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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 9, 2009 on GH
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Monday, November 9, 2009

At General Hospital, Nikolas followed Liz into a supply closet and locked the door. They began kissing passionately but stopped when they overheard Mayor Floyd stop Lucky in the hallway outside the door.

Mayor Floyd wanted to know why Sonny had not been arrested for Claudia's murder. When Lucky replied that there was no solid evidence, the mayor exploded and threatened Lucky's job and impugned his integrity. Lucky gave as good as he got with questions about the mayor's ethics. The mayor walked away in a huff when Lucky wanted to know if the mayor had attended Sonny's party because he needed help getting reelected and was willing to get in bed with the mob.

Rebecca entered the hallway as the mayor was exiting. She told Lucky that she agreed with what he had said to the mayor, but she was very glad that he had been so harsh with her when she had confessed to being a con artist.

Lucky said that he was glad that things had worked out for Rebecca and Nikolas. He said that seeing that she and Nikolas had been able to get their relationship back on track had given him the courage to ask Liz to marry him. In the supply closet, Nikolas and Liz overheard their conversation.

All was not well in the Jacks household. Carly asked Jax to leave, but he refused to retreat. Carly was angry at Jax because he had not told her what he knew about Jerry and Claudia and their link to Michael's shooting when he had first learned about it. Jax said that he intended to tell Carly as soon as the baby was born, but he had been protecting her from the stress.

Carly accused Jax of putting Michael's life at risk to save his daughter's. He told Carly that it was her life he was trying to save. Carly responded that it was Jerry that he was protecting and not her son. She said that the whole incident would have been avoided if he had told the truth from the beginning.

Jax tried to shift the blame to Sonny, but Carly told him that at least Sonny had acted quickly and outed Claudia within the hour of having proof, instead of waiting months like Jax had done.

Jax tried again to defend his actions, but Carly told him to leave the house. When he refused, she said that she would take the baby and go. When Jax saw her determination, he left reluctantly.

At Sonny's home, Johnny acknowledged that Claudia was probably dead and deserved it, but said that Claudia was his sister, that he loved her, and he wanted to know what had happened to her.

Sonny was not inclined to give Johnny answers and would only say that Claudia was gone. Johnny tried again, but Sonny remained mum about Johnny's sister.

At the penthouse, Jason tried to talk to Michael about what it meant to take a life. Jason's assumption that Michael might be weighed down by guilt and remorse proved false. Michael said that he felt no regret for killing Claudia. He told Jason that he would do it again if the circumstances were the same. Jason was stunned by Michael's cold attitude.

After Michael left, Jason's flashed back to a time when he had held baby Michael in his arms and promised to protect him. He was startled out of his reverie when Sam knocked on the door.

Sam told Jason that Lucky had called and wanted her to go down to the station to tell her story about what happened at the cabin. She told Jason that she wanted to make sure that she got her story straight. She said that Lucky knew her very well and could tell when she was lying.

Jason surprised Sam when he told her that it might be best for everyone if she just told the truth. Jason feared that Michael was headed down a very destructive path because he felt no remorse for taking a life.

Jason blamed himself for putting Michael in a place where he saw violence and intimidation as a way of solving problems. Sam told Jason that he had made the best decision that he could at the time. Jason replied that he could not know what would have happened if he had let Michael live with the Quartermaines, but he was pretty sure that Michael would not have killed anyone.

Lulu and Dominic met up at Kelly's. She was there to pick up an order and teased him about being an undercover cop. He begged her to keep quiet and told her that his life was in very real danger. Lulu laughed and said that no one was listening.

She told him that her dad had been a friend of Sonny's for a long time and she was able to separate the person from what they did. Dominic wondered how she could ignore the money laundering and murders. When he asked if her breakup with Johnny had been because he was mobbed up, she told him it was none of his business.

Mike delivered her order and Lulu left in a snit. Mike told Dominic that Lulu's reaction meant either she hated him or she really liked him. Johnny joined them. Mike offered condolences and told Jonny that he hoped that Johnny could cope with the circumstances and Claudia's disappearance. Johnny thanked Mike for his concern.

When they were alone, Johnny told Dominic that Sonny had killed Claudia. Dominic wanted to know if Sonny had actually admitted to the killing, but Johnny had to say that Sonny had only said that Claudia was gone.

Olivia went to Sonny and asked him what had happened to Claudia. She told Sonny that she did not want to see him go to prison, even if she thought that he deserved it, which he did if he had murdered Claudia in cold blood. Olivia said that no matter how evil Claudia was, she was still a human being. Olivia told Sonny that no matter what he did, she would always care about him and wish the best for him. Sonny was touched.

Michael was in Kelly's talking to Mike when Kristina arrived with Kiefer. Kiefer taunted Michael and verbally pushed his buttons. Michael stalked out after telling Kiefer to watch his back. Kiefer got upset with Kristina when she asked him to stop prodding Michael. When she backed off, he asked her what had happened at Claudia's party.

Kristina told Kiefer everything. She said that she had seen a side of her dad that terrified her. She said that he was very mean; not only in the things that he had said, but also in the way he had said them. She told him that Claudia was missing and nobody would talk about it. She told Kiefer that she thought Sonny had killed Claudia.

Jax went to Alexis for sympathy, but Alexis was in Carly's corner. She told Jax that any mother would feel the same if one of her children was in danger. She told Jax that Carly just needed time to get over their argument. She assured him that everything would work out as long as there were no more secrets. Jax admitted that he still had untold secrets.

Michael went to Sonny's and corralled Milo and Max. He told him that Kiefer was bad for Kristina and should be encouraged to stay away from her. He asked them to have a talk with Kiefer, but to not break any bones. They readily agreed and left.

Michael sauntered into the living room and told Sonny what he had done. Sonny was not pleased and told Michael that he wanted a different life for his son. Sonny said that Michael had to keep his hands clean. Michael said it was too late for that because he had already killed Claudia. Dominic walked in as Michael finished speaking.

Liz was downcast after listening Lucky talk to Rebecca. She told Nikolas that they had to stop. Nikolas, also chastened, agreed. He said that they would figure something out and he would call her later. She told him not to call. She said she needed some time away from him.

