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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 12, 2007 on GH
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Monday, November 12, 2007

3 hours earlier: 2 AM

"Some things are too important to lie about."

Sam yells at Liz about lying to Lucky. Jason comes in and tells her she needs to stop. Lucky tells Jason to stop ordering Sam around. Sam tells Lucky not to bother defending Liz. She'll never admit that what she did was wrong. Lucky wants to know what's going on. Jason tells him it's not Sam's place to say. He is Jake's father, not Lucky. Lucky is in denial at first and wants a paternity test done. He calls Liz a lying whore. When Jason grabs Lucky's shoulder, Lucky punches Jason and threatens to kill him. Jason tells him he's not going to kill anyone. The four continue to bicker and place blame on each other. Liz tries to explain herself, but Lucky and Sam keep berating her. Lucky and Sam storm off, and Liz asks Jason why he had to reveal the truth tonight while a killer was on the loose. Jason says he couldn't keep his son a secret any longer. Meanwhile, Sam tries to calm Lucky down. Lucky doesn't know what to do. He's bonded with Jake, and he doesn't know how he should handle the situation now. He realizes now that Sam was trying to tell him the truth. She apologizes that she didn't tell him sooner. She's known since the day after Jake was born.

Carly thinks Sonny is lightheaded. There's no way he's in love with Kate. He likes her, but he's not in love with her. Sonny looks at Kate and tells her that now is not the time he would have chosen to tell her, but it's true. Carly tells Kate that Sonny does this with all the women in his bed. After all, they just met! Sonny tells her to stop, and Kate offers to wait outside while they talk. Sonny explains to Carly that he just wants the same respect that he showed her when she married Jax. She wanted him to move on, and now it's her turn to wish him well. She tries to tell him that this is different but ends up wishing him the best, anyway. Carly tells him that when he finds out that Kate is not the one for him, she won't tell him "I told you so". Kate comes back in and tries to get Sonny to drink some water. Carly decides she's going to leave. Sonny doesn't want her to go out where a killer is lurking, but she leaves anyway. He wants to go after her, but Kate tells him he's still too weak. Sonny tries to explain that he and Carly loved each other for a long time. He doesn't think Carly ever felt he would love another woman. Meanwhile, Carly runs into Jerry and asks about Jax. They made it back to the harbor and put Alexis in an ambulance. They were coming back and the boat started taking on water. He doesn't know how Jax could have survived. He searched for his brother, but he's gone. Carly slaps him and tells him that her husband will come back to her.

Anthony stands over an unconscious Luke. He tells him, "God works in mysterious ways." He contemplates finishing Luke off, but leaves instead. Logan finds Luke and determines that Luke had a heart attack. He tries to move him, and Scott comes over to help. Scott tells Luke if he's going to save him, he's going to remind him about this for the rest of his life. They pick him up and take him to Tracy's room.

Emily locks Nikolas in the wine cellar. She stands on the other side of the door, and he tells her she did the right thing. Nikolas hears something and asks if she's ok. Emily tells him it was just the wind and she's fine. Nikolas changes his mind and tells her he needs to be out there to protect her. He pleads with her, but she leaves and goes to the parlor. Nikolas continues to pound on the door and pulls a pipe off the wall. He uses it to pry the door open, while Anthony watches from outside the door.

Emily finds out what happened to Luke and springs into action. She asks Logan to go find some aspirin and a defibrillator. Emily asks if Tracy still has some of Edward's medicine with her, and she says yes. Emily sends Scott off to find Tracy's purse. Tracy tells Luke that if he makes her a widow, she'll never forgive him. Luke says he can't believe this is happening. Emily tells him she's not surprised coming from someone who spent all his life abusing his body. She tells him not to move. He just had a heart attack, and he may have another one if he continues to move. Scott comes back and starts to make a snide remark, but Emily stops him. She tells him to zip it or she'll throw him out herself. Scott brings her the purse, and Tracy gives Luke a pill. When Scott and Logan come back with the defibrillator, Emily decides that Luke's heart is back to normal and a shock won't be necessary. Emily tells them that they need to remain calm and she'll be right back. She has something she needs to do. She runs down to the cellar and panics when she doesn't find Nikolas. Meanwhile, Tracy sends Scott outside with Logan. Scott confides that he didn't want Luke to have a heart attack. If he didn't have Luke to hate or insult, he wouldn't know what to do. Logan agrees that it's not easy to watch someone die.

