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Monday, June 15, 2009

After Kristina picked up Michael, they almost had an accident as she drove him to Sonny's. They laughed about the fact that she was driving on a learner's permit. After a few encouraging words from Michael urging her to let loose, she drove even more recklessly than before. At Sonny's, Claudia prepared to move out, but after overhearing Claudia talking to her unborn child, Sonny's attitude softened and he did not want her to go. She told him that if she stayed, they would have to have rules, because his shifting attitudes toward her were too stressful on her and the baby. When he asked her what rules she wanted, she told him to stop accusing her of sleeping with Ric and to promise to keep Ric away from her. Before the conversation went further, Michael showed up at the door. At her place, Carly was frantic with fear for Michael. Jason did his best to reassure Carly. He told Carly about his experience and warned her that she risked alienating Michael if she was too hard on him. Carly wanted to be a good parent, but her concern for Michael made her want to hold him closer, not let him have more freedom. Sonny called to tell Carly that Michael was at his place. Carly and Jason rushed out of the house to retrieve him. Jason went to Alexis' house and found Kristina alone. When he threatened to expose her for driving Michael around without a license, she stood up to him. She told him flatly that she would lie to her mother and that Alexis would believe her over him. Jason tried to reason with her, but she slammed the door in his face. GH Recap Photo 090615 Johnny went to Jake's for a beer and found that Coleman had bought a used piano for the bar. He sat down and started playing classical music. Alexis also stopped by and met up with Diane. They shared wine and talked about shoes before Alexis asked Diane to drop the wrongful death suit she was pursuing against Matt Hunter. Diane demurred and said that there was ample evidence to suggest that Matt was at fault. Alexis felt that the lawsuit would make the mayor appear in a bad light, but Diane said that Alexis should look at the opportunity it presented her. Diane said that if the mayor fell out of favor, Alexis could take his place. Spinelli was in pain after his massage treatment, and was walking very gingerly when he and Maxie arrived back at the P.I. office. They were still amazed that Giselle was blackmailing Kate into giving away Crimson secrets. They were determined to check out Kate's financial records to find the mysterious backer who was the reason for the blackmail. Spinelli's preliminary check of Kate's personal banking records failed to turn up any backer except Jax. They decided to go out for drinks before checking further. While they talked, a mysterious person hovered outside the door unnoticed. At Jake's Spinelli decided to order whiskey instead of orange soda, because he thought that a hard-boiled P.I. should drink hard liquor. Maxie chuckled and ordered a beer. Spinelli feared that Maxie would be impressed by Johnny's piano playing, but she told him that she had heard Johnny play on other occasions and she found it boring. Spinelli was relieved. Carly showed up at Sonny's and was not happy to hear that he was on the grounds taking a walk with Claudia. Sonny told her that they needed to talk. He wanted her to let Michael live with him while Michael adjusted and healed, but Carly would not let go. She feared that if she let Michael live with Sonny, Michael would treat that as rejection, and accuse her of building a life with Jax and Morgan without him. Michael was more relaxed as he and Claudia walked and talked. She tried to be helpful and told him that he had to be realistic. She told him that he had lost a year of his life and he could not get that back. She asked him what he wanted. He said that he wanted his mother to stop treating him like a baby and to listen to him. He said that he wanted to live twice as much and twice as hard to make up for lost time. GH Recap Photo 090615 At the hospital, Patrick and Robin talked about Matt. Patrick blamed himself for letting Matt do the surgery instead of doing it himself. He feared that he only let Matt do the surgery because Matt was his brother and had wanted to prove himself. Patrick feared that he might not have had the same response if Matt had not been his brother. Robin also took a share of the blame, because she wanted to have a family day in the park with Patrick and Emma and had encouraged Patrick to let Matt do the surgery. Matt was already drunk when he showed up at Jake's. Diane noticed him and had several disparaging words for his behavior. Matt started hitting on Maxie and saying unkind things about Spinelli. When Spinelli tried to interfere, Matt decked him. Johnny tried to help Spinelli, but Spinelli pushed him away. Johnny went back to the piano and Spinelli took a swing at Matt and missed. Matt hit him again and that time Spinelli fell into Johnny, who got up and punched Matt. Rebecca went to see Ethan. She told him that Nikolas had not contacted her since he had found out that she was Emily's twin. She said she was having reservations about lying, and just then, Nikolas walked in and wanted to know what she and Ethan were talking about. She said that she was making reservations for a card game. Ethan noted that Luke was gone and he did not know when he was coming back, but that he would be running the casino until then. Rebecca and Nikolas sat down at the blackjack table while Ethan dealt the cards. She asked Nikolas why he had been avoiding her since he had found out that she was Emily's twin. At her office, Sam was being threatened and manhandled when Jason walked in and knocked the guy out with his gun. Sam told him that they might both be in trouble because the guy he had hit was a cop acting for the mayor. Sam told Jason that the case she was on had just gotten very complicated. Patrick told Robin how much he appreciated her trying to comfort him, but he felt guilt and responsibility for surgery that Matt had done. He was convinced that the surgery would have been successful if he had performed it instead of letting Matt do it. At that moment, Coleman called to tell Patrick that Matt was in trouble at Jake's and was about to become embroiled in a brawl that he started. Michael apologized to Carly for his outburst earlier, but did not want to go home with her. He begged her to let him live with Sonny. Carly said no. When Michael appealed to Sonny, Sonny stood behind Carly. Carly told Michael that Jax also wanted him to be with them. Michael said that if Jax got a vote, then Claudia also got a vote. Carly did not want Claudia to have a say, but curiously, Claudia also supported Carly's position. Carly was surprised by Claudia's support, but was suspicious of her motives.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

