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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 27, 2012 on GH
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Monday, August 27, 2012

At a Swiss clinic, Luke posed as Dr. Von Schemerman to cover Anna's search for Robin. Anna entered a padded room and thought that she had found Robin, but the patient was revealed to be a look-alike. Anna was devastated when Luke arrived with the female psychiatrist, Dr. Obrecht, who had discovered Luke's ruse and appeared to be sympathetic to Anna's inquiry. Dr. Obrecht showed Anna documentation that proved that the look-alike patient had been transferred from Ferncliff.

Alone, Anna told Luke that Heather had gotten to her. Luke said that the look-alike patient had been at Ferncliff so it was likely that Heather had seen that patient and thought that she was Robin. Anna said that she was ready to give up and go home but that she had had to look. Luke agreed that he would have done the same if it had been his child.

As they prepared to leave town, Luke and Anna joked about the private plane that Tracy had loaned Luke to help out. Dr. Obrecht stopped them. She said that Anna had committed fraud against the clinic and had broken Swiss law. Luke made a pervasive argument that it would be better for the clinic not to have to endure the publicity that would follow Anna's arrest. Dr. Obrecht agreed after Anna apologized. Anna and Luke left the clinic and headed back to Port Charles.

After Luke and Anna were gone, Dr. Obrecht told an unidentified gentleman that it had to have been very hard for him to witness Anna's sorrow. She also told him that he had moved Robin just in time, or Anna would surely have found her. When the man's face was shown, he was revealed to be Duke Lavery, a husband and lover from Anna's past.

In Port Charles, Jerry accessed all the television channels and announced that he was back from the dead with news that would impact all of Port Charles.

At the Metro Court, Carly was with Jax and wanted to know if he knew that Jerry was alive. Jax said no. Tracy watched the news with Joe Jr. and muttered that Jerry was a murdering psychopath who had killed her brother.

Liz was at home having tea with Ewen and shouted out that Jerry was insane -- and she knew that because he had held her hostage along with a lot of others at the Metro Court.

Olivia and Steve were in her room at General Hospital. Olivia recounted Jerry's takeover of the Metro Court for Steve.

Jason went to General Hospital to see Patrick. Jason asked Patrick if there was any connection between Jerry Jacks and Robin. Patrick demanded to know why it mattered, since both were dead. Jason recalled for Patrick that Jerry had injected Nikolas with a poison and then denied the antidote until Nikolas bowed to Jerry's blackmail. Jason reminded Patrick that Nikolas had been saved when Robin, assisted by Patrick, had synthesized the antidote. Jason said he thought that Jerry Jax might still be alive. As Patrick considered the possibility, a nurse told them to watch the TV.

John McBain arrived at the Lake house to question Alexis. Sam was also there. Alexis thought that John was there about the restraining order that kept him away from Natalie and his son, but John said that he was working with Jason to find out what had happened to Alexis at Wyndemere. Alexis could not remember anything helpful. They were drawn to Jerry's image on TV. All three were stunned.

Jerry told his TV audience that he was responsible for injecting Josslyn and Alexis and making them sick. Jerry said that he had not been trying to hurt them but had been doing a good deed instead. He added that a confederate had helped him and had taken Josslyn. Jerry said that he wanted to make sure that Josslyn and Alexis would be safe during what was about to transpire in Port Charles. As a personal aside to Alexis, Jerry said that it had been wonderful to see her at Wyndemere, even if she did not remember.

Jerry asked Josslyn and Alexis to forgive him for the bad night they had both gone through, but added that it had been necessary to inoculate them for survival. Jerry started coughing and was forced to stop talking and walk away. Once back on camera, Jerry told Port Charles that only Josslyn and Alexis would survive what was going to happen.

Jerry told his audience that his henchmen had introduced a pathogen into the water supply during the early morning hours and that it would kill every Port Charles resident. Jerry said that it was already too late for those who had been in contact with tap water that morning, either by consuming it, as in coffee or tea, or using it for bathing or brushing their teeth.

Jerry continued that the effects would begin being felt within 24 to 48 hours, and after that, everyone would be dead. Jerry added that people could save themselves with a very expensive antibiotic serum, but before he explained how, the TV screens around Port Charles went to white noise.

At GH, as soon as Jerry mentioned a confederate, Jason was convinced that it was Ewen. Patrick listened to Jerry and worried about Emma. Jason worried that Liz was with Ewen and asked Patrick to check on Liz on his way home to be with Emma. Patrick agreed, and Jason hurried off.

When Olivia told the story of the Metro Court crisis, Steve wondered why Jerry had not been prosecuted. Olivia said that she suspected it was because of Jax. She worried about Dante, but Steve said higher authorities would probably handle it. When the TV went out, Steve thought that the cops had stopped it, but he added that they should have waited until they could find out where Jerry had stashed the antidote. Olivia wanted to call Jax and said that he was the only one who could stop Jerry.

Carly and Jax held Josslyn and were stunned to hear Jerry's announcement. When the TV went to white noise. Jax kissed Josslyn on top of the head and told Carly that he would not let Carly die. He said that he would do whatever it took to keep her alive. After he was gone, Carly held Josslyn, and as they watched the TV screen scroll a message warning people not to drink the water or bathe in it, Carly told Josslyn that everything would be okay because Jax would fix things and take care of the two of them as always.

As soon as John McBain heard Jerry' s announcement, he got on the phone and alerted someone that Jerry had hijacked the local cable system. Sam told John to be careful as he rushed out. Sam and Alexis watched the broadcast until it was terminated. Alexis paced, and Sam told her to calm down. Alexis said that she had three daughters and thus a reason to be concerned.

Alexis recognized that Jerry did have a motive, that he wanted cash for the very expensive vaccine. She wondered why Jerry had spared her, and she said that she did not want to survive if those she loved did not. Sam told her to stop freaking out. Alexis phoned Molly, who headed home, but Sam was not able to reach Kristina. Alexis tried to leave to find Jerry, but Sam told her to slow down and give Jason and John a chance to work.

Innocently, Liz asked Ewen if he knew Jerry. Ewen's guilty conscience got the better of him, and he believed that Liz was accusing him. Liz said that on the contrary, since he had received a call just like Alexis, she wondered if Jerry had been planning to lure him there and inoculate him as well, because Ewen had some unknown association with the Jacks family.

