General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 10, 2013 on GH

Carly lied to get Shawn to carry out a hit on Franco, but things went terribly wrong when Olivia took the bullet intended for Franco. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed that Danny had leukemia. Silas was awarded custody of Rafe. Patrick and Sabrina made love.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 10, 2013 on GH
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Franco was surprised when Carly walked through the terrace door at the Quartermaine Mansion. He wondered how Carly had found him. Carly said that she had heard that Franco had made bail and figured that he would make a beeline for his family. Carly told Franco that she had something for him. She reached into her purse and pulled out a small box.

The box contained a mechanical monkey. When Franco appeared not to understand the gift, Carly told him not to pretend that he did not remember sending the monkey to Josslyn. Carly told Franco that she had kept the monkey so that she would never forget how Franco had terrorized her family when he had sent the gift, along with a note that said Franco would be watching over Josslyn. Carly said that she had taken that as a threat.

Franco said that he was sorry and that he would never hurt Josslyn. "Like you would never hurt Michael?" Carly spat back. Franco said that he had made some bad decisions, and all he could say was that he was sorry. Carly asked him to prove it. Franco said that he thought that he had proved himself by returning to town, admitting his mistakes and making himself vulnerable to arrest.

Franco asked Carly how he could gain her trust. Carly told him to leave town. Carly said that she had not been able to sleep since Franco's return because she feared that he would break into her house and that she would find him standing over Josslyn's crib as she had on a previous occasion. Franco said that he had only intended to use Josslyn as a substitute so that he could experience what it would feel like to hold his own child in his arms. Franco said that he had never intended, and did not intend at that time, any harm to Josslyn.

Franco invited Carly to sit, chat, and tell him how to make amends. He said it was a good time to do that because Tracy and A.J. were upstairs fighting over his daughter, Lauren, who had gone by a different name for 20 years while he had not been allowed to know her. Carly could not care less about Franco's woes, but she agreed to listen to what Franco had to say. Carly invited Franco to continue their conversation in a more private location at a table on the terrace of the Metro Court. Franco agreed to meet Carly there. When Franco left the room, Carly made a phone call.

At General Hospital, Shawn comforted a tearful Alexis, who was dealing with the reality that her grandson, Danny, might have leukemia. Alexis said that she was grateful to have Shawn in her life. Shawn told Alexis that he loved her. Alexis admitted that she loved Shawn, too, and then added that it was difficult for her to say the words. Shawn said that if it had been easy then it would not have meant as much to him. Alexis said that it meant everything to have Shawn there with her.

Shawn's phone rang, and he told Alexis that he had to take it. Alexis left to check on Sam and Danny. When Shawn answered his cell, Carly told him that the hit on Franco was back on. She gave him directions and a location to set up where he could have a clear shot at Franco on the terrace at the Metro Court. Shawn wanted to get an okay from Sonny, but Carly assured Shawn that the order for the hit had originated with Sonny.

When Alexis returned, Shawn said that he had to take care of some business. Alexis immediately asked if the business had anything to do with Sonny and then apologized for asking questions. Alexis explained that she was feeling vulnerable, worried, and scared and needed Shawn by her side. Shawn said that there was no place that he would rather be. Shawn assured Alexis that he would only be gone a short while and would be right back.

Dante visited Sonny at his office. They shared a man-hug and Dante told Sonny that Lulu's memory had returned. Dante told Sonny that he had almost lost faith that Lulu would return to him. Sonny admitted ruefully that he knew how Dante felt. Dante apologized for leaving the Haunted Star so abruptly, but said he had needed to follow Lulu. Sonny understood. Dante said that he had helped Lulu get past the bad memories she had been blocking. Dante said that if Helena and Stavros were not already dead, he would kill them.

Sonny told Dante about the events on the Haunted Star that had occurred after Dante and Lulu left the boat, and about the videos that had exonerated Franco for Sam's and Michael's rapes. Dante felt that Franco still shared some of the blame because he had pointed a rapist, no matter how inadvertently, at Michael. Sonny said that he and Carly also had to bear some blame because they had tried to cover up the crime and subvert the justice system.

Dante voiced his objections to Franco's bail, and Sonny agreed. Dante speculated that Franco had paid off the district attorney. Sonny agreed that it would not be the first time that a public official had taken bribe money. Sonny mentioned Connie because her trial started that day, which, coincidentally, was also Connie's birthday. Sonny was happy for Connie when Dante told him that all the charges against her had been dropped.

Sonny showed Dante a jewelry box, which contained a present that Sonny had purchased for Connie before she had broken up with him. Sonny said that even though he and Connie still loved each other, being with Sonny literally drove Connie crazy, and he had to respect that. Dante said he understood and that he had been in a similar, hopeless place with Lulu, but they had managed to find their way back to each other, so maybe Sonny and Connie would, too.

Lulu was making meatballs for Dante when Laura knocked on Lulu's door. Laura was ecstatic that Lulu's memories had returned. Lulu credited Dante for her memory's return. She told Laura that Dante had refused to give up on her, no matter how hard Lulu had tried to push Dante away. Laura said that proved the power of love. Laura told Lulu about her Hawaiian honeymoon and about how happy she was. Lulu was thrilled for her mother. Lulu was looking at a baby's Hawaiian shirt that Laura had purchased for Lulu's soon-to-be-born baby when both women smelled burning meatballs.

Lulu moaned that Olivia had tried to teach her to cook, but there was always some disaster. Laura said that the meal was easily remedied. All Lulu had to do was remove the burned bits, chop up the meat, stir it into the sauce and it would be Bolognese. Lulu said that Dante liked meatballs. Laura said that what Dante liked was Lulu. Lulu said that she did not know why because she was always up to her neck in disasters, her family was certifiable -- no offense to Laura -- and to top it all off, she could not cook.

Laura assured Lulu that Dante loved Lulu for herself. Lulu said that Dante had been amazing with her, and all she had wanted to do was cook him a nice meal. Laura said that Dante would be happy with cereal as long as he could share it with Lulu. Lulu said that her grandmother, Lesley, had been right when Lesley had told Dante that Lulu did not want to remember some of the things that had happened to her. Lulu said that it had been Dante who had convinced her that she did not have to feel guilty or ashamed of what had happened to her. Laura agreed.

Dante returned home just in time to hear Lulu say that he was smart and funny, and she did not know what she would do without him. Dante said that she would not have to. Dante greeted Laura. They exchanged pleasantries, and Laura left the lovebirds alone. Dante and Lulu kissed, and then he noticed the disaster in the kitchen. Lulu said it was her pathetic attempt to show how much she loved Dante.

Dante kissed Lulu and told her that she did not have to prove her love for him. He added that he believed that she would eventually be a great cook and nail the meatballs because she never gave up. Lulu worried about getting food for them that evening, but Dante said that nothing could be more perfect for him than her being with his wife.

Felix stayed home to care for Britt while Patrick and Sabrina went to dinner at the Metro Court. Britt wanted to know why no one had anything good to say about her. Felix said that there was nothing good to say about Britt, and that was the point. He asked why Britt was trying to get between Sabrina and Patrick. Britt said that she was not trying to break them up because Sabrina's ugly dress would do that.

Felix took offense because he had helped pick out the dress. Britt insulted Felix and his "gay man's taste." Felix called her "Britch," and when she asked, Felix explained that it was a combination of Britt and "bitch." Britt argued that not liking Sabrina's clothes did not make her a bitch because she was a very caring person.

Felix was blunt when he scoffed that Britt was the least caring person he had ever met. Felix told Britt that she had no empathy. Felix said that he did not understand why Britt had become a doctor. Felix added that children did not like her, and none of the nurses wanted to work with her. When Felix asked rhetorically who had made her that way, Britt shouted that it had been her mother.

Felix asked if that meant that Britt had been hatched from dragon's eggs or from the spores of poisoned mushrooms. Britt said that her mother was a mad scientist who held people against their will, and her father was a deranged serial killer who murdered on a global scale. Felix thought that Britt was exaggerating.

Felix said that he got that Britt's childhood was a combination of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Austin Powers -- Britt interjected that it was not as funny -- but Felix said that her tacky childhood did not excuse Britt's behavior, and she could not use it as an excuse to make Felix feel sorry for her. Felix said that the only one he felt sorry for was Britt's child because Britt was its mother and that he was starting a therapy fund for the child.

Felix added that the only thing that Britt's unborn child had going for it was Patrick as a father, if indeed, Patrick was the father. Felix suggested that if Britt were sincere, she would do an amnio test. Britt pleaded her illness and said that she would not do an invasive test that would put additional stress on her body. Felix said she could do a non-invasive blood test that could be compared to Patrick's DNA.

Britt said that she refused to submit to a test because she had nothing to prove to Felix. Felix agreed but told Britt that she would eventually have to prove the baby's paternity to Patrick.

Connie and Olivia arrived at the Metro Court restaurant just before Patrick and Sabrina, who were obviously very happy and in love. While Sabrina and Patrick had dinner, Patrick told Sabrina that she was sweet and kind, loved Emma, and made him laugh. Patrick said that not many women would take in their boyfriend's ex. Sabrina said that loving someone meant seeing them through the hard times as well as the good times. Patrick got up from the table and kissed Sabrina. When Patrick sat down again, Sabrina said that she was not nearly as good or kind as Patrick was giving her credit for.