At Jake's, Coleman tried to break up the fight between Johnny and Matt. Olivia walked in and distracted Johnny, but Matt asked Coleman why he kept looking towards the door. Coleman revealed that he had called Patrick, and Matt was upset that his older brother was called to rescue him. When Patrick and Robin arrived, Patrick mentioned aloud how the surgery had been his fault for not performing the operation.

Despite the fact that Alexis and Diane were having drinks and socializing, Diane viewed the bar fight as an opportunity to gain evidence in her case against Dr. Matt Hunter. She grabbed cocktail napkins and wrote her notes furiously, astonishing even Alexis at her determination. Matt was not oblivious to Diane, though. He told her to take her notes, but the surgery had been done by the book. He insisted that his drinking had nothing to do with the surgery. The only reason why anyone cared was because the woman who had died had been having an affair with the mayor.

Meanwhile, Spinelli and Maxie hovered in a corner, nursing Spinelli's wounds. Although he was upset that Johnny had once again saved the day, Spinelli still insisted on thanking Johnny for his assistance.

When Robin and Patrick finally arrived home, they started to settle in for the evening before a knock at the door interrupted them. Patrick opened the door and found Diane there to formally tell him he was also going to be included in the wrongful death lawsuit of Brianna Hughes. Patrick slammed the door, cuing Emma to start screaming and dissolve the dreams of a peaceful evening.

At Sam's detective agency, Jason confided in Sam the issues he saw with Michael. Jason remembered going through the same things after his brain injury. Jason was concerned that the rage and anger Michael felt would push away everyone who loved him. Even worse, Michael could end up hurting himself. The company Michael was keeping wasn't helping to ease Jason's fears, either.

Jason and Sam abruptly ended their discussion when Spinelli and Maxie returned to the office. They young duo quickly filled Jason and Sam in on the fight at the bar. What shocked them the most, though, was that Brianna Hughes had died.

At Sonny's house, Michael seemed upset that Claudia wasn't taking his side as he had expected. Claudia tried to tell Michael that his parents had already made the decision, and their decision was made in his best interest. Carly was not happy with Claudia's interference, but Claudia and Sonny managed to convince Michael to return home for Morgan's sake.

When they arrived at Carly's house, Michael was thrilled to see Kristina there waiting for him. That gave Michael an opportunity to escape from Carly's clutches for a little while, and he and Kristina disappeared to Michael's room. Meanwhile, Carly tried to convince Jax that everything was going to be okay with Michael. It would take some time, but Michael would surely return to his former self. Michael overheard Carly say that she wouldn't allow Michael to get the best of her.

