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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 27, 1999 on GH
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Monday September 27, 1999

by Nora

At the Quartermaine mansion, Reginald awakens from his faint at the sound of Leticia's voice. When Monica rushes upstairs to retrieve something, Emily worries that her mother might find Juan hiding in the spare room. Monica does not find Juan and returns downstairs to find Reginald and Leticia reunited. Edward offers to relocate Leticia's mother to a nursing home in Port Charles, but the young woman informs the Quartermaine family that her mother has made a full recovery and that she is even up to bowling. Meanwhile, Emily sneaks out of the room and upstairs to find her boyfriend.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Stefan that Katherine has accepted his proposal. Stefan maintains that Katherine's acceptance is part of her scheme to trap Nikolas into a loveless marriage. Nikolas refuses to argue with his father about Katherine's intentions and changes the subject to ask his father if he can hold the wedding at the family home. Stefan does not condone the marriage and urges Nikolas to reconsider.

At Katherine's apartment, Laura tells Katherine that she does not believe her and that they are going to go to GH and confirm that Katherine is really pregnant. Katherine, of course, stalls in every way possible, including belittling Laura. Finally, Katherine hands Laura an envelope containing a sonogram and a prescription for prenatal pills. Laura is still not convinced that Katherine is truthful, but she manages to get a phone number for Katherine's ob-gyn in order to verify test results. As soon as Laura leaves, Katherine drinks a glass of champagne and toasts her incredulous efforts. She then telephones her supposed doctor and warns him that Laura might soon stop in for a visit.

In the alley behind Kelly's, Hannah tells the FBI that Sonny broke up with her. When she is urged to resume her relationship with Sonny, Hannah requests to be taken off the case and scheduled for reassignment. She is told that her new assignment is to go to Sonny's and say whatever is necessary to return to his good graces.

In his penthouse, Sonny screams at Carly and calls her a smelly little whore. Jason leaps to Carly's defense and demands to know why Sonny thinks that he can treat his friend in such a manner. Sonny is furious that Carly accused Hannah of lying to him and argues vociferously with Jason until Carly interrupts to say that Hannah isn't worth all of the shouting. Sonny smugly retorts that Carly isn't worth the effort and then he angrily departs. When Carly tries to convince Jason that she is right about Hannah, Jason maintains that it is not her place to accuse the woman that Sonny loves of wrongdoing. He is very angry and does not believe her apology. Jason then warns Carly not to make him choose between her and Sonny because it would be a big mistake.

At Kelly's, Liz asks Laura about her encounter with Katherine. Laura informs the young girl that she still does not trust Katherine and vows to protect her son. Taggert looks on from the doorway of the restaurant and asks Laura if she is okay. Laura assures the detective that she is fine and then after Taggert is gone, she asks Liz to be a strong friend to Nikolas.

In the den of the Quartermaine mansion, Leticia and Reginald catch up with one another. Leticia tells Reginald that she informed her mother of her relationship with him and the two share several kisses. Outside the door to the den, AJ claims to admire the love of his staff and guilt-trips Carly into proposing a getaway. When Carly is dismayed that AJ seems to think that their marriage should come as easily as Leticia and Reginald's relationship, AJ apologizes and hugs his wife. The two then agree to spend the evening at a bed and breakfast outside of town.

At Wyndemere, Laura asks Stefan if there is any method by which they can prevent Katherine from manipulating their son. Stefan claims that although certain methods exist, he cannot implement them because he promised Nikolas that he would not interfere.

Outside Kelly's, Liz closes early and kicks the patio furniture before Jason arrives and stops her. They share problems with one another and offer advice before Jason takes Liz home on his motorcycle.

Sonny waits for Hannah outside her apartment and when Hannah returns, she invites him inside. She quickly hides the locked box in her closet and pleads with Sonny not to "do this." Sonny asks Hannah about Carly's intervention in her life and wants to know why she did not tell him that Carly broke into her room. Hannah claims that this is the exact reason that she wants to terminate their relationship, because she is afraid that Sonny might do something rash if he gets too angry. Sonny promises to never become violent with Hannah or any other woman because of what he witnessed with his mother. He begs her not to be afraid of him and she responds by kissing him passionately.

