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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 9, 2011 on GH
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Monday, May 9, 2011

A distraught Liz returned the birthday present that had arrived for Jake from Lucky. Lucky apologized for not remembering to cancel it. Liz was very understanding. As they consoled each other, Siobhan, not knowing that Liz was there, entered wearing her wedding night lingerie. She was embarrassed and apologized. Liz also apologized and left hurriedly.

After Liz left, Lucky apologized to Siobhan for letting family matters get in the way of their life together after promising they would not. Siobhan was not upset. She said that she did not object to Lucky and Liz comforting each other on their son's birthday. Siobhan sliced wedding cake and said that it would serve as birthday cake and they would celebrate Jake's life. Siobhan wanted Lucky to tell her all about Jake, which he did. They laughed as Lucky shared his warm memories about Jake with Siobhan.

Dante and Sonny were in the living room of Sonny's mansion as they talked about Suzanne and a plan to flush her out. Sonny called one of his criminal friends who said he would find her and report back to Sonny. Dante was not sure that he should be working with a criminal, but Sonny said that Suzanne had criminal connections and they had to have equality with her. Sonny asked Dante to get the surveillance footage from the airport where Suzanne had landed.

Sonny was convinced that Suzanne could be lured back to Port Charles as long as she did not know that they suspected her and they did not tip their hand. Sonny told Dante that he had to get Brenda's child back for her and that the only way was to find Suzanne, lure her out of hiding, and get the child while she was in Port Charles.

Anthony gloated as he showed Johnny the newspaper report about Abby's arrest and upcoming trial. He told Johnny that it was time to get Michael. He said that Sonny and Jason would be vulnerable because they doted on Michael. Johnny said that he had a truce with Sonny, and he did not need Anthony rocking the boat.

Anthony showed some of his true colors when he asked if Johnny had forgotten who had built their business. Johnny told Anthony not to sabotage him. Anthony told Johnny that there was no such thing as a truce with Sonny and, whether Johnny liked it or not, Anthony was going to give Johnny the tools to win.

Jax consoled Brenda in his office at the Metro Court. She was mystified because Sonny would not consider that Lucian had been kidnapped by one of his enemies. Jax defended Sonny and gave him a backhanded compliment when he said that Sonny cared in his own selfish, controlling way. He told Brenda that it was really too soon to tell who had taken Lucian. Carly opened the door and told Jax that they needed to talk about Josslyn.

Brenda took immediate offense and said that Josslyn was safe at General Hospital while her son was missing. She begged Carly not to rush her out. Then Brenda did a turnaround and apologized for being insensitive. Jax said that they were planning a strategy for going public with the kidnapping. Carly was kind and said she could talk to Jax another time because she really did understand what Brenda was going through.

After Carly left, Brenda listened to Jax explain why Suzanne might have orchestrated Lucian's kidnapping. After he was finished, she was convinced that Suzanne was indeed the culprit. She told Jax that his explanation made more sense to her than Sonny's had. Brenda told Jax that she was determined to go to the media and offer a five million dollar reward. She said that she would appeal to Suzanne directly, and hopefully the reward would result in clues to Suzanne and Lucian's whereabouts.

Sam woke up in General Hospital after her procedure, with Jason at her side. He told her that Dr. Lee said it was too early to tell if the surgery had been successful. After Sam fell asleep, Jason went out to the lobby and met Carly. She wanted to know all about the surgery. When she told him what a wonderful parent he would be, Jason told her he did not want to talk about having a baby. He told her it was Jake's birthday.

Carly asked Jason if there was anything she could do to help out. He asked if she had a crisis he could handle for her. Carly told him about going to Jax and the looming custody battle for Josslyn. Jason said that she had been right to back off earlier and accommodate Jax, but he added that she should never give Josslyn up to anyone for any reason.

Siobhan went to see Liz. Both apologized to the other. Siobhan worried that Liz had been shocked to find out that Siobhan and Lucky had wed. Liz said that she had already known because she had been standing outside at the justice of the peace. She said that she'd heard something in Lucky's voice that had told her that he was marrying Siobhan for reasons other than getting her a green card. Liz said that she could tell that Siobhan mattered to Lucky.

Liz said that it hurt to hear Lucky and Siobhan say vows, but she also knew that Siobhan had something that Lucky desperately needed, and Liz would not take that away from him. Liz went to the kitchen to get cookies out of the oven. Siobhan sat down and picked up a photo from the coffee table. Underneath was the letter from the lab. Siobhan read the lab results and learned that Aiden was Lucky's son.

Lucky caught up with Jason at GH. Lucky said that he had been thinking about Jake, and doing so had made him painfully aware that every moment he had spent with Jake had been at great expense to Jason. He said that he regretted that his own father had been responsible for ending Jake's life. Jason said that he did not hold Lucky responsible for what Luke had done.

Lucky said that the hardest thing about death was that life went on. Lucky wondered if he had disrespected Jake by getting married on Jake's birthday. Jason said it was a way to remember Jake. Lucky said that they honored Jake by continuing on and by trying to be good to each other. Jason said he was not there yet. Lucky agreed that neither was he.

Abby and Michael met on the docks to talk about her consult with Diane. Abby said that Diane had recommended that Abby invoke the battered woman defense. Michael said that to do that, Abby would have to confess to a crime she had not committed. Abby said that she had been framed and the real killer had disappeared, so this was her best chance. Michael said that her best bet was finding the real killers that the Zaccharas had hired to set her up. Abby said that her only chance lay with Diane.

Michael said that he would take it out of her hands and find the real killer. She said that she was going to do it her way and that Michael could not tell her what to do. Michael said that he was not telling her what to do, but Survival 101 dictated that you do not confess to something that you did not do. When Michael said that he would find the real killer, Abby said that was exactly the reason she was going for the battered woman defense, so that Michael did not get himself killed trying to help her.

Michael said that she did not know what it was like to go to prison and that if he had anything to do with it, she never would. Abby told him she was following Diane's advice and making the best decision for her. Michael watched as she walked away.

Anthony was lurking around a corner, eavesdropping. As soon as Abby left, he ventured out of hiding and said playfully, "Women, can't live with them, can't live without them." Michael was startled, but Anthony said that he meant Michael no harm. Anthony was chatty about their shared prison experiences, and then congratulated Michael for eliminating Claudia. Anthony said that there was nothing worse than a treacherous child. He told Michael he was grateful and asked if there was anything that he could do for Michael.