Liz waited until Nikolas had gone before leaving the closet. She immediately ran into Lucky, who wanted to know what was wrong and why she had tears in her eyes. Lucky begged her to tell him the truth. Liz hesitated then blurted out that she had been sleeping with Nikolas.

Lucky was appalled to find out that the affair had started the night that she had accepted his proposal. Before she could say more, Nikolas rounded the corner and approached them. Lucky drew his gun and shot Nikolas.

Carly cuddled with Josslyn and told her that she had two parents who loved her and that would not change, no matter what. She told the baby that she and Jax were having a disagreement. She said that Jax had to learn to love all his children equally, and when he did that, everything would work out.

The front door chimed announcing Jane Jacks, who had arrived to see her granddaughter. Jane admired Josslyn, then asked to see Jax.

In the apartment of the CO77X artist, the camera panned over photographs that appeared to have been taken inside the cabin before it burned. Photos of Claudia's body on the floor covered in a tarp and pictures of Jason beside the body at the grave where Claudia was buried adorned a wall. The furniture in one part of the room was arranged to look like the cabin. On the floor was a chalk outline of a body in the approximate place where Claudia had lain.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At the penthouse, Jason talked about the sacrifices that he had made in order to work for the mob. He would never be able to live a normal life. Sam dismissed normal as being overrated. Jason explained that to him, normal meant having a family with children. Jason had never intended for Michael to deal with the violence of the mob lifestyle.

Sam insisted that Jason, Sonny, and Carly had always protected Michael, but Jason reminded her that Michael had been kidnapped and shot. Sam argued that Michael had only paid for other people's mistakes, not his own. According to Sam, Michael didn't have a clue about consequences because no one had ever taught Michael the power of making the right choice.

At Jax's office, Jax confided to Alexis that his marriage was in crisis. He loved Carly with all of his heart, but if the marriage failed, Jax wanted Josslyn to live with him.

At the Jacks residence, Lady Jane was delighted that they finally had a baby girl in the family. In the next breath, Lady Jane asked where her son was. Carly explained that she had asked Jax to move out because he had lied to her. Lady Jane was sympathetic, but she believed that Jax had been motivated by a desire to protect Carly. Carly decided that it was time for them to have a heart-to-heart talk.

Lady Jane sensed that Jerry's name would be part of the conversation. Carly gently broke the news to Lady Jane that Jerry had been involved in the shooting that had led to Michael's coma. Lady Jane was horrified that her eldest child had committed such a heinous crime. Carly was certain that if Jax had been honest from the beginning, then all of their troubles could have been avoided. Lady Jane remained firmly convinced that Jax had been trying to protect Carly and the baby.

Carly clarified that Jax had learned about Jerry's role in the shooting a month before Carly had discovered that she was pregnant. Carly insisted that Jax had kept the secret in order to protect Jerry. Carly wondered if Lady Jane would have been able to forgive a man who had put her child in harm's way as Jax had done to Michael.

Later, Morgan arrived home. Carly explained that she had asked Jax to move out. Morgan accused his mother of always messing everything up for everyone else. As Morgan ran to his room, the doorbell rang. It was Jason. Carly threw herself into Jason's arms as she broke down in tears. However, Carly pulled herself together by the time Jason guided her to the sofa.

Jason confided that it might have been a mistake to cover up what Michael had done at the cabin. Carly confessed that Jax had voiced a similar concern. Carly decided that she wanted Michael to live with her, not Sonny. Jason agreed that it might be best for Michael. Carly suggested that perhaps they should let the police know where Claudia was buried.

Carly was confident that an autopsy would confirm Michael's story. Jason worried that the publicity could ruin Michael's life. Carly realized that Michael would be labeled the "mobster's son who got away with murder." She feared that it might push Michael further into Sonny's world. After Jason left, Carly decided to fetch Michael from Sonny's.

As Carly prepared to leave, Alexis arrived. Carly explained that she was in a rush, but Alexis refused to be dismissed. Alexis admitted that Jax had told her about his marital woes, so she had stopped by to plead Jax's case. Alexis urged Carly to reconsider; she insisted that Jax loved Carly. Carly wondered if Jax had shared his problems with Alexis as a friend or if he had sought Alexis out as possible representation for a custody battle.

Lady Jane paid Jax a visit at his office. After she gushed about her new granddaughter, Jax asked his mother how Carly was doing. Lady Jane confessed that she understood why Jax had kept the secret from Carly. When Jax reiterated that he had been trying to protect Carly and the baby, Lady Jane advised Jax to stop defending what he had done. According to Lady Jane, Jax needed to apologize. Lady Jane suggested that Jax say and do whatever was necessary, in order to save his family.

Later, Jax went to the coffee warehouse to talk to Jason. Jax wanted Jason to persuade Carly to reconsider ending her marriage. According to Jax, Carly had no real desire to get a divorce. Jason suggested that what Carly wanted was to trust Jax.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny insisted that he didn't want Michael to be involved in his business. Michael thought that it was too late; he had killed Claudia. Sonny glanced up in time to see Dominic standing in the doorway. Sonny immediately warned Dominic never to sneak up on him. Sonny then demanded to know how long Dominic had been standing in the room. Dominic clarified that he had not overheard anything. Sonny seemed satisfied.

After Michael left the room, Dominic explained that he had stopped by to let Sonny know that there was trouble brewing. According to Dominic, Claudia and Sonny's marriage had been the glue that had held the Corinthos and Zacchara empires together. With Claudia's disappearance, there were rumblings that a war between Sonny and Anthony was imminent. Sonny suggested that they spread the word that Claudia had left town, but Dominic didn't think it would work.

Dominic revealed that many believed that Sonny had put his personal life ahead of the business. There was also the threat of Joey Limbo to be dealt with. Sonny was curious what side Dominic was on. Dominic assured Sonny that he was firmly in Sonny's camp. Sonny was pleased. Dominic wondered what Sonny wanted to do next. Sonny confided that he wanted to force Anthony to make a mistake.

