General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 3, 2014 on GH

Victor offered Robin a chance to save Jason's life. Elizabeth took steps to prove that Dante was Ben's father. Franco discovered that Heather was alive. A.J. recalled that Ava had been at Crimson on the night of Connie's murder.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 3, 2014 on GH
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Nathan entered the police station with coffee and an apology to Dante for the previous night's misunderstanding about Lulu. Dante accepted the coffee, and they shook hands. Nathan helped Dante look through a box of evidence in Franco's case. Dante found a card from Heather telling Carly to stay away from Franco or else. Dante regaled Nathan with a list of Heather's crimes but brushed her aside as a suspect because she was locked up.

In the interrogation room, Kiki told Franco that her hunch that Heather had framed him had been a bust because she had checked on Heather and found her at the institution where she was locked up. Franco insisted that it was impossible. He reluctantly told Kiki that he had murdered Heather as Heather had tried to stab Carly.

Kiki said it was justified and wanted to tell Dante, but Franco feared that the police would not accept his story when he admitted that he had moved and hidden the body. Franco asked Kiki to hand him a paper clip that was lying on the floor by her foot instead. Kiki did. Franco worked on his handcuffs while Kiki went outside, had an emotional outburst, and pretended to faint.

Franco escaped the cuffs but was spotted trying to leave the squad room. Dante halted Franco at the exit door. Franco said that he had to find Carly and pushed the emergency bar. Dante fired his gun as Franco exited the building. When Kiki heard the shot, she sat up and screamed.

Elizabeth walked into an examining room at General Hospital and started apologizing to Sabrina and talking about Patrick's baby. Emma, who was on the floor, looking for a place to plug in her computer, overheard. Elizabeth covered quickly and assured Emma that Carlos was the baby's father and that Emma had misunderstood. Privately Sabrina told Elizabeth that she hated lying to both Patrick and Emma. Sabrina wondered if she was doing the correct thing by keeping the news of her baby from both Emma and Patrick.

When Sabrina mentioned Britt, Emma said that she had not wanted Patrick to have Britt's baby because she did not like Britt, but it would be different if Sabrina were having Patrick's baby because Emma loved Sabrina. Sabrina had tears in her eyes.

Emma went back to talking about the chupacabra. When Sabrina told her that it was imaginary, Emma insisted that it was real and that she had seen it in the Wyndemere stables with the woman who worked there. As Emma packed up to leave, she told Sabrina that she was glad that Sabrina was not a liar like Britt had been.

Britt caught up with Patrick at the nurses' station. She apologized to Patrick for what she had put him through. She explained that she knew a lot more since she had become a mother. Patrick complimented Britt on what a good mother she had become. They agreed to let bygones be bygones and move forward. After Britt left to attend patients, Patrick tried to phone Robin but got no answer.

Sabrina found Patrick and told him that Emma was on the way to look at babies with Elizabeth. Sabrina then told Patrick that she had lied. Sabrina revealed that Patrick, not Carlos, was the father of her baby.

At Wyndemere, Lulu found a rash on Ben, just as Nikolas returned, holding a large knife that he had found in the stables. He suspected that Alfred might have left it there. Lulu mentioned the rash and suspected that it was a latex allergy because Dante had the same allergy and had to have special gloves at the police station. Nikolas thanked her and said that Britt had discovered the allergy early and had cream for it. Nikolas listed Ben's food allergies, which corresponded with Dante's known allergies.

Nikolas went to find Alfred while Lulu applied salve to baby Ben. Nikolas returned to say that Alfred had never seen the knife and that no knife like it existed at Wyndemere. Nikolas and Lulu were mildly curious. Nikolas took the knife away. Lulu put Ben to bed.

Britt arrived home and was stunned to find Lulu waiting for her. Lulu said that she was waiting to thank Britt for helping Lulu see that even though Dante and Lulu could not have children, they still had each other. Nikolas mentioned the coincidence of the allergies, and Britt acted surprised.

Victor Cassadine visited with Robin at home and told her that he was looking for a top scientist to help him resurrect Helena and Stephan, whose brains and bodies were perfectly preserved. Robin said, "No way," but Victor said that he would make her an offer she could not resist.

When Uncle Mac knocked on the door, Victor and his WSB henchmen hid. Mac told Robin that Robert had given him a gift -- a good luck charm -- to give to Robin. Robin was touched that Robert had given her a small silver frog charm on a chain necklace. After Mac left, Robin asked Victor why he thought that she would voluntarily help him revive Helena and Stephan. Victor said because they had a friend of hers on ice also. When Robin asked who it was, Victor showed her a photo of Jason.

Heather managed to find an entrance to the catacombs. As she tied Carly to a post, Heather gloated about how well her frame job on Franco had worked. Heather boasted that all that was left was to stab Carly and leave the body to be discovered. Heather changed her tune when she discovered that the knife, which matched the one she had left behind with Carly's blood and Franco's prints, was missing. As soon as Heather left to search for the knife, Carly energetically started trying to cut her ropes on a screw that was sticking out of the post.

Heather did not find the knife in the stable but did find an entrance to the main room. Heather spotted the knife, but Nikolas and Lulu got to it first, and Heather was stymied. She returned to Carly and said that she would go to the Metro Court, get another knife, and return to finish Carly off. Heather advised Carly to make peace with her maker. As soon as Heather left, Carly made a frantic effort to fray the ropes against the screw in the post.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Julian paid Silas a visit in jail, but Silas made it clear that he had nothing to say to Julian. Julian ignored the remark and explained that he was there as Sam's concerned father because of the accusations against Silas. Silas immediately denied any involvement in Nina's overdose. Julian was pleased and revealed that he wanted to help clear Silas' name.

Julian admitted that he was motivated to help Silas in part because Julian wanted to be a part of Sam and Alexis' lives. Julian hoped that he could prove to Sam and Alexis that he was someone that both women could turn to. Silas remained skeptical and wondered how Julian would feel if it turned out that Ava had been responsible for Nina's overdose. Julian promised that his sister would not get away with the crime because ultimately Julian's loyalty was to his children, not his sister. However, Julian warned Silas that if Silas had tried to kill Nina then Julian would make certain that Silas never saw Sam again.

In the squad room, Dante chased Franco to a back door and then ordered Franco to stop. Franco explained that he had to find Carly and then fled through the door, but Dante fired a shot into Franco's shoulder. Franco dropped to the ground in pain and looked up at Dante in shock.

Meanwhile, Nathan shoved Kiki into the interrogation room. Kiki was distraught when she heard a shot ring out, but Nathan ignored her and ordered a fellow police officer to watch Kiki.

Dante ordered Franco to stay where he was, but Franco stood up. Nathan arrived to back up Dante as a deliveryman appeared at the back door with a dolly stacked with boxes. Franco seized the opportunity to duck behind the deliveryman and then dart away, so Dante and Nathan immediately gave chase.

A few minutes later, Dante and Nathan returned to the police station without Franco. Dante ordered an APB on the fugitive while Nathan entered the interrogation room to inform Kiki that Franco had been shot. Kiki was stunned, but Nathan accused her of helping Franco by feigning a fainting spell to create a diversion. Dante stormed in and angrily demanded to know where Franco had been headed. Kiki denied any knowledge of the escape, but neither Dante nor Nathan believed her.

Nathan was curious how Franco had managed to break free, so Dante turned to Kiki for answers because Dante recalled that Franco had been handcuffed prior to Kiki's visit. Kiki claimed that she had no idea how Franco had gotten free, so Dante warned Kiki that she could be charged as an accessory if Carly was not found. Dante was curious if Kiki had considered how Michael would feel when Michael found out what Kiki had done, so Kiki decided that she should talk to a lawyer.

Nathan escorted Kiki to lockup. Silas was stunned when he saw his daughter and immediately objected to Nathan using Kiki to intimidate Silas. Nathan explained that Silas and Kiki had a lot in common because they both had lied to the police. Nathan secured Kiki in a jail cell and then left.

Silas asked if Kiki was okay, so she nodded. Silas quickly assured his daughter that he had been wrongly accused, so Kiki admitted she had never doubted his innocence. Kiki then filled her father in on how she had helped Franco. Silas warned Kiki to beware of Detective West, but Kiki was more concerned about Dante because Dante had had a terrible experience with Franco and couldn't accept that Franco had changed.