As Jerry continued to reveal his plan, Ewen began to unravel. When he shouted at the TV and asked rhetorically if killing everyone had been Jerry's plan all along, Liz finally got suspicious and questioned Ewen, who tried to explain, but Liz did not believe him, even when Ewen assured her that he had bathed in the water and had drunk it just like she had.

Liz was upset and tried to leave the room, but Ewen grabbed her. Liz was struggling and trying to get away when Patrick walked in and told Ewen to leave Liz alone.

At the Metro Court, a sympathetic Joe Jr. tried to comfort Tracy. He asked about Alan and said that Tracy had to miss him. Tracy said that Alan was pompous and arrogant and that she missed him every day. She then told him that Alan had died as a result of the hostage crisis at the Metro Court. When she heard Jerry's tale about the water, Tracy remarked that both she and Joe Jr. had taken a shower and would both die.

Joe flashed back to Jerry, who had given him a dose of the serum to be used when the first symptom appeared. As the TV message about the water scrolled across the screen, Tracy lamented that she had finally met an intelligent, attractive man who was not her ex-husband -- and that they were going to die. Joe Jr. said that it would not come to that because there was an antidote available for a price.

When Tracy asked how he would get his hands on it, Joe Jr. said that he would find a way. When Tracy readied herself to leave to check on Edward, Joe told her that everything would be okay because he would make sure of it.

John found Jerry, pulled the plug on Jerry's broadcast, and pulled a gun on Jerry. John relieved Jerry of his gun and told Jerry that he was under arrest. Jason arrived shortly after. John made phone calls while Jason took Jerry aside. Jerry inquired how it felt to Jason to be working with law enforcement. Jason said that it just meant that he had less time to get Jerry to reveal the location of the antidote. Jason punched Jerry in the stomach and Jerry doubled over.

Despite a savage beating from Jason, Jerry refused to talk. When John urged Jerry to speak, Jerry asked if John and Jason honestly thought they could get him to talk. Before either could speak, all three were surprised when Jax burst in and said, "No, but I can." vv

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

At a hotel in Las Vegas, Michael sat in a chair and watched as Starr slowly woke up in bed. Starr stretched, while Michael served her a continental breakfast, compliments of the hotel. Starr thought that they should get started if they hoped to find Trey and Kristina, so she hopped out of bed and got dressed. Later, Starr cautioned Michael not to assume the worst because there might an innocent explanation for Trey and Kristina's trip to Las Vegas. Michael didn't trust Trey because Trey's father was a criminal. Starr reminded Michael that their own fathers weren't law-abiding citizens, so they should give Trey the benefit of the doubt.

Michael was concerned about Trey's father's connection to Sonny, but he agreed not to tell his father about Kristina's trip to Nevada until Michael had a chance to talk to his sister. Starr changed the subject by thanking Michael for being a gentleman during their stay in the hotel. Moments later, Starr and Michael's cell phones rang. Todd and Carly were calling them.

At Metro Court, Carly left a frantic message for Johnny to return her call. She raced to the door when someone knocked, assuming that it was Johnny. It was Todd. Todd revealed that Jerry had used the name James Craig when Jerry had negotiated access to Todd's cable franchise. Carly explained that James Craig was the name that Jerry had used during the hotel hostage crisis. "How was I supposed to know? It's not like we have a secret handshake at Psychotics Anonymous," Todd replied.

Carly insisted that Todd wasn't psychotic, because she doubted that he had ever threatened an entire town. Todd didn't agree, but he was more interested in finding out if Jerry's threat was credible. Carly admitted that Jerry was capable of carrying out the threat, which was why she was concerned about Michael. Todd realized that Starr was at risk to the pathogen that Jerry had put in the drinking water, so he called Starr while Carly called Michael.

Todd and Carly were relieved when they learned that Starr and Michael were in Las Vegas. After the calls, Starr and Michael admitted that their parents had behaved strangely. Michael wondered if he should have explained to Carly why they were in Las Vegas, but Starr feared Sonny's reaction to the news. Michael was certain that Trey and Kristina intended to elope, so he was determined to stop the wedding. Starr and Michael made some phone calls to various local wedding chapels, until Michael got a lead on Trey and Kristina.

In a Las Vegas hotel room, Trey called his father to let Joe know that the wedding was almost a "done deal." Joe made it clear that Trey was not to return to Port Charles until Joe gave Trey the word. Trey wanted to know why, so Joe explained that he couldn't go into details, but he wanted Trey to trust him. After Trey ended the call, Kristina appeared in the doorway to model her wedding dress. Trey pulled on his suit jacket as he complimented Kristina.

Later, Trey gave a cameraman some instructions and asked him not to stick the camera in the bride's face during the wedding ceremony. The cameraman agreed and stepped into the background when Kristina entered the chapel. Kristina smiled because she would have a wonderful story to tell her grandchildren one day. Trey wondered if Kristina was nervous, so she admitted that she was. Moments later, the justice of the peace walked in, followed by his wife. The justice of the peace and his wife revealed that they had been married for fifty years.

The happily married couple admitted that they had eloped after seeing Frank Sinatra at the Sands on June 16, 1962. They then revealed that they had bought the wedding chapel that they had been married in. Kristina and Trey smiled nervously as Trey admitted that he and Kristina wanted a traditional ceremony. Moments later, Kristina was pleasantly surprised when Trey produced a wedding ring that he had picked up in the hotel's gift shop. The justice of the peace asked if anyone objected and then continued the ceremony.

Moments later, Michael and Kristina raced into the chapel to stop the wedding. Kristina proudly announced that it was too late. "Say hello to Mrs. Trey Mitchell," Kristina said as she showed proudly displayed her wedding ring.

In Carly's hotel suite, Carly and Todd agreed that it had been for the best that they hadn't told Michael and Starr about what Jerry had done. However, Carly was concerned about why Michael and Starr had gone to Las Vegas. Todd admitted that he was not pleased that Starr was with the son of a mobster; Carly defended her son and assured Todd that Starr was safe with Michael. Carly's eyes filled with tears as the enormity of what Jerry had done hit her. Todd insisted that Jerry had been bluffing, so Todd was certain that they would be fine.

