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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on GH
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Monday, May 16, 2005

After Nik sets fire to the cabin basement where Emily was raped, she reaches for his hand. They leave the cabin and end up down at the docks. Nik asks Emily if having the basement gone helps her in some way. Emily admits that it doesn't but having Nik there for her does help tremendously. She also tells him that she refuses to let an act of violence ruin her life and then apologizes to Nik for the way she has treated him. They eventually talk of Wyndemere and returning to Spoon Island. Emily offers to move back into Wyndemere with Nik but prefers to take a guest room. She doesn't feel she is ready yet for anything more. Nik is understanding and even suggests that time apart may be a good thing for them. He explains that they have the luxury of time to reconnect and that they can afford to take things slow. He suggests that they use the time to enjoy long talks on the phone, date and fall in love with each other all over again. Emily deeply appreciative of his efforts.

Skye brings Alan home from the hospital. Still wheelchair bound, he thanks Skye for her help. Just then Monica walks into the foyer. She wastes no time reminding Alan that their divorce is still pending and his stay there is only temporary until he recuperates from his injury. Skye makes an attempt to reason with both Monica and Alan in the hopes of initiating a reconciliation but is unsuccessful. Monica is determined to see the divorce through. She puts Alan on notice that she intends to get 50% of all of the assets including stock in ELQ as part of her divorce settlement. Alan sees the action as spiteful punishment for him loving AJ too much.

Later, Skye goes to The Haunted Star dressed to the nines in an elegant black gown. Luke mistakenly believes that Skye is there dressed as she is for seduction. Skye quickly straightens Luke out on that score. She reminds him that she is a co-owner of The Haunted Star and that as such she intends to take charge and make some changes starting with opening the casino and setting regular hours instead of allowing Luke's 'tree clubhouse hours' to continue. Seeing her determination, Luke changes into a black suit and rejoins her. He is not pleased when Lorenzo walks in moments later. He's there to see Skye about their bargain. Lorenzo assures Skye that Sonny's confession of murdering AJ doesn't alter their deal. He assures her that he intends to move forward and take an active role in ELQ. Tracy is none too pleased to hear that announcement. She informs Lorenzo that he is not needed at ELQ. Due to a recent influx of cash, ELQ is once again solvent. Skye quickly pulls Luke aside. The money that Tracy is referring to is the money the Cassadine money that Luke had transferred into Tracy's account. Skye feels that since Luke is responsible for the money ending up in Tracy's hand then he should be responsible for getting it back from her. Skye then joins Lorenzo at a private table where they discuss ELQ. Lorenzo explains to Skye that he needs a high profile business to establish his new position and he has chosen ELQ. As CEO, Tracy presents a problem and needs to be removed. He fully expects Skye to handle the matter. Meanwhile Luke brings up the Cassadine money to Tracy. She quickly lets him know that she has moved the funds so that he can't get his greedy hands on it. Luke sees that as a challenge and lets her know that he's now determined to take the money back from her. Tracy is not pleased with the announcement.

Jason tells Sam that Michael refuses to leave Port Charles while Carly goes up to Michael's room to talk to him. When she walks in, Carly discovers that the room is empty. Jason, after finding a toy of Michael's, quickly surmises that Michael must have been listening in on Carly and Jason's conversation earlier. Once that realization is made they worry that he might have overheard Carly saying that Michael killed AJ. They call around town looking for Michael but without success.

Michael ends up down at the docks where he sees a newspaper with a headline about Sonny being arrested for AJ's murder. He flashes back to his dream of smothering AJ which he now realizes if actually a memory and runs away from the docks. He ends up walking into the Quartermaine mansion. Monica finds him in the foyer and questions what he's doing there. Michael tells her that AJ was nothing but a liar and that Sonny is his real father. Alan, overhearing Michael's exchange with Monica, immediately starts defending AJ. He tells Michael that AJ loved him and that he would have been a good father if someone hadn't murdered him. Knowing what Michael did, Monica tries to protect Michael by warning Alan to stop talking about AJ. Alan ignores her. Jason's arrival prevents Alan from continuing much further. Jason quickly spirits Michael away into the living room so that they can speak privately. Michael tells Jason that he is the one who killed AJ. At Jason's prompt, Michael admits that he overheard Carly and Reese talking about AJ needing to be stopped. Knowing that AJ was responsible for kidnapping Morgan and Kristina and fearing he still posed a threat to them, Michael went to talk to AJ. When he entered the room, AJ tried talking to him but Michael didn't want to hear any more of his lies so he picked up a pillow and put it over his face. When he pulled the pillow away, AJ was no longer breathing. Michael then dropped the pillow and hid until he could figure things out. That is when Carly had entered the room. He tells Jason that Carly did not kill AJ. Tearfully he throws his arms around Jason's neck and asks Jason if he's now bad. Jason tries to explain that killing is bad but that Michael isn't. He reminds him of a time when Michael had sprained his wrist. At the time Michael was unable to grab or hold anything because his wrist was not working normally. According to Jason, something similar happened to Michael's mind the night that AJ died. Michael's mind had not been working "normally" and as a result of all the lies and manipulations that AJ had inflicted on Michael he had smothered AJ. Michael is still troubled about Sonny being sent to jail for something that he did not do. He begs Jason to take him to the police station

