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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on GH
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Monday, January 31, 2005

Emily, Liz, and Skye are devastated when Steven comes out of Lucky's room and tells them that Lucky has lapsed into a coma. Liz goes into the room, sits by Lucky's bedside, and prays for him to come back to her. She tries to talk to him and hopes he'll hear her, and meanwhile Lucky dreams of dancing with Liz while she speaks of the memory. Emily is distraught and blames herself for Lucky's shooting, but Liz reminds Emily that none of it is her fault, and she continues to worry about her friend and try to get Emily to open up about Connor. Alan and Skye also worry about Emily, but she refuses to leave the hospital, and chalks up her despair to Lucky's shooting and Helena kidnapping her, never mentioning her repeated flashes of being raped by Connor.

Lorenzo asks Carly why she cares about him finding a relationship with Diego, and Carly admits that she cares for Lorenzo. He pushes-still being in love with her and wanting a relationship-but Carly assures him that they can never be together again. She reminds him that her kids need her, and her returning to Lorenzo would cause action by Sonny. Lorenzo grows angry that Carly continues to be forced to live in Sonny's shadow, but Carly also reminds Lorenzo that she is unable to trust him. Later, he witnesses Carly trying to persuade Diego into beginning a relationship with Lorenzo. Diego at first resists, but then listens to her and begins to think about it. He calls Brook, who is babysitting Kristina at Sonny's house, and asks for her advice.

Meanwhile, at Sonny's mansion, everyone remains in chaos as the security system continues to act up. The power goes out, and Sonny grows angry and demands the system be shut down so that a new one can be installed. Jason is called over to help with the kids and the workmen, and they begin to shut off the security. The mystery man and woman continue to spy on the Corinthos house and use this opportunity to swoop in and kidnap Kristina. As Michael gets popcorn in the kitchen, and Brook is distracted in the hallway talking on the phone to Diego, a sleeping Kristina is alone in the bedroom. Sam breaks into the yard of Sonny's house, and slips inside the bedroom to sit and look at a sleeping Kristina. Brook then finishes her phone call and walks back in the bedroom only to discover that Kristina is missing. She begins screaming for help, and Jason and Sonny rush up and realize their worst nightmare is coming true.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Courtney announces to Carly that she has something important to tell Jax tonight: she's finally realized that she doesn't want Jason and now wants Jax. The thing that brought this to her attention was that the night Jason told her that he was in love with Sam was the same night that she tearfully stumbled to Jax's apartment for refuge. Carly jokes about it, but hugs her friend happily. Then, that night, Jax and Courtney reunite in a romantic dinner at their hotel. Once they were seated at their table, Courtney opens up and tells Jax that he doesn't have to wait anymore for her to return his love, finally telling Jax that she loves him. Jax takes this opportunity to propose marriage to Courtney, and she says yes, placing the ring on her finger and rushing into Jax's arms.

Sonny goes ballistic to Brook Lynn to the point of her tears and Jason cuts in to help. Suddenly, Sonny worries about Michael's whereabouts and races with Jason downstairs to find Michael. Michael rushes in, relieving their fears. But Sonny still demands that the guards lock down the house just when security pushes Diego inside the house. Jason grills Diego, claming his phone call to Brooke was a diversion and demands for answers. After laying off of Diego, Jason gathers everyone to get the story together, then requests for everyone but Michael to leave. Michael promises that he didn't tell anyone about the safe behind the mirror; Jason checks it and announces that whoever took Kristina also took a lot of money. Jason figures that the kidnapper was hiding in the closet waiting for Brook Lynn to leave before snatching Kristina up, and leaves the house to follow that lead. Later, Carly comes to pick Michael up and places a plausible thought that Sam - who just lost two babies in the span of one year - could be the kidnapper. When Jason returns, Sonny confronts him, accusing Jason of protecting the one person who would benefit from the money and Kristina: "Why didn't you tell me about Sam?"

Sam walks into a hotel room, opens a duffle bag, and rummages through thousands of dollars. She calls her accomplice on the phone to confirm the money and her appearance soon to "pick her up." Sam packs up some pink baby clothes and a pink bear into luggage and leaves the hotel room - luggage in one hand, duffle bag of money in the other.