Back at Sonny's house, Ric stopped by to inform his brother that some of the Zacchara family members intended to leave the Corinthos/Zacchara organization. Sonny had more important things to discuss, though, and he revealed that he knew Ric could be the father of Claudia's baby. Ric admitted that he could have fathered the baby, and he intended to raise the child if the paternity test was positive in his favor. Sonny made it very clear that he would not be involved with any of them if Ric were revealed to be the father.

At the Haunted Star, Nikolas revealed to Rebecca that he had been avoiding her. Ethan listened in on the conversation as he dealt their cards. Nikolas had a problem with the fact that he had slept with his deceased wife's sister. Rebecca tried to move the conversation in a positive direction, and they started talking about their feelings for each other. Ethan decided it was all too much, and he told Nikolas that he thought it was strange for Nikolas to fill the void of his deceased love with her twin sister.

After Ethan rudely interrupted, Nikolas quickly made his departure. Rebecca took the opportunity to yell at Ethan as soon as Nikolas was gone, but Ethan grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. Ethan revealed his motive had been to prove to Rebecca that he could expose her at any moment.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At the hospital, Epiphany advised Patrick to improve his communication skills with Robin. Patrick looked up to see Robin standing nearby, working. When Patrick approached Robin, she explained that she wanted to help Patrick uncover the truth about Brianna Hughes's death. Patrick appreciated Robin's support.

They decided to go to the hospital's employee showers to put Mayor Floyd's story to the test. Several nurses and Matt witnessed Patrick and Robin's antics. Matt was touched when he realized that Patrick and Robin were trying to help him. However, Matt didn't want them involved; he took full responsibility for Brianna's death.

Patrick revealed that he had been named in the wrongful death lawsuit. Matt was distraught because his brother had been dragged into his mess. Patrick didn't blame Matt for the family's decision to add Patrick to their complaint. Robin and Patrick confided that they suspected that Brianna had died of the initial head injury, not medical malpractice.

Maxie paid Spinelli a visit at his office. Maxie had time off from work and wanted to connect as a couple with Spinelli. Brianna Hughes's death distracted Spinelli too much, though. Spinelli was certain that the mayor was hiding something. Maxie was surprised when Spinelli suggested that she help him investigate the case.

A short time later, Spinelli and Maxie were standing in front of the mayor's office. Spinelli attempted to pick the lock, without success, so Maxie took over. Within seconds Maxie had gained entry into the mayor's office. Maxie had learned the skill from Robin, who in turn had learned it from Robert Scorpio.

Moments after Spinelli and Maxie stepped into the office, they heard the distinctive voices of Mac and Mayor Floyd as they approached the office. Spinelli and Maxie managed to hide in the nick of time. Seconds after they were out of view, Mac and the mayor entered the office.

Mac was furious because the mayor wanted to launch a special investigation. Mac couldn't spare the manpower, due to recent layoffs. Mac didn't think the mayor's request was justified. As they argued, Mac noticed Maxie and Spinelli huddled in a corner. Mac quickly lured the mayor out of the office by insisting that the mayor sign off on the request for the reassignment of Mac's detectives.

At the nurse's station, Epiphany teased Robin about showering with Patrick at work. Mac's arrival cut the joking short. Mac told Robin that Maxie and Spinelli had broken into the mayor's office. Mac was certain that Spinelli had put Maxie up to the stunt. Robin suspected that Maxie might have been at least partly to blame for the break-in. However, Robin agreed to talk to Maxie, so that Mac would calm down.

Maxie and Spinelli returned to Spinelli's office. Maxie was disappointed that they hadn't discovered anything useful while they had been in the mayor's office. Spinelli disagreed; he was convinced, based on the mayor's conversation with Mac, that the mayor was actively engaging in a cover-up. When Robin walked in moments later, Maxie and Spinelli updated Robin on their investigation. Robin found it interesting that the mayor's wife had known about her husband's affair.

