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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 8, 2003 on GH
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Monday, December 8, 2003

Scott tells Justus and Jason that he's going to try Sonny for attempted murder, whether or not he's in court to represent himself. Brian warns Courtney that Scott is doing everything in his power to have Michael and Morgan taken from Sonny and Carly and declared wards of the state. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly's relationship starts to heal while they share alone time at the chateau on the French countryside.

Luke rescues Skye from possible drowning when Faith tosses her overboard for the heck of it. Luke and Faith play a game of poker where, if Faith wins, Luke will not only launder money for her but will also give her a cut of his casino's profits. After he obviously throws the game, Skye angrily accuses him of being attracted to Faith.

Sage's claim that she and Dillon made love rings as being an obvious lie to Dillon. After a conniving Sage claims she was attacked, Dillon goes after Antonio Juarez, which results in Dillon being held at gunpoint. Back in Port Charles, Tracy swings a deal with the nervous Georgie that she'll make sure Dillon stops working for Alcazar if Georgie breaks up with him.

Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Tracy promises to force Dillon to stop working for Alcazar on the condition that Georgie breaks up with him. Angry, Georgie refuses. However, when Tracy asks her if she really wants to keep Dillon safe, Georgie wavers. Upon Tracy's reassurance that she can protect her son, Georgie finally acquiesces.

Jason arrives at Courtney's room to find her packing a suitcase. She frantically tells him that Scott is in court, working on taking Michael and Morgan away from Sonny and Carly. Courtney informs him that she's going to the island to get the boys, and she begs him to accompany her. Jason replies that Justus will stop Scott, and runs off to find him. Unable to take any chances, Courtney calls Sonny's pilot to take her to the island.

Dillon is thrown into jail for hitting the man he thought attacked Sage. When he says that the man attacked her, however, Sage informs him that he hit the wrong guy. The man he actually punched was Antonio Juarez, the most popular musician in Latin America. Antonio's lawyer threatens Dillon for causing the star to miss his video shoot, and demands millions in damages. Once the lawyer leaves, Sage admits she lied to the police and told them that Dillon was crazy in an effort to help him. She also admits that she was never attacked, but did it to see if Dillon would try to protect her. Dillon grows enraged with Sage and the situation, but is forced to play along when the attorney returns. Sage tries to reason with the lawyer, but he refuses to buy their tale until Tracy walks in and shocks Dillon with her presence. She plays along with the ploy, and-thick wad of money in hand-offers to cut a deal with the attorney. Once free, Dillon arrives back at General Hospital with Tracy and Sage. He calls for Georgie, who is ecstatic to see that he's safe. She moves to hug him, until she sees Tracy. Remembering her part of the deal, she picks a fight with Dillon, accuses him of sleeping with Sage, and breaks up with him. Not realizing his mother forced Georgie's hand, Dillon is shocked and devastated when she ends things. Tracy and Sage happily watch the events.

Alexis is pleased to see Justus back in town. She grows uneasy, however, when he begins to inquire about Sonny and why she no longer represents him. Emily and Nikolas show up and end the conversation. Alexis presents Emily with her divorce papers to sign, and also informs Nikolas that the Cassadines are officially bankrupt. Emily stays at Kelly's while Nikolas and Alexis leave to deal with some family business, and Zander walks in with a girl. After instructing his date to meet him downstairs, Zander stops by to talk to Emily about the arrival of their divorce papers. Zander refuses to allow Emily to express sorrow over their breakup, and they begin to argue and both sign their papers. As Emily walks out of the restaurant, Zander cries over his loss. Emily returns to Wyndemere to let Nikolas know that her divorce is final. While initially worried over his financial devastation, Nikolas realizes that Emily is all he needs to be happy. He proposes to her, and she happily accepts.

Jason tracks down Justus outside of Kelly's and informs him of Scott's plans to put Michael and Morgan in foster care. Justus can't stop the court order on such short notice, but he says he'll file a motion to dismiss. However, he prepares Jason for the possibility that Sonny and Carly will lose their children and never get them back. Later, Courtney arrives at the island to take the kids away. As Leticia finishes packing their things, police knock at the door. They barge into the room with a state child services representative who demands the children immediately. Courtney pretends to be their mother and have no knowledge of who Sonny Corinthos is. She demands that they police leave them alone and says they are out of their jurisdiction and cannot have her children. The social worker spots a photograph of Sonny, but Courtney says he must be the owner of the place and that she is only renting it. She also denies knowing Jason, and Michael plays along with her act. Courtney continues to argue with them until gunshots erupt, causing everyone to duck and hit the floor. While they are down, Jason runs in and grabs Courtney and the kids.

