General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of November 17, 2014

Anna confessed that Cesar Faison was not dead. Franco helped Nina face reality. T.J. learned a shocking secret about his father. Michael decided to legally change his name to Quartermaine.
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Michael decided to legally change his name to Quartermaine
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Josslyn, Cameron, Spencer, and Emma ran into Kelly's, chanting for milkshakes. Patrick and Sam followed and urged the kids to quiet down. Sam wondered how Patrick had managed to have babysitting duty. He reminded her that he was unemployed, Elizabeth was working, Nikolas had a surprise visitor, and Carly had been arrested. Changing the subject, both wanted to figure out Larry Ashton's angle.

A few minutes later, Sam and Patrick set down milkshakes in front of the kids. They continued their conversation about Larry. Neither bought Larry's story of conveniently being there when Jerry had needed one of Tracy's ex-husbands to kidnap. They couldn't find a connection between Larry and Jerry, and Patrick didn't trust Tracy to investigate. Sam decided to trace Larry's movements.

Cameron asked Josslyn how Carly's wedding had gone. Josslyn happily replied that it had been called off. Spencer added that it had been because "my Uncle Sonny is irresistible." "If he's so great, why is he in jail?" Cameron wondered and showed Spencer the newspaper on his tablet. "I'm here for you," Josslyn told Spencer. "I'm here for you too," he replied, informing her that Carly was in jail as well. Led by Josslyn, all four kids ran out of the restaurant, screaming. Patrick wondered what was going on. Spencer responded that the cops were arresting "everyone" as they ran out.

Carly wanted to clarify that Sonny didn't care whether or not he went to prison. He replied that he cared about the fact that he would probably never see Michael again. Just then, a guard let Michael into the holding cell area. Carly told Michael that their family could survive the ordeal they'd been through. Michael informed his parents that nothing they said or did could ever make up for what they'd done. Carly wondered why he was there. Michael told them that he wanted to clear A.J.'s name in Connie's murder, and Sonny was going to help him.

Responding to Carly's confusion, Michael wondered if the recording of A.J.'s murder was real or made-up. Carly admitted that it was real, but she had gotten rid of her copy. He wanted Sonny's copy of the recording so that everyone would know that A.J. was innocent. If Sonny didn't hand over the recording, Michael said he would know that Sonny was "a man with no honor." He asked Sonny for the recording and was met with silence. "I didn't think so," he said turning to leave. He wasn't surprised and told his parents to "enjoy prison." "If you want it, it's yours," Sonny spoke up.

Michael wondered if Sonny would really hand over the recording "untouched and unedited." Carly called out for Sonny with a warning in her voice as Sonny told Michael that Shawn would drop it off to Michael. Michael accepted it and turned to leave. Carly stopped him and told him that she loved him, and Sonny did the same. "Neither of you know the meaning of the word," Michael spat and left. Carly was upset about Michael seeming to cut them out of his life. Sonny clarified that Michael had in fact cut them out of his life.

Tracy and Ned were sitting in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion when Monica ran in. "I'm going to kill Sonny with my bare hands!" she exclaimed. Tracy assured Monica that justice would be served, but Monica replied that A.J. would still be dead. Ned offered that, on the "bright side," Michael would open his eyes to who Sonny and Carly really were.

Outside the mansion, Larry was on the phone with Jerry. He informed Jerry that the Quartermaines had bought his cover story, and that they thought he was just a drunk. He told Jerry that he needed more time to get more ELQ shares. Just then, Alice walked up to Larry and cleared her throat. Larry tried to play off the phone conversation as drunken confusion, but Alice wasn't buying it. "Let's see what Monica says," Alice told him.

Alice pushed Larry into the house. She told Monica to walk with her to "hear the tales" that only the household help heard. "Why the long faces?" Larry asked Ned and Tracy. They told him about Sonny being arrested for A.J.'s murder. Speaking of A.J., Larry observed that the CEO of ELQ was a "walking disaster," and that they should overthrow Michael. Both reminded Larry that he had no stake in the company, and he claimed that his interest stemmed from concern for his son and granddaughter.

Tracy wondered who would replace Michael. Larry suggested Ned, but Ned refused. Larry then suggested Tracy. Ned reminded Larry that Tracy had almost "tanked" the company thanks to her marriages to Anthony Zacchara and Luke. Claiming that she was thinking only of the company, Tracy agreed to help get rid of Michael, just as Michael entered the room.

Monica returned and hugged Michael. He apologized for not being in touch sooner. "Is this the leader of the family company, Michael Corinthos?" Larry wondered. Michael refused to go by that name. To everyone's confusion, Michael wanted to be called by "my real name. The name I was supposed to have and that I should have had all along. My father's name." He wanted to be called Michael Quartermaine.

Agent Sloane apologize for dropping "a bomb" on Britt about Faison. He informed Britt that the WSB was a rogue organization that needed to be dismantled and reconstructed. He wanted to stop Anna from bypassing the due process of the law ever again. As next of kin, Britt was in the best position to press charges. Britt suggested that Liesl would love nothing more than to press charges, but Agent Sloane stated that Liesl and Faison had never been married. Britt informed the agent that he would have to prove the unlawful killing without her help.

Agent Sloane reminded Britt that Faison was her father. "In DNA only," she shot back. She told him that she hadn't had contact with her father for most of her life and that she wished she could forget about the contact they had had, just like anyone who'd ever met him. She added that Anna had done the world a favor. Agent Sloane questioned what would happen if, the next time Anna took the law into her own hands, it was against someone Britt loved. She still refused to help.

Agent Sloan handed Britt a card, just in case she changed her mind. She told him that she most likely wouldn't, and he left. Britt wondered if it was crazy that she was actually worried about Faison. Nikolas assured her that he understood "demented" families and that it wasn't crazy. He promised to stand by her no matter what.

Moments later, Spencer entered the house and collapsed onto the couch. He sighed that he'd hit "rock bottom." Nikolas picked him up to take him to the kitchen so they could talk about whatever was bothering Spencer. Britt picked up Agent Sloane's card.

Anna bumped into Liesl at the hospital. Liesl thought that Anna would be out celebrating about her full jail cells. "There's always room for one more," Anna commented. Anna recounted Liesl's crimes, including aiding and abetting Nina and Madeline. Anna vowed that Liesl would one day pay for her crimes, but Anna's priority was finding Ava's baby.

Liesl taunted that Anna would never hold Liesl accountable for killing Victor, "like you for Faison," she added. Liesl pressured Anna to just confess. "Perhaps I should, if only to see the look on your face when I tell you what I did to your precious Faison," Anna goaded. "Faison is me," she said, adopting Faison's accent. "Didn't you recognize me, liebchen?" she added. A furious Liesl called Anna "sick," and Anna left haughtily, throwing out that Liesl would never find Faison.

Agent Sloane arrived at the hospital and asked to speak to Liesl in private. He told her that they had a cause in common: "Anna Devane." A short while later, Liesl sat in her office, looking at Agent Sloane's card.

Still at the hospital, Anna told someone on the phone that she'd gotten no new information out of Madeline, so they were back at square one. Just then, Agent Sloane got off the elevator and bumped right into Anna.

Elizabeth showed Jason into her house and went to the kitchen to get him a drink. Jason looked around at all the pictures she had up and stopped on one of her and Jason. Elizabeth returned with drinks, and he asked if the man in the pictures was Jason, which she confirmed. Elizabeth showed him a picture of Jake, and she marveled over how much like Jason he'd been, despite how little time the father and son had spent together.

A short while later, Cameron ran into the house, followed by Patrick. Elizabeth introduced Cameron and "Jake," surprised at how shy Cameron was being. She introduced Jason and Patrick and informed Jason that Patrick had looked at Jason's scans at the hospital. Patrick told Jason that he'd had brain surgery before. Just then, Sam burst into the house and told Patrick that the kids were getting restless.