Johnny paid his father a visit in jail. Johnny revealed that Sonny had learned about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting and that he had confronted Claudia during her birthday party. Anthony was disgusted when Johnny told him that Claudia had taken Carly hostage, in order to secure her escape. Anthony's attitude shifted when Johnny told him that Claudia had disappeared. Anthony's fury mounted as Johnny confessed that a witness had seen Sonny wearing a bloody shirt after Claudia's disappearance.

Johnny explained that the cabin that Carly had been found in had been burned to the ground. Even though Johnny hadn't found a body, he was certain that Claudia had been killed. Anthony flew into a rage. Johnny insisted that he had made several attempts to persuade his sister to leave town, but she had ignored every request. Anthony demanded that Johnny avenge his sister, but Johnny reminded his father that there wasn't sufficient evidence to prove that Sonny had killed Claudia.

Anthony realized that Claudia had been deceitful, but she had been his daughter. Johnny laughed and then pointed out that there had been at least two occasions when Anthony had tried to kill Claudia. Anthony didn't deny it; however, he explained that she had been his problem to deal with, not Sonny's. Their argument was cut short when a guard announced that Anthony had another visitor. It was Sonny.

After Johnny left, Sonny sat down to talk to Anthony. Anthony claimed that he had not known about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting when he had arranged for Sonny to marry Claudia. Sonny pretended to believe Anthony. Anthony tried to fish for information about Claudia, but Sonny claimed that Claudia was probably on her way to some faraway place like Argentina. Anthony suggested that there would be peace with Claudia out of the way.

Later, Joey Limbo arrived for a visit with Anthony. Anthony made it clear that he wanted Sonny to pay for Claudia's death.

When Sonny returned home, Michael announced that he did not want to live with Carly. Michael wanted to help his father. Sonny wanted Michael to stay close to the guards because it was clear that Anthony intended to retaliate. Michael believed that since he was responsible for Claudia's death, he should be involved in what happened next. Sonny disagreed, but Michael insisted that he understood the business. Sonny claimed that he did not what that part of his life to affect Michael. Michael countered that he grew up wanting to be like Sonny.

Dominic was at the coffee warehouse when Sam arrived looking for Jason. Before she left, Dominic took the opportunity to question her about Claudia. Sam was curious why Dominic was interested in Claudia's disappearance. Dominic explained that Sonny had ordered him to keep a lid on things. Sam stuck to her cover story.

At the hospital, Liz imagined what would happen if she told Lucky that she had slept with Nikolas. In her vision, Lucky pulled out a gun and then shot Nikolas. Liz returned to reality when Lucky admitted that he felt as if he were pressuring her to give him an answer that she didn't want to give him. When Liz failed to respond, Lucky asked her if she was okay. Liz shook off her morbid thoughts and then mumbled that she had been shaken after she had nearly lost a patient while his heartbroken wife had looked on.

Lucky seemed to sense that Liz was afraid of losing him. He promised her that he wasn't going anywhere. Liz confessed that she couldn't imagine her life without Lucky. Lucky believed that they would always end up together because she was the only person that he trusted. Liz seemed uncomfortable by the heartfelt declaration, but Lucky didn't appear to notice.

Lucky revealed that he had arranged for Audrey to watch the boys, so that he could take Liz out for a date. Liz promised to be ready when her shift was over. After Lucky left, Liz went to the nurse's station. Nikolas approached her moments later. Liz was upset; she couldn't believe what had almost happened in the supply closet. Liz wondered why they couldn't stop themselves from acting on their feelings. Nikolas replied, "Because we can't."

Lucky went to the Haunted Star to arrest Luke. It appeared that there had been numerous noise complaints about Luke blasting his blues music every evening. Luke thought it was a ridiculous waste of time for Lucky to arrest him on such frivolous charges. Lucky asked Luke to behave himself for just one evening, so that Lucky could spend some time with Liz. Luke commented that it appeared that Lucky was betting his "whole heart and soul on this thing with Liz." Lucky didn't deny it.

Luke told Lucky a story about a gambler who had continually bet on the same number even after he started losing. When Luke had suggested that the gambler change the number, the gambler refused. Lucky claimed that his relationship with Liz wasn't a gamble. Lucky also resented Luke trying to offer Lucky advice despite Luke's failed marriage to Laura and his travesty of a marriage to Tracy.

Luke confessed that he was worried about Lucky. Lucky decided to view Luke's concern as an expression of love. However, he wished that Luke would just be happy for him. Lucky slammed down the citations for the noise complaints on the bar. Before he walked out, he told Luke not to worry about the charges.

Later, Nikolas arrived at the Haunted Star at Luke's request. Luke explained that he knew what was going on between Nikolas and Liz. Luke didn't think that it was right for Nikolas to make a fool of Lucky. Luke urged Nikolas to stop the affair with Liz or to tell Lucky the truth. As if on cue, Liz and Lucky entered the casino.

Kristina and Kiefer sat outside of Kelly's. Kiefer didn't want Kristina to allow what had happened with Claudia ruin Kristina's life. Kristina appreciated his support; she didn't know what she would do without him. When Kristina glanced at her cell phone, she realized that she had to meet her tutor. Kiefer asked Kristina to meet him at Kelly's when she was done.

After Kristina left, Kiefer called the Metro Court hotel and asked for reservations. His call was disconnected when Max snatched the phone out of Kiefer's hand. Max explained that they wanted to teach Kiefer some manners. They had not been pleased by how Kiefer had treated Michael. Kiefer became nervous. When Mike stepped out of Kelly's with a bag of food, Kiefer asked Mike to call the police. Kiefer explained that Max and Milo intended to hurt him.

Mike handed Milo the bag of food and then returned to the diner. Max dropped Kiefer's phone on the ground and then crushed it with his foot. Max explained that it was Kiefer's only warning. If he continued to disrespect Michael, then Kiefer would suffer the consequences.

When Kristina returned to Kelly's a short time later, Kiefer was furious. He told Kristina about the incident with Max and Milo, but Kristina suggested that perhaps Kiefer had misunderstood them. Kiefer's temper flared. He demanded to know if she was calling him a liar. Before Kristina could reply, Kiefer viciously backhanded Kristina across the face as he referred to her as a "stupid bitch."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

At the Jacks residence, Carly demanded to know if Jax had sought out Alexis as a friend or as an attorney. Alexis made it clear that she didn't want to get between Jax and Carly in divorce court. However, when Alexis suggested that Carly wouldn't want to go through a custody hearing, Carly realized that her suspicions about Jax had been correct. Alexis refused to confirm anything; she insisted that Carly should remember how much Jax loved Carly. Alexis agreed that Jax had been wrong to keep the secret, but she also believed that it wasn't an unforgivable act.

