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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on GH
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Monday, April 28, 2003

When Michael asked about AJ, Carly explained to him that some fathers were connected to their children biologically and others were connected by love. She told him that although AJ had helped her make him, that Sonny would always be his father through love, which was the most important thing. Carly reassured Michael that Sonny would love the new baby just as much but not more. Later when Leticia dropped Michael off at a birthday party, Michael lied and told her that Carly was going to pick him up. Michael entered the house unseen and left once the car had pulled away. He went to the Quartermaine mansion, where a stunned AJ answered the door.

Tracy told Dillon that while she was leaving, he must stay behind and take his place in the family. Dillon insisted on going with her, but Tracy told him she had business to attend to and promised to come back for him when it was complete. She claimed that Edward had requested that he stay. Dillon reluctantly agreed and they shared an emotional goodbye. Edward entered and demanded to know why Dillon hadn't left with Tracy. Frustrated by his reaction, Dillon grabbed the phone, saying he'd find Tracy's destination and catch up with her. Ned stopped him. While the family argued over the matter, Ned came to Dillon's defense and told him that he was welcome there. Ned asked everyone to leave Dillon alone and not hold Tracy's faults against him. As they all started arguing again, Dillon slipped quietly away up the stairs.

Ric held Jason at gunpoint, threatening to shoot a tied-up Courtney if he did not drop his gun. Jason released his gun. Ric ordered Jason to tell Sonny to go to Martha's Vineyard and then knocked him unconscious.

Sonny pressed Faith for information on Ric's whereabouts. Faith pleaded with Sonny to believe her that Ric's family had a house on Martha's Vineyard and that he probably would go there to hide. She told him about the painting of the house in Ric's apartment. Sonny broke into Ric's apartment, finding Jason unconscious on the floor. Jason awoke and told Sonny that Ric had Courtney. Jason asked Sonny what significance Martha's Vineyard had. Sonny recognized the house in the painting and had flashbacks of time spent there with his mother as a boy. Jason wanted to go after Ric and Courtney, but Sonny insisted on going alone, fearful that Jason would only get Courtney killed. Ric called Sonny and told him that Courtney was hidden somewhere that only Ric could find.

Liz went to the penthouse and demanded that Carly confess to lying about Ric raping her. Surprisingly cool, Carly told Liz that Ric was a liar and a rapist and had deceived them both. Liz would not be convinced and berated Carly for telling a lie that would get Ric killed. Carly told Liz that she had been drugged and Ric had violated her while she was unconscious. Jason burst in and announced that Courtney had been kidnapped. He turned to Liz and demanded that she tell him everything she knew about where Ric might be.

Monica begged Emily to consider traditional treatment for her breast cancer. Emily refused, insisting that she would not die a piece at a time. Monica convinced her to have a lumpectomy while continuing her alternative treatment. Emily snuck away to Zander's where they made love. Emily managed to continue hiding her illness from Zander but became upset when he told her she had a perfect body.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Michael told AJ that Sonny is his real father. AJ began to tell Michael that he is his father and that Sonny stole him, but Skye intervened. She took Michael aside and reassured him that nobody would ever take him away from his family. She told him that he would always be welcome at the Quartermaines and offered to show him baby Kristina. Skye called Carly to tell her that Michael was there. Carly went straight to the Quartermaines and, relieved to see Michael, told him not to believe anything that AJ had told him. AJ and Carly argued on the staircase in an eerily familiar scene.

Jason demanded that Liz tell him where Ric would have taken Courtney. Liz refused to believe that Ric would have kidnapped Courtney or raped Carly, but she told Jason that she didn't know where he would go anyway. Jason told her to leave. Jason and Carly went through the file Jason had found in Ric's apartment. Jason found several papers about mines that Ric's family owned, and suspected that Ric may have taken her to an un-numbered mine called "Adella." He went there and found Courtney on the ground, knocked unconscious from a fall while trying to climb out. She awoke, thrilled to find that Jason had come to her rescue. She told him she was okay but very sore. Suddenly the walls started to crumble and fall on top of them.

Jax had another prostitute at his suite, but he sent her away so he could close a business deal. Jax asked Ned to offer Skye a job at ELQ. Ned was reluctant but eventually agreed.

