General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 2, 2013 on GH

Sonny's loved ones feared the worst when Sonny disappeared. Britt went into labor. Sam and Silas kissed. Spinelli decided to keep quiet about his daughter.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 2, 2013 on GH
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of a recent General Hospital episode. No new episode aired.

This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 3, and pick up where the Friday, August 30 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Danny's hospital room, Sam, Alexis, Nikolas, and Derek anxiously waited for word from Silas about the test results. Nikolas was frustrated that it had taken so long, prompting Sam to fear that Silas had bad news.

Moments later, Silas entered the room to reveal that he had run the tests twice. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Silas added that Derek had been cleared to donate bone marrow to Danny. Silas explained that Danny would need to be prepped for the surgery, but there wasn't any reason to delay collecting Derek's bone marrow. Sam smiled as she hugged Silas in gratitude.

After Nikolas left to attend to his houseguest, Alexis followed Silas out of the room to take care of some paperwork while Silas made arrangements for Derek's procedure. Derek remained behind with Sam, so Sam admitted that she wished that she could repay Derek for helping to save Danny's life. Derek assured her that it wasn't necessary, prompting Sam to open up about how she had been feeling since learning about her son's cancer.

Sam confided that she had been on a downhill slide, even though everyone had continually assured her that everything would be okay. She revealed that she had begun to fear that she would lose Danny, so Derek's gift of life meant more to her than words could convey. Derek told Sam that the only payment he wanted was for her to take care of her son and to allow Derek to be her friend. Sam smiled and hugged Derek.

Alexis returned to the room but stopped when she saw Derek and Sam. Alexis stared at them until Silas passed her as he entered the room. Silas informed Derek that arrangements for the procedure had been made, and a nurse was waiting to admit Derek. Alexis asked to accompany Derek, so he agreed. However, he stopped in the hallway when he noticed that Alexis hadn't followed him. "Why are you staring at me?" Derek asked when he noticed Alexis studying him.

In Danny's hospital room, Sam asked Silas if she was dreaming; she couldn't believe that they were a step closer to Danny's bone marrow transplant. Silas smiled and pinched her. Sam playfully scolded Silas, but he teasingly observed that she was as stubborn about hearing good news as she was about bad news. Silas and Sam stood close together as they leaned over Danny's crib to watch him sleep. Sam admitted that she was grateful to Silas for everything that he had done for Danny, but Silas tried to downplay his role by suggesting that any other doctor would have done the same. Sam disagreed, and the two began to banter until passion suddenly flared between them and they kissed.

At Wyndemere, Britt admitted that Patrick wasn't the father of her unborn child. "Okay, fine. If it's not mine, then whose is it?" Patrick challenged her. Patrick questioned the timing of her confession because she had spent months convincing him and everyone else that he was the father of her baby, but then had suddenly denied the possibility when he had threatened to seek full custody of their son. Britt reminded Patrick that her mother had been perfectly capable of changing a DNA test, so Patrick once again demanded that she tell him who the baby's father was.

Britt was curious why it mattered, so Patrick shouted that he deserved the truth because he had spent months believing that the baby was his child and had fallen in love with his son. Britt agreed to name the father provided that Patrick backed off. Patrick was stunned when Britt claimed that she had been artificially inseminated with Brad Cooper's sperm.

Patrick wondered how Britt had intended to pass off Brad's child as Patrick's, so Britt told him that she had hoped that the baby would look like her, not Brad. Patrick remained skeptical because he couldn't understand why Brad would go along with such an outrageous plan. Britt asserted that she had promised to give Brad a promotion. The argument became heated as Patrick's fury mounted over the lengths that Britt had gone to in order to deceive him.

Britt tried to leave the room, but Patrick grabbed her arm, demanding that she answer his questions. Nikolas suddenly appeared in the doorway to order Patrick to unhand Britt. Patrick released Britt's arm when Nikolas threatened to end Patrick's career as a surgeon by breaking all the bones in Patrick's hands.

"She's all yours," Patrick growled as he stormed out. Britt thanked Nikolas for his timely intervention, but Nikolas was curious what had driven Patrick to the point of manhandling Britt. Britt cryptically admitted that she had told Patrick the truth.

At the hospital, Felix cornered Brad to get some answers about Britt's baby and the DNA test. Brad denied that he knew anything and reminded Felix that Ellie had done the tests. Felix argued that Brad had revealed that Britt was hiding something about the baby, prompting Brad to recall that he had also told Felix to talk to Britt's mother. Felix admitted that Brad was his only option because Dr. Obrecht had escaped and Britt was ensconced at Wyndemere.

Felix was surprised when Brad asked if helping Felix would change how Felix felt about Brad. Felix conceded that it might help if Brad gave up the "Britch," but Brad didn't want to be used as a means to an end. Felix wondered how else he was supposed to see Brad, given all of the horrible things that Brad had done. "How about as a boyfriend?" Brad asked.

Startled, Felix accused Brad of being promiscuous and treating Felix like a piece of meat. Brad explained that he couldn't pine for Felix forever, but Felix argued that he hadn't even known that Brad had been pining for him in the first place. Brad assumed that Felix had been used to people fawning over him because Felix had been one of the cool kids in school. Brad doubted that Felix had any idea what it was like to pin his heart on someone who would never in a million years return those feelings, but Felix disagreed.

Brad resented Felix comparing what Brad had felt for Felix to what Felix had felt for Milo because Milo wasn't gay, but Felix argued that it was still unrequited love. Brad accused Felix of settling for an imaginary relationship with Milo rather than risking a possible real relationship with Brad, who actually liked Felix. Felix rejected the idea because he thought that Brad was a jerk. Brad insisted that he was smart and capable, he had a good job and a sense of humor, and he was excellent in the bedroom.

However, Brad was resigned to Felix continuing to treat him like something that Felix had stepped in. Brad admitted that he was used to being bullied, prompting Felix to soften. "You were bullied?" Felix asked. "Fat Chinese gay tap-dancer," Brad explained. Defeated, Brad sat down and opened up about his past by revealing that he had once won a champion tap-dancing contest for the school. Felix was impressed. Brad's smile was bittersweet as he recalled collecting a trophy for the school but then being beaten up by the football team.

Felix wondered if it had hurt, so Brad pointed out that he had a thick skull, which he suspected contributed to him being a jerk. Felix was surprised when Brad quietly confided that he was afraid to be nice to Felix because then the rejection would feel personal. Felix lowered his guard as he and Brad continued to talk. Brad appeared to make some headway with Felix until Patrick marched up and punched Brad.

In Maxie's hospital room, Spinelli wondered if Maxie had truly believed that she could give their child to Dante and Lulu without any consequences. Maxie was spared from having to answer the question when Dante and Lulu entered the room.

Lulu wondered if she and Dante had interrupted something, so Spinelli revealed that he and Maxie needed to tell the Falonceris something. Dante suggested that Spinelli step out of the room because it was a private matter, but Maxie insisted that Spinelli stay. Spinelli struggled to find the words to tell them about the baby, but he confessed that he didn't know where to start. Lulu explained that it wasn't necessary because she and Dante already knew that Maxie had tried to breastfeed the baby.

