General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 5, 2014 on GH

The 2014 Nurses Ball kicked off. Sonny sent Ava to his private island. Dante and Lulu received their last frozen embryo. Robin refused to return home. Luke persuaded Tracy to get married during the ball.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 5, 2014 on GH
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Sabrina entered the police station, much to the surprise of Anna and Carlos. She demanded to know if Carlos had really killed A.J. and asked Anna for permission to speak to Carlos alone. After initially refusing the request, Anna let Sabrina go into the interrogation room. She reminded Carlos that he had one hour until he was to be transported to Pentonville.

Duke arrived at the station and offered to take Anna out in order to celebrate solving A.J.'s murder. However, Anna still believed that something about the case was "off" and that Carlos' story was "too neat." She needed to get ahold of A.J.'s phone in order to verify Carlos' story that A.J. had tried to call 9-1-1.

Anna related that she'd originally thought that Sonny had put Duke up to providing Sonny with an alibi but realized that Sonny had had nothing to do with the murder. "I have something to tell you," Duke said suddenly. He informed Anna that the Jerome organization had been moving drugs into Port Charles, and he offered to work with her in order to get Julian out of their lives for good.

Anna didn't think the mayor would appreciate Anna "working with one crime family to bring down another." Additionally, working with Duke would expose the fact that she'd still be seeing him despite the fact that she knew he worked with Sonny. Duke smiled and said that he'd settle for dinner with Anna, but she needed to follow up on A.J.'s cell phone.

Inside the interrogation room, Carlos made sure that Sabrina was all right and told her how worried he'd been. She added that her son was "going in the right direction" but that no one knew yet whether or not he'd make it. Carlos blamed the baby's condition on himself. He lied to a confused Sabrina that, if she'd been with Carlos instead of Patrick, she never would have been involved in the accident.

Sabrina demanded to know whether or not Carlos had actually killed A.J. Struggling, he confirmed it. Sabrina blasted him for lying while he'd sworn on her child's life. "You're right, it was your fault. You swore on his life, and look what happened!" Sabrina yelled. Carlos swore that everything he'd done had been for Sabrina. "I need to get back to my son," she muttered, and she stormed out of the room. "Damn you, Ava!" Carlos exclaimed.

Carly suggested that A.J. had hit "Record" on his phone on purpose in order to gain proof of what Ava had been hiding. She and Franco discussed why A.J. had been recording until she finally decided to press "Play." They heard Ava ask A.J. what he was doing at her penthouse then A.J. saying that he knew what she'd done. Suddenly, there was some badly timed static, and Carly and Franco couldn't decipher what A.J. had accused Ava of.

Carly and Franco realized that A.J. had had something on Ava, and Carly wondered if the recording had been somehow tampered with. Continuing the recording, they heard A.J. accusing Ava of trying to kill him, and then her reply: "If you want something done right, do it yourself," and then the click of a gun. There was more static for a chunk of time until Carly and Franco heard Sonny's entrance.

Sonny had yelled at A.J. to get off of Ava, but A.J. had pleaded with Sonny to listen to his explanation of why he hadn't killed Connie. There was more yelling, and Carly flinched at the sudden gunshot. Carly wanted to take the phone to someone in order to clean the recording up, and Franco suggested that they give it to Anna. Carly refused because she thought it would destroy her family. They left the room and were surprised to see Anna walking out of the elevator.

Morgan walked down the stairs at Sonny's house, carrying his backpack and looking at a picture of Ava on his phone. Olivia wondered what he was doing. He told her that he couldn't live under the same roof as Sonny. She understood that he was furious at his father for breaking up Morgan and Ava, but she believed that Sonny loved Morgan and only wanted the best for him. "That's what he told you?" Morgan asked.

Olivia continued that Sonny wasn't perfect, but he loved his kids and would do anything for them. Morgan blasted his father for destroying something that had been so important to Morgan. Olivia was just glad that Morgan hadn't found out "the hard way" that Ava wasn't good for him. Still angry, Morgan left the house.

A short while later, Alexis was at the door with papers in hand that needed Sonny's signature. Sensing that something was wrong, she asked if Olivia was all right. Olivia disclosed that she'd just had a run-in with Morgan. Alexis didn't blame Morgan for being angry after Ava had cheated on him. A shocked Olivia wondered where Alexis had gotten the information. Alexis answered that she'd heard from Morgan, but Morgan had refused to say who Ava had cheated on him with. Noticing that Olivia seemed upset, Alexis hoped she'd said nothing wrong, and she left.

At Kelly's, Sonny informed Shaun that Julian knew about Ava feeding information to Sonny. He continued that they needed to make sure that Ava got to Sonny's island safely until they could "neutralize" Julian. Shaun wondered why Morgan would tell Julian about Ava, which took away their "inside source."

Sonny admitted that he'd slept with Ava, and Morgan had been "out of control" after he'd found out. Sonny continued that it had been a stupid mistake that had "just happened." He confided how Morgan had gone straight to Julian and then to Olivia, but Sonny had convinced Morgan not to tell Olivia. He just wanted to put the mistake behind him.

Sonny related that he owed Ava for convincing Carlos to confess to A.J.'s murder. Speaking of Ava, he wondered where she was. A minute later, Shaun bumped into Alexis outside of Kelly's, and Alexis wondered where he was rushing off to. He quickly replied that he needed to get Ava out of town before Alexis' "boyfriend" got to her first. Shaun rushed off, leaving a confused Alexis.

Olivia carefully considered the yelling match between Sonny and Morgan the night before at the Metro Court. "Oh, my God," she muttered. Just then, Sonny returned home. He wondered what was wrong. "Did you have sex with Ava Jerome?" she asked angrily.

Ava was rushing to put cash and her passport into her purse when she sensed someone behind her. She turned and saw Julian, who asked if she was going somewhere. As she turned to put her coat on, she lied that she was taking a short trip to look at a new artist. When she turned back around, Julian had a gun pointed straight at her.

Julian started that he knew Ava had been feeding information to Sonny. She protested, but he informed her that Morgan had told him the entire story. He wondered who had caught Ava's eye, because he thought it was "good business to pay attention to the person you screwed." She swore that she had only passed on old information so Sonny would leave her alone, and she told Julian to stop overreacting.

Ava thought that Julian wouldn't kill her because she was his sister, but he reminded her that he'd killed their sister Olivia. She suggested that he cut her out of the business or take the art gallery from her in order to punish her. He'd considered alternatives but told her that "it's not up to me." She was surprised to learn that he'd been taking orders from someone. He apologized, but he told her that if he didn't kill her, he would be killed.

Ava begged Julian not to kill her as she cried. Suddenly, someone hit Julian on the back of the head with a vase. Julian fell to the floor, unconscious, and Ava saw that it had been Morgan who'd saved her. She hugged him and thanked him for saving her life. He admitted that he'd ratted her out, not thinking that Julian would kill his own sister, and he apologized for it.

Ava apologized for sleeping with Sonny and swore that the one-time mistake had no bearing on her love for Morgan. She wanted to move forward and pleaded with him to forgive her. She wanted to "leave the country, knowing we're all right." She disclosed to a confused Morgan that she was going to Sonny's island. "Of all the places in the world?" a stunned Morgan asked.

