hurt Lulu as much as Dante had because Valerie was Lulu's cousin. Laura reminded her daughter that Dante had been the one who had broken his vows to Lulu, but Lulu insisted there was plenty of hate to go around. Laura begged Lulu to remain focused on the real problem. Lulu acknowledged that she would have to find a way to forgive Dante, especially if Lulu and Dante wanted to save their marriage. Laura hoped that Lulu and Dante worked things out, but she advised Lulu to put Rocco first by finding a way to get along with Dante whether they divorced or not.

Lulu was confident she could make peace with Dante, but not while Valerie remained in Port Charles because Valerie was a constant reminder that Valerie had targeted Lulu's marriage and seduced Dante. Laura hugged Lulu and promised to be there for her daughter, but she implored Lulu to think before taking action. Laura didn't want Lulu to do something that Lulu would later regret and not be able to take back.

After Laura left, Johnny called to report that he had discovered Valerie's Achilles heel, which he intended to exploit. Lulu wanted details, but Johnny asked her to leave it to him.

Jerry orders a guard to kill Robin

Jerry orders a guard to kill Robin

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

At the hospital, Dr. Kelly Lee was surprised when Sabrina showed up early for the appointment to have a private word with Kelly before Michael arrived. Kelly invited Sabrina into the office, but Michael walked up before Sabrina had a chance to talk to Kelly. Kelly greeted Michael then offered both him and Sabrina a seat. Michael admitted that he had been concerned about the baby's large size and had researched the possible complications online. Kelly smiled politely as she showed him the sonogram image of the baby on her laptop and assured him that the baby looked healthy, and its development was on track.

Kelly promised that she was happy to answer Michael's questions, but she warned him that the Internet was not the best place to get a diagnosis. Kelly assured Michael that the baby was in the normal weight and size range for Sabrina's stage of pregnancy and promised that everything was progressing on schedule. Michael thanked Kelly and stood to leave, but Sabrina told him that she would catch up with him later because she had to get a refill of prenatal vitamins and meet Felix.

After Michael left, Sabrina thanked Kelly for not clarifying how far along Sabrina was, but Kelly was concerned about the stress that Sabrina was under, trying to keep Michael from learning the truth. Kelly urged Sabrina to be honest with Michael because Michael would figure things out when Sabrina gave birth to an eight-pound baby a month early.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was working out with weights when Carly entered the living room, looking for Morgan. Sonny hadn't seen their son and assumed that Morgan was still asleep. Carly worried that it was a bad sign, but Sonny urged her to relax. Moments later, Morgan arrived home. Concerned, Sonny asked where Morgan had been. Morgan became defensive as he told his parents that he had been hanging out with friends he had met on Halloween and had crashed on a couch.

Carly worried that Morgan was making "unhealthy choices," but Morgan's temper flared because he knew she was concerned about him taking his medications. He pulled his bottles of pills out of his pocket and slammed them down on the table as he assured his mother that he had taken his medications as directed. Morgan warned her to stop pushing him and stormed off to take a shower. Sonny admitted that he was concerned about their son, too, but he also knew what it felt like to have people hovering over him and watching his every move. Carly promised that she didn't want to smother Morgan, but at the same time, Morgan needed to follow all of Dr. Maddox's recommendations.

Carly decided to count Morgan's pills, but Sonny advised her against it. Carly insisted that she needed to know that Morgan hadn't skipped doses and began to count the pills as Morgan returned to the living room. Morgan was outraged that his mother refused to trust him and offered to count out the pills himself. When he confirmed that there were 25 tablets, he grabbed his medications and left. Carly realized that she had made a mistake, but Sonny refused to let her beat herself up because they were both learning to deal with a child struggling with bipolar disorder.

Carly was frustrated that she didn't know how to help her baby. Sonny suggested that they make a plan so they would know what to do if Morgan had another episode, but Carly feared that she might end up losing Morgan's love.

