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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 14, 2003 on GH
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Monday, April 14, 2003

Luke paid a hospital visit to Nikolas and demanded that Nikolas sign papers transferring control of Laura's care over to Luke. To Luke's surprise Nikolas agreed, and on the one condition that Luke would first visit her at the new facility less than 100 miles aware from Port Charles to where he had transferred her. Luke left to go see her. On his way out, he ran into Lucky and Summer who were debating how to get the information about her brother from Nikolas. Lucky vowed to help Summer find her brother. Summer carried a spray of flowers into Nikolas's room and tried to pamper him, but Nikolas quickly reminded her that he had servants who would bring him whatever he desired. He told her that he had no idea where her brother was and never did, but Summer called him a liar and stormed out. Lucky agreed to take her to Spoon Island to search Wyndemere for documents about her brother. Nikolas, anticipating their move, called his staff and warned them to look out for Lucky and Summer and not to let them leave the island.

Jason tried to reassure Sonny that his family was safe, but Sonny could not shake his feeling of impending doom. Jason asked Sonny to let him take over for him like he did last time, until Sonny was well enough to take it back. Sonny agreed to let Jason take charge for a while.

While Jason was out, Courtney wrote him a letter explaining why she was leaving. She packed her bags and went to their loft. Jason returned and, upset after reading her letter, went to the loft. Courtney told him she wrote the letter because she wouldn't have had the strength to tell him in person, but Jason insisted that she would have to tell him face to face. Courtney explained that she loved him but couldn't be with him at Sonny's expense. Jason tried to convince Courtney that Sonny's state had nothing to do with her and had happened before, but Courtney's mind was made up. She affirmed that she wanted to stay apart until Sonny was better. He painfully respected her wishes and told her he would make it easier by staying away. They shared a passionate, tearful goodbye.

Carly told Sonny she had heard from the guards that Courtney had broken up with Jason and moved out. Sonny had no reaction. Carly tried to get Sonny to rest a bit, but Ric knocked at the door and Sonny agreed to see him. Carly went to the loft to check on Courtney. Rather than try to talk her out of it, Carly just told Courtney that she was there for her always.

Ric met Faith on the docks and told her she'd better come up with a plan before they were both killed or he'd have to kill her himself. Faith told Ric she knew what she was doing. She told him to drop the Jax thing with Sonny. Ric grabbed her and threatened to shoot her in the heart next time if she double-crossed him. Liz walked up and mistook their tense moment for intimacy. Ric convinced her that it was only business for Sonny.

Ric told Sonny he had new information on the pictures of Faith and Jax that shed some doubt on their authenticity. Ric clumsily tried to explain how he now longer thought Jax was Faith's silent partner, and Jason was shocked to hear Sonny congratulate Ric for his loyalty and good work. After Ric left, though, Sonny revealed to Jason that Ric was Faith's silent partner.

Cameron told Zander that Pete had committed suicide, that Zander had not killed him. He explained how they had found a suicide note in Pete's room months later, how Pete had intended it to look like a hunting accident, just not with Zander pulling the trigger. Zander angrily asked why Cameron had never tracked him down and told him that; Cameron answered that his pressured had destroyed one child, that he felt Zander would be better off so angry he would stay away from him.

Ned blasted Alexis for kidnapping Kristina. Alexis corrected him, telling him that Skye and AJ had taken her. She unapologetically declared that no sane mother would bring her child back to such a house. Ned was unsympathetic and vowed to call the police no matter what consequences Alexis would face. Emily interrupted their fighting and offered to bring Kristina back herself. Despite their protests, Emily insisted that she was the only one with nothing to lose, and that the family would stand behind her even if she wouldn't reveal the details. Zander promised to help her bring the baby home. Later, Ned apologized to Alexis for the harsh things he said when he was mad, and they shared a tender hug as Cameron looked on.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Zander and Emily were driving Kristina back to the Quartermaines when they got pulled over for a broken tail light. At first it seemed like everything was okay as the policewoman made small talk with them about "their" baby, but when she went back to her car she ordered them to come out with their hands up. Emily and Zander were arrested and taken to the police station. The Quartermaines showed up and asked Emily what had happened. Alexis, Ned, and Cameron arrived as Emily tried to fabricate a story. She told them that a man had called the house and told her to meet him at the park, no police, and that she had taken Zander with her. She continued that when they arrived they found Kristina in her baby carrier. Scott did not believe Emily's story and questioned her as to why someone would steal the baby then return her without any ransom. Emily said that when he called he had said he was sorry, but it was apparent to all that Emily was making up her story. Finally Alexis stepped in and told them the truth about how Skye and AJ had kidnapped Kristina and that Alexis was brining her back when she overheard Edward's plan and panicked. The Quartermaines chastised Alexis for involving Emily in her scheme. Although they and Ned told Scott not to press charges since Kristina was home safe, Scott had Alexis arrested and vowed to press full charges against her. Alan hugged Emily and expressed his admiration for putting Kristina first when no one else would. Edward threatened to prove Cameron's involvement in the kidnapping, but Cameron told Edward that he must see to it that the charges against Alexis are dropped.

