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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 22, 2007 on GH
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Robin denies Patrick's office to move in. She tells him it is not what he wants, that he is not ready for commitment. Patrick tells her he wouldn't ask if he didn't want her to and then gives her a key and tells her she can use it, or not.

Sam starts her new job at Metro Court and comes face to face with Mateo Ruiz. Father Ruiz is there to drop off items for a charity auction. Sam is very rude to Father Ruiz at which time the manager interferes and asks Sam to apologize but she refuses. Father Ruiz says he understands her actions and leaves.

Alexis is arrested for drug possession. She requests that the police officers take her outside. They refuse and proceed to handcuff her as Kristina looks on. Kristina hugs her mother before the police take her away.

Sonny, Jason and Diane have a meeting outside the coffeehouse. Diane informs Sonny that Judge Hunter will be presiding over the custody case of Ric and Alexis and that she doesn't always side with the mother, she sides with the safest environment and if Ric can convince the judge that Sonny's association with Alexis puts Molly in danger, Ric could get sole custody. She warns Sonny to stop visiting Alcazar at the hospital and risk provoking him. A sniper is seen with aim on Sonny but is hit from behind before a shot is taken.

Detective Rodriguez confronts Ric about arresting Alexis, states that he feels the drug charge is fabricated but Ric shows him the photos taken earlier. Ric tells Cruz that since he was disrespectful, he is relieved of his field duties. Alexis arrives at the station and is angry at Rick, tells him that she was arrested in front of Kristina which doesn't seem to bother him.

Viola calls Sonny to inform him about Alexis. Sonny heads to the station and Jason goes to try to get more info on Alcazar's shipment but spots movement in the window where the sniper had been.

Maxie prepares for a job interview and stops by the hospital to borrow Georgie's necklace. Epiphany tells her she doesn't want her coming around when she is not scheduled because she doesn't want anymore confrontations between her and Liz. Maxie gets angry and tells Epiphany that Liz is not as perfect, then leaves. Georgie apologizes but Maxie but Epiphany says she doesn't need to.

Sonny and Diane show up and Sonny assures Alexis everything will be okay. Diane tells Ric she is prepared to take the case of medicinal marijuana all the way to the Supreme Court. Alexis tells Sonny she doesn't have the strength to go through a trial and is willing to share custody with Ric.

Robin goes to Patrick's and helps him move furniture. He asks her again to move in and tells her about all the nice things they can do together. He leaves the room only to peek in and catch her moving the furniture to where she likes and he smiles.

Maxie comes through Metro Court for her interview but missteps and breaks her heel. Sam sees her and offers to let Maxie borrow her shoes, since she is behind the desk. Maxie accepts and they swap shoes. The manager appears and hands Sam an envelope to bring over to Mr. Porter, a customer in the lobby. Sam does so, but on the way loses her balance on the shoes and falls directly into the lap of Mr. Porter, much to the dismay of his wife.

Jason goes to the building and room where the movement was and, upon investigating, realizes that a gun rest was placed on the window sill and was placed in direct alignment to where he and Sonny were standing outside. He then makes his way to the hospital and questions Alcazar. Jason asks who wants Sonny dead. He asks Alcazar about the sniper and Alcazar says it could be anyone. Jason insists that Alcazar must know and inquires about the shipment coming. Alcazar tells him that everyone involved is confidential and he doesn't know them. Jason wants to know why Alcazar would move something and not know what is inside. Alcazar tells Jason, "If you want to live through this, you'll do what I'm doing, speak only when spoken to and stay out of their way".

Sonny tells Alexis how good Diane is as Diane is telling Ric that no one likes bullies who pick on cancer-stricken mothers. Alexis then tells Diane that she knows what Ric wants and that she will come to an agreement with him. Alexis informs Ric that he can come to the house and discuss the terms. He very quickly tells her he will release her. Sonny confronts Ric and tells him one day Molly will know that he used her mother's cancer to steal her. No matter what he says to her, she'll know the truth. Sonny tells him that one day his daughter will realize that and hate him for it, but that it will be justice.

