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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 16, 2012 on GH
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Monday, July 16, 2012

At the coffee warehouse, Sonny told Kristina that her reality show was stupid and that he wanted to quit. Kristina said that Sonny had promised a tour of the warehouse, and that was what she wanted. After more arguing, Sonny eventually agreed to proceed. Trey, meanwhile, found a St. Christopher medal on the warehouse floor that he recognized as belonging to his dad, Joe Jr., who, unknown to Trey, was in jail in Atlantic City. Joe Jr. successfully bribed a guard and was allowed to use a cell phone.

Sonny started the warehouse tour, but as Trey was poised to ask Sonny about the medal he had just found, Trey's phone rang. He recognized his dad's number and hurriedly excused himself to take the call. Trey was relieved to find out that Joe Jr. was physically unharmed, but curious as to how the medal had appeared in Sonny's warehouse. When Trey said that he had been about to confront Sonny, Joe Jr. told Trey to keep quiet and to not let anyone know that they were father and son.

Trey was distracted when he rejoined Kristina and Sonny. After assuring Kristina that his father was all right, Trey said that he had papers due at midnight and that they would have to reschedule the warehouse tour. After telling Kristina that he would call, Trey and his cameraman left the warehouse.

Sonny told Kristina that Trey had appeared at the warehouse and treated Sonny like he was doing something illegal and then rushed out without explaining why he had to go in such a hurry. Sonny insisted that Trey was hiding something. Kristina accused Sonny of projecting. Kristina said that unlike Sonny, Trey was not hiding anything. Kristina insisted that Mob Princess was as much her idea as Trey's and that Trey was not using her against her will.

Sonny tried another tack and suggested that Kristina might revive her interest in fashion and get a job with Kate. Kristina said that she wanted to be a reality star. Sonny asked if Kristina was truly interested in being a reality star or if she was really just interested in Trey. Kristina hedged. Sonny said that Trey was not good enough for Kristina. Sonny said that no one knew Trey's agenda, background, if he needed money, or if he was trustworthy. Kristina said that she knew all she needed to know about Trey, who, unlike Sonny, had always been straight with her.

In Atlantic City, the jail guard returned to get Joe Jr.'s phone. The guard said that Joe Jr. had a visitor. Joe Jr. was surprised, but defiant, when Kate appeared. Kate accused Joe Jr. of raping her, but Joe tried to make it sound consensual. Kate looked Joe Jr. in the eye and said that Joe Jr. had known that Connie was a virgin when he had put his hands on her throat, held her down, and forced himself on her.

When Kate said that Joe Jr. could not hurt her anymore, he asked if Kate was sure. She asked if he was threatening her, but Joe persisted in not taking any responsibility for his actions. Instead he went on the offensive and accused Kate of abandoning her son. Joe Jr. asked if Kate ever thought about their son, which he said he did every day. Kate told Joe Jr. that what gave her satisfaction was knowing that Joe Jr. was behind bars and could not hurt anyone else the way that he had hurt her. As Kate left the cell area, guards were searching Trey. He did not see Kate, and she did not see him.

As soon as Trey saw his father, he wanted to know what had happened. Joe Jr. immediately spun a story that made it appear that he was an innocent victim who had been framed by a much more cunning criminal. Joe Jr. said that Trey's real name was Joseph Mitchell Scully, III, instead of Joseph Mitchell, III. Joe Jr. said that his father, Joe Sr., had been a notorious criminal, and he had not wanted Trey to know or be part of the mob life. Joe Jr. said that he had opted out of the criminal life many years before, which was why he had started over in New Orleans.

Joe Jr. told Trey that Sonny, who had worked for Joe Sr., was the real killer who was using his power and influence to frame Joe Jr. for crimes that Sonny had committed. Joe Jr. said that Sonny was also responsible for the death of Joe Sr., and that was how Sonny had become so powerful. Joe Jr. said that Sonny had sent a goon to New Orleans to force Joe Jr. back to Port Charles. Joe Jr. said that the only reason that he was still alive was because the police had intervened and taken Joe Jr. into custody. Joe Jr. said that he was safer in jail than on the street.

Trey asked why Joe Jr. had not told him all the facts when Trey was pitching the Mob Princess reality show. Joe Jr. pointed out that he had tried, but Trey had had his heart set on the show. Joe Jr. said that he had kept the facts from Trey because he did not want Trey to suffer because of the mob life. Joe Jr. told Trey that Sonny hated Joe Jr. and would do anything to get vengeance, including hurting Trey. Joe was adamant when he told Trey to never let Sonny know his true identity.

Back at the warehouse, Kristina told Sonny to leave Trey alone because he was the only one she could trust to be honest with her. When Kate arrived a few minutes later, Sonny hugged her, then Kristina told Kate that she was no longer interested in the fashion business because she had other plans. Kristina left the warehouse. Kate told a protective Sonny that she had been to see Joe Jr.

Lulu and Dante argued because Lulu had spent a couple of hours comforting Johnny instead of showing up on time for work for the Port Charles Police Department. Lulu went back to Johnny and the Haunted Star while Dante visited Olivia at Steve's place. Olivia gushed about Heather being in jail and said that she hoped that it caused Steve to open his eyes and see the truth about Heather -- that she was dangerous and needed to be locked up. Olivia noticed that Dante was glum and asked why he was there.

Dante said that he and Lulu were having some problems. Dante said that Lulu was working two jobs and she had been late to the police station because she had been comforting Johnny. Olivia said that it sounded like the problem was Johnny. Olivia added that Johnny had a dark side and that no matter how hard he tried to control it, Johnny always eventually gave in to it. Olivia said that Lulu was a smart girl and would figure it out for herself.

Dante said that he had to back off and be more understanding. Olivia said Dante should do just the opposite. Olivia advised Dante to go to the Haunted Star and stake his claim. Olivia told Dante to surprise Lulu with a night of romance. Olivia said that she did not know much, but she knew about romance and told Dante to trust her.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu told Johnny that Luke was the main suspect in Anthony's death, but that Dante believed that Johnny, not Luke, was the culprit, and that was why Lulu and Dante had argued, because Lulu had defended Johnny. Johnny said that he appreciated Lulu's support, but that she should not fight with Dante about him. Lulu said that it was more. She said that Dante was upset that she was two hours late to work and that Dante did not understand that she more into reviving the Haunted Star than in filing police reports.

Lulu said that working for the PCPD had been great and had given her time with Dante, but she finally knew what she wanted. Lulu said that the Haunted Star had been in her family for a long time, and she wanted to return it to its former glory. Lulu said that Dante was having a hard time understanding her feelings about the Haunted Star, and it was easier for Dante to blame their problems on Johnny.

As Johnny and Lulu worked on decorating the Haunted Star for opening night, Lulu reached up to clean a chandelier and fell. Johnny caught her, and they were laughing with relief when Dante walked in. Lulu explained that she had fallen, and Dante took her aside to ask her to go home with him. When Lulu refused, Dante explained that he had prepared a special romantic dinner for just the two of them. Lulu said that she was touched, but she had too much work to do before the opening. Dante tried to push her objections aside, but when Lulu said that Dante did not understand that she had to be there, Dante said that he did understand and stormed off the boat.

