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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 28, 2012 on GH
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, General Hospital did not air today.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, May 29, and pick up where the Friday, May 25 episode concluded.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

At the hospital, Matt confessed to Liz and Patrick that he had killed Lisa, but he had blocked the incident out. Matt then revealed the details about the district attorney's offer to Maxie. Patrick insisted on accompanying Matt to court, because Patrick wanted the judge to know that Lisa had been insane. Liz offered to testify that Lisa had tried to kill her by tossing Liz overboard. Matt thanked Liz, and then left with Patrick. Moments later, Jason called Liz to ask for help.

At the Beechers Corners police station, Jason was questioned about where he had been on January 13, 2012. Jason made it clear that he had nothing to say without his attorney present, so the police officer revealed that Franco had been shot twice at point-blank range. According to the police officer, Franco had been dead prior to being incinerated in the studio. The police officer claimed that an anonymous tip had pointed them to Jason. "It was McBain," Jason whispered to himself, as the police officer walked away.

Jason called Alexis, but the call went to voicemail, so he reached out to Liz for help. A short time later, Liz arrived at the police station with the bail money. She was curious why Jason had wanted her to deliver the money, instead of Bernie. Jason explained that Bernie might have been given a hard time, if Bernie had shown up waving the bail money around for a "nuisance arrest." Liz insisted that murder was a serious charge, but Jason claimed that nothing tied him to Franco's murder.

Jason confided to Liz that he suspected that John McBain had called in the tip. Moments later, a police officer dropped a newspaper on the desk for Jason to read, while the bail was processed. Liz was shocked when she saw the headline, which read, "Honeymoon Horror." Liz insisted that the story was criminal, because it was an invasion of privacy. Jason accused John of leaking the story to the media.

Liz wondered what John stood to gain by tipping the police off and leaking the story. Jason suggested that John would be able to go after Sonny and "whatever else he can get," with Jason out of the way. Liz realized that everyone would soon know all of Jason and Sam's secrets, so Jason revealed that he had told Monica about the rape and the baby's paternity, because the baby was still a Quartermaine. Liz was curious how Monica had taken the news. Jason confessed that Monica had talked about accepting Jason when Alan had taken Jason in after Susan's death.

Monica had made Jason realize that Sam's baby was innocent, and that it hadn't been fair for Jason to burden the baby with his history. Jason admitted that he had intended to talk to Sam about it, but then the reporter had shown up, which had stirred things up again. Liz was confident that Jason and Sam would work things out.

At the Rendezvous Motel, Anna paid John a visit. She revealed that the mayor had offered her Mac's job. John wondered if congratulations were in order, so Anna shook her head. She explained that she didn't want to take her ex-brother-in-law's job, because she thought that Mac had been a good police commissioner. John urged Anna to reconsider, because she was good at what she did, and it would help his investigation. Anna admitted that she had talked to her contact at the FBI about extending John's investigative allowance.

According to Anna, her contact had turned down John's request, because John was no longer an FBI agent and the case wasn't active. She warned John that he might have to let it go, but John refused. Anna admitted that she had questions about John's sister, so John revealed that Theresa had been his half-sister, who had been the result of an affair between his father and an unnamed woman.

John confided that his father, Thomas, had been shot in the line of duty. Thomas had been rushed to the hospital, but the injuries had been too severe, so Thomas had told John about Theresa on his deathbed, and then had asked John not to tell anyone, including John's brother and mother. Thomas had asked John to find Theresa, who had been whisked away by her mother, and to make sure that Theresa was okay. Anna thought that it had been a lot of Thomas to ask of a young child, but John explained that Thomas hadn't trusted anyone else. John explained that he had finally managed to track Theresa down when he had joined the FBI.

According to John, Theresa had had a difficult life growing up in the foster care system. She had been working in a seedy bar in Atlantic City when John had met her. Theresa had accepted John, but she resented their father. John had thought that they'd have time to work through it all, but Theresa had been killed before that could happen. Anna wondered if perhaps John wanted Sonny to pay, because John hadn't been able to keep his promise to Thomas. John insisted that Sonny was a career criminal who had been responsible for Theresa's murder.

Anna feared that John's objectivity was compromised by his bitterness towards Sonny. John conceded that Anna had a point, but he doubted that she would have felt any less bitter if Robin had been killed by someone who had intentionally blown up the lab. Anna assured John that she felt bitter, even though the explosion had been accidental, because she was filled with regret for missing a large part of Robin's life. John insisted that Anna had made a difference in the world, so he urged her to take the police commissioner position. Anna assured him that she still believed in fighting the good fight, but she was concerned about John.

Anna wondered if John were prepared to sacrifice precious time with Liam to pursue Sonny. She pointed out that she couldn't go back, so she had to live with her choices, but he could learn from her mistakes. Anna urged John to think things through carefully. Shortly after Anna left, Jason pounded on John's door. John opened the door, and then asked what he could do for Jason. "Haven't you done enough already?" Jason asked.

