General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 16, 2013 on GH

Sonny made a shocking confession at Morgan and Kiki's wedding reception. Julian turned deadly. Sabrina's old flame arrived in Port Charles. Nikolas invited Britt and her son to move into Wyndemere.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 16, 2013 on GH
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Monday, September 16, 2013

At the Metro Court, Carly told one of her employees to comp Franco's suite and then daydreamed about the birthday cake she had given Franco earlier. Felix interrupted her reverie. He told Carly about his dismal blind date, and she sympathized. Felix asked Carly if, since having hate sex with A.J., she had found a new love interest that was not a murderer. When Carly got defensive, Felix homed in and forced Carly to tell him that while Carly was not interested in Franco, Franco was interested in her.

Felix had no kind words for Franco, whom he called "Mr. Serial Killer." Felix insisted that Carly not buy into Franco's explanation that "the tumor made me do it." Carly defended Franco, but Felix was insistent that Carly quash Franco's interest in her immediately.

Franco opened his door and was surprised to see Heather Webber. Heather said that she was there to give Franco a birthday gift and help him celebrate his birthday. Franco worried that Heather had escaped and that he would be arrested for harboring a fugitive. Heather said that her escape would not be detected because she had devised an elaborate system for entering and leaving the institution.

Heather offered Franco a cardboard tube with a bow on it. When Franco opened the gift, he found a rolled canvas that unfurled to reveal a canvas painted with vertical stripes about one inch wide and about one inch in between. Franco was not sure what to make of it. Heather took the canvas from Franco, turned it so that the stripes were horizontal and returned it to Franco as though she expected him to understand the difference. Franco said, "Thank you," and tried to send Heather away.

Heather refused to go until she got what was "rightfully hers." When Franco asked what that was, Heather said that Silas Clay had promised her a visit with Franco and a BLT from Kelly's every week if she would submit a swab for Danny. Heather said that she had kept her part of the bargain, but Silas had not. Heather added that she was not happy that her first sight on returning to Port Charles had been Silas and Sam canoodling.

Franco offered to order a BLT from room service, but Heather said that he was breaking her heart. Heather added that "brain tumor Franco" would have understood why the BLT had to be from Kelly's. Franco tried to eject Heather, but she threatened to call 9-1-1 and report that Franco had helped her escape if he did not get a BLT for her. Franco blustered and told Heather that she did not know whom she was dealing with. Heather started dialing her phone and told Franco that he did not know whom he was dealing with either.

At Sonny's home, Ava said that she would tell the cops about her encounter with A.J. at the Floating Rib if Sonny would help her throw a party for Morgan and Kiki. Sonny was distraught and said that he had not even buried Connie. Ava said that she would make all the arrangements, and all Sonny had to do was to show up. Ava reminded Sonny that Morgan and Kiki loved each other and deserved to have that love celebrated by their family. Ava told Sonny that she knew it was a lot to ask, but she emphasized how much his leadership would mean.

Ava gently touched Sonny's arm and said that if Sonny showed up at the party, it would help everyone focus on what was good in their lives. Ava suggested that a party would be a way to honor Sonny and Ava's children and might also honor Connie. Ava added that Connie might agree with her. Sonny went off on that and told Ava that Ava knew nothing about Connie and knew nothing about losing someone dear. Ava backed off immediately.

Ava told Sonny that he was right, that Ava had not known Connie, but Ava said that she did know what it meant to lose someone. As Ava described her loss, she checked out Sonny's bipolar medication. As Sonny listened to Ava describe the "dark place" she had been in, it was obvious that Sonny was relating to her description.

Sonny became defensive when Ava questioned him about his medications. Sonny accepted Ava's simplified explanation that the medication kept him on an even keel so that he did not experience peak highs and depressing lows. Ava said that she had been offered the medication once, but she had preferred to experience the pain, because she had caused the loss, and going to the "dark place" was her penance.

Ava said that she did not know what was worse, feeling too much or feeling nothing at all. Again it was apparent that Sonny was listening to Ava. Ava was the soul of courtesy and good manners as she offered Sonny her condolences and apologized for overstepping. Sonny relaxed and told Ava that her intentions had been good. Ava replied that she would not judge him about the meds, and whether or not Sonny took them was up to Sonny.

Ava got a text message and told Sonny that she had to go. Sonny stopped Ava and said that Morgan spoke highly of her. Sonny added that Morgan loved Kiki, so he would attend the party that Ava wanted to plan. Ava told Sonny that he would not regret it.

At General Hospital, Sam and Alexis waited anxiously to hear how Danny's tests turned out. Silas said that there were no signs of infection, but that there were signs of graft versus host disease (GVHD). Sam was distraught, but Silas explained that, although GVHD was usually bad a thing, in Danny's case it was a good thing because it meant that the bone marrow donation was taking hold. He said that the disease would go away very soon. Sam and Alexis hugged and cried. Alexis left to tell Derek.

Sam asked when Danny could go home. Silas said that Danny needed to stay at GH in a sterile environment for a little while longer but that the worst was behind him. Silas told Sam to go celebrate. Sam called Molly, but the call went to voicemail. Before Sam could call Rafe, Silas said that he wanted to talk about them. Silas said that although Sam and Silas had not hit it off when they had first met, they had become friends as they had cared for Danny. Silas said that since everything was settling down, he wanted to ask Sam out to dinner.

Sam asked if Silas was asking her out on an old-school date. Silas said he understood that it was like riding a bicycle. Sam laughed that she was a motorcycle girl. Silas replied that they could just call it dinner for two. Sam gave Silas a smiling "yes."

Elsewhere in GH, after learning that his henchman, Vince, had been captured by Sonny's mob, Derek told someone on the phone that he could not afford to be exposed. Derek ran into Anna and Duke as he said it. Derek covered nicely by introducing himself and explaining that he had been talking abut crossing the crime scene tape to get into his office.

Anna said no harm had been done and let him off easily when she and Duke learned that Derek had been Danny's bone marrow donor. Duke took Derek aside and asked if he could submit a résumé to Derek. Derek seemed intrigued. Derek told Duke that Derek's organization could use a man like Duke.

Shawn and Max held Vince hostage in Kelly's kitchen. Vince resisted all threats until Shawn recalled some of his war experiences and heated up the deep fat fryer. Vince cracked as Shawn forced Vince's hand near the hot grease. Loud pounding on the door interrupted Shawn and Max. Max kept Vince quiet while Shawn answered the door to a very determined Franco. Shawn gave in to Franco's demands for a BLT. Shawn hastily dumped the BLT that he had prepared for Max earlier into a takeout box, gave it to Franco, and sent Franco on his way.

As soon as Vince revealed his boss's name, Max told Vince that he was free to go. Vince was amazed. Max told Vince to take the next ferry to Toronto because once Vince's boss found out that Vince had squealed, Vince would be killed.

Alexis located Derek and told him that Danny's transplant had worked. Alexis hugged Derek and thanked him for saving Danny's life. Derek got a text that Vince had been grabbed near the pier and told Alexis that he had to go. Derek asked Alexis to give Derek's best to Sam and Danny.

Anna asked Duke what he knew about Derek except that he had saved Danny. Anna said that men like Derek did not amass power without being ruthless. Duke said that he was ruthless, too. Alexis went to Sam and told her that Derek had been called away on business.

Felix dragged Carly to the room of "the artist known as psycho" and pounded on the door. Carly wanted to wait to tell Franco that she did not want a relationship with him, but Felix was determined, especially when they heard a lamp crash to the floor after Heather accidentally knocked it over. Felix pounded on the door and yelled that Carly had something to say.

Felix was encouraging Carly to use her master key, and Heather was poised behind the door, ready to strike with a knife, when Franco arrived in the hallway with the BLT.

Vince missed the shuttle, and Derek caught up with him. Ava also arrived at the pier and wanted to know what was so important. Derek told her that Vince, who had been captured, had obviously talked because Derek had caught him trying to run. Derek demanded to know what Vince had said.

Vince was servile as he told Ava and Derek that all Sonny's gang had wanted was the name of Vince's boss. Vince said that he had not revealed what Derek was planning. Derek said, "Thank goodness for small miracles." He told Ava about his encounter with Duke and Anna. Derek's new face had concealed him. Duke and Anna had not recognized Julian Jerome because the world thought he was dead. Derek turned to Vince and said that was something that Vince and Julian had in common. Ava watched as Julian shot Vince.

Shawn went to Sonny and told Sonny that the name of Vince's boss was Julian Jerome.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Shawn revealed that he had learned the identity of the man who was behind the gambling ring and the hits on Sonny's shipments. "Who?" Sonny asked. "Julian Jerome," Shawn answered. Sonny's smile didn't reach his eyes as he explained that there was one problem with the information; Julian Jerome had been killed in a shootout decades earlier. Shawn was stunned because he had been certain that Vince had told the truth.

Sonny was curious where Vince was, so Shawn admitted that Vince had been released. Sonny was furious as he blasted Shawn for making a mistake.