Lulu appreciated that Spinelli had stopped Maxie from going through with it, but Lulu and Dante had been concerned by Maxie's attempt to pass herself off as the baby's mother.

Lulu conceded that she would never know what it was like to carry a child of her own, but she insisted that the baby in the nursery belonged to Dante and Lulu, not Maxie. Dante made it clear that Maxie wouldn't be allowed near the baby if Maxie couldn't respect their boundaries. Maxie protested and looked to Spinelli for help, but Spinelli remained silent.

Dante and Lulu assured Maxie that they don't want to cut Maxie out of the baby's life, but they had to protect their daughter. Lulu promised Maxie that she loved Maxie, so Lulu implored Maxie not to put Lulu in a position of choosing between Maxie and the baby. Lulu confessed that she needed Maxie more than ever because Lulu had recently learned that Luke might be dying. Everyone, including Dante, was shocked by the news and tried to offer Lulu words of support and encouragement.

Maxie was stunned when Spinelli agreed that it was best for Maxie to distance herself from the baby and vowed to be there to help Maxie through the process. Satisfied, Dante and Lulu left. Afterwards, Maxie demanded to know why Spinelli hadn't told Dante and Lulu the truth about the baby. Spinelli explained that it was for the same reason that Maxie hadn't. "This baby isn't ours," Spinelli quietly answered.

Maxie argued that their daughter was a part of them, but Spinelli insisted that he couldn't tell Dante and Lulu that the baby wasn't Dante and Lulu's daughter. Outraged, Maxie wondered if they were supposed to let the lie go one forever, prompting Spinelli to remind Maxie that the lie had been of her making, so they both would have to live without their child. Maxie cried as she watched Spinelli leave.

In the squad room, Kiki let Michael know that she would be thinking about him and A.J., so Michael thanked her for dropping by to check on him. Kiki assured him that she had wanted to, but she realized that she should leave because she had told Morgan that she had gone to the hospital to visit Franco. Kiki invited Michael to call her if he needed her and then left.

In the interrogation room, Diane instructed A.J. to keep his answers short, but A.J.'s thoughts were elsewhere, so Diane reminded him that he could be facing murder charges. A.J. was concerned about what Michael thought of him, so Diane reminded A.J. that Michael wanted him to have the best attorney available. A.J. thought that Diane sounded confident, so Diane admitted that she had good reason to be. "No gun, no case," Diane explained.

In the squad room, Michael told Anna that A.J. had worked too hard for him to throw everything away, so he didn't think that his father had killed Connie. Anna explained that she had to follow the evidence, so she couldn't release A.J. from police custody. "Actually, you can and you will because you've got nothing," Diane said as she walked up. Diane invited Michael to check on A.J., so Michael left.

Meanwhile, Anna reminded Diane that the police had the authority to hold A.J. for a specified period of time before charging him with a crime, so Anna still had time. Diane refused to let Anna use A.J. to assuage Anna's guilt over not solving the recent shooting incident that had nearly killed Olivia. Anna insisted that A.J. had had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to kill Connie and that a witness had seen a physical altercation between A.J. and Connie.

Diane laughed at the idea that Sonny was an unimpeachable witness, so Anna reminded Diane that they had evidence. Diane was confident that she'd get the piece of paper with "AJ" written in blood tossed out with a pretrial motion. Diane pointed out that Anna didn't have a murder weapon, so she urged Anna to release A.J. Anna picked up a message and smiled with satisfaction as she announced that a gun had been found.

Outside of the boathouse, Morgan discovered a gun that had been discarded near the bushes. He realized that it was likely the gun that the police had been searching for. He was about to call the police when Kiki walked up and almost stepped on the gun, so he called out to her. Morgan quickly showed her what he had discovered in the tall grass.

Morgan was certain that it was Tracy's missing gun, so he decided to let the police know. Kiki cautioned him to think carefully about what it would do to Michael. Morgan became defensive, so she reminded Morgan that A.J. was Michael's father. Morgan resented Kiki asking him to keep quiet about a gun that might have been used to kill his father's girlfriend, so that Michael could continue to have a relationship with Michael's "drunk-ass dad."

Kiki reminded Morgan that Sonny was Michael's father, too, but Morgan wasn't swayed. Morgan refused to let a killer walk so that Michael and A.J. could continue their "little bonding saga." Kiki was taken aback by Morgan's vehemence, but Morgan was unapologetic as he insisted that Michael was better off with A.J. behind bars. Kiki wondered if Morgan was certain about that, so Morgan admitted that he wasn't, but he still intended to call the police.

Later, Morgan asked Kiki about her visit with Franco, so she told him that it had been fine. Morgan was surprised, so she quickly amended that Franco was still upset about Ava's lies.

Moments later, Anna, flanked by a police officer, arrived to retrieve the gun that Morgan had found. Anna studied the gun and noted that it was the same caliber gun as the gun that had been used to kill Connie. She ordered the police officer to take the gun to ballistics and then turned her attention to Morgan and Kiki.

Anna thanked Morgan for reporting the gun and then asked him to go to the police station to make a statement. Morgan explained that he wanted to check on his father first, so Anna assured him that it would be okay. Anna revealed that she also wanted to talk to Kiki because Kiki might have seen something that might prove important to the case. Morgan tensed when Anna mentioned seeing Kiki at the police station earlier that day.

After Anna left, Morgan demanded to know what Kiki had been doing at the police station. She admitted that she had wanted to check on Michael, so Morgan wanted to know why she hadn't told him. Morgan insisted that they could have gone to the police station together, but Kiki doubted that Morgan could have been sympathetic towards Michael. Morgan was hurt that Kiki had lied to him.

"You do know that you're my wife," Morgan snapped. Kiki assured him that she knew, so Morgan suggested that she act like it.

In the interrogation room, A.J. was hopeful that he would be released because Diane had assured him that the police didn't have any physical evidence against him. Michael looked up when Diane entered the room to announce that they had hit a snag. Diane revealed that Morgan had found a gun on the Quartermaine estate. Diane wanted to talk to A.J., so she asked Michael to step out of the room.

After Michael left, Diane asked if A.J. recalled shooting Connie. A.J. assured Diane that he only remembered pointing, not firing, a gun at Connie.

Later, Anna entered the interrogation room as Michael followed behind. Anna confirmed that Morgan had found Tracy's gun near the boathouse and that it had been the same caliber as the gun that had been used to kill Connie. Anna was confident that ballistics would match the gun to the shooting, but Diane argued that until then there wasn't enough physical evidence to hold A.J.

As if on cue, a police officer entered the interrogation room with a folder. Anna quickly skimmed the folder and then smiled as she announced that A.J.'s fingerprints had been found on the gun. A.J. looked resigned as Anna recited A.J.'s Miranda Rights as the police officer put A.J. in handcuffs.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In Danny's hospital room, Silas and Sam shared a passionate kiss. After several minutes, Sam pulled away and breathlessly asked what they were doing. Silas smiled as he quietly explained that they had been kissing. Sam insisted that it wasn't right because he was Danny's doctor, but Silas refused to let her dismiss what they had shared. He promised her that she was more than a patient's mother to him; he felt something for her, and he was certain she reciprocated those feelings.

