General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 5, 2015 on GH

Olivia and Julian slept together. Ava named her daughter. Michael learned a Spencer family secret. Sonny and Julian became reluctant allies in jail. Johnny's conviction was vacated.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 5, 2015 on GH
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Monday, January 5, 2015

In bed with Nathan, Maxie dreamily told him that their time together didn't seem real. The two kissed passionately and made love. Later, Maxie marveled about how Nathan "dazzles" her. She kissed him suggestively, and he warned her that he needed twenty minutes to "recharge." She stated that she could wait.

A short while later, Nathan emerged from the kitchen with two plates of eggs and toast and clad in underwear and an apron. She promised to do the dishes if he promised to always cook in his underwear. He promised to do so if she stayed over all the time, but she reminded him that it was her apartment. She wondered if it had been twenty minutes, and she jumped into his arms, making him drop both plates on the floor.

Later, Nathan and Maxie lounged on the couch under a blanket. He offered to make more breakfast. Maxie told him that, with all the months of build-up, they were lucky to be so "compatible." "I pity the fools that aren't as happy as we are," Nathan said, and he kissed her.

Nathan and Maxie cleaned up the food from the floor. She suggested that they get dressed to get food. "With clothes?" he asked, flabbergasted. He walked away with the trash and later returned with two more plates of eggs and toast. Maxie remarked that the second breakfast looked better than the first, and Nathan agreed that "practice makes perfect." She wondered what else would get better with practice, so the two began to list things. Nathan kissed her, and they knocked their second breakfast over.

A short while later, Nathan and Maxie flirted over the leftover ribs and macaroni and cheese from the night before.

"Happy new year, Corinthos," a guard gruffly said to Sonny as he led the prisoner into the visitation room. Sonny was surprised to see Morgan on the other side of the glass. Sonny wanted to be caught up on the family. Morgan updated Sonny on Christina, who was going to try to visit; Rocco, who was "running in circles" around Dante and Lulu; and Michael, who had written off his entire family and kicked Morgan and Kiki out of the brownstone.

Sonny asked about Carly, and Morgan told him that Carly hadn't lied to Michael about her feelings for Sonny like Sonny had wanted her to. Sonny understood if Michael hated him, but he didn't think Michael should take out his anger on his family. Morgan went on that the baby was being good for Kiki and Silas. He disclosed that Sonny was the baby's father.

Morgan promised to try to set up a visit for the baby with Sonny. Morgan related that he'd dodged a bullet because he would have been "a crappy dad," with "no degree, no job, no prospects, no house." Sonny commended Morgan for stepping up and finding the baby. Morgan held up a picture of the baby for Sonny to see, and he promised to send pictures. The guard warned Sonny that his time was up. The two men exchanged "I love yous," and Morgan was gone.

At the police station, Silas remarked that Ava's baby was so happy, "you wouldn't know her father's in jail." Kiki added that the baby's mother would be going to jail as well. A guard walked a handcuffed Ava into Anna's office to wait for the transport to Pentonville. Ava begged the guard to uncuff her so she could hold her daughter. Kiki backed Ava up, but the guard refused, citing Ava as a flight risk. Silas reminded the guard that he would be right outside the door with a gun. The guard agreed, uncuffed Ava, and left the room. "Don't make me regret this," he called over his shoulder.

Ava held her daughter, and Kiki assured Ava that the baby had "passed all her tests." Kiki added that the baby had also had a DNA test. She disclosed that Sonny was the baby's father. Ava wondered how Morgan was doing. Kiki told her mother that Morgan was "hurting," but regardless, the baby was a miracle. Kiki reminded Ava that the baby still didn't have a name.

Ava admitted that, with all the uncertainty during her pregnancy, she hadn't thought about names. However, while she had been in labor, she'd decided on Avery. She promised to fight as hard as she could, but she wanted her daughter to "know she a part of me, and I'm a part of her." A few minutes later, the guard returned and told Ava that the transport was there. She begged for more time, but Kiki assured Ava that Avery was in good hands. The guard cuffed Ava and led her out. "Don't let her forget me," Ava implored tearfully, and they were gone.

Kiki didn't know what to do next. Silas explained that they needed to figure out how to give Avery the happiest, healthiest life they could. Kiki worried that Sonny would get to Ava in Pentonville.

At Pentonville, a guard escorted Ava through the halls, and they bumped into Sonny and his escort. "Look at this piece," Sonny's guard said, referring to Ava. Sonny warned the guard not to talk about "the mother of my child" like that. Ava's guard reminded Sonny that he would never again get "a crack" at Ava. "You don't think so?" Sonny challenged.

Ava informed Sonny that she'd named their daughter Avery. He wondered why she got to choose because the baby was as much his as she was Ava's. Ava hoped that Sonny wouldn't hurt her, since they shared a child. "Don't count on it," Sonny said, and his guard led him away.

In bed, Ned was on top of Alexis, lamented all the time he'd wasted with Alexis. He added that he belonged with her, and he kissed her. "But I'm not really with you," Ned said. "He's with me," said Alexis, who suddenly appeared behind Ned. Olivia sat straight up in bed, shocked by her dream.

Julian was in bed with Alexis. In between kisses, he asked her how it had felt to "come to your senses and kick Ned to the curb." He promised to never let her go again. "That's not your call," she said. "It's mine," Ned said, suddenly appearing behind Alexis. Julian sat straight up in bed, shocked by his dream, and right next to Olivia.