Mrs. Porter becomes angry at Sam and accuses her of coming on to her husband, then requests to speak to the manager. Sam apologizes and says it was an accident. The manager says that he is sure it was and everything is okay. Another worker comes over and the manager tells him that Ms. Corinthos has said that Jason Morgan gets anything he wants and that Sam is his girlfriend. Being nice to her will make Ms. Corinthos happy. The phone rings and the desk clerk answers. Sam overhears him tell the person that there is no person by the name of Angela Monroe listed as a guest.

Robin and Patrick share wine and music and then each other. After making love, Patrick asks her if she would move in and she agrees.

Alexis arrives home and tries to console Kristina. Ric shows up. Alexis offers shared custody if he will drop the possession charges. Rick turns her down and insists on sole custody.

Jason and Bernie are outside the coffeehouse and Jason instructs Bernie to buy the building next door (the one the sniper was in). Sonny arrives and tells Jason about Alexis and Ric. Jason tells Sonny that Carly called and that she and the boys are fine. He tells Sonny that it is a good thing they are away and then tells him about the sniper.

Sam calls Tracy to tell her to stop checking up on her and to get rid of the pictures of Angela Monroe. Maxie comes into the lobby and says she got the job. She thanks Sam for letting her borrow the shoes and then hands her a gift, a new pair of shoes. Alcazar calls and speaks with the desk clerk. He would like to arrange for something of extreme value to be stored there.

An unknown person is seen with a silver briefcase at a computer. They appear to be setting what looks like a bomb. The briefcase is closed and a green light turns on while another person is looking in at Alcazar clutching a newspaper with Sonny on the cover. Sonny tells Jason whatever is going on with Alcazar, it better not affect them.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jason tells Sam about the sniper that was prepared to take Sonny out. He doesn't know why he didn't shoot, but he thinks it has something to do with Alcazar's shipment. He wants Sam to take a leave of absence from work so that she is not in any danger. She refuses and tells him she can't take off work right after she starts. She assures him that she will be careful and everything will be fine.

Dillon and Lulu continue on in their search for Rick Webber's killer. Lulu thinks that maybe Alan killed Rick. If Monica didn't do it, then she must be covering for someone and who else would she cover for besides Alan. Dillon isn't so sure. Lulu decides to go and talk to Spinelli to see what dirt he can find. She goes to Jason's apartment where Spinelli has just arrived home. Jason tells her that Spinelli has work to do for him, but Lulu tells him her work is more important. She goes on to explain that she thinks Alan killed Rick Webber. Jason asks her how much she knows about his injury, and she tells him all she knows is that his alcoholic brother crashed their car into a tree. Jason explains his head injury and how he had to get away from the Quartermaine's because they kept trying to make him into something he wasn't.

Alexis talks to Sonny's attorney, Diane, about her case. She doesn't want Rick to have sole custody and intends to fight him. Diane doesn't think that is such a good idea anymore. She said it could take years to fight the medical marijuana laws. Alexis is determined not to give up on custody of her daughter.

Lucky walks in as Maxie is flirting with Rodriguez. He tells her to leave him alone, but Maxie tells him she will flirt with whomever she wants. After Rodriguez and Lucky leave, Georgie asks Maxie what the heck she is doing. She tells her that she's just hurting herself. She's trying to get with anyone who even remotely resembles Jesse.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sonny is furious with Max for accompanying Carly and the boys out of town without his knowledge. He decides that Max would be better off working at the café. When Carly gets wind of this, she yells at Sonny for punishing Max for her decisions. She reminds Sonny that she only married him to save him from going to prison. As soon as his legal woes are over, they are getting a divorce. As they yell at each other, Jason intercedes and tells them to stop fighting. He tells them not to let their problems show in front of Michael and Morgan. Sonny agrees to be nice to Jax and not to say anything demeaning in front of the kids. He even promises to hand the phone over when Jax calls the house. Carly is shocked that he thinks she and the boys will be moving in with him. She tells him their marriage is not real and they will be staying at their own house. Then she decides that Max should come work for her, and he agrees. Max immediately goes to the Metro Court where he is interviewed by the manager. The manager doesn't feel he would be a good fit for the Metro Court, but Sam reminds him that it is in everyone's best interest to keep Carly happy. Since Carly wants Max to be the head of security, he ends up getting the job. When Carly shows up at the Metro Court, she finds Sam working behind the desk. She is happy she is working there, but doesn't want any special treatment. When Carly arrives home, she sees a guard at the door and immediately knows that Sonny is there. He is inside helping Michael with his homework and already has dinner started. Sonny tells Carly that if she won't move in with him, he will move in with her.

