General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 9, 2014 on GH

Sabrina broke with reality after Gabriel's passing. Anna and Nathan arranged to make it appear that Ric had been killed during an escape attempt. Silas confessed to Nina that he was in love with Sam.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 9, 2014 on GH
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Julian called Luke, who was on his honeymoon with Tracy. Tracy yelled at Luke for breaking their no cell phone agreement. Luke claimed that he was on the phone with Lulu. She told him to hurry up because she was going to book massages for them. When she finally walked away, Luke threatened Sam. Julian reminded his boss that he'd done what he was supposed to and framed Ric. Luke wanted Julian to "get back to work."

Julian didn't think continuing in the drug business was a good idea so soon after the bust. Luke reminded Julian that Julian had gotten immunity and advised him to get Jordan back into it as well. Julian thought that Alexis, who thought Julian had left the business, would be suspicious. Luke suggested that all the work be done through Jordan. Julian also thought that, with drugs in the city, the police would quickly figure out that Ric wasn't really Julian's boss.

Luke assured Julian that there were "mountains of evidence" against Ric. Luke threatened to send someone to "visit Sam." Julian promised that he was a man of his word. Tracy returned and told Luke that they needed to go to their massage appointment. "Enjoy," Julian said sarcastically and hung up the phone.

Jordan pretended to be on the phone and sat on a park bench that was back-to-back with one that Anna was sitting on. Jordan informed Anna that she'd been in Washington with her superiors, who wanted to make sure Ric was their man. Anna recounted the evidence against Ric, who was denying the charges, but Jordan suggested that someone could be framing him.

Anna told Jordan that, since the case seemed to be open and shut, there was no more reason for Jordan to remain undercover. Anna explained to a curious Jordan that her work was being affected by the alleged rights violation. Anna wondered how T.J. would feel after finding out that his mother was actually one of the "good guys."

Anna assured Jordan that she knew how Jordan felt. She'd had to go undercover and lie to her family, who she believed still carried scars from her choices. She advised Jordan that "time lost is time lost forever." Jordan realized that she had a lot to think about. Anna left to go back to the police station. Jordan left T.J. a message saying that she needed to tell him something important.

As Jordan was about to leave, she bumped into Julian. Julian told her that their boss wanted them to "get back to work." Jordan surmised that Ric couldn't do much from behind bars. "I'm not talking about Ric," Julian revealed.

Nathan bumped into Sam at Kelly's. She told him that Nina was alive. Nathan, who wondered how she'd found out, went on about how he hadn't told Silas because Nathan hadn't been able to just take Madeline's word for it, and he'd needed proof. Sam finally stopped him and informed him that she'd seen Nina, who had been looking for Silas. She directed an eager Nathan to Silas' place.

Nina wondered who Kiki was. Silas finally admitted that Kiki was his daughter with Ava. He explained that he hadn't known about Kiki until recently. Nina became upset that Ava had been able to have Silas' child even though Nina was supposed to. Kiki left the room to change. Silas apologized, but there was a knock on the door. "Where is she?" Nathan demanded to know. He saw Nina and sat down next to you. "Who are you?" she asked.

Nathan introduced himself as Nina's brother, James, and she was overcome with how much she'd missed out on. Kiki returned and said goodbye, but Silas wanted to go with her. He wanted to give Nina and Nathan some time to catch up and promised to return. He and Kiki left the apartment. Kiki wondered if he was all right, because it was unbelievable that his wife was alive. "What does this mean for you and Sam?" she wondered.

After marveling over how grown up Nathan was, Nina asked him to tell her about himself. He remembered sitting by her bedside, which made Nina feel guilty. "No time spent with you was ever wasted time," he assured her. He told her that he'd become a police detective, but he'd been going by "Nathan West" instead of his given name, "for you."

Nathan explained the entire case to Nina -- how Madeline had given Nina an intentional overdose of antidepressants to cause a miscarriage and how Madeline had manipulated Nathan into thinking that Silas was to blame. Nina knew her mother had hated Silas but had no idea why Madeline would have wanted to kill her own grandchild. She collapsed into Nathan's arms in tears.

Nina thought Madeline was a lying monster, and Nathan agreed that Madeline had lied about a lot of things. After initially refusing, Nathan finally gave in to Nina's demands to know what else Madeline had lied about. He confessed that he was adopted. Nina remembered that she'd been at school while Madeline would have supposedly been pregnant, and the first time she'd seen Nathan, he'd been a week old.

Nathan continued that his biological mother was Madeline's sister, which made him and Nina cousins rather than siblings. Nina scolded that he would always be her brother, no matter what, and told him that she needed him more than ever. She thought about all that had changed, but she knew one thing "for sure" -- "I love Silas, and I'll never let him go," she stated.

Ava descended the stairs at Sonny's and was shocked to see Morgan. Morgan demanded to know if she was moving in with Sonny. She claimed that it was only temporary. Sonny assured Morgan that "it's not the way it looks." Sonny alleged that Ava needed protection from Julian, so she was going to stay with Sonny for a while. Morgan didn't believe it, citing the fact that Julian had already turned in his boss.

Ava continued that Julian was spiteful, so he'd still want to kill Ava as payback for choosing Morgan over Julian. Morgan pleaded with her to let him move into the penthouse with her and let him protect her. Ava didn't think that Morgan could be as prepared for possible attacks as Sonny was. Sufficiently angered, Morgan spat that he'd shown up to make peace with Sonny and tell Ava that he'd forgiven her. He related that he was done with the entire situation. "Good luck with your baby," he muttered then stormed out of the house.

Ava realized that she no longer had any hope of being back with Morgan. Sonny thought that, if Morgan had any idea of what Ava had done, he wouldn't want anything to do with her anyway. "I don't know about that," she said. Sonny invited her to call Morgan and find out. Instead, Ava threatened to call Michael and tell him that Sonny had shot A.J., but Sonny knew that she wouldn't. "Looks like we're stuck with each other, 'til death do us part," Sonny joked. Ava ran upstairs to her room.

Silas arrived at Sam's. She wondered how Nina was. He told her that he'd left Nina with Nathan. Sam expressed guilt over how upset Nina had to have been when Silas had told her about being with Sam. Silas admitted that he hadn't had a chance to tell Nina because they'd been interrupted every time he'd tried. Sam lamented that Nina had returned just after Silas had accepted Nina's death and told Sam that he loved her. "I do. That hasn't changed, and it never will," he assured her.

Sam recognized that everything was different because Silas had to feel something for his wife. "You're the one I want to be with," he said. He promised to tell Nina about them as soon as he thought she could handle it. He believed that everything would work out. Sam wanted to believe that too. "Then do," he said and kissed her.