Olivia jumped out of bed, wrapped in a sheet, and made the sign of the cross over herself. "What have I done?" she rebuked herself. Julian began describing in detail what they had done, but she stopped him and wondered why. He informed her that they'd had the same motive -- distraction from what Ned and Alexis were doing.

Ned and Alexis lay in bed. Alexis remarked that "it was as good as I remember." Ned made sure that Alexis had no regrets. Alexis flashed back to the kiss Olivia and Julian had shared and said, "Not one." She asked him the same thing. He remembered the kiss Olivia and Julian had shared and assured her that he had no regrets. She was glad that they were on the same page. Ned thought they really had a chance to make things work.

A short while later, Ned and Alexis were dressed. Ned wondered if she wanted room service, but she wanted to go to the buffet. He thought they would avoid an "awkward situation" by getting room service, but both insisted they would be fine, and they left.

As Olivia gathered her clothes, she made sure Julian knew that he'd been the one who'd wanted her, "not the other way around." He knew she'd enjoyed herself as well. She told him that she was going to change in her office and opened the door. He told her that there was no need for a walk of shame as Ned and Alexis happened upon the couple, visibly shocked.

Ned demanded to know if Julian had hurt Olivia or if he'd forced her or gotten her drunk. "I didn't do anything she didn't ask me to repeat," Julian cracked. Ned threatened Julian, but Olivia stopped him. She stated that she'd been sober and that what she did behind closed doors and who she did it with was none of Ned's business. "You're better than this," Ned told Olivia. "And you're worse," Alexis spat at Julian. "Then it's a good thing we're nothing to each other," Julian shot back. Alexis muttered that she'd lost her appetite, and she sped off down the hall, followed closely by Ned. Olivia left.

A short while later, Julian opened the door to a composed Olivia. She informed him she'd left a shoe and looked around the room as he made jokes about rubbing it in Ned and Alexis' faces. She eventually found her shoe. She told him to forget about the night they'd had together. She added that he could "continue playing the game," but she was "out," and she left.

Luke's impostor sat at the Metro Court restaurant and read the paper. The headline read "Super Max Mama: Jerome Pleads Not Guilty, Bail Denied." The impostor laughed at Ava's predicament. Bobbie arrived and wondered if her real brother was still locked up in the "nuthouse." Alarmed, the impostor wondered what would make her say that. She joked that punctuality was not "in your character," and she sat down at the table.

Bobbie apologized to the impostor for not picking up on the fact that Luke hadn't really been Luke. He forgave her. She remembered that the last time someone had pretended to be Luke, it had been their cousin, Bill Eckert. She marveled that the cousins were the "spitting image" of each other. The impostor didn't want to talk about Bill, telling Bobbie that Bill's death was on his conscience. Bill's only crime had been being "mistaken for me." Bobbie reminded the impostor that Bill hadn't been a saint, but he thought that Port Charles had "seen worse than him."

Bobbie continued that Bill had been an abusive cheater, and she and Bill's sister Jenny had always had to clean up his messes. "Leave it alone!" Luke's impostor exclaimed, banging his fists on the table. Ned and Alexis entered the restaurant just in time to see the outburst and wondered if everything was all right. The impostor apologized for raising his voice, and he explained that he and Bobbie had been having a "family disagreement."

Bobbie wondered if Ned and Alexis remembered Bill. Ned remembered clashing with Bill and then fighting "tooth and nail" after Bill had died to get back the chunk of ELQ that Bill had owned. The impostor got up and announced that he no longer had an appetite, and he left. Alexis wanted to call Molly, so she promised to meet with Ned at the buffet. Ned sat with Bobbie and apologized for driving Luke away. She took the blame for revisiting the past when she knew Luke didn't like to.

Alexis finished her phone call with Molly as Olivia walked up. Olivia explained to Alexis that Olivia had been in a "bad place" the night before, and she'd had no intention of hurting Alexis' feelings. "I'm sorry," she finished. "Are you?" Alexis wondered.

Luke's impostor arrived at Julian's room and wondered if Julian was "planning a stint in Pentonville." Julian assured the impostor that he had a good lawyer, so he and the impostor would be business partners for "a long time to come." Julian walked away. The impostor made a phone call. He told the person on the other end of the line that "we have a problem that needs a permanent solution."

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

On the piers, the man posing as Luke waited for Carlos to arrive. Carlos apologized for running late then began to explain why he had failed to carry out the order to kill Ric. Carlos explained that it couldn't have been helped because Jordan and Shawn had shown up with their guns drawn, but the impostor admitted that he wasn't concerned about Ric because another problem needed their attention. Carlos was surprised when the impostor explained that Julian needed to be taken care of.

Shocked, Carlos asked why, but the impostor grumbled about Ava failing to kill Michael. Carlos didn't think that Julian should have to pay for Ava's mistakes, especially when Julian served a valuable purpose as the figurehead of the organization. The impostor dismissed Julian's importance because the impostor already had a replacement in mind. Carlos was stunned when the impostor revealed that he had arranged for Johnny to be released from jail but quickly defended Julian by reminding the impostor that Julian had avoided a mob war with the Corinthos organization by not killing Jordan.