While talking to Reese, Ric figures out that Sonny is confessing in order to protect Michael. Shocked at the implication but determined to make things right, Ric goes into the interrogation room in the hopes of reasoning with Sonny. When Ric confronts Sonny with the truth, Sonny stubbornly sticks to his story, insisting that he is the one who killed AJ. Under the mistaken belief that Reese told Ric about Michael, Sonny switches tactics when he is unable to convince Ric to drop the matter. Sonny confides to Ric that he and Reese have been lovers for months and that she is desperate to see Sonny released and returned to her bed. So desperate that she is making up the story about Michael. Reese walks in at the tail end of Sonny's claims. Unfazed at seeing Reese standing in the doorway in a state of disbelief, Sonny steadfastly continues with his lies going so far as to enlist Reese cooperation by asking her to confirm everything to Ric. Reese tells Sonny that she refuses to lie then turns and leaves the room. Ric meanwhile refuses to accept anything that Sonny says. When Ric tries to reason with him, Sonny decides to switch tactics once again. This time he brings up their mother and how Sonny had no recollection of pushing her down the stairs when she was pregnant with Ric. Sonny tries to explain to Ric that Michael is in a similar situation, having no memory of killing AJ. He implores Ric to help him, reminding him that they are brothers who share blood and that it should count for something.

While Ric and Sonny talk, Carly arrives at the police station. Reese tries to warn her that Ric knows about Michael. Assuming that Reese is the one who told Ric, Carly tells Reese off then barges into the interrogation room demanding to speak with Sonny privately. Ric walks out and joins Reese. He's torn between stopping Sonny from serving a prison sentence for a crime that he did not commit and sparing his nephew from the trauma of being forced to remember smothering AJ. When Reese suggests to Ric throwing the case, Ric reminds her that it's not an option. Since Sonny confessed there won't be a trial, only a sentence hearing. The most he can do for Sonny at his sentencing is to ask for leniency.

Inside the interrogation room, Carly tells Sonny about Michael running away after overhearing her and Jason talk. She suspects that Michael overheard her say that he killed AJ. Sonny has a change of heart regarding her plan. He tells her to go ahead and leave town as she planned and then once they are safely settled in to send the letter explaining about Michael. Just then Jason arrives at the police station with Michael. Carly tries to immediately rush him out of the station before Ric can talk to him. Jason stops her. He insists to her to allow Michael to see Sonny. Reluctantly, Carly stops struggling with Jason and permits Michael to go into the interrogation room. When Michael sees Sonny he tells him that he knows that Sonny did not kill AJ because he's the one who did it. Sonny tries to convince Michael to drop the matter and not worry about things, assuring Michael that he will take care of matters.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lucky stops by to see Emily and let her know that the cabin caught fire. He is worried she might have had something to do with it. Emily admits to Lucky that she and Nik burned the cabin. She explains to him what happened and then admits that it did help her. Lucky is relieved no one was hurt and that Emily found a measure of comfort from the cabin's fire. She fills him in on how understanding and supportive Nik has been. Lucky is relieved that she is finally dealing with the rape and tells her so. When he happens to mention Liz and her rape, Emily tells Lucky that her situation is complicated. Liz was raped in the park by a stranger wearing a mask while Emily was raped by someone who had her husband's face.