At Kelley's, Liz saw Ric off and agreed to wait up for him. Liz noticed Faith sitting at a table and approached her about her scene with Ric on the docks the day before. Faith told Liz she didn't really know Ric and warned her that like Courtney, Liz wasn't tough enough for the mob world.

Jason met Fowler on the docks. Fowler told Jason he knew who Faith's silent partner was and would tell him for a payoff. Someone (presumably Ric) came up from behind and knocked Jason unconscious. When Jason awoke, both Fowler and the mystery person were gone. Jason went back to Sonny's penthouse and told Sonny they he had been set up, but he wondered why since they hadn't killed him. He offered to take Ric out now that they knew he was working with Faith, but Sonny wanted to wait to find out why Ric wanted to go after him. Ric walked in on their discussion, and Jason told him flat out that they knew he was working with Faith. Ric denied it, but Sonny asserted that he, too, was convinced. Jason held Ric at gunpoint while Sonny demanded to know why Ric wanted to destroy him from the inside.

Carly visited a distraught Courtney at the loft. She reassured Courtney that Sonny would get better with time. Courtney admitted that being apart from Jason was far more difficult than she had anticipated, especially being at the loft where they had spent so much time together. Courtney went to work at Kelley's hoping to take her mind off Jason. Carly went with her. Liz and Courtney bickered over Courtney coming back to work. Marco came in and tried to escort Courtney back to the loft on Sonny's orders, only further enraging her. Courtney demanded to know what else Sonny demanded that she give up. Carly stepped in and sat Courtney down after getting Marco to leave. Courtney apologized for taking her grief over her own decision out on Carly. Later, Courtney found a dead man in the dumpster while taking out the trash. She called Carly out, but within seconds Taggert was on the scene. Faith arrived and identified the body as her employee Fowler. She told Taggert that Jason had murdered him.

Lucky and Summer broke into a safe in the tunnels of Wyndemere. Summer found a photo of her brother, which Lucky said appeared to be taken at the Cassadine island in Greece. Summer found something else but quietly slipped it into her pocket. They pondered the possibility that Nikolas was holding Matt captive for some reason. Suddenly the door slid shut, trapping them in the tunnel as Nikolas had ordered his staff to do. Summer asked what they would do next, and Lucky replied that she needed to tell him what she had put in her pocket.

Luke went to visit Laura and was shocked by her unresponsiveness. He told the doctor that he didn't even think she knew he was there. The doctor told Luke that 'the odds were strongly against Laura ever coming out of her catatonic state. The also revealed that Laura had had one day of near lucidity and had asked for Luke by name. Delighted but enraged, Luke demanded to know why he had not been informed. The doctor explained that on Nikolas's authority he had been told not to tell Luke. Given that Nikolas was her legal guardian and that Luke's last visit had worsened her condition, he had complied.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

At Kelly's, Courtney and Carly seethe while Faith insists to the police that it must have been Jason Morgan who killed Faith's employee, Fowler. After the police leave, Courtney confronts Faith, but Faith reminds Courtney that Jason is a killer from way back! Courtney slugs Faith but is appalled when Faith turns around and kisses her. As Faith storms out the door, she warns Courtney that Courtney SHOULD be afraid of Faith! Later, Courtney wonders if it might have been the 'kiss of death,' as she had seen in movies. As Courtney remembers that it was Fowler who abducted her, Carly suddenly remembers that Fowler was also the one who tried to pick Carly up at Jake's, before Ric showed up and ran Fowler off. When Carly spots Coleman coming into Kelly's, Courtney volunteers to pump Coleman to see if Coleman remembers anything about Fowler hitting on Carly. Coleman later tells Courtney that the bartender saw Fowler trying to slip something into Carly's drink. But, since the bartender knew that Ric worked for Sonny, he figured Carly would be OK when Ric showed up! Coleman promises Courtney that he will ask around to find out if anyone remembers anything, then warns Courtney to remember that she is now playing with a dangerous crowd!