At the police station, Heather insisted to Anna that she was not guilty of anything, and it was merely a coincidence that Anthony's body was found near the spot that she had chosen for a picnic. When Heather said that she had no motive, Anna replied that Heather had done it for Luke. Steve arrived at that point and told Anna to stop questioning Heather. Steve said that he had been unable to find a lawyer but should have one by the following morning. Anna said that Heather could stay in jail until a lawyer showed up.

Heather said that she had to get out of jail because Todd needed her. Anna was about to follow up on that line of inquiry when a man, about the same build and coloring as Anthony, showed up and claimed to be Heather's alibi. Anna tried to break his story, but it was consistent with Heather's so Anna was forced to let Heather go free. Steve felt that his mother was vindicated. When Anna and Steve left to take care of the paperwork for Heather's release, Heather thanked her alibi.

After Heather and Steve left the police station, Anna looked over the case notes. She told one of her officers that she did not believe that Heather had killed Anthony, but Anna did believe that Heather had buried the body, although Anna had no proof.

Todd, dressed in a "Freddy Krueger" hockey mask, delivered food and drink to Luke. At first Luke thought it was another hallucination, but after some food and water, Luke realized that whoever was in the mask was a confederate of Heather's. Luke tried to convince Todd, who remained mute behind the mask, to let Luke go. Luke guessed correctly that Heather was blackmailing Todd.

Heather and Steve arrived home. Olivia was overjoyed until she saw Heather. While Steve went to another room to call and cancel the lawyer, Heather let Olivia know just how unhappy Heather was with what she perceived as Olivia's betrayal. Steve returned and walked Olivia to the door. Steve said that Heather's alibi vindicated her, and he hoped that Olivia would ease up on Heather.

Just as Todd was about to release Luke, Todd's cell phone rang. Todd went outside to take the call from Heather, who said that if Todd did anything to mess up her plan, the whole truth would be told about Sam's baby and the part that Todd had played. Todd hung up and then went inside, put the gag back in Luke's mouth, and left as silently as he had arrived. v

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Todd returned to his suite, dropped the hockey mask on the desk, and then poured a drink. He feared that one day someone was going to see something that he couldn't explain away. In the doorway, Carly cleared her throat, as she held out the hockey mask. "Care to explain this?" she asked. Todd wondered if she made a habit of barging into guests' rooms. Carly insisted that the door had been open, so she had popped in to make sure that the rattling air vent that he had complained about had been fixed.

Carly pushed for an answer about the hockey mask, so Todd claimed that it was a gift for his son. Carly noted that Todd rarely talked about his son, so Todd revealed that Jack was in high school. Carly admitted that her son, Morgan, was also in high school and that she missed Morgan terribly. Todd confessed that Jack hated him. Todd explained that Jack had been a young child when Victor had stepped into Todd's life, so Jack hadn't been able to accept Todd as a father when Todd had returned. Todd conceded that killing Victor hadn't helped.

Carly kept waiting for Todd to tell her that there had been extenuating circumstances surrounding the shooting, but Todd advised her not to hold her breath, because he was a master at reprehensible deeds. Carly agreed to take his word for it, so Todd confessed that the worst part was that he didn't mean to do many of the terrible things that he had done. Todd explained that he often panicked or things snowballed, so that his original intentions became lost, even to him. Carly empathized, because she had been in similar situations many times. However, she insisted that people could change.

Todd scoffed. He accused Carly of practically drowning in her "glass half-full" view of things. Todd suspected that he probably couldn't change, because he kept doing atrocious things. "Like what?" Carly asked. Todd became evasive, which sparked another argument about Johnny. Carly demanded that Todd leave Johnny alone, or she would make certain that Todd's invitation to the Haunted Star's reopening was revoked. Todd argued that he needed to be there to support his daughter, so Carly suggested that Blair would have to do.

Todd was stunned when he realized that Blair planned to attend the nightclub's opening night, but he was curious why Blair would tell Carly, but not him. Carly explained that Blair had called to reserve a room. Todd was clearly rattled, prompting Carly to realize that Todd was in love with Blair. "What if I am?" Todd defensively asked.

Todd explained that he and Blair had a complicated past, so Blair understood him better than anyone ever had, or would. Todd conceded that he and Blair had had their ups and downs, but they had an unbreakable bond and a deep love. Carly was curious how Tomas, Blair's boyfriend, felt about Blair's bond with Todd. Todd dismissed Tomas as unimportant, and then shifted gears to implore Carly to find a way to keep Blair from visiting Port Charles. Carly agreed to do what she could, provided that Todd promised to leave Johnny alone.

Todd reluctantly agreed, so Carly asked him to cross his occasional black heart. Exasperated, Todd did as requested. Carly was still not satisfied, so she demanded that he pinky promise. Todd was curious if Carly were five years old, but Carly stood firm, so Todd wrapped his pinkie finger around hers. Carly smiled, and then advised Todd to find a way to get a handle on his feelings for Blair, because it was easy to see that Todd loved Blair.

In the Atlantic City jail, Joe warned Trey that Sonny was a vindictive "son of a bitch," who wouldn't hesitate to go after someone that Joe cared about, so it was imperative that no one learn that Trey was Joe's son. Joe assured Trey that Sonny would have killed Joe if the cops hadn't arrived at the warehouse to arrest Joe. However, Joe was determined to get out of jail to make certain that Sonny would no longer be a threat to Joe or Trey. Trey was curious why Sonny hated Joe, so Joe claimed that Sonny had always been jealous of Joe and had coveted everything that Joe had had, even things that Joe hadn't wanted.

Trey realized that Joe had been referring to Joe Sr. Joe explained that Sonny's "old man" hadn't had anything, so Sonny's father hadn't given Sonny anything. However, Joe Sr. had been a major player, so Sonny had set his sights on getting into the business and pushing Joe out of Joe Sr.'s life. Trey realized that his grandfather had been a gangster. Joe insisted that he had tried to shield Trey from the truth, but it was important for Trey to understand how dangerous Sonny could be. Joe was certain that Sonny would torture Joe by hurting Trey if Sonny got wind of who Trey was.

Trey decided to drop the reality show so that he could avoid Sonny, but Joe warned his son that it would be a bad idea, because it would raise suspicions. Joe insisted that Trey continue to move forward with the show, because it would ultimately provide them with the means to take down Sonny and blindside Sonny in the process.

At the warehouse, Sonny was upset when Kate admitted that she had paid Joe a visit in jail. Sonny regretted not killing the man who had raped Kate, but Kate was grateful. Sonny argued that Joe had deserved to die for what Joe had done to Kate. He demanded to know what Joe had said to Kate, so she confessed that Joe had denied raping her. However, Kate revealed that Joe had seemed more interested in talking about the baby that she had abandoned. Kate added that it had felt as if Joe had wanted to wield the baby like a weapon against her.

Sonny insisted that Kate had been in an impossible situation, because she had been left pregnant after a violent rape. Kate shifted the focus off of the baby by admitting that she wanted Sonny to be okay with her decision to face Joe. Sonny was frustrated, because he wanted Joe to answer for what Joe had done to Kate. Kate reminded Sonny that she hadn't answered for killing Hope and Cole. Sonny argued that Connie, not Kate, had pulled the trigger.

