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John took a job with the police department; A.J. had an unexpected connection to Faison, which he used to his advantage; and Anna flew to Switzerland for a ski trip with Duke. Anna was horrified when she had an unexpected encounter with Faison.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 3, 2012 on GH
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Monday, December 3, 2012

At their loft, Dante and Lulu made love, drank champagne, and discussed their future. They were joyful about the possibility of a baby. Dante said that the only thing that would make him happier was when he and his beautiful wife had a baby. When Lulu asked if Dante had any reservations, he responded no, except for the obvious.

Lulu asked if Dante had changed his mind. Dante said that he had been a little nervous at first about using Maxie as their surrogate, but Dante assured Lulu that he thought Maxie would be great. Lulu admitted that Maxie might be a little eccentric and a bit unconventional. Dante replied that he and Lulu could keep an eye on Maxie throughout her pregnancy because their work schedules would allow one of them to be with Maxie most of the time. Lulu said that it was a good plan on paper, but left little time for Lulu and Dante to spend together.

Lulu suggested that Maxie could move in with them, and it would make it easier for her and Dante to monitor Maxie. Dante said that their apartment was too small for that. Lulu said that the baby was worth the inconvenience, but Dante said that he still wanted a life, and they would not have one if Maxie moved in. He added that they could put appropriate guidelines for Maxie to follow in a contract.

Lulu said that she had not thought they needed a contract with Maxie because they were friends. Dante replied that the contract was necessary to protect all of them. Lulu admitted that she did not want to hurt Maxie's feelings. Dante said that Maxie was an adult, and she could handle it. Lulu responded that she just wanted everything to work. Dante and Lulu were laughing as they made love again.

Ellie and Spinelli were in Maxie's apartment, engaging in a computer role-playing game, but Ellie was obviously distracted. When Maxie arrived home, Ellie said that she wanted to discuss the ultimatum that Maxie had given Spinelli. Maxie was surprised that Spinelli had told Ellie that Maxie had declared her love for him and had asked him to choose between Maxie and Ellie. Spinelli said that he did not keep secrets from Ellie, and Ellie said that she believed that stating her feelings was the best way to clear the air.

In the face of Ellie's honesty, Maxie admitted her ulterior motives when she allowed Ellie to become her roommate. Maxie told Ellie that her feelings for Spinelli were no longer a problem. When Spinelli said that everything would blow over and Maxie would move on, Maxie agreed and said that she already had. Maxie told the duo that she was taking advantage of an amazing opportunity and was having a baby.

Maxie remained vague and tried to make Spinelli jealous, but when Maxie said that Dante would be the father, Ellie quickly realized that Maxie was talking about surrogacy. Ellie was supportive and told Maxie that she admired Maxie for giving such a gift to her friends, Lulu and Dante. Ellie recalled all the potential parents she had met at the hospital who did not have a friend like Maxie, whom she called a "mitzvah," or blessing, because Maxie was prepared to make a sacrifice for those she loved.

Spinelli was worried about Maxie's decision, but Maxie told him it was none of his business, and she went to her room. Spinelli and Ellie went back to the game, but this time, it was Spinelli who was distracted. He told Ellie that surrogacy was a potential life-changer for Maxie. Ellie said that they should trust that Maxie knew what was best for her.

Later, when Ellie was out of the room, Maxie returned and asked if Ellie had won the game. Spinelli said that there was no winner because the game, much like life, was about contending with challenges and making choices that did not return to haunt. Maxie asked if Spinelli was trying to say that she was making a mistake. Maxie added that Spinelli was not in a position to judge because he had made a big mistake by choosing Ellie over Maxie.

Anna met "Duke," who was really Faison, at the Haunted Star, where he was tending bar. He admitted that he was not the man that she thought he was because prison had changed him. Faison told Anna that she was right to proceed slowly. Faison said that only the thought of reuniting with Anna had helped him survive prison, and that had made him impatient. Faison asked Anna not to blame him for wanting her but added that he respected her feelings.

Faison promised not to pressure Anna as they relearned how to be together. He said that he did not want to risk losing her. Anna said that he would not lose her. Faison said that he knew in his heart that they belonged together without end. He said that he had a plan to win her back because he realized that his real competition was himself, the old Duke. Faison suggested that they leave Port Charles and get away for a few days. When Anna replied that she thought that they were going to move slowly, Faison swiftly added that they would have separate rooms.

Faison revealed that he wanted to take Anna skiing in the mountains, where it would be just like old times on Sylvan Mountain. Anna was confused because they had always skied on Hurley Mountain. Faison said that his memory was obviously not what it had been and begged Anna to help him remember. Anna said that she would like to get away, but that she had too many open cases at that moment. She asked Faison to let her think about it. He agreed and said that he would see her soon. Anna told Faison that he could count on it.

Helena Cassadine appeared at Wyndemere and was surprised to find Robert there instead of Nikolas, who had summoned her. Robert said that Nikolas had done him a favor because Robert had some questions for Helena. Helena said that Robert had a lot of nerve, confronting her, because he had her family's blood on his hands. Robert interrupted her tirade and said that he got that she wanted him dead.

Robert said that he had requested a meeting with Helena because he had questions about her old associate, Faison. Helena refused to answer any questions until Robert explained why he wanted to know. She added that as far as she knew, Faison had been dead for years. Robert was not convinced that Faison was dead. He told Helena that he had survived a similar incident to the one that had supposedly claimed Faison's life.

After Robert explained everything, including Olivia's vision, Helena laughed and made fun of Robert's theory. She asked if she were part of a reality series called The Real Cassadines of Spoon Island.

Helena told Robert that if Faison had survived the explosion all those years before, she would have found him and killed him herself. She told Robert that he was either delusional or jealous because he could not compete for Anna and had lost the battle for Anna's heart to Duke. Robert left Spoon Island without getting the answers he wanted. Helena looked thoughtful as she closed the door behind him.

Carly, Todd, Skye, Blair, and Téa were arguing about the identity of Tomas Delgado when the doorbell rang at Téa's place. Blair expected Tomas, but a CIA agent was there instead. He explained that Tomas would not be joining them and that Blair's wedding was canceled because Tomas had been recalled to the CIA for a sensitive mission. Téa wanted answers about her brother; Blair wanted answers about her fiancé, and Carly, Skye, and Todd just wanted answers.

The CIA agent was not forthcoming and would not confirm that Tomas Delgado and Lorenzo Alcazar were the same person. Blair threatened to get her aunt, Senator Dorian Lord, involved, but the CIA agent was not intimidated and left after telling Blair that if Dorian wanted answers, she could talk to his boss.

Todd told Blair that he was sorry, but his sympathy was not convincing. Blair slapped him and accused Todd of wrecking her wedding. Carly said that she knew what kind of man Alcazar was and that Todd was not to blame. Blair said that it did not matter because she was going to do whatever she had to do to find Tomas. Téa said that she was going with Blair to find her brother. Skye said that she was going along with them because Alcazar was the father of her child.

After Skye, Blair, and Téa went upstairs to make plans, Todd asked Carly if she could believe that those three were teaming up. Carly said that she did not care what they did because she had a daughter to care for and a business to run. Carly looked Todd in the eyes and asked if Todd had had anything to do with Tomas' disappearance. Todd swore that he had not been involved. Carly said that she could see why Blair would be suspicious. Todd said that it was too bad for Blair. Carly pointed out that it was good for Todd because there was still hope that he could win Blair back.