Jax meets Skye at the Quartermaine Mansion and Skye announces that Alexis has been arrested for kidnapping Katrina and it will only be a matter of minutes before Skye is likewise arrested. Jax urges Skye to run and promises to help her, reminding her that he still has a villa in Lisbon where Skye could stay, and volunteers to fly her there himself. Skye agrees to Jax's plan and goes to pack. Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, as Alan, Monica, Zander and Emily watch, Cameron cooly informs Edward that Edward will drop all charges, allow Alexis visitation and give Ned veto power whenever Kristina is concerned. When Scott arrives, Cameron shows Scott that Cameron has a copy of the original arson investigation report that suggested the fire at Ned's Gate House had been set deliberately, as well as evidence that Scott had the original report suppressed. When Cameron also produces a copy of Edward's campaign contributions to Scott, Scott immediately guesses that Cameron got the incriminating documents from Gia and announces that Gia will soon be out of a job! But Edward reminds Scott that the District Attorney has been outmaneuvered and orders Scott to shut up and make a deal immediately. When Emily realizes that Zander is NOT impressed by his father's performance, Zander finally admits that Zander's brother committed suicide and that Cameron did NOT let Zander know the facts about Peter's death until AFTER Zander had spent five years, blaming himself for Peter's death! Scott finally orders Alexis released. The Quartermaines, Alexis, Kristina and Cameron arrive back at the mansion just as Jax and Skye are prepared to fly to Lisbon. As Cameron explains to Jax how Cameron got all the charges dropped, Skye slips over and begins having a conversation with Kristina. But Edward spots Skye with the baby and shoos Skye away. Later, Zander and Emily head to Kelly's, but, as the two talk outside, Emily suddenly becomes dizzy and collapses into Zander's arms. When Emily recovers, she insists that she merely passed out because, in all the excitement, she hadn't eaten yet. As Zander orders for her, Emily heads to the Lady's Room and shoots up. Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaine Mansion, Skye watches sadly as everyone fusses over Kristina, then slips out the door, alone. When Cameron and Alexis return to the main hall, Alexis thanks Ned for taking care of Kristina and Ned promises Alexis that he will be more vigilant where Kristina is concerned. As they get ready to leave, Cameron hands Alexis the evidence he dug up, which proves Edward's collusion with Scott. Alexis impulsively kisses Cameron and he gives her a passionate kiss in response.

Finding themselves trapped in the Wyndemere wine cellar, Lucky tells Summer that he saw her take a valuable coin from Nikolas's safe when they grabbed the information Nikolas had been keeping on Summer's brother. Summer insists that Nikolas owes her, but Lucky replies that he suspects that Summer has not yet been square with Lucky about what her game really is. Meanwhile, Luke arrives at Nikolas' Hospital room and blasts Nikolas for keeping Laura from seeing Luke when Laura asked for Luke. As they argue, Luke suddenly shines a bright light in Nik's eyes and Nikolas collapses on the floor, writhing in pain! When Nikolas begs Luke to call for a doctor, Luke disables Nik's call button and walks away instead. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Lucky tries to convince Summer that the Cassadines would know right away that she had taken the antique coin and she would probably never be able to sell it. While Summer remains unconvinced, Lucky decides that they can get out of the wine cellar if Lucky shorts out the electricity on that side of the estate. However, when Lucky shorts out the electricity and they hear someone coming, they are shocked when it is Luke who strolls in. Luke fills Lucky and Summer in on what Luke discovered when he visited Laura. Luke announces to Lucky that the Spencer~Cassadine war is on again and Lucky insists that Luke is just being foolish. After Lucky talks Luke out of the idea of setting fire to Wyndemere, Lucky suggests that, since Summer's brother has obviously had some kind of dealings with the Cassadines, that their best bet at getting to the bottom of whatever it was that Nikolas was doing would be by helping Summer find her brother.