He Lorenzo and Skye plot to have Tracy removed as CEO of ELQ. Luke meanwhile puts Tracy on notice that he's going to get the Cassadine money back from her. Tracy refuses to give him back the money and lets him know that she's ready for him. After Lorenzo and Tracy leave, Skye comments on the fact that Luke was unsuccessful with Tracy. Luke assures her that he will retrieve the money but questions how far she wants him to go in order to get it. Skye doesn't like the sound of what Luke is implying. As they discuss their options Skye finds herself discussing plans of obtaining disguises so that she and Luke can break into ELQ so that they can steal Tracy's bank account numbers. She is disgusted with herself for weakening like that and begins to rant. Luke gives her a passionate kiss which Skye initially responds to. She quickly comes to her senses and pulls away. She tells him to do what he feels he must to get the money back but not to involve her in his plans.

Alexis goes to Wyndemere to welcome Nikolas home. She is surprised to learn that Emily is temporarily living elsewhere but respects Nikolas's privacy when he makes it clear that he doesn't want to discuss the details of their relationship. After exchanging some pleasantries, Alexis hands check for the money that she took from the Cassadine funds. Nik is understanding as she explains the circumstances which led to her taking the money as well as what she did with it. After Alexis departs, Nik goes to the Quartermaine mansion and confronts Tracy. He doesn't mince words. After telling Tracy that he knows she is in possession of the $15,000,000.00 missing Cassadine money he informs her that he expects it to be returned by the end of the day. Tracy laughs and accuses him of trying to extort money from her. When she threatens to call the police, Nik tells to go right ahead and call them and while they are waiting for the police to arrive he intends to call the press. He goes on to warn Tracy that he plans on telling the press about where the money she used to bail out ELQ really came from. Tracy counters by threatening to tell the press that he's lying and trying to extort money from her right after being released from prison. Emily overhears the exchange and confronts Tracy. Emily becomes increasingly angry as she and Tracy exchange words. She reaches over and picks up a vase which he upends over Tracy's head, dousing her with water. Furious, Tracy storms off, vowing that Nik will never see a penny of his missing money. Emily apologizes to him for ruining things with Tracy. Nik laughs, telling Emily that he thinks it was worth it to see Emily dump water on Tracy. When he reaches over to touch Emily, she steps back, clearly uncomfortable with the physical contact.

Reese tries to convince Jason to do what's best for Michael. She feels coming forth with the truth and dealing with the issue head on is the way to go because it will get Michael the therapy that he needs. Jason doesn't agree.

Michael asks Sonny if he confessed to murdering AJ to cover for him. Michael doesn't feel it's right for Sonny to go to jail for something that Michael did. He tries to leave the room so that he can confess but Carly and Sonny stop him. Sonny is able to convince Michael to leave with Carly and Jason without saying anything to the police. After they leave, Ric enters the interrogation room to talk to Sonny. He tries to convince Sonny to allow Michael to deal with his role in AJ's death, promising Sonny that he will do everything in his power to ensure Michael doesn't suffer further. He also assures Sonny that everything will be taken care of in closed hearings which will further protect Michael. Sonny refuses to consider it. It's his way and that's it. Frustrated, Ric leaves. Alexis walks in a few minutes later and informs Sonny that Kristina is back in her custody. They discuss Alexis's role in having Michael subpoenaed. Sonny asks her how she can live with herself after using and hurting Michael to get what she wants. He promises her that one way or another Kristina will live with him. Alexis points out that he's in no position to make threads having just confessed to murder. Ric returns just then to let Sonny and Alexis know that Sonny will not be going directly to jail. It seems the judge has rejected his confession and Sonny will be tried for AJ's murder. As Alexis follows Ric out the room, Reese walks in. Once they are alone, Sonny asks Reese if she had anything to do with the trial. She explains to him that the trial is a win/win situation because Michael can't be called to testify against him as he isn't a witness against Sonny. Also Sonny will now be given a chance to explain to the courts why he confessed to a crime that he did not commit.

Alexis asks Ric if he's planning on throwing Sonny's case now that it's ended up in court. As she sees it, Ric has a choice to make. Either he is a hero to his brother and throws the case or he chooses his family. Alexis warns him that if he does decide to throw the case, she will file for divorce.

Georgie is a bit worried about her relationship with Dillon when he goes away to film school. Dillon assures her that he has no intention of breaking up with her and she has no reason to be worried about him becoming interested in another woman. He loves her. They start to make love but are interrupted by Luke who needs Dillon's help. Dillon flatly refuses until Luke mentions his mother. Curious, Dillon asks what Luke wants with his mother. Luke shocks Dillon by informing him that he needs help seducing Tracy.