A few minutes later, Sam remarked how Elizabeth was going "above and beyond" her duties as a nurse. Sam was appalled that Liesl had kicked Jason out of the hospital so soon, and Patrick commented that he intended to "do something" about Liesl once he found out about the status of his job. The car horn honked, so Patrick and Sam left the house. Sam had a strange look on her face as she left.

A few minutes later, Jason, who was standing outside, reentered the house. Cameron wondered if the man's name was really Jake, to which Jason replied that he didn't know. He knew that it was a "big name to live up to" in Elizabeth's house and asked for pointers from Cameron. In exchange, Cameron wanted help with his math homework, which Jason was willing to give. Elizabeth watched the two, smiling.

A short while later, Sam and Patrick arrived at the hospital to find out whether or not Patrick could have his job back. He thanked her for being his moral support. He told her that, once he was out of "limbo," they would figure out what was going on with Larry.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In the police station's lockup, Shawn paid Sonny a visit and mentioned that he had seen Carly talking to Diane earlier, so Sonny explained that Diane had agreed to represent Carly at the arraignment. Sonny added that Diane would return to fetch Sonny after Carly's arraignment because Alexis was handling Duke's case. Shawn wondered how Sonny had been holding up, so Sonny promised he was good. Shawn felt terrible for letting Sonny down by not killing Franco, but Sonny didn't blame Shawn because Sonny appreciated that Shawn had been concerned about Jordan.

Sonny was glad that everyone had escaped the warehouse safely, so Shawn shifted gears to assure Sonny that Shawn intended to rattle some cages to track Franco, Nina, and the missing baby down. Sonny revealed that he needed a favor first; Sonny wanted Shawn to give Michael the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Shawn feared that it might not be wise for Sonny to turn over the recording to Michael because it would further incriminate Sonny in A.J.'s murder, but Sonny didn't care because he was desperate to give Michael the peace of mind that Michael desperately needed.

Shawn conceded that he would do the same for T.J. even though T.J. wasn't Shawn's son. Shawn pointed out that the good thing about giving Michael the recording was that it would guarantee that Ava did not raise the baby. Sonny agreed, but he sensed that something else was troubling Shawn. Shawn explained that he was worried because he and Jordan had decided to have a difficult conversation with T.J. that would likely hit T.J. hard.

Later, Diane approached Sonny's jail cell to discuss his case. She explained that Carly had mentioned that Sonny was in possession of a recording that included Ava confessing to Connie's murder. However, Diane had also heard about Sonny's intention to give Michael the recording, so she urged him to reconsider because she could use the recording to Sonny's advantage by offering it to Scott in exchange for leniency. Sonny refused to use the recording to benefit his own case, but Diane insisted that it was Sonny's only hope.

Sonny refused to change his mind, so Diane warned him that Michael would end up regretting using the recording to send Sonny to jail because Michael loved Sonny. Sonny disagreed then argued that it didn't matter because Michael already had the recording. Discouraged, Diane left to meet Carly for Carly's arraignment. Alexis arrived and wished Diane luck as the women passed each other in lockup.

Sonny noticed that Duke wasn't with Alexis, so Alexis revealed that she had tried to help Duke by urging him to turn against Sonny. However, Duke had refused to roll on Sonny, so the judge had sent Duke to Pentonville until Duke's trial. Sonny's outrage turned to horror when Alexis added that Carly might meet the same fate as Duke. Alexis warned Sonny that Sonny was going down and that he would take everyone with him if he allowed them to continue to lie for him.

At Wyndemere, Britt sat on the sofa as she contemplated Special Agent Kyle Sloane's business card and the offer to pursue a criminal investigation against Anna if Britt agreed to press charges. Britt returned to the present when her cell phone rang, but she let it go to voicemail when she saw that it was Liesl.

Later, Nikolas entered the room. He was surprised when he saw Britt because he had thought that she had already left for work. Britt assured him that she was on her way out then added that her mother was once again on the warpath. Nikolas wasn't surprised, but Britt made it clear that if Sloane wanted to take down Anna over Cesar's death, then he would have to do it without Britt's help.

Shortly after Britt left, Spencer approached his father to demand that Nikolas explain to the staff that Spencer was permitted to have chocolate for a snack. Nikolas reminded Spencer that Spencer was not allowed to have candy whenever Spencer wished, but Nikolas decided to make an exception because Spencer had earned it by telling the truth about Franco at Carly's wedding. Nikolas was proud of his son, so he wanted to reward Spencer.

Guilt-ridden, Spencer admitted that Franco hadn't been the only person who had known that Spencer had been hiding out at Carly's house. Concerned, Nikolas demanded to know who else had been cruel enough to keep that kind of secret from Nikolas when Nikolas had been worried sick about his missing son. Spencer recalled how concerned Britt had been that Nikolas would end things with her if Nikolas discovered that she had helped Spencer. "Josslyn," Spencer quietly replied out of fear of losing Britt.

Nikolas sensed that Spencer was hiding something, but Spencer changed the subject by expressing how upset he was that Sonny had been arrested. However, Spencer realized that the only good thing about Sonny's arrest was that it had put Sonny out of Luke Spencer's reach.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael announced to Monica, Ned, Tracy, and Larry that Michael intended to honor A.J. by cutting all ties with the Corinthos family. Monica was overjoyed when Michael added that he also planned to legally change his name to Michael Quartermaine as soon as possible because the Quartermaines were the only family that Michael had. Monica hugged Michael as she insisted that she had always considered her grandson to be a part of the family. Pleased, Michael asked if she would mind if he moved in.

Monica readily agreed then added that Michael could have the "blue" bedroom, which had always been his favorite room. Tracy reminded Monica that Larry Ashton had been given the blue bedroom, but Monica argued that Larry could easily be moved. Ned stepped forward to officially welcome Michael to the family by shaking Michael's hand. Monica admitted that it was the best present that she could have received because it coincided with A.J.'s birthday. However, she wished that A.J. could have been there to be a part of the momentous occasion.

Michael vowed to live up to his father's name, do right by the Quartermaine family, and get ELQ back on the top again because Michael was tired of Tracy trying to destroy ELQ with her questionable business dealings. Offended, Tracy countered that Michael's parents' arrest had done far more damage to ELQ's reputation than anything she had done, but Michael reiterated that Sonny and Carly were not his parents. Michael pointed out that Tracy had foolishly given Jerry Jacks fifteen-and-a-half percent of ELQ's shares, but Tracy defended her decision because she had been trying to help Luke.

Michael scoffed because not only had Tracy ended up with Larry, but Michael didn't think Luke had been worth saving because of the terrible way Luke had treated people, including Kiki. Michael surprised everyone by suggesting that Jerry might have planted Larry in the mansion to be Jerry's eyes and ears, so Ned promised that Larry would not get one "gout-ridden toe" into ELQ's door. Ned explained that Larry was only interested in consuming all the alcoholic beverages in the mansion.

Michael appreciated that Larry was Ned's father, but Michael had once trusted Sonny and Carly, which had ended badly. Larry took offense at the suggestion that he was a spy for Jerry, but Michael wasn't intimidated because he knew that even Larry's English title of nobility had been fabricated. Michael was certain that they would learn that far more about Larry had been a lie if they dug further into Larry's background. Furious, Larry launched himself at Michael, intending to hit Michael, but Ned quickly intervened as Shawn entered the room.

Shawn immediately ordered Larry to back away from Michael, prompting Larry to ask who Shawn was. Annoyed, Michael explained that Shawn was Sonny's enforcer then pointedly added that Shawn's help was not needed. Shawn explained that he had stopped by to drop off something that Michael's father, Sonny, had promised to give to Michael then handed Michael a jump drive. Shawn added that Sonny had kept his word to Michael then quietly left.