At the lake house, Alexis was ready to organize a search party for Kristina when Kristina appeared on the doorstep. Relieved, Alexis raced to hug Kristina, but Kristina coldly told Alexis not to bother. Kristina's frosty greeting startled Alexis, so Alexis demanded to know what was going on. The phone rang, so Kristina invited Alexis to answer it. Alexis insisted that nothing was more important than her children, so Alexis ignored the call.

Sam was also concerned about what had happened to Kristina at Yale. Kristina explained that she had quit, because she had discovered that she didn't belong there. Kristina glared accusingly at Sonny as she revealed that Sonny had pulled some strings to force Yale to accept Kristina. Sonny invited Kristina to take a walk with him to discuss it, so that Alexis, Sam, and Molly didn't have to be involved, but Kristina wanted her family to know exactly what Sonny had done. Kristina began to rant about all the wrongs that Sonny had ever done, so Sonny warned Kristina not to drag the past into it.

Sonny acknowledged that he had done what was necessary to get Kristina into Yale, but he insisted that any parent would have done the same. Kristina argued that most parents wouldn't have resorted to threats and intimidation tactics. Kristina was tired of Sonny and Alexis lying to her, so she demanded to know if Alexis had known. Sonny shook his head at Alexis, willing to take the full blame, but Alexis admitted the truth. Kristina wondered if sending her to Yale had been about getting Kristina into Alexis' alma mater, keeping Kristina way from Ethan, preventing Kristina from pursuing a career in fashion with Crimson, or all of the above.

Sonny pointed out that that no one had forced Kristina to go to Yale. Kristina complained that Sonny had strong-armed Yale into accepting her, so she hadn't gotten in on her own merit. Molly suggested that Kristina was being unfair, because what mattered was that Kristina had been given an opportunity to attend the prestigious school. Kristina explained that she had been ridiculed and ostracized by the students, because her father was a mobster. Sam pointed out that Kristina could have proven everyone wrong by toughing it out.

Kristina appreciated that Sam didn't mind being married to the mob, but Kristina had resented having been made a laughingstock. Alexis wondered where Kristina had been since Kristina had left Yale. Kristina explained that she had ended up in a coffee bar, where she had met a male grad student. Kristina cryptically explained that she and the grad student had been working on a family project. Molly was curious if Kristina were pregnant, like Sam. Alexis was shocked by the suggestion, but demanded an answer. Kristina insisted that when she got pregnant, it would be on purpose and with someone that she loved.

Sonny appeared confused. "Is she pregnant?" Sonny asked, as he carefully studied Kristina's midsection, while she took off her coat. "No," Molly and Alexis clarified in unison. Kristina explained that she wanted the kind of happiness that Sam and Jason had. Sam looked uncomfortable, as Kristina hugged her. Molly was curious what Kristina's new project was, so Kristina revealed that she intended to star on a reality show called Mob Princess.

At Pentonville, Spinelli was relieved that Maxie had agreed to testify against Matt. "No thanks to you, Spinelli," Maxie growled, as she threw a book at him. Spinelli dodged the book, and then tried to explain why he had broken his promise to Maxie. He insisted that Maxie didn't belong in prison, but Maxie argued that Matt didn't even recall killing Lisa. Spinelli refused to apologize, because he loved her, and always would. Maxie angrily demanded if Spinelli had hoped to get rid of the competition by revealing that Matt had killed Lisa.

Spinelli hoped that Maxie knew him better than that; however, Spinelli insisted that Matt wasn't the man for Maxie. Spinelli explained that he had saved Maxie from a life in prison, because they belonged together. He suspected that deep down inside, Maxie knew it, too, because she had been looking for a way out of jail. Maxie didn't reply. Moments later, a guard fetched Maxie for court.

At the courthouse, Felicia was furious that Mac had been fired, so she threatened to file an official complaint. Mac assured Felicia that it wasn't necessary, because they had to focus on Maxie. Moments later, Patrick and Matt arrived. Mac angrily accused Matt of not being good enough for Maxie, because Matt had let Maxie take the fall for Lisa's murder. Matt argued that he had no memory of killing Lisa, so Mac assured Matt that they had footage to prove that Matt had done the deed. Matt insisted that he loved Maxie, so he intended to make things right.

A short time later, Maxie entered the courtroom. Maxie greeted her family, and then hugged Matt. Maxie explained that Matt had merely been trying to protect Robin, who had been unconscious at Lisa's feet when Matt had struck Lisa with the fatal blow. Maxie explained that she had confessed to Lisa's murder, because she had hoped to spare Patrick more pain after he had already lost Robin. The district attorney walked in, and then accused Maxie of costing the city money, so he expected Maxie to testify against Matt.

A young woman entered the courtroom, and then introduced herself as Rosalyn Quan. Alexis had asked Rosalyn to represent Maxie. Rosalyn explained that Maxie wouldn't testify until Maxie's sentence had been vacated. The district attorney reluctantly agreed. A short time later, the district attorney returned to the courtroom to announce that Maxie was free; however, Maxie would be expected to testify thirty minutes later.