Sam denied it and apologized if she had led Silas on, but he wasn't fooled. Sam insisted that they both needed to focus on Danny, so Silas agreed. "For now," he added.

In the hallway, Derek wondered why Alexis had been staring at him. Alexis apologized then confessed that there was something familiar about him, making her wonder if they had met before. Derek adopted a wounded expression because she had forgotten that she had met him at the Floating Rib. Alexis started to clarify that she had meant prior their recent encounter then changed her mind and let the matter drop.

Later, a nurse called out to Alexis to ask if Alexis was Derek's friend. Alexis nodded, so the nurse handed Alexis a clipboard with instructions for Derek to redo his paperwork with legible handwriting. After the nurse walked away, Alexis went to Derek's hospital room and entered without knocking. She immediately became flustered when she saw Derek standing in his boxer-briefs and holding a hospital gown.

Derek smiled as Alexis quickly turned her back to Derek and nervously explained that he needed to redo his paperwork. Derek suggested that Alexis write down the answers while he finished changing, but Alexis refused. Derek grinned when Alexis suddenly dropped the clipboard on the floor and ran out of the room.

Later, Alexis entered Danny's hospital room, so Sam asked if Derek had started the procedure. Alexis admitted that she didn't know, but she assumed that he had. Sam was curious if Derek had seemed nervous about donating his bone marrow, so Alexis confided that Derek hadn't seemed easily fazed when Alexis had walked in on him earlier while he had been in his underwear.

Alexis grumbled that it had been one of her "not so graceful moment," so Sam confessed that she'd had one of her own with Silas. Sam told her mother about the kiss, prompting Alexis to ask, "Where did that come from?" Sam explained that she had felt as if she had been running on empty over the past year because of everything that had happened with Jason, Rafe, and Danny, so she had gotten carried away when she'd had a chance to breathe for the first time in ages. Alexis wondered if it was possible that Sam had feelings for Silas.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was curious what had set Patrick off, so Britt cryptically explained that she had told Patrick the truth. "About what?" Nikolas asked. "My baby and how Patrick isn't his father," Britt reluctantly admitted. Nikolas was stunned and asked how long she had known, so she opted for the truth. Britt tearfully apologized and assured him that she had never intended for things to turn out as they had.

Nikolas was embarrassed that he had defended Britt and had thrown Patrick out. Britt insisted that she had been forced to tell Patrick the truth because Patrick had threatened to sue for sole custody of the baby. "So it was payback?" Nikolas asked. "No," Britt assured him. Nikolas was at a loss for words, so he decided to check on his son. Britt watched helplessly as Nikolas stormed out.

At the hospital, Felix and Brad were about to kiss when Patrick marched up and punched Brad. Felix was forced to step between the men to keep Patrick from taking a second swing at Brad. Brad wiped the blood from his lip as Patrick angrily accused Brad of conspiring with Britt to lie and manipulate Patrick. Confused, Felix asked what Patrick was talking about, so Patrick revealed that Brad was the father of Britt's baby.

Felix reminded Patrick that Brad was gay, prompting Patrick to point out that there were other ways to get a woman pregnant. Felix glared at Brad as Patrick confirmed that Felix had been right; Britt wasn't pregnant with Patrick's baby. Patrick made it clear that Brad's secret was out and then stalked off.

Felix demanded to know if what Patrick had said was true. Brad tried to explain, but Felix wanted a direct answer. Moments later, Britt called Brad, so Brad was forced to take the call. Felix stormed off as Brad answered the call, growling that he would have appreciated a heads-up from Britt before Patrick had showed up. Britt insisted that her back had been against the wall because Patrick had threatened to take the baby away from her.

Brad complained that Britt had made his life complicated, but Britt refused to apologize because Brad had been well compensated. Brad admitted that he finally understood Patrick's frustration with Britt and abruptly ended the call. Felix passed by, so Brad called out to him. Felix insisted that he only wanted an answer to his earlier questions, so Brad admitted that he was the father of Britt's baby.

Felix was furious that he had fallen for Brad's lies and questioned Brad's claims about being bullied in school. Brad wanted an opportunity to explain things, but Felix insisted that they go their separate ways. Moments later, Silas walked up to enlist both men to assist with a Peripheral Blood Stem Cell donation.

In an examination room, Silas explained to Derek that the intravenous lines that Felix had inserted into each of Derek's arms were part of the process of extracting Derek's bone marrow. According to Silas, one IV removed the blood from one arm, passed it through a machine that would separate the blood-forming cells, and then send the remaining blood back into Derek's system through the IV in Derek's other arm. Brad quietly monitored the machine as Derek leaned back in a chair.

Later, Felix and Brad approached the elevator at the end of their shift. Felix decided to take the stairs rather than share an elevator with Brad.

Alexis and Sam made their way to the elevator as they discussed Sam's kiss with Silas. Sam claimed that the kiss had been completely random, so she was determined to focus on Danny. Sam conceded that she and Silas were friends, but she insisted that was all that they could ever be.

Moments later, Alexis and Sam entered the examination room as Derek recovered from donating his bone marrow. The ladies thanked Derek for his generous gift of life before Sam quietly expressed her appreciation to Silas for everything that he had done for Danny.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas returned to the parlor after he had tucked Spencer in for the night. Nikolas confessed that he had been thinking about Aiden, so he was curious if Britt knew the story about Elizabeth's youngest son. Britt shook her head, prompting Nikolas to reveal that he had once been led to believe that he was Aiden's father. Britt assumed that Elizabeth had lied, but Nikolas quickly clarified that his grandmother, Helena, had manipulated the paternity test. "Does that sound familiar?" Nikolas asked.

Britt looked away in embarrassment as Nikolas continued his story. He told her that throughout Elizabeth's pregnancy and after Aiden's birth, he had believed Aiden to be his son, so he had prepared a nursery for Aiden and had soothed a fussy Aiden to sleep by reciting the Aeneid because it had been a family tradition that Nikolas' uncle, Stefan, had started with Nikolas.

Nikolas conceded that Helena had had her reasons for doing what she had, but the reasons had been "insane." He wanted to know what had driven Britt to lie to Patrick, so Britt's eyes filled with tears as she explained that she had thought that Patrick had been the love of her life.

Britt admitted that most people saw her as standoffish and a "bitch," so men had tended to call her only when they had wanted a good time. According to Britt, she had fallen hard for Patrick and had made the mistake of confiding to her mother about Patrick. Britt revealed that her mother had encouraged Britt to pursue a relationship with Patrick, even though Britt had known that she was just a fling to help Patrick move past losing his wife.

Britt insisted that it had been her mother's idea to use a baby to win Patrick's love. "So the ends justified the means?" Nikolas asked. Britt tearfully admitted that the plan hadn't worked because Patrick hadn't fallen in love with her. Nikolas argued that Britt had uprooted Patrick's life because Patrick had failed to give Britt what she had wanted, so Nikolas didn't have any sympathy for her. Britt saw the disappointment in Nikolas' eyes, so she assured him that she would collect her things and leave.