Kate tensed, as she had a sudden flashback of Johnny and Connie in the interrogation room, following Kate's arrest for assaulting Ewen Keenan. Sonny immediately sensed that something was wrong, so Kate admitted that she had remembered something about Johnny. Sonny was curious if it was Kate's memory, or Connie's. Kate wasn't certain, because it was jumbled. However, Kate confessed that it had been clearer than the memory that she'd had at the courthouse. Kate explained that the memory had been of Johnny admitting that he had talked to Sonny at Kelly's.

Kate recalled that Johnny had assured her that he had told Sonny that Connie, not Kate, had slept with Johnny. Sonny wondered what Johnny had hoped to gain by talking to Sonny, so Kate suggested that perhaps it had been a way for Johnny to get a second chance with Carly. Sonny wondered if she recalled anything else about the encounter with Johnny, but Kate drew a blank.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu wanted to go over some last-minute things in preparation of the nightclub's grand re-opening. Johnny urged Lulu to go home and make up with Dante, but Lulu refused. She insisted that her argument with her husband hadn't been a big deal, but Johnny didn't want Dante to hate him more than Dante already did. Lulu complained that she'd had to sit home plenty of nights alone because Dante had been working, so Johnny wondered if Lulu were hoping to pay Dante back for that. Lulu insisted that her work was as important to her as Dante's work was to her husband, so she wanted the nightclub to be a success.

Johnny was reluctant to get caught in the middle of another rift, like he had with Sonny and Kate. Lulu pointed out that she didn't intend to sleep with Johnny, so he had nothing to worry about. Later, Lulu was reviewing the guest list when Johnny entered the office. She decided to scratch her father's name off of the list, since it was doubtful that Luke would be attending. Johnny mentioned the APB, which prompted Lulu to defend her father by assuring Johnny that Luke hadn't killed Anthony. Johnny wondered if it bothered Lulu that Luke had left town.

Lulu admitted that it seemed strange, because Luke had been determined to talk to Tracy when Lulu had last spoken to her father. Lulu confided that Heather had been the last person to see Luke, so she wondered if perhaps Heather knew where Luke was. Lulu decided to talk to Anna about it. Johnny changed the subject by ordering Lulu to go home to her husband. After some prodding, Lulu left. A short time later, Sonny and Kate entered the office.

Kate revealed that she had remembered something. Kate insisted that Johnny would answer her honestly, if he had truly changed. Johnny tensed when Kate explained that she recalled talking to Johnny after her arrest for assaulting Ewen. Kate wanted to know what had happened, so Johnny reluctantly admitted that Connie had made an appearance. Kate knew that Connie only appeared when Connie had an agenda, so Kate demanded to know what Connie had wanted.

Johnny warned Kate that she wouldn't like it, but Kate pushed for an answer. Johnny claimed that Connie had kissed him, but he hadn't said anything to anyone, because he was through making trouble for people. Kate believed Johnny, because she recalled pushing Johnny away while he had been in the interrogation room.

Dante was in a foul mood when he arrived at the loft. He started to clear away the remnants of the romantic dinner that he had prepared for Lulu when Olivia knocked on the door. Olivia explained that she had stopped by to drop off the cannolis that she had bought for Steve. Dante invited his mother in. Olivia admitted that she and Steve had argued about Heather. Dante was surprised that Heather had been released from custody, so Olivia revealed that Heather's date had shown up at the police station to provide Heather with an alibi.

Olivia didn't want to interrupt Dante's evening with Lulu, so Dante explained that Lulu was at the Haunted Star. Olivia was confused, because she had assumed that Dante had intended to fetch his wife. Dante told his mother that things hadn't gone well, because he had walked in on Lulu as Lulu had slipped off of a the ladder and into Johnny's arms. Dante explained that Lulu had refused to leave with Dante because she had been busy getting ready for the reopening of the nightclub. Olivia confessed that she didn't trust Johnny, so Dante assured his mother that he intended to keep a close eye on Johnny.

Olivia was curious why Dante was at the loft, rather than at the Haunted Star. Dante was determined to be a reasonable and understanding husband, so he didn't want to overreact to everything. He assured Olivia that Lulu truly was busy getting ready to reopen the Haunted Star. Olivia suggested that Dante go to the nightclub to help Lulu, but Dante doubted that Lulu wanted him there. Olivia disagreed; she was certain that Lulu wanted a supportive husband. Dante appreciated his mother's advice, but he decided to follow his gut.

Olivia started to argue, but Dante suggested that she focus on her own relationship troubles. Olivia confessed that Heather grated on her nerves, so Dante advised Olivia not to let Heather get to her. Olivia realized that her son was right; she shouldn't let Heather get in the middle of Olivia's relationship with Steve, because that would mean that Heather had won. Olivia decided to head to Steve's, to let Steve know that Olivia wouldn't let Heather be a problem anymore.

Shortly after Olivia left, Lulu arrived home. Lulu plopped on the sofa as she confessed that she was exhausted. Dante offered to fetch her something to eat, but Lulu declined. She apologized for her outburst at the Haunted Star earlier that evening, so Dante also apologized. He promised his wife that he could be flexible, so he decided to prove it. Dante adopted an Italian accent, as he once again offered to get her dinner.

Lulu laughed, so Dante went to the kitchen. However, Lulu was fast asleep when Dante returned to the living room with cannoli. Dante gently kissed his wife on the top of her head, and then blew out the candle that he had sticking out of the cannoli.

At Steve's apartment, Steve was downcast as Heather claimed that it was too bad that Olivia had decided to leave. Steve explained that it had been a long day, so he and Olivia had been tired. Heather admitted that she knew that Steve and Olivia had been arguing. She hoped that she hadn't been the cause of the spat. Steve didn't want to talk about, but Heather ignored him. Heather was certain that Olivia believed that Heather had buried Anthony in the woods.

Steve lost his temper when Heather accused Olivia of wanting Heather to be shipped off to Ferncliff. "I said enough!" Steve shouted. Heather was taken aback when Steve added that he would not tolerate Heather "trashing" Olivia. Heather insisted that she was not the enemy. "But Olivia is?" Steve shot back.

Heather immediately backed down. She tearfully explained that she was only trying to find her place back in society. Steve immediately apologized for snapping at his mother. However, he insisted that Olivia was his girlfriend, whom he loved. Steve wanted Heather to find a way to get along with Olivia, so Heather assured him that she was trying. Heather quickly changed the subject by suggesting that she and Steve have dinner together.

Steve declined because he wanted to take a shower and then turn in for the night. After Steve went to the bathroom, Heather assured herself that Steve would "come around." She decided to focus on digging up some dirt, so she opened her laptop to spy on Johnny. Heather tensed when Lulu mentioned talking to Anna about Heather being the last person to have seen Luke. Frustrated, Heather wondered aloud why people couldn't leave her alone.

Steve returned to the living room in time to overhear his mother. Heather claimed that she had been listening to music while she had been working. Steve accepted the lie, so he told his mother that he had been called to the hospital. He promised not to be gone long and then left. Heather quickly placed a call. A short time later, the man who had provided her an alibi knocked on the door.

Heather was pleased by the man's quick response. The man admitted that she had sounded tense, and he appreciated repeat business. Heather confessed that she had been impressed with his work, the forged suicide letter from Maggie, so she had another job for him. Heather handed him the letter that Luke had recently written, as she explained that she needed the man to forge two more letters.