Moments later, Olivia appeared in the doorway, demanding to know why Sonny was yelling. Shawn quickly excused himself and left, as Olivia waited for an answer. Sonny told her about what Shawn had learned and insisted that it was impossible because Julian was dead. Olivia cautioned Sonny not to discount it because two other Jeromes had recently moved to Port Charles.

"And your son's married to one of them," Olivia added. Sonny growled that Kiki and Ava were not related to the Jerome crime family, so Olivia wondered if he had proof. Sonny insisted that he simply knew and then changed the subject by revealing that Ava had asked him to host a party for Morgan and Kiki.

Stunned, Olivia reminded Sonny that Connie's funeral was the following day, so it was inappropriate to plan a party. Sonny assured Olivia that he'd had a similar reaction, but Ava had made him realize that it would be good for everyone to focus on something positive. Olivia grabbed her cell phone and then held it up to show him a picture of their granddaughter as she suggested that he focus on "little Connie," who was as beautiful and feisty as her namesake.

Sonny looked at the picture, but then turned away and mentioned Ava again. Olivia's temper flared as she admitted that it sounded as if Sonny and Ava had hit it off. Sonny conceded that he and Ava had a lot more in common than he had realized. "Like what?" Olivia asked. Sonny thought about his conversation with Ava when Ava had mentioned knowing what it was like to go to a dark place.

Sonny poured himself a drink and explained that Ava wanted Morgan and Kiki to start on the right foot by putting their grief aside for one night to celebrate and support their nuptials with friends and family. Olivia didn't want to argue on the eve of her cousin's funeral, so she suggested that they each get some rest. Olivia decided to go to her apartment for the night, so she reminded Sonny to take his medication and then left. Sonny thought about Ava's suggestion that embracing the darkness was a way of doing penance for feelings of guilt, so he picked up his prescription bottle and threw the pills across the room.

At Metro Court, Franco was curious why Carly and Felix were standing outside of his hotel suite. Carly demanded to know who was in Franco's room. Franco denied that someone was in his suite, but Carly insisted that she and Felix had heard someone in the room. Franco suggested that it had been a rat, but Carly argued that her hotel didn't have rats. She started to open the door, so Franco ordered her to stop.

Franco confessed that there was a woman in his suite. Felix assumed that it was a prostitute, but Carly quickly clarified that Franco didn't have access to cash. Carly coldly accused Franco of not wasting any time to get someone into his room after she had left, so she informed him that he would have to produce a valid credit card and then left.

Inside Franco's hotel suite, Heather hovered by the door as she clutched a knife with deadly intend. She prepared to plunge the knife into the intruder when the door opened, but Franco quickly spoke up to assure her that she was safe. Heather put the knife down and reached for the food carton from Kelly's.

Heather's smile vanished when she noticed that someone had taken a bite out of her BLT. She accused Franco of giving her a "used" sandwich, so Franco told her that he had taken a bite out of it. Satisfied, Heather cut the offending piece of the BTLT off and ate the rest of the sandwich with gusto. Franco grumbled that Heather had ruined his life because Carly had thought that he'd had a lover stashed in his room, so he wanted Heather to leave.

Heather was curious how long Franco had cared about Carly. He admitted that he wasn't sure, but it had been a while. Heather insisted that Franco had dodged a bullet with Carly. "Literally," Heather added. Heather reminded Franco that Carly was dangerous and had even tried to have him killed. Franco claimed that he had deserved it because he had done despicable things.

Heather assured Franco that she still loved him, but Franco wasn't comforted. After Heather finished her BLT, she asked if Franco had seconds. "Sadly, Heather, all the bacon in the world is gone," Franco replied. Heather was not amused, so Franco apologized because he realized that it had been a mean thing to say. Mollified, Heather announced that she was headed back to the institute because she didn't want to get caught hanging out with a "lovesick birthday boy."

Heather was confident that Franco would find a woman worthy of him, who would turn his frown into a smile. Franco doubted it, but Heather insisted that he could do a lot better than Carly.

On Pier 52, Ava insisted that a quick death had been too good for Vince. Julian was quite pleased with himself because he hadn't lost his touch. Ava was surprised when Julian decided to pay Sam a visit, because Ava thought that he should be concerned about what Vince had told Sonny's men. Julian pointed out that Vince had claimed to work for Julian Jerome, who was believed to be a dead man, so no one would link Vince to Derek Wells.

Julian was confident that their plans to hijack Sonny's shipment wouldn't be traced back to them, so Sonny wouldn't know where to look. However, Julian had to figure out a way to keep Sonny occupied when Julian made his move. Ava smiled with satisfaction as she revealed that she had taken care of it by making plans to host a party with Sonny to celebrate Morgan and Kiki's marriage.

Julian was furious that Ava had ignored his orders for her to stay away from Sonny, but Ava argued that they were partners, so she didn't answer to Julian. Julian demanded to know what Ava and Sonny had discussed, so Ava filled him in and revealed that Sonny was grieving for Connie and struggling with bipolar disorder, so she had encouraged Sonny to stop taking his medications. Ava thought that Julian should be grateful because her party would keep Sonny busy while Sonny's shipment was stolen. Julian conceded that Sonny's mental state could be the opening that they had needed.

Nearby, Carly questioned why Felix had dragged her to the piers. Felix explained that he had wanted to put as much distance between her and Franco as possible. Carly and Felix started to round the corner when Carly spotted Ava Jerome and Derek Wells. Carly immediately pushed Felix back into the alley and then covered his mouth with her hand to keep him from talking.

Carly peeked around the corner then quietly asked, "What the hell is that all about?" Felix looked at the pair and admitted that he recognized Derek, but not the woman. Carly revealed that the woman was Morgan's mother-in-law, Ava Jerome. Felix could tell that Carly disliked Ava, so he wondered why.

"Because the first time I laid eyes on her, she was kissing Franco," Carly admitted. Carly explained that Ava and Franco had been plotting something, so Carly hadn't trusted Ava from the start. Carly was certain that Ava and Derek were in cahoots, as well, but Felix was skeptical.

Felix became distracted by Derek's good looks, so Carly quickly pushed Felix against the wall when she realized that Ava was headed their way. She breathed a sigh of relief when Ava ducked down another alley, but her relief was short-lived when Felix made a loud noise by inadvertently bumping into something.

Derek heard the noise in the alley, so he went to investigate. Carly loudly slapped Felix and pretended to be upset because Felix had received racy pictures from another woman.

Derek cleared his throat and introduced himself. Carly smiled politely as she greeted Derek and admitted that she recognized the name of the owner of Crimson. Derek feigned sadness for Connie's passing and confided that he hadn't been in the mood to discuss some paintings with an art dealer friend. Derek was certain that Carly and Felix had seen Ava, but Carly claimed that she and Felix had been too distracted discussing a personal matter.

After Derek left, Felix congratulated Carly on thinking quickly on her feet, but he worried that Derek might not have believed them. Carly thought that Derek should be more concerned that they hadn't believed Derek's excuse about Ava.

Felix dismissed Carly's concerns and suggested that Carly consider going out with someone like Derek to help get over Franco. Carly was more interested in knowing what Derek and Ava had been talking about, so she was determined to find out. Felix was pleased because it would keep Carly's mind off of Franco.

At the hospital, Alexis was curious what Silas and Sam had been talking about when Alexis had walked up. Embarrassed, Sam assured Silas that they didn't have to answer the question, but Alexis wanted an answer. Sam appeared to struggle for an answer, so Silas admitted that he and Sam had been making plans to have dinner together. Alexis smiled with approval, which surprised Silas because he'd had the impression that Alexis hadn't liked him.

Alexis conceded that she hadn't had a high opinion of Silas at first, but that had changed when he had saved Danny's life. Silas agreed that Alexis had had good reason not to approve of Silas because of his custody battle with Sam. Silas admitted that he had been wrong about Sam because he had seen firsthand that Sam was a great mother. Silas apologized to Sam for everything that he had said about her during the custody battle for Rafe, because he realized that he hadn't been in any position to judge her.

Sam accepted the apology and pointed out that Silas had made great strides with Rafe because Rafe had grown to genuinely like Silas. Silas smiled politely, but Sam realized that Silas had been referring to Kiki, not Rafe. Silas refused to talk about it, so he promised to call Sam about their dinner date and then left.

Later, Alexis questioned Sam about Silas. Sam realized that she and Silas had gotten off on the wrong foot, but he had started to grow on Sam, so she was able to see his charm. Sam admitted that something had shifted in her. She didn't know if she had lowered her guard or if she was lonely because it had been over a year since Jason's death.

Alexis assured Sam that it was natural for Sam to feel that way because Sam was young and still had a long life ahead of her. Alexis insisted that Sam deserved a personal life, so Alexis approved of Sam going on with Silas as long as it made Sam happy. However, Alexis intended to keep her eye on Silas because he hadn't completely proven himself to Alexis. Sam smiled because she appreciated that her mother wanted to look out for her.