Later, Britt asked Nikolas to call for a launch because she was ready to leave. Nikolas tensed as she quietly thanked him for helping her with her legal troubles and offering her a place to stay. She appreciated that he had been a friend to her, even though she had ruined things. Britt started to leave, but Nikolas called out to her. He refused to toss her out in the middle of the night, so he invited her to stay. Britt smiled and thanked him.

After Britt settled back in, she returned to the parlor and saw Nikolas staring at a picture of Elizabeth and Aiden. Nikolas looked up when he heard Britt, so she smiled at him. Nikolas' expression remained closed as he stood up and quietly walked out.

At the Drake residence, Sabrina read the instructions for an infant's changing table and then went to work. Her progress was slow because the directions were difficult to follow, but she was determined to help Patrick get ready for the baby.

Later, Sabrina looked at the changing table with a dubious expression because she had some parts left over. She started to examine it, but Patrick arrived home, so she turned to greet him. Her smile died on her lips when she noticed Patrick's thunderous expression. Patrick revealed that Felix and Sabrina had been right; he was not the father of Britt's baby. The changing table collapsed as Patrick slammed the door shut.

Sabrina ignored the mess as she tried to make sense of what Patrick had told her. She reminded him that there had been a DNA test, so he told her that it had been tampered with. Sabrina suggested that Patrick demand another paternity test, but Patrick didn't see the point, since Britt would find another way to lie. Sabrina was stunned when Patrick told her about his violent encounter with Brad after Britt had claimed that Brad was the baby's father.

Sabrina was outraged on Patrick's behalf but feared that Brad would press charges against Patrick. Patrick welcomed the opportunity to expose Britt and Brad's lies. However, Patrick's anger quickly turned to disappointment because Patrick had wanted the opportunity to be a better father to his son than Noah had been to Patrick and Matt.

Sabrina tried to comfort Patrick because she appreciated that Britt's revelation hadn't changed Patrick's love for the baby. Patrick wondered how he was going to break the news to Emma, so Sabrina assured him that they would figure it out together. Patrick was surprised when Sabrina offered to leave to give Patrick some space to think things over. He confessed that he didn't want her to go because he needed her, so Sabrina quickly returned to his side.

At the boathouse, Kiki thought about her argument with Morgan when Morgan had reminded her that she was his wife and had suggested that she start acting like it. She was startled when Michael suddenly appeared, asking where Morgan was. Kiki noticed that Michael was angry, so she asked him why he wanted to talk to Morgan. Michael revealed that Morgan had turned in a gun that had been found on the Quartermaine estate.

Kiki wondered if the gun had been used to kill Connie, so Michael told her that Anna had claimed that ballistics had matched the gun to the shooting and that A.J.'s fingerprints had been found on it. Michael's interest was piqued when Kiki admitted that she had arrived moments after Morgan had discovered the gun in the weeds. Michael realized that no one had witnessed Morgan finding the gun.

Kiki was shocked by Michael's suggestion that Morgan had set A.J. up, so she wondered why Morgan would do such an outrageous thing. "Because of the way we feel about each other," Michael answered without hesitation. Kiki rejected the idea of Morgan framing A.J. for murder out of jealous. Michael assured her that he didn't suspect his brother of the slaying, but Michael resented that Morgan had turned in the gun instead of calling Michael.

Kiki conceded that she had expressed the same concerns to Morgan, but then Morgan had made her realize that she had been protecting the wrong person because Connie was the victim, not A.J. Kiki pointed out that Connie had paid with her life, so Connie deserved justice.

Kiki noticed that Michael looked tired, so she invited him to sit down. Michael admitted that he was exhausted as he sat down on the bed next to her. Dejected, Michael conceded that everyone had warned him that A.J. would eventually self-destruct, but Michael had refused to listen. Kiki was curious why Michael continued to stand by A.J.

Michael shrugged and confessed that A.J. had seemed so forlorn earlier that Michael had tried to give A.J. hope by referring to A.J. as "Dad." However, Michael explained that Sonny was his true father because all of his memories centered on Sonny as his father. Michael knew that A.J. considered Sonny to be a "violent thug," but that was not how Michael saw Sonny.

Michael loved Sonny and knew that Sonny was going through something awful, while Michael was trying to take care of A.J. Kiki's eyes filled with sadness as Michael quietly confessed that deep down, he believed that A.J. was guilty. Kiki leaned forward to hug Michael. He held on tightly for a few minutes then stood up and left.

At Greystone Manor, Morgan called out to Sonny, but Sonny didn't reply. He heard someone crying in the parlor, so he quietly entered the room. Olivia sat on the sofa, weeping as she gazed at a picture of Connie and Sonny. Olivia glanced up at Morgan. She set down the picture and wiped away her tears as she explained that she had stopped by to check on Sonny because he hadn't returned any of her phone calls. A wave of grief washed over her as she added that she needed to discuss Connie's funeral arrangements with Sonny.

Morgan offered Olivia his condolences. Olivia began to cry as she admitted that she couldn't believe that her cousin was gone and that A.J. had killed Connie. Olivia's sorrow turned to anger as she insisted that her cousin would still be alive if A.J. had gone to Pentonville for his other crimes. Morgan assured Olivia that A.J. wouldn't get away with the murder and revealed that he had found the gun that A.J. had used, so he had turned it over to the police.

Morgan mentioned Kiki's reaction to his decision to call the police, prompting Olivia to ask why Kiki would object to Morgan reporting the gun. Morgan opened up to Olivia about his troubles with Kiki as he explained that Kiki had been concerned about Michael. Olivia empathized because she had been in a similar situation with Connie and Sonny. Olivia admitted that she and Sonny had become close in recent months until Connie had decided to ask Sonny for another chance.

Olivia revealed that she had stepped aside for her cousin, which had led to some bitter feelings between her and Connie. Olivia urged Morgan not to make the same mistake that she had made because family should always be first. Morgan smiled as he admitted that she sounded like Sonny. Olivia explained that Sonny understood the meaning of family because he had never had one growing up.

Olivia went to Sonny's bedroom to pick out an outfit for Connie, so Morgan sat on the sofa. He picked up the picture of Connie and Sonny as he thought about what Olivia had said. Moments later, Olivia cried out with alarm. Morgan stood up as she returned to the parlor with a note that she shoved into Morgan's hand.

"I'm sorry, I can't do this. Goodbye," Morgan read. Olivia had no idea what the note meant, but she feared the worst. "Sonny, what have you done?" Olivia asked aloud.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

At Wyndemere, Nikolas left Elizabeth a voicemail message to let her know that he had read the newspaper about A.J.'s arrest, so he wanted her to call if she needed anything.

Meanwhile, Britt was in the parlor, on the phone, lining up an appointment to go apartment hunting with a realtor. After Britt ended the call, Nikolas asked her about it. Britt explained that she had decided to find her own place before the baby was born because she couldn't continue to stay with Nikolas after everything that had happened. Nikolas objected, but Britt assured him that she wouldn't end up in a cardboard box.

