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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 10, 2011 on GH
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Monday, January 10, 2011

In Sonny's restaurant office, Sonny and Michael discussed Michael's relationship with Abby. Sonny said that he would not interfere, but cautioned Michael that Carly was on the warpath. Michael said that his mom wanted him to like high school, but Michael felt he no longer fit in there. Sonny said that Carly was trying to keep Michael safe. He said that Carly's fears had been exacerbated by the recent bus crash and Morgan's injury. Michael said that he and Abby were friends and that he could be himself around her.

Sonny pointed out that Michael had control issues just like Sonny did. Sonny said that if Michael got into a fight at school he would land in the principal's office, but if he got in a fight at the strip club, he could end up bleeding in the parking lot or get sent back to prison. Michael said that Abby had asked him not to go to Vaughn's and that he had never been to the strip club. After Michael left, a jeweler arrived with a selection of engagement rings for Sonny to peruse.

At Kelly's, Carly had harsh words for Abby, who stood her ground despite Carly's claim that Abby's striper persona was bad for Michael. Carly offered Abby money to move away from Port Charles and threatened dire consequences if Abby did not immediately remove herself permanently from Michael's life. Abby refused the money. She said that she cared about Michael and that he had promised not to patronize Vaughn's, the strip club.

Carly said that Michael had poor impulse control and could not walk away when he was threatened or upset. When Abby flinched, Carly realized that Abby had seen that side of Michael and said so. Abby said that Michael had lost control only once and that he had regretted it. Carly said that Michael would be sent back to prison if he got caught fighting at Vaughn's. Abby said that she had confidence in Michael. Carly said that Michael could not afford even one mistake. Carly said that Abby was a mistake. Abby got up to leave and said that she had made her position clear.

Carly told Abby not to make things difficult and to stay from Michael. When Abby turned around, she ran into Michael, who could see that she was upset. She said that she had to go to work, but told him not to worry, that everything was fine. Michael sat down with Carly and wanted to know what she had said to Abby. Carly did not pull any punches. She told Michael that Abby was only interested in him because she wanted money.

Michael said that he and Abby were friends. He said that Abby understood him. Carly told Michael that she loved him and wanted to protect him. He said that she should respect him instead. Michael said he was capable of making his own decisions. He told Carly that even though she had made a lot of bad decisions while he was growing up, he had never thrown any of them in her face.

Michael told Carly to leave Abby alone. He said that if Carly did not, she was the one he would stop having a relationship with. Carly did not believe him, but Michael reiterated his position before leaving Carly in Kelly's with a tear running down her cheek.

Jason joined Diane and Spinelli in Spinelli's P.I. office. Diane was miffed when Jason ordered Spinelli to do a full background check on Theo. Diane assured Jason that Theo was above reproach, but Jason was not so sure and wanted to know more about the surly barrister. When Spinelli asked Jason's opinion of Brenda's engagement to Sonny, Jason said it was none of his business. He encouraged Spinelli to help Brenda plan the wedding, after he finished gathering information on Theo. After Jason left, Spinelli had an "aha" moment. He furiously typed on his keyboard and told Diane that he had a plan to both help and hinder Brenda's wedding to Sonny.

Theo questioned Brenda and Dante at the penthouse. When Dante told Theo that there was nothing to tell because Brenda had killed Anton in self-defense, Theo said that Anton's family did not think so. He said it looked like two entitled people, shielded by celebrity and a police badge, were getting away with murder. Dante wanted to know which side Theo was on and told him to use some tact. Theo said fine, he would treat Brenda with kid gloves, and she would be even more vulnerable on the witness stand.

Brenda said that she just wanted to get on with her life. Theo responded sarcastically that it was a privilege the dead man would not enjoy. Dante had heard enough. He told Theo that they got it and told him to leave. As he walked to the door, Theo said that he hoped that by the next time they met, Brenda could muster up some remorse for killing a man.

After Theo left, Brenda expressed her fears about the situation. Dante said that they could not lose anything but money. Brenda was afraid that she would say the wrong thing on the stand or to Theo. Dante told her not to worry. He said that Theo did not know that she had killed Aleksander and would not find out.

Lucky met up with Siobhan at Jake's as she was starting her shift at the bar. He invited her out later to hear some Celtic music. She said she had other plans. He wanted to know what they were. When Siobhan was reluctant to tell, Lucky revealed that he knew that she had been lying about the phone calls she claimed were from her sister Fiona. Siobhan said she was afraid that she would lose Lucky if she told the truth.

Siobhan asked if they both could keep some of their secrets private, but Lucky said he was not okay with that. Siobhan said that it was nothing that she could not handle. She said that an old boyfriend had been calling, and she had been trying to discourage him. She said she had not told Lucky because she did not want her old life to interfere with the life she had with Lucky. She said that she was expecting a call that evening, and she had to take it, which was why she could not go out with him.

Lucky accepted her explanation and left. Shortly after that, the Balkan called. She told him that Lucky was suspicious. He told her that she was a convenient means to an end and that no one was more disposable that she.

Lisa and Terrell shared a drink at Jake's. He said that he was there for her. Lisa told him that they would be together eventually, but first she wanted him to seduce Robin. He suspected that she really wanted Patrick, but she denied it. Terrell said that they had been great chums in Houston, and it was only a matter of time until their previous relationship was discovered. Lisa was not worried, and when Patrick showed up and found them laughing together, Lisa boldly told him that she and Terrell had just discovered that they had lived in Houston at the same time.

Terrell said that he had to leave because he had an early surgery the next day. Patrick said that he also had a surgery and would be using Liz, who was the best surgical nurse at GH. He told Terrell not to poach. After Terrell was gone, Lisa playfully accused Patrick of being territorial, implying that it was about her. Patrick squelched the notion and walked away.

Ronnie met Dante at Jake's. Dante asked Ronnie to do some research on Theo because Dante suspected that something was off about Theo. Ronnie agreed to help because Dante had done a few favors for Ronnie in the past. Lulu arrived as Ronnie left. Dante expressed his fears that Brenda was not strong enough for a trial and expressed his doubt that she would ever marry Sonny. Lulu asked Dante if he had feelings for Brenda.

Brenda was looking at bride magazines when Jason arrived home. He told her that he had spoken with Spinelli as she had asked, and he had agreed to help with the wedding. When Brenda said she wanted to ask for another favor, Jason was leery. Brenda said that she wanted Jason to walk her down the aisle. Jason suggested Edward instead, but Brenda said that Edward would keep advising her to flee, and she did not want to listen to a naysayer on her wedding day. Jason agreed to give her away, but said he did not want to help with the flowers or other arrangements. Brenda had happy tears as she gave Jason a big hug.

