General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 12, 2012 on GH

Tracy schemed to send A.J. back to jail and reclaim the mansion, Cesar Faison turned out to be the man behind the mask, Duke Lavery was revealed to be alive, and Robert Scorpio returned to keep an eye on Anna.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 12, 2012 on GH
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Monday, November 12, 2012

After tending to a sick child at General Hospital, Britt asked Liz if she could pick Liz's brain about Patrick. When Britt asked Liz if it bothered her that Britt and Patrick were dating, Liz said that she cared about Patrick and wanted him to be happy. Brit said that she was worried that either Patrick was not into her or would never get over Robin.

Liz assured Britt that Patrick would get over Robin, and when he did, Britt was exactly the kind of woman that Patrick would find hard to resist. Britt wanted to know more, so Liz told Britt that Patrick had been quite the player before he fell for Robin, whom he had first met when Robin had visited the hospital where Patrick was a resident. Robin had entered what she thought was an empty operating room and had interrupted Patrick and a nurse engaging in sexual activities.

Britt was encouraged to learn of Patrick's sexual appetite and by Liz's reiteration that she wanted Patrick to be happy. Suddenly, the child that Liz and Britt had been attending called for Britt. Britt rushed over to her bedside and the girl promptly vomited on Britt's scrubs.

In the GH locker room, Sabrina accidentally bumped into a shirtless Patrick. Though momentarily dumbfounded, Sabrina recovered quickly. Patrick gave Sabrina a card that Emma had sent as a thank-you for the stethoscope that Sabrina had given Emma for her birthday. Patrick told Sabrina that it had been the perfect gift and that Emma had not yet taken it off.

Sabrina asked about the call that Emma had claimed was from Robin. Patrick said that Emma had not referred to the call again, but he was still puzzled because there had been someone there. Patrick admitted that although logically it was probably a telemarketer, and even though he knew he had to move on, he still looked up and hoped to find Robin standing in front of him.

Sabrina told Patrick that it was okay to miss Robin because she had been young, well-loved at GH, and had a lot left to give. Sabrina said that she had learned what a great person Robin had been by looking at pictures of the Nurses Ball with Emma, who was very proud of her mother. Sabrina said that she would like to find the financing to reinstate the Nurses Ball as a tribute to Robin and as a way to help Patrick and Emma miss Robin a little less, if Patrick did not object.

Before Patrick could answer, Britt walked in and ripped off her top, revealing a scanty pink bra. She excused the interruption as she announced that she was covered in puke. Her trousers quickly followed, uncovering a tiny black bikini bottom. As Patrick tried not to look, Britt flaunted her body and said that she had had a great time with Patrick on Halloween. Patrick reciprocated her sentiment. With her focus on Patrick, Britt threw her dirty scrubs at Sabrina and told her to get them cleaned.

When Sabrina mentioned having another Nurses Ball as a tribute to Robin, Britt announced that it was a depressing idea and questioned if Patrick was interested. Patrick said that he thought it was a very good idea and offered to help Sabrina raise funds. Britt reversed her position and offered her help also. Britt then sent Sabrina to the laundry with her dirty scrubs, but before leaving, Sabrina reminded Patrick to thank Emma for the card.

Britt was curious, so Patrick told Britt about Sabrina's gift to Emma. Britt put on a formfitting black dress and offered her back to Patrick so that he could zip it up for her. As he did so, Britt asked if Patrick had made plans to sleep with her. When Patrick hesitated, Britt asked if she had been too forward. Patrick responded in the negative, so Britt added that she believed in asking for what she wanted, and what she wanted was Patrick.

Britt asked if Patrick had discussed the subject with Emma. Patrick said that he had not, but that Emma was having a sleepover with Felicia and Mac, so it was not an issue that evening. Britt asked if Patrick was inviting her for a sleepover. Patrick said he was inviting Britt to invite him to sleepover at her place.

In their loft apartment, Dante and Lulu discussed the possibility of surrogacy after Dante pointed out that they had been very fast to jump on the adoption train. Dante said that they could have a child from his sperm and Lulu's egg. Lulu was put off because it would be someone else's uterus, and she would not have all the good experiences of pregnancy, like feeling the child's first kick. Dante responded by telling Lulu that they would have everything else, including the fact that it would be their biological child.

Lulu said it was hard for her to shift gears, but she would do some research. Dante got a call from Carly. Lulu told him to go take care of business. Dante left with the promise that somehow he and Lulu would have a family. Lulu researched surrogacy online. After extensive reading she decided that Dante was correct and that surrogacy might be the answer to their prayers for a family.

As Michael and A.J. entered the living room of the Quartermaine mansion from the terrace, Carly hurried in from the foyer. Carly was immediately hostile to A.J. and demanded to know why Michael had not mentioned to her that A.J. was alive when she had seen Michael earlier. Michael said that he had honored A.J.'s request to keep silent. Carly turned on A.J. and accused him of trying to turn Michael against her. A.J. said that he did not owe Carly any explanations. Carly agreed that he was correct, but added that A.J. did owe an explanation to the police. Carly opened her phone.

Monica entered the room, and Carly turned on her. Carly accused Monica of waiting for Jason to die so that she could return a monster to their midst. Michael begged Carly not to call the police. Carly reminded Michael that A.J. had kidnapped him and that the kidnapping had almost destroyed Michael's father and Carly. A.J. interrupted that he was Michael's father. Monica threw in that A.J. had only acted in response to what Carly had done to A.J.

Michael supported A.J. and said that Carly had set everything in motion. A.J. thanked Michael, but Michael brushed it aside and said that he understood why Carly could not forgive A.J. Michael admitted that he might feel the same way as Carly but would like some time to figure things out. Michael said that he could not do that with A.J. behind bars. He begged Carly not to call the police.

Carly said that she would do anything for Michael except that. She promptly called Dante and told him that A.J. was alive and at the Quartermaine mansion. Monica urged A.J. to run, but A.J. said that he was through running. A.J. turned to Michael and said that even if he only got the chance to see Michael once a week from prison, it would be worth it to have the opportunity to get to know his son.

When Dante arrived a few minutes later, A.J. said that he was ready to go. Michael asked Dante to hold off, but Dante said that he had to take A.J. in. A.J. assured Michael that it was not his fault. Carly screamed that it was all A.J.'s fault. Dante read A.J. his rights before taking him away. Monica followed after uttering a few harsh words to Carly.

Michael was mad at Carly and told her that he would not wish Pentonville on his worst enemy, let alone his father. Carly shouted that A.J. was not Michael's father. Michael shot back that he guessed that he did not see it that way anymore. Before Carly could frame a reply, Michael rushed out.

In the police commissioner's office of the Port Charles Police Station, Sam asked Anna what she was doing to find Jason. Anna said that she had been in touch with John McBain, who had confirmed that he was helping Sam. John had also informed Anna that Jerry Jacks had been responsible for getting Joe Jr. released from jail in Atlantic City.

Anna told Sam that two different guns had been used to shoot Bernie. One bullet had been fired from a gun found beside Joe Jr.'s body and bore his fingerprints. The other bullet was from an unknown gun of foreign make. Anna added that while she and Dante had been on the docks, discussing the case, they had heard a noise. When they had checked the scene, they had found fibers and hairs at a spot where someone had obviously been lurking and listening.

Both Anna and Sam thought that Jerry Jacks had to have been both the second shooter and the lurker. Sam said that Spinelli was tracing the 88 million dollars that Jerry had blackmailed out of the citizens of Port Charles to secure the antidote to the pathogen that had been used to contaminate the water supply. Anna said she was waiting for results of the hair DNA. When the DNA results arrived, both Anna and Sam were stunned to find out that the sample did not match Jerry's DNA or the DNA of any other person in the system.

Anna assured Sam that she would not close the case until she knew something. Anna told Sam that she understood Sam's need to believe, but cautioned Sam about potential heartbreak as she shared the details of her heart-rending search for Robin. Sam replied that she understood the hurtful loss of a child because she had lost two children, but that she also knew the joy of finding one alive, as Anna knew the joy of finding a husband that she had thought dead for twenty years. Sam said that she was surprised that Anna did not believe in miracles because, like Sam, she had just experienced one.

Anna agreed that there were exceptions. Sam was sure that Jason would be an exception. Sam said that both she and Anna had every reason to hang on to hope, Anna for her child, and Sam for her husband.

At a Swiss clinic, Robin accused Duke of being a fake. Frustrated, Duke pulled off a rubber prosthetic mask. Robin immediately recognized him as Faison, a former antagonist of Anna, whom all believed to be deceased. Faison told Robin that it had not been smart of her to escape and call home. When Robin demanded to know what was going on, Faison said that it was not Duke Lavery who had returned from the dead, but Faison. Faison said he was playing the part of Duke because Faison loved Anna but Anna did not love Faison.