Michael was about to leave, but Anthony said he knew people. Michael started questioning him about a killer for hire when Carly saw them together. She marched up to Anthony and told him to stay away from her son or she would rip his heart out. Anthony was impressed and said, "Va va voom, where have you been all my life?"

Abby went to Johnny and wanted to know the truth. She asked if he had killed Brandon and set her up. He said no, that he genuinely like Abby and Michael and meant them no harm. She asked if he could find the hit woman. Johnny said he would try.

Dante and Sonny watched Brenda's televised appeal. She showed pictures of Suzanne and Lucian and accused Suzanne of kidnapping. She offered a five million dollar reward and begged Suzanne to return Lucian to her. Sonny and Dante were appalled that they no longer had the element of surprise on their side. Both expressed doubt about ever seeing Suzanne or Lucian again after Brenda made the kidnapping and suspected kidnapper public knowledge.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lisa closed the blinds to her office and then made her way to the laptop to eavesdrop on Patrick and Robin, who were at home. At the Drake residence, Patrick and Robin assembled a surprise present for Emma, while they talked about their latest therapy session. Patrick and Robin agreed that the therapy was helping, but Robin feared that Patrick would eventually resent her for suggesting it. Patrick assured Robin that he was happy that they had moved on from "the disaster that was Lisa." Meanwhile, Lisa was startled when Kristina knocked on the door and then entered the office.

Lisa quickly rounded the desk as she asked if she could help Kristina. Kristina explained that she had decided to buy the herbal supplements that Lisa had recommended online. However, the herbal supplements online hadn't looked like the ones that Lisa had given to Kristina. Lisa smoothly explained that the herbal supplements that she had given to Kristina had been of the highest quality and were only available at a wholesale-retailer that worked exclusively with physicians. Lisa offered to provide Kristina with refills because Lisa received the supplements at a discounted rate.

Kristina was reluctant to take advantage of Lisa's generosity, so Lisa suggested jotting down the ingredients for Kristina, so that Kristina could pick up what she needed at a health store. Kristina had a change of heart when she realized that it would be easier to simply continue getting the herbal supplements from Lisa. After Kristina left, Lisa resumed spying on the Drakes as Patrick and Robin worked on their project in the living room. Robin confessed that she was enjoying herself and then admitted that she had ordered a "cozy cottage" for Emma during the separation. Patrick was curious where the cottage was.

Robin admitted that it was still in its box, in the garage. According to Robin, it was just another indication of how much she needed Patrick and how things worked better when he was around. Robin was so impressed with Patrick's handyman skills that she decided to give him a list of things that needed to be done around the house. Robin explained that the batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors needed replacing, as did the furnace. Patrick confessed that those things had never been a concern down south, where he had grown up.

Robin explained that it was because people in the south weren't stuck in weather-sealed homes for months at a time. In Lisa's office, Lisa decided to do an online search for "home gas leaks." Later, Patrick and Robin were delighted when they finally completed the drawing easel and chalkboard for Emma. Robin was confused when she spotted a screw on the floor. Patrick had no idea where it belonged, so Robin tossed it away. As Patrick and Robin kissed, Lisa was in her office, smiling as she read the statistics of fatalities from gas leaks.

At the hospital, Lucky thanked Jason for listening while Lucky rambled on about Jake. Jason assured Lucky that it wasn't a problem because Jake had been on Jason's mind a lot lately. Lucky confessed that he enjoyed when people talked about Jake because it made Lucky feel as if Jake wouldn't be forgotten. Jason admitted that he felt as if he had gotten to know his son through Lucky. Jason insisted that Lucky had been a great father to Jake.

Lucky decided to broach the subject of Luke. Lucky told Jason about the intervention, but conceded that Luke had refused to go to rehab. Lucky explained that Luke was drinking because Luke was drowning in guilt. Lucky warned Jason that Luke wanted to provoke Jason into killing Luke, so Lucky pleaded with Jason not to engage Luke. Jason was infuriated that Luke refused to hold himself accountable for driving drunk. Lucky was curious why Jason didn't just kill Luke, if Jason felt that way.

Jason confessed that he was tempted, but Michael wanted to follow in Jason's footsteps, so Jason couldn't afford to make a mistake. Lucky insisted that he was doing his best to help Luke, but Lucky needed more time. Jason refused to make any promises, but he had his hands full trying to help Michael and Abby.

At the piers, Carly ordered Anthony to stay away from Michael. Anthony admitted that he was impressed with Carly's readiness to defend Michael. Carly ignored Anthony's empty compliment as she reminded him that Michael was off-limits. Michael explained that he had just been talking to Anthony, so Carly demanded to know what they had been discussing. Anthony took great delight in revealing that Michael had been looking for a hit man. Carly was certain that Anthony had misheard Michael.

Anthony opted to go off on a tangent about gardening instead of denying Carly's suggestion. Carly wasn't fooled by Anthony's attempt to distract her, so she vowed to bury him if he went after Michael. Anthony confessed that there wasn't anything more thrilling than being threatened by a beautiful woman. Anthony declared that Carly excited him in a number of ways, which prompted Michael to warn the elder Zacchara, "That's enough." Anthony feigned disappointment and then compared Carly to a rose -- a radiant beauty with sharp thorns. Carly was fed up with Anthony's games, so she ordered him to leave.

After Anthony left, Carly blasted Michael for trying to hire a hit man through Anthony. Carly reminded Michael that Anthony was a dangerous man, who should never be trusted. Michael insisted that he knew what he was doing, but Carly wasn't satisfied. She ordered Michael to stay away from Anthony and Johnny. Michael argued that he was an adult, so Carly didn't have the right to forbid him to do anything. Michael stormed off as Carly warned him that he wasn't playing a game.

A short time later, Shawn met Carly on the piers. Carly explained that she had called Shawn because she needed a favor; she wanted Shawn to kill Anthony Zacchara. Shawn tried not to be offended by the unusual request, for which Carly offered to pay handsomely. Carly argued that Anthony was criminally insane, and had gone after Michael. Shawn became concerned as he asked if Anthony had threatened Michael. Carly explained that Anthony hated Sonny, so Anthony had decided to use Michael as a pawn to get to Sonny.