Maxie's loved ones were delighted that she was a free woman, but Maxie remained concerned about Matt. Maxie asked everyone to give her time alone with Matt. Mac worried that Maxie would try to flee with Matt, so Maxie promised not to leave the courthouse. Felicia persuaded Mac to respect Maxie's wishes, so Maxie and Matt stepped into the hallway. Matt tried to assure Maxie that everything would be fine, but Maxie explained that she had a plan. She asked Matt to trust her.

Mac kept a watchful eye on Maxie until Anna walked up. Anna was curious how Maxie was doing, so Mac filled her in on what had transpired. Anna thought that Mac would need a vacation when everything settled down. Mac revealed that he would have plenty of time, because he had been fired. Anna confessed that she already knew, because Mayor Lomax had offered Mac's job to Anna. Mac insisted that Anna would be a great police commissioner, but Anna explained that she had turned the job offer down.

After Mac left, Anna caught up to Patrick to offer him her support. Patrick hated the idea of having to break the news about Matt to Noah, so Anna suggested that Patrick wait until he went home.

In the courtroom, Felicia thanked Spinelli for helping Maxie. Spinelli confessed that he had done it because he loved Maxie. Felicia was certain that Maxie would realize one day that how much Maxie needed Spinelli. Spinelli hoped that Felicia was right. Moments later, everyone, except Maxie and Matt, entered the courtroom. The district attorney warned Mac that Maxie would be in serious trouble if she failed to testify.

Moments later, Mac relaxed when Maxie arrived for the hearing. However, Maxie announced that she would not be testifying against Matt after all. Matt soon joined Maxie. Maxie explained that she couldn't be forced to testify against Matt, because they were married.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the courtroom, Maxie and Matt announced that they were married. Maxie informed the district attorney that a wife could not be compelled to testify against a husband, so she was confident that Matt wouldn't face any charges, because there hadn't been any other witnesses to Lisa's death, or anything to link Matt to the crime. The district attorney reluctantly admitted that Maxie was correct. Felicia feared Maxie would have to return to Pentonville, but the district attorney explained that Maxie's vacated sentence would stand. However, the district attorney vowed to find a way to make Lisa's killer pay for the crime.

After the district attorney stormed out of the courtroom, Rosalyn Quan, Maxie's attorney, praised Maxie for outmaneuvering the district attorney. After Rosalyn left, Spinelli suggested that Maxie and Matt could end their marriage when the statute of limitations for Lisa's murder expired, but Mac explained that there wasn't any statute of limitations for murder, so Maxie would have to remain married to Matt to avoid testifying. Patrick asked to speak to his brother, so Maxie remained in the courtroom with Felicia and Mac. Felicia hugged her daughter, as Maxie asked Mac to be happy for her. Moments later, Spinelli pulled Maxie aside to try to persuade Maxie to end her marriage to Matt. Maxie explained that Matt was a good man who shouldn't to go to jail for "putting a psychopath out of everyone's misery."

Spinelli insisted that Matt's attorney could have argued mitigating circumstances, but Maxie explained that she had done what she had to. Spinelli begged Maxie to reconsider, because Matt was a murderer and a liar. Maxie insisted that she loved Matt, but Spinelli argued that Maxie only thought that she was in love with Matt. He reminded her that there had been a lack of trust between Matt and Maxie prior to Maxie going to jail. Maxie suspected that Spinelli didn't want her to be happy with anyone, except Spinelli. Spinelli claimed that he loved Maxie and would always be true to her, so he would have supported Maxie's marriage to Matt if he had thought that Matt could make Maxie happy.

In the hallway, Patrick questioned Matt's decision to marry Maxie. Matt explained that he had been given a second chance at life, thanks to Maxie, who had proven her love for Matt. Matt admitted that he loved Maxie, and welcomed the opportunity to make his life count by doing good. Shortly afterwards, Matt returned to the courtroom to fetch his wife. Spinelli was crestfallen as Maxie walked into her husband's welcoming arms.

Later, Spinelli appealed to Felicia and Mac to convince Maxie that marrying Matt had been a mistake. Mac felt bad for Spinelli, because he knew that Spinelli loved Maxie, but Mac pointed out that the marriage was a "done deal." After Spinelli walked away, Felicia sensed that Mac wasn't happy about the marriage. Mac conceded that Matt was a nice guy, but Matt wasn't good enough for Maxie. Felicia offered to buy Mac a drink, so he accepted.

Meanwhile, Spinelli approached Patrick, in an attempt to enlist Patrick's aid. Patrick didn't think that it was his place to judge, but if Maxie and Matt found even a fraction of the joy that Patrick had found with Robin, then Maxie and Matt had Patrick's blessings. Patrick walked up to Maxie and Matt, wished them well, and then left. Spinelli watched helplessly as Maxie and Matt decided to go home, hand-in-hand.

