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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 7, 2012 on GH
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Monday, May 7, 2012

On the Haunted Star outside the room where Ronnie was holding Sam and Lulu hostage, Dante and John McBain made a plan to capture Ronnie. Inside the casino room, Ronnie held a gun on Lulu who was tied hand and foot, and Sam who was tied up and also handcuffed to a rail. As Ronnie prepared to shoot them, he blamed Lulu for sticking her nose in where it did not belong. Before Ronnie could shoot, Lulu distracted him by asking why he had attacked the dancers. Dante burst in and said he also wanted to know the answer to that question.

Dante told Ronnie to drop his gun, but Ronnie told Dante that the only way that Dante could save Lulu was to drop his gun. When Dante put his gun on the floor, Sam noticed that John had circled around and was hiding behind a curtain at the main entrance to the room. Dante told Ronnie that he could not get away with killing three people because too many others knew that Lulu was missing and that Ronnie was the perpetrator. Dante told Ronnie to let the women go and to take Dante as the hostage instead.

Ronnie refused and said he would kill all three if it took that to make sure that he stayed free. Dante asked what had happened to Ronnie, whom Dante had know and admired all his life. When Dante said that Ronnie had had a good life, Ronnie angrily replied that Dante had had the good life. Ronnie was bitter when he said that his wife had turned out to be a whore who would sleep with anyone, just like the dancers that Ronnie had attacked. Dante told Ronnie that he would get him help.

Ronnie said that there was no help because Ronnie had framed -- and later killed -- a man named Donofrio for the attacks. Ronnie blamed Padilla and Dante, who had not let the attacks rest, for uncovering Donofrio's alibi and clearing him as a suspect. Ronnie also blamed Dante because he had found the footprints in the alley and had taken his cell phone, which contained the pictures of the footprints, to Sonny's party. Dante realized that Ronnie, not one of the Zaccharas, had tried to kill him in the parking garage on the night of Sonny's party because Dante had been getting too close to the truth.

Dante asked Ronnie if he was aware of the events that had been set in motion when Dante's father had taken the bullet meant for Dante. Ronnie jumped on the word, "father," and wondered what had happened to "Sonny, the murdering bastard" whom Dante was supposed to put in prison. Dante said that Ronnie was the reason that Sonny had gone after Anthony, and Ronnie was the one responsible for the deaths of Hope and Cole. Ronnie said that Dante had just proved why there was no way out for Ronnie. Dante said that Ronnie could go for an insanity plea, but Ronnie said there was no way he was going to end up in Ferncliff.

While Dante distracted Ronnie, Lulu and Sam managed to untie their bonds. Before they could get away, Lulu made a noise, and Ronnie turned and fired at her. John emerged from hiding and fired at Ronnie. Dante rushed to protect Sam and Lulu, who had been grazed by Ronnie's first shot. As Ronnie and John exchanged gunfire, Dante was able to get Lulu out of the Haunted Star, but Sam was still handcuffed, and Ronnie grabbed her. John told him that Dante would call the cops, who would be there in a few minutes. Ronnie scoffed and said that Dante would not call anyone because he had escaped from lockup and was a fugitive himself.

Ronnie pointed at Sam's baby bump and asked if John wanted to be responsible for the death of two hostages. Sam begged Ronnie to spare her baby, but Ronnie kept the gun at her head. Sam said that she was feeling sick. When she suddenly dropped to her knees, John shot Ronnie.

Jason found Connie at the airport and asked her what was going on. She pretended to be Kate and said that she was leaving on business. Jason said that she was not going anywhere. He confronted her about being Connie. Jason said that he had heard the whole story from Carly and knew that Connie had deliberately slept with Johnny to ensure that Sonny would never forgive Kate.

Jason asked if Connie had been the one who had shot out Anthony's tires. Connie made a joke and said that she had also murdered Jimmy Hoffa, and then asked Jason what she looked like. He responded that she looked like a person with an illness.

Connie started calling for security when Jason wanted to take her to General Hospital, but the woman who had initially recognized her said that Connie had been talking to herself and did seem disturbed. Connie tried to brush past Jason, and when he shoved her back in her seat, Kate emerged and tearfully asked what Connie had done and if Connie had hurt anyone. Jason told Kate that everything would be okay. Kate said that the last thing that she remembered was being in Dr. Keenan's office where she was seeking help for her condition. Kate asked if Sonny knew. When Jason said, "Not yet," Kate begged him to take her to Dr. Keenan.

At GH, the police told Liz that they had not been able to locate Kate, but that she had been involved in a fight with Carly. They confirmed that Kate had attacked Ewen Keenan and said that if he died, Kate would be charged with murder.

Alexis was at the lake house, enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing, when Tracy knocked on the door and interrupted. She wanted to hire Alexis to help her get a divorce from Anthony without his knowledge. Alexis said that she had plenty of clients and was not interested. Tracy threw a wad of cash at Alexis and said more would be forthcoming. She told Alexis that Anthony was sucking her dry. Alexis told Tracy to take a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Tracy explained that it was more complicated, and Alexis understood that Anthony was blackmailing Tracy, who said it was really all Luke's fault because he had divorced her. Alexis said that Luke had thought he was doing Tracy a favor. Tracy said that if Alexis would not help her, she would have to take drastic measures, and then wondered out loud why she had not let Sonny shoot Anthony when she'd had the chance. Alexis thanked Tracy on behalf of Sonny's kids for intervening.

Tracy said that she had not done it for that reason. She said that she had saved Anthony because he had claimed to have incriminating evidence that would be released in the event of his death. Tracy started wondering out loud if Anthony would actually forward evidence to the authorities that would be self-incriminating and potentially make any estate left to Johnny subject to seizure. Tracy realized that Anthony was bluffing because he would not risk Johnny's inheritance.

Tracy laughed and thanked Alexis. She threw more money at Alexis and said that their conversation was privileged. Outside, Tracy stopped, grinned, and said to an imaginary Anthony that he was finally going to get what was coming to him.

On the site where Hope and Cole had died, Starr held a gun on Sonny while Michael begged her to put down the gun and walk away. Both Starr and Sonny told Michael to leave, but Michael refused. He told Starr that he could not let her kill his father. He told Starr that Sonny was telling the truth when he said that he was not the one who had shot out Anthony's tires and caused the crash that had killed her family. Starr did not believe Sonny, but chose to believe Anthony and Johnny's version instead.

Michael said that he knew how much Starr loved Cole. He told Starr that Cole would want her to have a good life, not become a killer. Starr said that she had no life without her family. Michael said that he knew that Starr was not a killer, and the reason he knew that was because he had killed -- and he would carry that burden for his whole life. Michael said that he would not wish that responsibility on anyone.

When Starr asked, Michael told her about killing Claudia. Michael said that once a person killed they carried the burden always. He told Starr that if she murdered Sonny, she would feel a hundred times worse than she did over the loss of Hope and Cole.

Michael told Starr that if she pulled the trigger she would lose Hope, Cole, and herself forever. Starr was in tears as she dropped the gun to her side and ran away, leaving Sonny alone with Michael. Both were relieved. Sonny said that he could have taken the gun away from Starr while they had been at his house, but he had thought that it would help Starr to get her grief out of her system if he let Starr take him to the accident site.

Once there, Sonny said that he realized that Starr was serious and really meant to kill him. He thanked Michael for saving his life and wondered how Michael had happened upon him. Michael said that he had gone to Johnny's to confront him about sleeping with Kate and hurting Carly and had found out that Starr had taken Johnny's gun. Michael had rushed to Sonny's house, had seen the security footage of Starr holding a gun on Sonny, and had concluded that Starr would take Sonny to the place where Cole and Hope had perished.