Silas was frustrated because he couldn't protect his daughter, but Kiki assured Silas that she hadn't expected him to. Kiki explained that she had helped Franco because she believed that Franco, like Silas, was innocent.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny told Olivia about Julian's threats to hurt Carly and Michael if Morgan refused to spy on Sonny. Olivia was shocked because she thought that there had been "rules" about targeting people not directly connected to the mob. Sonny insisted that people like the Jeromes lacked a code of honor and never followed rules, which had led Morgan to suspect that Julian had been responsible for Carly's disappearance. Olivia conceded that Julian was certainly capable of it and worse, but Olivia insisted that Franco had taken Carly.

Sonny nodded and confessed that he was relieved that Morgan hadn't really turned against him. Olivia wondered if Julian would follow through on the threats, but Sonny wasn't concerned because Sonny had guards in place to watch over everyone important to Sonny, including Olivia. Sonny then accused Julian of using Danny as a hostage to save Julian's "miserable" hide and insisted that there was nothing worse than a man hiding behind a child. "Disgusting," Olivia agreed. Sonny admitted that even in the unlikely event that they found a donor for Danny, Julian would remain untouchable.

Moments later, Sonny explained that he needed to meet Shawn, so he promised to meet Olivia at home. Olivia smiled as Sonny kissed her and then left.

Nearby, Heather, sporting a dark wig, huddled at a corner table and asked to see the dessert cart. The waiter started to leave, but Heather reminded him not to forget the serving knife because she wanted to sample a few of the desserts. After the waiter returned with the cart and serving knife, Heather ordered a glass of champagne. After the waiter walked away, Heather snatched the knife off the cart and slipped it into her purse.

Heather started to leave, but Olivia spotted her and called out to Heather. Heather immediately bolted, so Olivia started to follow Heather, but Julian entered the restaurant and suddenly blocked Olivia's path.

Olivia barked at Julian to get out of her way, prompting Julian to apologize because he hadn't realized that he had been prohibited from entering the restaurant when Olivia had wrongfully evicted him from the hotel. Olivia demanded to know if Julian had seen Heather, but Julian had no idea what Olivia was talking about. He suggested that perhaps it had been one of Olivia's visions.

Meanwhile, the waiter was frustrated when he returned to the table with the glass of champagne and realized that the woman who had ordered it had stiffed him for the bill and had swiped the dessert knife.

Nearby, Sam told Alexis about Nina Clay's will that had bequeathed everything to Silas. Alexis pointed out that it wasn't unusual for a wife to leave everything to her husband. Sam agreed, but she argued that Silas had kept too many secrets from her, so she felt as if he had told one lie after another. Alexis urged Sam to evaluate the evidence as a private investigator, but Sam confessed that Nathan's case against Silas was strong.

Sam told her mother about the pharmacist and then asked if Alexis could talk to Ava and perhaps get a confession out of Ava. Alexis revealed that she had already stopped by the apartment to talk to Ava but had run into Julian instead. Sam sensed that her mother was holding something back, so Alexis started to tell Sam about the visit with Julian. However, Julian walked up and asked if he had heard someone mention his name.

"So, how are my two favorite women?" Julian asked as Alexis and Sam stared at him. Sam wanted nothing to do with her father, so she stood up with the intention of leaving, but Julian revealed that he had paid Silas a visit. Alexis was surprised, but Sam explained that she had shared her theory about Ava with Julian. Julian admitted that he had wanted to look Silas in the eye when he asked Silas about Silas' intentions towards Sam.

Julian conceded that he had believed Silas when Silas had denied trying to kill Nina, so Julian had decided to do everything in his power to prove that Silas was innocent. Sam was at a loss for words. Julian assured his daughter that he just wanted her to be happy and would do whatever he could to help her. Sam explained that she needed to get home to Danny and Rafe and then fled.

Alexis tried to follow suit, but Julian stopped her. "I left the oven on," Alexis said as she floundered for an excuse. Julian confided that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about their kiss. He dared Alexis to deny that she felt the same way. Alexis refused to answer him, so Julian wondered why she was afraid of him. Alexis clarified that she was afraid of herself, not him, and then walked away.

At the police station, Olivia entered the interrogation room as Dante wrapped up a phone call. She quickly explained that she might have seen Heather at the restaurant, but Dante insisted that it was impossible because Heather had been locked up at Miscavige. Olivia urged Dante to check, so Dante called the institute. A few minutes later, Dante confirmed that Heather was at Miscavige. Olivia conceded that the sighting might have been a vision, but she couldn't figure out what the vision had been trying to tell her.

Meanwhile, Sam paid Silas a visit. She was surprised when she saw Kiki behind bars, so Kiki explained that it was a long story. Silas confessed that he hadn't expected Sam to return. Sam conceded that it had been wrong of her to walk away without giving him an opportunity to explain his side of things.

At the cemetery, Franco stared at the plot where he had buried Heather. He took a deep breath and then slowly began to dig with his hands. Eventually, Franco reached the bloody sheet that he had wrapped his mother's body in. He pulled it to the surface and then reached into the grave to find the body. He discovered a note instead, so he unfolded it. The message had been written in blood and read, "You're going to pay."

At the nurses' station, Sabrina confessed to Patrick that she had lied to him when she had claimed that her baby's father was Carlos. "It's yours," Sabrina admitted. Patrick was stunned. "What did you say?" Patrick asked.

"Patrick, you are my baby's father," Sabrina tearfully revealed. Sabrina explained that she had never slept with Carlos, so Patrick demanded to know why she had lied. Sabrina reminded Patrick that he had made his choice, and it hadn't been her. Stunned, Patrick couldn't believe that Sabrina had lied to punish him for choosing Robin.

Sabrina rushed to assure Patrick that she had understood why he had decided to go back to his wife, but Sabrina had kept quiet about the baby's paternity because Sabrina hadn't wanted to be like Britt and use the baby against Patrick. Sabrina had also been reluctant to make things more difficult for Patrick and Robin. Patrick was curious if Sabrina had ever intended to tell him about the baby, so Sabrina confessed that she had planned to leave town without ever telling him. Patrick was hurt that Sabrina would do that to him.

Sabrina insisted that she had thought it would be best for everyone. Patrick wanted to know what had changed her mind. "Emma," Sabrina answered. Sabrina revealed that Emma had overheard Elizabeth urge Sabrina to tell Patrick the truth, and it had made Sabrina realize that the lie had gotten out of hand.

The silence stretched until Sabrina nervously asked Patrick to say something. Patrick was curious what she wanted him to say because he had no idea what to believe after being told so many lies about babies in recent months. Sabrina insisted that she would never lie to him about being the baby's father because she knew how much Britt's lie had hurt him. Patrick pointed out that Sabrina had been willing to lie to keep the baby from him, but Sabrina argued that she hadn't been able to keep the lie going. She assured him that she was deeply sorry, but Emma ran up to greet her father before Patrick could reply.

Patrick quietly took Emma's backpack from Elizabeth as he explained that he and Emma needed to get home to Robin and then left. Sabrina's eyes filled with tears as she revealed that she had told Patrick the truth about the baby. Elizabeth was curious how Patrick had taken the news. Sabrina admitted that Patrick had been shocked. However, Sabrina was worried how Robin would take the news.

At the Drake residence, Victor showed Robin a picture of Jason, but Robin insisted that Jason was dead. Victor pointed out that there had been a time when everyone had said the same thing about Robin, yet she was alive and back with her family and friends. Victor advised Robin to listen carefully if she valued her friendship with Jason, but Robin refused to allow Victor to manipulate her by exploiting her memories of Jason.

Victor explained that Jason had been reportedly shot to death by Faison, who had been wearing a prosthetic mask of Duke Lavery at the time. Victor revealed that Faison had kicked Jason's body into the harbor, but Faison's men had fished Jason's body out of the water. According to Victor, Faison had needed to get Jason out of the way to seize control of Sonny's territory. However, Faison had realized that Jason could be an asset in the future.

Robin demanded to know where Jason was. Victor explained that Jason had been taken to the same clinic in Switzerland where Duke Lavery had been kept. Stunned, Robin realized that Jason had supposedly been in the clinic at the same time that she had been there, but she quickly pointed out that the clinic had been thoroughly searched.

Victor confessed that Stavros had been recuperating at the same clinic since 2001, so Liesl Obrecht had been forced to quickly remove the most valuable patients when Robin's parents had arrived to rescue Duke and search the clinic. According to Victor, Liesl had made arrangements for Helena to take Stavros and Jason, while Liesl had handed Robin over to Jerry Jacks. Victor explained that Stavros and Jason had been transferred to Cassadine Island and that Jason, who had been recovering from the near-fatal gunshot wound, had been put into a cryogenic sleep.