Morgan banged on Michael's door, and Kiki let him in. He told Kiki all about Ava moving in with Sonny -- and their excuse, which was an "obvious lie." She wondered if there was more to the situation. Morgan believed that Ava and Sonny just meant more to each other than they were saying. Kiki expressed her sympathy and hugged Morgan.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

At the hospital, Britt and Brad were walking down a hallway as Brad complained that Felix had chased Brad out of Lucas' hospital room and that Bobbie had since blocked Brad from visiting Lucas. Brad's rant abruptly ended when he realized that Britt hadn't been listening because she had stopped to watch Nikolas comforting Elizabeth with an affectionate hug at the nurses' station. "What. The. Hell?" Britt asked with a scowl.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth pulled away from Nikolas with an apology as she wiped the tears from her eyes. She blamed it on having a "moment," but Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he would always be there for her and available if she needed to talk.

After Nikolas walked away, Britt ran her fingers through her hair in an effort to make certain that it looked good and then approached Nikolas at the elevator to say hello. Nikolas ignored her as he waited for the elevator doors to open, so she asked if he intended to ignore her indefinitely. Nikolas entered the elevator as he sarcastically admitted that he had been afraid to interrupt in case Britt and Brad had been scheming.

After Nikolas left, Brad apologized to Britt, but she admitted that it wasn't Brad's fault. "It's hers," Britt added as she glared at Elizabeth. Brad was curious what Britt planned to do about Elizabeth, but Britt didn't reply. Brad admitted that he could use help creating a diversion to distract Bobbie while Brad slipped Lucas out of the hospital room to spend some time in the solarium, but Britt claimed that she had work to do as her gaze remained firmly locked on Elizabeth. "Lock and load," Brad said and then left.

Britt approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station, so Elizabeth asked what Britt wanted. Britt reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth was expected to address Britt as Dr. Westbourne when they were at work. Elizabeth pasted on a saccharine smile as she handed Britt a patient file that Britt had requested, but Britt decided to cut to the chase by accusing Elizabeth of sniffing around Nikolas because Ric had been carted off to jail. Elizabeth refused to rise to the bait, but Britt continued to try to goad Elizabeth by reminding Elizabeth that A.J. had been a "loser" too.

Elizabeth warned Britt that it was a waste of time to attack Elizabeth because even if Britt were to cure cancer and be canonized in the process, Nikolas would never forgive Britt for being a "lying baby thief." Britt seemed at a loss for words, so she walked away when Diane approached the desk to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth realized that she had forgotten to cancel the appointment with Diane about Ric's arrest and apologized.

Diane was surprised when Elizabeth confessed that Elizabeth had realized that Ric was guilty of the charges because of the overwhelming evidence. Diane asked if Elizabeth was out of her mind because the evidence against Ric was circumstantial, but Elizabeth insisted that she couldn't deal with the situation, especially since a gun with Ric's fingerprints had been found in his suite. Diane was curious if Elizabeth thought that Ric was an intelligent man, so Elizabeth nodded. Diane pointed out that it didn't make sense for Ric to forget to wipe a murder weapon clean and hide it in his hotel suite.

According to Diane, there were a number of ways for that gun to have ended up in Ric's suite, so the gun was part of a long list of circumstantial evidence. Elizabeth appealed to Diane for understanding, but Diane suggested that Elizabeth was acting out of fear. Diane confessed that she had read the police report, so Diane knew that Elizabeth had been with Ric at the time of the arrest. Diane suspected that Elizabeth was determined to protect herself because of what had happened with A.J., but Diane was confident that Ric could be cleared of the charges.

Diane knew that Elizabeth regretted not standing by A.J. when he had faced criminal charges, so Diane was curious if Elizabeth was prepared to have the same regrets about Ric once Ric's name was cleared. Elizabeth didn't reply, so Diane decided to head to the police station to get Ric released. Diane suggested that Ric might feel better if Elizabeth was with Diane and then walked away

Diane called her assistant to discuss Ric's case and admit that she hadn't been able to win over Ric's "erstwhile" girlfriend. Diane entered the elevator, but Elizabeth suddenly reached out to stop the door from closing and then followed Diane into the elevator. "Cancel that, I spoke too soon," Diane said with a smile.

Meanwhile, Brad spotted Britt sitting in a waiting area. He immediately approached her to complain that Bobbie had stopped him from seeing Lucas. Britt's patience snapped when Brad groused that he would never be able to win Lucas back while Bobbie was around. Britt informed Brad to accept that Lucas would not take Brad back any more than Nikolas would take Britt back. Brad realized that Britt's confrontation with Elizabeth hadn't gone well, so Britt admitted that Elizabeth had been right about Nikolas never forgiving Britt.

Britt feared that it would only be a matter of time before Nikolas and Elizabeth ended up together. She hated that she couldn't do anything to stop it, but Brad disagreed. He was certain that "the Britch" could do what Britt couldn't.

At Kelly's, Alexis told Molly that Anna had called to let Alexis know that the FBI had returned Ric to the Port Charles Police Department. Molly was eager to see her father, but Alexis feared that Molly didn't fully appreciate the trouble that Ric was in. Molly insisted that Ric was innocent and was offended that Alexis believed Julian over Ric. Alexis explained that it wasn't just Julian's word; the police had irrefutable evidence that had tied Ric to the head of the Jerome organization. Molly remained adamant that her father was innocent and then suggested that Alexis was jealous because Molly had developed a close relationship with Ric since Ric's return.

Molly asked Alexis to do Ric and Molly a favor by staying out of Molly's way and then stormed out. In the courtyard, T.J. called out to Molly when he rounded the corner. He immediately noticed that she seemed agitated, so he asked her what was wrong. Molly quickly filled him in about her talk with Alexis and Alexis' refusal to support Ric. T.J. surprised Molly by suggesting that perhaps Molly should stay away from Ric because T.J. didn't want to see her hurt by Ric the way that T.J. had been hurt by Jordan.

Molly calmed down as she explained that their situations were different because Ric had been framed. T.J. conceded that perhaps Molly was right and then revealed that Jordan had been trying to reach T.J. since Jordan had gotten out of jail. Molly suggested that T.J. consider talking to his mother to give her a chance to explain because Jordan was the only mother that T.J. had. Molly explained that she refused to leave her father to hang out to dry, so she left to pay her father a visit in jail. After Molly left, T.J. contemplated calling his mother and then gave in to the temptation.

Later, Nikolas joined Alexis at Kelly's, so she told him about Molly's reaction to Ric's arrest. Nikolas was relieved that at least Elizabeth had seen the light and had realized that sticking by Ric would only cause Elizabeth more grief. Alexis was surprised because she'd had the impression that Elizabeth had been staunchly on Ric's side. Nikolas admitted that Elizabeth had had a change of heart when he had shown her the newspaper article about Ric's arrest that had included a list of evidence against Ric.