Later, Michael and Monica listened to the recording that A.J. had made when A.J. had confronted Ava about killing Connie. Monica jumped when she heard the fatal shot ring out then began to cry. Michael quickly turned the recording off and held his weeping grandmother as he confessed that listening to the recording had been far more difficult than he had thought it would be. Monica was relieved that they had the proof they needed to put Sonny away for A.J.'s murder, but Michael pointed out that the tape had also exonerated A.J. of Connie's murder.

After Michael left, Larry quietly stood in the background as Monica told Ned and Tracy about the tape that had cleared A.J. of Connie's murder. However, she was upset that A.J. had died trying to clear his name, so Ned gently offered to take Monica to the crypt to share the good news with A.J. Monica brightened at the idea as she and Ned left. Larry reached for a drink as Tracy began to grumble that she hadn't heard from Jerry in days.

Larry warned Tracy that Jerry might not reach out to her when word got out that Michael had moved into the Quartermaine mansion. However, Larry suggested that perhaps Jerry might make contact with Luke's daughter. Tracy realized that Larry had a point, so she left to check in with Lulu. Once Larry was alone, he quickly closed the door then made a phone call.

At Kelly's, Jordan recalled her conversation with Shawn at the warehouse when they had agreed to talk to T.J. together about T.J.'s father. She looked up when T.J. suddenly appeared in the doorway as he arrived at the diner. T.J. was relieved when he saw his mother because he had read about everything that had transpired at the warehouse. Jordan assured him that she was fine, but T.J. hugged her anyway because she was his mother despite everything that had happened.

A little while later, T.J. announced that he had to leave to get some studying done, but Jordan asked him to wait because she and Shawn had to talk to him. T.J. worried that it might have something to do with school, but Jordan assured him that it didn't. Moments later, Shawn arrived. Jordan and T.J. joined Shawn at a table as Shawn explained that they needed to talk to T.J. about T.J.'s father.

In Ava's hospital room, Kiki recalled Michael's admission that he no longer loved her because she had hidden the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder. She also remembered how Michael had accused her of wanting the brother she couldn't have because it made her feel important and she enjoyed the drama.

"Kiki," Ava said, breaking into Kiki's troubling thoughts. "Are you even listening to me?" Ava asked. Kiki apologized then assured Ava that she knew Ava was worried about the baby. Kiki promised that Morgan and Dante were working together to find the kidnapped infant, but Ava wasn't satisfied because Franco and Nina could have already fled the country with the baby. Kiki was confident that Franco wouldn't let anything happen to Kiki's baby sister, but Ava disagreed because Kiki had no idea what Franco was really capable of.

"What about you?" Kiki angrily blurted out. Ava was startled when Kiki revealed that she knew that Ava had killed Connie. Ava tried to deny it, but Kiki informed her mother that it was pointless because Sonny had played the incriminating recording with Ava's confession for Morgan. Ava shifted gears to tearfully explain that killing Connie had been an act of desperation to stop Connie from revealing Derek Wells's true identity. Ava claimed that she had acted without thinking, but Kiki didn't believe her mother because Ava had not only shot an innocent woman but had also taken steps to frame an innocent man for the crime.

Ava argued that everything had worked out in the end because A.J. had been acquitted of the crime, but Kiki insisted that the murder had haunted A.J. until his dying day and had destroyed his sobriety because everyone had thought that A.J. had gotten away with the murder. Ava tensed when Kiki muttered that at least Michael finally knew the truth. "How?" Ava asked. Kiki assumed that Sonny had told Michael, but Ava was curious if Sonny had given Michael the recording of Ava's confession.

Kiki admitted that she had no idea what Michael had because Michael had ended things with Kiki. Kiki warned Ava to be prepared because Michael was determined to clear A.J.'s name, and Sonny would likely testify against Ava, since Sonny no longer had anything to lose. Ava insisted that all she cared about was finding Kiki's missing sister, so she asked Kiki to check in with Anna to find out if there had been any news.

At the hospital, Patrick confessed that he wasn't certain that he wanted to hear about the status of his appeal, but Sam offered him words of encouragement as she promised to be there for him.

In Liesl's office, Liesl looked at Agent Sloane's business card as she vowed to help him take down Anna. She quickly picked up her cell phone then called Britt. Liesl was annoyed when the call went to voicemail, so Liesl informed Britt that Britt was late for work. Liesl ordered Britt to report to Liesl's office immediately because it was an emergency then added that Britt had better not ignore the voicemail message.

A short time later, Patrick and Sam entered Liesl's office. Liesl resented Sam's presence, but Patrick insisted that Sam was there for moral support. Liesl shrugged her shoulders because sharing the board's decision was merely a formality. Liesl explained that the board had agreed to reinstate Patrick despite his egregious lapse in judgment. Sam squealed with delight as she happily hugged Patrick to congratulate him. Disgusted, Liesl watched the display of affection then let Patrick know that he could return to work the following day.

After Patrick and Sam left the office, they decided to spend the rest of the day working on their investigation into Patrick's crash, since Emma was on a play date. A short time later, Patrick and Sam quietly stood on the Quartermaine patio as they eavesdropped as Larry called to alert Jerry to a problem.

Meanwhile, Britt entered Liesl's office then asked her mother what Liesl's problem was. Liesl violently slapped Britt as she accused Britt of being the problem because Britt had refused to cooperate with Agent Sloane. Britt explained that she didn't care what had happened to Cesar, but that only infuriated Liesl further. Britt invited Liesl to work with the agent gathering proof against Anna if it was so important to Liesl, but Liesl explained that only Britt could request the investigation because Britt was Cesar's only living relative.

Britt remained adamant that she didn't want any part of Sloane's investigation, so Liesl threatened to tell Nikolas that Britt had been working in tandem with Spencer during Spencer's disappearance over the summer. Shocked, Britt reminded her mother that it had been Liesl's idea, but Liesl was unrepentant because Liesl wanted Anna to pay for killing Cesar.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Anna was surprised when she spotted Agent Sloane exiting the elevator. She greeted him then asked if he was still with the Justice Department. Kyle was surprised that Anna had kept track of his career, so she confessed that she had always been interested in her former protégés' careers. Kyle appeared disappointed that she had referred to him as her "former" protégé, but Anna pointed out that he no longer needed a mentor because he had done quite well for himself.

Anna was curious why Kyle was in Port Charles, so he pointed out that she had recently made a slew of arrests, including the infamous Sonny Corinthos. Kyle had also heard about Duke's arrest, which he hoped meant that she was no longer married to the mob. Anna bristled as she clarified that she and Duke had not been married then shifted gears to ask why Kyle was interested in local matters. Kyle pointed out that Sonny's arrest had far-reaching implications, plus Kyle knew about the recent abduction of a child, which might have been taken across state lines if not out of the country.

Kyle reminded Anna that both cases were technically federal concerns. Anna conceded that Kyle was right but she noticed that he hadn't asked her anything about either case, so he conceded that he was in town on another matter. Anna offered to be of assistance if he needed it, so Kyle promised that she would be the first person to know when he decided to go public. Kyle wished her luck finding the missing infant then left.

A short time later, Kiki approached Anna to ask if there had been news about Ava's missing baby, but Anna shook her head. Moments later, Michael walked up. Kiki greeted him, but he made it clear that he had nothing to say to Kiki. However, he was there to give Anna evidence that would exonerate A.J. of Connie's murder.

After Michael handed Anna the jump drive with Ava's confession, Anna listened to it. She conceded that the recording was sufficient for an arrest. Michael was eager to see justice done, so Michael followed Anna and Kiki to Ava's room, but Ava was long gone.