Outside, Liz runs into Jason who is deep in thought. She tells him that he can talk to her if he needs someone to listen. Especially since he's always there to listen to her. He tells her that he helped convince Carly to marry Sonny, because he knew that's what Sonny wanted. But Sonny wants more than a marriage of convenience. Carly is in love with Jax and doesn't want to be with Sonny. Jason feels responsible for Carly's unhappiness. Liz tells him that unfortunately you can't pick who you fall in love with.

While in Russia, Nikolas and Emily bribe Helena's goons in order to track her down. They get back to their hotel, where Nikolas worries that he's made no progress getting Spencer back. Emily talks about how beautiful St. Petersburg probably was 100 years ago. Nikolas starts to talk about the Cassadine castle and suddenly he knows where Helena and Spencer are hiding.

Lucky tells Rodriguez that he and Liz have dinner plans. He is convinced that the two have a shot at a future together, but Rodriguez isn't so sure. Lucky goes to the Metro Court to arrange for their dinner plans. Sam sets up a table for them later tonight and arranges to have flowers delivered to their table after they are seated.

Ric goes to the hospital to visit Alcazar and tells him about the witness they found that claims to have planted the gun for Alcazar to use on Sonny. He tells Alcazar they are planning on pursuing the charges against Sonny, but he doubts they will stick. He does think that the case against him is getting stronger. Ric baits Alcazar and asks what is going on. Alcazar won't release any details, but then Skye walks in and demands that Ric stop badgering Alcazar. Ric reminds her that Alcazar tried to have her arrested for running away with their unborn child, but Skye isn't fazed. Alcazar steps in and tells Ric that he still has proof that will ruin his career and his chances of gaining custody of Molly. Ric stops the interrogation and leaves. Skye hands Alcazar his phone and he tells her that she may want to leave while he makes a phone call. She tells him that when he was unconscious, the fact that she knew nothing about his business almost killed her. Knowledge is power. He allows her to stay and makes a call to delay the shipment.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nikolas and Emily confront Helena in the church where she was having Spencer baptized under another name. She tells them that she did what she had to get Spencer and raise him as a true Cassadine heir and refuses to give him back to Nikolas. Nikolas insists that she hand Spencer over to him. Helena takes out a long dagger like knife and holds it toward the baby. She threatens to kill Spencer before she will hand him over to Nikolas. Emily persuades Helena to give Spencer back to Nikolas in exchange for her own life. Helena takes her up on the offer and hands Spencer back to Nikolas and grabs Emily and holds the knife on her. Nikolas notices how Helena is stalling when it comes to actually killing Emily and asks her if she is waiting for her hired men to come rescue her and kill Emily. Nikolas tells her not to bother waiting for them since he paid them more than she did to tell him where to find her and they aren't coming to stop him. Emily distracts Helena enough and tells her she underestimates how strong Emily is as if she is some weakling. Emily pushes back into Helena and knocks her off balance. Helena tries to stab Emily but misses. Helena takes off while Nikolas tends to Emily. Nikolas and Emily reunite happily with Spencer in the church.