Robin was skeptical and said that Anna would not fall for Faison's disguise. Faison said that Anna already had. He added that Robin's death had made Anna soft. Robin said that it was only a matter of time until Anna figured out that Faison was not Duke. Faison replied that he had tangoed with Anna, and she had not figured it out. Robin said that Anna was in love with Duke, not Faison. Faison said that he did not care as long as he had Anna for himself.

Robin tried to learn how Faison had managed to find out about Duke's memories, but Faison merely told her that he had his methods. He added that it had been very costly to turn himself into another person. Faison said his plan had almost come to fruition except for one thing -- Robin, whom he had taken and hidden away but had intended to return to Anna so that he could play the hero. Faison said that he would have to go back to Plan A. He chided Robin for not being clever enough to play along, at least until she could get back to her family.

Robin tried to convince Faison that he could still be the hero and gain Anna's love if he returned Robin to her family. Robin promised to intercede with Anna on Faison's behalf. Robin assured Faison that Anna would have no choice but to love him once Robin told her story. Faison said that he would like to believe Robin, but he would be stupid to mess up a plan that was already working. Faison told Robin that he was sorry, but he could not let her go.

Robin asked if Faison was going to kill her. Faison told Robin that he was not a monster and would not kill her, but that he would not let her go. Robin said that sooner or later, Faison would reveal his ugly sick self, and he would be sorry that he had not listened to Robin. Faison ignored her and declared that his charade would work as soon as he tied up one remaining loose end.

Faison left Robin and went to another room located in the same corridor. He was jingling keys as he entered the room and drew out a gun. As he approached the bed where a man was held in restraints, Faison pointed the gun and said that the patient's clever lies had been revealed, and Faison had been caught. Up close, the patient was seen to be the real Duke Lavery.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On the Haunted Star, Connie handed Johnny a document to sign. Johnny hoped that her plan worked because he wanted her out of his home and his hair as soon as possible. Connie smiled with satisfaction as Johnny returned the document. Connie passed Lulu on the way out. Lulu was curious what was going on, but Johnny refused to say because he was in a tough spot. Lulu recalled that Johnny had been about to confess something to her the last time that Connie had interrupted them, so Johnny reluctantly admitted that Connie was blackmailing him. However, he couldn't elaborate.

Lulu assured Johnny that he could trust her, but Johnny explained that he would be putting her into a position where she had to lie to Dante or betray Johnny, which wouldn't be fair to her. Lulu admitted that it was probably for the best that he didn't tell her because she had already gotten into trouble by lying. Johnny was curious what Lulu was talking about, so she told him about the fiasco with the adoption agency. Johnny suggested that Lulu try another agency, so she explained that she had been blackballed from all of the national adoption agencies because of the lie. Johnny offered to make a phone call on Lulu and Dante's behalf, but Lulu declined because she was certain that Dante wouldn't want to be beholden to Johnny for a candy bar, much less a child.

However, Lulu admitted that there might be another option for her and Dante to become parents. Lulu showed Johnny the pamphlet on surrogacy. She feared that it might cost more than they could afford, but Johnny encouraged Lulu to try because he thought that she and Dante would be great parents.

At Manning Enterprises, Starr desperately tried to convince Todd that Michael wasn't hiding anything, but Todd didn't believe her. He explained that Starr's expression had said it all; it had been the same expression that she'd had when she had been four years old and had tried to convince him that the baby alligators in the bathtub weren't hers. Starr sagged with defeat as she begged her father not to tell Carly that A.J. was alive. Todd admitted that he would rat out everyone except her. Starr was grateful. Todd appreciated that she was keeping a secret for him, so she could rest easy that her secret was safe.

"Well, your secret may be safe with Starr, but with me? Not so much," Connie said as she sauntered into Todd's office. Starr demanded to know why Connie wasn't in Shadybrook. Connie gleefully announced that the judge had believed in justice and truth, and had recognized a "load of crap" when he saw one. Starr refused to let Connie get away with Hope and Cole's murders, but Connie denied that she had killed Starr's family. Connie invited Starr to ask Todd if she didn't believe Connie.

Confused, Starr looked at her father, but Todd glared at Connie. Connie explained that a doctor had testified that Kate, not Connie, was the alter personality, so Kate had been responsible for the crash. Starr refused to believe that Kate was the alter personality, but Connie insisted that Kate had been deceiving everyone for years. Disgusted, Starr demanded to know what Connie was doing there, so Connie revealed that she wanted Todd to reinstate Connie as the head of Crimson. Starr was outraged, so Todd informed Connie that he didn't give magazines to imaginary women.

Todd was curious what Connie even wanted with Crimson. Connie intended to share her fashion style with the world, but Todd doubted that jungle prints and tube tops would appeal to anyone. Connie insisted that Todd was contractually obligated and handed him the document that Johnny had signed. Todd looked at the "contract," which had a note from Johnny scribbled on it. The note read, "Give her what she wants and get her out of my face, or my guys go to the cops and tell them what you did with you know who."

Todd apologized to Starr as he explained that there wasn't much wiggle room in the contract. Furious, Starr stormed out. Connie made herself comfortable behind Todd's desk as she revealed that she also wanted Todd's office. Todd threatened to call the men who had kidnapped her for him weeks earlier, so Connie decided to compromise by agreeing to share the office with Todd.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly left Michael a voicemail message, begging him to call her back and let her know where he was. "Son not talking to you? Wonder why?" Monica asked, as she entered the parlor. Carly ended the call, certain that Monica was delighted about the rift between Carly and Michael. Monica admitted that she was, so Carly suggested that Monica enjoy it while she could, because Monica and A.J. would be laughing it up in adjoining jail cells by the time that Carly was through with them. Carly started to leave, but Monica refused to let Carly leave after what Carly had done to A.J.

Carly didn't understand why Monica couldn't see who A.J. really was. "He's my son, Carly," Monica declared. Carly reminded Monica that A.J. had wanted to kill Monica's other son, Jason, that he had shot Alan, and that he had kidnapped Michael with the intention of making everyone believe that Michael had died. Monica explained that A.J. had been driven to it after years of being subjected to Carly's lies and schemes. Carly insisted that A.J. was, and continued to be, a snake that belonged in jail, so Carly had nothing to feel guilty about.

"Try telling that to Michael," Monica replied, and then suggested that they discuss how Carly had drugged A.J. Carly preferred talk about the miscarriage she'd suffered when she had fallen down the stairs during a violent confrontation with A.J. and the months of posttraumatic stress that Michael had dealt with when he had thought that he had witnessed A.J.'s murder. Carly wondered what kind of loving grandmother let her grandson live with such a horrible memory. "A desperate one who had her grandchild stolen and her son destroyed," Monica answered. Carly argued that A.J. had destroyed his own life because he was a liar and a drunk who had turned into a psychopath. Alice walked in as Monica gloated that Carly would likely lose Michael when the dust settled.

Carly vowed that Monica wouldn't get her hands on Michael and stormed out. "Wow, that was epic," Alice remarked as she watched Carly leave. Monica told Alice about A.J.'s arrest. Alice hated to make Monica's day worse, but Tracy had escaped. Monica was stunned and asked where Tracy was. "I'm right here," Tracy answered as she burst through the patio doors, wielding a boat oar.

Things quickly turned violent as Tracy advanced on Alice. A brief melee ensued until Monica yelled, "Enough!" Monica didn't want her house to be ruined. Tracy backed down and admitted that the person she really wanted to hurt was A.J. Tracy decided to call the police to report that A.J. was alive, but Monica informed Tracy that it was too late because A.J. had already been arrested. Tracy smiled with satisfaction, but didn't end the call because she intended for Monica and Alice to join A.J. in jail.

At the gym, Sonny and Milo were sparring in the boxing ring as Milo told Sonny that he was sorry about Jason and what had happened with Kate in court. Sonny didn't want to talk about it, but Milo couldn't let it go because he felt bad about what had happened with Kate at the bachelorette party. "What happened?" Sonny asked. Milo was reluctant to talk about it because recent developments had made it moot, but Sonny demanded an answer. Milo admitted that Kate had made a pass at Milo during the party. Sonny's temper flared as he punched Milo with enough force to knock Milo to the ground.

"I guess you don't think it's mute," Milo said in a dazed voice. "It's moot, Milo. Moot," Sonny corrected Milo in a frustrated tone as Milo lost consciousness. Sonny's anger evaporated as he leaned down to check on Milo. Milo slowly opened his eyes while Sonny apologized for taking his frustrations out on Milo. Sonny reminded Milo that it had been Connie, not Kate, who had done those things at the party. Sonny blamed himself, just as Trey appeared and admitted that it was Trey's fault for not getting Kate the help that she desperately needed.

Sonny assured Trey that nothing that Connie had said about Kate in court had been true. Sonny promised Trey that Kate would have never abandoned Trey because that was not the kind of mother that she was. Trey had his doubts, but he conceded that Connie could not to be trusted. Sonny wondered if Trey wanted to get to know Kate. Before Trey could reply, Carly marched in, demanding to talk to Sonny.