Carlos doubted that Johnny would have shown the same restraint that Julian had, but the impostor questioned Carlos' loyalty. Carlos promised that he was loyal to the impostor but the impostor wanted Carlos to prove it by killing Julian. Resigned, Carlos told his boss to consider "the bastard" dead. Satisfied, the impostor left the piers then paid Luke a visit.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian left a voicemail message for his attorney, reminding the man that they'd had a meeting to discuss Julian's defense. Moments later, Lucas stopped by to visit his father. After the two men exchanged warm greetings, they talked about New Year's Eve. Lucas gratefully took a sip of the Bloody Mary cocktail his father handed to him then confessed that he was too old to party all night. Lucas noticed that Julian seemed distracted, so Julian explained that he had been waiting for his attorney.

Lucas heard the frustration in his father's tone, so he suggested that Julian call Diane. Julian admitted that he had, but Diane had cited a conflict of interest because she was Sonny's attorney. Lucas felt bad for Julian when Julian admitted that Alexis hadn't forgiven him, so she was out of the question too. Lucas couldn't believe that Alexis hadn't appreciated that Julian had been forced to make the choices he had, so Julian confessed that Alexis had good reason to feel as she did because Julian was still in the mob. Lucas was disappointed and made it clear that he didn't condone his father's choices, but he vowed to remain a part of Julian's life because he wasn't ready to give up on the relationship they had built.

Relieved, Julian invited Lucas to stay, but Lucas explained that he couldn't because he had promised to take Brad to the movies. Shortly after Lucas left, Julian answered another knock at the door. It was Carlos. Julian was surprised because he had been expecting the attorney. "That was the idea," Carlos muttered as Julian turned his back on his friend to enter the apartment. Julian was curious if Carlos had heard anything from the attorney, unaware that Carlos had pulled out a gun and then slowly twisted a silencer onto the barrel. Carlos informed Julian that the meeting had been canceled, so Julian turned to ask Carlos why, only to tense when his eyes landed on the gun in Carlos' hand.

In Anna's office, Anna was on the phone, discussing the situation with Agent Kyle Sloane when Kyle knocked on her door. She quickly ended the call then asked why Kyle was there. She suspected that he intended to harass her about what she had done to Cesar Faison, but Kyle reminded her that her friend, Frisco Jones, had put the "kibosh" on the investigation. However, Kyle conceded that it hadn't dimmed his desire to prove that she had abused her power. Anna refused to be intimidated, so she asked Kyle to get to the point. She was stunned when he revealed that Johnny's conviction for killing Anthony would soon be overturned.

Shocked, Anna reminded Kyle that Johnny had confessed to the murder, but Kyle argued that it had been a false confession. Kyle revealed that an ex-police officer, Delores Padilla, had testified under oath to the grand jury that there had been a conspiracy to convict Johnny of his father's homicide. Anna was offended by the outrageous accusation, but Kyle showed her the document confirming his claim. He admitted that Padilla hadn't "named names," but he was certain that Anna had been instrumental in the wrongful arrest.

Anna flatly refused to reopen the case because she was certain that Johnny had been guilty of patricide, but Kyle informed Anna that it was out of her hands and that Johnny's release was imminent. Kyle claimed that he had wanted to let her know -- as a professional courtesy -- that a storm was about to hit that would hold her accountable for all she had done.

At Pentonville, Johnny was curling a weight when Sonny entered the workout area. Johnny smiled as he greeted Sonny then cheerily announced that 2015 would be Johnny's year because Johnny intended to rule all three crime organizations in Port Charles. Sonny chuckled when Johnny confided that Johnny would soon be leaving the prison because Sonny wondered if Johnny planned to break out. Johnny insisted that he was an innocent man, so his confession had been coerced, but Sonny doubted that anyone would fall for the lie.

Johnny merely smiled, confident that things would go his way, and he suggested that his first stop would be to visit Carly. Sonny growled for Johnny to stay away from her, which surprised Johnny because Johnny had heard that Sonny had refused another visit from Carly. Sonny explained that it didn't concern Johnny, but Johnny suspected that Sonny had refused to see Carly because Sonny wanted Carly to move on with her life. "Knowing her, she's going to do just that," Johnny said with a sneer designed to provoke Sonny.

Sonny vowed that one day he would tear Johnny apart with his bare hands, but Johnny's men stepped forward to grab Sonny. Moments later, a guard called out Johnny's name. Johnny grinned as he told his men to take care of Sonny then followed the guard to freedom.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia apologized to Alexis for what had happened between Olivia and Julian on New Year's Eve. Olivia promised that it wouldn't happen again, but Alexis questioned Olivia's sincerity, since Olivia had made a point of reminding Alexis that Olivia had been both sober and level-headed when Olivia had slept with Julian. Alexis confessed that it had felt a bit personal to Alexis, especially since Alexis knew of Olivia's feelings for Ned.

Olivia seemed taken aback by the suggestion that she had slept with Julian to hurt Alexis, so she turned the tables on Alexis by suggesting that Alexis wasn't being completely fair with Ned. Olivia insisted that Ned was a nice guy who didn't deserve to have Alexis string him along if Alexis still had feelings for Julian.

In Ric's hotel suite, Ric called to check in with Molly and wish his daughter a happy new year, while Elizabeth lounged in bed, her thoughts on Jake and Carly's New Year's Eve kiss. Molly asked her father about his evening, but he carefully answered the questions without letting her know that he had spent the night with Elizabeth. After the call ended, Ric returned to the bed as Elizabeth called Cameron.

A short time later, Elizabeth wrapped up the call with Cameron then told Ric about Cameron's plans to go sledding with Emma. Ric warned Elizabeth that their New Year's Eve was not over yet then kissed her. After they made love, Ric and Elizabeth cuddled in bed as they talked about their tumultuous past. Ric admitted that he couldn't change the things he had done, but he vowed to be a better man and the best person he could be from that point forward.