In France, Sonny and Carly attempt to make new memories. They kiss, and Sonny wants to make sure that Carly is ready. She reassures him that she is, and they begin to make love. As things progress, Sonny stops her and says that they are both rushing and needn't do so. Rattled, Carly instantly begins to doubt her actions of taking Sonny out of the country and making him a fugitive when she is suffering from brain damage and is unsure of her feelings. Sonny smiles and reassures her that she loves him, she just doesn't know it yet. He continues to try to help Carly feel better, but she still can't get her feelings back. She fears that the old Carly is gone forever, but Sonny refuses to believe it. The two reminisce on their life together.

Alcazar discovers Sonny and Carly's whereabouts and shows up in their room in France while they are out walking. He witnesses them discussing their problems, and upon seeing them hug, he assumes they are having a close moment and reconnecting to each other. Back in the room, Carly sees Alcazar outside the window and is startled by his presence. Her thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Jason, Courtney, and the kids. Sonny happily watches Carly connect with their baby. Outside, an angry Alcazar calls Scott and promises to testify against Sonny.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

At Wyndemere, Alexis and Nikolas plan the steps they will need to take to economize in an attempt to save the Cassadine Empire. Nikolas lets Alexis know about his marriage plans. At the same time, Emily runs in to Liz at Kelly's and realizes that Liz is suffering from morning sickness. Emily is elated when Liz announces that she won't need to keep her morning sickness a secret much longer. However, when Emily asks if Liz plans to tell Zander that he will soon be a father, Liz explains that she hit the sheets with Ric when they spent a weekend at the ski lodge and Liz plans to let Ric believe that he is the father of Liz's expected child. Emily warns Liz that Liz is buying a whole lot of trouble with that plan. But Liz remains convinced that her plan is the best all around, pointing out that Zander is not interested in being tied down to any responsibilities but Ric is eager to be a parent. And it is RIC whom Liz loves. Meanwhile, Alexis wishes Nikolas good luck in announcing his engagement to the Quartermaine family ~ because he will need it! Later, as Nikolas meets Emily to go to the Quartermaine Mansion, Tracy has, in the meantime, called the Quartermaines together to complain about the way AJ is running ELQ. AJ is surprised when the Quartermaines unanimously tell Tracy to stuff it. When Nikolas and Emily burst in and announce their happy news, the Quartermaines are at first thrilled ~ until Nikolas regretfully announces that business reverses have rendered the Cassadine Empire almost penniless. Edward insists that Emily can NOT marry a Penniless Prince. Emily convinces Nikolas to meet her later, AFTER she deals with her family's objections. Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and reports to Alexis that AJ, Monica, Dillon and Skye were happy at the news of the engagement. But Edward and Tracy were appalled! Alexis advises Nikolas that, when his freighter sank, all hope that Nikolas had of getting the Cassadine Empire back on its feet went down with the ship. At the same time, Emily informs her family that she has no intention of changing her mind about her marriage to Nikolas ~ and that anyone who attempts to interfere in any way would be barred from attending her wedding. Then Emily storms away.

In France, Courtney visits the place where she married Jason. Jason finds Courtney there and advises her that, once Sonny and Carly go into hiding with Michael and Morgan, it will NOT be safe for Jason or Courtney to contact them in any way. At the same time, Sonny and Carly discuss the difficulties they will face when they go into hiding, including not being able to ever again contact Mike or Bobbie. Later, Sonny and Carly bid Jason and Courtney a tearful farewell. Michael suddenly arrives and asks if Santa will be able to find him if Michael changes his name and moves away. Courtney tries to reassure Michael that Santa will be able to find him, wherever he lives. Later, Sonny has some private time alone with Morgan and declares that he believes it will be unfair to his children to go on the run. Then Sonny abruptly leaves. When Carly returns to the nursery and finds Sonny gone, Carly is alarmed when the nanny reports that Sonny announced that he had some unfinished business at home. Carly concludes that Sonny has returned to Port Charles. Later, Carly demands that Jason get her back to Port Charles as soon as possible so that Carly can testify for Sonny if Sonny insists on standing trial on the attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