At the coffee warehouse, Jason told Jax that he did not want to get in the middle of Carly and Jax's marital woes. Jax tried to use the children as a means to sway Jason, but Jason held firm. Jason suggested that if Jax was truly concerned about the children, then Jax should find a way to assure Carly that Jax loved all of her children equally. Jax insisted that he loved Michael as a son and that he had been confident that Jason would have protected Michael from Claudia.

Jason refused to allow Jax to deflect; he reminded Jax that he had merely suspected Claudia of being involved in the shooting, while Jax had confirmation of her guilt. By keeping the knowledge to himself, Jax had endangered everyone. As Jax continued to plead his case to Jason, Carly entered the office. Carly was shocked to see Jax. She immediately suspected that Jax had been trying to enlist Jason's help.

Jax didn't deny the accusation; he claimed that he was trying to protect his family. Jax argued that, by covering up what Michael had done to Claudia, Carly was handing Michael to the mob. After Jax left, Carly feared that she might not be able to forgive Jax. Jason believed that if Carly truly wished to save her marriage, she would find a way to move past Jax's betrayal. Carly confessed that she had a tendency to destroy all of her healthy relationships. She wondered if perhaps she was overreacting to what Jax had done.

Carly begged Jason to tell her what she should do, but Jason refused. He explained that he had continually urged her to work things out with Sonny, but it had been poor advice. Jason didn't want to repeat his mistakes. Carly respected Jason's decision. She decided that she could start healing her family by fetching Michael from Sonny's house. Carly believed that Michael would be better off living with her.

After Carly left, Sam entered the office. She told Jason that she had been working, but the woman that she had been following had given Sam the slip. Jason offered to go to the woman's apartment to search for clues as to her whereabouts, but Sam stopped him. She admitted that she had made up the story, in order to spend time with Jason. Jason smiled as he asked Sam what he was going to do with her. After a passionate kiss, Jason slid Sam's shirt off. They were about to make love when Alexis entered the office.

When Dominic arrived at Greystone Manor, he noticed that the housekeeper was cleaning out the fireplace. Dominic offered to carry the ashes out for Graciella. Graciella handed the bag to Dominic and then left the room. Michael lurked nearby and had overheard the exchange. When Michael made his presence known, he asked why Dominic was suddenly helpful with the staff. Dominic suggested that it was his way of showing respect for those who had to work hard for a living.

Michael bristled; he accused Dominic of being jealous because Michael was the boss's son. Before Dominic could respond, Lulu entered the parlor. When Lulu noticed the bag in Dominic's hand, she quipped, "Looks like I caught you with Sonny's garbage." Michael reluctantly turned his attention to his cousin; he told her that he was happy that she had recovered from her ordeal at the abandoned Zacchara mansion. Lulu sensed the tension between Dominic and Michael. After Michael left, Lulu wondered what was going on with Michael.

Carly arrived at Greystone Manor a short time later to pick up Michael. Max feared that Carly was upset because of the talk that he and Milo had with Kiefer on Michael's behalf. Carly ignored Max's ramblings as she called out for Michael. When Michael appeared in the parlor, Carly informed him that she was taking him home. Michael refused to leave.

According to Michael he had killed Claudia and therefore belonged in Sonny's world. Michael revealed that Sonny had understood what Michael had done and his father was proud that Michael had protected his family. Max returned to the parlor to announce that Sonny had pulled in to the driveway, so Carly would be able to discuss Michael's living arrangements with Sonny.

Lulu met Olivia at Kelly's, in order to discuss Dante's situation. Olivia was shocked when she realized that Lulu knew that Dante was an undercover police officer investigating Sonny. Lulu explained that she had stumbled upon the truth after she had found Dante's badge and then, later, overheard a conversation between Dante and Ronnie on the docks. Lulu was curious how Olivia could have stood by while her son investigated Sonny.

Olivia revealed that she had not learned of Dante's assignment until it was too late. She begged Lulu not to share Dante's secret with anyone. Lulu urged Olivia to tell Sonny the truth. Lulu was confident that Sonny would leave Dante alone because of Sonny's long-standing friendship with Olivia. Olivia thought that Lulu was being naïve; she insisted that Sonny would feel betrayed and would most likely strike out in anger.

Ronnie met Dante in Dante's room above Kelly's. Dante feared that Ronnie had taken an unnecessary risk, but Ronnie wasn't concerned. He demanded to know where Dante's evidence was. Ronnie was disappointed when Dante revealed that his evidence was actually a bag of ashes. Dante hoped that their lab people could find a scrap of material with Claudia's blood and Sonny's DNA. Dante believed that it would establish that Sonny had killed Claudia. Ronnie appeared to have his doubts.

Dante explained that a witness had seen Sonny wearing a bloody shirt shortly after Claudia had disappeared. A short time later, Dominic had seen Sonny burning a pile of clothes in the fireplace. Dominic was certain that the blood on Sonny's shirt had been Claudia's. Ronnie promised to have their forensics department test the ashes, but he didn't hold out much hope of finding anything useful. As Ronnie opened the door, he found Lulu standing on Dante's doorstep, ready to knock.

Lulu immediately recognized Ronnie. With a knowing smile, she commented, "You guys seem pretty serious. Shall I guess what you're working on?" Neither Dante nor Ronnie appeared pleased by Lulu's insinuation.

Outside of Kelly's, Kiefer handed an icepack to Kristina. As Kiefer examined her bruised jaw, he admitted that it looked bad. He asked her if it hurt. Kristina snapped that of course it hurt; he had hit her hard. Kristina confessed that she was tired of Kiefer's bouts of violence. Kiefer immediately apologized, but blamed it on the stress of being assaulted by Max and Milo. Kiefer insisted that he thought that Kristina had sent the goons to harass him.