Olivia arrived in time to see the forger slip out of Steve's apartment and walk down the hallway. Olivia knocked on the door. Heather demanded to know what Olivia was doing there, so Olivia apologized for the tension between them. Heather coldly informed Olivia that Steve had gone to the hospital and started to close the door. Olivia asked about the man who had left the apartment, but Heather pretended that she had no idea what Olivia was talking about. Olivia smiled politely and then left.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dante opened the door to Lulu and Johnny's office. He was shocked when he caught Lulu and Johnny having sex on the desk. Dante was startled awake, so he immediately turned to tell Lulu about his crazy dream, but she wasn't in bed. Dante got out of bed, as Lulu returned to the loft carrying a vase filled with roses. Lulu assumed that Dante had ordered the flowers, but the card revealed that Johnny had sent them to congratulate her on the nightclub's opening night. Lulu didn't seem to notice the tension in Dante, as she fetched the dress that she had bought for the special evening.

Dante liked the dress until he saw the price tag. Dante was stunned that Lulu had spent more than a month's rent on the dress. Lulu explained that it could be written off as a business expense, so she had charged it. Dante pointed out that the nightclub hadn't made any money yet, but Lulu refused to apologize. She insisted that she needed a fantastic outfit for opening night. After Dante went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for work, Lulu opened the mail, including a letter from Luke.

The letter explained Luke's sudden disappearance and advised Lulu to do herself, and Dante, a favor by leaving, if the same "itch to fly" hit her. The letter insisted that it was better to break things off with Dante, rather than for her to try to be someone that she wasn't. Dante returned to the living room. He seemed to sense a change in Lulu, so he asked if everything was okay. Lulu pasted on a smile, as she claimed that she had been looking at a bill. She quickly changed the subject by assuring Dante that she appreciated his concerns about money, so she promised to be more careful in the future.

Dante apologized for his reaction to the cost of her dress. He explained that he'd never seen any article of clothing cost that much. Lulu conceded that it was a huge expense, but she was confident that the nightclub would be an equally huge success. She wondered if Dante still planned to attend, so he assured her that he would. He realized that they had hit a rough patch; however, he was certain that they would get through it, because they had the rest of their lives together to work things out.

Anna was pleasantly surprised when Patrick and Emma stopped by for a visit. Patrick explained that Emma was scheduled to spend the day with Mac and Felicia, but Emma had insisted on visiting Anna first. Emma confided that she intended to play with Aunt Felicia's Aztec jewels, so Anna decided to fetch her jewels for Emma to play with too. Emma happily settled down to drape herself in jewels, while Anna and Patrick chatted in the living room. Anna let Patrick know that he could stop by anytime, because her roommate had left.

Patrick was curious if Anna thought that Luke had left town because Luke had killed Anthony. Anna explained that it was a purely circumstantial case against Luke, so it was possible that Luke had left for other reasons. Anna realized that Luke had a reputation of being a perennial adolescent, but she added that Luke could also be thoughtful and caring. Anna was surprised when Patrick revealed that Maxie had moved in to help him with Emma. Anna worried that it might not be a good idea, because Maxie blamed herself for what had happened to Robin.

Patrick assured Anna that Maxie had redirected her energy on trying to help everyone around her, including Patrick. Anna wondered what was going on with Patrick, so Patrick clarified that he had been referring to things like braiding Emma's hair and making sure that Patrick and Emma didn't eat pizza every night for dinner. Anna let Patrick know that she was available if Patrick needed anything. Patrick thanked Anna, and then announced that it was time to leave. Anna wanted Emma to keep the jewelry that Emma had on, so Emma thanked her grandmother, and then started to follow her father out of the suite.

Emma noticed an envelope on the doorstep, so she handed it to Anna. After Patrick and Emma left, Anna read the letter. It was from Luke. The letter explained that Luke hadn't killed Anthony and that Luke had left town because Luke had realized that things wouldn't have worked out with Anna. Luke hadn't wanted to hurt Anna when he inevitably became bored with her. A short time later, Lulu stopped by to tell Anna about the letter that Lulu had received.

Anna showed Lulu the letter that Luke had sent to Anna. Lulu wasn't too surprised, even though Luke had seemed determined to pursue a relationship with Anna when Lulu had last spoken to her father. Anna feared that she and Tracy had asked too much of Luke, but Anna hadn't expected Luke to walk out on Lulu. Lulu pointed out that Luke had been doing it all of Lulu's life. Lulu then mentioned that she had been worried about Luke until the letter had arrived, because Heather had been the last person to see Luke before he had disappeared. Anna wanted to keep Lulu's letter, so Lulu agreed.

At Kelly's, Maxie spotted Spinelli, but it was clear that he was trying to avoid her. She called him out on it, because she was hurt. Spinelli explained that he respected her decision to remain married to Matt, so Spinelli wanted her to respect his decision to move on with his life. Maxie assured Spinelli that she didn't want to hurt him, so Spinelli admitted that she did it without even trying, as if it were second nature to her. Maxie wondered if she and Spinelli could ever be friends again, but Spinelli didn't have an answer for her.

Spinelli started to walk away, but Maxie stopped him by asking if he intended to attend the reopening of the Haunted Star. She wanted to hang out with him, but Spinelli made it clear that he wouldn't be there. Maxie pouted, because she didn't want to be alone. Spinelli reminded her that she was married, so she was not alone. Maxie argued that Matt was in jail, but Spinelli refused to be her fallback. Maxie insisted that she cared about him, but Spinelli simply walked to another table and then sat down.

Moments later, Olivia entered the diner. She thanked Spinelli for agreeing to meet her, so Spinelli handed her a check. He explained that he couldn't accept Olivia's money, because Heather had been cleared of wrongdoing. "Not by me," Olivia confessed. Olivia wanted Spinelli to keep the pressure on Heather, but Spinelli warned Olivia that Heather would be more careful, knowing that Spinelli was snooping around. Spinelli also feared that it would cause problems for Olivia and Steve.

Olivia admitted that she and Steve had argued about Heather, because Steve was not receptive to Heather's true nature. Olivia told Spinelli about the man that she had seen leaving Steve's apartment when Olivia had stopped by to apologize to Steve. Olivia had managed snap a picture of the man's license plate with her cell phone, as he drove away, so she hoped that Spinelli could find out who the car had been registered to. Spinelli did a search on the license plate number, and then waited for results. Meanwhile, Maxie made a point of calling Patrick and loudly inviting him to go to the Haunted Star's reopening with her.

Spinelli tried to ignore Maxie, but couldn't hide his jealousy as Maxie assured Patrick that they would have fun. Patrick agreed to go, provided that Maxie and Lulu agreed not to mention "recent events." Moments later, Spinelli's laptop beeped. Spinelli was stunned to read that the license plate was registered to Archibald Boles, the man who had forged the first mate's suicide note confessing to Lisa Niles's murder.

Later, Olivia bumped into Dante outside of Kelly's. She asked about Dante and Lulu, but Dante would only tell his mother that he and Lulu were working on it. Olivia decided to change the subject by telling Dante about Heather's connection to Archibald.