Anna and Robert met up at the Metro Court elevator. He said that he was staying in Luke's suite. Anna said that she did not care because she was staying elsewhere. Robert decided to take another elevator. He seemed about to tell Anna something, but reluctantly decided to keep it to himself. Helena made a phone call to Faison. She told him about her conversation with Robert and warned Faison that Robert was onto him.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

At Faison's apartment, Faison, disguised as Duke, was on the phone with Anna to let her know that he had checked the accommodations online for their ski trip. He assured Anna that everything was just as it had been, so it would be like stepping into a time machine. Anna smiled as she fondly recalled her last ski trip with Duke. Moments later, Dr. Obrecht arrived. Faison explained that the plumber was there to fix a leak, so Anna assured him that she would let him know by the end of the day whether or not she would go on the trip with him. Faison hid his frustration as he ended the call.

Faison explained that he had called Dr. Obrecht because Robert Scorpio was in town and suspected the truth about Faison's identity. Helena Cassadine, an old associate of Faison's, had warned him that Robert had been snooping around. Faison suspected Dr. Obrecht of being the leak, but she quickly assured him that she hadn't told anyone about Faison or his plan. She was confident that Robert would soon lose interest because there wasn't any proof that Faison was masquerading as Duke. However, Faison insisted that Robert was relentless, so there was only one way to deal with the problem. The doctor was startled when Faison produced a gun and extended it to her with orders to kill Robert.

Faison bragged that he would have the perfect alibi because he would be far away with Anna, but Dr. Obrecht cautioned him not to risk an investigation leading back to him. Faison conceded that the doctor had a point, so he decided to pay Anna a visit to try to find out what, if anything, Robert might have said. Dr. Obrecht offered to accompany him, but Faison pointed out that Anna would recognize her from the clinic, so he instructed her to stay in the apartment. "Why don't you take a look at that leak," Duke pointedly said as he left.

Robert stopped by to talk to Dante at the loft. Dante was in a rush to meet Lulu, so Robert explained that Luke had advised Robert to talk to Dante if Robert needed police assistance. Dante suggested that Robert talk to Anna, but Robert admitted that it wasn't an option. Robert quickly filled Dante in about Olivia's vision and Faison's background, including Faison's supposed death ten years earlier. Robert was certain that Faison had assumed Duke Lavery's identity. Robert asked Duke to get Faison to the police station on the pretext of seeking Duke Lavery's expert opinion about the crime syndicate that Duke had once been a part of.

Robert intended to stand on the other side of the two-way mirror to study Faison, but Dante doubted that an ex-spy would let anything slip. Robert agreed, so he suggested that they get Faison in front of an HD camera or a scanner to prove that he'd had plastic surgery. Dante explained that he didn't have access to those kinds of resources, prompting Robert to ask for search a warrant because Robert was certain that there had to be some kind of record of the plastic surgery at Faison's apartment. Dante respected Robert and trusted his instincts, but he refused to get the warrant. Dante promised to return after the doctor's appointment with Lulu, so he asked Robert to stay put until then.

Dante promised that he would find a way to help Robert. After Dante left, Robert decided that he didn't have time to wait for Dante to return. A short time later, Robert watched as Faison left the apartment. Robert crept to the door to pick the lock, unaware that Dr. Obrecht was inside, reading a newspaper. Dr. Obrecht heard the scratching at the door, so she picked up the gun and then slipped out onto the balcony. Moments later, Robert entered the apartment and looked around.

Dr. Obrecht watched until Robert went to Faison's bedroom. She quickly dashed through the living room and out the front door without Robert noticing and then called Faison to alert him to the break-in.

In Metro Court's lobby, Anna greeted John, so he thanked her for meeting him and told her that he needed to show the courts that he had steady employment and could provide for his son. Anna was curious why he didn't return to Llanview, so John told her about the restraining order. He confided that he was afraid that he would break the court order if he stayed in Llanview, and he didn't want his friend, Bo Buchanan, to suffer the consequences for re-hiring John. He admitted that Port Charles made him feel grounded, so he had decided to stay.

Anna warned John that she didn't have anything that would be worthy of his skills or up to his pay grade. John was willing to settle for whatever Anna had available, so she revealed that Dante was in need of a new partner because Delores Padilla had taken a job in New York City. John didn't have a problem working with Dante, so he accepted the job. Anna shook his hand, and then ordered him to investigate the shooting on pier 52. Anna explained that they had pulled two bullets from Bernie, each from a different gun, and that one of the guns, with Scully's fingerprints had been recovered from the crime scene. Anna wanted John to find the other shooter.

Seconds later, Faison, disguised as Duke, walked up to Anna and John. Faison claimed that he had been in the neighborhood. Anna introduced John to "Duke" and then revealed that John was a new member of the police department and had been assigned to investigate the shooting on pier 52. After John left, Faison admitted that he had hoped to get an answer from Anna. Anna reminded him of her desire to take things slowly, but Faison turned on the charm as he confessed that he was just eager to spend a few days alone with her. Anna didn't have an opportunity respond because Dr. Obrecht called to let Faison know that Robert was in the apartment.

Anna sensed that something was troubling Faison when he ended the call, so he claimed that his neighbor had called to report that someone had broken into the apartment. Anna decided to head over to the apartment to check things out, since it was her job to catch the criminals. A short time later, Anna burst through the apartment door with her gun drawn, but stopped short when she realized that Robert was the burglar. Anna was livid and quickly reminded Robert that he was not above the law. Faison assured Anna that he wouldn't press charges.

"Shut up, you phony bastard," Robert barked at Faison and then pointed to Faison as he asked why Anna couldn't see that "this man" was playing her. Anna began to rant about Robert's ridiculous behavior, but Robert insisted that he was only trying to save Anna's life. Robert revealed that the man she thought was Duke was not Duke Lavery. "This is Faison," Robert clarified.

At the apartment, Maxie had a pillow stuffed under her shirt as she studied her reflection in the mirror to get an idea of what she would look like pregnant. Moments later, Felicia knocked on the door. Maxie explained that she was about to leave, but Felicia insisted on having a chat with her daughter. Maxie realized that Mac had told Felicia about the surrogacy plans instead of waiting to break the news with Maxie, so Felicia admitted that she had pried it out of Mac. Maxie assured her mother that she had heard all the arguments, so she wasn't interested in hearing Felicia's lecture.

Felicia imagined that Maxie was quite lonely after everything that Maxie had been through over the past year. "Maybe. A little," Maxie conceded. Felicia believed that Maxie's offer to Lulu and Dante had been a generous gift, but Felicia had reservations. Felicia reminded Maxie that Maxie was a heart transplant recipient. Maxie intended to let the doctor know, so she assured Felicia that she knew what she was doing. Felicia questioned if Maxie would be able to walk away from the baby after carrying it for nine months.

"You did," Maxie fired back. Felicia was hurt and admitted that she had thought that she and Maxie had moved past that. Maxie immediately apologized for snapping at her mother. She explained that she was nervous, so Felicia assured Maxie that she would support whatever Maxie decided because she loved her daughter.

At the nurses' station, Patrick wondered if Sabrina was ready for their date. Sabrina was shocked speechless, so Patrick reminded her about their meeting to discuss the Nurses Ball. Sabrina chuckled nervously and admitted that she needed a few minutes to get ready. Patrick smiled and agreed to catch up with Sabrina in a bit. After he left the nurses' station, he bumped into Lulu, who was waiting for Dante and Maxie to arrive. Lulu revealed that Maxie had agreed to be her surrogate.

Lulu was surprised when Patrick didn't seem the least bit surprised. She confessed that everyone else had had concerns about Maxie, so Patrick confessed that he respected Maxie because she, along with Lulu, had helped him when he became hooked on drugs. Moments later, Britt walked up to ask Lulu if Dante and Maxie had arrived. Patrick realized that Britt was Lulu's endocrinologist. Britt confirmed that they intended to start the in vitro fertilization protocol that day, so Patrick assured Lulu that she was in good hands with Britt and then excused himself because he had to meet up with Sabrina for their date.