GH Recap Photo 090617 Patrick entered his office to find a woman waiting for him. She urged Patrick to settle the lawsuit with the Hughes family. The woman was upset because she believed that the mayor's mistress intended to cause trouble from the grave. Patrick asked the woman to identify herself. She seemed surprised that Patrick had not recognized her. The woman was Andrea Floyd, the mayor's wife.

At Alexis' request, Max met Alexis at her office. Alexis wanted Max to persuade Diane to drop the malpractice lawsuit on behalf of the Hughes family. Max made it clear to Alexis that he did not get involved in Diane's work. Alexis admitted that she was concerned that the lawsuit might hurt Diane's career.

A knock at the door heralded Diane's arrival. Diane was surprised to find Max and Alexis in the office together. Diane admitted that, under different circumstances, she might have suspected that Max and Alexis were having an affair. Max immediately clarified that he had never been attracted to Alexis. He insisted that he had met Alexis because they were worried about Diane's workload.

Diane reminded Max and Alexis that Sonny and Jason had been "shockingly law abiding" of late. If anything, Diane's workload was too light. The only case that Diane was busy with was the Hughes case. As soon as the words left her mouth, Diane realized that her malpractice case was the reason for the visit between Max and Alexis.

Diane was furious. When Max tried to diffuse the situation, Diane became even angrier. She snapped at Max not to presume to give her advice about her career. Max fired back that he was apparently nothing more than "empty-headed fluff." He decided to take his "trophy ass" home to warm up some macaroni and cheese for Diane. After Max stormed out of the door, Alexis suggested that Diane follow Max. Diane refused to let Alexis off of the hook that easily.

Diane blasted Alexis for trying to use Max. Diane asked if Alexis was in cahoots with the mayor; she was worried that the mayor had something on Alexis. Alexis continued to plead with Diane to drop the case. Diane realized that Alexis wasn't ready to confide to her. Diane promised to be available when Alexis wanted to talk.

Nikolas dreamed that Rebecca had confessed her love for him. In the dream, Emily, wearing the dress that she had died in, stood before her crypt pleading with Nikolas, "No, no, please don't do it!" When Nikolas was jolted awake, he discovered Liz sitting on the end of the sofa. Nikolas told Liz that he was happy to see her, but he was curious about why she was there. Liz admitted that she had been worried about Nikolas.

Liz handed Nikolas a glass of water. After he took several sips, he told Liz about his dream. Liz suggested that Nikolas was using Rebecca to help him through the grieving process. She advised Nikolas to grieve for Emily and then let her go.

GH Recap Photo 090617 Rebecca went to the Haunted Star to talk to Ethan. When Ethan assured her that they were alone, Rebecca slapped him. She was livid because Ethan had jeopardized her relationship with Nikolas. Ethan insisted that he had merely shined a spotlight on Nikolas' thoughts. Ethan's intention had been to force Nikolas to defend his relationship with Rebecca.

Rebecca informed Ethan that the plan had backfired. Instead of drawing Nikolas and Rebecca together, it had pulled them apart. Ethan reminded Rebecca that the Quartermaines, not Nikolas, were their target. Just then Tracy entered the casino. Tracy was intrigued to find Emily's "long-lost sister" plotting with Luke's "long-lost son." Ethan claimed that they had been discussing an upcoming card game, but Tracy didn't believe him. Rebecca quickly made an excuse and left.

Before Tracy could question Ethan about Rebecca, Ethan changed the subject. When Ethan revealed that Luke was missing, Tracy smiled indulgently. Minutes later, Lucky and Lulu arrived. Ethan explained that he had called them because Luke had disappeared. Lucky and Lulu had a reaction similar to Tracy's. The siblings explained to Ethan that it was part of Luke's pattern to leave town every few months without a word to anyone.

Ethan was concerned because Luke hadn't given any indication that he had plans to leave. Tracy wasn't interested in discussing Luke's possible whereabouts; she decided to take the opportunity to fire Ethan. Lulu reminded Tracy that there were other partners in the casino. Lulu was confident that they would overrule Tracy's decision to terminate Ethan's employment.

