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Valentin was shot. Peter escaped. Victor offered to help the WSB in exchange for immunity. Jason and Britt flew to Greece. Nikolas put Ava in charge of Spencer's trust fun, and Spencer pleaded not guilty at his arraignment. Nina was arrested. Austin dropped his lawsuit against the Quartermaines. Terry heard from Jeff Webber.
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Peter shot Valentin, Spencer pleaded not guilty in court, and Nina was arrested for identity fraud
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There is chaos at the compound in Crete

There is chaos at the compound in Crete

Monday, October 18, 2021

Curtis and Portia arrived at the Savoy after attending the Chuck Gala at the local art museum. Curtis impressed her with his knowledge of art, and they agreed that it had been a great night. Portia revealed that she'd heard from Stella, and she showed him a letter that she'd received in the mail. She explained that it was an apology, but Portia related that she'd already forgiven Stella. Curtis admitted that he'd been thinking about Stella while at the art museum, as she'd taken him and Thomas there a lot as kids. Portia said that he didn't have to tell her, but she wondered what had happened to his parents.

Curtis answered that he'd had a happy childhood until one day when his father just hadn't returned home. He divulged that his father had had a massive heart attack, and his mother had never been able to get over the loss. That was when Stella had swooped in to put the family back together. He regretted never thinking about the sacrifice Stella had made, and he told Portia about Marcus. Portia marveled that she had a new level of respect for Stella.

As a man watched them from across the room, Portia asked Curtis if Stella was the one who'd influenced him to go into law enforcement. He confirmed that Stella had been proud, but she hadn't approved and had made him call her every night to let her know that he'd lived through the day. He went on that she'd also been the one to "read me the riot act back to sobriety." Portia was looking forward to getting to know Stella better, and Curtis related that it was important to him for them to get along. The two shared a kiss as the man watched from across the room.

Scott burst into Britt's office and questioned if she knew where Liesl was. "I don't, but he does," Britt replied, referring to Jason, who'd just arrived. Scott asked Jason what the plan was, and Jason answered that Scott was going to find Liesl. He wondered if Scott had told anyone about Britt's Huntington's, and Scott said that all he'd done had been to research online. Jason made a call to Spinelli and asked him to meet them at the hospital.

A short while later, Spinelli was there, and he asked for Scott's computer. Scott refused because of all the confidential information on it, but Spinelli assured Scott that he only needed Scott's browser history. He promised not to judge what he found. Scott finally agreed, and Spinelli did some searching on the computer. A few minutes later, he announced that he'd found the malware used to hack Scott's computer. The malware had been placed months before and had tracked every keystroke in order to plant ads. When Scott admitted that that was how he'd found the cheap flight to St. Lucia, Britt was horrified that he could click on pop-up ads.

Jason wanted to know if the malware revealed who'd placed it, and Spinelli went back to work. A few minutes later, he explained that, while he couldn't find the culprit, he had tracked the IP address to Crete, land of the Cassadines. Scott named Helena and Faison as Liesl's only connections to the family, but they were both dead. Britt added Victor to the list, but Spinelli remembered that Victor was dead, too. Jason reasoned that they at least knew where to start looking for Liesl and Peter.

Anna informed Robert, Sam, and Dante that the WSB field office in Crete would be sending agents to assist them. She revealed that their main objective would be to apprehend Victor. Later, Anna briefed a group of agents. Across the room, Sam and Dante agreed that they needed to get to Drew "before all hell breaks loose." The two went on the move, but Robert stopped them. Anna approached, and Robert tattled on Sam and Dante. Anna told them that Sam's personal involvement would be a liability, and she worried that the situation would trigger a trauma response in Dante. She called over a guard to make sure Sam and Dante stayed put, and she left with Robert and the other agents.

When everyone else was gone, Sam and Dante discussed ways to escape from the agent. The two approached him, and the agent informed Dante that he'd been in Ankara with Dante. He regretted how the mission had turned out, but he was glad to see that Dante had made a full recovery. Sam tried to use the excuse of using the bathroom to escape, but the guard knew what was going on. She appealed to the guard as a mother wanting to find the father of her child. Dante didn't think there was anything more important than family, and Sam begged the guard to let them go.

In the furnished cell, Valentin asked Russel why he was still locked up with a guard when he was on Victor's side. Russel replied that taking Victor's side hadn't been the smartest move. Valentin asked the guard to elaborate. However, Russel only said, "You'll know soon," and he left the room. Valentin tried the doors behind Russel, but they were locked.

Surrounded by guards, Peter informed Victor that he was the only one with the key to control Drew, but Victor was unmoved. "Execute him," Victor ordered, but the guards stood down instead. "Surprise," Peter sang. Victor wasn't used to being outmaneuvered, and he wondered what would happen next. Russel arrived, and he apologized for betraying Victor. Peter ordered his men to escort Victor away.

Victor was escorted into Valentin's furnished cell, and Peter entered behind him with guards. Peter revealed, "Victor is no longer your captor. I am." Valentin wondered what was in store for them, and Peter figured that they wouldn't like the answer. Just then, an alarm sounded, and Peter knew that the compound had been breached. A guard rushed in to tell him that heavily armed WSB agents had stormed the gates. Valentin told Peter to let him live if he wanted a prayer of surviving. Peter ordered Russel to keep an eye on Victor and Valentin, and he rushed out with the rest of the guards.

In Drew's cell, he begged Liesl to help him stop being controlled by Peter. She revealed that she could only help him to help himself, and she instructed him to concentrate on something important the next time Peter arrived. "My daughter Scout," Drew replied. Drew talked about what he remembered about Scout, and he hoped that she would remember him. Liesl didn't know Sam well, but she thought that Sam wouldn't let Scout forget her father. Liesl related that she wished she could purge Faison from Britt's mind. "My next science project," she joked.

Just then, the door opened, and a guard demanded that Liesl go with him. She protested, citing that Drew had an infection and a possible concussion, so she couldn't leave him. "Let's go," the guard commanded, and she grabbed her bag. She reminded Drew to remember Scout, and she left with the guard. A few minutes later, Peter entered with a job for Drew. "Never again," Drew growled, and he lunged at Peter.