After a couple of glasses of champagne, Alexis takes her horror story at a lingerie shop as a sign of what's going on with her and Ric. Ric goes along with the sign watching, proposing that if this phone call wasn't important, it would be a sign for them to go out to dinner. Alexis answers the phone and the sound of Sonny's voice on the other end telling her that Kristina had been kidnapped silences her. Alexis goes to the house and confronts Sonny face to face, lashing out all her anger on his mob persona that she knew would put Kristina in danger. Ric holds Alexis back as she threatens Sonny's life if Kristina is hurt. Ric calms Alexis down long enough to convince her that involving the police could only make things worse, that she and Sonny were more than capable to deal with the kidnapper. After leaving the last room Kristina was seen in, Ric accuses Alexis of planning Kristina's kidnapping, which Alexis blatantly denies, despite Ric promising to help keep it a secret. The kidnapper zooms in on Alexis and Kristina brushes her fingers over her mother's face on the monitor.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

As Jax and Courtney head to Jax's apartment for a night of passion, they are surprised to find Jane and Mike waiting there for them. Mike and Jane declare that they have arrived to talk Courtney and Jax out of rushing into a marriage that both of the young people will soon regret. Jax and Courtney insist that they are genuinely in love and expect to have a long and happy married life. Later, Courtney speaks to Mike in the hall and Mike confides quietly to his daughter that he believes that it is obvious that Courtney still loves Jason. However, Courtney assures Mike that Jax is the answer to all of the questions left from her two previous unhappy marriages. At the same time, Jane reminds Jax that it is obvious to her that Courtney sill leaves her ex-husband and predicts that Jax is headed for certain heartache. Courtney returns to the apartment just as Jane promises that she will do everything in her power to make sure that Courtney does NOT hurt Jax. Even after Jane realizes that Courtney has returned, Jane warns Jax that he is headed for a disaster from which he may never recover. After Jane leaves, Courtney reports to Jax that it looks like Mike MIGHT be leaning toward becoming more accepting of their union. Jax and Courtney then hit the sheets in front of the roaring fireplace.

At Sonny's Mansion, Alexis tries to convince a skeptical Ric that she had NOTHING to do with Kristina's kidnapping and is deeply hurt that Ric would be more interested in suspecting Alexis than in getting the police involved in quickly recovering her daughter from the kidnappers. Meanwhile, Sonny accuses Jason of trying to cover up for Samantha. All the while, the kidnapper watches all of them through the hidden cameras. At the same time, Kristina plays quietly with all of her brand new toys. In the meantime, across town, Sam meets with an unidentified woman and hands a bundle of money over to her. Later, as Sam waits in the dark alley for her mysterious contact to return, Sam suddenly hears police sirens and runs away. In the meantime, at her apartment, Carly tries to reassure Michael that Michael could NOT have done anything to prevent Kristina's kidnapping. Later, Carly asks the guard at the door to stay with Michael while Michael is in his room doing homework and Enzo calls someone else to guard the door. In the meantime, Diego meets with Brook Lynn and tries to convince Brook NOT to continue blaming herself for Kristina's kidnapping. However, Diego admits that he he understands WHY Sonny would believe that Diego's father COULD be responsible for the little girl's disappearance -- and that Diego COULD have been willing to help his father. At the same time, Ric continues to plead with Alexis to level with him about Kristina, but Alexis angrily denies kidnapping Kristina and storms out of the room. In the meantime, Jason continues to defend Sam to Sonny but Sonny accuses Jason of being blinded by his feelings for Sam. Shortly afterward, Stan arrives and, after asking Sonny and Jason to meet with him on the terrace, Stan quietly reports that his security team has discovered an elaborate system of hidden cameras all through the house. Jason argues that Sam could NEVER have created that kind of an elaborate system on her own, especially if Sam was so distraught that Sam was driven to kidnap Kristina because Sam was still grieving the loss of her own child. Meanwhile, the kidnapper watches as Ric and Alexis continue to argue at the estate's gate and Ric tries to prevent Alexis from running away from the Mansion. Ric argues that, even if he IS wrong in his suspicions, Alexis will STILL need Ric's help to prevent everyone else from leaping to the conclusion that Alexis kidnapped her own daughter. However, Alexis runs out of the gate without listening to Ric's arguments.