Nikolas arrives at Katherine's apartment and promises his fiancée that they will be married at Wyndemere. He then offers Katherine an engagement ring.

Tuesday, September 2, 1999

Felicia and Luke are in Mexico. She tells Luke that he has very good intuition, the diamonds are stashed close to her old stomping grounds. He goes to get the diamonds and she was going to wait for him and stay out of trouble. As soon as Luke leaves a man comes by and asks her how a man could leave such a beautiful women alone. She brushes him off and watches him go to another women. Felicia tries to protect the women but the man will not stop, then she breaks a chair over his back, only to find out this man was the Chief of Police and this woman was his girlfriend. They haul her off to jail just as Luke comes in, he watches and then goes and gets a drink, ordering the whole bottle. Luke goes to the jail, Felecia tells him that he has to get her out, she cannot call Mac. Luke talks to the policeman, gives him a lot of cash and one of the diamonds. Just as it looks like he has succeeded, Luke's bad spanish gets him. Instead of saying his wife doesn't belong in jail, he says your wife belongs in a sewer. The cell door opens and Luke is in with Felicia.

Sonny talks to Mike. He is telling him that he almost lost Hannah, almost came to blows with Jason and the Feds have all his accounts frozen, how would you feel? Mike is concerned because he never thought Jason and Sonny would ever have problems. Sonny tells him what happen between him, Jason and Carly and admits that he push Jason into a corner. Mike tries to offer support and advice but Sonny tells him to leave.

Jason is at Kelly's. Liz thanks him for the ride home yesterday. She sits and they talk about her taking art classes and is nervous about starting college. Lucky was always her encouragement and she is not sure how she is going to do without him. They talk about what they had/have as career goals and she leaves feeling better with his order. Mike comes by and gets the same version about what happened that Sonny told him. But then Jason tells him that he is afraid that Hannah is bad for Sonny, he is making mistakes because his mind is not on his work. Sonny is telling Hannah things that he would never even tell Brenda.

Jason and Sonny talk, Jason voices his concerns about Hannah and how Sonny is missing things. Sonny asks if Jason thinks he can run things better than him. Jason tells him that he wants to work for Sonny, he would follow any order even if he thought it was wrong, he would die for him, but it should not get that far. Sonny has to pay attention. Sonny doesn't see anything wrong, every time he has made a mistake Jason has caught it and fixed it. Alexis tells Jax that she ask Sonny to help them trace the money. Jax is upset but she convinces him to trust her that Sonny will keep quiet. He figured it out last time and he has the connections to do it. She leaves to go see Sonny. At first Sonny tells her that he is concerned that Jax is setting him up and he can't figure why she is calling in a favor for him.

She tells him otherwise and then he tells her that he learned that Jerry is not doing business with the same people, but if he found someone else is still to be known.

Chloe comes to see Jax. They talk about their relationship and the feeling she has of him pulling away. He tells her that it is not her, that he is having some business problems about Jerry and that Alexis is helping him, but she cannot tell Ned. They talk about how they distract each other and go for a boat ride. Later they come back and she is joking him about tipping the boat again, she has went sailing twice with him and both times he has tipped the boat. He says maybe it is just because he finds her even more attractive when she is wet.

Nikolas has a favor to ask Liz. She is his best friend, even though he knows that she does not approve of his marrying Katherine it would mean a great deal to him if she came to the wedding. She tells him that she would come to the wedding, but she is still going to try to convince him not to marry Katherine right up to the wedding.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999

With their trial set for one week hence, Felicia tells Luke they're going to have to bite the bullet and call Mac for help. Back in Port Charles, Mac again criticizes Taggert's handling of the Faison case and reassigns his exasperated lieutenant to search for a runaway instead. Monica and Alan congratulate themselves on successfully convincing their daughter to forget all about Juan. Meanwhile, Reginald and Leticia continue to help Emily keep Juan safely hidden in the bowels of the Quartermaine mansion. Chloe fills Jax's penthouse with dozens of flowers, then brings over a picnic basket brimming full of her friend's favorite foods. Dara advises Mac to get a hold of his temper before he ruins any chance he has of collaring Faison. Luke urges Felicia not to call her husband and suggests that they simply stage a jailbreak instead. Later, the two overpower their guard and make off with the officer's gun. As Chloe listens from her hiding place, Jerry confides to his brother his fear that he isn't worthy of Bobbie. Emily covers for Juan when Marcus drops by with questions about Mr. Santiago's missing son.