At the lake house, Kristina revealed that she intended to star in a reality show called Mob Princess. Sonny, Alexis, Sam, and Molly were stunned when Kristina added that she expected her entire family to be a part of the show. Sonny and Alexis immediately objected, while Sam explained that the last thing that any of them needed was more media exposure. Kristina angrily complained that Sonny's mob influence had been used to get Kristina into college, which had left Kristina humiliated. Kristina had decided to embark on a new career, since college had been ruined for her.

Sam reminded Kristina that Sam had once done a reality show, which Sam had regretted, so Sam feared that Kristina would end up feeling the same way. Alexis accused Kristina of overreacting to what Sonny had done, while Sonny argued that he had merely called in a favor to give Kristina what Kristina had wanted. Sonny pointed out that Kristina had made the choice to go to Yale. Kristina made it clear that she would be calling the shots in her life, not her parents. Sonny was adamant that neither he, nor the rest of the family, would have any part of Kristina's show. As if on cue, the film crew arrived and began to record.

Kristina addressed the camera, as she angrily introduced her family as a non-traditional American family. Alexis threatened to file injunctions against the film crew, but Kristina ignored her mother. Sonny tried to pull Kristina aside, but Kristina bitterly accused Sonny of almost killing her when Sonny had planted a bomb in Johnny Zacchara's car. Kristina smiled smugly as Alexis gasped with shock, while Sonny glared at his daughter. Sam immediately tried to defuse the tense situation by trying to pull Kristina aside, but Kristina turned her hostility on Sam, by announcing to the cameras that Sam was married to Sonny's enforcer.

Next, Kristina introduced Molly, whose father was also a mob attorney, like Alexis, and Sonny's half-brother. Kristina continued by revealing that Michael had gone to prison and then suggested that Morgan was away at school, learning to become a sniper. Kristina also talked about her eldest brother, Dante the cop, who Sonny had shot. Sonny's temper exploded when Kristina claimed that she had been the result of a sleazy one-night stand. Undaunted, Kristina snidely wondered what Sonny intended to do about her tirade, so Sonny snatched a camera out of one of the film crew's hands, and then smashed it.

Later, Alexis noticed that she had missed a call. Another camera captured Alexis revealing to Sam that Jason had been arrested in connection to Franco's murder. Sonny immediately tossed the film crew out of Alexis' house. Alexis made it clear that she would not permit the film crew back into her home, so Kristina threatened to leave -- and never look back -- if her family didn't cooperate. After Sam left, Alexis dragged Sonny onto the front porch to discuss Kristina's ultimatum. Sonny refused to be a part of the reality show, but Alexis was willing to consider it, because she didn't want to lose Kristina.

Inside, Kristina wondered if Molly was mad at her, but Molly questioned if it really mattered to Kristina, because it was clear that Kristina was caught up in her own drama. Kristina admitted that she wanted to get back at Alexis and Sonny. Molly assured Kristina that Kristina had succeeded, because Alexis and Sonny were upset. Molly wondered if Kristina intended to film the reality show. Kristina explained that everyone at Yale thought of her as a mob princess, so she had decided to embrace it. Kristina promised that Molly would enjoy the experience.

At the Rendezvous Motel, Jason accused John of calling in the tip that had resulted in Jason's recent arrest. John denied that he had made the anonymous call, but Jason wondered why else the police would haul him in for Franco's murder. John suggested that perhaps it had been because Jason had killed Franco. Jason was grateful that at least John had decided to go after Jason directly, instead of using Sam. John pointed out that Jason was a prime suspect in Franco's murder, because of Jason's history with the serial killer, not because John had tipped off the police. Jason was curious what John would have done if someone had raped Natalie.

John suggested that Jason stop making it personal. Jason accused John of telling the newspaper about Sam's rape, but John denied it. John clarified that he didn't operate that way and wouldn't wish what had happened to Sam on anyone. Jason argued that John was trying to get Jason out of the way to get to Sonny, because of what had happened in Atlantic City. Jason insisted that Sonny hadn't killed anyone, but John wondered how Jason could know that, since Jason hadn't been there. Jason switched tactics by wondering if John wanted Jason out of the way to get to Sonny or to Sam.

John explained that he'd had his own paternity issues to deal with, so he knew what Jason was going through. John insisted that was what John and Sam had talked about. Jason didn't want to hear it, so he started to leave. John advised Jason not to make more out of John and Sam's acquaintanceship than there was, because Jason might end up losing Sam. Jason reminded John that John's investigative allowance was about to expire, which meant that John would have no reason to remain in Port Charles. John sarcastically thanked Jason for stopping by, and then shut the door.

In the hallway, Jason bumped into Sam. Sam revealed that she had heard about Jason's arrest. Jason explained that Liz had dropped off the bail money, because Bernie was still recovering from the shooting at Pozzulo's. Sam was curious why Jason was at the motel, so Jason suggested that Sam ask her friend, John. Sam was stunned when Jason accused John of arranging for Jason's arrest and the story in the newspaper. Jason warned Sam that John was the wrong person to trust, because John was a cop.