Kristina clarified that she hadn't been responsible for Max and Milo's confrontation with Kiefer. Kristina made it clear that if Michael had put Max and Milo up to it then she wouldn't approve. However, Kristina didn't think what had happened to Kiefer had justified him hitting her. Kiefer agreed; he claimed that Kristina was "so pretty and so sweet" that he didn't know how he could ever be angry with her.

Kristina softened toward Kiefer, but she didn't think that she could go home looking as she did. Kiefer offered to take Kristina to the hospital. Kristina worried that the doctors might ask uncomfortable questions.

At the hospital, Patrick was engrossed in a text message conversation, so he didn't realize that he had walked into the path of some hospital equipment until it was too late. Matt chuckled as he informed his brother that he wouldn't clean up the mess. Robin was curious what had been so interesting about Patrick's text message. Patrick revealed that Lisa Niles, his ex-girlfriend, had asked him to consult on a case.

Robin admitted that she found the timing curious, since Patrick had bumped into Lisa's best friend a few weeks earlier. Patrick offered to turn down Lisa's request if it was going to be a problem for Robin. Robin insisted that Lisa didn't threaten her. Patrick assured Robin that she didn't have any reason to be concerned. According to Patrick, his relationship with Lisa hadn't been serious. Patrick claimed that Lisa had been as unfaithful to him as he had been to her.

Moments later, Robin spotted Kristina approach the nurse's station. When Robin noticed the ugly bruise on Kristina's face, Kiefer quickly explained that Kristina had tripped and then fallen.

At the Haunted Star, Luke warned Nikolas that Lucky wasn't blind; sooner or later, Lucky would figure out what was going on between Nikolas and Liz. Luke urged Nikolas to tell Lucky the truth, but Nikolas suggested that if Luke felt that Lucky needed to know then Luke could tell him. Moments later, Lucky and Liz approached them. Lucky wondered why Luke had asked to see him. Lucky was also curious why Nikolas was at the casino.

Nikolas explained that he had dropped by to ask if Luke had heard from Helena. Luke admitted that he would rather deal with Helena than the annoying noise citations that Lucky had dropped off earlier that day. Lucky sensed that there was more to Luke's request than the citations. Luke revealed that he wanted Lucky to know that he wasn't as opposed to Lucky and Liz's relationship as Lucky had assumed.

Luke explained that he wanted to make certain that Lucky and Liz had learned from their past mistakes. Lucky snarkily responded, "Actually Dad, we were thinking of repeating them all, but now that you've advised against it, we'll reconsider." Luke clarified that he was just trying to look out for Lucky. Lucky didn't appreciate Luke's concern. He collected the citations, along with the payment for the fines, and then left.

Nikolas demanded to know when Luke had started to monitor Lucky's personal life. Luke replied, "Since you've drop-kicked his trust and fooled around with his fiancée." Luke accused Nikolas of cuckolding Lucky; he demanded to know where Nikolas' loyalty to his brother was. Luke wanted to understand what was going on; he asked if Liz was Nikolas' true love. Nikolas shot back that Luke had done the same thing to his best friend, Scott Baldwin.

Luke argued that it had been different with Laura. Nikolas agreed; he hadn't raped Liz. Luke accused Nikolas of living down to his Cassadine name. Luke believed that Nikolas was trying to justify his behavior by accusing someone else of doing worse. Nikolas wondered how Luke kept from choking on his pride.

At a French restaurant, Lucky and Liz sat down at a cozy table. However, Lucky's thoughts remained on Luke. Lucky was disappointed by his father's lack of support. Liz tried to play peacemaker, but Lucky's resentment was too strong. Lucky didn't understand why Luke insisted that Lucky and Liz's marriage wouldn't last. He suspected that it had something to do with Luke's failed marriage to Laura. Liz wondered if they were making a mistake by getting married, but Lucky insisted that they weren't.

Liz was awed by Lucky's faith in her. She confessed that she sometimes wondered who she was. Liz feared that she would disappoint Lucky. Lucky didn't want Liz to live in fear of doing something wrong. He wanted her to trust him when he told her that they would make their marriage work. According to Lucky, Liz was his first love and his last love.

Liz was moved to tears when Lucky pulled out a small box that held a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Lucky grew concerned when Liz hesitated to accept the ring. Liz confided that she was afraid that they would jeopardize what they had if they got married. Lucky assured Liz that they could work out anything if Liz opened up about what was troubling her.

Liz seemed on the verge of telling Lucky about her affair with Nikolas when she glanced up to see Nikolas and Rebecca enter the restaurant.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

At the French restaurant, Nikolas and Rebecca joined Liz and Lucky at their table. Lucky was slightly annoyed by Nikolas' boldness. Rebecca was embarrassed when she noticed the engagement ring on the table. After Rebecca apologized for the intrusion, Nikolas reminded Lucky of all of the times that Liz and Lucky had interrupted his time with Emily during their engagement. As the tension mounted, Rebecca suggested that perhaps they could be a witness to Lucky and Liz's special moment.

Lucky thanked Rebecca for her peacemaking efforts. With Liz's blessing, Lucky picked up the ring and then talked about how much Liz meant to him. As Lucky slid the ring on Liz's finger, Liz promised to always love Lucky. She also vowed that he was the only man that she wanted to be with. Nikolas understood Liz's silent message; he picked up his glass to propose a toast.

Nikolas complimented Liz on her fiery spirit and Lucky for never giving up on love. Nikolas wished them all of the happiness that they had wished him over the years. Liz held back her tears as she pasted on a smile and then lifted her glass.

Later, Nikolas met Liz at her studio. Liz was furious that Nikolas had interrupted her special evening with Lucky. Liz suspected that it had been intentional, since Nikolas had known that Liz and Lucky would be at the restaurant. Nikolas snidely commented that it was a shame that Liz didn't return Lucky's feelings. Liz snapped, "Don't you dare tell me how I feel about Lucky."

Liz was curious if Nikolas had heard anything that she had said to Lucky over dinner. She insisted that she loved Lucky. Nikolas wondered where that left him. Liz reminded Nikolas that he was supposed to be her best friend, not her lover. Liz regretted that she had slept with Nikolas, and she was certain that Emily would be appalled if she knew what they had done.