She said that she had an ulterior motive for taking in Britt. Sabrina admitted that she still thought that Britt was faking her illness and that she and Felix would prove it. Patrick said that he was aware of Britt's deceptive ways. Sabrina said that they still had no proof that Britt's baby belonged to Patrick. Patrick pointed out that all the evidence suggested that he was the father and that he could not ask for an amniocentesis test while Britt was ill. Sabrina mentioned the non-invasive test. Patrick wanted to change the subject, and Sabrina agreed.

At another table, Connie said that she remembered when Sonny had treated her way that Patrick was treating Sabrina. Olivia had a couple of flashbacks, first to a time when Sonny had comforted her during Dante's search for Lulu and then to Sonny's birthday party when Olivia had comforted Sonny. Olivia told Connie that Sonny knew how to work the dimples.

Connie said that she remembered the sadness in Sonny's eyes that had made her want to take him into her arms and make the sadness go away. Olivia said that she knew the feeling because Steve had made her feel that way. Connie asked if Olivia planned to move on from Steve. Olivia said that Steve had made his decision and told her not to wait. Olivia said that she was honoring Steve's request and had returned his ring. Olivia said that she wanted to fall in love again but that she was not getting any younger.

Connie told Olivia that she deserved the best. Connie said that Olivia needed a man who made Olivia feel the way that Sonny had made Connie feel. Olivia reminded Connie that it was Connie's birthday and wondered if Connie was ready to move on.

Patrick asked Sabrina to go to his home for a sweet dessert. As they waited for the elevator, Patrick told Sabrina that Emma was staying with Duke and Anna. They got in the elevator and kissed as the doors closed.

Olivia looked up and saw Franco standing in the entrance to the restaurant. Olivia stalked over to him and told Franco that he was not welcome. She was about to call security, but Carly stopped her and said that Franco was her guest. Carly showed Franco to the terrace, leaving Olivia and Connie to ponder what Carly was doing. Sonny surprised Olivia and Connie at the bar. Sonny gave Connie a jewelry box and told her that he had purchased the gift before they had broken up and wanted her to have it.

When Connie opened the box, she found that it contained a gold charm on a simple gold chain. It had been one that Connie had admired from their days in Bensonhurst and that Sonny had recently purchased from a neighborhood jewelry store where Connie had worked as a teenager. The store had recently gone out of business. Connie was touched and did not know what to say.

Sonny started to go, but Olivia alerted him to Franco's presence. Sonny went to the terrace. As soon as he left, Olivia had a vision of Sonny with blood on his shirt and rushed out after him.

Shawn was perched in a room with a sniper rifle, setting up a shot on Franco, who was seated on the terrace with Carly. Before Shawn could take a shot, Sonny got in the way and demanded to know what Carly was doing with Franco. Carly tried to get Sonny to leave, but Sonny wanted answers. Shawn had Franco in his sights and pulled the trigger. Olivia made a mad dash onto the terrace and pushed Sonny aside just as a shot rang out.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

At the Drake residence, Patrick called Anna to check on Emma. Anna assured him that Emma was fine and confessed that her pleasure to watch Emma. "And Duke's," Anna added with a smile as she glanced at Duke, who patiently sat through a makeover compliments of Emma. Patrick thanked Anna then ended the call. Sabrina smiled awkwardly as she realized that it had been the first time that she had been in Patrick's home without Emma being there. Patrick tenderly kissed Sabrina then reminded her that he had promised her dessert.

Sabrina wondered if Patrick had made the dessert. Patrick laughed as he assured her that he didn't have any desire to kill her. After Patrick disappeared into the kitchen, Sabrina wandered over to a bookshelf where a picture of Patrick and Robin on their wedding day was prominently displayed. Sabrina thoughtfully looked at the wedding picture until Patrick returned with two extravagantly decorated cupcakes. Patrick confessed that he had bought the cupcakes and then had decorated them with Emma.

Patrick and Sabrina playfully flirted as they took a bite of the cupcakes, and then kissed. Things began to heat up, so Patrick checked to make certain that Sabrina was comfortable with him. Sabrina assured him that she was, prompting Patrick to confide that Emma was spending the night with Duke and Anna. Patrick asked Sabrina to spend the night with him, but Sabrina feared that wasn't what Patrick really wanted. Patrick admitted that he had been thinking about taking their relationship to the next level for a while, but Sabrina still had doubts.

Sabrina pointed out that they were in the home that Patrick had once shared with his wife, Robin. Patrick conceded that he had happy memories of Robin in the house, but he admitted that Robin had made a DVD when Robin had thought that she only had a short time to live. He revealed that Robin had encouraged Patrick to find someone he could love and who loved him and Emma. Patrick thought that he had found that woman in Sabrina. Sabrina kissed Patrick then followed him to the bedroom.

In Anna's penthouse, Anna smiled at Duke as Emma applied powder blush to his cheeks. Anna thought that Emma had outdone herself, but Emma insisted that Duke needed something sparkly. Anna suggested that Emma check Anna's jewelry box, so Emma dashed off. Duke groaned good-naturedly then switched gears to ask how Anna felt about Patrick's date with Sabrina. Anna assured him that she liked Sabrina. She was also certain that Robin would approve of Patrick's relationship with the young nurse because Robin had wanted Patrick to be happy.

Emma returned with a set of earrings, which she promptly put on Duke. Anna couldn't resist taking a picture of Duke, so he posed with Emma for the camera. Emma thought of something else that she wanted Duke to wear, so she ran to fetch it. Duke chuckled because Emma reminded him so much of her mother, Robin, at the same age. Anna agreed. Moments later, Emma returned with a tutu for Duke.

Duke was horrified, so Anna explained that men didn't wear skirts. Emma recalled the Duke had worn one at the Nurses Ball, so Duke clarified that it had been a kilt. Meanwhile, Anna received a phone call reporting a shooting in the restaurant. Anna ordered that the hotel be sealed off, and then promised to be in the restaurant right away. After Anna left, Emma fetched another tutu for herself then held up the one that she had wanted Duke to put on.

To Emma's delight, Duke donned the tutu. Emma confessed that she wanted Duke to teach her how to dance the way that he had danced with Anna at the Nurses Ball. Duke turned on some tango music, picked up Emma, and then danced with her. Emma giggled with joy when he pretended to dip her. Later, Duke and Emma were sound asleep, still dressed in their tutus, as the tango music played on.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu tore off their clothes then made their way to the bedroom to make love. Afterwards, Lulu apologized for everything that she had put Dante through. Lulu vowed that she would never lose Dante again. Lulu melted when Dante confessed that he could live off of their love alone. The spell was broken when Dante suddenly burst out laughing as he admitted that he had been lying because he was hungry enough to eat the bed.

Lulu joined in on the laughter as she offered to order Chinese food. The two returned to the living room as Lulu made the call. Dante's cell phone rang while Lulu was on the phone, so he answered it. Moments later, Dante announced that he had to leave because there had been a shooting at Metro Court Restaurant. Concerned, Lulu wondered who had been shot, but Dante didn't know.

After Dante left, Lulu called Maxie to invite Maxie over to eat and catch up. A short time later, Maxie arrived. Lulu was surprised when Maxie admitted that she was starving, so Maxie explained that she was determined to eat healthy for the sake of the baby. Lulu confessed that she couldn't wait to see her baby because Lulu was eager to know if the baby looked like a Spencer or a Falconeri. Maxie hid her guilt behind a polite smile.

Later, Lulu and Maxie read the messages from their fortune cookies. Maxie's fortune warned Maxie that the truth would soon be revealed. Lulu's fortune suggested that something of Lulu's might be lost forever. Lulu found the messages depressing and weird, but Maxie admitted that she might know what they meant. Maxie explained that the operative words in Lulu's fortune were "may be."

Lulu was startled when Maxie suddenly pulled out a pair of red high heels from Maxie's bag. Lulu recognized her favorite shoes, which she had loaned to Maxie a year earlier. Maxie smiled as she suggested that the fortune had been referring to Lulu's missing shoes. Lulu clutched the beloved shoes close as Maxie admitted that the shoes no longer fit Maxie's swollen feet. Lulu chucked as she pointed out that perhaps that was the truth that Maxie's fortune had been referring to.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was surprised when A.J. called out to her. He explained that he had checked to find out when she went on break, so he could stop by with coffee and pastries. Elizabeth was touched by the gesture, so A.J. confessed that it hadn't been completely selfless on his part because he had needed a break from his brother, Franco.

A.J. and Elizabeth found a quiet room to enjoy their coffee and pastries. Their conversation drifted to Michael as Elizabeth suggested that Michael seemed to be healing from the rape. A.J. admired Michael's unbelievable courage and grace under difficult circumstances. Elizabeth was curious if A.J. believed Franco's claims about Franco not arranging for Carter to rape Michael in Pentonville, so A.J. admitted that the video appeared to be legitimate. Elizabeth was surprised when A.J. conceded that he knew what it was like to try to make amends for terrible mistakes, so he identified with Franco on a certain level.