Ava explained that Morgan had put her in danger, so she'd had no other choice -- she'd had to accept Sonny's offer. She invited him to the island with her, but he didn't want to "get in the way" of Ava and Sonny. She again insisted that being with Sonny had been "one bad moment." Morgan again apologized for ratting her out but told her that he was through with Sonny and with Ava.

Morgan got up to leave, and Ava ran after him, begging him not to go. As Julian woke up and reached for his gun, Morgan told Ava that he could never be with her again after she'd slept with his father. A few minutes later, Julian almost had a grip on his gun when Ava stepped on his hand. She grabbed the gun and pointed it at him. "Nice try, Julian," she said smugly.

Ned entered Luke's office at ELQ to apologize, but he stopped short when he saw the piles of cash on Luke's desk. He demanded to know where Luke had gotten the money and suggested that Luke had already been embezzling. Luke wanted to explain. Ned reminded Luke that he'd also have to explain to Tracy, who suddenly entered the office.

Luke explained that the cash was what he'd "squirreled away" from various winnings at the Haunted Star, from poker, and from the racetrack. He announced that he'd wanted to invest the money in ELQ. He invited Tracy to check all the safes and accounts and told her that not one penny would be missing. She believed him, much to Ned's chagrin, and called the investment "a wonderful gesture."

Tracy informed Ned that she would marry Luke whether Ned approved of it or not. Ned only begged his mother to wait because he didn't want to see her hurt. She was only hurt that Ned didn't trust her judgment. He begged her to keep Luke out of ELQ. However, she used her power as CEO to kick Ned out of the building. He hoped that she would see her mistake before it was too late, and he left.

Once Ned was gone, Luke apologized for making Tracy choose between the two men. She replied that she and Luke were partners "in everything, forever." She took the briefcase of money and went to go deposit the money. Smiling, she thanked him and closed his office door.

When Tracy was gone, Luke thanked Tracy for "laundering all my dirty drug money." He made a call on his phone and was frustrated to get Julian's voicemail. He wondered why Julian had not gotten back to him yet and warned that Ava had "better be dead by now."

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

At the apartment, Maxie was going through her yoga exercises when Mac stopped by with bags of food from the Floating Rib, including a full rack of ribs. Maxie reminded Mac that she and Levi were vegans then accused Mac of using the food to test Maxie's commitment to her new healthier lifestyle. Mac conceded that he wasn't thrilled about her being a vegan or dating Levi, but he became distracted when he realized Maxie was alone. Maxie revealed that Levi had gone to an advanced yoga class.

Mac was relieved because he wanted to have a conversation with Maxie without Levi policing Maxie's every word. Maxie objected to Mac's suggestion that Levi was controlling, but Mac insisted that Levi had too much influence over Maxie. Maxie argued that Levi simply wanted to help Maxie remake herself, but Mac countered that it wasn't necessary because Mac and Felicia loved Maxie just as she was.

Maxie assured Mac that Levi was a wonderful and generous person, but Mac wasn't swayed because it seemed to Mac that Levi was only interested in changing Maxie. Maxie clarified that Levi wanted to help her evolve, but Mac argued that Maxie didn't seem genuine to who she really was. He reminded her that fashion trends had previously made her happy, but she disagreed because she had been desperate to fill up her life with something meaningful.

Maxie regretted the poor choices that she had made because it had cost her both Spinelli and her daughter, Georgie. She admitted that she had hit rock bottom when she had met Levi and that Levi had made her believe that she could become a better person. She begged Mac to give Levi a chance, so Mac reluctantly agreed and then served the food.

Maxie debated whether or not to take a bite of the macaroni and cheese, so Mac reminded her that it was her favorite dish. Maxie relented and ate. Mac smiled then confessed that he was happy that Maxie didn't intend to leave town again the way that Robin had. Maxie assured Mac that Port Charles was her home, and she credited Levi with helping Maxie to understand that Robin had left to follow Robin's own spiritual path.

Mac confided that he was disappointed that Robin would miss the Nurses Ball, but Maxie smiled as she admitted that she looked forward to the ball because she wouldn't have a pregnancy dictating her fashion choices, and she didn't have a secret plaguing her with a guilty conscience. Plus, they could all rest easy, knowing that Robin was alive and well somewhere in the world. "A trifecta of positives," Maxie happily announced. Mac grinned because Maxie's way of thinking proved to him that she was unique in her own right.

At the hospital, Carly and Franco decided to leave before Anna arrived to fetch A.J.'s cell phone. Carly explained that she couldn't risk Anna hearing the portion of the A.J.'s recording of when Sonny had shot A.J. Franco agreed, but Carly and Franco had only made it to the door when they spotted Anna exiting the elevator. Anna called out a greeting to Carly and Franco then asked why the couple was at the hospital. Carly claimed that they had decided to help Anna by looking for A.J.'s missing cell phone, but their search had been in vain because the cell phone remained missing.

Franco feigned surprise at the time and reminded Carly that they were due for a dinner engagement, so Carly seized the opportunity to flee with Franco before Anna could ask any more questions. Anna approached the nurses' station to talk to Felix. They exchanged pleasantries then admitted that they each looked forward to the 2014 Nurses Ball. Anna steered the conversation to the topic of A.J.'s missing cell phone. Anna was not pleased when Felix revealed that Carly and Franco had already retrieved A.J.'s cell phone.

At Kelly's, Carly and Franco listened to the recording on A.J.'s cell phone, but they were unable to determine what A.J. had uncovered about Ava. Franco warned Carly that they might not be able to discover what A.J. and said to Ava because of the static, but he added that the police might have the technology to recover what the static had erased. "Not necessarily," Carly replied.

Rather than elaborate, Carly went over what she and Franco had been able to piece together. She pointed out that they knew that Ava had sent Carlos to the mansion to kill A.J., but the plans had been foiled by Luke and Tracy's arrival. Carly also reminded Franco that Ava had lied about being in New York City at the time of the shooting and that A.J. had discovered something damaging against Ava, but what that secret might be remained a mystery to Carly. Moments later, Carly's phone rang. It was Anna.

After the phone call, Carly revealed that Anna knew that Carly and Franco had taken A.J.'s cell phone. Carly worried that Anna would find out about Sonny's role in A.J.'s shooting, so Franco suggested that Carly and Franco disappear for a little while.

At the Jerome Gallery, Julian tried to reach his gun that had skidded out of his reach, but Ava stepped on Julian's hand and quickly snatched the gun away before he could get a grip on it. Ava was curious how it felt knowing that his life was about to end, so he attempted to talk to his sister. Ava's temper flared because Julian hadn't afforded her the same courtesy when their situations had been reversed minutes earlier. Julian insisted that he hadn't had a choice because his boss had threatened to kill Julian if Julian failed to kill Ava. Ava argued that everyone had a choice, but unlike Julian, Ava intended to follow through on shooting Julian.

Shawn suddenly appeared in the doorway with a gun aimed at Ava. Ava was surprised as Shawn explained that he couldn't let her kill Julian because Danny's life depended on Julian staying alive. Shawn warned Ava that Sonny cared more about Danny's life than about Julian's death, so Sonny would not appreciate Ava killing Julian. Ava reluctantly lowered the gun then collected her things with the intention of leaving.

Julian slowly stood up and informed Shawn that Shawn should know something about Ava before leaving with her. Ava growled a warning for her brother to be quiet, but Julian assured Shawn that Sonny would be interested in knowing what Ava had done. Shawn was shocked when Julian revealed that Ava had shot Olivia. Julian smiled as he reminded Shawn that both Shawn and Carly had been suspects because of the shooting. After a few snide remarks about Ava's lack of disclosure, Julian left.

