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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 10, 2003 on GH
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Monday, November 10, 2003

Nikolas and Faith have a confrontation about her owning the note on the Cassadine loan. Faith then threatens him to let her use the Cassadine freighter to transport drugs. Later at the docks Nikolas assures Emily that neither Faith nor anyone else can ever take his away his future from being with her.

Jason makes a visit to Courtney and the children to beg her to come back home with him. She is determined to stay and encourages Jason to do the same. She re-establishes to Jason that she has left to keep Michael and Morgan safe and is not leaving the marriage. Jason then receives a phone call and is called away on business.

Carly opens her eyes but Tony tells Sonny that is involuntary eye movement due to emotional stress. While Sonny talks to Carly she continues to have dreams about Alcazar shooting him and closes her eyes again much to Sonny's dismay. Alcazar still watches Carly from outside her room.

At the casino Sam tried to prove to Jax that the cards are good luck to her but then proceeded to lose at cards. Jax then tries to prove that the cards mean otherwise by playing a slot machine but to their surprise he wins the grand prize which is a boat. To prove that she is still lucky he gives her the boat and they kiss. Back at the room Sam reveals to Jax that she believes in him and that they should get the cards back to his father. They then proceed to make love.

Jason shows up at Carly's ex night club and threatens Faith. Zander then pulls a gun on Jason. After Jason leaves Faith propositions Zander to become a "full service" employee and pulls him into a kiss.

A soaked Dillon and Sage go to Dillon's room to dry off when Georgie shows up at the window. Dillon immediately hides Sage under his bed but things become very tense for him as he tries to persuade a very determined Georgie out of making love right then and there.

Courtney hears a strange noise at the home and wanders outside to find an envelope left on her doorstep. Inside are old newspaper articles about Brian. Brian sends a police car to Courtney's to watch her, then focuses on a framed picture of a woman and young boy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Alone in the courtroom, Alexis is shocked when Sage bursts in and holds her at gunpoint. She explains that she is the daughter of Luis Alcazar, the man Alexis got away with killing. Dillon shows up on the scene just as Sage pulls the trigger.

In front of the judge, Luke confesses to having intentionally killed Stefan and refutes Nikolas's attempt to pardon him. Emily finds a suicide note left by Stefan, which could very easily clear Luke of murder charges. Nikolas shows the letter to Luke, who claims it's a forgery.

Jax arrives at the hospital to give his father the Dead Man's Hand, but it's too late... his father is dead. A guilt-ridden Sam recalls sabotaging Jax's car, which resulted in them being delayed in getting to John with the cards that could have saved his life. Meanwhile, Courtney learns that the house she is staying in used to be Brian's and asks him about his wife and child.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

As Jax bitterly throws the Dead Man's Hand at Samantha's feet, Samantha scrambles to gather the cards up. Jax accuses Sam of being so eager to get her hands on the cards that she doesn't seem to care about John's death. However, Samantha hands the cards back to Jax and insists the cards are for Jax. Sam reminds Jax that his father DID believe in the cards and that Jax COULD bury the cards with John or keep them as a remembrance of his father, but Jax refuses to even consider keeping the cards. After Jax goes with Jane to make final arrangements for John's memorial service, Samantha waits in John's room. When Jax returns, Samantha points out that the nurse left John's things in a bag on the bed. When Jax worries that Samantha has no place to stay, Sam insists that she is used to being alone and landing on her feet. However, Jax insists that Sam stay with him in his hotel room. Later, as Jax confides to Samantha some of his fondest memories of his father, Samantha remembers her sly trick, which disabled Jax's car and delayed Jax's rush to his father's bedside with the cards. After Jax and Sam hit the sheets, Jax receives a call from his mechanic, who reports that Jax's car was deliberately sabotaged!

In her hide-out, Courtney offers her condolences when she learns that Officer Brian's wife and son were killed by a drunk driver and he rented the house out after their deaths because he couldn't face the memories the house held for him. Courtney learns that Brian's son was the same age as Michael and thanks Brian for the interest he has taken in Michael. Later, when Courtney leaves for some hot chocolate, Brian charms Michael with stories about his son's baseball glove. When Courtney returns, Brian continues to charm Courtney as well.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Luke angrily claims that Stefan's "suicide note" is a forgery and refuses to use Stefan's note to get off the hook for Stefan's murder. Nickolas and Skye try to convince Luke to use the letter to save himself, but Luke continues to refuse. When Nikolas leaves, Luke notes happily that Nikolas passed right by Scott without giving the note to Scott. Later at Wyndemere, Nikolas talks to Emily about Stefan's suicide note, while at the PCPD, Skye continues to attempt to convince Luke to use Stefan's note to get off the hook for Stefan's murder.