At the hospital, Michael talked to Jason about what had transpired on the piers with Anthony and Carly. Michael was frustrated because Carly didn't have any faith in him. Jason warned Michael that Anthony was just setting a trap, but Michael didn't care because Michael was determined to prove that Abby was innocent before she was convicted for a crime that she hadn't committed. Jason explained that Anthony was counting on that. Jason was curious what kind of favor Michael had asked of Anthony. Michael confessed that he had told Anthony that he needed the services of a hit man.

Jason warned Michael that Michael couldn't trick Anthony, but Michael assured Jason that he would be careful. Jason didn't have an opportunity to reply because Carly suddenly appeared and then demanded that Jason persuade Michael to stay away from Anthony. Jason explained that he had talked to Michael. "Unlike you, he respects my decisions," Michael barked at his mother and then stormed off. Carly begged Jason to intervene. She insisted that Michael couldn't afford to go back to Pentonville.

Jason reminded Carly that Michael didn't respond well to ultimatums. Carly was curious how much worse things had to get before Jason would step in to save Michael from himself. Jason explained that Michael wouldn't listen unless they treated Michael like an adult. Carly argued that Michael was headed straight into a freight train, so she was desperate. Carly insisted that Michael wasn't equipped to deal with someone like Anthony, so Jason promised her that he would make certain that Michael was safe.

At Johnny's penthouse, Abby assured Johnny that Diane was working on her case, and looking for various defense options. Johnny realized that Abby had been through a lot in recent months and then suggested that all roads led to Michael. Abby warned Johnny not to try to turn her against Michael. Johnny quickly assured Abby that he didn't have any reason to do that, but Abby suggested that Anthony might disagree. Johnny promised Abby that he was not working for Anthony; however, Johnny had grown up in the same environment that Michael had.

Abby was curious what Johnny was getting at. Johnny explained that Abby was expendable to people like Sonny and Carly. Johnny warned Abby that Sonny and Carly would always put Michael first, so he offered to help Abby disappear and then start over fresh somewhere away from Port Charles. Abby was curious what was in it for Johnny. She reminded him that she had repaid him, in full, so she knew it wasn't about money. Johnny claimed that he felt bad for her, and that it wasn't fair for her to be in the situation that she was in.

Abby was curious why Johnny didn't believe that she might be found innocent of Brandon's murder. Johnny conceded that she could be, but she could also be used to manipulate Michael. Abby quickly clarified that she would never run from the charges or leave Michael. Later, Abby stood on the docks, deep in thought, when Anthony approached her. Anthony pretended not to recognize Abby as he asked her if they had met before. Abby admitted that they hadn't, but she knew who Anthony was.

Anthony seemed surprised, so Abby revealed that she had once worked at Johnny's club. Anthony made of show of suddenly realizing that she was the girl whose ex-boyfriend had been "whacked" in the club's parking lot. Anthony claimed that he wished that he had met her sooner because he would have liked to have helped her. Abby was curious why the Zaccharas seemed so eager to want to do favors for her. Anthony ignored the question as he offered to talk to Johnny on her behalf. Abby confessed that she had already talked to Johnny, so she was confident that Anthony knew exactly who she was and all about her situation.

Anthony smiled as he acknowledged that Abby was smart and beautiful. He then offered her some advice. Anthony revealed that Pentonville had been a terrible place with unimaginable horrors, so he was certain that the women's penitentiary wasn't any better. Anthony hated to think of Abby wilting behind the prison's stone walls. Michael called out to Abby before Anthony could continue. Michael quickly went into protective mode as he stepped between Abby and Anthony and then ordered Anthony to get away from Abby.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie confessed that she was worried that she might have to take action if Liz continued to keep a secret from Maxie's friend. Maxie realized that it wasn't her business, but Maxie felt that her friend was entitled to know what Liz was hiding. Matt decided to distract Maxie's from Liz's secret by plying Maxie with wine. It worked for a few minutes, but then Maxie wondered where she had left off. Matt reminded her that she had been telling him about how Liz would go on with her life, while Maxie went on with hers. Maxie didn't recall saying that, so Matt gave Maxie some more wine.

Later, Maxie and Matt finished their dinner in the dining room. Maxie confessed that it turned her on when a guy cleaned up the dishes because it was sexy and chivalrous. Matt admitted that he liked taking care of her because it made him happy. Maxie smiled as she decided that they were a perfect couple. Maxie then turned serious as she admitted that she had been stressed out when he had arrived, so she appreciated that he had helped her to relax.

Maxie revealed that she enjoyed that she could be herself around Matt. Matt felt the same way. He then switched gears to find out if she were truly turned on by someone who cleaned up the dishes. Maxie smiled as she suggested that there was one way for him to find out. Matt swooped up the dishes and then ran to the kitchen. Maxie noticed that his jacket has slipped off of his chair, so she went to pick it up. She was startled when she discovered that he had a small box with a stunning diamond ring hidden in the pocket.

At Liz's house, Siobhan read the results of Aiden's paternity test and then quickly set them back on the table as Liz returned from the kitchen. Siobhan demanded to know why Liz hadn't told Lucky. Liz quickly apologized; she realized that it had been difficult on Siobhan. Liz promised that she didn't judge Siobhan. Siobhan had no idea what Liz was talking about until Liz acknowledged that Siobhan had a right to be upset that Liz had interrupted Siobhan's wedding night.

Liz confessed that she hadn't been able to accept that Lucky cared about Siobhan until Liz had heard Lucky's vows. Liz assured Siobhan that she fully supported the marriage. Siobhan thanked Liz and then quickly excused herself. A short time later, Lucky stopped by to check on Liz. Lucky realized that Liz might have been shocked to discover that he had married Siobhan. Liz assured Lucky that he didn't have to explain anything to her.

The conversation then drifted to Jake's birthday. Liz was certain that Jake would have loved the motorcycle that Lucky had bought for their son. Lucky assured Liz that he loved Cameron and that his marriage to Siobhan wouldn't change his relationship with Cam. Lucky sensed that something was troubling Liz, so he invited her to speak her mind. Liz confessed that she had something to tell him and then glanced at the paternity results. However, Liz couldn't find the courage to tell Lucky that Aiden was his son, so she admitted that she had known about the wedding before she had arrived at the apartment.