Sam shifted gears to suggest that Alexis give Derek a chance. "Did I hear my name?" Derek suddenly asked from the doorway. Alexis managed to hide her embarrassment behind a pleasant smile as she greeted Derek. Alexis shifted the focus to a safe topic by asking about his project. He admitted that he expected things to go smoothly.

At the boathouse, Morgan was gambling online when Kiki walked in. He quickly closed the laptop and greeted her, but Kiki was agitated because she'd just had a meeting with the "Wicked Witch of the East and West." Morgan appeared confused. "Otherwise known as Monica and Tracy," Kiki clarified.

Morgan was curious why Kiki had visited Monica and Tracy, so Kiki assured him that she hadn't intended to, but Monica had decided to evict them. "Just like they did my dad," Kiki complained. "I mean Franco," Kiki quickly amended.

Morgan appreciated why Monica had ordered Franco and Ava to move out, but he was confused why Monica wanted Morgan and Kiki to leave, since they were only using the boathouse, which had been vacant prior to Morgan and Kiki moving in. Kiki explained that she was no longer a Quartermaine, which meant that she wasn't in a position to make demands.

Morgan suggested that Kiki reach out to Silas because Silas was a doctor and could afford decent housing, but Kiki wasn't comfortable asking Silas for anything. Morgan thought that Silas might be "legally required" to help Kiki because he was Kiki's father. Kiki pointed out that she hadn't talked to Silas since she had broken the news to Franco that Franco wasn't her father. Morgan thought that Kiki should talk to Silas, but she insisted that she wasn't ready.

Morgan promised to find them a place to stay, but he was curious why Kiki didn't want to get to know Silas. Kiki reminded Morgan that Silas had been involved with Ava, which Kiki considered to be a strike against Silas. She also admitted that connecting with Franco only to learn that he wasn't her father had hurt her and had made her reluctant to get to know Silas.

Kiki was grateful that she'd had Morgan to lean on because he had kept her sane. Kiki conceded that Silas wasn't to blame for Ava's lies, but Kiki intended to keep her distance from Silas.

Moments later, someone knocked on the door, so Kiki answered it. She was shocked when she saw Silas on her doorstep. Morgan pointed out that it was late, so he and Kiki were about to go to bed. Silas explained that he had stopped by to let Kiki know that Danny was expected to make a full recovery. Kiki was delighted by the news, so Silas admitted that he had been so focused on getting Danny through the crisis that everything else had fallen by the wayside.

Silas apologized for not reaching out to Kiki sooner. She was surprised when he handed her a piece of paper with his phone number on it and invited her to call him when she was ready to get to know him.

Moments later, Ava walked up and demanded to know what Silas was doing there. Kiki glared at her mother and turned the question around on Ava. Ava explained that she was there to make things up to Kiki and then filled Kiki in on the plans for the party. Kiki refused to attend, but Ava insisted that Sonny wanted to do it for Morgan. Ava turned to Morgan for help, so Morgan urged Kiki to agree. Kiki relented as long as Silas, "the father of the bride," was invited. Ava hid her annoyance when Silas assured Kiki that he would be delighted go to the party.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

At the boathouse, Morgan nuzzled Kiki's neck as he kissed her awake. Kiki groggily rebuffed Morgan's advances because they had to get ready for the funeral, but he promised that he'd be quick. "Aren't you always?" Kiki asked with a giggle. Morgan pounced on her as he vowed to make her pay for the remark.

Later, Kiki and Morgan were out of breath after making love. Morgan pointed out that he had kept his promise, so Kiki conceded that he had finished in record time. Morgan reminded her that they needed to save their strength for their move the following day, but Kiki didn't want to think about it.

Morgan bragged that he had solved their housing problem thanks to Alice. As if on cue, Alice arrived. Morgan invited Alice to tell Kiki that Alice had managed to persuade Monica to change her mind, but Alice broke the news that Morgan and Kiki's "free ride" was over.

Alice followed Morgan outside to encourage him to keep his chin up because she was confident that Morgan and Kiki would find a better place to live. Morgan doubted that their new home would have a "kick-ass" maid like Alice, so she smiled and invited him to arm-wrestle. Moments later, Kiki stepped out of the boathouse as Morgan celebrated his victory over Alice. Alice wanted a rematch, but Morgan decided to quit while he was ahead.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny entered the parlor as Michael looked at a picture of Sonny and Michael when Michael had been a little boy. Michael was surprised that Sonny was dressed in a T-shirt and sweatpants rather than a suit. "I ain't going to no damn funeral," Sonny barked. Sonny insisted that he didn't want to hear people talk about Connie being in a better place because he didn't believe that it was true. Sonny pointed out that Connie had been murdered, so Sonny didn't want anyone to let him off the hook.

Michael argued that Sonny wasn't responsible for Connie's murder, but Sonny ranted that nothing that anyone said would make a difference because Connie would still be dead and Sonny would be alone. Concerned, Michael wondered if Sonny had been taking the medication for Sonny's bipolar disorder. "Do not talk about my meds," Sonny yelled.

Sonny immediately apologized for the outburst and attributed his short temper to having a lot of things on his mind and his frustration over everyone hovering. Michael suspected that Sonny had been referring to Diane's defense of A.J., so he explained that he had asked A.J. to "muzzle" Diane. Michael was confident that A.J. had listened. Sonny appreciated that Michael had been in a difficult position, but Michael insisted that Sonny had been the one who had lost the woman that Sonny loved.

"So did you," Sonny quietly added. Michael was surprised when Sonny revealed that Carly had told him that Michael loved Kiki. Michael assured Sonny that Michael and Morgan had made peace. Michael had accepted that Kiki loved Morgan, so Michael felt bad for falsely accusing Morgan of knowing the truth about Kiki's paternity before the wedding. Sonny revealed that there was something that he had to tell Michael about Morgan.

However, Morgan and Kiki arrived before Sonny could elaborate. Sonny was curious why Morgan and Kiki were there, so Kiki explained that they had hoped to go to the funeral with Sonny and Michael. Michael revealed that Sonny didn't want to attend the funeral, prompting Morgan to ask why. Sonny insisted that he wanted to say goodbye to Connie in his own way. Sonny assured Michael and Morgan that he loved each of his sons and then went to his bedroom.

After Morgan and Kiki left, Sonny returned to the parlor. He was surprised that Michael was still there, so Michael admitted that he refused to leave his father alone. "Suit yourself," Sonny said as he walked to the bar.

Michael recalled how difficult it had been for Michael when Abby had died. He revealed that he had called Abby's mother to let her know about Abby's tragic death and the funeral, but Abby's mother had only been interested in knowing who would pay for the funeral. Michael had assured Abby's mother that he would cover the expenses, so Abby's mother had ended the call and had never reached out to Michael again, nor had she attended her own daughter's funeral.

Michael admitted that it had been difficult to see only a few people at Abby's funeral because she had been a wonderful person who had deserved to have a church crowded with people to pay their final respects. Michael reminded Sonny that Connie's funeral would be Sonny's last moment with Connie, so he urged Sonny to make sure that he made a decision that Sonny could live with.

At Metro Court, Julian and Ava were in the elevator alone. Ava was surprised when Julian revealed that Carly might have spotted them on Pier 52. He explained that Carly had been in an argument with Carly's boyfriend, but Julian had decided to err on the side of caution by sticking to the cover story that Ava was his art dealer. "Works for me," Ava said with satisfaction.

Julian warned his sister not to be so cavalier about things because they couldn't afford for anyone to connect them as more than business acquaintances. Ava pointed out that it might be difficult to do, since they were both attending Connie's funeral. Julian was curious why Ava was headed to the funeral, so she reminded her brother that her daughter, Kiki, was married to Sonny's son, Morgan, which made Sonny and Ava family. Julian argued that Ava was only a part of Sonny's extended family, so Ava pointed out that Julian had even less of a reason to go to Connie's funeral.

Julian reminded Ava that Connie had worked for him and that he'd had more than a single conversation with Connie. Ava suggested that she and Julian sit together at the church because it might appear odd for them not to acknowledge their acquaintanceship, but Julian refused to take any unnecessary chances on Sonny's turf. Ava doubted that Sonny would notice because Sonny had hopefully followed her advice by not taking the medication.

Moments later, Julian and Ava exited the elevator but stopped short when they spotted Carly and Spinelli huddled together at the front desk. Julian and Ava quickly ducked out of sight and continued their conversation. Julian explained that he would go to the church after his meeting with Duke Lavery. Ava was stunned when Julian revealed that Duke had applied for a job.

Ava questioned the wisdom of hiring Duke, so Julian reminded his sister of the adage about keeping friends close and enemies closer. Ava suspected that Julian simply wanted to torture Duke. Julian cleared his throat in warning, so she glanced behind her. She relaxed when it became clear that Duke hadn't overheard what she had said.