Sonny said that he had not believed that Starr would actually kill him, but that perhaps she was more like her father than Sonny had thought. Sonny thanked Michael again for saving his life, and Michael apologized because he had befriended Starr. Sonny said that there was no need because Sonny knew that Michael had felt guilty for promising to save Cole and Hope and not being able to fulfill that promise. Sonny said that Starr had used Michael's guilt to maneuver him. Sonny said that since Michael had been unable to save Hope and Cole, he had tried to save Starr instead.

Michael said that he felt like an idiot for letting Starr use him to kill Sonny. Sonny told Michael not to feel bad about it. Sonny said that you could know someone your whole life and find out that you had never known that person at all. He said that a case in point was Kate.

Jason took Kate to GH. When they asked to see Dr. Keenan, Liz was surprised. She told them that Ewen had been attacked in his office and had a severe brain injury. Kate cried out that Connie had done it and that had been what Connie had meant when she said that it would be a long time before Dr. Keenan was treating patients. Liz said that Kate was talking like Connie was another person. Jason said that Connie was another person and that Kate needed to see a staff psychiatrist.

Liz left to find an appropriate doctor for Kate. The police found Kate and said that they needed to question her. Jason said that Kate was there for treatment. Jason called Sonny and told him that there was an emergency at GH, and Sonny needed to be there. Kate said that she had waited too long to tell Sonny about her condition and that he would never forgive her. Jason assured Kate that Sonny could well understand the crazy things that people did when they were ill.

Dante arrived with Lulu, who had been grazed on the arm by a bullet. When Jason asked what had happened, Dante said that Ronnie was still holding Sam hostage on the Haunted Star. Jason rushed out. Dante wanted a doctor, but Lulu said her injury was just a scratch. He wanted to know how Lulu could be so calm. She said it was because she had been much more frightened a few hours earlier and by comparison, it was not serious.

Lulu said that Ronnie had not thought things through and had acted on impulse when he had grabbed her. Dante said he should have protected Lulu better. Lulu said that she should have protected herself better. She said that Luke had warned her to stay away from Ronnie and that she had been texting and not paying attention to her surroundings when she had walked to the parking lot, which had given Ronnie an opportunity to grab her.

Dante said that she must have been scared. Lulu said that mostly she was furious and that she had just tried to stall Ronnie as long as she could because she knew that Dante would eventually rescue her. Liz joined them in the observation bay and said that a doctor would be there soon. She said that she could not believe that a cop had shot Lulu. Dante said that Sam had been captured also, and Dante would have rescued her, too, but she was handcuffed to a rail, and John McBain was taking care of freeing her. Sonny arrived at the hospital and was surprised to see a tearful Kate guarded by two policemen.

John McBain comforted Sam as Ronnie lay on the floor. John told Sam that he would not have taken the shot if she had been in harm's way. Sam cried with relief as John complimented her for dropping down and getting out of the way so that he could shoot Ronnie. John was hugging Sam when Jason walked in and found them together.

Johnny was on the phone in his apartment, telling one of his henchmen to find Starr and do damage control, when Anthony knocked on his door. When Anthony found out that Starr had Johnny's gun and was planning to kill Sonny, he was all for letting her do it. Johnny said that he did not want Starr to kill Sonny with Johnny's gun so that he was implicated, nor did he want Starr to go to prison.

Anthony said he had worries of his own because someone was trying to kill him. Johnny asked if it was Sonny, but Anthony said it was his loving wife. Johnny scoffed, but Anthony said that during the last two days, he had almost been cut in half by a faulty garage door and electrocuted when a hair dryer had been tossed in the bathtub while he was showering. He also told Johnny that he had caught Tracy and Luke with their heads together, and he feared that he would wake up in bed one morning with the head of Son of Skittles next to him.

Johnny told him to get a divorce, but Anthony said that divorce was not an option. Anthony said that women would go to any lengths to get what they wanted and pointed to Kate as an example. Johnny told Anthony to quit his bellyaching. Anthony wanted Johnny to protect him. Johnny laughed and said sarcastically, "From your wife?" Anthony called Tracy a she-devil, but Johnny said he had more important things on his mind, like finding Starr.

As Johnny opened the door to show Anthony out, Starr was there with Johnny's gun. When he asked if she was okay, Starr said that she had not used the gun but admitted that she had almost killed a man. Anthony chimed in that Starr should have killed Sonny. That was enough for Johnny. He threw Anthony out and told him to go home to his wife. Starr told Johnny that Michael had been right when he said that killing Sonny was not what Hope or Cole would have wanted.

Johnny told Starr that she was making progress, and it was time to start over. Johnny told her not to forget her loved ones, but to get on with having a life without them. Starr said that she had to leave because she had things to think about. Johnny told her that when she was feeling better to return and they would talk about her music. Starr told Johnny that he was very kind and kissed him on the cheek.

As Starr waited by the elevator, the doors opened, and Michael got off with two policemen. The police arrested Starr for attempted murder

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Starr was hauled to the police station in handcuffs. Delores was curious what Starr had done, so the police officer revealed that Starr had attempted to kill Sonny. Delores wondered if there had been any witnesses. As if on cue, Michael appeared. Starr couldn't believe that Michael had turned her in, so Michael reminded Starr that she had tried to kill his father. Moments later, Delores received a call about a shooting at the Haunted Star, so Delores and several police officers went on the call.

Starr was left in the squad room in handcuffs, so Michael stayed behind to talk to her, because he was curious why she hadn't left town. Starr explained that she had questioned Johnny about the crash that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives. Starr admitted that she had believed Johnny's denials of involvement, but Michael argued that Starr had been conned by a skilled liar. Michael admitted that it was nothing to be ashamed of, because the same had happened to him when he had struck up a friendship with Starr. Starr assured Michael that she had been honest with him, but she had thought that killing Sonny would give her peace. Michael wondered if she had considered how his father's murder would affect him.

Michael felt foolish for defending Starr to everyone, but Starr insisted that she hadn't been using Michael. She admitted that she cared about Michael, and promised hat she hadn't lied to him. Starr claimed that their talks had meant a lot to her, but she couldn't stop thinking about what Sonny had taken from her. Michael suggested that perhaps they had both been correct, and that neither Sonny nor Johnny had caused the crash. Starr remained convinced that Sonny was guilty, so Michael admitted that he felt used by Starr.

Starr tearfully credited Michael for making her understand that killing Sonny wouldn't have made her feel closer to Hope and Cole, because she would have lost herself, and them by extension. Michael realized that Starr would have shot Sonny if Michael hadn't shown up in time to stop her. Starr didn't deny it, but she begged Michael to believe that she hadn't used him. Michael didn't know why he should when it was clear that Starr didn't even believe it.

At the Haunted Star, Sam stared at Ronnie's dead body, while she quietly thanked John McBain for saving her life. John put his arms around Sam, and gently rocked her, as he reminded her that she and her baby were unharmed. "Because of you," Sam insisted. Jason stopped short when he entered the casino and saw his wife in John's arms. Seconds later, Sam and John looked up.

Jason approached Sam, and asked her if she was okay. Jason explained that he had been at the hospital when Dante and Lulu had arrived. Teary-eyed, Sam explained that Ronnie had been responsible for the attacks on the dancers. John quickly excused himself to give Jason and Sam some privacy, so Jason again asked how Sam was doing. Sam assured him that she was fine, as was the baby, if he were interested.

Sam then revealed the details about Ronnie's intention to shoot her and the baby. Sam explained that she had been forced to fake a fainting spell, so that John had an opportunity to take a shot at Ronnie. By then, John had rejoined them, so Jason angrily demanded to know what John had been thinking. John insisted that it had been a calculated risk, but Jason wasn't satisfied. Jason continued to berate John for endangering Sam's life, but Sam quickly defended John by reminding Jason that John had saved her life, as well as the baby's life.