Jason and Liz continue their conversation at the park. Liz seems to be talking in riddles about unborn children and how she must do what is best for her unborn child. She tells Jason that he may have an unborn child but doesn't explain what she means which confuses Jason. She tells him that she is having dinner with Lucky but that she doesn't feel the same way about him like she used to. Jason tries to get her to clarify what she is trying to tell him when she brings up having secrets. Liz is tempted to tell him he is her baby's biological father but loses her nerve and leaves without explaining herself. She heads to the hotel to meet Lucky for dinner and runs into Detective Rodriguez, who is investigating some purse snatching at the hotel. He knows she is meeting Lucky for dinner and tells her that Lucky is putting a lot of importance on this dinner they are having and hopes she will give Lucky a chance to prove himself since he is afraid he will turn to drugs again if something disappoints too terribly. Liz feels pressure not to totally rain on Lucky's parade. Meanwhile, Lucky sets up a special night at the Metro Court. Sam helps him set up the table to look special. Lucky questions Sam about why she is going to so much trouble for him when she doesn't exactly get along with Liz. Sam tells her that she feels somewhat responsible for what happened to them when she was responsible for Ric's break-up with Alexis which caused Ric to pursue Liz lately. Lucky tells her he was responsible for his own marriage problems not her. Lucky sits at the table in the restaurant and opens up a jewelry box holding an engagement ring inside. Lulu runs into him at the hotel and finds out he plans to propose to Liz. She worries that Lucky is setting himself up for a big disappointment since Liz just filed divorce papers a couple of weeks ago and may not be ready to take him back this soon. Lucky tells her he feels that Liz still cares about him and probably still loves him since she went to so much effort to prove what Maxie did to him. Lulu still worries about him but wishes him luck anyway. Liz is nervous about her dinner with Lucky. Lucky asks her to listen while he tells her what is on his mind. Liz is quiet as he goes on about how he wants to make things up to her for her and the baby and Cameron.

Carly is not pleased when she comes home to find that Sonny has moved into her house. She tells him he can't move in and play games with her anymore. Michael objects to the idea that Sonny won't be living with them at Carly's house. Later, Sam drops off some documents for Carly to sign while she is at home. Carly asks Sam if Jax has been in touch with the hotel recently. Sam doesn't remember hearing anything about that and wonders why she wouldn't know since Jax would have called her first before contacting the hotel. Carly tells her she hasn't heard from Jax and is worried about him. Sam asks her if Jax knows that she had to marry Sonny. Carly tells her he doesn't know yet. Sam wonders if Jax will be o.k. with that and Carly thinks he will be o.k. after she explains why she had to marry Sonny. Sam doesn't think that Jax will be that understanding about it. Carly doesn't really like where Sam is going with the conversation especially when she tells Carly that she doesn't seem all that worried about Jax returning and doesn't seem all that enthusiastic about him returning some day soon. Carly turns around and tells Sam that she wouldn't be too happy if Liz was to be carrying Jason's child and he had married her. Meanwhile, Jason meets with Sonny to discuss the shipment that Alcazar is expecting and what the shipment contains that has him so nervous and desperate enough that he tried to kill Sonny to protect its contents. They change the subject over to Sonny's marriage to Carly. Jason asks Sonny to back off of Carly because it isn't fair for him to play with Carly's feelings like that knowing how she feels about Jax. Sonny won't apologize for how he feels about Carly and admits that he plans on getting her back for himself. Meanwhile, Alcazar gets a call from his superior about the shipment. Skye is there with him in his hospital room and worries about him when he answers his cel-phone and tells the person on the other end that he will see that the shipment arrives safely personally. He gets out of bed and Skye worries it is too soon but he is adamant that he must make sure the shipment arrives at the hotel personally and that it is secure. Skye brings him there and distracts the new head of security for the hotel, Max. A mysterious man gets off a plane in Port Charles with one hand handcuffed to a secret briefcase, which is the mysterious shipment Alcazar is waiting for to arrive. The mystery man shows up with the briefcase. While Skye distracts Max, who Alcazar believes is there to watch him like a hawk and report back to Sonny. Alcazar has the briefcase put into the security vault at the hotel. Sam returns to the hotel at the same time and the manager hands her Alcazar's briefcase while Alcazar isn't looking and tells him the briefcase is headed into the vault right now. Jason heads to Carly's place to watch the boys while she goes to talk to Sonny. Carly goes to Sonny's to talk to him and they argue about boundaries in their "marriage." Carly insists that she is in love with Jax and that won't change just because they are married for the time being. Sonny tells her he can't pretend to be happy for her being with Jax and that it isn't in him to play nice about it since he wants her to be with him for real. Carly tries to resist her attraction for Sonny but she can't. Sonny leans over to her and kisses her and she kisses him back. Jason sits with Michael and Morgan while they do their homework. Michael tells him that he wants to live with both his parents again. Jason tries not to get their hopes up about their parents and stays quiet about it.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Port Charles infamous hotel, the Metro Court, explodes. Sixteen hours earlier...