In the furnished cell, Valentin offered to double whatever money Peter was paying Russel. Russel refused, but only because Valentin clearly didn't have the cash on hand. Just then, the door burst open, and Drew shot Russel in the leg. As Russel writhed in pain on the floor, Valentin grabbed Russel's gun, and Drew searched Russel. Valentin asked about Peter, and Drew figured that Peter was on the run. They suddenly realized Victor was gone, and the two ran out of the room.

Sam and Dante walked through the halls of the compound, wielding guns. They opened a random door, and Victor popped out. He told them that a "deranged" Peter was out there somewhere, so they needed to leave. He revealed that he didn't know where Peter was, so Sam demanded to know if he knew where Drew was.

Anna and Robert carefully walked through the compound with the other agents. Anna went into a cell and saw "Scout" scratched into the wall, and she knew that she'd found Drew's cell. A short while later, Robert and Anna crossed a bridge to get down to the docks while the other WSB agents waited for Peter at the main gate. Anna informed Robert that she wasn't going to shoot to kill. "I am," Robert replied, and they hid when they finally reached the other side of the bridge.

Just then, Anna saw someone approaching, and she realized it was Valentin and Drew. She called out for Valentin, and he called back for her. Suddenly, a shot rang out, and Valentin was hit. Robert pulled Anna behind a boulder for cover, and they saw that the shot had been fired by Peter. Drew and Peter shot at each other until Drew was hit, and he fell over the side of the bridge into the water.

Peter escapes with Liesl -- and Drew under his control

Peter escapes with Liesl -- and Drew under his control

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

At the Savoy's bar, Portia confessed that she was glad that Curtis' private detective days were behind him. Like Stella, Portia liked knowing that Curtis was safe and sound. Curtis assured Portia that he intended to stay that way because he had a lot to live for. Curtis and Portia shared a kiss. Afterwards, Curtis proposed a toast. "May the past stay in the past," Curtis said. "Amen," Portia replied as she lifted her glass.

Meanwhile, an older Black man watched Curtis and Portia.

Curtis noticed Portia looking at Nikolas and Ava. Portia admitted that she had made peace with Ava, but Portia had noticed that trouble always seemed to follow Nikolas. She feared that Spencer liked playing twisted games just like Nikolas because Spencer had not only lied to Trina, but his goal had been to go after Ava. She didn't want her daughter caught in the middle again. Curtis offered to toss Nikolas and Ava out, but Portia stopped him. She appreciated the impulse, but Trina was close to Ava, so Portia didn't want to escalate the tension.

At Nikolas and Ava's table, N'neka filled two glasses with Champagne. Ava was curious what they were celebrating, prompting Nikolas to produce a small black box with Ava's wedding rings nestled inside. He asked if he could put them on her finger. Ava recalled taking the rings off and how desperate she had felt. She admitted that she had missed the cherished bands, and nothing would make her happier than for Nikolas to put them back on her finger.

Smiling, Nikolas slid the rings on Ava's finger as he told his wife that he loved her. "Now and forever," Nikolas said. Ava assured Nikolas that she loved him, too. "Now and forever," she added. Nikolas and Ava raised their glasses and toasted to "Mr. and Mrs. Nikolas and Ava Cassadine."

Just then, Jason and Britt entered the nightclub. Britt promised that she could handle things on her own, but she asked that Jason stay close in case she needed backup. Jason sat down at a table while Britt made her way to Nikolas and Ava's table and sat down. After greeting the couple, Britt shared with Ava that Nikolas had sometimes had horrible nightmares and woken up in cold sweats when they had been together. Britt was curious if Nikolas continued to be haunted by his family, but Ava assured Britt that Nikolas never had nightmares when he was with Ava.

Britt was surprised because she thought that Nikolas might have concerns about his family's operation in Crete. Nikolas had no idea what Britt was talking about, prompting Britt to reveal that Spinelli had found spyware on Scott's laptop in the search for her mother and that it had been traced to Crete. Nikolas assured Britt that he was not Liesl's enemy. Ava wondered why Britt thought the Cassadines were involved. Britt admitted that she had to start somewhere, and the Cassadines were the only Greek family she knew -- and they had a sketchy history.

Nikolas claimed that he had left the island and the family business behind when he had returned to Port Charles. Ava resented Britt interrupting their celebration, but Britt was unapologetic. When Britt asked to speak to Nikolas privately, Ava decided to say hi to Portia. Nikolas insisted that he had no idea where Liesl was, but Britt suggested that she and Nikolas could help each other. Britt had heard about Spencer's arrest, and she was skeptical that Spencer had been responsible for everything. Nikolas explained that Spencer had confessed.

Britt reminded Nikolas that Spencer considered her both a friend and a mentor. She was confident that she would get through to Spencer. Britt warned Nikolas that jail would make Spencer dig in further, so Spencer needed a neutral party to help him find a way to apologize while still saving face. Nikolas couldn't stop Britt from visiting his son, but he was adamant that he couldn't help Britt because his family had sold off their businesses in Crete a long time before. Britt argued that Nikolas was familiar with the various properties owned by his family, and she was confident that he could help her find one that might have a landing pad.

Nikolas mentioned a retreat that his grandfather had built, but he insisted that it had been converted to a monastery. Britt asked for the exact location of the property, but Nikolas explained that it was a remote location with only a tiny village with a church, post office, and taverna in its vicinity. However, he offered to make some calls to friends in Crete to see if they had heard anything. Britt doubted anyone would tell Nikolas about a possible kidnapping, but he reminded her that he was one of their own. Moments later, Britt's phone buzzed. It was Anna.

At the bar, Curtis stepped away to give Portia and Ava privacy. The ladies talked about Trina. Portia confessed that as much as she missed having her daughter at home, living at college had been good for Trina's independence. Portia shared that all of Trina's classes were basic courses, but her daughter had one elective class -- art history. Ava smiled, but she was concerned that Trina might not be as grounded about her personal life. Portia conceded that the revelations about Spencer had not been easy for Trina because Spencer had made Trina question her own judgment.

Ava asked if Portia blamed Nikolas for what Spencer had done. Portia admitted that she believed that Nikolas had played a pivotal role in Spencer's choices, but she also recognized that Ava was married to Nikolas, so Ava might not see things from Portia's perspective. Ava made it clear that she loved Trina, and she hated what Spencer had done. It was the reason that Ava had had her stepson arrested. Ava was surprised when Portia admitted that she hadn't supported the decision because the charges -- if Spencer was convicted -- would follow him for the rest of his life.