Johnny explains to Leyla that she looks just like his deceased mother. If his father sees her, there will certainly be a bloodbath. She asks him why he didn't stop his father when he had the chance. He agrees that he should have killed him in his sleep. She tells him he should have gotten his father help when he still could, not kill him. Johnny says it's past that point now. She tells him she's going back to Patrick. He tells her that's fine, but if others get hurt it's on her. Patrick and Robin come over to take Leyla back to the rest of the group, but they end up running into Anthony. Leyla hides her face while Anthony is busy talking to Robin. He asks Leyla to show herself and when she does, he calls her Maria. He holds his hand out to her and she takes it. She tries to tell him that her name is Leyla, not Maria. Robin says they should go somewhere to talk, but Anthony thinks they're trying to keep Maria away from him. Anthony wants to take her to the garden, and Leyla agrees. He tells her that need to take care of Robin and Patrick first, though. Leyla tells him to let them go, but he says one must die. She is to decide who lives.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

2 hours earlier: 3 AM

Robin: "Love is messy and complicated. When you're sure it's over, love saves your life.

Nikolas finds Lucky and Sam and asks if Lucky has found Liz. Lucky tells him that Liz is right where she wants to be. They start to talk about Liz and Jason, but Nikolas erupts in anger at Lucky when he questions where Emily is.

Liz tells Jason that he had every right to tell Lucky the truth, but she was just afraid of what he would do. That's why she didn't tell him about Sam and the kidnapping. She tells him that sometimes she thinks she loved him from the very start. He tells her that he still remembers her that night in the bar. She was so sad and angry. He had no idea that he would fall in love with her someday and she would be the mother of his child. They hug. She asks where they go from here, and he says it will be her decision. She tells him she will let him know when she figures it out. Spinelli and the girls come out and tell Jason about Spinelli knocking Lulu out. There's a knock at the door. It's Johnny. He comes in and tells Lulu to sit tight. By now his father has probably forgotten all about her. Jason and Johnny leave together, while Spinelli stays behind with the girls. Lulu is upset and wants to go help, but Nadine tells her to stop making this all about her.

Carly asks Jerry what he did with Jax. She knows he isn't dead. She would feel different if he were dead. He's out there somewhere, and he's coming back for her. He tries to calm her, but all of a sudden he collapses on his knees. A man comes from behind and tells them not to move. Carly asks if she can help Jerry up, and the man agrees. Jerry and Carly plan together and Jerry ends up shooting the gunman. He gives her an extra gun and tells her to go with the others. She says Jax would never forgive her if she left him. He says he wishes he could think that way. She says no, don't say it. He tells her it's true, and she wants to know every detail. He tells her about the waves and how they begged the authorities for help but they refused. They realized they were on their own. The boat was going under. He managed to surface, but Jax did not. He says he looked and yelled for Jax, but there was no sign of him. He was his best friend. The only person he could love and trust. Why couldn't it have been him? Carly can't understand why they risked coming back. Jerry explains that Jax was determined to get back to her, and Jerry agreed.

Sonny admits to Kate that he's not the most romantic guy when it comes to talking about feelings. He feels it, but he just doesn't know how to say it. She just tells him not to take it back, and he says that he won't. She says she has great memories of when they were younger, but she thought he hated her for all those years after she left. He says he never hated her, but he just had regrets. She's happy to hear that he loves her, because she feels the same way. They hug and kiss.