Elizabeth appreciated that A.J. wanted to give Franco the benefit of the doubt, but she warned him that others would not be as forgiving or open-minded. A.J. revealed that Franco and Franco's daughter, Kiki, had moved into the mansion, so he and Tracy were trying to lobby for Franco and Kiki's votes at ELQ. A.J. feared that they had gone too far when Tracy had offered to heat some milk for Kiki, so he had left the house. Elizabeth feared that Tracy's efforts would secure the votes that A.J. needed to retain control of ELQ, but A.J. insisted that he would rather be at the hospital with Elizabeth than cater to Franco and Kiki.

Touched, Elizabeth confessed that she had something important to tell A.J. A.J. was concerned when she revealed that Danny had been admitted to the hospital for testing, so he should talk to Sam. A.J. didn't think that a hospital was a place for a child, but he quickly apologized when he realized that their conversation might remind Elizabeth about losing Jake. Elizabeth admitted that she always missed her son and that there were times when Jake's loss hit her hard, but she assured A.J. that she was fine. Elizabeth had to return to her shift, but she thanked A.J. for knowing that she had needed to see him. A.J. smiled then left to find Sam.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Franco and Carly sat at a private table on the deserted terrace, while Shawn stood at the window of one of the hotel's rooms, trying to get a bead on Franco. Shawn's task was made more difficult when Sonny approached Franco and Carly to ask what was going on. Carly innocently claimed that she had been trying to clear the air between her and Franco, but Sonny didn't buy it. Sonny pointedly warned her that it wasn't a good idea.

Inside the restaurant, Olivia panicked when she had a vision of Sonny standing before her, covered in blood. Olivia feared that Franco intended to shoot Sonny, so she ran to the terrace. Olivia threw herself between Sonny and Franco just as Shawn pulled the trigger. Franco jumped back, as Olivia looked down at her chest, which began to bleed from a gunshot wound. Horrified, Sonny caught Olivia as she stumbled backwards then collapsed.

In the hotel room, Shawn dropped to the floor in shock. "Olivia?" Shawn muttered in disbelief. "Oh, my God. What have I done?" Shawn asked as he realized that he had shot Olivia. In a daze, he broke down the sniper rifle, put it back into a duffel bag, and then made his way to the front door. He froze when he heard Anna and several police officers make their way down the hallway. Shawn waited until the voices had faded away then quickly slipped out of the hotel room.

At the hospital, Nikolas arrived to check on his aunt. He handed Alexis a cup of coffee, but she also wanted the stuffed elephant in his other hand. Nikolas explained that he had picked up the toy for Danny. Alexis was grateful that Nikolas had stopped by to check on her because she had been going crazy since Shawn had left for work. Nikolas asked about Danny's biopsy, so Alexis revealed that the results would be back the following day. Nikolas offered to call in a team of expert doctors to oversee Danny's care, but Alexis wanted to wait until they had the results of the tests.

Alexis changed the subject to find out if Nikolas had told Elizabeth about A.J.'s tryst with Carly. Nikolas confided that he hadn't said anything because he wasn't sure if he intended to tell Elizabeth. He then turned the conversation back to Danny because he wanted Alexis to know that he was eager to help Danny in any way possible. Alexis shifted gears by confessing that she had been at the hospital when Nikolas had recently arrived with a life-threatening gunshot wound. Nikolas was surprised when she explained that Shawn had also been involved in a shooting on the same night.

Alexis explained that Dante and Anna had been pursing a gunman through the park when they had encountered Shawn. According to Alexis, the gunman had taken a shot at Anna when Anna had stopped to question Shawn, but Shawn had been wounded instead. Nikolas was confused about why Shawn had been in the park at night, so Alexis told him that Shawn had been keeping an eye on the loft after Lulu's kidnapping because Shawn worked for Sonny.

Nikolas was shocked that Shawn was on Sonny's payroll because Nikolas had been under the impression that Shawn worked at Kelly's. Alexis explained that Shawn had military training, so Jason had hired Shawn as a bodyguard. However, Sonny had recruited Shawn when Jason had died. Nikolas reminded Alexis that Jason had been Sonny's enforcer, so Nikolas had concerns about Shawn, especially with Alexis' pattern of relationships with men like Sonny, Ric Lansing, and Jerry Jacks.

Alexis argued that Shawn wasn't like Sonny, Ric, or Jerry. "Good, because I would hate to think that my moral, principled, law-abiding aunt is with a man that fries other people's bacon, which he makes killer BLTs with," Nikolas explained. Nikolas glanced up as Shawn approached. Alexis quickly introduced Shawn to her nephew, so they briefly exchanged pleasantries until Nikolas decided to check on Sam and Danny. Alexis warned Nikolas not to wake Sam and Danny up if they were asleep.

After Nikolas left, Shawn was startled when Alexis asked about his business with Sonny. Shawn reminded Alexis that they had an unspoken agreement not to discuss each other's business with Sonny. Alexis thought that it was time for things to change, but Shawn was saved from replying when his phone rang. Alexis told him to answer the call then stepped away to give him privacy.

Nikolas left Sam's room as A.J. walked up. Nikolas was curious what A.J. was doing at the hospital, so A.J. explained that he was there to check on Sam and Danny because A.J. had heard that his nephew was having tests. Nikolas explained that Sam and Danny were asleep, so they were not to be disturbed. A.J. started to leave, but Nikolas called out to A.J. because Nikolas had something to tell A.J. A.J. suspected that Nikolas wanted to remind A.J. that Nikolas was still pining for Elizabeth, which wasn't a surprise to A.J.

"Well, this may come as a surprise to you. I know you slept with Carly," Nikolas told a shocked A.J. A.J. denied the transgression with Carly, but Nikolas revealed that Tracy had given Nikolas a tape of A.J. confessing to the illicit tryst. Nikolas assured A.J. that Nikolas didn't intend to tell Elizabeth about A.J.'s encounter with Carly because Nikolas didn't want Elizabeth to be hurt. A.J. suggested that Nikolas destroy the tape or give it to A.J., but Nikolas refused because Nikolas wanted to hold on to the evidence. Nikolas vowed to share the tape with Elizabeth if A.J. made a wrong move with Elizabeth.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly watched in shocked disbelief as Franco grabbed cloth napkins to hand to Sonny with instructions to apply pressure to Olivia's wound. Sonny took the napkins, while Franco called 9-1-1. Moments later, Connie appeared in the doorway then screamed with horror when she realized what had happened. Distraught, Connie wondered who would shoot her cousin.

"What just happened here?" a bewildered Franco asked as he watched Olivia fight for her life. "I-I don't know," Carly stuttered. "Really? I think I do," Franco said when he realized that he had been the likely target.

Moments later, the paramedics arrived and loaded Olivia onto a gurney. Sonny and Connie offered Olivia words of encouragement, but Olivia lost consciousness. Seconds later, Dante arrived. Dante raced to his mother's side when he realized that Olivia had been shot. Dante insisted on going to the hospital with Olivia, but Sonny ordered Dante to stay to find the "son of bitch" who was responsible for the shooting.

Meanwhile, Anna questioned Franco and Carly about the shooting. Anna was surprised when Carly revealed that Carly had been on the terrace with Franco. Dante walked up to ask if Franco or Carly had seen the shooter. Carly shook her head, but Franco admitted that he had caught a glimpse of something that might have been a reflection from a window that faced the terrace. Franco pointed to the window, so Anna asked Carly to provide a key card for the room.

Carly dashed off to fetch the key card. A short time later, Carly stood outside of the room that Shawn had used to carry out the hit that had gone bad. Carly recalled calling Shawn from the Quartermaine mansion to make the arrangements with Shawn to shoot Franco on the terrace. Carly shook the memory away as Anna arrived to take the key card. Moments later, Dante and Anna entered the room.

After Dante determined that the suite was safe, Anna asked Carly to provide the security tapes. Carly agreed, so Anna began to look around the suite. Dante noticed that the sniper had had a clear shot of the terrace from the window. Meanwhile, Anna spotted a spent shell casing on the floor.

Later, Carly called Shawn to demand to know how the hit had gone so terribly wrong. Shawn explained that Olivia had popped up out of nowhere when Shawn had taken the shot. He was desperate to know how Olivia was, so Carly revealed that Olivia had been taken to the hospital. Shawn admitted that he was at the hospital, so Carly ordered Shawn to get an update on Olivia and then report back to Carly. After Carly ended the call, Franco approached her.

Franco was curious who Carly had been talking to. Carly claimed that she had been on the phone with her security team because there had been a shooting in her hotel. "I know. And we both know who is responsible," Franco told her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was on hand when Olivia arrived in critical condition. Elizabeth led the paramedics to an examination room, but blocked Sonny and Connie from entering. Elizabeth promised to give them an update as soon as she could. Connie confessed to Sonny that Olivia had had a premonition of Sonny being covered in blood, so Olivia had run to the terrace to save Sonny. Sonny tearfully pointed out that the blood that Olivia had seen in the vision had been Olivia's, not Sonny's.