Sam takes a pregnancy test.

Jason, Carly and Michael return to Sonny's compound. Michael makes it clear that he isn't going to leave town willingly and he would like to confess to the police so Sonny doesn't go to jail. Sam follows Michael when he runs upstairs to his room, leaving Carly and Jason to talk. Carly is speechless when Jason suggests that Michael be permitted to go to the police to confess. Carly feels Jason is supporting Reese instead of her. She asks Jason to trust her to know what's best for her son, not Reese. Jason explains that things are different now that Michael remembers smothering AJ but Carly refuses to change her mind. She is determined to leave town with Michael and Morgan.

Upstairs, Sam talks to Michael. She is able to convince him to leave town for Sonny's sake. Michael goes downstairs to tell Carly about his change of heart and the plans are set into motion. Jason and Sam take a few minutes to talk privately. Jason promises Sam that if he does stay to help Carly settle in it will only be for a day or two. Sam tells him about the pregnancy test. Unfortunately she did something wrong because it did not reveal whether she is pregnant or not. She needs to get another home pregnancy test. Just then Mac walks in. He informs Carly that she's been subpoenaed to appear in court when Sonny is tried for AJ's murder. He orders her to turn over her passport as she will not be permitted to leave the country until she has testified.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Georgie and Dillon arrive in Las Vegas and pose as newlyweds for the Hotel personnel. They are soon joined by Luke, who coaches Dillon on the call that Dillon will make to his mother to announce that Dillon has eloped with Georgie. Meanwhile, in Port Charles, Skye tries to convince Tracy that Tracy can NOT save ELQ with stolen Cassadine money. Tracy counters by blasting Skye for playing up to a known gangster like Lorenzo Alcazar to get Skye's own way. Later, Tracy is so appalled when she receives the call from Dillon, announcing his elopement, that Tracy drops everything else, climbs aboard the ELQ jet and heads for Vegas. Later, when an Irate Tracy storms into Dillon and Georgie's honeymoon suite, Dillon and Georgie succeed in convincing Tracy that it is TOO late for Tracy to interfere because the marriage is already a done deed! When Tracy rushes away to drown her sorrows, Luke follows her and lays on his most charming sympathy act. When Luke suggests that Tracy should get even with Dillon by marrying someone equally unsuitable, Tracy agrees with Luke - then passes out! Meanwhile, in Port Charles, Ned runs in to Brook Lynn at Kelly's and quizzes his daughter to find out if Brook knows whether or not Dillon is in any kind of trouble. Brook nervously insists that she JUST heard from Dillon and that Dillon IS fine!

Ric is suspicious when Alexis makes an impromptu visit to his hotel room and greets Ric with a warm good morning kiss. Ric reminds Alexis that he may NOT be able to give Alexis what she wants. Alexis declares that she WANTS Ric to come home but Ric cautions Alexis that, since Sonny did NOT really kill AJ Quartermaine, and Ric knows it, there is a good chance that Sonny WILL go free soon. Alexis insists that she wants Ric to come home -- no matter WHAT happens with Sonny's case. However, Alexis admits to Ric that IF Sonny wriggles off the hook THIS time, the repercussions COULD continue to jeopardize Ric's marriage and family. When Ric admits that he has a hard time coming to terms with the possibility of sending an innocent man to prison, Alexis counters by pointing out that Sonny HAS killed others and managed to walk away scot free. Alexis explains that she believes that Sonny is exploiting Ric's need to be part of a family in the same way that Stefan Cassadine used the same need in Alexis to keep Alexis jumping around like a puppet on a string to fulfill Stefan's always changing moods and whims. When Alexis realizes that Ric is STILL reluctant to hustle Sonny off to prison because Ric has a golden opportunity to do so, Alexis warns Ric that Sonny will, in the end, destroy Ric's life, use Ric up and then throw Ric away after Ric has lost everything that means the most to him.