Shawn demanded to know if it was true. Ava explained that she had been desperate to protect Kiki from Franco, and she reminded Shawn that Shawn had also been in a sniper's perch that fateful night because Franco had posed a threat to Sonny's loved ones. Shawn was undaunted as he made it clear that he intended to tell Sonny the truth, so Ava advised Shawn to reconsider. She threatened to go to the police with the truth about A.J.'s shooting if Shawn told Sonny that Ava had been responsible for shooting Olivia. Ava smiled with satisfaction when Shawn didn't reply, so she suggested that they leave because she had a plane to catch.

At ELQ, Luke resented having to leave Julian a voicemail message. Luke demanded that Julian call him back then added, "That sister of yours better be dead." Luke made it clear that it would be in Julian's best interest if Julian valued his life. Michael entered the office as Luke ended the call. Luke tensed, but Michael smiled awkwardly as he confessed that he felt sorry for the person who had been on the other end of the call. Luke realized that Michael had assumed that it had been a business associate, so Luke played along and admitted that he was still trying to get the hang of the business world.

Luke quickly shifted gears to find out what Michael was doing there. Michael admitted that he had stopped by because of Kiki. Luke's tension returned until Michael explained that Michael had wanted to make a donation to the Nurses Ball in A.J.'s name. Luke commended Michael for the idea, but Luke was curious what it had to do with Luke. According to Michael, Kiki had suggested that perhaps ELQ could make the donation, but Michael needed Luke's help persuading Tracy to agree.

Luke promised to do what he could to convince Tracy to donate money to the ball on A.J.'s behalf. Michael thanked Luke then turned to leave. Luke asked Michael to let Kiki know that it had been a nice idea and to give Kiki a hug for Luke.

Shortly after Michael left, Julian strolled into the office. Luke resented Julian continually stopping by the office, but Julian promised that Luke's assistant had been told that the visit had pertained to gallery business. Satisfied, Luke asked if Julian had killed Ava. Julian conceded that he had intended to, but the plan had hit a snag when Shawn had shown up. Luke was tempted to kill Julian, but Luke admitted that he needed Julian alive. However, Julian and "that bitch" Ava were not off the hook.

At the apartment, Morgan was surprised when Kiki answered Michael's door. Kiki immediately saw that Morgan was troubled, so she ushered him into the apartment and asked him what was wrong. Morgan was curious where his brother was because Morgan needed to stay with Michael for a few days. Kiki assured Morgan that Michael would return shortly then pressed Morgan for an answer about why Morgan was upset.

Morgan reluctantly told Kiki about Sonny and Ava's tryst in the crypt following A.J.'s funeral. "They don't even like each other," Kiki said in stunned disbelief. She wondered if Morgan was certain about the illicit encounter, so he explained that both Sonny and Ava had admitted to the liaison. Kiki felt terrible for Morgan and admitted that she couldn't fathom why Sonny and Ava had betrayed him like that.

However, Kiki surprised Morgan by quietly wondering if it might be better for Morgan to move in with Carly. Morgan refused to consider it because he didn't want to hear his mother gloat about being right about Ava. The conversation drifted to Michael and everything that Michael had been through in recent weeks. Morgan was frustrated that A.J. had made a huge deal about bonding with Michael only to turn around and crash and burn by killing Connie and then relapsing into a raging drunk who had been murdered.

Morgan also resented that Michael had been once again left to clean up the mess. Kiki explained that Carlos' confession had added to Michael's misery, which was why Kiki thought that it might be best for Morgan to stay with someone else. Kiki assured Morgan that Morgan had every right to be angry with Sonny, but Michael had been going through a lot and needed to lean on Sonny. Morgan realized that Kiki was right; Michael couldn't lose Sonny on top of losing A.J.

Morgan and Kiki looked up when Michael arrived home. Michael was surprised when he saw his brother, so he asked why Morgan was there. Morgan revealed that he had moved out of Sonny's home because Morgan had needed some space to think things over. Michael offered to let Morgan move in, but Morgan declined and claimed that he intended to stay with Carly.

After Morgan left, Michael asked Kiki if Kiki knew what had happened between Morgan and Sonny, but Kiki shook her head. She asked about the donation. Michael revealed that he had talked to Luke. Kiki was surprised, but Michael explained that Luke had really stepped up when A.J. had died. Michael finally understood why people had always been so loyal to Luke.

At Greystone Manor, Olivia pulled away when Sonny tried to greet her with a hug. Surprised, Sonny asked Olivia what was wrong, so she demanded to know if he had slept with Ava. Sonny recovered from his shock and asked why she would think that, but Olivia's eyes filled with tears as she told him about Alexis' visit. Olivia revealed that Alexis had mentioned that Ava had cheated on Morgan, so Alexis hadn't been surprised to learn that Morgan had moved out.

Olivia was curious what exactly Sonny had done to break up Morgan and Ava, but Sonny refused to answer. Tears clouded Olivia's eyes because she sensed the truth. "Did you sleep with Ava?" Olivia asked then added that she deserved an honest answer. "Yeah, I did," Sonny quietly admitted.

Olivia began to cry as she admitted that none of it made sense to her because the Jeromes had arrived in Port Charles with the intention of killing Sonny. Sonny insisted that his tryst with Ava had been an accident, but Olivia didn't believe him because Olivia believed that there had always been a choice. Olivia tearfully asked why Sonny had betrayed her, so Sonny reluctantly admitted that Ava had been the only one who had been able to understand.

Stunned, Olivia demanded to know what Ava had understood that Olivia hadn't, but Sonny quietly confessed that he couldn't talk about it. Hurt, Olivia asked if Ava had grown up with Sonny, if she had fallen in love with him when they had been teenagers, or if Ava had given birth to his child when she had been 15 years old. Sonny promised that Olivia knew him better than anyone else, but he couldn't discuss certain things with her.

Disgusted with Sonny's betrayal, Olivia decided that she and Sonny were over. Sonny insisted that his fling with Ava had been a one-time thing, but Olivia was unmoved. She explained that Sonny had broken her heart, so she never wanted to lay eyes on him again.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

At the apartment, Nathan was practicing a few dance steps as Maxie entered the room. Nathan immediately stopped, but Maxie smiled and invited him to continue because she had enjoyed the performance. She joked that she might even have some single dollars in her purse. Nathan smiled at the joke then explained that he had been working on a dance routine for the Nurses Ball. Maxie was stunned because she had thought that Nathan was too "uptight" to be in a musical show, so Nathan wondered if that was in addition to him being "angry and toxic."

Maxie denied accusing Nathan of being any of those things, but Nathan reminded her that she had used those very words when she had decided to kick him out of the apartment. However, Nathan conceded that Levi had put the thoughts into Maxie's head because Maxie hadn't expressed an independent thought since she had returned from her spiritual journey. Maxie argued that Nathan wasn't in any position to judge her because he didn't know her, but Nathan questioned if Maxie even knew herself.

Levi appeared in the doorway and grumbled that the arguing had created negative vibes, which had disrupted his mediation. Maxie explained that Nathan had accused her of being Levi's puppet. "That's harsh," Levi told Nathan, but he quickly seized the opportunity to suggest that Nathan move out, since it was clear that they would never be able to get along. Nathan waited for Maxie to prove Nathan right by going along with Levi's edict, but Maxie resented Nathan trying to use reverse psychology to manipulate her.