Connie leaned on Sonny as they tried to comfort each other. A short time later, Elizabeth returned with an update. According to Elizabeth, Olivia had been stabilized, but Olivia would require surgery to repair the damage from the gunshot. Sonny wanted to know if Olivia would make it, but Elizabeth gently explained that it was too soon to tell. However, Elizabeth reminded them that Olivia was strong. Sonny and Connie wanted to visit with Olivia before Olivia was taken to surgery, so Elizabeth told them that Olivia could only have one visitor at a time, and the visits needed to be brief.

Connie invited Sonny to visit Olivia first because Connie wanted to let Dante know how Olivia was doing. Moments later, Sonny approached Olivia's bed. Olivia was awake, so Sonny urged her to fight because he liked having her around. He explained that she was strong and uncomplicated, which was exactly what he needed in his life. Sonny leaned down to give Olivia a quick kiss as Olivia looked up at Sonny. Connie, who had watched the exchange from a crack in the curtain, suddenly ducked out of sight, stunned by what she had seen between Sonny and Olivia.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

At the Drake residence, Patrick kissed Sabrina, but he sensed her hesitancy, so he asked her if she was okay. Sabrina confessed that she was nervous, prompting Patrick to wonder if she was a virgin. Sabrina burst out laughing as she reminded Patrick that she was twenty-seven years old. She assured him that she'd had a lot of sex. Concerned, Patrick wondered how much "a lot" meant. Sabrina sobered as she realized what Patrick was asking, so she clarified that she'd had a "normal" about of sex, but only with one person.

Sabrina told Patrick about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, which had lasted from high school through college. However, she revealed that her ex-boyfriend had wanted to get married and start a family, while Sabrina had been focused on becoming a nurse. According to Sabrina, she and the ex-boyfriend had had different expectations about marriage and their futures, so they had ended the relationship when Sabrina's cousin had told Sabrina about General Hospital.

Sabrina confessed that she didn't regret taking a leap of faith by leaving her ex-boyfriend and Puerto Rico to build a new life in Port Charles. Patrick admitted that he was happy that she had, and then kissed her. The kiss quickly heated up, but Patrick didn't want Sabrina to feel like he was rushing things with her. Sabrina kissed Patrick to assure him that she was ready to be intimate, so Patrick unzipped her dress then tumbled onto the bed with her to make love.

Later, Patrick and Sabrina enjoyed postcoital bliss as they snuggled together under the covers. Patrick was surprised when Sabrina admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Felix because Felix had told Sabrina from the very beginning that Patrick and Sabrina would end up together. Sabrina was stunned that someone as wonderful as Patrick would be interested in her. Patrick argued that he was the lucky one because Sabrina was a caring, loyal, and dedicated nurse and friend who was as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. After they made love again, Sabrina confessed that it had been a perfect night. Patrick agreed, and then made love to her again.

At Kelly's, Taylor showed T.J. the dress that she had bought for the prom. Taylor was looking forward to the special evening, but she noticed that T.J. seemed subdued. T.J. tried to brush it off, but Taylor wasn't satisfied. She began to tickle T.J. until he burst out laughing. Meanwhile, Molly stood outside, watching T.J. and Taylor's antics.

Moments later, T.J. and Taylor were startled by a loud noise in the kitchen. T.J. went to investigate, while Taylor remained in the dining area to flash Molly a smug smile along with a wave. After Molly ran off, T.J. returned to the dining area to explain that a pipe in the kitchen had burst, so water was leaking everywhere. T.J. tried to call Shawn, but the call went to voicemail. Taylor wondered if there was anyone else that T.J. could call, so he dialed Alexis' number.

After a brief conversation with Alexis, T.J. realized that he had to fix the leak himself, so he went to the kitchen to take a look at the pipe. A short time later, Taylor popped her head into the kitchen to check T.J.'s progress. She handed him a tool and showered him with flattery, but the pipe suddenly spewed water everywhere. T.J. managed to temporarily stop the leak, but he and Taylor were drenched.

T.J. was shocked when Taylor suddenly pulled off her wet shirt as she asked him to stick the garment in the dryer. Seconds later, she yanked off T.J.'s wet shirt and suggested that he put it in the dryer too.

At Metro Court, Anna picked up a spent shell casing that she had found on the floor in the suite where Shawn had taken aim at Franco. Dante wrapped up a phone call with Connie, so Anna asked him how Olivia was doing. Dante explained that his mother was stable, but on her way to surgery. However, Dante revealed that it was too soon to tell if Olivia would make it. Anna saw how distraught and worried Dante was, so she sent him to the hospital, while she had ballistics take a look at the bullet casing that she had found.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Franco approached Carly as she ended a call with Shawn. Franco was curious who Carly had been talking to, so she claimed that she had been on the phone with the head of her security team. Franco suggested that he and Carly knew who had been responsible for the shooting, so Carly became defensive as she demanded to know if he were implying that the shooting was on her. Franco reminded Carly that she owned the hotel, so she was liable on some level for what had transpired on the terrace. However, he was curious what she had thought he had meant.

Carly accused Franco of always talking in riddles, so she never knew what he was thinking. However, she adamantly denied that she was responsible for what had happened to Olivia. According to Carly, she couldn't control the actions of every person who walked through Metro Court's doors. Franco pointed out that he wasn't referring to everyone, only the person whom she had hired to kill him. Carly accused Franco of grasping at straws, but Franco wasn't swayed.

Franco pointed out that it had been a classic setup for a hit, starting with Carly luring him to the restaurant and then arranging for them to be seated on the terrace. Franco admitted that it was a shame that Olivia had gotten in the way because it had been a well-executed plan. Carly continued to proclaim her innocence, but Franco didn't believe her because he had seen her reaction to Olivia's gunshot. Carly argued that Olivia was a close friend, so naturally Carly had been upset. Franco warned Carly that Olivia's death would be on Carly's hands if Olivia didn't survive the shooting.

Carly was rattled, but she tried to hide it behind her anger as she suggested that Franco was delusional. Franco was certain that the police commissioner would disagree. Seconds later, Anna walked up, so Franco admitted that he was happy to see Anna. Carly squirmed nervously as Anna wondered if Franco had anything to add about the shooting. Franco explained that he had hoped to get an update on Olivia.

Anna explained that Olivia was in grave condition and scheduled to undergo surgery. Carly wondered if Olivia would make it, so Anna tactfully said that she hoped so. Carly started to relax, but Franco made a few cryptic remarks designed to put Carly on edge. Carly realized that Anna was watching her closely, so Carly blurted out that she had been about to call the head of Metro Court's security team when Anna had arrived. Carly offered to hand over the security tapes and whatever else Anna needed.

Anna appreciated Carly's cooperation because Anna needed help to identify the shooter. Carly seized the opportunity to fish for information by asking if there were any leads, so Anna explained that she couldn't discuss the investigation with Carly. After Anna walked away, Franco smiled with satisfaction because he had caught Carly in a lie. Franco pointed out that Carly had claimed that she had been on the phone with the head of her security team when Franco had walked up, but Carly had told Anna that Carly had been about to call the head of Metro Court's security when Anna had arrived.

Franco was certain that Carly was hiding something, so Carly tried to deflect by accusing Franco of harassing people, Carly in particular, for enjoyment. Carly was curious why Franco hadn't shared his theory about Carly with Anna. Franco sobered as he conceded that he had screwed up in the past. "Hugely. Tragically," Franco admitted. Franco acknowledged that he had wanted to punish Jason, but instead, everyone around Jason had been hurt, including Franco. Franco realized that he couldn't undo the past, but he was determined to make amends.

According to Franco, pointing the police in Carly's direction wouldn't accomplish his goals. Carly wondered if he expected her to thank him for not sharing his ridiculous theory with Anna. Franco decided to take the high road, regardless of what Carly did. Carly advised Franco to let it go because she hadn't done anything wrong. Franco admitted that there had been a time that he would have handed her over to the police, but he was no longer that man. Carly appeared pensive as Franco walked away.

Meanwhile, Anna was on the terrace as police officers cordoned off the crime scene. Anna questioned the waiter about where Franco and Carly had been seated. The waiter showed her the seating arrangement, prompting Anna to look at the window from which the sniper had shot.

At the hospital, Alexis wondered if Shawn had been speaking to Sonny on the phone. Shawn claimed that it had been T.J. According to Shawn, T.J. was upset about the situation with Molly, so T.J. had wanted to talk. Alexis worried that something had happened, but Shawn reminded her that she had more important things to worry about. Alexis sensed that Shawn was concerned about T.J., so she urged him to go to T.J. Shawn thanked Alexis for her understanding and promised to return quickly.

In an examination room, Sonny reminded Olivia that she needed to fight to stay alive for their son's sake. Sonny confessed that he also needed Olivia because she was strong and uncomplicated. Connie watched from a crack in the curtain as Sonny leaned down to tenderly kiss Olivia. Connie appeared taken aback by what she saw between Sonny and Connie, but she plastered on a bright smile then entered the room.

Connie greeted Olivia then turned to Sonny to question him about the shooting. Connie wanted to know who had shot her cousin, but Sonny didn't have any answers. However, he promised to get to the bottom of things. After Sonny left, Connie tried to comfort Olivia, but Olivia drifted in and out of consciousness. Moments later, Dante arrived. Connie greeted her cousin's son with a warm hug then gave him an update on his mother's condition.