Alexis thought that it was interesting that, after Nikolas' "informal prosecution," Elizabeth had changed her mind about Ric and that Ric's possible conviction would clear the path for Nikolas straight to Elizabeth. Nikolas couldn't disagree, so Alexis was curious where Britt fit into things. Nikolas insisted that he and Britt were over and that Britt was out of his life for good.

In the park, Jordan was startled when Julian revealed that Ric was not their boss, so they needed to get back to work. Jordan refused to do anything until she had answers. Julian explained that Ric had been set up as part of a contingency plan in the event that things had gone wrong. Julian explained that the need had arisen to use Ric as a scapegoat when Lucas had been shot and Julian had been arrested. Stunned, Jordan thought that Julian had quit the mob, so Julian explained that Lucas' shooting had been a message and that the only way for Julian to keep his family safe was to follow their boss's orders.

Jordan wanted to know who their boss was, but Julian refused to tell her. However, he made it clear that they were expected to pick up where things had left off. Jordan argued that it was impossible because the organization had been dismantled and that the police would watch her closely because the charges against her had been dismissed on a technicality. Julian accepted Jordan's decision, so he agreed to let their boss know. However, he advised Jordan that the boss might not take the news any better than when Julian had tried to quit.

Jordan refused to agree to help Julian without insurance, so she once again requested the name of their boss, but Julian insisted that she'd be safer not knowing the man's identity. Julian added that as far as the rest of the world was concerned, Julian had retired from the organization, so it was imperative that Jordan not openly contact him. Jordan was curious how she was expected to get everything off the ground, but Julian assured her that he would make certain that she got what she needed. After Julian left, Jordan called Anna to let Anna know that they had a problem.

In Anna's office, Anna spoke on the phone with the mayor about Ric's arrest and then mentioned that Ric and Ric's associates would soon be Pentonville's problem. Duke appeared in the doorway in time to disagree because the most dangerous of Ric's associates, Julian, remained free to roam the streets. Anna quickly ended the call with the mayor and then asked about Duke's trip. Duke revealed that both Sean and Tiffany had sent their regards and that their daughter, Anna's namesake, was just like Anna.

However, Duke wanted to discuss the situation with Julian, so Anna explained that Scott had agreed to cut a deal with Julian because Julian had provided the police with the name of the man who had been head of the Jerome organization. Duke wasn't satisfied because he had trusted Anna to make certain that Julian remained locked up, but Anna defended the decision to work out a deal with Julian. Duke reminded her that their agreement had been for Duke to work for Sonny until Julian had been taken down. Anna was stunned by Duke's suggestion that he return to work for Sonny, so she begged Duke to reconsider, but Duke stormed out of her office.

Later, Anna met Jordan in the park. Jordan quickly filled Anna in that Julian's boss was still on the loose and that Ric had been framed. Jordan realized that she would have to remain undercover to find out who Julian was answering to. Anna wondered if Jordan could handle it, but Jordan insisted that she didn't have a choice. After Anna left, Jordan glanced at her phone when it rang, but she let the call go to voicemail when she saw that it was T.J.

At the police station, Ric paced in his jail cell as he thought about his special evening with Elizabeth when he had told her about his hopes for a future between them. Ric then recalled Anna knocking on the door, arresting him, and then refusing to believe that he had been framed. Frustrated, Ric returned to the present as he threw a chair across the room.

Moments later, the guard announced that Ric had a visitor. Sonny strolled up to Ric's jail cell and confronted Ric about Ric lying to Sonny when Ric had denied being in charge of the Jerome organization. Ric insisted that he had told the truth, but Sonny didn't believe Ric. Sonny regretted that he hadn't listened to Luke's advice for Sonny to kill Ric, but Ric vehemently denied being involved with the Jerome organization and insisted that he had been framed. Sonny accused Ric of not having the guts to admit when Ric had been caught "red-handed," so Ric begged Sonny to listen because Sonny remained in danger from Sonny's real enemy. Sonny asked Ric to pass along Sonny's regards to Johnny Zacchara at Pentonville and then walked away as Ric pleaded with Sonny to believe him.

Later, Sonny bumped into Duke in the squad room. Duke thought that it was a happy coincidence because Duke had an urgent matter to discuss with Sonny. Duke admitted that he had heard that Julian had cut a deal with the police, but Sonny was confident that Julian would eventually get what Julian deserved. Duke imagined that Sonny was greatly relieved that Julian's power had been greatly diminished with Ric's arrest, but Sonny revealed that Ric continued to proclaim his innocence. Duke wasn't surprised because A.J. had done the same when A.J. had been accused of killing Connie.

In the jail, Ric was surprised when Molly arrived for a visit. He immediately explained that he had been framed, but Molly assured him that she had never doubted his innocence for a moment. Ric smiled with relief as tears filled his eyes, but he quickly sobered when he made it clear that he didn't want Molly to get involved in his problems because the people who had framed him were powerful and dangerous. Molly reminded Ric that Sonny was her uncle and that Sam had been married to Jason, so Molly knew what she was up against.

Ric was touched that Molly was determined to help, but she ignored his objections to ask if he had an attorney. Ric guessed that he couldn't expect any help from Alexis, so Molly explained that Julian had "poisoned" Alexis' mind. Molly promised to find Ric a good attorney. Ric tearfully confessed that leaving Molly behind had been the worst thing that he had ever done, but returning had been the best.

After Molly left, Anna approached Ric's jail cell.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

At the hospital, Dr. Chu greeted Dante and Lulu, so the Falconeris explained that they wanted to find out if there was any possibility that Lulu could carry a child to term. Dr. Chu led Dante and Lulu to an examination room to continue the discussion. The doctor explained that there was a procedure called a hysteroscopy that could provide them with answers. According to Dr. Chu, if Lulu had a "septate uterus" then the doctor could perform a resection, which might increase Lulu's chance of carrying a child to term.

Later, Dante and Lulu stopped by the elevator to talk about what Dr. Chu had told them. Lulu admitted that the surgery sounded promising, but she was afraid to go through with it only to be told that her initial diagnosis had been right. Dante appreciated Lulu's concerns, but he pointed out that they didn't have to make a decision right away. He admitted that it was enough to know that the procedure was available if they decided to take the next step. Grateful, Lulu hugged her husband.

In the hallway outside of Silas' apartment, Silas left Sam a voicemail message to let Sam know that he had arrived home and that he intended to tell Nina about their relationship. Moments later, Silas entered the apartment, so Nina greeted him with a warm smile then revealed that she had just told Nathan how much she had missed her husband. Silas smiled awkwardly, but Nina didn't appear to notice as she added that Nathan had been filling her in about Madeline and Nathan's biological mother. Silas tensed as he asked what else Nathan had told Nina.