Liz explained that she had learned about his plans to marry Siobhan when she had called the police station earlier that evening. Lucky was surprised to hear that Liz had gone to the justice of the peace and had stood on the other side of the door as Lucky had recited his vows. Liz admitted that Lucky had sounded happy, and like he had something to look forward to. Lucky felt terrible for the timing of his wedding, but Liz insisted that she just wanted Lucky to be happy. Liz then revealed that she was trying to move forward, but it was difficult because she profoundly missed Jake every time she saw one of his toys.

Lucky admitted that he was also dealing with painful reminders of losing Jake, such as when he had found a Christmas card that Jake had made for him. Liz smiled sadly and then changed the subject by revealing that Siobhan had stopped by to explain about the wedding, and to apologize. Liz insisted that it had been very thoughtful of Siobhan. Lucky was glad that Liz and Siobhan had talked. Liz admitted that Siobhan genuinely cared about Lucky, so it made Liz happy that Lucky had someone like Siobhan in his life.

Later, Lucky arrived home to find Siobhan waiting for him. Siobhan revealed that there was something that Lucky needed to know about Liz.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lisa sat in her office, eavesdropping on Patrick and Robin's private moment via a listening device planted in the living room of the Drake residence. At home, Patrick assured Robin that the absence of the extra bolt that she had found wouldn't cause the newly built easel to collapse. Robin decided to trust Patrick's judgment, which made Patrick realize how much he had missed being with his wife. Robin smiled as she admitted that she was glad that Patrick was home. A few minutes later, Patrick decided to go over some bills, so he went to the desk to pull out his last credit card statement. Patrick was baffled when he discovered that his last four statements were missing.

Lisa smiled as she opened a folder on her desk to reveal the missing credit card statements. Meanwhile, Robin suggested that Patrick consider going paperless, like the rest of the world. Patrick explained that he preferred being "old-school" by keeping everything in a safe place. "Obviously," Robin quipped. Patrick and Robin continued to search for the missing statements. In Lisa's office, Lisa decided to put the credit card information to use by renting a "secret love nest" next to the hospital and then ordering expensive long stemmed red roses.

Lisa then created two accounts on a social networking site, "," to make it appear that Patrick had been staying in contact with Lisa online. At the Drake residence, Patrick hoped that Robin would be able to love him even though he was hopelessly disorganized. Robin hoped that he didn't mind being married to someone who an obsessive-compulsive neat freak. Patrick assured Robin that he had accepted that side of her a long time before. Patrick and Robin fell onto the sofa in a heated kiss seconds later. In Lisa's office, Lisa composed an online message from Patrick apologizing for having to meet Lisa in secret, while he kept his sham of a marriage going.

Lisa's letter explained that Patrick pretended to hate Lisa in public because Patrick was concerned that Robin would use their affair to secure custody of Emma. The message concluded with a promise from Patrick that he and Lisa would be able to be together soon because Patrick had found a way out of his marriage that would guarantee that Robin would never be a problem again.

At Maxie's apartment, Matt returned to the living room after cleaning up the dishes. He immediately sensed that something was bothering Maxie, so Maxie apologized for giving him the wrong impression about their relationship. Matt was curious what was troubling Maxie, but she continued to ramble about not wanting to take the next step with him. Matt assured Maxie that she didn't have to do anything that she didn't want to, but Maxie insisted that it would be best for them to date other people instead of being exclusive. Matt was thoroughly confused, so Maxie showed him the diamond ring that she had found in his pocket.

Matt was stunned. He confessed that she wasn't supposed to have found it. Maxie was uncertain what Matt intended to do with the ring, but she begged him to reconsider. Matt was certain that he could salvage the moment, so he told her how special she had always been to him. Maxie panicked when Matt suddenly got on bended knee. She pleaded with him to stop, but Matt ignored her.

Matt insisted that Maxie deserved to know the truth. Maxie was shocked when Matt revealed that the ring, which he confessed was quite expensive, wasn't intended for her. "What? You're marrying somebody else?" Maxie demanded before she slapped Matt. Matt rubbed his sore jaw as Maxie accused him of being a player. Eventually, Matt managed to explain that the ring actually belonged to Robin. Maxie stopped mid-sentence and then took a closer look at the ring.

Matt revealed that Patrick had planned a surprise for Robin, so he had dropped the ring off at a jeweler to be cleaned. Matt had offered to pick it up for Patrick. Maxie was immediately contrite as she apologized for slapping Matt. Matt admitted that it had hurt, but he had enjoyed teasing Maxie. Maxie kissed Matt and then dragged him to the bedroom for a game of Twister that ended with them falling to the floor, laughing and kissing.

On the docks, Michael warned Anthony to stay away from Abby. Anthony suggested that Michael cool his jets because Anthony had simply introduced himself to Abby. Anthony assured Michael that he was a harmless old man who wanted to make new friends. Abby insisted that they weren't friends. "Not yet," Anthony suggested.

Anthony claimed to sympathize with Michael and Abby, who were two young people trying to be together against all odds. Anthony confessed that the "past five years" in Pentonville had been horrible because Pentonville was a lonely soul-sucking pit. Anthony imagined that Michael had felt the same way, which was why Michael had made up for it by dating someone like Abby. Anthony confessed that it would be a shame for Michael and Abby to be separated, so Anthony wanted to help the young couple. Michael insisted that they were fine.

Anthony didn't believe that Abby should be punished for Brandon's death because Brandon had deserved to die. Anthony offered to make some phone calls, to see if he could help Abby out of the mess that she was in. Michael declined the offer, so Anthony reminded Michael that Michael had talked to Anthony about hiring a "contractor." Michael insisted that he would handle everything on his own, so Anthony should stay away from them. "Fair enough," Anthony replied. Anthony was confident that Michael would do Sonny proud, so he hoped that Michael and Abby had a nice day and then left.