Britt was startled, so Patrick reminded her that it was to discuss the Nurses Ball. Britt smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. A short time later, Dante arrived and apologized to his wife for being late. He explained that Robert had stopped by, so Lulu wondered if there was a problem. Dante assured Lulu that everything would be fine if Robert listened to him. Moments later, Maxie and Felicia arrived.

Maxie admitted that her mother was there for moral support. Britt retuned to take Dante, Lulu, and Maxie to an examination room. In the examination room, Britt assured everyone that Maxie's heart transplant wouldn't be a problem and promised that she and Maxie's cardiologist would carefully monitor Maxie during the process. Britt went over the protocol, which included hormonal treatments that would put Maxie and Lulu on the same cycle and stimulate the maturation of Lulu's eggs. Britt reminded everyone that it was a big commitment with lots of demands, so she wanted to make certain that everyone was ready to move forward.

Dante, Lulu, and Maxie each assured Britt that they wanted to go through with the IVF protocol, so Britt led Dante out of the room, while the ladies changed into hospital gowns. Later, Lulu noticed that Maxie seemed nervous. Maxie confessed that she was not a fan of needles, so Lulu assured Maxie that Maxie could change her mind about the surrogacy. Maxie refused, but she asked Lulu to hold her hand, so Lulu reached for her friend's hand.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina asked her co-worker, Felix, if she had poppy seeds stuck between her teeth. Felix, a friendly African-American young nurse, assured Sabrina that her teeth were fine, but he offered to give her a quick makeover for her date with Patrick. Sabrina assured him that it wasn't a date; she and Patrick were meeting to discuss the Nurses Ball. Felix's interest was immediately piqued because he loved to sing and dance, so he offered to help with the Nurses Ball. However, he insisted on first sprucing up Sabrina.

Felix produced a tube of Coco red velvet lipstick. Sabrina was startled that he carried lipstick on him, but Felix ignored her as he made her apply it. Sabrina confessed that she hoped that the charity event would give Patrick some comfort because he was still grieving for his wife, Robin. Felix thought that Patrick had recently started to date "Dr. West Nile," so Sabrina explained that Patrick wasn't ready to move on yet and that Dr. Westbourne wasn't the right woman for Patrick. Moments later, Patrick returned to the nurses' station to see if Sabrina was ready. Patrick chuckled when he noticed that Sabrina had lipstick on her teeth.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Patrick held out a chair for Sabrina, who had removed all signs of the bright red lipstick. Sabrina was impressed with the elegant restaurant, so Patrick admitted that he was tired of the cafeteria. Sabrina smiled nervously and pulled out a list of potential sponsors for the Nurses Ball. She admitted that she had compiled a list of names of the top one percent who had raised the ransom money to pay Jerry Jacks. Patrick reminded Sabrina that Tracy had already turned them down, so Sabrina scratched Tracy's name from the list. Next, Patrick revealed that most of Carly Jacks's money had been tied up in the hotel, and that it was Carly's ex-husband who had helped to pay the ransom.

Patrick warned Sabrina that Sonny wasn't a viable candidate, either, because Sonny was a mobster. He rejected Johnny for the same reason. Sabrina was curious what he knew about Todd Manning, so Patrick confessed that Todd hadn't given him the impression of being a philanthropist. Sabrina was disappointed about Sonny because she had seen pictures of Sonny and Robin together in the photo album that Emma had showed her of the previous Nurses Balls. Patrick admitted that Robin had considered Sonny to be a friend, but Sonny had once stood in Patrick's home and fired a gun, while Robin had been in the house.

Patrick revealed that Robin had forgiven Sonny, but Sabrina saw the sadness in Patrick's eyes. She reached out to hold his hand and assured him that it was okay and that he didn't have anything to be sorry for.

In the Quartermaine mansion's parlor, Tracy set a big stuffed teddy bear on a chair as A.J. entered. He noticed the tea and snacks, so he was curious who the tea party was for. Tracy snidely informed him that he wasn't invited. A.J. let it drop when he had received a call from Diane, so he excused himself and left. A short time later, Tracy greeted Sam and Danny at the door. Sam was curious why Tracy had called her, so Tracy innocently reminded her that they were family.

Tracy invited Sam and Danny into the parlor for tea, scones with clotted cream, cucumber sandwiches, and Pickle-Lila relish. Tracy assured Sam that the famous relish tasted wonderful with everything. After Sam settled Danny down, Tracy tried to give Danny the teddy bear. Sam wasn't fooled, so she was curious what Tracy was really up to. A.J. entered in time to explain that Tracy wanted Sam's 18% of the ELQ shares.

A.J. outlined Tracy's precarious situation with the company, so Sam reminded them that Jason had also inherited Alan's shares of ELQ. Tracy revealed that Edward had had controlling interest at the time of his passing and that the company's charter had been written, so all the other shares were subordinate to Edward's shares. Tracy assured Sam that the shares that Jason had inherited from Alan yielded impressive dividends, but didn't have much voting power. Sam wondered what any of that had to do with her, so A.J. explained that Tracy needed the majority of the shares on her side to prevent being replaced as CEO.

Tracy was curious who would want a change in leadership, while the economy was so precarious, especially since it might jeopardize the company's stock value. "41-percent," A.J. replied. Tracy's eyes narrowed because she realized that A.J. and Skye had been conspiring to oust Tracy. A.J. reminded Sam of how poorly Tracy had always treated Sam and Jason, so firing Tracy might be satisfying payback for Sam.

Tracy wondered why A.J. even cared, since he was likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. Sam conceded that A.J. had a point, but Tracy doubted that Sam would actually vote against her. "Wouldn't I?" Sam asked. Tracy argued that ELQ was a Quartermaine legacy, but Sam reminded Tracy that Tracy had always made it clear that Sam wasn't part of the family. Meanwhile, A.J. recalled that his brother had never been interested in the family's infighting. Tracy warned Sam not to listen to or trust A.J. because everyone who had done so had lived to regret it.

After Tracy stormed out, A.J. complimented Sam on how Sam had handled Tracy. Sam admitted that Tracy had always been awful to her, so it had been fun, but Sam wasn't certain if she would actually vote Tracy out, since Tracy had been doing a good job. A.J. warned Sam not to believe everything that Tracy had said because he knew for certain that Tracy had done some questionable things at ELQ. Sam doubted that Tracy had done any worse than A.J. "Fair enough," A.J. admitted.

Sam was about to leave, but A.J. invited her to stay, since Tracy had gone to the trouble of arranging tea, scones, and sandwiches. Sam noticed that Danny was asleep, so she decided not to disturb her son. Sam sat down on the sofa, so A.J. joined her. Sam thanked A.J. for calling her to let her know about Edward because it had given Danny an opportunity to see Edward. A.J. regretted that he hadn't had a chance to prove to Edward that he could do things right and make his grandfather proud. Sam believed A.J.

Meanwhile, John arrived to question Tracy about Joe Scully. He revealed that he was there on official business because he worked for the police department. Tracy insisted that she only knew of Joe's connection to Jerry Jacks, no one else. Moments later, A.J. and Sam left the parlor. Sam thanked A.J. for the tea, so Tracy dragged her nephew back in the parlor to accuse him of plying Sam with Tracy's scones and tea to work Sam for Sam's 18% of the ELQ shares. A.J. reminded Tracy that he was headed to jail, so Tracy didn't have anything to worry about.