Robin was certain that Victor had simply told her what she had wanted to hear, but Victor assured her that it was the truth. However, Helena and Stavros had ended up in a state similar to Jason's. Victor promised Robin that she would be saving Jason if she helped Helena and Stavros. Robin demanded proof that Jason was in suspended animation. Victor agreed, but one of his men signaled Victor that it was time to leave.

Victor realized that Patrick and Emma were on their way home, so he agreed to give Robin the proof she had requested when at their next meeting. He warned her not to tell anyone anything about what he had told her, or her opportunity to save Jason would vanish. Victor handed Robin the photograph of Jason and then left.

Robin looked at the picture as she told Jason that, with the exception of her parents, the WSB was filled with a bunch of deceitful people and that Nikolas was the only Cassadine who could be trusted. Robin was certain that Victor was trying to manipulate her, but she also knew that Jason would do everything to survive if he had been alive when he had hit the water. Robin realized that as impossible as it might sound, Jason could be alive.

Moments later, Patrick and Emma arrived home. After Emma greeted her mother, Patrick asked Emma to get ready for bed. Patrick waited unto Emma left to room and then revealed that he had something to tell Robin.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In the catacombs, Carly desperately worked to free her hands by using a nail protruding from the beam to saw through the rope that bound her hands. Carly briefly glanced up when she noticed debris sprinkle down from the ceiling, but then quickly returned to the task.

Outside of Wyndemere, Heather smiled with satisfaction when she assured herself that the dessert knife that she had swiped from Metro Court Restaurant was safely tucked into her purse. She started to make her way to the catacombs when a gloved hand suddenly reached out and grabbed her shoulder. Heather turned to confront the person who had startled her, but Victor quickly dropped his hand and apologized. Heather warned him that she had taken down men twice his size and demanded to know who he was.

Heather tensed when Victor introduced himself and then waited for Heather to do the same. Heather claimed that she worked for Nikolas' household, so Victor offered to escort Heather inside. Heather insisted that Nikolas expected those who worked "below stairs" to use the servants' entrance and then fled.

A short time later, Carly managed to cut through the rope and free her hands. She removed the gag, but froze when she heard Heather call out. Carly quickly returned to the beam, shoved the gag into her mouth, and then pretended to be securely restrained as Heather entered the cavern. Heather wondered if Carly had been a good girl while Heather had been away, but Carly merely glared at Heather.

Heather happily announced that she had found a replacement knife that would create wounds to match the kinds of wounds that the knife that Heather had framed Franco with would make. Heather advanced on Carly with deadly intent, but Carly caught Heather by surprise by punching Heather in the face. Heather stumbled backwards, as Carly continued to seize the advantage by grabbing a glass object and bashing Heather over the head with it. Heather was rendered unconscious as the knife clattered to the ground.

Carly picked up the knife and then tossed it away, but Heather jumped up before Carly could escape. The two women fought violently until Heather slowly began to gain the upper hand by throwing Carly against the beam. Moments later, the ceiling rumbled and then caved in, burying Heather and Carly beneath the rubble.

In Wyndemere's parlor, Britt picked up toys that had been scattered throughout the room, but froze when she noticed that the secret door to the hidden passage was ajar. Britt cautiously called out to see if anyone was inside the passageway and jumped when she heard Liesl suddenly enter the parlor from behind her. Britt accused her mother of nearly scaring her to death, but Liesl scoffed that Britt looked to be "the picture of health." Britt demanded to know why her mother was there, so Liesl innocently explained that she had stopped by to say hello.

Britt wondered if Liesl had been skulking about in the catacombs. Liesl made it clear that she wouldn't enter the "dismal caves" in her heels and insisted that she had her hands full running the hospital. Britt appeared skeptical, but resumed picking up the toys. Liesl suggested that Britt confine the children to the nursery, but Britt ignored the advice and demanded to know why Liesl was there.

Liesl explained that she had been "mistakenly" arrested, then imprisoned, exonerated, and finally, put in charge of General Hospital, so Liesl needed some stability in her life. Britt suggested that Liesl get a dog. Liesl conceded that she had seen "a lovely Doberman" on the street a few days earlier, but she would need a home first. Britt tensed when she saw the calculating gleam in her mother's eyes.

"Make room for Mutter," Liesl said with a smile, but Britt refused to let Liesl move in. Liesl threatened to tell Nikolas that Ben was really Lulu's son if Britt didn't cooperate, but Britt argued that Nikolas would never agree to let Liesl live at Wyndemere. Liesl was confident that Britt could persuade Nikolas to change his mind.

Britt became distracted when a man entered the parlor. Victor quickly introduced himself and explained that he was Nikolas' great-uncle. Britt admitted that Nikolas hadn't mentioned anything about expecting guests, so Victor revealed that it was a surprise visit. Britt smiled and then introduced herself and Liesl. Liesl turned to face Victor as Victor warmly greeted Liesl. Britt was stunned that Victor recognized her mother, so Victor reminded Britt that Liesl and Liesl's partner, Jerry Jacks, had commandeered Cassadine Island as their home base.

"You weren't using it," Liesl pointed out. Britt noticed the tension between Victor and Liesl, so Britt carefully offered to fetch Victor something to drink. Victor asked for tea and then waited until Britt left before he confessed that Liesl was as captivating as ever. Liesl reminded Victor that they had agreed to go their separate ways after she had exchanged information about his family and Jason Morgan for her freedom.

Victor revealed that he would like to recapture the closeness that he and Liesl had once shared, but Liesl insisted that it was impossible. Victor disagreed because Faison was out of the picture. Victor promised that he was ready to worship Liesl the way that she deserved, but Liesl became distracted when she felt the ground shake and heard a loud a rumble in the secret passageway.

At the nurses' station, Nikolas approached Elizabeth. Elizabeth greeted him and then asked where Cameron was. Nikolas explained that he had dropped Cam off with Lesley because Nikolas had wanted to talk to Elizabeth. Nikolas admitted that he had noticed how "frosty" things had been between Britt and Elizabeth earlier that day, so he asked Elizabeth to give Britt a chance.

Elizabeth insisted that she had given Britt plenty of chances during the year that Elizabeth and Britt had worked together. However, Elizabeth didn't trust Britt because Britt had tried to manipulate Patrick by trying to pass off Brad's son as Patrick's. Nikolas confessed that Brad wasn't Ben's father. Shocked, Elizabeth wondered who Ben's father was, so Nikolas revealed that Britt had procured a sperm sample from the lab. Elizabeth was outraged because it had been a violation of Britt's contract and an abuse of the hospital privileges.

"You can't just steal somebody's sperm," Elizabeth explained. She warned Nikolas that what Britt had done had been illegal and unethical because Ben had a father who had no idea that he had son. Nikolas argued that Ben's father had been a sperm donor, but Elizabeth insisted that not every sperm sample in the lab had been intended for an anonymous donation and that Ben could have inherited a serious disease.

Nikolas conceded that Elizabeth had made a point, but he assured her that Ben was healthy except for "an allergy or two." Nikolas claimed that Britt hadn't hurt anyone and reminded Elizabeth that Ben could end up in foster care if word got out that Britt had taken the sperm sample. He then changed the subject by announcing that he had to pick up a prescription for Ben. Elizabeth offered to take care of it, so Nikolas handed the prescription to her as he explained that it was for Ben's latex allergy.

Elizabeth revealed that allergies were genetic, so she was curious if Britt was allergic to latex. Nikolas shook his head, prompting Elizabeth to point out that Ben's father had likely passed it down to Ben. Nikolas asked Elizabeth to drop it because he didn't want to lose their friendship over Britt. He asked Elizabeth to find a way to get along with Britt because Britt was a part of his life. Elizabeth reiterated that she didn't trust Britt and didn't want Britt to hurt Nikolas, but she agreed to try to make peace with Britt for Nikolas' sake.

Later, Britt met Nikolas in the foyer when he arrived home and quickly filled him in about his uncle's visit.

In the parlor, Victor joked that he and Liesl had made the earth move, but Liesl was not amused. Nikolas and Britt entered the room, so she asked if Nikolas and Britt had felt the ground shake. Nikolas explained that Port Charles sat on a fault line, so Nikolas suspected that it had been a minor tremor. However, Nikolas promised to have someone check to make certain Wyndemere was safe. Nikolas then greeted his uncle.