After Carly left, Michael stopped by to check on his father. They talked about Sonny's physical therapy before Sonny shifted gears to ask about Sabrina's pregnancy. Michael assured his father that everything was fine, but Sonny sensed that something was troubling Michael. Michael revealed that he was afraid that Sabrina was hiding something, but Sonny suspected that Michael might be reading too much into things because women acted different when they were pregnant. Michael suspected that Sonny was thinking of Avery when Sonny talked about being a father.

Sonny didn't want to dwell on his custody troubles. He admitted that he was eager to hold his grandchild and hoped to be standing by the time the baby was born. Michael wondered if it bothered Sonny that Sabrina had once been involved with the man who had shot Sonny, but Sonny shook his head because Sabrina was not to blame for what Carlos had done.

At Metro Court, Ava supervised the unpacking of one of the pieces of art that she had donated for the Nutcracker Gala's silent auction. She smiled when she saw Kiki on the phone, leaving a voicemail message for Morgan. Ava approached her daughter and admitted that she had hoped to run into Kiki because Christmas was around the corner and Ava had wanted to invite Kiki to join Ava and Avery for Christmas, but Kiki declined. Ava begged Kiki to reconsider. Ava reached into a bag and pulled a Christmas ornament that had a slot for a picture.

Ava wanted to put a family picture in the ornament to give Avery something to look back on. Ava talked about the traditions Ava and Kiki had shared during Kiki's childhood like going to Rockefeller Center and making gingerbread houses. Kiki smiled as she fondly recalled getting sick from eating gumdrops, but her smile quickly faded as she reiterated that she refused to spend the holiday with her mother. Kiki pointed out that Avery wouldn't know, but Ava pleaded with Kiki to at least think it over for Avery's sake. Kiki reluctantly agreed and left.

Ava sent Paul a text message inviting him over to her place to celebrate her small victory. Ava's good humor faded when Carly approached to ask Ava if Avery could spend time with Sonny on Christmas morning. Carly explained that she wasn't simply asking for Sonny but also for Avery because Avery's family was eager to see her. Ava flatly refused to allow Sonny unsupervised visits with her daughter, and she walked away.

In the park, Tracy smiled at Paul as she admitted that she hadn't expected him to lead the chorus of carolers. Paul joked that he couldn't wait to show her what he had planned for the Toys for Tots benefit. Tracy was stunned by Paul's transformation because she had previously seen him as an "empty suit" without any integrity. She felt as if she was getting to know him for the first time, but Paul warned her to be careful because people might think he was a great guy. Tracy admitted that he was.

Tracy assured Paul that she wasn't canonizing him, but he had turned his life around. Their conversation drifted to Dillon and their son's new job at Crimson. Tracy was thrilled Dillon had decided not to move to Los Angeles. Tracy wanted to believe that Tracy and Paul getting along had played a role in their son's decision because they were finally a family -- albeit an unorthodox one. Paul suddenly noticed that Tracy was cold and grabbed her hands to warm them up. As he pressed her hands against his cheeks, Tracy leaned forward and kissed him.

Tracy quickly pulled back and warned Paul not to read too much into the kiss, but she conceded that it was nice having him around. Paul agreed, but Tracy dashed off to attend to last-minute charity business before he could say anything else. Moments later, Carlos rounded the corner, grateful that Tracy had left because Carlos had been freezing. Paul handed Carlos an envelope then instructed Carlos to get out of town and stay away until Paul called. Paul hoped that Sabrina wouldn't turn Carlos in, but Carlos doubted that Sabrina would report the father of her child to the police.

Stunned, Paul reminded Carlos that Sabrina was pregnant with Michael's baby, but Carlos explained that Carlos, not Michael, was the father. Paul reminded Carlos that Carlos was a wanted criminal, which meant that the baby was better off growing up as a Quartermaine with Michael as its father. Carlos refused to abandon his child like Paul had, but Paul clarified that Carlos would have to because Paul called the shots. Paul insisted that Carlos leave the country and stay gone until Paul had another use for him. Carlos asked what the hurry was, since Paul had made everyone believe that Carlos had died.