In the foyer, Sam apologized to John for yelling at him the other day and accusing him of using Danny as a replacement. John admitted that she had been right to a certain degree, but he assured her that he had taken steps to get his life back on track by taking a job with the police department. Sam was shocked when John revealed that he was investigating Jason's shooting.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

At Kelly's, T.J. revealed that he had found a computer program that could design a cover for Molly's book. Molly smiled, but she was anxious to know what he had thought about the story. T.J. teased Molly by claiming that he hadn't liked it, and then confessed that he had loved it. Molly was relieved, but afraid that Todd Manning would have a less favorable reaction to the novel. T.J. insisted that only a robot wouldn't like the book and then confessed that he had read it three times and had even jotted down some suggestions.

Molly agreed to look at them, but she refused to promise to make the changes. T.J. started to dig through his backpack for the manuscript, while Molly looked for the file to open on her laptop. Molly panicked when she realized that the file was gone. T.J. was equally frustrated because he couldn't find the manuscript that she had lent him. Desperate, Molly searched her computer for the file, to no avail, so T.J. took a look at the laptop and quickly figured out that she had inadvertently downloaded another file onto the novel. Molly was devastated when he revealed that the original file couldn't be retrieved.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd was reading an article online about Tomas and the cancelled wedding when Starr entered the office. Todd innocently asked why she wasn't at Blair's wedding, but Starr wasn't fooled. Todd was hurt when Starr demanded to know if Todd had had anything to do with Tomas' disappearance. Todd explained that it was bad enough that Carly suspected that he had done something, so he didn't appreciate Starr's suspicions. Starr reminded her father that he had once kidnapped Tomas and that Todd had recently been involved in a baby switch.

Todd argued that he had switched babies with the best of intentions, so Starr reminded him that she'd heard it before. Todd assured his daughter that he hadn't done anything to Tomas, if that was even the man's real name. Todd quickly filled her in on Carly and Skye's claim that Tomas was really Lorenzo Alcazar. Starr revealed that Blair didn't believe Carly and Skye's story. Todd wasn't surprised, since it meant that Blair would have to admit that she had been wrong about Tomas.

Starr warned Todd that the wedding had merely been postponed, so Blair would marry Tomas when he returned. Starr feared that Todd hoped to reunite with Blair, so she reminded him that Blair was in love with Tomas. Todd insisted that Blair only loved the man that she thought Tomas was. Starr didn't want her father to get hurt, so she begged him to be careful. Todd was curious if Blair had sent her, so Starr explained that she had stopped by to see if he had read Molly's manuscript.

Todd admitted that he hadn't had the time, so Starr ordered him to make the time. Todd reluctantly went to the desk to fetch the manuscript, but it had disappeared. Todd and Starr searched the office until Starr uncovered evidence that Connie had been in the office. Starr suspected that Connie had taken the manuscript, so she decided to confront Connie to "rip that baby killer a new one." Todd smiled with pride as Starr marched out. "That's my girl," he whispered to himself.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Connie edited Molly's manuscript, Love in Maine, as she munched on chips. Johnny groaned when he arrived home and saw Connie on the sofa. He had hoped that she had been out of his life for good. Connie was annoyed and told him about the kidnapping. Johnny didn't care, which infuriated Connie, so Johnny explained that he resented being stuck in a loveless marriage with a woman he couldn't stand instead of the woman he loved. Connie's temper flared as she chucked the manuscript at him.

Connie insisted that the kidnapping had been a brutal experience and was hurt Johnny hadn't realized that she had been missing. Johnny rubbed salt in her wounds by pointing out that no one had called for her, looked for her, or left any messages for her, so it appeared no one else cared about Connie either. Johnny admitted that he just wanted to find a way to get Carly back, so Connie reminded him of the consequences. Johnny didn't care, but Connie didn't believe him because she was certain he wouldn't want Starr to know the truth. Connie switched gears by trying to seduce Johnny, but he quickly pulled away from her and reminded her that Starr already hated him.

Connie decided to call his bluff by suggesting that they tell Starr what he had done. As if on cue, Starr knocked on the front door and demanded to talk to Connie. Connie went to the door and invited Starr inside. Connie offered to leave, but Starr cut to the chase by ordering Connie to return the manuscript that Connie had stolen off of Todd's desk. Connie feigned ignorance, as she carefully made her way to the sofa, swept up the manuscript along with her jacket, grabbed her purse, and then scampered out of the apartment.

Starr was about to leave, but Johnny decided to tell Starr the truth about why he had married Connie. He admitted that Connie had blackmailed him. Starr wanted to know what Connie had been holding over Johnny's head, but Johnny was reluctant to tell her.

In Metro Court's lobby, Carly called Michael, but quickly disconnected the call when Sonny walked up. Sonny wanted to talk to her about Michael and A.J. Carly hated how distant Michael had become since A.J.'s return and resented the bond that Michael had formed with his biological father. She couldn't understand why, after everything that A.J. had done, Michael would want to be near A.J. Sonny confessed that he might have made things worse with Michael. Carly was stunned when Sonny confessed that he had kidnapped Connie in a desperate attempt to draw out Kate.

Sonny claimed that Michael had misread the situation and had threatened to call the police. However, Michael had ultimately decided against having Sonny arrested because Michael had been reluctant to do to Sonny what Carly had done to A.J. Carly insisted that Sonny had played into A.J.'s hands and reminded him that A.J. liked to paint himself the victim and Sonny the vicious thug who did horrible things to people. Sonny assured Carly that he had just been trying to help Kate, but Carly argued that he had held Connie against her will, so it had been wrong. Carly was certain that Michael had gone straight to A.J., who wouldn't hesitate to use it to his advantage. "Was it worth it?" Carly angrily demanded.

"Does it justify losing our son?" Carly continued. Carly's eyes filled with tears of frustration because she was certain that Michael would end up lost to them after everything that they had done to ensure otherwise. Sonny wondered if she was mad at him. Carly confessed that she was scared and felt alone, especially because Jason was no longer around to help guide her. Sonny pulled Carly close for a hug and admitted that he empathized with her. Sonny regretted how he had handled things, but he refused to give up on Michael or Kate.

Later, Sonny left Michael a message asking to see Michael, so that they could discuss what had happened with Connie. Sonny ended the call just as Connie walked up. Connie skidded to a halt and threw her arm out to warn Sonny to keep his distance. Sonny turned on the charm as he assured her that he wasn't at the hotel to stalk her. Connie relaxed slightly when he promised not to hurt her and then conversationally asked how her reunion with Johnny had been. Connie pretended that she'd had to pry Johnny off of her so that she could go to the office to get some work done.

Sonny pretended to be interested in what she was working on, so Connie confided that she had penned a romance novel. Sonny suggested that she wouldn't have to write about romance if Johnny had properly satisfied her in that department. "Do you miss being with a man instead of a boy?" Sonny quietly asked. "Because I can help you out," he promised. Sonny slipped Connie his phone number, in case she had forgotten it, and then left. Connie swallowed nervously as she clutched the piece of paper in her fist.

In Todd's office, Todd was once again reading the online article about Tomas' disappearance when Carly suddenly appeared in the doorway. She was curious if he had heard anything yet. "From the three amigos?" Todd asked, referring to Téa, Blair, and Skye. He shook his head and admitted that he wasn't surprised because he doubted that they would find Tomas. Carly feared that it was because Todd had taken steps to permanently eliminate the competition. Todd was hurt, but he assured her that he hadn't done anything to Tomas.

Carly realized that Todd would do anything to get Blair back, so she was relieved that she hadn't slept with Todd after all. Todd was curious why she had mentioned their passionate encounter, so Carly admitted that it was clear that he had used her as a "fallback person." Carly claimed that she was okay with that, but it was obvious that she wasn't. She started to leave, but then stopped to ask him what she meant to him.