After Ava left, Derek led Duke to the lobby and invited Duke to take a seat while Derek reviewed Duke's résumé. Derek admitted that Duke's recent work history was impressive, but he was curious about the gap between the early 90s up until the previous year. Duke explained that he had been in Turkey during that period.

Derek flashed a friendly smile as he questioned what Duke had done in Turkey. "Meditating. Exploring my inner self," Duke carefully answered. According to Duke, the country had been fascinating, and he had found it almost impossible to leave. Derek shifted gears to ask why he should hire a man who had once taken orders from Julian Jerome.

Duke promised that his life of crime was behind him and invited Derek to talk to the police commissioner if Derek had any reservations. Satisfied, Derek asked Duke what it had been like to work for a man like Julian Jerome. According to Duke, Julian had been incompetent. "Whatever he lacked in talent he made up with brilliant self-confidence," Duke added. Derek hid his annoyance behind a chuckle and admitted that the infamous mobster sounded like a fool.

Duke clarified that Julian had been a "dangerous fool," so the world was better off without the Jeromes in it. Derek plastered on a pleasant smile then welcomed Duke to his team.

At the front desk, Carly told Spinelli that she wanted him to look into Derek's background because she had seen Derek and Ava on the pier together the previous evening. Carly was certain that Derek and Ava were in cahoots, so she wanted Spinelli to find out what Derek and Ava were plotting. Spinelli suggested that Carly was overreacting, but Carly wanted Spinelli to dig up dirt on Ava.

Moments later, Ava walked up and greeted Carly and Spinelli. Carly and Spinelli tensed, so Ava assured them that it wasn't necessary for them to stop "conniving" on Ava's account. Carly and Spinelli denied that they had been talking about Ava, but Ava knew that Spinelli had been investigating her. "Tell me, what has Google turned up?" Ava asked Spinelli.

Carly told Ava that, as shocking as it might seem, not everything was about Ava. Ava agreed to drop it for the sake of family harmony and then invited Carly to attend the party. Carly had no idea what Ava was talking about, so Ava told her about the plans for Ava and Sonny to host a wedding reception for Morgan and Kiki. Carly bristled when Ava suggested that that the hotel's ballroom would be an adequate venue for the party.

Carly thought that a party was a terrible idea because Sonny had just lost Connie. Ava argued that Sonny was okay with the party because Ava and Sonny both thought that it was important to support their children. Ava suggested that Carly might want to try it and then started to leave. However, Ava turned back to let Carly know that Carly was welcome to invite a guest.

After Ava left, Carly insisted that Ava had an agenda, so it was imperative that Carly find out what was going on. Carly became frustrated when she noticed that Spinelli wasn't paying attention to her. She realized that Spinelli was looking at a man pushing baby carriage into the elevator. Spinelli apologized and claimed that his mind had been on Connie's funeral. Carly appreciated that Spinelli had to get ready for the funeral, but she asked Spinelli to get to work on the investigation as soon as possible because Carly was certain that Sonny would be interested in whatever Spinelli uncovered.

Later, Derek approached Carly to ask how things had gone with her boyfriend. Carly clarified that Felix was not her boyfriend and then changed the subject by revealing that she was close to Danny's family, so she appreciated that Derek had saved Danny's life. Carly wanted Derek to let her know if he needed anything, so Derek assured her that he was satisfied with his accommodations. Carly was curious how long Derek intended to remain in Port Charles.

Derek surprised Carly by admitting that he had decided to put down roots. "Really? With your girlfriend?" Carly asked. Derek smiled as he clarified that he didn't have a girlfriend. Carly apologized because she had assumed that Derek and Ava had been romantically involved. Derek explained that Ava was simply an art dealer that he worked with.

After Derek walked away, Carly opened the file on Ava.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie was on the phone with a florist, warning the florist not to include freesias in any of the arrangements because Connie had detested the flower. Ellie entered the room as Maxie warned the florist that people who crossed Maxie lived to regret it. Ellie swallowed nervously as Maxie glared at her and ended the call.

Ellie was curious how long Maxie intended to give Ellie the cold shoulder, so Maxie made a snide remark about Ellie preferring to wait until Maxie was dying on the operating table to talk about the baby. Ellie insisted that she hadn't known that Maxie had been fighting for her life when Ellie had told Spinelli about the baby. Ellie regretted the circumstances, but not telling Spinelli the truth.

Maxie was curious how Ellie's bout of honesty had worked out for Ellie, so Ellie admitted that Maxie had been right because Spinelli had ended things. Surprised, Maxie wondered if Ellie and Spinelli were truly over. Ellie explained that it wasn't official, but she wasn't optimistic.

Maxie felt bad that Ellie's relationship with Spinelli had been collateral damage, but Maxie made it clear that she and Spinelli had decided not to claim their daughter. Ellie warned Maxie that forever was a long time, so she was curious if Maxie was prepared to walk away from the baby for good. Maxie reminded Ellie that people gave children up for adoption all of the time, but Ellie argued that they seldom had to watch those children grow up because they were best friends with the adoptive mother.

Maxie was determined to find a way to make it work because Dante and Lulu loved the baby. Ellie worried about Maxie's happiness, but Maxie argued that she didn't deserve to be happy. Ellie hated seeing Maxie in pain, so Maxie assured Ellie that it wouldn't last long because Maxie had been seeing a therapist. Ellie conceded that it was a wise decision, but she doubted that Maxie would be able to find peace because it was clear that Maxie didn't want to give the baby up.

Later, Spinelli stopped by to fetch his suit for the funeral, so Ellie explained that Maxie had just left. Spinelli admitted that he had seen Maxie, but he hadn't been able to stomach talking to Maxie, so he had avoided her. Ellie tried to broach the subject of the baby, but Spinelli didn't want to discuss it. Ellie quietly explained that Maxie had been having a difficult time with the decision to walk away from the baby, so she hoped that Spinelli could find it in his heart to go easy on Maxie.

At St. Timothy's Church, Olivia wept as she gazed at a portrait of her murdered cousin, Connie. Dante appeared in the doorway and called out to his grief-stricken mother. He explained that he had stopped by to check on her and to help set things up for the service. Olivia thanked Dante and assured him that everything had been taken care of. Dante looked at the picture of Connie, so Olivia offered a watery smile as she admitted that Connie had never taken a bad picture.

Dante promised his mother that Connie would live on in their hearts and through her namesake, little Connie. Dante was curious how Sonny had been holding up, so Olivia admitted that a few days earlier, she would have told Dante that Sonny was a mess, but then Sonny had decided to throw a party for Morgan and Kiki with Ava. Dante was stunned by the news because he hadn't realized that Sonny and Ava had known each other that well.

Olivia explained that Sonny had never met Ava until Ava had stopped by to propose the party. Dante confessed that he had met Ava, but he had decided to reserve judgment until he'd had an opportunity to get to know Ava better. Olivia freely admitted that she didn't like Ava, so Dante revealed that he had looked into Ava's background but hadn't found anything too alarming.

Olivia told Dante about Shawn's concerns about a gambling ring infiltrating Port Charles and then revealed that one of the goons from the gambling ring had claimed to be working for Julian Jerome. Dante argued that it was impossible because Julian was dead, so Olivia pointed out that stranger things had been known to happen.

At the loft, Anna rocked little Connie in her arms as Lulu beamed with pride at the infant. Anna was happy that Dante and Lulu had found a name for their daughter that had a special meaning. Lulu smiled and thanked Anna for agreeing to watch the baby while Dante and Lulu attended Connie's funeral. Anna insisted that she enjoyed spending time with children, so she didn't mind babysitting. However, Anna wanted an opportunity to talk to Lulu on Maxie's behalf.

Lulu tensed but agreed to hear Anna out, so Anna told Lulu that Maxie had regretted upsetting Lulu. Lulu explained that it had been more than that; Maxie had crossed a line when Maxie had tried to breastfeed Connie. Anna appreciated Lulu's concerns, but she assured Lulu that Maxie was working on putting things into perspective, so she asked Lulu not to cut Maxie out of Connie's life.

Lulu admitted that she wanted her daughter to know her best friend and the woman who had given Connie life, but things weren't that simple. Lulu feared that Maxie might confuse Connie by getting too close to Lulu's daughter. Anna agreed that Lulu's concerns were valid, but she assured Lulu that Maxie would heal with time and make peace with everything that had happened. Anna explained that carrying a baby for nine months created a bond that wasn't easy to break.

Anna recalled going through something similar with Robin, but Lulu argued that there was a vast difference. Robin was Anna's daughter, but Connie wasn't Maxie's child.

Later, Dante arrived home to fetch Lulu. He greeted Anna as Lulu handed the baby to him and then went to the bedroom to put some jewelry on. Dante thanked Anna for babysitting Connie. Anna asked how Olivia had been holding up. Dante told Anna about his visit with Olivia and then mentioned that Shawn had questioned a man who had claimed to work for Julian Jerome. Anna insisted that it was impossible because Julian and his family were dead.