Maxie made it clear that Nathan would stay because she needed his portion of the rent to cover the expenses. Satisfied, Nathan asked if he could get back to his practice. Levi perked up because he assumed that Nathan had meant tai chi, but Maxie quickly clarified that Nathan had agreed to perform in the Nurses Ball. She smiled as she confessed that she looked forward to watching Nathan make a fool of himself, but Levi explained that she would have to miss the performance because Levi refused to attend the event.

Stunned, Maxie reminded Levi that the Nurses Ball was for a good cause. Levi agreed, but he objected to the lavish gala because most of the money raised for the event would not make it to the frontline. Maxie conceded that Levi had a point, so she agreed to stay home with him. "So much for thinking for yourself," Nathan said with a smirk.

Outside Kelly's, Luke wondered if it got better than an outdoor breakfast with the woman he loved on a beautiful spring morning. Tracy made a sarcastic remark, so Luke muttered that Tracy might have started to believe Ned's conspiracy theories. Tracy conceded that nothing that her son had said had been beyond the realm of possibility, but she quickly assured Luke that she was on Luke's side because she believed her fiancÚ. Moments later, Bobbie marched up to confront Luke.

"Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?" Bobbie demanded. Luke's eyes rounded with a flicker of nervousness, but he quickly regained his composure and assured Bobbie that he was the same person that he had always been. Bobbie explained that she was upset because Lulu had told her that Luke had gotten engaged two months earlier. Luke appeared surprised because he was certain that he had told Bobbie about the engagement, but Bobbie assured him that she would have remembered if her brother had mentioned getting married.

Luke apologized for the misunderstanding, so Bobbie quickly forgave her brother then hugged Luke as she conceded that she could never stay mad at him for long. "Your one and only failing," Scott confessed as he walked up and asked Luke for a kiss. Startled, Luke asked what was wrong with Scott, so Scott chuckled and promised that he had been kidding.

Scott continued to try to get under Luke's skin by showing Bobbie a photograph of Luke sporting Heather's wig that Scott had taken at Miscavige. Annoyed, Luke demanded to know what Scott was doing there, so Bobbie explained that she had agreed to meet Scott for breakfast then quickly added that she and Scott were just friends. Scott winked as he confided that he hoped to change Bobbie's mind about that. Tracy was surprised when Luke didn't object to Scott leading Bobbie away, but Luke insisted that it was Bobbie's life, so she could do whatever she liked.

Luke then shifted gears to broach the subject of Michael's request to make a donation to the Nurses Ball in A.J.'s name. Tracy loved the idea, but Luke reminded Tracy that everyone knew that A.J. had murdered an innocent woman, even though A.J. had been acquitted of the crime. Tracy conceded that Luke was right to caution her about making the wrong statement with the donation, so she decided to find another way to honor A.J. Luke smiled with satisfaction and suggested that Tracy break the news to Michael because Luke needed to free up some time to work on a special surprise that he planned for her at the Nurses Ball.

Inside Kelly's, Scott asked Bobbie if she had plans for the evening. She admitted that she intended to attend the Nurses Ball, so Scott suggested that they go to the ball together, prompting Bobbie to wonder if he had asked her out on a date. Scott mustered up the courage to admit that he had, but Bobbie warned him that it was a bad idea because she had recently broken up with Noah, Scott was still trying to get over Lucy, and Scott and Bobbie's numerous other attempts at a relationship had failed. Scott insisted that he wanted to move forward and that he hoped that the tenth time was the charm for them.

At the apartment, Michael was practicing a few of his dance moves for the Nurses Ball when Kiki arrived. Kiki smiled as she enjoyed the show, but Michael pretended to take offense to her objectifying him. Kiki was startled when she realized that Michael had been rehearsing for the ball, so she confided that she had a secret of her own to share. However, someone knocked on the door before she could elaborate.

Kiki sent Michael to shower and ordered him to change clothes while she answered the door. After Michael left the room, Kiki opened the door. It was Ned. Ned was desperate to expose Luke for the liar that Luke was, but Ned needed Kiki's help because Kiki was Luke's weakness. Kiki reminded Ned that they had tried and had failed to prove that Luke was a "treacherous degenerate," but Ned insisted that they simply had to find a more subtle way to approach Luke. Ned begged Kiki to consider flirting with Luke again. Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway.

It was clear that Michael had heard what Ned had said, so Michael demanded an explanation. Kiki realized that she couldn't hide the truth from Michael anymore and decided to tell him everything that Luke had done. Michael's anger quickly mounted when he learned that Kiki had been forced to physically defend herself against Luke's advances during Kiki's last encounter with Luke. Furious, Michael decided to track Luke down and confront him, but both Kiki and Ned stopped Michael.

Ned explained that confronting Luke was not the way to go. Kiki nodded then agreed to try to seduce Luke into lowering his guard, but Michael refused to consider it. Ned realized that there was another way to prove to Tracy what Luke was really up to.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas spotted Elizabeth near the front door, trying to put on her sweater. He quickly approached her and helped her with the sweater as he asked where she was headed. Elizabeth explained that Cam had a final rehearsal for the Nurses Ball, so Nikolas offered to take Elizabeth to Metro Court. He opened the door, intending to get the launch ready as he instructed Elizabeth to fetch Cam, but Elizabeth explained that it wasn't necessary because someone else had agreed to take her. Nikolas turned just as Ric walked up.

Ric warmly greeted Elizabeth then began to exchange barbs with Nikolas. Eventually, Ric realized that Elizabeth was silent. She admitted that she had decided to collect Cam while Nikolas and Ric "duked it out." Ric called out for Elizabeth as she started to walk away because he wanted to invite her to attend the Nurses Ball with him. Elizabeth recalled her recent conversation with Nikolas when she and Nikolas had agreed that it had been for the best that they had remained friends, so she agreed to go out on the date with Ric. Nikolas looked down to hide his disappointment and frustration.

In the parlor, Spencer sat on the floor behind the sofa and moped as he stared at a picture of him and Emma during happier times. Cam leaned over the sofa to accuse Spencer of being a loser. Spencer suggested that Cam enjoy the bliss while it lasted because Spencer intended to win Emma back. Cam wasn't intimidated because Cam boasted that Cam and Emma intended to perform the tango during the Nurses Ball.

After Elizabeth fetched Cam, Nikolas invited Spencer to go to the park or stables, but Spencer remained downcast. Concerned, Nikolas asked what was troubling Spencer, so Spencer revealed that he had lost Emma and would never get her back. Nikolas wiped his son's tears away and promised that everything would be okay, but Spencer disagreed because Cam and Emma intended to dance the tango, which was the dance of love.

Nikolas appreciated that Spencer believed that Spencer and Emma were meant to be together, but Spencer quickly clarified that Spencer knew it to be true. Nikolas felt bad for Spencer because Spencer had to learn the difficult lessons of love at such a young age. Spencer was curious if Nikolas thought that Spencer should just give up then wondered if that was what Nikolas would do if the girl of Nikolas' dreams went to a magical ball with someone else. Nikolas cryptically explained that sometimes a person didn't have a choice.

