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The real Luke remained Helena's captive. Nikolas ended his relationship with Britt. Sam learned that Jason hadn't died in the harbor and that Patrick had known the truth. Helena revealed to Jake that he was Jason Morgan. Anna told Alexis that Ric was alive.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 1, 2014 on GH
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Kiki and Morgan ate their Thanksgiving dinner at a table in Kelly's. Morgan couldn't eat due to worry about the baby. He worried about the fact that the police had no leads on the baby that could possibly be his child. Kiki instructed Morgan to "have faith." She added that Nina was crazy, but "at least" Franco was with her. Morgan scoffed, but Kiki reminded him how fatherly Franco had been toward her.

Kiki continued that she'd called Franco a few times to talk him into giving the baby back. Morgan realized that Kiki was probably also worried about Ava and wondered if she'd heard from Silas. She answered that she'd left him a few voicemails but hadn't heard back. Morgan thought it was worth a shot to try calling again.

Silas exited the bathroom of his New York City hotel room and called out for Ava, who clearly wasn't there. As he searched around in his bag for his missing phone, Ava returned to the room. She disclosed that she'd been following a lead about Franco with an old agent of Franco's, but it had proven fruitless. Ava genuinely thanked Silas for going with her to the city to look for her daughter. Silas reasoned that he would do the same thing if something had happened to Kiki. Ava apologized for keeping Kiki away from him for so long, but he replied that it was "water under the bridge."

Silas asked Ava if she'd seen his phone and asked her to check her bag. After denying that she had the phone, she pulled it out of her bag. She told him that the police still had nothing to report on her baby. Silas wanted to let Kiki know where they were, but Ava thought that if Silas told anyone where they were, Sonny's men would find her and kill her. He promised not to tell. Just then, his phone rang, and it was Kiki. Ava told him not to answer the phone, but he did anyway.

Kiki told Silas that, if he had no plans, he could join her and Morgan at Kelly's. She disclosed another reason for her call. She wanted to know if he'd heard from Nina, but he hadn't. She wondered if he'd heard from Ava. He lied that he hadn't and suggested that she was at the police station. Kiki remarked that the police station was the last place Ava would be, since she was wanted for Connie's murder. Silas was shocked, and Kiki apologized for dropping so much information on him at once.

Silas and Kiki promised to keep each other informed if news surfaced about the baby. They hung up, and Morgan wondered if Silas had known about Ava's crimes. "He does now," Kiki said.

Ava, knowing that Silas knew what she had done, demanded that he get out of her way. "Ava, you're not going anywhere," he replied.

In the cabin on Prince Edward Island, Nina admired the baby's dimples. Franco returned to the cabin with a bag of groceries. Seeing Nina bond with the baby, Franco suggested that she "give the baby back." He informed her that kidnapping was a felony and only "one rung below murder." She reminded him that he'd done some illegal things too. He knew that and suggested that they anonymously leave the baby in a basket at the police station. He reminded her that the baby was a "mafia baby," so she wouldn't be able to get away with it.

Nina thought that Franco's plan "sucks." Franco told her that just because she'd lost her baby didn't mean she could steal Ava's baby as revenge on Ava for sleeping with Silas. Nina thought that she deserved to have the baby more than Ava did. Nina wanted to take the baby and leave Franco. She started to get her things organized, but Franco reminded her that he was the only reason she hadn't been caught.

Franco continued that, if Nina touched any of her money, it would be traced if it hadn't already been frozen. He restrained her from leaving, and she finally screamed for him to let go of her. Franco made a bottle for the crying baby. Nina instructed him on how to feed the baby but observed that he was doing fine with the baby. He was amazed by the "beautiful" baby. "Still want to drop her off?" Nina asked.

Alexis announced to the Quartermaines that there was someone who would like to see them. Just then, Luke entered the room. Tracy stood open-mouthed, Lulu smiled, and the rest of the family was clearly shocked. Tracy hugged Luke and told him how she'd missed him. He went to hug Lulu, but Dante stopped him. He wanted answers from Luke. Dante told Luke what he was being investigated for, but Luke had no idea what Dante was talking about. Alexis told the family the entire story and finished by telling them that Luke's "impostor was committing crimes in Luke's name."

Ned clarified that Luke hadn't been the one to make "inappropriate sexual advance on Kiki Jerome." "Who?" Luke answered. Ned also clarified that Luke hadn't been the one to threaten to kill Ned. Luke admitted that he liked Ned. Tracy, realizing that she'd married an impostor, felt ill. Everyone wondered how there could be another Luke. "Ask Larry," Lulu said. She announced that Sam and Patrick had overheard Larry on the phone, conspiring with Jerry about dealing with their "Luke problem."

Larry tried to leave, but Dante wouldn't let him. Lulu continued that Sam had broken into Larry's safe deposit box and had retrieved a file on Faison with "elaborate blueprints" for making a mask like Faison's Duke mask. Luke disclosed that his impostor had visited him at Miscavige and had gone on and on about Larry. Larry denied being involved and poured himself a drink. Ned suggested that Larry drop the "drunk act" because his cover had been blown. Larry pushed a chair over and ran out of the house. Dante quickly followed.

A few minutes later, Dante returned to the house and told everyone that Larry had had a getaway car waiting for him. He called the police station to put out an APB on Larry. Ned was horrified that his father had been involved with Jerry. Luke commended his daughter on her sleuthing work and gave her a big hug. Lulu remembered that Sam and Patrick had seen Larry leave with something from the safe deposit box. Luke wondered if Larry was out in the world, pretending to be Luke.

Liesl returned to the living room and was shocked to see Faison standing there. She hugged him and expressed her amazement that he was alive. She told him about how Anna had refused to confess to what she and Robert had done to Faison until the day before. She wondered if he finally saw Anna for the disgusting person she really was. He admitted that he did, and that he'd been a fool to turn his back on Liesl for all those years. They shared a kiss.

Faison told Liesl that he had one thing left to do in Port Charles, but when he was done, they could run away together. She promised to be ready when he was done, and they kissed again just as Britt burst into the room. She was shocked that her "international terrorist, kidnapper, and criminal" father was there. She intended to tell Nikolas that Faison was there so that he could be arrested. However, if Britt did that, Liesl said she was prepared to destroy Britt's relationship with Nikolas.

Giving in, Britt only demanded that Liesl not hide Faison at Wyndemere. Faison promised to return and kissed Liesl again. He left, and Liesl told Britt that she'd been dreaming of her reunion with Faison since before Britt had been born. She went on about how happy she was and wondered if Britt was happy for her. "No, not after you threatened, again, to destroy my happiness with Nikolas," she yelled. "How could you possibly do that?" Nikolas wondered as he entered the room.

Julian entered Ava's penthouse and thought that the figure sitting on the couch was Ava. He turned on the lights and saw that it was Jordan. Jordan revealed that she was there to talk about their boss. She claimed that the boss had put her in charge of a large shipment from Colombia, so she deserved to know who he was if she was taking that big of a risk. He believed that she did deserve to know. Surprising her, Julian thought she should know because the entire town would soon know.

Julian started that, when Jordan had thought she'd heard Luke's voice on the phone, she had. She was proud of herself for being right, but Julian admitted that it hadn't actually been Luke. He explained about Luke and his impostor to a confused Jordan. Julian concluded that he needed to leave before the cops caught on and arrested him. He thanked Jordan for being "a hell of a soldier," and she left.