Spinelli paid Anna a visit to tell her about his discovery regarding Archibald and Heather. He wondered if Anna had any idea why Heather would need a forger's services.

Heather ended a call with Todd, and then entered the cabin in the woods. Heather removed Luke's gag, as she noted that he looked better. "Thanks to Jason," Luke grumbled. "Morgan?" Heather asked, confused. "Voorhees," Luke clarified. He told her about the costume that her accomplice had worn, but Heather insisted that the man was not important.

Luke confessed that he could have died from dehydration, so he had been worried that she wouldn't return. Heather admitted that she had been unavoidably detained. Luke realized that Heather had been arrested, so he offered to help her. Heather bristled, because she realized that Luke was worried about himself, not her. Luke wisely assured Heather that he was reluctant to see anything happen to her. He then asked if the police had questioned her about his disappearance.

Heather assured Luke that no one was concerned about Luke, and then revealed that she had been questioned about Anthony's murder, because they had found Anthony's body. However, Heather bragged that Anna was off of Heather's scent, because Heather had covered her tracks well. Luke warned Heather that Anna was tenacious. Heather had no idea why people thought that Anna was an investigative genius when Anna wasn't able to find Anthony's killer. Luke was certain that Anna was curious about Luke's disappearance, but Heather disagreed. Heather bragged that she had taken steps to confirm the widely held belief that Luke was a "vain, gutless toad."

Heather proceeded to read the letters from Luke that she had arranged for Anna and Lulu to receive. Luke was furious that Heather had involved Lulu, but Heather insisted that it had been necessary, because Lulu had gotten uncomfortably close to uncovering the truth. Luke argued that Heather couldn't hold him indefinitely, because someone would eventually catch Heather sneaking off to the woods. Heather wanted Luke to have plenty of time to consider their relationship, but Luke insisted that they were just captor and captive, nothing more. Heather's temper flared, but Luke was adamant that she couldn't make him love her.

Heather admitted that she had never liked "that old song," because the singer had given up too easily. According to Heather, the singer had never provided the right incentive. Heather had tried the carrot, so it was time to try to the stick.

In Todd's suite, Todd studied the invitation to the re-opening of the Haunted Star when his "crazy calling" ringtone signaled that Heather was calling him. Todd growled into the phone that he didn't want her to call him before noon. Heather explained that she needed a favor, and then mentioned attending the Haunted Star's reopening. Todd made it clear that he didn't want Heather there, because his ex-wife, Blair, would be in attendance. Heather wondered if Blair's aunt, Dorian Lord, would be with Blair. Todd threatened to fire Heather if Heather didn't heed his warning, and then disconnected the call. Moments later, Todd went to fetch the newspaper that had been left outside of his room.

Todd was stunned when Blair suddenly appeared as he bent to retrieve the newspaper. Todd wondered what she was doing there. As if on cue, Olivia walked up to hand Blair a keycard to one of the rooms. After Blair walked away, Todd demanded to know why Olivia had given Blair a room when Carly had cancelled the reservation. Olivia had no idea what was going on, because a room had been available. Todd stormed into his suite and called Carly.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny nuzzled Carly's neck, but she insisted that she had to go. She had only stopped by to wish him luck and give him the nightclub's first ten dollars, for a drink that she wanted waiting for her when she arrived later that evening. Carly handed him the money, and then urged him to focus on getting everything ready. Johnny assured Carly that he and Lulu had it covered, so nothing could mess up the night. "Then you don't know Todd Manning," Carly replied. Johnny doubted that Todd would do anything to ruin Starr's big night, so Carly revealed that she had struck a bargain with Todd to ensure that nothing happened.

Carly explained that Todd had promised to leave Johnny alone in exchange for Carly's agreement to cancel Blair's reservation. Johnny liked the plan, but he didn't want Carly caught in the middle of Johnny and Todd's problems. Moments later, Carly's phone rang. It was Todd. Todd wondered if people checked a box to let Carly know that they were idiots when they applied for a job with her, because all of Carly's employees were imbeciles. Carly was curious what had set Todd off, so he told her that Blair had checked into the hotel. Carly assured Todd that she had left a message with Olivia to let Olivia know that Blair was not to be given a room.

Todd explained that Olivia hadn't gotten the message, so Blair was probably in her room, making "sweet love" to her "man-whore" at that very moment. Carly felt bad for Todd, but she refused to toss Blair out of the hotel, because Carly didn't want to jeopardize her hotel's reputation. Todd made it clear that Johnny would pay the price for Carly's refusal to hold up her end of their bargain. Todd ended the call, so Carly decided to head to the hotel to reason with Todd.

After Carly left, Dante stopped by to talk to Johnny about the flowers that Johnny had sent to Lulu. Dante made it clear that he didn't want Johnny to send Lulu flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, or anything else. Johnny insisted that he was happy with Carly and that Lulu was just a business partner, but Dante didn't care. Dante warned Johnny to leave Lulu alone.

A short time later, Lulu arrived. Johnny told her about Dante's visit and confessed that he was tempted to send Lulu a stripper-gram to get a rise out of Dante. "Please don't," Lulu implored. Johnny warned her that Dante wanted Lulu all to himself.

Todd left a message for Heather, informing her that he'd had a change of heart. He wanted Heather to go to the Haunted Star's re-opening and keep an eye on Johnny. Moments later, Blair knocked on the door. Todd looked past her shoulder, expecting to see Tomas, but Blair assured him that she was alone. She entered his room, and then explained that the night could go one of two ways: Todd could act like a "complete ass" or they could call a truce. Todd assured her that he didn't have any desire to ruin Starr's evening.

Blair was relieved that they were on the same page. She then changed the subject by confessing that Starr had mentioned that Todd was doing well in Port Charles. Todd was surprised that Starr had talked about him. Blair then revealed that there had been a lot of changes in Llanview since he had left. Todd was curious what had happened, but Blair suggested that they talk about it after Starr's performance. Todd was curious how Tomas would feel about that. Blair confessed that Tomas was not with her.

Before Todd could question Blair about that, Carly barged into the room. Carly froze in her tracks when she saw Blair. Blair and Carly exchanged pleasantries, and then Blair excused herself. Todd watched Blair walk down the hallway, as Carly begged Todd not to take the mix-up out on Johnny. "Johnny who?" Todd asked when Blair disappeared from sight. Carly reminded him of his threats against Johnny, but Todd assured her that he was no longer concerned about Johnny, because Tomas wasn't with Blair.

Todd was certain that Blair and Tomas were over, but Carly advised Todd not to jump to conclusions. Todd explained that Blair had asked to speak to him later that evening, which had been Blair's way of telling him that Blair loved him, and always would. Todd's voice cracked with emotion. He wanted Carly to help him knock Blair's socks off. Carly agreed, which prompted Todd to wonder why. Carly admitted that they were "friends-ish" and that she was happy to see Todd have a shot at the woman that he loved.

In the hallway, Blair called Starr to let her daughter know that she looked forward to Starr's performance. Blair confessed that Tomas wasn't with her. Starr was concerned, so Blair promised that they could talk about it later.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Steve called Todd to ask if Heather was working. Todd confirmed that Heather was on assignment, and then ended the call. "Poor bastard," Todd muttered to himself. Todd thought that Steve should take a page from Todd's book and shoot Heather, because Steve's mother was a lunatic. Todd opened the door to his suite, but froze in his tracks when he saw Blair standing in the hallway. Todd immediately complimented Blair's outfit.