Sonny warned Carly that he was having a bad day, so Carly admitted that it was about to get worse because A.J. was alive. Sonny assumed that Carly was referring to what had happened on Halloween, but she clarified that A.J. had been arrested and was at the police station. Sonny quickly recovered from his shock and suggested that they let the cops handle A.J. so that they could focus on getting to Michael before Michael found out. Carly revealed that it was too late, because A.J. had played Michael by filling Michael's head with A.J.'s version of events, which had painted A.J. as the victim.

Sonny doubted that Michael would believe A.J., so Carly explained that the problem was that Michael didn't want A.J. to go to jail because of Michael's own horrific experience in Pentonville. Sonny decided that they had to set Michael straight right away. Sonny had lost Jason and Kate, so he refused to lose Michael too.

At the police station, Anna left a voicemail message for "Duke," admitting that she was glad that he was back from the dead and that she missed him. She ended the call when Dante entered the squad room with A.J. in handcuffs. Dante explained that Duke wasn't the only person who had returned from the dead. Anna, who hadn't seen A.J. since he was a teenager, was stunned. Dante stepped away to fetch the file on A.J. as Anna and A.J. greeted each other. A.J. recalled that Anna had also been presumed killed.

In Duke Lavery's room at the clinic in Switzerland, Cesar Faison leaned over Duke's bed. "You thought you were clever, lying to me?" Faison asked in a soft, but deadly tone. Faison realized that Duke had hoped that the lies would be Faison's undoing, but it had been a grave mistake. Duke, who was restrained to the bed, insisted that Faison had gotten what Faison had deserved. Faison promised that Duke would, too, so Duke defiantly told Faison to go to hell.

Faison expected more gratitude from Duke, since Faison had rescued Duke from the Turkish prison, but Duke argued that he had simply traded one prison for another. "Remember, you came here by choice, Duke," Faison replied. "Some choice," Duke growled. Duke pointed out that he had given Faison everything that Faison had asked for, but Faison disagreed because Duke had lied about the memories that he had shared with Faison, so their trust had been broken. Faison pulled out a gun and brandished it threateningly in Duke's face.

Moments later, Faison set the gun down and offered Duke a cigar, but Duke declined. Faison took one for himself as he confided that things were going according to plan in Port Charles. Faison bragged that everyone had been receptive and accepting of Faison as Duke. Faison explained that Anna, like most people, would rather live with a little inconsistency than be disillusioned. Duke didn't believe Faison because Anna would quickly catch on with the right well-placed lie. Faison insisted that Anna only saw the man she loved.

However, Faison conceded that there had been one person who had seen through the mask, but it had been a minor imposition because she couldn't get word to Anna. Faison picked the gun back up. Duke was prepared to die, so he wished Faison all the luck in the world with his endeavors, even though Faison's plans were doomed to fail. Duke pointed out that Anna was a skilled detective who would eventually see the Euro trash that squirmed beneath the mask, especially as Faison continued to make mistakes -- because Duke had shared more than one false memory with Faison. Faison warned Duke that it would be very dangerous for Duke if there were any more mistakes, but Duke wasn't intimidated.

Duke was confident that Anna would do worse to Faison than Faison could do to Duke, so Duke would die a satisfied man. Faison decided to spare Duke's life for a while longer because Duke might still be useful. Duke was certain that Anna would never fall for Faison, so Faison decided to play the voicemail message that Anna had left for him, confessing that she was happy that Duke was back in her life. Faison insisted that it was clear that Anna had already fallen for him. Duke argued that Anna was rediscovering her love for Duke, not Faison.

Faison bragged that he had danced with Anna, reminisced about her past with Duke, and that she had kissed him, so it didn't sound like a woman who had doubts.

Dante returned with A.J.'s file, which he handed to Anna. Dante explained that at the time of A.J.'s "supposed death," A.J. had been facing charges for fraud, attempted murder, and kidnapping three children. Anna glanced at A.J.'s file while Dante confirmed that A.J. had been Mirandized. "Nothing happens to my father without me," Michael informed Anna and Dante as he entered the squad room. Anna and Dante appreciated Michael's concern, but they suggested that Michael let them do their job. Dante promised that they would do everything by the book, but Michael insisted on keeping his father company until Monica hired an attorney for A.J. "Thank you, son," A.J. told Michael.

Michael debated calling Alexis, but A.J. doubted that Kristina's mother would be willing to represent A.J. Plus, A.J. was certain that Sonny wouldn't permit it because Sonny couldn't stand A.J.

Nearby, Anna wondered if Dante knew how A.J. had managed to walk away from his own death. Dante admitted that it appeared that Monica had played a role in the ruse. Anna understood Monica's motivation, but she insisted that Monica would have to be questioned. Anna and Dante decided to remind Michael of the crimes that A.J. had been accused of. Dante insisted that Michael shouldn't be involved, but Michael argued that it wasn't that simple because Dante had no idea what it was like to be locked up in prison.

Dante argued that A.J. had shot his own father, so Michael pointed out that Sonny had shot Dante. Dante insisted that A.J. was not to be trusted, so Michael didn't owe A.J. any sympathy. "Hey, detective, you lay off my son," A.J. ordered Dante. A.J. was shocked when Michael confessed that Michael and Dante were brothers. A.J.'s surprise turned to disbelief when Dante revealed that Sonny was their father.

"How the hell does that gangster manage to get his son on the police force?" A.J. demanded. A.J. was curious if Dante knew that Sonny had hanged A.J. from a meat hook, threatened to kill A.J. if A.J. didn't give up his parental rights to Michael, and had tortured A.J. by locking A.J. in a room with a bottle of vodka until A.J. fell off the wagon. A.J. was curious how that jived with Anna's sense of right from wrong. Anna pointed out that there wasn't any proof to back up A.J.'s claims.

A.J. was certain that Dante knew Sonny well enough to know that A.J. was telling the truth. Dante refused to respond, so A.J. suggested that they ask Michael, since Michael had grown up with Sonny and knew all about Sonny's strong-arm tactics and what Sonny was capable of. Michael cautioned A.J. to stop talking until A.J.'s attorney arrived, but A.J. insisted that Michael needed to know who the man that Michael had been raised to love and respect really was -- the man that Carly had decided to replace A.J. with. Dante conceded that Sonny had his faults, but Sonny had never kidnapped children.

A.J. laughed because that was exactly what Sonny had done with Michael by forcibly taking Michael away from A.J. Dante was curious where the proof was, so A.J. insisted that the truth was always whitewashed with Sonny. A.J. was infuriated that Sonny's son was in charge of the case, so Anna ordered Dante to take the rest of the day off and reassigned the case to another police officer. Dante tried to get Michael to leave with him, but Michael refused. Moments later, Tracy called Anna.

After Anna left, Starr called Michael to tell him that Todd knew that A.J. was alive. Michael revealed that it didn't matter because A.J. had been arrested. Starr wondered if Michael had called the police. Michael looked up as Carly entered the squad room and told Starr, "Somebody else decided to turn him in to the cops."

At the Quartermaine mansion, Anna apologized for having to arrest Monica and Alice. Tracy smiled victoriously as she promised to take care of the mansion.

Lulu was surprised when Dante entered the nightclub. He told her about what had transpired at the police station. Lulu admitted that it sounded like things were about to get very ugly. Dante agreed then changed the subject by asking her about her day. Lulu handed him the pamphlet on surrogacy as she confessed that she thought that they should give it a try.

At the police station, A.J. was behind bars when he heard someone approach his jail cell. He looked up and saw Sonny staring menacingly back at him.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Patrick and Britt arrived at the Haunted Star for a drink. Lulu greeted them and took their order. Britt wanted champagne because she and Patrick were celebrating. Lulu smiled knowingly and fetched the drinks. Later, Britt offered a toast to clear communication and Emma spending the night with Mac and Felicia.

Patrick hoped Emma didn't get another strange phone call, so Britt wondered what he was talking about. Patrick told her about what he believed to be Emma's imaginary phone calls from Robin. Patrick hoped that a night with Mac and Felicia, who spoiled Emma, would do his daughter some good. Britt offered to spoil Patrick and then confessed that her apartment was being renovated, so she had rented a room at Metro Court for the night.

Britt noticed that Patrick seemed uncomfortable, so he explained that he was out of practice and didn't know the rules. Britt assured him that there weren't any rules except for them to have fun. Patrick smiled as he confessed that he had been enjoying Britt's company. Britt beamed as she admitted that Patrick had made her night. Later, they bumped into Liz and Sabrina. Patrick and Britt were curious what Liz and Sabrina were doing there, so Liz explained that they had decided to get a drink after Tracy had turned down their request to help fund the Nurses Ball.