"It's been a long time," Nikolas remarked as Victor shook Nikolas' hand. Victor agreed and invited Nikolas to call him Victor. Nikolas was curious why Victor was in Port Charles. "Business," Victor cryptically replied.

Meanwhile, Britt followed her mother out the door. Britt was curious if Liesl had changed her mind about moving in. Liesl claimed that she wasn't interested in living at Wyndemere when the castle's foundation was crumbling and the residence was crowded with visiting Cassadines. Liesl assured Britt that Britt's secret would remain safe for the time being and then left.

At the hospital, Felix checked his phone for news about Carly when Brad entered the examination room with a rose that he handed to Felix to commemorate their first date. Brad confessed that he'd had a great time, but he had been disappointed that he and Felix hadn't kissed at the end of the date. Brad stepped forward to remedy that when Sabrina suddenly burst into the room to talk to Felix. Felix realized that Sabrina was upset, but Sabrina was reluctant to talk about it with Brad in the room.

Brad put his fingers in his ears and then began to count out loud to give Felix and Sabrina privacy. Sabrina revealed that Patrick knew that she wasn't pregnant with Carlos' baby. Felix realized that Sabrina needed him, so he asked if Brad would like to meet him for drinks after Felix's shift. Brad happily agreed and then left.

Felix waited until he and Sabrina were alone and then invited Sabrina to tell him how Elizabeth had told Patrick about the baby. Sabrina confessed that she, not Elizabeth, had told Patrick the truth about the baby. Felix was stunned because Sabrina had gone to great lengths to keep Patrick from finding out the truth about the baby's paternity. Sabrina explained that she had realized that she couldn't continue to lie when Emma had overheard Sabrina and Elizabeth talk about the baby.

Felix offered to go with Sabrina to break the news to Carlos, but Sabrina didn't want Felix to change his plans on her behalf. Felix explained that he was eager to see Carlos' reaction when Sabrina told Carlos that the ruse was over. Sabrina was grateful for Felix's friendship and admitted that she didn't know what she would do without him.

Later, Elizabeth spotted Felix checking his phone, so she warned him to be careful because Liesl would not approve. Felix was frustrated because there hadn't been any news updates about Carly, who had been missing for weeks. Elizabeth knew that Felix and Carly were friends, but she cautioned Felix not to jump to conclusions because Carly was a resourceful person. Elizabeth also pointed out that Sonny's men were searching for Carly, but Felix remained concerned because he knew what Franco was capable of.

At the police station, Lulu and Lucas approached Dante to ask if the reports about Franco's escape were true. Dante revealed that Kiki had provided Franco with a paperclip to unlock the handcuffs and then had created a diversion to give Franco an opportunity to run. Lucas was furious that Franco had gotten away. "Actually, I shot him first. Is that okay with you?" Dante snapped.

Lulu tried to ease the tension between her husband and her cousin by asking where Kiki was. Dante explained that Kiki had been arrested, so Lucas demanded that the police "throw the book" at Kiki. Dante assured Lucas that the police were doing everything possible to find Carly, but Lucas wasn't satisfied because he feared for his sister's life. Dante promised that they would find Carly once they located Franco, but Lucas pointed out that the police had no idea where Franco was. Frustrated, Lucas decided to step outside for fresh air.

Outside, Lucas called Brad. Brad asked how Lucas had been holding up, so Lucas confessed that he could use a hug and asked if Brad was free to meet for drinks later that evening. Brad revealed that he had plans with Felix and then explained that he had to go, but he wished Lucas well.

In the squad room, Lulu apologized for her cousin's outburst, but Dante assured her that he appreciated that Lucas was worried about Carly. Lulu explained that Lucas was upset because Lucas had talked to Josslyn earlier that morning. Dante was curious how Lulu was faring, so she admitted that she had been staying busy by taking care of Bobbie. Dante was curious who had been taking care of Lulu.

Lulu wanted Dante to focus on finding Carly, but Dante confessed that he didn't want to let Lulu down. Lulu became concerned when she noticed the rash on Dante's hands, so he told her about the mix-up with the latex gloves and revealed that he needed to get his prescription cream refilled. Lulu revealed that she had met someone else who had the same allergy, but Lucas returned before Lulu could elaborate.

Lucas apologized for snapping at Dante earlier, but Dante assured Lucas that it was okay. Lulu shifted gears by offering to fetch a refill of Dante's medication, but Lucas perked up and insisted on taking care of the errand himself.

A short time later, Lucas bumped into Brad at the hospital. Lucas promised that he hadn't been stalking Brad and then held up the prescription to explain that he was there to pick up a refill. Brad was curious if Carly had been found, but Lucas shook his head and then changed the subject by asking about Brad's date with Felix. Lucas jokingly confessed that he hoped that Brad had changed the sheets on the bed before the date, but Brad clarified that it hadn't been "that kind of date" and admitted that he and Felix hadn't even kissed.

Lucas was surprised because he had expected that Brad would have cleared "that base" early in the evening. Brad confessed that he wanted to gain Felix's trust because Brad had been too aggressive in his pursuit of Felix in the past. Lucas suggested that Brad look him up if Brad got tired of the "slow lane" but then quickly apologized for the insensitive remark. Brad confessed that Lucas was a great guy who Brad would have been interested in if not for Felix. Lucas smiled politely and promised not to stand in the way of the "next great gay romance."

Shortly after Lucas walked away, Felix approached Brad to cancel their plans for the evening because Sabrina needed Felix. Brad assured Felix that he understood, so Felix promised to reschedule their date soon.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth greeted Lucas and then asked if there had been any news about Carly. Lucas told her about Franco's escape, so Elizabeth assured Lucas that Anna and Dante could be trusted to find Carly. Lucas shifted gears to explain that he needed to pick up a refill for Dante. Elizabeth offered to take care of it but then noticed the label on the tube of cream that Lucas had handed to her. Elizabeth was stunned when Lucas revealed that Dante was allergic to latex.

After Lucas left, Elizabeth looked at the tube of cream that she had picked up for Ben, while her earlier conversation with Nikolas about Ben's medical history replayed in her head. She realized that Dante and Ben had the same allergy. "Oh, my God," Elizabeth quietly whispered as the significance of her discovery hit her.

Nearby, Sabrina met up with Felix. She confessed that she felt bad that he had canceled his date with Brad, but Felix was certain that Brad would find another way to entertain himself.

At the elevator, Brad bumped into Lucas. Lucas was surprised that Brad was still at the hospital, so Brad revealed that Felix had canceled. Lucas assured Brad that his invitation to have drinks was still open, but Brad was reluctant to accept until Lucas promised that it was just a friendly drink.

At the cemetery, Franco read the note that Heather had left for him. He realized that his mother had miraculously survived and was responsible for Carly's disappearance. Furious, Franco began to rant about Heather until a woman walked up. Franco jumped and admitted that the woman had frightened him, but she pointed out that there wasn't anything to be afraid of because there was plenty of company. "In fact, my dearly departed Harold is waiting for me," the woman added as she pointed to the grave next to where Franco had buried Heather.

The woman was curious what Franco was doing there. "Robbing the dead?" she asked as she glanced at the freshly dug grave. Franco claimed that he was the gravedigger, but the woman didn't believe him because she knew all of the gravediggers who worked at the cemetery. Franco claimed that he was new and introduced himself as "Yorick." The woman remained skeptical because she noticed that he had used his hands to dig up the grave rather than a shovel.

Franco claimed that he liked to work from the "ground up," so the woman asked what his occupation had been before he became a gravedigger. "Ice road trucker," Franco replied. The woman didn't believe him because she noticed that he didn't have any calluses on his hand. Franco attributed the lack of calluses to wearing gloves. The woman appeared to accept his explanation and then left.

At the police station, Lulu told Dante about Ben's allergy to latex. Dante was surprised and wondered what the odds were that he and Ben had the same allergy. The question was forgotten when the woman from the cemetery approached Dante and introduced herself as Carol McClain. Carol held up a wanted poster of Franco as she revealed that she had seen Franco at the cemetery a few minutes earlier.

At the cemetery, Franco vowed to kill Heather if she had harmed Carly in any way. Moments later, Franco heard the approaching police sirens and saw the lights, so he fled the cemetery before they spotted him.

Dante was frustrated when he realized that Franco had managed to escape. However, Dante noticed the bloody sheet and note that had been left behind. He quickly ordered a police officer to bag the evidence.