When Reese arrives at Sonny's mansion to see Michael, Carly coldly demands that the Federal Agent just come right out and declare what it is that Reese REALLY wants! Reese insists that Justus asked Reese to get Carly ready for Carly's testimony at Sonny's trial. Carly coldly warns Reese that Reese can NOT depend on Ric to throw the case and then accuses Reese of planning to implicate Carly for AJ's murder so Reese can have a clear path into Sonny's bed. Meanwhile, when Jason and Samantha meet at Kelly's, Jason informs Sam that Carly will HAVE to testify. Later, Sam lets Jason know that her pregnancy test proved to be negative. Jason assures Sam that, once Dr. Meadows gives Sam a go-ahead, they WILL begin planning a family. Jason and Sam are interrupted when Reese arrives and reports that Jason needs to speak to Carly so that Carly does NOT end up blowing Sonny's case. After Jason leaves, Sam tries to explain Jason and Carly's relationship to an inquisitive Reese. Later, when Jason arrives at Sonny's mansion, Jason tries to convince Carly that she must NOT boil over in court if Carly wants to help Sonny, However Carly ignores all of Jason's cautions and continues to insist that Jason should NOT trust Reese's advice, because Reese's ONLY objective is to land in bed with Sonny. As Jason and Carly argue, Ric suddenly arrives. Just as Ric begins to assure Jason and Carly that they are ALL on the same side, Durant barges in and shocks everyone when John announces that the Federal Prosecutor has been named to the prosecution team handling Sonny's case. Carly is angry when her father declares that John plans to put Sonny in prison - which is where the mob boss BELONGS! But John pleads with his daughter to just be happy that Carly has been given an opportunity to finally get free of her career criminal husband. Jason finally intervenes in the argument and orders Ric and John to leave. After Ric leaves Sonny's Mansion, Ric tracks Alexis down at Kelly's and accuses his wife of being the one who pulled strings to get John appointed to the prosecution team. However, Alexis quickly denies Ric's allegations. When Ric admits that he has a hard time swallowing Alexis's denial, Alexis counters by reminding Ric that, in spite of her better judgment, she actually DOES love Ric! Then Alexis asks if Ric STILL loves Alexis in spite of the turmoil surrounding their lives. Ric finally admits that he DOES love Alexis in spite of the conflicts that surround them, and that he believes Alexis when his wife insists that Alexis has cut off ALL contact with John Durant. Later, Ric meets with Reese and warns that Ric will NOT be able to throw the case against Sonny as long as Durant is looking over Ric's shoulder in the courtroom.

As Jax and Courtney meet in the park to discuss wedding plans, Courtney is served with a subpoena to testify in Sonny's trial. When Courtney declares that they will now need to postpone their wedding, Jax observes that it is beginning to sound as if Courtney is LOOKING for excuses to delay their wedding! As Courtney leaves, Skye arrives and appeals to Jax for help in Skye's battle with Tracy for control of ELQ. Skye is disappointed when Jax admits that he has called a truce with Tracy and has nothing damaging that Skye could use against Tracy. Skye later wishes Jax well in his upcoming marriage to Courtney. When Jax wishes Skye well in her new relationship with Luke, Skye declares that she has sworn off her involvement with Mr. Spencer At the same time, at Kelly's, Mike tries to reassure his daughter when Courtney confides to Mike that she is worried that her third marriage will turn out like the previous two. Later, Courtney heads to Sonny's Mansion and lets Jason and Carly know that Courtney has been served with a subpoena and has postponed her wedding until AFTER the trial. Carly is thrilled at first but quickly betrays her disappointment when Courtney reminds Carly that the wedding has merely been postponed - NOT called off!