Nikolas tried to reach out to Liz, but she pushed him away and then ordered him to, "Get out." Nikolas realized that he had gone too far. He apologized for upsetting Liz and then promised her that he would stop pursuing her. However, Nikolas wanted Liz to know that, if she changed her mind, he would be waiting for her.

A short time later, Lucky arrived at the studio with a bouquet of white roses. Liz was impressed that he had been able to find a place that sold flowers at such a late hour. Lucky apologized for how the evening had turned out. He sensed that Liz was deeply troubled. Lucky admitted that she had not reacted to the engagement ring as he had hoped. He wanted to know what was wrong.

Liz claimed that she was what was wrong. She had failed him many times. It had taken her a while to trust what he had known all along: they belonged together. Liz kissed Lucky and then the two made love.

Nikolas returned to Wyndemere to find Rebecca waiting for him. Rebecca confessed that she thought that Liz had behaved rather oddly for someone who had received an engagement ring from the love of her life. Nikolas didn't want to talk about Liz. He kissed Rebecca, which quickly led to them making love.

Lulu noticed the bag in Ronnie's hand. As she entered Dante's room, she joked that she could say that she had caught Ronnie holding the bag, but she didn't think that they would find that amusing. Ronnie quickly excused himself and then left. Lulu demanded to know what was going on with the bag of ashes; she refused to stand by while Dante built a case against Sonny. Dante wondered if that was the reason that Lulu had been at Greystone Manor.

Lulu confessed that she was conflicted. Dante reminded Lulu that his undercover assignment wasn't a game. If she revealed his true identity to Sonny, then Sonny would kill him and most likely his mother, but Lulu disagreed. She insisted that Sonny would never harm Olivia or her son.

Lulu didn't want to betray Sonny's trust. Dante was curious how Lulu felt about all of the people whom Sonny had hurt. Lulu countered that Sonny had also done quite a bit of good for Port Charles and various charities. Dante pointed out that the money had been ill-gotten gains from criminal activity. When Lulu remained undecided, Dante switched tactics. He suggested that, since his days were numbered, he would like to do something with Lulu before he died.

At an Italian restaurant, Dante offered to order dinner for Lulu, but Lulu declined. Lulu claimed that she never allowed a man to order for her. Dante shrugged and said that it was her loss; he considered himself to be an expert on the food served at the restaurant. Dante had intended to order her the finest meal. Eventually, Lulu ordered the meal that Dante had recommended.

As Lulu enjoyed her dinner, Dante talked about his childhood. Lulu didn't know whether to believe his stories or not. Dante played at being hurt until Lulu reminded him that it was difficult to trust a man who was lying to everyone in town.

At Greystone Manor, Carly wanted Michael to go home with her, but Sonny wasn't eager to force his son to leave. Carly argued that the cover-up had been a mistake. She insisted that Michael had acted in self-defense and that he had been protecting her. Sonny didn't think a confession would matter. He explained that Anthony was out to avenge Claudia. If Michael went to the police, Anthony would target Michael.

Carly worried that Sonny's attitude about Claudia's death was sending the wrong message. Carly didn't think it was a good idea for Sonny to tell Michael that Claudia had deserved to die. Sonny seemed genuinely offended; he argued that Claudia had deserved to die. Carly insisted that she didn't want her son to wind up in the mob. Sonny claimed that he didn't want that either, but he understood what Michael was going through. Sonny was determined to help Michael.

Carly reminded Sonny that she had custody of the children. Sonny revealed that Jax had tried to play the custody card while Carly had been missing. Sonny had gone against his better judgment and left the boys with Jax. Shortly afterwards, Michael had run away and then ended up killing Claudia. Sonny insisted that Michael was his responsibility, not Jax's. Sonny resented that Jax was trying to take Sonny's children from him.

Carly denied it, but Sonny didn't believe her. He told her that, regardless of Jax's intentions, Sonny loved Michael more than Jax did. Carly wanted to break the cycle of violence. Sonny promised her that he would not let Michael become involved in the mob. Carly wondered how Sonny was going to stop it from happening, but Sonny didn't have an answer.

Alexis was mortified when she barged into Jason's office to find him locked in a heated embrace with her half-dressed daughter. As Sam scrambled to pull on her shirt, Alexis tried to exit the office. Alexis' embarrassment turned to frustration when she realized that the door was locked. Sam finished dressing and then went to work on picking the door's lock. Alexis babbled about not judging Sam and respecting her privacy. The moment that Sam unlocked the door, Alexis bolted.

Sam was curious if what Alexis had walked in on had looked as bad as Sam had imagined. Jason pointed out that they thought that they had been alone. Sam wondered why she and Jason couldn't simply admit that they were in a relationship. Jason revealed that he wanted to be with Sam, but he didn't want to assume anything or expect more than Sam was willing to give to him. Sam made it clear that she didn't want to talk about what had happened in the past; she wanted to remain focused on the moment.

The phone rang moments later. It was Carly. Carly informed Jason that Sonny was refusing to send Michael home. She wanted Jason to persuade Sonny to reconsider Michael's living arrangements. After Jason ended the call, Sam realized that Jason had to leave. She urged him to take care of what he needed to.

Jason went to Greystone Manor. Sonny wasn't surprised that Carly had called Jason. Jason explained that he would have sought Sonny out even if Carly hadn't called him. Jason revealed that he was worried that the more Michael admired Sonny and Sonny's lifestyle, the more determined Michael would be to follow in Sonny's footsteps. Jason and Sonny were unaware that Michael lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Sonny made it clear that he would not allow Michael to join the mob. Sonny wanted Michael to go to college, so that he could have a safe, legitimate career. Until then, Michael needed Sonny's help coping with what had happened to Claudia. Jason was concerned because Michael hadn't shown any remorse for killing Claudia. Sonny suspected that it was Michael's way of dealing with what had happened.

Sonny warned Jason that Anthony would make a move against them, in order to avenge Claudia's death. Jason suggested that it was all the more important for Michael to live with Carly. Sonny was reluctant to agree; he worried that it might send the message that he was turning his back on Michael. Sonny didn't think that a father should ever have to tell his son to leave. Jason countered that a good father put his children first; Jason believed that Sonny was a good father.