Meanwhile, John called Natalie, but the call went to voicemail. John hated the way things had ended between them when he had last talked to Natalie, so he asked Natalie to call him back, because he didn't want to lose her.

At the police station, Dante was curious where Delores had been. Delores explained that she had gone to the Quartermaine estate to follow up on the report of gunshots. Delores revealed that no one had seen or heard anything, but she had found some blood in the boathouse, so she was waiting for the lab results on the blood. Dante invited her to go on a field trip with him to execute a search warrant at Johnny Zacchara's penthouse.

Dante explained that Johnny was the prime suspect in shooting out Anthony's tires. Delores reminded Dante that Johnny had an alibi, but Dante argued that Carly lied more than anyone he knew, so she could not be trusted.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was frustrated because he hadn't been notified of Anthony's murder, even though Johnny had taken steps to frame Luke and Tracy. Anthony's "ghost" suggested that, no matter how well something was planned, a person couldn't account for the element of surprise. Anthony taunted Johnny by accusing Johnny of always screwing up, like the night that Johnny had shot out Anthony's tires. Johnny shouted for his grandfather to shut up. "Or what? You'll kill me again?" Anthony asked.

Johnny wished that he could kill Anthony again, so Anthony warned Johnny that it sounded as if Johnny didn't have a conscience. Johnny explained that he didn't have one in regards to Anthony. Anthony was curious why he was there, if that were true. Anthony suggested that Johnny was drowning in remorse, because Johnny knew that Anthony had loved Johnny. Johnny argued that Anthony had "pimped out" Claudia, and then reminded his grandfather that everyone had hated Anthony, including Luke and Tracy.

Johnny was confident that Luke and Tracy were the perfect scapegoats, but Anthony doubted that murder charges would stick, because Johnny had killed Anthony. Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. Johnny smiled with relief when Dante revealed that Dante and Delores were there regarding Anthony. Johnny's relief turned to confusion when Delores began to search the penthouse. Dante explained that they had a warrant to look for possible evidence that might tie Johnny to the shooting that had led to Cole and Hope's deaths. Johnny claimed that he had nothing to hide, and then quickly suggested that Dante talk to Luke and Tracy.

Dante was curious why Johnny no longer suspected Sonny of shooting out Anthony's tires, so Johnny explained that Anthony had turned to Johnny for help recently, because Luke and Tracy had made several attempts on Anthony's life. Moments later, Delores found Anthony's cell phone. Dante wondered why Anthony's cell phone was there. Johnny claimed that Anthony had probably dropped it, because Anthony had left in a hurry after Anthony had received a text message.

Dante checked the cell phone's text messages, which revealed that Tracy had sent Anthony a text message asking for Anthony to meet her at the boathouse. Delores reminded Dante of the blood that she had found in the boathouse. Johnny immediately seized the opportunity to accuse Tracy of killing Anthony, but Delores revealed that she had seen Anthony on the patio. Johnny was stunned, until Delores admitted that Anthony had been asleep. Moments later, the lab called to confirm that the blood in the boathouse had belonged to Anthony.

After Dante and Delores left, Anthony warned Johnny that the police would quickly rule Luke and Tracy out as suspects, because Johnny had killed Anthony.

At the boathouse, Tracy and Luke wondered what had happened to Anthony's body. Tracy suggested that perhaps Anthony hadn't been dead, but Luke assured her that was not the case. Luke questioned if perhaps one of the staff had moved the body, but Tracy dismissed it as a possibility, because none of the staff liked her enough to cover up a murder for her. Tracy and Luke then proceeded to accuse each other of killing Anthony, until Luke grew weary of the games. He asked Tracy to assure him that she was innocent of Anthony's murder, so she swore on the memory of her mother, Lila, that she hadn't killed Anthony.

Luke reciprocated by swearing on the lives of his three children that he hadn't killed Anthony. Tracy was confused, because she had thought that Ethan was Robert's son. Luke quickly corrected himself by swearing on Lucky and Lulu's lives. Luke and Tracy relaxed, but they wondered who had murdered Anthony. Luke pointed out that Anthony had had a lot of enemies, but Anthony's death hadn't looked like a mob hit. Tracy insisted that Sonny had killed Anthony, but Luke assured Tracy that Sonny would have used the opportunity to send a message, not dump the body in the boathouse.

Luke warned Tracy that, regardless who had killed Anthony, they still had the gun to dispose of. Luke decided to wipe the fingerprints off of the gun, and then toss it into the water. However, Dante and Delores arrived. Dante announced that Tracy and Luke were under arrest for suspicion of foul play in the disappearance of Anthony Zacchara.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

At the police station, Tracy was outraged that she and Luke had been arrested. Lulu tried to get to the bottom of things, so Delores explained that someone had reported hearing gunshots on the Quartermaine estate. Lulu found that odd, since none of the neighbors lived close enough to the estate to hear gunfire, if someone had actually fired a gun. Delores insisted that they had been obligated to look into the matter, which had led to the discovery of a small pool of blood in the boathouse. Dante added that Johnny Zacchara had implicated Luke and Tracy in foul play, because Anthony had claimed that Luke and Tracy had made several attempts on Anthony's life. Tracy insisted that she could easily clear everything up, but Luke cautioned Tracy not to say anything.

