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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 7, 2009 on GH
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Dominic and Jax exchanged words in Jax's office. Jax berated Dominic because Sonny was not in police custody. Dominic shot back that he had turned over all the evidence to his superiors, who had chosen not to issue a warrant.

Jax took another tack and told Dominic that his mother, Olivia, was with Sonny and that she planned to tell him that Dominic was her son, Dante. Dominic scoffed and said his mother would never put his life in jeopardy.

Jax threatened to pull strings and get Dominic thrown out of his job. Dominic said that if Jax did that, he would go to Carly and tell her about the help Jax had given him to aid in Sonny's arrest. He also told Jax that if he continued to interfere in the investigation, Jax would be the next person arrested for obstruction. Then he stormed out of the office.

Sonny prepared dinner at his place for Olivia. Olivia resisted, but Sonny convinced her that they were only sharing a meal. Olivia was impressed by Sonny's cooking. They laughed and flirted, but when Sonny tried to get serious with her, she resisted and told him that she was with Johnny.

Sonny said that he was not trying to interfere in her relationship to Johnny. Instead, Sonny told Olivia that she was a link to his past and a time that he was happy. He said that being with her made him happy. Sonny's charm weakened Olivia's resolve. He was about to kiss her when Dominic interrupted them.

A flustered Olivia beat a hasty retreat, leaving Dominic and Sonny alone. Sonny wanted to know why Dominic had interrupted. Sonny wondered why Dominic should have any interested in his romantic affairs.

Dominic said that he did not. He said that he had been surprised because he thought Olivia was with John Zacchara. Sonny said that Olivia was having second thoughts. He told Dominic that he had better pray that he had not blown Sonny's plans for a relationship with Olivia.

Jason went to Franco's loft. A search of the immediate area turned up the hoodie that had been worn by the homeless man who had waved at Jason at the ambush site. Jason made a call to Sam and asked for help. He did not see the person spying on him from behind a screen.

Rebecca was stunned when she saw Nikolas and Liz making love in the turret room. She left without confronting them.

Lucky questioned Michael and Carly about Claudia's disappearance. Carly held to her story that she had left Claudia unconscious in the car and had not seen her again. Michael, however, spoke incautiously when he told Lucky that he did not feel guilty and was glad that Claudia was dead.

Lucky's suspicions were aroused. When he tried to find out more from Michael, Carly interfered and told Michael to go upstairs. Michael refused and left the house. He told Carly that he had to go to the library to study.

Lucky was tenacious with Carly, who repeated her story to him before demanding that he leave her house.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan poured a drink for Tracy, who wanted to know if Ethan had a clue about Luke's glum behavior. Before Ethan could say anything, Luke appeared and wanted to know why they were talking about him behind his back.

Tracy asked him why he was so downcast. Luke told her that while he did not like to interfere, he feared that Lucky would be terribly hurt if he married Liz. He did not reveal why he felt that way to Tracy or Ethan. Tracy was not unduly concerned, and said that Lucky and Liz would get it right eventually.

Luke grabbed his jacket and said that he was going for a drive because he needed to think. He told Tracy and Ethan not to worry, he was not leaving town, even though that was what he might have done in a similar situation in the not too distant past.

After making love, Liz put on her clothes and told Nikolas that what they had done was wrong and that they had to stay away from each other. She said that she was going to marry Lucky, because he offered her the life she wanted. She told Nikolas that she could not bear to hurt Lucky.

Nikolas wanted to know what they were going to do about the feelings that they had for each other. Liz said that those feelings were fleeting and would go away if they stayed away from each other. Nikolas was not so sure. He said that his feelings for Liz were getting stronger.

Nikolas told her she was not being fair to them, but Liz remained in denial and refused to accept her true feelings. She told Nikolas that they had to stop seeing each other. As she left the turret room, she punctuated her message by slamming the door.

Sam met Jason at Franco's loft. A thorough search of the loft convinced Jason that Franco was the homeless man who had waved at him, and that Franco had killed and posed Joey Limbo. Jason was also convinced that Franco had sent the crime scene photos to him. Neither Sam nor Jason saw the person spying on them from a railing high up on the loft.

Sam and Jason concluded that Franco's interest in Jason was longstanding, since Franco had rented the loft in Jason's name two months before. Jason asked Sam to canvas the neighborhood to get more information about Franco.

He told her that he would stay in the loft and wait for Franco. Jason told Sam that he intended to wait until Franco returned and then confront him about the photographs.

When Jax arrived home, Carly told him about Lucky's visit and Michael's behavior. Carly admitted to Jax that he had been right when he had told her to tell the truth about Claudia's death. Carly was in tears because Michael seemed remorseless and was showing no signs of knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Carly told Jax that Michael no longer listened to her and she wished that she had been truthful from the beginning so that Michael would have had to take responsibility for his actions. Jax comforted her.

Maxie went to the penthouse and found Spinelli busily working to find more information about Franco. When she realized that Spinelli had found the address for the loft, she quickly noted it. After a short conversation, Maxie made excuses and left Spinelli to his work.

Rebecca went to the Haunted Star to have drinks and to tell Ethan that he had been right about Nikolas. She told Ethan that even after Nikolas had told her it was over between them, she had gone back one more time and tried to seduce him, but Nikolas had rejected her again.

She said that Nikolas had gotten to her because he looked so sad. She said she had learned her lesson from a master. She said that Nikolas' eyes were filled with remorse, even as he had humiliated her. She did not tell Ethan that she had seen Liz and Nikolas in the throes of passion, but she did tell him that they were both phonies and users.

Nikolas was in the turret room when Lucky appeared at Wyndemere. He told Nikolas that even though he had tried to break up with Liz, she insisted that they get married. Nikolas told Lucky that he wished them both he best.

Lucy was appreciative, but still worried that whatever Liz was hiding from him would eventually come out and wreck their chance at happiness. Nikolas gave tacit agreement.

Dante found Olivia at her apartment. He wanted to know if she intended to tell Sonny about him. She told Dante that she had gone to Sonny's intending to tell, but did not. She said that as much as she cared for Sonny, she would always put Dante's safety and security above everyone else's.