Thursday, September 30, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Beth Knowles.

Bobbie is trying to find a wedding dress, Tammy suggests Chloe Morgan. Carly comes in and tells her that she can't marry Jerry Jacks. Carly is telling her mom that life is not like she thought it would be, in love with one man and married to his brother. She likes AJ a lot, always has, but he is driving her nuts trying to make the marriage work. She asks her mom if she can image loving anyone else for the rest of her life? The answer is I wouldn't marry Jerry if I didn't love him. Why do you want to ruin the rest of your life? Why does everyone get to change but me asks Carly. Bobbie tells her to focus her energy on helping her find the perfect wedding dress for her and the matron of honor.

Carly talks to Tammy about Hannah, she tries to explain that she is only trying to help Sonny. Tammy tells her that she has known Sonny a long time and if he was really worried about this guy then they would never see him again. She tells Carly about the college Hannah went to and that she flunked out because of the relationship with a professor. Carly leaves and makes a reservation to go to San Diego.

Liz tells Laura that Nikolas invited her to his wedding. Katherine has told her that she is bad for the baby with her open hostility. Laura gets her to promise to always be there for Nikolas. Liz goes to visit Nikolas and offers to help him decorate the nursery, but she realizes she is too late, that Katherine is doing it. She says she has to go to work and he offers to let her drive the jag.

Katherine has let herself into Nikolas' place. She asks him if he is ready to make their first big decision with her? Where are we going to live? I thought you wanted to live here, you said it was a perfect place for a newborn. Felicia hates the heat. Luke wants to teach her how to use a gun. He gives her a few pointers and then turns his back to her and is looking in the bag. He sees her pointing the gun at him, he jumps and tells her not to do that...she fires twice, killed a rattlesnake. Where did you learn to shoot like that? Grandmother taught me how to take good care of myself. Luke is still concerned that her friend that is helping them is doing it for free.

She tells him memories about her growing up with this friend, Travis. They build a fire so Travis can find them. She is thinking of her live and love with Frisco and sharing it with Luke. Luke tells her that she has a great cover, PTA and a couple of kids, but she has never lost the wild child inside of her. She tells him that he is like coming home, finding someone she has lost, finding the wild child. He doesn't warn her away from danger like the other men in her life. The PTA and the kids are not a cover, she loves them and loves Mac. Felicia is wondering if her and Luke would still be friends if it was not for Faison. He asks her you mean are we real? Lets find out...They kiss...There is the bird call, she calls out for Travis but it is Faison that steps out of the shadows.

Laura comes to see Stefan, he has imaged her getting off the launch and walking to him. She wants to talk about Nikolas, she had hoped to come home with an open heart and ready to move on, but she is scared of losing Nikolas, she cannot bare the thought of losing another son. Stefan assures her that they are not going to lose him, especially to the like of Katherine Bell. We could make the wrong move and lose Nikolas forever, Laura is still scared. Stefan is more worried that Nikolas will never know what they have, the feeling of being complete, of having everything they ever wanted. "You are a patient man." He tells her he would never be able to get through this wedding without her.

Friday, October 1, 1999

Faison interrupts Luke and Felicia's "moment" with sarcastic comments about what a pleasure it is to find them. Luke says that someone could mistake Faison's intentions, thinking he was trying to rob them. Faison asks how it could be robbery when the diamonds belong to him. Luke says that he doesn't have the diamonds. Faison responds by cocking his gun and aiming it at Luke.