Todd admitted that Carly was the only friend that he'd ever had and then acknowledged that he had felt something more growing between them. Carly started to ask what he had intended to do about it, but then changed her mind. Todd tried to call her back, but Carly marched with determined strides to the elevator. The elevator door slid open as Carly once again confessed that she was glad that she hadn't slept with Todd. Molly and T.J. looked embarrassed as they exited the elevator, while Carly entered it. Todd's sharp gaze landed on the teens as he grumpily asked why they were there. T.J. explained that they wanted Molly's manuscript, so Todd revealed that he didn't have it.

T.J. and Molly were stunned, so T.J. asked Todd where the novel was. "I don't know," Todd admitted and then looked up at the doorway where Connie had suddenly appeared. "Ask her," Todd suggested.

At Faison's apartment, Anna demanded to know what was wrong with Robert to even say Faison's name to her. Robert insisted that the man that she knew as Duke Lavery was in reality Cesar Faison. Faison sputtered with outrage, as Anna insisted that Faison had been dead for years. Robert argued that he and Anna were both proof that it was possible to survive a boat explosion, so Faison could have escaped the blast and assumed Duke Lavery's identity.

Faison insisted that it was a preposterous suggestion, so Anna asked Robert for proof. Robert told Anna about Olivia's encounter with "Duke" and the vision. Robert then explained that Olivia had described the man in detail to Liz, who had sketched the man's likeness. Anna was visibly shaken and jumped back when Robert showed her the sketch of Faison. She immediately tried to dismiss the sketch by reminding Robert that Liz had known Faison, so she might have been influenced to draw Faison's likeness. Robert assured Anna that Liz had drawn exactly what Olivia had described.

Robert told Anna about his own encounter with "Duke" on the piers and showed her the cigarillo that "Duke" had discarded. For the first time, Anna appeared to have doubts because she recalled that Duke had told her that he had smoked cigarettes, not the cigarillos that Faison had favored. "So?" Faison asked as he pointed out that all she had to do was look at him to know that he was Duke, not Faison.

Robert offered to call Interpol, but Anna tearfully stopped him. She assured Robert that she understood his need to latch on to something because he missed Robin, but she refused to let him fixate on Duke. Anna called the station to report the break-in. A short time later, Robert pleaded with Anna to reconsider because her safety depended on it. Anna watched with sadness as two police officers handcuffed Robert and hauled him away. Faison followed them to the door and closed it after everyone had left.

Faison briefly smiled with satisfaction, and then turned to look at Anna with an expression of concern. He realized that the arrest had been difficult on her, so he thanked her for believing in him and hugged her. "My Anna," Faison said as Anna looked past his shoulder at the sketch of Faison.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. was surprised when Michael stopped by for a visit. A.J. confessed that he had been expecting Diane because she had been working on A.J.'s plea arrangement. Michael hoped that everything worked out for A.J. A.J. appreciated the support because he didn't relish the idea of spending the rest of his life in jail. Michael pointed out that if everyone had to pay for their crimes, then there would be a lot more people in jail. A.J. suspected that Michael was troubled about Sonny, so he invited Michael into the parlor to talk about it.

Michael explained that the details weren't important, but Michael had been close to calling the cops on Sonny. A.J. admitted that he didn't care if Sonny went to jail, but he felt bad that Michael had been caught in a difficult position. A.J. cared about Michael's happiness, so he hoped that Michael worked things out with Sonny. Michael thanked A.J. Moments later, Diane arrived. A.J. was curious if he was headed for jail, so Diane reminded him that there had been a slew of charges for her to deal with.

Diane admitted that it helped A.J.'s case that a lot of the witnesses were dead, so she was hopeful the attempted murder charges would go away. However, Diane warned A.J. that the kidnapping charges were another matter. Michael refused to testify and pointed out that Morgan and Kristina had been too young to remember what had happened. Diane doubted that Carly, Sonny, and Alexis would drop the charges, so she revealed that their best option was for A.J. to give the District Attorney a bigger fish to fry.

A.J. didn't like the idea of becoming a rat to secure his freedom. Diane wondered if she was free to speak openly, so A.J. assured her that he didn't have any secrets from his son. Diane broached the subject of what A.J. had been like when he had "been among the living." "A shady, irresponsible criminal," A.J. admitted. Diane was certain that the D.A. would consider a plea bargain if A.J. could give them information against a bigger criminal.

A.J. confided that he might have someone. "His name is Faison," A.J. revealed. A.J. explained that he had been recovering from a broken back and other serious injuries when Monica had spirited him out of the country. A.J. had spent almost a year at a clinic in Switzerland during his rehabilitation, so towards the end of his stay, he had walked around the facility as part of his therapy. He had gotten lost in a restricted area, so he had decided to ask his doctor for directions back to his room when he spotted her talking to someone.

A.J. had recognized the man's voice, but hadn't been able to place it with a face, so he had ducked out of sight and waited until the man had walked away from the doctor. A.J. had known Cesar Faison immediately. Diane wondered if A.J. had any proof that Faison was alive because she was certain that she could use the information to their advantage. A.J. showed Diane and Michael the phone that Monica had given to A.J., and then revealed the snapshot that he had taken of Faison without Faison's knowledge. Diane was delighted.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

At Manning Enterprises, Todd advised T.J. and Molly to ask Connie where the manuscript for Molly's novel, Love in Maine, was. Connie pretended that she had no idea what they were talking about and denied seeing the book. Todd decided to let them sort it out, so he left. T.J. explained to Connie that they desperately needed the manuscript because it was the only copy left. "You're kidding me," Connie said with barely concealed delight. She reminded Molly that Molly was young, so Molly would be able to write another novel.

Molly insisted that her book had been a labor of love and a one of a kind. T.J. decided to search the office, but Connie objected because she had things to do. She told them that she would keep her eye out for the manuscript and call Molly if it was found. However, Connie warned them not to expect a call anytime soon because Connie didn't have an assistant. Connie tried to blame it on Todd and Kate's reputations, but neither Molly nor T.J. appeared to believe her. However, Molly was struck by inspiration when she suggested that she and T.J. could intern for Connie.

Connie pointed out that interns weren't paid, but Molly assured her that it was fine because they needed to do community service for school. T.J. clearly objected, but Molly ignored him. Connie reluctantly agreed, but she insisted that they start the following day. After Molly and T.J. left, Connie pulled the manuscript out of her purse and vowed to make certain that Molly's novel wouldn't be in the office the following day. Connie scratched out Molly's name on the cover page and then wrote her own name, Connie Falconeri. Afterwards, Connie decided that she would need a new title for the novel.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny admitted that Connie was holding the worst thing imaginable over his head. Starr thought that he owed her an explanation because he had married the woman who had put Hope and Cole into the ground. Starr promised Johnny that she would try to understand, but Johnny doubted that she would ever be able to accept what he had done. Starr accused Johnny of acting like he had killed someone. Johnny didn't deny it, so Starr realized that she was onto something. It slowly dawned on her that Johnny might have murdered Anthony.

The more that Starr thought about it, the more certain she became. Johnny tried to explain that she was wrong, but Starr didn't believe him. She suspected that Johnny had killed Anthony because Anthony had been, in part, responsible for what had happened to Starr's family. She recalled how Anthony had ignored her pleas for help as he fled the scene of the tragedy. Starr realized that Johnny had taken her loss personally. Johnny agreed that she was right, but he insisted that it didn't have anything to do with Anthony.