Nathan remained quiet as Nina admitted that she knew that Madeline had put Nina in a coma and had caused Nina's miscarriage. Silas was curious if Nina and Nathan had discussed anything else, so Nina decided that she and Silas needed some time alone together. Nathan explained that he had to get back to the police station, but he handed Nina his card with his contact information and offered to buy her a cell phone, but Nina was confident that her husband would take care of that.

After Nathan left, Nina confessed that she had been delighted to be reunited with her brother, but she couldn't believe that the sweet little boy she had known had grown up. Silas apologized for not telling Nina about what Madeline had done, but he had been concerned that it might have been too overwhelming for Nina to hear what her mother had done. Nina surprised Silas by blaming herself for what her mother had done because if Nina hadn't told Madeline about the baby then Madeline would have left Nina alone.

Silas insisted that Nina was not to blame, but Nina disagreed. She explained that Madeline had shown Nina the photographs of Silas with his mistress and had retained an attorney because Madeline had expected Nina to divorce Silas. However, Nina had been certain that Nina and Silas could save their marriage because Nina was pregnant. Nina was certain that Madeline had been driven by greed because Madeline had viewed the baby as an obstacle to Nina's fortune, but Silas gently explained that Madeline had been driven by a desire to tear Nina and Silas apart.

Nina regretted that she had told her mother about the baby because if she hadn't then Nina and Silas would have had their child and wouldn't have lost twenty years of memories together. Nina began to cry as she pointed out that instead of a life with Silas, Nina had ended up stuck in a wheelchair. Silas was adamant that only Madeline was to blame for what had happened and then held Nina as she cried.

Later, Silas handed Nina a cup of herbal tea. Nina resented that Silas had to take care of her rather than the other way around. She reminded him of the special care packages of food that she had made for him when he had studied for exams then later when he had worked long shifts at the hospital. Silas was surprised when Nina confided that she would spend time in the maternity ward, looking at the newborns, while she had waited for Silas' shifts to end.

Nina took a sip of tea and smiled when she realized that Silas had added honey the way that she liked it. They began to talk about Nina's love for health food, so Silas mentioned that there were several health food stores in town. Nina was eager to visit them, but she wanted to wait until she was out of a wheelchair because she didn't want Silas to have to take care of her. Silas assured Nina that he didn't mind helping her, so Nina sighed with relief and confessed that she was financially destitute.

Nina explained that Madeline had had Nina declared dead to gain access to Nina's fortune, but all of Madeline's assets, including Nina's money, had been frozen when Madeline had been arrested. Nina didn't know if she would ever be able to access the money that Madeline had taken from Nina's estate, which meant that Nina couldn't afford to pay for physical therapy or a nurse. However, she was grateful that she had a husband to help her. Nina realized that their wedding vows had been true because they had stayed together in sickness and in health.

Nina leaned forward and kissed Silas. The kiss lingered until Silas pulled away from Nina, so she immediately began to apologize because she knew that Silas needed time to get in the same emotional place that she was in. Silas admitted that he had to tell her something. "There's someone else," Silas quietly added.

At the apartment, Sabrina was writing thank you notes when Felix arrived home. He appeared puzzled when he realized what she was doing, so he gently explained that everyone was concerned about her. Sabrina seemed surprised and asked why people would be worried about her. Felix pointed out that she had been through a difficult time, but Sabrina assured him that everything would get better then admitted that writing the notes had helped keep her centered. Felix shifted gears to carefully explain that he had taken the liberty of checking her closet for something to wear to the church the following day, but he hadn't found anything appropriate.

Sabrina was touched when Felix revealed that he had picked up a dress for Sabrina to wear, so she thanked him and added that she expected the following day to be perfect. Felix seemed taken aback by her attitude and comment, so he quietly suggested that he and Sabrina go for a walk to talk, but Sabrina was determined to work on her thank you notes. Instead, she asked Felix to go to the church to make certain that everything was ready. Felix gently assured Sabrina that he was confident that the church had everything well in hand, but she implored him to double-check because she wanted to make certain that everything looked good for the following day.

Shortly after Felix left, Sabrina opened the box to look at the dress that Felix had bought for her, but she frowned when she noticed that it was black. She cried that it was all wrong then threw it across the room.

At the Drake residence, Patrick was on the phone with his father, Noah. Patrick appreciated his father's phone call and assured Noah that he understood that Noah couldn't attend Gabriel's funeral the following day because Noah was working in Mogadishu for Doctors Without Borders and couldn't get a flight out. Moments later, the doorbell rang, so Patrick ended the call with Noah and answered the door. It was Sam.

Sam extended her condolences to Patrick and hugged him. Patrick thanked Sam and explained that he had been making funeral arrangements for Gabriel because Sabrina was in bad shape and unable to do it. Sam offered to help Patrick because she knew how difficult it could be, but Patrick explained that it couldn't compare to having to tell Emma that Emma's baby brother had died. Sam felt terrible for both Patrick and Emma, but Patrick was determined to stay strong for Emma and Sabrina.

Sam opened up about what she had gone through when her daughter had been stillborn. Patrick appeared uncomfortable when Sam credited Jason for helping her to deal with the tragedy. Their conversation then drifted to the angry part of grief, so Patrick confessed that the only person he was furious with was the person who had caused the car accident. He explained that Britt had been ruled out as a suspect, but he doubted that the police would ever find the driver because the police had mob issues to deal with. Sam volunteered to investigate the car accident, but Patrick didn't want Sam to feel obligated.

Sam assured Patrick that she didn't mind, so Patrick offered to pay her because Sam had been a better friend to him than he had been to her. His thoughts drifted to his conversation with Robin when Patrick had accused Robin of picking Jason over Patrick and Emma. Confused, Sam asked why Patrick would say that, but Patrick was spared from having to answer Sam's question when the doorbell rang. It was Felix. Sam decided to give Patrick and Felix privacy by excusing herself to begin the investigation into the car accident.

Felix asked how Patrick had been holding up, but Patrick was more concerned about Sabrina. Felix confessed that he was worried about Sabrina because something had seemed off with his friend. Felix quickly filled Patrick in on what had transpired at the apartment then asked Patrick to pay Sabrina a visit.

A short time later, Patrick knocked on Sabrina's apartment door. He entered when she called out to invite him inside. Patrick was stunned when Sabrina turned to greet him, dressed in her wedding gown and veil.

At the park, Rafe snorted cocaine from a picnic table as T.J. rounded the corner. Shocked, T.J. demanded to know what Rafe had been doing, but Rafe denied doing anything wrong as Rafe slid a small plastic baggie into his pocket. T.J. saw the move, so he called Rafe out on it. Rafe refused to answer T.J. and decided to leave unless T.J. intended to rat Rafe out. T.J. thought that it would serve Rafe right, but T.J. refused to be a snitch like Rafe had been when Rafe had told Alexis about T.J. and Molly's plans to spend the night at Metro Court.