Later, Lorenzo arrives at Carly's apartment and Carly informs Lorenzo that Kristina was kidnapped and that Sonny suspects Diego of being involved because the boy leaped the fence into the grounds of Sonny's property while the security system was down. Although Carly explains that Diego was just worried about Brook Lynn, Carly admits that it makes sense that Sonny would leap to the conclusion that Lorenzo was behind the kidnapping and used Diego to distract Brook so the kidnapper could strike. However, Lorenzo swears that he was NOT involved and would NEVER have allowed Diego's life to be placed in jeopardy by placing the boy in a position where the boy might be caught in the crossfire of a war between Sonny and Lorenzo. Carly and Lorenzo are interrupted when John Durant arrives to ask Carly to have dinner with him and mend some fences. When John sees Lorenzo, the prosecutor slams out of Carly's apartment. However, Carly follows John into the hallway and explains about Kristina's kidnapping. John suggests that perhaps Lorenzo or even Sonny himself were responsible for the kidnapping. Carly insists that John is leaping to all the wrong conclusions and promises to have dinner with her father after the crisis about Kristina's disappearance has been resolved. However, after Carly returns to her apartment, John places an urgent call on his cell phone.

Meanwhile, after Sonny and Jason learn about the hidden camera system, they return to the living room, just as a woman in a black leather coat joins the kidnapper who is watching the camera monitor. Sonny stands in front of a mirror and addresses the kidnapper through one of the hidden cameras. Sonny offers $5 million for Kristina's safe return. Sonny also warns the kidnapper that returning Kristina immediately is the ONLY way the kidnapper will be able to remain alive. Then Sonny smashes the mirror and exposes the hidden camera. Jason tries to stop Sonny but Sonny angrily orders Jason to find the rest of the cameras and rip them out -- just as Ric returns to the mansion. Before Ric can speak to Sonny, Ned arrives at the front door to pick up Brook Lynn. Ric explains about Kristina's kidnapping and Ned is appalled when he learns that the police have NOT been called in yet. Ned accuses Ric of trying to protect Sonny by allowing Sonny to deal with the situation in his own way and then Ned announces that he plans to take Brook Lynn downtown right away so that Ned's daughter can make a statement a bout the kidnapping to the police. Then Ned pushes past Ric in an attempt to confront Sonny. At the same time, Jason reports back to Sonny that all of the cameras have been disabled. Just as Sonny theorizes that the cameras might have NOTHING to do with the kidnapping, Alexis returns and suggests that perhaps Sam was the one who kidnapped Kristina. Alexis then describes her meeting with Sam, when Sam suggested that being able to be around Kristina would help Sam adjust to her losses and Alexis had refused Sam's request. In the meantime, as Ric and Ned argue on the stairs, Ned suddenly suggests that, perhaps, it was ALEXIS who kidnapped Kristina and that Ric has NOT called the police yet because Ric is protecting ALEXIS! When Ric denies knowing that Alexis MIGHT be involved in the kidnapping, Ned reminds Ric that Alexis has kidnapped Kristina before, to protect Kristina. Ric pleads with Ned NOT to go to the police with his suspicions until AFTER Ric has had a chance to investigate and discover whether or not Alexis is involved so that Ric would be able to protect Alexis. Ned agrees, but warns Ric that it is not really possible to protect Alexis from herself. Meanwhile, in Sonny's den, Alexis continues to try to convince Sonny and Jason that Samantha MIGHT be the one who snatched Kristina. At that moment, Jason receives a call from Sam. Sam tells Jason that she believes that she is in serious trouble!