Jax went to Sonny and told him about Lucky's visit to Carly and Michael. Sonny told him that as long as all involved stuck to their story; he would make sure that the truth about Claudia never emerged. Sonny told Jax that there was no hard evidence to link any of them to the crime. Sonny said that he had disposed of Claudia's body in a place that no one would find it.

Lucky met up with Ethan on the Haunted Star. Ethan told Lucky that Rebecca had just been there and was very upset. Lucky was surprised, because he had seen Rebecca at the hospital earlier and she had seemed fine. Ethan said he did not know exactly what was wrong, but Rebecca had referred to both Nikolas and Liz as phonies and users.

Liz was reading a story to Cam and Jake when Rebecca knocked on her door. Liz did not want to let her in, but Rebecca barged in anyway. She sat down with Cam and Jake, and then asked them if they wanted to hear a story. When the boys said yes, she started telling them about a castle, a prince, his sister-in-law, and a turret room. Liz looked very uncomfortable.

Jason sat in the darkened loft with his loaded gun. When the front door started to open, he rose and pointed the gun at the door.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On the Haunted Star, Lucky and Ethan discussed Rebecca's resentment toward Liz. Ethan suspected that it stemmed from jealousy, but Lucky disagreed. Ethan admitted that he didn't know what was going on, but he was certain that something had happened. When Luke entered moments later, Ethan decided to seize the opportunity to help Lucky and Luke work out their problems.

Luke resented Ethan's interference. Lucky realized that his father had concerns about Lucky's decision to marry Liz for the third time; however, he didn't understand what had prompted Luke's objection to the marriage. Lucky and Ethan turned to Luke for an answer. After a few moments of tense silence, Luke asked to speak to Lucky alone. Ethan quietly left the room.

Luke promised that he wasn't attempting to dredge up the past. What he had to say concerned the present. Luke didn't think that he had a choice in the matter anymore. According to Luke, Lucky was standing on train tracks with a freight train barreling down on him. Luke had to act. However, before Luke could continue his speech, Nikolas entered the casino. Seconds later, Ethan charged out of nowhere shouting "You son of a bitch" as he attacked Nikolas.

Luke and Lucky immediately sprang into action. Once they pulled Ethan and Nikolas apart, Lucky decided that it was time to leave. Luke had other ideas; he announced that Nikolas had something to say and then he reminded Nikolas that confession was good for the soul. When Nikolas remained silent, Lucky threw his hands up in the air.

After Lucky left, Luke blasted Nikolas for not being truthful. Nikolas ignored Luke as he answered his ringing phone. It was Liz. She was distraught after an ugly confrontation with Rebecca. Nikolas assured Liz that he would take care of everything. After he ended the call, Nikolas left the casino. Ethan wondered what the call had been about. Luke had a sinking suspicion that he knew.

Liz gently guided her children away from Rebecca as she tried to order Rebecca out of her home without alarming the boys. Rebecca refused to cooperate. She sat on Liz's sofa with a smug smile, threatening to tell Cam and Jake about what their mother had been doing earlier that evening. Liz decided to put her children to bed, since it was clear that Rebecca was determined to have her say.

When Liz returned to her living room, Rebecca was kicked back on the sofa. She sneered as she noted that Liz had taken her sweet time with the children. Liz explained that she had wanted to make certain that her sons were asleep. Rebecca didn't waste time mincing words. She called Liz a "betraying tramp" for "banging Lucky's brother." Rebecca wasn't surprised that Nikolas had behaved like a typical man by sleeping with "an easy piece."

Rebecca wanted to know what kind of person agreed to marry someone "over and over" only to cheat on that person "again and again." Liz didn't answer Rebecca's questions or respond to her insults; however, she wanted Rebecca to consider the children. Rebecca promptly accused Liz of using her children. Liz pointed out that Rebecca didn't have any room to cast judgment, given her own checkered past.

Rebecca wondered if Liz would have slept with Nikolas if Emily had lived. Liz insisted that the affair would never have happened, but Rebecca didn't believe her. Rebecca claimed that Nikolas and Liz were "faithless sex-obsessed pigs," so it was inevitable that they would have been drawn to each other. Rebecca believed that Lucky deserved better.

Liz called Rebecca's bluff. She refused to meekly sit around waiting for Rebecca to drop her bombshell. Liz urged Rebecca to do whatever she felt that she needed to do. Rebecca's confidence slipped, but she recovered quickly. Rebecca promised that Lucky would know what a "lying bitch" Liz was by the end of the night.

After Rebecca stormed out of the house, Liz called Nikolas. Liz warned him that Rebecca had confronted her about their affair and that Rebecca intended to tell Lucky. Later, Liz fell asleep on the sofa. A nightmare of a judge granting custody of Cameron to Lucky and Rebecca plagued her sleep. The judge then granted custody of Jake to Jason and Sam.

Liz was devastated as her children were taken away from her. When she woke up, Cam was standing next to the sofa. He was concerned when he realized that his mother was crying.

As Nikolas drove through Lucky's neighborhood, he left a voicemail message for Lucky to call him. Nikolas glanced down to disconnect the call. He was startled when he heard a woman cry out seconds before his car was jolted as if he had hit something.

At the Jacks residence, Jax arranged to meet Dante, so that Jax could provide Dante with sufficient evidence to arrest Sonny. As Jax ended the call, Carly approached him. Carly asked Jax to spend the evening with her and Josslyn. Jax joined Carly and Josslyn on the sofa a short time later. As Jax and Carly cooed to their baby, Jax admitted that he was happy that they had a baby together.

After Carly and Jax put Josslyn to bed, they returned to the living room to find Morgan playing with Jax's cell phone. Jax immediately demanded that Morgan hand the phone to him. While Jax checked his phone, he explained that he had important business contact information stored on it. Morgan apologized for playing with the phone; however, he decided that it was a great time to argue his case against Carly's ban on video games on school nights.

Morgan explained that video games were a form of stress relief for him. According to Morgan, he needed an outlet to help him deal with the pressure of schoolwork. Carly was impressed with Morgan's reasoning, so she promised to consider his request. Jax took it a step further. He intended to take Morgan to a video game expo, so that Morgan could play video games to his heart's content.