Luke, Lucky, and Summer continued their search for Matthew. Luke went to a local bar with a picture of Matthew and asked if anyone had seen him. Luke questioned a woman who tried to slip away when she saw him passing around the picture of Matthew. She denied ever having seen him and got away from Luke. Later Summer ran into the woman, and it was obvious that they knew each other well.

Zander could not convince Emily to stay the night. Puzzled at her odd behavior, he worried about her passing out again while outside alone. Monica showed up looking for Emily. Zander told her that Emily had been there but had left. Monica realized from his concern for Emily that he truly loved her. She told him that Emily was going through a difficult battle and would need him by her side. Monica later found Emily back at the hospital. She asked Emily to tell Zander about her illness, but Emily insisted that she owed it to him to set him free.

Sonny arrived at the house on Martha's Vineyard. Ric came up behind him with a gun, and held him at gunpoint while asking him about his memories of what had happened there. Sonny remembered that his mother fell down the stairs after struggling with him to put on a jacket. Sonny demanded to know why Ric cared about his childhood. Ric told Sonny that Ric's father was Adella's boss. As Ric started talking about Adella, Sonny became angry and managed to wrestle the gun away from Ric. Sonny told Ric that he would die for raping Carly. Ric told Sonny that they are brothers.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

At the Hospital, Alexis thanks Cameron for championing her cause with the Judge, but Cameron warns Alexis that he might NOT be able to cover for her the next time she makes a foolish choice regarding her baby. Nikolas arrives and, taking Alexis aside, Nikolas tells Alexis that he needs her to act like a Cassadine. When Alexis realizes that Nikolas wants Alexis' help in protecting Laura from Luke, Alexis warns Nikolas to just leave Luke alone. Cameron warns BOTH Nikolas AND Alexis that, IF Alexis lets herself get mixed up in a Spencer family power struggle, Alexis could STILL lose custody of her daughter! Alexis promises to call Nikolas. Later, when Cameron warns Alexis again, Alexis blasts Cameron for meddling in her life. Later, Alexis meets with Ned and explains her frustration about Cameron. But Ned accuses Alexis of repeating history ~ running away from a good man who cares about her! Later, Alexis spots Cameron, dining with a beautiful woman at the restaurant.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Skye is stunned when Edward announces that Skye is no longer on the ELQ Board. Meanwhile, on the stairs, Carly runs up to tell Michael to never believe anything that AJ tells him. AJ runs up the stairs after Carly and insists that it is time for Carly to stop telling lies to Michael. When AJ grabs Carly's arm, Carly pulls away and nearly falls, but AJ stops her fall. Edward and Skye hear the commotion and rush out to find that Michael is in the house. Edward tries to invite Michael to come visit any time, but Carly is eager to hustle Michael out of the house. When AJ begins to explain that Michael wanted to know if he was AJ's son, Skye harshly warns AJ that she has heard enough! Skye tries to explain to Carly that Michael came on his own and was trying to understand about biological fathers, but Carly refuses to listen. Edward threatens to call Social Services to report that Carly is letting Michael run all over town alone ~ and at night! After Carly leaves with Michael, Edward blasts AJ for letting Michael slip through his fingers again. When Skye suggests that Michael MIGHT be better off WITHOUT the Quartermaines, Edward insists that Michael is EAGER to come home to the Quartermaine Mansion! After Edward leaves, AJ blasts Skye for reinforcing Carly's false statements to Michael about the little boy's paternity. As AJ and Skye argue, AJ reminds Skye that, when Skye believed she was AJ's sister, the two of them were both on the same team. But, since Skye learned she is NOT a Quartermaine, Skye has become like everyone else in turning against AJ AJ confesses that he does NOT know Skye any more ~ and storms away. Skye heads for the sitting room and begins to guzzle booze. Ned arrives to offer Skye a job at ELQ, but Skye drunkenly insults Ned, calling him 'Little Edward!" Ned admits the job offer was Jax's idea and suggests that Skye call Jax. Skye visits Jax later and lets him know that she appreciates his offer, but can NOT take it ~ declaring instead that it is time for Skye to learn who she is without relying on either the Quartermaines OR the Chandlers for her identity! Skye and Jax say good-bye, but promise to stay in touch.