In Liesl's office, Liesl informed Agent Sloane that Britt had something to tell him. Britt reluctantly explained that she wanted Anna to face justice for killing Cesar.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sonny pleaded guilty to spare Carly and Duke jail time. Silas agreed to hide out Ava who claimed to be in fear of Sonny's wrath. Anna arrested Julian. Patrick and Sam got their hands on Larry's safety deposit key. Shawn and Jordan confessed to T.J.

At Kelly's, Shawn and Jordan sat down with T.J. to explain that they had to tell T.J. something about his father, Thomas. Jordan explained that there were some things about Thomas that T.J. didn't know. "Like what?" T.J. wondered. "Like how he died," Jordan replied.

T.J. assured Jordan that he knew about the accidental shooting, but Shawn shocked T.J. by revealing that the shooting had been intentional. Stunned, T.J. became upset, but Jordan begged her son to hear them out then gently explained that T.J.'s father had learned about her past affair with Shawn on the night of the shooting.

Shawn revealed that the affair had ended almost as soon as it had begun, but Thomas had been in a rage when he had confronted Shawn one night while they had both been assigned as lookouts. Shawn admitted that Thomas had pulled a gun, intending to shoot Shawn, so Shawn had implored Thomas to put the gun down, but Thomas had refused because Thomas had been determined to kill Shawn. T.J. argued that Shawn couldn't have known that, but Shawn disagreed because Shawn had seen it in Thomas' eyes.

T.J. was furious that Shawn had betrayed Thomas by sleeping with his best friend's wife, but Jordan insisted that it had been a difficult time for her because Thomas had been deployed overseas for nearly a year. She confessed that she had needed a friend to lean on, so she had turned to Shawn. T.J. became increasingly upset as he suddenly wondered if there might be a chance that Shawn was his father. Shawn and Jordan conceded that they had wondered the same thing, so Jordan had decided to have a DNA test done.

According to Shawn, Thomas had found the letter from Jordan informing Shawn that Thomas was T.J.'s father just before the confrontation. Moments after the shooting, Thomas and Shawn's regiment had been attacked, so everyone had assumed that Thomas had been killed by friendly fire during the skirmish. Shawn had decided to keep quiet about the truth because Shawn hadn't wanted one terrible moment to overshadow all the great things that Thomas had done.

T.J. broke down in tears as Shawn and Jordan held him. Shawn insisted that Thomas had been a hero and that nothing would change that, but T.J. wasn't appeased because he wished that Shawn and Jordan had kept their secret. T.J. grabbed his things then left because he needed some time alone. After T.J. left, Shawn assured Jordan that it had been for the best to tell T.J. the truth then added that at least Thomas had died with the comfort of knowing that T.J. was Thomas' son. Jordan slowly closed her eyes as a wave of guilt appeared to briefly cloud her expression.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Patrick and Sam stood on the patio as they eavesdropped on Larry's phone call in the living room, alerting Jerry that there was a problem. Patrick realized that he and Sam had been right to suspect that Larry was in league with Jerry, but Sam was focused on Larry's conversation as Larry explained to Jerry that Michael had moved into the mansion and had put Tracy on notice about ELQ. Larry warned Jerry that it would be "nigh" impossible for Larry and Jerry to proceed with their plan to procure ELQ, which meant that it might be time to do something about the "Luke Spencer problem" since their "friend" had become more of a liability than an asset.

On the patio, Patrick wondered if it was possible that he and Sam had been wrong about Luke working with Jerry, but Sam said little as she continued to listen to Larry's end of the phone call. Larry conceded that the situation was not ideal but added that a contingency plan had been put into place. Patrick and Sam perked up when Larry mentioned that a key to a secret safe deposit box had been safely stashed in Larry's bedroom, so Larry advised Jerry put what Larry would need to proceed with the next phase of their plan in the safe deposit box.

After Larry ended the phone call, he poured himself a drink. On the patio, Patrick and Sam quietly discussed their options. Sam instructed Patrick to keep Larry busy while she slipped into Larry's bedroom to search for the safe deposit key, but Patrick panicked because he had no idea what to do. Sam was confident that Patrick would think of something.

Moments later, Patrick entered the living room from the patio. Startled, Larry demanded to know what Patrick was doing in the mansion. Patrick surprised Larry by claiming that he had stopped by to apologize to Larry for suggesting that Larry had played a role in the tragedy that had killed Patrick's son. Patrick extended his hand to Larry as a show of sincerity, so Larry grudgingly shook Patrick's hand. However, Larry announced that it was time to turn in for the evening, but Patrick insisted on having a drink with Larry first.

Larry reluctantly agreed, but Patrick quickly had a change of heart when he saw Sam reappear on the patio. Patrick excused himself then left without Larry realizing that Patrick had had an ulterior motive for the brief visit.

On the patio, Sam explained that she had found the safe deposit key, but she had decided to use Danny's silly putty that she had found in her pocket to make an impression of the key to avoid tipping Larry off. Sam was confident that they could get a key made in the morning, so Patrick hoped that the safe deposit box would yield some much-needed answers.

At the hospital, Anna, Michael, and Kiki entered Ava's hospital room to inform Ava that Ava would be charged with Connie's murder, but Ava had already fled. Anna immediately called security to alert them not to allow Ava to leave the hospital, but Michael wasn't satisfied because he suspected that Kiki had aided Ava by keeping Anna distracted until Ava could escape. Kiki argued that Michael's theory was ridiculous because Kiki had been talking to Anna when Michael had arrived to give Anna the incriminating evidence against Ava.

Moments later, Anna wrapped up the call with the hospital's security team. According to Anna, security footage confirmed that Ava had left the hospital minutes earlier. Michael remained certain that Kiki had helped Ava because Kiki had kept Ava's secret. Surprised, Anna asked if it was true that Kiki had known that Ava had killed Connie. Kiki confessed that she had, but Kiki had warned Ava that Michael also knew the truth about Connie's murder when Kiki had confronted her mother earlier.

"So, not only are you a liar, you're an idiot too," Michael said with disgust because Kiki had inadvertently tipped off her mother that the recording would be turned over to the police. Kiki was offended by Michael's remark, but he was unrepentant because Ava had used Kiki to keep Anna distracted while Ava had escaped. Anna doubted that Ava had gotten far, so she decided to issue an APB on Ava.

After Anna left, Kiki apologized and assured Michael that she hadn't had any inkling that Ava had intended to run. Unmoved, Michael ranted at Kiki until Morgan entered the room. Shocked, Morgan immediately ordered Michael to leave Kiki alone because Kiki didn't deserve to be "verbally abused." Michael resented Morgan's defense of Kiki because Kiki had given Ava an opportunity to vanish. Stunned, Morgan looked around the hospital room as he realized that Ava was indeed gone. "Wow, you two are a regular brain trust, aren't you?" Michael snidely asked.

Kiki's patience snapped because she was tried of Michael's hateful comments. Michael sarcastically apologized for not being nice about someone who had murdered an innocent woman, framed his father, and then had used her daughter to escape justice. Morgan warned Michael to ease up on Kiki, but Michael turned on his brother by suggesting that perhaps Morgan had helped Ava. The argument quickly escalated then turned violent as Michael shoved Morgan against the door, threatening to beat the truth out of his brother, but Morgan pushed back as he explained he had been busy searching for the missing baby.

Morgan revealed that he had no desire to help Ava since he had learned the truth about Connie's murder, which was why Morgan had told Sonny that Ava had been hiding out at the brownstone. Michael wasn't impressed because Morgan had failed Michael just as much as Sonny had.