Ava explained that she had extended an olive branch to Spencer, but Spencer had refused to take it. Portia intended to encourage her daughter to stay away from Spencer because of who he was. When Portia's eyes strayed to Nikolas, Ava realized that Portia didn't want her daughter near the Cassadines. Portia clarified that it was not a reflection on Ava, but Portia wanted her daughter to remain safe. Ava admired Portia's protectiveness, but Trina was important to Ava. Portia acknowledged that Trina admired and deeply cared for Ava, but Ava's decision to remain married to Nikolas had cemented Ava's place in "that family." Portia hoped it didn't return to haunt Ava -- or Trina.

At the mystery man's table, N'neka stopped to check if he needed anything. The man wondered when the band would start, but she explained that they only had live music on Wednesdays. The mystery man was curious about what type of bands were booked and what kind of music they played. According to N'neka, it was an eclectic mix of bands from all around the world including London. The man was impressed, and he was intrigued when N'neka shared that the nightclub's owner was in charge of booking the bands.

At Jason's table, Curtis glanced at Nikolas and Britt as he asked if there was trouble brewing. "You don't want to know," Jason said. Curtis let the matter drop as he sat down and admitted that he had just told Portia that he was glad that he was out of the game. Curtis pointed out that people got hurt, and some died. Curtis shifted gears by broaching the subject of Nina. Curtis told Jason about Michael's confrontation with Nina, but Jason insisted that Michael had a right to his own opinion. Curtis couldn't defend what Nina had done, but he thought she deserved a second chance.

The conversation shifted to Sonny and everything that had been necessary to have Sonny declared alive. Curtis was surprised at the amount of work. Jason admitted that Diane was the only person who hadn't complained about all the legalities, but she was also making a fortune by handling the paperwork.

A short time later, Curtis was making his rounds when N'neka stopped to tell him about the mystery man who had expressed an interest in the live music. She thought Curtis should meet the man, but when she pointed out the table, the mystery man was gone. He stood near the exit, watching Curtis and N'neka.

In Crete, Dante and Sam encountered Victor in the hallway of his secret lair. Dante held Victor at gunpoint as he demanded to know where Drew was being held. Victor offered to take them to the cell, but he doubted that Drew would still be there because Peter had taken over the compound. Sam insisted that Drew would never cooperate with Peter, but Victor explained that Drew wouldn't have had a choice. Victor gave the duo directions to the cells. Victor advised them to approach the guards with caution because they worked for Peter.

Dante ordered Victor to lead the way. Victor agreed, but he insisted that another captive needed rescuing. A short time later, Victor called out to Liesl as he entered her cell, but it was empty. Dante and Sam were furious that Victor had wasted their time with looking for Liesl, but Victor was adamant that Liesl was in more danger than Drew. Sam argued that Liesl had more lives than a cat, but Dante found an empty syringe on the ground, indicating that Liesl had been drugged. Victor was alarmed, but Dante agreed with Sam's assessment about Liesl's many lives.

Dante and Victor realized that Sam had slipped out of the cell. The men found her in Drew's empty cell. Victor revealed that Drew remained susceptible to mind control, but Sam insisted that it was impossible because Drew had undergone an "operation" to remove the conditioning. Victor explained that Faison had installed a shortcut, using a simple phrase or image to activate Drew. Dante and Sam were shocked when Victor told them about Drew's shootout with Anna and Robert at the taverna, but Sam had hope when she saw Scout's name carved into the wall.

Dante and Sam decided to continue their search for Drew. Victor started to follow them, but Dante wanted to leave Victor locked in the cell. Victor insisted that helping Peter had been the worst mistake that Victor had made, and Victor wanted an opportunity to pay "that bastard" back. Victor pointed out that he knew the compound like the back of his hand, so he would be able to get Dante and Sam out safely. Dante relented, but he vowed to shoot Victor if Victor tried anything.

Meanwhile, Robert and Anna approached a footbridge with their guns raised as they searched the darkness for Peter. Anna warned Robert that she would not shoot to kill, but Robert didn't have any reservations about killing Peter. After they had crossed the bridge, Anna noticed a figure in the distance. Moments later, she recognized Valentin and Drew as they walked across the bridge. She called out to Valentin, but Peter suddenly appeared behind the men and opened fire.

Valentin was shot in the back and stumbled to his knees. Drew was thrown over the footbridge from the impact of the bullets and landed far below in the churning water. Anna and Robert returned fire, but Peter managed to flee. Robert gave chase as Anna rushed to Valentin's aid as he used the last of his strength to cross the rest of the way over the footbridge. Anna realized that Valentin had been gravely injured.

When Robert returned, Anna asked if there had been any sign of Drew. Robert directed his flashlight to the water below, but it was not strong enough to illuminate anything in the water. Anna noticed that Valentin had lost a lot of blood, so Robert removed his jacket and handed it to Anna. She pressed the wadded-up jacket to Valentin's wound to slow the flow of blood, but Valentin insisted that he was fine. Valentin explained that Liesl needed their help. Robert made some calls while Anna continued to tend to Valentin's wound. Valentin cried out in frustration because he did not want to die in Greece.

Anna offered Valentin words of comfort, but she also kept him talking to keep him from passing out. Valentin's thoughts turned to Charlotte and a horse that he had hoped to buy for his daughter. Valentin realized that someone might have to tell Charlotte about what had happened to him. "Promise me you'll do it," Valentin asked Anna. Valentin admitted that Charlotte admired Anna. Valentin was saddened because he realized that "Bailey" would never know her father. He wanted Anna to tell both of his daughters that their papa loved them.

Later, Robert and Anna entered the taverna. Robert decided that he needed a drink. Anna was filled with regret because she hadn't stayed with Valentin. Robert reminded her that Valentin had been airlifted to the consulate, and Robert and Anna still had a lot to do. After Robert ordered drinks, Agent Ketchum approached Robert. Ketchum claimed that Dante and Sam had given him the slip, but Robert saw through the lie. Robert was livid, but Anna thought Robert should show some compassion because people were more important than rules.