Tracy ignored Luke, as she adamantly denied killing Anthony, and then reminded Delores that Delores had seen Anthony, alive and well, sipping tea on the terrace. Delores argued that Anthony had supposedly been sleeping, but he could have just as likely been dead. Tracy claimed that Anthony had a drinking problem, so he had passed out. Dante was curious what Luke had been doing hanging out with Tracy and her new husband. Tracy assured Dante that it had been perfectly innocent, so Dante wondered why Luke and Tracy had been found trying to toss a gun into the water.

Tracy claimed that the gun had belonged to Anthony, and that she had found it in the boathouse, so she had called Luke to get rid of it, because she had an aversion to guns. Dante decided to have ballistics check the gun, so Delores offered to take care of it. Lulu approached her husband to have a private word with Dante. Lulu insisted that her father wasn't a murderer or foolish enough to be caught with a gun if he had killed someone. Dante believed Lulu, but he was certain that Tracy had been lying.

Meanwhile, Luke warned Tracy to stop talking, because her desperate denials made them both look guilty. Tracy reminded Luke that they hadn't killed Anthony, so she suggested that they simply tell Dante the truth. Luke wondered if Tracy intended to tell Dante about how Tracy had tried to kill Anthony, Luke's plan to ship Anthony to Uruguay, and their attempts to hide Anthony's body. Tracy realized that Luke had a point. Luke suggested that they both keep quiet until they contacted an attorney.

Moments later, Dante returned with the ballistics' report, which had revealed that the gun had recently been fired. Dante also explained that they had found a partial print on the gun. Tracy pointed out that she and Luke had touched the gun, so naturally their prints would have been on the gun. However, Tracy assured Dante and Lulu that it didn't mean that Tracy and Luke had killed Anthony. Dante confronted Tracy with the text message that she had sent, asking Anthony to meet her at the boathouse. Initially, Tracy pretended that she had no idea what Dante was talking about, but then he showed her Anthony's cell phone.

Tracy laughed, and then began to nervously babble. Luke warned Tracy not to say another word. Dante suggested that things would go quickly if Luke and Tracy cooperated, but Luke insisted that they had the right to be represented by an attorney. Dante decided to book Luke and Tracy. Delores led a sputtering Tracy away to be processed, while Lulu waited for Dante to step away, so that she could demand answers from her father.

In Anthony's car, Heather navigated through the rain while she chatted with Anthony, who was strapped into the passenger seat. Heather was certain that Tracy had been responsible for Anthony's untimely demise, but Heather didn't want Luke to get into trouble, so Heather had decided to get rid of Anthony's body. Moments later, a police officer pulled Heather over. Heather reached over to lift Anthony's lips into a smile, and then advised him to let her do all of the talking. Heather smiled innocently when the police officer walked up to the car, indicated for her to roll down the window, and then asked for her license and registration.

Heather readily handed over the registration, but explained that she had forgotten her license at home, because her husband had rushed her out of the door. The police officer explained that the highway was closed, and then asked what was wrong with her husband. Heather complained that she had been relegated to designated driver, because her husband was drunk. The police officer suggested that Heather advise her husband to ease up on the drinking, handed her the registration, and then left. Heather made a crack about how Anthony's drinking would end up killing him, as she rolled up the window.

Heather decided to wait until the police officer left, so she seized the opportunity to thank Anthony for giving her the idea to make Maggie's death look like a suicide and to forge a suicide note vindicating Steven Lars. After the police officer left, Heather donned a hat and raincoat, and then announced that it was time to bury Anthony, since the highway was closed. "Ah, the things we do for love," Heather sighed.

In Sonny's office, Sonny admitted that he had heard about Jason's arrest. Jason explained that Liz had picked up the bail money from Bernie, and then had taken it to Beechers Corners to bail Jason out. Sonny was curious why Jason hadn't called Sam. Jason insisted that he didn't want Sam anywhere near the investigation into Franco's murder, because Sam had been through enough. Sonny wondered why Jason had been arrested, so Jason accused John McBain of calling in the tip. Jason quickly assured Sonny that nothing linked Jason to Franco's murder, so the case was circumstantial.

Sonny wasn't surprised about John, because it was clear that John needed Jason out of the way to get to Sonny. Jason feared that John wanted Sam too. Jason confessed that he had no idea why Sam seemed more comfortable talking to John, instead of her husband. Sonny was curious if Sam might have said anything that John could use against them. Jason doubted it, but Jason suspected that John had leaked the story about Franco to the press, because John was the only person who stood to gain from it. Sonny wondered what Jason intended to do about it, so Jason explained that they needed to be patient, because John's investigative allowance was about to expire.