Blair thanked Todd and revealed that a taxi was waiting for her. Todd offered to give Blair a lift in his car, but Blair hesitated. Todd thought that it would mean a lot to Starr if Blair and Todd arrived together, so Blair agreed to go with Todd. Todd smiled and admitted that he looked forward to their talk later that evening.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny joined Lulu on deck as she waited for Dante and the guests to arrive. Johnny complimented Lulu's dress, so she confided that she had decided to call it an investment, because Dante had not been pleased when Dante saw the price tag. Johnny was certain that Dante would have a change of heart when Dante saw her in the dress. Johnny was curious where Dante was, so Lulu revealed that she expected Dante to arrive soon. Johnny handed Lulu a glass of champagne to toast to their nightclub's opening night. Moments later, the guests began to trickle in.

Kristina and Trey, with a cameraman in tow, were the first to arrive. Lulu was surprised when Kristina told her about the reality show. Lulu agreed to let Kristina's cameraman shoot footage inside the nightclub to help promote the Haunted Star. After Kristina, Trey, and the cameraman entered the nightclub, Carly arrived. Johnny kissed Carly and then told her that she was his good luck charm. Johnny escorted Carly into the nightclub as Maxie and Patrick walked up.

Lulu greeted Maxie and Patrick. Patrick seemed leery about the evening, but Maxie assured him that they would have fun. Lulu followed Maxie and Patrick into the nightclub as Johnny handed Carly the drink that she had ordered. Johnny told Lulu that Carly had bought the first drink, so Lulu reminded him that family and significant others weren't supposed to pay. Carly assured her cousin that she didn't mind paying. Lulu smiled as Johnny noted that their nightclub was filling up quickly.

Lulu's smile slipped when Johnny asked if Dante had arrived. Lulu assured Johnny that Dante would arrive soon. Carly cheered Lulu up by assuring Lulu that Luke would be proud of what Lulu had done with the Haunted Star. Lulu spotted Patrick stepping out onto the deck for fresh air, so she decided to have a quick word with Maxie. Lulu wondered how Patrick was holding up. Maxie admitted that Patrick had wanted to stay home, but Maxie had changed his mind.

Maxie realized that Patrick was tense, but she was relieved that he had stopped taking the pills. Meanwhile, Patrick popped a pill while he was on the deck. He was startled when he realized that Kristina's cameraman had filmed him. Patrick angrily demanded to see the footage. Kristina and Trey noticed the commotion, so they ran over to see what was wrong. Patrick made it clear that he did not want to be filmed and then stormed off.

Elsewhere, Michael handed Starr a single white rose. Starr smiled as she thanked Michael for the sweet gift. She admitted that she was nervous, so Michael assured her that everything would be fine.

A short time later, Blair and Todd arrived. Starr greeted her parents and introduced Michael to her mother. Blair and Michael exchanged pleasantries, and then Blair spotted Johnny, so she introduced herself to Starr's boss. Todd took the opportunity to approach Carly to warn her that Johnny had better not ruin Starr's special night. Carly advised Todd to stop looking for trouble and then distracted Todd by admitting that Blair and Todd had looked cozy.

Todd confessed that he was cautiously optimistic, because Blair had left Tomas in Llanview and wanted to talk to Todd. Carly assured Todd that she had arranged a romantic dinner for two to be delivered to Todd's suite later that evening.

Meanwhile, Blair confessed that she was happy that Starr was no longer associated with Rick Powers. Johnny assured Blair that he had been glad to pick up Starr's recording contract, because Starr was a talented singer. Blair suspected that there had been more to it; Johnny had gone out of his way to show kindness to a young woman who had suffered a great loss. Blair mistook Johnny's discomfort for embarrassment, so she apologized. She explained that she was grateful for all that he had done for her daughter.

Blair credited Johnny for the change in Starr, so she assured him that he would always have a friend in Blair. Blair invited Johnny to check out her nightclub if he was ever in Llanview. Todd scowled when he overheard Blair's offer. Blair explained that she had just been thanking Johnny for all that he had done for Starr. Carly quickly added that Todd had been about to do the same. Todd was forced to shake Johnny's hand and thank Johnny for helping Starr's career.

Lulu suggested to Johnny that they get started, so Lulu went to the stage to address their guests. She thanked everyone for attending, and then revealed that the Haunted Star had been in her family for years. It had been a wedding gift to Lulu's mother, Laura, from Lulu's father, Luke. Lulu asked everyone to raise their glasses as she offered a toast to starting over. Next, Johnny addressed the crowd. He explained that the night about new beginnings and thanked Carly for her support. Johnny then introduced Starr.

Starr began to sing. Blair and Todd watched their daughter with love and pride shinning in their eyes. Michael had a similar expression on his face during Starr's performance. Patrick managed to slip another pill into his mouth without anyone noticing. Lulu kept glancing at the entrance, hoping for Dante to arrive. After the song ended, everyone applauded.

Starr ran into Michael's arms and kissed him. Blair, Todd, and Carly were shocked. Todd demanded to know what Starr was doing. Starr admitted that she and Michael were dating. Todd reminded Starr that Michael was Sonny's son, but Blair pointed out that it was clear that Starr and Michael made each other happy. Carly agreed with Blair, so Todd reluctantly gave Starr his approval, because he wanted Starr to be happy.

Todd suggested that he and Blair give Starr some space. Blair wondered if someone had dropped Todd on his head, but she followed him out of the nightclub. Meanwhile, Trey and Kristina approached Starr. Kristina admitted that she had enjoyed Starr's performance. Trey agreed, but he didn't want Starr to get a big head. Starr refused to let Trey needle her, so she suggested that she and Michael grab a bite to eat, because Starr had been too nervous to eat prior to the performance.

Patrick stepped out on deck again, so Maxie followed him. He explained that he was ready to leave, but he urged Maxie to stay because it was clear that Lulu needed her friend, since Dante hadn't shown up. Patrick assured Maxie that he was fine, so Maxie went back inside. Patrick took another pill, and then wandered to the second deck. Later, he returned to the main deck but froze when he spotted Robin gazing out over the water. "Robin," Patrick whispered, as Robin turned to look at him.

Johnny, Carly, and Lulu toasted to the nightclub's successful opening night. However, Lulu's smile didn't quite reach her eyes, because Dante wasn't there to share the special evening with her.

In Todd's suite, Blair was surprised when she saw that dinner was waiting for them. Todd reminded her that she had mentioned that she was hungry, and she wanted to talk. He decided that having dinner in his suite was the best way to ensure that they weren't interrupted. Blair conceded that they had a lot to discuss. Todd wandered over to the credenza to fetch a small jewelry box that had a diamond ring nestled inside.

At the hospital, Olivia called out to Steve. She tried to tell him about what Spinelli had uncovered, but Steve didn't want to hear it because Heather had been cleared of all charges. Olivia wondered why Heather would need the services of a forger if Heather didn't have anything to hide. Steve wondered what Olivia was talking about, so she told him about the man that she had seen outside of his apartment and showed him the picture of the license plate that she had snapped with her phone's camera. Steve explained that Heather had been working, so it was entirely possible that the man had been leaving someone else's apartment on the same floor.