Britt announced that she and Patrick were about to leave, so Sabrina was curious who was watching Emma. Britt explained that Emma was spending the night with Mac and Felicia, so Britt and Patrick had the whole night free. Liz admitted that her grandmother was watching the boys, so that Liz could work on fundraising for the Nurses Ball, which Audrey was in complete support of. Britt took the opportunity to deliberately drop the Metro Court keycard at Sabrina's feet, while Patrick's attention was on Liz.

Sabrina picked up the Metro Court keycard and stared at it for several heartbeats before handing it to Britt. Britt smiled smugly as she thanked Sabrina. Meanwhile, Patrick and Liz agreed to meet the following day to discuss the next step to try to get funding for the Nurses Ball. Moments later, Patrick and Britt left, so Liz asked if Sabrina was ready for a drink. "Please, supersize me," Sabrina replied.

Later, Liz sensed that Sabrina was upset because Sabrina had practically guzzled her cocktail. Sabrina admitted that she was attempting to drown her sorrows. Liz assumed that it had to do with their first potential donor turning them down, but Sabrina assured her that it didn't have to do with the Quartermaines. A tipsy Sabrina polished off the drink, while Liz asked what was bothering Sabrina. Sabrina complained that Britt had bragged about spending the night with Patrick, and then had made sure that Sabrina saw the keycard. Liz realized that Sabrina had a thing for Patrick. Sabrina denied it, but Liz wasn't convinced.

Sabrina clarified that it was just a crush. Liz conceded that Patrick was a wonderful person, a brilliant doctor, and good-looking, so she understood the attraction. Sabrina was horrified that she had said anything, so she begged Liz not to tell Patrick because Sabrina knew that it was ridiculous to think that Patrick would ever be interested in someone like Sabrina. Sabrina then began to grumble about Britt stripping out of her shirt in front of Patrick and standing in front of Patrick in just her bra while they had been in the locker room. Sabrina admitted that she could never have done something like that.

After Lulu dropped off a second round of drinks, Sabrina explained that she wanted Patrick to be happy, as long as he found someone real with whom he could connect, even if it wasn't Sabrina. However, Sabrina doubted that Britt was the right woman for him because Britt didn't care about Patrick as a person. According to Sabrina, Britt saw Patrick as a handsome doctor and never spared Emma a second glance. Liz suggested that things would change with time, but Sabrina argued that it was clear that Patrick was not ready for a relationship, which probably wouldn't stop Britt.

At Metro Court, Britt apologized for not taking Patrick to her place. Patrick assured her that the suite was fine, and then kissed her. Britt started to unbutton his shirt but stopped to excuse herself while she slipped into the bathroom. She invited Patrick to keep undressing, so Patrick watched her leave and then continued to unbutton his shirt. However, he stopped when his eyes landed on his wedding band.

A short time later, Britt returned from the bathroom, wearing only her bra and panties, as Patrick shrugged on his jacket. Britt asked what was going on, so Patrick explained that he wasn't ready to sleep with her.

Maxie arrived at her apartment. She was happy to be home, even though the downside was that she would have to share it with Ellie. However, Maxie anticipated Spinelli seeing Maxie and Ellie together and realizing that Maxie was the one for him. Moments later, Ellie arrived. Maxie immediately claimed the master bedroom for herself because Maxie needed a bigger closet than the one that was in the second bedroom. Ellie didn't have a problem with that.

Spinelli appeared in the doorway, carrying two big boxes. Maxie and Ellie told Spinelli to be careful because one of the boxes contained Maxie's perfumes, while the other had Ellie's microscope in it. Spinelli stumbled and dropped both boxes. Miraculously, nothing was broken. Spinelli admitted that he was a terrible pack mule, but Ellie smiled sweetly as she disagreed. Maxie tried to distract Spinelli from Ellie by suggesting that they have lunch.

Maxie dashed into the kitchen to see what was available, and then returned to the living room to suggest that they order out. Maxie stopped short when she saw Spinelli and Ellie on the living room floor, where she had left them, kissing. Later, Ellie worried that Maxie had been bothered by their public display of affection. Spinelli doubted it, but Ellie suggested that Maxie might feel a bit melancholy because of the divorce, or Maxie might not like seeing Spinelli kiss another woman. Spinelli doubted that Maxie cared.

Later, Spinelli and Ellie kissed, but then Ellie pulled away. Spinelli feared that he had done something to upset her, but Ellie assured him that she wanted to be with him. However, she was skittish because she had been hurt in the past when someone she had cared about hadn't felt the same way about her. Ellie admitted that the breakup had been difficult because she hadn't been able to eat or sleep for weeks after the relationship had ended, so she didn't want to go through that kind of pain again. Ellie confessed that she cared deeply for Spinelli, so taking the next step with him would be significant for her.

Spinelli assured Ellie that he felt the same way, so he promised that he wouldn't hurt her. He admitted that he was usually the person to get hurt, so Ellie asked him about it. Spinelli explained that it no longer mattered because it was a while before. Ellie thought that Spinelli was a person with extraordinary qualities, so she assured him that she wouldn't hurt him. Spinelli returned her feelings, so they kissed. Nearby, Spinelli's cell phone vibrated when Maxie called him, but they were unaware of it. Spinelli and Ellie started to make love, but Spinelli stopped to ask if Ellie was sure.

"Yes," Ellie replied. She knew that she could trust Spinelli. Spinelli smiled and held his hand out to Ellie. She took it, so they walked to the bedroom.

At the Haunted Star, Dante and Lulu discussed having a baby via surrogacy. Lulu admitted that she was having a little trouble wrapping her mind around the process and how strange it would feel. Dante suggested that Lulu look at it as having someone babysit their child for nine months, but Lulu feared that she might not feel like a mother. Dante was certain that that would change the instant that Lulu held their child. A short time later, Maxie arrived. Maxie complained about having witnessed Spinelli and Ellie kiss.

Dante was curious what Maxie had thought would happen when she had invited Ellie to move in. Lulu realized that Maxie had hoped that close proximity would make Spinelli realize that Maxie was the one for him. Maxie desperately wanted Spinelli back, so she decided that she would have to find a subtle way to break Spinelli and Ellie up. Maxie doubted that the breakup would hurt Spinelli or Ellie, since they hadn't even been intimate. Dante advised Maxie to tell Spinelli the truth, instead of playing games, if she truly cared about Spinelli. Maxie assured Lulu and Dante that Spinelli was the one for her.

Lulu agreed with Dante, so Lulu urged Maxie to talk to Spinelli before he became more involved with Ellie. Maxie decided that there was no time like the present, so she picked up her cell phone and dialed Spinelli's number. Lulu and Dante thought that Maxie should talk to Spinelli in person, but Maxie ignored them. Maxie was frustrated when the call went to voicemail, so she decided to tell Spinelli how she felt about him first thing in the morning.

At the police station, Carly smiled when she saw Monica and Alice hauled in wearing handcuffs. "Wow, there is justice after all," Carly said to herself as she followed them into the squad room. Carly reminded Monica that she had warned Monica that it was a felony to harbor an escaped criminal, even though Carly doubted that A.J. cared. "Shut up," Monica barked at Carly. Carly was curious if Monica and Alice had been arrested for aiding and abetting, but a police officer clarified that the women had been charged with assault and battery.

Carly wondered who the victim was, so another police officer revealed that the complainant had been Tracy Quartermaine. Carly suggested that Monica should have left A.J. where he had been hiding or better yet have called the police when he had survived Dr. Thomas' attack. Monica doubted that even Carly would have turned her own sons over to the cops. Carly argued that her sons would never have committed the crimes that A.J. had. "Oh, they might if a lying, scheming bitch drove them to it," Monica shot back.

Carly accused Monica of being a hypocrite because Monica had never wanted Michael to turn out like A.J. Carly knew that Monica had wanted Michael to be like Jason, which Carly assured Monica he was because Michael had Jason's strength and courage. Carly insisted that Monica had Carly to thank for that because she had given Michael to Jason. Monica decided to call her attorney, so Carly snidely suggested that the timing of Monica's arrest was bad because it meant that A.J. wouldn't have anyone to visit him. "He'll have his son," Monica smugly stated as she passed Carly.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy grimaced as she took a sip of a martini that she had made. Diane strolled in and noticed that the parlor was in shambles, but her eyes sparked with interest when she saw the martini in Tracy's hand. Tracy demanded to know what Diane was doing in Tracy's house. Diane explained that Monica had hired Diane to represent Monica and Alice, and then clarified that the house belonged to Monica, not Tracy. Diane asked for a martini, so Tracy handed Diane the drink that Tracy had been holding.

Diane took a sip of the drink and proclaimed that the martini tasted vile. Tracy explained that the maid was in jail, so Diane revealed that she was there to see if Tracy could be persuaded to drop the charges. Tracy insisted that Monica had been a thorn in Tracy's side for years and bragged that she could find another maid to clean "my house." Diane once again reminded Tracy that the house belonged to Monica, so Monica had instructed Diane to begin eviction proceedings if Tracy refused to cooperate. Diane handed the drink back to Tracy and left.