Later, Jax prepared to go to the guest room. Carly admitted that it seemed strange for Jax to be in the guest room, especially after they'd had such a great evening as a family. Jax confessed that he missed their closeness as much as Carly did. Jax vowed that he would do whatever it took to repair their relationship. Carly assured Jax that he was doing everything necessary; she just needed some more time to accept what had happened.

Their conversation eventually drifted to Michael. Carly and Jax decided that it would be best if Michael had professional help to deal with his role in Claudia's death. Carly appreciated Jax's support. As they kissed, Jax received a text message. He regretfully informed Carly that he had to leave on urgent business.

Lulu joined Dante at his table in Jake's. Dante was disappointed that he couldn't enjoy Lulu's company, but he explained that duty called. Lulu noticed Dante's lack of enthusiasm. Dante admitted that he wasn't a big fan of Jax. Lulu wondered what Jax had to do with Dante's business. Dante confided that Jax had learned that Dante was an undercover police officer. Lulu was stunned when Dante revealed the details about Jax's involvement in the investigation against Sonny.

Lulu realized what that meant for Carly's marriage. She was certain that Carly would never be able to forgive Jax if he played a role in Sonny's downfall. Dante defended Jax. He reminded Lulu that Carly had tried to keep Sonny away from Morgan after Michael's shooting, but within a year Sonny had found his way back into Morgan's life. According to Dante, Jax was helping Carly in the only way open to him.

Lulu considered warning Carly, but Dante advised her against it. He pointed out that everything was going well for Carly. Lulu was reluctant to destroy Carly's happiness, so she decided to keep quiet. However, she didn't appear pleased about it.

Dante met Jax at his office. Jax played the recording of his discussion with Sonny about the cover-up of Claudia's death. As the recording ended, Jax smiled with satisfaction; he bragged that it had been easy to obtain the damaging evidence against Sonny. Dante bristled at Jax's pompous attitude. He warned Jax that he had interfered with a criminal case and that he had obstructed justice. Jax wasn't intimidated; he pointed out that he had helped the case.

At Franco's studio, Maxie was relieved when Jason assured her that Franco was alive. However, Jason felt compelled to warn Maxie not to underestimate Franco. Jason insisted that Franco was "sick" and "dangerous." Jason and Maxie turned when they heard someone at the door. Spinelli entered the studio moments later. Spinelli explained that he had followed Maxie after he had realized that she had seen Franco's address. Spinelli apologized to Jason for the mistake. Maxie explained that she couldn't stand by while Jason killed Franco.

Spinelli was surprised when Maxie admitted that Franco was important to her. He hadn't realized that Maxie had more than a passing acquaintance with the artist. Maxie quickly clarified that she needed Franco to agree to do the photo shoot because it was critical to her career. Spinelli relaxed and then turned to Jason to reveal that Franco's past remained a mystery to him.

Spinelli warned them that Franco had gone to great lengths to cover his tracks. Spinelli implored Maxie to stay away from the artist. Maxie promised Spinelli that she would respect his wishes. Jason hoped that Maxie meant it. Jason hustled Spinelli and Maxie out of the studio. A short time later, Sam returned to update Jason.

Sam revealed that she had questioned people in the neighborhood, but no one had recalled seeing Franco. Jason didn't understand how Franco could have avoided being seen during months of living in the area. Sam pointed out that Franco had a lot of "stuff" in the studio. Sam speculated that someone might have helped Franco move in. Moments later, Jason's cell phone rang. It was Coleman.

Spinelli and Maxie returned to the penthouse. Maxie realized that Spinelli was upset because he had not spoken to her during the drive home. Spinelli admitted that he was miffed that she had gone to Franco's studio. He confessed that Jason had warned him to be careful around Maxie. Maxie was hurt that Jason and Spinelli didn't trust her. Spinelli was also upset because Maxie had put herself in a dangerous situation.

Spinelli suggested that they should be wary of Franco because Jason had genuine concerns. Maxie insisted that Franco was simply an artist, nothing more. She suspected that Jason disliked Franco because Franco was sophisticated. Spinelli confided that Jason's instincts told him that Franco was dangerous.

Maxie changed the subject; she wanted to focus on them. Spinelli questioned her timing, but Maxie pointed out that there was nothing that they could do about the situation between Franco and Jason, so they might as well take some time for themselves. Maxie emphasized her point by kissing Spinelli.

Michael entered Jake's. As he settled at the bar, Michael ordered a beer. Coleman refused to serve alcohol to a minor. Michael warned Coleman that Sonny wouldn't appreciate his son being refused service. Coleman chuckled as he informed Michael that he didn't have any intention of going against Sonny, Jason, or Carly's wishes, which meant that Michael wouldn't receive a drop of alcohol in his establishment.

Michael offered to keep it between them, but Coleman wasn't swayed. When Michael threatened to involve Max and Milo, Coleman offered Michael some advice. He observed that Michael's attitude bred resentment. Coleman confided that Sonny was respected because he didn't go around showing off how powerful he was. Sonny was discreet.

Later, Coleman called Jason to let him know that Michael was looking for trouble. Lucky arrived just as the last of the patrons were leaving the bar. They pointed to Michael as the reason. Lucky approached the pool table where Michael was standing. Lucky immediately struck up a conversation, but Michael wasn't interested in bonding over the things that they had in common.

Michael was mouthing off to Lucky when Jason entered the bar. Jason warned Michael to keep quiet.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

At Jake's, Jason dragged Michael away from Lucky before Michael revealed too much. Michael insisted that Jason didn't have the right to order him around, especially after what had happened to Claudia. Jason warned Michael to stop talking, but Michael ignored him. When Lucky approached them, Michael informed Lucky that he refused to tell Lucky anything about Claudia. Lucky appreciated the heads-up, but he pointed out that he hadn't asked Michael about her.

Lucky was curious if someone had advised Michael to keep quiet on the subject. Michael ignored the question to accuse Lucky of harassing Carly. According to Michael, Lucky didn't have any family loyalty. Michael considered Lucky a traitor to all of the Spencers. Jason ordered Michael to leave the bar.