Later, Julian carried a bag and was just about to leave the penthouse when Luke's impostor entered. "Going somewhere?" the impostor said, pointing a gun at Julian.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In Canada, Franco cradled Ava's infant daughter as he fed the baby a bottle. Nina wondered if returning the baby was the right thing to do, but Franco insisted that they didn't have a choice. Nina could see the affection in Franco's eyes as he stared at the infant, so she decided to use it to her advantage. She pointed out that the baby would be his chance to be a father, so Franco conceded that it wouldn't be the first time he had taken someone's baby.

Nina listened quietly as Franco admitted that he had once kidnapped Elizabeth Webber's youngest son as part of an elaborate plan to hurt someone. However, he had quickly realized that he couldn't do that to the baby, so he had dropped the newborn off at his adoptive mother's home because Franco thought that Betsy had deserved to be happy and have a second chance at raising a child. Nina was certain that Franco had changed his mind about using the baby because he'd had paternal instincts buried deep inside him.

Franco confessed that there had been a time when he had wanted desperately to be a father and had even gotten to be one for a short time. Nina was curious what had happened. "Ava happened," Franco answered then explained that Ava had lied about Kiki's paternity. He quickly apologized because he realized that Kiki's paternity might have been a painful reminder of Silas' infidelity, but Nina assured Franco that she had fully accepted that Kiki had been a "byproduct" of Silas' affair with Ava.

However, Nina pointed out that Ava had denied both Nina and Franco an opportunity of having a child, so taking Ava's baby would be the perfect payback. Franco remained reluctant to keep Ava's baby, but Nina argued that the alternative was not in the baby's best interest because Ava couldn't be a mother to the baby from jail, and both Sonny and Morgan were not suitable fathers. Franco argued that Kiki could raise the infant, but Nina insisted that Kiki was too young. Nina was adamant that she and Franco were the baby's best option.

"Say yes -- be her father," Nina quietly urged Franco. Franco reminded Nina that the police were looking for them, but Nina dismissed his concerns because they had successfully evaded the police in two countries. Franco warned Nina that the baby would slow them down, but Nina argued that the three of them could be a family together. Nina was elated when Franco capitulated and agreed to keep the baby.

In a New York City hotel room, Ava vowed that she would find her daughter before Sonny did, but Silas knew that Ava wasn't running from Sonny. Ava's fears were realized when Silas explained that he knew that she was wanted by the police for Connie Falconeri's murder. Desperate, Ava explained that she refused to let anything, including Silas, stand in her way of tracking her infant daughter down because the baby was in the hands of Silas' "unstable" wife. Silas was curious if Ava intended to kill him the way she had Connie, so Ava explained that there had been extenuating circumstances that had led to Connie's death.

Silas was unmoved as he called the Port Charles Police Department to ask for Anna. Ava pleaded with Silas to reconsider, but Silas ignored her as he explained to the person on the other end of the phone that it was an urgent matter. Silas became frustrated when he was told that Anna was unavailable and was offered the opportunity to leave Anna a voicemail message. Silas was certain that Sam would have Anna's cell phone number, so he ended the call then began to dial Sam's number.

"Please, don't," Ava implored Silas. Silas was curious if Connie had said the same thing before Ava had shot her. Ava conceded that killing Connie had been horrible and that she had Connie's blood on her hands, but Ava insisted that she needed to find the baby. Silas resented Ava using the baby to manipulate him, but Ava tearfully reminded him that she had never gotten a chance to hold or even see her newborn daughter.

Ava pointed out that Silas would do the same thing if Kiki had been taken. She also added that Sonny remained a threat because Sonny had men on the outside who would continue to hunt for Ava. Silas appeared skeptical, so Ava explained that Sonny had spared her life during the pregnancy for the sake of the baby and that she had escaped from the brownstone because of Michael's intervention. Silas appeared unmoved, so Ava switched tactics by asking if Silas was prepared to tell their daughter that Ava had died because Silas had turned his back on Ava.

Ava's eyes filled with fresh tears as she admitted that she'd had no one else to turn to except Silas. She realized that she was a killer, but she insisted that her daughter was more important than anything else because the newborn was in the hands of a "lunatic" and a "seriously evil" man. Ava insisted that she would crawl on her hands and knees to find her baby, so Silas agreed to help her with the search and to protect Ava from Sonny's men.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas stood in the doorway of the living room as he asked what Britt and Liesl had been talking about. Britt tried to dismiss it as unimportant, but Nikolas had overheard Liesl's question about why Britt couldn't simply be happy for Liesl. Britt claimed that she and her mother had merely been arguing about Britt's father, Cesar Faison, but Nikolas easily saw through the lie. He demanded to know what was really going on, but Liesl backed up her daughter's story.

Nikolas reminded Britt that he had been trying very hard to teach Spencer the value of honesty, so he urged Britt to lead by example and admit the truth. Both Britt and Liesl tried to convince Nikolas that he had misread the situation, but Nikolas knew what he had heard, so he wanted to know what Britt was keeping from him. Liesl accused Nikolas of being paranoid then added that Britt had been annoyed that Liesl was happy that Faison had escaped from the makeshift prison under the stables.

Moments later, Spencer stormed into the living room, asking what had been keeping everyone, because he was tired of waiting for someone to carve the turkey. Nikolas told Spencer to return to the dining room, but Spencer wanted to know what was going on. Liesl explained that Nikolas hadn't finished yelling at Britt. Nikolas warned Liesl not to talk to his son, but Spencer's curiosity was piqued, prompting him to ask why Nikolas was upset with Britt.

Liesl revealed that Nikolas had accused Britt of being a liar, so Liesl asked Spencer to assure Nikolas that Nikolas had been wrong about Britt. Instead, Spencer insisted that Britt hadn't been to blame for what had happened. Britt's eyes rounded with anxiety as she quickly tried to get Spencer to leave, but Nikolas wanted to know what Spencer had been referring to. Liesl quickly stepped in to suggest that perhaps Spencer had been afraid that Nikolas would once again cast Britt out, but Nikolas knew that there was more to his son's outburst.

Nikolas reminded Spencer of their recent talk about honesty and trust as Spencer mutely stared at his father. Overwhelmed with guilt, Britt decided to spare Spencer by offering to tell Nikolas what Nikolas wanted to know. "Britta, don't," Liesl cautioned her daughter as Nikolas ushered Spencer out of the room. Britt waited until Spencer had left then revealed that there had been more to Spencer's disappearance over the summer. Nikolas was stunned when Britt confessed that she had been behind it.

At Kelly's, Anna talked to a reporter about the efforts the police and FBI had been making to locate "Baby girl Jerome." The reporter asked about the case against Ava, so Anna revealed that the police had "concrete" evidence that Ava had murdered Connie Falconeri. However, Anna conceded that Ava had managed to slip away before the police could arrest her. Anna wrapped up the interview, but the reporter was curious if Anna had anything to say about Liesl Obrecht's allegations about Anna's police misconduct.

Anna deftly deflected the question by insisting that she was focused on shutting down organized crime in Port Charles because Sonny's arrest hadn't eradicated the problem. After the reporter thanked Anna for the interview and left, Anna sat down at the counter.