Abby stared accusingly at Michael, but she didn't get an opportunity to talk about the "contractor" that Anthony had mentioned because Kristina suddenly appeared. Kristina hesitated to greet her brother when she spotted Abby. Michael sensed that something was troubling Kristina, so Abby agreed to meet Michael at Kelly's later and then excused herself. Kristina couldn't understand why Michael continued to hang out with Abby, but Michael suggested that they focus on what was bothering Kristina. Kristina's speech was slightly slurred as she revealed that her friend, Meredith, had been accepted to Princeton after being wait-listed. Michael was surprised that Kristina didn't seem happy for Meredith.

Kristina assured Michael that she was glad that her friend had been accepted to Princeton, but Kristina hadn't heard from Yale yet. Michael reminded Kristina that there was still time, but Kristina insisted that Michael didn't understand. Kristina explained that she had let her deadline pass to declare Wesleyan as her choice for a college, so Kristina had lost her place. Kristina feared that she would be a complete failure if Yale didn't accept her application. Kristina had no idea what she would do, so Michael tried to comfort his sister with a hug.

Later, Michael met Abby outside of Kelly's. Abby was curious how Kristina was doing, so Michael told her about Kristina's concerns about college. Michael admitted that he couldn't understand the pressure that Kristina had put on herself to go to Yale. Abby suggested that Michael was in a similar situation with his drive to join the mob. Abby explained that Michael wanted to prove himself, so he thought that joining the mob was the only path that he could take to the exclusion of all other alternatives, just like Kristina.

Michael couldn't believe that Abby had compared Yale to the mob. Abby reminded Michael that he was nineteen, so he had his twenties and then the rest of his life ahead of him. She insisted that many people changed the course of their lives several times before they turned thirty, but Michael and Kristina seemed to think that there was only one road for them. According to Abby, they had a choice every day about how to live their lives. She suggested that even if he couldn't get the point across to Kristina, he could lead by example by keeping his options open and making smart decisions.

Michael sensed that they were talking about Anthony, not Kristina. Abby confessed that Anthony had made her nervous. Michael assured her that all he wanted to do was clear her name, so that the murder charges would go away. Abby admitted that she had talked to Johnny about her situation. She acknowledged that Johnny appeared to have an agenda, but his goals were different than Anthony's, so she was certain that Johnny genuinely wanted to help her and Michael. Michael suggested that perhaps they should let Johnny do just that.

Johnny demanded to know where Anthony had been when Anthony returned home. Anthony appreciated Johnny's concern, but Anthony felt alive for the first time in a long time. Anthony confessed that the ladies had been flocking all around him and that he couldn't recall the last time he had seen so many hot blondes. Anthony wondered if he should color his hair and grow a goatee to make himself more appealing to the ladies. Johnny was curious who the blonde women were.

Anthony began to sing the praises of Carly, whom he insisted was a passionate and forceful woman. Johnny warned his father to stay away from Carly, or Anthony would be a dead man. Johnny explained that everything would be over the minute that Jason and Sonny sensed that Anthony was after Michael or Carly, so Johnny wanted Anthony to stick to his flowers. Johnny insisted that he was close to earning Michael's trust, which would give them the leverage that they needed against Sonny. Johnny was confident that once that goal was accomplished, both families could do their business in peace.

"Peace? Screw peace," Anthony bellowed. Anthony insisted that peace was nothing more than an invitation for the enemy to stick a knife in their backs. Anthony reminded Johnny that they were fighting for their lives, so Sonny would slit their throats regardless of what happened to Michael. Anthony argued that Michael had a limited shelf life, so Johnny needed to wise up if he intended to run Anthony's organization. Anthony was adamant that all of their enemies needed to fall.

At Kelly's, Luke poured some whiskey into a cup of coffee seconds before Carly entered the diner. Luke was curious if she were there for the two-for-one drink special, but Carly wasn't amused. Carly explained that she needed a distraction, so she had decided to check up on Luke. She was curious if Luke had given sobriety a try. Luke scoffed at the suggestion because he preferred some "Irish" with his coffee. Luke added that he wasn't interested in what a group of hypocrites said because he knew that he wasn't an alcoholic. Luke then switched gears to remind Carly that helping her with Jax had cost him seven expensive diamonds, so he expected to be reimbursed with a room at Metro Court with all the perks.

Luke explained that it would also help him to get Tracy back. Carly didn't understand how putting Luke up at the hotel would win Tracy back, so Luke explained that Tracy hated to see him living the high life on someone else's nickel. Luke insisted that Tracy wanted Luke to be dependent on her, so if he weren't then she would take steps to get him back into her life. Carly assured Luke that he had sold her on the idea, so he could have everything that he had requested. Luke was delighted; he had no idea why people talked smack about Carly because she was a kind and generous woman with the temperament of an angel. Luke's smile fled when Carly added that he would first have to go to rehab.

"You're also a bitch," Luke accused. Luke denied being an alcoholic, but Carly didn't believe him. She insisted that something was different with him; he was off of his game and looking desperate. Carly suggested that they both knew why. She promised that Luke would have a room in her hotel when he was ready. After Carly left, Luke poured some more whiskey into his coffee.

At the apartment, Siobhan couldn't find the words to tell Lucky about Aiden's paternity. Lucky sensed that something was wrong, so he wondered if it was about Liz. Siobhan revealed that she had gone to Liz's house to explain about the wedding, and to apologize. Lucky was certain that Liz had appreciated the effort, but Siobhan insisted that there had been more to it. Lucky confessed that Liz had told him about the visit. Lucky then admitted that Liz had gone to the justice of the peace, which had ultimately given Liz closure.

Lucky thought that Liz was genuinely okay with their marriage, and wanted Lucky to be happy, which he was. Lucky wanted to stop talking about his ex-wife, but Siobhan had one more question. She was curious if Lucky would have stayed with Liz if Aiden had been his son. Lucky didn't see the point in discussing it, since Aiden was Nikolas' child. Siobhan reminded Lucky that Jake had been alive the last time that they had talked about it, so she was curious if anything had changed, because it seemed that Liz needed Lucky more than ever. Lucky conceded that the tragedy had made him and Liz closer, but he thought that was natural when two parents lost a child.