Brenda was alone when Sonny knocked on the door. She quickly hid all the magazines so that Sonny would not see any of her potential wedding gowns, which might cause them bad luck. Sonny was certain that everything was right for them, and the wedding would go off without a hitch. She told him that Jason had agreed to walk her down the aisle. Sonny was pleased. They hugged and set the wedding date for February 18th. Spinelli burst in and interrupted them. He told Brenda that he had solved a major problem for her, and then introduced a wedding planner.

Siobhan went to Diane's office and met Theo, whom she did not recognize as the Balkan. She told him that she was there on Lucky's advice to see Diane because she needed help getting a work permit. Theo said that he could help and that he would do it pro bono because he needed to give away some hours. Siobhan agreed. Theo questioned her motives for staying in the country, but Siobhan maintained that she was not there to stir up trouble She said that she wanted to work as long as she could. Theo was questioning Siobhan about any arrests or questionable activities when Lucky walked in.

Sam had a checkup at GH with Kelly, who said that she was investigating a new procedure that might allow Sam to have a baby. Sam said that she and Jason were happy as they were and did not want children, but when she got in the elevator, Sam's face told a different story.

Carly met up with Jason in the restaurant office. She was both livid and tearful after her fight with Michael over Abby. Jason told her that it was a fight that she would not win. He told her that things were more complicated than she imagined. She said that she could not stand by and let anything bad happen to Michael.

Carly said that she had made mistakes with Michael. Jason said that they all had. Carly railed against Abby and said that she was emotionally damaged, or she would not work at a strip club. Jason said that Michael was emotionally damaged, but that he had a connection to Abby and was opening up to her. Jason told Carly that they needed to stay out of Michael's way.

At Vaughn's, Abby did a sexy pole dance as Michael, with a tormented look on his face, watched from a dimly lit corner in the back.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At the penthouse, the meeting with Carol Chen, the wedding planner started off rocky. Carol was not thrilled at the prospect of planning a wedding for Brenda and Sonny, "the mobster." The tension remained thick between Brenda and Carol as Brenda and Carol exchanged ideas for the wedding. Carol hoped that Brenda would be open to going outside of Cartullo Couture for a wedding gown; however, Brenda thought it was only right to give the fashion house that she represented an opportunity to create her dream dress. "How quaint," Carol remarked before she asked Brenda about the wedding date.

Carol was stunned when Brenda revealed that the wedding was planned for February 18th. Sonny calmly explained that they merely needed some champagne and a minister for the wedding. Brenda smiled and then added that cake and flowers would be nice too. Brenda also wanted a small reception. Carol refused to put her name on a quickie "cut and paste" wedding, so she stood up to leave.

Brenda was outraged by Carol's snobbish attitude, so she threatened to get married in a sports bar. According to Brenda, all she needed for her dream wedding was Sonny. Sonny suggested that Carol saw Brenda as the Face of Cartullo and a celebrity; however, he saw a woman with hopes and dreams, who was eager to celebrate the greatest day of her life. Sonny explained that Brenda's wedding had nothing to do with Spinelli, Carol, or even him; it was all about Brenda. Sonny's heartfelt speech won Carol over.

Spinelli and Brenda were surprised when Carol dropped her purse on the desk and then prepared to dive into planning the wedding of Brenda's dreams. Sonny announced that he was whisking his fiancée away for a little while, so Carol and Spinelli had to work on the plans alone. A short time later, Sonny and Brenda curled up on the sofa at Greystone Manor with a glass of wine. Brenda realized that Carol might not be easy to work with, but she assured Sonny that Carol was good at what she did. They chatted about their wedding for a bit and then reminisced about a diamond tennis bracelet that Sonny had given to Brenda years before.

Brenda recalled that Jason had advised her to return it, so Brenda had tracked Sonny down to a restaurant where he had been having dinner with another woman to make Brenda jealous. Sonny chuckled as he remembered that Brenda had complained that the clasp on the bracelet had been stuck. He had realized then that Brenda had wanted to keep the bracelet. Brenda didn't deny it, but she confided that Jason had insisted that the bracelet be returned to Sonny. Sonny confessed that he had spent many nights staring at the bracelet after he had left Brenda at the church on their wedding day.

Sonny had no idea what had happened to the bracelet, but he was relieved that he no longer had it because too many bad memories had been attached to it. Brenda was surprised when Sonny suddenly produced a little jewelry box with two diamond rings nestled inside. Sonny slid the diamond engagement ring onto Brenda's finger as he revealed that he wanted her to keep the diamonds forever. Brenda's eyes filled with tears as he promised her that he would be at their wedding, so that he could give her the matching diamond wedding band. According to Sonny, the joined rings would signify that they were complete and intended to spend the rest of their lives together.

Later, Sonny dreamed of standing at the altar with Brenda. As they exchanged vows, he heard a woman cry out his name, followed by a loud gunshot. The nightmare startled Sonny awake.

At Diane's law firm, Siobhan was mortified when Theo proposed a "green card marriage" between Lucky and Siobhan to deal with Siobhan's immigration problems. Lucky had no idea that Siobhan's situation was so serious, but he was curious why Theo would make such an outrageous suggestion. Theo shrugged as he claimed that it was obvious that Lucky and Siobhan were attracted to each other. Lucky wondered why Theo was involved in Siobhan's case when he was supposed to be representing Brenda and Dante. Siobhan explained that she had mentioned her problems to Theo when she had stopped by to see Diane.

Theo assured Lucky and Siobhan that he was an expert in international law, so he would be happy to work on Siobhan's case pro bono. Siobhan pulled Lucky aside to apologize to him for Theo's insensitivity. Lucky surprised her by admitting that it wasn't the worst idea that he had heard. Later, Siobhan entered a confessional booth in a church. Theo sat in the booth next to hers.

Theo disguised his voice by adopting a different accent before he expressed his disappointment in Siobhan's job performance. Siobhan explained to the Balkan that Jason, Dante, and Lucky hadn't made any headway in the investigation, so she didn't have anything new to report. The Balkan was curious if they believed that Jerry had been the Balkan. Siobhan admitted that there were doubts about Jerry. She warned the Balkan that it didn't help when she was unexpectedly summoned to meet him, because it raised questions.

Siobhan explained that the quickest way for Lucky to lose faith in her was for her to be caught in a lie. The Balkan wondered if that would bother her. Siobhan reminded the Balkan that she needed Lucky to trust her, in order to gain information. The Balkan sensed that she had a sentimental attachment to Lucky, but she insisted that she was just doing her job. The Balkan warned her to make sure she kept doing it or the cost would be "substantial."