Johnny claimed that he hadn't had any reason to kill his grandfather, but Starr disagreed. She assured Johnny that she didn't want to see him go to jail for killing Anthony because Anthony had deserved to die for all of the awful things that Anthony had done, including putting Johnny through hell and lying about everything that Johnny had believed in. Starr realized that sometimes things weren't black or white, so she promised never to speak of it again. Johnny reminded her that they barely spoke as it was, but Starr confessed that they had made a step in the right direction.

At Kelly's, Maxie wasn't impressed as she flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine for expectant mothers. Spinelli walked up moments later to find out how Maxie's doctor's appointment had been. Maxie collected her things as she asked him why he cared and then stomped away. Spinelli followed Maxie to a nearby table to explain that he just wanted her to be okay because he cared about her and always would. Ellie entered the diner in time to hear the tail end of Spinelli's confession.

Ellie appeared to mentally brace herself before she approached the table. Spinelli confided to Ellie that Maxie had snapped at him for asking about the doctor's appointment. Spinelli suspected that Maxie was still smarting from his rejection, so Ellie admitted that she had read Lulu and Maxie's test results. Maxie accused Ellie of stalking, but Spinelli pointed out that Ellie worked in the hospital's lab. Ellie explained that mood swings and irritability were part of the side effects of the hormonal treatments, so she advised Spinelli not to take what Maxie had said to heart. Moments later, Todd called out to Spinelli.

Maxie was annoyed because Todd had mispronounced Spinelli's name, so she barked at Todd. Spinelli apologized for Maxie's outburst and blamed it on hormones. Spinelli excused himself and followed Todd. Meanwhile, Ellie tried to assure Maxie that she would be there if Maxie needed someone to talk to. Ellie thought it was better to be friends than rivals. Maxie sniped at Ellie and then blamed her catty remark on the fluctuating hormones.

Ellie promised Maxie that she wasn't trying to make it a competition, so Maxie boldly assured Ellie that it wasn't. Maxie suspected that Spinelli and Ellie would last a year or so, but eventually Spinelli would find his way back to Maxie because Maxie and Spinelli were soul mates.

Meanwhile, Todd tried to hire Spinelli to find the manuscript that had disappeared from Todd's office. Todd explained that he had promised Starr that he would read it, but Spinelli refused to take the case because Todd had done terrible things to Sam and Jason. Todd reminded Spinelli that Sam had been reunited with her baby, so Todd couldn't understand why people kept harping on something that was over and done with. After Todd left, Spinelli rejoined Ellie and Maxie at the table. Maxie quickly gathered her things and left, so Spinelli was curious what Ellie and Maxie had been talking about.

Ellie cryptically revealed that she and Maxie had been talking about where they all stood with each other. Spinelli hoped that Maxie appreciated that he was with Ellie. Ellie recalled what Maxie had said about Spinelli and Maxie being soul mates.

Outside, Todd bumped into Starr, so he let her know that Connie hadn't taken the manuscript. Starr revealed that she had confronted Connie at Johnny's apartment. Todd smiled with glee as he asked Starr about it, but Starr refused to go into detail. However, she confessed that she had gained some new insight into Johnny, so she felt a bit sorry for him. Todd growled at Starr not to feel sorry for Johnny and then stormed off muttering, "This day sucks."

Todd went straight to Johnny's penthouse to find out exactly what Johnny had told Starr. Johnny was tightlipped, but he warned Todd that Starr was a smart girl, so she would figure things out soon. Todd revealed that Johnny no longer had leverage over him because Todd had confessed everything to Starr about the baby switch. Johnny doubted that Todd wanted Starr to know how long Todd had known about Johnny's involvement in the crash that had killed Hope and Cole or that Todd had helped cover it up. Todd was equally certain that Johnny didn't want Starr to learn the truth about Johnny, so he advised Johnny to keep quiet.

Outside of Kelly's, T.J. was not happy about interning at Crimson, but Molly insisted that it was necessary. Molly intended to study up on dissociative identity disorder so that she would know how to deal with Connie, because she was certain that Connie knew exactly where the manuscript for Love in Maine was. T.J. agreed, so he promised to help Molly.

Later, Starr joined Molly and T.J. at their table. Molly quickly shared her suspicions with Starr about Connie. Starr wasn't surprised, but she couldn't figure out why Connie would lie about the manuscript. Starr cautioned Molly and T.J. to be careful because they had no idea what Connie was capable of.

In Faison's apartment, Faison, disguised as Duke, assured Anna that Robert's accusations had been ludicrous and unfounded. Anna picked up the sketch of Faison that had been left behind, as she promised that she believed "Duke." Faison wondered if she regretted that Robert had been arrested, so Anna explained that Robert had only himself to blame because he had known what the consequences would be if he were caught. She couldn't blame "Duke" for wanting to get a restraining order against Robert, but Faison assured her that it wasn't necessary because he thought that Robert was harmless.

Faison suggested that it might help if they went away for a while and then surprised her with news that he had purchased the tickets for their ski vacation. Anna decided that a short getaway was exactly what she needed, so she gladly agreed to leave town with him. After Anna left, Dr. Obrecht met with Faison and congratulated him on outmaneuvering Robert. Faison told the doctor about Robert's failed attempt to out Faison. He gloated that Anna had taken his word over Robert's.

Dr. Obrecht thought that it was a shame that Faison had gone to the trouble of getting Robin when it had it hadn't really been necessary. Faison was pleased that Anna trusted him so completely, but he remained concerned about Robert because Robert wouldn't give up. Dr. Obrecht wondered if Faison wanted her to kill Robert. Faison cryptically explained that he had a more effective solution in mind; Anna needed to see for herself that Faison and Duke were two separate people. "I can make that happen, but I'm going to need your help," Faison told the doctor.

A short time later, Dr. Obrecht left with promises to get everything ready. Faison closed the door and then picked up the confirmation tickets. "I guess we won't be needing these," Faison quietly said as he ripped the papers.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia was startled when Lulu greeted her. Olivia had a vision of Lulu carrying a wolf-like puppy in a baby carrier strapped to Lulu's chest. Lulu immediately realized that something was off, so she demanded that Olivia tell her about the vision. Olivia tried to refuse, but Lulu was adamant. Reluctantly, Olivia told her about the strange visions of Lulu with a puppy. Lulu promptly burst into tears at the possibility that Maxie would have a dog-baby.

Olivia pointed out that it was physically impossible, so Lulu tearfully wondered if perhaps the vision meant that Lulu's baby would be ugly. Olivia again argued that it was physically impossible for Lulu and Dante to have an ugly child. Lulu was curious why Olivia hadn't mentioned the vision sooner, so Olivia admitted that she had been afraid of Lulu's reaction. Lulu explained that she was an emotional mess because she had started her hormone treatments. Olivia dismissed the visions as unimportant and urged Lulu to focus on preparing for the baby. After Lulu left to freshen up, Anna entered the restaurant to talk to Olivia about the sketch that Liz had drawn of Faison.

Anna tried to discredit the sketch, but Olivia assured Anna that Liz had drawn exactly what Olivia had described without any input from anyone else. "Hmm. It's really him," Anna mumbled. "Hand to God," Olivia promised. Anna wondered if the vision meant that Duke was Faison, but Olivia confessed that her visions didn't always make sense until later, and even then they could be confusing, so Anna should take the vision with a grain of salt. Olivia told Anna about the vision that Olivia had had of Lulu holding a puppy, but it didn't make Anna feel better about arresting Robert.

Lulu returned in time to hear about Robert's arrest. Lulu became upset as she explained that it wasn't fair that Luke had sent Robert to Port Charles. Anna wondered why Lulu was so upset, so Olivia confided that Lulu had started hormone treatments. Anna congratulated Lulu, so Lulu pulled herself together to ask why Robert had been arrested. Anna quickly filled her in.