Logan mentions that Luke doesn't look good. Lulu should be with him. Luke asks where Lulu is, and Logan tells her that she is safe with Coop. Emily comes in and checks on Luke. She tells him to be still and she will be back to get him off the island as soon as possible. Tracy is disappointed in Emily's lack of attention to Luke and mentions how proud her father must be. Luke tells her to lighten up. Emily's face showed desperation. Scott says that Emily should be concerned over her mental case boyfriend. Nikolas, Sam, and Lucky come in and find out what happened to Luke. Tracy is very protective over him and tells them she will explain it all after this is all over. Logan asks about Lulu and finds out she is in the stable with the others. He goes to find her, while Lucky wants to go find Patrick or Robin. Luke tells him it's ok. Everything will go back to normal after this is all over with. Lucky tells him that it will never go back to normal. Nikolas asks Scott if Emily said where she was going. He wants to go look for her. Luke says he shouldn't go out there, and Lucky thinks he knows where he is going.

Logan goes out to the stables and finds Lulu. He tells her that her father had a heart attack and she needs to come with him. Spinelli doesn't think it's a good idea, but Lulu leaves anyway. She walks in as Lucky and Luke are talking about fatherhood. Lulu is relieved to be with her dad. Luke has some more pain, and Tracy offers him another pill. He tells her he just needs more booze, and Tracy sends Scott out for more alcohol. Logan leaves with his dad after checking to make sure Lulu is alright. Lulu leaves her father's side and walks outside to try to draw Anthony out. She is successful and he tells her no one can save her now. He's disappointed to learn that her father didn't die. Johnny comes from behind Anthony and tells him to leave Lulu alone. Johnny tells his father that he doesn't love Lulu, and he barely knows her. Anthony can't understand why he cares what happens to her. Anthony decides to let Johnny kill Lulu and he gives him the gun.

Anthony asks Leyla to choose who must die and she tells him to shoot Patrick. Robin yells, "NO!", but Leyla runs in front of Patrick and is shot. Anthony can't understand why Maria would betray him again. He asks how many times he has to kill her. Patrick starts trying to beat him up, but Anthony quickly gets the upper hand and leaves. Robin tries to control the bleeding, and Patrick asks Leyla why she jumped in front of the gun. She admits that she made a bad decision, but Patrick tells her it will be alright. They bring her into another room. The bullet passed through right above the hip. They can only bandage it. Leyla tells Patrick she has no intentions of dying, while Robin has a daydream. When Patrick goes to get something, Robin thanks Leyla for being so brave and handling Anthony. Leyla says she knows that Robin wants Patrick back. She wants him, too, but not if he wants to be with Robin. Robin apologizes for taking her anger out on Leyla. She knows she didn't steal him away. Leyla appreciates the honesty and tells her she accepts her apology.

Nikolas asks Alfred if he has seen Emily, but he has not. Nikolas hopes he didn't hurt her. Alfred tells him that the radio said the storm won't be over until day break. Nikolas gets upset and throws something. Alfred asks if he's ok. He says he is. He has to be for Emily, and he leaves.

Emily enters the ballroom and sees someone. She thinks its Nikolas. Thunder booms and lightening flashes. She sees a mask and hears a noise. It turns out to be Jason. She asks him how he got there. He tells her about the speed boat and asks why she is alone. She tells him she is looking for Nikolas. He is getting worse. She locked him in the cellar, but he's not there anymore. Jason wants her to go to the stables, but she won't leave Nikolas. He wants her to be reasonable. He will take her to the stables and then come back to look for Nikolas. He tries to grab her to take her with him, but Nikolas comes up from behind and slams Jason down on the table. He tells Jason to get his hands off of her. Emily yells at Nikolas to stop.

Back in the stables, Nadine talks to Spinelli about Lulu. She apologizes for calling him out with Lulu. He understands how difficult Lulu can be. He doesn't want it to hurt his friendship with her, though. Liz asks to speak with Spinelli alone and tells him about Jason revealing the truth to Lucky about Jake. She wants him to know, because he is one of Jason's closest friends and he may need someone. Spinelli tells her that she needs to tell Jason if she wants to be with him. He's too reluctant to ask for anything. She doesn't want to cause any more pain to Lucky by jumping into a relationship with Jason. Spinelli asks her if she thinks it will be possible to raise Jake without Jason in the picture.