Eventually, Ric broached the subject of Jake and Jake's crush on Elizabeth. Ric was certain that Carly hadn't wasted any time filling Jake in about all the terrible things that Ric had done, but Elizabeth was curious why Ric would think that Jake had romantic feelings for her. Ric reminded Elizabeth had he had walked up just as Jake had been about to kiss Elizabeth, but Elizabeth insisted that she and Jake had merely been honoring a holiday tradition to kiss under the mistletoe.

Ric worried that Elizabeth might return Jake's feelings, but she insisted that she and Jake were just friends. She promised Ric that he had nothing to worry about, so he relaxed then hugged her. Elizabeth's easy smile turned troubled as he held her.

Later, Elizabeth prepared to leave, but Ric insisted on driving her home, so he held out his arm then led her to the door.

Elsewhere in the hotel, Carly knocked on Jake's door. He smiled in greeting then invited her into his room as he asked what he could do for her. Carly playfully wondered where to begin as she smiled at his bare chest.

After Jake got dressed, Carly explained that she wanted him to take advantage of the breakfast bar in the restaurant. Jake appreciated the offer, but he declined because he felt that she had done too much for him already. Carly refused to take no for an answer, so Jake agreed to have breakfast if she joined him.

A short time later, a trolley filled with an array of breakfast dishes arrived. Jake and Carly sat down to eat as they talked about New Year's Eve. Carly was curious if Jake still had feelings for Elizabeth, but Jake insisted that it didn't matter because Elizabeth was with Ric and appeared happy. Carly confided that she had gone to Pentonville, hoping that 2015 could be a new start for her and Sonny, but Sonny had refused to see her. Jake tried to cheer her up by flirtatiously assuring her that he wouldn't turn away a visit from her.

Later, Jake reminded Carly that she had hired him to do a job, so he asked her to put him to work. Carly invited him to follow her, but they each stopped short in the hallway when they bumped into Ric and Elizabeth. Jake, Elizabeth, and Carly exchanged stilted greetings, but Ric seemed in a chipper mood. "Nice dress," Carly murmured as she stared pointedly at Elizabeth's dress. Elizabeth ignored the reminder that Elizabeth was dressed in the previous night's clothes as Jake politely wished Elizabeth and Ric a happy new year.

Elizabeth thanked Jake then followed Ric as Ric led Elizabeth away. Carly did the same with Jake but in the opposite direction. Both Jake and Elizabeth glanced back at each other as they disappeared around a corner.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy left Luke a voicemail message to let him know that she had a tray of snacks and his favorite beverage ready for a night of catching up the television shows they enjoyed watching together.

Later, Tracy returned to the living room as Ned helped himself to something on the snack tray. Tracy immediately scolded her son, but he was unapologetic because he thought his mother should be more grateful, since he and Michael had stopped her from handing ELQ over to an impostor. "Touché," Tracy said.

Ned regretted the harsh reminder, so he assured Tracy that he didn't want to argue with her. He politely asked permission to have a snack then waited until Tracy smiled and invited him to help himself. She asked about his New Year's Eve, curious if he had spent the night with Alexis or Olivia, since Alice had reported that Ned hadn't slept in his bed the previous night. Ned reminded his mother that he was an adult then insisted that he and Olivia were just friends. Tracy scoffed because Ned and Olivia's movie nights had been the talk of the household for weeks.

Ned conceded that his relationship with Olivia was complicated but added that she had turned her attention to Julian Jerome. Tracy wasn't surprised because Olivia had a pattern of dating men destined for jail, including Steven Webber, Johnny Zacchara, and Sonny Corinthos. Tracy smiled knowingly when she noticed that Ned seemed jealous at the mention of Olivia's past relationships, but Ned changed the subject by suggesting that Tracy focus more on Luke than on Ned's love life.

Tracy was surprised when Ned revealed that he and Alexis had seen Luke earlier at Kelly's and that Luke had stormed out of the diner after an argument with Bobbie about Bill Eckert. Stunned, Tracy admitted that she hadn't heard Bill's name in decades, but she'd had no idea talk of Bill would upset Luke, since Bill and Luke's paths had barely crossed before Bill's death.

At ELQ, Michael reviewed building plans for the waterfront health clinic when his assistant announced that he had a visitor. Moments later, Bobbie entered the office. She was relieved when Michael warmly greeted her because she had feared that he had disowned her along with everyone else not named Quartermaine. Michael assured his grandmother that she would always be his family, so Bobbie seized the opportunity to plead Carly's case by reminding him that Carly had acted out of a desire to protect Michael. Michael insisted that he'd had a right to know the truth about what had happened to his father, so Bobbie admitted that she couldn't condone what Sonny had done, but she insisted that Carly would never give up on Michael.

Michael explained that forgiving Carly would feel like a betrayal to A.J., but Bobbie argued that everyone, including A.J., knew how much Michael had loved his father. She pointed out that he intended to build a free health clinic in A.J.'s name, so Michael confided that his plans had hit a snag, which had forced him to find a new location for the clinic.

Bobbie was surprised when Michael admitted that he had found the perfect site for the clinic on Elm Street because she assumed that he had meant the brownstone. However, he quickly explained that the brownstone was in a residential area, but he had found another building of significance to Bobbie further down the street. Bobbie was shocked when she realized that Michael was referring to her childhood home.