After Dante and Lulu left, Duke stopped by to share his good news with Anna. Anna congratulated Duke on being hired as Derek Wells's chief of staff, but Duke sensed something was troubling Anna. Anna confessed that she had been thinking about Julian Jerome. Duke joked that he felt insulted that she'd had a dead guy on her mind. "Maybe he's not as dead as we think he is," Anna explained.

At the church, Olivia sat in the front pew as she tearfully talked to her beloved cousin, Connie. Olivia had no idea who to confide things to anymore or who to talk "smack" to because Connie was gone. Olivia then mentioned Ava. Olivia conceded that she had never met Ava, but she was certain that she would dislike the woman. Olivia had no idea why she was so concerned about Ava, so she asked Connie to send a sign to let Olivia know what to do.

Olivia sensed someone behind her, so she turned and saw Ava standing in the doorway. Ava smiled softly as she introduced herself then offered Olivia her condolences. Ava claimed that she had met Connie once and that Connie had left a lasting impression on Ava. Olivia smiled politely as she confessed that she had heard that Ava and Sonny had become close friends.

Ava explained that she and Sonny were in-laws, so they were getting to know each other. Olivia was surprised that Ava had found the time to attend the funeral because Olivia knew about Ava's plans for the party. Ava's offered a saccharine smile as she claimed that she had merely wanted to give everyone something positive to look forward to during their time of grief.

Ava glanced at the portrait of Connie and confessed that she couldn't believe that someone as beautiful as Connie had been gunned down. "It's a tragedy," Ava added. Olivia took comfort in knowing that the person responsible for the murder was behind bars. Ava agreed and then asked if there had been any news about the person who had shot Olivia. Olivia explained that her son was a police officer, so the investigation remained ongoing.

Moments later, Morgan and Kiki arrived at the church. Kiki demanded to know what her mother was doing at the funeral, so Ava reiterated that she had wanted to pay her respects. Olivia was curious if Sonny was with Morgan, so Morgan revealed that Sonny had decided to skip the funeral.

Later, Dante and Lulu arrived. They exchanged a stilted greeting with Maxie and then engaged in small talk about the funeral and Connie. Spinelli walked in and approached the trio to extend his condolences to Dante and Lulu. Dante revealed that they had found a way to keep Connie's memory alive. Spinelli and Maxie tried to hide their surprise when Dante and Lulu announced that they had named the baby Connie.

Meanwhile, Derek entered the church and took a seat in a back pew several rows behind Ava.

After Morgan and Kiki were seated, Michael arrived. Morgan was worried about Sonny, so Michael told his brother that Sonny had accompanied him.

Moments later, Sonny entered the church. He walked up to the portrait of Connie and stared at it for several minutes. Olivia's eyes filled with tears as Sonny turned to look at her. She held her hand out to him, so he took it and then sat down next to her.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Michael entered the parlor, looking for his father, but stopped short when he saw Kiki. The two exchanged a long, heated glance until Michael asked why Kiki was there. Kiki explained that she and Morgan had been evicted from the boathouse, so Sonny had offered the newlyweds a place to stay. Michael was curious how his father was doing, so Kiki told him that Sonny seemed to be holding up.

Michael was surprised when Kiki revealed that Morgan had gone to Metro Court to help set up for the party. Michael hadn't heard about a party, so Kiki explained that her mother and Sonny had decided to host a reception to celebrate Morgan and Kiki's wedding. Kiki wondered why Michael hadn't been told about the party, so he suggested that perhaps it was because of everything that had happened between them.

Kiki invited Michael to the party, but Michael feared that it would be awkward. Kiki argued that it would be the best way to get things back on track for everyone. She pointed out that they'd had a good start because Michael had made peace with Morgan and had accepted that Morgan hadn't known that Michael and Kiki weren't related prior to the wedding.

Michael admitted that it had been wrong of him to doubt his brother, so Kiki asked Michael to go to the reception for Morgan's sake. Michael felt that it was inappropriate to celebrate so soon after Connie's funeral, but Kiki insisted that it was important that he attend because she wanted his blessing. Michael agreed to go, so Kiki quietly suggested that he invite a guest. "Like a date?" Michael asked.

Kiki's smile turned brittle as she assured Michael that it would be fine. Michael worried that it would make Kiki uncomfortable, but Kiki explained that they needed to get used to seeing each other with other people.

In Metro Court's lobby, Ava reviewed the guest list in preparation for the party. She saw Silas' name on the list, so she muttered to herself that Silas wouldn't be able to ignore her for much longer. She called Silas, but the call went to voicemail. Ava explained that she needed to talk to Silas to make certain that he didn't disappoint Kiki by skipping the party.

After Ava ended the call, Morgan walked up to offer his assistance. Ava accused him of screwing her over, so she invited him to give her one good reason why she shouldn't cancel the party and tell Kiki that Morgan had been lying. Morgan wondered why Ava was angry, so she blasted him for nearly maxing out her credit card with online gambling. Morgan tried to explain, but Ava wasn't interested in his excuses.

Ava insisted that she had given Morgan the credit card to buy Kiki nice things that her daughter deserved. Ava felt that Morgan had taken advantage of her, so she refused to enable his "addiction." Morgan denied that he had a gambling addiction, but Ava scoffed. "Could have fooled me," Ava told him.

Morgan conceded that he had made a mistake, but he doubted that Ava would say anything to Kiki because Ava needed Morgan. Morgan reminded Ava that the only reason that Kiki had given Ava the time of day was because Morgan had encouraged Kiki not to cut Ava out of her life. Morgan warned Ava that if she turned on him then Ava would lose any hope of repairing her relationship with Kiki. Ava was curious if Morgan had threatened her, so Morgan clarified that they both had a lot to lose if Kiki learned about Morgan's secrets.

"So what's it going to be, Ava?" Morgan asked. Ava smiled because she liked his "by any means necessary" attitude. Ava assured Morgan that she had "loads" of credit cards, so she had just been giving him a hard time. Morgan wondered if she intended to keep quiet, so Ava assured him that she would if he remained cooperative over the next few weeks.

Morgan relaxed and extended his hand to shake on it. Ava took Morgan's hand and promised that Kiki wouldn't know anything about "this." "Anything about what?" Kiki asked as she walked up.

At the apartment, Taylor left Rafe a voicemail message. She expressed her frustration that he had been avoiding her at school and wondered when he would realize that he didn't want Molly and T.J. to reconcile any more than Taylor did. She quickly ended the call when Felix entered the room and demanded to know what kind of trouble she had gotten herself into.

Taylor was saved by the doorbell. Felix opened the door to a mystery man looking for Sabrina. The man realized that he had the wrong apartment because he hadn't heard that Sabrina had a boyfriend. Taylor snickered as Felix rushed to explain that he was Sabrina's roommate, not her boyfriend. The dark-haired stranger smiled and then introduced himself as Carlos Rivera.

Carlos revealed that he and Sabrina had known each other in Puerto Rico, so Carlos had decided to stop by to catch up with Sabrina. Felix explained that Sabrina was at work, so he invited Carlos to follow him to the hospital. Taylor rolled her eyes as Felix led Carlos to the garage.

At the hospital, Rafe rounded the corner as Silas exited Danny's hospital room. Rafe and Silas exchanged greetings, but each became distracted when their cell phones rang. Silas saw that Ava was calling him, so he let the call go to voicemail. Rafe did the same when he recognized Taylor's phone number.

Afterwards, Rafe asked Silas how Danny was doing. Silas revealed that, barring any unforeseen circumstances, Danny would be able to go home soon. Rafe was relieved, but he was curious if that meant that Rafe would have to move in with Silas. Silas admitted that he wanted Rafe to live with him, but Silas appreciated that it had been wrong of him to force the issue during the custody hearing. Silas realized that he had misjudged Sam and her family, so he felt bad for putting Rafe and Sam in an untenable position.

Rafe noticed the way that Silas spoke about Sam, so he realized that things had changed between Silas and Sam. Silas smiled, but deftly changed the subject by asking how things were between Rafe and Molly. Rafe confided that he had opened up to Molly about his feelings for her, but Molly had decided to work things out with T.J. Silas felt bad for Rafe.

Near the nurses' station, Sam thanked Molly and Nikolas for everything that they had done for Danny. Nikolas reminded Sam that they were family, so they had done it out of love. Nikolas spotted Britt, so he quickly excused himself. Molly was not pleased when she realized where Nikolas was headed. Sam pointed out that Nikolas had helped to deliver Britt's son, so she suspected that Nikolas had simply wanted to check on Britt and the baby. Molly hoped that was all there was to it.

A short time later, T.J. walked up, so Sam and Molly filled him in on Danny's recovery. T.J. was delighted that Danny was on the mend. Sam decided to check on her son, so she excused herself and left.