The argument quickly escalated as Rafe explained that he had been using drugs, not selling them like T.J.'s mom. T.J. countered by pointing out that Rafe's father had been a serial killer, so T.J. was curious how long it would take Rafe to kill an innocent person. Rafe's anger flared as he and T.J. continued to trade heated words until Rafe suddenly punched T.J. T.J. jumped up and invited Rafe to try again, but Rafe immediately backed down, so T.J. accused Rafe of only knowing how to sucker punch a person and then stormed off.

Later, Sam bumped into Rafe in the park, so she asked if he had seen Danny at the swing set with the babysitter. Rafe confessed that he hadn't, so Sam asked him what was wrong because she sensed that he was upset. Rafe explained that his living situation had become complicated, so he had been trying to give Silas some space. Rafe seemed reluctant to talk about Nina, but Sam assured him that she knew about Nina.

Rafe wondered what would happen between Silas and Sam, but Sam confessed that there wasn't a simple explanation. However, Sam was confident that Silas would tell Nina about Silas and Sam's relationship, so Sam was hopeful that Sam and Silas would end up together after Silas helped Nina to get back on her feet. Rafe was curious why Sam seemed down, so Sam explained that she had just paid Patrick a visit because Patrick had recently lost his son. Rafe seemed genuinely shocked that Gabriel had died.

At the police station, Anna approached Ric's jail cell and shocked him by revealing that she believed that he was an innocent man. Anna explained that Julian had admitted to a confidential police source, who had been working an ongoing undercover operation, that Ric had been set up. Ric was relieved and eager to be released from jail, but Anna dashed his hopes by admitting that it wasn't that simple. Ric disagreed, but Anna reminded him that there was strong evidence against him and that Julian's boss had gone to great lengths to frame Ric.

Anna admitted that they couldn't risk tipping Julian's boss off that they knew the truth about Ric because Julian's boss had attempted to kill Lucas when Julian had tried to leave the organization. Anna feared that Molly might be targeted if Julian's boss realized that the police knew the truth about Ric, but Ric was desperate for both Molly and Elizabeth to know that he was an innocent man. Anna appreciated Ric's predicament, but Ric wasn't satisfied and asked if Anna had a plan. Anna didn't answer, so Ric vowed to tell his attorney the truth, but Anna warned Ric that it was Ric's word against Anna's. Ric implored Anna not to throw him to the wolves because he didn't deserve to go to jail for crimes that he hadn't committed.

Meanwhile, Molly saw Diane enter the squad room, so Molly approached Diane to beg Diane to represent Ric. Molly promised that she and her father would find a way to pay Diane, but Diane explained that she was already on the case because someone else had retained her services for Ric. Molly was surprised when Elizabeth appeared in the doorway. Diane confirmed that Elizabeth had hired Diane, so Molly asked if Elizabeth believed that Ric was innocent. Elizabeth conceded that she'd had doubts when the police had first arrested Ric, but someone had made Elizabeth realize that Elizabeth might have given up on Ric too soon.

Diane smiled when Elizabeth gave Diane a pointed look. Molly was relieved that she was not alone, so Elizabeth hugged Molly and promised that she was on Ric's side.

A short time later, Nathan entered the squad room, so Diane approached Nathan to ask if Elizabeth could visit with Ric for a few minutes. Nathan explained that Ric's visitors were restricted to Ric's attorney and immediate family, but Molly and Diane pleaded with Nathan to persuade Anna to allow Elizabeth a short visit because Elizabeth was Ric's girlfriend and had hired Diane. Elizabeth explained that she just wanted Ric to know that she believed in him, so Nathan left to see what he could do.

Ric paced his jail cell until Nathan walked up. Ric begged Nathan for an opportunity to talk to Molly and Elizabeth, but Nathan reminded Ric that it wasn't possible. Ric's eyes strayed to the gun holstered on Nathan's hip as Ric tried his best to change Nathan's mind.

In the squad room, Elizabeth was worried about Ric because she couldn't imagine what he had been going through. Diane was confident that Nathan would persuade Anna to allow Elizabeth to have a word with Ric, but Anna approached the trio to let Diane, Molly, and Elizabeth know that Ric couldn't have visitors because Ric was about to be transferred to the courthouse for arraignment. Diane was outraged that Anna refused to allow Elizabeth to talk to Ric, but Anna insisted that it was out of her hands and that Molly and Elizabeth could talk to Ric at the courthouse.

Suddenly, everyone was startled when they heard a shot ring out from the area where the jail cells were located.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

At Silas' apartment, Silas explained that he needed to tell Nina something. "There's someone else," Silas quietly admitted. Stunned, Nina asked who the woman was, so Silas revealed that Nina had met Sam in the park at Danny's birthday party. Nina felt foolish when she realized why Silas had really been at Danny's birthday party and why Rafe had offered to stay with Sam. Silas quickly explained that Sam and Rafe had known each other before Silas had been in the picture.

Silas assured Nina that he had intended to tell her about his relationship with Sam sooner, but they'd kept getting interrupted. Nina felt like a fool for the way that she had behaved at the park and for assuming that Silas had waited two decades for her to wake up, but Silas insisted that Nina had nothing to be ashamed of. Nina pointed out that she had known about his affair with Ava, so it had been unreasonable for her to expect him to remain faithful to her for decades while she had lingered in a coma.

Silas quickly clarified that his relationship with Ava had been different because he had still loved Nina despite the affair. Silas confessed that his deepest regret had been that he hadn't told Nina how much he had loved her before it was too late, so he had ended things with Ava and shut down emotionally after Nina's coma. He admitted that he had pushed everyone away for years and had treated Sam terribly when they had first met, but things had slowly changed when Danny had been diagnosed with cancer.

Nina assured Silas that she was happy for him. Silas was touched because he realized that she truly meant it. He shared that Sam had been the first woman in twenty years that he had allowed himself to open up to, but he had always held a small part back from Sam until Madeline's confession. Nina fought back tears as Silas confessed that he loved Sam and that he had told Sam about his feelings the morning of Danny's birthday party. Nina's eyes welled up with tears as she realized that her mother had not only robbed Nina of a child, but also a husband.

Silas assured Nina that he had never wanted to hurt her, but she promised Silas that she didn't blame him. She then surprised him by shifting gears and announcing that she would collect her things and move in with her brother. Silas warned Nina that Nathan lived in a small apartment with roommates, but Nina was determined to get out from under Silas' roof because she couldn't imagine that Sam would appreciate Nina staying there. Silas insisted that Sam wouldn't mind, but Nina disagreed as she continued to make plans to move out. Silas' temper flared as he loudly informed Nina that he had made up his mind that she would stay with him.