Dante couldn't understand how his mother had been shot. Connie explained that she and Olivia had been at the restaurant to celebrate Connie's birthday when Carly had arrived with Franco. Dante wondered what Carly had been doing with Franco, but Connie didn't know. However, she admitted that Sonny had seemed concerned, so Sonny had gone to the terrace to talk to Franco and Carly.

Connie explained that Olivia had raced out to the terrace after Olivia had had a premonition of Sonny covered in his own blood. Connie's eyes filled with tears as she pointed out that Olivia had been wrong; Sonny had been covered in Olivia's blood. Dante sat down next to his mother to remind Olivia how much he loved and needed her.

In the waiting area, Alexis broke the news to Molly that Danny might have leukemia. Molly was crushed, so Alexis reminded her daughter that Alexis had once beaten lung cancer. Molly wished that she could do something to help her nephew, but Alexis changed the subject because she noticed how pale Molly was. Alexis wondered if Molly had eaten, so Molly confessed that she had intended to pick something up on her way to the hospital, but had she had lost her appetite.

Alexis handed Molly some money with instructions for Molly to fetch something to eat. After Molly left, T.J. called Alexis to ask if Alexis knew where Shawn was. Alexis was confused because she had been under the impression that Shawn was with T.J. T.J. admitted that he hadn't seen Shawn, so he asked Alexis to let Shawn know that he had called. Alexis promised that T.J. could count on it.

A short time later, Molly returned with a bag of chocolate candy. Molly confessed that it had been the only thing that had sounded appetizing. Alexis helped herself to some chocolate as she asked Molly about the prom. Alexis was shocked when Molly revealed that Molly didn't intend to attend the dance. Alexis insisted that it was a rite of passage, so Molly needed to go. Molly argued that it wouldn't be right to go to the prom while Danny was in the hospital.

Alexis appreciated Molly's reluctance to go to the dance, but Alexis thought that it would do Molly and Rafe some good to go. Molly admitted that it might be awkward to go to the prom with Rafe because Rafe had feelings for Molly that Molly didn't reciprocate, so Molly didn't want to risk leading Rafe on. Alexis confided that Shawn had mentioned that T.J. wasn't any happier about the situation, but Molly was skeptical. Molly revealed that Felix's sister, Taylor, had arrived in town and within "five seconds" had secured a date to the prom with T.J., so Molly was confident that T.J. was fine.

In the hallway, Shawn asked a nurse for an update about Olivia as Sonny walked up. Sonny explained that Olivia was scheduled for surgery and then pulled Shawn aside to discuss the shooting. Shawn immediately apologized and explained that he'd had a clear shot, but Olivia had popped up out of nowhere. "What the hell are you talking about?" Sonny demanded. Shawn began to ramble about how he had promised himself after the incident in Afghanistan that he would never hurt another innocent person again.

"Are you telling me you shot Olivia?" Sonny growled as he grabbed Shawn by the shirtfront and shoved Shawn against a wall. Sonny wanted to know why Shawn had ignored Sonny's order for Shawn to stand down, so Shawn told Sonny about Carly's phone call. Sonny pointed out that Shawn worked for Sonny, not Carly, so Shawn explained that Carly had claimed that Sonny had authorized the hit. Sonny wanted to know exactly what Carly had said, so Shawn told him.

Sonny insisted that he had called off the hit on Franco at the Quartermaine mansion because Sonny had been concerned an innocent person would be shot. Sonny couldn't understand why Shawn had thought that Sonny would authorize a hit at a restaurant where the risk was equally high. Shawn was furious when he realized that Carly had lied to him, but Sonny ordered Shawn not to do anything or talk to anyone about it because Sonny intended to deal with Carly himself.

Moments later, Olivia was wheeled out of the examination room. Shawn slipped away as Sonny reminded Olivia to keep fighting. Connie decided to wait near the operating room, so she followed Olivia's gurney. Dante stayed behind to question Sonny about the possibility that the sniper's bullet had been intended for Sonny. Seconds later, Anna walked up to ask for an update about Olivia. After Dante explained that his mother was on her way to surgery, Anna revealed that Franco had been the sniper's target.

"You wouldn't happen to know anything about that, would you?" Anna asked Sonny. Sonny remained quiet, so Anna suggested that they continue their discussion at the police station.

Nearby, Alexis sent Molly to check on Sam as Shawn approached. Alexis was curious how T.J. was doing, so Shawn claimed that T.J. was fine. Angry, Alexis accused Shawn of lying because T.J. had called Alexis, looking for Shawn when Shawn had supposedly been with T.J. Shawn tried to explain himself, but Alexis wasn't interested in hearing what he had to say, so she went to check on Sam.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

At the Drake residence, Sabrina woke up bed with Patrick. She confessed that it was going to take time for her to get used to being with Patrick because she had never thought that it would happen. Patrick was curious if the reality had lived up to the fantasy. Sabrina smiled as she playfully suggested that it was difficult to tell. Patrick assured Sabrina that she was wonderful, caring, generous, and sexy, so he hoped that she had enjoyed their night together.

Sabrina chuckled as she wondered if Patrick was asking for a review. Patrick reminded her that her ex-boyfriend had made Sabrina happy for a long time, so Patrick wanted to do the same. Sabrina assured him that she was enjoying herself, so Patrick began to kiss her. Sabrina pulled away before things went further because she had to get to work. Patrick was disappointed, but he admitted that he needed to go to the hospital, too, because he wanted to be there for a friend when his friend received some test results.

Later, Patrick smiled when he entered the living room and noticed Sabrina sliding on her eyeglasses. Sabrina explained that she had left her contacts in a cup of water overnight, but she had accidentally spilled them down the drain. She feared Felix's reaction to her wearing glasses, but Patrick confessed that he thought that the glasses were sexy. After a brief kiss, Sabrina reminded him that he needed to go to the hospital. She offered to pick up Emma, so Patrick told her that it had been taken care of. He had called Duke while Sabrina had been in the shower.

Sabrina was curious if Emma had enjoyed spending the night with Anna. Patrick admitted that Emma had had a great time until the shooting. Concerned, Sabrina asked what had happened, so he filled her in on what he knew. Moments later, Patrick received a call from the hospital, notifying him that Danny's test results were in.

In the hospital's elevator, Sam clutched Jason's dragon figurine as she asked Jason to give her the strength to get through Danny's health crisis. She stepped off the elevator, but stopped short when she spotted Silas at the nurses' station, requesting information about Danny's test results. The nurse wondered if Silas was a member of Danny's family. "Now, what do you think?" Silas asked. The nurse assumed that it was confirmation that Silas was a family member, so she picked up Danny's medical file.

Sam snatched the medical file out of the nurse's hand as she informed the nurse that Silas was not a family member. Sam resented Silas prying into Danny's medical file, but Silas explained that he was merely following up, since everyone seemed to have trouble comprehending Danny's condition. Silas questioned if Danny had undergone a bone marrow biopsy, so Sam informed Silas that Danny had, but the results weren't back yet. Silas suggested that she prepare herself because the results were not going to be what she hoped for.

Sam argued that Silas had no way of knowing that, but Silas ignored her as he told her the types of treatments that Danny would need to fight the aggressive cancer. Silas warned her that time was not on Danny's side, so it was important for Sam to follow Silas' instructions. Sam resented Silas' attitude, so he wondered if she would prefer that he hold her hand and tell her sweet nothings or give her the truth. Sam preferred a third option. "Shut the hell up and leave me and my son alone," Sam shouted before she stormed off. Silas reminded her that she had his number, so he advised her to call him when she calmed down.

Later, Sam saw Patrick at the nurses' station, so she ran to him to find out if he had the results of the biopsy. Patrick wanted to wait for Dr. Singh to arrive, but Sam insisted on an answer. She begged him to tell her that Danny would be okay.

At Kelly's, Franco recognized Alexis as his nephew's grandmother. Alexis glared at Franco as Franco admitted that Danny was the spitting image of Jason, but Franco thought that Danny looked a bit like Franco too. Alexis prayed that Danny hadn't inherited anything from Franco, but Franco suggested that perhaps Danny would grow up to become an artist, photographer, or killer, like Jason. Franco conceded that his twin had made contract killing an art form.

Alexis was disappointed that Jason hadn't succeeded in killing Franco. Franco confessed that Alexis was particularly hot on her high horse, so he was curious if she would let him photograph her. Alexis warned Franco to stay away from her, or she would kill him herself. Franco hoped that Alexis had better aim than the assassin who had tried to kill him the previous evening. Alexis wondered what Franco was talking about, so he told her about Olivia's shooting.

Alexis was curious if an arrest had been made in the shooting. "Sonny Corinthos," Franco answered. Alexis argued that Sonny would never shoot Olivia, so Franco clarified that Franco had been the intended target. He was grateful that Diane represented him because it was clear that Alexis had no idea what was going on with her own client. Franco questioned Alexis' priorities because instead of being at the police station, she was at the diner, looking for her boyfriend, Shawn.