Michael showed his grandmother the new plans for the clinic, but she stared at them in a daze. She confessed that she hadn't thought of the house in decades because it hadn't been a happy place for her or Luke. Bobbie admitted that neither she nor Luke had looked back when they had left Port Charles to live with their Aunt Ruby in Florida. However, she liked the idea of the house being torn down to make way for something that would better the community.

Relieved, Michael hoped the owner decided to sell, but Bobbie warned him that she couldn't help because she had no idea who had bought the house. Bobbie was startled when Michael revealed that a man named Bill Eckert owned the building, but Michael had no idea how to reach him. Bobbie explained that it wasn't possible because Bill had died decades earlier. She recalled that he had been survived by a sister named Jenny and a son named Sly, but Bobbie hadn't talked to either relative in years.

Michael wondered if perhaps Luke might be able to help Michael get in touch with Jenny or Sly, but Bobbie doubted it. However, she warned Michael to tread carefully because Luke hadn't been pleased when she had -- coincidentally -- mentioned Bill earlier that day.

In an unknown basement, the impostor complained about Luke's rancid smell then maniacally asked if Luke had missed him. Luke's mouth remained covered with duct tape and his hands and feet securely bound to a chair, but that didn't stop Luke from angrily muttering something. The impostor reluctantly decided to remove the duct tape to give Luke an opportunity to talk, so Luke immediately demanded to know how long his captor intended to hold him. The impostor was disappointed that Luke wasn't more appreciative of the new accommodations.

Luke glanced around the basement then asked where he was. The impostor was annoyed that Luke hadn't recognized the basement, so he decided to jog Luke's memory by picking up a baseball bat. Luke flinched, fearing that the impostor intended to strike him, but the impostor invited Luke to take a closer look at the baseball bat.

The impostor wasn't certain, but he assumed that the baseball bat had once belonged to Luke rather than his older sister, Patricia, or younger sister, Barbara Jean. Luke was shocked that the impostor knew about his sister, Patricia, since Luke hadn't spoken of her or their parents in forty years. The impostor assured Luke that Bobbie had remembered Patricia because the impostor and Bobbie had had a "heart-to-heart" talk about her earlier that day. As the impostor rambled about Patrick, Bobbie, and Luke being raised in a house, Luke realized that he was in the basement of his childhood home.

Shocked, Luke demanded to know how the impostor could know such private things about Luke's life, but the impostor suggested that it was the wrong question to ask. According to the impostor, Luke should ask if the impostor's insight stemmed from being part of the Spencer family. Luke's eyes rounded with disbelief as he suddenly realized that the impostor might be his identical cousin, Bill Eckert. The impostor merely chuckled as Luke asked if it was true.

Luke couldn't understand how it was possible because Bill had died in Luke's arms years earlier. Luke questioned how Bill had managed to survive, but the impostor covered Luke's mouth with duct tape then left the basement, plunging Luke into darkness as he flipped off the light switch.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian was shocked when he realized that Carlos had a gun equipped with a silencer pointed at Julian. Julian demanded to know what Carlos was doing, so Carlos confessed that he had been ordered to kill Julian. "I'm sorry," Carlos said as he cocked the gun. Julian was stunned that Carlos would mindlessly follow an order to kill Julian after the years of friendship Julian and Carlos had shared, but Carlos explained that he didn't have a choice.

Carlos revealed that Johnny Zacchara had been picked to succeed Julian because Julian had failed to kill Jordan. Julian insisted that it had been the only option open to them because they hadn't been in any shape to go to war with the Corinthos organization. Carlos agreed but argued that their boss would kill Carlos if Carlos failed to carry out the order to take out Julian. Julian was certain that there had to be a way out for both him and Carlos, so Carlos suddenly realized that there was because Johnny's release from prison meant that technically Anthony's killer was still on the loose.

Carlos told Julian how they could thwart their boss's order without arousing suspicion but insisted that they would have to act quickly. Julian realized that Carlos was right, so he agreed to go along with Carlos' plan.

In Anna's office, Anna was on the phone with Scott Baldwin. She was furious that Johnny had been released from jail, based on false testimony from ex-police officer, Delores Padilla. Anna insisted that it was outrageous to suggest that Johnny had been forced to confess to Anthony's murder, but Scott advised Anna to investigate the new evidence. After Anna ended the call, Dante entered the office. She asked him to close the door then broke the news to him that Johnny's conviction had been vacated.

Dante was shocked that Delores Padilla would lie under oath because he was certain that Johnny had murdered Anthony. Anna agreed but admitted that it would be hard to prove because Padilla had had bad history with Johnny. Frustrated, Dante accused Johnny of being a punk then expressed concerns about Johnny's relationship with Lulu.

Anna assured Dante that Dante didn't have anything to worry about because Lulu's past relationship with Johnny couldn't compare to what Lulu had with Dante and Rocco. Dante agreed, but he explained that Johnny had been Lulu's first serious relationship and that Lulu and Johnny had gone through a lot together, so Lulu would always have a soft spot for Johnny. Anna gently suggested that Dante couldn't be objective, so Dante conceded that she was right because his mother, Olivia, had also been involved with Johnny. However, Dante remained concerned that Johnny would try to exploit what Johnny and Lulu had once shared.

Shortly after Dante left, Julian entered Anna's office to announce that he wanted to confess to Anthony Zacchara's murder.

At Metro Court, Lulu was shocked when Johnny called out to her. She realized that he hadn't escaped from jail because he appeared unconcerned to be standing out in the open, so Johnny explained that his conviction had been overturned because Delores Padilla had forced him to falsely confess.