A short time later, Sam returned to the taverna. Robert demanded to know where she had been, but Dante marched Victor into the taverna. Victor was sporting a pair of handcuffs. "I kind of knew rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated," Robert said as he glared at Victor. Victor offered to explain everything, but first he was eager for news about Valentin. Anna informed Victor that Peter had shot Valentin in the back. Upset, Victor asked about Valentin's condition. Anna revealed that Valentin was critical, but she was curious why it mattered to Victor, since Valentin was not a Cassadine or any relation to Victor.

Victor informed Anna that she was wrong. "Helena had an affair -- with me," Victor said. Victor announced that Valentin was his son and a true Cassadine. According to Victor, Helena had suspected Mikkos of cheating, and even though most had considered her to be heartless and vindictive, she had been far more complex and even vulnerable at times. Helena had felt that Mikkos had been her soul mate, so she had been crushed when she had learned of her husband's many affairs. One day, Victor had found Helena upset, and what had started out as a genuine attempt to comfort had quickly turned to passion. Victor had no regrets.

Robert was disgusted, but Victor ignored him as Victor explained that Helena had paid Mikkos back with interest for hurting her. Helena had hidden her pregnancy and given birth in secret. Afterwards, she had found one of Mikkos' ex-lovers whom he'd cast aside, and Helena had given the woman the baby to pass off as Mikkos' son. Mikkos had sent Valentin off to boarding school, which had suited Victor because it had meant that Valentin had been safe. Anna wondered why Victor had decided to claim Valentin.

Victor admitted that he had known that Peter had intended to double-cross him, and Valentin had already been taken captive, so Victor had decided to share the truth because Victor had had no idea if they would survive. Anna hoped that Valentin had laughed in Victor's face. Victor smiled because that was precisely what his son had done. Anna didn't care if Victor was Valentin's father, uncle, or a random stranger because she would hold Victor responsible if Valentin died. Victor wanted to see his son, but Dante refused to remove the handcuffs. Anna had more questions for Victor, but she stepped away to get an update on Valentin and to make a phone call to Britt.

Meanwhile, the bartender received a call from Nikolas asking for news. The bartender explained that he couldn't talk, but Nikolas wanted to know what had transpired.

At the Savoy, Britt told Jason that she had talked to Anna. Jason was shocked to learn that Victor was alive and that Drew had been held captive on the island. Britt revealed that Peter had disappeared with Liesl, and Drew had been shot and presumed dead. Jason decided it was time to go to Greece to find out for himself.

At the taverna, Sam asked for an update on Drew. Robert warned her that the news was not good. Dante and Sam were stunned when Robert told them about the exchange of gunfire on the footbridge and how Drew had fallen into the water after being shot three times. Sam was upset, but Dante reminded her that Drew had proven that he was tough to kill.

Robert warned Victor that Victor would be held accountable for the crimes, but Victor pointed out that Robert had retired from the WSB and was merely a district attorney in Port Charles. "When it comes to the Cassadines, I always make it personal," Robert said.

Near the compound, Liesl was unconscious in the trunk of a car. Her hands were bound as someone checked her pulse. Drew closed the trunk as he turned toward the passenger side of the car. Peter sat behind the wheel as he instructed Drew to throw his gear into the back seat and get in. Drew was shirtless, and his face was covered with bruises. He showed no sign of being shot. Peter smiled with satisfaction as Drew followed his orders. Peter was confident that everyone believed that Drew was dead.

Elizabeth and Finn's date night talk is interrupted by less-than-welcome news

Elizabeth and Finn's date night talk is interrupted by less-than-welcome news

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Curtis asked N'neka if the guest who had been really into live music had made her feel uncomfortable at any time. The bartender assured Curtis that the guest had been harmless. Curtis was relieved and commented that he wanted the Savoy to be a safe place for everyone. "Even me?" Nina asked as she approached the bar.

Curtis was surprised by Nina's visit. Curtis and Nina sat down at a table with a bottle of expensive wine, and Nina filled him in on her visit from Sonny. She shared that Sonny had agreed to let Michael decide if she would have a relationship with Wiley -- on one condition: Nina had to stay away from Sonny and his family. Curtis said it should be easy for Nina to do that, since she barely knew Sonny. Nina looked around nervously for a moment before agreeing that she hardly knew Sonny.

Nina expressed her desire to move on with her life but admitted that she had no idea how to do that. Curtis shared that things would get better in time and pointed to his own past and battle with addiction as evidence of that. Nina stared that her deliberate choice to do the wrong thing was nothing like what Curtis had done while he'd battled addiction. Still, Curtis believed that someday soon, Nina's transgressions would be behind her, too. Curtis gave Nina a kiss on the forehead and headed off to go to the movies with T.J.

The man from the bar entered General Hospital and smiled broadly upon seeing T.J. The man groaned loudly and put his right hand over the lower-right portion of his abdomen. He claimed to have been en route to a volunteer meeting when he'd developed a pain. T.J. asked the man for his name, and he reluctantly replied, "Marshall." T.J. led the man to an exam room.

In the exam room, Marshall stated that he hated hospitals. T.J. noted that it was odd that Marshall chose to volunteer in a place that made him uncomfortable. Marshall referred to himself as a "glutton for punishment" and remarked that T.J. seemed awfully young to be a doctor. T.J. continued the examination and found nothing significantly wrong with Marshall. The man asked T.J. if his parents were proud that he had become a doctor. T.J. said that his mother was very proud of him, but he called the father side of his family tree a bit complicated.

Marshall continued his questions, asking if T.J. had a significant other. T.J. beamed as he talked about Molly. He then remarked that his uncle would pull strangers aside on the street to tell them that his nephew was a doctor. Marshall said that T.J.'s uncle sounded like an interesting man, and he urged T.J. to hold on to his family for as long as he could. T.J. stepped out to find an attending physician to check Marshall to make sure that he had not missed anything during the exam.

When T.J. returned a short time later, Marshall was gone. A short time after that, Curtis arrived at the hospital for movie night with T.J. Curtis sensed that something was on T.J.'s mind. T.J. told Curtis about the patient who had disappeared, unaware that Marshall was watching them from the level above.

A somber Britt walked into the Chief of Staff office at the hospital to tell Terry that she was leaving the country. Terry angrily reminded Britt that they were co-chiefs of staff and said that she would not "hold down the fort" while Britt ran off on a vacation. The two women sat down, and Britt shared the details of her planned search for her mother. Terry was surprised that Britt trusted Terry with the details of her top-secret plan. She assured Britt that she was a "masterful question-dodger," should anyone ask about Britt's absence.