Outside, Lucy was startled when she saw Duke start to enter Kelly's, so she called out to him then frantically asked if he had escaped from jail. Duke smiled as he assured Lucy that the charges against him had been dropped. Delighted, Lucy enthusiastically hugged Duke just as Anna walked out. Lucy pulled away from Duke to greet Anna then gushed about the good news, but Anna remained subdued until Lucy credited Alexis for getting the charges against Duke dropped. Anna explained that Alexis had had nothing to do with it; Sonny had struck a bargain that had freed Duke.

Anna cryptically added that there had been a price to pay for Sonny's help, but she was forced to excuse herself to take a call before she could elaborate. Duke invited Lucy into the diner to continue their conversation, but Lucy remained troubled by Anna's remarks, so Duke explained that he had agreed to take over Sonny's business. Lucy wasn't surprised, but she warned him that it might jeopardize his relationship with Anna. Lucy was disappointed when he admitted that it already had, so she reminded him that he and Anna had had a love that had spanned decades and had withstood devastating hardships.

Duke pointed out that Lucy had referred to Duke and Anna's relationship in the past tense, so Lucy insisted that she had merely misspoken. Duke disagreed because he and Anna were truly over. Lucy felt awful for Duke, so she hugged him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke suggested that he and Dante "saddle up" to find the man that had been passing himself off as Luke. Tracy insisted that Luke rest, but Luke refused to stand around doing nothing while the impostor was on the loose. Dante assured Luke that the PCPD had everything well in hand, but Luke didn't have much faith in the police department, since they had failed to realize that someone had been masquerading as Luke. Dante insisted that there had been no way for anyone to know that, but Luke disagreed because Luke would never have crossed the street to spit on Julian if Julian had been on fire much less be in cahoots with the man.

Luke urged Dante to arrest Julian because, at the very least, Julian had known all along that Luke had been held captive at Miscavige for the past ten months. Dante conceded that Luke had a point, so he excused himself to call Anna.

Later, Ned stepped into the foyer to take a deep breath and wrap his mind around everything that had transpired. Olivia followed Ned to ask if he was okay. Ned confessed that he couldn't believe that his father had been caught up in the sordid situation with Luke's impostor. Ned admitted that he had expected it of Julian but not Larry. Alexis overheard what Ned said, but she defended Julian.

Alexis insisted that Julian had been under duress the entire time because the man posing as Luke had been calling all of the shots and had threatened Julian's family. Ned resented Alexis defending Julian, but Alexis warned Ned to be prepared for the possibility that Larry Ashton had been behind the plot. Ned's temper flared, so Alexis decided that it was time for her to leave because she didn't want to spend Thanksgiving arguing with Ned.

After Alexis left, Olivia softly asked if Ned was okay. Ned confided that he wouldn't be until he knew what his father had done and if it would cost their family.

In the parlor, Lulu handed her father a drink as Tracy stared at Luke with joy and adoration shining in her eyes. Luke took a long drink as he confessed that he had missed his scotch. He also revealed that he had heard about his grandson. Lulu beamed with pride as she confessed that Rocco had just celebrated his first birthday, but Luke's expression clouded with confusion as he asked how that was possible. Lulu and Tracy agreed that it wasn't the time to get into it because it was a long story best left for another day.

Luke was eager to hear all about his grandson, which surprised Lulu. Luke admitted that being locked up for ten months had changed his priorities, so he wanted to make up for each day "that bastard" had stolen from Luke. Lulu decided to check on Rocco, who was napping in one of the bedrooms. She promised to return with her son if he was awake, but Luke made it clear that he didn't want her waking his grandson on his account.

After Lulu left, Luke smiled at Tracy. "Alone at last," he said. Tracy admitted that she was thirsty, so Luke offered her a sip of his drink. He was surprised when she knocked it out of his hand with a growl of frustration. She was upset that she had been fooled into not only marrying, but also having sex with, Luke's impostor. Luke rushed to assure Tracy that she shouldn't blame herself because the impostor had been quite good at passing himself off as Luke. Tracy tearfully explained that she had ignored her instincts and rationalized the man's odd behavior even when people had warned her that something was off.

Tracy hated that she hadn't seen through the lies because Luke had paid the ultimate price by being held captive at Miscavige. Luke held Tracy in a comforting embrace as she wept and repeatedly apologized for failing him. Luke promised her that he didn't blame her and that he wasn't going anywhere, but he vowed that he would make his impostor pay for everything the man had taken from them.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian's exit was blocked when the man passing himself off as Luke stepped out of the shadows with a gun aimed at Julian. The impostor had an accent as he revealed that he intended to kill Julian, but Julian warned the man that the impostor wouldn't get away with the murder because Julian's men would hunt the impostor down. The impostor sneered as he reminded Julian that Julian's men answered to the impostor not Julian. The impostor conceded that the only person who might make a move against him was Julian's sister, but Ava was busy with her own problems.

The impostor was furious that Julian had betrayed him by taking Alexis to Miscavige to rescue Luke because it had ruined all of the impostor's carefully laid plans. Julian insisted that the impostor only had himself to blame because the impostor had never fully trusted or confided the plans to Julian. Julian pointed out that he didn't even know the man's real name.

"Is that your dying wish?" the impostor asked. The man was about to reveal who he was when Dante and Anna suddenly kicked the front door in then entered with their guns at the ready. Dante and Anna stopped short when they saw a man who appeared to be Luke holding a gun aimed at Julian, so the impostor seized the advantage by trying to pass himself off as Luke. Dante easily saw through the lie because Dante knew that the real Luke was at the Quartermaine mansion.

The impostor insisted that he was Luke, so Anna decided to take both the man with Luke's face and Julian into custody. Julian carefully stepped out of the way as Dante disarmed the impostor then handcuffed the man. Anna demanded to know who they were arresting, but the impostor refused to cooperate. Julian warned Anna that the man would not give his name, but Anna wasn't concerned because she had a way of finding out who the impostor was. The impostor noted that Anna had grown "ruthless" since their last "date," but Dante suggested that Anna simply remove the mystery man's mask.

After Anna ripped off the mask, Julian, Dante, and Anna stared at the man with shock. "Oh, my God," Anna said.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

In Canada, Franco warned Nina that people would continue to search for them and the baby, but Nina wasn't concerned about Sonny or Ava because both Sonny and Ava had legal troubles to deal with. Franco reminded Nina that Madeline might try to find Nina, but Nina scoffed because she doubted that her mother would be concerned about Nina's welfare. Nina was certain that Madeline would give Nina up in a heartbeat simply to get into Nathan's good graces.

Nina admitted that Madeline had been a far better mother to Nathan than she had been to Nina because Nina recalled Madeline taking "Mommy and me" classes when Nathan had been a baby as well as taking Nathan to Disney World and signing him up for various classes to encourage academic excellence. Nina revealed that her mother had never taken an interest in Nina because Nina had been a reminder of Nina's father's side of the family, whom Madeline had despised.

Nina confessed that she had never suspected that Nathan hadn't been Madeline's biological child because Madeline had loved Nathan above everyone else. Nina conceded that she understood that kind of love because even though she hadn't given birth to Ava's infant daughter, Nina loved the baby. Franco suggested that they name the baby instead of referring to her by names like "cherub."