At the hospital, Felix and Epiphany talked about Sabrina's baby. They were happy that the premature infant had been holding his own, but they knew that the baby was far from out of the woods. Felix confided that it had been difficult for him not to break down each time he left the neonatal intensive care unit because it had been heartbreaking to watch Sabrina and the baby. Epiphany was proud of how well Felix had been doing, so she suggested that he go home to rest up for the evening ahead.

Felix was stunned that Epiphany would voluntarily give him time off, so Epiphany reminded him that the Nurses Ball was a good cause and that she didn't have to worry about Liesl. As if on cue, Liesl suddenly exited the elevator and loudly announced, "I'm back." Felix and Epiphany suspected that Liesl had escaped, but Liesl showed them the paperwork that had released Liesl from jail and had granted her permission to resume her duties as chief of staff. Felix was shocked that Liesl had been allowed to walk away without any repercussions, so Liesl showed them her new ankle monitor.

Felix and Epiphany refused to believe that the board of directors would keep Liesl on as chief of staff, but Liesl laughed and informed the nurses that the board wasn't in a position to deny her anything. Liesl confided that the hospital had been on the brink of financial ruin and shutting down the year before, so it had been in desperate need of a cash influx. Epiphany realized that Liesl had provided the hospital with the millions that it had needed to remain solvent. Liesl confirmed Epiphany's suspicions by asking how else Liesl could have taken over as the hospital's new chief of staff.

Liesl suggested that Felix and Epiphany show Liesl some gratitude for saving their jobs then made it clear that the Nurses Ball was completely dependent on Liesl's goodwill. Epiphany warned Liesl not to mess with the Nurses Ball, but Felix was confident that Liesl wouldn't. "Wouldn't I?" Liesl asked as she entered the elevator then practically cackled with wicked glee.

In Metro Court's ballroom, Mac had Mr. Marbles, his ventriloquist's dummy, perched on his lap as he told bad jokes about Frisco and the World Security Bureau. Emma gave the act a thumbs-down, while the rest of the judges agreed that Mac and Mr. Marbles didn't have a place in the Nurses Ball. Mac was offended and, as Mr. Marbles, demanded to know why he couldn't perform his act. Lucy gently explained that the jokes weren't funny and that there wasn't a place in the lineup for the act, but Mac wasn't satisfied.

Felicia intervened by pointing out that the jokes about Frisco would hurt Maxie. Felicia conceded that Frisco had his flaws, but Frisco was Maxie's biological father, so out of respect for their daughter, Mac should let the bitterness go. Mac turned to Duke and Kevin for support, but Duke agreed that Mr. Marbles was creepy and had given Duke nightmares. Kevin explained that if he went against Lucy, then Lucy would leave Kevin for another man. Kevin seemed oblivious to how Felicia's eyes had rounded and Lucy had tensed.

Later, Lucy was working when Kevin walked up and tried to hug his wife. Lucy pulled away, so Kevin asked why she was upset. Lucy admitted that Kevin's remark about Lucy leaving him for another man hadn't been funny, so Kevin assured her that he hadn't meant it. He promised Lucy that he completely trusted her and that he knew that she would never leave him. Lucy spotted Elizabeth and Cam, so she used the excuse of greeting them to flee.

Kevin approached Mac and Felicia to ask if they had noticed anything different about Lucy. Mac pointed out that Lucy always seemed a bit off, but Felicia was curious if there had been something specific that Kevin had noticed. Kevin explained that Lucy had taken his joke about Lucy leaving him for another man personally, so Felicia suggested that perhaps Lucy was overly stressed from having to put together the Nurses Ball. Kevin agreed that Felicia might be right.

Duke gave Cam and Emma instructions for their tango then allowed the kids to practice. He warned Anna that the kids might give them serious competition, but Anna had other things on her mind. She was frustrated that Carly and Franco had slipped out of town with A.J.'s cell phone. She decided to break the news to Duke that Liesl Obrecht had been released from jail.

Meanwhile, Ric chatted with Elizabeth at the snack counter. Elizabeth was curious if she was the only one who felt like something might go terribly wrong during the ball, but Lucy would somehow manage to save the day. Ric confessed that he was certain that it would be his favorite Nurses Ball yet because he would get to attend the gala with Elizabeth.

Later, Lucy applauded Cam and Emma for their practice performance. Kevin assured Lucy that everything looked wonderful, so Lucy promised that nothing would stop it from being the best Nurses Ball ever. "I wouldn't be so sure of that," Liesl said as she sauntered into the ballroom.

Anna quickly assured everyone that Liesl hadn't escaped jail, so Liesl sarcastically thanked Anna for clarifying that. She revealed that the Nurses Ball could not proceed without the chief of staff. Everyone was shocked when Liesl announced that she intended to participate in the Nurses Ball with a performance that Liesl promised would be "scads" of fun. Lucy agreed that Liesl could give a short speech, but Lucy insisted that they didn't have room for Liesl in the lineup.

After everyone left to get ready for the evening, Liesl stood on the stage alone. She picked up Mr. Marbles and confessed that she was disappointed that she had been left behind like Mr. Marbles. Liesl decided that she would show everyone and vowed that everyone would soon learn a harsh lesson. "No one puts Liesl in a corner," Liesl quietly said as Mr. Marbles slowly shook his head in agreement.

The Nurses Balls kicks off with an unexpected interruption and a surprise proposal

The Nurses Balls kicks off with an unexpected interruption and a surprise proposal

Thursday, May 8, 2014

At Corinthos Coffee, Shawn entered Sonny's office to check on his friend and to let Sonny know that Ava had arrived safely on Sonny's private island. Sonny complimented Shawn's tuxedo, so Shawn revealed that Jordan would be his date for the evening because Shawn hoped to keep the peace with Jordan for T.J.'s sake. Shawn changed the subject by inquiring why Sonny wasn't ready for the ball. Sonny confessed that he had decided to skip the event because Olivia had found out that he had slept with Ava.

Sonny admitted that Olivia had put the pieces together then had confronted him, so he had been forced to tell the truth. Shawn felt bad for Sonny but asked if Sonny was willing to let Olivia walk away. "No," Sonny assured his friend. Shawn urged Sonny to go to the ball to make certain that Olivia knew that Sonny wanted to work things out and wouldn't give up without a fight.

At Brad's apartment, Britt sat on the bed in a robe, eating ice cream and watching the red carpet arrivals on television. Brad entered the room to ask what Britt was doing, so she grumbled that she had lost everything -- including her son and Nikolas. Brad didn't think that it was a good idea for Britt to sulk, but Britt pointed out that she wasn't the only one who rarely left the apartment. Brad blamed Britt and her mother for his lackluster social life, so Britt apologized then asked if she could pout and watch her show in peace.

Brad was disappointed that Britt would watch "garbage" like red carpet fashions, but Britt was surprised that it wasn't something that Brad would be interested in. "Why? Because I'm gay? And all gay men just love fashion, right?" Brad asked defensively until he noticed a woman arrive on the red carpet, sporting a boa. Shocked, Brad confessed that he hadn't realized that women still wore boas.

At the apartment, Maxie stared longingly at the invitation to the 2014 Nurses Ball until Nathan entered the room. He wondered if Maxie had had second thoughts, but she quickly put the invitation down and questioned why Nathan would ask that. Nathan reminded her that he was a detective, so he had picked up on the clues including the way that Maxie had stared at the invitation. Maxie claimed that she had been thinking about the trees and money that had been wasted on sending out the invitations. Nathan smiled because he suspected that Maxie was parroting what Levi had said.