However, Lucky was clear that it didn't mean that he and Liz would be reconciling. According to Lucky, too much had happened. Lucky confessed that he had spent years trying to make Liz the center of his universe, but it had never worked. He acknowledged that he had once had a deep connection with Liz because they had helped each other through some difficult periods in their lives, but over the years, things had changed. Lucky explained that they had ended up hurting each other, so they had been left with too many fragmented pieces to ever be able to put things back together.

Lucky had never realized how much of himself he had closed off until he had met Siobhan. Lucky admitted that getting together with her had been a complete surprise, but the timing had been perfect because it had pulled him out of what his life had become. Siobhan reminded Lucky that he had a good life with lots of friends and two amazing children. Lucky confessed that he would never trade any of that, but there had been a lot of devastation and regret. Lucky insisted that Siobhan was unlike anyone that he had ever been with; she was self-reliant, and knew how to navigate through a crisis, but at the same time she was vulnerable and present with what was going on. Siobhan smiled as she confessed that she only knew the amazing man before her, not the sad and regretful Lucky that he had described.

Siobhan suggested that they get back to celebrating their wedding night and then kissed her husband. Lucky and Siobhan made love. Afterwards, Lucky got dressed and then left, while Siobhan stood silently in the doorway, watching him. Later, Lucky bumped into Luke on the piers. Luke was surprised when Lucky greeted him instead of continuing on his way, so Luke was hopeful that they could work things out.

Luke admitted that he missed Lucky. Lucky hoped that Luke missed him enough to go to rehab. Lucky then revealed that the only reason that he had stopped to talk to Luke was because Lucky was concerned that Luke would do something stupid to get himself killed. Luke resented the suggestion that he was suicidal, but Lucky reminded Luke of Luke's attempt to douse himself with gasoline and then set fire to the Haunted Star as well as Luke's attempt to provoke Jason. Lucky suggested that it was "sick twisted justice" for Luke to have the father of the boy that Luke had killed end Luke's life. Luke argued that Lucky was Jake's father, not Jason.

Luke admitted that he would never be able to tell Lucky just how deeply sorry he was for taking Jake away from Lucky. Lucky suggested that the next time Luke had thoughts of suicide that Luke think about Lulu and Tracy. Lucky hoped that Luke got the help that he needed, and then turned his life around.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

At Greystone Manor, Spinelli started to update Sonny and Dante about the progress that he had made in the search for Suzanne when Brenda entered the parlor. Brenda immediately sensed that they had information about Lucian's whereabouts, but Sonny refused to tell Brenda anything. Brenda resented being left in the dark about the search for her son; she suspected that they were mad at her for making a public appeal for information, and offering a reward. Dante explained that the press conference had alerted the police that Lucian had been taken by his grandmother, which meant that it was no longer a priority. Brenda was outraged.

Brenda decided to ask Jax to help her find her son, but Sonny reminded Brenda that Jax had already given her poor advice by suggesting the news conference, which had tipped Suzanne off. Brenda insisted that she would find a way to track down Suzanne and then confront her about abducting Lucian. Sonny advised Brenda against it because Suzanne always played Brenda "like a piano." Brenda didn't care what anyone said because she would do whatever was necessary to get her son back. After Brenda stormed out, Sonny turned to Spinelli to make certain that Spinelli understood that Brenda was not to be involved in Lucian's rescue. Sonny explained that Brenda was too emotional, so she would do more harm than good.

Sonny was determined to find Lucian as soon as possible because he realized that his marriage was on the line. Later, Spinelli revealed that he had managed to locate a car that had been purchased in San Antonio with money from one of Theo's secret accounts. Sonny and Dante decided to fly to San Antonio, but Dante revealed that normally the police would have a social worker present during the recovery of a kidnapped child to help take care of the traumatized child. Sonny considered it for a moment and then revealed that he knew who to ask.

At the loft, Lulu was on the phone with Maxie when Tracy stopped by. Tracy was curious if Lulu had talked to Alexis about Luke's lawsuit. Lulu confirmed that she had and then revealed that she had told Alexis that Luke was using the lawsuit to distract everyone from his alcoholism. Tracy was relieved that she and Lulu were on the same page. Lulu warned Tracy that Ethan might not be onboard because Ethan didn't want to believe that Luke had a problem. Tracy recalled that Lulu had also been in denial, so she was curious where Lulu stood since the intervention. Lulu assured Tracy that she recognized that Luke was an alcoholic.

Tracy reminded Lulu that they had to stick to their guns if Luke were to get help. Lulu apologized that she couldn't continue the discussion because she was running late for work. Tracy suspected that the true reason that Lulu wanted to leave was because Lulu found her father's situation too painful to talk about. A short time later, Lulu met Dante at Kelly's. Dante apologized for asking to meet her at the diner. He realized that she might feel uncomfortable if she ran into Luke.

Lulu explained that she wasn't seeking Luke out, but she wasn't hiding from her father either. Dante was relieved, so he switched gears to tell her that he had to leave town to help Sonny search for Lucian. Dante clarified that it was personal, not official business. Dante admitted that the search for Lucian had shown Dante glimpses of the Sonny that Dante had befriended when Dante had first arrived in Port Charles. Lulu was happy for Dante because she knew how important it was for Dante to get to know his father. She advised Dante to savor the moment because he might not get another chance.

Dante assured Lulu that he wouldn't be giving up the badge, and joining the mob, so it was only a temporary thing. Dante then admitted that he felt bad for Sonny because Brenda was losing it and taking her anger out on Sonny when all Sonny was trying to do was find Brenda's son. Seconds later, Spinelli called to tell Dante that he had traced the car to a house in San Antonio that had been sold three years earlier to a woman named Sherry Scott. Dante ordered Spinelli to gather as much information as possible about Sherry Scott. Afterwards, Dante kissed Lulu and then left.

At the hospital, Carly and Jax were delighted that Josslyn had been cleared to be discharged. Their good mood evaporated when Jax made it clear that he intended for Josslyn to leave with him. Carly insisted that Josslyn belonged at home in her bedroom. Jax admitted that, under normal circumstances, he'd agree; however, Carly's children weren't safe as long as Carly associated with gangsters. Carly argued that Shawn was there to protect Josslyn, but Jax wasn't satisfied. Carly imagined that Jax was very angry with her, in order to want to hurt her so much.