Paul reminded Carlos that there was dead and then there was dead. Carlos heard the veiled threat and assured Paul that it wasn't necessary. Carlos promised to leave but vowed to find a way to be with Sabrina and their baby one day.

At Metro Court, Tracy bumped into Ava. Tracy was disgusted when a frilly piece of lingerie fell out of Ava's bag but walked away to ask that the wine be properly labeled as gifts from Tracy and Paul. Tracy wanted the district attorney to get credit for his generosity. Ava scowled as Tracy talked about Paul.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki approached Morgan's table to greet him, but he was in a foul mood. Kiki wondered if he had received her voicemail messages, but Morgan grumbled about Carly driving him crazy. Kiki told him about Ava's attempt to use Avery to manipulate Kiki, but Kiki was curious what Carly had done to upset Morgan. Morgan explained that Carly refused to trust that he had been taking his pills as directed, but Kiki knew he hadn't. She explained that the busboy had found Morgan's pills when the busboy had cleared away Morgan's pills the previous day.

Morgan claimed that he had noticed the missed dose and had gone to Dr. Maddox to get extra pills. Kiki was skeptical, but Morgan resented her questioning him. Kiki was surprised when he mentioned that he had been out all night with Darby, but Morgan reminded Kiki that Kiki had told him that he and Kiki were just friends. Kiki explained that was why she wanted to make sure that he took care of himself, but Morgan sullenly asked for water to take a dose of medication before the "pill police" tried to bust him again.

Kiki returned with a glass of water and asked if Morgan wanted breakfast. Morgan told her that he wasn't hungry, but he was sorry for how he had treated her. Kiki assured him that they were cool as long as he promised to take his medication exactly as prescribed. Morgan agreed as Carly walked up. Kiki dashed off to prepare Carly a cup of coffee the way Carly liked it, and Carly apologized to Morgan. Carly promised that she would try to respect his boundaries, but she loved him and wanted what was best for him. Satisfied, Morgan accepted the apology.

Carly approached the bar to fetch her coffee and thank Kiki for being a friend to Morgan. Kiki assured Carly that Morgan meant a lot to Kiki, and Kiki wanted him to get better. Carly explained that Morgan would be fine as long as he followed the doctor's orders. Carly added that they would have to watch Morgan closely because Morgan could get worse if the bipolar disorder was left untreated. After Carly left, Kiki looked thoughtful as she watched Morgan.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Anna told Mac that she intended to continue her investigation into Paul, but she didn't want Mac involved. Mac refused to let Anna work alone and insisted on helping. Anna appreciated Mac's support and thanked him. Mac revealed that he had tracked down Paul's ex-wife, Jenny Eckert, but Jenny had refused to talk about Paul. Anna wasn't surprised. Mac added that Paul's daughter, Susan, had been estranged from her father for a long time and hadn't been any help either.

Anna revealed that Paul had purchased property in Florida from a developer with links to organized crime, but an investigation hadn't yielded anything they could use against Paul. Mac thought it gave Anna's theory about Paul's nefarious dealings credence. Anna reminded Mac that there were two other people they could question, but Mac doubted that Dillon knew Paul well enough to provide any help, and Tracy was the type of person to circle the wagons around her son's father just on principal -- plus it might tip Paul off.

Anna acknowledged that she didn't have proof that Paul had killed Kyle and passed off the body as Carlos, but the assistant medical examiner had voiced concerns to her about how quickly Carlos' body had been cremated. Mac pointed out that a district attorney didn't have authority over the medical examiner's office, which screamed cover-up to Mac. Anna agreed because she had looked at the autopsy report, which had stated that Carlos had been shot twice in the chest when Anna recalled shooting Carlos four times.