After Michael stormed out, Morgan realized that Michael truly disowned his family. However, Morgan urged Kiki to keep fighting for Michael because Morgan was certain that Michael still loved her under all the anger. Kiki confessed that Silas had offered her the same advice so she had paid Michael a visit earlier that day only to find him in bed with Rosalie.

In Anna's office, Anna sat behind her desk as two police officers escorted Julian to a chair. Julian demanded to know why his apartment had been searched and why he had been taken into custody, so Anna explained that she had reason to believe that Julian had helped Ava escape. Julian denied that he would help his sister leave the hospital because Ava was in need of medical care after recently giving birth. He was outraged that Anna was more interested in finding Ava than in searching for his missing niece who was in the hands of a "sociopath and a madwoman."

Anna assured Julian that she had every available police officer looking for the missing newborn then returned to the topic of Ava because Anna had a recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Julian feigned shock and disbelief, but Anna easily saw through the deception because she knew that Ava had killed Connie to stop Connie from revealing that Derek Wells had been Julian's alias. Julian assured Anna that he had been in the dark about Ava's crime, but Anna didn't believe him so she decided to send him to lockup. Julian accused Anna of abusing her power, but she reminded him that she had forty-eight hours to hold him before charging him with a crime.

At Silas' apartment, Silas was stunned when he saw Ava standing on his doorstep. She pleaded with him to help her then stumbled into his apartment as she explained that no one could find her. Silas shut the door as Ava claimed that she needed a safe place to hide from Sonny, but Silas insisted that Ava needed to be in the hospital. Ava argued that she couldn't risk it because Sonny had sent hit men after her, so Silas pointed out that he wasn't in any position to safeguard Ava against armed gunmen.

Silas urged Ava to turn to the police for help, but Ava explained that it was too dangerous because Sonny had police officers on his payroll. Silas remained apprehensive about not going to the police, so Ava claimed that she had seen two suspicious men loitering near her hospital room, which had forced her to flee. Ava insisted that she just needed time to figure out her next step then preyed on his compassion by reminding him that her infant daughter needed her. Silas capitulated, so Ava hugged him as she thanked him for saving her life.

In the courtroom, a reporter asked Scott if it was true that Duke had been denied bail. Scott refused to answer the question, so the reporter was curious if it was a conflict of interest that he was prosecuting Carly, since he was dating her mother, Bobbie. Annoyed, Scott asked the bailiff to remove the reporter. Before the bailiff could follow through, Bobbie marched up then slapped Scott across the face as a newspaper cameraman snapped pictures.

After the bailiff hustled the press out of the courtroom, Scott assured Bobbie that he genuinely cared about her, but she didn't believe him because she was certain that Scott would have given his daughter a free pass or a slap on the wrist if Serena had been in Carly's shoes. Scott denied it, but Bobbie glared at him as she informed him that they were over.

Meanwhile, reporters swarmed Carly as she and Diane arrived for Carly's arraignment. The reporters fired questions at Carly, but Diane pulled Carly aside to remind Carly not to say a single word to the reporters because it could be used against her in court. Carly promised to behave, so Diane switched gears to explain that she wanted Carly to be "polite, contrite, and silent" during the arraignment. Diane explained that it was the only hope they had of persuading the judge to grant Carly bail. According to Diane, Carly was merely an on-ramp to the true target, Sonny.

Carly looked up as Sonny arrived. The two exchanged a long glance before Sonny approached Diane and Carly. Carly was concerned as she asked how Sonny had been holding up. He assured her that he was fine but he hated that he had dragged her into his mess. Carly refused to allow Sonny to blame himself because she had made her own choices to protect their family. Diane warned both Sonny and Carly not to utter a single word in court except "Not Guilty" when the judge asked for their plea because they couldn't afford for anyone to make a scene.

Later, Carly stood before Judge Chua as Diane requested bail. Diane assured the judge that Carly was not a flight risk because Carly had children and business ties to the community. Scott didn't object, but Judge Chua decided to deny Carly bail because two of Carly's children were grown, Carly was a wealthy woman, and she had international business ties. Carly appeared shell-shocked as Judge Chua called for a fifteen-minute recess before proceeding with Sonny's arraignment.

Carly's eyes welled up with tears as she turned to Bobbie. Carly cried that Josslyn needed Carly, so Bobbie promised to take care of Josslyn until everything could be straightened out. After Carly was escorted away, Scott approached Bobbie to assure her that he would try to work something out for Carly, but Bobbie told him that it was too little, too late.

Meanwhile, Sonny demanded to know how Carly could have been denied bail. Diane realized that things looked bleak, but she assured Sonny that she shined at trial, so she was confident that she could get Sonny acquitted. Sonny refused to allow Carly to spend months in jail until Sonny's trial and acquittal, so he marched up to Scott to work out a deal.

A short time later, Judge Chua returned to the courtroom then asked for Sonny's plea.

In the hallway, Bobbie tried to offer Carly words of encouragement, but Carly was filled with regret that she had ignored everyone's warnings about Franco. Moments later, Sonny left the courtroom with Scott and Diane trailing behind him. Sonny smiled as he assured Carly that she would not be going to Pentonville. Scott confirmed that all the charges against Carly had been dropped. Stunned, Bobbie thanked Scott, but Diane clarified that Sonny deserved the credit because Sonny had agreed to plead guilty in exchange for Carly's freedom.

Diane hoped that Sonny's cooperation would earn Scott's leniency during sentencing, but Scott warned Diane not to count on it. Carly tearfully begged Sonny to change his plea, but Sonny refused because he didn't want Carly to go to jail. Carly assured Sonny that she wouldn't change a thing if she had it to do over again, so Sonny smiled as he told her that he loved her and wanted her to be safe.

Nearby, Michael watched the exchange between Sonny and Carly. Michael ducked around the corner then waited until Sonny was escorted back to jail. As Sonny passed Michael, they exchanged a long glance, but neither man said a word.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anna revealed that Cesar Faison was not dead. Lulu agreed to help Patrick and Sam. Franco helped Nina face reality. Ava manipulated Silas into helping her leave town. Lucas offered Julian advice about Alexis.

In the police station's lockup, Julian did abdominal crunches as his thoughts lingered on Alexis and her warning that he leave her alone unless he was willing to be completely honest with her. Moments later, Olivia marched up to Julian's jail cell to demand to know where Ava was because Olivia wanted Ava prosecuted for murdering Connie. Julian calmly explained that he had no idea where Ava was. He admitted that he was sorry for Olivia's loss, but he assured her that he'd had no idea that Ava had murdered Connie.

Olivia didn't believe Julian because she knew that Ava had killed Connie to protect his identity. Olivia was shocked when Julian confessed that he only knew that Ava had shot Olivia but not that Ava had murdered Connie. He rushed to assure Olivia that Ava had acted alone in both shootings, but he conceded that he had kept his sister's secret, so he didn't blame Olivia for not believing him.

"I believe you," Lucas said as he arrived to visit his father. The guard glared at Olivia because Olivia hadn't signed in on the visitor's log, so Olivia informed the guard that Detective Falconeri was her son. After Olivia left, Julian asked if Lucas truly believed Julian. Lucas admitted that he was willing to give Julian the benefit of the doubt, so he offered to call Alexis to get Julian out of jail. Julian confessed that Alexis had made it clear that she didn't want anything to do with Julian until he was willing to be upfront with her about the people that Julian worked for.

Lucas advised Julian to give Alexis what she wanted if Julian loved Alexis, but Julian argued that it wasn't that simple. According to Julian, it was because he loved her that he couldn't be honest with Alexis. Julian explained that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to protect his family, especially after witnessing Lucas' shooting. Startled, Lucas wondered if Julian were suggesting that someone other than Ric had issued the order to kill Lucas. Julian insisted that Lucas was best off not knowing, so Lucas let the matter drop, but he urged his father to be honest with Alexis because Lucas knew that Julian loved her.