Emily and Juan have sneaked out of the Q mansion and are on the docks. Juan assures Emily that he is not sorry that he came back. He has lots of things back home, but she is still the best thing in his life. But they do need to be realistic. He is starting to understand how his father feels. He doesn't want his father to worry about him. He says that he is going to tell the police that he is in Port Charles, but Emily immediately protests.

Jax asks Alexis if she has heard anything from Sonny. She says no and Jax tells her that it may be too late. The two million has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Sonny is not happy to learn from Jason that Jerry Jax is doing business with Moreno. Jason says that he saw Sorrel making a cash deposit at Jerry's bank. Sonny is outraged that Sorrel is alive and well. Benny promised him that he had taken care of him.

Sonny tells Jason that Juan and Emily are the only two people who can identify Sorrel as the guy who beat up Juan. Jason says that he know and wants to know what he should do about it. Sonny says that they can't do much while he is under Federal investigation. He doesn't want a turf war. Jason says that doing nothing is not an option if Emily is in danger. Sonny assures Jason that Emily is safe. Sorrel knows that Emily has kept quite so far and that she is under Sonny's protection. Sonny then asks to see the proof Jason has regarding Jerry Jax. Jason produces several documents and shows them to Sonny. Sonny looks them over and says that they are even good enough to convince Jax. Jason asks Sonny why he would give them to Jax.

Alexis tries to reassure Jax, but he isn't buying it. Banks don't make two million dollar errors. Jax says that Jerry isn't stupid. He probably knows that Jax suspects something. Jax says that he feels like Jerry is an alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon. He turned his back on Jerry the first time he got into trouble, he won't do it again.

Luke explains to Faison that he had a little glitch getting the jewels out of Europe, but he assures Faison that they are safe. Faison doesn't believe that their trip to Mexico is not related to the diamonds. Felicia tries to explain that the trip is for research on her new book, but Faison doesn't believe them. He grabs Felicia and holds the gun to her head. He demands that Luke turn over the diamonds if he does not want Felicia to get hurt.

Faison pulls Felicia in with a death grip, threatening to hit her in such a way as to paralyze her, and points the gun at Luke. Luke agrees to give the diamonds to Faison if he promises not to hurt Felicia. Luke slowly removes the diamonds from the bag and shows them to Faison. Luke hands the diamonds to Faison and demands that he release Felicia. Faison says that he could just kill them both, but he isn't that kind of man. He orders Luke to sit down and then hits Felicia in the back causing her to fall to the ground screaming in pain. Faison slinks away and Luke immediately rushes to Felicia's side. Through her tears, she tells Luke that she can't feel her legs.

Jax explains to Alexis that he owes it to Jerry to help him. Alexis asks what is to stop Jerry from doing the same thing again if Jax bails him out this time. Jax says that Jerry is about to gain a wife and child. He is sure that Jerry wouldn't do anything to jeopardize that

Emily suggests to Juan that he write a letter to his father telling him that he is ok. Juan thinks that that could work, but still feels a little guilty for causing his father to worry. Juan and Emily hear someone coming and rush to hide. From their hiding place, they see Sorrel meet with Jerry Jax.

Jason can't believe that Sonny is going to give Jax proof that Jerry is in cahoots with Moreno. Jax hates his guts. He will use anything he can against him. Sonny explains to Jason that he owes Alexis. She didn't want him as a client and she took him on against her husband's wishes. Alexis has come through for him and all she wants in return in information on Jerry Jax's activities. He tells Jason that the information has to be delivered to Alexis tonight. Before they can talk further, Hannah arrives. She comes in carrying a bag of freshly picked apples. She greets Jason warmly and he nods in response.

Carly is in disguise in San Diego and is trying to track down Hannah's ex-boyfriend. She is somewhat surprised to learn that he no longer works at the University in San Diego.

Hannah tries to pump the records clerk for more information. He is surprisingly helpful and checks the department website. He tells Carly that Professor Bradburn is on sabbatical and unreachable, but suggests that she check with the department. Hannah charms the clerk out of a yearbook saying that it will help her recognize the people she is looking for.