After Michael stormed out, Lucky admitted that he saw a lot of himself in Michael. Lucky understood what Michael was going through because Lucky had been in a similar situation with Luke. Lucky warned Jason that Michael had slipped up by referring to Claudia as dead. Jason wanted to know if Lucky intended to include the information in his report. Lucky simply advised Jason to get help for Michael.

Carly was surprised when Jason escorted Michael into the house. When Carly noticed Michael's bruised face, she demanded to know what had happened. Michael assured his mother that everything was fine, but Jason disagreed. He told her about Michael's run-in with Lucky at Jake's. Michael was unapologetic, which infuriated Jason.

Jason's patience snapped when Michael refused to sit down. Through gritted teeth, Jason slowly repeated his request. Michael reluctantly complied. Jason accused Michael of behaving stupidly. Michael tried to defend himself, but Jason screamed at him to "shut up." Jason claimed that Michael had acted like a "little bitch" instead of the man that he bragged to be, ready to live on his own.

According to Jason, Michael was like every other spoiled rich kid. Jason confessed that he had been embarrassed by Michael's behavior toward Lucky at Jake's. To Jason, Michael had sounded like an idiot. Jason demanded that Michael start showing his appreciation to those who had worked hard to protect Michael. Jason expected Michael to stay out of trouble and to focus on school. Jason concluded his lecture by ordering Michael to apologize to Carly.

After Michael left the room, Jason apologized for having failed Carly and Michael. Carly insisted that it was her responsibility to make certain that Michael did the right thing.

In Jax's office, Jax listened to the recording of Sonny incriminating himself in Claudia's murder. Jax was confident that it was enough to put Sonny away. Dante and Jax were surprised when Sonny suddenly entered the office. Sonny demanded to know what his lieutenant was doing in Jax's office. Dante claimed that he was attempting to get Jax to cooperate with the bodyguards.

Jax followed Dante's lead. Jax claimed that the guards embarrassed Morgan while Michael resented their presence. Jax didn't want Sonny's "thugs" on his property. Sonny dismissed Dante. After Dante left, Sonny offered a solution; he wanted Michael to live with him. Jax refused to put Michael at risk simply to make Sonny feel like a "good daddy."

Sonny refused to allow Jax to project his hatred of Sonny onto Michael. Sonny threatened to persuade Carly to cut Jax out of her life if Jax tried to stand in his way. Jax argued that Sonny didn't have that kind of power. Sonny dared Jax to test his theory.

Jax arrived home a short time later. Carly told Jax about Michael's confrontation with Lucky at Jake's. Jax revealed that Sonny wanted Michael to live with him. Carly refused to consider it; she wanted Michael to stay with her. Jax promised to support Carly's decision.

Carly changed the subject. She explained that she had suffered from postpartum depression after Michael was born. She'd been separated from Morgan after his birth because of her head injury. Josslyn was the only child that she had an opportunity to bond with from the beginning, so it was a very precious time for her. Carly wanted to share that with Jax, so she was eager to repair their relationship.

Carly wanted their marriage to work. Jax promised that everything he had done had been in an effort to protect his family. Carly believed him. To Carly's surprise, Jax announced that he had to return to the office, in order to wrap up his meeting. He promised that he wouldn't be gone long.

After Jax left, Michael returned to the living room. Carly explained that she wanted Michael to step forward with the truth about what had happened to Claudia. Carly reminded Michael that he had been acting in defense of her and Josslyn. Carly planned to call Diane to get the ball rolling. Michael realized why things had never worked out for Carly and Sonny; Carly had never understood Sonny's world.

Michael refused to confess. According to him, it was not the way things were done. Michael reminded Carly that Sonny had praised Michael and assured him that he was proud of him. Michael suggested that Carly get some rest and then he left.

Jason went to Greystone Manor to tell Sonny about Michael's act of rebellion at Jake's. Sonny promised to talk to Michael, but Jason didn't think that it would be enough. He warned Sonny that Michael had nearly said too much to Lucky. Sonny told Jason about his plans to have Michael move in. When Sonny suggested that Jax was acting out against Michael, Jason warned him that Jax wasn't the threat.

Jason filled Sonny in about Franco, including his theory that Franco had taken the picture of Claudia in the cabin. Jason feared that Michael might be collateral damage in Franco's plans for Jason. Sonny ordered Jason to find Franco. He made it clear that he wanted Jason to kill Franco if Franco posed a danger to Michael.

Nikolas was stunned to discover that he had hit Rebecca with his car. Rebecca was badly injured, but conscious. She called Nikolas a bastard and then accused him of running her down in order to prevent her from telling Lucky the truth about Liz. She vowed that she would tell Lucky everything as soon as she could.

Cameron was worried when he noticed his mother's tears. Liz hugged her son closely as she confessed that she had done something bad. However, she reassured him that everything would be fine. Liz then told Cam that she loved him, even if she didn't deserve him.

Later, Edward stopped by to visit Liz. He claimed to have found a picture of Liz and Emily while going through old photographs. Liz thanked Edward for the picture, but she suspected that he had another reason for seeking her out. Edward didn't deny it. He explained that he considered Rebecca to be a true blessing, so he was curious why Liz hadn't welcomed her into her life.

Liz fetched Edward some tea. Edward was surprised that she knew how he preferred his tea. Liz revealed that Emily had told her. Edward was touched when Liz confided that Emily had loved sharing tea with her grandfather while he had taught her how to read stock market reports. Edward was amazed that the simple moments that most took for granted were important to others.

Liz explained that it was one of the reasons why she didn't like Rebecca. She accused Rebecca of trading on their love for Emily. Liz realized that Emily would have welcomed Rebecca with open arms--a fact that she suspected Rebecca had taken advantage of. Edward argued that Rebecca was the closest that they would ever get to Emily. Liz suggested that Rebecca had a less than positive effect on some people; she pointed to Nikolas as an example.

Edward wasn't interested in hearing about Nikolas. A phone call interrupted their talk. It was Nikolas. Nikolas explained that he was at the hospital with Rebecca. Edward noticed the color leech out of Liz's face; concerned, he asked her what had happened.

At the hospital, Lisa approached Robin at the nurse's station to talk about the job that Lisa had been offered. Lisa was hesitant to accept the position if Robin had any objections. Lisa realized that an ex-girlfriend might pose a problem for newlyweds. Before Robin could respond, Patrick approached them. Patrick immediately assumed that they had been talking about him.