In Port Charles, Jax is concerned when he learns that Samantha plans to testify that Sonny did not actually "kidnap" her. Meanwhile, in court, Scott and Ric wonder if Justus will be able to prove that Alcazar conspired with the police to entrap Sonny. As the same time, Justus reminds Alcazar that IF Lorenzo's testimony gets Sonny convicted, Carly would never be able to forgive Lorenzo and Carly would be lost to Alcazar forever. When the trial gets under way, Ric presents the prosecution's case against Sonny. Jax is devastated when Sam takes the stand and insists that Sonny did NOT kidnap her. As Scott and Ric object to Sam contradicting her own statements, Ric happily notices Liz entering the Court Room. Ric returns to Sam and finally gets Sam to admit that Sonny did NOT drop his weapon when the police instructed him to drop his weapon. Ric also gets Sam to admit that Sonny dragged her into her vehicle and ordered her to drive away, while waving his gun in her face. Justus tries to put a spin on Ric's examination by encouraging Samantha to detail Sonny's belief that Sonny had been set up by Alcazar and the police. After Sam's testimony, Liz tells Ric that she believes he is doing a good job of keeping his personal animosity against Sonny from showing up in the trial. At the same time, Jax blasts Sam for trying to protect Sonny and goes into detail about the way that Brenda ruined her life trying to protect Sonny. Samantha retorts that she is NOT Brenda and storms away, after accusing Jax of being the one who is trying to make Sam over in Brenda's image. Later, Nikolas and Emily are surprised when Samantha arrives at Wyndemere and informs Nikolas that she believes she can successfully salvage the sunken Cassadine freighter. In the meantime, Jax meets with Tracy and informs Tracy that Samantha is no longer involved with Jax's business. When the trial resumes, Justus tries to get Alcazar to admit that he conspired with the police to entrap Sonny, but Scott objects and Lorenzo insists that there was NO collusion between himself and the police. The Court Room is shocked when Sonny suddenly bursts in and declares that he believes that he ought to be present at his own trial.