Anna hoped to prove that Carlos was alive and persuade him to testify against Julian. Mac reminded Anna that Julian wasn't the only killer they were after. Anna agreed because Paul might also be a killer. Moments later, Anna's phone rang. She spoke to the person for a few minutes, ended the call, and told Mac that they might have what they needed to prove that Carlos' body hadn't been recovered from the harbor. She explained that the assistant medical examiner had called to tell her that a sample of the body's DNA had been taken, which meant that Anna could compare it to the sample retrieved from Carlos' necklace.

Anna was disappointed because she didn't have a sample of Kyle's DNA to confirm the cremated body was Kyle, but Mac revealed that he had taken Kyle's toothbrush from the apartment when Mac and Anna had broken in. Anna was thrilled that Mac had had the foresight to take it.

In a Paris hotel room, Emma asked if Patrick had reached Robin. Patrick assured his daughter that he had left a voicemail message, but he decided to take Emma to see the Eiffel Tower until Robin called back. Emma suggested they surprise Robin, since they had Robin's address. Patrick was reluctant, but Emma begged her father to agree because she was desperate to see Robin.

A short time later, Patrick and Emma returned to the hotel room. They couldn't understand why the address had been to an antique store rather than Robin's residence, where Emma had been sending letters and packages. Patrick assured Emma that they would get to the bottom of things when Robin called. Emma feared that it would take forever, but Patrick suggested they enjoy the sights of Paris. Emma reluctantly fetched her mittens as someone knocked on the door.

Patrick and Emma's visitor was the owner of the antique shop that Patrick and Emma had visited earlier. Emma walked out as the woman explained that Patrick had likely gotten the address mixed up with a similar address across town. Patrick and Emma thanked the woman for taking the time to stop by. Emma noticed the woman's necklace and complimented it. The woman appeared nervous as she clutched the necklace and left. Emma told Patrick that Spencer had a tie pin identical to the necklace, which Spencer had worn on picture day at school.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Anna smiled when she saw Patrick's incoming call and quickly answered the phone because she wanted to spend time with Emma. Patrick revealed that he was in Paris then quietly explained that he didn't want Emma to overhear, but he was afraid that Robin was not in Paris and the Cassadines were somehow involved. Anna promised to meet Patrick in Paris right away and ended the call. She told Mac that he would have to continue to investigate Paul because Robin was missing.

In a laboratory at an undisclosed location, a guard delivered a tray of food to help keep Robin's strength up. Robin appreciated the act of kindness because she had seen little of it since her arrival. Seconds later, Jerry entered the room and dismissed the guard. Jerry demanded to know if Robin had made any progress with her work because her 48 hours had expired. Robin insisted that she needed more time, but she promised that she was close to a breakthrough. Jerry was furious because he needed results in order to sell it to the highest bidder.

Robin promised that she could make someone "immortal" and explained the process of preserving brain tissue and digitally storing a person's memories, emotions, personality, and behaviors until someone created an artificial functioning body to download the information into. Jerry thought it was science fiction, but Robin insisted that it was possible for the brain to exist in a digital format. Jerry conceded that he might be able to sell it, but he was curious how long it would take Robin to perfect the process. She admitted that it was years away, which was not good enough for Jerry. Jerry decided that Robin had outlived her usefulness, and he left.

In the hallway, Jerry ordered the guard to kill Robin.

Robert, Anna, and Patrick race to save Robin

Robert, Anna, and Patrick race to save Robin

Thursday, December 17, 2015

At Alexis and Julian's house, Molly was impressed when she saw Alexis and Julian's generous check for Toys for Tots. Molly remarked that crime appeared to pay, but Alexis was not amused. Alexis decided it was time for Molly to get in the holiday spirit by attending the Nutcracker Gala. Alexis also wanted Molly to give Julian a chance, but Molly explained that "skeptical" was her default setting with Julian. Moments later, Sam entered the living room.

Alexis was curious if Sam intended to attend the gala, but Sam shook her head. Molly decided to stay home with Sam, but Alexis refused to let Molly use Sam as an excuse to avoid the holiday party. Seconds later, Kristina arrived home. Molly ran to welcome Kristina with a hug as Alexis and Sam smiled with delight. Later, Kristina felt bad when Sam talked about the breakup with Patrick. Sam assured Kristina that it had been for the best, but Kristina wondered if Sam truly felt that way. Alexis scolded Kristina for asking the insensitive question, but Sam assured their mother that it was fine.