Lulu knew that Johnny had had a troubled relationship with his father, so she readily believed that Johnny had been coerced into confessing to Anthony's murder. She regretted not giving him the benefit of the doubt and apologized for not visiting him in jail, but Johnny assured her that he understood. He smiled as he suggested that it had been fate for him to run into her then asked for a hug. Lulu smiled as she hugged him. Johnny confided that he had missed her, so she surprised herself by realizing that she had missed him too.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Carly approached the bar then struck up a conversation with Olivia by asking about Olivia's New Year's Eve. Olivia evaded the question by mentioning Carly's decision to hire Jake. Carly grinned as she confided that Jake had been popular with the female guests but conceded that he was a poor bartender. However, Carly seized the opportunity to ask why Olivia had given Julian a complimentary hotel room.

Olivia claimed that she hadn't had a choice because Julian had been drinking. Olivia pointed out Metro Court could have been held liable for over-serving Julian if Julian had driven drunk and gotten into trouble. Carly agreed, but reminded Olivia that Olivia could have called a cab for Julian. Annoyed, Olivia conceded that Carly was right, prompting Carly to shift gears by asking why Olivia's car was in the same parking spot as the previous evening. Olivia lied by claiming that she had taken a cab home, so Carly asked for the receipt because Carly could write off the expense.

Frustrated, Olivia said she had misplaced the receipt, but Carly easily saw through the lie and realized that Olivia had slept with Julian. Horrified that Carly had figured things out, Olivia asked Carly to lower her voice. Carly agreed but insisted on hearing how Olivia had ended up with Julian. Olivia assured Carly that it had been a one-time thing that had started out as an attempt to make Ned jealous. Carly was surprised that Olivia had feelings for Ned, so Olivia confessed that her feelings for Ned had grown the more time Olivia had spent with him.

However, Olivia's plan had backfired when Ned and Alexis had caught Olivia leaving Julian's hotel room earlier that morning. Olivia had also been annoyed by Alexis' attitude when Olivia had tried to apologize. Carly wasn't surprised that Alexis had been ungracious because Alexis was a hypocrite. Carly and Olivia proceeded to slam Alexis until they noticed Lulu and Johnny enter the restaurant.

Johnny approached the ladies at the bar with Lulu in tow then explained that he had been released from jail and why. Lulu confided that she had never trusted Delores Padilla, but Johnny tactfully changed the subject to quietly offer Olivia his condolences on Connie's passing. Johnny admitted that he had taken advantage of Connie's illness by failing to get Connie the help Connie had needed, but he assured Olivia that he was deeply sorry that Connie had died. Olivia appeared to believe Johnny, so she thanked him.

Johnny turned his attention to Carly by offering her a compliment. He realized that he and Carly hadn't parted on the best of terms and would likely never be friends, but he wanted to find a way for them to coexist and be civil. Carly agreed to give Johnny a chance, since she was grateful to him for warning her about Morgan's involvement in the gambling ring. However, she shrewdly studied him as she asked him about Sonny's recent injuries. Johnny reminded Carly that Sonny had a lot of enemies in jail then admitted that he knew about Sonny's refusal to see her.

Later, Johnny invited Olivia and Carly to join him for a celebratory shot of alcohol, but they both declined. After they left, Johnny asked Lulu to have a drink with him because he wanted to celebrate his freedom. Lulu agreed, so the bartender poured them each a shot. Dante entered the restaurant as Johnny and Lulu each downed their drink.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sam paid Nikolas a visit at Wyndemere as he finished reading the Port Charles Press that featured a story about Julian's arrest for Anthony Zacchara's murder. Sam seemed overwhelmed by her family's ongoing drama, especially because she remained concerned about the man who had held her hostage during Cesar Faison's escape. Nikolas appreciated that it had been a harrowing experience for his cousin, so Sam revealed that she suspected that the gunman had stayed behind in Port Charles.

Sam questioned Nikolas about Britt's departure with Faison, which confirmed her suspicion that the gunman hadn't accompanied Britt and Faison out of town. Nikolas was surprised when Sam admitted that she suspected Jake of being Faison's accomplice and why, but Nikolas remained skeptical because Sam only had a similar build and expression that both men had used to support her theory. Sam argued that Helena had been sighted at Miscavige around the time of Faison's escape and Jake's appearance in Port Charles, so it was possible that Jake worked for Helena.

Concerned, Nikolas asked if Sam had warned Elizabeth about Jake, but Sam assured him that Jake had moved on since Ric's return. However, Sam confided that Jake had befriended Carly, which meant that Carly would likely get proprietary just as she had with Jason. Sam feared that it would get more difficult to prove Jake's guilt with Carly shielding him.

At Pentonville, Sonny chuckled when he saw Julian enter the snow-covered prison courtyard. Sonny admitted that it felt like a family reunion because Sonny had seen Ava arrive the previous day. Julian was not amused, so he gave Sonny a taste of his own medicine by pointing out that Sonny could use the company since it was unlikely that Michael would visit Sonny anytime soon. Sonny's smile instantly vanished as Julian conceded that he didn't blame Michael for being angry with Sonny. However, Julian reminded Sonny that Julian had done his part to keep the peace by keeping quiet about the secret when Ava had confided to Julian about A.J.'s murder.