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Liz becomes very worried when Lucky starts to go into cardiac arrest. She calls for help. Tony comes and starts to work on Lucky. Lucky has an out-of-body experience and watches as he is being revived. He hears Liz call to him. He turns around and finds Liz standing in the light dressed in a white gown. She tells him she needs him to come back to them. He tells her there is nothing left for him to do and starts to walk away. The white gowned Liz tells him she loves him and never stopped and that she needs him to come back so they can be together and share a life. She reaches out her hand to him and asks him to take it. He grabs her hand. Liz returns to the room and hears Tony tell Bobbie, Skye, and Emily that it is a miracle that he survived after being in cardiac arrest. He informs them that Lucky had a stroke and is in a coma still. Emily surprises Monica when she tells her she couldn't see Nikolas and tell him about Lucky. Monica asks her why she couldn't see him since Nikolas is her husband. Emily tells her she couldn't do that to Nikolas while he is sitting in prison already feeling helpless. Monica realizes Emily could have seen Nikolas if she wanted to but for some reason is avoiding visiting him. Emily continues to be in denial about the rape. Liz tries to get her to see someone for help since she is acting so upset lately. Emily denies anything happened other than that he attacked her and she killed him. She asks Liz to leave her alone and stop asking questions. Emily goes to sit with Lucky and tells him that she is going to make herself forget what happened with Connor by not talking about it any longer and eventually everyone will forget what happened and stop asking her questions about it. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Skye continue to have problems contacting Luke by email or cell-phone. Bobbie tells Skye that she has become accustomed to not hearing from Luke for long periods of time and she tries not to worry about him. Skye wishes she could do that.

Ned insists on calling the cops for help in finding Kristina but Ric tries to stop him from doing that and tells Ned that there is a possibility that Alexis may have staged the kidnapping to make Sonny's world appear unsafe for Kristina. Ned tells Ric that if she set this kidnapping up that means she meant to set up Brook Lynn and that is unacceptable to him. Ric tells Ned that Alexis may not have done that and he doesn't want the police to suspect her because if they can prove she did it Sonny will take Kristina away from her for good. Ned goes to see Brook Lynn up in Sonny's bedroom instead where she is hanging out with Diego. Brook Lynn blames herself for what happened to Kristina. Ned reassures her that she did nothing wrong and that whoever kidnapped Kristina is to blame and that person will be caught and arrested eventually. Meanwhile, Jason gets a phone call from Sam, telling him she is in trouble and needs help, however, she hangs up before Jason can find out more about where she is. Sonny asks him who called him. Jason is evasive at first but admits that Sam called and said she was in trouble. Sonny and Alexis come to the conclusion that it means that Sam kidnapped Kristina and is having second thoughts. Jason refuses to jump to that conclusion and insists Sam wouldn't kidnap Kristina. Alexis and Sonny disagree with it. Sonny accuses Jason of being biased because he is in love with Sam and doesn't want to believe that she could kidnap Kristina. Sonny suggests that Sam could have snapped and for good reason after losing two babies she loved. Jason refuses to believe it. Alexis tells Jason that if he doesn't go out and find Sam and bring her baby back, she will be calling the cops. Jason refuses to hunt Sam down like she is a criminal. Ric comes in the room and picks up the phone. He calls the cops. Sonny nods to Ric that he won't stop him from calling. Jason is shocked when he sees Sonny allowing Ric to make the call. He asks Sonny why he would trust the cops to help them. Sonny doesn't say a word. Mac and a uniformed cop show up along with Steven. Carly shows up also with Alcazar only moments earlier. Alcazar demands that he let Diego go. Carly tells Sonny that Alcazar only came to get Diego and that he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Sonny sees Alcazar as a possible suspect to. Alcazar denies having anything to do with the kidnapping. Sonny warns him that if he did have anything to do with it and Diego helped him they are both in trouble. Alcazar warns Sonny to stay away from Diego or he will kill him. When Mac shows up, everyone starts pointing fingers at everyone else and a big argument occurs. Mac wants to know why they waited so long to call the cops. Sonny tells him that he was waiting for a ransom demand. Mac asks him if there was one. Sonny tells him he hasn't heard from them yet. Alexis tells Mac that Sam called Jason and said she was in trouble and needed his help and that she has motive for kidnapping Kristina. Jason tells Alexis she has no proof Sam kidnapped Kristina. Meanwhile, Kristina continues to play in a room somewhere in the mansion with the kidnapper's right-hand man watching her. Mac tells Jason he wants to know everything Sam told him on the phone. Mac has Steven go upstairs and look for any forensic evidence that could have been left behind in Sonny's bedroom by the kidnapper. Carly goes upstairs to show Steven where Sonny's room is and where the safe is since money was stolen from it. Steven finds a piece of long dark hair near where the safe is and where some money was left on the floor. He puts it in an evidence bag. Steven brings it to the lab to compare to hair found on Sam's hairbrush at Kelly's. He apologizes to Alexis for suspecting her of kidnapping Kristina to get her away from Sonny. Alexis tells him she wishes he had more faith in her but understands why he may suspect her since she wasn't very forthcoming about where she was when Kristina had been kidnapped. Ric gets a call from Steven about the results on the piece of hair found in Sonny's room. Ric and Alexis go and find Sonny and Jason and tell them that Sam's hair matched the hair found in Sonny's room. Jason decides to go and find Sam when Ric has an APB put out on Sam and Mac orders her to be arrested on the spot. Jason takes off before anyone can stop him and Alexis worries that he will find Sam and cover for her and take her away. Sonny tells Alexis that Jason wouldn't do that even if he does love Sam, he wants answers to. Ric agrees with Sonny that Jason wouldn't do that. Jason gets to the bus station just as Sam is ready to board a bus to go to New York City. He tells her she can't run away and that she needs to let him help her. Before Jason can explain what is going on, the cops show up and push Sam to the ground and handcuff her. They tell her she is under arrest for the kidnapping of Kristina. Jason is thrown against the wall and detained when he tries to stop the cops from arresting her.