Nina brightened at the prospect of naming the baby, so she and Franco discussed various options. Franco suggested naming the baby after famous artists, but Nina objected because she thought that it would draw unwanted attention to them if they named the baby "Artemisia." Franco conceded that she had a point, but he couldn't think of another name that had special meaning to him because every woman in his life had lied to him, including his adoptive mother, Betsy. Franco invited Nina to pick a name, so Nina proposed naming the baby "Allegra" after Nina's favorite horse.

Franco refused to allow Nina to name the baby after a horse, so he asked if there had been anyone in her family whom she had loved. Nina confessed that there had been one person who had always believed in her and had had her back. "James Nathan Reeves," Nina quietly added. Franco conceded that it had been a popular trend to give boy names to girls, but Nina quickly clarified that she wanted to name the baby "Jaime" like her favorite television character, Jaime Sommers. Nina was stunned when Franco admitted that he had no idea who she was talking about, so Nina vowed that they would watch The Bionic Woman because Jaime Sommers had been an inspiration and role model to Nina growing up.

At Wyndemere, Britt confessed that she had been behind Spencer's brief disappearance over the summer. Liesl spoke in German as she tried to warn her daughter not to say anything further, but Britt ignored her mother. Britt explained that both Britt and Spencer had been desperate to find a way to get Nikolas to take Britt back, so they had created the crisis, hoping that it would make Nikolas realize that he and Britt were good together. Britt assured Nikolas that Spencer had never been in any danger because she had been in contact with Spencer during the entire time that Spencer had been missing.

Nikolas was stunned that he had been going out of his mind with worry while Britt had known where to find Spencer. Britt promised Nikolas that she had never meant for things to go as far as they had, but Nikolas wasn't appeased. Liesl stepped forward to take full responsibility for what had happened by revealing that she had encouraged Britt to do whatever was necessary to get Nikolas' attention, even if it had meant exploiting Nikolas' love for Spencer. Furious, Nikolas ordered Liesl to leave.

After Liesl left, Britt assured Nikolas that everything her mother had said was true, but Nikolas was disgusted. He conceded that it was a given that Liesl was a despicable person, but he was furious that Britt had willingly and deliberately endangered his young son. Britt claimed that she hadn't had a choice, but Nikolas asked if Liesl had held a gun to Britt's head to force Britt to cooperate. "No," Britt reluctantly admitted.

Nikolas pointed out that Britt had made the choice to lie and exploit Spencer, but Britt argued that it hadn't been like that. Nikolas wasn't satisfied because he realized that Britt would do and say anything to get what she wanted -- even if it meant putting Spencer at risk. Britt promised Nikolas that Spencer had never been in danger, but Nikolas disagreed because any number of horrible things could have happened to his son while Spencer had been wandering the streets for days. Nikolas was also livid that Britt had let Spencer think that it had been okay for Spencer to lie to his own father.

Nikolas insisted that it had been a pattern with Britt; she would do something horrible then claim that she had been coerced by her mother. He was certain that Britt would have allowed Liesl to once again take the fall for Britt's actions if Nikolas had allowed it. Nikolas confessed that he had once empathized with Britt because he knew firsthand what it had been like to have monsters in his family but he had finally realized that Britt had never been an innocent victim who had been trapped by her mother. "You're exactly like her," Nikolas concluded.

Britt's eyes filled with tears as she tried to make Nikolas understand that it had been a terrible mistake, but Nikolas resented Britt crying as if she had been the victim. Nikolas was tired of Britt's "poor little me" act because she had never taken responsibility for her actions unless she had been forced to. Britt was devastated when Nikolas ordered her to pack her things and leave.

Later, Britt returned to the foyer with her packed bags. She quietly implored Nikolas to reconsider, but he opened the door as he informed her that the launch was waiting. After Britt walked out the door, Nikolas advised her to hire an attorney because he intended to press charges against her for what she had done to Spencer. Britt stared helplessly as Nikolas shut the door in her face.

At Kelly's, Alexis stood outside as she watched Molly seated at a table inside the diner, studying. Alexis' expression was troubled as she recalled Julian's confession that Ric had never been the head of the Jerome organization, which meant that Ric had died an innocent man because of Julian. Alexis pushed the memory away, took a deep breath, and entered the diner.

After Alexis and Molly exchanged greetings, Alexis asked about Molly's day. Molly confessed that she and T.J. had gone to the movies instead of having Thanksgiving dinner with Shawn and Jordan and that T.J. had returned to his dorm, so Molly had decided to drop by Kelly's to study for a while, since Sam's place was too hectic to concentrate. Molly asked about Alexis' Thanksgiving, so Alexis revealed that she and Julian had rescued Luke, who had been held captive at Miscavige for the past ten months.

Alexis filled Molly in about the man posing as Luke then quietly confessed that Molly had been right about Ric because Julian had admitted that the impostor, not Ric, had been the head of the Jerome organization. Alexis apologized as she reached for her daughter, but Molly angrily jerked away. "Don't touch me," Molly hissed. Molly resented that Alexis had taken Julian's word over Molly's because Ric might not have died if Alexis had agreed to represent Ric.

Alexis admitted that she wished that she could take it all back because it had been wrong of her to trust Julian, but Molly wasn't satisfied. Alexis assured Molly that she loved Molly, so Molly grudgingly admitted that she loved Alexis, too, but Molly needed some time alone because Molly couldn't look at her mother without seeing the image of Ric in a body bag.

After Alexis left, Molly pulled out a picture of Ric then tearfully assured her father that she had never doubted him, but she regretted that he wasn't around to see that he had been vindicated.

At the Jerome apartment, Anna stared at Cesar Faison with a mixture of disgust and horror as she held the mask of Luke's face that Faison had been wearing. Julian had no idea who the man under the mask was, so Dante filled Julian in about Faison. Faison appeared glib as he tried to taunt Anna, but Dante vowed to make certain that Faison remained behind bars for the rest of Faison's life. Faison blamed Anna for everything that had transpired, but Anna advised Faison not to say anything because it could be held against him.

Faison was curious when Anna had become concerned about his rights because she hadn't been worried about them when she had "tortured" him in her private "Gitmo" on Spoon Island. Frowning, Dante asked Anna if what Faison had said was true. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she shook her head, but Faison warned Anna not to lie to Dante. Anna promised to explain everything to Dante later, but Dante assured her that it wasn't necessary because he might have done the same thing if their roles had been reversed.

However, Dante decided that it would be best for him to arrest Faison, so he handcuffed Faison then recited the Miranda Rights to Faison as he led the criminal out. Julian quickly assured Anna that he'd had no idea that the man posing as Luke had been Faison, but Anna was unmoved because Julian had known that Luke had been held captive at Miscavige for months. Julian explained that he hadn't been able to tell anyone because Faison had shot Lucas and had threatened the rest of Julian's family when Julian had tried to leave the mob.

Julian was certain that Anna could appreciate that Faison would have carried out the threats, but Anna handcuffed Julian. He insisted that he had done what had been necessary to protect his family, so Anna reminded him that Luke hadn't been the only victim to pay a price because Ric's life had been destroyed by Julian's lies. Julian promised that he had never intended to frame Ric and that he had felt terrible for Molly's loss, but Julian hadn't been able to risk everyone's lives for Ric's sake. Anna suggested that Julian talk to his attorney then escorted him out of the apartment.