As Sage brandishes a gun in Alexis's face, Dillon enters the empty court room and grabs Sage, just as Sage fires and Alexis falls to the floor. As Dillon grabs Sage's gun, Sage informs Dillon that the gun held only blanks, because all Sage wanted to do was terrify Alexis! As Lucky enters the court room with gun drawn, Dillon turns toward Lucky with Sage's gun still in his hand ~ and Lucky shoots Dillon! Officer Cappelli arrives and realizes that Dillon is NOT badly hurt and orders an ambulance, while Alexis explains that the gun held only blanks. When Dillon arrives at the Hospital, Georgie sees Dillon coming in and rushes to his side. At the same time, Lucky and Andy bring Alexis and Sage to the PCPD and Scott is surprised when Alcazar arrives to make sure that his niece is NOT charged with anything. When Alexis complains that Sage terrorized her, Alcazar reminds Alexis of her own recent separation from her daughter and reminds Alexis that his niece's separation from her father is permanent, thanks to Alexis! Lorenzo urges Alexis to find a way to forgive Sage's reckless actions. Scott orders Sage released. Meanwhile, Mac arrives at the Hospital and quizzes Dillon about the incident with Sage's gun. Dillon finally admits that he had seen Sage earlier on the Docks. Mac becomes angry when he learns that Dillon knew Sage had a gun BEFORE Sage confronted Alexis ~ but failed to notify anyone with the authority to deal with an angry teenager with a gun. Later, at PCPD, when Scott reminds Lucky that he just shot an unarmed civilian, Alexis leaps to Lucky's defense and Scott lets Lucky go with a warning. However, when Mac returns, Mac informs Lucky that he is suspended, but promises to speak in Lucky's defense at the hearing that will follow the Internal Affairs investigation. As Scott gloats at the prospect of TWO Spencers possibly on the way to jail at the same time, Skye urges Luke to speak to Lucky. But Luke refuses, declaring that his son got exactly what he said he wanted and needs to learn how to live with his choices. Later, Mac warns Lucky that, if the ONLY reason Lucky joined the Police Force was to get in his father's face, Lucky should give up his badge permanently. After Mac leaves, Skye makes an attempt to console Lucky, but Lucky confides that he is shaken by the thought that he could have accidentally killed an innocent kid, just because he failed to stop and ask the right questions before firing off a shot. After Lucky leaves the squad room, Nikolas returns with Stefan's suicide note and turns the note over to Scott. Luke sees Nikolas with Scott and urges Scott to rip Stefan's note up and throw it away. Meanwhile, Sage pays a visit to Dillon in the Hospital!

At the hospital, as Jason watches Sonny sitting beside the comatose Carly, Alan urges Jason to help Sonny deal with the fact that Carly might remain in a vegetative state indefinitely. Alan asks Jason to help convince Sonny that Sonny needs to transfer Carly to a long-term care facility and get on with his life. However, when Jason finally gets a chance to speak to Sonny, Sonny refuses to even consider sending Carly to a long-term care facility. As Sonny and Jason argue, Carly dreams that she and Lorenzo reconcile and mend the rift caused by Sonny's death. Carly dreams that she and Lorenzo live happily to a ripe old age, and see their daughter off to college, while their younger son and daughter play happily in the living room. As Bobbie, Jason, Alan and Sonny continue to discuss the prospect of sending Carly to a long-term care facility, Alcazar returns to Carly's room. As Carly dreams that she is an old woman, sitting beside her dying husband in the Hospital, Lorenzo slips in to Carly's room and speaks to her. As he speaks, Carly suddenly wakes up and is thrilled when she sees Lorenzo standing beside her, alive and well!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Luke argues with Scott and Nikolas about the letter from Stefan that supposedly exonerates Luke of murder. Luke accuses Nikolas of being up to something and that Scott is in on it. Scott tells him that forensics analyzed the letter and said that the handwriting on the letter matched with some written record signed by Stefan. Forensics also reported that Stefan's fingerprints were found on the letter as well. Luke thinks Nikolas somehow forged the letter for some reason. Nikolas tells him that as far as he is concerned the war between the Cassadines and the Spencers is over. Scott tells Luke that since he wants to be convicted of murder he doesn't want to give him what he wants. He also tells Luke that the letter shows a shadow of a doubt if it is presented at trial and he doesn't want to try a case if he knows there will be doubt in the juror's minds. Luke grumbles about being released and storms off. Skye listens to the whole thing and can't believe that Scott and Nikolas are allowing Luke to just walk off and not care about whether he goes to hurt himself. She storms out to look for him. She finds him drinking at the place where Summer died at Wyndemere. He invites her to sit on a nearby rock and listen to him. He tells her about Summer and Laura and how wonderful they were. He then acts like he wants to commit suicide himself by jumping into the rocky water himself. Skye surprises him when she turns around and tells him he is a pathetic loser who is feeling sorry for himself again instead of moving on with his life. Luke defends himself and tells her he isn't a loser and has done a lot for Port Charles and has helped outsmart the criminals that have come here. Luke realizes that Skye purposely goated him into getting out of his funk and tells her she is very good and sneaky. He loses his balance all of the sudden and almost falls off the rest of the cliff but Skye grabs him and pulls the both of the them away from the edge and on to safer territory. Luke lands on his back from the force of her knocking him down and she lands on top of him. He laughs and tells her that by saving his life as the Chinese proverb says she is responsible for him now.