At Sonny's Penthouse, Sonny orders Jason to execute Ric, but demands to know first WHAT it is that Ric wants with Sonny. Ric tells Sonny that Sonny has known from the beginning. As Jason cocks his gun and takes aim at Ric, Taggert arrives at the door and loudly demands that Sonny open up right away and answer questions. Jason puts away his gun and, when he enters, Taggert informs Jason that Fowler is dead and, since Jason almost killed Fowler on the docks, Jason is the prime suspect. Taggert informs Jason that it was Courtney who opened the dumpster and discovered Fowler's body. When Taggert demands to know where Jason has been, Sonny and Jason are both stunned when Ric suddenly insists that Ric and Jason had been together, looking at some property they were considering buying to build a new warehouse. Ric then begins to demand warrants and other legitimate reasons for Taggert to be at Sonny's Penthouse and demanding explanations! Taggert admits that he brought no warrant but, before he leaves in disgust, Taggert warns Ric to think twice about his involvement with Sonny because Ric COULD end up in the same kind of trouble as Sonny's former attorney ~ Alexis Davis! After Taggert leaves, Sonny demands to know what Ric thought he was doing by offering an alibi for Jason. Ric points out that IF Ric WERE Faith's silent partner, the smart thing for Ric to do would have been for Ric to admit to Taggert that the police had interrupted Sonny and Jason getting ready to murder Ric. Ric again insists that he only wants to be helpful to Sonny and to be a part of his organization and assures Sonny that Ric has NO ulterior motive. Sonny pretends to accept Ric's story and, after the two shake hands, Ric leaves. But, after Ric is gone, Sonny and Jason agree that whoever killed Fowler was sloppy. When Jason asks if he should go ahead and pull the trigger on Ric, Sonny announces that Sonny now has a better idea about eliminating Ric. Sonny suggests that Ric COULD be a FED, but, what Ric is doing seems personal ~ and they will need to be careful in setting a trap for Ric. In the meantime, Courtney tells Carly that Coleman's bartender saw Fowler put something in Carly's drink at Jake's. Carly heads to Ric's Place and angrily accuses Ric of using a date-rape drug on her. Carly insists that Ric and Faith were working in cahoots and, after Faith's goon slipped the drug to Carly, Ric arrived and played the hero so that Carly would leave with him. Ric insists that he has no idea what Carly is talking about and that Ric would have no way of knowing what Fowler had been doing before Ric arrived on the scene. Carly hysterically attacks Ric, but Ric accuses Carly of looking for a way to cover her back with Sonny and inventing the whole date-rate drug scenario to have an excuse for getting rid of the baby if Carly discovers that Ric IS the baby's father! Carly angrily repeats that Sonny IS the father of her child, and storms out of Ric's room.

Later, Jason stops by Kelly's to reassure Courtney that he is OK. Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Scott orders Taggert to FIND some evidence to tie Jason to Fowler's murder. At the same time, Ric meets with Faith and she asks WHY Ric did not just give Jason's gun to Taggert. Ric replies that he is waiting for the right time ~ but that the gun IS Jason's gun and is covered with Jason's prints! When Carly returns to the Penthouse, Sonny tells Carly that Ric is NOT who Carly believes that he is, that Sonny is positive that Ric is hiding something and that Sonny is close to finding out WHAT it is that Ric is hiding!