Sonny insisted that he'd had nothing to do with John's sister's death, but John was on a crusade to avenge her, so Sonny doubted that John intended to leave town until Sonny was behind bars. Jason didn't want Sam to be caught in the middle of John's agenda. "Then maybe Lt. McBain needs to disappear," Sonny suggested. Sonny feared that John wouldn't hesitate to use Kate's dissociative identity disorder to hurt Sonny by destroying Kate's life. Sonny vowed that he would not let that happen.

Jason reminded Sonny that John seemed to be focused on Jason at the moment, so Sonny was curious if Jason intended to allow John to continue to sniff around Jason's pregnant wife. Sonny insisted that John needed to be eliminated, but Jason argued that they had to be careful, because John was a cop and an ex-FBI agent. However, Jason suggested that they send John a message. Sonny trusted Jason to take care of it. Jason pointed out that getting rid of John wouldn't change the baby's paternity, so Sonny reminded Jason that it would keep Sam from turning to John.

Jason started to leave, but Sonny called out to him. Sonny was certain that Sam didn't want to lose Jason, even though it seemed like she was doing everything to push Jason away. Jason explained that everything had been fine between Jason and Sam until Sam had found out that the baby was Franco's. Sonny suggested that perhaps Sam had subconsciously turned to John, because it would be easier for her to deal with Jason's anger towards John, than to deal with the baby's paternity.

Jason agreed that Sonny might be right, but John was still in the way. Sonny was certain that Jason and Sam would be able to work things out, once John was gone. Jason seemed doubtful, but Sonny was certain that Sam wanted Jason at her side.

At the Rendezvous Motel, Sam asked if John had been responsible for Jason's arrest. John was curious what Sam thought, so she admitted that she had defended John to Jason. John was pleased that she had understood him, because John hadn't tipped off the police. Sam thought that it was a stretch to say that she understood John, because she barely knew him. John conceded that she had a point.

Sam was frustrated, because Jason tried to blame everything on John. John revealed that Jason was worried that John wanted Sam, but Sam insisted that it was all in Jason's mind. Sam seemed uneasy when she heard a boom of thunder, because the storm sounded intense. John wondered if she were afraid of storms. Sam admitted that she wasn't, but the storm raging outside seemed ominous.

John changed the subject by assuring her that he didn't want Sam caught in the middle of what was going on between Jason, Sonny, and him. Sam didn't see how she could avoid it, so John was curious if she could patch things up with Jason. Sam assured him that Jason would welcome her home, but there would be a wall between them because of the baby. Sam feared that Jason would never be able to connect with the baby, because he had wanted her to give it up for adoption. Sam couldn't imagine giving her child up, so John suggested that she move in with Alexis. Sam made it clear that she had no intention of giving birth on a reality show.

Sam decided to return to her room, but stopped when she reach the door, because she felt a contraction. John immediately helped Sam to the bed, and then offered to call her doctor. Sam tried to remain calm, while John picked up his cell phone. John discovered that his cell phone didn't have a signal, so he picked up the landline phone, but it was dead. Sam tried to brush off the labor pain as Braxton Hicks contractions until her water suddenly broke.

Sam explained that she'd been pregnant before, but her daughter had been stillborn, because of a condition called abruptio placentae. John decided to go to the front desk to check if the phone was working there, but Sam grabbed John's hand, and then begged him not to leave her. "Oh, God. This is it. I'm having this baby right now," Sam cried, as another painful contraction hit.

Todd was in the parking garage, leaving a message for Téa, when he spotted Téa lying unconscious next to her car. Todd quickly raced to her side, and then gently tried to rouse her. Téa slowly regained consciousness, but wasn't pleased to see Todd. She explained that she had been on her way to Starr's hearing when she had become lightheaded. Todd assured Téa that his plan had worked, so the charges against Starr had been dropped.

Todd suggested that Téa see a doctor, so Téa decided to drive herself to the hospital. Todd objected, because she had passed out, so he demanded that she get into the backseat. Téa refused to go anywhere with her husband's killer. Todd reminded Téa that Victor hadn't just been her husband; he had also been Todd's brother. "Has anyone asked, even once, how that feels for me?" Todd groused. Téa appeared a bit taken aback by the remark, so she reluctantly agreed to let Todd take her to the hospital.

After Téa buckled herself into the backseat, Todd pulled out of the parking garage. Todd periodically checked to see how Téa was doing, but she just snapped at him. Todd decided to tell her about Starr's hearing. He explained that it had been clear that Sonny and Michael hadn't really wanted to send Starr to jail, and that he hoped that Kate received help for the dissociative identity disorder. Téa wondered if Todd could get her to the hospital faster, so Todd assured her that he was driving as fast as he could in the rain. Todd was startled when Téa suddenly cried out in pain, and then revealed that she was in labor.

Todd looked back to check on Téa, but Téa yelled for him to watch the road. Seconds later, Todd swerved off of the road. Todd jumped out of the car to check the road, while Téa sang a Spanish lullaby to her baby between contractions. Moments later, Todd climbed into the backseat to explain that there was a problem. According to Todd, a big structure was blocking the road, but he wasn't sure what it was. He also admitted that he might have missed a road closed sign.