Outside Kelly's, Lulu spoke to Dante on the phone about Sonny's arrest. She knew that Sonny deserved to be in jail, but she assured Dante that it didn't mean that Dante couldn't be upset about it. She reminded Dante that she loved him and had been thinking about him then wrapped up the call so he could get back to searching for the missing baby and Ava.

Moments later, Patrick and Sam walked up. Patrick quickly apologized for being late, so Lulu assured them that it was fine but she was curious why they had asked to meet with her. Patrick and Sam quickly explained that they had confirmation that Larry Ashton was in league with Jerry Jacks then revealed that Sam had managed to get a copy of a key to a safe deposit box that might yield answers. Sam revealed that they needed Lulu's help to keep Larry distracted while Patrick and Sam checked the safe deposit box, so Lulu readily agreed because she needed answers about Luke -- whatever they might be.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Larry spoke to Jerry on the phone to confirm that everything Larry needed to take care of the "Luke Spencer business" had been placed in the safe deposit box. Larry promised to be at the bank within the hour so he could access the safe deposit box as soon as the bank opened. After Larry ended the call, Tracy entered the living room and immediately noticed the key in Larry's hand.

"Is that the key to your heart?" Tracy sarcastically asked. Larry claimed that it was the key to the pantry because he suspected that "Hobson" had been hiding liquor from him. Tracy reminded him that the maid's name was Alice, but Larry ignored her as he announced that he had to leave because he had a dentist appointment to get his teeth cleaned. Tracy appeared skeptical but ordered him to reschedule the appointment because she had arranged for her and Larry to have a family breakfast with their son.

Moments later, Ned and Alexis entered the room. Ned introduced Alexis to his father, so Larry turned on the charm as he greeted Alexis. However, Larry quickly added that he couldn't stay because he had an appointment with the dentist. Ned was immediately suspicious that his father had found a dentist during the short time that Larry had been in town, but Larry stuck to his story. Unmoved, Ned insisted that Larry reschedule the dentist appointment because Larry owed Ned a favor for the years that Ned had been "stashed away" in boarding school.

Later, Alexis admitted that the food was delicious. Larry agreed then added that he intended to compliment "Hobson." Confused, Alexis asked who Hobson was, so Larry explained that he had meant "Dobson." "It's Alice," Ned and Tracy corrected Larry in unison. "Well, then who the blazes is Dobson?" Larry asked. "I am," Alexis answered.

Alexis explained to Larry why she had spent months posing as a Quartermaine butler named Dobson to be close to her daughter, Kristina. Larry was impressed that Alexis had managed to pursue her own agenda under the Quartermaines' noses without anyone realizing it. Before anyone could reply, Olivia ran into the living room, desperate to talk to Ned.

Ned immediately noticed that Olivia was upset, so she revealed that she had heard the news that Ava had killed her cousin. Ned regretted that he hadn't realized that Ava's confession hadn't just impacted the Quartermaines by clearing A.J.'s name, so Olivia added that she had also learned from Alexis' ex-boyfriend, Julian, that Ava had also been responsible for shooting Olivia. Alexis was stunned when Olivia mentioned that Julian was in jail on suspicion of aiding and abetting Ava's escape.

Later, Larry confessed that he was surprised that Alexis had rushed out when she had received a call about Julian. Ned ignored his father to focus on Olivia by offering her something to eat. Olivia admitted that she was famished, so Ned decided to take her to the kitchen to fetch something freshly cooked. Larry decided to excuse himself by reminding Tracy that he had an appointment, but Lulu arrived in time to inform Larry that Larry wouldn't be going anywhere.

In lockup, Julian resumed his workout until he saw Alexis approach his jail cell.

In Canada, Franco read the Port Charles Press on his electronic tablet as Nina slept next to him in bed. Franco saw the headline about Ava's disappearance and then the story about Sonny absolving Carly of any wrongdoing in the cover-up of A.J.'s murder. Nina woke up but immediately tensed when she realized that Franco was in bed with her. She demanded to know what he was doing in her bed, so he explained that he had tried sleeping on the sofa, but it had been uncomfortable.

Nina was upset because she doubted Silas would be pleased if he knew that Franco had spent the night in her bed. Franco pointed out that he had slept on top of the covers, but Nina wasn't satisfied because she insisted that she was a married woman. She jumped out of the bed to check on the baby who remained sound asleep in the playpen. Nina cooed that the baby was an angel then added that she was the infant's mother.

Later, Nina was pleased that the baby had had four ounces of formula because it indicated a healthy appetite. However, she regretted that Silas had been missing out on precious time with their daughter, so she was eager to know if Franco had devised a plan. Nina appreciated that she couldn't call Silas because of what she had done to Madeline, even though Madeline had deserved it.

Franco assured Nina that he had a plan, but the first step was to make Nina face reality. Nina tensed, but Franco ignored her trepidation as he handed her his electronic tablet then ordered her to read the latest edition of the Port Charles Press. Nina became increasingly agitated as she skimmed the article about Ava because she knew that Franco wanted Nina to believe that Ava was the baby's mother. Nina didn't want to discuss it, but Franco refused to allow Nina to continue to hide behind her delusions.

Franco reminded Nina that Nina had recently received the difficult news that she couldn't carry a baby. Nina recalled Britt explaining that tests had revealed that Nina had gone into menopause, but Nina pushed the memory away as tears filled her eyes. Undaunted, Franco explained that Nina had set her sights on Ava's baby to replace the baby that Nina had miscarried. Nina began to cry as Franco gently reminded Nina that she had induced Ava's labor, delivered the baby, and abducted the infant.

Nina tearfully begged Franco to stop, but he refused because Nina had been his friend when no one else had been. Franco held Nina as she began to weep on his shoulder. He promised her that everything would be okay, but Nina insisted that it didn't matter if the baby was hers or not because she deserved to have a child after losing her own baby. Nina blamed Ava for the miscarriage, but Franco argued that it hadn't been Ava's fault. Nina disagreed because Ava had driven a wedge between Nina and Silas.

Nina insisted that she and Silas were in love, so the baby would make their family complete, but Franco explained that Silas no longer loved Nina. Nina suddenly recalled her recent confrontation with Silas when Silas had told her that it was over after learning the extent of her lies. Franco hated hurting Nina, but he felt that he needed to help her see the truth about Silas because Nina had made him accept the truth about Carly. After Nina calmed down, she conceded that her marriage to Silas was over. Franco was proud that she had finally accepted the truth because he appreciated how difficult it had been.

Nina admitted that she had needed the push, so Franco joked that she had been a hard nut to crack. Nina appeared offended until he quickly added that he was a nut at times too. Franco promised that life would go on and that the pain would eventually fade, but Nina confessed that she wasn't hurt. Nina explained that she felt empty. "I'm like a shell," Nina quietly clarified.

According to Nina, she had nothing without Silas and the baby, but Franco insisted that she could count on him because Franco was on her side. Their conversation then turned to the baby as Nina pointed out that they had to decide what to do about the baby.

At Silas' apartment, Ava opened the door and glanced down both ends of the hallway then picked up the newspaper that had been left on the doorstep. After she closed the door, she saw the headline reporting that she was on the run. Ava quickly read the article, which revealed that she was wanted for Connie's murder. Horrified, Ava realized that she needed to keep Silas from finding out that she was wanted by the police until she could decide her next move.

Ava quickly folded the newspaper to hide the front-page article as Silas entered the room. He sensed that something was troubling Ava, so she claimed that she was upset because there hadn't been any news about her missing daughter. Silas assured her that the police were doing everything to find the baby, but Ava pointed out that the longer it took to find her infant, the more time Franco and Nina would have to get further away. Ava insisted that her baby needed her, so Silas promised her that Franco would keep the baby safe.