At the police station, Lulu handed Carol a cup of coffee and thanked her for alerting the police to Franco's whereabouts. Carol was curious if Lulu and Dante were married. Surprised, Lulu asked how Carol had known. Carol revealed that she had noticed the way that Dante and Lulu had looked at each other and then confided that she had also seen the picture of Dante and Lulu on Dante's desk. Lulu smiled as she glanced at the picture. Carol was curious if Dante and Lulu had any children, so Lulu quietly admitted that it was just Lulu and Dante.

At the Drake residence, Robin was shocked when Patrick confessed that he was the father of Sabrina's baby. Patrick explained that Carlos had lied and that Sabrina had gone along with it because family was important to Sabrina, and Sabrina had respected Patrick and Robin's marriage.

Patrick revealed that Sabrina and Emma had bonded because Sabrina had lost her own mother when Sabrina had been a young girl. According to Patrick, Sabrina hadn't wanted to use the baby to insert herself between Patrick and Robin the way that Britt had inserted herself between Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick admitted that he wasn't happy about the pregnancy because he had hoped that he and Robin could have a fresh start.

Robin confessed that she didn't blame Sabrina because Sabrina had thought that Sabrina and Patrick would be married, and it was clear that Sabrina had tried to protect Patrick. Patrick sensed that Robin had some questions, so she confessed that she was curious how Patrick felt knowing that the woman he had intended to marry was pregnant with his child.

Patrick admitted that he had no idea what to think because he had been told so many lies about babies in recent months. Robin reminded Patrick that he had recently suggested that they have another baby, but Patrick rushed to assure his wife that he understood and respected Robin's decision to wait. Patrick kicked the coffee table in a sudden burst of frustration because he had hoped that he and Robin would get five minutes of normalcy after everything that they had been through.

Patrick quickly apologized for knocking the coffee table over and bent to pick up the scattered items. He was startled when he saw a picture of Jason on the floor. Robin claimed that she had been looking at the photograph because she hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to Jason. Patrick appreciated that Robin had cared deeply for her friend, so he handed the picture to Robin and decided to check on Emma. After Patrick left the room, Robin quietly admitted that she still cared about Jason.

Moments later, Patrick returned to report that their daughter had fallen asleep. Robin was curious if Emma knew about the baby, so Patrick assured Robin that he hadn't told Emma. Robin realized that Emma had been through a lot lately, but she warned Patrick that they would have to break the news to their daughter soon.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

At Wyndemere, Victor spoke to an associate on the phone and instructed the person to let Victor know when Robin was alone. Victor assured the associate that no one knew the real reason that Victor was in Port Charles and then ended the call. Moments later, Spencer walked up. Victor introduced himself as Spencer's "great-great uncle," prompting Spencer to wonder what was so great about Victor.

"Well, I suppose a lot of things, I hope," Victor said with a smile as he reached into his jacket pocket to retrieve a small jeweled Fabergé egg. Spencer wasn't impressed because there were a lot of similar eggs around the castle. Victor explained that the small egg was different because it had the power to win hearts. Victor instructed Spencer to keep the egg until Spencer met the girl of Spencer's dreams and then present it to her because the egg would win the girl's heart. Spencer took the egg as he revealed that he had already met the girl of his dreams.

In the parlor, Ben was perched on Britt's lap as Britt and Nikolas nibbled on breakfast. Nikolas commented that Wyndemere had formerly been deserted, but lately it had become Grand Central Station. Britt was grateful that her mother had changed her mind about moving in because she didn't want Liesl near Ben.

Nikolas was curious how Ben's rash was doing, so Britt assured him that it was better, but she still needed the ointment. Nikolas explained that Elizabeth had offered to take care of the refill and had promised that it would be ready later that day. Nikolas appreciated that Elizabeth wasn't Britt's favorite person, but Elizabeth was his friend. He promised Britt that he had made it clear to Elizabeth that Britt was an important person in his life. Britt smiled and then kissed Nikolas to show him that he was important to her too.

Moments later, Spencer and Victor entered the parlor. Spencer showed his father the jeweled egg that Victor had given to Spencer. Nikolas was curious if it was one of the Cassadine family heirlooms. "Of course," Victor replied. Britt was stunned because the Fabergé egg was worth a fortune.

Victor insisted that Spencer was a Cassadine and deserved only the best, so Spencer quickly added that Emma did too. Nikolas changed the subject by inviting Victor to join them for breakfast, but Victor received a text message and announced that he had to leave.

Shortly after Victor left, Nikolas called a contractor to take a look at the catacombs. Nikolas explained that he had heard a loud rumbling noise from the catacombs the previous evening, so he wanted to make certain that Wyndemere's foundation was stable. After Nikolas ended the call, Spencer offered to take a look in the catacombs because Spencer suspected that the chupacabra had been responsible for the disturbance. Nikolas made it clear that the catacombs were too dangerous for Spencer to enter.

At the Drake residence, Robin looked at the picture of Jason as she wondered if Victor's claim that Jason was alive could possibly be true. She quickly tucked the picture away as Patrick and Emma entered the living room. Patrick announced that Emma had miraculously agreed to wear the second uniform choice, which meant that Emma would have time to eat breakfast. Emma denied that she was that difficult, but Robin and Patrick disagreed.

Patrick handed his wife a cup of coffee and quietly asked how Robin had slept. "Fine," Robin answered, but Patrick knew better because he had heard her tossing and turning all night. Patrick was curious if it had anything to do with Sabrina's pregnancy, so Robin pointed out that it had been a lot to take in. Patrick agreed, but he promised Robin that they would get through it as long as they were completely honest with each other. Emma interrupted her parents' conversation by asking if she could go to work with Patrick.

Emma was disappointed when Patrick reminded Emma that Emma had to go to school. Robin added that school was important, but Emma didn't care because she wanted to see the babies again. Patrick tensed when Emma suddenly asked if Robin had heard that Sabrina and Carlos were expecting a baby. Robin smiled and nodded, but Patrick seized the opportunity to hustle Emma out the door.

Later, Robin prepared to leave but stopped short when she opened the door and saw Victor, flanked by two guards, standing on her doorstep. Victor was curious if she had given his proposition any consideration. Robin sarcastically assured him that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about reviving Helena and Stavros, but then sobered and demanded that Victor provide her with the proof that he had promised. Victor pulled a DVD out of his jacket pocket and put it into a laptop for her to watch.

Afterwards, Robin sat on the sofa in stunned disbelief. Victor smugly asked if she believed him, but Robin suggested that the footage could have been doctored. Victor was confident that Robin knew that it was real. "Let's say I do. What happens now?" Robin asked.

Victor explained that she would be taken to an undisclosed location to begin her work. "For how long?" Robin wondered. "For as long as it takes," Victor answered. However, he made it clear that she couldn't tell anyone where she was going or reveal what she was doing, not even to her family. Robin objected because she had just been reunited with her family after two years.

Victor accepted her decision, but he warned her that Jason Morgan would remain in suspended animation until someone cared enough to revive him. Robin explained that even if she were to agree, she couldn't give her husband and daughter a plausible reason for leaving. Victor was confident that Robin would figure something out because he knew that every marriage had its problems. He advised her to make her mind up soon because the clock was ticking.

Meanwhile, Spencer approached the Drake residence with his driver trailing behind. The driver reminded Spencer that Spencer had to get to school, but Spencer insisted that he would just be a minute. The driver reluctantly agreed to wait in the car, so Spencer walked up to the porch and pulled out the Fabergé egg and a card from his backpack. Spencer prepared to leave it for Emma, but was startled when he looked through the window and saw Victor and Robin talking.

Spencer quickly ducked out of sight as Victor left the house. On the porch, Victor told his men that he had to get back to Spoon Island before someone spotted him at the Drake residence. After Victor walked away, Spencer popped up from behind some bushes and watched his uncle leave.

At the hospital, Felix spoke to Brad on the phone. Felix apologized for canceling their date but explained that it had been necessary because Sabrina had been in crisis mode. Brad assured Felix that he understood and was glad that Felix had been there for Sabrina. Felix felt bad because Brad worked hard in the lab and deserved to have fun during his downtime.

At Brad's apartment, Brad wrapped up the phone call with Felix as Lucas stretched in bed beside him and then reached up to stroke the side of Brad's face. Brad grimaced and reminded Lucas that they weren't supposed to have ended up in bed together. Lucas was unapologetic as he nuzzled Brad's neck and then kissed him.