Moments later, Diane entered, so Franco excused himself to talk to his attorney. Alexis thought about her conversation with Shawn at the hospital when she had caught him in a lie. "Oh, God," Alexis groaned. Diane approached Alexis to reminded Alexis that they were expected at Rafe's custody hearing later that day. Alexis informed Diane that Sam wouldn't be able to make it because Danny might have leukemia. Shocked, Diane reached out to give her friend a hug, but Alexis jerked away and announced that she had to leave.

Diane promised to request a continuance, but Alexis left without a response. Moments later, Franco asked if he had heard correctly that Danny was sick. "Like you care," Diane replied. Franco assured Diane that he did. He then shifted gears to ask if she believed in redemption. Diane reminded Franco that he paid her for legal representation, so if he wanted a psychiatric evaluation, which she thought was a good idea, then she would be happy to set it up.

Diane urged Franco to take her up on the offer because he faced a slew of charges. Franco grimaced and wondered if there was an alternative. Diane explained that it would help his case if he underwent a psychiatric evaluation, otherwise he might spend the rest of his "unnatural" life behind bars. Franco suggested that it might be safer in jail because a sniper had tried to kill him the previous evening.

Diane became distracted when she saw Silas enter the diner. Franco bristled when she excused herself to talk to Silas, prompting Diane to suggest that Franco learn to share. "Consider this a milestone in your personal evolution," Diane added as she walked away.

Moments later, Diane asked Silas to extend his stay in Port Charles because Danny might be seriously ill. "There's no 'might' about it," Silas replied. He explained that he had been the one to make Sam aware of Danny's cancer. However, he refused to delay the hearing. Diane was stunned, but Silas thought that he was doing Sam a favor by taking custody of Rafe because it would allow Sam to focus solely on Danny, who needed his mother's full attention.

Diane thought it was wrong of Silas to rip Sam's foster son away at a time when Sam might lose her biological child. Silas was curious what one thing had to do with the other.

Outside, Alexis called Anna to find out if Sonny was in custody. Anna admitted that Sonny was a person of interest and then reminded Alexis that the police were allowed to hold a suspect for forty-eight hours without charging the person with a crime. Alexis questioned Anna about the evidence they had in the shooting, but Anna pointed out that she wasn't at liberty to discuss the case with Alexis.

Later, Alexis arrived at the hospital as Sam asked Patrick about the results of Danny's biopsy. Patrick was reluctant to tell Sam what the results were without Dr. Singh, but Sam was desperate to know if her son had cancer. Patrick looked at Sam with sad eyes as he gently replied, "I'm sorry." Devastated, Sam threw herself into her mother's arms and cried. After several minutes, Sam pulled herself together as Alexis asked Patrick what the next step was.

Sam explained that Danny would have to undergo induction therapy to destroy the cancer cells, chemotherapy via a spinal tap to quickly disperse the medications throughout Danny's system, and radiation treatments. Alexis wondered how Sam knew all of that. Sam somberly explained that she simply knew.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly called the hospital to get an update on Olivia's condition. She claimed that she was Olivia's daughter-in-law, Lulu Falconeri, but the nurse realized that it was a lie when the nurse saw Lulu enter Olivia's hospital room. Carly confessed that her ex-husband had a son with Olivia, so Carly's sons were half-brothers to Olivia's son. Shawn suddenly appeared behind Carly and snatched the cell phone out of her hand. After he turned off the cell phone, he asked Carly to give him one good reason why he shouldn't strangle her.

Carly resented Shawn's tone, so she started to walk away. Shawn warned Carly that she wasn't going anywhere, prompting Carly to threaten to call security. Shawn invited her to call the police, too, because he was certain that the police would be interested in what he had to tell them. Carly claimed that she had no idea what Shawn was talking about, but Shawn wasn't fooled. He told her to drop the act because he knew that she had lied and manipulated him to get him to carry out a hit that Sonny had postponed.

Carly refused to apologize because she claimed that she had been protecting her family after Franco had threatened her children twice. Carly insisted that Franco had to be killed, but she knew that Shawn wouldn't have done it unless Shawn had believed that Sonny had authorized it. Shawn was furious, so Carly pointed out that it was too late to change things. Shawn agreed and suggested that perhaps it was too late for Carly too.

Shawn advised Carly to take a long trip before Sonny tracked her down. Carly became alarmed when Shawn revealed that Sonny knew about her involvement in the botched hit. Shawn was surprised that Sonny hadn't already killed Carly for what she had done. Carly cried that she was deeply sorry that Olivia had been hurt, but Shawn wasn't moved. He pointed out that her apologies wouldn't put Olivia back together, "un-shoot" the bullet, or appease Shawn, Sonny, or Alexis.

Carly wondered what Alexis had to do with anything. Shawn explained that Alexis had caught him in a lie, so it was only a matter of time before Alexis figured everything out. Shawn conceded that it might not matter because Sonny would likely kill Shawn. Carly doubt it, but Shawn reminded her that he had pulled the trigger, and Carly had put the whole thing into motion. Shawn suggested that if Olivia didn't pull through, they wouldn't either.

At the police station, Anna entered the interrogation room with a bag of pastries and coffee for Sonny. She thought that they could continue their conversation over breakfast, but Sonny ignored her and her offerings. Anna confessed that she couldn't imagine who would want Olivia dead, but Franco was another matter. Sonny remained silent as Anna admitted that she knew that Sonny had recently held a gun to Franco's head during the gathering at the Haunted Star and that Sonny had threatened Franco's life; however, it was the mother of Sonny's son who was fighting for her life.

Anna realized that Sonny hadn't pulled the trigger, but she was certain that he had been behind the shooting. She was curious which of Sonny's men had carried out the hit, since Jason was no longer available. "It wasn't me," Sonny shouted in frustration. Anna advised Sonny to calm down, but he insisted that he was worried about Olivia. Sonny was eager to get to the hospital, but Anna wanted to know who had shot Olivia.

Sonny pointed out that it was Anna's job, not his, to find out. Anna suggested that Jason had spoiled Sonny because Jason had been an efficient killer who had never left witnesses behind. However, Sonny's new sniper hadn't been as good as Jason. Sonny reiterated that he'd had nothing to do with the shooting, so he demanded to be released. Anna appreciated that Sonny was upset because an innocent woman, who was also a member of his family, had been shot, so she was sorry for what he was going though.

Sonny had had enough of the interrogation, so he reminded Anna that she didn't have any reason to hold him. Anna warned Sonny that stonewalling her wouldn't keep her from getting to the truth and finding the person responsible for Olivia's shooting. Sonny told her that he hoped she succeeded and then left.

Later, Shawn arrived at the police station at Anna's request. He was taken to the interrogation room, where Anna was waiting. Shawn explained that he had to get to work, so he couldn't stay long. Anna was curious if he had been referring to Kelly's or his work with Sonny. Shawn didn't bother to answer the question, so Anna asked him if he had heard about the shooting. Shawn admitted that he had, but he wondered what it had to do with him. "That depends," Anna replied as she glanced at a file on her desk.

Shawn tensed when Anna asked if Shawn could account for his whereabouts during the time of the shooting. Shawn admitted that he had been a bodyguard for Jason at one time, prompting Anna to mention Shawn's military training, which had made him uniquely qualified to handle the rifle that he had been used in the shooting at Metro Court Restaurant. Anna turned up the heat by asking Shawn how it had felt to have Franco in the sights of his gun, and then she wondered how Shawn had felt watching the bullet tear through Olivia.

Anna imagined that it was a familiar feeling for Shawn because it wasn't the first time that he had spilled innocent blood. Anna admitted that she knew about Shawn's friendly fire incident in Afghanistan when he had opened fire in an unsafe location. She knew that he had been dishonorably discharged as a result of the death of a fellow soldier, T.J.'s father. Anna continued to play on Shawn's guilt by asking him if he planned to do right by Olivia.

Anna urged Shawn to start making amends by telling her exactly what had happened, but Shawn made it clear that he had nothing to say. Shawn started to leave, prompting Anna to warn him not to leave town.

In Olivia's hospital room, Dante clutched the rosary that Olivia had given to him for his first communion. He confessed that it had been in a drawer for many years, but it had recently gotten a workout because of Lulu's kidnapping and Olivia's shooting. Dante begged his mother to open her eyes and return to them. Lulu walked up to Dante then kissed him. She promised her husband that everything would be okay and asked him if he had heard anything from the doctor. Dante shook his head as he explained that the next twenty-four hours were critical for Olivia.

Lulu reminded Dante that Olivia was a tough woman, especially since she had survived raising Dante. Dante's smile quickly faded as he confessed that he couldn't believe that his mother had been shot. Lulu wondered if Dante had spoken to Anna, so Dante shook his head. He explained that he hadn't talked to Anna since Anna had taken Sonny into custody the previous evening. Dante couldn't imagine who would hate Franco enough to shoot Franco on a public terrace.

Dante assured Lulu that he loved his father, but if he found out that Sonny was behind the shooting, Dante wouldn't rest until Sonny was prosecuted and sent to prison for life. As if on cue, Sonny entered the room. Sonny immediately approached Olivia's bed to offer her words of encouragement and then apologized to Dante for not being there sooner. However, Sonny admitted that he had been praying for Olivia.