Shortly after Britt left, Terry received a phone call.

Michael left a message for a Mr. Sheridan to return his call about a donation that the Quartermaines had given to his campaign. Willow entered the parlor at the end of the call and asked Michael about the "donation." Michael explained that it was good business to donate to politicians across the country because it opened the door to numerous meetings.

Willow asked Michael if he believed that he could run Aurora and be Nina's boss, since he knew how Nina had kept Sonny hidden in Nixon Falls. Michael claimed that he rarely interacted with the Crimson portion of Aurora. He felt that Nina should be the one to remove herself from the situation.

Michael told Willow that Avery had asked him if Grandpa Mike was going to return home the same way that Sonny had. Michael wished he could snap his fingers and make things better. Willow urged Michael to reconsider his notion of going to court to prevent Nina from ever seeing Wiley again. Willow made it clear that she was not defending Nina's actions, but she felt confident that Nina would not be showing up on their doorstep anytime soon. She noted that Nina had "plenty of time and money to spend on a long, ugly court battle." She urged Michael not to allow his emotions to lead them to a battle that might not go their way.

Michael received a phone call and told Willow that he had to take it in private. The call was from Mr. Sheridan, a candidate for Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Michael told the man that before his family would donate to Sheridan's campaign, he needed to discuss a concern about a crime that had taken place in Sheridan's jurisdiction and had not yet been prosecuted.

Outside the Port Charles Grill, Maxie asked Austin if his fight for his birthright was really worth losing his ability to practice medicine. Austin suggested Maxie might be more invested in the Quartermaine squabble than she was letting on. Maxie admitted that she was "the tiniest bit invested," similar to her investment in who got the final rose on The Bachelorette.

Ned thanked Olivia for agreeing to have dinner with him on what was nearly the one-year anniversary of their separation. "I guess time flies when you're not having any fun," Olivia quipped. Olivia told Ned that Leo had had his follow-up visit with Dr. Diamond, and she hated the doctor because he believed there was something wrong with Leo.

"Leo marches to his own drummer, and I don't see a problem with that," Olivia fumed. She compared Leo to her Uncle Mario, who hadn't spoken until he'd been five and who had later become an artist. She argued that "creative people see the world differently, so they experience it differently." Ned tried to offer his view, but the conversation ground to a halt when Maxie and Austin entered the restaurant.

Olivia rose from her seat and confronted Austin for using Leo's "unique personality" to distract Ned. She ordered Austin to stay away from Leo then she stormed out of the restaurant. Ned told Austin that another doctor had agreed that there might be some merit to Austin's concern about Leo. Austin remarked that he should have kept his mouth closed because, if he had, Brook Lynn would not have threatened to file a HIPAA complaint against him. Ned claimed that he'd had no idea that Brook Lynn had done that, and he assured Austin that he believed that Austin had only been acting in Leo's best interests.

Outside, Olivia apologized to Ned for storming off. She claimed that Ned came from a different class, and people like him liked to throw money at problems that might not even exist. "Maybe Leo just needs to be his Leo self and do his Leo stuff in his Leo world because he likes it there," Olivia said as she became more emotional. Olivia asked to go home, and Ned politely agreed to take her home.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth looked at a flyer for GH Trivia Night at Charlie's Pub. She thought back to her conversation with Terry about her closeness to Finn. In an elevator at the hospital, Finn reflected on his camping trip with Elizabeth. As he stepped off the elevator, he nearly collided with Elizabeth.

The two laughed and tried to step aside to let the other pass by, but they each kept picking the same direction as the other. They simultaneously decided to tell the other that they had been thinking about something, which elicited more bashful laughter. Elizabeth asked Finn it he wanted to sign up to be her partner for trivia. Finn nervously agreed to join her. "So, it's a date," Elizabeth replied. The words had barely escaped her lips before she started to backtrack. "It's not a date-date," she stammered. "What if it was?" Finn asked.

Finn and Elizabeth stepped away from the elevator and to a quieter corner of the corridor. Finn decided it was time to talk about how his lips and her lips had almost touched. "Maybe if we stop acting like a couple of high-school kids... and take a chance to see where this could go," Finn said softly. Elizabeth was silent, and Finn worried that he had said too much.

Finn turned to walk away, but Elizabeth told him that what he had said wasn't crazy. She stated that it might be a good time to discuss what was going on between them. Before they could have that discussion, Terry approached with news for Elizabeth.

Terry said that Elizabeth's father, Jeff Webber, had called to ask about her. Terry said that Jeff had mentioned that he had left a message on Elizabeth's voicemail after Franco's death, but apparently Elizabeth had not called him back. Terry stated that she had told Jeff that she was not a go-between and informed Jeff that he had to contact Elizabeth directly if he wanted to know how his daughter was doing.

Elizabeth became noticeably agitated and headed to the elevator to return to what she had been doing before she'd bumped into Finn. Finn turned to Terry and remarked that whatever was going on between Elizabeth and her father sounded "intense." Terry told him that he did not know the half of it, but she informed him that it was something he'd have to hear from Elizabeth.

Carly joined Sonny by the fireplace and stated that Sonny "really went above and beyond" in Nixon Falls. Sonny replied that he'd just wanted to repay everyone for the kindness that they had shown him. "I would have really loved to have known Mike," Carly said haltingly as she stroked the side of his head. "But he seems to look a lot like the man I already know." The two kissed but pulled away quickly when Jason entered the room.

Jason apologized for interrupting. Sonny wanted to put an end to the awkwardness, but Jason countered that everything was good. He told Sonny that what he and Carly had had had been based on something that hadn't been true -- Sonny's death. Carly added that she wanted the three of them to go back to what they had been for the previous 20 years. As they talked, Sonny reflected on telling Nina that he loved her. "The past is the past," Sonny mumbled and suggested that they all find a way to move on.

Jason announced that he was about to leave town to help Britt search for Liesl Obrecht. Sonny was shocked that Liesl and Scott were "an item." Carly mused that Sonny had missed a lot in the nine months that he'd been gone. Jason briefed Sonny on Obrecht's disappearance and Peter August's involvement.