Tracy tells Luke that she's going to make Monica do tests on him when they get back, and he's going to have to go on a diet. He tells her he's going to trade her in for a newer model if she doesn't stop acting like a wife. She tells him that his heart couldn't take it. He agrees not to die on her if she agrees not to turn into a pain in his butt or diet monitor. She agrees.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 hour earlier: 4 AM

Nikolas: "You can love someone forever, yet lose them in a heartbeat."

Sonny looks out the window as Kate dreams of dancing with Sonny. She wakes up and asks him to promise her they'll go dancing when this is all over. They talk about a night of dancing, but Kate wants to try to keep Sonny calm in order to get some rest. He tells her she has made him so happy just by lying there asleep, looking so beautiful. He can tell she is nervous and scared, so he tells her they are going to get out of there. She doesn't think they should go without the others. He does want to check on Ric, but she's very concerned about the "others". He asks her if she's worried about Trevor. She hasn't forgotten that he ordered a hit on him, but Sonny says that was before he saved his son's life. She thinks that means he doesn't need Sonny anymore and he'll be at even more risk.

Kate and Sonny try to leave, but end up getting lost. They run into Jason, and Sonny tells him they're looking for Carly. He's worried about her. Jason says he'll go find her and leaves. Kate tells Sonny that she understands Carly is the mother of his children, but she can handle the woman on her own. He tells her that he liked the way she stood up to Carly.

Meanwhile, Trevor is talking to Skye about how he regrets the decisions he made with Adelle, Sonny, and Ric. She tells him that near death experiences can do that to a person. She tells him he needs to apologize and admit to Ric that he was wrong. He doesn't think Ric would care, but Skye wants him to try. Sonny comes in and asks about Ric. Ric says this is a first. His big brother saved him. He thanks his brother and asks why he did it.

Jerry tells Carly that both he and Jax wanted to save her. She tells him she doesn't need to be taken care of. She just needs her husband. Jax runs in and he and Carly kiss. She is relieved to see him, and he hugs both her and Jerry. She's mad at both of them for turning back, but Jax says he couldn't leave her there with a killer on the island. Jax notices that Jerry is having trouble breathing. Jerry says he'll be fine, but Carly wonders aloud if this has anything to do with overexerting himself in the gunfight. Jax is stunned. He questions the gunfight, and Carly explains. He tells her he doesn't know what he would do without her and they hug.

Johnny points the gun at his father and pulls the trigger as he tells him, "This is for my mother." The gun is empty. Anthony tells Johnny that he is disappointed in him. He tells him that he will allow him to have the girl until sunrise. Afterwards, he and Johnny are going home where he will punish him. After Anthony leaves, Logan comes out and asks Lulu why she isn't with her father. She explains that she was trying to put an end to Anthony, since he was the one who caused her father the heart attack. Logan and Lulu run into a cave on the island and she explains what happened between Anthony and Johnny. She's still mad at him for blaming Johnny. Just because someone's father is crazy doesn't mean he is crazy, too. Logan can't understand why he's defending Johnny like she cares about him. Lulu says she barely knows Johnny. He was messed up and needed someone to talk to, and she was there. He tells her that he was a soldier. He's trained for this kind of thing. He's going to stop Anthony himself. Suddenly, Lulu notices a shadow in the cave entrance.

Jason knocks Emily off of him and starts to beat Nikolas. Emily tells him to stop. Nikolas is having another black out and it will pass soon. Jason decides to tie him to the chair. He wants to get Emily out of there, but she won't leave without Nikolas. Emily wakes up and is horrified when he learns what he did to Emily and Jason. He pleads with Jason to take Emily away so he can't hurt her again. He promises Emily that as soon as this is over, he will get help and then they will get married. They kiss and Emily leaves with Jason. As Nikolas sits tied to the chair, he hears someone enter and asks Jason if he's made sure Emily is safe. Anthony starts to strangle him, but suddenly stops. He tells Nikolas he's not much of a host. He shouldn't have invited him, but Nikolas asks who would have provided the entertainment. He asks who tied him up and implies that he has Emily. Lucky comes in and pulls a gun on Anthony. Nikolas tells him not to shoot, because he has Emily. Sam tells Nikolas that Anthony is just trying to mess with his head. Anthony escapes and Lucky tries to chase after him. Lucky comes back and asks Nikolas if he's ok, but he says not until he knows that Emily is safe. They untie him and he runs off. They quickly follow him, but Sam and Lucky get distracted and before they know it, Nikolas is gone.