At the police station, Madeline sported a bandage on her forehead as she sat handcuffed to Nathan's desk. She smiled when she saw him enter the squad room then apologized for bothering him during his Thanksgiving dinner with Liesl and Britt. Nathan admitted that it was fine, so Madeline asked if there had been any news about Nina. Nathan admitted that he had nothing new to report then turned to leave, but Madeline asked him to wait because she had wanted to see him so she could say goodbye. Madeline explained that she would soon be transferred to Pentonville because she had been denied bail.

Nathan felt bad for Madeline, but she brushed away his concern because she wanted him to know that she was proud of the man he had become. She wanted to believe that she'd had something to do with it because she doubted that he had inherited any of his goodness from his biological parents. Nathan conceded that neither Liesl nor Victor had been bastions of decency. Confused, Madeline wondered what Victor Cassadine had to do with anything, so Nathan revealed that Liesl had confirmed that Victor had been his biological father.

Nathan explained that Liesl had killed Victor to protect Nathan from the man, but Madeline suggested that perhaps Liesl had killed Victor because Liesl had been afraid of what Victor might have told Nathan. Nathan was curious if Madeline knew something about his father, but Liesl entered the squad room before Madeline could reply.

Liesl ignored her sister as she approached Nathan to apologize for their ruined Thanksgiving dinner. Nathan was curious what had happened, so Liesl explained that Nikolas and Britt had had an argument, but she was confident that the couple would work things out. Liesl changed the subject by admitting that she had hoped to spend some time with Nathan before she left town, but a commotion in the doorway snagged her attention as Dante arrived with Faison. "Cesar?" Liesl asked with horror when she realized that Faison was in handcuffs.

Liesl was outraged that Faison had been arrested, so she turned to Nathan for help. Faison was shocked when he realized that Nathan was Liesl's son, so Liesl reluctantly admitted that another man had fathered Nathan while Liesl and Cesar had been apart. Liesl insisted that the affair hadn't changed her feelings for Faison, but Faison refused to look at her as Dante and Nathan led him to the interrogation room.

Madeline realized that Liesl had intended to flee town with Faison, but Liesl warned her sister to keep quiet. Madeline was unapologetic then shifted gears to demand Liesl's help. Liesl wondered why she should help, so Madeline threatened to tell Nathan the truth about his father unless Liesl testified at Madeline's trial that Nina had forced Madeline to help Nina to steal Ava's baby and evade the police.

In the interrogation room, Dante was curious how long Faison had been plotting to target Sonny and pose as Luke. Rather than answer the question, Faison demanded that he be allowed to make a phone call.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was anxious to hear from Dante about Julian's arrest. She wondered how long it would take Dante and Anna to apprehend the man who had left Luke to languish at Miscavige, but Luke was more concerned about finding the man who had been posing as him. Tracy admitted that she had once thought that Anna had been a fool not to realize that Faison had been wearing a mask during his days of masquerading as Duke. However, Tracy had a new appreciation for how realistic the mask had been.

Moments later, Lulu entered with Rocco. Luke smiled as Lulu introduced him to his grandson. Luke admitted that he didn't like "rugrats," but Rocco was a different matter because Rocco was a chip off the old "chopping block." Lulu was amazed by the change in Luke, so Luke explained that being locked up in Miscavige had been like death, which had given him a new perspective on things. Luke conceded that he wouldn't start reading his grandson bedtime stories, but Luke was determined to make certain that Tracy, Lulu, and Rocco knew how much they meant to him.

Lulu and Tracy smiled with joy, so Luke shifted gears to ask how Lulu had ended up with a son over a year old. Lulu told her father about the stolen frozen embryo that had been implanted in Britt. Lulu revealed that Britt had managed to pull the sordid scheme off with Liesl Obrecht's help.

Later, Lulu wrapped up a phone call with Dante. Luke and Tracy had been listening, so they knew about Faison's arrest. Luke was furious that Faison had been behind the plot to take down Sonny, posing as Luke, so he wanted to grab a gun to confront Faison. Tracy refused to allow Luke to take the law into his own hands because it would land Luke in jail. Lulu assured Luke that Faison would not get out of jail because he had been caught in the act of trying to kill Julian.

Luke reluctantly agreed to leave Faison's fate to the justice system even though Luke didn't have much faith in it. However, he made it clear that he would hunt Faison down if Faison managed to escape.

After Lulu left, Tracy suggested that she and Luke go to bed. Tracy doubted that Monica would mind them spending the night in Tracy's old bedroom under the circumstances, but Luke admitted that he would like some time alone to sip on his drink and unwind from the day's events. Tracy smiled as she kissed Luke then told him that she loved him. Luke assured Tracy that he loved her, too, then watched her leave.

Moments later, a cell phone beeped. Luke quickly closed the door then reached inside the fireplace, where a cell phone had been hidden. It was Faison. Faison assured the impostor that everything had gone according to plan. "Ditto," the impostor replied. "Not one of these idiots is any the wiser," he added with a smile of satisfaction.

At the police station, Alexis was waiting in the squad room when Anna arrived with Julian. Anna ordered a police officer to book Julian, so Julian was carted away before he could say anything to Alexis. Anna warned Alexis that it would be awhile before Alexis could talk to Julian, but Alexis explained that she wasn't there to represent Julian. Alexis revealed that she had just spent the better part of an hour breaking the news to Molly that Ric had died an innocent man.

Alexis wanted answers, so Anna quietly confided that she had something to tell Alexis. Anna pulled Alexis to a quiet corner then revealed that Ric was alive.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

At the police station, Anna took a deep breath before she entered the interrogation room where Cesar Faison had been handcuffed to a table. Anna focused on being professional by explaining that Faison faced a slew of charges, but Faison was more interested in why she was so cold toward him. Anna reminded him that she despised the very air he breathed, but Faison resented her attitude because he had been the one who had been wronged when Robert and Anna had stuck Faison in a pit under the stables on Spoon Island.

Faison suggested that Anna hadn't had the "guts" to kill him because there was a lot between them, but Anna accused Faison of subjecting her to decades of mental and emotional torture by threatening her family. She vowed that she would make certain that Faison remained locked up at Steinmauer for the rest of his life but Faison insisted that Anna had given her soul to him when she had left him in the pit because in that instant it had made her just like him. Offended, Anna denied being anything like Faison because she intended to uphold the law from that point forward.

Faison lunged forward to grab Anna's jacket then pull her close as he taunted her that he had never remained locked up for long despite her promises. Anna jerked out of his grasp then straightened her jacket as she shifted gears to reveal that she hadn't heard from Faison's attorney, which indicated that Faison hadn't used his one phone call to find legal representation. She was curious who he had called, but Faison refused to tell her because it was none of Anna's business. Anna was certain that he hadn't called Liesl because Liesl had been in the squad room when Faison had arrived.

Anna admitted that she was disgusted by Liesl's obsession with Faison because it was clear that Liesl was desperate enough for Faison's love that Liesl would do anything for him, including helping him escape. Anna began to justify locking Faison up in the pit, but Faison was infuriated that Anna ignored the justice system when it didn't suit her. Anna was unapologetic about what she had done to Faison because she believed that he had deserved everything that had happened to him for tormenting Robin.

Anna insisted that Faison had broken her daughter to the point that Robin couldn't even return home to be a mother to Robin's daughter. Anna was determined to make Faison pay for what he had put Robin through, but Faison appeared unconcerned about the threat of being returned to Steinmauer. Anna changed the subject by announcing that Faison had visitors, so Faison straightened in his seat because he hadn't expected anyone. Anna opened the door then invited Patrick and Sam in.