Molly shifted gears by revealing that her publisher had called to let her know that Maine Squeeze, the sequel to her first novel, was doing well. T.J. was proud of Molly, so Molly confessed that she couldn't have done it without T.J.'s support. Rafe walked up as Molly kissed T.J., so he cleared his throat to get their attention. Molly turned then smiled brightly as she greeted Rafe.

T.J. shared the good news about Molly's book sales. Rafe quietly congratulated Molly, but it was clear that Rafe was uncomfortable watching the affectionate couple, so he explained that he had to take care of something and left.

Afterwards, T.J. looked at the dedication of Molly's new book. His smile faded when he realized that Molly had thanked Rafe, not T.J. Molly immediately apologized, but T.J. assured her that he understood because things had been "dicey" between Molly and T.J. when she had penned the dedication. However, he admitted that he expected her to acknowledge him in her next book. Molly smiled as she promised him that she would.

Nearby, Felix approached the nurses' station with Carlos. Felix greeted a fellow nurse, Penny, and then introduced Carlos. Felix was curious if Penny had seen Sabrina, so Penny explained that Sabrina hadn't made it to work because Emma was sick. Carlos was curious who Emma was, so Felix explained that Emma was Patrick's daughter. "And Patrick would be?" Carlos asked.

Felix spotted T.J., so Felix dashed off to talk to T.J., leaving Carlos to turn to Penny for answers.

Meanwhile, T.J. followed Felix to an unoccupied examination room for a private chat. Felix assured T.J. that he was happy that T.J. and Molly had worked things out, but Felix hadn't forgotten how T.J. had treated Taylor. T.J. apologized and conceded that he had treated Taylor poorly. Felix believed that T.J. was sorry, but he warned T.J. not to lead Taylor on again, so T.J. promised that he was focused on making things right with Molly.

Across town, Rafe paid Taylor a visit. He admitted that she had been right; T.J. and Molly's relationship was a problem. Rafe confessed that watching Molly and T.J. together had driven him insane. Taylor felt bad for Rafe because she could tell that he genuinely cared about Molly. Rafe confirmed that she was right, so Taylor confessed that she felt the same way about T.J.

Taylor warned Rafe that her plan would initially hurt Molly and T.J., but they could each end up with the one they wanted. Rafe was curious what Taylor had in mind. "I thought you'd never ask," Taylor replied as she sat down to outline her plan.

Later, Taylor held up a bottle of soda as she proposed a toast to "Operation Maine Squeeze." Rafe admitted that he had reservations about her plan, but she insisted that they had to try something.

At the hospital, T.J. approached Molly as she worked on her laptop. He was curious what she had been working on, so she showed him the dedication that she had written. T.J. was touched by the sweet message and told her that he loved her.

Moments later, Taylor walked up to invite Molly and T.J. to the movies with her and her date. Molly was curious who Taylor's date was. Molly and T.J. were shocked when Rafe walked up and kissed Taylor.

Sam and Silas left Danny's hospital room. Sam was encouraged by her son's progress, so she wondered when Danny could go home. Silas assured Sam that it would be soon. Sam thanked Silas for everything that he had done for Danny and then shifted gears by asking how things were with Silas and Kiki. Silas revealed that he had paid Kiki a visit. He admitted that Kiki had seemed receptive to having a relationship with Silas and had invited him to her wedding reception. Sam was happy for Silas, but he confessed that he was nervous about attending the party.

Silas explained that anything could happen with Ava in attendance, so he didn't want to go to the party alone. Sam was startled when Silas invited her to the reception. Sam didn't think that it was a good idea, so Silas apologized for the short notice. Silas was disappointed when Sam explained that she refused to leave Danny's side while he was in the hospital.

At the Drake residence, Patrick nuzzled Sabrina's neck as he confessed that she had been right to remind him to focus on what he had rather than on what he had lost. Sabrina smiled when Patrick told her that they would have the house to themselves after their shift ended because Emma had plans to spend the night at a school friend's house.

Moments later, Emma entered the living room, complaining that she didn't feel well. Patrick examined his daughter and determined that she had pink eye. Emma was disappointed when Patrick explained that Emma couldn't spend the night at her friend's house because pink eye was contagious.

After Emma went to her bedroom, Patrick called the hospital to see if someone could cover his shift, but no one was available. Sabrina offered to get another nurse to cover her shift, but Patrick refused to consider it because he knew that Sabrina had been scheduled to assist in the operating room, which was important to her career. Sabrina argued that she was the logical choice to watch Emma because Mac and Felicia had their hands full with Maxie, and Anna wasn't available.

Later, Patrick remained reluctant to leave because he didn't want Sabrina to feel as if he thought that his job was more important than hers. Sabrina reminded Patrick that she had found someone to cover her shift, so it wasn't a problem. Patrick confessed that Sabrina was amazing and kissed her. Sabrina assured Patrick that she loved him and that there wasn't anything that she wouldn't do for him and Emma.

After Patrick left, Sabrina tried to put some eye drops in Emma's infected eye, but Emma refused to cooperate. Sabrina tried to bribe Emma with ice cream and unlimited amounts of soda, but Emma wanted her mother, Robin. Sabrina was sorry that Emma's mother couldn't take care of Emma, but Sabrina promised Emma that Robin was looking down from heaven and sending Emma all of her love. Emma wanted her mother, so Sabrina quietly reminded Emma that Emma had her. "It's not the same," Emma sadly admitted and then left the room.

Later, Sabrina picked up Emma's toys when her eyes landed on Patrick and Robin's wedding picture. Sabrina thought about her earlier conversation with Emma when Emma had talked about Robin. Sabrina's thoughts returned to the present when someone knocked on the door. She opened the door but froze when she saw Carlos standing on the doorstep. Carlos greeted Sabrina with a big smile and then kissed her.

At the hospital, Penny was surprised when Michael called her. She admitted that she hadn't expected to hear from him because it had been two months since they had last seen each other. Michael apologized and invited Penny to go to Morgan and Kiki's wedding reception with him.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Nikolas approached Britt, who was seated in a wheelchair as she cradled her newborn son. Nikolas greeted her and then asked how she and the baby were doing. Britt revealed that she was waiting for her son, Ben, to have a final checkup, and then they would be free to leave the hospital. Nikolas liked the name that she had chosen for her son, but he was curious where Britt and Ben would be staying.

Britt claimed that she would be moving back in with Sabrina and Felix, but Nikolas was skeptical because of Britt's history with Sabrina and Felix. Britt assured Nikolas that everything had been adequately resolved because all of Britt's secrets had been exposed. Nikolas was about to argue, but an orderly returned to fetch Britt and Ben.

Later, Nikolas bumped into Patrick, so Patrick asked how Britt and the baby were doing. Nikolas assured Patrick that mother and child were fine. Patrick was surprised when Nikolas mentioned that Britt and the baby would be staying at the apartment with Sabrina and Felix. "Say what?" Patrick asked. Nikolas recounted his conversation with Britt, so Patrick cautioned Nikolas not to believe Britt because Sabrina hadn't mentioned anything about Britt and the baby moving in.

Nikolas decided to seek out Felix to find out if Britt had lied. Felix laughed at the suggestion that Britt and the baby would be living at the apartment, until he realized that Nikolas was serious. Felix assured Nikolas that he didn't wish Britt ill because she was a mother, however, Felix made it clear that Britt and the baby would not be staying at the apartment.

After Nikolas left, Felix spotted Patrick. Felix and Patrick chatted about an operation that Patrick had performed and then Felix asked about Emma. Patrick explained that Emma had pink eye, but she would be fine because Sabrina was taking care of her. Patrick was surprised when Felix told him about Carlos.

Britt was in an examination room, waiting for a doctor, so she called Taylor to ask Taylor to help persuade Felix to let Britt and the baby stay at the apartment. Taylor confessed that things were good between her and her brother, so Taylor didn't want to rock the boat by blackmailing Felix into letting Britt move back in. Britt assured Taylor that she understood and ended the call.

Britt continued to call around to find a place until Nikolas entered the room. Nikolas revealed that he knew that Britt had lied about staying with Sabrina and Felix. Britt admitted that she hadn't wanted Nikolas to know that she hadn't found a place for her and Ben, but she assured Nikolas that she had been working on it. Nikolas insisted that it wasn't necessary because she was leaving with him.

Friday, September 20, 2013

At the hospital, Sam was at the vending machine when Derek called to check on Danny. Sam assured him that her son was doing great, so Derek promised that he wouldn't bother her again for the evening because he would be busy taking his business in Port Charles to then next level.

At the nurses' station, Patrick left Sabrina a voicemail message explaining that he had called to check on Emma and to let her know that Felix had mentioned that a friend of Sabrina's from Puerto Rico had been looking for her. After Patrick ended the call, he saw Sam by the vending machine, so he called out to her.

Patrick was curious how Danny was faring, so Sam gave him an update and credited Silas with saving her son's life. Patrick confessed that he hadn't been impressed with Silas in the beginning, so Sam admitted that she had felt the same way. However, she'd had a change of heart when she had gotten to know Silas. Patrick sensed that there was more to Sam's new view on Silas, so she confided that Silas had asked her out and had invited her to Silas' daughter's wedding reception.