Georgie catches Dillon and Sage kissing in one of the recovery rooms. She confronts them about it. Dillon tries to defend himself by claiming that Sage kissed him and not the other way around. Sage interrupts and lies to Georgie and tells her that he kissed her first. Georgie asks her to leave. She leaves but she follows her out of the room. She grabs Sage and tells her to keep away from her boyfriend. She asks her what she was doing trying to kill Alexis at the courthouse. Sage tells her that Alexis deserved it since she killed her father, Louis Alcazar. Sage tells her that she was stuck at boarding school and that she has been deprived of being with her father because of Alexis. Georgie is shocked by this news but even more shocked and upset when she finds out that Sage was hiding under Dillon's bed the other night while she was on his bed kissing him and wanting him to make love to her. Sage tells her she heard everything and thought it was funny and pathetic to listen to her plead for Dillon to take her virginity.

Jax gets a call from someone who had the car Jax had rented checked out to see what caused it to break down. He tells him that the mechanic that looked at it said someone pulled some wires from the hood and that means someone didn't want him to go anywhere. Jax hides what he found out from Sam and tells her that the call was from the funeral home concerning arrangements for his father's funeral. He decides to try to make her feel guilty by casually mentioning that if the car hadn't broken down, he may have been able to get to his father in time and prevented his death. He continues on about it. Sam tells him he needs to stop blaming himself for his father's death. Jax turns around and looks at her and tells her he blames her not himself. She realizes he found out about the car. He confronts her about pulling the wires on his rental car and preventing him from getting to his father in time. He accuses her of also seducing him to keep him from being suspicious of her. He tells her that he should have trusted his instincts and never got involved with her from the beginning. Sam doesn't deny what she did and tells him that she never would have pulled the wires on the car if she knew what would happen to his father. She also tells him that they made love and it wasn't just sex for her. He tells her that it was just sex to him to hurt her and it works. She starts to cry. Jax grabs his coat and tells her that he is leaving and when he comes back he wants her to be gone from his room. Sam writes a letter to him while he is gone. She tells him again how sorry she is for his father's death and how she wished she could have changed things. She tells him she is leaving the cards for him to prove that what she told him was partly the truth and tells him that at one point it became more than about the cards for her and wished they could have continued with their relationship. She seals the cards in the letter and places it on his pillow before she leaves. A shadow moves across the floor in front of Jax's room. Jax returns to his room to find no signs of the cards or a letter from Sam. It seems that the shadow that had moved across the floor in front of Jax's room belonged to Tracy Quartermaine who intercepted the letter from Sam and burned it and took the "dead man's hand" for herself.