Jax assured Carly that she could spend all the time she wanted with Josslyn, provided that it was at Metro Court. Cary vowed to fight Jax with everything that she had. Shawn noticed Carly's distress, so he offered to call Carly's attorney. Carly assured Shawn that she was fine and then warned Jax that no judge would take a child from its mother. Carly reminded Jax that he had known what her life had been like when he decided to have a child with her, so it would be foolish for him to cry foul for his convenience. Carly insisted that she was a better liar than Jax, so she would make certain that a judge saw Jax as a rich, powerful man trying to punish his ex-wife by using their child.

Jax started to reply, but Brenda called to arrange to meet Jax in his office. Jax ended the call and then informed Carly not to leave the hospital with Josslyn before they had settled things. Carly refused to keep Josslyn in the hospital while Jax ran off to play with his "girlfriend." Jax reminded Carly that Brenda's son was missing. He questioned how Carly would feel if someone had snatched Josslyn.

Later, Carly admitted that she was tempted to take Josslyn, and leave the hospital. Shawn assured Carly that he would help her, but Carly was reluctant to make things worse between her and Jax. Seconds later, Sonny walked up to ask for a private word with Carly. Sonny revealed that they had tracked Suzanne to San Antonio, so he needed Carly to accompany him to help take care of Lucian when Sonny and Dante rescued Lucian. Carly insisted that it was a bad time, but Sonny explained that he needed someone whom he could trust.

Carly revealed that Josslyn was scheduled for discharge from the hospital, so he had to find someone else. Sonny pleaded with Carly to reconsider, but Carly insisted that she couldn't risk leaving town when Jax was threatening to take custody of Josslyn. Sonny promised to help Carly in any way that he could when they returned, but he was confident that Carly wouldn't have a problem persuading the judge to see things her way. Carly agreed to go, provided that the trip was brief. As Carly talked to Shawn about her last-minute travel plans, Sonny updated Spinelli and then asked Spinelli to hold down the fort. "You can count on me," Spinelli assured Sonny, but Sonny had already disconnected the call.

Dante was stunned to find Carly sitting in Sonny's private jet. Dante warned Sonny that Brenda would be furious when she discovered that Carly had joined the rescue party. Sonny reminded Dante that Brenda was emotionally unstable, so she would have been a liability on the trip. Dante confessed that he had been under the impression that Sonny and Carly were on the outs. Sonny clarified that no matter how much he and Carly fought, they always had each other's backs. Dante nodded and then confessed that he had a good feeling about San Antonio.

Sonny warned Dante that they would have to improvise the rescue once they landed. Dante was certain that Suzanne wouldn't want Lucian traumatized, but Sonny insisted that they would have to be prepared for Suzanne to put up a fight.

In Jax's office, Brenda revealed that she was furious enough to scream. Jax promised Brenda that they would find Lucian, but she should take comfort in knowing that Suzanne loved Lucian. Brenda relaxed as she thanked Jax for reminding her of that. Brenda then began to rant about Sonny's decision to shut her out of the investigation. Jax didn't think that what Sonny did mattered because the police were looking for Lucian. Brenda told Jax about Dante's claim that Lucian's kidnapping wasn't a priority because Suzanne was Lucian's grandmother. Jax assured Brenda that he had made some calls to friends in high places, so Jax was confident that they would find Lucian.

Brenda almost believed Jax. Jax vowed that he wouldn't let Brenda down. Later, Brenda returned to Greystone Manor to find Spinelli working in the parlor. She immediately apologized for her earlier outburst and then explained that she wasn't mad at him. Spinelli promised that apologies weren't necessary. Brenda begged Spinelli to tell her what was going on, but Spinelli insisted that he had been instructed not to say anything; however, he admitted that she might have reason to rejoice soon.

Brenda was stunned that Sonny and Dante had a lead on Lucian, so she demanded to know what had happened. Spinelli began to ramble, and eventually revealed that Carly had joined the rescue party. Brenda was livid that Sonny had trusted Carly to help, but not Lucian's own mother. Brenda was desperate for answers, but Spinelli fled before he revealed anything else. Shortly afterwards, Jax arrived. Brenda informed Jax that Sonny had left on his private jet and that Carly had been with Sonny. Jax doubted that Carly would leave town, but Brenda insisted that Spinelli had no reason to lie.

At the penthouse, Sam admitted that she was glad to be out of the hospital. Jason wondered where Sam wanted to recuperate: the bedroom or the living room. Sam chose the living room, so that Jason could wait on her. Sam slowly made her way to the sofa, and then sat down. Jason noticed Sam's grimace, so she explained that the pain she felt was similar to what she had experienced after she had lost her baby.

Sam began to talk about having a baby. She quickly apologized when she realized that she had been babbling. Sam feared that she was unfairly pressuring Jason by talking about having a baby. She also conceded that it was too soon to consider having a baby because of Jake's passing. Jason confessed that he hated to go to sleep because every morning he had to accept that Jake was gone all over again. However, he appreciated that Sam was going through a lot, so she might need to talk to someone about it.

Jason assured Sam that she could speak freely with him. Sam didn't want to obsess about a baby when they still had miles to go before that was a possibility. Jason insisted that talking things through was part of the process that would help them to make a decision. "I got so lucky the day you fell in love with me," Sam quietly confessed. Jason assured her that he was the lucky one. They kissed and then Sam promised to be there for Jason because she wanted to help him.

Jason promised that Sam had helped him. He admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about every moment that he had spent with Jake. Jason realized that it was illogical, but he wondered if there were anything that he could have done to change what had happened. Jason didn't want his grief to hold Sam back. Sam was curious what he meant by that, so Jason explained that he feared that he might not be ready to have a child when Sam was. Sam assured Jason that they would know when the time was right for them.

Sam urged Jason to clear his head by taking the bike out for a ride. Jason was reluctant to leave, but Sam insisted that she needed a nap. Jason kissed Sam and then left. A short time later, Jason arrived at the hospital to talk to Shawn. Shawn revealed that Carly and Jax had been arguing about custody of Josslyn when Jax had been called away. According to Shawn, shortly afterwards, Sonny had shown up to whisk Carly away on an urgent matter.

Jason assured Shawn that Sonny wouldn't have asked Carly to leave unless it was an emergency. Shawn agreed, but he warned Jason that the custody battle brewing between Carly and Jax would be fierce.