A short time later, Tracy took a sip of another foul-tasting martini as Monica and Alice entered the parlor. Tracy welcomed the "criminals from prison" home, and then ordered Alice to make a martini. Alice suggested that a please would be appreciated, but Tracy was curious why she should be nice to Alice after Alice had betrayed Tracy. Alice argued that she had been loyal to the Quartermaine family, which A.J. was a member of. Tracy insisted that A.J. had been a disgrace to the family his entire life.

Monica was tired of Tracy insulting A.J. Tracy was unapologetic as she vowed to make it her life's mission to put A.J. behind bars for the rest of his pathetic life.

Sonny realized that it was true that A.J. was alive when he saw A.J. in the jail cell. A.J. insisted that he was better than ever, so Sonny warned A.J. that A.J. might have escaped death, but he couldn't escape Sonny. Sonny was curious why A.J. had returned, so A.J. explained that it was because Jason was missing and had probably died, thanks to Sonny. Sonny argued that A.J. had no idea what he was talking about, but A.J. was certain that Jason had been doing something for Sonny at the time of the shooting. Sonny claimed that he had loved Jason like a brother, but A.J. insisted that Jason had been A.J.'s brother.

A.J. accused Sonny of exploiting Jason, so Sonny pointed out that A.J. had been the one to ruin Jason's life by driving Jason into a tree and robbing Jason of the life that Jason had had. A.J. doubted that Sonny had ever cared about Jason's plans for the future before the accident, but Sonny insisted that he had loved and respected Jason. Sonny suggested that A.J. take a look in the mirror if he didn't like the life that Jason had chosen. A.J. admitted that there wasn't a day that went by that he didn't think about what he had done to Jason. However, A.J. had never put Jason in harm's way every single day the way that Sonny had. Sonny explained that he wasn't there to argue with A.J. about Jason.

Sonny wanted A.J. to leave Michael alone instead of dragging Michael down with A.J. A.J. insisted that Michael had been lied to his entire life, so A.J. was determined that his son learned the truth. Sonny argued that Michael was going to college and had a great future head of him, so he refused to let A.J. pile on the guilt by making Michael feel responsible for the train wreck of A.J.'s life. Sonny ordered A.J. to stay away from Michael, but A.J. merely laughed. "Are you seriously telling me to stay away from my own son?" A.J. asked.

A.J. had almost forgotten how arrogant Sonny was to expect people to bow down to Sonny's orders. Sonny couldn't change the fact that Michael was A.J.'s son, but he suggested that A.J. should be grateful that Sonny had been there to clean up A.J.'s mess and to give Michael a decent life. Sonny taunted A.J. by reminding him that Michael called Sonny dad. A.J. suggested that Sonny labored under a delusion.

A.J. pointed out that Sonny was a criminal who couldn't cut it in the real world, so he was nothing more than a glorified thug. Sonny argued that he had worked and killed for everything that he had, so nothing had been handed to him like it had been to A.J. A.J. insisted that Sonny had stolen everything, including Michael, but Sonny vowed that A.J. would never see Michael again. A.J. reminded Sonny that Michael was a grown man who could make his own decisions. Sonny insisted that Michael had suffered some hard times and had made something of himself, so Michael didn't need to hear A.J. play the victim.

Sonny claimed that Michael didn't need A.J. at all. A.J. saw Michael approach the jail cell, so he suggested that they let Michael decide for himself. Michael asked why Sonny was there, so Sonny explained that he and A.J. had just been straightening some things out. A.J. revealed that Sonny had been warning A.J. to stay away from Michael because Sonny considered A.J. to be a bad influence, even though Sonny had been the one to hang A.J. from a meat hook, and had then threatened A.J. with death if A.J. didn't sign over his parental rights. Sonny admitted that it was true, but he wished that it hadn't been necessary.

Sonny revealed that Carly had been five months pregnant with Michael's brother when A.J. had "shoved" Carly down a flight of stairs, which had nearly killed Carly when she miscarried the baby. A.J. insisted that it had been an accident for which he had been sorry. Sonny argued that A.J. seemed to have a lot of accidents, including when A.J. had driven into a tree and caused Jason's permanent brain damage. Sonny hadn't wanted Michael to end up hurt, too, so Sonny had forced A.J. to relinquish all parental rights to Michael. A.J. denied that Sonny had been trying to protect Michael. According to A.J., Sonny had only been interested in stealing Michael from A.J.

Sonny was curious if A.J. had mentioned how A.J. had stolen money from the Quartermaines, hired Faith Roscoe to kidnap Sonny's children, staged Michael's death, and shot Alan in the back. Sonny demanded to know if those had been accidents too. A.J. fully conceded that he had been out of control during that time, but Sonny argued that A.J. had put children at risk. Michael reminded Sonny that A.J. had admitted his wrongs, but Sonny insisted that it had gone beyond that because A.J. had endangered children.

A.J. was curious if Sonny had ever put his own children in danger. "Never," Sonny answered. "That's not completely true," Michael admitted. A.J. was shocked when Michael reminded Sonny of the time that Michael had been shot in the head. A.J. demanded to know what happened, so Michael told A.J. about the coma. However, Michael assured A.J. that he had fully recovered.

A.J. demanded to hear from Sonny, but Sonny refused to discuss it. A.J. realized that the bullet had been intended for Sonny. A.J. was furious that his son had been shot because of Sonny, so he wished that the bullet had hit Sonny instead of Michael. Michael started to defend Sonny, but that only enraged A.J. further because Sonny had let Michael make excuses for what had happened. Carly suddenly appeared demanding to know what was going on because she had heard A.J. yelling from upstairs.

A.J. demanded to know how Carly could justify Sonny, not A.J., being the safer choice to raise Michael when Michael had been shot because of Sonny. A.J. insisted that the only thing worse than Sonny as a father was Carly as a mother. Carly quietly suggested that she, Sonny, and Michael go somewhere quiet to discuss things privately, but Michael refused to leave A.J.'s side until A.J.'s attorney arrived. Carly implored Michael to reconsider, but Sonny reminded her that Michael was an adult who could make his own decisions. Sonny walked away, so Michael promised to call Carly later. Carly assured Michael that she loved him, and then left.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

At Volonino's Gym, Sonny was pummeling a punching bag when Dante walked in. Dante smiled when he noticed that Sonny had taped the front page of the Sun, which featured a picture of A.J., to the bag. Sonny wished that he could give A.J. a taste of all the pain that A.J. had caused everyone, so Dante suggested that perhaps it was a good thing that A.J. was still behind bars. Sonny had enough on his plate without having to deal with assault charges.

Dante revealed that A.J. was due to be arraigned later that day. "The charges better stick," Sonny growled. Dante was confident that there weren't going to be any problems, since A.J. had skipped jurisdiction once already. Sonny argued that Diane had a gift for getting guilty people released. "Present company included," Dante remarked. Sonny resented being compared to A.J., so Dante assured his father that he had been joking.

Sonny insisted that A.J. had put all of them through hell and was doing it again by playing the victim with Michael. Sonny hated to see Michael defend A.J because it reinforced Sonny's fear that A.J.'s ploy was working. Sonny accused A.J. of wanting to steal Sonny's son, but Dante assured Sonny that it wouldn't work because Michael loved Sonny. Sonny argued that A.J. played the biological card as if that was what it meant to be a parent. Sonny insisted that he had loved Michael from the beginning and that Michael was as much Sonny's son as Dante and Morgan were.

Dante confessed that seeing Sonny's love for Michael had made Dante want to adopt a child. Sonny was surprised that Dante and Lulu had decided to adopt, so Dante revealed that it hadn't worked out because Lulu had panicked and lied on the application. Sonny urged Dante not to give up because Dante and Lulu would make wonderful parents. Dante admitted that he and Lulu were considering surrogacy, but they might not be able to afford it. Sonny offered to give Dante the money that Dante and Lulu needed, but Dante declined because he didn't want money that had been tainted by crime.

Sonny was curious if Dante would consider accepting money from the coffee business. Dante remained reluctant, so Sonny explained that he needed his family more than ever because he might have lost Kate for good. Sonny admitted that he looked forward to being a grandfather to Dante's child, so he wanted to help Dante and Lulu. Dante wanted to discuss it with Lulu first, but it would have to be a loan, not a gift, if they accepted the money. Sonny agreed because he would do anything for his sons. Dante promised Sonny that Sonny wouldn't lose any of them.

Faison arrived at his apartment, disguised as Duke. After he closed the door, he pulled off the rubber mask and then called Anna.

At the hotel suite, Anna was getting ready for work when she received a call from Faison posing as Duke. Anna was delighted to hear from Duke because she had missed him. Anna was startled when Robert suddenly entered the suite. "Hello, love," Robert greeted his ex-wife. Anna explained that she would have to call Duke back, so Faison asked if Luke had returned. Anna admitted that it was someone else, so Faison explained that he had called to invite her to his place for dinner.