Liz walked into the Haunted Star moments later. Liz wanted to speak to Lucky because she was concerned about Nikolas and Rebecca. Tracy revealed that she had found Ethan and Rebecca with their heads together when she had arrived earlier. Tracy suggested that the real reason Ethan remained in Port Charles was because he had something cooking with Rebecca.

Nikolas went to the hospital to talk to Rebecca. Epiphany stopped Nikolas before he could approach Rebecca. Epiphany warned Nikolas to stop using the hospital as his "personal hunting grounds" or she would file a complaint with the board.

GH Recap Photo 090617 Rebecca overheard the exchange between Nikolas and Epiphany. When he joined her, Rebecca jokingly asked if he had been duly chastised. Nikolas chucked, then apologized to Rebecca for how he had behaved the previous night. Rebecca asked Nikolas if his feelings toward her had changed because she was Emily's sister.

Nikolas confessed that he needed time to decide how he felt about everything. He knew that Rebecca hated being compared to Emily, but it was unavoidable. Rebecca admitted that it no longer bothered her. Nikolas apologized again; he claimed that he needed more time to figure things out. As Nikolas walked away, Rebecca appeared annoyed.

Later, Rebecca found Nikolas by Emily's crypt. Nikolas seemed rattled because it was eerily reminiscent of his dream. Rebecca told him that she cared for him and wanted to make their relationship work. Nikolas confessed that he couldn't ignore his feelings for Rebecca.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

At Johnny's garage, Johnny worked on Olivia's car. Olivia kept him company and offered tips on how to repair it. Johnny appeared turned on by her knowledge of cars because he pulled Olivia into his arms and kissed her. Moments later, Sonny walked in. The lovers jumped apart when Sonny demanded to speak to Johnny.

Olivia warned Sonny not to take his anger out on Johnny. Sonny assured Olivia that he wasn't bothered by her relationship with the young Zacchara. She decided to take Sonny at his word and let the matter drop. Olivia explained that her car had broken down, so Johnny had offered to fix it. When Olivia announced that she had to return to work, Johnny offered to call her a cab while Sonny offered the use of his limo. Olivia opted to take a bus.

After Olivia left, Sonny told Johnny that some of the Zacchara men were considering splitting from the Corinthos organization. Johnny appeared genuinely surprised by the news. Sonny revealed that he wanted Johnny to accompany Jason to the meeting. Sonny didn't hide the fact that the invitation was a test of Johnny's loyalty. Johnny seemed to welcome the opportunity to prove himself to Sonny.

GH Recap Photo 090618 At Greystone Manor, Claudia finalized her plans to ensure that Jason did not return from a scheduled mob meeting alive. As she ended the call, she heard the doors to the patio close. When Claudia turned around, she saw Jason standing in the living room. Claudia demanded that Jason leave, but he ignored her. Jason reminded Claudia that the house belonged to Sonny, not her.

Jason decided to stop toying with Claudia; he told her that he knew she had been responsible for Michael's shooting. Claudia didn't deny the allegation. Instead, she put the blame for what happened to Michael on Jason. According to Claudia, Michael had been in a position to get shot because Jason had failed to adequately protect Michael. Jason warned her that he would wait her out, regardless of how long it took.

Sonny's arrival brought Jason and Claudia's standoff to an abrupt end. Sonny demanded that Claudia talk to her brother. Claudia bristled when she realized that Sonny was upset because Olivia had been with Johnny. After Claudia stormed out of the house, Sonny freely admitted that, as a married man with a child on the way, he had no right to be upset about Olivia's personal business.

Sonny felt compelled to caution Jason about Johnny, since he intended for Jason and Johnny to work together. Sonny warned his friend not to turn his back on Johnny because he could not be trusted. However, Johnny was useful to Sonny because some of the Zacchara henchmen were threatening to leave the organization. Sonny was hopeful that Johnny could help Jason resolve the situation.