Kristina asked about Jason, but Sam explained that she tried to live in the moment. Kristina dropped the subject by confessing that she was glad that exams had ended early because Kristina looked forward to spending time with her sisters. Alexis disappeared into the bedroom to get ready while Sam ran out to take care of an errand. Kristina quickly got on her mother's laptop and enlisted Molly's help to hack into Alexis' email to delete an email.

Molly's eyes rounded with disbelief when she saw an email from Kristina's school notifying Alexis that disciplinary action had been taken against Kristina. Molly tried to question Kristina about it, but Kristina didn't want to ruin Alexis' Christmas and refused to discuss it. Kristina asked Molly to keep the secret then changed the subject by asking if Molly had a gown for Kristina to wear to the gala. Molly brightened and led Kristina to the bedroom to get ready.

At the hospital, Elizabeth approached Franco. Franco jokingly threw his hands up as if to protect his face from flying debris. She assured him that he was safe then handed him a folder with a patient referral. Franco admitted that between the holiday blues and seasonal depression, he was in for a long winter. "Your compassion is uplifting," Elizabeth replied with a smirk. She turned to leave, but Franco called out to ask if she planned to attend the charity gala. Franco offered to take Elizabeth because nothing livened up a party more than the entrance of the town's pariah.

Elizabeth wasn't interested, but Franco quickly assured her that he hadn't been asking her out on a date. Franco explained that it wasn't good for Elizabeth to hide from Jason, but she doubted that Jason would attend the gala. Pleased, Franco urged her to get back into the swing of things, but she doubted it was possible without Jason. Franco appreciated that Jason had been the love of her life and that she had been deeply hurt when Jason had left, but Franco wanted to be a friend to her because he knew she felt adrift and alone in the world. Elizabeth was adamant about not attending the gala, and she left.

Meanwhile, Sam dropped off a gift bag for Patrick, but a nurse informed her that he had taken a leave of absence. Sam was stunned, but Elizabeth walked up and wondered what Sam had expected after Sam had blown apart everyone's lives. Sam had never imagined that Patrick would abandon his patients, but Elizabeth accused Sam of making him miserable and forcing him to flee. Sam argued that Elizabeth had been the one to lie to everyone for seven months by keeping Jason from his son and wife. Sam insisted that Elizabeth was a "lying bitch and a selfish hypocrite," but Elizabeth argued that Sam hadn't been any better by pretending to be in love with Patrick when, in reality, Sam had wanted Jason back.

Elizabeth smugly suggested that perhaps Patrick had taken Emma to Paris to reunite with Robin. Elizabeth admitted that she had always loved Patrick and Robin as a couple and thought it would serve Sam right if Patrick and Robin rekindled their romance.

A short time later, Sam returned home. Sam smiled when she saw Alexis in a stunning dark blue form-fitting gown. Sam complimented her mother, but Alexis sensed that something was troubling Sam. Sam told Alexis about the encounter with Elizabeth and how Elizabeth had continued to blame Sam for Jason walking out on Elizabeth. However, Sam admitted that she was upset because Patrick had taken a leave of absence and left town. Sam was disappointed because it was supposed to have been Patrick and Sam's first Christmas together.

Moments later, Molly, wearing a strapless green gown, and Kristina, dressed in a daring black gown with a short white underskirt, entered the living room. Sam was impressed by how beautiful her sisters were. Molly and Kristina tried to persuade Sam to join them for the gala, but Sam declined. After Alexis and the girls left, Sam noticed the charity check on the coffee table. Sam picked it up and ran to the door to catch up with her family, but they had left.