A storm hits the town that Courtney is staying in with the kids. The power gets knocked out in the house. A knock on the door alarms Courtney who takes a golf club and opens the door and almost swings it at Brian who is carrying a heavy box. He asks her what happened to asking who is there when someone knocks on their door. Courtney apologizes for being overly protective but that it comes with her lifestyle back home. He tells her he came by with some supplies since he remembered that storms usually knock the power out in the house they are staying in that used to be his at one time. He hands a big flashlight to Michael to use. Courtney invites him in for coffee and cake. He tells her about the house and what he misses about it and his late wife and child. Courtney feels bad about his situation. He tells her how happy he is that she is living in his old house and how she has brought life back into it with Michael and the baby being there with her. She tells him that it is not like her life back home in Port Charles with living in a spacious penthouse across the hall from her brother and best friend. He tells her that she seems so at home in the house here and can't imagine her living anywhere else. He drops his fork on the floor as he is cleaning up the table. She gets down on the floor to pick it up at the same time he is when they end up close to each other's' faces. Brian leans in as if to kiss her but she moves her head away and tells him no. He apologizes to her for doing that and that it was inappropriate of him to try to kiss her. She tells him that she knows he didn't really mean to do it and reminds him though that she is married and loves her husband. Meanwhile, Carly wakes up while Alcazar is sitting with her. She tells him that she thought he was gone forever and that she is relieved he is alive. Alcazar is happy she is awake and puts his head down on her chest in relief. Sonny and Jason walk in and see Alcazar laying near her. Sonny realizes she is awake. Alcazar leaves the room. Jason tells her that she scared everyone to death when she didn't wake up right away. Jason goes to get a doctor. Sonny sits with her but she looks at him rather apprehensively. He tells her about how he came about accidentally shooting her when he came upon her screaming and Alcazar was right there and he thought he was hurting her and shot him. He tells her that she had their son and he helped deliver him and that he is alright and is staying out of town with Courtney. Carly listens to Sonny and touches his hair when he lays his head on her chest. She doesn't feel with it though and confides in Bobbie when they talk alone that she feels very detached from everyone around her. She tells her that she dreamed a lot when she was unconscious and that it felt like she had lived for 30 years in her dreams and not just a minute like Bobbie thought she probably felt like. While Sonny is talking to Alan about how her medical condition Alcazar sneaks in to see her. Sonny comes back in the room when he sees Alcazar go in her room. He goes in the room and grabs Alcazar and tries to physically throw him out of her room. She asks him to stop and not hurt Alcazar and vise versa. Jason returns to the cottage and sees Brian standing in the room when he arrives. He tells Courtney to pack her things and that they are coming home with him now. She looks at him and nods that she will pack. As she goes to pack, Jason tells Brian that he will now get his wish and be rid of his kind from his community now that they are leaving. Brian just smiles. Jason tells Michael about Carly waking up and how they are going home now. Carly gets a phone call from Sonny. She puts Michael on the phone to talk to Carly. Sonny gives her the phone. Carly picks it up and puts it to her ear but looks confused. Michael is all excited to talk to her and tells her that he missed her but will be coming home soon. Carly listens and pretends she is interested in what he is saying and puts on a fake smile. She also puts on a fake smile for Sonny when he mentions how happy he is that she is awake and how beautiful she is. Michael seems disturbed after talking on the phone to Carly and feels that something is wrong about her. Later, Alcazar goes in to see Carly while Sonny is out of the room. He tells her that her pulse spiked whenever he was in the room and the doctors told them that she was dreaming a lot based on her brain patterns. He guesses that she was dreaming about them a lot. She asks him how he knew and he tells her. He tells her that she must have felt his love for her when she was in the coma and that helped bring her back. He takes her hand to comfort her. Sonny talks to Bobbie about the kids and how they are coming home soon and that Carly needs her children with her right now. Bobbie agrees and is pleased that the kids are coming home.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Carly wakes up to find Alcazar sitting by her bedside. She seems disoriented about where she is. Alcazar tells her he won't leave her bedside. She tells him that he should leave since she is married. He tells her that he was the one she responded to when she was in a coma, not Sonny. She gets scared about his presence and asks him to leave and not to come back. He leaves. He goes home to find his niece Sage sitting at a chair. He tells her to pack her things and that she needs to head to the airport. She tells him she hates the boarding school she is going to when he tells her the headmistress will meet her at the airport. She pleads with him to enroll her at school in Port Charles. He is against it at first since he tells her she needs to be somewhere safe where she can be under supervision. She pleads with him to let her stay in Port Charles and promises to be on her best behavior and help clean the place for him to earn her keep. He agrees to let her stay. Faith comes over to Alcazar's uninvited. She mistakes Sage as a young hooker that he must have hired for his pleasure. He corrects her about Sage and how she is his niece. He tells Faith that he isn't interested in doing business with her right now and that he has more important things on his mind right now. She asks him if he is still pining away for Carly. He tells her to leave. She tells him that she will just have to run her little empire without him right now. Meanwhile, Dillon has a dream that Sage comes into his room dressed in a white leather nurses' outfit and kisses him. He wakes up to find his mother, Tracy standing over him after kissing his cheek. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him he failed his mission to help her with the cards. He apologizes to her but explains that he had his hands full with everyone trying to get the cards from him. She takes the "dead man's hand" out of her purse. She criticizes him for not being focused and prioritizing the cards in his life. Dillon complains about her lack of motherly instincts and feels resentful about her leaving him with his crazy family. Georgie walks in wearing her usual hospital volunteer shirt. Tracy thinks she is just some volunteer and orders her to get rid of his horrible looking breakfast and informs her that the Quartermaine family practically owns the hospital. Dillon is mortified by how badly Tracy is treating Georgie. He interrupts Tracy's tirade and tells her to stop. She looks at him and he tells her that the girl she is yelling at is his girlfriend, Georgie. Tracy looks at him in disbelief and asks him if Georgie is pregnant. Dillon can't believe her nerve and explains that he is with Georgie because he wants to be with her and that Georgie is the first person to care about him and what happens to him unlike his family. Tracy can't believe that Edward and Ned allowed him to date Georgie. Georgie tries to leave them alone to talk but Dillon wants her to stay and for Tracy to apologize to her for her behavior towards her. Tracy refuses to apologize to Georgie and asks Georgie to run along and thinks she should understand how she feels being a protective mother. Georgie makes a wise crack about how she will be leaving even though Dillon hasn't had a mother around so far to help him. Tracy tells him that she plans for him to run ELQ someday. Dillon tells her he doesn't want to work for ELQ or run it someday and has plans someday to be a film director. She tells him that won't happen and that what she needs to do now that she will be staying around for awhile is to find him a father. Dillon dresses up and Georgie asks him where he is going. He tells her he is sorry for how his mother treated her. He tells her he needs to find a job that will pay more than minimum wage so he can be financially solvent to avoid living with his mother. Georgie hugs him and worries about him. Dillon goes to see Alcazar at his apartment. He tells Alcazar that he needs a job working for him so he can afford his own place to live so he can get out from under his mother's control. Alcazar tells him he doesn't have a job for him right now but Dillon is adamant about doing anything for Alcazar to get paid well enough to live on his own. Alcazar tells him he does have a job for him after all. He tells him that his niece Sage is going to be living with him now and that he wants him to watch her while he is working. Sage comes downstairs. Dillon is floored when he realizes who Sage is related to. He reacts in disbelief when he realizes he has to keep an eye on her. He asks him if it is true that he has been hired to babysit Sage. Sage just smiles in amusement when Alcazar nods that it is true.