Later, Siobhan entered Jake's to find Lucky waiting for her. Siobhan worried that Lucky was mad at her, but he assured her that he wasn't. However, he confessed that he wished that he had known how serious her immigration issues had been. Not knowing had made Lucky feel like an outsider. Siobhan explained that there had been nothing that he could do, but he disagreed. Lucky reminded her that he could marry her.

At a nearby table, Ethan and Maya discussed the pros and cons about an apartment that they had looked at. Maya thought that the apartment had potential, but Ethan hadn't been impressed. Maya was certain that she could make the place cozy; however, Ethan didn't see the point, since they would move out within a year. Maya quickly hid her annoyance at the reminder and then agreed that he had a point. Ethan sensed that Maya was upset, so he promised her that he didn't want to hurt her.

Maya was curious why Ethan felt the need to reassure her. Ethan revealed that he had never been good with relationships because he tended to wreck them. Maya suspected that Ethan had a fear of abandonment. She promised him that she wasn't looking for a long-term relationship; she just needed the money that Edward had promised to give to them to put herself and Zoe through school. Ethan relaxed as Maya explained that they needed to find a place to live, so that they can honor their end of the agreement. Maya suggested that they look at another apartment, so she and Ethan left the bar.

Elsewhere in Jake's, Lulu questioned Dante about his feelings for Brenda. Dante chose his words carefully as he downplayed what Brenda meant to him. Lulu admitted that she feared that Dante was attracted to Brenda, but Dante insisted that Brenda was soon to be his stepmother. The answer didn't ease Lulu's concerns, so she asked Dante to request to be reassigned from protecting Brenda. Dante seemed genuinely perplexed by the suggestion.

Lulu explained that Dante had changed. According to Lulu, Dante had been distant, guarded, and hadn't slept well since Brenda had arrived in Port Charles. She was confident that distance from Brenda would help. Dante conceded that it was weird to have Brenda in Port Charles, but he couldn't just quit his job. Dante continued to make excuses, which prompted Lulu to wonder if he was trying to be a good cop or Brenda's hero.

Lulu immediately regretted her paranoia over Brenda. She realized that Dante would feel terrible if something happened to Brenda, so Lulu insisted that he disregard her request. Dante appreciated her honesty because he wanted Lulu to be able to trust him. Lulu smiled as she decided to talk to him about his brown leather jacket that made him look like Serpico.

In the office at Pozzulo's, Carly was hurt that Jason hadn't told her about Abby. She couldn't believe that Michael had been seeing Abby since October. Jason believed that it had just been a one-time thing until Michael had called for help after an altercation with one of the club's customers who had hassled Abby on the street. Carly insisted that it was exactly that kind of situation that could send Michael back to Pentonville. Jason assured Carly that he had already warned Michael.

Jason revealed that Michael continued to see Abby because Michael felt comfortable talking to her. Carly argued that Michael could talk to them, but Jason disagreed. Jason confided that even he had difficulty discussing what had happened to him in Pentonville. Jason reminded Carly that Michael wasn't as jaded as Jason and that what Michael had experienced had been far worse. Carly suggested that they find a therapist for Michael, but Jason didn't think that Michael would go.

Jason explained that Abby seemed to help, so they needed to respect Michael's choices. Carly wept as she admitted that she was terrified for Michael. Jason realized that Carly would do anything for her children, so he urged her to leave Michael's relationship with Abby alone. He advised her to "stay cool" by not fighting with Michael or forcing Michael to fight her. Carly confessed that being a parent was extremely difficult.

At Vaughn's, Michael appeared devastated as he watched Abby dance around a pole while men slipped her dollar bills. Abby looked up in time to see Michael leave the strip club. Later, Michael stormed into Pozzulo's to talk to Jason. Michael admitted that he had gone to Vaughn's to see Abby dance, but he had been enraged to see the type of clientele that the strip club catered to. Jason couldn't understand why Michael would go to Vaughn's when it might have jeopardized Michael's parole.

Michael ignored the question as he told Jason about the faraway look in Abby's eyes as she danced and how disgusted he had been by the men who had thrown money at her. Michael confessed that it had made him feel like he had when he had been trapped with Carter in the jail cell. Michael was livid because none of the men in the strip club realized how nice and smart Abby was. According to Michael, the men in the club had reminded him of Carter. Jason insisted that Carter was dead.

Michael admitted that he wished that he had killed Carter; however, he realized that the men who patronized Vaughn's weren't Carter. Michael understood that they were just a bunch of guys watching Abby do her job. Jason once again wondered why Michael had gone to Vaughn's. Michael explained that he had talked to Sonny about Abby. Sonny had mentioned that Michael could never understand what it was like to work in a strip club, so Michael had decided to check out Vaughn's.

Michael had been disgusted by what he had seen, but Jason was curious if Abby had ever complained about her work. "No," Michael admitted. Jason suggested that they shouldn't judge Abby for working there. However, Jason was relieved that Michael had been able to walk away instead of giving in to his rage. Moments later, Michael received a text message from Abby.

Sam bumped into Abby on the street. She immediately realized that Abby was upset when Abby asked if Sam had seen Michael. Abby quickly filled Sam in on what had happened. Sam felt terrible; she had never meant for things to get so complicated between Abby and Michael. Abby insisted that Michael was the best thing that had ever happened to her, so she wasn't sorry that Sam had introduced them to each other.

Abby confessed that Carly had strong objections to Michael and Abby and that Carly had reason to question Abby's morality, but Sam refused to let Abby put herself down. Sam was curious if Abby had real feelings for Michael. Abby admitted that Michael respected her and made her feel special, so she refused to walk away from him. Sam was pleased; she didn't think that Abby should give up on Michael simply because Carly didn't like the relationship. Sam promised to let Michael know that Abby was looking for him and then left.

Moments later, a man stepped out of the shadows. "Brandon," Abby greeted the man when she noticed him. She was curious how he had found her. Brandon tried to coax a smile out of Abby as he explained that he had missed her.

Jason found Sam waiting for him when he arrived home. Sam told Jason about her encounter with Abby, so Jason filled her in on his talk with Michael. Jason thought that Abby was good for Michael because she had helped him to open up. Sam warned Jason that Abby had developed feelings for Michael. Jason realized that Carly wouldn't be happy, especially since she was still recovering from the scare of nearly losing both of her sons in the bus crash.