Téa screamed for Todd to turn the car around and get her to the hospital. Todd wondered if she knew another route to the hospital, because he didn't. Téa ordered him to find one, and then cried out in pain, as another contraction hit. Todd jumped into the driver's seat, but quickly determined that the car was stuck, so he decided to call for help, but neither of their cell phones received a signal. He realized that it was because the big structure blocking the road was the cell tower. Téa demanded that Todd push the car, pull it, or use his mind to get it moving, because she desperately needed to get to the hospital.

"Hey, you in there...hey, hey, hey. Little Victor, it is a cruel and unpleasant world. There's really no need for you to join us," Todd told the baby, in a desperate attempt to stop Téa's labor. Téa continued to scream in pain, so Todd jumped out of the car, and then tried to push it. Moments later, Todd returned to the backseat to break the news that the car wouldn't budge. Téa threw her arms around Todd in terror. "I'm gonna have this baby right now," Téa sobbed.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jason paid some goons to "persuade" John to leave town. Carly arrived as they left and asked Jason if the newspaper article about Jason's involvement in Franco's death was true. Jason admitted the story was correct. He explained that Franco was his fraternal twin.

Carly felt bad for having railed against Sam after Sonny's birthday party, since she knew Sam had just discovered the truth. Jason explained that he and Sam had separated. He told Carly that he didn't want to burden Sam's unborn baby with the hatred he had for Franco. Carly promised that Jason would feel different once he held Sam's child.

Carly berated Jason for not realizing that Sam didn't want to leave him; Sam didn't want to be alone at such a delicate time. "She's not alone," Jason replied. He explained that Sam and John had become close. Jason believed that John was using Sam to get Jason out of the way, so John could take down Sonny.

Jason insinuated that John wouldn't be in the way much longer. Carly figured out that the men who'd left the penthouse as she arrived were men Jason had hired to lean on John. She demanded that Jason call off his goons. Jason called the men but got their voicemail.

Carly told Jason he had to make the first move and go to Sam. She implored him to forgive himself for not having been able to save Sam from Franco. Then he needed to forgive Sam for having kept secrets to try to protect him. Carly realized she needed to do the same; she needed to forgive someone. After Carly left, Jason decided to go to Sam.

Moments after Carly left the penthouse, Johnny called. She suggested they meet and talk.

John aided Sam as she went into labor in his motel room. He began to prepare for the birth. He suggested that Sam focus on something to help ease her stress. She asked for the figurine in her purse. It was the one Jason had given her on their wedding night. John encouraged Sam to have faith in Jason. Without complications, Sam gave birth to a baby boy.

John left to get the car, but the men Jason had hired confronted him. They beat him until he was unconscious and left his body on the side of the road somewhere. In the motel room, Sam swaddled her newborn and worried that his breathing didn't sound good.

In the rental car that Todd had run into a ditch, Téa went into labor. Todd helped her to a nearby bus stop. She lamented that she was stuck there with Todd, instead of Victor, whom Todd had killed. Todd said he wished he could go back in time and change that.

Todd talked Téa through her contractions. She gave birth to a boy, but he was not breathing. Téa begged Todd to take the infant to the hospital, and Todd left on foot. Téa made it to the car and prayed that her son would be all right.

On a remote road in a driving rainstorm, Heather made plans to bury Anthony's body. She found a shed in the woods and began to fantasize that Luke thanked her for having hidden the evidence that set him free, and she dreamed that they became lovers. Heather snapped out of it when she found a shovel and wheelbarrow.

Just after Heather wheeled Anthony's body away, Todd happened upon her car. He went down the trail Heather had taken and found Anthony's body sitting in the wheelbarrow in front of the shack. Heather emerged from inside, and Todd told Heather he needed to borrow her car, because the baby he was holding needed medical attention.

Heather said that she might be able to help the boy, because she was a mother. Todd reluctantly handed over the baby but threatened to harm Heather if she hurt the boy. Heather examined the infant but the look on her face suggested the prognosis was not a good one.

At the police station, Lulu grilled Luke about his involvement in Anthony's disappearance. Luke let it slip that Anthony was dead. Luke and Lulu both worried that Tracy's story would not hold up. Lulu offered to help.

Luke told Lulu the truth but made her promise to proceed as he dictated. He admitted that he and Tracy had conspired to get rid of Anthony but that they hadn't gone through with it. They'd found Anthony's body after someone else had killed him, but the body had disappeared not long after. Lulu urged Luke to tell Dante the truth. Luke refused. He had to find out who was framing Tracy first.

Dante let Johnny know that Tracy would be charged with improper disposal of a firearm. Johnny accused Dante of treating the case less seriously, since Dante's father-in-law was involved. Dante asked Johnny, "If you killed Anthony, where would you dump the remains?"

Johnny exclaimed that Dante was being insensitive. Dante found Johnny's reaction remarkable, given that Johnny hated Anthony. Johnny explained that, as much as he couldn't stand Anthony, he still loved him.

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