After Brad and Lucas made love, Lucas fetched Brad some breakfast to cheer Brad up. Brad explained that he had to get to work, so Lucas offered to go with Brad. "It's not bring your one-night stand to work day," Brad snapped with frustration. Lucas pointed out that they'd slept together twice, but then suggested that Brad relax because Lucas simply had to pick up the prescription for Dante. Brad offered to take care of it for Lucas and invited Lucas to wait until Brad returned.

After Brad left, Lucas lounged against the pillows and then used his cell phone to snap a provocative picture of himself.

At the hospital, Sabrina and Felix talked about Carlos' reaction when Sabrina had told Carlos that Patrick knew the truth about the baby. Felix realized that Carlos had been genuinely upset because Carlos had been fully prepared to be a father to Sabrina's baby.

Later, Sabrina bumped into Patrick. She immediately apologized for not watching where she had been going, but Patrick assured her that it was okay and attributed it to what Robin had called "pregnancy brain."

Sabrina noticed that Patrick had suddenly grown quiet, so she assured him that it was okay for him to talk about Robin. Patrick tactfully changed the subject by asking how Sabrina had been doing. Sabrina told him that she had broken the news to Carlos that Carlos would not be raising Patrick's baby. She was curious if Patrick had told Robin about the baby, so Patrick revealed that he had talked to his wife about it the previous evening and that Robin had been understandably shocked.

Sabrina apologized, but Patrick assured Sabrina that she was not to blame. Sabrina insisted that she didn't want their child to get between Patrick and Robin. "It's not me," Sabrina explained. "It's Britt," she added. Patrick conceded that he had no idea how things would turn out, but he promised to be there for Sabrina and the baby, so she had his full support.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth looked at Dante and Ben's prescriptions as she thought about her conversation with Nikolas regarding Ben's allergy. She recalled suggesting to Nikolas that Ben's father had passed the latex allergy down to Ben.

Elizabeth jumped when Felix walked up and asked if she had a bad rash. Elizabeth explained that the prescriptions were for Dante and Ben and that both suffered from "Latex Fruit Syndrome." Felix laughed and admitted that it was strange that Dante and Ben had the same allergy. Elizabeth remarked that it was a little too weird and then revealed that Britt had done something terrible.

Felix was shocked when Elizabeth told him that she suspected that Dante was the father of Britt's son. She pointed out that Dante had been Britt's patient, so it would make sense that Britt had taken Dante's sperm from the lab. Felix admitted that he knew about the theft, but he was curious how Elizabeth intended to prove her theory that Ben was Dante's son. Elizabeth pointed out that they would need to collect DNA samples to run a DNA test.

Felix was startled when he realized that Elizabeth expected him to help her. Elizabeth reminded Felix that he had been trying to get dirt on Britt since the day that Elizabeth had met Felix, so it was his opportunity to do just that. Elizabeth explained that she would go to Wyndemere to find something with Ben's DNA on it, while Felix collected a sample from Dante. Felix was reluctant to agree because Britt and Brad had been in cahoots, which meant that Brad would likely get in trouble along with Britt.

Elizabeth and Felix tensed when Brad walked up and asked what they had been talking about. Elizabeth claimed that they had been discussing an article in the newspaper about a chupacabra sighting on Spoon Island. Brad appeared to accept the lie and left.

Felix suggested to Elizabeth that they talk to Brad about her theory, but Elizabeth didn't want Britt to get wind of what they were doing because Britt might take steps to cover her tracks. Elizabeth pointed out that Dante deserved to know if Ben was his son. Felix agreed and promised to help Elizabeth, but he made it clear that he didn't like keeping things from Brad.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was flipping through a photo album when Britt entered the parlor. Britt remarked that it was quite a family photo album, so Nikolas admitted that his family had always been big on traditions. Britt jokingly confessed that she would never have guessed that. "Take this bazillion dollar egg, young Spencer, and carry it like your ancestors before you," Britt said with an accent similar to Victor's.

Nikolas laughed and conceded that Victor's gesture had been slightly over the top, even for a Cassadine. Britt showed Nikolas the expensive silver baby hairbrush that Victor had given to her as a gift for Ben. Nikolas was surprised, so Britt offered to return it to Victor. Nikolas told her to keep it because it was clear that Victor liked to give extraordinary gifts.

Moments later, Elizabeth entered the parlor and explained that she had stopped by to drop off Ben's prescription and to apologize to Britt. Elizabeth confessed that Nikolas had made it clear that Britt was important to him, so she hoped that she and Britt could bury the hatchet. Britt reluctantly agreed, so Elizabeth and Britt sat down on the sofa. Britt showed Elizabeth the brush that Victor had given to Ben and then began to brush Ben's hair.

At the police station, Dante was surprised when he saw Lulu asleep on a bench in the hallway, so he gently woke her up. Lulu sat up and groggily rubbed her eyes as she confessed that she had been waiting for him. Dante was stunned that she had spent the night at the police station instead of going home.

Dante fetched his wife a cup of coffee and then handed it to her. Lulu imagined that she looked a fright, but Dante assured her that she was beautiful. Lulu argued that he had to say that to her because he was her husband. She then changed the subject to ask him what had happened at the cemetery. Dante quickly filled her in about the discovery of the bloody sheet and note written in blood.

Lulu realized that Dante feared that it had been Carly's blood. Dante didn't disagree, but he couldn't explain the note that he had found. Lulu suggested that perhaps Carly had merely been injured and had managed to get away.

Moments later, a lab technician approached Dante to reveal that they hadn't matched the blood, but they had discovered a blonde hair on the sheet. Lulu wondered if the hair belonged to Carly. Dante realized that it looked bad, but he urged Lulu not to jump to conclusions until they had all of the facts. Dante decided to take the hair sample to the hospital for testing, so he suggested that Lulu go home to get some rest.

Dante suddenly realized that Lulu might not be ready to go home, but she assured him that she hadn't changed her mind. Lulu promised that she loved Dante and wanted to be with him. Relieved, Dante kissed her.

At the hospital, Brad received a text message from Lucas that included a picture of Lucas in Brad's bed. The message told Brad to have a great day. Moments later, Brad walked into Felix. Brad apologized and appeared on the verge of making a confession when Dante walked up to ask Brad to test a strand of hair because the police department's lab was down. Dante explained that he needed a rush on the sample, so Brad took the sample and told Dante that Dante's prescription was ready.

After Brad walked away, Felix grabbed the prescription and handed it to Dante. Dante held up an empty bottle of water and asked where the trash can was, so Felix offered to dispose of the bottle for Dante.

Later, Elizabeth returned to the hospital with Ben's brush that she had pilfered during her visit to Wyndemere. Felix showed Elizabeth the empty plastic bottle that he had collected from Dante and then asked, "Now what?" Elizabeth smiled as she told him that it was time to find out if Dante was Ben's father.

At the police station, Dante was surprised when he saw Lulu waiting for him. Lulu explained that she hadn't wanted to go home without him. Dante smiled and then reached for Lulu's hand as they left the station together.

Meanwhile, Kiki was taken to the interrogation room where Michael was waiting. After Kiki was secured to the table, the police officer left Kiki and Michael alone. Michael asked if she was okay, so Kiki nodded. Michael confessed that he had panicked when she hadn't returned home. Kiki apologized and explained that she loved him and hadn't wanted to worry him.

Michael's temper flared as he demanded to know how long Kiki had been helping Franco. Kiki revealed that Franco had turned to her for help when Franco had overheard Michael and Dante discussing the arrest warrant for Franco. Michael was furious when he realized that Franco had been hiding out in the apartment and that Franco had sent the text message that had sent Michael and Dante on a wild goose chase. Kiki tearfully apologized, but Michael didn't have any compassion for her because she had cared more about helping Franco than finding Carly.

Kiki insisted that she wanted Carly found just as much as Michael, but Michael didn't believe her. He accused her of turning her back on him when he had needed her the most by helping the man who had hurt Carly. Kiki argued that Franco hadn't hurt Carly and confided that she suspected that Heather had framed Franco. Michael argued that Kiki had also accused Ava of being behind Carly's disappearance.

Kiki reminded Michael that Heather had threatened Carly at the art gallery and revealed that it hadn't stopped there. Kiki admitted that there had been enough red flags for her to go to Miscavige to check on Heather. Michael was curious if Heather had been there. "Yes," Kiki admitted, but Kiki was certain that there had been more to it. Michael disagreed and pointed out that Heather couldn't have framed Franco from inside a mental ward.