In the abandoned mine shaft, Jason pulls Courtney to safety only minutes before the shaft collapses. Once Courtney and Jason are above-ground, Courtney admits that she has pain in her ribs and Jason insists that Courtney rush to the Hospital. Later, at the Hospital, Carly joins Jason and Courtney and reports that she has NOT heard from Sonny, so Jason rushes away to the Lansing Summer cottage. Carly promises to stay with Courtney.

On the run, Lucky tries to discourage Luke from tagging along on the search for Summer's brother, but Luke convinces Lucky that Lucky NEEDS Luke's help! Meanwhile, at a local cafe, Summer plays up to Sonia, a friend of Summer's brother, attempting to learn if Sonia knows where Matthew is. Later, Luke and Lucky spot Summer flirting openly with Sonia and Luke takes the opportunity to search Sonia's purse. Luke finds a coin, identical to the coin Summer attempted earlier to steal from Nikolas's safe. In the meantime, Nikolas assures a mysterious stranger that he is exploring some other sources of funding. When Summer gives Sonia the slip, she runs into Luke and Lucky, who show her the coin. Meanwhile, Sonia calls Nikolas and reports that all three of them took the bait! However, Luke suddenly appears and grabs the phone out of Sonia's hand! Luke believes he has Matthew on the other end, but it is really Nikolas on the other end of the phone call!

At the Lansing Summer Cottage, Sonny trains his gun on Ric and refuses to believe that Ric's mother was Adela. Ric challenges Sonny to go ahead and shoot Rick, explaining that, when Adela fell down the stairs at the Lansing Cottage, she was pregnant with Ric. Sonny and Adela had an argument about Sonny's coat, at the head of the stairs, and Sonny pushed Adela away and pushed Adela down the stairs. Ric goes on to explain that Adela worked for Ric's father, Trevor; that they were in love and, when Adela learned she was pregnant, Trevor and Adela planned to marry. Trevor had already filed for a divorce from his wife by the time that Trevor, Adela and Sonny arrived at the cottage to spend the summer. Ric insists that Trevor truly loved Adela and would have taken care of her and, IF Adela HAD stayed with Trevor, Adela would NEVER have suffered the way she did when she went on to marry Deke Woods! Sonny remembers Adela talking about being a family with Trevor. Ric accuses Sonny of being jealous of the time Adela spent with Trevor and insists that Sonny pushed Adela down the stairs to get rid of her baby so Trevor would go away. Sonny insists that his mother would NEVER have had an affair with her boss, but Ric goes on to relate that, when Trevor tried to explain that Adela could NOT come take care of Sonny because she was in the Hospital, Sonny attacked Trevor! When Adela got out of the Hospital, Trevor told Adela that Sonny was too dangerous to have around a newborn baby and demanded that Adela give Sonny up for adoption. When Adela refused, Adela signed legal custody of Ric over to Trevor as soon as Ric was born and then Adela disappeared. Ric explains that Trevor stayed with his wife and she agreed to raise Ric, although she always resented that Ric was Adela's child. Ric describes growing up with nannies while his father spent most of his time at the office, still grieving the loss of Adela. Ric declares that Adela chose a life of poverty and violence and eventually died, all because she chose Sonny instead of a life with Trevor ~ who loved her! When Sonny accuses Ric of raping Carly, Ric gleefully reports that he NEVER touched Carly, but Carly WAS all over Ric. Ric points out that Sonny IS living up to Trevor's prediction for Sonny ~ that Sonny was capable of ruthlessly killing his own brother in cold blood over something that NEVER actually happened! Ric points out that Ric did NOT really have to do anything to destroy Sonny because Sonny is capable ONLY of destroying those he loves! Sonny cocks his gun, but is not able to pull the trigger. Jason suddenly arrives and Sonny reports to Jason that Sonny can't pull the trigger because Ric is apparently Sonny's brother. Jason declares: "He isn't mine!" and cocks his gun at Ric's head. From a distance away, a gunshot is heard at the cottage!