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Zander spends the night with Emily in her bedroom. She wakes up first and watches him sleep. He wakes up to find her crying. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him she is happy to have him with her. Edward goes on a rampage when he barges into Emily's room to find her in bed with Zander. Emily is totally upset by his intrusion into her room without knocking first. Edward calls for Alan and Monica to come to her room. They are surprised to see Zander in bed with her too but don't say anything when they realize how loud and insulting Edward is to Zander and her. They argue with Edward and go downstairs. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman gets into a town car and the driver tells her he will get to the Quartermaine estate as soon as possible. She gets inside and pats the leg of a mysterious man. Skye orders the maid to leave her with baby Kristina in her stroller. Ned is on the stairs and overhears Skye coo to the baby and tell her how special she is to the family. Ned is touched by her words. Skye thinks he is upset with her at first for being alone with the baby but he doesn't say anything. When Edward, Alan and Monica come downstairs and are arguing loudly, Ned ushers Skye over with the baby to keep her away from the arguing. Zander and Emily come downstairs dressed shortly afterwards. Emily makes it clear to Edward that she will do what she pleases with Zander since she is of age after he threatens to have Zander arrested for defiling her. AJ shows up and asks what is going on. AJ passes judgment on Zander for sleeping with Emily and having a criminal background. Zander reminds AJ that he is an arsonist and not any better than him. Their arguing is interrupted by a doorbell. Reginald answers the door and in walks none other than Tracy Quartermaine, Ned's mother. Everyone is left speechless and dismayed by her entrance. Edward tells her that she is not welcome in his home after what she did. Tracy dismisses his lecture to her and begins right in with the insults to everyone she approaches. Skye had gone into the other room to take the baby to some place quiet. Tracy makes a remark to her and Skye zings her with an insult right back about her age. Monica gets fed up when Tracy insults Emily because she is adopted and was originally some poor "orphan." Monica threatens bodily harm to Tracy if she doesn't start treating Emily with respect. Monica suggests that Emily go upstairs and she will be there shortly. Ned suggests that Zander go home and catch up to Emily later. Zander complies since he works for Ned and likes him. Tracy ushers her son in and introduces him to everyone. He is shy but polite to everyone and seems pleased to be reintroduced to his older brother, Ned. Ned gives him the keys to one of the cars out front and gives him permission to take a ride and get acquainted with the town. Tracy tries to make herself at home while Edward tries to throw her out. She uses Dillon to get some sympathy but no one buys it. Lila comes downstairs and is happy to see her. Tracy asks Lila to let her stay at the mansion for a little while and that she is in trouble and needs the family's help. Later, Zander comes back to the mansion but comes through the window of Emily's bedroom and catches her injecting some drug into her arm from some clear bottle. He asks her what she is doing. Emily is surprised to see him but can't disguise something is wrong with her.

Maxie and Lucas put valuables away from the shelves in her house to keep them from being broken while she plans to have a party at her home. Georgie shows up and upsets Maxie. Maxie asks her why she isn't with her friend, spending the night like planned. Georgie tells her that her friend is sick and so she is staying home and helping out with the party. Maxie resents her intrusion and tells her she can't stay for the party and suggests she go to some other friend's house for a sleepover instead. Georgie refuses to go anywhere since it is her house. Georgie tells them she met some guy at some cyber cafe near the college and she was going to invite him to the party as her date. Maxie accuses her of lying about a guy and embarrasses her in front of Lucas. It is mentioned that Felicia is in Texas right now. Georgie goes stomping up the stairs but stays there and overhears Lucas chide Maxie for being so mean to her and that she is only a kid. Georgie heads to Kelly's to get away from Maxie. She sees Bobbie at one of the tables doing paperwork. She sits down and complains about wanting to go to some party but not being able to because everyone treats her like she is a kid. Bobbie tries to comfort her and tells her that she thinks she is more mature than Maxie and Lucas, even though they are a couple of years older than her. Georgie tells her she is sick of being considered goody two-shoes and that she will never attract a boy if she is always in the books. Bobbie tells her that growing up is a cycle she has to go through. Later, she panics when she can hear Maxie and Lucas laughing on their way into Kelly's. She hurries out of her seat and looks for a guy. She sees a guy at the payphone and goes up to him and asks him to do her a favor and she will explain later. He nods his head in bewilderment so Georgie kisses him hard on the lips just as Maxie and Lucas walk in and see it. The guy happens to be none other than Ned's younger brother Dillon.