Robin informed her husband that he was wrong; they had been talking about Robin. Robin filled Patrick in on Lisa's dilemma. She took the opportunity to assure both Lisa and Patrick that she didn't have a problem with Lisa working at the hospital. Epiphany approached the doctors to warn them that an accident victim was in transit to the hospital. Several minutes later, Rebecca was rushed into the emergency room.

Lisa accompanied Rebecca to an examination bay while Robin and Patrick questioned Nikolas about the accident. Nikolas explained that he had been in Lucky's neighborhood when Rebecca had suddenly darted out in front of his car. Nikolas insisted that he hadn't seen Rebecca until it was too late.

Later, Robin, Patrick, and Lisa reviewed Rebecca's preliminary test results. Lisa and Patrick wanted to operate, but Robin advised them against it. Robin believed that they should wait at least twelve hours before considering surgery. They were unaware that they were being observed until a man spoke up to support Robin's recommendation. Patrick didn't recognize the man, but Epiphany did. The man greeted Epiphany and then introduced himself to Robin, Patrick, and Lisa as, "Steven Webber, the new chief of staff."

After Robin and Patrick recovered from the shock, Robin asked what had happened to the previous chief of staff, Monica Quartermaine. Steven explained that he had been working in Memphis when Monica had called to offer him the position. Steven explained that Monica was tired of the constant paperwork. They resumed reviewing Rebecca's case. Patrick warned that it would be on Steven if the delay in surgery resulted in Rebecca never walking again.

Steven and Robin went to check Rebecca's X-rays just as Edward and Liz arrived at the hospital. Monica approached the nurses' station a short time later. While Edward and Monica went to see Rebecca, Liz pulled Nikolas aside to find out what had happened. Nikolas assured her that it had been an accident. Liz believed Nikolas. Nikolas revealed that Rebecca had accused him of intentionally harming her, which had made her doubly determined to tell Lucky the truth.

Liz begged Nikolas to stop Rebecca. Nikolas promised that he would do what he could. After Nikolas walked away, Liz sat down. She was startled when someone tapped on her shoulder to ask why she was upset. Liz turned to see her brother standing behind her. She launched herself into his arms and then hugged him fiercely. Steven wanted to know what was troubling Liz. Liz assured him that all she needed was her big brother.

Later, Steven returned with some hot chocolate. As Liz sipped her drink, Steven confessed that he had missed her. Liz wanted to know what Steven was doing in Port Charles. Steven explained that he was the new chief of staff. At first Liz thought he was joking, but then he revealed that Audrey had known about the job offer. Steven couldn't turn down the opportunity to follow in their grandfather's footsteps by accepting the position that Dr. Steven Hardy had once held.

Steven urged his sister to tell him why she was so sad. When Liz confessed that she had made a mess of things, Steven promised that they would figure out a solution together.

Edward demanded to know the name of the driver that had struck Rebecca. He was livid when Nikolas took responsibility for the accident. Edward's fury mounted when Lucky announced that he had been assigned to the case. Lucky ignored Edward's accusations of favoritism to focus on finding out what had happened.

A short time later, Rebecca woke up. She immediately demanded to see Lucky. Rebecca claimed that she had something important to tell him. In the hallway, Nikolas and Liz overheard Rebecca's request.

Dante was surprised to find Lulu at Jake's. As Dante joined her at her table, he warned her that everything would be over shortly. Dante explained that Jax had the "silver bullet" that would put Sonny away for good. Lulu realized that Dante would return to Bensonhurst. Dante didn't think that their relationship had to end just because the assignment was over. Lulu didn't think it would work out because too many lives would be shattered as a result of Dante's investigation.

Dante returned to Jax's office. Jax replayed the tape of Sonny's admission to being involved in Claudia's disappearance. However, Jax deleted the recording instead of turning the PDA over to Dante. Dante demanded to know why Jax had destroyed the only evidence that they had against Sonny. Jax explained that his marriage was more important than his vendetta against Sonny. Jax didn't want to risk the chance of Carly never forgiving him for having a hand in Sonny's downfall.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

At the studio, Franco prepared for company. As he pinned some articles about Jason Morgan to a tack board, his phone rang. Franco tried to ignore it, but the sound proved to be too distracting. Franco picked up a gun and then shot the phone until it exploded into tiny pieces. Satisfied by the silence, Franco resumed his project.

Max went to the penthouse to report Franco's movements to Jason. When Max revealed that Franco had waved to him, Jason realized that Franco expected Jason to go to the studio. After Max left, Sam warned Jason that he might be walking into a trap. She feared that Franco intended to kill Jason. Jason insisted that he needed to talk to Franco.

Sam had a bad feeling about the meeting; she begged Jason not to play Franco's game. As they debated Jason's decision to confront Franco, Spinelli entered the penthouse. Spinelli immediately sensed the tension in the room. Sam explained that Franco had resurfaced.

Spinelli pointed out that Franco's attempts to contact Jason had been nonviolent. Sam argued that Franco was "weird." Spinelli suggested that perhaps, like him, Franco didn't use traditional means of communication; however, he conceded that he could be wrong about Franco's intentions. Sam asked Jason to wear a bulletproof vest to the meeting, but Jason rejected the idea.

A short time later, Maxie stopped by the penthouse. She was delighted to discover that Sam was there alone. Maxie admitted that she hadn't been serious about redecorating the penthouse. However, upon reflection, she realized that it could use it. Sam suspected that Maxie was trying to compensate for something that had happened with Franco. Maxie insisted that she had merely suffered a temporary lapse in judgment.

Sam wondered if Maxie had any idea what was at stake. As Sam explained that Jason had gone to see Franco, Maxie fluttered around the living room measuring various areas. Maxie wondered if Jason could persuade Franco to turn over all of the incriminating pictures that he had taken of her. Sam's temper flared. She couldn't believe that Maxie was only interested in covering up her one-night-stand with Franco while Jason was risking his life.

They were unaware that Spinelli had overheard Sam's accusation.