Mr. Craig confronts Alcazar about the shipment arriving early. He wants to get it now, rather than wait on their previously arranged time. Alcazar refuses and says they will go with the original schedule. Skye comes into the hotel and realizes that she is to be Alcazar's alibi. They go to the counter where Alcazar asks to see the Valentine's gift that he had stored in the vault. A hotel worker brings out the briefcase. While Alcazar enters the code into the briefcase to keep it from exploding, Skye distracts the hotel worker by talking about how she wants to get her Valentine's present now rather than later. Alcazar finishes entering the code and tells the hotel worker that he can take the briefcase back into the vault now.

Back at Sonny's house, Carly threatens Sonny with divorce if he ever tries to kiss her again. He tells her that he isn't going to pretend to be happy about her being in love with Jax and asks her to try to make their marriage work. When Diane comes in to talk to Sonny about his pending charges, Carly leaves the room. Diane tells Sonny that Ric is going to drop all the charges against him. Sonny tells her to stall him, because once the charges are dropped Carly will no longer have a reason to stay married to him. Diane asks him if he feels bad about forcing Carly into a marriage when it wasn't even necessary. Sonny says no, but he doesn't realize that Carly is outside the door and has just heard everything.

Sam is anxious about getting pregnant, so she decides to go see the doctor and make sure everything is ok. She goes to the exam and explains about her previous placenta abruption that caused her child to be born too early. The doctor agrees that the previous problems will not affect Sam's ability to get pregnant, but something else has come up causing Sam to not be able to conceive.

Nikolas, Emily and Spencer go to the hospital to get Spencer checked out and are greeted by Lucky, Liz, Lulu, Bobbie, and Mike. While the doctor checks on Spencer, Nikolas invites them all back to his house to celebrate. Emily finds out that Lucky proposed to Liz and is ecstatic. Liz is less than pleased and Emily asks her if she still loves Lucky. Back at the Cassadine's, Lucky is surprised when Liz shows up. Nikolas announces that while they were in St. Petersburg, they had Spencer baptized and Emily is his godmother. After everyone leaves, Lulu tells Nikolas that Lucky proposed to Liz and they both worry what will happen to Lucky if she turns him down. As they are talking about Lucky, he shows up and asks them if they are worried he will go back on drugs.

Lainey, Kelly, and Robin end up at the Port Charles Police Department drunk after getting into a fight with another patron at the airport bar. They all went there to drink after Robin confided in them that Patrick was being dragged to Las Vegas with Pete to go see strippers. Mac comes in and lets Kelly and Lainey go home, but tells Robin she has to stay. Little does she know that her uncle has called Patrick. He tells Patrick that Robin is in custody for getting into a fight because of him. Patrick rushes home to bail her out an is surprised when Robin doesn't want to go home with him. Robin doesn't realize that Patrick spent the night evading strippers and flight attendants and explaining to Pete how lucky he is to have Robin in his life. He is completely in love with her.

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