At Metro Court, Carly was dressed in a shimmering cobalt blue gown and on the phone as she questioned why her liquor supplier hadn't properly filled the order. Tracy, wearing a long fur coat, marched up to inform Carly that the sound system was not working and the ballroom was freezing. After Tracy marched away, Carly ended the call with her supplier and smiled when she saw Jason enter the lobby. Carly happily hugged him and asked if he was there for the gala. Jason explained that he simply wanted a room.

Carly immediately approached the registration desk to arrange for Jason to stay in his favorite room. Jason thanked Carly, but she assured him that it was fine and invited him to the bar for a drink. Jason readily agreed. At the bar, Jason and Carly toasted to friendship as they drank scotch. Jason finished his drink then waited for Carly to gloat, but Carly admitted that she'd had no idea that Elizabeth had known the truth about his identity for months.

Carly felt bad for Jason, but he knew that Carly had never liked Elizabeth. Carly clarified that she hadn't liked Elizabeth with Jason. "Because she didn't really know who I was and didn't really accept me -- not the way that you did," Jason added, certain it was what Carly had intended to say. Carly explained that Elizabeth had always tried to turn Jason into the person that Elizabeth had needed, which was not who Jason was. Carly conceded that she would love to tell him to return to his old life, but she knew it would be selfish after what Elizabeth had done. Jason was curious what Carly thought he should do, but she told him that he would have to figure things out for himself.

Carly urged Jason to trust his instincts, but Jason questioned if they were reliable. Carly assured him that they were, but Jason explained that Elizabeth had only taken advantage of a situation that someone else had created. Jason blamed Helena for what had happened. Carly changed the subject by persuading Jason to attend the gala with the promise that she would send him a tuxedo. She also added that neither Sam nor Elizabeth was on the guest list.

In the ballroom, Nina and Maxie each wore fashionable red gowns as Nina revealed that Crimson had exclusive rights to all photographs and interviews for the gala. Nina had no idea what she would do without Maxie. Maxie appreciated Nina's confidence in her, but Maxie had to step out for a short time to attend to a personal matter.

After Maxie left, Monica, looking dazzling in a long dark dress with a glittering top and empire waist, approached Nina. The two ladies exchanged greetings, but Nina was annoyed that Maxie thought something was more important than work. Tracy, decked out in a sparkling copper dress, walked up to ask if Nina had seen Dillon. Nina complained that both Maxie and Dillon had left her high and dry instead of attending to Crimson business.

In the park, Maxie ran into Dillon as he returned from General Hospital's memorial courtyard. Maxie realized that Dillon had also been thinking of her sister Georgie. She looked up at the sky and noticed that it was a beautiful clear night. She imagined that she could see all the way to heaven, but Dillon was certain that Georgie was looking down on them. Maxie hoped he was right. Dillon admitted that he had wanted to mark the day in a special way and handed her an envelope.

Maxie pulled out a stone rubbing of Georgie's memorial plaque. Her eyes filled with tears of gratitude. Dillon and Maxie sat down and talked about Georgie. Maxie admitted that she still spoke to her sister and tried to follow the advice she believed her sensible sister would give. Dillon confided that he remembered everything -- the good and the bad -- when he thought about Georgie. Maxie had loved the holidays in the past, but that had changed when her sister had been murdered.

Dillon felt the same way as Maxie. She thanked him for the special gift then suggested that they return to the hotel and get back to work.

Outside Metro Court, Franco walked up as Elizabeth paced in front of the hotel. She appeared pensive when she saw him and asked if his offer was still open. He assured her that it was then praised her for facing her challenges instead of climbing into a deep, dark hole and feeling sorry for herself. Elizabeth slid her arm into the crook of Franco's arm and entered the hotel with him.

Meanwhile, Nina gave Maxie and Dillon instructions for the red carpet arrivals. Maxie was impressed and felt like a parent watching her child ride a bike for the first time without training wheels. Nina beamed with pride as Franco walked up and admitted that Nina was more beautiful each time he saw her. Franco told her that he had arrived with a work colleague, who had gone to the bar for a much-needed drink.