Sonny told Jason and Carly about Peter's appearance in Nixon Falls. Carly questioned why Peter had kept quiet about seeing Sonny alive in Nixon Falls. Jason dropped another bombshell: Peter was working with a not-dead Victor Cassadine. When the doorbell sounded, Sonny asked if the guards no longer called when there was a visitor. Jason explained that he had told the guards to allow Britt in.

Carly greeted Britt coldly, but Sonny was surprisingly more welcoming. He told Britt that they would do whatever she needed to help her find her mother. While Britt waited in the foyer, Jason asked Sonny if they were okay. Sonny noted that they had been through a lot and said that he would prefer if they did not keep discussing what had happened while he'd been away. Before Jason left, Sonny warned him to watch his back because Peter was "bad news."

Outside, Jason was surprised to see a Porsche parked in the driveway. "Buckle up," Britt said with a smile, insisting, "I'm driving."

Back inside, Carly embraced Sonny and told him how happy she was that everything was finally out in the open. As she smiled and pressed herself against Sonny, Sonny's face showed concern.

Nikolas wrestles with how to handle Spencer as Spencer heads to court

Nikolas wrestles with how to handle Spencer as Spencer heads to court

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Carly offered Willow some coffee in the Corinthos kitchen after Willow dropped by so Wiley could play with Donna. Willow wanted to talk about Michael and Nina and admitted that she was afraid of what Michael might do. She pointed out that Michael was afraid that Nina would be in Wiley's life, but Willow thought they should do nothing about it until Nina made the first move.

Willow was scared that Michael wanted Nina to pay. Carly agreed that Nina should pay for what she'd done, and while Willow confessed that she agreed, she didn't think that they should be the ones to start the battle. Carly reminded her that that didn't mean that Nina wouldn't start anything. Carly didn't think that Nina respected boundaries or people's feelings, and she believed Nina had her own reality.

Carly believed that Nina's version of Nelle was similar to her belief that Sonny had been happier in Nixon Falls. She thought that Nina was dangerous. Willow thought they should let things be and wait for Nina to go to court to start the fight. Carly deemed Willow anxious to have everyone get along, and she declared that while Michael was kind and fair, he could be pushed too far. He would act as he saw necessary. Willow thanked Carly for the coffee and turned to go.

Monica spotted Austin looking at files in General Hospital and reminded him that he was suspended. Austin replied that he had wanted to check on one of his patients, and he was aware that he had been suspended thanks to Brook Lynn's games. They walked into Monica's office, and Austin declared that Brook Lynn had manipulated him. Monica admitted that Brook Lynn was selfish but was not the only one.

Monica acknowledged that loyalty was big in the Quartermaine family, even if she disagreed with the way they always went about things. Austin thought that Monica was different from the others, and Monica explained that it had taken her years to find her place in the family. Austin thought his father deserved to be recognized, and he had wanted Austin to be happy. Austin stated that he had been happy before all the family drama. Monica wondered why Austin had even knocked on the family's door if he had known how they operated.

At the courthouse, Esme was thrilled to see Spencer, and she hugged him. He told her that he was not going to play along with Ava. His public defender rushed in and introduced herself. Nicole Diaz looked at Spencer's file and told him she believed that his case would be dismissed. She mentioned the charges, and it appeared that she had been looking at the incorrect client file. She rushed out, and Esme explained how she had not been able to obtain a better attorney.

Sonny walked in, and Spencer was happy to see him. Sonny stated that he was there to help, but Spencer wouldn't like what he had to say. Sonny wanted alone time with Spencer, and Esme began to apologize for her mistake with Ava and Avery. Sonny glared at her and announced that he knew what she had been trying to do. He and Spencer sat down, and Sonny revealed how angry he was with Spencer over involving Avery in his schemes.

Spencer indicated that it hadn't been him because he hadn't been himself. He had only wanted to punish Ava, and he hadn't been able to see beyond that. Sonny accused him of crossing a line, and he had broken the code of not getting caught and of not using children or going against family. He thought that Spencer had to face the consequences. Sonny wanted Spencer to learn, but Spencer said he knew the lesson. "People leave," he said.

Sonny agreed that Nikolas had been wrong to play dead for three years, but Spencer had to move forward. Spencer had to own his mistakes or wait for his father to write a check. Spencer had believed that Nikolas would have chosen him over Ava. Sonny spoke of his own father, who had had an addiction to betting on horses, and said Nikolas was addicted to Ava. Sonny knew the heartbreak of not being able to count on one's father. He couldn't bail Spencer out, though, because Spencer had broken the code.

Phyllis met with Nina at the Port Charles Grill and revealed that she did not want to rebuild the Tan-O because everything in Nixon Falls reminded her of Lenny. Nina asked her to stay in Port Charles instead. Phyllis asked Nina about her talk with Sonny, and Nina flashed back to her conversation with him. She informed Phyllis that she knew where she stood with Sonny.

At another table, Nikolas apologized to Ava for having kept her up all night. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about Spencer, who was still a kid and in jail. Ava reminded him that she had offered Spencer a way out, and he had declined. She read over the amendment to Spencer's trust that put Ava in charge of it. Nikolas wanted to be united with Ava in front of Spencer, and he thought that Ava's taking control of the trust fund would do that.

Nikolas admitted that he didn't trust himself to be in charge of the fund as he'd always given Spencer what he'd wanted, and that had been bad. Ava made it clear that she wouldn't testify against Spencer if he accepted the marriage. Nikolas announced that he had to leave.

As Phyllis asked Nina what she would do with herself if she stayed in town, Ava wandered over, introduced herself, and pulled up a chair. She made idle chatter and asked about life in Nixon Falls and Sonny. She informed Nina that Charlie's Pub was on the market, and she suggested that Phyllis stop by to check it out. Phyllis received a phone call and excused herself.

Ava announced that she planned on asking Sonny for joint custody of Avery and pointed out that "power is knowledge." Nina lit into her and reminded her that Ava had agreed not to take advantage of Nina's relationship with Sonny. She was annoyed that Ava had been asking about Nixon Falls and Sonny's part in it. Phyllis returned, and Nina proclaimed that Ava had somewhere to be.