Jason watches and waits outside of Kelly's and spots Ric coming downstairs from his room to talk and kiss Liz. Ric spots him and goes outside to confront him. He asks Jason if he is spying on him now. Jason justs stands there and scowls at him. Ric taunts Jason and brags about how he now has Sonny's trust and that he works for him and suggests that Jason may be the real trader. When Ric questions Jason's loyalty to Sonny and makes a snide remark about Courtney, Jason punches him in the stomach and grabs him by the collar and slams him against the doors at Kelly's and warns him to never question his loyalty to Sonny. Ric makes a remark about how he needs him as his alibi and that if he doesn't stop it he may find himself charged with murder. Ric takes off and Liz comes out and asks him what he did to Ric. Jason warns her to stay away from Ric and that he is bad news and can't be trusted. Liz tells him she doesn't believe a word that he says. Ric goes to his new apartment to unpack. He looks lovingly at some photo of some woman but a knock on the door interrupts him. It is Liz who comes early to see his new place. Ric is dismayed when Liz mentions how she doesn't know much about him and wants to know more about him and thinks his new place may uncover things about him she doesn't know. Ric distracts her from probing by kissing her and later they make love in the living room. Liz goes to the kitchen to fix some food and drink for them and Ric gets a phone call. Meanwhile, Courtney gets a visit from Coleman at her loft. He tells her he made some inquiries about Faith and feels he has to warn her that Faith is going to have her killed. Courtney goes to the hotel and stands outside Faith's room, which is locked. She pretends to be Faith's sister when a hotel employee walks by her room. He lets her in to wait for Faith. She searches the hotel room and is startled when a hand comes out and grabs her from behind and to keep her from screaming. It turns out to be Jason. He asks her what she is doing there. Courtney explains her visit from Coleman. Jason tells her to let him handle Faith. They hear the door turning so he rushes them into the closet to hide. Faith comes into her room and makes a call to room service first. She makes another call to Ric. Ric isn't pleased she called him with Liz there. He tells her he will take care of Morgan and for her to do her own thing. He doesn't know that Liz overheard him talking to Faith. Liz tries to make some excuse about having a class she forgot about and having to leave. He notices how jumpy she is and detains her and asks her what she overheard. Faith notices something different about the closet in her room and pretends to be talking on the phone still while she gets her gun out of her purse on the bed. Jason tries to figure out who she is talking to and what it is about. Faith points the gun at the closet and shoots it several times with bullets.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Tracy pleads with Lila to persuade the others to let her stay with them at the mansion. Lila warns her that if she does anything to cause trouble in the family she will make her leave at once. Tracy promises to be good. The other members of the family aren't convinced. Edward doesn't believe she isn't planning something against the family. Ned is left alone with her and tells her that he is happy and thankful everyday that she isn't in his life and accuses her of being selfish and self-centered and hopes that his brother Dillon doesn't suffer like he did growing up. Tracy is upset a little at hearing Ned's resentment of her and lack of faith in her ability to raise Dillon. Tracy gets Skye alone in the hallway. She tells her that she knows the truth about her and claims that Skye isn't a true Quartermaine and explains that she knows about Rae Cummings little secret rendevous with some man other than Alan and how she tried to pass the child off as a Quartermaine and how Edward paid her to go away. Skye doesn't believe it but Tracy tells her that it can be easily proven and demands that she had over $5 million to her or she will blab what she knows about her true parentage. Tracy guesses that Skye wants to stay being considered a Quartermaine and will pay up to keep her quiet. Meanwhile up in Emily's room, Zander confronts Emily about her drug use and catches trying to use a needle and syringe. She denies that she did anything serious but Zander insists she tell him the truth so he can help her get back into rehab for her drug problem. Emily refuses to tell him the truth so Zander goes searching for the drugs in her bureau drawers. She tries to stop him from finding the other drug bottles and needles. Zander doesn't want to fight with her and kisses her passionately to get her to calm down and listen to him. He tells her he loves and wants to help her through this. Emily tries to fight off his concern and yells at him to leave her alone. Monica hears them arguing vehemently and barges in to tell Zander to let go of her daughter. Zander tells her he loves Emily and that it is between them. Monica starts accusing him of rough handling her daughter and bringing his problems on her again. Emily defends Zander as best she can and asks him to leave so she can talk to her mother alone. Zander leaves but tells her this isn't finished yet. Emily tells her that the love between her and Zander is there and that things are just harder now because of it. Monica comforts her instead of lecturing her. Emily finds Zander outside Kelly's and approaches him to apologize for her behavior earlier. Zander tells her that she needs to be in rehab right now and wants to help her through it. Emily tells him that by sending her to rehab, he will not be able to see her everyday. She tells him she needs to do this on her own and wants him to be there to support her each day. Zander embraces her and tells her he will be there every step of the way. Dillon comes back to the mansion and questions why Tracy would want to live in a place where everyone hates her. Tracy laughs and tells him not to worry and that she does what she pleases and he will be like that when he gets older.