On the Quartermaine terrace, Skye overhears AJ making a clandestine arrangement for a shipment he wants taken care of immediately. Skye observes that AJ did NOT appear all that alarmed when Tracy wanted to oust AJ as ELQ.'s CEO. When Skye further observes that AJ appears smug about something, AJ remains mum.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Sam goes to see Nikolas and Emily. She asks Nikolas if he would be interested in a business proposition. She asks him to be partners with her in salvaging a boat she has on the pier and that they would share the profits. He is interested but doesn't really know her. He agrees to meet her later on the docks to see the boat and then he will make a decision. Sam thanks him for hearing her out and then leaves. He tells Emily that he doesn't really believe she has a salvage boat on the pier but will show up anyway. Nikolas starts to doubt what kind of a future he can give Emily since he is now broke and that she knew him when he was a rich prince. She tells him that she loves him for who he is and not for how much money he has. Meanwhile, Sam shows up at Jake's bar to see Coleman. She tells him she saw in the paper that he has a salvage boat for sale. He tells her that he knows the person who wants to sell his salvage boat but questions how much she knows about boats. She tells him what she knows and he is impressed. He agrees to get in contact with the owner. He gives her a price for the boat that is about $300,000. She thinks that price is too steep for a salvage boat she hasn't seen yet. He agrees to accept a down payment from her. She goes over to the Quartermaine mansion to see AJ AJ is questioned by Skye about why he is so calm about being kicked out of ELQ as the CEO. He tells her he has accepted what has happened. Sam shows up. She runs into Ned and asks to speak to AJ Ned tells her he isn't home right now and asks her what she wants with him. She tells him that she has a business proposition for him and needs to borrow $60,000 from him. Ned laughs at how much she expects to get from AJ He asks her what the money is for and why she didn't ask Jax for the money. She tells him that she needs someone more objective about her to help her. Ned goes over to the desk and signs a check for her for $60,000 and hands it to her. She is surprised that he has no more questions about her salvaging a boat. He tells her that he likes it when Jax owes him a favor. She tells him that she will be paying him back not Jax. Ned doesn't care and gives her the check. She thanks him and heads out and runs into Tracy who wonders what she is doing there. Sam rubs in the fact that Ned just gave her money for her boat. Tracy asks Ned if he has lost his mind giving Sam money. Ned informs Tracy that he can do as he pleases without her permission now that he is CEO of ELQ again. Jax and Tracy talk again about a business partnership. Jax listens as Tracy tells him that she has always had to try to prove herself to Edward who never took her seriously as a businesswoman because of her gender and that by taking over ELQ she will prove to Edward how good she is at business once and for all. She tells him that she will only ask for 10% of the profits they make. Jax agrees to the partnership only after she admits that it is about money as well as power. Sam heads over to Jake's bar to pay for the boat. When she gets there, there is no sign of Coleman but some strange man is hanging around the bar. She asks him where Coleman is. He tells her he is not here and tells her that he is the boat's owner. She hands him a check and tells him it is as good as cash. He takes the check and has the bartender call the bank to make sure the check will clear. The bartender comes over and whispers something into his ear. He dismisses the bartender for the day and then turns on Sam. He grabs her and accuses her of trying to pull a scam on him. She asks him what he is talking about. He explains that the check she gave him is no good. She is surprised and tries to talk her way out of things but the man becomes violent with her and grabs her as she tries to get away from him. The man goes to hit Sam but Jax comes over and punches the guy and knocks him out. He tells her that Ned called him after he realized that the check wouldn't clear and he guessed where she was after he investigated about any salvage boat sales. He picks on her and asks her to thank him for getting her out trouble. She reminds him she has been able to get out of tighter situations. He tells her to get out of there with him. Sam waits on the pier for Nikolas and Emily to arrive. Alexis had gone to Wyndemere to see them and advised them to sell Wyndemere so they can get some big cash fast. Emily doesn't like the idea of Alexis pressuring Nikolas to sell his home. She tells Emily that they need the cash now and this is the way to do it. Nikolas and Emily show up on the pier and are apprehensive about Sam's boat. Sam starts to ramble on about not being able to be on time for anything. She realizes she has no boat to show them and is stalling for time. Jax shows up with a bottle of champagne and points out the salvage boat to Emily and Nikolas. Nikolas comments that the boat is smaller than he expected. Jax assures him that Sam can fix it up good and make a profit on it. Nikolas and Emily agree to give it a try.

AJ comes into the Quartermaine living room and accuses Ned of wiping out his accounts. Ned denies he has any knowledge of what happened. They call Edward up and make him come home to question him about it. They accuse Edward of taking the money out of the accounts to hide away and pretend they are more broke than they are. Edward goes to investigate. Skye accuses Tracy of stealing the money after Ned and AJ leave the room. Tracy just laughs in her face. AJ calls Edward hours later and tells him that he found out who stole their money. Tracy realizes it is AJ after Edward puts it on speaker-phone. AJ tells them that a ton of money was stolen too. Tracy gets impatient and tells AJ to stop beating around the bush and just tell them who stole the money. AJ is seen in some warmer climate sitting on a lounge chair and stuns them when he announces he stole the money and wishes them luck and tells them he isn't coming back. Lydia comes over to AJ wearing just a towel and takes it off and asks him to join her in the hot-tub. He tells her that she should be thankful she didn't end up staying married to Nikolas since he ended up broke. They kiss passionately.