Carly was stunned when Todd poured himself a glass of water. She slapped it out of his hand before he took a sip. "I didn't know you cared," Todd quietly said, as he looked deep into Carly's eyes. Carly turned away, so Todd reminded her that he had already been exposed to the pathogen. Todd started to clean up the broken glass, so Carly helped him. She cut her finger on of the shards, so Todd grabbed her finger to make certain that she was okay.

Carly snatched her finger out of Todd's hand. Todd was curious why Johnny wasn't with Carly. Carly couldn't believe that Todd was going to spend his last hours complaining about Johnny. Todd continued to shred Johnny until Carly realized that he was only doing it to keep her distracted. Carly smiled in appreciation. Todd once again promised her that they would be fine. Carly admitted that she would miss Todd if anything were to happen to him.

At the cable station, Jerry warned Jason and John that they would never get Jerry to talk. "No, but I can," Jax said from the doorway. Jerry was shocked that Jax was in town instead of stranded in Shanghai. Jax realized that Jerry had been responsible for the delay in Shanghai, so he demanded to know if it was true that Jerry had put a pathogen in the water. Jerry nodded in confirmation as he revealed that everyone in town had been exposed. Jax couldn't understand why Jerry would do something so dastardly.

Jason demanded to know if there was a way to undo what Jerry had done. Jerry refused to answer Jason's question, so Jax resumed the interrogation. Jerry assured Jax that Josslyn had never been in danger, but Jax didn't care because others that Jax cared about had been exposed to the poison. Jax was curious if Jerry had faked Jerry's death in an elaborate ploy to carry out the deadly plot. Jerry refused to reveal any details about his plan other than to admit that he'd had an accomplice.

Jason wondered if Ewen had helped Jerry. Jerry remained tightlipped, but Jax wasn't fooled. Jax was certain that Jerry was hiding something. Jason pulled John aside to ask John to call off the police, so that Jason could question Jerry. Jason was confident that he could get some answers out of Jerry, but John believed that the police would have a better chance at forcing Jerry to reveal his secrets. Moments later, the police arrived to take Jerry into custody. Jax was curious why Jason had asked Jerry about Ewen Keenan.

Jason wondered if Jax recognized the name. Jax admitted that it sounded familiar, but he didn't know why.

At the police station, Dante gave his fellow police officers instructions for dealing with the crisis. After the men were dismissed, Sonny approached his son. Dante revealed that John had called to report that Jerry had been captured. Sonny reminded Dante that the people of Port Charles were in a panic, so he offered the use of his men if the police needed help maintaining order. Dante appreciated that Sonny wanted to help, but Dante assured him that the police had everything under control.

Sonny recalled what it had been like to be one of Jerry's hostages during the Metro Court crisis, so it was personal for Sonny. Sonny was determined to protect his loved ones from everyone, not just Jerry. Dante was curious if Sonny had a particular person in mind, so Sonny revealed that Joe Scully Jr. had been released from jail.

Later, Jerry was escorted into the squad room. "Oh, home sweet home," Jerry sarcastically said, as he looked around. Dante ordered the police officers to take Jerry to the interrogation room. John wanted to sit in on the questioning, so Dante agreed. Meanwhile, Jax and Jason talked about Ewen Keenan's connection to Jerry. Jason told Jax about Ewen's suspicious behavior and link to Anchorage, Alaska.

Jax agreed that Jason had good reason to be suspicious, but Jax didn't recall a connection between Ewen Keenan and the Jacks family. Jax suspected that the name had sounded familiar because Jax had kept up with the local news. Jax decided to check on his daughter, so Jason called Liz, but it went to voicemail.

In the interrogation room, Jerry refused to say anything about his plot. Dante decided that a night in lockup might loosen Jerry's lips. Jerry hoped that Dante and John had a good evening, because it might be their last.

At the hotel, Todd was touched by Carly's admission. The close moment was interrupted when Jax arrived. Carly quickly introduced Jax to Todd. Todd was impressed with Jax's handshake, so he conceded that Carly had been right about Jax; he was perfect. Jax had no idea what Todd was talking about, so Todd admitted that he has glad that Jax had finally returned to take care of Cary and Josslyn. Carly warned Todd to be quiet because it wasn't the time.

Carly wanted to know what Jerry had said. Jax admitted that Jerry was playing games, as usual, so all they could do was wait. Todd refused to stand by and do nothing, so he left. Carly sensed that Jax was holding something back, so Jax revealed that Jason had mentioned Jerry's possible connection to Ewen Keenan. Jax confided that he knew Ewen's name from somewhere.

Kate instructed one of her hotel staff members to distribute flyers warning their guests not to use the tap water. She knocked on one of the doors and was surprised when Joe opened it. "Connie," Joe said when he saw Kate standing on his doorstep. "Kate," Kate corrected. Joe apologized without a hint of remorse as he explained that it was an old habit.

Kate admitted that she hoped that Joe had had a bucket of the tap water, but Joe just smirked at her. Kate revealed that she had overheard him talking to someone, so she decided to let him get back to the person, whom she assumed was his wife. Joe admitted that he wasn't married and continued to needle Kate. Kate took comfort in knowing that Joe had been exposed to the same pathogen as everyone else, so he would soon end up in hell.

Joe assured Kate that he had no intention of dying, but if he did, she would be in hell next to him because of what she had done to their baby. Sonny suddenly appeared and stepped between Kate and Joe. Sonny glared at Joe as he ordered Joe to pack up and leave. Kate assured Sonny that Joe could stay; however, she warned Joe that the service would not be to Joe's liking.

After Joe closed the door, Sonny promised Kate that Joe would never get near her again. Kate didn't want them to waste what little time that they had left on Joe. Sonny promised Kate that everything would be fine and that they would have their dream wedding.

At the Webber residence, Ewen grabbed Liz in a desperate attempt to make her understand that he wasn't involved with Jerry. Patrick appeared in the doorway and ordered Ewen to release Liz. Ewen quickly dropped his hands and took a step back as Patrick advanced into the living room. Patrick stood between Ewen and Liz as he confronted Ewen about Liz's concerns that Ewen might be involved with Jerry. Ewen accused Jason of putting ideas into Liz's head.

Ewen reminded Patrick of Patrick's warning about Jason, and Patrick's personal experience with Jason. Ewen wondered if Jason had gotten to Patrick too. Patrick immediately backed down and apologized. Patrick admitted that he might have overreacted after seeing Jerry's broadcast. Liz wanted an answer to her earlier question about Ewen's curious statement about Jerry. Ewen gave a flimsy excuse about only knowing Jerry from the things that he had read about the infamous Jerry Jacks.