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tracy wakes up from a major hangover and finds herself in a strange hotel room. She is shocked when she notices a big diamond ring and wedding band on her left finger. She looks over to find Luke eating breakfast, dressed in a ridiculous green cowboy outfit. He informs her that they are legally married. Tracy tells him no amount of alcohol would make her marry him. He shows her wedding photos and a marriage license to prove it. He also implies that they had sex three times so she can't get an annulment if she wanted to. Tracy realizes that Dillon and Georgie were in on his plan and asks him if Dillon and Georgie are married. Luke tells her that they aren't and that news should cheer her up a little bit. Tracy asks Luke what he wants from her. Luke tells her he will grant her a divorce only if she agrees to pay him alimony, which is the $15 million she stole from the Cassadines. Tracy refuses to give him the money. They return to Port Charles. Luke arrives at Kelly's and overhears Dillon talking to Georgie about how guilty he now feels for helping Luke with his plan. Luke tells Dillon he shouldn't feel guilty for what he did because Tracy constantly is trying to run his life and threaten military school on him all the time. Georgie agrees with Luke that Tracy lies to Dillon all the time and that he shouldn't feel guilty. Dillon can't get over how easily Luke can get people like him to help him with his schemes. Dillon disguises himself as a gardener so he can show up at the Quartermaines without anyone recognizing him so he can get his mail without Tracy seeing him. Georgie thinks the getup is ridiculous looking on him but Luke thinks he could pass as a gardener. Meanwhile, at the Quartermaines, Monica and Alice prevent Alan from going to the courthouse since they know he is going to show up to cause trouble even if he was subpoenaed to testify. Edward and Ned show up and are worried about ELQ. and wonder where Tracy went. Skye also shows up. Tracy arrives home and tries to sneak upstairs without anyone seeing her hung-over. They hear her come in and ask her where she has been. Someone notices her wedding ring and Edward asks her who she ran off and married this time. Tracy doesn't divulge who her new husband is and is totally embarrassed. Skye figures something is up and it probably has to do with Luke. She shows up at Kelly's and finds Luke. She asks him why he went and married Tracy. Luke tells her he wants to force Tracy into giving him back the Cassadine money by making Tracy feel it is the lesser of two evils to get out of the marriage. Skye is very jealous but tries to pretend it doesn't bother her. Luke knows she is jealous and is happy. Skye storms off angry with him for marrying Tracy. Back at the Quartermaines, Tracy catches Dillon and Georgie trying to get his mail and sneak out. She confronts him and tells him that since he helped Luke with his scheme and betrayed her he can kiss film school goodbye now. Dillon acts like he doesn't care about film school. The rest of the Quartermaines start to think Tracy shouldn't be allowed to run ELQ. since she made herself vulnerable again by marrying again. Everyone asks her who she married. Luke shows up and informs them he is the new husband. Skye just glares at Luke.