Sonny had heard what Dante had said, so Sonny swore on the souls of his children that he had nothing to do with Olivia's shooting. "Then who did?" Dante asked in frustration. Sonny glanced up in time to spot Carly standing in the hallway, looking into the room. Dante wanted to believe that his father was innocent, but Dante knew how Sonny became when people threatened or hurt Sonny's children. It made sense to Dante that Sonny would go after Franco. Sonny saw Carly turn away, so he asked Dante to stay with Olivia and then ran out of the room.

Dante was shocked by his father's abrupt departure. He feared that his suspicions about Sonny were right, but Lulu urged Dante to focus on Olivia instead of blaming people and figuring out a way to make them pay. Lulu insisted that all of that could wait. Dante agreed, so Lulu offered to fetch the doctor so they could get an update.

Meanwhile, Sonny caught up to Carly as she anxiously waited for the elevator. Sonny coldly asked her where she was running off to and then wondered if she intended to pay her respects to Olivia. Carly's eyes filled with tears, but Sonny ignored them. "I know what you did," he quietly growled into her ear. Carly remained silent, so Sonny accused her of ignoring his warning for her to stay out of the hit against Franco. Sonny was furious that she had gone behind his back to do the very thing that he had told her not to because it had left Olivia fighting for her life.

Carly started to defend herself, but Sonny cut her off. "Shut up and pay attention," Sonny told her. "You have gone too far, and I've had it," Sonny explained. He admitted that Carly, like Olivia, was the mother of his children. "If she dies, you die," Sonny vowed. Carly gasped, but she caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of her eye. Carly and Sonny turned to see Lulu standing a few feet away.

Lulu nervously explained that she hadn't meant to interrupt Sonny and Carly, and then fled. Sonny turned his attention back to Carly who tearfully assured him that she was sorry for what had happened to Olivia. Sonny wasn't interested in what Carly had to say; he merely wanted her to know what was at stake for her. Carly's temper flared. "Really? Really, Sonny?" she asked.

"The gang's all here," Franco proclaimed as he approached Sonny and Carly. Sonny glowered at Carly until Franco asked if Olivia was receiving visitors. Sonny threatened to kill Franco if Franco went near Olivia. Franco pointed out that Sonny and Carly had already tried to kill him, but they had failed. However, Franco assured both Sonny and Carly that his lips were sealed about their roles in the attempt on his life. "For now," Franco added before he walked away.

Meanwhile, Lulu returned to Olivia's hospital room to let Dante know that she had spoken to a nurse who had assured Lulu that the doctor would be along shortly. Dante was curious if Lulu had seen Sonny. Lulu admitted that she had spotted Sonny and Carly in a very tense conversation, but she hadn't heard what they had said.

Friday, June 14, 2013

At Metro Court Restaurant, Luke ignored the crime scene tape as he made his way to the bar to pour himself a drink. Moments later, Tracy appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Luke was doing. "What does it look like?" Luke asked. Tracy pointed out that Luke had broken two laws: entering a crime scene and stealing liquor. Luke made a wisecrack remark, so Tracy got to the point of her visit.

Tracy wanted to know if Luke had talked to the doctor about Luke's test results. She reminded Luke that he had promised to call her when he had them, but Luke disagreed. According to Luke, Tracy had demanded that he call her, but he had never agreed. Tracy wanted to know if the doctor had called Luke, so Luke assured her that he hadn't spoken to the doctor. Tracy accused Luke of playing the "semantic game," so Luke conceded that a nurse had called to let him know that the results were in.

Tracy became frustrated when Luke confessed that he wasn't interested in knowing what the test results were because he insisted that doctors were only interested in making money, which meant that they wanted people to believe that they were sick when in fact they weren't. Tracy argued that often people were actually sick, so she wasn't in the mood to listen to Luke's rant. She suspected that Luke was avoiding the test results because he either had a death wish or he believed that he was invincible.

Luke insisted that he had passed out because his blood sugar had been low, so Tracy suggested that they find out. Luke was stunned when Tracy called the doctor to set up an appointment. He quickly snatched the phone out of her hand to end the call. Tracy was certain that Luke knew that something was seriously wrong with him, but Luke argued that he objected to the way the medical community operated. Tracy accused Luke of being a coward and then stormed out. A short time later, Luke called to schedule an appointment to discuss his test results with the doctor.

At Kelly's, T.J. told Shawn that the prom had been cancelled because of the shooting at Metro Court, where the prom was to have been held. T.J. talked about what he knew about the shooting, unaware that Shawn had a flashback of the botched hit. T.J. suddenly noticed how quiet Shawn was, so T.J. asked if Shawn was okay. Shawn explained that he had spent the evening at the hospital with Alexis because Danny might be seriously ill. Concerned, T.J. asked what was wrong with Danny, so Shawn admitted that they didn't know because they had been waiting for the results of some tests.

T.J. was worried about Molly, so he decided to go see her. "She's the only person I want to be with," T.J. explained as he turned to leave. "O.M.G. That's so romantic," Taylor squealed with delight as she entered the diner. She assumed that T.J. had been talking about her, so T.J. smiled uncomfortably. Taylor didn't notice because she was too busy twirling to show off her new beautiful red gown. Felix grumbled that the dress had wiped out his savings, but Taylor was unrepentant as she pointedly warned Felix that he wasn't in a position to deny her anything.

Felix suggested that if being an actress or model didn't work out for his sister then Taylor could be an extortionist. Taylor ignored her brother as she asked T.J. what he thought about her dress, so T.J. assured her that he liked it. Taylor's eyes lit up with glee when she saw the corsage that T.J. had bought for her. T.J. tried to tell her that the prom had been cancelled, but Taylor cut T.J. off to demand that Felix take some pictures. T.J. looked pained as Taylor forced him to pose for a series of photos.

Afterwards, Taylor admitted that she was eager to post the pictures online because she was certain that she and T.J. were going to be the hottest couple at the prom. T.J. finally managed to break the news to Taylor that the prom had been cancelled because of the shooting. Taylor was outraged because she had gotten dressed up and had been looking forward to meeting T.J.'s friends. Felix reminded his insensitive sister that a woman had been shot, so canceling the prom wasn't a tragedy.

Taylor sulked because she didn't want to go home after she had gone through so much trouble to get ready for the special evening. She insisted that she and T.J. go out on a date, so T.J. reluctantly agreed. However, T.J. stepped away to quietly ask Shawn to check on Molly and to let Molly know that T.J. was thinking about her. Shawn agreed, so he put Felix in charge of the teenagers. After Shawn left, Taylor informed Felix that Felix could leave too. Felix refused, so Taylor resorted to blackmail by threatening to call their parents.

Felix warned T.J. and Taylor not to drink. T.J. promised that everything would be fine. "You poor, poor boy," Felix said as he left. T.J. was curious where Taylor wanted to go. She confessed that it didn't matter because they would have a fabulous time. "I came prepared," Taylor confided as she showed him the flask of alcohol in her clutch purse.

At the lake house, Molly modeled her stunning blue prom dress for Alexis, who was proud of how beautiful her youngest daughter looked. Alexis became frustrated when Molly explained that she wouldn't be attending the prom. Alexis refused to let her daughter miss out on the important milestone because of Danny's illness, so Molly clarified that the prom had been cancelled because of the shooting at Metro Court. Alexis immediately recalled catching Shawn in a lie about what Shawn had been doing the previous evening.

Molly noticed that her mother had become distracted, so she asked if Alexis knew something about the shooting. Alexis was taken aback by the question, but Molly explained that it wasn't hard to figure out because Franco was a horrible person who had hurt a lot of people, including Sam, and Molly's Uncle Sonny had a certain way of dealing with his enemies. Alexis conceded that Sonny had been questioned by the police, but released. Molly sensed that there was more to it, so Alexis claimed that she was worried about Sam and Danny.

Molly thought that it was for the best that the prom had been cancelled, but Alexis disagreed. Alexis warned Molly that they would have a difficult road ahead of them with Danny's illness, so they should grab all the happiness that they could. Molly suddenly realized that she hadn't told Rafe that the prom had been cancelled, but Rafe appeared in the doorway before Molly could make the call. Rafe admitted that Molly looked beautiful, so Molly thanked him and then broke the news that the prom had been cancelled.

Rafe confessed that he wasn't disappointed because he hadn't been in the mood to celebrate because of everything that was going on with Danny. However, he was glad that he had gotten to see Molly in her prom dress, even though he wasn't the guy that she should have gone to the prom with. Molly reminded Rafe that T.J. had a date, so it didn't matter. Moments later, Alexis received a phone call. Molly could tell from Alexis' demeanor that it hadn't been good news, so Molly waited until after the call to ask if it had been Sam.

Alexis revealed that the judge had granted Silas custody of Rafe. Molly was outraged that the judge hadn't given Sam a continuance. Meanwhile, Rafe appeared shocked as he absorbed the unwelcome news. Alexis explained that Rafe would have to leave town with Silas the following day, so Molly asked Alexis to file an appeal. Alexis assured Molly that they would continue to fight for custody of Rafe, but Rafe would have to leave with Silas until they could persuade a judge to let Rafe live with Sam.