Patrick suggested that Ewen leave so that Patrick could talk to Liz privately. Ewen reluctantly agreed. Moments later, Ewen stood on the front porch and placed a call to Jerry, but the call went to voicemail. Ewen was furious that he had been dragged into the middle of Jerry's mess. Ewen had no idea what do to next.

Inside the house, Patrick revealed that Jason had expressed concerns about Ewen. Liz felt terrible because she doubted Ewen, but she conceded that Ewen's remarks had raised alarms. Patrick and Liz were unaware that Ewen had slipped into the house and was lurking around the corner, eavesdropping on their conversation. Patrick and Liz agreed that they needed to contact the police, so Liz decided to call Dante. She froze when she spotted Ewen standing in the doorway, wielding a bat. "I thought you'd believe me," Ewen quietly said as Liz's eyes rounded with fear.

Later, Jason entered Liz's house. He became concerned when he noticed signs of a struggle. Moments later, Jason spotted Patrick's unconscious body on the living room floor.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At the wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Kristina announced that she was Mrs. Trey Mitchell. Michael begged his sister to tell him that she hadn't really gone through with the wedding, so Trey showed Michael the marriage license. Michael accused Trey of using Kristina, so Kristina explained why she had married Trey. Michael was curious if Kristina had seen any proof of Trey's claims about the investors and possible lawsuit. Kristina insisted that she had also married Trey to keep his father from having to declare bankruptcy, because Trey's father had invested all of his money in Mob Princess.

Michael wondered if Trey had mentioned who Trey's father was. Kristina assured her brother that she knew all about Trey's father, but Michael doubted that Kristina was aware that Trey's father and Sonny had bad history between them. Kristina refused to believe it, so Starr revealed that it was true because Trey had confided to Starr. Trey felt Starr had betrayed him, but Starr reminded Trey that she had warned him that she wouldn't keep any secrets from Michael. Kristina demanded answers from Trey, so Trey claimed that he had lied to Starr.

Starr was shocked, while Michael saw through Trey's lie. However, Kristina believed Trey, which infuriated Michael. Michael pointed out that Trey didn't have any reason to lie to Starr, but Trey insisted that he had known that Starr would stab him in the back. Michael's temper flared, and he took a swing at Trey. Starr and Kristina were horrified when Trey fell to the ground as Michael pummeled Trey. Starr and Kristina eventually pulled Michael and Trey apart, so Starr hustled Michael out of the chapel.

Kristina fussed over Trey as Trey insisted that he needed Kristina to believe him. Kristina fetched the Bible and then asked Trey to swear that he had told her the truth about their reasons for getting married and his father. Trey put the Bible down as he reminded Kristina that they had made a commitment to one another, so they needed to trust each other. Trey insisted that he was grateful for all that Kristina had done for him and then kissed her.

At the hotel, Starr confessed that she was troubled about Michael's violent outburst. Michael revealed that he had been forced to learn to fight in jail, in an effort to protect himself. Michael thought about his time in jail and the night that Carter had raped him. Michael admitted that he had been messed up for a while. Starr was curious how bad it had been, so Michael conceded that he had been prone to violence after jail, but things were better. Starr wondered if he could control his rages.

Michael realized that Starr was afraid that he might hit her. He assured her that he would never hurt her. Starr explained that she had known brutal men, like her father and Victor, so she was confident that Michael wasn't like them, because Michael didn't enjoy hurting people. Michael relaxed when Starr admitted that she felt safe with him.

In Joe's room at Metro Court, Joe smiled with satisfaction when he read the text message from Trey confirming that Trey had married Kristina. Joe was delighted that things were working out in his favor, since he had the counteragent for the pathogen that Jerry had put in the town's water supply. Joe was confident that he had everything that he needed to bury Sonny. "Is that a fact?" Sonny asked from the doorway. Joe resented Sonny's intrusion, but Sonny was unmoved.

Joe tensed as two of Sonny's henchmen appeared in the doorway, because Joe realized that Sonny intended to have Joe's body dumped at the Pine Barrens. Sonny reminded Joe that Sonny had warned Joe to stay away from Kate, but Joe had decided to rent a room at Metro Court. Joe refused to apologize, so Sonny made it clear that he was tired of playing games. Sonny instructed his henchmen to show Joe a good time, so they grabbed Joe. Joe warned Sonny that Kate would never see her son if anything happened to Joe.

Sonny reminded Joe that Joe had claimed that the baby had died. Joe shrugged his shoulders, as he confessed that he had been mistaken. Sonny accused Joe of lying, but Joe insisted that Sonny couldn't afford to risk it. Joe wondered if Sonny was prepared to let the chance slip away to reunite Kate with her son in the short time that they had left. Joe reminded Sonny that the child was Kate's only son.

Sonny decided to cut to the chase by demanding to know where Kate's son was. "All in good time," Joe replied. Joe assured Sonny that Sonny would be the first to know when Joe was ready to reveal the identity of Kate's son. Sonny pointed out that Joe had promised to tell Sonny about the baby if Sonny had agreed to let him go. Joe reminded Sonny that they had 48 hours. Disgusted, Sonny dismissed his henchmen. Sonny wasn't interested in knowing about Joe's "made-up" son because he intended to spend what little time they might have left focusing on Kate, not Joe.

After Sonny left, Joe smiled wickedly because Trey had become Sonny's son-in-law, which meant that they were all family.

In Carly's hotel suite, Carly wanted to know what Jax was hiding. Jax admitted that Jason had concerns about Ewen Keenan and suspected that Ewen and Jerry were in cahoots. Jax confessed that Ewen's name was familiar, but Jax couldn't place where he had heard it. Carly couldn't imagine a connection between Ewen and Jerry, but Jax was determined to find it. Carly didn't think it mattered, since they might not have a lot of time left. Jax refused to give up, if there was a remote possibility that he could get his hands on the antidote.

Carly assured Jax that she had plenty of fight left in her. Jax was relieved, because he needed her help to figure out how Ewen was involved in Jerry's plot. Carly suggested that perhaps Jax had heard Ewen's name from his parents. Jax had a vague memory of his father mentioning Ewen's name, but he couldn't question his father, because John Jacks was dead. Carly urged Jax to call Lady Jane, but Jax was reluctant to get his mother involved because he would have to tell her what Jerry had done. Jax didn't want to break Lady Jane's heart.