Anna didn't know if she could make it, but Faison refused to take no for an answer. After Anna ended the call, she demanded to know what Robert was doing there. Robert explained that Luke had called from a Turkish prison, where Luke was being held, to ask Robert for a favor. Stunned, Anna wondered why Robert hadn't gone to help Luke. Robert assured Anna that Luke could take care of himself and then admitted that Luke had asked Robert to pass along the information that Luke had uncovered about Duke to Anna. Anna felt vindicated when Robert admitted that Duke's story appeared to have checked out.

However, Robert reminded her that she should know that if something sounded too good to be true, then it usually was. Anna was frustrated because Duke seemed to be damned either way. She was happy that Robert appeared to be doing well and had moved on with his life, but she wanted him to stay out of hers. Anna pointed out that she and Robert had returned from the dead, so she was curious why he didn't think that Duke could have. Robert argued that he knew one person who hadn't returned from the dead, but Anna cut him off before he could say Robin's name because she insisted that he didn't get to do that to her.

Anna made it clear that if she wanted to believe that Duke was back from the dead, then she could. Robert advised her to try to be objective because Duke's story seemed a bit too convenient. "Why?" Anna demanded. Robert explained that it was Spy 101 to attack an opponent when they were at their most vulnerable, but Anna was curious what Duke stood to gain. Robert didn't have an answer, so Anna suggested that Luke had allowed his jealousy to cloud his thinking.

Robert feared that Anna was quickly sinking in quicksand, so he was determined to pull her out, whether she liked it or not. Anna told Robert to let Luke know that she wished the best for Luke, but she intended to move out as soon as possible.

At Faison's apartment, Faison gloated that he had already taken Duke's face, so it was only a matter of time before he took Duke's place at Anna's side. Faison looked at a picture of Anna and Duke on their wedding day as he took satisfaction in knowing that he had successfully made Duke's life his own, which would eventually lead to marriage with Anna.

At the apartment, Maxie left Spinelli a voicemail message asking where he was and wondering why his phone was off. Maxie explained that she needed to talk to him about an urgent matter, so she asked him to call her back right away. Seconds after Maxie ended the call, Ellie entered the living. Ellie was curious why Maxie needed to talk to Spinelli. Maxie claimed that she had been eager to tell Spinelli that his favorite movie, The Maltese Falcon, was on the classic movie channel.

Maxie suspected that Spinelli had spent the night on the sofa at his office, which he had done a lot lately. Ellie confided that Spinelli hadn't slept at the office. As if on cue, Spinelli entered the living room, wearing nothing except his boxers. Maxie was stunned as she realized that Spinelli had spent the night with Ellie. Spinelli admitted that it felt a little awkward because he hadn't expected Maxie to be home. Ellie pointed out that Maxie knew that they were dating, so she didn't think that it was a big deal.

Maxie's worst fears were realized when it dawned on her that Spinelli and Ellie had been intimate. Ellie noticed the tension in Maxie, so she wondered if Maxie was upset. Ellie admitted that they probably should have discussed the issue of overnight visitors, but Ellie hadn't thought that it would be a problem since Maxie knew Spinelli. Ellie assured Maxie that she wouldn't object when Maxie was ready to invite someone to spend the night. Spinelli became uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, so he decided to pop out to pick up some breakfast.

Ellie decided to take a shower before Spinelli returned, so Maxie waited until Ellie had disappeared into the bathroom to call Lulu. Without preamble, Maxie told Lulu that Spinelli and Ellie had had sex. Maxie insisted that it was a disaster, so she didn't know what to do. Lulu advised Maxie to calm down, but Maxie was too upset. Maxie regretted that she hadn't told Spinelli how she felt about him sooner. Moments later, Spinelli returned, so Maxie quickly ended the call.

Freshly showered, Ellie returning to the living room as Spinelli revealed that he had picked up almond croissants. Ellie was delighted because they were her favorite. Spinelli admitted that he loved the special croissants too. Maxie quietly confessed that they were her favorite pastries as well. Ellie suggested that they have breakfast together. However, moments later, Ellie was called in to work, so Spinelli offered to drive her. Ellie declined, but accepted the croissant that Spinelli handed her.

After Ellie left, Spinelli decided to check his voicemail. Maxie tried to stop him, but he ignored her as he listened to her message. He was curious what had been so urgent. Maxie tried to brush it off, but Spinelli sensed that something had been bothering her all morning, so he wanted to know if she needed or wanted something. "You, Spinelli. I want you," Maxie confessed.

Olivia went to the Haunted Star to pay Lulu a visit. Olivia was curious what had happened with the lady from the adoption agency. Lulu was surprised that Olivia knew about the visit, so Olivia admitted that Dante had let the cat out of the bag. Lulu confessed that the adoption plans had fallen though because Lulu had lied on the application. "About what?" Olivia asked. "Among other things, you," Lulu confessed.

Lulu confessed that she had lied about the rest of the family, as well, because she had been worried that the adoption agency would reject them if they knew the truth about everyone. Lulu insisted that she loved everyone in the family and felt blessed to have them, but they didn't look good on paper. Olivia assured Lulu that it was just a speed bump because she was certain that Lulu and Dante would be parents soon. Lulu wondered if Olivia had had one of her visions, but Olivia clarified that it was just a gut feeling. Lulu was curious if Olivia could somehow tap into her visions to see what the future held for Lulu and Dante. Olivia explained that it didn't work that way, but she was certain that there was another way for Lulu and Dante to become parents.

Lulu told Olivia about the surrogacy option, but Lulu feared that they might not be able to afford it. Olivia offered to take a loan out to help pay for it, but Lulu refused to accept Olivia's money because she knew that Olivia couldn't afford it. Moments later, Maxie called Lulu, so Lulu excused herself to take the call. Olivia pulled out her checkbook to take a look at her financial situation. Olivia realized that she couldn't help Dante and Lulu because she had less than a thousand dollars in her checking account. Lulu continued to chat with Maxie, so Olivia decided to leave. However, Olivia bumped into Duke on her way out.

However, instead of Duke's face, Olivia saw Faison's visage. "Nice to see you again, Miss Falconeri," a disguised Faison said. "Who the hell are you?" Olivia asked nervously. Faison reminded her that they had met before, but Olivia remained leery. Lulu joined them and greeted Duke. Olivia glanced at Lulu and then turned back to look at Duke.

Olivia realized that she'd just had another vision. Faison apologized for having to leave town abruptly to fly to Washington, so he was curious if he still had a job. Lulu assured him that it was fine and offered to let him work later that evening. Faison explained that he had special plans for the evening, so he wondered if it would be okay to start the following night. Lulu didn't mind, so Faison thanked her and left. After Faison departed, Lulu questioned Olivia about Olivia's reaction to Duke.

Olivia confessed that she hadn't seen Duke Lavery, but rather another man whom she hadn't recognized. Olivia admitted that the man had been very creepy. Shortly after Olivia left, Robert stopped by to let Lulu know that Luke had sent him to assure her that Luke was okay and that there was nothing to worry about. Lulu confessed that the message was enough to cause concern, so she wanted to know where her father was. Robert admitted that Luke was in Turkey, investigating the man who claimed to be Duke.

Robert conceded that Duke's story had checked out, but something seemed off. Robert was certain that Duke was hiding something. "Like his real face?" Lulu asked.

Meanwhile, Faison returned to his apartment and pulled off his Duke mask. Faison decided that Duke needed to rest because Duke had a long night ahead of him. Faison had arranged for champagne, candles, flowers, and caviar in anticipation of Anna's arrival.

At the nurses' station, Liz greeted Sabrina, but Sabrina's mood was subdued. Liz wondered what was wrong. "Excuse me?" Sabrina asked. "Well, normally you're so happy, you practically have bluebirds singing on your shoulders," Liz admitted. Sabrina confessed that she was still upset about Patrick and Britt spending the night together. Sabrina realized that it was ridiculous because Patrick and Britt were consenting adults who were free to sleep with whomever they wanted.

Liz pointed out that it didn't mean that Sabrina had to like it. Sabrina insisted that it wasn't just about Sabrina's feelings for Patrick, although she conceded that they did factor in. However, Sabrina's main concern was that Patrick had been through so much that she didn't think that he was ready to move forward. Liz looked up as Patrick walked up. Patrick apologized and then confessed that he had overheard what Sabrina had said. Mortified, Sabrina stared at him as he explained that he knew that she was afraid that he would be disappointed if she couldn't find anyone to underwrite the Nurses Ball.

Sabrina realized that Patrick didn't know about her crush on him. He assured Sabrina that he knew how hard Sabrina and Liz were working on putting together a Nurses Ball, so he could never be disappointed. Liz promised to keep brainstorming with Sabrina to find new sponsors, so Patrick offered to help in any way that he could because the event meant a lot to him. Sabrina excused herself and dashed off. Patrick asked what was wrong with Sabrina. "No idea," Liz replied.