Carly was surprised when Jax entered their house. Jax explained that he didn't want to be separated from Josslyn. Carly sneered, "Different when it's your own kid, huh?" Jax claimed that he had never intended to put Michael at risk. Carly confessed that she no longer cared what anyone had intended. According to Carly, Claudia hadn't intended for Michael to be shot and then spend a year in a coma, yet it had happened. Michael hadn't intended to kill Claudia, yet it had happened. Sonny had intended to take care of Michael, yet he was messing up Michael's life.

Jax didn't want to be like Sonny. Carly argued that Jax had proved that he was willing to lie to her; she couldn't ignore that. Jax countered that he loved her and the children. He was prepared to stand by her side and support her no matter what became of their marriage. However, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. When Jax began talking about Josslyn, Carly softened towards him.

She agreed that it was crucial for parents to bond with their children from the start. Carly didn't want Josslyn to be separated from her father, so she agreed that Jax could stay in the guest room. Jax appreciated the offer. He was hopeful that it was something that they could build on. Moments later, Sonny called to let Carly know that she could pick up Michael.

After Carly left, Jax held Josslyn. He confided to his daughter that he was happy that Carly hadn't fought him about moving in. However, he was afraid that the real fighting would soon begin. Jax was confident that Dominic, "the child that Sonny doesn't know about," would put Sonny behind bars. Jax smiled with satisfaction at the prospect of Sonny's arrest.

Carly arrived at Greystone Manor to fetch Michael. Sonny explained that Michael had to live with Carly. Michael agreed to honor his parents' wishes out of respect for them. However, Michael reminded Carly, Sonny, and Jason that he would soon be eighteen. When Michael reached adulthood, none of them would be in a position to make decisions for him. As Carly followed Michael out of the house, Sonny observed, "God help him. Michael sounds just like me."

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sonny's curiosity was piqued when he spotted Dominic and Ronnie on the piers having a private chat. Dominic explained that Ronnie was providing him with inside information about the men who were loyal to Anthony. Sonny wondered why Ronnie would confide to one of Sonny's lieutenants. Ronnie claimed that he was a family man who didn't want any trouble. Ronnie assured Sonny that he was on Sonny's side. Satisfied, Sonny gave Ronnie instructions.

A short time later, Sonny met Luke at the coffee warehouse. Sonny confessed that he regretted marrying Claudia. Luke admitted that, at the time, the decision had made sense. Sonny revealed that he needed Luke's help. Sonny wanted information about Joey Limbo. Luke warned Sonny that Joey tended to be emotional, volatile, and cunning. Luke advised Sonny not to mess with Joey unless it was necessary.

Sonny explained that Anthony intended for Joey to avenge Claudia's death. Sonny hoped to arrange a meeting with Joey, in order to broker a peace treaty. Sonny was confident that Anthony would lose credibility if Joey could be persuaded to walk away from the war. Luke wanted assurance that Sonny wouldn't use the meeting as an opportunity to kill Joey. Sonny promised that he simply wanted a truce.

After a motorcycle ride, Sam and Jason went to Jason's penthouse. Sam wondered if the ride had helped Jason. Jason explained that he had to send a message to Sonny's enemies, but he was worried about the impact that it would have on Michael. Jason feared that a show of power would glorify the mob to Michael. Jason felt like a hypocrite for killing people while demanding better for Michael.

Sam suggested that perhaps someone else could carry out the hit. Jason didn't know whom else he could trust with the important job. Moments later, Dominic knocked on the door. After Sam left, Dominic updated Jason about what he had learned regarding Anthony's vendetta. Dominic assured Jason that he was willing to do his part to help. Dominic promised that he was a fast learner. Jason revealed that he might take Dominic up on his offer.

Dante arrived at his apartment to find Ronnie waiting for him. Ronnie was in high spirits as he congratulated Dante and then announced that their forensics team had hit "pay dirt." According to Ronnie, they had found a gray scrap of silk with Claudia's blood and Sonny's DNA on it. Ronnie explained that they needed a witness to verify what Sonny had been wearing on the night that Claudia had disappeared. Ronnie smiled as he confided, "The noose is tightening."

Jason entered the warehouse office to find Sonny seated in a chair, deep in thought. Jason revealed that he had put plans in motion, in order to deal with Joey. Sonny told Jason about the meeting with Luke. Sonny cautioned Jason that they had to be careful; they couldn't afford any surprises.

At the Jacks residence, Michael listened from the doorway while Carly talked to Josslyn as she placed her in a bassinette. When Carly looked up, Michael announced that he was leaving. Carly wanted to know where Michael was going, which quickly turned into another discussion about Claudia.

Jax hovered on the staircase, listening, while Carly admitted that she was uncomfortable with the way that Michael freely talked about killing Claudia. Carly reminded Michael that he had been protecting his mother and sister when he had struck Claudia. She also pointed out that the walls in Port Charles tended to have ears. Michael didn't seem concerned about being overheard.

Michael confidently assured his mother that Sonny had taken care of everything, so there was nothing to worry about. After Michael left, Jax approached Carly. She observed that Michael didn't have a clue and it scared her.

Later, Carly and Jax settled on the sofa to talk about Michael. Carly admitted that Jax had been right; they should have gone to the police with the truth. Carly revealed that she had suggested hiring an attorney for Michael. To Carly's surprise, Jax responded, "No, you can't." Jax explained that it was too late; the damage had been done. There wasn't any evidence to support Michael's story, so it was likely that Michael would be charged with murder.

Carly was upset; she asked Jax to watch Josslyn while she stepped out. Jax wanted to know where Carly was going. Carly claimed that she needed to pick up a prescription, but he didn't believe her. Jax realized that Carly intended to look for Michael. Carly left without another word.

A short time later, Dante stopped by to talk to Jax. Dante wanted to know if Jax would testify that Sonny had been wearing a gray silk shirt on the night of Claudia's disappearance. Jax confirmed that he could, but he didn't see the point. Dante explained that they had found a scrap of material with Claudia's blood and Sonny's DNA on it. Jax was stunned; he demanded to know why Dante was standing in Jax's living room instead of doing his job.

Carly heard the tail end of Jax's comment as she entered the living room. She was curious, "What job would that be?"