Sam then told Jason about how she had ended up in Ronnie's clutches, when she had checked into the Hudson Street motel. Jason was stunned that Sam had gone to the low-rent motel, so Sam pointed out that it was close to her office. Jason was curious how John had become involved, so John admitted that he also had a room at the motel. Jason immediately accused John of trying to use Sam to get to Jason, because John was determined to go after Sonny, but Sam insisted that it had been a coincidence. John pointed out that he had been living at the motel for several weeks, so he had no idea that Sam would eventually rent a room. Sam reminded Jason that if it hadn't been for John, Ronnie would have killed Sam and Lulu.

Moments later, Delores arrived, and then declared the casino a crime scene. John urged Sam to go to the hospital to be checked out, so Sam reluctantly left. Jason remained behind to talk to John, but John had to answer Delores' questions first. John gave Delores a brief accounting of the events that had transpired, so Delores asked John to stop by the station. After the coroner took away Ronnie's body, John suggested that Jason go to Sam. Jason decided that it was time to set John straight about some things.

Jason made it clear that he didn't like John hanging around Sam, nor John's interference in Jason and Sam's private business. Jason reminded John that Natalie and Liam were waiting for John in Llanview, but John made it clear that he wasn't leaving Port Charles until his job was done. John advised Jason to stay out of John's way, or Jason might end up behind bars with Sonny. Jason insisted that John didn't have any business investigating Sonny, but John claimed that his federal warrant suggested otherwise. John thought that it was touching how protective Jason was of Sonny, but John was curious what Sonny had done to earn such loyalty.

At the hospital, Liz was stunned when Lulu and Dante told her about what had happened at the Haunted Star. Dante prayed that John knew what he was doing, and that Sam would be okay. Lulu reminded Dante that John was a former FBI agent, so she was certain that John had the situation well in hand. However, Lulu realized that Dante was worried, so she urged him to return to the casino, while she called her dad. Moments later, Luke and Anna entered the examination bay.

Luke was relieved to see that Lulu was unharmed, except for a scratch on her arm. Liz noticed Anna watching Luke and Lulu, so she followed Anna out of the examination bay. Meanwhile, Luke was frustrated, because Lulu hadn't followed his advice. However, he was proud that Lulu had handled herself like a true Spencer. Lulu assured her father that she had learned her lesson, and then credited Dante and John with saving her life. Dante insisted that Delores deserved some of the credit, because he would have still been in lockup if Delores hadn't helped.

Lulu was concerned about her husband, because she knew that Dante and Ronnie had been close. Dante admitted that it hurt knowing that Ronnie had done despicable things, including shooting Dante in the parking garage at Metro Court. Luke perked up, and quickly advised Dante to let Sonny know, because it might stop things from escalating between the Corinthos and Zacchara organizations. Moments later, Dante received a text informing him that he had been reinstated to the police force, and notifying Dante of Ronnie's death. After Luke left, Delores stopped by the hospital to check in on Lulu and Dante.

Lulu apologized for suspecting Eddie of the attacks. Delores pointed out that Ronnie had manipulated Lulu and taken steps to frame Eddie. Delores appreciated that Lulu had been open-minded enough to realize that she had been wrong, so Delores had decided to return the favor by giving Dante the benefit of the doubt when Dante had claimed to Ronnie had set him up. After Delores left, Dante hugged his wife. Lulu insisted that Dante was her hero, but Dante argued that Lulu was the true hero, because Lulu had solved the case.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Kate frantically pleaded with Sonny to hear her out. Sonny was curious why Kate had been arrested, so the police officers with Kate explained that Kate had assaulted Dr. Keenan. Kate insisted that she could explain. The police officers decided to give Sonny some time to talk to Kate, so they stepped away, but they kept Kate within eyesight. Kate tearfully apologized for hurting Sonny, and then explained that she had a split personality. Sonny chalked it up to a creative lie, but Kate assured him that she was serious.

Kate explained what dissociative identity disorder was, and then admitted that she hadn't realized what was going on until Ewen had played her a recording of one of his sessions, when her alter personality had emerged. Kate assured Sonny that she had wanted to tell him, but she had decided to wait until after the trial. Sonny remained skeptical, but Kate insisted that it had been her alter personality, Connie Falconeri, who had slept with Johnny. Sonny reminded Kate that Connie Falconeri was her real name, so Kate explained that she had consciously changed her name, so Connie was not real.

Sonny was curious why Connie would sleep with Johnny, so Kate revealed that Connie had wanted to find a way to end Kate's relationship with Sonny for good. Kate admitted that Connie thought that Sonny was too dangerous for Kate. Kate begged Sonny to believe her, but Sonny scoffed at her excuse. He accused her of making everything up, in an effort to do damage control. Kate cried that she loved Sonny, but she hadn't been strong enough to stop Connie. She pleaded with him not to turn his back on her, because she needed him, but Sonny was too hurt by her betrayal, so he walked away.

Liz caught up with Anna near the nurses' station. Liz realized that it had been difficult for Anna to see Luke and Lulu reunite, because it had been a reminder that Anna hadn't had the same good fortune after the explosion that had killed Robin. Anna wiped away her tears, and insisted that she was happy for Luke. Liz admitted that she wished that she could tell Anna that the pain of losing a child would eventually fade away, but it didn't. However, Liz promised that it would get easier. Liz was sorry that Anna was going through her grief alone, but Anna insisted that she had Mac, Luke, and Liz.

Anna confided that it was strange to think of Robert chasing down a son that he had never known. "While you've stayed here to face what you've lost," Liz remarked. Anna smiled weakly, and then shifted gears to find out how things were going with Liz and the doctor that Liz had been interested in. Liz told Anna about what had happened to Ewen, and then revealed that he was in the ICU. Liz admitted that she didn't know if Ewen would wake up.

Anna and Liz agreed that life was unpredictable. Liz then quietly confessed that it was Jake's birthday. Liz mentioned that she had seen a commercial of something that she was certain Jake would have wanted. Liz became misty-eyed as she admitted that she should be wiping icing from her son's face and helping him to blow out candles instead of visiting his grave on his birthday. Anna reminded Liz that it would get easier.

Anna promised to always be there for Liz. Liz smiled sadly, and then assured Anna that she would be there for Anna too. Anna suggested that Liz check on Ewen. After Liz left, Luke spotted Anna. Luke had noticed Anna's disappearance, so Anna admitted that she had been uncomfortable watching Luke and Lulu. Luke regretted that he had asked Anna to accompany him to the hospital, because it was a reminder of Robin.

Anna pointed out that the hospital was where Robin had made miracles happen and had saved lives. Anna felt obligated to honor that. Anna then thanked Luke for stepping in for Robert, after Robert had left town. She admitted that she had been angry at Robert in the beginning, but then she had realized that she and Robert were in the same boat, because Robert was out there searching for Ethan, while Anna was in Port Charles, searching for Robin. Luke assured Anna that Robin would always be with Anna, and then thanked Anna for keeping him levelheaded during the search for Lulu, because he had nearly gone to a dark place.

Liz was startled when she entered a room where Sam was waiting to be examined. Liz wondered if Sam were okay, and then asked if Jason had found Sam. Sam curtly informed Liz that Jason had caught up to Sam, and that Ronnie had been killed. Liz revealed that Dante had mentioned that John had been at the Haunted Star. Sam credited John with saving her life, and then assured Liz that it wouldn't be necessary for Liz to run to Jason with the update, because Jason already knew. Liz was taken aback by Sam's hostility, so she clarified that she hadn't gone to Jason with any information.

Liz explained that she had simply answered Jason's question. Sam revealed that she knew that Jason had confided everything to Liz. Liz felt bad for Sam, because she knew how difficult it was to deal with a rape, but Liz couldn't imagine what it was like to discover that the rapist had fathered her child. Sam was livid, because even Alexis was unaware of what had happened, so it wasn't right that Liz knew. Liz was curious what Sam expected her to say.