Emily is studying at the gazebo in the park. Nikolas shows up with some cookies and gives her a medical book she left at Wyndemere. Nikolas suggests that he help her study by questioning her on what she has read and if she answers the questions correctly she gets a piece of cookie as a reward. They have fun playing around with the cookies. Emily tries to steal the bag of cookies but Nikolas grabs the bag out of her hands and starts to run away. Emily runs after him to get the cookies. Nikolas pushes her hand away and then realizes that he startled Emily with that move and apologizes. Emily gets serious on him again and tells him she has to leave anyway and go to see her therapist for an appointment. Nikolas offers to give her a ride. She accepts his offer. Nikolas waits for her to come out of her appointment. He asks her if the therapist gave her any homework regarding her therapy. Emily tells him that Dr. Winters suggested that she confront the rapist with how angry she is with him and that it sometimes helps. Emily tells him that she can't do that since Connor is already dead. Nikolas suggests that since he looks like Connor he can pretend to be him and let her take her anger out on him instead.

Sonny shows up at the courthouse. Ric arrives there as well and informs him that Durant managed to get the job of co-counsel to make sure he doesn't throw the case. Durant shows up with the press following him inside the courtroom. Ric doesn't like this at all and tells Durant that he shouldn't be courting the press and talking to them. Durant tells him they followed him into the courtroom. A guard escorts the press out of the courtroom. Durant approaches Sonny's table to tell him that he is going to make sure that Ric does his job and gets a conviction. Reese shows up and defends Sonny and reminds Durant that it wouldn't look good if he was seen harassing the defendant in court before trial. Durant backs off but acts cocky and tells Sonny he is going down for murder. Sonny tells Durant that if he puts Carly on the stand and questions her she will have nothing more to do with him. Sonny thanks Reese for defending him. Reese tells him he needs someone to be in his corner. Meanwhile, Sam disagrees with Carly about her approach to taking the stand. Sam thinks that she is going to hurt Sonny's case if she gets on the stand and tells everyone how much she hated AJ and wanted him dead. Carly thinks that if she isn't honest about how she felt about AJ the jury won't believe her. Carly gets dressed for court. She is wearing a sleeveless black dress and high heels. Sam thinks the outfit will distract the jury from taking her testimony seriously since it will distract them. Jason agrees with Sam that she should let Sam help her pick out another outfit to wear. Bobbie and Mike show up to hang out with Michael while they go to court. Michael purposely gets dirty so he can have an excuse to go clean up in the bathroom alone. When Carly arrives at the courtroom, Alexis is there. She purposely tries to upset Carly by accusing her of being a bad mother to let her own children be in danger by being near Sonny to get her to lose her temper so she will look bad to the press and to the jury. Jason restrains Carly to keep her from taking a swing at Alexis. The trial begins. Durant stands up and keeps Ric from starting the prosecution's case. Durant calls Carly to the stand. He starts to grandstand to the jury which Justus objects to several times. The judge sustains the objection and asks Durant to ask Carly questions and wait for her to answer. Durant tells the judge that he would like to treat Carly like a hostile witness. He asks her about how she felt about AJ and if Sonny was angry with AJ enough to kill him. Carly almost loses her temper but holds back and sits down and calmly tells the court that AJ was a disturbed man who wanted revenge on Sonny and even married Courtney to get back at him. Durant asks her why Sonny would suddenly confess to murder. She tells him that he did it to protect her when the evidence started to point to her as the prime suspect. Durant focuses on the evidence that the police got on her and he asks her if she killed AJ after all. Michael runs into the courtroom and tells everyone that his parents didn't kill AJ Durant asks the judge if he could put Michael on the witness stand since they were originally going to subpoena him to testify but since he seemed so traumatized then they changed their minds but now Michael appears to be better. The judge reluctantly allows him to put Michael on the stand. Carly is asked to step down. Carly gets upset and tells Michael that everything is going to be o.k. Michael gets on the stand. Reese, Ric, and Alexis can't believe Michael is going to have to take the stand. Sonny shakes his head in disapproval but can't stop it from happening.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Quartermaines meet their newest family member, Tracy's husband, Luke Spencer. Reactions range from shock to utter and complete disbelief. Luke enjoys himself immensely as he plays the happy groom, vows to be the kind of husband that Tracy deserves. Tracy doesn't like the sound of that and doesn't waste any time cluing the family in about the circumstances surrounding her recent nuptials including Dillon's role in things. The shocks continue when Edward makes the suggestion for Tracy to obtain an annulment and Luke drops the bombshell that an annulment would be impossible because he and Tracy consummated their marriage. The news is met with a chorus of "Ewwww"s. Ned is skeptical. He refuses to believe that Luke would choose Tracy over Skye. Luke explains that he isn't the man that Skye wants, using her very own words to convince the family. Edward agrees with Ned and turns to Skye for confirmation that they are still very much a couple and that she loves Luke. Skye is clearly annoyed with Luke. Just then Lorenzo Alcazar strolls in. In a moment of inspiration, Skye announces to all that she can't say she loves Luke because she's in love with Lorenzo. Lorenzo smiles and plays along with Skye's claim, but only for a moment. He lets them know that, romance aside, he's there to call a board meeting in order to elect a new CEO. The Quartermaines are less than pleased. Edward scoffs at the suggestion, reminding Lorenzo that he only holds 30% of the shares. Luke springs to Tracy's defense, warning Lorenzo that he will fight anyone who tires to push his "little spanky buns" out of the corporate world. Edward doesn't see the humor. He reminds Luke that his only concern is for Tracy's money. Luke corrects him. It's his money. The bickering amongst the Quartermaines forces Lorenzo to whistle shrilly in order to gain everyone's attention. He can't help but comment that no wonder ELQ is a shambles given their behavior. He lets them know that as majority stockholder, he's calling a board meeting for the first week in June and before the minutes are typed there will be someone competent in charge. He fully intends for it to be him. As he leaves, Skye sweetly asks him if he forgot something. Lorenzo smiles, looks at Luke and kisses Skye passionately in front of everyone. As he leaves, he notes that he won't make the mistake of forgetting again, much to Luke's chagrin. Once everyone goes about their business, Edward seeks out Tracy. He suggests that she catch Luke in a compromising position and voila, she can obtain her divorce. Frustrated and mumbling, Skye walks into her bedroom and is startled when Luke makes his presence known, having been lounging out of sight on her chaise.