Kiki confessed that there were things that she couldn't talk about. Michael was livid because his mother was out there, hurt or worse, while Kiki was only interested in protecting Franco. Michael was furious that Kiki refused to see Franco for who Franco really was and what Franco was capable of. Michael explained that he and Morgan were desperate to find their mother because they didn't want to have to tell their little sister, Josslyn, that Carly was dead.

Michael demanded to know where Franco was, but Kiki admitted that she didn't know. Michael insisted that the only way to find his mother was to find Franco, the person that Kiki had helped escape. Kiki's eyes filled with tears as Michael stormed out.

At the cemetery, Carlos met with Julian. Julian was curious where Carlos had been, so Carlos explained that he had thought it would be best to lay low in case Sonny had decided to finish Carlos off. "Or you did," Carlos quietly added. Julian appeared surprised, but Carlos was certain that the thought had crossed Julian's mind. Julian pointed out that "messes" happened in their line of work, so Julian would not cry over a "little spilled blood."

"So, we're good?" Carlos asked. Julian nodded and asked why Carlos had asked to meet in the cemetery. "It's a little creepy, no?" Julian asked. Carlos confessed that he had thought it fitting because he had almost ended up in the hole that had been cordoned off with police tape. Carlos admitted that a part of him wished that he had.

Julian suspected Carlos' morose mood had something to do with Sabrina, so Carlos told Julian about Sabrina's pregnancy. Julian thought that it was commendable that Carlos had been ready to raise another man's child as his own. Carlos confessed that it felt as if he had lost a child.

Julian opened up to Carlos about Lucas and how Lucas had rejected him. Julian wanted to reach out to his son, but he didn't know how. Julian was startled when Lucas suddenly rounded the corner. Carlos quickly excused himself with a promise to catch up with Julian later.

After Carlos left, Julian asked why Lucas was at the cemetery. Lucas revealed that he was there to see his real father, Tony Jones, because it was the eight-year anniversary of Tony's death. "I'm sorry," Julian said, but Lucas questioned Julian's sincerity. Julian promised that he had meant it and admitted that he would have liked the opportunity to thank Tony for being there for Lucas when Julian couldn't be because it was clear that Tony had done a fine job of raising Lucas.

Julian admitted that he wanted to get a chance to know Lucas and for Lucas to get to know him. Lucas was curious why, so Julian revealed that he wanted to be the kind of father that his own father hadn't been. Julian realized that it might be too much to ask of Lucas, so he decided to leave. Lucas called out to Julian and asked what Julian wanted to know about him. "Anything and everything," Julian admitted.

Julian was curious what Lucas liked to do and if Lucas had a girlfriend. Lucas smiled and revealed he didn't have a girlfriend because he was gay.

Friday, February 7, 2014

At the park, A.J. took a drink from a bottle of liquor as he tried to recall what had happened on the night of Connie's murder. He tucked the bottle away as Michael rounded the corner and asked what A.J. was doing there. A.J. claimed that he had been thinking and then quickly changed the subject by asking why Michael was in the park.

Michael revealed that Kiki had helped Franco escape from police custody because she believed that Heather had framed Franco for Carly's disappearance. Michael was furious that Kiki had betrayed him and continued to keep him in the dark by withholding vital information that might help the police find Carly. A.J. empathized with Michael's frustration because A.J. had been having brief flashes from the night of Connie's murder, but not enough to help him piece together what had happened.

A.J. told Michael about seeing the elevator open as A.J. had stumbled out of Connie's office, but the identity of the person on the elevator remained elusive. Michael realized that the person on the elevator might have been the real killer, but A.J. pointed out that just because A.J. wanted to clear his name didn't mean that he could. "Who else wanted her dead?" A.J. asked.

Michael had no idea, but he reminded A.J. that the jury had found A.J. not guilty and had set A.J. free. Michael loved A.J., so he hoped that A.J. could find a way to accept that and to forgive himself. A.J. confessed that he wouldn't have been able to get through the past few months without Michael.

After Michael left, A.J. resumed drinking and had another flashback of watching the elevator door open. A.J. was stunned when he suddenly recalled seeing Ava standing in the elevator.

In the interrogation room, a police officer announced that Kiki had another visitor. Moments later, Ava entered the room and started to fuss over Kiki when she saw the tears in her daughter's eyes. Kiki resented her mother's show of concern, so Ava asked if Franco had talked Kiki into helping him escape. Kiki made it clear that it had been her choice because Kiki was certain that the one person who was a worse mother than Ava had framed Franco.

Ava muttered that she was glad that someone else was in the running but then shifted gears to ask who else had visited Kiki. Kiki reluctantly told her mother about the confrontation with Michael and explained that Michael had been furious because nothing that anyone said or did could change Michael's mind about Franco's guilt. Ava knew that Michael's reaction had hurt Kiki because Kiki cared about Michael, but Ava also appreciated how stubborn the Corinthos boys were. "Especially with us Jerome girls," Ava added.

Kiki couldn't believe that her mother had managed to make it about Ava, but Ava insisted that she had merely been empathizing with Kiki's frustration. Kiki countered that Ava and empathy went together as well as antifreeze and ice cream. Ava advised Kiki to lose the attitude because Ava was the only mother that Kiki had. Kiki snidely remarked that she was glad that Morgan had finally realized that Ava was bad news and had ended things with Ava.

Ava argued that Sonny had forced Morgan to break things off with her and that she had tried to reach out to Morgan and had gone to Greystone Manor to talk to him, but Morgan had turned her away. Kiki thought that it was absurd that Ava would cry to her incarcerated daughter about how Ava's boyfriend -- who was also her daughter's ex-husband -- had been forced to break up with Ava by his "daddy." Ava conceded that she had made it about her, but Ava insisted that it hadn't been her intention. Kiki suspected that Ava couldn't help it, so Ava tactfully changed the subject by offering to call Diane Miller.

Kiki refused to accept her mother's help, but Ava argued that it wasn't the time or place for principals. Ava reminded Kiki that Kiki was a child of privilege, so Kiki wouldn't last ten minutes in a real prison. Ava then pointed out that Kiki's options were limited because Michael was unlikely to help Kiki, while Silas had his own legal troubles to contend with. Ava insisted that she loved Kiki more than anything, so she begged Kiki to let her help. Kiki relented and then quietly thanked her mother.

Meanwhile, Alexis arrived at the police station to talk to Sam about Silas' case. Sam was frustrated because she hadn't heard from Julian, who had promised to get Ava to confess to trying to kill Nina Clay. Alexis suggested that perhaps Julian hadn't made any progress, but Sam suspected that Julian simply hadn't had time for his long-lost daughter. Alexis was certain that Julian had been sincere in his desire to earn Sam's trust, so she advised Sam to give it some time.

Sam questioned Alexis' sudden defense of Julian, but Alexis quickly changed the subject by reminding Sam that they needed to focus on Silas. Alexis pointed out that Nathan had been given forty-eight hours to charge Silas with a crime, so Nathan had to release Silas from custody unless Nathan had new evidence to move forward with the charges. Nathan walked up and announced that something new had surfaced.

Alexis and Sam followed Nathan to his desk as he credited Sam with finding a key witness. Sam scoffed at the suggestion that the pharmacist's convenient recollection of filling a prescription for Silas over twenty years earlier was reliable. Alexis agreed and warned Nathan that the questionable statement wasn't enough to charge Silas. Nathan revealed that he had also obtained a copy of Nina Clay's will bequeathing Silas millions of dollars.

Nathan handed Alexis a copy of Nina's will, so Alexis asked how he had obtained it. Nathan explained that he had found it in his mailbox the previous evening and that there hadn't been a return address. Alexis questioned the legitimacy of the will, but she pointed out that the will wasn't sufficient proof because it wasn't uncommon for spouses to leave each other money. Nathan argued that Silas had had a pregnant mistress.

Alexis insisted that Nathan didn't have the facts or evidence to proceed with the charges, but Nathan countered that Silas had stood to gain millions if Nina had died. Alexis reminded Nathan that it wasn't his call to make and demanded to talk to the district attorney, Scott Baldwin. Nathan agreed to track Scott down, but he made it clear that Silas couldn't leave before he and Scott returned.

Alexis thanked Nathan in advance for getting the case against Silas dismissed, but he ignored her and left. Sam smiled with pride because she enjoyed watching her mother in lawyer mode. Alexis appreciated Sam's support but cautioned Sam that it was too soon to celebrate. Alexis and Sam talked about the sudden and convenient appearance of Nina's will.