Sam was annoyed that Jason had been upset because Sam had "supposedly confided" to John McBain; however, Jason didn't have a problem talking to Liz. Liz reminded Sam that Liz and Jason were friends. "Oh, that's right, friends," Sam snarked. Liz had no idea what Sam was accusing her of, but she made it clear that she had no intention of getting between Jason and Sam. Liz assured Sam that she was on Sam's side, but Sam said she didn't need Liz fighting her battles. Sam was confident that she and Jason would work things out, so Liz agreed, informed Sam that the baby was okay, and then left.

At the Hudson Street motel, John spotted Sam in the hallway, so he called out to her. Sam assured him that she and the baby were fine, and then wondered how everything had gone between John and Jason. John joked that he had hoped to settle their differences by going bowling, but that wasn't likely to happen. Sam insisted that she couldn't thank John enough for saving her at the Haunted Star. John assured Sam that she had thanked him sufficiently, so Sam smiled and started to go to her room.

John called out to Sam, and then produced the dragon figurine that he had found. He handed it to her, and then went to his own room.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jason asked Liz where Sam was. Liz explained that Jason had just missed her, but Sam and the baby were fine. Later, Jason looked at the phoenix figurine. He was about to leave when Liz approached. She was holding a bouquet of flowers. Jason noted that the flowers were nice.

Liz quietly explained that they were for Jake. Jason's eyes filled with unshed tears, as he realized that it was their son's birthday. "Five years old, can you imagine?" Liz asked. Jason was curious what she thought Jake would be doing. Liz chuckled, as she assured Jason that Jake would have been riding the two-wheeled scooter that she would have bought him. Liz invited Jason to go to Jake's grave with her, so Jason accepted.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

At the hospital, Kate was happy when Olivia entered the hospital room. Olivia hovered in the doorway, while Kate remained handcuffed to the bed. Olivia explained that Kate's psychiatrist had called. Kate assumed that Olivia had meant Ewen, so Olivia reminded Kate that Kate had bashed Dr. Keenan over the head. Kate told Olivia about the dissociative identity disorder, but Olivia accused Kate of making it up, so that Kate could have some fun on the side. Kate tearfully assured her cousin that it was a real mental disorder, and that Connie was dangerous.

Olivia pointed out that Kate had hurt a lot of people, but Kate insisted that Connie had been responsible for those things. Kate was adamant that she would never try to steal a guy from Olivia, especially Steve. Olivia argued that Kate had wooed Sonny away from Olivia in Bensonhurst. Kate insisted that it had been a long time in the past, before Kate had changed her life. Olivia told Kate about what had transpired in Kate's office when Olivia had gone to Kate for help with Steve's legal troubles.

Kate was horrified to learn that Connie had tossed a dollar bill in Olivia's face. Kate insisted that she couldn't remember the incident, but Olivia couldn't get past it. Kate's eyes filled with tears of regret, because she had allowed her pride to keep her from seeking proper treatment for the DID sooner. Kate dissolved into tears, as she confessed that she wished that she could take it all back and fix things. Olivia approached the bed, and then held Kate as Kate wept.

Kate realized that Olivia believed her. Olivia admitted that it was a lot to absorb, but they were family, so Olivia would stand by her cousin. Kate recalled that the hospital staff had taken her things, including the money that had been in Kate's purse. Kate invited Olivia to take the money to use for Steve's legal defense. Olivia was grateful, but it was enough for Kate that Olivia believed her.

At Greystone Manor, Jason talked to Sonny about Kate's split personality. Sonny made it clear that he didn't believe Kate's claims, but Jason confessed that it appeared to be true. Sonny insisted that Kate had lied about it, but Jason argued that Kate had been a completely different person when Jason had first encountered her at the airport. Jason revealed that he had seen the transition between the personalities, so there was no doubt in Jason's mind that Kate had DID.

Sonny insisted that Kate had been playing Jason, but Jason explained that Kate had been terrified when she had realized where she was, and she had been desperate to get to the hospital and to Sonny. Sonny admitted that he couldn't get the image of Kate in bed with Johnny out of his mind. Jason confessed that he had talked to Kate's psychiatrist, who had assured Jason that Kate had all the signs of multiple personalities. Sonny snidely commented that it meant that Kate had two personalities that Sonny couldn't trust.

Jason was disappointed in Sonny's reaction, because Jason had thought that Sonny could appreciate that Kate had a mental illness. Sonny argued that his bipolar disorder was nothing like what Kate had, but Jason disagreed. Jason pointed out that there had been times when Sonny had felt like a different person. Sonny seemed startled, and decided to change the subject by asking how things were going between Jason and Sam. Jason wandered over to the bar, and then leaned down to pick up a bottle of water.

Jason froze when he spotted a listening device planted under the bar. Jason quickly pulled it off, and then silently showed it to Sonny. Sonny continued the conversation, as if nothing were amiss, while Jason dropped the bug into a glass of water. Jason and Sonny quietly agreed that John McBain had planted the bug. Jason quickly checked the room for other listening devices, but didn't find any. Jason was frustrated, because he had instructed Max and Milo to sweep for listening devices every day.

Jason was curious if Sonny had said anything that might be used against Sonny. Sonny admitted that he'd been too preoccupied with what had been going on with Kate to do business. Sonny sarcastically suggested that perhaps Kate had done Sonny a favor by sleeping with Johnny. Jason ignored the remark, as he promised to take care of John. Before Jason left, he urged Sonny to consider what Jason had said about Kate. "She needs help," Jason said, and then left.

At the police station, Starr was stunned to see her father enter the interrogation room. Todd explained that he was there to help Starr. Starr was curious how he had managed to leave Llanview, so Todd revealed that he had been found not guilty, by reason of insanity. Todd reminded Starr that he hadn't initially recalled shooting Victor, so the attorney had argued that Todd had suffered from posttraumatic stress, because of what Irene had done to Todd. Starr reminded Todd that Todd had also arranged for Tomas Delgado's kidnapping. Todd conceded that he had knowingly plotted to get Tomas out of the way, but the jury had decided that Todd had been insane at that time too.

Todd was curious if Starr had truly intended to kill Sonny. Starr wondered why he was surprised; she was his daughter. Todd insisted that Starr was better than that, but she argued that she had merely been finishing what Todd had started. Todd wondered why Starr had done it, so Starr revealed that she was tired of the unrelenting pain, and nightmares. Todd acknowledged that he had killed his fair share of people, so he knew that killing someone out of revenge did not make a person feel better. Starr reminded Todd that he had been ready to kill Sonny. Todd agreed, but he had stopped because Starr had asked him not to shoot.

Starr admitted that she had wanted the satisfaction of ending Sonny's life. Todd didn't deny that Starr would always feel the loss of Hope and Cole, but he promised that things would get better. He then assured her that she wouldn't have to go to jail, since it was Starr's word against Sonny's. Starr revealed that there had been a witness who had given a statement to the police. Starr found it ironic that she would end up going to jail for attempted murder, while Todd and Sonny had managed to escape murder convictions.

Todd reminded Starr that she hadn't actually pulled the trigger, and that no one had died. He was confident that Starr wouldn't go to jail. Starr ran into her father's loving arms, as she confessed that she was afraid. Todd vowed to find the right person to represent Starr. "That would be me," Téa Delgado said, as she entered the interrogation room.

In the squad room, Felicia suggested that she and Mac clear the air. Mac suspected that Felicia regretted pursuing her own interests at the expense of her children. Felicia admitted that she had let Maxie and Georgie down in numerous ways, but Mac conceded that Felicia had been a good mother. It was the reason that he had been surprised when Felicia had walked away from her daughters. Felicia revealed that she had thought that the girls would be better off with Mac. Mac disagreed; Felicia had thought that she would be better off with Mac raising the girls.