Sam felt terrible that she hadn't taken that into consideration the last time that she had seen Carly. Jason didn't think that the scare of the bus crash justified Carly disrespecting Sam. Sam understood why Carly was upset, but Sam had sincerely thought that introducing Michael to Abby had been the best solution for Michael's problem. Jason admitted that he hadn't been thrilled about the idea in the beginning, but he could tell that Abby had helped Michael; however, Jason had no idea how to tell Carly about Michael's visit to Vaughn's. Sam suggested that Jason keep quiet about the incident, but Jason argued that Carly had a right to know.

Sam realized that Jason had a point; she would want to know if Michael had been her son. Jason recalled the time that he had recently spent with Jake. He remembered looking at Michael at Jake's age and wondering what Michael would grow up to be like. "Here we are," Jason added with a tinge of sadness in his voice. Sam urged Jason to remember that he had done a lot of things right for Michael. Jason appreciated her support, but he was grateful that Jake wouldn't have to go through what Michael had.

Abby was relieved when Michael called out to her on the street. She immediately apologized to Michael for what he had seen, but insisted that he shouldn't have gone to Vaughn's. Michael demanded to know why she hadn't told him how much she had hated dancing in the club. Abby denied that she disliked stripping, but Michael didn't believe her because he had seen it in her eyes while she had been on the stage. Abby reminded him that she was Candy when she was on stage, so she was a completely different person.

Abby begged Michael not to let her work affect their friendship. Michael assured her that everything about her was important to him and that he had never felt about anyone the way that he felt about Abby. Abby admitted that it was the same for her. Michael insisted that he needed her. He pulled her close and then kissed her to prove his point.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jax sat in his office, watching a news report about a body that had been fished out of the harbor. The reporter suggested that it might be Jerry Jacks's body. Jax turned off the television when Lucky entered the office. Lucky confirmed that a body had been found; however, they had to rely on dental records to determine if it was Jerry. Jax admitted that he had mixed feelings about his brother's possible demise; he would mourn the loss of his brother, but not the man that Jerry had become. Lucky reminded Jax that even if Jerry had died, they didn't have proof that Jerry had been the Balkan.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason was reading the Port Charles Herald when Brenda entered the living room. Brenda saw the headline about a body that had been found in the harbor. Jason warned Brenda not to assume that she was safe simply because the body might be Jerry's. Brenda decided to change the subject by showing off her engagement ring, but Jason lectured her about taking off with Sonny without her bodyguards. Brenda couldn't understand why Jason was upset, so Jason patiently explained that there wouldn't be a wedding if she were dead.

Later, Brenda went to Jax's office to offer him her condolences. Jax doubted that anyone would shed a tear for his brother, including him. Brenda knew how much Jax loved Jerry, so she understood his grief. Jax shifted gears by mentioning Brenda's wedding to Sonny. He was surprised when she revealed that the wedding date was February 18th. Brenda invited Jax to attend, but he declined because he believed that sooner, rather than later, she would realize that she had made a bad decision.

Jason went to Lucky's apartment to talk to Siobhan about Jerry's involvement with the Balkan. Siobhan suggested that Jason knew more about Jerry and the Balkan than she did. Jason reminded Siobhan that she had been the first person to connect Jerry to the Balkan and that she had been the last person to see Jerry alive, so he was curious about Jerry's final moments. Siobhan insisted that she had already told Lucky everything that she knew and that she had given a statement to the police. Jason insisted on hearing the information from her firsthand instead of relying on a report.

Siobhan kept it short. She claimed that she had heard a man yelling on the piers. According to Siobhan, she had walked up in time to see Jerry stagger backwards from a gunshot wound. She had assumed that a silencer had been used because she hadn't heard the shot. Jason wondered if she had seen the sniper.

Siobhan insisted that she hadn't seen anyone, but Jason couldn't understand how she could have missed the shooter when the person had been in her direct line of vision. Siobhan attributed it to panic. She also clarified that she hadn't realized that the man who had been shot had been Jerry until Lucky had shown her a picture. Siobhan became increasingly uncomfortable as Jason continued to pepper her with questions, so Jason decided to back off. He asked her to have Lucky call him and then left. Siobhan immediately ran to her cell phone to report to the Balkan that Jason had been asking questions about Jerry.

Meanwhile, Jason returned home to find Brenda in the living room. Brenda revealed that she had gone to see Jax, so Jason wondered if Jax had mentioned anything about Jerry being the Balkan. Brenda explained that she hadn't questioned Jax about Jerry because Jax had been waiting for confirmation that Jerry's body had been recovered from the harbor. However, Brenda revealed that she had invited Jax to the wedding. Brenda also confessed that she would have to look at wedding venues the following day with Carol. Jason immediately objected because he didn't think that it was safe for Brenda to go out.

Brenda argued that she needed to find a place for the wedding. She couldn't understand why Jason had to wreck everything. Jason explained that he had doubts about Siobhan's story because he didn't trust her. He wanted Brenda to postpone the wedding because he was certain that the Balkan would try to make a move against her. Brenda believed that Jason wanted to stop the wedding because he didn't want Brenda to leave.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Diane thanked Spinelli for his tips on picking a lock. She produced a lock-picking kit and then revealed that it had worked like a charm. Spinelli was pleased, but he advised her not to abuse the new skill. Diane refused to make any promises, but she deftly switched gears to suggest that they work on their book. Spinelli quickly assumed the voice of his gumshoe detective character and then began to spin a tale.

Diane thought that the scene should have more danger to it, so Spinelli made the appropriate adjustments. They were lost in their story when Lucky entered the office. Diane and Spinelli jumped when Lucky called out their names. Lucky looked at them curiously, but didn't ask them any questions. Lucky explained that he needed more information about Jerry because he feared that Brenda and Siobhan might still be in danger.

Lucky was certain that the key to confirming the Balkan's identity was Aleksander Janacek. Diane suspected that Lucky's primary concern was protecting Siobhan, not Brenda. Diane wondered if Siobhan planned to stay in Port Charles or return to her homeland once the danger had passed, but Lucky didn't have an answer. Later, Lucky returned to his apartment to find Siobhan in an agitated state. Siobhan explained that Jason had interrogated her relentlessly about Jerry's shooting.

Lucky assured Siobhan not to take it personally; it had simply been Jason's way of getting to the truth. Lucky then revealed that the body in the harbor had not been Jerry Jacks, so Jerry remained unaccounted for. Lucky insisted that Siobhan's safety was his top priority, but she feared that he was investing too much in her. Lucky believed in being honest, so he admitted that he cared about Siobhan. He didn't want things between them to end. Siobhan's smile disappeared when her phone suddenly rang.