Patrick excused himself when he spotted Britt. Liz saw her brother reading a newspaper in the waiting area, so she walked up to greet him. Liz noticed the headline, so she admitted that the news about A.J. was incredible. She couldn't understand how it was possible that A.J. had survived. Steve agreed. Liz recalled that Steve had treated A.J., but became distracted when she noticed that Sabrina had returned to the nurses' station. Liz promised to return shortly and then went to check on Sabrina.

Liz asked Sabrina if Sabrina was okay. Sabrina explained that she had gone to splash her face with water because she had panicked when she had thought that Patrick had overheard her talking about her crush on him. Liz assured Sabrina that it was okay and gave Sabrina an assignment to get Sabrina's mind off of what had happened. Sabrina headed to an examination room, unaware that Patrick and Britt had entered it for a private talk.

Sabrina froze at the door, which had been left open a crack, when she heard Patrick apologize to Britt about the previous evening. He confessed that he wasn't ready to be intimate with anyone because looking at his wedding band had made him feel disloyal to Robin. Britt assured Patrick that she understood. She told him to take all the time that he needed because she would wait for him. Patrick didn't think that it was fair to ask that of Britt, but she explained that she didn't mind. Patrick smiled and thanked Britt.

In the hallway, Sabrina grinned and dashed off before Patrick and Britt caught her eavesdropping. Meanwhile, Britt told Patrick that she was glad that they had talked and reiterated that she didn't mind waiting when there was something worth waiting for.

At the nurses' station, Liz suggested that Steve talk to Monica, but Steve didn't see the point, since it was clear that A.J. had faked his death. Liz clarified that she wanted Steve to discuss funding for the Nurses Ball with Monica. Steve pointed out that Tracy had already turned Liz's request down, but Liz thought that Monica and Edward might feel different, especially since Edward had performed in several Nurses Balls. Steve warned Liz to be careful about crossing Tracy because Tracy had a lot of pull with the country club set, but Liz insisted that a ball was exactly what the hospital needed.

Later, Liz noticed that Sabrina seemed to be in a better mood. Sabrina revealed that she had learned that Patrick hadn't spent the night with Britt, so there was still hope for Sabrina. Liz tried to warn Sabrina that Patrick was approaching, but Sabrina carried on about how it might be silly to think that a gorgeous brilliant doctor might be interested in a girl like her. "Sabrina," Liz finally managed to interject in a warning tone. Sabrina turned around to discover that Patrick was standing directly behind her.

Steve was typing in A.J.'s name into the hospital's computer system when Olivia walked up and hugged him from behind. Steve quickly closed the screen before Olivia noticed. Steve was curious why she was there, so Olivia held up a bag of pastries because she knew that he hadn't had breakfast. Steve thanked her as she handed the bag to him, so she told him about her odd encounter with Duke.

Friday, November 16, 2012

At the apartment, Maxie admitted that she wanted Spinelli. Spinelli wondered if she meant that she wanted him to do something manly like hang a picture or kill a spider, so Maxie clarified that she wanted him back as a boyfriend. Spinelli reminded Maxie that she had made it clear to him that she only wanted friendship, so he was curious what had suddenly changed. Maxie insisted that it wasn't sudden.

According to Maxie, she had realized that she still had feelings for Spinelli when Spinelli had told her that if he couldn't have her love than he refused to settle for her "like." Spinelli admitted that it had been an unfair thing to say to her, but Maxie argued that it had worked. Spinelli pointed out that Maxie's feelings tended to be mercurial on a good day, but Maxie insisted that she was in love with him. Spinelli couldn't understand why Maxie hadn't told him sooner, so Maxie revealed that she had been trying to talk to him since the bachelorette party, but Spinelli had always seemed to be with Ellie. She confessed that she had divorced Matt for Spinelli.

"Well, you shouldn't have done it," Spinelli replied, but Maxie insisted that she had to because she didn't love Matt. She admitted that she had been hurt when Spinelli had barely shown a reaction to her news about her decision to end her marriage to Matt. However, she recalled the look on Spinelli's face when she had broached the subject about the divorce on her birthday. Maxie was certain that Spinelli had known then that she had wanted him back. Spinelli was curious why, if she was in love with him, she had invited Ellie to move in with her.

Maxie admitted that she had hoped to make Spinelli realize that he wanted Maxie, not Ellie. Maxie was curious if Spinelli had even noticed that she had left the apartment the previous day when he had been kissing Ellie. She confided that she had been crushed to see them together, so she had gone to the Haunted Star to talk to Dante and Lulu. Lulu had advised Maxie to be honest with Spinelli, so Maxie had been heartbroken when she had discovered that Spinelli and Ellie had had sex. Spinelli didn't know what to say, so Maxie wanted to know who Spinelli wanted to be with: Maxie or Ellie.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica wrapped up a phone call with Diane about A.J., just as Tracy descended the steps. Monica bristled when Tracy admitted that she hoped that A.J. remained locked up in jail where he belonged. Tracy doubted that any judge in the land would grant bail to A.J. "Guess again, Aunt Tracy," A.J. said as he walked through the front door. Tracy was stunned, while Monica warmly welcomed her son home with open arms. Tracy demanded to know how Monica had secured bail for A.J., but Monica insisted that it was none of Tracy's business.

Tracy couldn't believe that a judge had let A.J. out of jail because he had proven to be a flight risk. A.J. showed Tracy his ankle monitor and explained that he had to stay confined to the house. Tracy sarcastically wondered what A.J. intended to do in a luxurious mansion with servants. A.J. informed her that first on his list was to visit his grandfather, Edward. Tracy immediately objected, claiming that Edward was too fragile to withstand the shock of seeing A.J. Monica disagreed.

A.J. suspected that Tracy's true concern was the possibility that Edward would decide to oust Tracy from ELQ and put A.J. in charge. Tracy laughed because she thought that it was absurd to think that A.J. could run ELQ, so Tracy invited A.J. to visit Edward, but she warned him that he would likely be sending Edward to his grave. A.J. hesitated at the bottom of the stairs, so Tracy asked why he was waiting. A.J. informed his aunt that he loved his grandfather, despite what she thought. A.J. decided that his visit with Edward could wait if Tracy honestly believed that it would hurt Edward.

Tracy was curious what A.J.'s angle was, but A.J. insisted that he didn't have one. Tracy didn't buy A.J.'s "phony nobility," but Monica had complete faith in A.J. Tracy thought that Monica deserved what she got, so Tracy decided to check on Edward. Monica and A.J. entered the parlor as A.J. asked if Edward was really in frail health. Monica confessed that Edward had good days and bad days, but she was confident that Edward would be delighted to see A.J. if they prepared Edward.

Monica commended A.J. for taking the high road with Tracy. A.J. appreciated Monica's faith in him and getting him out of jail. They were unaware that Tracy lurked in the foyer, eavesdropping on their conversation, while Monica confided that she had put the mansion up as collateral; she warned A.J. that she would lose her home if he violated the terms of his bail by leaving the premises. A.J. assured her that he wouldn't leave.

In the hallway, Tracy made a phone call to find out where Michael was. A short time later, Tracy entered the parlor to feign concern about Edward, whom she claimed seemed pale and weak. After Monica left to check on Edward, the phone rang. Tracy pretended that something serious had happened, so A.J. asked her what was going on as she ended the call. Tracy advised A.J. not to overreact, which only further alarmed A.J. Tracy claimed that Sam had called to report that there had been an accident with Michael.

A.J. wanted to know if Michael was okay, but Tracy told him that she didn't know. According to Tracy, Michael was at Jason's penthouse, so A.J. fetched a pair of scissors, cut off the ankle monitor, and then dashed out of the house amid Tracy's half-hearted objections. Tracy smiled with satisfaction after A.J. left. Moments later, Monica returned. Monica noticed that A.J. wasn't there, so she asked Tracy where he was. Tracy claimed that she didn't know, but she doubted that A.J. had gone far, since he couldn't leave the premises without getting arrested. Meanwhile, Tracy carefully kicked the ankle monitor under the table so that Monica wouldn't see it.

Michael stopped by the penthouse to check on Sam and meet Danny. Sam explained that her son was taking a nap. She admitted that she was grateful for the break because it allowed her the opportunity to work on her investigation. Michael was curious about the case, so Sam revealed that she was trying to figure out who had shot Jason. Michael apologized for not visiting sooner, but there had been some trouble with his father. Sam assumed that he had been referring to Sonny, but Michael clarified that he had meant A.J.

Sam was stunned when Michael revealed that A.J. was alive. Michael explained that A.J. had been in hiding until Carly had reported A.J. to the police. Michael was frustrated because he had been barred from A.J.'s arraignment. Sam thought that it was for the best because the courthouse would be a circus. Michael was afraid that A.J. wouldn't make bail, but Sam suggested that A.J. belonged behind bars. Michael conceded that his father had done wrong, but he insisted that not everything had been A.J.'s fault.