Olivia appreciated that Steve wanted to believe his mother, so she hoped that Dante could clear things up about Heather and the forger. Steve was furious that Olivia had involved Dante. Olivia insisted that she was worried about Steve, because Heather was a dangerous woman. Steve decided that he and Olivia needed a break. Olivia was crushed. Steve assured her that he loved her, but he suspected that Olivia wanted him to choose her over his mother.

Steve wanted Olivia to back off of Heather, but Olivia explained that she couldn't because her instincts were screaming that something wasn't right. Steve was disappointed, because it meant that they had nothing left to say. Olivia's eyes filled with tears as Steve walked away. Later, Steve started to call Olivia, but a nurse informed him that he was wanted in the operating room.

Heather paid Luke a visit at the cabin. She realized that he didn't love her, but she was confident that he would. Luke's eyes rounded when she pulled a small vial out of her purse. "What's that? Love potion number nine?" he asked. "Lucy in the sky with diamonds, " Heather replied. She then clarified that it was LSD, which she had picked up on the docks.

Heather admitted that she had once taken an overdose of the drug when she had accidentally mixed up a glass of spiked iced tea that had been intended for someone else. Luke warned Tracy that LSD would not make him love her. Heather explained that Anna was the problem, so the LSD was for Anna, not Luke. Heather hoped to make Anna go insane with an overdose of LSD, so that Anna would be institutionalized for a long time. Luke begged Heather to abandon her plans, but Heather merely smiled. Desperate to save Anna, Luke suggested that he and Heather take the drug and spend the rest of the night having sex.

Heather appreciated the offer, but she confessed that Luke smelled a bit ripe. Luke pointed out that he could shower, but Heather refused to change her mind. Luke begged Heather to give him the LSD instead, but Heather refused to damage his fine mind. Luke warned Heather that he would never forgive her if she fried Anna's mind. Heather shoved the gag back into Luke's mouth and left. Luke screamed and violently fought to break free, to no avail.

Olivia spotted a cleaning cart in the hallway outside of Anna's suite, so she entered the room to scold the maid for leaving it there. Olivia stopped short when Heather, wearing the maid's uniform, turned to face Olivia. Heather, holding a serving tray with iced tea, smiled wickedly at Olivia.

At the police station, Dante prepared to leave for the Haunted Star but stopped to tell Anna about Heather's connection to Archibald Boles, the forger. Dante had no idea what Heather had been doing with Archibald, so Anna showed him the letters from Luke. Anna didn't want to think of the possibility that Heather might have Luke, because Heather was obsessed and homicidal. Dante suggested that they question Archibald about the letter. "And the one to Lulu as well," Anna added.

Dante had no idea what Anna was talking about, so Anna showed him the letter that Lulu had received. Anna suspected that Lulu had wanted to spare him, because the words had sounded a lot like Luke. Dante pointed out that it meant that the person who had composed the letter had to know Luke very well. Dante read the letter, which encouraged Lulu to walk away if she became restless in her marriage. Dante realized why Lulu hadn't shown him the letter.

Later, Archibald two police officers escorted Archibald into the squad room. Anna and Dante led Archibald to the interrogation room and showed him a picture of Heather. Archibald denied knowing Heather, but Dante warned Archibald that they knew that he had forged the letters, so Archibald faced felony charges for the letter that the police commissioner had received. Archibald insisted that he was a calligrapher, but Anna and Dante kept pushing. Anna explained that they wanted Heather, not Archibald.

Archibald admitted that he had written the letters, and then mentioned that he had done another job for Heather when she had asked him to forge a letter from a woman doctor to another doctor about a death in Memphis. Dante quickly pulled Anna out of the interrogation room to tell her that he knew what letter Archibald had been referring to. Dante fetched the suicide letter that Maggie Wurth had supposedly written and showed it to Anna. He explained that the letter had exonerated Steve Webber, Heather's son, who had been facing murder charges.

Dante was certain that Heather had murdered Maggie and used the suicide note to cover it up. Anna showed Maggie's letter to Archibald, who confirmed that he had written it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

At Greystone Manor, Sonny held Kate in his arms, as they lay in bed and talked about everything that she had been through in recent months. Kate didn't know how many more revelations she could take, but she wished that she had done things differently, instead of leaving Sonny standing on the corner when they had been teens. Sonny reminded Kate that she had been traumatized by the rape and pregnancy, so she hadn't been thinking clearly. Kate insisted that she should have trusted Sonny instead of letting him believe that she didn't love him. She vowed that she had always loved Sonny and always would.

Sonny and Kate kissed, but Sonny put the brakes on things because he didn't want to rush Kate into anything that she wasn't ready for. He appreciated that she had been dealing with a lot, so she might not be ready to be intimate. Kate assured Sonny that she knew that he wasn't Joe. Sonny promised that he was willing to wait if Kate needed time, but Kate insisted that Sonny had always been the one constant in her life. Sonny credited Kate for helping him the previous summer, when he had been in a bad place, so he realized that he wouldn't be where he was if it hadn't been for her. Kate smiled and then kissed Sonny.

After Kate and Sonny made love, they snuggled under the covers. Sonny appreciated that it had been difficult for Kate to carry around all the darkness that she had, but he was happy that they were in a better place. Kate admitted that she would never be able to forget the things that Connie had done. Later, Kate dreamed of Johnny's visit with Connie in the interrogation room, when Connie had denied shooting out Anthony's tires and Johnny had suggested that she should say that she had been responsible for the deaths of Hope and Cole. Kate's eyes snapped open.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny, Carly, and Lulu toasted to the success of the nightclub's opening night. After Johnny led Carly to the office, Lulu mumbled that she wished that Dante had been there to share the special evening with her. Lulu checked her phone, but there weren't any calls from Dante. Moments later, her phone rang. It was Maxie. Maxie was frantic because Patrick wasn't at home.

Lulu assured Maxie that they would find Patrick. After Lulu ended the call, she collected her things and left.

On the deck, Patrick's eyes filled with tears when he saw Robin gazing out over the water. "Robin," he whispered, as she turned to face him. "You came back to me," Patrick said, as his face lit with joy. Patrick admitted that he had known that he would see his beloved wife again, because he couldn't accept that he had lost Robin the way that he had. Robin didn't say anything, prompting Patrick to ask her what was wrong.

"Save me," Robin tearfully implored. Patrick assured Robin that she was safe, but she disappeared when he took a step toward her. Patrick called out for Robin, as he desperately looked around for her until he spotted her standing at the entrance to the nightclub. However, the woman was really Lulu. Lulu asked Patrick what was wrong, but Patrick continued to see Robin. Patrick promised to keep Robin safe, and then kissed her.

Lulu broke away from the kiss. Patrick was horrified when he realized that it was Lulu, not Robin, whom he had kissed. He immediately apologized, but Lulu realized that he had been hallucinating because he was high. Patrick denied it and tried to leave, but Lulu refused to let him go home to Emma in the state that he was in. She reached inside his jacket pocket and pulled out the bottle of pills. Lulu dared him to deny that he was taking pills while she was holding the evidence.