Nikolas offers to stand in as Conner in order for Emily to confront her rapist. Emily is resistant to the idea. Dr. Winters stops by when she spots Emily to ask if she scheduled her follow up appointment. When Emily steps away to do so, Nikolas takes the opportunity to seek Dr. Winters advice on his idea. She warns him that while it might be helpful, provided it takes place in a controlled environment, it could be quite painful. When Emily joins them, she cautions both Nikolas and Emily to think long and hard before making the decision. Nik is finally able to convince Emily to give it a try. They go to Dr. Winter's office. With the doctor guiding the session, Emily is finally able to confront Conner. After the painful session, Emily appears to have an emotional breakdown while a visibly shaken Nik can do no more than watch. At a complete loss for words, Nik stumbles, unnoticed, out of the room. He finds Liz shortly afterwards and shares with her everything that he's feeling. He believes that the confrontation left Emily completely destroyed and blames himself for putting her in that situation. Liz is sympathetic and supportive. She suggests that Nik return to Dr. Winters' office and discuss things with Emily and the doctor. Nik can't bring himself to face Emily so he leaves the hospital. Meanwhile Emily is talking to Dr. Winters. She tells her that for the first time she has hope thanks to Nik. Emily then decides to find Nik in order to thank him. Instead, Emily finds Liz who tells Emily how distraught Nik is over the session. Emily calls Nik at Wyndemere. He listens as Emily pleads with him to pick up the phone but he makes no move to do so.

Michael takes the stand at Sonny's trial much to his family's dismay. Everyone objects when John Durant asks Michael if he saw anyone kill AJ. The judge calls order to the court and rules that Michael has to answer the question. Michael tells Durant that he did not see anyone kill AJ. Again pandemonium breaks out when John asks Michael another question relating to AJ's murder. During the chaos, Carly races to the witness box and hustles Michael off. She doesn't get very far before John Durant brings it to the judge's attention. Carly lets everyone know that she doesn't care if they arrest her, she will not allow her son to testify. She intends to take him home. The judge admonishes her, finding her behavior unacceptable in her courtroom. Ric keeps the situation from deteriorating by informing the judge that the prosecution is finished questioning Michael. The judge permits Carly to leave the courtroom with Michael and calls for a brief recess. In the hallway, Mike and Bobbie arrive to take Michael home. Meanwhile Sonny seeks John Durant out to tell him that he's a dead man. John isn't threatened and once again tries to pressure Sonny into rescinding his recanted confession. Elsewhere in the courtroom, Ric takes a moment to talk to Alexis. She is furious with the way things are going, especially Sonny's recanted confession. She reminds Ric to do his job. When the trial resumes, Ric calls his next witness, Steven Webber who discusses the forensic findings. He is followed by a nurse who says she overheard Sonny threatening AJ that he will never get near Michael again, Alan who testifies about Sonny hanging AJ on a meathook and forcing him to sign over his rights to Michael, Liz Webber who testifies to giving AJ a sedative after he was restrained to protect his spinal injuries and who was helpless to defend himself when he was smothered, and finally Dr. O'Donnell, Michael's pediatrician who saw that Michael was alone and asleep in his bed when he checked on him. Finally Mac takes the stand and tells the jury that Sonny came into the police station to confess to the murder. Justus immediately objects since the confession has been recanted. The judge instructs the jury to disregard the comments about his confession but Sonny realizes that it's too late. He tells Justus that he feels everyone on the jury wants to see him convicted. For the defense, Reese, Sam and Jason testify but Justus is reluctant but feels he has no other alternative but to put Sonny on the stand. Sonny reassures Justus that he can handle anything that Durant fires at him. Justus isn't so certain. On the stand, Sonny is sympathetic as he talks about what he went through. Durant pulls out all stops as he goes after Sonny. First he asks him about the confession. Sonny doesn't deny confessing to AJ's murder. He claims he did so in order to protect his son from testifying about something that ultimately was only a dream. Durant then asks Sonny if he has ever killed anyone to which Sonny admits that he killed a man named Joe Scully but that it was ruled self defense. The door opened, John Durant then questions Sonny about other men who crossed his path and turned up dead or missing. Sonny doesn't admit to anything but things don't look well. Carly is worried that the jury sees Sonny as a murderer. During closing arguments, Durant gives a convincing speech about why Sonny should be convicted of murder, painting him as a ruthless, cold-blooded gangster and murderer. After Durant concludes, Ric stands and asks the court to address the jury himself. The judge agrees. Ric tells the jury that he's Sonny's half-brother and that John Durant was brought on to ensure there was no conflict of interest. Ric goes on to tell them that much of what they heard about Sonny was true but that he did not kill AJ. Everyone is shocked. Sonny tries to stop Ric from proceeding with his closing speech but Ric tells him that the truth must come out.

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