Lucky and Sam go back to the barn. Lucky thinks that Sam should stay there to guard the others. Liz doesn't think this is a good idea. She mentions how Sam needs to tell the truth to Lucky about that day in the park when she saved Liz and the boys. Lucky finally agrees that Sam should not stay there either, but he tells Liz that by sending Sam away it doesn't make any of this less of her fault. Jason and Emily go to the stables shortly after Sam and Lucky leave. Jason assures Emily everything will be ok. She takes solace in him saying that, and he leaves. Emily explains to Liz what happened with Nikolas and how she is worried about him being alone. Liz tries to distract her by explaining that Lucky found out that Jake is Jason's child. Emily is not surprised. She knew all along, but realized that Liz didn't want anyone to know. Emily is surprised when she hears what Sam orchestrated in the park. She asks how she could do that, and Liz says that Sam lost the man she loved and he had a child with her. Heartbreak does things to people. She says she can't tell Lucky right now because he's in enough pain already. She asks Emily if she's mad at her, but Emily says no. Emily says she has to go be with the man she loves. Liz offers to go with her, but Emily says no. This is her risk to take. Before she leaves, Emily asks Liz if she will be her maid of honor and she agrees.

As Leyla sleeps, Patrick and Robin talk about their past tumultuous relationship. They are both grateful for their relationship, but they realize they will be back to their separate lives tomorrow. Robin tells him that she still wants kids. She realizes that even more now after what has happened. She asks him if he's changed his mind now. He wishes he could say yes, but he has not changed his mind. He's not dad material. She's disappointed, but she doesn't regret what they had and will always love him. Patrick goes over and asks Leyla how she is doing. She says she is better, but Patrick mentions that she needs more pain medication. Robin offers to get some, but he doesn't want her to go alone. They all go to another room, with Patrick carrying Leyla as she passes out.

Jason goes back to the room where he left Nikolas and finds Johnny. He explains that his father is not the only one who is a danger. Nikolas is out of control. They agree to each check separate areas of the house and leave. When they leave, Nikolas comes out of hiding. He picks up a mask, but has to hide again when Robin, Leyla, and Patrick come in searching for pain medication. They find some and quickly leave again. Emily runs into the ballroom and finds Nikolas. They are happy to see each other, but Nikolas tells her she needs to stay away from him. He starts yelling at her, and suddenly you can hear her choking.

Jax notices that Jerry is coughing up blood. He goes over to help him as Jason comes over. Carly is happy to see him, but he's mad that she took off by herself. He tells her this isn't a game.