Sonny surprises the courtroom when he shows up as the trial is about to reconvene. The judge allows him to come and sit down at the defense table. Scott calls up Alcazar as his next witness. He asks him about who called him to warn him that Sonny may be on his way to kill him. Alcazar informs the court that Carly called him because she loves him and was trying to protect him. Carly comes into the courtroom as Alcazar is testifying. Carly glares at Alcazar for testifying against Sonny after he had told her he wouldn't help the prosecution. Alcazar also mentions that Sonny had already shot his wife in the head and had shot him once before. Sonny just listens and shakes his head. Justus cross-examines Alcazar about what he had done to Carly, who he claims he is in love with. He brings up how he had kidnapped her once and that he paid for some woman he hired to look identical to Sonny's late wife Lily to haunt Sonny to get him away from Carly so he could have her. Alcazar doesn't deny any of the allegations Justus accuses him of but manages to paint a picture of Sonny as a violent man. Carly gets up on the stand next. Scott goes after her aggressively on the stand for warning Alcazar about Sonny coming after him. She admits she called Alcazar to warn him but not because she loved him but because she was afraid for her husband and what he may do. Scott asks her if she loves Alcazar and that is why she warned him. She tells him she doesn't know how she feels about Alcazar. Scott tries to paint Carly as a slut in court to discredit her testimony when she accuses the cops and Alcazar of trying to entrap Sonny by showing up. Sonny stands up when Scott crosses the line and tries to tarnish her character. He warns Scott to back off. The judge bangs his gavel and warns Justus to calm down his client, who was very close to being held in contempt of court. He surprises Scott when he tells him he crossed the line and warns him to back off. Scott backs off and smiles since he got Sonny to react aggressively in court. Ric gets up and calls Sonny to the stand. Sonny told Justus when he first showed up that he wasn't going to just sit back and not testify. Sonny gets on the stand. Ric questions him about his real business. Sonny smiles smugly at Ric and announces he owns a imported coffee warehouse. He questions him about his rivalry with Alcazar as being about business. Sonny tells him that Alcazar has nothing to do with his business and admits to trying to kill Alcazar because he went after his wife. Justus gets up to re-direct questions for Sonny's defense. He asks Sonny to tell him about what Alcazar did to make him feel that his wife's life was threatened in some way. Sonny tells the court that Alcazar went after his wife and went so far as to kidnap her and then hire someone to pretend to be his late wife. Scott asks Ric why he isn't objecting at all. Ric tells him to let him finish. Justus tells the judge that the defense rests after Sonny testifies. Justus' closing statement tries to make Sonny look like he was just protecting his family from Alcazar. The judge orders everyone to leave and return the next morning after they deliberate and come up with a verdict. Sonny is taken away in handcuffs. Alcazar runs into Cappelli, the cop that is on his payroll and tells him that if Sonny is acquitted because of jury tampering and walks out of this courtroom tomorrow, he orders him to shoot and kill Sonny right there at the courthouse. Brian, the new cop, watches them speaking and gets suspicious. Alcazar watches Carly from the doorway. Carly turns around after Sonny leaves in handcuffs. She looks at him and glares.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Sam collides with a man outside of Kelly's. He turns out to be her estranged father. She isn't happy to see him and asks him to stay out of her life. Jax meets him. Her father makes a remark about her being a great schemer. Jax surprises her by firing her as his vice president and tells her she is always full of surprises. Sam accuses her father of ruining her life again by interfering. Jax finds her on her salvage boat. She acts like she doesn't care what he thinks of her. He catches her trying to hide her tears from him. She tells him about her childhood and how her father taught her to steal money for him by picking people's pockets at carnivals and fairs and how he taught her how to swim and dive as well and that he made a promise to help her get enough money to buy a boat and then squandered the money on women and gambling. She tells him her father actually stole from his own daughter. Jax feels bad for her and approaches her. She goes into his arms for comfort. He helps her go out for a dive in her wet suit. While she is diving, her father, shows up uninvited onto her boat. He had just come from Kelly's and overheard a conversation about how Sam had seemed to be in on Sonny's plan to try to kill Alcazar. He tells the guys that his daughter has always worked alone. Jax is protective of Sam and asks him how he got on the boat without permission. Her father tells him that Sam probably told Jax some sob story about how he had stolen money from her years ago and tells him that Sam was the one who stole money from him and took off and that she is just scamming him. Jax basically dismisses him. Her father drops the top piece of his cigar onto the deck floor before he leaves. Sam comes back onto the deck after her dive. She notices that Jax is acting differently and asks him what is going on. He won't tell her. She guesses what is wrong when she notices the piece of her father's cigar on the deck floor and asks him why he didn't tell her her father had shown up. She asks him if he thinks she is still scamming him and if he believes what her father told him. She overreacts to what happened and doesn't give Jax a chance to explain that he didn't believe her father and throws her scuba gear against the wall in a fit of temper. A piece of the scuba gear breaks and a shiny diamond shows up from inside the scuba rubber. Jax and Sam look at it in shock.