At the lake house, Alexis, Kristina, and Molly prepared to leave for a ceremony to honor Molly's heroics during the bus crash. Molly was worried about her outfit, but Alexis and Kristina assured her that she looked fine. As Alexis began to brag about how wonderful Molly had been in the aftermath of the crash, Molly had a brief flashback of the crash. Alexis and Kristina were surprised when Molly suddenly yelled out for them to leave her alone. Molly immediately apologized and then claimed that she was not feeling well.

Molly managed to convince them that she was too unwell to attend the ceremony, so Alexis decided to call Viola to keep an eye on Molly while Alexis went to court. Kristina agreed to stay with Molly until Viola arrived. After Alexis left, Kristina accused her sister of faking the illness to duck out of the ceremony. Kristina didn't understand why Molly didn't want to be honored for being a hero when she had exhibited true bravery following the accident. Molly revealed that the thought of standing on stage before a huge crowd of people made her sick to her stomach.

Johnny was on the phone, trying to smooth things over with one of his contacts because Ethan had failed to receive a shipment. As Johnny ended the call, someone knocked on the door. Ethan stumbled into Johnny's apartment seconds later. Ethan sported cuts and bruises on his face as he collapsed at Johnny's feet. Johnny managed to get Ethan settled on the sofa before he demanded some answers from Ethan.

Ethan explained that he had gotten in over his head with some card sharks. Johnny couldn't understand why Ethan would put himself in a dangerous situation over money when Johnny paid Ethan quite well. Ethan blamed Edward for his latest troubles. Ethan had been trying to win enough money, so that Maya would be free to meet someone who was worthy of her instead of remaining married to him just to collect the money that Edward had promised.

At the hospital, Steve wanted Patrick to let Lisa scrub in on a complicated surgery. Patrick was reluctant to work with Lisa, but Steve insisted that Patrick had to find a way to deal with it for the sake of the patient. Lisa overheard their conversation, so she made it clear that she wanted to be a part of the surgical team. Patrick was clearly annoyed, but didn't object. Patrick and Lisa discussed the patient's case file. She suggested that they get something to eat, but Johnny suddenly appeared.

Johnny loudly announced that he intended to take Lisa to lunch. Lisa insisted that she had to work, but Patrick assured her that he could cover for her. Lisa pasted on a saccharine smile as she thanked Patrick. Maya seized the opportunity to find out if Johnny knew where Ethan was. Maya was concerned because she hadn't heard from her husband. Johnny claimed that he hadn't seen Ethan, but he promised to let Ethan know that Maya was looking for him. As Patrick and Steve watched Lisa leave with Johnny, Patrick admitted that he had a bad feeling about Lisa's connection to Johnny.

Nearby, May a noticed that Liz was preparing to leave. Maya wished that her shift was over too, but Liz explained that she would be back for a second shift. Maya had no idea how Liz managed to juggle a busy work schedule and parenthood. Steve asked to have a private word with his sister, so Maya stepped away. Steve admitted that he was concerned about the hours that Liz had been working.

Liz explained that she didn't have a choice because she had lost her savings in the failed investment. Steve offered to give Liz some money, but Liz refused to accept it. She assured her brother that she would be okay. Steve wondered if Lucky helped out with the boys. "He always does," Liz told Steve before adding that Lucky was a wonderful father.

Steve was curious if there were more to Lucky's relationship with Liz. Liz reminded Steve that Lucky was involved with Siobhan. As Liz headed to the elevator, Steve asked her if she were heading home to take a nap. Liz revealed that she intended to take Aiden to Wyndemere to surprise Nikolas.

Nikolas and Brook Lynn arrived at Wyndemere after a night of clubbing in SoHo. Nikolas admitted that he had enjoyed spending the night dancing with Brook. According to Nikolas, it had been the perfect way to cap off the holiday season. Brook offered to fetch them the "three cheese cure" to help with their hangovers. She explained that it was a macaroni dish made with three different cheeses.

Brook confided that Alfred had helped her with the dish and that it had been stored in the refrigerator overnight. Nikolas revealed that Brook had completely charmed Alfred and that Alfred considered Brook to be a lady. Brook appeared a bit embarrassed by the praise, so she quickly changed the subject by offering to teach Nikolas some dance moves. Nikolas agreed and then flopped down on the sofa while Brook volunteered to fetch the macaroni dish. As Nikolas' eyes drifted closed, he confessed that he was too exhausted to eat.

Brook waited until Nikolas was more asleep than awake before she slowly approached the sofa. Brook carefully curled up next to Nikolas and then wrapped his arm around her. A short time later, Liz arrived with Aiden. Nikolas immediately woke up while Brook was a little slower to rouse. It didn't escape Liz's notice that Brook had been snuggly wrapped up in Nikolas' arms as they had slept.

Brook appeared to take delight in telling Liz about the evening in SoHo, which Brook and Nikolas had just returned from. Liz's smile was brittle as she confessed that it sounded like they had fun. Liz then explained that she had stopped by because she had thought that Nikolas would like to spend some time with Aiden. Brook grew quiet when Nikolas promised to return as soon as he had changed clothes. After Nikolas left the room, Liz let Brook know that Brook was free to leave while Nikolas spent time with Aiden.

Brook accused Liz of banging on Nikolas' door, ready to manipulate him. Liz smiled sweetly as she explained that she would have sent Aiden over on his own except he couldn't walk yet. Brook conceded that Liz was tougher than she looked. Brook was certain that Liz had set her sights on Nikolas because Lucky refused to take Liz back. Brook was confident that Liz's scheme wouldn't work.

Liz suggested that Brook was jealous. Moments later, Nikolas returned. Liz wondered if Nikolas minded the visit because Brook had thought that Nikolas might be too exhausted from his night on the town. Nikolas assured Liz that he always had time for her and Aiden. Brook quickly chimed in to let Nikolas know that she had told Liz the same thing.

Nikolas invited Brook to hold Aiden, but Liz sent Brook a silent warning by claiming that Aiden might be getting sick, so she didn't want Brook to end up catching anything. Brook quietly excused herself and then left. Nikolas admitted that he was happy that Liz had stopped by. Liz explained that Aiden had missed his father and so had she.

Johnny returned to the penthouse with Lisa in tow. Johnny quickly instructed Lisa to examine Ethan, but Lisa insisted that she didn't have the necessary equipment. Ethan made it clear that he wasn't thrilled by the idea of the psychotic doctor treating him because he feared that she might hurt him for the fun of it. Johnny reminded Lisa that he still had the incriminating syringe. Johnny also pointed out that Ethan couldn't afford for Maya to find out about the assault.