Hannah tries to draw Jason into a conversation, but he responds with short answers. He walks away and tells Sonny that he will take care of his errand. As Jason starts to leave, Hannah asks him if there is something wrong. They used to be friends and now every time she walks into a room, he walks out. She wants to know if it is something she did. When Jason says no, she asks if Carly did something to turn him against her.

As Emily and Juan watch, Sorrel informs Jerry that Moreno is pleased with his work and that he has another job for him. Jerry says that he doesn't want the job, but still listens to the details. Moreno wants Jerry's assistance in laundering money. Jerry finally agrees to help, but for an additional fee. Once Jerry and Sorrel leave, Emily and Juan come out of their hiding place. Juan is concerned that Emily could be in danger. Juan promises to keep Emily safe no matter what. Emily thanks him with a kiss and they head back to the Q's.

Jerry arrives at Kelly's just as Bobbie is closing up for the night. They discuss dinner plans and then Jerry surprises Bobbie with a private catered dinner. She thanks him with a kiss.

Hannah tells Jason that it doesn't surprise her that Carly would try to turn him against her. Jason tells Hannah that if he gets quiet when she walks in, it is simply because there are some things that she is just better off not knowing. With that, he excuses himself to run the errand for Sonny. After he goes, Sonny explains that Jason doesn't lie, but he is the master of avoidance. Hannah says that Jason used to trust her and it just makes her sad that Carly interfered. Things are so good or her right now, she just worries that something is going to go wrong. Sonny tells her that some things just get better and better.

Luke is relieved when Felicia begins to regain some feeling and movement in her legs. He helps Felicia up and calmly starts repacking his duffel bag. Felicia can't believe that Luke is so calm. She wants to rush after Faison. Luke says that he is not going to drag Felicia, who might possibly have a spinal injury, across the desert chasing a maniac with a bag of glass. He thinks they should just stay put until Felicia feels better. Felicia looks confused and then shocked when Luke tells her that he gave Faison fake diamonds.

Felicia insists that the diamonds looked real. Luke says that he gave Faison cubic zirconias. And they do technically belong to Faison since he bought them with Faison's money. Felicia wants to know where the real diamonds are. Luke pulls another bag out of his satchel and asks her to tell him if these aren't a girls friend. Felicia smiles and tells him that her partner is her best friend. Luke says that their psychotic shadow doesn't think he has any leverage over them anymore. Faison always knew that he could put pressure on Mac by using Felicia, but now he knows that the same thing will work on him. Luke says that they are never going to beat Faison at his own game so they are going to have to make him play theirs.

Carly eagerly flips through the college yearbook and finds Hannah's photo. She then quickly turns to a photo of Professor Bradburn. She is shocked to discover that the real Professor Bradburn looks nothing like Hannah's "ex-boyfriend." Carly discreetly tears the professor's photo out of the yearbook and stashes it in her purse. She thanks the records clerk for his help and leaves.

Sonny tells Hannah that she shouldn't let Carly get to her. He tells Hannah that Jason thinks that she distracts him from his business. Hannah tells Sonny that she doesn't ever want to be a risk to him. She doesn't ever want to be the reason anything bad happens to him.

Jason arrives at Jax's penthouse and asks for Alexis. Alexis asks Jason why he is there and Jason explains that Sonny sent him. Alexis is somewhat surprised that Sonny told Jason about investigating Jerry. Jason explains that Sonny sent him to find out what Jax needed to know because Sonny can't leave the country. Jax asks what Jason found out. Jason says that Jerry is still laundering money for the Organization.

At Kelly's, Jerry and Bobbie have just completed their romantic dinner when Jerry surprises Bobbie with an engagement ring and a very touchingly worded proposal. Bobbie happily accepts, saying that she can't think of anyone else she would rather spend the rest of her life with.

Meanwhile, in an unidentified jail, a mysterious man is being released from prison. As he leaves, the prison official says, "Good Luck, DiLucca." (For those of you who are not long-time GH watchers, Roy DiLucca was Bobbie's first true love who supposedly died in her arms many, many years ago!)

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