Later, Julian was working out with a barbell on a weight bench when two prisoners moved in on Julian. Sonny watched as the two men pinned Julian to the weight bench then questioned him about Anthony's murder. Julian made a point of making it appear that there had been sufficient proof to clear Johnny and arrest Julian, so the prisoners let Julian off with a warning to watch his back. Sonny waited until Johnny's henchmen disappeared before approaching Julian.

Sonny cautioned Julian that the prison system wasn't as removed from society as Julian seemed to believe because eventually everyone would find out that Julian had confessed to murdering Anthony. Julian refused to confirm Sonny's suspicion, but Sonny was undaunted as he questioned what would drive Julian to confess to a murder that Julian hadn't committed. Sonny wondered who had scared Julian enough to drive Julian to prison to hide.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny smiled with satisfaction as he admitted that it was good to be home. Moments later, his peaceful solitude was shattered when Dante and Nathan stopped by to have a few words with Johnny. Dante didn't waste time making it clear that he expected Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Johnny's tone was smug as he asked if Dante had any reason to be concerned about Lulu straying, but Dante calmly clarified that Lulu was happy with Dante and Rocco. Dante clarified that he trusted Lulu, but he didn't trust Johnny or Johnny's dangerous lifestyle.

Johnny conceded that Dante had a valid point, so he agreed that Lulu would be off-limits. However, Johnny wondered if Dante would have a problem if Johnny looked up Maxie because Johnny recalled that Maxie had always liked having a good time. Nathan tensed as he growled for Johnny to stay away from Maxie because Maxie was Nathan's girlfriend, but Johnny appeared to take pleasure in goading Nathan about Maxie until Nathan shoved Johnny against the door. Dante warned Johnny to stay out of trouble and leave both Lulu and Maxie alone then left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the impostor stood on the back patio as he spoke to Carlos on the phone. The impostor demanded to know why Julian was still alive, but Tracy suddenly appeared in the doorway as she asked whom Luke was talking to. The impostor quickly ended the call as he claimed that he had left Scott Baldwin a voicemail message to express his anger over being denied his day in court because Julian had already been sent to Pentonville. Tracy was confused until the impostor showed her the newspaper story about Julian's arrest.

Tracy was stunned that Julian had been sent to jail for murdering Anthony because she and Luke, more than anyone, knew that Johnny had killed Anthony. The impostor smiled awkwardly as Tracy talked about the lengths that both she and Luke had gone to help each other when Johnny had tried to frame them for Anthony's murder. She confessed that she was concerned what Johnny might do to them, but the impostor assured her that they had nothing to worry about because they were all stronger. Tracy remained anxious because she didn't want Johnny to pose problems for Lulu and Dante when the couple had finally found some peace.

However, Tracy was impressed by Luke's calm, cool, and collected demeanor because she had heard about his outburst when Bobbie had mentioned Bill Eckert. The impostor seemed surprised until she explained that Ned had mentioned seeing Luke and Bobbie at Kelly's. The impostor claimed that Bill Eckert was a sore subject because his cousin had died in his arms from of a deadly bullet meant for Luke. Tracy made a mental note of never discussing Luke's family except for his immediate one.

The impostor defensively wondered what Tracy had meant by that, so she pointed out that in all the years she and Luke had been together, he had never talked about his sister Patricia or his parents. Tracy wondered what Luke was hiding, but the impostor curtly told her that he preferred not to talk about it because Patricia and the rest of his family were ancient history. Tracy thought that it might help if Luke discussed his past, but the impostor became increasingly annoyed.

Desperate to put an end to the conversation, the impostor announced that he needed some fresh air. Tracy offered to go with him but he declined because he wanted to be alone for a while. Tracy was disappointed by his reaction, but she hoped he would be willing to share who he was before she knew him when he returned.

Later, the impostor dropped by Johnny's penthouse. The impostor thought it was time for Johnny to meet him face-to-face. Johnny stared in awe as he conceded that the impostor bore an uncanny resemblance to Luke. The impostor wasn't in the mood to discuss his likeness to Luke because he was seething mad that Julian had thought to escape a death sentence by going to jail. The impostor vowed that Julian wouldn't be safe anywhere, including in Pentonville.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie and Lulu chatted over breakfast about Maxie's romantic New Year's Eve with Nathan. Maxie gushed that she and Nathan had made love and had stayed hidden in the apartment until earlier that morning, so she wondered if she had missed anything interesting. Lulu told her friend about Johnny's release from jail.

Maxie's surprise turned to disbelief when Lulu confided that Lulu and Johnny had enjoyed some celebratory shots at the bar until Dante had arrived. Maxie wondered if Dante had anything to worry about, but Lulu insisted that she was completely devoted to Dante and Rocco. However, Lulu conceded that seeing Johnny had been a breath of fresh air because it had reminded her of a time when she had been different and carefree.

Lulu confided that she had always thought that Maxie and Johnny had been better suited for each other than Johnny and Lulu, so Lulu couldn't help but wonder how things might have turned out if Maxie hadn't walked away from Johnny when Maxie and Johnny had had a chance to pursue a relationship. Maxie pointed out that it didn't matter because both she and Lulu were in a good place. Maxie was delighted that she and Lulu had each found good guys instead of fighting over the bad ones.

Maxie and Lulu's conversation drifted to Maxie's Christmas visit with Georgie, and Nathan and Maxie's special New Year's Eve. Maxie thanked Lulu for everything that Lulu and Dante had done to help, but Lulu assured Maxie that it had been fun -- especially seeing Nathan running around in a towel because it had riled up Dante. Maxie suddenly realized that she had no idea if Nathan was the jealous type or not but quickly decided that it didn't matter, since she only had eyes for him.