"Is that what he told you?" Sam wondered. Sam warned Michael that A.J. had only told one side of the story, which had clearly painted A.J. as the victim, but Michael argued that Carly, Sonny, and A.J. had all acted badly and had done damage. Sam admitted that Sonny and Carly weren't perfect, but nothing compared to what A.J. had done. Michael explained that he didn't want his father to go to jail. He assured Sam that it wasn't just about the rape, but also the deplorable conditions and having to always be on guard.

Michael revealed that he resented that Carly, Sonny, and A.J. repeatedly hurled accusations at each other because it left him stuck in the middle. Sam reminded Michael that A.J. was not his responsibility but Michael argued that A.J. was his father, even though Carly wished otherwise. Sam admitted that she had never known her father, so she could understand Michael's desire to want to get to know A.J. She would feel the same if her father were to walk through the door.

However, Sam warned Michael not to forget who A.J. was. Their conversation then drifted to Jason. Michael confessed that he missed Jason because Jason had always been able to help Michael work through his problems. Sam hugged Michael and promised him that she would do everything in her power to find Jason and return him home. Michael wondered if she truly believed that Jason was alive. "Yes," Sam answered and then vowed to rescue her husband and make the person responsible for his disappearance pay.

Later, Sam carried Danny into the living room and handed him to Michael. Michael couldn't believe how much Danny looked like Jason. Sam smiled as she revealed that Heather had tampered with the paternity test, so Jason was Danny's biological father. Michael imagined that Jason had been thrilled when he learned the news. Sam confessed that Jason had disappeared before she could tell Jason. However, she intended to share the good news with Jason when she found him. "You hear that, Danny? Your mom says your dad's coming back," Michael told the baby.

Michael knew what it was like to unexpectedly have a father return. Sam decided to take Danny upstairs to change his diaper, so Michael told her that he would see himself out. Moments later, Michael opened the door, just as A.J. arrived. "Thank God," A.J. said, out of breath. "Are you okay?" he asked his son. Michael had no idea what A.J. was talking about. "Tracy," A.J. said as it dawned on him what Tracy had done.

At Faison's apartment, Faison heard a knock at the door, so he assumed that it was the delivery boy. He opted not to don the Duke mask as he headed to the door. However, he froze when he heard Anna quietly asked, "Duke? Are you there?" Faison realized that he couldn't let Anna see him without the mask, so he stalled by explaining that he hadn't expected her to arrive so early. He quickly tied his hair back and slipped on the mask, even though Anna pointed out that they weren't exactly strangers. Faison insisted that he liked to "put on my game face" when he greeted a lady.

Moments later, Faison, properly disguised as Duke, opened the door and welcomed Anna inside. Anna looked around the apartment and admitted that she liked his place. Faison sensed that something was troubling her, so Anna grumbled about how her ex-husband tended to put her on edge. "Who?" Faison asked. Anna's brow furrowed as she answered, "Robert." "Scorpio?" Faison queried. "The one and only," Anna replied.

Faison had no idea that Anna had still been in contact with Robert. Anna admitted that she hadn't seen Robert since Robin had died, so Faison was curious why Robert had reached out to her. Anna explained that Luke had shared his jealousy-fueled paranoid concerns with Robert and had asked Robert to keep an eye on Anna. Faison was surprised to hear that Luke was in Turkey, verifying Duke's story. Faison smiled when Anna confirmed that everything had checked out. Anna was frustrated with Luke and Robert's macho attitudes, so she had decided to move out. Faison seized the opportunity to suggest that she move in with him, but Anna didn't give him an answer.

Faison invited Anna to join him in the kitchen while he prepared their dinner. Anna recalled that one of Robin's favorite childhood memories had been the first time that Robin and Duke had made pizza together. Faison smiled as he assured Anna that he had loved Robin. Faison spotted his cigarillos and lighter on a nearby table, so he gestured for Anna to precede him to the kitchen, so that he could quickly stash the incriminating items into a drawer. Later, Anna and Faison sat down for a romantic dinner and talked about how they had missed each other.

Faison assured Anna that it was enough to be with her, so he wouldn't push for more if she weren't ready. "To us," Anna said as she held up her glass of champagne. After the toast, they kissed. Faison wondered if there was any reason why they shouldn't be together. "No, there's no reason," Anna answered and then kissed him.

At the Haunted Star, Robert confessed that Luke had been correct; something was off with Duke. Robert was certain that Duke was hiding something. "Like his real face?" Lulu suggested. Lulu told him about Olivia's psychic flashes and her vision earlier that morning when Olivia had bumped into Duke. Robert wondered if Olivia's visions were accurate. Lulu explained that Olivia had been injected with a massive dose of LSD, so Robert surmised that Olivia wasn't every reliable.

"Actually, she is," Lulu confessed. Robert and Lulu debated what Olivia's vision might mean. They decided that it was likely that Duke was someone else. Lulu explained that Olivia hadn't recognized the person in her vision, so Robert suggested that perhaps Olivia could describe him to Robert.

At the hospital, Olivia told Steve about her unsettling encounter with Duke. Olivia explained that he had looked like a completely different person to her. Steve wondered if it had been another one of Olivia's hallucinations. "It must have been," Olivia admitted. Steve was curious if Olivia had recognized the face in the vision. Olivia shook her head, but she admitted that she would run in the opposite direction if she ever encountered the man in a dark alley because he had scared the daylights out of her.

Moments later, Lulu and Robert arrived at the hospital. Lulu introduced Robert to Olivia and Steve. Olivia and Steve were honored to meet the infamous Robert Scorpio. Robert smiled with embarrassment and quickly changed the subject to explain that he was there because he needed Olivia's help. Lulu revealed that she had told Robert about Olivia's vision during the encounter with Duke. Robert explained that anything that Olivia remembered about the man that she had seen might help them uncover what Duke was hiding.

Olivia admitted that the man had been scary looking and that he had smoked cigarillos. Robert didn't recall Duke being a smoker, so he was curious if there had been anything else. Olivia confessed that the man had looked like the villain from Silence of the Lambs. "Hannibal Lecter?" Robert asked. "Yes," Olivia replied, but then added that the man in her vision had been more slender with bushier eyebrows. Steve realized that they needed a picture of the man, so he decided to fetch his sister.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina admitted that she was in a better mood because Patrick hadn't slept with Britt, so there was still hope for Sabrina. Liz tried to warn Sabrina that Patrick was approaching, but Sabrina was too excited to notice as she waxed poetic about Patrick's virtues. "Sabrina," Liz finally cut in with a warning tone. Sabrina was horrified when she turned around and saw Patrick smiling back at her. Patrick was curious which doctor Sabrina was so enamored with. He offered to talk to the doctor on Sabrina's behalf.

Patrick and Liz were startled when Sabrina claimed that she had a crush on Liz's brother, Steve. Liz played along with it, while Patrick gently reminded Sabrina that Steve was involved with someone. Sabrina assured Patrick that she was fully aware that her rival was confident, accomplished, smart, and beautiful, which were traits that Sabrina couldn't compete against. However, Sabrina couldn't help the way that she felt and admitted that she had cared about "Steve" from the first moment that she had first laid eyes on him.

Patrick empathized, because he still missed Robin. Liz admitted that she too cared about someone whom she missed. Sabrina immediately apologized for being so self-absorbed because her situation didn't compare to what Patrick and Liz were dealing with. Patrick assured Sabrina that he hadn't meant it the way that she had taken it, but Sabrina asked him to drop the subject. Patrick apologized for overhearing her private conversation, so Liz tried to lighten the mood by informing Patrick that his eavesdropping skills were deficient.

After Patrick walked away, Sabrina breathed a sigh of relief because Patrick hadn't realized that she had been talking about him, not Steve. Sabrina begged Liz not to say anything, so Liz assured Sabrina that Sabrina's secret was safe. Moments later, Steve asked to talk to Liz privately, so she excused herself. Later, Sabrina was working at the nurses' station when Steve greeted her as he passed by. Patrick noticed Sabrina hide her face behind a file, so Patrick assumed that it was because she was embarrassed.

Patrick assured Sabrina that she was a terrific person who was smart, so Steve would be an idiot not to be interested in her if he wasn't already involved with someone. Patrick imagined that it had to be difficult to have unrequited feelings for someone, but he assured Sabrina that she would be okay because he was certain that her feelings for Steve would fade with time. Patrick was confident that Sabrina would find someone who would appreciate her and return her feelings.

Meanwhile, Olivia described the man that she had seen in her vision, while Liz sketched the picture. "Oh, my God," Liz said when Olivia declared that the picture was complete. "It can't be," Liz whispered as she looked up at Robert. Robert wondered if Liz recognized the man. Liz revealed that Robert would, too, and then showed him the picture. "Faison," Robert said as he looked at the sketch that Liz had drawn.

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