Felicia conceded that she had been wrong. Mac assured her that he wasn't trying to punish her, but he thought that it would be best if Felicia were to leave. Felicia refused to go anywhere until Maxie was back home. Felicia insisted that they needed to work together.

At Kelly's, Alexis, Matt, and Spinelli sat at a table, looking forlorn. Matt became unnerved by the way that Spinelli was staring at him, so he demanded to know what Spinelli was thinking. Spinelli had been hoping that Matt would have an answer to their problem. Matt admitted that he was out of ideas on how to help Maxie. Alexis suggested that the only way to save Maxie was to find the real killer. Spinelli muttered that finding the person responsible wasn't the hard part.

Matt hoped that Spinelli wasn't still stuck on the idea that Patrick had killed Lisa, so Spinelli cryptically replied that he hadn't been referring to "that doctor." Alexis suggested that Spinelli had implied that Spinelli knew who the real killer was. Everyone's attention was diverted to the television when a special report announced that there had been a hostage situation at the Haunted Star. Alexis was stunned to learn that Ronnie had kidnapped Sam and Lulu. The reporter revealed that the hostages had escaped unharmed, but John McBain had killed Ronnie. Spinelli perked up when the reporter mentioned that the casino's security cameras had captured the entire incident.

Alexis decided to call to check on Sam, while Spinelli and Matt returned to the table. Spinelli explained that the security cameras might have recorded Lisa's murder. Matt reminded Spinelli that the boat had been anchored in deep waters, so it was unlikely. Spinelli was certain that, with the right technology, the images could be enhanced. Matt thought that Spinelli had lost his cyber skills, so Spinelli admitted that he had been working on them. Matt was eager to get to the Haunted Star to check the tapes, but Spinelli insisted that only a private detective would be able to access the crime scene.

Shortly after Spinelli left, Matt stared at his cola bottle as he recalled staggering around drunk on the boat, and calling for Liz. Moments later, Mac and Felicia entered. Matt was surprised to see them together, so they explained that they had put their differences aside to focus on helping Maxie. Felicia wondered where Spinelli was, so Matt revealed that Spinelli had left to follow up on a lead. Mac was curious why Matt hadn't gone with Spinelli, so Matt explained that Spinelli had wanted to go alone.

At the Rendezvous Motel, on Hudson Street, Sam surprised John with coffee to thank him for saving her life, and the life of her baby. John assured Sam that she had expressed her gratitude enough, and then scolded her for not resting. Sam admitted that she hadn't been able to sleep, even though she was exhausted. Sam changed the subject by asking what John had been listening to when she had arrived. John claimed that it had been jazz. John quickly surmised from her reaction that Sam wasn't a jazz fan.

John smiled, and then wondered what kind of music Sam liked. Sam admitted that she enjoyed a variety of music, but preferred rock. John asked for her phone, so that he could download a couple of jazz songs that he insisted would change her mind and please the baby. Their conversation then turned to what had happened at the casino. Sam confessed that she had no idea what she would have done if something had happened to the baby. John chuckled, and then welcomed her to parenthood.

Sam revealed that she had never stopped to ask herself if she could love her baby when she learned that Franco was the father. She had been too focused on whether or not Jason could accept the baby. Sam told John that she'd discovered the answer when Ronnie had threatened to shoot her; she couldn't imagine her life without her child. John suggested that sometimes the fear of losing something made a person appreciate what they had. Sam explained that Jason didn't feel that way, so she had no idea if Jason would be able to get past what Franco had done to her and Jason.

John reminded Sam that she had moved out to give Jason some time to think things over, but Sam worried that nothing would change. Sam refused to be with a man who couldn't accept her baby, so she feared that she might end up alone. John assured Sam that would not happen. Moments later, Alexis called. Alexis was relieved to hear that Sam was okay, but she insisted on dropping by the apartment to check on Sam in person. Sam was forced to reveal that she had moved out and was staying at the Rendezvous Motel.

Alexis was stunned, and immediately insisted that Sam move in with Alexis and Molly at the lake house. Sam made it clear that she preferred to stay at the motel. Alexis wondered if Sam's pregnancy had led to the strain in her marriage to Jason, or if John McBain had anything to do with it. Sam conceded that the baby was part of the reason that she had moved out, but insisted that John had nothing to do with it. Sam heard a beep, so Alexis explained that Sonny was calling. Sam urged her mother to talk to Sonny, and then ended the call.

Sam warned John that there was a 99.9% probability that Alexis would show up at the motel within twelve-and-a-half minutes, or less. John smiled, and then thanked Sam for the coffee. Sam picked up her things, and followed John to the door. John promised to stop by her room later, to make certain that she listened to at least one of the jazz songs that he had downloaded for her. Sam and John's smiles froze when John opened the door to reveal Jason standing on the doorstep. Sam quickly assured Jason that nothing was going on between her and John, so Jason explained that he wasn't there to because of her.

After Sam left, John invited Jason in. Jason held up the listening device, and then dropped it on John's desk. "I told you, you come at Sonny, you got to go through me first," Jason growled.

At Greystone Manor, Alexis assured Sonny that she would take care of whatever legal trouble he was in, but first she wanted to know if he knew what was going on between Sam and Jason. Sonny reminded Alexis that Sam was a grown woman, and then urged Alexis to stay out of it. Alexis reluctantly agreed, and then asked why Sonny had called. Sonny explained that he needed to retain her legal services for Kate.

At the Haunted Star, Spinelli reviewed the security footage of the night that Lisa Niles had been killed. He was delighted when he found images of the murder itself, but frustrated that he couldn't sharpen the footage enough to see anything clearly. Spinelli prayed for help, and then tapped away on the laptop's keyboard until he figured out how to improve the images. Spinelli watched with rapt attention, as a dark-haired man struck Lisa on the head with enough force to propel her overboard.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

At the Drake residence, Patrick ignored the knocking on the front door, so Matt let himself in. Matt was concerned when he noticed the messy surroundings and Patrick's disheveled appearance. Matt realized that Patrick needed help as much as Maxie did. Matt tried for levity by asking if Patrick had woken up with food poisoning. Patrick muttered that he'd gotten a late start, and then asked how Maxie was doing. Matt told him that she had been sentenced to twenty years in Pentonville.

Matt was frustrated, because he hadn't been able to help Maxie. Patrick doubted that he could help Maxie either. Matt agreed, because Patrick hadn't been to work, he refused to take calls, avoided those who loved him, and barely managed to get himself out of bed. Matt warned Patrick that Emma felt the distance. Patrick's temper flared, because Emma was none of Matt's concern. Matt handed Patrick a picture that Emma had drawn.

Matt accused Patrick of hiding, not grieving, so Matt refused to stand by while Patrick jumped down a dark hole with Emma. Patrick yelled that Matt didn't understand what Patrick was dealing with, or the loss that Patrick felt, but Matt disagreed. Matt reminded Patrick that Maxie was in jail. Patrick scoffed, because it didn't compare to losing his wife. Matt wondered if Patrick cared about how much Maxie had meant to Robin.

Patrick suggested that Matt find the real killer, because they both knew that Maxie hadn't killed Lisa. Matt refused to leave Patrick when Patrick clearly needed help, but Patrick resented Matt's presence. Patrick insisted that Matt's familial obligations had been met, and then ordered Matt to leave. After Matt left, Patrick stared at picture of Robin, Emma, and Patrick during happy times. Afterwards, Patrick picked up Emma's drawing, looked at it, and then flopped down on the sofa.