Georgie has a hard time concentrating on her volunteer work at G.H. Maxie comments on her lack of concentration and suggests she go and talk to Dillon and get back together with him. Georgie tells her she can't do that and eventually explains that she made a deal with Dillon's mother Tracy to break up with him if Tracy agreed to keep him away from Alcazar and Sage to keep him safe. Maxie tells her that Tracy doesn't like her and that she probably just made up the deal to keep her away from Dillon. Georgie admits she is jealous of Sage. Maxie tells her that she loves Dillon and he loves her and she should get back together with him. Georgie admits she loves him just as Dillon walks off the elevator and heads toward her. He tries to get her to listen to him about how he doesn't want Sage only her. He tells her that he only trusts her and that he wants to spend the holidays with her. Georgie begins to soften but stops herself, thinking of her deal with Tracy. She tells him that sometimes love isn't enough for a relationship to work. He disagrees with her and tries to get her to stop feeling threatened by Sage. She accuses him of wanting to be with Sage and accuses him of sleeping with her. He denies he slept with her. Sage gets off the elevator. Georgie gets stubborn and lashes out at him to go away. Sage uses that opportunity to sidle up to him to upset Georgie, who is watching from afar and seething. Dillon pushes away from Sage and has no interest in taking her to the Fellini film festival that night. Sage shows up at the Quartermaine mansion. Dillon tries to stay in his room and sulk but Tracy makes him give Sage a tour of the Quartermaine mansion. Dillon reluctantly agrees to give her a tour. Sage lures him to his bedroom to talk. She tells him that she can relate to him and that she doesn't know whether her uncle even loves her and that she can't make friends easily because she is rich and spoiled and no one likes her. Dillon can relate to the fact that he grew up[ with no friends around and grew up rich as well. She tells him that she is actually a virgin herself and that she lies about being experienced because she doesn't care if she makes friends or not. Dillon doesn't believe her at first but then starts to listen to her and they end up sitting on his bed talking. She grabs him and kisses him and suggests they make love and ease the loneliness in their lives. This time Dillon kisses her back. When Tracy doesn't see them return right away she guesses what they are doing in his room. Georgie shows up to talk to Tracy and to see Dillon. Tracy tells her he is up in his room but fails to mention that Sage is there. Georgie confronts her about the deal they made and soon she realizes that Tracy never held her end of the deal to keep him away from danger. Tracy laughs at her naivete. Georgie accuses her of being the worst mother in the world. Tracy snaps back at her and mentions how her own mother Felicia isn't exactly around either. Georgie tells her that she loves Dillon and wants to keep him safe. Tracy has a turn-around and apologizes about trying to keep her son away from her when he obviously is heartbroken about their breakup. She tells Georgie that Dillon is upstairs in his room and is inconsolable and suggests she go upstairs and talk to him. Georgie falls for Tracy's trap and goes upstairs. She knocks lightly on the door and doesn't hear an answer and worries about Dillon. Dillon and Sage have just slept together. Georgie opens the door and finds them in bed but tries not to make a sound but is devastated to see him in bed with Sage.