Carly realized that Jax's heart was also broken because he loved his brother. She insisted that Jax was a good man, so he should not blame himself for what Jerry had done. Jax reminded Carly of all the times that he had covered for his brother. Carly argued that Jax had acted out of love, not malice. Jax feared that he might be the only person who could get through to Jerry.

At the police station, Dante was on the phone, trying to get a handle on the crisis, when Lulu entered the squad room. After he ended the call, he asked Lulu why she was there. Lulu admitted that she wanted to be with her husband if the worst should happen. Lulu confessed that she was happy that she wasn't pregnant, because of what Jerry had done. Dante assured Lulu that everything would be fine and that they would have their baby. Moments later, Jason called Dante to report that Liz had been kidnapped.

Lulu wanted to go with Dante to Liz's house, but Dante insisted that she wait for him at the police station. Lulu reluctantly agreed.

At the Webber residence, Jason became alarmed when he realized that there had been a struggle in Liz's house. His concern grew when he spotted Patrick's unconscious body on the living room floor. Jason went to Patrick's aid as Patrick slowly opened his eyes. Patrick accused Ewen of attacking him with a baseball bat and snatching Liz. Jason called Dante to report the kidnapping, and then decided to call for an ambulance. Patrick argued that the hospital would be too busy treating people who had been exposed to the pathogen that Jerry had put in the water.

Patrick insisted that he was fine, so he wanted to focus on finding Liz. A short time later, Dante arrived. Jason and Patrick filled Dante in on what they knew, so Dante issued an APB for Ewen. Jason was concerned about Liz because it was clear that Ewen didn't care about her, since she had been exposed to deadly water like everyone else. Jason was certain that Jerry would know where Ewen had taken Liz, so Dante returned to the police station to question Jerry.

Meanwhile, Liz was trapped in a car with Ewen. She tried to persuade him to go back to her house before it was too late. Ewen refused to turn the car around, so she reminded him that Patrick had been hurt. Ewen was confident that Patrick would be fine, but Liz argued that he couldn't be certain of that because Ewen had struck Patrick with a baseball bat. Ewen insisted that Patrick would walk away with just a concussion, but Liz reminded Ewen that he had been seriously injured when Kate had struck Ewen over the head in a similar manner.

Ewen insisted that he just wanted the opportunity to explain things to Liz so that she could understand why he had done what he had. Liz tried to sneak a call to Jason, but Ewen caught her. He nearly swerved the car off the side of the road as he tried to get the phone away from her. Liz distracted Ewen by agreeing to hear him out. She was stunned when he confessed that he had snatched Josslyn, because she couldn't believe that Ewen had turned Josslyn over to a sociopath like Jerry.

Ewen explained that he hadn't had a choice, because Jerry knew something about Ewen that Jerry had held over Ewen's head. Liz wanted to know what it was, but Ewen insisted that it didn't matter because the point was that Ewen had been working with Jerry against his will. Ewen assured her that he had never meant for anyone to get hurt, especially Liz, because he cared about her. Liz warned Ewen that he was out of his mind if he thought that they could have a future together after what he had done.

Ewen was confident that he could still be the man that Liz wanted. Liz decided to make another attempt to escape by pointing to something on the side of the road and imploring Ewen to pull over. Ewen was shocked when Liz tried to jump out of the moving car, but he recovered quickly and pulled her back in. He reminded Liz that she had to stay alive for the sake of her children, so she needed to trust him, because he was her only hope for survival. Liz refused to give up, as she secretly dialed Jason's cell phone number again.

At the police station, Jason was relieved when Liz called. However, he realized that Liz was still in danger because he could hear Ewen talking to her as Liz tried to get Ewen to tell her where he was taking her. Dante quickly arranged for a tech person to trace the call so that they could figure out where Liz was. Jason's concern mounted when Ewen discovered that Liz had successfully called him. Ewen grabbed Liz's cell phone and threw it out the window.

Desperate to find Liz, Jason stormed out of the interrogation room to question Jerry. Dante ordered Jason to stop. Moments later, Dante's phone rang. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the town's water had been tainted with a deadly pathogen, for which there was no known cure. "How sick is that?" Patrick asked, continuing, "For the first time, Jerry is telling the truth."

In the car, Ewen was furious that Liz had called Jason. Ewen insisted that Liz shouldn't have done that, because Ewen had only been trying to help her.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In Lucerne, Switzerland, Anna woke up crying from a dream about Robin. Luke assumed that it had been a nightmare, so Anna revealed that it had been a wonderful dream about Anna finding Robin at the sanitarium. Anna tearfully confessed that she had finally accepted that Robin was gone. Anna then changed the subject to reveal that she had received a voicemail message from Patrick about Emma's dance recital, so Anna was ready to go home.

Later, Luke and Anna enjoyed a breakfast of fruit, which they dipped in chocolate fondue. Anna confessed that she had been looking for a miracle. Luke was sorry that she hadn't found one, but Anna assured him that she had. She explained that Luke's unwavering support had allowed her to reclaim a piece of herself and had made it possible for her to get through the worst of her grief, because Luke had shown her that she could be happy again. Anna insisted that that was her miracle.

Anna loved Switzerland, but she was eager to get back to Port Charles and live an ordinary life. Luke admitted that he wanted to share the simple things in life with Anna. Luke and Anna kissed, and then made love.

Afterwards, Anna expressed concern about running into Tracy. Luke revealed that he and Tracy had had a talk, and that he suspected that Tracy had a new man in her life. Anna relaxed and admitted that she hadn't told Patrick or Robert about Heather's claims that Robin was alive. At the mention of Robert's name, Luke confessed that he had to tell Anna something. Luke explained that he had tried to tell her on several occasions, but each time something had stopped him.

Luke reminded Anna that Robert had been in a very bad place after Robin had died, because Robert had felt as if he had failed Robin. Anna pointed out that Luke had stopped Robert from leaping to his death, but Luke argued that it had been based on a lie; Ethan was not Robert's son.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy left Luke a voicemail message. She assured him that leaving town had been the right decision. Tracy's voice cracked, as she confessed that Luke had meant a lot to her. After she ended the call, Joe entered the foyer. Tracy was surprised to see him, so Joe explained that he had something to give her. Tracy jokingly asked if it was the cure. Joe's expression turned pensive, as he reached into his pocket to stroke the vial containing the counteragent. After ensuring that the vial was safe, he extended a bottle of water to Tracy.