Thursday, May 1, 2003

Alexis watches Cameron eating dinner with a blonde woman. Cameron pretends not to see Alexis and laughs and talks to his date. Alexis studies her law books and tries to ignore them but can't hide her jealousy at seeing Cameron with another woman. She decides to leave but Scott sees her as he comes into the Port Charles Grill and decides to harass her. He asks her if she is eating with her other personality and asks her how many felonies she has committed today. Alexis asks Scott to not make a scene and leave her alone. Scott refuses to back off and starts harrassing her about her involvement in helping Nikolas get a restraining order against Lucky and Luke. Alexis tells him that she isn't practicing law and is only giving her nephew personal advice only and that she asked Nikolas to drop the restraining orders against the Spencers. Scott doesn't believe her and threatens to report her to the judge. Cameron watches the whole scene and decides to step in after his date recognizes Alexis and knows he is her therapist. Cameron asks Scott to leave the premises and stop harrassing his client. Scott doesn't stop right away until Cameron starts delving into his history with women. He asks Scott about what kind of relationship he has with his mother. Scott informs him that his mother is deceased and that he as a stepmother Gail, who is a psychiatrist like him at GH. Cameron apologizes about that but mentions that kids of psychiatrists usually end up screwed up too. Alexis can't help but laugh at Cameron's tactics to get Scott to back off. After Scott leaves, Alexis thanks Cameron for helping her even though she could have handled Scott on her own very well. Cameron ignores her comment and goes back to his date. Alexis storms off when she notices that Cameron isn't listening to her and brushed her off. She goes to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas informs her that because of Helena's costly schemes, the Cassadine fortune is in jeopardy unless he can liquidate some of their assetts. Alexis asks him if Stefan knows the trouble they are in. He tells her he isn't sure he wants to involve him quite yet. Alexis asks him to drop the restraining orders against Luke and Lucky. Nikolas doesn't give her an answer. Alexis looks a little on edge and this concerns Nikolas who asks her what is wrong. She mentions that Cameron has been harrassing her. Nikolas offers to have Cameron fired but Alexis tells him not to do that because then Cameron will know where to find her and harrass her at home anyway. Nikolas gets a call later from the woman in South America who knows Summer's brother Matt. She tells that Luke and Lucky now have the coin. Nikolas is pleased and tells her to stay out of it and let Summer finish the rest. The woman had tried to get away earlier from Luke and Lucky. Luke tells her he knows she is lying but can't get any information from her. Luke takes her cell phone away and thinks it is Matt on the end of the line and calls to him over the phone but Nikolas just stays silent and then hangs up. Summer asks Luke and Lucky to leave the woman alone and that they are just scaring her. Summer, Luke, and Lucky go to have the coin looked at by an expert. Lucky asks him who this guy is. Luke tells him he is an old acquaintance of his that he can trust and who is also a fence. The fence tells them that the coin is worth $50,000. He also tells them that the coin is rare and that others are sold like this one over the black market. Summer guesses that some Guideon guy who is fencing these type of coins could be her brother who she explains is always out to get rich quick and always fails most of the time. She walks off. Luke and Lucky know she is hiding something about the coin but Luke finds her transparency amusing. Lucky had tried to find out from Summer what she is keeping secret from them about the coin they found in the woman's purse that is identical to the coin in Nikolas'safe that she stole. She doesn't tell him much. Nikolas meets with some mysterious man who he asks about their plan. The man hands him over some type of small felt container to hold a coin.