Lulu reminded Anna that it had been years since Anna had seen Duke, so perhaps Anna shouldn't completely dismiss Robert's concerns. Anna assured Lulu that if she had had any reservations about Duke then she wouldn't have agreed to go away with him on a ski trip. Later, Olivia was looking at the sketch of Faison when Faison, wearing his Duke Lavery disguise, walked up to the bar. He glanced at the picture as Olivia nervously watched him.

"Lovely drawing," Faison said and then casually suggested that Olivia frame it. Anna rounded the corner before Olivia could reply. Faison smoothly suggested that he and Anna have a glass of champagne to kick off their trip, so Anna agreed as long as neither of them would be driving. Faison revealed that a limo would be taking them to the airport because their plans had changed; they were going to Switzerland.

At the police station, Dante welcomed his new partner, John, and confessed that it had felt like John had already been a part of the team because of their work together during the pathogen crisis. John felt bad that Anna hadn't had a chance to talk to Dante about teaming them up, but Dante assured John that he wouldn't have objected to John becoming his partner. Moments later, a protesting Robert was escorted into the squad room. Robert declared that he was innocent, but everyone ignored him.

Dante was frustrated because Robert clearly hadn't heeded Dante's advice to wait. Robert didn't want to discuss it in front of John, so Dante introduced the men to each other and revealed that John was Dante's new partner. John was honored to meet Robert. John admitted that he had worked for the FBI for twelve years and that Anna had been John's mentor. Robert was impressed, so he explained why he believed Anna was in imminent danger and that Faison had returned from the dead. John wasn't ready to dismiss Robert's claims entirely because John had known a few reliable psychics, but there wasn't any evidence to back up Robert's claims.

Robert warned John that Anna would eventually figure out the truth, which might force Faison to turn against her. Robert insisted that he was not delusional or blind with grief over losing Robin, so he implored John and Dante to release him from custody. John and Dante refused to defy Anna's orders, so they proceeded to process Robert's arrest. Robert warned the partners that it would be on John and Dante's shoulders if anything happened to Anna.

Later, Lulu arrived at the station. She tearfully told Dante about his mother's visions, but then became distracted when Robert asked Lulu to post bail for him so that he could find Anna. Lulu warned Robert that he would have to hurry because Anna was about to go on a ski trip with Duke.

Friday, December 7, 2012

In the locker room, Sabrina practiced what she planned to say to Todd about the Nurses Ball. She looked in the mirror and gave herself a quick pep talk to remind herself that she was a poised and confident person. Sabrina jumped when she suddenly noticed Patrick pass behind her on his way to his locker. He had just taken a shower, so he had a towel wrapped around his waist. Sabrina stammered with embarrassment as she confessed that she was surprised to see him. Patrick chuckled as he pointed out that they were at work in the locker room.

Britt lurked around the corner, eavesdropping, as Patrick expressed disappointment that Sabrina hadn't told him about the meeting with Todd. Sabrina turned her back, so that Patrick could get dressed, as she confessed that she hadn't thought that Patrick would have had the time. Patrick reminded her that the cause was dear to his heart, so he wanted to go with Sabrina to talk to Todd. Sabrina recovered from her shock and thanked Patrick for his support. Meanwhile, Britt suddenly appeared and with a sense of urgency asked if she could speak to Patrick.

Patrick explained that he was about to leave with Sabrina for a meeting, so Britt asked if it could wait. Britt claimed that she had hoped that Patrick could consult on an important case. Patrick seemed reluctant to bail on Sabrina, but Sabrina reminded him that she had intended to approach Todd for the money alone, so it was okay. After Sabrina left, Patrick reviewed the patient's charts. He decided that surgery wasn't necessary and questioned why Britt had made it sound like it had been a dire matter.

Britt smiled sheepishly as she conceded that she might have overreacted. Patrick shrugged it off and announced that he would try to catch up with Sabrina. Britt thought it was a terrible idea because Sabrina needed to build up her confidence on her own. Britt insisted that the meeting with Todd was exactly the kind of thing that would help.

Todd was on the phone with his human resources department, demanding that a new assistant be sent to his office and another be kept on reserve, when Carly suddenly appeared in the doorway. He put his phone away and accepted the cup of coffee that she handed to him. Todd noticed that she had ordered it the way that he preferred it. Carly smiled and explained that she had stopped by to clear the air. She assured him that she didn't care who he dated and apologized for her outburst the other day. Carly explained that she had been concerned about Michael.

Carly revealed that Michael hadn't been returning her phone calls because A.J. had been playing the victim to gain Michael's sympathy. She was afraid that her son would turn his back on her, but Todd assured her that it wouldn't happen because Starr had written Todd off countless times. Carly pointed out that Starr adored him, so Todd explained that he had learned to always apologize to Starr for the things that "Bad Todd" did, even when he didn't mean it. Carly insisted that she didn't lie to her son, so Todd suggested that she get used to the distance between her and Michael.

After Carly left, Todd called the human resources department again to find out where his new assistant was. Sabrina entered Todd's office, so he assumed that she was his new assistant. He quickly handed her a stack of files and barked orders at her. Sabrina was happy to help out, but she wanted to discuss the Nurses Ball when she was finished. Todd appeared confused, so Sabrina explained that they'd had an appointment to talk about Todd underwriting the Nurses Ball, which raised money for AIDS research.

"That's so '80s and '90s," Todd complained. According to Todd, everyone had become educated, and that the disease was curable with the right cocktail. Sabrina agreed that people lived longer, but she warned Todd that there were still millions of people dying annually. Todd was unmoved, so she accused him of being heartless. Todd claimed that he was financially broke after paying Jerry Jacks's ransom demand. Meanwhile, Patrick stopped outside of Todd's office, unseen, when he heard Sabrina and Todd exchange words.

Sabrina accused Todd of being a fool because she was certain that he would eventually regret not being a part of something big that would save lives and pay tribute to a young woman who everyone in town had loved. Sabrina gathered her things and started to leave, but Todd called her back. He handed her a file, which he claimed he desperately needed to be copied. Sabrina marched out of his office without a backward glance. Patrick followed her to the elevator and confessed that he was glad that he hadn't gone to the meeting because he would have punched Todd.

Later, at the hospital, Sabrina was downcast because she didn't know who else to ask to underwrite the ball. Patrick had faith in Sabrina and was certain that she would make the Nurses Ball happen. After Patrick walked away, Britt rounded the corner and admitted that she had heard about what had happened with Todd. Britt pretended to feel bad that Sabrina hadn't been able to "close the deal." According to Britt, it wasn't Sabrina's fault that there wouldn't be a fairytale ending for the ball.

After Britt left, Sabrina sat down and flipped through the Nurses Ball photo album. Sabrina prayed for an answer and then noticed the picture of Lucy Coe. Sabrina wondered if perhaps Lucy could help.

At the apartment, Starr was startled when Michael confided that A.J. might not have to go to prison. He explained that A.J. and Diane were meeting with the district attorney to discuss a plea bargain. Starr warned Michael not to get his hopes up, so Michael bragged that Diane was a great attorney and then explained that A.J. had information about a criminal who was a lot worse than A.J. Starr recalled that Diane had represented Michael too. Michael revealed that he had pleaded guilty, so Diane was not to blame for Michael going to Pentonville.

Starr realized why Michael was so opposed to A.J. going to jail. Michael admitted that sometimes the memories of what had happened to him in jail crept up and choked him, but then he thought about his life. Michael confessed that it was better than he could have ever imagined because of Starr. Michael kissed Starr but pulled back when things started to get heated. He wanted to make certain that Starr didn't feel pressured. Starr assured him that she wanted to be with him, so she kissed him.