At the Haunted Star, Spinelli debated over what to do with the tape that would exonerate Maxie but condemn Matt. "What am I do to?" Spinelli despaired. "I'll tell you exactly what to do," Mac replied, as Mac and Felicia entered the casino. Mac was curious what Spinelli had found, so Spinelli revealed that he had uncovered security tapes that had captured Lisa's murder. Mac and Felicia were delighted, so they asked to see it. Spinelli showed them the grainy footage, which revealed that a dark-haired man had killed Lisa.

Mac and Felicia were thrilled that it proved that Maxie was innocent of the murder. Mac wanted to take the footage to his lab, so that the technicians could try to sharpen the images. Spinelli assured Mac that it was fully enhanced, but Mac explained that he still had to solve the murder. However, Mac was willing to postpone the investigation for a day, so that they could get Maxie out of Pentonville. Moments later, Matt walked in.

Mac and Felicia quickly filled Matt in on Spinelli's discovery. Matt insisted on viewing the footage. Spinelli was nervous as Matt intently stared at the fuzzy images.

In the interrogation room, at the police station, Todd promised to get Starr out of her legal troubles. He explained that they would just need to find the right lawyer. "That would be me," Téa Delgado said, as she entered the room. Starr ran into Téa's arms, while Todd recovered from his surprise at seeing his brother's widow. Starr noticed that Téa was very pregnant, so she wondered when Téa's baby was due. Téa admitted that it would be soon.

Téa explained that Starr's mother, Blair, had sent her. Blair had been delayed in Llanview, because Starr's youngest brother was sick. Téa bristled when Todd expressed concern for Sam, but Todd made it clear that he considered his young nephew a friend. Téa was curious where that concern had been when Todd had murdered Sam's father, Victor. Todd didn't replay, so Téa tried to dismiss Todd, so that she could speak to her client. Todd feared that Téa would throw the case to spite Todd, so he refused to leave.

Starr assured Todd that he was wrong, but Todd argued that Téa had pretended to believe that Téa's brother, Tomas, had killed Victor, so that she could secretly build a case against Todd. Téa insisted that she loved Starr like a daughter, so Todd assured Téa that he loved Starr too, so he refused to take any risks with her freedom. As the argument escalated, Téa wondered if Todd were prepared to tell her unborn child how its father had been killed. Todd claimed that he wouldn't have a problem telling the baby that he had killed Victor, because he was glad that he had done it. Todd insisted that the world was a better place without Todd's twin.

Téa accused Todd of murdering Victor in cold blood, so Todd reminded her that his attorney had successfully argued that Todd had posttraumatic stress disorder, because Irene, Todd and Victor's "psycho" mother, had kidnapped Todd, and then had held him prisoner for eight years, while subjecting him to constant torture. Téa was disgusted that Todd tried to use his imprisonment as an excuse for everything. Todd added that during his captivity, "That bastard, Victor, lived my life and loved all of the people that I care about." Todd admitted that he had missed Téa during his captivity; he refused to shed a tear for his brother, but he was sorry that Téa was in pain.

Todd suggested that Téa blame his mother, because Irene had set all of the events into motion. Téa asked if Todd were suggesting that she get over her husband's death. "Yeah, pretty much. That's what I'm telling you to do," Todd replied. Téa accused Todd of being an arrogant "son of a bitch," but she proposed a deal. She promised to get over losing Victor when Todd got over losing his family.

Téa realized that it wasn't a fair bargain, because Todd would eventually manage to worm his way back into everyone's good graces, while she would never have an opportunity to reunite with Victor. Téa cried that all she had was the baby. Todd assured Téa that she was not alone, but Téa became enraged. She screamed at Todd to leave, but Todd refused. He wanted his attorney to handle Starr's case, because he wasn't comfortable with his bitter ex-wife representing his daughter. Starr decided to let Téa represent her, so Starr asked Todd to leave.

Todd assured Téa that he was sorry that she was going through a difficult time, but he warned Téa that she would have to answer to him if she screwed up Starr's case. After Todd left, Téa apologized to Starr for arguing with Todd in front of Starr. Téa realized that she should have guessed that Todd would make a beeline for Starr after the trial. Starr assured Téa that Todd was confident in Téa's ability to help Starr, so perhaps Todd might leave Port Charles.

At the hospital, a police officer startled Kate awake in her bed when he announced Liz's arrival. After the police officer left, Liz wondered why Kate had asked to talk to her. Kate wondered how Ewen was doing, so Liz explained that Ewen was in intensive care, because he had sustained a subdural hematoma from being bashed over the head. Kate appeared confused, so Liz clarified that Ewen had bleeding on the brain. Kate's eyes filled with tears, because Ewen had only wanted to help Kate. Kate told Liz that Ewen had diagnosed Kate with dissociative identity disorder.

Kate explained that Connie had grown stronger, so Ewen had urged Kate to seek inpatient treatment at Shadybrook, but Kate had been resistant, so she had put it off. Liz appeared to take pity on Kate, so she assured Kate that Kate wasn't the first patient to do that. Kate cried, because she had hurt so many people. Kate prayed for Ewen's recovery, because she didn't know what she would do if he didn't. Liz insisted that Ewen wouldn't want Kate to think like that, so she urged Kate to focus on getting better. Kate was curious why Liz was being nice to her, especially after what Connie had done during Liz's date with Ewen.

Liz explained that she understood what DID was; however, she was curious what Connie's objective had been. Kate told Liz about Connie's desire to protect Kate from Sonny's lifestyle -- that Connie had slept with Johnny to drive Sonny out of Kate's life. Kate was certain that Sonny would never forgive her. Liz reminded Kate that Sonny hadn't lived a blameless life. Kate confessed that she had hurt Sonny when they had been teenagers, so she doubted that Sonny would get past it.

Liz confided that she and Lucky had been married and divorced twice, but they had eventually found their way back to each other for a third time. However, Liz had felt unworthy of Lucky, so she had sabotaged her relationship him by sleeping with Lucky's brother, Nikolas. Liz admitted that it had broken her when Lucky had found out, because it hadn't gone well. Kate was curious what had happened, so Liz told Kate that Lucky had found Liz on the hospital's rooftop. Kate wondered if Lucky had forgiven Liz, but Liz didn't have an opportunity to reply, because the police office had returned to inform Kate that Kate was being taken to the police station.

Later, Liz spotted Ewen's doctor, so she asked for an update. The doctor warned Liz that Ewen was not doing well.

At Steve's apartment, Heather added sugar to her iced tea, and then stirred, as she recalled spiking Maggie's iced tea. "I'm sorry, Maggie, but somebody had to die to save Steven Lars," Heather said. Moments later, Olivia entered. Heather resented Olivia sneaking up on her, but Olivia warned Heather to get used to it, or else Heather would have to return to the sanitarium. Olivia then revealed that she intended to go to Memphis to bail Steve out. Heather insisted that it was unnecessary, because she was confident that the charges would be dropped.

Olivia pointed out that the police clearly had evidence against Steve, because they had arrested him. Heather insisted on taking the high road, and suggested that anyone who truly loved Steve would follow suit. Heather claimed that she was so certain that Steve would be released from jail that she expected her son to walk through the door at any moment. As if on cue, Steve entered. Heather smiled with satisfaction, as Olivia raced into Steve's arms.

Olivia wondered what had happened, so Steve explained that the police had dropped all of the charges against him when Maggie had sent a letter confessing to the murder. Heather happily greeted her son, and then suggested that they go to Kelly's to celebrate. Olivia and Steve appeared concerned as Heather left the room to freshen up. Steve was wrapping up a phone call when Heather returned to the living room. Heather's smile faded when Steve told Olivia that Maggie's body had been found in her apartment, but she was alive and en route to the hospital.