Jason comes into the house on Martha's Vineyard to find Sonny holding a gun to Ric. He asks him what is going on and why he hasn't shot Ric yet. Sonny tells him that Ric is his brother and that he can't shoot him despite what he has done to them. Jason is in disbelief about that information and pulls him gun on Ric. He tells Ric that he isn't his brother and cocks the gun. As Jason is about to shoot Ric, Sonny pushes Jason away before he can do it and the gun goes off in the other direction. Jason grabs Ric and puts him in a choke hold on the chair. Sonny orders him to leave Ric alone and not kill him. Jason hesitates but lets him go. Jason asks Sonny why he is letting him go. Sonny tells him he can't kill Ric even if he did rape Carly and kidnap Courtney and let her almost die. Ric denied raping Carly and that he just wanted her to think they had sex so he could blackmail her. Sonny relays that information to Jason, who doesn't know what to believe about Ric. Ric leaves. Sonny explains about how Ric is suppose to be his brother and how Sonny thinks it is probably true since he is starting to have recollections of what happened at this house when he was a young boy. He remembers that Ric's father Trevor hated him and wanted Sonny's mother to choose between her two sons. She chose Sonny over Ric, and Ric hates him for it because of how her life turned out with Deke later. Sonny tells Jason that he can't kill Ric because he is his mother's child and that he loved his mother enough not to do that in honor of her memory. Jason understands but still feels that he should take care of him himself. Sonny tells him he can't do that and that they will just have to stop him another way and protect their family. Jason returns home and brings flowers to Courtney at GH. Carly had stayed with Courtney until she told her to go home. Carly had run into Bobbie, who tried to find out what had happened to Courtney and mentions how tight-lipped Jason was when he brought into the hospital. Carly follows his lead and doesn't tell her anything. She admits to Bobbie that she doesn't know where Sonny is right now and tells her about Michael's visit to the Quartermaines to talk to AJ Carly tells her she is just going to concentrate on the baby and not on what Sonny is into right now. Carly goes home and falls asleep on the couch in the living room when Sonny comes home. Sonny wakes her up to tell her what happened with Ric. He tells her that Ric is his brother and what Ric accused him of. Carly tells him that he isn't to blame for what happened with his mother and that Ric's father Trevor wasn't any prize if he asked her to give him up for adoption and marry him and raise Ric instead. Carly is stunned when Sonny tells her what Ric said about their not being any rape and that he never touched her but wanted her to think they had sex. Carly can't believe Sonny would believe Ric over what she said. Sonny calms her and tells her that he wants Ric dead but he can't kill him because he is his mother's son. Carly tries to be understanding but has a hard time. Sonny falls asleep laying on the couch with her. She goes over to the desk and fingers his gun. Sonny wakes up and she goes to him to comfort him. Ric heads to his new apartment. He sees the portrait of the house on Martha's Vineyard and remembers what happened there and looses his temper and throws things off the table. Liz turns on the lights and comes over to Ric and slaps him across the face hard and accuses him of lying and using her to get to Sonny. Ric tries to explain that she wasn't part of the plan and that he loves her. She doesn't believe him and confronts him about raping Carly. Ric tells her there wasn't a rape and that he only wanted Carly to think they had sex so he could blackmail her and that Fowler was the one who drugged her. Liz doesn't believe him and is about to storm out when Faith is on the other side of the door ready to knock. Liz accuses Ric of sleeping with Faith to get to Sonny as well. Liz takes off as Ric tells her he loves her. She doesn't believe him. Faith tells him she came over to talk to him about their deal. Ric tells her they have no deal anymore and that they are no longer partners. He tells her he will destroy Sonny on his own and has something else in store for him. Meanwhile, Jason brings flowers to Courtney at GH. She asks him how Sonny is and what happened with Ric. He tells her Sonny is home and safe and that Ric is still alive on Sonny's orders because he is suppose to be his brother now and Sonny can't kill him because of their mother. He fills her in on what is going on. Jason tells her that Ric isn't dead yet but he says it cryptically enough that he has a plan for him and assures her that Ric will never get near her again.

Friday, May 2, 2003

Maxie talks to her friend on the phone while Georgie and Lucas are cleaning the house. Mac comes home and makes her end the conversation on the phone and reminds her she is grounded and needs to clean the rest of the house in exchange for him not telling Felicia and Bobbie about the party they had at the house. Maxie accuses Mac of being a dictator but Mac doesn't care. Maxie tells Georgie she will finish vacuuming and tells her to dust. Mac interrupts and tells Georgie she has done enough and can go out and have some fun. Georgie looks on with amusement as Maxie is forced to stay home and she can leave. Georgie goes to Kelly's and finds Dillon sitting alone. She goes over and sits with him and asks him why he isn't gone with his mother. He tells her she left him to live with the rest of the family while she took off. They talk and have fun. The kid Kyle who spread rumors about Maxie approaches their table and asks her if Maxie is still angry and hates him. Georgie tells him that she still kind of does. Dillon tells him to stay away from drugs and reminds him a cop is sitting at the counter. Kyle runs into Maxie outside Kelly's. She tries to brush him off. He apologizes to her for what he did. Maxie doesn't forgive him totally and dismisses him. He invites her to come to his place for a party. She doesn't give him an answer and heads into Kelly's. Lucas was not happy to find Georgie sitting with Dillon and asks her what she is doing and warns to not trust him. Georgie tells him that she approached Dillon and invited herself to sit with him. Lucas joins them. Maxie comes in and joins. Georgie makes a remark about Kyle and how Maxie needs to stay away from him. Kyle tells his buddies that he is going to get Maxie high and get her into his bed so they can videotape her for the internet.