Alcazar talks with Cappelli outside the courtroom and orders him to take Sonny out if he is acquitted and walks out and suspects Sonny may have tampered with the jury if he is acquitted. Cappelli, the dirty cop assures him that he will get it right this time. Alcazar tells him to make sure he doesn't miss this time. Brian approaches Cappelli and makes a remark about how close he seems to be with Alcazar. Meanwhile, Carly and Courtney go to the police station to wait for their turn to see Sonny before the verdict is in. Justus is in there with him right now to talk to him. Carly worries about how bad Sonny's night must have been in lock-up. Justus comes out of the visitor's room. Carly asks him how he is doing and Justus tells her he seems o.k. Carly tells him that keeping Sonny locked up like that is cruel and unusual punishment with his claustrophobia and threatens to sue the police department for it. Justus advises her to calm down. Carly goes into the visitor's room and asks him how he is holding up. He tells her it wasn't too bad last night. Scott shows up soon after and gloats about how the verdict is in after such a short time which is a good sign that the verdict will be guilty. Justus tells him that is not always true in some cases. Scott believes he is going to get a guilty verdict for Sonny and rubs it in. Everyone goes to the courthouse to find out the verdict. The press are right there to question Carly about Sonny. Carly says no comment and is escorted inside the courtroom by Justus. Scott tells the press that the verdict is in and that since the jury came back with one so quickly means that Sonny is going to be found guilty. Mike tells the press that Ric, the assistant D.A. had kidnapped Carly and was never charged with the crime. He also accuses Scott of being corrupt as well in front of the press. They all go inside the courtroom where the judge arrives as well as Sonny. The jury is called into the room and the verdict is about to be read. The jury foreman reads the verdict as not guilty on counts of attempted murder and kidnapping. Scott is stunned and gets upset and asks to know what the voting numbers were from the jury. When it is revealed that the jury voted not guilty unanimously, Scott asks the judge to put aside the jury's verdict and to give Sonny a guilty verdict. The judge denies Scott's request and tells Scott that the trial was fair and the jury's verdict was fair. Scott asks Ric how Sonny was found not guilty when he even admitted to kidnapping Sam and for shooting Alcazar. Ric tells him that Sonny was persuasive with the jury and got them on his side. Scott storms off furiously. Detective Cappelli waits in the hallway and gets ready to shoot Sonny as he comes out of the courtroom with Carly. As Cappelli is taking his gun out of his ankle holster to shoot Sonny, Jason grabs him from behind and throws him against the wall to stop him. Brian is right there and demands to know who hired him. Cappelli denies he is working for anyone other than the police and that Brian can't prove he did anything. Brian realizes he doesn't have enough proof to haul him in and lets him go. Jason can't believe that Brian is allowing Cappelli to go free. Brian tells him that he doesn't have any proof to have Cappelli arrested and that Jason must know that in his line of business since he gets away with a lot as well. Brian does go to the police station. He informs Scott that he has reason to believe that Cappelli is working for Alcazar and tried to kill Sonny today. Scott is in a foul mood for losing his case against Sonny. He tells him that he doesn't care and makes a remark that he didn't get rid of Sonny when he had the chance and accuses him of working for Sonny and Jason himself. Ric approaches them arguing. Scott storms off. Ric tells Brian not to worry about Scott for much longer and that Scott will probably put his foot in his mouth when he talks to the press next time and that he will be waiting for that day when he can step in to the position as the new D.A. Sonny and Carly go to Kelly's to celebrate Sonny's acquittal. Bobbie has champagne waiting there. She congradulates Sonny on being cleared of charges. Mike and Courtney join in the celebration. Courtney keeps waiting for Jason to show up at Kelly's. Carly notices it and tells her that she has a feeling that Courtney and Jason will get back together soon. Courtney can't deny that she misses Jason and wants to see him show up. Alcazar shows up outside Kelly's. Ric also shows up and comes inside. Carly and Courtney aren't too pleased to see him there. He goes over to talk to Sonny. He congratulates Sonny on his acquittal and thinks Sonny won that verdict fair and square by convincing the jury to take his side. Sonny doesn't buy it and accuses Ric of trying to go after him again. Liz steps in and defends Ric and asks Sonny if he is the one who is stuck in the past and that maybe Ric was just impressed with how Sonny acted at his trial. Sonny tells her that he doesn't think he is stuck in the past. Jason grabs Alcazar before he goes inside Kelly's. He tells him to stay away from Carly and Sonny. He also tells him that he knows that Cappelli works for him and tried to shoot Sonny today outside the courtroom. He suggests that Alcazar stay away from Carly and that he is now on to what he is trying to do and that he shouldn't rely on Cappelli to do the job since he hasn't succeeded so far. Alcazar tells him that he doesn't have to kill Sonny since he already has Carly's love and that is all he needs. Carly comes out of Kelly's and overhears Alcazar say that she loves him. She tells him that he is wrong and that she doesn't love him and that what was in her dream wasn't real and that with everything he has done to her and Sonny she can't love him. She tells Alcazar that she may not feel the way she use to about Sonny right now but she knows that in time she will love him again and plans to stay with him. She starts to have a sharp pain in her head and then passes out. Alcazar goes to reach for her but Sonny comes outside and pushes Alcazar away from her.

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