Bridget shows up at the hospital to ask if her baby, Hope has an appointment with the pediatrician so she can go with her baby. Georgie is working at the nurses'station and asks Bridget who the baby's doctor is and what time the appointment is. Bridget doesn't know what time or who the baby's doctor is. Georgie gets suspicious and asks Bridget why she doesn't know that information when she claims to be the baby's mother. Bridget gets upset when Georgie refuses to give out information. Bridget tries to explain that Hope/Alexandria is her baby and that her grandmother got custody of the baby after she was taken from Jason and Sam. Georgie realizes who she is but tells Bridget that maybe the baby is better off being cared for by her grandmother. Bridget storms off to the elevator. Diego shows up with his hand bandaged. He tells Georgie and Dillon about what happened to Kristina and how Brook Lynn feels responsible for what happened since she was babysitting her at the time. She tells them that Ned showed up to take her home and that Alcazar came to get him out of there after Sonny suspected him of being in on the kidnapping. Diego tells Dillon that he doesn't know if his father was just trying to stick it to Sonny or if he really cares about him and came to get him out for that reason only. Dillon tells him there is probably a way to find out either way. Alcazar shows up at the hospital a little while later to check on Diego and how his hand is. Diego asks him if he came to Sonny's to get him out of there. Alcazar tells him he came because he cares about him and that he wants to help him anyway he can. Diego agrees to ask him for help when he needs it but that he is fine on his own right now. Alcazar feels he has made some progress with Diego and doesn't push for anything more. Ned takes Brook Lynn to the police station so she can make a statement to Mac about the kidnapping. When the cops don't return right away, Ned suggests that he ask the desk cop if they can go home and Mac can get her statement tomorrow. Brook Lynn tells him she would rather wait and get it over with. She apologizes to Ned for being so judgmental about how he lied about being Kristina's father to keep her away from Sonny. She tells him she understands now why he did it now that Kristina has been kidnapped. She tells him that she is pleased that he came to get her at Sonny's because the whole time she was there she wanted to see him so badly and he came and got her like a true father would. Ned hugs her and tells her he loves her to and that he doesn't blame her for being upset since he lied to her instead of explaining to her why he was covering up Kristina's paternity. Meanwhile, Carly goes home to find Michael waiting up for her. She tells him it is way past his bedtime. Michael tells her he couldn't go to sleep until she came home safely. He tells Carly that she is a cool mother and that he is glad he is like her in many ways.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Liz meets up with Emily at the hospital and urges her to see the Dr. Meadows about her problem. Emily holds in her emotions in front of the doctor and tells Liz that everything is fine with her and that they need to be more concerned with Lucky. After Dr. Meadows extends an unwelcome invite to Emily to come see her when she's ready. Emily blasts off at Liz, angry that Liz won't leave her alone about the suspicion that Connor raped her. She blames her shakiness on killing Connor, being kidnapped and almost killed by Helena, and witnessing her best friend, Lucky, take a bullet that was meant for her. Emily tells Liz once again that Connor didn't rape her. Emily stays in the waiting room and finishes up some nursing work. She turns in her paper to her supervisor and he hands her another case study to work on - an assault victim. With one look over the case, she has flashbacks of Connor raping her. Steven walks past her and touches her shoulder with upon greeting, but didn't get the greeting he expected, as Emily shot back, "Don't ever touch me."