Tracy pointed out that it didn't make a difference whether they drank bottled water or not, because they had already been exposed to the pathogen in the water. "Not necessarily," Joe replied. He reminded her that Jerry had revealed that there was an antidote that could save them. Tracy hoped that they found it soon, because she was concerned about Edward, who was sick. Joe decided to distract Tracy by luring her into the parlor and seducing her.

After they made love on the sofa, Tracy smiled with satisfaction, while Joe tried to catch his breath. Tracy imagined that women were in the habit of throwing themselves at his feet. "Not likely," Joe confessed. Tracy and Joe admitted that they liked each other. Tracy couldn't decide if she was the luckiest, or unluckiest, person in the world to have met Joe at such a precarious time. Tracy decided to check on her father, so she got dressed and left the room. Joe pulled out the vial with the antidote and studied Tracy's photograph on the mantel.

Joe realized that he had grown a conscience because he couldn't stand by and watch Tracy die without helping her. He poured the antidote into the bottle of water and then ordered Tracy to drink it when she returned to the parlor. He explained that she needed to stay hydrated. Tracy quickly downed the water, unaware that she had been given the cure to the deadly illness sweeping the town.

At Kelly's, Molly was distraught because everyone had been exposed to a deadly toxin in the water. T.J. assured Molly that everything would be fine, but Molly remained anxious. T.J. reminded her that the death toll was still at zero, but Molly wasn't reassured. T.J. asked for Shawn's help. Shawn admitted that he had been exposed to a lot of toxic chemicals during his tour in Afghanistan, but he insisted that they needed to focus on staying calm, not panicking.

Shawn explained that the police were shorthanded, so Shawn had volunteered to help out during the crisis. Shawn instructed the teens to stay off of the streets, because tensions were high. A short time later, Shawn cryptically ordered T.J. to make a call and then left. Molly quickly surmised that Shawn had been referring to T.J.'s mother. T.J. confessed that he was reluctant to talk to his mother because she would insist that sending him to Port Charles had been the worst thing to ever happen to him. T.J. disagreed because he had met Molly in Port Charles.

T.J. put off calling his mother, so Molly confessed that she would call her father, if she could, but she didn't know how to reach him. She explained that the last two letters to Ric in Los Angeles had been stamped "addressee unknown" and returned to her. Molly quietly confided that she would have tried to find her father if she'd had more time.

T.J. suggested that he and Molly each write a bucket list of the things that they would like to experience before they died. Molly reluctantly agreed. Afterwards, they exchanged lists and read what the other had written. They each mentioned that they hadn't made love.

At the hospital, Patrick left Jason a voicemail message, asking Jason to call with an update about Ewen and Liz. Jax, Carly, and Josslyn walked up in time to hear Patrick's message. Jax and Carly wanted to know what had happened, so Patrick told them that Ewen had attacked him and kidnapped Liz. Jax and Carly were horrified. They all agreed that they couldn't afford to wait for Jerry or Ewen to hand over the cure, so Patrick revealed that he had asked Jax and Carly to stop by because Patrick needed a sample of Josslyn's blood. Patrick hoped that Josslyn and Alexis' blood could lead them to a cure.

After Jax and Carly took Josslyn to a room to have her blood drawn, Patrick admitted that he had doubts about his ability to find a cure in time. Epiphany suggested that Patrick ask himself if he was man enough to follow in his wife's footsteps.

Later, Carly cringed as she noticed the sick people flooding the waiting area. Patrick promised Carly that Josslyn's donation had been invaluable. Carly wondered how Emma was doing. Patrick admitted that his daughter was symptom-free. After Patrick left, Carly spotted Shawn.

Carly and Shawn greeted each other with a hug. They looked at the sick people around them and agreed that perhaps they should take care of any unfinished business before it was too late. Carly wondered how things were going with Shawn, so he revealed that he had met someone special but hadn't had the chance to tell the woman what she meant to him. Carly urged Shawn to talk to the woman because he might not get another chance. After Carly left, Shawn called Alexis, but her voicemail picked up.

At the hotel, Johnny was startled when Todd opened the door to Carly's suite. Johnny demanded to know where Carly was. Todd was amused because Carly hadn't kept Johnny in the loop, which indicated to Todd that Johnny wasn't a priority to Carly. Todd informed Johnny that Carly was with her husband, Jax. "Ex-husband," Johnny corrected Todd. Todd didn't think that it mattered because Johnny had left Carly alone with a man that even Todd thought was perfect.

Johnny explained that he had given Carly some space, but Todd suspected that the real reason that Johnny hadn't been around was because Johnny was Jerry's accomplice. Johnny vehemently denied it and turned the accusation around by suggesting that Todd was Jerry's partner in crime. Todd argued that Jerry would turn to a low-life gangster like Johnny for help, not someone like Todd. Johnny insisted that he had been exposed to the toxin, so he clearly wasn't in cahoots with Jerry.

Johnny suspected that Todd was in Carly's suite because Todd intended to tell Carly the truth about the crash that had killed Hope and Cole. Todd clarified that he was there to gather information about Jerry so that Todd could figure out a way to persuade Jerry to hand over the antidote. Johnny wasn't impressed with the plan, so Todd was curious if Johnny had a better idea. Johnny admitted that he was fresh out of ideas. Todd was surprised, since Johnny had been creative enough to convince a mentally unstable woman to take the fall for Johnny's crimes. Todd looked forward to seeing Carly's reaction when Todd told her the truth about what Johnny had done.

Carly appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Todd was talking about. She quickly settled Josslyn down in front of a television in another room, and then returned for an answer. Johnny revealed that Todd had accused Johnny of collaborating with Jerry. Carly wondered if Todd intended to blame Johnny for global warming too. "I'm pretty sure he knows where Hoffa is buried," Todd replied.