Ava's temper flared because she thought that Nina and Franco were both "psychotic." She insisted that Franco might have fooled everyone else but not Ava because she was certain that Franco was a ticking time bomb capable of doing terrible things. Ava was doubly apprehensive about her newborn's safety because Franco had teamed up with Nina. Silas thought it was time to call reinforcements like Sam because Sam was a great private investigator, but Ava refused to consider it because Sam had connections to Sonny.

Silas promised that Sam could be trusted, but Ava was adamant that Silas not reach out to Sam for help. Silas pointed out that he didn't have the resources to help find Franco and Nina, but Ava was confident that if she and Silas worked together, they could find Nina and the baby. Ava begged Silas to help her, so he agreed to fetch the car.

At Kelly's, Nikolas noticed that Britt had barely touched her breakfast, so he suspected that she had been thinking about Agent Sloane's request for Britt to help take down Anna. Nikolas imagined that it hadn't been easy for Britt to say no but Nikolas admitted that it was outrageous for Sloane to start a "witch hunt" against Anna. He insisted that it was unthinkable on many levels to suggest that Anna had killed Britt's father, Cesar Faison.

Nikolas reminded Britt that Cesar had been far from innocent because Cesar had been a known terrorist who had hurt a lot of people, including Britt, while Anna was one of Port Charles' most upstanding citizens. Nikolas assured Britt that he supported her decision, but Britt confessed that she had agreed to cooperate with Sloane's investigation. Nikolas was surprised but conceded that it was Britt's prerogative. However, he was curious why she had changed her mind.

Britt recalled Liesl's threat to tell Nikolas that Britt had been involved in Spencer's brief disappearance over the summer. However, she claimed that she had changed her mind because of Nikolas. Britt pointed out that Nikolas continued to have an underlying bond with his family despite some of the horrible things that various Cassadines had done. Britt claimed that she felt terrible that Anna's career was on the line, but Britt needed answers about Cesar's fate.

In Anna's office, Anna wrapped up a phone call with a police officer about the search for Franco. Anna was startled when Liesl, seated in Anna's chair, suddenly turned to face Anna. Anna demanded to know what Liesl was doing in Anna's office, so Liesl smiled smugly as she confessed that she had wanted to see what it was like to be Anna. "So smug, so superior, so incompetent," Liesl snidely added.

Liesl pointed out that Franco, Nina, and Ava remained AWOL, which Liesl attributed to Anna's ineptitude. Anna ordered Liesl to leave, so Liesl agreed, but she warned Anna not to get too comfortable because Anna would soon join Duke in jail. Anna demanded to know what Liesl was talking about, so Liesl explained that Anna would pay for what Anna had done to Cesar. Anna doubted that Scott would listen to Liesl's "paranoid delusions" about Cesar, but Liesl informed Anna that Liesl hadn't been referring to the town's "deadbeat" district attorney.

Anna was curious who else Liesl thought would prosecute Anna. "Ah, that would be me," Kyle Sloane answered as he entered Anna's office. Surprised, Anna wondered what Kyle was doing in her office, so he reminded her that he had mentioned that he had been working on an investigation. Kyle explained that the investigation was centered on Anna and Robert's role in Cesar Faison's murder.

Anna was stunned that Kyle had taken Liesl's accusations seriously, but Kyle explained that he had proof that Cesar had never reached Steinmauer Maximum-Security Prison. Kyle revealed that Britt had agreed to press charges against Anna, but Anna insisted that it was a mistake. Kyle reminded Anna that she had once advised him to always follow the evidence, no matter where it led, because no one was above the law. Kyle handed Anna a subpoena, but Anna surprised both Kyle and Liesl by revealing that it wasn't necessary because Cesar was alive.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Anna revealed that Faison had been imprisoned on Spoon Island. Luke tried to escape but encountered the impostor. Patrick and Sam found clues in Larry's safe deposit box. Julian told Alexis that there were two Luke Spencers. Lulu told Tracy that Larry was in league with Jerry Jacks.

In Anna's office, Anna informed Agent Sloane that the legal proceedings against her were unnecessary because Cesar Faison was alive. Liesl accused Anna of lying, but Anna assured both Sloane and Liesl that she could prove it. Liesl was certain that Anna was trying to manipulate the Justice Department agent and add to Liesl's pain by giving Liesl false hope, but Sloane agreed to hear Anna out because he expected her to back up the claims.

Anna revealed that she and Robert had tracked Faison to the stables on Spoon Island after Faison had taken Nikolas and Luke hostage. She conceded that she had wanted to kill Faison after the hostages had been freed because Faison had spent years torturing Anna and persecuting her family. Liesl glared with hatred as Anna admitted that Robert had agreed to kill Faison. However, Anna insisted that they had ultimately spared Faison's life because they hadn't wanted to become murderers like Faison.

Sloane pointed out that Faison hadn't been seen at any of the "super-max" prisons throughout the world because Sloane had checked, so Anna explained that Faison had never left Spoon Island. Liesl immediately accused Anna of lying because Liesl had been to Wyndemere numerous times to visit her daughter who lived there. Anna revealed that no one except Robert and Anna knew that Faison had been imprisoned on the isolated island. Anna offered to take them to Faison, so Sloane and Liesl followed Anna as she left the office.

On Spoon Island, Spencer led Emma to the stables, but Emma was upset that he had persuaded her to skip school. Spencer told her that school was for "townies" like Cameron, but Emma argued that she was a townie too. Spencer strongly disagreed because Emma's father was a brain surgeon, unlike Cameron's mother, "Aunt Elizabeth," who was a "plain old nurse." Emma worried that her father would kill her if he found out that she had ditched school, but Spencer promised that he would take full responsibility by explaining that he had forced her to leave.

Spencer and Emma entered the tack room as Spencer revealed that he had wanted her to see the place where it had all started. He explained that the tack room was his secret private place where he liked to spend time alone, which was why he had sought the solitude of the tack room when she had broken his heart during his father's engagement party. Spencer revealed that while had been reeling from his heartbreak, he had overheard Luke talking to a man about going after Spencer's uncle, Sonny, which had later led to Luke threatening Emma's life.

Spencer began to talk about how much he loved Emma and begged her give him a second chance. Startled, Emma reminded Spencer that she had a boyfriend, Cameron, and that Spencer had a girlfriend. Spencer admitted that his relationship with Josslyn had been a ruse to make Emma jealous, and he once again implored Emma to take him back. However, the door opened before Emma could respond.

Spencer's eyes rounded with shock as Nikolas and Britt entered the room. Nikolas scowled at Spencer, so Spencer immediately tried to lie his way out of being caught skipping school. Nikolas cut Spencer off because Nikolas had talked to the school's attendance office. Spencer quickly took full responsibility, hoping to keep Emma from getting into trouble, but Nikolas insisted that Patrick would need to be told.

Later, Nikolas and Britt returned to the stables after sending the kids back to school with the driver. Britt assured Nikolas that Spencer was a good boy, but Nikolas was worried that one of Spencer's friends might be a bad influence on his son because Spencer hadn't learned the deceitful behavior at home. Britt changed the subject by suggesting that they have fun on her day off then started to kiss Nikolas.

Nikolas and Britt were startled when Anna, Sloane, and Liesl suddenly entered the stables. Liesl smiled at Britt because Liesl wanted Britt to act as witness to what was about to unfold. Sloane explained that Anna had claimed that Faison had been imprisoned in the stables, but Nikolas insisted that it wasn't possible because the stables were busy, so someone would have noticed. Anna explained that there were a lot of hidden rooms throughout the catacombs on the island as she led everyone to the tack room then moved a rug on the floor to reveal a hidden trapdoor.