Jax sits and waits for his father's funeral to begin. Sam shows up to pay her respects. Jax isn't too happy to see her and tells her she isn't welcome there since she is part of the reason his father died. Sam tries to comfort him by saying some nice things about his father and what he must have been like. Jax tells her that he loved him and that to love someone means that you respect what they did in life and what they wanted. He tells Sam to go off to some casino and use the cards to help bring her some luck. Sam looks at him in confusion and tells him she doesn't have the cards and that she put the cards in a letter she left for him. Jax can't believe she could keep lying to him after everything. She insists she wrote him a letter and left the cards with him. He tells her to leave him alone. She leaves. Skye shows up and walks in the room with Jax's mother, Jane. Ned and Alexis also show up for the funeral to pay their respects to Jax and Jane. Alexis offers to help Jane if she needs her for any reason. Ned and Alexis suggest to Jax that the three of them go out and have a drink to toast John's memory. He tells them he will do that with them later. Jane tells them that John was very proud of his sons and that she told Jerry not to risk his freedom to come to the service. Jax asks to be left alone and they all leave. Jax sits by John's casket and says goodbye to his father and cries with tears of guilt as well for not being able to come through for him. Later when he is back home there is a knock on the door. He answers the door to his room to find Sam there. She tells him she tried to come and get her things but the hotel manager refused to let her in without his permission. He allows her in to get her things and asks her to leave afterward on her own since he has to call his brother and wants his privacy. Sam goes and gets her things. Tracy comes into his room, unaware that Sam is in the next room. She leaves a note and one of the cards from the "dead man's hands" with it. Sam catches her as she tries to sneak out of Jax's room quietly. She confronts Tracy about stealing the cards and the note she left him. Tracy tries to dismiss her but Sam grabs Tracy's arm and prevents her from leaving. Tracy makes a remark about how she started to read the letter she left Jax but realized it was some overly sweet and sentimental stuff. Tracy tells her that she has business with Jax that doesn't concern her anymore. She also comments on how little Sam is and that she isn't too intimidated by some "China doll." Sam threatens to punch her in the face to show how tough she can be. Jax comes in the room and tells them to stop fighting.