At Metro Court, Carly was pleasantly surprised by a delivery of flowers. Her good humor evaporated when she discovered that Johnny had sent the bouquet. Moments later, Johnny appeared in the lobby. Carly prepared to throw the flowers away, but Johnny warned her that she wouldn't be able to get rid of him as easily. Carly snidely suggested that Johnny take the flowers to his new girlfriend, Kate.

Johnny denied that Kate was his girlfriend, but Carly didn't care, because he had slept with Kate. Carly accused Kate of being obsessed with everything that Carly cared about, including Johnny, but in the end, Kate had done Carly a favor by exposing Johnny as "a cheating son of a bitch." Johnny apologized for sleeping with Kate, so Carly screamed, "Screw you." She yanked the flowers out of the vase, and then tossed the water at Johnny.

Carly accused Johnny of using her to get to Sonny, but Johnny argued that he no longer cared about hurting Sonny. Johnny only wanted Carly back in his life. Carly suggested that he find a way to "unscrew" Kate. Johnny wished that he could take back what he had done. Carly was curious why Johnny and Kate hadn't simply pretended to sleep together, instead of having sex. Johnny seemed surprised by the question, but recovered quickly.

According to Johnny, Connie hadn't wanted to take any chances that Sonny might forgive her. Carly wondered if Johnny had known that Kate had DID. He admitted that he had. Carly pointed out that he'd had sex with a woman who had completely checked out. "Do you know what that makes you? A rapist," Carly informed him. Johnny was taken aback, but admitted that Kate had said the same thing.

Carly insisted that it had to be true, since Carly and Kate had agreed on something. Johnny ignored the remark to assure Carly that he was willing to fight for her, because she drew out the best in him, and made him care about things. Carly's eyes filled with tears, as she told him that he was wasting his time. Johnny disagreed, because he loved her.

Later, Carly was working at the front desk when someone extended a bouquet of flowers to her. Carly assumed that it was Johnny, so she reminded him that she didn't want Johnny's flowers. "Sucks to be Johnny," Todd replied.

Johnny entered the squad room, and then asked one of the police officers why they had asked to see him. The officer gestured to a corner, where a teary-eyed Kate was huddled.

Friday, May 11, 2012

At Metro Court, Carly was surprised that Todd was back. "With a vengeance," Todd remarked. Carly wondered why Todd had returned to town, so Todd explained that he'd had unfinished business. Carly suspected that Todd wanted revenge, because Sonny had been acquitted. Todd revealed that Starr had beaten him to it, but he quickly assured Carly that Sonny was "sadly" unharmed.

Todd told Carly that Starr had been arrested, so he was there to take care of his daughter. He also claimed that he had missed Carly's scones, and then tried to persuade Carly to give him a discount on the room, but Carly refused, because Todd was a wealthy man. Todd feigned hurt, and then wondered what had happened to their friendship. Carly explained that it had ended when Todd and Starr had tried to kill Carly's ex-husband.

Todd assured Carly that Starr had merely been upset and out of control. Carly suggested that Starr had been following in Todd's footsteps. "Perhaps," Todd conceded, so he intended to stay close to Starr. Todd admitted that Starr was not thrilled to have him around, and that his ex-wife had arrived to help. Carly assumed that he had meant Blair, but Todd quickly clarified that he had been referring to his other ex-wife, Téa Delgado.

Carly arched a brow when Todd confessed that Téa was his deceased twin's widow. He blamed it on Llanview being a small town, and then shifted gears to reveal that he had been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder, so he'd been acquitted of Victor's murder. Carly realized that she had no room to judge, since her ex-husband's girlfriend had slept with Carly's boyfriend. Todd chuckled, because it was clear that Carly also lived in a small town. Todd's jovial mood dissipated when Carly mentioned that Kate had dissociative identity disorder.

Todd carefully guided the conversation away from DID by turning on the charm, and suggesting that Johnny had been a fool. Carly grumbled about Johnny's lies, so Todd warned her that people often hurt the ones they most cared about. Todd admitted that he had hurt everyone in his family, especially Blair, who had accused the medical expert at Todd's trial of lying about Todd's condition. Todd explained that Blair and Téa were mad. Todd feared that Téa would object to including Todd in Starr's defense, so Carly suggested that Todd turn on the charm.

Todd chuckled, because he thought that it would be a cold day in hell before Téa changed her mind. Todd explained that Téa tended to be cranky, and that she had ordered Todd to leave the police station. Carly insisted that Todd was Starr's father, so Téa had had no right to toss Todd out. Todd agreed. He handed Carly his credit card, asked her to book him a room, invited her to charge whatever she liked, and then ordered her to crank up the heat. "Why?" Carly wondered.

"It's about to be that cold day in hell," Todd replied, and then left. A short time later, Carly set a vase, filled with the flowers that Todd had given to her, on the front desk. A clerk assumed that Carly had forgiven Johnny, but Carly explained that the flowers had been from someone else.

At Greystone Manor, Alexis was stunned that Kate had dissociative identity disorder, and that Kate's alter personality had slept with Johnny. Sonny explained that Kate had blamed it on Connie, but Sonny suspected that it was an excuse. Alexis reminded Sonny that she had once researched multiple personalities, so it was a real mental disorder. Sonny insisted that Kate had lied, so Alexis was curious why he had asked her to represent Kate. Sonny claimed that it was for damage control -- to keep the press from finding out and hurting Sonny's family and business.

"Well, as the mother of one of you children, I really appreciate your desire to spare us," Alexis sarcastically replied. Alexis argued that Sonny wasn't selfless, so it was obvious to her that he was still in love with Kate. Sonny explained that he couldn't get the image of Kate and Johnny together out of his head. Alexis tried to talk to Sonny about DID, but Sonny didn't want to hear it, so Alexis went to the police station.

In the interrogation room, at the police station, Starr confessed to stealing Johnny's gun. Téa suggested that Johnny had taken advantage of Starr's grief by handing her a gun, and then sending Starr after Sonny. Starr made it clear that it hadn't happened like that, so she refused to blame Johnny. Starr insisted that Johnny was a good man, but Téa warned Starr that looks could be deceiving. Téa pointed to Starr's father as a prime example. Starr argued that Sonny had killed Hope and Cole, so Starr had wanted to get justice for her family, but Téa argued that it was a motive, not a defense.

Starr was frustrated, because it wasn't fair that Sonny had gotten away with murder. Téa assured Starr that she empathized, because Todd had also evaded justice. However, Téa loved Starr, so Téa refused to let Starr go to jail. Moments later, a police officer announced that Téa's time was up. Téa demanded to inspect the holding cell where Starr would stay, so the police officer led Téa and Starr out of the interrogation room.

Nearby, Johnny was surprised when he saw Connie huddled on a bench in the corner of the squad room. Kate quickly clarified that she was Kate, not Connie. Johnny assumed that he had been called to the police station because Kate intended to press charges against him for rape. Kate conceded that Connie had consented, so it wasn't rape. Johnny was mystified why he was there. "Because of this," Delores replied, as she held up a bag with the gun that Starr had taken from Johnny's penthouse.

A police officer arrived to take Kate to booking. Johnny wondered what was going on, so Kate revealed that she had assaulted Dr. Keenan. Johnny started to follow Kate, but Delores snagged his attention by asking Johnny about the gun. Johnny was curious if Delores had obtained a search warrant for the gun, because his gun had never left his apartment. Delores informed Johnny that Michael had given a statement about what Johnny had told Michael regarding the gun and Starr.

Johnny insisted that Starr had been a grief-stricken mother, but Delores reminded Johnny that Starr had been old enough to appreciate the consequences for her actions. Johnny argued that Michael's comments were hearsay, and that the gun could get lost.