Nearby, Monica was overjoyed when she saw Carly and Jason approach. Monica happily greeted her son, but Cary suddenly realized that she had left her phone at the bar. Jason agreed to fetch it for Carly. After Jason left, Monica thanked Carly for persuading Jason to attend the gala.

At the bar, Sam approached one of the charity volunteers to ask her to deliver Alexis' check to the appropriate person, but the woman explained that Sam would have to take care of it. Sam turned just as Jason bumped into Elizabeth.

At the gala, Monica noticed Tracy looking for Paul. Tracy suspected Paul was tied up at work. Meanwhile, Alexis, Kristina, and Molly arrived. Alexis realized that she had forgotten the check at home and started to send Julian a text message asking him to pick it up, but Alexis became distracted when she saw an acquaintance. Alexis handed the phone to Kristina and walked away. Molly was disappointed when Kristina seized the opportunity to erase the school's email from Alexis' phone.

In Robin's laboratory, Robin nervously smiled when the guard entered, sporting a set of headphones. She was curious what he was listening to. Surprised by the question, Manrico told her it was opera because it helped him to remain focused and even-tempered. Robin suspected that Manrico was not happy with Jerry's order to kill her. Manrico was curious why she had assumed that, prompting Robin to point out that Manrico had been the only guard to treat her with kindness.

Seconds later, Jerry walked in and became annoyed when he noticed that Robin was still alive. Jerry warned Manrico to get the job done because Anna and Patrick had arrived and were poised to raid the compound. Robin's expression was filled with hope, but Jerry assured her that she would be dead by the time Anna and Patrick reached her. Robin begged Jerry to spare her life, but he ignored her pleas and reminded Manrico to execute the plan.

After Jerry left, Robin tearfully begged Manrico to let her say goodbye to her loved ones. Manrico agreed and handed her a phone. Robin called Patrick to explain that she had heard about his trip to Paris and to tell him that she had to say goodbye because she was going to Elysium. Jerry returned to the lab and was furious when he saw Robin with the phone. Jerry quickly ripped the phone out of her hand and ended the call.

Jerry demanded that Manrico kill Robin, or Manrico would pay the price. After Jerry stormed off, Robin was filled with hope that Manrico would help her. Manrico explained that it was out of his hands and dragged her away at gunpoint.

In Patrick's hotel room, Patrick wrapped up a call with Felicia, thanking her for flying to Paris to watch Emma. Patrick promised to keep Felicia updated on the search for Robin then ended the call. Anna warned Patrick not to jump to conclusions because the Cassadines might simply want him to believe that Robin was in Greece. Anna reminded him that the Cassadines were brazen but not stupid, which meant that Robin could still be in Paris. Patrick became alarmed when someone knocked on the door.

It was Robert. "Let's go get our daughter," Robert told Anna as he entered the hotel room. Robert revealed that the World Security Bureau had been monitoring Cassadine Island for months and confirmed that Robin was on the island, but Anna warned Patrick that they needed a plan before they rescued Robin, or they risked being captured or worse. Patrick was stunned when Robert revealed that Jerry Jacks had taken over since Helena's death. Anna and Patrick immediately regretted that they hadn't questioned Robin's decision to move to Paris, but Robert tried to keep Anna and Patrick focused by asking about Robin's last phone call.

Patrick relayed what he knew. Moments later, Patrick's phone rang. It was Robin. Patrick became increasingly concerned by Robin's cryptic remarks before the line suddenly went dead. Anna revealed that Elysium was another name for heaven. Robert and Anna decided that they didn't have the luxury of time and started for the door. Patrick insisted on joining them because he owed it to Emma to rescue Robin.

Later, Robert and Anna kicked open the lab door with their guns drawn. Jerry smiled as he greeted them and admitted that he had been wondering how long it would take for them to arrive. Patrick demanded to know where Robin was. Jerry gloated that they were too late because Robin was dead.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Due to a White House press conference, General Hospital was pre-empted in all markets.

The episode that had been scheduled to air was broadcast on Monday, December 21. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

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