Nikolas argued that Britt was too far along in her pregnancy to spend the day looking for apartments, but Britt insisted that she needed to find a place for her and her son to live after she gave birth. Britt grumbled that she didn't even have a car seat for her baby, and she didn't expect anyone to throw her a baby shower, so she was determined to find a home for herself and her son.

Besides, Britt had noticed how Nikolas looked at her, so she was certain that he wanted her gone quickly. Nikolas conceded that she had done despicable things, but he thought that it was a bad idea for her to go apartment hunting when she was close to giving birth. Britt reminded Nikolas that she was a doctor and well aware of her body's limitations, but Nikolas doubted that Britt would condone one of her patients spending the day looking at apartments during the final days of pregnancy.

Britt reminded Nikolas that the baby wasn't his responsibility, so she was curious why he cared. "You're right, it's not my responsibility -- it's the dad's," Nikolas replied. Britt tensed and assured him that she was perfectly capable of taking care of her unborn son, but Nikolas argued that Brad should be a part of the baby's life. "Brad has nothing to do with this baby," Britt blurted out.

Nikolas questioned Britt's remark, so she explained that she had merely meant that she had never expected nor wanted Brad to have an active role in her son's life. Nikolas insisted that Brad should step up to the plate because everything had changed, but Britt countered that she didn't want Nikolas to fight her battles. Nikolas explained that he needed to know that Britt and the baby were taken care of when she left his care. Nikolas decided that the discussion was over and walked out.

At the hospital, Sabrina told Patrick that she would be thinking about him. Patrick smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. He kissed her and then went to work.

Moments later, Felix walked up and asked if Patrick had told Sabrina about what Britt and Brad had done. Sabrina nodded and confessed that she couldn't believe that Britt would claim to love Patrick yet lie to him in the worst way imaginable. Sabrina was disgusted with Britt, prompting Felix to point out that Brad was as bad as Britt. Felix regretted how far things had almost gone with Brad.

Meanwhile, Brad stood at the nurses' station, watching Felix and Sabrina. Diane walked up to introduce herself to Brad and reminded him that he was holding something for her. Brad admitted that he had the item that Diane had requested, but it was against hospital policy to give it to her. Diane smiled knowingly as she assured Brad that she would pay him handsomely.

Later, Felix confessed to Sabrina that he hadn't taken any joy in being right about Britt and Brad and that he hated that Patrick and Emma had been hurt by Britt's devious scheme.

Nearby, Diane saw Brad return with a paper bag. She handed him an envelope filled with money, took the bag from Brad, and left. Brad looked over at the nurses' station as Felix and Sabrina continued to talk.

Sabrina wanted to know what Felix had been talking about earlier when he had mentioned that something had almost happened with Brad. Felix admitted that he had felt a connection to Brad and had almost kissed him. Felix rushed to assure Sabrina that it had been a moment of stupidity, so Sabrina suggested that they never speak of it again. Felix promised that he would not fall for any more of Brad's lies.

"They weren't lies," Brad said as Sabrina walked away. Felix scoffed and dared Brad to deny that Brad had fathered Britt's baby. Brad appeared to wage an inner battle with himself, but then conceded that he was the father of Britt's unborn child. However, Brad insisted that everything else, including the confession about being bullied in school and his feelings for Felix, had been true.

Brad admitted that he had never opened up to anyone the way that he had with Felix. Felix confessed that he could never return Brad's feelings because Brad had conspired with Britt.

Shortly after Felix left, Nikolas walked up and tapped Brad on the shoulder. Brad turned to face Nikolas, so Nikolas informed Brad that it was time for Brad to "man up."

Elsewhere in the hospital, Carly entered Franco's room to check on him. Franco was dressed and packing, so Carly wondered what was going on. Franco revealed that he was about to be discharged from the hospital, so he would be a free man. "Just in time to go to prison for the rest of my life," Franco quipped. Carly realized that Franco was due in court later that day, prompting Franco to remark that he was trading one institution for another.

Carly was curious if Franco thought that he would have been better off if she had let him kill himself. Franco suggested that it would have saved the taxpayers a lot of money, but Carly wasn't amused. She refused to apologize for caring whether he lived or died. Franco admitted that he wasn't sure why she did.

Moments later, Patrick entered the hospital room. Franco noticed Patrick's somber expression, so he asked why Patrick was sad. Patrick ignored the question and explained that he needed to examine Franco one last time. Carly quickly excused herself to give Patrick and Franco some privacy.

In the hallway, Carly spotted Elizabeth. Carly noticed that Elizabeth appeared upset, so she asked Elizabeth what was wrong. Elizabeth held up the front page of the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Connie's murder. Carly nodded in understanding. Carly conceded that she and Connie hadn't been friends, but Connie's death had been a tragedy.

Carly admitted that she was worried about Sonny, but she wasn't surprised by what A.J. had done. Carly thought that it was typical of A.J. to announce to the world that he was a changed man until someone believed in him and then to crash and burn. Carly hated that Michael had to watch it all happen, prompting Elizabeth to ask if Carly had spoken to Michael. Carly confessed that she hadn't because she didn't know what to say to her son without adding to his pain.

Carly explained that Michael had wanted to give A.J. a chance because Michael was a generous and fair-minded person. Carly had always known that A.J. would eventually disappoint Michael, but Michael had needed to find out for himself what kind of man A.J. truly was. "You need to find out too," Carly added.

Elizabeth was surprised when Carly admitted that she cared about Elizabeth. "How could I not? Your precious little boy saved Josslyn's life, and we're always going to be connected," Carly quietly said. Carly confessed that she had been worried about Elizabeth when Elizabeth had started to date A.J. because Carly knew that Elizabeth would try to save him. Carly was relieved that things hadn't gone too far between A.J. and Elizabeth before Elizabeth saw A.J.'s true colors, so Carly hoped for Elizabeth's sake that Elizabeth had made a clean break with A.J.

Later, Carly returned to Franco's room as Patrick finished up with Franco. Patrick determined that Franco was fit enough to leave, but Carly was curious about the cancer cells that had ruled Franco out as a donor for Danny. Patrick explained that Franco was stable, so they would continue to monitor things. Patrick assured both Franco and Carly that there were treatment options if anything changed. Franco thanked Patrick for saving his life and then jokingly suggested that someone somewhere was probably grateful that Patrick had.

After Patrick left, Carly suggested that perhaps a jury would believe that Franco was a changed man. Franco chuckled as he noted that one couldn't judge a book by its cover because he would have never thought that under Carly's sexy fašade she was na´ve and "Pollyonic." Carly argued that she hadn't talked him down from the roof only to watch him go to prison.

Carly shifted gears to ask how Franco intended to get to the courthouse. She was miffed when he told her that Diane had sent a car to fetch him because she thought that Diane should have picked him up. Franco picked up his suit to change, so Carly decided that it was her cue to leave. Franco shocked her when he suddenly asked her to accompany him to the courthouse.