At home, Michael prepared to go to a physical therapy session. Carly wanted to accompany Michael, but he wanted insisted on going alone. Michael resented Carly's hovering; it made Michael feel as if Carly wanted him to remain a child. Carly denied the accusation. Michael pointed out that, but for the coma, he would have had his driver's license. Therefore, Michael reasoned, he was old enough to attend therapy without his mother.

When Carly objected, Michael reminded Carly that Morgan was at baseball camp. However, she wasn't hovering over Morgan in an effort to keep him safe. When a taxi pulled into the driveway, Michael walked out without another word to his mother.

Carly intended to follow the cab in her car, but Jax stopped her. Jax reminded Carly that if she followed Michael, she would be sending the message that she didn't trust her son. Carly realized that Jax was correct. Jax decided to cheer Carly up. He offered to surprise her with something special if she promised to stay home. Carly reluctantly agreed.

Shortly after Jax left, Olivia showed up on Carly's doorstep. Olivia revealed that she was involved with Johnny. Carly understood the attraction; according to Carly, Johnny was hot. Olivia explained that she enjoyed her time with Johnny, except for Sonny's constant interference. Carly understood Olivia's frustration, but she didn't think Sonny's jealousy would drive him to harm Johnny.

Olivia appeared greatly relieved by Carly's assurance. Moments later Jax arrived home. He kissed Carly then asked her to meet him upstairs in ten minutes. Olivia smiled knowingly and then left.

Carly joined Jax upstairs. Jax had prepared a bath, sprinkled with fresh rose petals, for Carly. Dozens of lit candles were scattered around the bathroom. When Carly joined Jax in the tub, Jax presented her with a beautiful necklace. Carly wrapped her arms around Jax's neck and kissed him.

Michael walked into a bar and ordered a beer. When the bartender asked to see Michael's identification, he claimed he had left it at home. The bartender explained that without the ID, he couldn't serve Michael any alcohol. Michael revealed that his last name was Corinthos. Johnny had been playing the piano in the corner; he looked up when he heard the name. Meanwhile, the bartender handed Michael a beer.

Later, Johnny invited Michael to play a game of pool. Michael admitted that he recognized Johnny. As the two settled in to shoot pool, Michael opened up about Jason. Michael revealed that Jason was the only person who truly understood what Michael was going through. Michael also realized that Johnny was in a unique position to appreciate what it was like growing up with a father who headed a criminal empire.

GH Recap Photo 090618 After Johnny left, Michael continued to hang out at the bar. When Kristina entered with a friend, Michael approached her table. Kristina's friend seemed familiar with Michael's history. When he accused Michael of having brain damage, Kristina looked stricken. She glanced up at her brother with a worried expression. Michael's rage led to a physical altercation. When Michael was knocked unconscious, Kristina rushed to his side.

Claudia went to her brother's garage. While Claudia spewed vitriol about Olivia and lamented about Jason's determination to avenge Michael's shooting, Johnny tried to mollify her. He eventually snagged her attention when he mentioned that he was scheduled to attend a meeting with Jason. Claudia was delighted by the news. Johnny realized that Claudia was up to something. Claudia explained that she had made arrangements with her Uncle Rudy to eliminate Jason as a threat.

Johnny refused to participate in the assassination. Claudia claimed that she would never put Johnny in that position; however, she wanted Johnny's assurance that he would look the other way when the plot was carried out. Claudia reminded Johnny that Jason wasn't just a threat to her, but also her unborn child.

In Patrick's office, Andrea Floyd bit back tears as she told Patrick how she had learned of her husband's affair. According to Andrea, she'd been told about the affair at the same time that she'd been informed of Brianna's death. Andrea went on to reveal that afterwards, she had to endure a political fund-raiser for her husband. Andrea admitted that she was concerned about the impact the scandal would have on her life. Andrea begged Patrick to settle the lawsuit and request a gag order, so that the details of Brianna's death did not become fodder for the tabloids.