Nikolas arrived at the courthouse just as Sonny was leaving. Nikolas told Spencer that he hadn't given up on him, but Spencer began to yell about Ava being in charge of his trust fund. He thought that Nikolas should open his eyes. Nikolas wanted Spencer to respect his marriage. "Never!" Spencer shouted. Esme did her best to push Spencer to agree with Nikolas, or he would end up in jail. She wondered what would happen to her. Nikolas insisted he wasn't the enemy, but Spencer thought he could beat the charges. The public defender returned and asked Spencer how he wanted to plead.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned began to explain to Michael what Brook Lynn had done to Austin. Olivia wandered in and was surprised to see Ned, so she walked out. Ned followed her, but Olivia told him she wanted more space. The doorbell rang, and Olivia opened the door. It was Maxie, who wanted to see Brook Lynn. Just then, Brook Lynn descended the stairs and announced that she had given the family a shot at keeping Austin away from the family and ELQ.

Michael learned what Brook Lynn had done regarding Austin's medical license, but Maxie thought that Austin was a good guy who cared about Leo. Olivia disagreed and declared that Leo was fine. Maxie didn't think it was so awful for Austin to get shares, as she thought there was plenty to go around. Brook Lynn reminded her that Edward had written Jimmy Lee out of his will, and the money wasn't Austin's.

Michael praised Brook Lynn for finding Austin's weakness. Olivia departed to check on Leo, and the doorbell sounded again. Michael answered the door. It was Mr. Sheridan, the district attorney from Llantano County, who was running for Pennsylvania attorney general. Michael suggested they go into the den. Sheridan was thankful for Michael's donation but wondered why he was interested in a Pennsylvania election.

Michael admitted to liking Sheridan's record on law and order, and he thought that his donation would help to secure the win. Michael had a favor to ask of Sheridan, and later, the men shook hands on a deal.

Ned informed Maxie and Brook Lynn that he would be happy when Austin was gone, but he was concerned about Leo, who might have autism. Olivia returned, and she grew angry again. She hated the secret conversations about her son, and she announced that she wanted to discuss a divorce. When the doorbell rang again, Olivia opened it to reveal Austin. Maxie was the only one who greeted him.

Austin disclosed that he had an answer for Brook Lynn. He had spoken to Monica, and they'd had a nice conversation. She had told him how difficult it had been to be a part of the family. He had wanted to be a part of the family, too, but the Quartermaines seemed unable to separate family and business, and he wanted no part of it. He would sign the papers to dissolve his claim. Maxie asked Austin if he was sure, and Austin confessed that it had been too high a price. Brook Lynn continued to make sarcastic remarks during Austin's visit. She handed him a pen, and he read the paper aloud and signed it.

Austin thanked Maxie for her support, and Ned wished him luck. He thought that Austin's patients were lucky to have him. Brook Lynn opened the front door to usher Austin out, and he informed her that it wasn't over. It was only the beginning. Olivia and Ned bickered over Austin and her intent to get a divorce.

Sonny walked into the grill and saw Phyllis, Ava, and Nina. He wandered over and asked Phyllis how she was. He told her to call him if she needed anything, and he pulled Ava away from the table. Nina assured Phyllis that she was okay; she had accepted the fact that "Mike" didn't exist and that she meant nothing to Sonny. Phyllis announced her intent to walk around the botanical gardens, and she declined Nina's offer to accompany her. Phyllis wanted to be alone.

Ava and Sonny grabbed another table. Ava remarked about the awkwardness of the situation, and Sonny reminded her that they were there to discuss Avery. Sonny noted that they would keep visitation rights as they were, but Ava announced that she wanted joint custody. Sonny admitted that Avery had been confused, and he agreed to give Ava more time with their daughter, on his terms.

Nina eyed Sonny and Ava, who had arrived at an agreement. Ava believed Nixon Falls had changed Sonny, but Sonny maintained that he had always taken care of his children. He informed her that they had some unfinished business.

Sonny and Nina reach an agreement, moments before she is arrested

Sonny and Nina reach an agreement, moments before she is arrested

Friday, October 22, 2021

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael praised Richard Sheridan's work as District Attorney of Llantano County, Pennsylvania, and suggested that prosecuting the crimes that had been committed in Nixon Falls would be a great boost for the politician's hopes of becoming State Attorney General. Sheridan agreed, noting that the matter was an "unusual case, the kind that generates headlines and defines careers."

Willow walked in as the men shook hands, and she apologized for interrupting. When she learned that Richard had traveled from Pennsylvania to New York, she began asking questions, questions that Michael did not want to address. He claimed that D.A. Sheridan needed to get back to Llanview, and Michael escorted the man to the door.

Willow continued to press for details on the meeting when Michael returned. Eventually, Michael confessed that he had urged Sheridan to prosecute Nina for "fraud and identity theft." Willow questioned why Michael had gone back on his word to "hit the pause button" where Nina was concerned. Michael argued that he hadn't, clarifying that he personally had not taken any legal action against Nina and was not denying Nina visitation with Wiley.

Willow blasted Michael's "donation" as a bribe. Michael insisted that what he had done was not a crime -- and pointed out all the harm done by Nina's actions, which he argued were definitely crimes. He declared that he no regrets for what he'd done and repeated his belief that Nina needed to be held accountable for what she had done.

At the Port Charles Grill, Nina looked on from a nearby table, sipping coffee as Sonny told Ava that he had a proposition for her. Sonny was called away before they could hammer out all the details of the offer. Nina quickly scurried over to Ava to announce that she wanted to buy Charlie's from Ava. Ava explained that her situation had changed. Sonny returned, grumbling that he didn't have all day and wanted to wrap up their discussion.

Musing that great minds thought alike, Ava told Sonny that another buyer had expressed an interest in purchasing Charlie's. "I say, let the buyer with the deepest pockets win," Ava chirped. Sonny and Nina exchanged glances. Ava suggested that Sonny and Nina talk things over to see if they could reach an agreement.

Robert entered an interrogation room and told Victor that he was sick of being lied to. He stated that the penalty for not telling the truth would be Victor being put "in an unmarked grave." Victor offered to cooperate but asked for updates on Valentin and Liesl first. Robert questioned when Victor started caring about other people. He then quipped that Victor "got more done in death than the average person achieves in a lifetime."

Victor claimed that he had been forced to do Peter's bidding, but he refused to answer Robert's questions about what sort of leverage Peter had over him. Sensing that the WSB did not have enough information to nab Peter without his help, Victor stated that it was time for Robert to negotiate. Victor remarked that the WSB prosecuting him, a former director of the bureau, would tarnish their reputation. Plus, Victor determined that the WSB had to choose which was more important, prosecuting him or stopping Peter August.

