Bryan Craig teases his possible return to General Hospital

Posted Wednesday, June 12, 2024 2:10:23 PM
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Bryan Craig's cryptic tweet leaves his fans excited for Morgan's possible return from the dead.

General Hospital Executive Producer Frank Valentini left fans wondering when he dropped a bit of news on the Daytime Emmy red carpet. The show runner teased that "a former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for him."

Now, Bryan Craig dropped a big hint that it could be him.

Craig spotted a tweet with an article speculating about who the returning star could be and quickly commented on it. "Who could it be..." he wrote. Those four little words set Twitter on fire with excitement. Does this mean that Morgan Corinthos is finally making his way back to Port Charles to turn the town upside down?

The Emmy-winning Craig left GH in 2016 after three years on the soap but made a return appearance in 2018 as part of Ava's nightmare as she examined her life while undergoing plastic surgery to repair facial burns. As fans know, Ava loved Morgan but switched his bipolar meds with placebos to keep him away from her daughter Kiki. That led to his untimely death after he stole a car with a bomb inside.

In the years since his GH exit, Craig has worked on a variety of primetime series, including Grand Hotel and Good Trouble.

Morgan's return could be just what GH needs to shake up the canvas. He is Sonny and Carly's beloved younger son, and the audience still hears his name on a regular basis. Ava, Jason, Josslyn, and Michael would also be affected by Morgan's return.

While Craig's return has not been confirmed by GH, at least one show source tells Soap Central that fans of Craig shouldn't get their hopes that the actor will be back full time.

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