In San Antonio, an African-American woman named Betty warmly greeted Suzanne. Betty confessed that she had been worried about Suzanne, and that it would have been a shame if something had gone wrong after all they had been through. Suzanne assured Betty that they were home free, but Suzanne had to first make certain that no one could trace her back to Betty. Suzanne revealed that she had planned to return to Port Charles to play the stricken grandmother, and tie things up, but Sonny had figured everything out. Suzanne suspected that it was because Sonny had never liked nor trusted her.

Suzanne was grateful that Brenda had gone public with Lucian's disappearance because it had given Suzanne the opportunity to have Suzanne Stanwyck drop off of the radar. Suzanne was delighted that she was finally free to live her life as Sherry Scott, and enjoy raising her grandson without fear of Brenda ever finding him. However, Suzanne was sad that she and Betty would have to part ways. Betty confessed that it had been a joy to work for Suzanne, and that she dearly loved both Suzanne and her grandson. Suzanne assured Betty that the feeling was mutual.

Later, Suzanne reunited with her grandson, Alec. Suzanne assured Alec that her business trips were over, and that they would always be together. Suzanne gushed how Alec looked like his father. Suzanne couldn't protect Aleksander, but she was determined to make certain that Alec had the life that Aleksander hadn't. Suzanne then revealed that she and Alec would go for a ride in the car and then fly on a plane. Suzanne insisted that everything that she had done was to make certain that Alec grew up safe and away from the bad guys.

Alec smiled at his grandmother as she promised him that they would have a good life. "I love you, Grandma," Alec told Suzanne. Suzanne assured Alec that she loved him too, and then dropped her car keys in her purse.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spinelli made tea for Sam in the hopes it would help calm her enough to make the decision whether or not to have a baby. Sam worried that she might not be a good mother. She mentioned that having lost the baby she was to have with Sonny had nearly destroyed her. She commiserated with what Jason was going through over Jake's death. Spinelli suggested that Sam would make a great mom and that Jason would appreciate the chance to be the father to her child that he'd been unable to be to Jake.

Shawn and Jason discussed Carly having left town with Sonny. Shawn pointed out that Jax was not thrilled that Shawn had been hired to protect Josslyn. He revealed that Jax and Carly would likely end up in family court to battle for custody. Jason offered to stay with Josslyn while Shawn took a break.

After Shawn left, Jason and Liz discussed Jake's death. Liz explained how sorry she was that Jason hadn't had the opportunity to get to know their son. She pointed out that knowing Josslyn would have a childhood because of Jake's kidneys was the only thing that made the pain bearable.

Jax tried to use Carly's choice to leave town with Sonny as leverage to have Josslyn released from the hospital into his custody. Brenda railed against Sonny's having chosen Carly over the safety of Lucian. She asked Jax to track down Sonny's plane, but Jax refused. He worried that it would tip off Suzanne, who might disappear with Lucian for good.

Jax suggested that Sonny had done the right thing by not sharing Suzanne's whereabouts with the authorities. Jax also stated that, no matter how much of a bond that he and Carly, or Brenda and Sonny had with each other, Carly and Sonny would always turn to each other when the going got rough.

Jax went to the hospital and met with Jason. He demanded to take Josslyn with him. Jason put his foot down and said that Josslyn would only leave the hospital with Carly. Jason begged Jax not to drag Josslyn through an ugly divorce and custody battle.

Jax pointed out that Jason had no legal right to keep Josslyn from leaving with Jax. Jason responded that keeping the little girl away from her mother would not be the best choice. Jason explained that he wanted to take back many of the decisions he'd made to protect Jake because, in the end, he'd been unable to save his son anyway.

Liz told Steven that she was thankful Lucky had convinced her to go ahead with the organ donation so that Josslyn could survive. Liz thanked her brother for having made the decision easier for her. Steven told Liz how proud he was of her for being so brave at such a difficult time.

On Sonny's plane, Sonny, Carly, and Dante strategized to find Suzanne and Lucian. Sonny lamented his track record with regard to keeping his children safe. Carly assured Sonny that he was a good father. Carly and Dante rehashed their mutual animosity over Dante's decision to reveal Michael as Claudia's killer. Sonny stood up for Dante.

Dante moved to another area in the plane, leaving Carly and Sonny to apologize to each other for the mistakes they'd made raising their kids. As the plane prepared to land, Dante urged Sonny to involve local authorities. Sonny declined, because the red tape they'd have to go through would only hinder their mission. Carly worried that Suzanne would have myriad places to hide, due to her many ASEC contacts.

Referring to the little boy she was with as Alec, Suzanne prepared for their trip to Switzerland, promising him a wonderful life with her. After making plans for their arrival in Lucerne, Suzanne and the boy left the house. Not long after, Sonny, Carly, and Dante showed up. Dante called Spinelli and asked him to track Suzanne's car.

Spinelli reported that Suzanne was heading away from the airport. He used his hacking skills to disable Suzanne's car's engine. Carly found a photo of a little boy, but it was not Lucian. Sonny wondered whether the boy they knew as Lucian was a decoy. They hypothesized that Suzanne might have spent years arranging the kidnapping to distract Brenda, while Suzanne and her grandson made a life far away.

Brenda barged into the penthouse and demanded that Spinelli tell her where Sonny had found Suzanne. Spinelli explained that Sonny was doing everything in his power to save her son. Brenda begged for information on the whereabouts of her son.

At a playground near where their car had broken down, Suzanne pushed Alec on a swing. She pocketed the knife she'd been carrying in her purse. While Suzanne tied the boy's shoes, Dante, Carly, and Sonny arrived. Sonny accused Suzanne of having arranged for Brenda to bond with a boy who was not Brenda's son.

Suzanne admitted that the name of the boy with her was Alec and that he was her grandson. Carly suggested that Alec stay in the car so that he would be protected. A tearful Suzanne allowed Carly to take the boy away. After they walked away, Suzanne explained that she'd done everything she had to protect her grandson from the violence of Sonny's world. She then pulled a knife on Sonny. Dante aimed his gun at her.

In the car, Carly told Alec about her kids and the horses they had. As he told her the name of his toy horse, they heard a shot ring out.

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