Lisa quickly determined that Ethan didn't have any serious injuries, but Johnny wanted her to check on Ethan daily to make certain that he healed properly. Lisa was outraged by the demand, so she insisted that Johnny return to syringe if she complied. Johnny promised to think about it. After Lisa left, Johnny admitted that he was concerned that the cops would get wind of the assault.

Ethan was more concerned about Maya's reaction. Johnny suggested that Ethan simply tell Maya the truth, but Ethan refused to consider it. Johnny argued that it was time for Ethan to man up about his feelings for Maya. As if on cue, May a knocked on the door. Ethan ducked out of sight while Johnny answered the door. Maya admitted that she was worried because she hadn't heard from Ethan.

Lisa returned to the hospital to apologize to Patrick for Johnny's untimely interruption. Lisa claimed that Johnny seemed more interested in her than she was in him, but Patrick didn't believe her. Patrick admitted that something about Lisa and Johnny hadn't rung true; he realized that he had recalled seeing Johnny in the corridor when Maxie had caught Lisa in Robin's room with the missing syringe. Patrick had done some digging and discovered that Johnny had a follow-up appointment around the time of the incident. Patrick realized that Lisa had likely handed the syringe to Johnny.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

At the hospital, Patrick accused Lisa of passing off the syringe to Johnny after she had fled Robin's hospital room. Patrick knew that Johnny wasn't the type of person who would help others without expecting something in return, so he was certain that Johnny had been blackmailing Lisa with the incriminating syringe. Lisa played it cool as she denied everything and then suggested that Robin was delusional. Robin noticed the tension between Patrick and Lisa as she approached the nurses' station. Patrick and Lisa claimed that they'd had a difference of opinion about a patient's case.

Terrell walked up moments later to see if Robin were ready to start her rounds. Terrell revealed to Patrick and Lisa that he would be shadowing Robin for the day. Lisa offered to take Terrell on rounds with her, but Robin insisted on doing it. Patrick didn't look thrilled as he watched Robin and Terrell walk away. Later, Patrick found Robin working alone at the nurses' station.

Robin explained that Terrell had gone to check on a patient, but that he would return shortly. Patrick was curious whose idea it had been for Terrell to follow Robin around for the day. "Mine," Robin admitted before she switched gears to question him about his argument with Lisa. Patrick stuck to his story, but admitted that it was difficult to be civil to Lisa. Robin regretted that she had let Lisa goad Robin into slapping her.

Patrick reminded Robin that Lisa had failed to provoke her since that incident. Meanwhile, Lisa and Terrell conspired in a private corner of the hospital. Lisa was delighted that their plan was working. Lisa seemed surprised when Terrell admitted that he was impressed with Robin. Lisa feared that their plan would fail if he fell for Robin, but Terrell assured Lisa that it would never happen.

Terrell then headed to the nurses' station to ask Robin's advice about different treatment options for a young patient with Graves' Disease. Terrell feigned concern about taking up too much of her time, but Robin assured him that she was happy to help. Some time later, Patrick overheard Robin at the nurses' station suggest musical therapy for the young patient with Graves' Disease. Robin beamed when Terrell appeared open to her idea. Terrell turned to include Patrick in the conversation, but Robin reminded Terrell that Patrick was a surgeon, so Patrick's solution to everything was surgery.

Lisa smiled with satisfaction as she noticed the tension between Patrick and Robin. Meanwhile, Terrell kept Robin talking about music, which eventually led to her opening up about Stone. Terrell was stunned when Robin admitted that she was HIV positive.

At Johnny's penthouse, May a confided to Johnny while Ethan eavesdropped from a nearby room. Maya admitted that she had feelings for Ethan and that the trip to Las Vegas had changed her. Johnny was curious if she had told Ethan that, but Maya didn't see the point. Maya explained that once their deal with Edward was complete, Ethan would take his money and then leave. She confessed that Edward's offer had complicated everything.

Johnny received a phone call that forced him to leave. He loudly invited Maya to stay and then suggested that perhaps Ethan would show up and have an honest conversation with her. After Johnny left, Ethan slowly made his way to the living room. Maya started to yell at Ethan until she noticed his injuries. Ethan tried to claim that he had taken a fall, but Maya recognized the signs of an assault.

Maya wanted to know what had happened, but Ethan deftly changed the subject by admitting that he had overheard her and Johnny talking. Ethan believed that Las Vegas had been fun because she hadn't been hampered by inhibitions. Ethan confessed that he wanted to get back to that. Maya smiled and then kissed him.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny recalled the unsettling dream that he had of his wedding day with Brenda. Sonny shook the disturbing images away when Diane entered his office with a prenuptial agreement. Diane explained that it was a precautionary measure to protect his assets. Sonny resented the implication that his marriage to Brenda would fail. Diane wondered why Sonny cared what others thought, unless he had doubts about marrying Brenda.

Sonny assured her that he wanted to marry Brenda. Diane was curious why Sonny hadn't shown up for his first wedding to Brenda. Sonny talked about Lily's tragic death and then admitted that he had feared that Brenda would meet the same fate. Diane was curious what had changed. Sonny insisted that Brenda was walking into the marriage with her eyes wide open.

According to Sonny, Brenda was fully aware of what could happen. He suspected that Brenda thought that he was worth the risk. "The question is, do you?" Diane wondered. Diane acknowledged that it was obvious that Sonny loved Brenda, but she didn't understand why they would get married while the Balkan remained a threat. Sonny explained that Brenda didn't want to wait and that he owed it to Brenda to give her what she wanted.

At the penthouse, Brenda accused Jason of being afraid to admit that he would miss her if she moved out because she gave his life some purpose. Carly barged into the penthouse before Jason could respond. Carly ordered Brenda to leave, but Brenda refused to budge. Carly started to argue with Brenda, but Jason cut Carly off by demanding to know what was going on. Carly explained that it was about Michael.

Carly bristled when Brenda expressed concern about Michael. Carly refused to discuss her son with Brenda in the room, but Brenda explained that she merely wanted to help and that she would soon be Michael's stepmother. Carly pointed out that Brenda and Sonny hadn't made it down the aisle yet, so Brenda wasn't Sonny's wife. Brenda suggested that they try to do the "girlfriendy thing," so she held out her hand to show Carly the engagement ring that Sonny had bought. Carly pointedly ignored Brenda's hand as she warned Brenda to stay out of Michael's business. Carly made it clear that Michael had been through hell and then stormed out.