Monica hands Emily consent forms to have a lumpectomy and a possible mastectomy if necessary done. Emily panics and thinks that her breast will end up being removed as well at the cancer. Monica tells her that she is almost positive that her breast won't have to be removed and that because they found the cancer in its early stages, it most likely won't be necessary. Emily tells her that she refuses to let them take out her breast. Monica gets paged for an emergency and tells Emily to sign the forms and leave them at the nurses' station. Emily waits until she leaves and doesn't sign the forms and leaves them at the desk. She heads to the elevator and leaves the hospital. She heads to Kelly's where she witnesses Zander grabbing a young man forcibly outside the diner and Gia trying to stop him. Zander accuses the guy of selling drugs to teens and tries to scare him away. Taggert comes upon them and grabs Zander off of the guy and lets the guy go. Zander tells Taggert that the guy was trying to sell drugs to teens and was trying to stop him. Taggert tells him he knows who the guy is and that he will not let Zander just manhandle anyone he wants to and that the police will handle it. Gia gets upset with Taggert and defends Zander to her brother. Taggert refuses to listen to her defend Zander and storms into Kelly's. Gia apologizes for her brother's behavior. Zander tells her it was nice to see someone defend him against her own brother like that. Emily witnesses their exchange. Zander takes off. Gia goes back inside Kelly's to sit and glare at Taggert from across the room. Emily goes inside and sits with Gia. Emily is touched when Gia badmouths Taggert to defend what Zander did. Gia tells her that Zander loves her so much and is so much better now that she has returned home. Emily tells her that Zander's love means everything to her. At GH, Alan asks Monica if she knows where Emily is since he couldn't find her in her room. Monica tells him she thinks she left the hospital but doesn't know where. Zander shows up to see her and Alan abruptly asks him where Emily is. Zander starts to worry and asks her where she went. Monica tells him that Emily is upset and worried about her treatment and probably left to get some air. Emily shows up a minute later and reassures them she is fine. Emily tells Zander that she has been thinking about them and thinks it would be a good idea if they gave each other some space for awhile and that he shouldn't come visit her for now. Zander asks her what she is trying to say to him.