Patrick doubted that Brianna's family would agree to keep quiet about how Brianna had died. Moments later, Robin popped her head into Patrick's office. Robin was looking for Mr. Snuffles, Emma's stuffed elephant. Patrick introduced Robin to Andrea and told Robin that he didn't have their daughter's toy. Robin apologized for interrupting them, then headed to her locker in the hopes of finding Mr. Snuffles.

Andrea complimented Patrick on his wife. She suggested that for the sake of his family, he settle the case in the most expedient manner possible. Andrea made it clear that she would do anything, including extending political favors, if Patrick helped her keep the scandal out of the public eye.

After Andrea left Patrick's office, she sought out her husband. Andrea warned Garret that his political career was at stake. She suggested that Garret leave it to her to keep the scandal from leaking to the media. Andrea was determined to help Garret despite her disgust over his numerous affairs.

When Robin returned to Patrick's office, he told her about Andrea's request. Robin asked Patrick if Andrea had happened to mention that she had known about her husband's affair before Brianna's demise. Patrick and Robin wondered why Andrea had lied about such an important detail.

In front of Emily's crypt, Rebecca cried when Nikolas told her that he couldn't be with her. Nikolas admitted that every time he looked at Rebecca, he thought of Emily. Rebecca felt betrayed by Nikolas, because he had made her believe he could separate her from Emily. Nikolas apologized for hurting Rebecca and promised to stay away.

After Nikolas walked away, Rebecca lingered to speak to her sister about Nikolas. As she prepared to leave, Monica approached. Monica was surprised to see Rebecca at the crypt. Before Rebecca could respond, Monica admitted that Rebecca was nothing like Emily. Rebecca seized the opportunity to tell Monica about Nikolas' decision to break things off with her. When Rebecca suggested that it was time to let go, Monica replied, "Don't you dare."

GH Recap Photo 090618 Later, Monica went to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas about Rebecca. Monica insisted that Rebecca and Emily were very different and that Emily would not want her sister to be hurt. Monica was also certain that Emily would want Nikolas to find someone to share his life with. She advised Nikolas not to use Emily's memory as an excuse to shut the rest of the world out.

At the hospital, Liz suggested that Lucky question Tracy about what she had witnessed between Ethan and Rebecca. Liz was certain that Rebecca was cheating on Nikolas with Ethan. Liz was determined to gather proof of the affair to show Nikolas.

Later, Ethan approached Rebecca at the hospital. When he realized how nervous Rebecca was, Ethan suggested that she relax. He assured her that the card game he was attempting to organize gave them a legitimate reason to talk. In the next breath, Ethan asked Rebecca how things were progressing with Nikolas. As Rebecca updated Ethan, she spotted Liz near the elevators. Seconds later, Rebecca walked away from Ethan.

After Ethan walked away, Lucky bumped into Liz. Liz told Lucky that she had seen Ethan and Rebecca talking at the nurse's station. Lucky gasped then jokingly asked, "Out in the open, almost like they had nothing to hide?" Liz didn't appreciate Lucky's attempt to make light of the situation. She reminded Lucky that Rebecca was up to something and that Nikolas didn't deserve to be hurt again.

Nikolas called Rebecca. When she answered her cell phone, Nikolas told Rebecca that he needed an honest answer. He wanted Rebecca to make a promise. Rebecca seemed to understand what Nikolas was asking; she told him that she promised on her sister's grave.

Later, Rebecca went to Wyndemere. Nikolas wore an elegant black tuxedo. Rebecca suspected that, based on his appearance, Nikolas had something special planned. Nikolas admitted that he had a surprise for her. Rebecca was delighted when he showed her a large box from a dress store. When Nikolas opened it, Rebecca appeared shocked.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rebecca walked out into the garden at Wyndemere, wearing a beautiful white dress. She was amazed at how Nikolas had prepared such a perfect evening. Rebecca also couldn't figure out what had changed that caused Nikolas to want to be with her. Nikolas said that Monica had stopped by and reminded him that Emily would have hated what Nikolas was doing. He had pulled Rebecca close and then pushed her away. Nikolas felt that since Emily and Rebecca were twins, they had each had a part of each other in themselves. Nikolas decided he would appreciate Rebecca for who she was, and for the part of Emily that was with Rebecca.