Out in the hallway, Sam asks Lucky if he considered that Nikolas was tied up for his own good. Lucky can't believe she would ask something like that, but she says she has a bad feeling about this. She doesn't think he got lost. She thinks he ditched them on purpose.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nikolas comes to after passing out. He wakes up to find Emily lying on the floor with a noose around her neck. He starts to scream when he sees her. He goes over to her and tries to see if he can resuscitate her but it appears he is too late and Emily is dead. Meanwhile, Jason finds Carly, Jax, and Jerry in the main atrium and yells at Carly for running off the way she did. She explains to him about what happened to Jax and Jerry on the boat. Jax tells Jason that they managed to get Alexis to the hospital but ran into problems on the way back during the storm. Suddenly, they hear a scream coming from the other room. They find Nikolas sitting on the floor, cradling Emily in his arms and appearing to be in shock. Jason tries to get Nikolas to move away so he can check on Emily but Nikolas refuses to let go of her and rambles on incoherently about how she is just resting and will be o.k. Carly tries to talk to him but he can't tell her anything about what happened to Emily. Meanwhile, Anthony tries to get Johnny to shoot and kill Lulu for him. Johnny turns the gun on his father instead and pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. Anthony takes off after some noise distracts them. Logan finds them and yells at Lulu for putting herself at risk. They decide to go back to the barn with the others. Jason goes to find Liz and tells her about Emily's death. Liz refuses to believe that Emily is dead but agrees to help anyway she can and gets some horse tranquilizer. Lulu gets very upset and tells Spinelli, Logan, and Johnny about how nice Emily always was to her when she was a little girl. Johnny tells her about his father's insanity and what is was like growing up with him killing everyone he ever cared about. He vows to make sure Lulu lives. Liz finds Nikolas holding Emily and not letting her go. She injects him with the tranquilizer and gets him to let go of Emily so Jason to lift her and carry her somewhere to lay her down. Sonny and Kate leave Ric's room. Sonny has a hard time dealing with Trevor and Ric. Kate reminds him that she was involved with Trevor a long time ago. Jerry ends up getting into a shootout with Anthony then finds where Sonny and Kate are hiding out. He tells them about Emily so Sonny leaves Kate with Jerry for protection while he goes to see what is going on with Emily. He finds her laying there with Jason looking on with a lot of sorrow and devastation. Sonny also reacts with sorrow. He tells Jason how sorry he is for his loss and talks to Emily about how he always wanted her to be safe and happy. Carly goes to find Jax and they kiss and embrace. Carly tells him how much she loves him and how afraid she was that she lost him. Carly gets another text message and thinks that the person who killed Leticia is there tonight at the party. Sonny goes to check on Kate and Jerry and finds Jerry practically unconscious with no sign of Kate around. He asks Jerry where Kate is. Jerry tells him Anthony has her. Anthony grabs Kate and pulls a gun on her. He tells her that he is going to finish the game he started with Sonny when he came to visit him that day and is going to use her to do it. Liz lays down next to Emily 's body and starts to cry. Jason comes up to her and puts a comforting hand on her shoulder. Nikolas has a dream about dancing with Emily at the ball and then sees himself being tied to a chair and watching himself strangle Emily.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Carly: "They say when you are dying, you see a white light. I think you see a face of someone you love."

Carly thinks that Anthony killed Leticia and Emily. They were both killed the same way. Who's been texting her, though?

Nadine fixes up Johnny's hand, while Logan asks him what he did to it. Johnny can't remember. Logan thinks it looks like he was gripping something too tight and it slipped. Logan says it looks just like the cuts he saw in people's hands in combat from hanging on a cord too much. It looks just like he strangled someone. Logan asks where he was when Emily died, but Lulu comes to Johnny's defense and says that Anthony killed Emily, not Johnny. Lulu wants to leave, but Logan doesn't want her to leave. Johnny offers to escort her, and when the two of them leave, Logan is upset. Nadine tries to calm him down.

Liz tells Jason she still can't believe Emily is gone. Nikolas wakes up after dreaming of killing Emily. He yells out for her, and Liz rushes over to him. Nikolas tries to go over to her, but Liz wants him to rest. Jason comes over and tells Nikolas that Emily is dead, but Nikolas refuses to believe it. He thinks it was just a nightmare. He holds Emily's hand and notices how cold it is. He asks her to please speak to him. He pulls the sheet off her face and sees the marks on her neck. He cries and asks how this happened to her. Why did she come back? He loved her, and now he killed her. Jason is stunned to hear this, but Liz tells him that Nikolas doesn't know what he's saying. Even Emily believed that Nikolas wouldn't hurt her. Jason reminds Liz that Emily's judgment was clouded by love. Lulu and Johnny come in and give their sympathy to Nikolas. He says this is all his fault, but Lulu tries to reassure him and tell him that this isn't his fault. Nikolas screams out and asks why everyone is trying to protect him. Lulu tells Johnny that Nikolas is in shock. He doesn't realize that Anthony did this. After Johnny and Lulu leave, Jason and Liz hear gunshots outside. Jason decides to go check it out and he rushes out. Liz tries to comfort Nikolas, but he's inconsolable. Anthony comes from behind and grabs her without Nikolas noticing. Nikolas talks to Emily about how he can not live without her. Then he notices a gun. He picks it up and holds it to his chest while he continues to tell Emily that he can not live without her in his life.