Jason knocked on Franco's door. When no one responded, Jason entered the studio. Jason was stunned when he noticed the tack board filled with newspaper clippings about his various arrests. As Jason studied the odd collection, Franco appeared on the second floor landing. Jason immediately drew his gun and then aimed it at Franco.

Franco was all smiles as he made his way to Jason and then introduced himself. Jason ignored Franco's overtures of friendship.

As Johnny entered Jake's, he ordered bourbon. Coleman refused to serve Johnny alcohol, because the bar was closed. When Coleman suggested that Johnny find another place to drink, Johnny confided that he didn't have anywhere else to go. Coleman found it hard to believe that Olivia wouldn't welcome Johnny. Johnny explained that Olivia was in love with Sonny.

Coleman imagined that it must have been difficult to be dumped for the boss. Johnny clarified that Olivia hadn't dumped him. According to Johnny, Olivia claimed to love him, but she also loved Sonny. Coleman realized that Johnny was upset because Johnny wasn't Olivia's "one and only."

Later, Olivia arrived at Jake's. Johnny resented that Coleman had called her. Coleman observed that Olivia wouldn't have raced to Jake's if she hadn't cared about Johnny. After Coleman walked away, Johnny confessed that it bothered him that Olivia had lied to him from the beginning.

Olivia admitted that she should have stayed away from Johnny. She had vowed to avoid gangsters long before. However, Olivia had been drawn to Johnny. She promised that despite her recent choices, she was a strong woman. It was for that reason that she was determined to be honest with Johnny about her feelings for Sonny.

Olivia didn't know why she had feelings for Sonny, but she didn't want to lie about it to Johnny. Olivia completely understood if Johnny didn't want to be involved with her. He admitted that he should probably run in the opposite direction, but he'd always been a "little nuts." Olivia smiled as Johnny leaned down to kiss her.

At Greystone Manor, Carly warned Sonny that Michael was spinning out of control. Carly decided that the only way to help Michael was to reveal the truth about what had happened to Claudia. Sonny cautioned Carly that it was a terrible idea. He reminded her that many people had helped to cover up Claudia's death. He suggested that no one would believe Carly, because she was Michael's mother and therefore had a vested interest in making certain that her son didn't appear guilty of murder.

Sonny refused to turn Michael over to the police. Carly was curious how Sonny intended to help Michael. Sonny reminded Carly that Michael was a target of the Zaccharas. Carly resented Sonny preying on her fears. She pointed out that Anthony was in jail, Claudia was dead, and Johnny worked for Sonny. Carly didn't see how the Zaccharas could possibly pose a danger to Michael. Besides, she argued, there hadn't been any attempts on Michael's life.

Sonny warned her not to assume that it hadn't happened; however he refused to elaborate beyond that. Sonny assured her that he could take care of himself and his family. He promised that he would never put Michael in the line of fire. He insisted that they just needed to stick to the story. Carly didn't think that Michael could continue to lie.

Carly realized that a part of Sonny was proud that Michael was following in his father's footsteps. Sonny denied it, but Carly didn't believe him. She realized that it was pointless to continue the argument. As she prepared to leave, Sonny warned her not to go behind his back by calling Diane.

Carly reminded Sonny that she had full custody of the children, so she didn't have to answer to him for anything. Sonny cautioned Carly that everyone's life could be blown apart if she followed through with her plans. He suggested that perhaps it would be best for Michael to live with him. Carly wondered if Sonny was out of his mind. According to Carly, the last thing that Michael needed was to live with the man he was trying to emulate.

Carly feared that it would just reinforce all the wrong messages to Michael. Sonny agreed that Michael could remain with Carly as long as she promised not to go to the police. Carly reluctantly agreed, but she made it clear that she was determined to find a way to help her son.

Rebecca was wide-awake and talking to Lucky when Liz entered Rebecca's hospital room. While Liz checked Rebecca's vitals, Rebecca told Lucky that the accident had been a result of her not paying attention. Rebecca claimed that she hadn't looked both ways before she had tried to cross the street. Lucky was curious why Rebecca had been on her way to his house.

Rebecca appeared to take delight in making Liz squirm; she explained that she had decided to visit Lucky on impulse, in order to talk about Nikolas. Rebecca chuckled as she observed that the accident had been the perfect metaphor for her relationship with Nikolas; he had used her up and then he ran her over.

Later, Lucky bumped into Ethan in the hallway. Lucky explained that Rebecca had insisted that the crash had been an accident. Ethan had his doubts; he was certain that Nikolas had intentionally run down Rebecca with the car. Ethan's temper didn't improve when Nikolas approached them.

Lucky pointed out that it didn't make sense for Nikolas to lie in wait in Lucky's neighborhood for the off chance that Rebecca would happen along. Ethan argued that it had been a crime of opportunity. Ethan was disappointed when Lucky dismissed the suggestion. After Ethan stormed off, Nikolas reassured his brother that he hadn't meant to hurt Rebecca.

Rebecca heard a noise at her door. She suspected that it was Liz, but it turned out to be Steven. Rebecca was delighted to meet Steven. She confided that Monica and Edward had talked about him often. According to Rebecca, Monica and Edward had been excited that Steve Hardy's grandson had agreed to be the new chief of staff. Liz approached the door moments later. Rebecca continued to smile, but Steven immediately sensed the tension between the women.

Rebecca hinted that there was quite a bit that Steven didn't know about his little sister. Liz wondered what Rebecca was trying to tell Steven. Steven stepped into the hallway with his sister. He was curious why she wanted to rip off Rebecca's face. Liz warned him not to ask; according to Liz, Rebecca was a "miserable bitch." Steven promised that he was on Liz's side, regardless what had happened.

Later, Steven returned to Rebecca's room. Steven apologized for his abrupt departure. Rebecca realized that she had put him on the spot. Steven explained that Liz would always be his little sister. Rebecca realized that it was an unspoken request for her to back off from Liz. Steven was unapologetic as he explained that he would always be loyal to his sister. If Liz asked him to jump, Steven would only be interested in knowing how high.

Steven didn't care what had happened between Rebecca and Liz, but he warned Rebecca that the longer a person held a grudge, the more people it would affect. Steven suggested that Rebecca and Liz find a way to work things out. Steven excused himself when Ethan entered the room.