Patrick was curious what Sam had told Silas, so she admitted that she had turned Silas down. Patrick appreciated that Sam would rather hang out at the hospital, eating cheese puffs from the vending machine for dinner. "Which are disgusting, by the way," Patrick added as he reached for one of the cheese puffs. "Maybe you should stop eating them," Sam suggested with a friendly smirk. "Eerily addictive," Patrick explained as he took another cheese puff from the bag.

Sam's smile faded as she revealed that she had used Danny as an excuse not to go to the wedding reception with Silas. She admitted that she had no idea why she had done it because she had felt bad when she had noticed the disappointment in Silas' expression. "Jason," Patrick explained. Sam relaxed because she realized that Patrick understood the position that she had been in.

Sam couldn't understand why she felt as if she had been betraying Jason, so Patrick explained that it was because she and Jason hadn't had a falling out; they had been in love when Jason had died. Sam wondered if she would ever stop feeling as if she were doing something wrong. Patrick assured her that things would change when she found the right person. He warned her that it wouldn't happen right away, but eventually things would fall into place.

Sam was curious if that was what had happened between Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick admitted that he couldn't pinpoint when it had happened, but he no longer felt as if he were betraying Robin. He explained that it helped knowing that Robin had wanted him to be happy. Patrick was certain that Jason would want the same for Sam.

Sam agreed, but she feared that she wouldn't get past the feeling of betrayal. Patrick smiled as he admitted that Sabrina was a generous and loving person who had been amazing to him and Emma, which was why he had fallen in love with Sabrina. Patrick told Sam about Sabrina's decision to stay home with his sick daughter, even though Sabrina had had an opportunity to assist during surgery. Sam smiled wistfully, so Patrick assured Sam that it was okay to leave Danny with Alexis for a few hours and to have some fun with Silas at the wedding reception.

At the Drake residence, Sabrina pushed Carlos away as she demanded to know why he had kissed her. Carlos explained that he had been waiting to kiss her for a long time. "I'm kissing my girl," Carlos added with a smile. Sabrina reminded him that their relationship had been over for years, so she demanded to know why he was in Port Charles.

According to Carlos, a work opportunity had presented itself, so he had jumped at the chance to take it and pay Sabrina a visit. Carlos asked her to invite him in, but Sabrina refused because Emma was asleep in the bedroom. Carlos promised to be quiet, but Sabrina ignored him as she wondered how he had found her. Carlos told her about his encounter with Felix and going to the hospital. He admitted that he loved how caring and compassionate she was, but she pointed out that he had been against her desire to be a nurse.

Carlos insisted that he was a changed man and then smiled as he added that Sabrina hadn't changed a bit because she was still the girl that he had fallen in love with. "The girl I'm still in love with," Carlos amended. Sabrina was certain that it was just nostalgia, but Carlos argued that she had been the one to end their relationship, so his feelings for her had never changed.

Sabrina was shocked when Carlos claimed that he still wanted to marry her. She explained that she didn't want the life that Carlos had offered because he wanted her barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the kitchen. Carlos denied that he had ever said that, but Sabrina argued that he had made his expectations very clear. Sabrina insisted that she had wanted to be a nurse like her mother, so Carlos pointed out that she had done that and that he couldn't be prouder of her.

Carlos tried to caress her face, but Sabrina jerked away from his touch. Carlos assured Sabrina that she could still have her dreams if she shared her life with him, but she explained that things were different because of Patrick. Carlos assumed that Sabrina was Patrick's nanny, so he was confused what the doctor had to do with their relationship. "He's my boyfriend, and we're in love," Sabrina told him.

Carlos was shocked that Sabrina had become involved with a married man, so Sabrina clarified that Patrick's wife had died a year and a half earlier. Carlos suggested that Sabrina had been consoling Patrick, but Sabrina insisted that she loved Patrick. Carlos argued that he had been her first love and that she had claimed that he was her soul mate, so Sabrina reminded him that she had been young and hadn't known what it was like to be in a real relationship.

Sabrina told Carlos that she and Patrick loved and supported each other through good times and bad. Sabrina insisted that she respected Patrick and that Patrick respected her, which she and Carlos had never had even during the best of times. Carlos was about to argue, but Sabrina suggested that Carlos leave because it was Patrick's home. She advised Carlos to take care of his business and then return to Puerto Rico. "And please, don't come back," Sabrina quietly added.

Carlos made it clear that he refused to give up on her because he was certain that Sabrina still loved him. He kissed the tips of his fingers and then gently pressed them to her heart before turning away and leaving.

Later, Patrick arrived home and kissed Sabrina. He wondered if she had listened to his voicemail message, so she looked around and realized that she had misplaced her phone. Patrick explained that he had called to check on Emma and to let Sabrina know that a friend from Puerto Rico had been looking for Sabrina. Sabrina admitted that the friend had found her.

At Greystone Manor, Michael stepped outside and bumped into his mother. Carly noticed that he was dressed up, so he explained that Kiki had persuaded him to go to Morgan and Kiki's wedding reception. Carly suggested that Michael skip it because she worried that it would be too difficult for him. Michael argued that he owed it to Morgan for wrongly suspecting Morgan of knowing the truth about Kiki's paternity prior to the wedding. Carly remained uneasy, so Michael assured his mother that he had invited a date.

Carly wondered who the young woman was, so Michael promised to introduce Penny to Carly at the reception. After Michael left to pick up Penny, Carly entered the house.

In the parlor, Sonny turned on some music and then began to dance. Olivia stopped short as she entered the room and asked him what he was doing. Sonny swept her into his arms and twirled her around the room. Concerned, Olivia asked what was going on with Sonny, so he explained that he was trying to get into a party mood. Olivia admitted that she was confused because hours earlier, he had barely spoken a word.

Sonny was curious if Olivia was upset because he wasn't "bawling" his eyes out. Olivia assured him that she was happy to see him smiling, but she wanted to know that it was originating from the right place. Sonny admitted that he had been grieving earlier "but not now." He was certain that Connie wouldn't have wanted him to wallow in grief, so he suggested that Olivia focus on the good things in life, because it balanced out the bad. According to Sonny, Morgan's marriage to Kiki was a good, so Sonny wanted to celebrate life not death.

Moments later, Shawn and Max entered the parlor and asked for a private word with Sonny. Olivia offered to wait in the foyer, but she warned Sonny not to take too long because they had to get to the reception. After Olivia left, Shawn and Max assured Sonny that they would take care of the shipment that was expected later that evening. Sonny questioned if the men could handle it, because Vince had played Shawn and Max. Sonny growled that it was his organization, so he didn't want to be made a fool of.

Max looked uncomfortable, so Sonny chuckled and admitted that he had been playing both men. Sonny adopted a friendly tone as he assured Shawn and Max that he didn't care what they did as long as they did things right. Sonny jokingly warned them not to play with dead people and then left.

In the foyer, Carly and Olivia greeted each other and then talked about Sonny. Carly was curious how Sonny had been holding up, so Olivia admitted that he seemed better than ever. Carly was surprised when Olivia revealed that Sonny was energized and in a good mood. Olivia admitted that they had Ava to thank for it because Ava had convinced Sonny to embrace life even though Connie was barely cold in the grave. Carly realized that Olivia disliked Ava as much as Carly did.

Moments later, Sonny joined the ladies. He showered Carly and Olivia with compliments as he led the ladies to the car.

In Metro Court's lobby, Ava agreed to keep Morgan's secret if he remained cooperative over the next few weeks and paid off his debt to her. Ava and Morgan shook hands to seal their deal, so Ava promised that Kiki wouldn't know anything. "Anything about what?" Kiki asked as she walked up. Startled, Morgan admitted that he hadn't seen Kiki arrive.

"Yeah, that much is clear," Kiki coldly replied. She demanded to know what Morgan and Ava had been talking about, so Morgan floundered for an answer until Ava stepped forward to smoothly explain that Morgan had been planning a surprise for his new bride. Kiki was curious what it was, but Ava insisted that Kiki would have to wait to find out. Kiki believed the lie, so Ava sent Kiki to Ava's suite to change into the gown that Ava had picked out for her daughter to wear to the party.

Kiki kissed Morgan and thanked him for arranging a surprise for her. After Kiki left, Morgan thanked Ava for rescuing him. Ava admitted that Morgan had looked like a deer caught in headlights. Morgan insisted that he couldn't afford for Kiki to find out that he had known that Kiki and Michael weren't related before the wedding, so Ava offered Morgan the use of her credit card one last time to pick up something special to surprise Kiki with. Morgan thanked Ava for everything and left.

Ava called Julian to make sure that everything was still going according to plan. Julian assured her that she could relax and enjoy the party. Ava spotted Silas as he made his way to the elevator. "Oh, I intend to," Ava purred. She promised to keep Sonny occupied all evening and then ended the call.