Starr spotted Kate in the squad room. She recognized Kate as Sonny's girlfriend, so Starr was curious why Kate was there. The police officer revealed that Kate had attacked her "shrink." Téa warned the officer that she did not want Starr put in a cell with a violent criminal. The officer reminded Téa that Starr had attempted to kill Sonny with a gun. "Allegedly," Téa clarified.

Kate anxiously wondered if Sonny had been hurt. Starr assured Kate that Sonny was fine, so Kate seized the opportunity to promise Starr that Sonny hadn't been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires. Starr argued that she didn't believe that Johnny had done it, so Starr was curious who else could have pulled the trigger. Alexis arrived, and ushered Kate into an interrogation room before Kate could reply.

Starr noticed Johnny standing in the squad room, so she called out a greeting to him. Johnny quickly assured Starr that he would find an attorney for her. Téa introduced herself to Johnny, and then explained that she was Starr's lawyer. Johnny had never heard of Téa, prompting Delores and Téa to have a brief exchange in Spanish. "What the hell was that?" Johnny asked, exasperated. "That was Spanish. Did you ever hear of that?" Téa snidely asked.

Delores and Téa exchanged a couple of more words in Spanish, and then Téa and Starr left. Delores realized that Johnny cared about Starr, but Delores refused to tamper with evidence, regardless what Johnny tried to blackmail Delores with. Johnny reminded Delores that she had been warned, but Delores simply walked away.

In the interrogation room, Kate wondered if Sonny had sent Alexis. Alexis claimed that she had heard about Kate's arrest on the news, and that she had talked to Kate's doctor, so Alexis knew about the DID. Alexis wondered if there had been any other crimes that Connie might have committed. Kate seemed hesitant to answer, so Alexis reminded Kate that their conversations were protected by attorney/client privilege. Kate tearfully confided that it was possible that Connie had shot out Anthony's tires, which had led to the deaths of a little girl and her father. Alexis and Kate were unaware that Todd lurked by the door, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Luke arrived at the hospital with food for Lulu, but he was disappointed to discover that her hospital room was empty. Dante appeared in the doorway, and revealed that Lulu had checked out earlier without telling anyone. Luke suggested that perhaps Lulu had needed some time to be alone, but Dante refused to take any risks after what had happened with Ronnie. Luke spotted a book of matches on the bed, so he tossed them to Dante. Luke suspected that Lulu had gone to the "scene of the crime."

At the Haunted Star, Lulu entered the casino, and then slowly walked around. The casino was littered with crime scene tape and a bloodstain on the floor. Lulu crouched down, and then stared at the pool of blood. A short time later, Luke and Dante entered. The men were relieved to have found her. Lulu assured her husband and father that she was fine, but Dante was skeptical.

Lulu explained that she had dropped by the Haunted Star to make an assessment of the damage before she filed an insurance claim. Dante insisted that it could wait; he wanted her to go home with him. Lulu smiled at her husband, and assured him that she would go home when she was ready. Lulu then changed the subject by asking if Dante had told Sonny about Ronnie's confession. Dante hadn't gotten around to it, so Lulu insisted that Dante go to Sonny before a mob war broke out.

Luke realized that Lulu wanted Dante to leave, so he urged Dante to heed Lulu's advice. Dante realized that he was outnumbered, so he told Lulu that he loved her, and then left. Luke waited until they were alone before he asked Lulu what was really going on. Lulu tried to brush it off, but Luke warned her not to let Ronnie win by changing her. Lulu confessed that it was too late; she had been changed the moment that Ronnie had pointed a gun in her face. Lulu confessed that she had never felt more alive.

Lulu assured her father that she didn't have a desire to be shot, but the threat of impeding death had made her see things clearly. Lulu had realized what she had been missing from her life. She had learned that she could think under pressure and act in a crisis, like Luke. Lulu claimed that all of her life, her identity had been limited to her being Luke and Laura's daughter, and that she had felt incomplete until she had faced death. Luke admitted that he had the same gene, so he knew what she was talking about. However, he was curious what Lulu intended to do about the new insight.

Lulu promised not to get herself kidnapped again, and then jokingly suggested that it wasn't too late to join the police academy. Luke groaned, because one police officer in the family was enough. Lulu chuckled, but Luke warned Lulu that the danger could be as addictive as any of Lucky's drugs, so she needed to be careful. Luke advised her to set her mind on something, and then promised her that the danger would follow, because it was the Spencer way. Moments later, Luke's cell phone rang. It was Heather.

Luke wondered how Heather had gotten his cell phone number. Heather chuckled, and then assured him that she had her ways. Heather explained that she had called to check up on Luke, and to find out if there had been any news about Lulu. Luke revealed that Lulu was fine. Heather was pleased, and then announced that the charges against Steven Lars had been dropped. Luke was curious how she had managed that, so Heather reminded him that she had her ways.

At Greystone Manor, Dante told his father about what had happened at the Haunted Star, and Ronnie's confession that Ronnie had shot at Dante in Metro Court's parking garage. Sonny could tell that Dante was troubled, so Dante admitted that he feared Lulu had been traumatized by what had transpired in the casino. Dante felt responsible for what Ronnie had done, but Sonny insisted that Dante wasn't to blame. Sonny urged Dante to move forward, because Dante had a lot to be grateful for.

At the hospital, Steve implored Maggie to tell him what had happened. Maggie stared past Steve's shoulder, at Heather, with an expression of terror. Maggie desperately gasped for breath, so the paramedics rushed her to an examination bay. Steve went with Maggie. Maggie's condition quickly deteriorated when her heart went into ventricular fibrillation. Steve reached for the paddles in a desperate attempt to shock her heart into a normal rhythm.

In the waiting area, Olivia suggested that she and Heather leave. Heather claimed that she wanted to stay, because she was concerned about Maggie. Meanwhile, the attending doctor urged Steve to stop, because Maggie could not be saved. Steve reluctantly put the defibrillator paddles down, and then declared Maggie's time of death as 3:25 p.m.

Heather managed to hide her relief when Steve told her and Olivia about Maggie's death. Heather was annoyed when Olivia sent Heather on an errand, so that Olivia could be alone with Steve. Heather didn't go far, because she wanted to listen in on Olivia and Steve's conversation. Steve admitted that he couldn't understand why Maggie had confessed to a murder that she hadn't committed, and then taken an overdose. Steve insisted that it didn't make sense, because that was not the kind of person that Maggie had been.

Olivia suggested that perhaps Maggie had felt partly responsible for what had happened in Memphis. Around the corner, Heather pulled out a folded note from her purse, and then smiled. Heather went to the nurses' station to ask for Steve's mail. The nurse expressed concern and support for Steve, but Heather snapped at the woman. The nurse left to fetch the mail, while Heather thought about the moments before Maggie had passed out, after drinking the spiked iced tea. Heather returned to the present when the nurse handed Heather the mail.

Heather snatched the mail out of the nurse's hand, and then quickly walked away, while tucking the folded note into the pile of mail. Meanwhile, the attending physician returned with the results of Maggie's preliminary blood work. According to the doctor, Maggie had overdosed on beta blockers. The doctor revealed that the prescription bottle that had been found in Maggie's apartment had been traced back to a bottle of pills that had disappeared from the hospital during Maggie's last shift.

Steve was reeling from the news when Heather returned with Steve's mail. Steve thanked his mother for picking it up, and then absentmindedly flipped through the envelopes until he saw a note with Maggie's handwriting on it. Heather stepped away, but remained close enough to hear Olivia read the letter. The letter claimed that Maggie had confessed to the murder and ended her life because she loved Steve, and had wanted him to be free, because he had a family to live for. Heather smiled with satisfaction.

Later, Heather ended her call with Luke, and then watched as Maggie's body, covered with a sheet, was taken out of the examination bay. Olivia comforted Steve, who was clearly devastated by the loss of his friend. Heather carefully hid her smile.

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