Maxie denied that Levi had made her skip the ball, so Nathan shifted gears to confess that he had heard that the Nurses Balls were fun. Maxie momentarily dropped her guard as she assured Nathan that she had always enjoyed the Nurses Balls. Her smile quickly vanished when she realized how that had sounded, so she assured Nathan that she was happy to stay home to spend a romantic evening with Levi. Nathan wished her well then left.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asked if Spencer wanted to spend the evening hanging out with Nikolas, so Spencer suggested that they invite Britt over. Nikolas reminded his son why that was not possible, prompting Spencer to wonder if Nikolas intended to be with Aunt Elizabeth. Nikolas nervously asked what Spencer had meant by that, so Spencer confessed that he had seen the way that Nikolas had looked at Elizabeth. "Like you want to marry her," Spencer clarified with a knowing smile. Nikolas denied it, but he lost his train of thought when Elizabeth entered the parlor, glowing in a red backless gown that hugged her slight form.

Nikolas quietly confessed that Elizabeth looked very nice then offered to have his driver pick her up after the gala. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that it wasn't necessary because Ric would drop her and Cam off. Moments later, Cam burst into the room, dressed in a dapper suit. Elizabeth decided to check if the launch was ready, so Nikolas followed her.

In the hallway, Nikolas told Elizabeth that he hoped she had a good time. She thanked him and reminded him that it wasn't too late for him to change his mind about attending the ball. Nikolas wasn't interested in attending a ball after the last ball had turned into a disaster for him, so he had decided to stay home with his son.

In the parlor, Cam waited for Spencer to compliment Cam's suit, but Spencer muttered under his breath then warned Cam that Cam would end up choking on stage. Cam smiled confidently as he pointed out that Spencer would be stuck at home, watching the ball on television with Nikolas, while eating pizza in Batman pajamas. Moments later, Elizabeth called out for Cam, so Cam dashed out. "See ya, Spencer," Cam shouted as he left. "We'll see about that," Spencer replied with a scowl.

In Lucy's dressing room, Lucy picked out an outfit as Felicia knocked on the door then entered the room. Lucy was delighted by the visit and gushed over Felicia's stunning necklace. Felicia confessed that it was an Aztec heirloom that Felicia only wore on special occasions. Lucy was touched that Felicia thought that the Nurses Ball was such an occasion, and she thanked Felicia for being a supportive friend. Felicia applauded Lucy for making a choice by ending things with Scott, but Lucy confessed that it hadn't been easy because Lucy still missed Scott.

However, Lucy was adamant that it had been the right thing to save Lucy's marriage because Lucy loved Kevin. Lucy was grateful that everything had been resolved before Kevin had found out. Lucy and Felicia were startled when Kevin suddenly popped his head into the dressing room to drop off a bouquet of flowers for Lucy. He had overheard what Lucy had said, so he was curious what Lucy had been hiding from him. Lucy appeared to struggle for an answer, so Felicia explained that Lucy had wanted to surprise Kevin with a special performance during the ball.

Kevin was touched by the gesture, but Lucy insisted that she couldn't perform the number because it would no longer be a surprise. Kevin disagreed because he had no idea which number Lucy had intended to dedicate to him. Kevin decided to wait in the hallway until Lucy was ready for the red carpet, so Lucy promised to join him shortly. After Kevin left, Lucy demanded to know what Felicia had been thinking. Lucy pointed out that she didn't have a special number to perform for Kevin, but Felicia was confident that Lucy would think of something.

On the red carpet, Olivia gave last-minute instructions to an assistant as a reporter approached Olivia to ask about the work that had gone into putting the Nurses Ball together. Olivia complained that Carly had gotten "the hell out of Dodge" at the last minute and had dumped everything on Olivia's shoulders. She then looked up and noticed the camera, so she asked if they were on the air. The reporter confirmed that they were, so Olivia became annoyed because she hadn't been warned.

The reporter ignored Olivia's irritation and asked if Sonny would be escorting Olivia on the red carpet later that evening, since Olivia and Sonny were dating. Rather than answer the question, Olivia fled.

The reporter spotted Sam and Silas' arrival, so he seized the opportunity to assure the viewing audience that Silas was nothing like Silas' homicidal brother, Stephen Clay. Moments later, Sam tripped and fell. Silas quickly leaned down to help a horrified Sam to her feet. Silas assured Sam that she shouldn't be embarrassed about falling because he doubted that anyone was watching the show. Sam smiled weakly as she and Silas made their way to the reporter who made a remark about Sam's tripping then asked who had designed Sam's dress.

Next, Alexis arrived with Julian Jerome, and T.J. and Molly joined them as reporters snapped pictures. Shawn and Jordan were right behind them.

Moments later, Tracy and Luke made their way to the photographers as Ned, Michael, and Kiki arrived. Michael was furious as he looked over at Luke, but Ned and Kiki stopped Michael from confronting Luke on the red carpet with a reminder that they had a plan that would be put into motion later that evening.

Seconds later, Olivia arrived, so she quickly grabbed Ned and practically demanded that he escort her on the red carpet. Perplexed, Ned agreed. The reporter immediately questioned why Olivia was with Ned rather than Sonny, but Sonny appeared on the red carpet before Olivia could reply. Sonny slowly approached Olivia as Olivia offered to tell the reporter why she hadn't attended the gala with Sonny, but Sonny quietly asked her if she really wanted to discuss their private business in public. Dante and Lulu suddenly appeared and quickly dragged Olivia away before she said something that she might regret.

Near the red carpet, Lucas bumped into Felix. They tentatively greeted each other but then relaxed when they each realized that the other didn't have a date to the gala. Felix suggested that they walk the red carpet together, so Lucas surprised Felix by agreeing.

The red carpet arrivals continued when Anna and Duke made their way to a throng of reporters. A reporter asked if Robin would be attending the Nurses Ball, so Anna explained that Robin was abroad, doing humanitarian work, but Anna promised that Robin was there in her heart. The reporter complimented Duke's kilt then watched as the couple walked away.

Nathan escorted Epiphany down the red carpet. The fashion reporter admitted that Nathan was the best-looking man at the ball.

Finally, Lucy and Kevin made an appearance on the red carpet. Kevin told the reporter that there wasn't anywhere else that Kevin would rather be than with Lucy at the ball. Lucy's smile faltered when she saw Scott arrive with Bobbie. The reporter wondered if an old romance would soon be rekindled between Scott and Bobbie, but Lucy carefully hid her reaction behind a tight smile. The two couples posed for pictures before Kevin extended an olive branch to Scott by confessing that Kevin was happy that Scott had decided to move on from the breakup with Laura.

Lucy was curious if Scott and Bobbie were together, so Scott confirmed that Bobbie was his date. Scott anticipated having a great time with Bobbie then led her away. Kevin noticed the tension in Lucy, so he asked if she was okay. Lucy assured him that she was fine, but Kevin appeared skeptical. He promised Lucy that it hadn't been necessary for her to pretend because he knew that Bobbie wasn't one of Lucy's favorite people.

At Brad's apartment, Brad and Britt laughed when they saw Sam fall. They repeatedly rewound the tape and continued to laugh at Sam's misfortune. However, Britt's good humor evaporated when a reporter asked Dante about Rocco, so she turned the television off. Brad gently asked if she was okay, but rather than answer, Britt turned the television back on. Brad's smile vanished when he saw Felix and Lucas step onto the red carpet together.