Carly didn't want to spend what little time that they might have left being angry at Todd, so she ordered him to leave. Todd was curious where Jax was, so Carly revealed that Jax had gone to the police station. After Todd left, Carly told Johnny about Patrick's attempt to find an antidote for the pathogen. She prayed that Patrick would be successful, because every child deserved a chance to live a full life. Johnny pulled Carly into his arms as he admitted that he would rather be there with her than anywhere else.

Mayor Lomax pushed her way through a sea of reporters to enter the police station. She was relieved to see John because he had been highly recommended by the FBI. Mayor Lomax revealed that the FBI had appointed John as their representative because he had been exposed to the pathogen that Jerry had unleashed. John assured Mayor Lomax that Dante had been doing an impressive job managing things, but Mayor Lomax wanted John to be in charge of the crisis.

Meanwhile, Jerry endured a violent coughing fit, which quickly subsided when the guard announced that Jerry's attorney had arrived. Jerry's face lit up as Alexis stepped forward. Jerry had been waiting for her to arrive. Alexis made it clear that she was there to save her daughters. Alexis pleaded with Jerry to give her an antidote for Sam and Molly, but Jerry explained that it was too late because Alexis' daughters had already been exposed to the pathogen.

Alexis revealed that people were getting sick, but Jerry insisted that he couldn't help them. However, he promised to take care of Alexis. Alexis begged Jerry to prove that he had empathy by doing the right thing. Her eyes narrowed when he readily agreed to save everyone for her. Alexis promised to do whatever he wanted, so Jerry wondered if she was prepared to spend an entire night with him. She assured him that she would do whatever it took to save her daughters.

Jerry admitted that, as much as he would love to spend the night with Alexis, he couldn't release the counteragent for the simple pleasure of her company. Alexis was furious. She told him to go to hell because she was tired of his games. Jerry was curious if she hated him, so Alexis agreed to say whatever he wanted to hear -- as long as he saved her daughters. Jerry demanded the truth, so he asked her if she had ever cared about him. "Yes. I thought you were damaged, but salvageable," Alexis answered.

Satisfied, Jerry agreed to tell her what he wanted in exchange for the antidote.

In the squad room, Sam waited as John finished up with Mayor Lomax. John revealed that the pathogen was being analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but he had no idea how long it would take to find a counteragent. John explained that Jerry wasn't cooperating, so they needed to find Ewen. John hoped to pit Ewen and Jerry against each other to force one of them to hand over the antidote. After Mayor Lomax left, Sam approached John.

Sam was surprised when John confided that Alexis had agreed to represent Jerry in the hopes of getting the antidote for the pathogen. Moments later, Jax arrived to talk to Jerry. Alexis entered the squad room as John explained that Alexis was with Jerry. Alexis was startled to see Jax. After Alexis and Jax warmly greeted each other, Jax explained that he had been exposed to the deadly pathogen too.

Alexis announced that Jerry had named a price. She handed a piece of paper to John and then turned to Sam. Alexis asked Sam to meet her at the lake house after Sam finished up at the police station, because Alexis wanted her daughters close to her during the crisis.

Later, Alexis stopped off at the hospital on her way home. She immediately apologized for not returning Shawn's call when she spotted him in the waiting room. Shawn explained that he had wanted to tell her something. Alexis was startled when Shawn suddenly pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately.

At the police station, Sam and Jax were curious what Jerry had asked for. "Eighty-eight million, one-hundred-eleven thousand dollars," John answered. Sam and Jax looked at the paper, as they realized that the amount wasn't a random number. The numbers represented the cards that Wild Bill Hickok had been holding at the time of his death. The Dead Man's Hand was comprised of two eights, two aces, and one Jack of diamonds.

Nearby, Todd arranged to see Jerry. "You and I have some business to discuss," Todd told Jerry.

Friday, August 31, 2012

In Lucerne, Switzerland, Luke confessed that he had lied to Robert about Ethan's paternity. Anna was curious how Luke could be certain that Ethan was Luke's son, not Robert's. Luke assured her that he didn't have any doubt that Ethan was his son. Anna couldn't understand why Luke would lie to Robert about Ethan's paternity, so Luke reminded her that Robert had been devastated by Robin's loss, because Robert had blamed himself for failing to protect his daughter. Luke explained that he had tried everything possible to stop Robert from leaping to his death, but nothing had worked until Luke had, out of desperation, given Robert a son to rescue.

Anna was hurt because she had been left to bury her daughter alone. Luke insisted that she would have had to bury Robin and Robert if Luke hadn't told Robert that Ethan was Robert's son. Luke recalled that Anna had lied in the past to save someone's life, but Anna argued that Robert was Luke's best friend. Anna wanted to know why Luke had waited so long to tell her the truth, so Luke explained that he had tried to talk to her on several occasions. Anna wasn't satisfied because he should have told her before they had slept together.

Anna was curious if Luke had considered how Robert might feel when Robert learned the truth. She insisted that what Luke had done to Robert was no different than what Heather had done to Anna by telling Anna that Robin was alive. Anna feared that Robert might become suicidal again, but Luke was certain that Robert would be strong enough to accept the truth. Anna made it clear that she expected Luke to find Robert immediately and make things right. Luke agreed to find his friend, but he wanted Anna to go with him. Anna refused because she intended to return home and deal with whatever was waiting for her there. Luke wondered where they stood with each other. "I don't know," Anna admitted as she walked out of the door.

Spinelli updated Jason on the investigation into Ewen's past via a video chat. Spinelli revealed that Ewen had treated John Jacks in Alaska for severe depression. According to Spinelli, a few months into the treatment, John had sought alternative remedies in Arizona, without success. Spinelli revealed that Ewen had flown to Arizona to oversee John's treatment, but John Jacks had died a short time later. Spinelli regretted that it wasn't enough to prove to Liz that Ewen was dangerous. Jason admitted that it didn't matter, because Ewen had kidnapped Liz.

Alarmed, Spinelli wondered if Ewen was capable of hurting Liz. Jason didn't have an answer. Spinelli reminded Jason that Liz was wise and beautiful, so Spinelli was confident that she would be able to keep things under control until she could reach out for help. Jason explained that Liz had called him, but they hadn't been able to zero in on her location. Spinelli was curious if Jason had recorded the call because Spinelli might be of assistance.