Sonny shakes Jerry awake and asks him where Kate went. Jerry tells him that Anthony took her. They're playing his game, now. Trevor shows up and tells Jerry that he looks terrible. Jerry tells him that Anthony has Kate, and Sonny is going after them. Jerry thinks this is all his fault for bringing in the mercenaries, but Trevor says Anthony was the only one who intended to kill anyone. Jax comes in and notices the tension between Jerry and Trevor. When Trevor leaves, he asks what the upset was all about. Jerry says that Trevor is just trying to do damage control. Trevor eavesdrops and hears Jerry telling Jax that Trevor may be trying to eliminate witnesses. Jerry starts coughing and Jax asks Carly to get his brother some water.

Anthony tells Kate that Sonny will be forced to play his game, now. Kate asks him what he will do if Sonny goes after Johnny. Anthony isn't worried. He tells her she should have run when she had the chance. She says she didn't want to miss seeing the roses. She asks him if he's seen them. They start to talk about roses and when Kate came over to his house years ago. Suddenly, Anthony is aware that Sonny is outside. He threatens to kill Kate if he doesn't come in, so Sonny walks in alone. Anthony tells him he's disappointed. Sonny doesn't live up to his reputation. Sonny says the same about Anthony. Anthony points out that he has a hostage, but Sonny says he could kill his son. Anthony doesn't care. He says he's hated his son since he was a child. Sonny dares him to kill him and see what will happen. Anthony tells Kate to sit. Sonny and he are going to play Russian roulette. Sonny says that doesn't work for him, and Anthony realizes that he loves Kate. Sonny says he's lost his loved ones before, just like Anthony. The difference is, Anthony fell. Sonny won't fall. Anthony pushes Kate towards Sonny and tells him to kiss her goodbye. Sonny offers to stay there in good faith with him if he lets Kate go free. Anthony agrees and Kate runs out quickly. Anthony also allows Sonny to leave, but he shoots him in the shoulder as Sonny is walking out. Sonny and Kate rush into another bedroom and Kate notices that Sonny has been shot. She tries to care for him and he rambles on about his feelings for her. They kiss, but suddenly Sonny falls on the floor unconscious. A gunman walks in, but Kate tells him he's too late. Sonny is already gone.

Tracy asks Luke how he's feeling. He tells her it feels like someone parked an RV on his chest. She wants him to concentrate on living. She will miss being annoyed by him if he dies. He tells her that he was chained to his past before her. She has changed that, though. He has no intention of giving that up. Luke thinks that the Cassadine's are laughing their flaming butts off right now by watching his heart almost give out in their house. Tracy reminds him not to let the Cassadine's beat him now. Logan comes in to check on them, and he reassures Luke that Lulu is fine. He tells them about Emily being murdered. Tracy is in shock. Luke decides that he needs to go help Nikolas. He tries to stand, but he falls back, clutching his chest.

In the barn, Coop and Spinelli decide they're going to try to take the mercenaries on. Spinelli grabs a sythe and a hammer as his weapons and they leave. Coop, Logan, and Spinelli rush up to the gardens and find Trevor talking to Anthony. Trevor is trying to get him to go home. Anthony doesn't want to go home until Sonny is dead, so Trevor calls a mercenary over and tells him to kill Sonny and make it look like Mr. Zacchara did it. Anthony is surprised at the orders Trevor is giving and threatens to shoot him if he gives another order like he's in charge. Trevor wants to get Anthony back home and he promises to get Johnny home, too. Suddenly, Coop, Spinelli, and Logan shout out like they are police and say that they have them surrounded. Everyone scatters. Spinelli is thrilled when an armed mercenary comes his way and he knocks him out with his hammer.

Jason comes out on the balcony and sees Anthony holding Liz at gunpoint on the edge. He tells Jason that one of them is going to fly tonight. He notices that Jason loves Liz. He asks Jason which one of them is going to fly and die tonight.

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