Liason love: How General Hospital fans feel about this blast from the past

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024 6:23:12 PM
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Elizabeth Webber is suddenly single, so will General Hospital finally go there?

Steve Burton and his alter ego Jason Morgan have been back on the General Hospital canvas since March, yet Jason has only shared a handful of scenes with Rebecca Herbst's Elizabeth, much to the chagrin of the audience.

To many fans, Jason and Liz, a.k.a. Liason, is the couple that got away. For 25 years, GH has teased this pairing but would back away every time fans thought they'd finally get their wish. Yes, they share a son, but they've never officially been together, despite a huge following that's remained loyal for a quarter of a century.

Their scenes on June 10, as Elizabeth finally ended her relationship with Hamilton Finn, harkened back to their history, as Jason has been rescuing Liz from men for years, including when they first met. An underage Elizabeth was in Jake's bar (they even named their son after the place), and Jason came to her rescue when a drunken man had his paws all over her.

Once Elizabeth made the choice to leave Finn and that ill-fated relationship behind, she dropped the keys to his apartment in the vodka he'd been drinking and left with Jason. They ended up at the Metro Court pool for some quiet yet powerful scenes that showed us that Herbst and Burton have as much chemistry as they did in 1999 -- and their fans couldn't have been happier.

"Becky and Steve are a masterclass in chemistry," @HerbstWebber tweeted. "Been there since day one and never left. Idk what else to tell you."

@vicksvapor77 was thrilled to see Elizabeth make her own decisions with Jason, as he respects her wants and wishes, something Finn didn't always do.

"Jason asking Elizabeth what *she* wants to do -- providing Elizabeth her own agency -- was crucial here. Not only for these characters but for the way female characters are written overall. More of this please."

"'Our son needed help and he called you and you showed up. That counts for a lot with Jake. Counts for a lot for me,'" @USNCS wrote on X, quoting Elizabeth's last line in the episode. "I am so happy with these scenes."

@ghtwlizfan hopes Finn doesn't stay away from Elizabeth, just so we could get some good Liason drama.

"Always protecting. Always showing up. Finn, don't listen and try and go near her please so we can have some conflict that draws #Liason back into each other's orbits!!" they tweeted.

X user @CarneAsada24 just wants more, tweeting, "@RebeccaLHerbst you were amazing today!! So subtlety playing Liz's disappointment and hurt!! Your scenes with @1SteveBurton were perfection. What a throwback to so many talks #Liason have had. You and Steve have so much chemistry! More please!!"

With GH's ratings on a downturn, @rodrigosworld81 thinks that giving Jason and Liz a chance could be just what the soap needs to turn things around.

"Liason back together is the table shaking this show could use," he wrote on X.

@Steckydotorg tweeted a video of mobile billboards Liason fans purchased to park outside the GH studio the week Burton made his last Port Charles return in March.

"They say timing is everything," they wrote, echoing a line common for this couple, as it never seemed to be the right time for Jason and Elizabeth before. But maybe that time is now.

Do you want to see GH give Elizabeth and Jason a chance? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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