Ethan was curious who the doctor had been. Rebecca explained that Steven was Liz's brother. She bitterly noted that Steven was "yet another man who is instantly in Liz's corner." Rebecca couldn't believe that Steven was related to Liz. Ethan decided to distract Rebecca with a game of cards. The ploy worked. After several hands, Rebecca's mood was much improved. Rebecca admitted that she was contemplating leaving Port Charles.

Ethan understood the temptation. He offered to help her get even. Rebecca didn't want to lead Ethan on. Ethan was satisfied with her offer of friendship as long as she stayed away from Nikolas. The request was tested moments later when Nikolas appeared in the doorway. Nikolas offered to pay for Rebecca's medical bills. Rebecca invited Nikolas into the room. She explained that she had been on the verge of telling Ethan why she had been eager to talk to Lucky.

Dante and Lulu were strolling along the piers, sipping coffee and nibbling on breakfast Danishes. Dante appreciated Lulu's invitation. As they talked, Dante warned her that the investigation against Sonny would end soon. Dante realized that it had been difficult on her, but he wanted her to know that he was grateful that she had kept his secrets. Dante tried to kiss Lulu, but she playfully turned her head away at the last moment.

Dante noticed a CO77X tag nearby. As Dante studied it, he recalled seeing the same tag a long time before in Manhattan. Dante explained that he had arrested a graffiti artist a block away from Dante's first murder scene. Dante remembered how detached the scruffy artist had been when he had seen the grisly slaying. Dante had a feeling that the artist had belonged in Belleview, not jail.

Dante decided to look into what had happened to the graffiti artist. Lulu offered to help Dante. The two made their way to the police station, where Lulu asked to see Lucky. When she was informed that Lucky was out, Lulu insisted on waiting for her brother. No one paid attention when Dante slipped into a computer room. As Dante checked the police files, Lucky entered. Lucky hoped that Sonny's lieutenant had a reasonable explanation for being in a restricted area.

Friday, December 11, 2009

In Rebecca's room, Rebecca explained that her visit to Lucky had been a spur-of-the-moment decision. She admitted that she had been distracted when she had crossed the street, but she also accused Nikolas of speeding. Ethan was curious why Rebecca had wanted to talk to Lucky. Rather than answer Ethan, she asked him to step out of the room for a few minutes.

After Ethan left, Nikolas demanded to know what Rebecca wanted. He theorized that she clearly had something in mind or else she would have told Lucky about Nikolas' affair with Liz. Rebecca accused Nikolas of being one of the worst mistakes that she had ever made. She realized that Lucky had been the better choice for her, but she had been blinded by Nikolas' wealth.

Rebecca described Nikolas as a dark, moody, twisted, and disgusting person. In comparison, Lucky was a loyal, straightforward, sensitive, and unselfish man who was too good for a "slut" like Liz. Nikolas refused to allow Rebecca to heap all of the blame on Liz. Rebecca snidely remarked how sweet it was of Nikolas to defend Liz.

Rebecca gave her blessing for Nikolas to pursue Liz as long as they didn't interfere with her plans for Lucky. Nikolas suggested that Rebecca only wanted Lucky, in order to punish Nikolas for hurting her. Rebecca didn't appreciate Nikolas' remark. However, she focused on her own agenda. Rebecca didn't have any interest in being Lucky's "rebound girl." She preferred to seduce Lucky away from Liz.

Nikolas laughed at the idea of Rebecca being the type of woman that Lucky deserved. He reminded Rebecca of her own sordid past and her affair with Ethan. Rebecca warned Nikolas not to get in her way.

Steve pulled Liz aside to discuss a patient's medical chart. He asked her to focus on the medication that Patrick had prescribed. As Liz reviewed the chart, she was horrified to discover that she had made a mistake. Liz explained that she had just started her shift; she assured Steve that Mr. Murphy had been the only patient that she had seen. Steve instructed Liz to sign herself out and then to go home. Meanwhile, he intended to check on the patient.

Later, Steve arrived at Liz's house with an update about Mr. Murphy. Epiphany had caught the mistake before the patient had been given the medication. Epiphany and Patrick had assured Steve that Liz didn't usually make mistakes. Liz was greatly relieved to hear that the patient was fine. When Steve demanded to know what was going on with her, Liz told him about her affair with Nikolas.

Shortly after Steve left, Nikolas stopped by to tell Liz about Rebecca's latest demand. Liz was stunned that Rebecca wanted Lucky. She asked, "Is that bitch insane?"

Lucky was stunned to find Sonny's lieutenant using a police computer in a restricted area of the police station. Dante tried to talk his way out of it, but Lucky didn't believe him. When Lucky checked the computer, he found an arrest record filed by Detective Dante Falconeri. It took Lucky a few moments to put the pieces together. Lucky turned to Dante to ask, "Does your mother know that you are cop?"

Lucky realized that there had been subtle signs that Dante was an undercover cop, but that he had written them off. Lucky wondered how long Dante had been undercover. Dante explained that he had been in the Zacchara organization for a year and that he had used it to position himself with Sonny. Lucky was impressed. He also figured out that Lulu was aware of Dante's true identity. Dante confirmed Lucky's suspicions.

Lucky reminded Dante that Sonny had moles in the police department. He didn't want to risk Dante being discovered by one of them. However, before Dante could slip out of the room, Lulu entered. Lucky and Dante hid their smiles, while Lulu spun a story in the hopes of rescuing Dante from the compromising position. Lucky didn't last long; he burst out laughing as he confessed that he knew the truth about Dante.

Lucky took delight in imagining Luke's expression when he learned that his daughter was dating a police officer. Lulu made it clear that nothing was going on between her and Dante. When Lulu turned to Dante to confirm her claim, Dante announced that he and Lulu were dating. Lulu was speechless. When Lulu recovered from her shock, she told Lucky how difficult it had been for her to keep the secret from everyone that she cared about.

Lucky agreed that it had been unfair of Dante to burden his sister with such a life-altering secret. Dante didn't dispute Lucky, but he couldn't change what had happened. Dante decided to finish his research, so that he and Lulu could leave. Lulu was eager to see what Dante had uncovered, but Lucky put his foot down. He reminded Lulu that she couldn't see the confidential files.