Moments later, Ava left the interrogation room. Sam immediately confronted Ava about the will, certain that Ava had sent it to Nathan, since Ava had been one of the few people who had known about its existence. Ava denied that she had sent the will and then admitted that Julian had tried to get Ava to confess to trying to kill Nina. Ava assured Sam that Sam could rest easy knowing that Julian had been willing to throw Ava under the bus to get closer to Sam.

After Ava left, Alexis received a call from Julian, but she let the call go to voicemail.

At Metro Court, Morgan carried a box into the reception area of Corinthos Coffee as Sonny wrapped up a phone call with Shawn. Sonny was curious if there had been any word about Carly, so Morgan told his father about Franco's escape and the search for Franco and Carly.

Afterwards, Morgan changed the subject because he was curious when Sonny had taken over the former Crimson offices. Sonny smiled and explained that he and Olivia had teamed up to kick Julian to the curb, so Sonny had decided to move into the offices because he needed to vacate Pozzulo's before Michael opened the restaurant. Sonny admitted that he had promised Carly that he wouldn't let his business touch Michael. "What about me?" Morgan asked.

Sonny reminded Morgan that it had been Morgan's choice to align with the Jeromes. Morgan worried that Julian would go after Michael in retaliation for Morgan leaving the Jerome organization, but Sonny assured Morgan that Sonny had men watching Michael. However, Sonny was curious if Julian or Ava had tried to contact Morgan. Morgan promised his father that there hadn't been any word from Julian, but Morgan revealed that Ava had sent several text messages and had shown up at the house.

Morgan confessed that he had sent Ava away, but it hadn't been easy because he had strong feelings for her. Morgan explained that Ava had become his reason for waking up in the mornings and for breathing, so he had hated sending her away. Sonny assured Morgan that he understood how difficult it had been for Morgan, but Morgan had no idea how to go on without Ava because he felt as if he was drowning.

Sonny explained that he had felt the same way when Connie had died and reminded Morgan how bad things had gotten for Sonny. Morgan couldn't imagine how Sonny felt knowing that A.J. was roaming free. Sonny made it clear that A.J. was still breathing because Sonny had made a promise to Michael. However, Sonny was furious that A.J. was alive and free to hang out with Michael.

Sonny quickly apologized for unburdening himself to Morgan because Sonny appreciated that Morgan had enough to deal with. Sonny wished that it could be different, but he couldn't trust Ava. Morgan assured his father that he understood. Sonny thanked Morgan and then asked Morgan to jot down anything about the Jerome organization that Sonny might find useful. Morgan agreed, so Sonny admitted that it meant a lot to him that Morgan was with him.

After Sonny left, Morgan thought about his last encounter with Ava when Morgan and Ava had declared their love for each other. He looked up when he heard a noise from the doorway and saw Ava standing in the office.

At the cemetery, Lucas revealed that he was gay. "What's the problem, Dad? I'm not the kind of son you always wanted?" Lucas asked when Julian seemed at a loss for words. Julian conceded that he was surprised, so Lucas became defensive and asked if he had made Julian uncomfortable. Julian tried to find the right words, but Lucas wanted to know if Julian had a problem with Lucas' homosexuality.

Julian was curious if Lucas was gay or just confused. Lucas promised that he was gay because he liked "dudes," slept with them, and loved macramé. "Macramé?" Julian asked with a puzzled expression. Lucas admitted that the last part had been a joke because Lucas had no idea what macramé was.

Lucas explained that he had been out of the closet since he was a teenager, so he wasn't confused or going through a temporary phase. Julian suggested that perhaps if Lucas had had a stronger hand to guide him and teach Lucas about sports and girls then Lucas might have turned out different. "Oh, you mean normal," Lucas countered. Julian denied that he had said that.

Lucas assured Julian that Tony had taught Lucas how to respect woman and to play sports. Lucas bragged that he had been the "QB1" on his college football team and he was the captain of his gay football team in Seattle. Lucas revealed that it had never mattered to Tony that Lucas was gay and that Tony's dying words had been about how proud Tony had been of Lucas. Tony had also urged Lucas to never let someone into Lucas' life if the person disrespected Lucas or made Lucas feel less of a man because Lucas was gay.

"He accepted me. That's what a real father does," Lucas informed Julian. Lucas made it clear that Julian was not his father and then started to walk away, but Julian asked Lucas not to write him off the way that Sam had. Lucas was stunned that Julian would insult Lucas in one breath and then expect sympathy with the next. Julian apologized and explained that he needed time to take everything in.

Julian pointed out that he had just learned that he had two children and a grandchild, so Julian needed time to adjust and sort out his feelings. "And then what?" Lucas asked. Julian didn't have an answer, but he wanted to be honest with Lucas, so Julian admitted that he was having a little trouble with Lucas' revelation. Lucas conceded that he was having trouble with Julian, too, because Julian was a mobster.

Julian insisted that it was different. Lucas agreed because Julian had made the choice to be a criminal. Lucas wondered if Julian thought that it was worse to be gay than to be a criminal. Julian didn't answer. "Yeah, that's what I thought," Lucas said with disgust. Lucas tried to leave again, but Julian wanted to continue their conversation. Lucas made it clear that there was nothing to say unless Julian could accept that Lucas was gay.

Lucas walked away because he was there to see his real father, not Julian. After Lucas left, Julian called Alexis, but the call went to voicemail. Julian asked Alexis not to delete the message without listening to it because he wanted to see her. "I need you," Julian confessed.

In Scott's suite, Scott was surprised when he opened the door and saw Franco, dressed as a bellman, standing on the doorstep. Franco pushed his way into Scott's room and begged Scott not to call the police. Franco explained that he needed Scott's help because Franco hadn't kidnapped Carly and couldn't hurt her. Scott was stunned when Franco added that Heather was another matter.

Scott pointed out that Heather was locked up at Miscavige, but Franco insisted that Scott was wrong because the people at Miscavige hadn't taken Scott's orders seriously. Franco revealed that Heather had managed to escape several times and that he had been forced to "dole out some vigilante justice" when Heather had tried to kill Carly while Carly had been in the shower. Scott was stunned when Franco confessed to stabbing Heather and then dumping her body in a grave.

Scott pointed out that Heather couldn't have taken Carly if Heather was dead, so Franco revealed that Kiki had gone to Miscavige and had seen Heather. Franco admitted that he had returned to the cemetery to check Heather's grave and that all he had found was a bloody sheet and a note written in blood, vowing revenge. Scott wanted to see the note, but Franco confessed that he had dropped it when the police had arrived at the cemetery.

Franco begged Scott to help because Carly's life was on the line. Franco wanted Scott to go to Miscavige to talk to Heather and find out where Heather had stashed Carly. Scott was curious why he should help Franco, so Franco revealed that he had overheard Scott and Dante talking about Franco's arrest warrant. Franco was certain that a little part of Scott hadn't wanted to see Franco behind bars. Scott insisted that he had been hoping to avoid another disaster like the case against A.J., but Franco didn't believe Scott.

"You need to listen to your little part, Dad," Franco implored Scott. Scott insisted that he was the district attorney and that Franco had just confessed to a murder. Scott feared that Franco hoped to take advantage of the "biological mistake" that had happened to them to save Franco's own skin. Franco promised that he just wanted to find Carly and to make certain that she was okay. Franco asked Scott to let Franco hide out until Scott talked to Heather.

Moments later, Nathan knocked on the door, asking to talk to Scott.

In the catacombs on Spoon Island, Heather woke up beneath the rubble of the collapsed cavern and then dug her way out. Heather panicked when she didn't see Carly, so she desperately began searching. Heather was relieved when she found Carly buried beneath the heavy debris, but Heather's spirits sank when it appeared that Carly was dead.

Heather realized that she needed to save Carly in order to kill Carly so it would appear that Franco had stabbed Carly. Heather performed CPR until Carly suddenly took a deep breath and began to cough. Carly weakly asked what had happened, so Heather told Carly about the cavern's collapse and revealed that she had saved Carly's life. "Why?" Carly asked.

"So I could kill you the right way," Heather answered. Heather explained that she hadn't gone through the trouble of framing Franco only to get Carly's death wrong. "There's only one problem. Where's the damn knife?" Heather asked as she looked around for the murder weapon. Carly began screaming for help and trying to crawl away from Heather as Heather searched for the knife. Seconds later, Heather found the knife and triumphantly held it up.

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