Carly tried to make light of the request by suggesting that Franco not get carried away because it wasn't as if they were going "steady" or anything. Franco confided that he was afraid that things wouldn't go well for him, so he didn't want to be alone when he faced the judge. Franco tried to hide his apprehension by jokingly suggesting that she give her "friendly serial killer" a break.

Moments later, Diane called to let Franco know that his hearing was next on the docket, so she was waiting for him at the courthouse. After Franco ended the call, he looked to Carly for an answer. He was relieved when she agreed to go with him to the courthouse.

Patrick approached the nurses' station when a young boy named Simon called out and ran up to him. Patrick kneeled down to greet his patient and ask if they had an appointment. Simon's mother walked up to explain that Simon had wanted to thank Patrick by presenting Patrick with Simon's favorite toy. Simon held out a toy racecar to Patrick.

Sabrina rounded the corner but stopped when she saw Patrick and Simon. Patrick thanked Simon for the gift, but he insisted that Simon hold onto the car for safekeeping. Simon's mother thanked Patrick and remarked that Patrick was great with boys, so she hoped he had a son of his own one day.

After Simon and his mother walked away, Sabrina joined Patrick at the nurses' station. Patrick opened up to Sabrina about how he had looked forward to welcoming a new life into his family instead of mourning a death. Sabrina gently reminded Patrick that he could still have a son one day. Patrick remained downcast, prompting Sabrina to confess that she wished that she could find a way to help him. Patrick offered her a sad smile and then kissed her before leaving to fetch Emma. "Maybe there is," Sabrina decided.

At Wyndemere, Britt cancelled her appointment with the realtor. After she ended the call, she clutched her stomach as a sharp pain hit. Britt tried to dismiss it until she heard a door slam shut. She assumed that it was Nikolas, so she called out to him. Moments later, Sabrina entered the parlor.

At the courthouse, A.J. was led into the courtroom in handcuffs for the arraignment. He was relieved when he saw Michael because A.J. had feared the worst when the police had found A.J.'s fingerprints on the murder weapon. Michael reminded his father that he had promised to stand by A.J. A.J. admitted that he wouldn't blame Michael for wanting to distance himself because it appeared that A.J. had indeed killed Connie during a drunken rage.

Michael made it clear that he wasn't going anywhere and reminded A.J. that A.J. had supporters. Michael assured A.J. that Diane was on her way to the courthouse, and Monica had taken a flight home from the medical conference. A.J. hated that his mother was returning home to deal with his mess, but Michael argued that they cared about A.J.

A.J. noticed Elizabeth's absence. He conceded that he had been "scum" for saying what he had to Elizabeth, prompting Michael to ask what A.J. had said. A.J. revealed that he had accused Elizabeth of being a bad mother and had blamed Jake's death on her. A.J. insisted that only a person who would kill a woman for writing an article would say something that cruel to a grieving mother, so he decided to plead guilty.

Michael begged A.J. to reconsider because A.J. wouldn't want to spend six months, much less the remainder of A.J.'s life, in Pentonville. A.J. apologized for failing to be the father that Michael deserved, but Michael argued that failure wasn't falling down, but rather refusing to get up when one fell. Michael urged A.J. to heed Diane's advice and allow Diane to fight for A.J.

Diane walked up and agreed with Michael. Diane became frustrated when A.J. talked about how he had blown it with Elizabeth. She ordered A.J. to stop wallowing, but he insisted that he had nothing left to fight for.

Michael stepped out into the hallway to call Elizabeth for help. Michael explained that A.J. was about to plead guilty to murdering Connie against Diane's advice, so A.J. would likely end up in jail for life. Michael revealed that A.J. was despondent and filled with regrets. He didn't expect Elizabeth to forgive A.J., but he wanted her to help keep A.J. from throwing away what was left of A.J.'s life.

Later, Diane instructed A.J. to plead not guilty, but A.J. argued that the gun had his fingerprints on it. Diane pointed out that the gun had been in the Quartermaine mansion for years and then suggested that perhaps Sonny had framed A.J. A.J. appeared skeptical, but Diane insisted that she only had to prove reasonable doubt to the jury, so Sonny's history of violence would work against Sonny.

Moments later, the judge entered the courtroom and asked for A.J.'s plea. Diane glanced nervously at A.J., who remained silent.

Elizabeth entered the courtroom as the judge repeated the question to A.J. Michael spotted Elizabeth, so he jumped up to let A.J. know that Elizabeth was there. Elizabeth walked over to stand next to Michael as A.J. turned to look at Elizabeth. The judge became frustrated and ordered Diane to instruct A.J. to enter a plea. A.J. turned around to face the judge. "Not guilty," A.J. answered. Michael relaxed and silently thanked Elizabeth.

The judge rejected Diane's request for bail and ordered A.J. to remain locked up at the Port Charles Police Station until the trial. Diane and Michael were relieved, but A.J. only had eyes for Elizabeth.

In the hallway, Michael received a call from Morgan asking Michael to go to Sonny's house. Michael explained to A.J. that he had something to take care of, but he promised to visit A.J. in jail shortly. After Michael left, the guard started to lead A.J. away, but A.J. asked for a minute to talk to Elizabeth. The guard reluctantly agreed.

A.J. thanked Elizabeth for attending the arraignment and then apologized for the cruel things that he had said to her. He admitted that he had wanted to push her away because she had tried to stop him from drinking. A.J. confessed that he had convinced himself that he didn't want or need her help, but he realized that he had been wrong, so he was grateful that she had stood by him.

"A.J., that's not what this is," Elizabeth quietly admitted. She confessed that she didn't know how she felt about him or what to believe, so she couldn't make him any promises. A.J. assured her that he didn't expect her to. Elizabeth conceded that it had felt right to attend his arraignment, but she warned him not to expect her stand in his corner or to show up day after day.

Later, Franco arrived for his pretrial hearing. Carly took a seat behind him as Diane requested that the case against Franco be dismissed. The judge laughed and asked, "On what grounds?" Diane explained that Franco was not responsible for the crimes that he had been charged with, so the judge wondered who was responsible for them. Diane was glad that the judge had asked, so she placed a paper bag on the table and removed the contents. Everyone was shocked when they realized that it was a jar with a tumor floating inside of it.

At the boathouse, Kiki was sending Michael a text message asking how he was holding up when Morgan suddenly arrived home. Kiki jumped up to demand to know where Morgan had been all night. She admitted that she had been worried about him and could tell that he was still upset about what had happened with Michael. Morgan snapped that his mood had nothing to do with Michael. "It's about my father," he admitted.

Morgan explained that Sonny was missing and had left a note, so Morgan, Dante, and Olivia had been searching all night for Sonny. Morgan feared the worst because Sonny suffered from bipolar disorder, so his father was prone to deep bouts of depression. Morgan conceded that Sonny was on medication, but Morgan feared that Connie's death might have pushed his father over the edge.

Kiki hugged Morgan and told him that he should have called her. She reminded him that he was her husband, so she was there for him no matter what.