Kristina freaked out when she thought her boyfriend had knocked Michael back into a coma. Kristina wanted to call an ambulance, but her boyfriend didn't think that was a good idea, considering they were underage teenagers in a bar. Kristina's boyfriend leaned over Michael to check on him, and Michael revealed that he was faking his unconsciousness when he bolted up and pummeled Kristina's boyfriend. The boyfriend chose to leave, but Kristina decided to stay at Jake's with her brother.

GH Recap Photo 090619 Alexis showed up at Jake's and demanded to know why Kristina and Michael were at the bar. Michael claimed he was having trouble controlling his impulses. Alexis said she could appreciate Michael's trauma, but she was taking Kristina home. Alexis would drop Michael off at home, also.

Carly and Jax walked downstairs, where Carly marveled at her new necklace. They talked about all they had been through, and Carly told Jax that he had given her everything she had ever wanted. They lay down on the couch and started to make out again, until someone pulled into their driveway and interrupted them.

Carly rushed to the door and found it had been Lulu who showed up. Lulu could tell she was interrupting, but Jax promised that he had to pick up Morgan. Lulu and Carly took that opportunity to catch up on each other's lives, including the fact that Lulu had a new half-brother. During their talk, Carly's phone rang. It was Alexis, and she quickly filled Carly in on what had happened with Michael.

Lulu had already left when Alexis arrived with Michael. Alexis asked if Kristina and Michael could have supervised visits while Michael sorted out his impulse issues. Carly agreed, and Alexis left. Carly asked Michael what had happened, and she immediately realized that Michael had gotten into a fight. Michael showed his defiance when he called his mother a hypocrite. He told Carly he would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He started to push Carly, just as Jax arrived home. Jax quickly interceded, much to Carly and Morgan's horror.

Sonny talked to Jason about the finishing touches on the anticipated hit on the Zacchara lieutenants. He wanted to make sure they were taught a lesson not to cross him. Jason wasn't sure it was such a good time. He worried that someone would exact revenge, especially with Michael being so vulnerable. Sonny said that it wouldn't be like the last time. Sonny knew what the real world was like, and he wouldn't allow himself or his organization to be put into that situation again.

Claudia warned Johnny that she had hired a hit man to kill Jason during their assignment to teach the Zacchara lieutenants a lesson. Johnny didn't think that was a good idea, and he reminded her of when Michael was shot. Claudia said she knew the plan wasn't perfect, but it was the best she could do. Olivia walked in and interrupted them. Claudia and Olivia were quickly at each other's throats, but Johnny told his sister to leave. Claudia was hurt that Johnny chose Olivia over her, but Johnny said they had been finished with their conversation.

Once Claudia was gone, Olivia tried to convince Johnny to visit her that evening. Although he was intrigued, Johnny asked if he could take a rain check. He had business for Sonny. Olivia wasn't happy with that news, and she quickly left.

Olivia arrived at Sonny's house and was furious, because she thought Sonny was intentionally putting Johnny in the line of fire. Sonny was incredulous that Olivia thought so highly of herself. They continued to argue, and Sonny asked if Olivia was going to demand special treatment for Johnny. Claudia walked in and changed the dynamics entirely when she started spouting off and calling Olivia a slut. Claudia was astonished when once again a man in her life took Olivia's side over hers.

Sonny yelled at Claudia to shut up, but Claudia spoke back and said she wouldn't shut up in her own house. Olivia realized it was time to leave, and she told Sonny that she felt sorry for him. He had punished himself enough for Michael's shooting, and Sonny shouldn't have to continue to be married to such a snake.

Once Sonny and Claudia were alone, they started to yell at each other again. They argued over Johnny and Olivia until Claudia pushed her husband back and told him she knew he wanted her. She kissed him fiercely, and Sonny finally relented and kissed her back.

Meanwhile, Johnny was annoying Jason with his incessant babble. They crept through the woods to the location where the Zacchara lieutenants were located. As they knelt in the bushes, Johnny saw a red laser pointed on Jason's head.

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