Georgie is surprised when she finds herself kissing a total stranger in front of Maxie and Lucas at Kelly's. Lucas asks her what is going and who she is kissing. When Lucas asks for his name, Dillon introduces himself using the Quartermaine name. Lucas doesn't believe he is a Quartermaine and Georgie is surprised by his name. Dillon tells them his father's name is Paul Hornsby. Lucas wonders why he doesn't use Hornsby as his last name since it is his dad's name. Dillon doesn't have an answer but that his mother is Tracy Quartermaine, Edward's daughter, and that Ned is his older half-brother. Lucas is still suspicious of him. They leave to set up the party. Georgie explains to Dillon about her strained relationship with her sister and how she doesn't want to go to her sister's party alone and asks him to go with her and help her deal with the other partygoers. Dillon advises her to pretend that each person is a character from a movie to help relieve tension. He takes her to the party at her house. Kyle, the guy who defamed Maxie at school crashes the party. Georgie tells Maxie about it but Maxie is too drunk to care if he is there. Georgie has a fun time talking to Dillon about movie characters. However, later, Mac shows up at the house unexpectedly and sends everyone home and makes them leave their car keys behind to pick up tommorrow. Georgie suggests to Dillon that he get going before Mac questions him. After everyone leaves except Lucas, Mac questions them about the party and underage drinking. Maxie and Lucas lie and tell him that they were just hanging out and a bunch of people from school had a party down the street earlier and came with the alchohol. Mac finds a small bottle of hard liquor and suggests to Lucas not to lie to the police like his Uncle Luke does all the time. Maxie tries to explain things to Mac but her speech is very slurred and Mac waits patiently for an explanation. Lucas lies to him and tells him that Maxie ate some Thai food that didn't agree with her and has been feeling strangely all night. Mac doesn't buy it. The phone rings and Mac answers it. He announces to them that it is Felicia. He doesn't tell her about what the girls have been up to. After he gets off the phone with her he announces that he is moving back in. Maxie tells him that they are old enough to stay home by themselves but Mac just laughs in her face and tells her that he is moving in anyway. Georgie suggests helping Maxie to get upstairs to go to bed. Mac tells them they will discuss it later and wants an explanation.

Faith pretends to be still on the phone and grabs her gun and shoots her closet full of bullet holes. She approaches the closet and opens it up slowly. Jason is on the other side with a gun pointed at her head and he grabs her gun as well. Faith dares him to shoot her in front of Courtney. Jason has a hard time focusing with Courtney in the room. A hotel security guard bangs on the door, demanding they answer it. Jason motions to Courtney to answer the door while pushes Faith inside the bathroom at gunpoint. Courtney pretends to be her sister and that they were watching the movie "Scarface" and that they had it pretty loud. He questions her relationship to Faith untile Jason makes Faith go help her get rid of the security guard. Jason tries to find out who her silent partner is but leaves without killing her. Meanwhile, Ric is puzzled when Liz makes some excuses to leave right away. Ric stops her from leaving and asks her what she overheard. He makes up some story about talking to Sonny's new accountant on the phone and handling Jason had to do with business. Liz buys his story but questions what his true feelings for her are. He tells her she is the best thing in his life right now and wants it to stay that way. Shortly after Liz leaves his place, Faith shows up to tell him what Jason did back at her hotel. Ric threatens to kill her if she decides to reveal to Sonny who her silent partner is. Faith tells him that they have to get rid of Jason now before he kills her like he almost did. Ric tells her he will help ruin Jason and suggests she keep away from Sonny and Jason. Faith questions why he hasn't used the physical evidence they manufactured and brought it to the police yet to get Jason charged. Ric threatens to harm her if she goes to anyone and tells them his plan. At the loft, Jason tells Courtney that he couldn't kill Faith in front of her because he was afraid she would start to think badly of him. Courtney tries to reassure him that she doesn't mind what he has to do since he is protecting her brother and his family. Jason thanks her for saying that but leaves her place.

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