Anna explained that Patrick and Sam would only have half an hour to talk to Faison before the Justice Department collected him to transport Faison to the super-max prison. After Anna left, Sam immediately demanded to know why Faison had murdered her husband, but Faison claimed that he had no idea who Sam was. "Mrs. Sam Morgan," Sam clarified before adding that Faison had shot Jason in the back and then kicked Jason's body into the harbor. Faison shrugged as he explained that it had been business then added that Jason would have understood.

Infuriated, Sam denied that Jason would have condoned what Faison had done because Jason had had honor and a code. Sam observed that Faison behaved as if he had enjoyed killing Jason, so Faison conceded that he did enjoy his work. Disgusted, Sam wondered if he had also enjoyed killing Patrick's son. Confused, Faison asked what Sam was talking about, so Patrick reminded Faison that Faison had forced Rafe Kovich to drive Patrick's car off the road, which had led to the death of Patrick's son because Gabriel had been born four months premature.

Faison shocked both Patrick and Sam when he revealed that Victor had been responsible for the crash. Patrick tensed as Sam asked why Victor would target Patrick's family, so Faison explained that Victor had wanted to ensure that Patrick wouldn't talk about what Robin had been doing at the Crichton-Clark Clinic. Sam was stunned when Faison pointedly looked at Patrick then quietly admitted that Jason hadn't died after the shooting and near drowning.

Sam refused to believe Faison because she was certain that Jason would have made his way back to her if Jason had been alive, but Faison cryptically explained that Jason hadn't been in any condition to do anything. Sam demanded to know what Faison was talking about, but Faison suggested that Sam direct her questions to Patrick.

Moments later, Sam stormed out of the interrogation room as Patrick followed close behind, pleading with Sam to wait so they could talk. Sam stopped then tearfully demanded to know if what Faison had said about Jason was true. Patrick appeared stricken as he quietly confessed that it was.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the man passing himself off as Luke picked up the morning edition of the Port Charles Press, which featured a morphed photograph with one side of Luke's face merged with the opposite side of Faison's face. The caption read, "Fluke." The impostor smiled as he recalled his conversation with Faison when he had bragged to Faison that no one was any the wiser about their ruse.

Moments later, Alice entered the room with a breakfast tray, which she set on the table as she happily greeted Luke. She confessed that she was glad that he was back home because she had always felt that there had been something off with the man who had been pretending to be Luke. According to Alice, the man had been a cold jerk with a "creepy and mean tinge" to his voice. The impostor coldly demanded to know why she hadn't told anyone about her suspicions because someone might have returned to Miscavige to rescue him sooner.

Alice appeared taken aback by the question, so she explained that she had tried to say something, but no one had taken her seriously because she had merely been the help. She admitted that she had grown more suspicious when she had overheard Tracy plotting with the impostor, but Alice had suffered a heart attack before she could alert anyone. The man pretending to be Luke feigned concern at the mention of Alice's heart attack, but Alice assured "Luke" that everything was fine because she had been given a new heart.

Alice chuckled then confided that she had a "criminal heart" because the donor had been a gangster who had been shot by an FBI agent. The impostor pretended that he was happy that Alice was on the mend because he had missed her. After Alice left, the impostor smiled with menace. "Luke Spencer is back," he muttered as Tracy entered the room to announce that Anna had arrived to speak to him.

Anna quickly filled the man she assumed was Luke in about Faison's arrest, but Tracy was furious that Anna had carelessly thrown Faison into a pit rather than sending him to a super-max prison because Tracy had ended up marrying Faison, and Luke had been held captive in Miscavige. Anna apologized, but Tracy wasn't satisfied as she continued to rant at Anna. The impostor assured Tracy that Anna was not to blame for what had happened because Faison had fooled everyone, but all that mattered was that Faison had been locked up and would not get out.

Shortly after Anna left, Tracy returned to the room, looking for Luke. Alice confessed that she had no idea where Luke was.

Meanwhile, the impostor entered a basement where the real Luke had been bound to a chair. The impostor asked how Luke liked the new accommodations, but Luke's mouth had been covered with duct tape so he settled on glaring at the impostor.

At the Webber residence, Jake was reading the newspaper as he talked to Elizabeth about Faison's arrest. Elizabeth confessed that it was not the first time that Faison had posed as someone because Faison had been passing himself off as Duke Lavery when Faison had killed Jason. Jake immediately apologized for reminding her of her loss, but she assured him that it was fine. Jake resumed reading the newspaper until he saw an article about Helena Cassadine, which featured a picture of the infamous villainess.

"What the hell?" Jake asked as he stared at the picture. He quickly showed Elizabeth the picture as he explained that Helena had been the woman who had stopped by on Thanksgiving. "Oh, my God. You saw Helena?" Elizabeth asked. It was clear that Elizabeth was rattled, so Jake asked why she seemed troubled.

Elizabeth revealed that Helena had always had a penchant for targeting the Spencers, including Elizabeth's ex-husband, Lucky. She warned Jake that Helena was an evil woman who had murdered people, but Jake was more concerned about what Helena had done to Elizabeth personally. Elizabeth insisted that it didn't matter because Helena should have been dead, yet somehow Helena had always found a way to return.

Neither Jake nor Elizabeth could figure out why Helena had stopped by Elizabeth's home on Thanksgiving, so Jake changed to subject by announcing that he had to leave because he intended to find a job. Elizabeth assured him that it wasn't necessary because he was welcome to stay at her place rent-free for as long as he needed. Jake was determined to pay his way, so Elizabeth let the matter drop because she had to get to work and let the police know that the "Queen of the Damned" had stopped by.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas gazed out the window as Spencer marched in demanding to know where Britt was. Nikolas explained that Britt had moved out because Nikolas had ended things with her for what she had done to Spencer. Stunned, Spencer immediately began to defend Britt, but Nikolas refused to allow his son to make excuses for a woman who had encouraged Spencer to run away. Spencer insisted that it had been his idea, but Nikolas explained that Britt was an adult who had put Spencer at risk by allowing Spencer to leave.

Spencer explained that both Spencer and Britt had been desperate to get Nikolas and Britt back together, but Nikolas wasn't satisfied because Britt had broken the law by endangering a child. Nikolas reminded his son that Spencer had been on his own for over forty-eight hours, so anything could have happened, but Spencer continued to defend Britt. Nikolas insisted that it had been wrong for Britt to manipulate people and to use Nikolas' nine-year-old son to get to Nikolas, but Spencer argued that Britt loved Nikolas.

Nikolas disagreed because a woman who loved him wouldn't have let Nikolas suffer when Spencer had been missing. Spencer begged Nikolas to give Britt another chance, but Nikolas insisted that he was through with Britt because she had lied one too many times. Spencer's temper flared because he didn't think that he deserved to lose another mother. Nikolas appreciated that Spencer cared about Britt, but Nikolas explained that Courtney had been a far better person than Britt. Nikolas conceded that Courtney had made mistakes, but she had never used or manipulated people the way that Britt had.

Spencer remained adamant that he wanted Britt for a mother then started to stomp off, but Nikolas ordered Spencer to halt because Nikolas did not appreciate Spencer's disrespectful attitude. Nikolas insisted that Britt was a terrible person, so they were better off without her, but Spencer disagreed then admitted that he didn't care what Nikolas thought. Nikolas was furious that Spencer would speak to him like that, but Spencer screamed that he hated Nikolas for making Britt go away then ran out of the room.