At the hospital in Greece, the doctor told Anna that Valentin's surgery had not gone as well as anticipated; they had been unable to remove all the bullet fragments. She advised Anna that the hospital was not equipped for delicate procedures, and she recommended that Valentin undergo exploratory surgery in the United States. Anna continued to hold vigil by Valentin's bed. She praised him for his courage in trying to be a better man for himself and his daughter. Anna stepped out of the room to take a call from Robert.

Anna arrived at the interrogation room to talk to Victor. She listened as Victor made his case for being offered immunity. Victor admitted that Anna had every reason to be mad at him for holding Robin at Crichton-Clark, but he proffered that everyone had made mistakes and that life wasn't simply black and white. Victor then warned Anna that there would be blood on her hands if she did not do whatever it took to apprehend Peter. As Anna got up from her chair to leave, Victor raised his glass of water and said, "Give my best to my son."

Back at the hospital, Valentin awoke and found Robert seated in his room. "This can't be a dream because you sure as hell wouldn't be in it," a still-groggy Valentin groused. Robert informed Valentin that Anna was questioning Victor.

When Anna returned to the hospital, Robert headed on his way. Anna wanted to call Brook Lynn to give her an update on Valentin's condition, but Valentin asked her not to. He warned Anna that whatever Victor had been proposing was undoubtedly a trap. Anna said that she knew Victor wasn't being entirely truthful, but she felt that Victor represented their best chance to locate Peter.

Robert returned to the interrogation room and told Victor that Anna had decided not to negotiate with Victor. Victor didn't appear to believe that Robert was being entirely forthcoming.

Sam and Dante looked around the pub when Jason and Britt arrived. Dante shared that they had no leads on Liesl's whereabouts, but they had found a syringe filled with the powerful sedative flunitrazepam in the cell where Obrecht had been held. It wasn't the news that Britt had hoped for, but she agreed that it was probably a positive sign that her mother had not been killed.

Sam asked to speak privately to Jason. They sat down at a nearby table and talked about Drew being shot. Sam blamed herself for not acting sooner on the call she had received from Drew months earlier. She felt if she had, Drew might have been rescued before any further harm had been done to him.

Meanwhile, Britt asked about Victor's involvement in Liesl's disappearance. Dante explained that he didn't have any answers for her.

Sam later told Dante that she did not feel there was anything else she could do in Crete, and she thought it might be best to return home to be with her children. Dante said that he would arrange their return flight, but Sam quickly pointed out that she had not asked Dante to leave with her. "I know you didn't," he replied, explaining, "I want to." Several feet away, Britt worried that Jason might be upset that her "crazy brother" had shot his brother. Jason assured Britt that he did not hold her responsible for Peter's actions.

Back in Port Charles, outside the courtroom, Kevin told Nikolas that he had spoken to Laura about Spencer's legal woes. Kevin passed along that Laura did not condone Spencer's actions, but she also did not condone the events that had led to Spencer taking those actions.

Inside the courtroom, Spencer asked his public defender if he pled "guilty" or "no contest," whether he would have to stand before the court to say that no one had forced him into the plea. Josslyn and Cameron entered. Josslyn asked Spencer if someone was pressuring him into doing the wrong thing. Spencer told his friends about the offer put forward by Nikolas and Ava: accept their marriage and agree to their rules, and the charges against him would go away.

Before Spencer could rattle of the reasons why he should not accept his father's offer, Josslyn urged Spencer to do whatever it took to get the charges against him dropped.

Court was called to order, and Judge Hayes asked Spencer how he intended to plead. He appeared ready to answer until he noticed that Ava had entered the courtroom. Spencer's friends and family expressed their collective disappointment when Spencer pleaded "not guilty." The judge determined that Spencer was a flight risk and ordered him to surrender his passport. She also set his bail at $20,000 and scheduled his pre-trial hearing for six weeks later.

Spencer turned to Esme, who shook her head disapprovingly at him. Spencer asked if he would be sent back to jail if he were unable to post his bail. Kevin rose and announced that he and Laura would post Spencer's bail. Later, Esme hugged Spencer and asked him why he hadn't followed the advice everyone had given him. Spencer replied that he'd followed his gut, because he knew his predicament would never end if he'd pled guilty.

Knowing that Spencer would need a permanent address in order to secure his release, Kevin announced that Spencer would be moving in with him. Esme giddily announced that the decision "worked" for her. Kevin asked to speak to Spencer privately, but it was Spencer who spoke first. He sensed that there was some sort of catch involved in Kevin and Laura paying his bail. Kevin told Spencer that there would be "limitations" involved in his living with them. He also added that Spencer needed to get a job.

In the corridor, Esme approached Ava and told her that it meant a great deal to her that Ava had been willing to come up with a scenario to keep Spencer out of jail. Ava cautioned Esme against allowing Spencer to drag her into his bad behavior. Esme confidently responded that she would definitely stand up to Spence in the future. After Esme walked away, Ava expressed her concern over the look on Spencer's face when he'd entered his plea, a look she said indicated that things were a long way from being over.

At the Port Charles Grill, both Sonny and Nina expressed their desire to purchase Charlie's for Phyllis. Nina believed that Phyllis would be more inclined to accept the bar as a gift if it came from Sonny. Nina told Sonny that if Phyllis accepted his offer, she would put in half of the money to buy Charlie's -- but Sonny could never tell Phyllis that Nina was involved.

Sonny did not think that keeping a secret from Phyllis was the right thing to do. Nina worried that her involvement in the purchase of Charlie's could be construed as trying to buy back Phyllis' friendship. Sonny commented that he didn't need Nina's money, and he wasn't sure that he wanted anything that linked them together. The mention of their connection prompted Nina to remark that she was surprised that Carly had yet to confront her about the relationship she'd had with Sonny in Nixon Falls.

Nina and Sonny sat down at a table where Sonny explained that telling Carly about his life in Nixon Falls would do nothing to undo the damage from his being away for nine months. Nina vowed that she would never tell Carly the details of their relationship. Nina was glad that Phyllis might soon own Charlie's. A pair of police officers approached the table and informed Nina that she was under arrest for identity fraud.

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