Jason quickly sent Spinelli the recording of Liz's phone call. Spinelli managed to glean a few clues by listening to the recording. Spinelli heard the distinct sound of St. Mary's church bells in the background of the recording, so he narrowed down Liz's location to within a mile of the quarry. Jason quickly fetched his gun. Spinelli promised to return to Port Charles as soon as possible, but Jason warned Spinelli that the town had been quarantined, so no one was allowed in or out. Jason promised to let Spinelli know when it was safe to return and then ended the chat.

Spinelli looked up the Sun online, which boasted the headline, "We're Toast."

At the police station, Sam and Jax explained that the numbers in Jerry's ransom demand represented a run of cards known as the Dead Man's Hand. Wild Bill Hickok had been holding the infamous cards when he had been shot to death. John wondered why Jerry would base the ransom on the Dead Man's Hand. Jax revealed that the Dead Man's Hand had played a big part in the Jacks family history. Jax's father, John Jacks, had attributed the family's prosperity and good fortune to the Dead Man's Hand, which were considered lucky cards. However, things had taken a dark turn when someone had stolen the Dead Man's Hand from John Jacks.

John wondered if the Dead Man's Hand could lead them to the counteragent. Sam interrupted the discussion to ask if anyone else felt odd or warm. John noticed that Sam looked ill, but Sam assured him that she was fine and invited Jax to continue with his story. Jax admitted that his father had never been clear about how the Dead Man's Hand had ended up in the Jacks family, but Jax had always had the impression that John Jacks had won them in a card game. Jax didn't know how the cards factored into Jerry's demands, but Jax was determined to find out.

Jerry was playing cards in his jail cell when Todd walked up. Todd informed Jerry that they had some business to discuss and then admitted that he wouldn't have taken Jerry's money if Todd had known what Jerry had planned. Jerry was unapologetic, so Todd decided to cut to the chase by asking what Jerry wanted in return for the counteragent. Jerry revealed that he wanted $88,111,000.00. Todd thought that the amount was "crazy," so Jerry explained that the number had significance to the Jacks family.

Jerry pointed out that Todd was wealthy, so he was curious if Todd was willing to pay for the antidote. Todd insisted that he didn't have that kind of money, and then revealed that his children were not in Port Charles, so there wasn't anyone, except for one person, that he was close to. Todd began to cough, so Jerry suggested that Todd pay the ransom or try to bargain with God. John, flanked by Jax and Sam, approached Jerry's jail cell and ordered Todd to leave.

Jerry perked up when he spotted "Sweet Sam." Jerry noticed that Sam appeared pale. "Go to hell," Sam barked. Jerry smiled indulgently as he asked about Jason. Disgusted, Sam walked away. John soon followed her, leaving Jax alone with Jerry. Jax quickly broached the subject of their father, John Jacks. Jerry insisted that Jax had been their father's favorite son.

Jax begged Jerry to let their father rest in peace, instead of dishonoring John Jacks's memory by terrorizing innocent people. Jerry was unmoved because their father had put more faith in the Dead Man's Hand than in anyone or anything else. Jerry claimed that he was honoring their father because he was doing the same thing that John Jacks had done. Jax was furious because Jerry hadn't bothered to visit their father when John had been on his deathbed. Jerry revealed that he had been there, except Jax hadn't realized it because it had been right after Jerry had had the surgery to alter his appearance. Jerry had watched as Jax had promised their dying father that Jax would find the missing cards.

Jax was stunned that Jerry hadn't stepped forward to help Jax reclaim the Dead Man's Hand. Jerry smiled with malice as he admitted that he had taken the cards from their father. Jax accused Jerry of killing their father, but Jerry insisted that Jax had been the one to kill their father because Jax had put all of his faith in John's doctor. Jax suddenly realized why he recognized Ewen Keenan's name; Ewen had been John Jacks's psychiatrist. Jax was horrified when Jerry revealed that Ewen Keenan had been their father's executioner.

In the squad room, John was furious that Todd had interfered. John explained that they never negotiated with terrorists because it sent the wrong message and opened the door for copycats. Todd warned John that they would die if they didn't give Jerry the money. A police officer informed John that the 9-1-1 system had been flooded with calls from people who were showing signs of illness and that a large crowd of people had converged in front of the police station, demanding answers. John instructed the police officer to let everyone know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the doctors at General Hospital were working to find a cure.

Todd warned John that it was not enough; they needed to pay the ransom. John insisted that Jerry couldn't be trusted to hand over the counteragent, but John was confident that they would find the counteragent in time. After Todd stormed off, Sam, who had complained of a sore throat and headache, wondered if John knew where Jerry might have stashed the counteragent. John shook his head and asked if she had any idea where the Dead Man's Hand was.

On the outskirts of Port Charles, Ewen paced the floor of an old farmhouse. Liz sat on a chair, with her hands bound in front of her, watching him. She urged Ewen to get some rest, but Ewen refused. Liz was curious why they were in the old house. "I came here for this," Ewen announced, as he pulled a gun out of a drawer.

Ewen revealed that the house belonged to him. He had purchased it when he had arrived in Port Charles because it had reminded him of home. Liz was curious about Ewen's life in Australia, so he told her that he had been raised on a farm until his father had lost everything. Ewen blamed John Jacks for the Keenan family's misfortunes because John Jacks had taken the Dead Man's Hand from Ewen's father. Ewen explained that once the lucky cards had landed in John Jacks's hands, the Keenan family's finances had dwindled until the bank had foreclosed on the farm.

Ewen's father had died a broken man, while the Jacks family had flourished. Ewen had vowed to reclaim what had rightfully belonged to his family, so Ewen had followed the Jacks family to Alaska. Liz was stunned when Ewen confided that he had treated John Jacks for depression and then had followed John Jacks to Arizona, where Ewen had killed the elder Jacks with an injection. Ewen confessed that Jerry had witnessed the whole thing but hadn't tried to save John Jacks's life. Afterwards, Jerry had used the murder as leverage to force Ewen to do unforgiveable things. Liz wanted to know what those things were, but Ewen refused to elaborate.

Ewen waved the gun around as he announced that he intended to track Jerry down and force Jerry to reveal where the counteragent was. Ewen promised to return with the cure, but Liz didn't want to be left behind. Ewen explained that he cared too much about Liz to let her near Jerry. Liz and Ewen jumped when the door suddenly burst open and Jason appeared in the doorway with his gun aimed at Ewen. Ewen grabbed Liz, pointed his gun at her, and threatened to kill her if Jason took another step.

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