Later, Elizabeth called Anna to warn her that Helena was in Port Charles. Anna thanked Elizabeth for the update then promised to increase the patrol cars in Elizabeth's neighborhood to keep an eye on Elizabeth's house. Relieved, Elizabeth ended the call but immediately tensed when the doorbell rang. Elizabeth relaxed when she looked out the window then opened the door. It was Nikolas.

At the police station, Anna returned to the interrogation room where Faison sat as if he hadn't had a care in the world. Suspicious, Anna asked why he was smiling.

At Kelly's, Brad greeted Britt when he saw her seated at the counter. He immediately apologized for not attending her Thanksgiving dinner because he had spent the day with Lucas. Brad also confessed that he hadn't wanted to spend the holiday with Britt's mother, Liesl, so Britt assured Brad that it was fine because things hadn't gone as planned. Brad suddenly realized that Britt appeared troubled, prompting her to fill him in about her breakup with Nikolas.

Britt confided that her worst fear had been that Nikolas would explode when he learned about her involvement in Spencer's brief disappearance, but it had been worse than she had imagined because Nikolas' calm indifference as he had ordered her to leave had made her feel as if she had never meant anything to Nikolas. Brad felt terrible for his friend, so he hugged her. However, Brad was annoyed that Britt hadn't called him when everything had fallen apart with Nikolas, but Britt explained that she hadn't wanted to ruin Brad's holiday.

Brad insisted that he and Britt were "besties," so he was determined to be there for his friend. Britt was touched because she would need a friend in the upcoming weeks, since Nikolas had threatened to press charges against her for her role in Spencer's disappearance. Brad immediately urged Britt to call Diane, so Britt made the call.

After Britt left Diane a voicemail message requesting Diane to return the call, Britt admitted that she had no idea how she would pay Diane's pricy retainer. Brad was surprised because Britt shouldn't have any financial difficulties with a doctor's salary. Britt explained that most of her money went toward repaying the student loans from medical school, so Brad assured Britt that he would help her pay Diane's fees. Britt thanked Brad for everything, but Brad insisted that he loved Britt. Britt confessed that she loved Brad, too, then watched him leave for work.

On pier 54, Liesl wept as she read the newspaper about Faison's arrest. She was heartbroken that Faison had finally broken free of his obsession over Anna only to land in Anna's "bony" clutches. Liesl lamented about the unfairness of it all until someone handed her a black handkerchief to dry her tears. Liesl was stunned when she looked up and saw Helena.

"Hello, Liesl. It's been a long time," Helena said. Liesl confessed that she had known that Victor had been working to revive Helena, but Liesl hadn't realized that he had succeeded. Helena regretted that she hadn't been able to thank Victor because Liesl had killed him, but Liesl insisted that it had been necessary to kill Victor to protect Liesl's family. Helena assured Liesl that she need not worry about Helena avenging Victor's death because Victor had never been Helena's favorite person. According to Helena, Victor hadn't been a Mikkos Cassadine or even a Cesar Faison.

Liesl revealed that she and Faison had intended to run away together, but Faison had been arrested. Helena surprised Liesl when she confided that Faison would not remain in police custody for long because Helena had made plans to liberate Faison. Liesl was overjoyed, but she was curious how Helena intended to carry out the plan. Helena confided that she had people in place that would make it happen because it had been part of Helena's master plan. Liesl was grateful for Helena's help, so Helena assured Liesl that she would find a way for Liesl to repay Helena.

A short time later, Liesl entered Kelly's. She spotted Britt at a table, staring teary-eyed at a picture of Nikolas and Spencer taken on Thanksgiving. Liesl handed Helena's black handkerchief to Britt then told Britt to cheer up because everything would be okay. Britt appeared skeptical, but Liesl insisted that she had a good feeling.

Meanwhile, on the pier, Helena saw Jake, so she called out to him then beckoned him to join her.

Friday, December 5, 2014

On pier 54, Helena beckoned Jake to join her, so he seized the opportunity to ask why she had been at Elizabeth's house on Thanksgiving. Jake admitted that Elizabeth had told him all about Helena, but Helena wasn't interested in wasting time with idle chit-chat because she had more pressing matters to discuss with him. Jake was stunned when she revealed that they had known each other in the past and then began to tell him about Robin's efforts to revive him.

Jake became increasingly uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation until Helena asked if he had ever heard of Jason Morgan. Jake admitted that he had, so Helena informed him that he was Jason Morgan. Jake immediately denied it because he had seen a picture of Jason at Elizabeth's house. Helena pointed out that Jake had undergone extensive reconstructive surgery, so even he hadn't recognized himself, but Jake remained in denial because he recalled that Jason had been married to Sam.

Helena warned Jake that the marriage might have been dissolved if Sam had had him legally declared dead, so she decided to have her attorneys check into it. Jake realized that if Helena was right then it meant that Danny was his son. Helena assured him that she didn't have any reason to lie to him, but Jake wasn't satisfied, so he decided to talk to Sam. Jake started to leave, but Helena ordered him to stop.

Jake wondered why he should believe Helena, so she pointed out that a simple DNA test would confirm what she had told him. Jake vowed to make her pay if she was attempting to use him to make Jason's loved ones suffer, but Helena shrugged it off because she had more to tell him. "You work for me," Helena said with a smile of satisfaction.

According to Helena, during Jason's stay at the clinic, Victor had had Jason conditioned to take orders from her. Helena conceded that she had feared that his memory loss might have undone Victor's programming, so she had put it to a test. Jake was stunned when Helena revealed that she had stopped by Elizabeth's house a second time on Thanksgiving for a private meeting with Jake, at which time she had instructed him to meet her on the pier. Jake didn't believe her, but she assured him that it was true because had arrived for their rendezvous.

Jake remained skeptical but he demanded to know what Helena wanted with him. Helena smiled as she confided that he had been selected to be a part of an elite division of the World Security Bureau then added that part of his programming included a directive not to kill her. However, Victor had underestimated Jason's ability because no one had expected him to flee the clinic. Helena assured Jason that she had a deep appreciation for his special skills, which she intended to utilize to their fullest.

Jake tensed when Helena explained that she had a job for him. She gave him instructions then ordered him to meet her after the job had been completed. However, she added that should he fail, then he was to forget everything that she had told him, including his true identity.

In Pentonville's gym, Sonny recalled his last conversation with Michael until someone suddenly walked up. It was Carlos. Carlos took pleasure in gloating about Sonny's fall from power, but Sonny growled a warning for Carlos to stay away from him. Carlos ignored Sonny as he reminded Sonny of how Sonny had once forced Carlos to dig his own grave then Carlos steered the conversation to A.J.

Carlos wondered if Sonny had ever given a thought as to what Carlos might have been going through in jail when Carlos had taken the fall for a murder that Sonny had committed. Carlos painted a bleak picture of life behind bars, but Sonny appeared unsympathetic because it had been Carlos' decision to take responsibility for A.J.'s murder. However, Sonny conceded that he had wondered why Carlos had done it. "I did it for love," Carlos explained.