After Lulu left the room, Dante explained that he had seen the CO77X tag in Manhattan near a murder crime scene. When Dante reviewed the tagger's arrest report, he was surprised to discover that there wasn't a mug shot to accompany it. Dante continued digging until he eventually found a picture of the graffiti artist. The mug shot was of Franco.

Diane met Sonny in his office at Pozzulo's. Sonny requested that Diane find a way to have Claudia declared missing instead of presumed dead. Sonny needed the police to back off from Michael. Diane wondered why Michael was involved, but Sonny refused to explain. Diane reminded Sonny that he was practically made of Teflon, so he shouldn't rock the boat. She was curious what was driving Sonny.

Diane smiled knowingly when Olivia entered the office moments later. Diane realized that Olivia somehow factored in to Sonny's decision. Sonny advised Diane that it was none of her business, but she disagreed. Diane explained that it was inappropriate for Sonny to be seen with anyone so soon after his wife's disappearance. According to Diane, it made Sonny look bad.

Olivia clarified that she was not involved with Sonny. Sonny ignored Olivia's comment as he asked her to join him for dinner. Olivia insisted that she had plans with Johnny for the evening and every other evening after that. After Olivia left, Diane confessed that she liked Olivia. However, she insisted that Sonny needed stay away from Olivia. Sonny ordered Diane to stop acting like his mother. Diane shot back that Sonny should stop behaving like a "hormonal teenager." As she left, Diane commented, "Honestly, no wonder there's such a surplus of Corinthos progeny."

A short time later, Johnny arrived at Pozzulo's. Sonny explained that he had an assignment for Johnny. Sonny wanted Johnny to go to Pier 17, in order to keep an eye out for a rival mobster named Louie Reno. Sonny didn't want Louie near the shipments. Sonny expected Johnny to remain at the pier all night if it was necessary.

After Johnny left, Max and Milo informed Sonny that Louie had returned to Miami. Sonny was aware of Louie's whereabouts, but he wanted Johnny out of the way. Sonny had plans for the evening and he didn't want Johnny to "muck things up."

Johnny went to see Olivia at Metro Court. As he handed Olivia a rose, he apologized that he couldn't spend the evening with her. Johnny explained that he had a job to do for Sonny. After he left, Connie, the desk clerk, approached Olivia. According to Connie, one of the guests had numerous complaints about his room and the turndown service. Olivia decided to talk to the guest herself.

A short time later, Olivia knocked on the guest's hotel room door. When the he didn't answer, Olivia let herself into the room. Sonny appeared in the doorway. He had wondered how many complaints it would take to get Olivia to show up at his room.

At the penthouse, Spinelli overheard a revealing conversation between Sam and Maxie. Sam accused Maxie of only being interested in covering up her one-night stand with Franco instead of the risk that Jason was taking by confronting Franco. Sam immediately regretted the outburst and apologized. Sam explained that she was worried about Jason. Maxie assured Sam that she didn't have any reason to apologize; Sam hadn't slept with Franco.

Spinelli walked away when he heard Maxie confide to Sam that Franco had been compelling. Maxie felt as if Franco had willed for her to sleep with him and that she had been powerless to refuse him. Maxie was filled with regret, but she wanted Sam to promise not to tell Spinelli about the transgression. Sam didn't want to be the messenger of bad tidings, but she thought that Maxie should consider herself lucky to have walked away, unscathed, from Franco.

Later, Maxie found Spinelli sitting at the bar in Jake's. When she noticed his expression, she realized that they had to talk.

At the studio, Franco offered Jason some snacks and beer. Jason ignored the offerings. He demanded to know what Franco wanted. Franco wandered to the tack board and then began reading the headlines of Jason's arrests in the murders of Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar. Franco wondered what Jason had against the Alcazar family. Jason answered, "They pissed me off." Franco chuckled and then read the headline about the church that Jason had shot up.

Franco wondered if Jason was concerned about eternal damnation, but Jason didn't respond. Jason ordered Franco to get to the point. Franco suggested that they should share notes, because they were in the same line of work. Franco's temper flared when Jason insisted that he was a coffee importer. Franco didn't appreciate Jason treating him like an idiot. However, once Franco calmed down, he realized that Jason had been testing him.

Jason denied it, but Franco didn't believe him. Clearly, Franco observed, they had a trust issue. Franco was disappointed; he had hoped that Jason would see that he and Franco were the same. Jason asked Franco to clarify the comment. According to Franco, they were both psychopaths, obsessed with death, and they were artists. Jason disagreed.

Franco asked when Jason felt the most alive. Jason confessed that it was when he was in danger. Jason claimed that when his life was on the line, he never thought about dying. Jason's answer confirmed Franco's belief that he and Jason were soul mates. Franco claimed that they were never plagued with regrets or guilt about the people that they killed.

Jason wondered how many people Franco had killed. Franco confessed that he had lost count of how many lives he had taken or the methods that he had used. Franco then added that all of the murders had been in his imagination. As Jason continued to question him, Franco realized that Jason wanted to know if he had seen Jason kill Claudia. Jason wanted to know why Franco had mentioned Claudia.

Franco claimed that he had sensed that Jason's attention had drifted. Franco realized that it had been a sloppy move on his part, so he turned the conversation to the ambush on Front Street. Franco had been impressed by how Jason had handled the situation. According to Franco, Jason had been fearless. Jason reminded Franco that Joey Limbo had been alive when Jason had left.

Franco believed that it had been an intentional move on Jason's part, so that Franco could finish the job. Franco joked that they clearly had been separated at birth. Franco then made the startling suggestion that Jason kill Sonny and then leave the body for Franco to turn into art. Jason made it clear that he wasn't interested.

Franco realized that he had been wrong to believe that Jason had wanted him to finish off Joey. Franco was furious; he insisted that he called the shots, not Jason. In his anger, Franco accused Jason of acting reckless when he and Sam had stormed the cabin like "Starsky and Hutch." Franco claimed that they could have killed "the pregnant woman." After Franco ranted about how Jason had botched things at the cabin, he seemed to calm down.

Jason tensed when Franco inquired after Michael. Franco wondered if Michael was having difficulty dealing with his first kill, especially since Michael had killed his father's wife.

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