Nina reluctantly agreed, so Silas promised to call Sam to let Sam know. Nina smiled as she confessed that she hoped that Sam appreciated what a good man Silas was.

In the park, Sam assured Rafe that she was confident that everything would be fine with her and Silas' relationship. Rafe was curious why she seemed upset, so she explained that she had just returned from a visit with Patrick, who was mourning the loss of his son. Rafe was shocked to learn that Patrick's son had died, but Sam gently explained that the little boy had simply arrived too early to battle a deadly infection. Rafe seemed genuinely upset when Sam mentioned that Patrick and Sabrina had named the baby Gabriel, which Sam explained meant "God is my strength."

Sam became concerned when she noticed how upset Rafe was, so he explained that babies had always seemed to have a calming influence on his mother's mind, so they were special to him. He admitted that he was deeply affected by the thought of how a precious life had been wasted. Sam assured Rafe that she would find the person who had caused the crash because she was furious that someone had left the scene of the accident without a backward glance or calling for help. Sam hoped that putting the culprit behind bars would give the grieving parents closure and peace of mind.

In Sabrina's apartment, Patrick was stunned when Sabrina turned to greet him, wearing her wedding dress and veil. Her expression of joy vanished when she realized that Patrick had seen her in her wedding gown before their wedding, so she demanded that he turn around. She quickly grabbed a sweater to throw it on as she ordered Patrick not to look because it was bad luck for a groom to see his bride in her dress before the wedding. Patrick's expression clouded with concern as he realized Sabrina thought that it was the night before their wedding.

Meanwhile, Sabrina babbled about everything that she had to do before the wedding and then mentioned that Felix had picked up a black dress that had been completely inappropriate for the wedding. Patrick gently tried to explain to Sabrina that their wedding day had been months before and that they hadn't gone through with the wedding because Robin had shown up at the church as Patrick and Sabrina had been about to exchange their vows. Sabrina frowned as she asked what Patrick was talking about, so his eyes filled with tears as he explained that the black dress Felix had picked up had been for a funeral.

Sabrina remained in denial and reminded Patrick how hard they had worked to finally be happy, so she begged him to assure her that the following day would be everything that she had hoped. Patrick's eyes filled with tears as he explained that they had to attend a funeral the following day. Confused, Sabrina asked who had died. "Our son," Patrick answered in a choked-up voice. Sabrina shook her head, insisting that Patrick was wrong, but he gently reminded her that she had found out that she was pregnant shortly after Robin's return.

Sabrina refused to believe Patrick despite brief flashbacks as Patrick explained that they had been involved in a car accident and that their son had been born premature. Sabrina's eyes filled with tears as she argued that Patrick was wrong, but Patrick reminded her that they had named their son Gabriel and had been forced to say goodbye to the baby when the doctors had told them that Gabriel would not survive. Sabrina's expression turned to horror as she recalled Gabriel's baptism and then listening to her son's final heartbeat and last breath as Gabriel succumbed to the infection. Sabrina began to collapse as she dissolved into tears, but Patrick reached out to catch her and held her tightly as she begged Patrick to tell her it wasn't true.

In the park, Levi and Maxie were doing yoga exercises when Levi noticed that Maxie seemed distracted. She claimed that the ground was uneven, but Levi suspected that it was about "the little girl." Maxie reminded him that her daughter's name was Georgie, but Levi ignored her as he suggested that perhaps Maxie had lost her "chi" because she had been dishonest with the judge. Levi suspected that Maxie had realized that Levi had been right to advise Maxie to let things go, but Maxie made it clear that she hadn't regretted lying to the judge because it meant that she would soon have an opportunity to be reunited with Georgie.

Maxie confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about Patrick and the devastating loss of Patrick's son. She thought it was unfair that the baby had died before having had a chance to live. "It's not unfair at all," Levi replied. Horrified, Maxie reminded him that an infant had died, but Levi was unapologetic because he believed that the baby had lived as long as the baby had been meant to live. Maxie argued that Patrick had lost a son whom Patrick had loved with all of his heart, but Levi appeared unmoved.

Maxie explained that parents were not meant to outlive their children, but Levi countered that the baby had died for a reason, so they should accept that there had been something larger at work. Disgusted, Maxie insisted that Levi's comment had been the biggest "crock" that she had heard. Hurt, Levi was curious when she had started to think like that, but Maxie wanted to know why everything had to be some kind of journey instead of being a senseless tragedy. Levi insisted that it had been written in the stars for Patrick's baby to die, but Maxie disagreed.

Levi reminded Maxie that it wasn't her place to decide, but Maxie insisted that she had a right to her opinion. She doubted that there had been any "greater good" at work when Gabriel had died, but Levi thought that she was starting to sound like Nathan, who was an emotional person rather than a reasonable one. Maxie reminded Levi that some had accused her of sounding like Levi, but he didn't think that was a bad thing because he had provided Maxie with peace in her life and had shown her that there was a larger picture to consider. Maxie was startled when Levi suddenly packed up his things, told her that he would see her at home, and left the park.

In the police station's squad room, everyone was shocked when they heard a shot ring out. Anna ordered Elizabeth, Diane, and Molly to duck as another shot was fired from the direction of the holding cells. Worried, Molly wanted to know what was going on because she feared that it might involve her father. Anna instructed Elizabeth, Diane, and Molly to stay where they were and left to get an update from a police officer. Molly was stunned when she heard the police officer confirm that shots had been fired in the holding cells.

Anna immediately put the police station on lockdown and led Elizabeth, Diane, and Molly to the interrogation room. Anna locked the main door and shoved a chair under the door's handle before turning to Diane to instruct Diane to lock the side door when Anna left. After Diane locked the door, Molly expressed her concern for Ric because Molly feared that someone had tried to kill her father.

Elizabeth was equally shaken by the thought that the same people who had framed Ric had also targeted him. Diane tried to keep both Elizabeth and Molly calm by reminding them that Ric had been under Detective West's protection. Molly was determined to check on her father, so she ran to the door. Elizabeth raced after Molly to stop Ric's daughter from leaving the safety of the interrogation room, but Anna appeared in the doorway before Molly could take a step out of the room.

Anna's expression was somber as she explained that Ric had reached for Nathan's gun and that a struggle had ensued. Diane was curious if Anna was trying to tell them that Ric had shot the detective. Anna shook her head as she clarified that Nathan had shot Ric and that Ric had been fatally wounded. Elizabeth and Molly were shocked by the news as Anna promised that there would be a full investigation. Elizabeth argued that Ric would never grab Nathan's gun, while Molly refused to believe that her father was dead and demanded to see Ric.