Courtney gets a visit from Liz at GH. Liz asks her how she is and is pleasant to her. Courtney doesn't know why she is there at first. Liz tells her that she talked to Ric earlier and Courtney assumes that Liz believed every excuse Ric told her and asks her how he explained what he did to her. Liz cuts her off and tells her that Ric has been lying to her and she came to see her to get the truth. Courtney explains to her what happened and tells her that Ric is Sonny's brother and that he has been working for Sonny so he can get his revenge on him and destroy him. Liz is shocked by this news but realizes it explains so much about Ric and his actions. Meanwhile, Coleman asks one of the waitresses at Kelly's if Courtney is working today. She tells him that Courtney is in the hospital but doesn't know what for. Coleman heads to the hospital to talk to her. He brings her a bouquet of flowers. Courtney asks him what he wants with her. He asks her what happened. She tells him that Ric kidnapped her and that she fell and bruised her ribs. He tells her he came to tell her about something that she can use as leverage against Ric. He confesses to her that the night Carly was drugged and Ric came and "rescued" her from Fowler, he followed them out of the bar to a motel. He watched through a window as Ric held Carly down on the bed and waited until she passed out and started to undress her. Courtney is disgusted that Coleman sat there and watched while Ric raped Carly and did nothing about it. Coleman tells her that he doesn't condone rape and was about to call 911 but then he noticed that Ric only undressed her and put her into bed and then pulled up two chairs and laid down and watched her sleep and didn't touch her. Courtney realizes that Ric didn't rape Carly after all like they thought. Coleman tells her that he blackmailed Ric to not reveal to Carly what he witnessed not happening and that Ric paid him without question. Meanwhile, at Sonny's place, Sonny tells Carly about his mother and how Ric is sick and he can't kill him. Sonny starts to wonder if his mother would have had a better life if she chose to marry Trevor and raise Ric instead of choosing him and then going on to marry Deke. Carly tells him that he didn't do anything wrong and that Trevor had no right to make her choose. Sonny gives her a hypothetical scenario involving their unborn child. He asks her how she would feel if their baby ends up being a boy and he ended up hating Michael and that the two brothers come to blows and one wants to kill the other, what would she want the son to do in honor of her and not what he wants. She tells him she wouldn't want her sons to kill each other and would want them not to destroy each other. Michael comes home. Carly goes upstairs and grabs Sonny's gun from its box while Sonny talks to Michael about going off without permission to see AJ Sonny takes away one of Michael's privileges as a consequence for disobeying his rules. Michael asks Sonny if he will love his baby more than he will love him. Sonny reassures him he will love both his children equally and not to worry. Carly tells Sonny she is going to visit Courtney in the hospital after she drops off Michael to his swimming lesson and that Leticia will pick up Michael from swimming. As they are leaving, Mike comes in. He tells Sonny he came to see him since it has been awhile. Sonny asks him how much he knows about the man that his mother worked for, Trevor Lansing. Mike doesn't know much other than that Trevor Lansing allowed Adella to take Sonny to the man's house on Martha's Vineyard. Sonny fills him in on Ric Lansing claiming to be his brother and that he knew an awful lot about his mother and what happened at Martha's Vineyard. Mike can't believe that Adella would get involved with a married man and get pregnant by him. Sonny tells him that he is blame for why Adella didn't stay with Trevor and went on to marry Deke. Sonny goes to see Courtney at GH. He stops her from getting totally out of bed to get dressed. She tells him about Coleman's visit and what he revealed about Ric not raping Carly only undressing her and making her think they had sex.

Ric sits at the Port Charles Grill and tries to leave when he sees Faith approach him at his table. He stands up and tries to leave without talking to her. He tells her he doesn't want to work with her. Faith tells him she will not allow him to leave her twisting in the wind regarding her plan to destroy Sonny. He tells her she can do whatever she wants to do to destroy Sonny with his blessing but he doesn't trust her since she told Sonny about him when he threatened her and he can't trust her not to do it again. Scott finds them talking together. Ric denies he was doing business with Faith. Faith whispers to him that their conversation will be continued later. Scott asks him what he called him there for. Ric hands him some legal documents stating that he will be a witness against Sonny in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Scott looks at and gets suspicious of Ric's real motives. Ric informs him that Sonny is his brother and that he wants him destroyed however. Scott likes Ric's proposal and thinks they can reach a mutual goal. Sonny already told Carly that he suspects that Ric will come at him from a much different angle next time. Ric is visited later at home by Liz. Liz tells him she came to say a few things to him and then she was leaving. He offers her a drink and she declines it but asks him for a glass of water instead. She looks around his place and sees the portrait of the house and asks him about it. She tells him she knows Sonny is his brother and asks him if he was telling her the truth when he said that she was separate from what he was doing with Sonny and that she wasn't part of his plan and that he came to have feelings for her. He tells her he was telling the truth. Liz asks him that during any of the time he was plotting to destroy Sonny, did he ever think of dropping his vendetta against Sonny to just be happy with her instead. Ric tells her he did think about doing that several times but that in the end he couldn't stop his plot to get revenge on Sonny. Liz tells him that he didn't destroy Sonny but became just like him instead and then she leaves. Later, Carly comes to visit him. He lets her in. He offers her a drink and she takes it. He goes to get something from the kitchen so Carly drugs his drink. She watches him pour her a drink afterwards and then watches him drink all of his wine down in satisfaction. She starts talking to him about his childhood and how weird it is for her that he is supposed to have the same mother as Sonny. Ric starts to feel dizzy and passes out on the couch. He wakes up a little to find himself tied to a chair while Carly pulls out a gun and puts a silencer on it. He asks her what she plans to do. Carly tells him she is going to stop him from destroying Sonny.

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