"Don't they make a handsome couple?" the reporter asked the viewing audience about Felix and Lucas. Britt perked up when she saw Elizabeth arrive at the gala with Ric Lansing rather than Nikolas.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Spencer watched as a reporter asked Elizabeth and Ric if there was a reunion in the works between the divorced couple. Elizabeth avoided the question as Cam and Emma walked up. Cam asked if he could give his cousin a special shout-out, so the reporter agreed and held the microphone in front of Cam. "Hi, Spencer. Sorry you couldn't be here tonight. We're thinking of you. Save a slice of pizza for me," Cam said with a big smile. Spencer's eyes rounded with fury as he dropped the slice of pizza that he had been about to eat onto the plate.

Later, Spencer received a text message from Cam. It was a picture of Cam and Emma having a good time at the gala. Frustrated, Spencer suggested that he and Nikolas go to the ball.

Meanwhile, at the ball, Emma noticed that Cam was on his cell phone, so she asked if he had sent the picture to Spencer. She was pleased when Cam assured her that he hadn't because she had explained that she had picked Cam because Cam had been a nice guy.

At the apartment, Maxie watched the red carpet fashion show until Levi entered the living room and turned off the television. Maxie objected, but Levi explained that the red carpet event was worse than the gala because the focus was on costly fashions, not the charity. Maxie confessed that she loved high fashion, so Levi suggested that she consider the money that had been spent on the gowns instead of going to the charity that the ball represented. Maxie appreciated what Levi was trying say, so she agreed to watch only ten minutes of the show.

Maxie turned the television on in time to witness the fallout from Sam's embarrassing stumble, and she continued to watch as Anna and Duke were interviewed. Maxie confessed that she was envious of Duke's great legs, but Levi objected to the reporter gushing about Nathan's good looks. Maxie quickly distracted Levi by pointing out that Felicia and Mac had arrived on the red carpet.

Later, Levi pulled Maxie away from the television by making dinner. He noticed that Maxie seemed quiet, so she admitted that as shallow as it might be, she had enjoyed watching the red carpet fashions. Levi surprised Maxie by suggesting that they attend the ball.

At Metro Court, Mac and Felicia approached Nathan to find out where Maxie was. Nathan explained that Maxie had decided to skip the ball.

Nearby, Dante demanded to know what was going on between Sonny and Olivia. Olivia made it clear that she refused to sit near Sonny, whom she accused of being a "two-timing lowlife." After Olivia stormed off, Lulu decided to follow her. Dante remained behind to ask his father if it was true that Sonny had cheated on Olivia. Sonny reluctantly explained that it was, but Sonny insisted that it hadn't meant anything.

Dante was furious that Sonny had broken Olivia's heart over a meaningless sexual encounter. Dante wanted to know who the other woman was, but Sonny refused to tell Dante. Dante decided to let the matter drop but warned his father that it wasn't over.

An announcement was made asking everyone to take their seats, so Dante and Sonny entered the ballroom. Dante joined Olivia and Lulu at a table, while Sonny sat down at Shawn's table.

Moments later, Lucy stepped onto the stage. She received a standing ovation and waited for everyone to sit down before explaining the history of the Nurses Ball, which had started in 1994. She conceded that they had missed a few years, but she was grateful that they had been able to revive the ball. Lucy talked about the money that they had raised for AMFAR and revealed that in 2013, researchers had revealed that a child had been cured of the disease and was no longer HIV positive. Lucy's eyes filled with tears of joy as she pointed out that the news had been a huge step in the right direction.

Lucy kicked off the 2014 Nurses Ball by introducing the nurses of the hospital. The nurses stepped onto the stage in their scrubs and began to sing their traditional welcome song. However, the lights suddenly dimmed as sounds of thunder filled the room.

Moments later, the curtain behind the nurses slowly rose to reveal Liesl dressed in a cabaret outfit and accompanied by several people in skimpy cabaret outfits. Everyone stared in shock as Liesl sang her rendition of the song that the nurses had been singing.

Felix managed to pull one of the nurses aside to find out why they were helping Liesl, so the nurse explained that Liesl had threatened to fire them if they refused to cooperate. Meanwhile, Liesl made her way through the audience. Lucy waited for a lull in the song before angrily whispering a demand for Liesl to explain what was going on. Liesl insisted that her version of the song was far superior to Lucy's "cotton candy" song and dance number. Liesl then returned to the stage to finish up the number.

After the song and dance number ended, Liesl waited for the applause, but the audience remained eerily silent.

In Brad's apartment, Brad stared at the television with an expression of shock. "That is one nutty hospital," Brad concluded as Britt gaped at the television screen in disbelief.

Eddie Maine makes a special appearance at the Nurses Ball

Eddie Maine makes a special appearance at the Nurses Ball

Friday, May 9, 2014

At Wyndemere, Spencer begged his father to agree to go to the Nurses Ball because Spencer desperately wanted to attend the gala. Nikolas sensed that something else was behind Spencer's desire to go the ball, so Spencer reminded his father that Nikolas had been wanting Spencer and Cam to get along. Spencer suggested that it would be a good opportunity for Spencer to show Cam and Emma that Spencer wouldn't let Cam get to him, especially since Elizabeth, Cam, and Aiden lived with Nikolas and Spencer. Nikolas admitted that he wanted his nephew and son to get along, so he agreed to take Spencer to the ball.

After Nikolas left to change, Spencer called his great-grandmother, Lesley, to ask for a favor. Spencer finalized the arrangements then showered her with compliments as he thanked her for helping him. Nikolas returned to ask why Spencer wasn't ready, so Spencer dashed off to change. A short time later, Spencer returned sporting a flashy tuxedo and a big smile.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie was stunned that Levi had changed his mind about attending the Nurses Ball because she knew that he had objected to how the money had been spent. Levi explained that he had noticed how her eyes had lit up during the red carpet show, so even though he cared about saving the world, he also cared about her and wanted her to be happy. Maxie smiled with joy as she hugged him then ran off to find something suitable to wear.

In Brad's apartment, Britt and Brad had matching expressions of shock as they sat on his bed and watched the Nurses Ball opening number. Britt couldn't believe that her mother had crashed the ball, so Brad tried to offer Britt words of encouragement, but his mood quickly soured when he saw Felix and Lucas perform in the next dance number. Brad announced that they had to attend the ball because Brad feared that Lucas and Felix's mutual anger toward Brad would spark an affair between Brad's exes. Britt insisted that she wasn't in the mood to go to the gala, but Brad assured Britt that Britt didn't have to worry about bumping into Nikolas, since Elizabeth had attended the event with Ric.

In the Metro Court ballroom, Liesl finished her cabaret performance opening the 2014 Nurses Ball, but no one applauded. Despite the quiet audience, Liesl thanked everyone then introduced herself as "Dr. Liesl Obrecht," the woman whose generous financial support had saved the hospital and, by extension, the ball. Liesl then began to talk about Robin's charitable work, but Anna warned Liesl not to say Robin's name. "Oh, should I mention Cesar's instead?" Liesl pointedly asked with a smirk.

Lucy quickly sprang into action by resuming hosting duties and moving the show along. Lucy took the microphone away from Liesl and told the viewing audience that they would take a short break. As soon as the cameras cut, Lucy grabbed a quick drink at the bar to steady her nerves. Afterwards, Lucy returned to the stage to introduce Kiki and a ragtag group of Kiki's friends, including Felix, Lucas, and Elizabeth. Kiki entertained the crowd with a lively rendition of "Raise Your Glass."