Steven retrieves Liz from Lucky's bedside and asks her if she and Lucky ever talked about him having a living will or about any actions to take if he was ever placed on life support. Liz tells her brother that she knows nothing about what Lucky would want when it came down to being on life support. Suddenly, Bobbie walks over into the hallway tells Steven not to even think about taking any action with Lucky being on life support with Luke.

Carly finds out from Courtney, and the Port Charles Herald front page headline, that she and Jax are engaged and ready to be wed. But with the news about Kristina, Courtney knows that the engagement party has to be postponed. Courtney goes over to the hotel and informs Jax of her concerns of looking insensitive. But Jax encourages her to stay positive about Kristina's whereabouts and safe return. And with that, Jax knows that they must go on with their plans to have their engagement party.

Carly goes to Sonny's house to pick up Michael and an unknown woman, wearing a brown leather jacket, black v-neck top with a pearl necklace accenting her long dark brown hair, black long skirt, and black leather boots watches them from behind a nearby plant. As Sonny returns from the police station, the mystery woman continues to watch/hide as Sonny tells Carly to take Michael to her apartment, and as Sonny takes a drink before departing upstairs. The woman escapes from the back door and walks a few steps in the snow before Sonny rushes outside and points a gun to her back, demanding her to stop.

Sam sits calmly at the interrogation room as Ric informs her that the forensics evidence is stacked up against her, placing her in Sonny's room around the time of Kristina's kidnapping. Still, Sam pleads her innocence, saying that she would never do anything to harm Kristina. Sonny walks in, sure that he could get her to admit. Sam knows that Sonny doesn't believe that she would kidnap Kristina, but Sonny's anger takes over, demanding Sam to tell him what she did with Kristina. Sam "swears on their dead baby's soul" that she had nothing to do with Kristina's kidnapping; but Sonny still isn't convinced, enraged that she would swear a "lie" on baby Lila's soul. Sonny leaves the room in frustration, and Alexis takes over, convinced that Sam kidnapped Kristina to get back at her. Alexis tells Sam that she knows that Kristina wouldn't be alive without Sam's baby and Sam acknowledges that as well as admitting how much she cares for Kristina. Sam even admits that it's true that she's envious of Alexis when she sees her and Kristina, but that she would never do anything that would harm Kristina or take Kristina from her parents. But Sam really opens up to Jason, telling him that all she did was steal the money from the vault to pay for an illegal adoption. Sam wanted to go back to Jason with a baby that no one could take away from her, but found out that it would not be an easy task, which is where the trouble she's currently in lies. Jason leaves the interrogation room and urges Sonny, Ric, and Alexis that the only way they will find Kristina is if they let Sam go.

AJ Quartermaine sees the story about Courtney and Jax's engagement on the front page of Port Charles Herald online. He calls Skye, his "favorite sister who really isn't," and gives her a message to send to Courtney. Skye goes to the hotel and steals Courtney away from Jax to talk to her alone. Skye shockingly informs Courtney that she is still, and always has been, married to AJ.

Dr. Jones is happy to see Luke show up at the hospital, who urges the doctor to get tell him how Lucky is doing. Luke heard that Lucky got shot and had a stroke that placed him in a coma, and Dr. Jones tells him that he's seen others in the similar condition never awake from their coma. Luke appreciates Dr. Jones' sincerity, comparing his attitude to the doctor who treated Laura. Luke becomes emotional as he realizes how closely Lucky's condition looks like Laura's and wonders, staring into Lucky's room, if Laura would want Lucky to continue to "exist" on life support. Later, he walks into Lucky's room and asks Liz to give him some time to talk to his son.

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