Molly, followed by Elizabeth, pushed passed Anna, determined to go to Ric's jail cell. Diane warned Anna that the police department would be facing a lawsuit if Ric was truly dead, but Anna ignored Diane to catch up with Elizabeth and Molly. Elizabeth and Molly stopped short when they saw Nathan in the hallway, following the paramedics as they wheeled a gurney carrying a body bag out of the police station. Molly's eyes filled with tears as she asked if it was her father. Nathan looked away as Molly ran to the gurney and cried, "Daddy, why?"

Diane tried to comfort Molly as Elizabeth angrily accused Nathan of killing an innocent man. Anna stepped forward to officially suspend Nathan and then turned to Molly and Elizabeth to extend her condolences.

Later, Diane returned to let Molly know that Alexis was on her way. Elizabeth huddled with Molly, so Diane was curious if Elizabeth wanted Diane to call someone for Elizabeth, but Elizabeth declined. Elizabeth couldn't wrap her head around the idea that Ric was dead.

Later, Maxie spotted Nathan in the park. She immediately sensed that something was wrong as she approached him.

Meanwhile, Anna entered the morgue at the hospital. She walked up to the body bag and unzipped it as she assured Ric that they were alone. Ric's eyes immediately snapped open.

Friday, June 13, 2014

At Greystone Manor, Sonny offered Duke a drink as they discussed Julian's release from jail. Sonny wondered if Duke wanted Duke's job back because Duke had initially gone to work to take down Julian. Duke shook his head because Anna didn't want Duke involved in the mob. Sonny admired Duke when Duke admitted that Anna was too important for Duke to pick the mob over her.

Sonny conceded that he had never been able to make that choice, even though he had been close a few times. Duke sensed that something was troubling Sonny, so Duke reminded Sonny that Duke would continue to keep what Sonny said confidential. Sonny surprised Duke by revealing that Sonny had shot A.J. in error because Ava, not A.J. had murdered Connie. Duke listened quietly as Sonny told him about the discovery of A.J.'s recording, Carly's trip, and Sonny's decision to kill Ava only to discover that Ava was pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan's child.

Sonny admitted that he had moved Ava in with him to keep her under constant watch because he didn't trust her, but Morgan had assumed the worst when Morgan had found out. Duke suggested that Sonny open Morgan's eyes about Ava's true nature, but Sonny admitted that Ava would retaliate by revealing that Sonny had shot A.J. Sonny was certain that Morgan would tell Michael and that Michael would either be devastated or determined to make Sonny pay for the crime by turning Sonny over to the police. Sonny refused to destroy his family and was determined to protect Morgan from Ava, even at the risk of Morgan turning his back on Sonny.

Duke felt bad for Sonny and wished that Sonny's sons could know the sacrifices that Sonny had made for them. Sonny warned Duke that none of his children could ever know. However, Sonny added that Ava would only remain a threat for a short time because Sonny intended to kill Ava after the baby was born.

In the park, Maxie asked what was troubling Nathan. He confessed that something awful had happened at work, but he didn't want to discuss it. Maxie admitted that she'd had a bad day, too, because she and Levi had gotten into an argument. Nathan was curious if she wanted to get a drink, so she readily accepted.

At the Floating Rib, Brad and Britt were having dinner, but Brad remained downcast because of the situation with Lucas. Annoyed, Britt suggested that Brad show some appreciation for Britt inviting him to dinner to get his mind off Lucas, but Brad knew better because he was certain that Britt had invited him out to get her mind off Nikolas. Britt denied it because a relationship with Nikolas was a lost cause. As if on cue, Nikolas entered the bar.

Brad smiled knowingly as he urged Britt to talk to Nikolas. Britt refused because she didn't want Nikolas to reject her again, so Brad suggested that she channel "the Britch." Britt made it clear that it wasn't an option because it was the scheming side of her that had cost her Nikolas. Britt decided that they should leave, but as Brad and Britt passed Nikolas, Nikolas asked for a moment of Britt's time. Brad smiled, wished her luck, and then left.

Britt was stunned when Nikolas apologized to her then explained that he had heard about Patrick and Sabrina's baby. Nikolas knew that Britt had done everything in her power to save the baby because she was an excellent physician, so he felt bad that she had been forced to give Patrick and Sabrina such heartbreaking news. Britt was touched by Nikolas' support, especially since he hated her, but Nikolas assured Britt that she was wrong. He clarified that he was angry at her, but he didn't hate her.

Britt smiled as she suggested that perhaps they could build on that, but Nikolas became distracted when he saw a breaking news report about Ric Lansing's death on the television near the bar. Britt frowned when Nikolas quickly ran out to find Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Maxie entered the bar. Nathan saw his sister, Britt, talking to Nikolas, but he opted not to approach them and instead led Maxie to a nearby table. Moments later, Nathan ordered barbequed ribs with macaroni and cheese. Maxie smiled politely but passed on placing an order for food. Nathan confessed that he was impressed with Maxie's dedication to her vegan diet.

A short time later, Maxie saw the news report about Ric's death and Nathan's role in the fatal shooting. Stunned, she asked why Nathan hadn't told her, so he explained that he couldn't discuss it. However, he revealed that both Molly and Elizabeth had been at the police station at the time of the shooting and that it had been incredibly difficult to deal with their reaction to the tragedy. Maxie imagined that both Molly and Elizabeth had been grief-stricken and had lashed out at Nathan.

Maxie assured Nathan that he was a good person, so she was certain that it hadn't been his fault. She pointed out that Ric had been mixed up with the wrong people and had almost killed Lucas, but Nathan had been doing his job. Nathan appeared on the verge of telling Maxie the truth, but the waitress returned with the food. Nathan offered to share his food with Maxie, but she declined, so Nathan shifted gears to ask about Maxie and Levi's argument.

Maxie told Nathan about her connection to both Patrick and Emma and then complained that it had been too much for Levi to simply offer his condolences about the passing of Patrick and Sabrina's son. Maxie resented that Levi had insisted that it had been part of a grand scheme rather than something terrible that had happened without any reason. Nathan was pleased when Maxie insisted that not everything was a universal message because it meant that Maxie had started to think for herself.

Maxie smiled as Nathan once again offered her a bite of his food, so she agreed and picked up a rib. She asked Nathan not to tell Levi but quickly changed her mind because she didn't care if Levi knew. Nathan chuckled as he warned her that she had some sauce on her upper lip. Maxie dabbed it off with a napkin as she returned Nathan's smile.

At the hospital, Felix sat outside as he spoke to Patrick on the phone about Sabrina. Felix was concerned when Patrick told him about finding Sabrina in her wedding dress, but Patrick assured Felix that everything was under control. Felix promised to return to the apartment to take care of Sabrina as soon as his shift ended. He ended the call as Lucas limped up, dragging an intravenous fluid stand behind him.