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky urged Siobhan to ignore her cell phone as it continued to ring. He reminded her that the person could leave a message. Just as the phone went quiet, someone knocked on the door. It was Spinelli. Spinelli revealed that Lucky had been right to suspect that Aleksander might be the key to uncovering the Balkan's identity. However, Spinelli refused to elaborate in front of Siobhan.

Siobhan argued that she had the right to know what Spinelli had learned about the Balkan because she had been used to lure the Balkan out of hiding. Lucky agreed that Siobhan was in as much danger from the Balkan as Brenda, so she could be trusted. Spinelli apologized for giving Siobhan the impression that he didn't trust her; he had simply followed Jason's advice that the less a person knew, the better. Siobhan insisted that she didn't need protection, so Spinelli revealed what he had uncovered.

According to Spinelli, he had procured an ATM receipt to a Swiss bank account that Aleksander had shared with Jerry Jacks. Lucky suggested that perhaps Aleksander and Jerry had been in business together, but Spinelli explained that Jerry had recently accessed the account, which indicated that it had been his own private money. Spinelli and Lucky agreed that Jerry hadn't been the type of person to share his ill-gotten gains, so it could only mean that Aleksander had been close to Jerry. Lucky conceded that it was likely that Aleksander had been Jerry's son. Spinelli left to tell Jason.

Lucky hoped that there would be a DNA match between Aleksander and Jerry because it would mean that their troubles with the Balkan were over. "I wouldn't count on it," Siobhan said. Lucky found the comment curious, so Siobhan quickly covered her slip. Lucky sensed that Siobhan was holding back, but he didn't have the opportunity to question her about it because Lulu stopped by to talk to Lucky. Lucky tried to explain that he and Siobhan were in the middle of something; however, Siobhan seized the opportunity to excuse herself and then leave.

Lulu questioned Siobhan's behavior, but Lucky attributed it to the stress of being hunted by the Balkan. Lulu was disappointed to learn that the person fished out of the harbor had not been Jerry. She wondered if Siobhan planned to return to Ireland once the threat of the Balkan had passed. "Not necessarily," Lucky admitted. Lulu reminded Lucky that Siobhan could only remain in the country if she had a green card or if she married an American citizen.

Lulu suggested that Lucky's undercover stint in Ireland had been his time to get away from the problems that he had gone through with Liz. Lucky argued that his assignment with Interpol had nothing to do with his personal life. Lulu feared that the lines between his personal life and professional life had blurred. "So what," Lucky wondered. Lucky revealed that he had shared things about himself with Siobhan that he had never shared with Liz, but marriage had not crossed his mind. Lulu relaxed a bit, but she cautioned him not to rush into a new relationship too fast because it took time to heal from a broken heart.

Siobhan met with the Balkan in a church confessional booth. The Balkan warned Siobhan that he didn't appreciate his calls being ignored, so he had left a "gift." Siobhan noticed an envelope in her booth, so she opened it to find a picture of a young woman bound to a chair with a gag in her mouth. "You bastard," Siobhan yelled. The Balkan told her to "watch the name calling," but Siobhan ignored him as she threatened to kill him if he touched a hair on the woman's head.

After Siobhan calmed down, she demanded to know what the Balkan wanted from her. The Balkan explained that he knew that Lucky's father, Luke, was a good friend of Sonny's. The Balkan was certain that the Spencer clan would be invited to the wedding, so he expected Siobhan to make certain that Lucky attended the wedding with her. The Balkan wanted Siobhan to be his eyes and ears when he took his revenge against Brenda.

At the penthouse, Jason was on the phone with Max. Jason ordered Max not to tell Brenda anything about Michael because Carly would go crazy if Brenda tried to butt into Michael's problems. After Jason ended the call, Spinelli arrived home. Spinelli was disappointed to learn that Brenda wasn't home, since Spinelli thought she might want to hear his news. Spinelli urged Jason to stop Sonny and Brenda's wedding because physical dangers might be the least of Brenda's worries. Jason was startled when Spinelli warned him that Carly might take it upon herself to stop the wedding.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Diane was hard at work on the book when Carly burst through the door, looking for Spinelli. Carly flopped down on a chair when Diane revealed that Spinelli wasn't there. Carly's shoulders slumped as she covered her face to hide her tears. Diane held out a box of tissues as she asked Carly what was wrong. Carly insisted that she needed to stop Sonny and Brenda's wedding because it would be a disaster for everyone.

According to Carly, Brenda would fall to pieces, which would destroy Sonny and in turn hurt the children. Carly was frustrated because no one, including Jason, seemed to care. Carly looked up with a pleading expression as she begged Diane for help. Diane was impressed with Carly's performance. Carly's tears instantly dried.

Diane suggested that Carly save them both time and trouble by simply telling Diane what was going on. Carly wanted their conversation protected by attorney-client privilege. After Diane agreed, Carly confided that she had proof that Brenda and Dante had a child together. Carly needed Diane's help to get a legitimate copy of the documents to prove that Sonny was about to marry the mother of his grandchild. Diane couldn't believe that Carly expected her to help blow Sonny and Brenda's wedding apart.

Michael went to the police station to drop off Dante's cell phone. As they chatted, Ronnie entered the squad room with Abby. Ronnie explained that the vice squad had raided a strip club, so Ronnie needed help booking everyone who had been arrested. Michael and Abby were stunned to see each other. Michael immediately asked if Abby were okay, but Ronnie advised Michael to stay out of it because it could compromise Michael's parole.

Michael insisted that Abby hadn't done anything wrong. Ronnie chuckled as he made a crude remark about Michael using protection with Abby. Michael lunged for Ronnie, but Dante pulled Michael away. Michael pleaded with Dante to help Abby because she was a friend, so Dante turned to Ronnie to find out why Abby had been handcuffed. Ronnie explained that Michael's friend had been picked up for prostitution.

After Ronnie carted Abby into an interrogation room, Michael asked to see her. Dante explained that she was being processed. Michael implored Dante to pull rank to get her released, but Dante explained that it didn't work that way. Dante insisted that solicitation was a serious offense, which might be further complicated if Abby had any priors. Michael argued that Abby wasn't a hooker; she was a dancer.

Michael revealed that Abby worked at Vaughn's to put herself through school, so that she could become a paralegal. Dante pointed out that Michael was in high school, so he was curious how Michael had met Abby. Michael admitted that Sam had introduced them and that he trusted Abby. Michael explained that Abby had helped him, so he wanted to return the favor.