Nikolas and Sloane immediately grabbed a tool to pry the trapdoor open as a horrified Liesl asked if Anna had left Faison to rot in the underground prison. Anna assured everyone that Robert had arranged for Faison to receive food and water, but Liesl wasn't satisfied because the dark prison had been inhumane and had likely driven Faison insane. Liesl desperately called out to Faison when the trapdoor was opened, but no one answered. Nikolas quickly handed Liesl a flashlight as Liesl stuck her head into the cavern, calling out to Faison.

Moments later, Liesl announced that the underground room was empty as she glared accusingly at Anna.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu informed Larry Ashton that she had questions for him about her father, Luke. Larry claimed that he only knew what he had read in newspapers about Luke, but Lulu didn't believe him. Tracy listened with interest as Lulu questioned if perhaps Larry had crossed paths with Jerry Jacks and Luke in the past, but Larry feigned being outraged at the suggestion that he would lie, and he tried to leave. Lulu remained determined to keep Larry there, so she stopped him by demanding answers to her questions.

Tracy surprised both Larry and Lulu by defending Larry. According to Tracy, Larry was a drunk who had been too foolish to realize that two attractive women inviting him to their room was anything except an obvious trap. Tracy also pointed out that Larry had left Port Charles before Luke and Laura had returned, but Lulu wasn't satisfied, so she showed Larry a picture of Luke. Larry admitted that he had seen Luke before, but in a picture on the nightstand next to his bed.

Tracy was shocked when she realized that Monica had moved Larry into Tracy's bedroom, but Larry pointed out that Tracy didn't live in the mansion. However, he was curious if Tracy had intentionally left the picture in the bedroom, so she reluctantly admitted that she doubted that Monica would exile her indefinitely. Larry recalled Tracy had had an odd expression in the photograph with Luke, but Tracy insisted that she had merely been smiling. "Were you stoned?" Larry asked.

Disgusted, Tracy explained that Larry's remarks were proof that Larry was an idiot. Larry seized the opportunity to leave while Lulu was distracted with Tracy, so Lulu immediately sent Patrick a text message. Meanwhile, Tracy ranted about Larry staying in her bedroom until she noticed that Lulu hadn't been paying attention. Lulu explained that she had to warn Patrick that Larry had left because Larry was in league with Jerry Jacks.

Tracy was stunned when Lulu quickly filled her in about what Patrick and Sam had overheard during Larry's phone call with Jerry. Tracy insisted that it proved that Luke was a victim, but Lulu remained skeptical because Larry's remarks about Luke could have meant that it was a problem that their partner had been exposed. Tracy conceded that Luke had had his faults, but she refused to accept that Luke was in cahoots with Jerry because she loved and believed in Luke.

At Port Charles Savings, Sam assured Patrick that they wouldn't have a problem gaining access to the safe deposit box room, but Patrick worried that Lulu wouldn't be able to keep Larry at the mansion until Patrick and Sam had had a chance to check the contents of Larry's safe deposit box.

A short time later, a bank employee named Vesper accompanied Sam and Patrick into the safe deposit box room. Sam claimed that she and Patrick had recently gotten married, so they were eager to put some special things away for safekeeping. Vesper smiled politely as she asked for Patrick and Sam's identification to verify they had a safe deposit box. Patrick and Sam each handed over drivers' licenses identifying them as Mr. and Mrs. Zackin.

After, Vesper verified everything, she returned their drivers' licenses then left them alone with a safe deposit box. Patrick and Sam quickly retrieved Larry's safe deposit box and opened it with the copy of the key that Sam had made. She and Patrick were surprised when they saw a lockbox inside the safe deposit box. Annoyed, Patrick asked who did that, but Sam focused on trying to open the lockbox.

Moments later, Patrick received a text message from Lulu that Larry had left the mansion. Sam continued to work on the lockbox but failed to open it when she and Patrick heard Vesper returning. Patrick and Sam quickly set things to rights then reached for the door as Vesper, followed by Larry, entered. Larry immediately recognized Patrick.

"Fancy seeing you here," Larry said, but Patrick turned the tables on Larry by remarking that it was odd that Larry already had a safe deposit box at the bank even though Larry had only been in town a few days. Larry smoothly lied, claiming that he had secured the safe deposit box years earlier when he had lived in Port Charles. Patrick pretended to believe him then started to leave, but Larry was curious who Sam was.

Patrick introduced Sam as his wife then quickly hustled Sam away. Patrick and Sam ducked around a corner then waited to see what Larry would do next. Sam feared that Larry might realize that she had tampered with the lockbox.

Meanwhile, Larry opened the safe deposit box, pulled out the lockbox, and keyed in the code to open it. He was pleased when he saw the contents.

Shortly after Larry left, Patrick and Sam approached Vesper to ask to add something that they had forgotten to the safe deposit box. After Vesper left them alone in the room, Patrick and Sam retrieved Larry's safe deposit box. Sam quickly gained access to the lockbox, which contained a microchip and picture of Cesar Faison.

At Miscavige Institute, two orderlies passed a patient's room as one of the orderlies grumbled about working a double shift. Both men agreed that at least most of the patients were too heavily drugged to cause any problems.

In the room them men had passed, Luke appeared to be asleep on a cot as he was confined to a straitjacket. A short time later, an orderly entered the padded room to rouse Luke and give him medication. The orderly left once he was satisfied that Luke had taken the pills.

Luke waited until he was certain that he was alone before spitting out the tablets then stood up to stomp on the pills, grinding them into dust. Luke recalled a man with his face taunting Luke that Luke had been drugged and was helpless. "Not anymore," Luke growled as he struggled to escape the straitjacket. As Luke wiggled and moved around the room, he tried to figure out how long he had been in the institute and if the man that looked exactly like Luke had been a hallucination or real.

Luke became increasingly lucid as recalled the encounter with the Luke impostor. Luke vowed to break free from the prison he had been trapped in to find the man who had been passing himself off as Luke. Luke couldn't figure out why he had been targeted or kept alive, but he was certain that Tracy hadn't been behind it. Luke's belief in Tracy's innocence was confirmed when he recalled the impostor bragging that he had successfully fooled Tracy and intended to do his husbandly duty once the Luke look-alike married Tracy.

Furious, Luke finally managed to shed the straitjacket then threw it on the ground. Next, he checked the lock on the door then returned to the straitjacket to retrieve a piece of the buckle to pick the lock. Luke worked patiently until he unlocked the door, but before he could escape, the Luke impostor suddenly appeared, blocking Luke's exit while wielding a gun.

At the police station's lockup, Julian was surprised that Alexis had stopped by, so she credited Lucas for being persuasive. Alexis warned Julian that if he had hoped that she would legally represent him, then he had wasted his time because she refused to have anything to do with Julian until he could be completely honest with her. Julian assured her that he knew what her conditions were and was ready to meet them.

Alexis pointed out that she had heard the same thing from Julian before, but it had been a lie. Julian conceded that she had a right not to trust him, but he assured her that he meant it. He explained that it had taken him getting thrown into jail again for him to appreciate that he had squandered some things. Julian assured Alexis that he loved her and that his life was richer with her in it, so he was ready to name names because he couldn't imagine his life without Alexis.

Julian admitted that he had met his boss in the stables on the night of Nikolas' engagement party, so Alexis reminded him that he had denied meeting with Luke Spencer in the stables. Julian confessed that he hadn't technically lied, but Alexis was tired of Julian's cryptic words and evasive answers. She demanded to know if it was true that Luke had done all of the horrible things that Julian's boss had been accused of. Julian explained that it wasn't that simple because someone had taken Luke Spencer's place, so the man that everyone believed was Luke Spencer was not really Luke.

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