Nearby, Tracy and Luke were stunned that Lucy had permitted "that slut" to perform at the ball.

After Liesl changed out of her costume, she approached Dante and Lulu's table to ask if they had verified that the frozen embryo was their child. Dante admitted that the tests had not been completed, but he ordered Liesl to "get the hell away." Nathan walked up and offered to take care of Liesl. Liesl happily followed her son because she was delighted to see him and impressed with how handsome he looked.

Nathan told Liesl to give it a rest, but she reminded him that she was his mother. Nathan made it clear that she was nothing to him and that nothing would change that, despite what she might think.

In the ballroom, Lucy surprised the crowd by revealing that the next performer was known to many as Ned Ashton, but he was famous as Eddie Maine. Everyone clapped as Eddie Maine appeared on stage and sang, "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)."

After Ned's performance, he joined his mother at her table and asked what she had thought of his performance. Tracy conceded that her father, Edward, had likely rolled over in his grave but then quickly added that she had loved Ned's performance. Tracy appreciated that she and Ned had often butted heads, but she insisted that he was her son and that she loved him. Ned smiled and appeared on the verge of telling her something when Lucy introduced Luke as the next performer.

Luke sang a rather dark rendition of "I Am What I Am," as he focused on Tracy. In the audience, Kiki, Michael, and Julian were surprised by Luke's gall in singing the song. After the song ended, Tracy stood up and clapped loudly for Luke. Luke took advantage of the spotlight by reminding Tracy that he had told her that he had a surprise planned for her. Tracy was stunned when Luke suddenly suggested that he and Tracy get married right then and there in front of their friends and family.

At the bar, Ned warned Michael and Kiki that they needed to stop the wedding, or their plan would go up in smoke. Nearby, Alexis noticed Julian's smile, so she questioned why Luke's ambush wedding had amused Julian. Julian claimed that he simply liked seeing people who were as happy as he was.

Meanwhile, Ned objected to Tracy and Luke getting married by pointing out that they didn't have anyone to officiate the wedding. Luke smiled as he revealed that Lucy could legally marry a couple. Lucy assured Ned that she would happily perform the wedding ceremony, but Ned argued that they didn't have a bouquet. Luke picked up the table's peony centerpiece and handed it to Tracy. Ned worried that the wedding would delay the show, so Lucy confided that Luke had discussed it with her and that she had scheduled time for the wedding.

Desperate, Ned pointed out that Tracy and Luke would need someone to stand by their side during the ceremony, so Luke asked Lulu to stand at his side and suggested that Ned do the same for Tracy. Ned reluctantly agreed when it became clear that Tracy intended to go through with the wedding. Delighted, Lucy told Luke and Tracy to take their places, and she began the ceremony. Ned whispered a final plea for his mother not to go through with the wedding, but Tracy ignored Ned and exchanged vows and rings with Luke.

Lucy invited Luke to seal the wedding vows with a kiss, but his eyes began to wander around the room as he looked at all of the beautiful ladies who were present. He cautioned himself to take it easy because he was close to getting his hands on ELQ. "Just kiss the damn bride," Luke told himself as he plastered on a saccharine smile and kissed Tracy. Bobbie and Scott approached the newlyweds to wish them well. Scott muttered, "Justice has been served."

Nearby, Ned assured Michael and Kiki that they would still go through with their plan. Michael left to change for his performance, so Ned lingered behind to assure Kiki that Luke would soon be sorry that Luke had ever laid a hand on Kiki.

In the lobby, Anna saw Nathan and noticed that he seemed troubled. He admitted that he'd had an encounter with his mother. Anna reminded Nathan that she'd had plenty of experience dealing with Liesl, so Anna would be happy to offer him some advice. Nathan thanked Anna, but he was certain that he simply needed some time alone.

After Anna left, Nathan was surprised when he saw Maxie appear in the doorway. Nathan smiled as he admitted that he hadn't expected her to attend the ball. Maxie became defensive as she denied that Levi had any influence over her decisions. Nathan refused to argue, so he complimented her by acknowledging that she looked stunning. However, his smile vanished when Levi walked up wearing a tux and flip-flops.

Nathan questioned why Levi would attend the ball after everything that Levi had said about the gala. Levi explained that he had been willing to temporarily set aside his point of view to make Maxie happy, and he pointedly nuzzled and kissed her cheek. Nathan tensed and quickly excused himself.

Elsewhere, Lucas was curious if Felix had spoken to Brad. "Not really," Felix admitted, and he wondered why Lucas had asked. Lucas explained that he had gotten used to seeing Brad every single day since arriving in town, but since Lucas had ended things, Brad had seemed to vanish. Felix smiled because it was clear that Lucas missed Brad.

As if on cue, Brad and Britt walked up. "Are we interrupting something?" Britt innocently asked. Lucas was surprised that Brad was there, so Brad admitted that he had seen the festivities on television and had decided not to miss out on all the fun. "I see you brought your partner in crime," Lucas said as he looked at Britt.

Brad changed the subject by mentioning that he had seen Lucas and Felix on the red carpet and during one of the performances, so he was curious when Lucas and Felix had gotten to know each other. Felix explained that he and Lucas had realized that they had a lot in common. "Such as?" Brad wondered. Lucas pointed out that both he and Felix had gone for the wrong guy, prompting Britt to defend Brad by assuring both Lucas and Felix that Brad had never set out to hurt either man. She reminded Lucas and Felix that Dante and Lulu had their baby, so everything had worked out.

Britt suggested that Lucas and Felix take a break from the self-righteous indignation and forgive Brad. The tension was thick until Felix quietly reminded Lucas that they had another performance to get ready for. Brad was stunned when Lucas and Felix walked away. "They are performing -- together -- again? When did they turn into Siegfried and Roy?" Brad asked.

Nearby, Dante confronted Sonny about cheating on Olivia, but Sonny refused to discuss it except to insist that it had been a mistake and that Sonny was determined to make things up to Olivia.

In the ballroom, Lulu had a similar conversation with Olivia about Sonny cheating on Olivia. Olivia admitted that she didn't know if she could forgive Sonny. "Cheating is cheating," Olivia reminded Lulu.

Elsewhere, Felicia and Mac greeted Maxie and Levi. Felicia was thrilled that her daughter had decided to attend the gala. Levi was impressed with Felicia's unique Aztec necklace and admitted that he was eager to hear about Felicia's roots in Mexican royalty.

Meanwhile, Tracy threw her wedding bouquet. Elizabeth caught it but downplayed its significance by deciding to take Cam backstage to get ready for his dance number. Epiphany was surprised that Elizabeth didn't intend to stay and watch the next performance, but Elizabeth merely smiled and asked Epiphany to take plenty of pictures.

Moments later, Lucy returned to the stage to introduce the next performers, "Magic Milo and the Magic Wands." Milo, Nathan, Lucas, Felix, T.J., and Michael marched out on stage and stripped down to their underwear to "You Shook Me All Night Long."

In the audience, Levi appeared jealous as Nathan danced and showed off an impressive physique.

Nearby, Brad couldn't believe that he had lost both Lucas and Felix. Britt concluded that Brad was an idiot.

Meanwhile, Molly yelled for T.J. to take it off, earning a side-eye glare from both Alexis and Jordan.

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