At Greystone Manor, Olivia paced on the back patio with Sonny's note clutched in her hand. She tearfully looked up as she begged God to let Sonny return home. Olivia heard the front door close, so she called out to Sonny as she ran into the parlor. Olivia's hope turned to disappointment when Dante entered the room. Dante revealed that he hadn't found Sonny, prompting Olivia to worry that Sonny might have taken his own life.

Dante urged his mother to stop jumping to conclusions, but Olivia argued that Sonny's note was proof that Sonny had gone to a dark place. She insisted that they find Sonny before it was too late.

Later, Morgan and Kiki arrived. Dante assured Morgan that Shawn and Max were combing the city, looking for Sonny, and that Kristina had been contacted. Morgan revealed that he had spoken to their sister earlier, but Kristina hadn't heard from Sonny.

Olivia entered the parlor and was relieved when she saw Morgan and Kiki. Olivia insisted that they needed to pull together as a family to figure out where Sonny was. Dante agreed that it was a good idea, so he decided to call Michael. Morgan immediately objected because Michael was busy with A.J., the man who had killed Connie. Dante argued that Michael knew Sonny better than anyone else because Michael had grown up with Sonny.

Dante appreciated that it hurt Morgan to hear that, but Dante explained that they had to focus on finding their father. Olivia agreed that Sonny was more important than any tension between Morgan and Michael. Olivia admitted that she would give anything to have a few seconds more with her cousin, but that would never happen because Connie was dead. Olivia implored Morgan not to make the same mistake that Olivia had made.

Later, Michael entered the parlor. Morgan showed Michael the note that Sonny had written and explained that Sonny had disappeared. Michael agreed that they had reason to be concerned. Michael and Morgan agreed to put their differences aside so they could concentrate on locating their father.

Friday, September 6, 2013

In the courtroom, Diane asked the judge to dismiss Franco's case because he had not been responsible for the crimes that he had been charged with. Diane produced a jar with a tumor floating inside of it to illustrate her point. The prosecutor immediately accused Diane of resorting to cheap stunts and pointed out that it was a pretrial hearing, not a trial. He then questioned if the tumor was Franco's, so Diane assured the judge that she had affidavits from doctors, including the surgeon who had operated on Franco, to prove that the tumor in the jar had been removed from Franco's brain.

Diane assured the judge that the documents proved that that the tumor had been growing for many years and had predated the crimes that Franco had been accused of committing. According to Diane, Franco had been at war with himself for years, fighting dark impulses that had been spurred on by the tumor. The prosecutor argued that Franco couldn't use the tumor as a defense, but Diane cited two New York cases to challenge the prosecutor's claim.

The judge conceded that Diane had a valid argument, but the prosecutor insisted that Diane should argue the defense at trial, so the jury could decide. The prosecutor added that Franco's victims deserved their day in court, and the families of the victims had a right to be heard. Everyone was shocked when Carly offered to testify as one of Franco's victims.

Diane and Franco watched nervously as Carly took the stand and testified that there hadn't been an end to the pain that Franco had caused her, her family, and her friends. The judge wondered what Carly thought about Diane's suggestion that the tumor had driven Franco to commit the crimes that he had been charged with. Carly conceded that Franco had seemed to change in a positive way after the surgery, but she didn't trust him to be around her children.

The prosecutor tried to interrupt Carly's testimony, but Franco surprised the judge by admitting that he wanted to hear what Carly had to say. The judge invited Carly to continue, so Carly revealed that before the surgery, Franco had claimed to want to make amends for his wrongs. Carly told the judge about Franco's desire to help his nephew, Danny, and the heartbreak that Franco had experienced when it had been revealed that Kiki was not Franco's daughter. She admitted that she didn't know if Franco had changed by choice or because of the tumor. Carly wanted to believe that Franco was a better man, but a part of her feared that it might be another one of his games.

After Carly stepped down, the judge announced that Carly had given her a lot to think about, so she would need a day to review all of the materials and testimony. The judge advised the prosecutor to prepare a rebuttal, so he assured the judge that he had started on it. The judge then focused on Diane and pointed to the jar.

"Miss Miller, next time, photographs," the judge instructed Diane. After the judge left the courtroom, Diane remarked that they knew where Carly stood. Franco disagreed because he had no idea if Carly had tried to help him or not. Carly apologized, but Franco assured Carly that it wasn't necessary because she had told the truth. Diane hoped that Franco remained positive because Diane was certain that Carly's testimony would send Franco to jail for life.

At the nurses' station, Nikolas informed Brad that it was time for Brad to "man up." Brad promised that he was all man "even on a day as bad as this one." Nikolas warned Brad that Brad's day was about to get worse unless Brad did as he was told. Brad smiled suggestively as he assured Nikolas that he was open-minded, but Nikolas wasn't amused. Nikolas made it clear that he would not allow Brad to shirk responsibility, so Nikolas expected Brad to be a father to Britt's unborn son.

"That kid is not my responsibility," Brad argued. Brad insisted that he and Britt had an understanding, so Brad had just been a sperm donor. Nikolas argued that everything had changed when Patrick had learned the truth about the baby, so Nikolas demanded that Brad do the right thing by putting a roof over Britt and the baby's head. Brad was stunned when Nikolas announced that Britt and the baby would be moving in with Brad.

Brad explained that his apartment was barely big enough for him, but Nikolas countered that Brad should have thought of that before Brad doled out sperm samples. Brad was curious why Nikolas cared and then wondered if Nikolas was in love with Britt. Nikolas insisted that Britt was a friend, but Brad appeared skeptical. Brad refused to have anything to do with the baby and made it clear that Britt could talk to Brad if Britt had a problem with that.

At the Drake residence, Emma was eager to set up the nursery, but Patrick gently explained that they would have to return everything. Confused, Emma asked why, so Patrick tried to stall by suggesting that they grab a snack. Emma sensed that Patrick was troubled, so she asked him what was wrong. Patrick sat down with Emma and gently broke the news to her that he was not the father of Britt's baby.

Emma was curious who the baby's father was, so Patrick told her that the man's name was Brad. She was certain that Brad wouldn't be as good of a father as Patrick was. Patrick smiled and thanked his daughter as she hugged him. He quietly added that Brad would be "just right" for Britt.

Later, Patrick saw Emma playing with a doll on the floor, but he noticed that she seemed sad. He asked her what she was thinking about, so Emma admitted that she had been wondering if the baby would miss them. Patrick didn't have an answer for her, but he was certain that the baby would miss out on having the best big sister. Patrick and Emma talked about how they had each looked forward to having the baby in their lives.

Patrick was taken aback when Emma suddenly suggested that Patrick could still have a baby boy with Sabrina. Patrick conceded that it was a nice idea, but it was too early in their relationship to have children. Emma wondered if Patrick loved Sabrina, so he admitted that he did, but he was curious if Emma loved her too. "Yes," Emma answered with a big smile.

Later, Patrick left Sabrina a voicemail message to let her know that he had told Emma about the baby. He admitted that he wished that Sabrina had been there because it had been a difficult conversation. Moments later, Emma entered the room and called out to her father. Patrick ended the call when he saw Emma holding a baseball mitt and ball. He smiled when she pointed out that he didn't have to wait for a little boy to play catch. Patrick agreed and followed Emma outside.