Dante decided to have a talk with Abby about Michael. He demanded to know if she had lied to Michael. Abby assured Dante that she had never taken money for sex and that she had no idea why she had been arrested. Dante admitted that he was concerned that Abby might be using Michael for money, but Abby denied it. She explained that she could have easily accepted Carly's generous offer to leave Michael alone.

Dante acknowledged that Abby was a beautiful woman, so he was curious why she was hanging out with a teenager. Abby claimed that Michael wasn't like other kids his age. "But he's a kid," Dante argued. Abby explained that Michael couldn't talk to girls his own age. Dante decided to let Michael visit Abby while Dante questioned Ronnie about the arrest.

Ronnie claimed that they had received an anonymous tip from a guy claiming to be a customer. As Dante and Ronnie discussed the arrest, Johnny strolled into the squad room to inform them that he was there to post bail for the strippers that had been picked up in his club. Ronnie reminded Johnny that prostitution was illegal and then suggested that Johnny would eventually end up in a jail cell next to Anthony. Dante went to let Abby know that she was free to leave, but it was an on-going investigation, so it wasn't over.

Johnny returned to his penthouse to find that Ethan and Maya had left. Moments later, Patrick knocked on the door. Patrick decided to cut to the chase by telling Johnny that Lisa had once kidnapped Emma and attempted to kill Robin. Patrick hoped that Johnny would help expose Lisa by turning over the syringe that she had given to Johnny.

Dante went to Pozzulo's at Sonny's request. He was stunned when Sonny explained that he had called to ask Dante to be his best man. Dante was honored, but he turned his father down. Moments later, Brenda entered the office.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Brenda arrived at Sonny's office to find Sonny and Dante. Sonny informed her that he'd asked Dante to be his best man but that Dante had refused. Sonny urged Dante to think about the offer, and Brenda asserted that she knew why Dante did not want to be in the wedding party. Dante cut her off and explained that he did not want to lead Sonny on to believe that the two men were getting closer, emotionally. Brenda asked Dante to reconsider, and Dante finally agreed to be Sonny's best man.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason confronted Spinelli and demanded to know how Carly was planning to stop Sonny and Brenda's wedding. Spinelli diverted Jason's attention by explaining that Spinelli was writing a book and that he wanted his characters to be realistic, hence his interest in Carly's machinations.

Carly went to the McCall & Jackal office to convince Diane that Brenda had given birth to Dante's child. Diane was incredulous but gave Carly props for her originality. Carly explained that she had proof and, with or without Diane's cooperation, Carly would make sure Sonny and Brenda would not get married. Carly shared that she and Spinelli had been conducting an investigation into Dante and Brenda's past. Diane found the idea of Carly and Spinelli conspiring amusing.

Carly produced a document that proved Dante had given up all rights to Brenda's child. Diane wondered where that child was. Carly admitted she didn't know but asked Diane to pull strings to get a legitimate copy of the document in order to prove that Carly was not lying. Diane asked why it would be in her interest to help Carly. Carly explained that Sonny would become unbearable when the truth eventually surfaced. Diane agreed to help, just as Jason burst in and demanded a copy of the document.

Before Carly or Diane spilled the beans, Jason let on that he was looking for the manuscript that Spinelli and Diane were working on. As she left the office, Diane told him to wait until he read it before getting upset. Jason then wondered why Carly was at Sam and Spinelli's office. Carly tried to throw Jason off the scent by diverting his attention, but he saw right through her. He told her that Sonny would eventually discover anything Dante and Brenda were hiding and that Carly should leave things be.

Theo went to his office and unpacked his briefcase. As he stared at a photo of Alexander, Diane charged in, startling Theo, who dropped the picture. Diane bent over and picked up the photo but handed it to Theo without looking at it. Brenda walked in, and Diane took her leave. Theo asked Brenda to repeat the details of the night she inadvertently killed Mr. Banovic. Theo kept asking questions that did not pertain to the night they were discussing. It seemed that he was referring to the night Alexander was killed, but Brenda did not make the connection. Theo asked Brenda one final question: "Who is Alexander?"

Sonny invited Carly into his office and let her know that Dante would be his best man. Sonny asked Carly to allow Morgan to be in the wedding party as well. Carly made it clear she didn't appreciate Sonny involving all his kids, because they'd suffer when Sonny and Brenda's relationship eventually fell apart. Sonny told Carly that he knew she had information that supposedly would destroy his and Brenda's marriage and dared Carly to reveal what she knew at that moment.

Dante went to Jason's and revealed that DNA results concluded Jerry and Alexander were not related, which led Jason and Dante to believe that the Balkan was still alive.

In the confessional, Siobhan implored the Balkan to end his vendetta against Brenda. She begged him to leave her sister alone. He explained that he might ask Siobhan to lure Lucky to his death.

Brook arrived at Lucky's home and told him Liz was manipulating Nikolas. Ironically, Nik arrived and was surprised to find Brook. She admitted that she was there to ask Lucky to talk to Nikolas about Liz's intentions. After Brook left, Lucky encouraged Nikolas to let her know how Nikolas felt about her.

Nik said that he didn't want to ruin another good thing and felt that he would somehow destroy a relationship with Brook. He also admitted that Brook could be right about Liz. Both men discussed the rift between them over Liz. Lucky said that, should Nik and Liz rekindle their failed romance, it would be doomed if it weren't for the right reasons.

Later, Lucky invited Siobhan to a romantic dinner, but she flipped out and told him that they were getting too serious. She did not feel as strongly for him as he did for her, she asserted. Siobhan declared that their relationship was over.

At Johnny's penthouse, Patrick explained that Lisa was hell-bent on destroying Patrick and Robin's marriage. He asked Johnny to produce the syringe that would prove Lisa had attacked Robin in the hospital. Johnny denied having any knowledge of the hypodermic. Patrick charged that it was suspicious that Johnny and Lisa had gotten close just after the incident and that it appeared Johnny was blackmailing Lisa. Patrick warned Johnny to watch out for Lisa, as she was as conniving as she was cunning.

Terrell shared anecdotes from his past with Robin as they stood at the nurses' station while Lisa looked on from afar. He told Robin that a dear childhood friend had died of AIDS. Later, he approached Lisa and demanded to know why she'd said nothing to him about Robin's HIV status while she was encouraging him to sleep with Robin. Terrell expressed his worry that Lisa was hiding more crucial information from him.

Patrick returned to the hospital and asked to speak to Robin in private. After they left the nurses' station, Johnny arrived and continued the charade that he and Lisa were dating. He told her he had a present for her. Lisa saw that he had a syringe in his jacket pocket. Terrell asked Epiphany about Johnny, and she explained that Port Charles was a Mecca for the mob.

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