Carlos revealed that Ava had threatened Sabrina, the woman Carlos loved then had used Patrick's accident to her advantage by making Carlos believe that she had orchestrated the crash as a warning of what would happen if Carlos failed to cooperate. Sonny insisted that he had never asked Ava to force Carlos to take responsibility for shooting A.J., but Carlos admitted that it no longer mattered because Carlos would be leaving jail within hours. Carlos smiled with malice as he warned Sonny to be careful because there were a lot of people in jail who hated Sonny.

Carlos was confident that Sonny would get what Sonny deserved then left when a guard announced that Carlos was free to leave. Sonny sat down on a workout bench as he replayed his conversation with Carlos in his mind. Moments later, Johnny Zacchara walked up.

Outside Kelly's, Michael wrapped up a meeting with an architect about the plans for the new clinic. The man referred to Michael as "Mr. Corinthos," but Michael immediately corrected the man by clarifying that he was Michael Quartermaine, the son of Alan Quartermaine Jr.

Moments later, Sabrina walked up, so she asked to speak to Michael. She explained that she had wanted to apologize for telling him that Ava had shot A.J. She assured Michael that she and Carlos had believed that it was true, but Michael assured her that she had nothing to be sorry for because Sonny had been the one who had allowed Ava to force Carlos to take the fall for A.J.'s murder. Michael was curious about Carlos' fate, so Sabrina explained that the attorneys were working on it, but it was a slow process because Carlos had confessed.

Michael insisted that the authorities couldn't keep Carlos in jail for a crime that Sonny had committed. Sabrina agreed then started to leave, but Michael asked for a moment of her time because he wanted her to know that the offer for her to work at the clinic was still open. He assured her that it wouldn't interfere with her work at the hospital, but Sabrina admitted that he need not be concerned because she had been fired. Stunned, Michael was curious why Sabrina had been let go.

Sabrina confessed that she had allowed her need for revenge to consume her life, which had driven her to do something terrible. She quietly urged Michael not to let the same thing happen to him.

A short time later, Sabrina left the diner but stopped short when she saw Carlos. Her surprise turned to delight as she ran into his arms. Carlos hugged her tightly then vowed that he would get back everything he had lost.

In a basement at an undisclosed location, the man masquerading as Luke faced the real Luke, who had been secured to a chair. The impostor removed the duct tape from Luke's mouth as he bragged that the police had arrested the wrong man for posing as Luke. Luke was stunned when the impostor revealed that Faison had successfully fooled everyone, so Luke's loved ones believed that the impostor was the real Luke Spencer. Luke was not amused, especially when the impostor revealed that Helena was one of the coconspirators.

The impostor assured Luke that Helena would make certain that Faison would not see the inside of a prison then shifted gears to reveal that everyone had welcomed Luke home with open arms. The impostor was confident that no one would ever realize that he was not the real Luke, but Luke demanded to know who the man posing as him was. The impostor continued to play cat-and-mouse with Luke without revealing his true identity. However, the impostor assured Luke that he was not wearing a mask as Faison had.

Luke realized that he wouldn't get any answers from the impostor, so he asked if the impostor ever shut up. The impostor smiled indulgently as he bragged about living Luke's life, but Luke warned the man that the impostor would never get away with it because there was only one Luke Spencer. The impostor tore a new strip of duct tape from a roll, covered Luke's mouth, and left.

At Kelly's, Britt told her mother about the breakup with Nikolas, but Liesl was too excited about the prospect of being reunited with Faison. Britt pointed out that Faison would be returned to Steinmauer, but Liesl confided that plans had been made to liberate Faison from police custody. Liesl surprised Britt by inviting Britt to leave Port Charles with her parents, since there wasn't any reason for Britt to stay.

A short time later, Liesl and Britt approached Helena on the pier. Helena questioned why Liesl was not alone, since Liesl was about to go on the lam with Faison not take a luxury cruise. Liesl explained that Britt was Liesl's daughter, so Britt would be joining Liesl and Faison.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth invited Nikolas inside as he confessed that she had been right about Britt all along. He filled her in about the breakup then admitted that he regretted that he hadn't heeded her warnings about Britt. Elizabeth urged Nikolas not to beat himself up about it because things were bad enough with Helena on the loose. Shocked, Nikolas asked what she was talking about, so Elizabeth showed him the newspaper article about Helena being sighted at Miscavige.

Nikolas was disgusted that his grandmother had once again surfaced, but he was relieved that she hadn't shown up at Wyndemere. Elizabeth explained that Helena had appeared on Elizabeth's doorstep on Thanksgiving, prompting Nikolas to wonder if Helena thought perhaps Nikolas and Elizabeth had rekindled things. Elizabeth confessed that she had no idea what had been on Helena's mind because Helena had spoken to Elizabeth's houseguest. Nikolas frowned when he realized that a man had been staying at Elizabeth's house.

In the police station's interrogation room, Anna tried to maintain her composure as she asked what Faison had said to Patrick and Sam. Faison remained tightlipped, so Anna shifted gears to ask about Helena. Faison claimed that he hadn't seen Helena since he and Helena had brainwashed Lucky Spencer, who had managed to overcome it. However, Faison wondered if Helena had ever perfected the technique.

Anna appeared rattled by the question, so she asked if Faison were suggesting that he had somehow implanted a phrase in her mind that would trigger her to fall in line. She doubted that he had, otherwise he would have taken advantage of it years ago. "I did," Faison replied. Anna's eyes filled with angry tears as she assured him that no amount of lies, manipulations, or who he killed would ever make her love him.

"And you're proud of that, right?" Faison asked with a sneer. Anna insisted that she had merely been stating a fact, but Faison suggested that it gave Anna power to believe that he was a slave to his love for her. However, he assured her that the spell had been broken the moment she had thrown him into the pit on Spoon Island, so he was finally a free man because she was unworthy of his love.

In the hallway, Sam confronted Patrick about what Faison had told them about Jason. Patrick explained that he hadn't been able to tell Sam that Jason had survived the shooting because Victor had blackmailed both Robin and Patrick to remain quiet. Sam demanded to know if Jason was alive, so Patrick admitted that Jason had eventually died because the treatment had failed.

Sam was devastated by the news and felt betrayed by Patrick. She insisted that she'd had a right to know that Jason had been at the clinic because she was his wife, but Patrick explained that he hadn't wanted to give Sam false hope if the treatment hadn't worked. Sam wasn't satisfied because she had been denied the opportunity to tell Jason one last time that she loved him. Patrick admitted that he had been tempted to tell her at one point, but by then, Sam had started to move on with Silas, so Patrick had been reluctant to rip out her heart all over again.

Sam was furious that Patrick had kept quiet for months about Jason's fate because she and Patrick were friends. She confessed that there had even been a point when she had thought that they could have been more than friends. Patrick assured Sam that he was deeply sorry, but Sam was unmoved because he had withheld "life-altering" information from her. Patrick continued to apologize as Sam ranted at him for playing God. Patrick realized that she was angry, but he was concerned about her, so he offered to take her home.

Sam jerked away when he reached out to her because she didn't want him to touch her. Patrick once again apologized, but Sam ordered him to leave her alone. After Patrick reluctantly left, Anna and a police officer led Faison out of the interrogation room. Anna stepped away to check on Sam and assure her that Faison would pay for what he had done to Jason. Sam thanked Anna then watched as Anna and several police officers led Faison out of the police station so he could be transported to Steinmauer.

Moments later, Sam yelped with surprise when a masked man suddenly grabbed her from behind as he covered her mouth.

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