Molly reached out to grab Rafe's hand and led him to the sofa. Moments later, Shawn arrived and quickly passed along T.J.'s message. Molly sensed the tension between Alexis and Shawn, so Molly decided to go for a walk with Rafe. After the teens left, Alexis wondered if Shawn had really stopped by to check up on Molly. Shawn admitted that he was there to see Alexis too. Alexis wondered if he intended to explain why he had lied, but she didn't wait for an answer because she knew that Shawn had been the one who had tried to shoot Franco.

At ELQ, Michael entered A.J.'s office after a workout in the company's gym. A.J. was distracted with the situation with Franco and Lauren, so he filled Michael in on Franco's desire to move into the mansion and Lauren's sudden appearance. A.J. conceded that he and Tracy despised the sight of Franco, but they each needed his support to secure control of ELQ. Michael was surprised that Lauren had shown up out of the blue, so A.J. explained that Lauren's mother had told Lauren about Lauren's share of the inheritance that Lauren was entitled to.

A.J. revealed that Lauren hadn't decided who to vote with, so A.J. suggested that Michael get to know his cousin because Lauren was the same age as Michael. A.J. hoped that Michael could influence Lauren to back A.J., which might sway Franco to follow his daughter's lead. Michael agreed to go to the mansion to talk to Lauren after a stop at home to shower and change. A.J. started to explain that Lauren didn't go by her first name, but a call from his broker interrupted him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alice opened the front door to Franco, but she refused to let him in. Franco introduced himself as Franco Quartermaine to let her know that he had a right to be there. Alice accused Franco of being an insane artist and serial killer. Franco denied that he was a killer, but Alice didn't believe him. Franco insisted that he was a Quartermaine, so the mansion was his family home. Alice refused to budge, prompting Franco to explain that he wanted to talk to Tracy.

Alice informed Franco that Tracy was out and then tried to slam the door in his face. Franco wedged himself between the door and doorframe as he struggled to push open the door. Alice reminded Franco that Dr. Monica Quartermaine owned the house, while the rest of the family simply lived there. Franco argued that everyone lived there because they were all Quartermaines, which meant that Franco had a right to be there. Alice insisted that everyone had ordered her not to let Franco in. Franco reminded Alice that his family paid her salary, so she, in effect, worked for him, but Alice was not swayed.

In the study, Kiki was on the phone with Morgan. Morgan was curious why she hadn't called him sooner, so Kiki reminded him that she had sent him text messages explaining that she couldn't talk because her family had been in the midst of a power struggle for control of the family company. Morgan had been under the impression that Kiki had intended to grab her money and run, but Kiki revealed that she had a better idea. She told him that her family had invited her to move in, so she wanted Morgan to join her because they would get their own suite and not have to pay a dime. Kiki raved about the mansion and all of its amenities until Morgan finally agreed to give it a try.

Kiki explained that her family was also courting her for her shares, so there wasn't a downside to living there. Seconds later, Franco walked in then opened his arms wide. "I think I spoke too soon," Kiki said. Morgan became concerned, so Kiki told him that she would send someone to pick him up and ended the call. Kiki demanded to know what Franco was doing there. "Come to Papa," Franco said with a big smile. Kiki refused, so Franco asked for a little sugar from his daughter. He was surprised when she agreed until she picked up a bowl of sugar and threw it at him.

Franco managed to dodge the bowl, which shattered when it hit the ground. Alarmed, Alice raced into the room. Alice was stunned when she saw the $1,200 sugar bowl on the floor. Franco was shocked that the bowl had cost that much, so he wondered if she had ever heard of comparison shopping. Alice explained that the item had been an antique and then turned her attention to Kiki to ask if Kiki was okay.

Alice offered to fetch someone for Kiki, so Kiki asked Alice to pick up Morgan. Kiki gave Alice the address, but Alice was reluctant to leave Kiki alone with Franco. Kiki assured Alice that it was fine, so Alice promised to return in a flash. After Alice left, Franco admitted that he was happy that Kiki had given him an opportunity to spend some time alone with her. Kiki made it clear that she wanted Franco to stay far away from her. Franco explained that he wanted a chance to get to know her, but Kiki pointed out that her mother had worked hard to keep Kiki away from him for a reason.

Franco reminded Kiki that he was the only father that she would have, but Kiki didn't care, so he told her about the attempt on his life the previous evening. Kiki wondered if he expected her to grieve for a father that she had never met, even though he was a monster. Franco conceded that he had done some terrible things, but not everything that she had heard was true. Kiki told him that she knew all about his "pretentious" artwork and the murders. Franco was hurt by her assessment of his art because many had called his art visionary.

Franco appeared to realize that he wasn't making any headway with Kiki, so he opened up about what had led him to do the horrible things that he had done. He explained that there had been a part of him that he hadn't been able to control, but it was in the past. Franco revealed that learning about his twin brother, Jason, had made him obsessed with wanting to hurt Jason by "seemingly" hurting those close to Jason. Kiki argued that there hadn't been anything "seemingly" about it; he had hurt Jason's loved ones.

Franco agreed that Kiki was right, but he explained that everything had changed when Jason had died because the evil side of Franco had had nothing left to feed on. According to Franco, that evil side had eventually withered and died, which had freed Franco, but instead of being grateful, Franco had felt empty because he had been forced to face everything that he had lost and sacrificed, like getting to know Kiki. Franco insisted that Kiki was beautiful, strong, and courageous, so he hoped that she would be strong enough to open her heart to him and take a chance to get to know him.

A.J. walked in as Kiki's eyes filled with tears. Concerned, A.J. asked if everything was okay. Kiki blurted out that she had to go and then ran out of the room. A.J. turned to Franco. "What was that all about?" A.J. asked. "That, my blundering brother, was about you ruining my reconciliation," Franco answered. Tracy strolled in, careful to step over the shattered glass on the floor, and asked if A.J. had been blundering again. She warned Franco that it was a habit of A.J.'s, but she had the perfect way for Franco to get back at A.J. Tracy suggested that Franco join forces with Tracy to oust A.J. from ELQ.

At the apartment, Morgan was gambling online when he received an alert that he had maxed out his credit card. Morgan refused to stop gambling, so he grabbed Michael's credit card and then keyed in the number. Moments later, Morgan resumed the card game. He was pleased when he won a hand, so he kept on betting until Michael arrived home. Morgan quickly slammed the laptop closed, prompting Michael to wonder what Morgan had been doing. Morgan nervously denied that he had been doing anything, prompting Michael to assume that Morgan had been on a porn site.

Morgan didn't correct his brother, so their conversation drifted to Morgan's decision to move. Michael was surprised when Morgan revealed that Morgan and Kiki would be moving in with Kiki's wealthy relatives. Michael insisted that it wasn't necessary for Morgan to leave, but Morgan thought that it was for the best. Michael suddenly recalled his near-kiss with Kiki, so he conceded that perhaps Morgan was right. Morgan was disappointed that Michael wasn't happier for Morgan, so Michael explained that he was worried about A.J.

Michael filled Morgan in on A.J.'s struggle to remain CEO of ELQ and Michael's efforts to help A.J. Morgan suggested that if Michael was handing out help then he should remember that Morgan was first in line. Michael wondered if Morgan was in trouble, so Morgan explained that he just wanted to know that he could count on Michael. Michael assured Morgan that he would always be there for his younger brother. Satisfied, Morgan resumed packing, so Michael decided to head to shower and change before meeting his long-lost cousin, Lauren.

Morgan could tell that Michael wasn't looking forward to it, so Michael told Morgan about A.J.'s plan for Michael to get to know Lauren in an effort to persuade her to back A.J. as the head of ELQ. Morgan reminded Michael that Franco was a psychopath, so Franco's daughter might be one too. Morgan was glad that he wasn't a Quartermaine, but he suggested that perhaps Lauren was hot. "She's my cousin," Michael reminded Morgan. "Well, that sucks for you, bro. Should have bagged a rich one like me," Morgan bragged.

Someone knocked on the door, so Morgan assumed that it was his ride to the mansion. Michael bid his brother farewell then went to shower. Morgan opened the door and was startled when he saw Alice. "Are you the boyfriend?" Alice asked. Morgan looked confused, so Alice revealed that Kiki had sent her to pick him up. Morgan went to grab his bag, but Alice beat him too it. Morgan warned her that the bag was heavy, but Alice lifted it with ease.

Morgan suddenly recalled where he had seen Alice; she was known in the wrestling world as the Dominator. Morgan was delighted to meet her because he had won $3000 betting on her. Alice reminded Morgan that it was illegal to gamble, but Morgan argued that it was fine as long as he wasn't caught. Morgan called out to Michael because Morgan wanted his brother to meet the Dominator, but Alice insisted that she had to get back to the mansion.

Shortly after Morgan and Alice left, Kiki burst through the door, looking for Morgan. Michael explained that Morgan had left, but Michael was concerned because it was clear that Kiki was upset. Kiki confessed that she didn't think that she could live with her wealthy family, so Michael asked why. She rambled about how she had been raised to believe one thing, only to be told that it had all been a lie, so she didn't know what to believe anymore. "What are you talking about?" Michael gently asked. "My father," Kiki cried as Michael wrapped his arms around her to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Morgan was stunned when he realized that he was at the Quartermaine mansion.

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