Felix immediately scolded Lucas for being out of bed, but Lucas could tell that something was troubling Felix, so Lucas demanded to know what was going on. Felix quickly filled Lucas in about Sabrina's breakdown and then began to talk about how unfair it had been that Patrick and Sabrina had lost their child. Lucas opened up about his sister, B.J., who had been killed by a drunk driver when she had been six years old. Lucas confessed that it had been a wound that his parents had suffered that had never quite healed. Felix revealed that was why he was worried about Sabrina.

Felix was glad that his shift was about to end because he was eager to get home to Sabrina. Lucas was curious who would take care of Felix because Felix always took care of others without any thought to himself. Felix's eyes filled with tears as he began to cry about the loss of Sabrina's baby, so Lucas reached out and hugged Felix. Brad walked out of the hospital but stopped short when he saw Felix and Lucas.

Brad snidely wondered what was going on, but Lucas quickly informed Brad to back off because Felix was mourning the loss of Sabrina's baby. Brad's jealously evaporated in an instant as he offered his apologies and condolences to Felix. Felix assured Brad that it was fine and then left. Lucas waited until Felix was gone before asking what was wrong with Brad. Brad realized that he had screwed up, but Brad admitted that he had thought that there had been something worth saving between Lucas and Brad. Rather than reply, Lucas returned to his hospital room.

At the hospital, Liesl spotted Elizabeth and immediately demanded to know where Elizabeth had been. Elizabeth explained that she'd had something important to take care of. "I don't care if you had an audience with David Hasselhoff," Liesl barked. Liesl berated Elizabeth for walking out in the middle of a shift rather than following protocol for emergency situations because it had put patients at risk. Liesl warned Elizabeth that Elizabeth would be written up, and her pay would be docked.

Liesl warned Elizabeth that they had a new three-strike policy, but Elizabeth defiantly claimed that she didn't care. Liesl was surprised that a single mother would say that, but Elizabeth refused to be intimidated because she cared about her patients despite what Liesl might think. Elizabeth explained that someone close to her had died and that Elizabeth had been comforting a young girl whose father had been shot and killed. "So excuse me if I'm not in the mood for one of your self-righteous lectures," Elizabeth snapped. Liesl advised Elizabeth to watch her tone, but Elizabeth was fed up with Liesl's threats, so she suggested that Liesl simply fire her to save them both the trouble.

"Fine. You're fired," Liesl said with a smirk. Elizabeth seemed shocked, but didn't have a chance to reply because Nikolas had heard the commotion as he approached Elizabeth. He immediately demanded to know what was going on, so Elizabeth explained that Liesl had fired her. Nikolas informed Liesl that Liesl didn't have that kind of power, but Liesl disagreed and suggested that he take a closer look at her contract.

After Liesl left, Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he would talk to the board to get her reinstated. Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she didn't care and then revealed that Ric had been killed. Nikolas admitted that he had seen the news report, so Elizabeth told him that she had been at the police station during the shooting because she hand wanted to let Ric know that she regretted giving up on him too soon. Nikolas was concerned about Elizabeth, so he gently guided her to the elevator with a promise to take her home.

Meanwhile, Britt stood on the staircase as she watched Nikolas and Elizabeth leave. A short time later, Liesl approached Britt at the nurses' station. Liesl sensed that something was troubling her daughter, so she offered to help. Britt asked her mother to find a way for Britt to get Nikolas back.

At the police station, Alexis arrived and immediately wrapped her daughter in a tight embrace as Molly cried. Molly tearfully told Alexis about what had transpired when Molly had heard gunshots ring out and then later when Molly had seen Ric's body transported in body bag. Alexis had no idea why Ric would try to grab a police officer's gun, but Molly suspected that Ric had acted out of desperation because Ric had been framed for crimes that Ric hadn't committed. Alexis didn't want to debate what might have motivated Ric because Alexis was more concerned about Molly.

Molly cried that she needed to see her father. Alexis explained that it wasn't possible because Ric was at the morgue, but Molly was certain that Alexis could find a way because Alexis was an attorney. Alexis agreed to see what she could do.

At the morgue, Anna unzipped the body bag as she let Ric know that they were alone. Ric's eyes snapped open as he took a deep breath then jumped out of the bag. He immediately let Anna know how incredibly difficult it had been for him to listen to his devastated daughter and girlfriend weep over his body at the police station. Anna appreciated that Ric had been in a difficult position, but she reminded him that it had been necessary to keep Ric's family safe from Julian's boss. Ric knew what he had to do, but he hated that Molly and Elizabeth were mourning his loss and that he had "died" under a cloud of suspicion.

Anna promised Ric that he would be able to return to his loved ones and tell them the truth once they identified and captured Julian's boss, but until then, only Anna, Nathan, and Ric would know the truth about Ric. Ric was curious what the next step was, so Anna explained that Ric would be put into the witness protection program until it was safe for Ric to return.

Moments later, Alexis knocked on the door to the morgue, demanding to talk to Anna. Anna ordered Ric to hide, warned him to be quiet, and then slipped out of the morgue to deal with Alexis and Molly. Alexis explained that Molly wanted to see Ric because Molly was in shock and refused to believe that Ric was dead. Anna pulled Alexis aside to explain that it wouldn't be a good idea for Molly to see Ric because Ric had been disfigured during the shooting.

Molly remained determined to see her father, so she slipped into the morgue. Alexis and Anna quickly followed, but Ric was nowhere to be seen. Molly demanded to know where her father was. Anna claimed that Ric's body was in another room, prompting Alexis to gently explain that Ric would not want Molly to see him because his injury had been too horrific. Ric lurked in the next room, tears streaming down his face, as he heard his heartbroken daughter cry for him.

After Alexis and Molly left, Ric changed into a pair of hospital scrubs. Anna explained that they would go to the rear exit of the hospital to meet up with a black van that would transport him to the airport where he would meet an agent with all the paperwork that Ric would need to leave town and assume a new identity.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Elizabeth sat on a bench in the parking lot. She confided that Ric's death seemed surreal because she couldn't imagine that Ric would actually try to shoot a police officer. Moments later, Alexis and Molly exited the hospital, so Nikolas and Elizabeth approached them. Nikolas offered Molly his condolences and hugged his cousin.

Inside the hospital, Anna waited until Nikolas, Elizabeth, Alexis, and Molly walked away before letting Ric know that she would meet him at the van. She slipped out of the hospital to make certain that the path was clear. Moments later, Ric followed her, but he stopped when he saw Elizabeth return to the bench to pick up a handkerchief that Elizabeth had dropped. Elizabeth sensed someone watching her, but when she looked over her shoulder, Ric was gone.

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