Moments later, Carly knocked on the door. Michael and Starr jumped apart and stayed very quiet because they hoped that Carly would leave. Carly continued to bang on the front door and ask to talk to Michael because he hadn't returned her phone calls. Michael realized that his mother wasn't going to go away, so he asked Starr to answer the door, while he slipped into the bedroom to get dressed. Moments later, Carly was surprised when Starr opened the door.

Starr explained that Michael was getting ready, so Starr and Carly stood awkwardly in the living room until Michael returned. Starr quickly scampered out of the room, while Carly reminded Michael that she had left several messages for him. Michael explained that he had been busy, so Carly confessed that she didn't want him to shut her out. She assured him that she wasn't there to fight and then apologized for calling the police on A.J. Carly regretted that she hadn't given Michael the time with A.J. that Michael had asked for.

Michael assured his mother that he forgave her, but he wanted her to understand that he needed to help A.J. Carly was stunned when Michael revealed that A.J. had suggested that A.J. and Michael work together at ELQ. Carly reminded Michael that Michael still attended college, but Michael made it clear that it was his decision to make. Carly suspected that A.J. wanted to use Michael for his shares of ELQ. She reminded Michael that the shares remained in trust until Michael was twenty-five, which meant that Carly had control of the shares.

Michael was outraged when Carly threatened to use the shares to make sure that A.J. didn't oust Tracy from ELQ. Michael's temper flared because Carly didn't respect his right to decide for himself what role A.J. would play in his life. Michael ordered Carly to leave, so she explained that she wouldn't stand in his way if he were to finish school and then decide to work for ELQ. Shortly after Carly left, Diane called with an update about A.J.'s case.

Carly returned to Todd's office to tell him about Michael's decision to work with A.J. at ELQ and her objections. Todd assumed that Michael hadn't reacted well to Carly's threats. Carly assured Todd that she had gone there to apologize and make peace with Michael, but "Bad Carly," was a lot worse than "Good Carly."

A.J. and Diane entered the squad room and saw Tracy standing by John's desk. A.J. warned Tracy that she was in for a disappointment if she was hoping to see him carted off to Pentonville. Tracy informed her nephew that she was there to see Robert, but she was curious why Michael wasn't glued to A.J.'s side, as A.J. had no doubt hoped. A.J. insisted that it took time to build a relationship with his son. Tracy smirked as she accused A.J. of being a bottomless pit of self-pity and incompetence who deserved to go to jail for shooting Alan. Tracy refused to let A.J. and Skye ruin ELQ, but A.J. argued that he and Skye intended to save the company from Tracy.

Diane walked up to let A.J. know that it was time to meet with the district attorney, so John instructed a police officer to take Tracy to see Robert.

Robert languished behind bars, while Dante berated Robert for not using caution. Robert refused to apologize because he believed that Anna was in real danger. Robert was eager to get out of jail, but Dante warned him that it was too late to stop Anna because she had already left the country with the man suspected of being Faison. Robert begged Dante to pull some strings, so Dante went to see what he could do.

Moments later, Tracy arrived. Tracy cut to the chase by asking Robert where Luke was. Robert was evasive, but Tracy pushed for answers. Eventually, he volunteered that Luke was working on something in Turkey, but he refused to elaborate. Satisfied, Tracy was curious how Robert had ended up behind bars. Robert advised Tracy to brace herself and then told her about Faison.

Robert conceded that he didn't have any hard proof, but he had enough evidence to suggest that he was on the right track. Tracy believed Robert because she knew that Luke trusted Robert. She decided to get her lawyers working on Robert's release because they needed to stop Faison before he killed anyone else.

In the squad room, Diane introduced A.J. to John. John revealed that he would be sitting in on A.J.'s meeting with the D.A. Diane warned John to be ready because she didn't intend to keep the offer on the table for long. Later, A.J., Diane, John, and the D.A. entered the interrogation room to discuss the plea deal. The D.A. wasn't eager to make any deals because he was confident that he could secure a conviction against A.J. Diane was confident that the D.A. would have a change of heart once he heard what they had to say.

Diane explained that A.J. had information about someone on the FBI's Most Wanted list. John tensed and asked what it was. A.J. revealed that he had proof that Cesar Faison was alive and then showed John and the D.A. the picture that he had taken. A.J. bristled when Dante suddenly entered the room, because A.J. didn't trust Dante. The D.A. ignored A.J.'s objections as Diane and the D.A. discussed dropping the charges against A.J. in exchange for detailed information that would lead to a capture. Dante was stunned when he realized that the D.A. was considering Diane's proposal.

A.J. showed Dante the picture of Faison, and Dante immediately tried to dismiss it as a hoax. "Look at the time stamp, genius," A.J. challenged Dante. A.J. pointed out that it was proof that Faison was alive. John, Dante, and the D.A. stepped into the hallway to discuss their options. John revealed that there had been recent reports that Faison might be alive, so A.J.'s story appeared to corroborate the information. Diane popped her head out to let the gentleman know that she would be happy to take her deal to the Justice Department.

The D.A. agreed to give A.J. the deal, so the papers were signed, and A.J. revealed that Faison had stayed at a clinic in Switzerland. Tracy was livid when she saw A.J. walk through the squad room and head to the exit. She alerted the officers that a felon was about to escape, so A.J. turned to tell his aunt about his deal with the D.A. Tracy sputtered with rage as A.J. promised to see her in the boardroom.

Meanwhile, John called Anna but was transferred to her voicemail. He left her a message to warn her that Faison was alive.

In Lucerne, Faison, disguised as Duke, ushered Anna into his hotel suite, which matched hers. He noticed that she seemed quiet, so she reminded him that her last visit to Switzerland had been when she had followed up on Heather's lead. Faison feigned remorse for his insensitivity and offered to get her other accommodations. Anna assured him that the hotel was fine, but she was curious why he had taken her to Lucerne instead of the Catskills as planned. Faison claimed that it had been a last-minute opportunity that he hadn't been able to pass up.

Faison then made a joke about his secret being out and that Faison wasn't welcomed in Port Charles. Anna didn't think it was funny, so Faison apologized. He assured her that he had just been trying to illustrate how ridiculous Robert's claims had sounded. Anna reminded him that Faison's body had never been recovered, so it was possible that Faison had survived the boat explosion. Faison argued that it wasn't proof. Anna agreed, but she insisted that it was a reminder that she needed to keep her eyes open.

Faison reminded Anna that Faison had been in love with her. "Obsessed," Anna corrected. She made it clear that they were entirely different emotions. Anna confessed that it was unsettling to talk about Faison, so she asked "Duke" if they could focus on something else. Faison backed off and suggested that she go to her room to unpack and unwind. Anna liked the sound of that, so she promised to catch up with him later.

After Anna left, Faison called out for Dr. Obrecht who had been hiding in the suite. Faison ripped off his mask as Dr. Obrecht assured him that everything was in place as he had instructed. However, she cautioned him to reconsider because it was too risky. Dr. Obrecht feared that Anna's arrival in Switzerland would be his undoing. Faison sternly reminded the doctor that he was in charge. He claimed that Robert hadn't given him a choice, so Faison had been forced to take a calculated risk to make Anna his.

Moments later, Anna knocked on the door. Faison stared at the door as Anna called out to Duke. In the hallway, Anna knocked on the door several times. She became concerned when she heard a noise inside the room, so she tried to shove the door open. Her cell phone rang, but she let it go to voicemail, so that she could kick in the door. Anna called out to Duke as she entered the suite and looked around. She froze when her eyes landed on Faison.

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