Jason suggests to Sonny that they wait on bringing the children to see Carly at the hospital because Carly is still pretty weak still and may not be up to a visit yet. Sonny disagrees as he watches the baby in the bassinet. Sonny thinks that Carly needs to see Morgan and Michael to help her recover faster. Jason tries to change his mind but realizes Sonny is adamant about the children visiting Carly and backs off. Courtney comes downstairs with Michael. Michael overhears Jason mention not bringing him over to see Carly right now. Michael protests to Sonny. Michael mentions how weird Carly sounded over the phone when he talked to her yesterday. Sonny reassures him that Carly can't wait to see him and Morgan. Jason motions for Michael to come over and talk to him. Sonny and Courtney watch and beam over baby Morgan. Jason tries to explain to Michael about what Carly may be feeling right now, which is confused and disoriented. Michael starts to understand better but makes Carly a card and thinks that what she really needs is a big hug from him. They all go to G.H. to see Carly. Carly feels very detached from them. Michael gives her the card he made. She tries to act happy about it and hugs him but doesn't act like herself. Courtney brings the baby over to place on the bed next to her to hold him. Carly holds him but doesn't seem very comfortable holding Morgan and complains to them that her arm is very weak and she can't hold the baby right now. Jason watches Carly's reaction and becomes concerned. Sonny also notices her detachment from the children but pretends it is normal. Michael tries to stay longer with Carly but Jason and Sonny tell him that Carly needs her rest right now and they will come back tomorrow. They return to the penthouse. Jason explains to Michael that Carly is still very weak and needs to get her strength back and that she was happy to see him. Michael suggests making her another card and leaves the room. Sonny talks to Jason about Carly. Jason gives him his opinion on Carly. He thinks that Carly seemed to be detached from everyone and that he is concerned that even though she didn't lose her memory she seemed to forget how she felt about her kids and them. Sonny talks to Carly later alone and explains to her his decision to leave the mob business and keep her safe like she should have done before but failed to do. Carly tells him that he shot her by accident and she doesn't blame him. Sonny tells her he loves her. Jason and Courtney talk about Carly. Courtney agrees with Jason that Carly acted differently than they expected when she saw the baby. Jason is concerned about what happened to her emotionally because of her head wound. He remembers how he felt when he saw Monica after he woke up from his coma years ago and how detached he felt about his feelings. Carly calls Alcazar after Sonny leaves. She tells him she was wrong about what she said to him before and asks him to come see her. He comes to see her and Carly admits that she doesn't know what to do about how she feels about him.

Faith meets with Zander on the docks. She tells him that she needs him to motivate Nikolas to cooperate with her plans to use his ship to carry her product. She suggests he use whatever force he needs to convince Nikolas to help her. Nikolas meets up with Emily at G.H. She tells him she had to turn her cell-phone off because she had to attend some 3 hr. orientation seminar for her pre-med program. He kisses her and tells her he missed her. Later, Nikolas runs into Zander on the docks. Zander tells him he needs to make good on his debt to Faith or else. Nikolas refuses to let Faith use his ship to carry illegal drugs. He asks Zander what he is thinking working for Faith and tries to persuade him to not work for Faith. Zander pulls out a gun and threatens Nikolas to cooperate for Faith. Nikolas still refuses. Zander tackles Nikolas and punches him in the gut. Nikolas fights back to defend himself. Zander takes his gun to hit him in the face but Nikolas ducks and avoids the blow. He tackles Zander and gets a few swings in. When Zander looks like he may attack Nikolas this time, Emily comes up behind Zander and hits him in the head with the gun he dropped and knocks him to the ground. Zander comes to and realizes that Emily was the one who hit him. The cops come and Emily points out Zander and tells them that she witnessed him pull a gun on Nikolas and attack him. The cop takes the gun and guesses that Zander doesn't have it registered and asks him if he has a permit to carry it. Zander tells him he doesn't. The cop takes out his handcuffs and arrests Zander. Emily watches in sadness that it has come to this.

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