At the piers, Kristina was on her cell phone talking to Kiefer. She told him that she didn't want to see him. According to Kristina, she needed more time to process what had happened. Before she ended the call, Kristina assured Kiefer that she hadn't told anyone that he had hit her. When Kristina turned around, she saw Michael approach her.

Kristina immediately blasted Michael for sending Max and Milo to intimidate Kiefer. Michael didn't understand Kristina's anger; he thought that she should be grateful that he was around to protect her. Kristina resented how Michael sounded as heartless as their father. Michael was offended by her attitude; he felt that Kristina should be more understanding of their father's situation. Their argument grew more heated.

Ethan intervened when Michael began screaming at his sister. Michael warned Ethan to back off and then he suggested that Ethan do some research, because he clearly didn't know whom he was talking to. After Michael sauntered off, Kristina apologized for her brother's behavior. As she thanked Ethan for helping her out, he carefully studied her face. He quietly asked if Michael had hit her.

Kristina made it clear that Michael would never strike her. She claimed that she had tripped, while she had been texting someone. Kristina was curious if Ethan ever texted. When Ethan revealed that he did, Kristina asked for his number, in case she needed his help again. While Ethan keyed his number into her phone, Kristina gushed about his singing. She seemed genuinely disappointed when he told her that it wasn't something that he intended to pursue. Ethan returned the phone to her, told her to be careful, and then left.

At Crimson, Maxie confided to Lulu that Spinelli had been sulking ever since their non-wedding. According to Maxie, Spinelli seemed "needier" and "more demanding" of her attention. As if on cue, Spinelli entered the office with a huge bouquet of flowers. Maxie was touched by the gesture, but reminded him that Kate didn't permit flowers in the office. Maxie asked Spinelli to drop the bouquet off at her apartment and then she dashed off to run an errand.

Spinelli appeared disappointed. He confessed to Lulu that he had known about the office policy. Lulu tried to cheer up Spinelli, but it didn't help. Spinelli feared that Maxie's career was more important to her than her love life.

At the nurse's station, Rebecca took the opportunity to congratulate Liz about the engagement. When Liz mumbled her thanks, Rebecca observed that Liz didn't seem very happy. Liz reminded Rebecca that it wasn't a joyous day for her because it was the anniversary of Emily's death. Rebecca knew what day it was, but felt that she was damned whether she mentioned it or not.

Liz blamed Rebecca for Nikolas losing himself to grief and doing things that he otherwise would never have done. Rebecca asked, "What in God's name is wrong with you?" Rebecca then snidely suggested that perhaps Liz should concentrate on her own life, instead of Nikolas'. Rebecca assured Liz that Nikolas was just fine. Liz offered to enlighten Rebecca about what Nikolas was really like.

Liz explained that Nikolas had finally been piecing his life together when Rebecca had arrived on the scene. Ever since then, Nikolas had been slowly sliding back into his grief. As a result, he was making self-destructive choices. Rebecca insisted that Nikolas was not lost in the past. According to Rebecca, Nikolas had moved on. Rebecca knew that because she shared a bed with Nikolas.

When Rebecca assured Liz that Nikolas had been "easy and fun" the previous evening, Liz warned Rebecca that Nikolas was a master at hiding his true feelings. Rebecca wondered why Liz was so worried about Nikolas when Liz had just become engaged to Lucky.

Nikolas went to the crypt to visit Emily. He admitted that he had considered skipping acknowledging the day, in order to avoid the pain of remembering. However, in the end, he couldn't do it. Nikolas then began talking about his brother. He told Emily that he loved Lucky and that he felt ashamed for betraying him. Nikolas claimed that his heart belonged to Liz; he had no idea how to give her up.

Lucky approached moments later. Nikolas confessed that Emily would be disappointed in Nikolas. Lucky didn't understand why Nikolas was so hard on himself; he assured Nikolas that it was okay to have moments of weakness. Nikolas clarified that he was out of control, so he was certain that Emily wouldn't approve.

Lucky admitted that he wasn't oblivious to how difficult it must be for Nikolas to have a ringside seat to Lucky and Liz's reconciliation. Lucky understood that it had to hurt Nikolas being reminded that he could never have the same opportunity with Emily. However, Lucky believed that Rebecca was a wonderful person in her own right. Lucky was certain that Emily would be happy that Nikolas had Rebecca in his life.

Nikolas admitted that he was attracted to Rebecca because she looked like Emily. Lucky didn't think that Rebecca could replace Emily, but he was confident that she could make Nikolas happy.

Later, Liz took flowers to Emily's crypt. Liz wished that Emily were there, although she suspected that Emily would be disappointed in her friend. Liz admitted that she had "bitched" Emily's sister out. Liz confessed that she didn't even recognize herself any more. She wondered how she could be engaged to one brother while sleeping with another. Liz felt as if she were betraying both Lucky and Nikolas.

Liz believed that she should have been a better friend to Nikolas instead of falling into his bed. She realized that Nikolas was in a tremendous amount of pain after losing Emily. Liz hated that she had allowed things to continue; she realized that it had been selfish of her. Liz's head told her that she had to stop what she was doing with Nikolas, but her heart and body wanted the affair to continue. Liz had hoped that making love to Lucky would stop her obsession, but she had been wrong. She loved Lucky, but she wanted to be with Nikolas.

When Rebecca spotted Lucky at the hospital, she asked to speak to him. Rebecca claimed that Nikolas had been wonderful, but she was worried because he had a tendency to get "broody." Rebecca was curious how she could stop those episodes. Lucky suggested that Rebecca simply be there for Nikolas.

Later, Lucky bumped into Nikolas on the piers. He told Nikolas about his chat with Rebecca and then he revealed that he had decided to take his own advice by spending time with Liz. Lucky hoped to pick up where he and Liz had left off the previous evening. According to Lucky, it had been "awesome." Nikolas suggested that Lucky must feel good, since he had finally managed to persuade Liz to have sex with him again. Lucky seemed taken aback by Nikolas' crude observation.

At the stalker's warehouse, someone took pictures of a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Claudia, down to the dress that Claudia had worn to her birthday bash. The pictures appeared to be a re-enactment of the moments just after Claudia had died.

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