At Wyndemere, Britt made a few unflattering remarks about Sabrina's hair then ordered Sabrina to leave. Sabrina closed the parlor door and made it clear that she would not leave until she had her say. Britt suggested that Sabrina check her antipsychotic medications because Sabrina clearly had no idea where she was. Sabrina was fully aware that she was at Wyndemere, prompting Britt to point out that Britt was a guest in Nikolas' home, while Sabrina was trespassing.

Sabrina refused to leave, so Britt informed Sabrina that Patrick had already given Britt an earful. Sabrina demanded to know how Britt could claim to love Patrick yet hurt him and Emma so deeply. "Go to hell," Britt growled. Britt insisted that Patrick would have never left her if Sabrina hadn't "weaseled" her way into his life. According to Britt, Sabrina had resorted to a "little whisper campaign" when Sabrina had failed to turn Patrick's head.

"Wow," Sabrina replied. Sabrina accused Britt of rewriting history so many times that Britt had started to believe her own lies. Sabrina conceded that she'd had feelings for Patrick, but Patrick had still been mourning Robin. Sabrina insisted that Britt had lost Patrick on her own when Patrick had realized that Britt hated Emma. Britt accused Emma of being a "spoiled brat," but she denied that she had hated the little girl.

Sabrina argued that Britt had treated Emma like the enemy, but Britt countered that Emma had treated Britt like Britt had the "cooties." Sabrina refused to let Britt blame Emma for the failed relationship. As the argument continued, Britt began to rub her stomach to ease the discomfort.

Britt thought that Sabrina should be happy that Patrick had learned the truth about the baby, but Sabrina admitted that she pitied Britt and the baby for having a mother like Britt. Britt suddenly doubled over in pain, so Sabrina suggested that the truth hurt. Sabrina started to walk out, but Britt cried out for Sabrina not to leave. Sabrina thought that it was an act, but Britt insisted that something was wrong with the baby.

Later, Nikolas entered the parlor. He was startled when he saw Britt on the floor, a pillow tucked behind her head, panting. Sabrina hovered over Britt, trying to make Britt comfortable. Nikolas was curious what was going on. "We're baking a cake," Sabrina snapped and then quickly clarified that Britt was in labor.

At Greystone Manor, Michael wrapped up a phone call with one of Sonny's men. Michael told Olivia, Dante, Morgan, and Kiki that Sonny wasn't on the private island, so they needed to continue their search. Olivia was frantic with worry because she feared that time was running out for Sonny. Dante tried to calm his mother down, but Olivia was too distraught.

Olivia admitted that she had thought that Sonny and Connie's troubles were behind them until the article about Kiki had appeared in the newspaper. Michael wondered why his father would have a problem with the article about Kiki, and Olivia glanced at Morgan. Morgan became defensive as he argued that it didn't matter. Morgan insisted that gossiping about Sonny and Connie's problems wouldn't help them find Sonny.

"Connie's dead, and Dad's going to be, too, if we don't find him soon," Morgan reminded everyone. Dante suggested that Morgan calm down, so Kiki agreed. Michael apologized for upsetting Morgan, so Morgan claimed that he was just worried about Sonny.

Meanwhile, Dante received a phone call. Everyone waited until Dante ended the call to ask if Sonny had been found. Dante revealed that he had a lead, so he invited Michael and Morgan to go with him to follow up on it. Olivia wanted to go, too, but Dante thought it would be best for Olivia and Kiki to stay in case the lead didn't pan out.

In the hallway, Dante quietly told his brothers that a man fitting Sonny's description had been taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

After Dante, Michael, and Morgan left, Kiki went to the kitchen to fetch Olivia a glass of iced tea. Olivia was stunned when Kiki returned to the parlor, wearing Connie's wedding dress. Kiki had no idea what Olivia was talking about, which made Olivia realize that it had been a vision. Olivia announced that she might know where Sonny was and left without further explanation.

At the hospital, Michael and Morgan were relieved when Dante revealed that the gunshot victim was not Sonny. Dante suggested that his brothers return to Greystone Manor, prompting Morgan to ask what Dante intended to do. Dante reminded Morgan that Lulu and the baby were in the hospital, so Dante wanted to check in on his wife and daughter.

At the elevator, Dante bumped into Brad. Dante was surprised when Brad asked to have a private word with him.

Meanwhile, Michael and Morgan returned to Sonny's home. Kiki was eager to know if they had found Sonny, so Morgan told her that they hadn't. Michael noticed Olivia's absence, prompting him to wonder where Olivia was.

On the Haunted Star, Sonny sat on the floor near the bar. He held a picture of him and Connie in one hand and a gun in the other. Next to him was an empty bottle of whiskey. Sonny checked to make certain that his gun was loaded and then pressed the barrel of the gun against his chest. Sonny insisted that he destroyed everything he touched and every woman he loved, so he refused to let it continue.

Connie suddenly appeared and stopped Sonny from pulling the trigger. "It's me, baby. I'm back," she said with a soft smile. Sonny looked at Connie with tears in his eyes as he told her that he loved her and always had. She assured him that she knew, so he begged her not to leave him again. Connie hugged Sonny and promised him that she had never meant to leave him in the first place.

Connie apologized to Sonny for making him doubt her love for him by printing the article. Sonny insisted that it had been wrong of him to get between his sons, but Connie argued that it hadn't been her place to say that to him. Sonny admitted that he regretted helping Morgan because Kiki didn't love Morgan the way that a wife should. Sonny picked up the gun and pointed it at his chest as he talked about his and Connie's failed attempts to get married, but Connie had vanished.

Sonny hoped to reunite with Connie in the afterlife, so he prepared to pull the trigger, but Connie reappeared to stop him. She reminded him that he had four children to live for, but Sonny argued that he didn't have her. Connie looked around and reminded Sonny that they had intended to get married on the Haunted Star, but Sonny pointed out that they would never have the chance to go through with the wedding.

"Says who?" Connie asked with a smile. "Live. Marry me," Connie added. Sonny admitted that it was all he had ever wanted, so he put the gun down.

The inside of the Haunted Star suddenly lit up, and flowers were scattered everywhere as Sonny made his way to the altar. Connie walked down the aisle in her wedding gown and joined Sonny at the altar. They recited their wedding vows and promised to love each other forever. Afterwards, they kissed.

Connie wondered how Sonny felt to be married to her. "It feels right," Sonny told her. Connie urged Sonny to hold on to the feeling and to keep it with him. Sonny's eyes filled with tears as he implored her not to go, so she assured him that she would always be in his heart and in his memories. Sonny insisted that he wanted more, but Connie didn't have more to give. She promised him that she loved him and then said goodbye as she slowly faded away.

Grief-stricken, Sonny returned to the bar to pick up the gun. He vowed that he loved Connie "in this life and the next" and then aimed the gun at his chest. Moments later, Olivia ran in. "Sonny, no," Olivia cried when she realized that he was about to pull the trigger.

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