In the office, Johnny was curious what Carly had thought about Starr's performance. Carly had enjoyed it, but she admitted that she had been more focused on keeping an eye on Todd, to make certain that Todd didn't do anything wrong. However, Carly was happy that Michael and Starr were dating, because she thought that Starr was a remarkable young lady. Carly confessed that she wouldn't have been able to forgive Kate if Carly had been in Starr's shoes. Johnny quickly shifted gears by opening a bottle of champagne.

Carly was delighted that Johnny was finally living his own life instead of following in Anthony's footsteps. Johnny credited Carly for helping him find a different path. Carly smiled and offered a toast to Todd. Johnny wondered why she would want to drink to Todd, so Carly explained that she hoped that the special evening that she had arranged for Todd and Blair worked out, so that Todd would stay out of Johnny's hair. Carly then changed the subject by admitting that she hadn't thought that Johnny could turn his life around. She was glad that she had been wrong.

Johnny confessed that only one thing could make the night better, and then kissed Carly. After Johnny and Carly made love on the desk, Carly suggested that Johnny invest in a sofa. Johnny chuckled. Carly then revealed that she needed to get home to Josslyn, but she invited Johnny to stop by later, when he was finished going over the books. Johnny warned her that he would probably be there all night, so he suggested that she return when she had the chance. Carly confessed that she had a habit of pushing things past the breaking point, so she thought that it would be best if she showed some restraint by staying home.

Shortly after Carly left, Johnny heard a knock on the door. He assumed that it was Carly. "Guess again," Connie said from the doorway.

In Todd's suite, Todd palmed the small box with the engagement ring nestled inside, as he returned to Blair's side. Blair started to talk, but Todd insisted on going first. He admitted that he had done a lot of bad things and that Blair hadn't been a slouch in that department either. He had always believed that was one of the things that had made their relationship work, because in a weird way it made them better people when they were together. Todd was on the verge of giving her the ring, but someone knocked on the door. Todd instructed the waiter to put the dinner on the table, which had already been set for a romantic dinner.

After the man left, Todd invited Blair to sit down and poured them each a glass of wine. They talked about Starr, and Starr's relationship with Michael. Todd admitted that he wasn't happy about it, because Michael had tried to send Starr to jail. Blair reminded Todd that Starr had gotten the idea to go after Sonny from Todd. Todd assured Blair that he and Starr had worked things out, so they were in a better place. Todd then admitted that it appeared that their daughter had enjoyed seeing Todd and Blair together.

Blair recalled holding Todd's hand during Starr's performance to calm him down. Todd confessed that Blair was the only person who could do that for him. He was certain that it was a sign that they belonged together. Blair realized where the conversation was headed, so she begged Todd to stop. She explained that they weren't the same people that they had been when they had been together. Todd kept pleading his case, so Blair asked him to stop talking. Todd kissed her.

After several minutes, Blair broke away from the kiss. She insisted that they shouldn't have done that, but Todd refused to apologize. Todd realized that Blair was focused on the bad times that they'd had, but he remembered the good times. Blair was stunned when Todd got on bended knee, held up the opened ring box, and then asked her to marry him. Blair tearfully told him no. Todd regretted that it wasn't a romantic setting, so he suggested proposing to her in Key West, where they had honeymooned.

Blair admitted that she couldn't marry Todd because she was engaged to Tomas.

In the cabin, Luke screamed for help, but no one responded. He struggled to break free from the bonds that kept him firmly tied to the chair. Luke realized that he was going to have to find another way to free himself. He spotted some matches and a candle on the table, so he scooted the chair to the table, until he was able to reach for one of the matches. Luke managed to strike the match, and then light the candle, which he used to try to burn the rope binding his wrist to the chair. To Luke's dismay, he dropped the candle and set fire to some papers on the floor.

At the police station, Dante told Anna that Archibald Boles's apartment was being searched to see if anything else linked Archibald to Heather. Anna was worried that Heather might be plotting the same end for Luke that she had for Maggie, so it was imperative that they find Heather. Dante decided to call his mother, but reached Olivia's voicemail. Dante explained that it was urgent that he speak to her, so he asked her to call him back as soon as possible. After he ended the call, he saw that he had a missed call from Lulu, but he slid the phone back into his pocket when Anna returned to the squad room.

Anna was frustrated, because they hadn't had any leads on Heather. She feared that Heather had harmed Luke. Later, Dante revealed that they had found a letter written by Luke in Archibald's apartment that Archibald had used to forge the letters to Lulu and Anna. After Anna read Luke's letter, she realized that something seemed off about it, because it had sounded disjointed. Dante suggested that perhaps there had been a message hidden in the letter, so Anna took a second look at it. Anna and Dante quickly deciphered the coded message, which revealed that Heather had Luke captive in the woods.

Dante called his mother again to warn her to stay away from Heather, while Anna recalled seeing the cabin in the woods, near where Anthony's body had been recovered in a shallow grave.

Olivia demanded to know why Heather was in Anna's suite. "It's teatime; care for a glass?" Heather asked, as she held out a serving tray with a pitcher of iced tea. Olivia declined, prompting Heather to wonder if Olivia thought that the iced tea had been spiked. Olivia reminded Heather that it wouldn't have been the first time. Heather insisted that it was ancient history; she had resorted to drastic measures because "that awful woman" had adopted Steven Lars. Olivia argued that Heather had sold Steve on the black market.

"Details," Heather replied. Olivia reminded Heather that Heather had ultimately fried her own brain when Heather had tried to drug Diana Taylor with LSD. Olivia was shocked when Heather picked up a glass of iced tea and chugged it in one drink. Heather walked around in a dazed state, claiming that the walls appeared to be melting. Olivia became concerned, so she offered to call for help. "Gotcha," Heather laughed, as she snatched the phone out of Olivia's hand.

Olivia took the phone back, as she accused Heather of being crazy. Heather was furious, but Olivia wanted to know what Heather was doing in dressed as a maid in Anna's suite. Heather claimed that she had been working on an assignment for the newspaper, so she had decided to slip into the room to dig for some dirt, because there were questions about how Anna had gotten the job as the police commissioner. Olivia pointed out that Heather was breaking the law, so she decided to call security. Heather tried to leave, but Olivia blocked her exit and demanded to know why Heather had been talking to a forger.

Heather tensed as Olivia revealed that she knew that the man had forged the suicide letter of the first mate who had confessed to Lisa Niles's murder. Olivia then informed Heather that Dante knew about the forger, so Olivia was hopeful that Dante would find out what Heather's connection was to the man. Heather warned Olivia that Anna had better not find out the truth about the letter that Anna had recently received. Olivia had no idea what Heather was talking about but became distracted when Dante called. Olivia stepped away to tell Dante where she was and with whom. Dante warned his mother to get away from Heather, because they suspected that Heather had murdered Maggie Wurth.

Meanwhile, Heather turned her back on Olivia to fill a syringe with LSD. After Olivia ended the call, Olivia claimed that the forger had denied knowing who Heather was, so Olivia apologized to Heather. Olivia suggested that they call a truce instead of playing games that neither of them could win. Heather disagreed; someone would win. Heather showed Olivia the syringe, as she revealed that it was filled with a concentrated dose of LSD for Olivia.

At the police station, Dante told Anna that Heather was at Metro Court. Anna pulled out a map to show Dante where she believed Heather had stashed Luke.

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