The one thing General Hospital fans want most for Trina

Posted Monday, February 26, 2024 6:09:18 PM
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With new head writers coming, General Hospital fans want to see some big changes for Trina Robinson.

General Hospital's Trina has become one of the soap's breakout young heroines, with a passionate fanbase that wants to see a new beginning for the character when new head writers Patrick Mulchahey and Elizabeth Korte take over the show.

Poor Trina, played by Tabyana Ali, just lost the love of her life when Spencer Cassadine fell from a boat, allegedly to his death -- along with Esme Prince, who had just injected him with a mysterious drug.

Since then, Trina has been questioning her future, wondering if she should go back to college, and trying to come to terms with what happened right before her eyes. The audience knows Spencer is only presumed dead while Nicholas Alexander Chavez films the Netflix series Monster: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story."

Trina fans were looking forward to watching the soapy angst that Trina would feel following Spencer's "death," but so far, she's only had a handful of scenes mourning Spencer.

It's sometimes felt like Josslyn has mourned Spencer more than Trina. Indeed, when Josslyn and Trina sat down to catch up last week, they talked more about Josslyn's heartbreak over her boyfriend leaving town than Trina's heartbreak over her boyfriend dying. Fans took notice and then took to X (formerly known as Twitter).

With the hashtag #MyHopeForGH trending as fans detailed their wishes for their favorite female characters once the new writing starts airing, many stuck up for Trina. The most common hope was for Trina to get more point of view in her own story, as well as more opportunity to stick up for herself, among other things.

"Favorite Female Character: Trina. More POV & agency," wrote @Veronica_R-_T. "More interaction w/characters outside of her family. Less trauma. Stories centered around her. More happiness in all areas. More adventures. More romance w/Spencer when he returns from the dead."

Another fan wants Trina's POV, but also has a new story in mind for when Spencer returns.

"I want Trina's point of view to be shown more," posted X user @tyshongorden. "I want Trina to confront some people that deserve it. I want Trina to have an adventure about finding an old art piece. She travels to a forbidden place with Spencer."

Yet another fan hopes that a wedding is eventually in store for Spencer and Trina.

"My hopes for #Trina," wrote @Dee4Sprina. "Ongoing agency and POV. A beautiful reunion and marriage to the love of her life. Adventures. Show viewers that a young Black woman can be strong, soft, successful, in love & raise a family without being boring or irrelevant."

Finally, some fans really want to see Trina remember the dad who raised her, Marcus Taggert. When she learned that Curtis was her biological father last year, Taggert seemed to disappear from her life.

X user @EvelynF60553074's wish list for Trina includes the following: "Increased POV/Agency. Reconnect w/Taggert. Ignoring this relationship to uplift Curtis is damaging. Storyline separate from her family.....Stop having her be so self-sacrificial."

What do you want to see for Trina in the future? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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