Later, Ava entered the restaurant and greeted Silas. She admitted that she was glad that he had made it, so he explained that he had promised Kiki that he would attend the party. Ava was certain that Kiki would be thrilled that he was there. Ava confessed that she had been nervous that he wouldn't attend because he hadn't returned any of Ava's phone calls. Silas explained that he had planned to wait twenty years to call her back because that was how long it had taken him to find out about his daughter.

Ava suggested that Silas should understand better than anyone that she'd had good reasons for keeping Kiki a secret. Ava admitted that she had feared that it would have been disastrous for all of them if Silas had known about his daughter. Silas pointed out that the truth was finally out. "And guess what? The world's still rotating," Silas added with a sneer. Ava hoped that it stayed that way and then shifted gears to remind Silas that they had reason to celebrate together, especially since he was flying solo for the evening.

Moments later, Sonny, Carly, and Olivia arrived. Ava welcomed them, so Carly pointed out that it was Carly's hotel. Ava smiled and tried to strike up a conversation, but Sonny cut her off to fetch a drink at the bar because he was eager to get the party started. Carly seized the opportunity to pull Olivia aside for a private conversation.

Carly wanted to know if Sonny had been taking his medication, so Olivia assured Carly that she had given Sonny the pills. Carly explained that Sonny's sudden highs and lows indicated that he had been skipping the medication. Olivia conceded that she hadn't seen Sonny actually swallow the pills, so Carly assured Olivia that she wasn't judging Olivia. However, Carly was concerned because when Sonny was in one of his "moods," things could turn very ugly.

Sonny returned with three flutes of champagne. He handed a glass to Carly and then one to Olivia as he showered both ladies with compliments.

Moments later, Michael and Penny arrived, so they joined Sonny, Carly, and Olivia. Michael introduced his date to everyone. Penny admitted that she felt honored to have been invited to the party.

Meanwhile, Ava proudly introduced "Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Corinthos," as Morgan and Kiki entered the restaurant. Everyone clapped as the newlyweds began to dance. However, Kiki's eyes kept straying to Michael as he stood by the bar with Penny. Penny whispered to Michael that the bride's dress was gorgeous. Michael agreed as he watched Kiki and Morgan dance.

On the dance floor, Morgan told Kiki that he was happy that Ava had arranged the reception for them because he wanted the world to know how happy Kiki had made him. According to Morgan, Kiki was the best thing to happen to him, so he told her that he loved her. "I love you, too, Captain," Kiki quietly replied. Morgan smiled and then kissed her.

Meanwhile, Sonny patted Michael on the back and assured Michael that Michael was a good man and brother. Sonny told Michael to hang in and then walked away. Penny was taken aback by Sonny's odd remarks, so she asked if Kiki had been the woman that Michael had been trying to forget when Penny had met him at the Floating Rib two months earlier. Michael started to deny it, but Penny wanted the truth, so he nodded.

Penny appreciated Michael's honesty, but she admitted that she wasn't interested in getting involved in his family drama. She hoped that everything worked out for Michael and then left. Michael looked at the dance floor and exchanged a long glance with Kiki.

Moments later, Ava announced that it was time for the parents of the bride and groom to join their children on the dance floor. Carly was reluctant to dance with Sonny, but he insisted that they dance because he had practiced. Ava approached Silas to ask him to dance with her, so he agreed for Kiki's sake. Silas took the opportunity during the dance to let Kiki know that she looked beautiful. Kiki thanked her father and admitted that she was glad that he was there.

Nearby, Carly noticed that Michael looked miserable. Sonny was curious why Carly was such a "downer." Surprised by Sonny's lack of concern for Michael, Carly asked if Sonny had stopped taking his medication. Sonny resented the question, so he tried to walk away, but Carly pulled him back onto the dance floor. Carly reminded him that she knew what he was like when he was not on his medication. "And that's what's going on right now," Carly added.

Sonny insisted that he was taking care of himself, but Carly wanted to know where his pills were. He admitted that they were at home, so Carly suggested that they leave to fetch them. Sonny refused, so he stormed off the dance floor and invited Olivia to dance with him.

After the dance, Silas approached his daughter, so Morgan decided to check on Sonny. Silas assured Kiki that it wasn't necessary to pretend for his sake because he knew that she had invited him to spite Ava. Kiki admitted that annoying Ava had been a perk, but Kiki was glad that Silas was there. However, she confessed that she didn't want to be disappointed. Silas assured Kiki that he wasn't looking to be an instant father, so they could take things as slowly as Kiki wanted.

Nearby, Morgan thanked Sonny for the party. Sonny explained that they hadn't had a choice because Morgan had cheated them out of a wedding. Morgan thanked Sonny for standing by him and for keeping Morgan's secret. Sonny assured his son that he loved Morgan and then asked if Morgan was happy. "Yes," Morgan admitted. Sonny was pleased, but pointed out that not everyone felt that way. Morgan noticed that Sonny was looking at something, so he turned to see Michael approach Kiki.

Michael quietly confessed to Kiki that she looked beautiful. Kiki thanked him for the compliment, but insisted that it was a gown. Kiki changed the subject by asking him about his date. She had recognized Penny as the girl that he had spent the night with a few months earlier. Michael admitted that Penny had left, so Kiki wondered why. "I think you know," Michael replied.

Moments later, Morgan walked up and invited Michael to make a toast.

Meanwhile, Carly and Olivia noticed Sonny flirting with a waitress. Carly warned Olivia that Sonny had stopped taking his medication, so they needed to get Sonny home before he hurt himself or someone else.

Silas saw Ava checking her cell phone, so he asked her if they were boring her. Ava smiled and asked about his talk with Kiki. Silas admitted that it had been brief and that Kiki had concerns. Ava assured Silas that Kiki was a wonderful young woman who had their best qualities. Ava confessed that every time she looked at Kiki she felt the connection that she had always shared with Silas.

Silas informed Ava that their connection was gone and would never return, but Ava didn't believe him, so she kissed him. Sam arrived at the party in time to witness the kiss. Hurt, Sam turned and ran into the elevator as Silas pushed Ava away and then spotted Sam. Silas called out to Sam, but the elevator door closed. Ava called Silas back, but Silas ran to the staircase and left.

Moments later, Michael offered a toast to the newlyweds. Michael admitted that he had been honored when Morgan had asked him to be the best man until Morgan had forgotten to invite Michael to the wedding. Everyone chuckled as Michael conceded that Morgan and Kiki hadn't invited anyone to the wedding. Michael talked about how much Morgan loved Kiki and then welcomed her to the family. Michael ended the toast by assuring Morgan that he loved Morgan and reminding Morgan that Morgan was a lucky man.

After everyone raised their glasses, Carly and Olivia approached Sonny to try to get him to leave. Sonny insisted that Michael had said his peace, so it was Sonny's turn. Carly warned Sonny that it wasn't a good idea, but Sonny ignored her and announced that he wanted to make a toast.

Ava started to leave, but Sonny insisted that she stay. Carly told Sonny to be nice, but Sonny began to ramble about not dwelling on death even though it was all around them. Sonny insisted that Connie should be there with them, but she had been murdered "by that son of a bitch, A.J."

Michael quietly asked Sonny to go somewhere private, so they could talk. Sonny appreciated that it wasn't easy for Michael to hear that A.J. was a "piece of garbage" and insisted that the only reason that A.J. was still standing was because Michael had begged Sonny not to kill A.J. Sonny confessed that he hadn't wanted to let Michael down because he had hurt Michael.

Michael argued that Sonny hadn't hurt him, but Sonny disagreed because Sonny had known that Michael and Kiki weren't related. Confused, Michael asked what Sonny was talking about. Sonny confessed that Connie had urged Sonny to tell the truth about Kiki, but Sonny had refused and had allowed Michael to believe a lie. "Why?" Michael demanded. "Because I promised Morgan I would," Sonny admitted.

Everyone turned to look at Morgan, who stared at his father with an expression of hurt and betrayal.

On pier 52, Shawn sensed that something was troubling Max. Max admitted that he had been thinking about Sonny. Shawn pointed out that Sonny had been in a good mood. "Too good," Max replied. Max decided that it had been for the best that Sonny hadn't joined them.

Shawn confessed that he had tried to track down Vince to find out why Vince had lied about Julian Jerome. According to Shawn, Vince had disappeared. Max suggested that perhaps Vince had followed their advice and had taken the ferry to Canada, but Shawn suspected that Vince had been killed.

Julian lurked in the shadows, eavesdropping on Shawn and Max's conversation.

Moments later, Max saw the boat that they had been expecting approach. Shawn and Max started to walk to the end of the pier to meet the boat, but were knocked to the ground when an explosion rocked the pier.

Julian smiled with satisfaction as he checked his watch and confirmed that the explosion had been on time. Moments later, Julian heard someone approach. "Nice work," Julian said. "Thanks, Boss," Carlos replied.

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