Lulu admitted that she only had eyes for Dante, but she could appreciate a good-looking man like Carly's new bartender. Maxie and Lulu ogled Jake then agreed that he looked more like a soldier than a bartender. Moments later, Dante and Nathan arrived. Maxie and Lulu happily greeted the men with hugs and kisses, so Dante asked who had caught their eyes. Lulu admitted that they had been gawking at Jake, but Dante assured her that he didn't mind as long as she didn't look at Johnny.

Nearby, Jake asked Carly to put him to work because he was eager to earn money so he could keep his New Year's resolution to stop sponging off of people like Carly and Elizabeth. Jake was curious what Carly's New Year's resolution had been, so she admitted that she had vowed to move forward without Sonny. Jake quietly suggested that Sonny might change his mind, but Carly doubted it because Sonny believed that it had been the only way to help Carly and Michael.

Jake surprised Carly by admitting that he would want his loved ones to move on and find a way to be happy without him rather than wait for him to return, but Carly argued that it felt wrong. Jake insisted that she deserved it, but she was curious how he could be certain of that when he barely knew her, so Jake reminded her that he knew she was generous and a kind friend who had offered him good advice about Elizabeth and Sam.

Carly smiled then shifted gears to teach him how to make a proper dry martini. After she showed him the ropes, she sat back to read the newspaper but groaned when she saw the story about Faison's unknown accomplice. Carly became concerned when she saw him tense as he looked at the surveillance photo of him holding Sam hostage. Jake tried to brush it off as frustration over not mastering the finer points of martini making, but Carly saw through the lie and pushed for an answer.

Reluctantly, Jake admitted that Sam suspected that he had been the gunman who had helped Faison escape. Carly conceded that Faison was a sensitive issue with Sam because Faison had shot Jason, but Carly remained adamant that Jake was innocent. Jake stunned Carly by confiding that Sam might not have been wrong about him.

At ELQ, Michael was pleased when Ned stopped by to check on Michael because Michael had intended to call Ned to ask for help with the waterfront project. Surprised, Ned wondered what Michael needed, so Michael quickly filled Ned in about the change in plans with the new medical clinic, which might be built on the site of Bobbie and Luke's childhood home.

However, Michael explained that he had hit a snag because a man named Bill Eckert owned the house even though he had been dead for decades. Michael admitted that he knew that Ned had once been married to Bill's sister, Jenny, so Michael had hoped that Ned could call Jenny to find out who the house had been passed on to. Ned confessed that he and Jenny had parted on amicable terms and that he'd even been her coach when she had given birth to her first son, but he hadn't talked to her in years.

Ned pulled out his phone and called the last number he'd had for his ex-wife. A short time later, Ned ended a call with Jenny then explained that Jenny had been named the executor of her brother's estate. Jenny hadn't known anything about Bill owning Luke and Bobbie's childhood home, but she had agreed to call Bill's son, Sly. Michael found it odd that Bobbie and Luke's childhood home hadn't been listed in Bill's will.

Later, Ned smiled as Michael wrapped up a business call. Ned confessed that Edward would have been proud to know that Michael was in charge of ELQ and part of the family fold. Michael confessed that he was still getting used to his new last name, so Ned asked how Michael had been holding up. Ned knew that it hadn't been easy for Michael to walk away from Sonny and wondered if Michael had had any regrets.

Before Michael could answer, Ned's phone rang. It's was Jenny. Ned spoke to his ex-wife then ended the call by thanking Jenny for her help. According to Ned, Jenny had reported that Sly hadn't known anything about the house and hadn't expressed any interest in keeping it. Sly had assured Jenny that Michael was welcome to take a look at the house if Michael could find the key. Michael was pleased because he wanted to turn a place that had held painful memories for both Bobbie and Luke into something good.

Friday, January 9, 2015

At Pentonville, Sonny confronted Julian about falsely confessing to Anthony's murder and happily taking the fall for Johnny. Julian scoffed as he asked if he actually looked happy to Sonny. Before Sonny could reply, Julian advised Sonny to drop it, but Sonny refused because Sonny worried that whoever had forced Julian to confess to Anthony's murder could do the same to Sonny. Julian assured Sonny that the person could do far worse, which only fueled Sonny's curiosity.

Julian explained that he intended to keep his secrets because talking could get him killed. Sonny promised not to say anything then pointed out that Julian didn't have any allies in Pentonville, which Julian would need when Johnny sent his men after Julian. As if on cue, two prisoners approached Julian to have a word with him. The men advised Sonny to step away, so Sonny faded into the background as the prisoners closed in on Julian. Julian warned the men that it would be a mistake to go after him because Johnny didn't have what it took to remain out of prison for long.

Julian insisted that the prisoners would be answering to him by the time Johnny returned to jail, but the leader of the two men informed Julian that Julian wouldn't live long enough to see that happen. The leader handed his accomplice a shank then ordered the man to kill Julian before the guards returned. However, Sonny intervened by attacking the prisoner before the order was carried out. Within minutes, Johnny's henchman surrounded Julian and Sonny. The leader of the group demanded that Julian and Sonny be killed then stepped away to take a phone call from Johnny.

Julian and Sonny worked together defending themselves and each other against the gang of prisoners until Julian and Sonny emerged victorious. A short time later, a guard questioned Julian and Sonny about the two dead prisoners and the others who had ended up in the infirmary with injuries. Julian and Sonny denied any involvement in the melee that had led to the two deaths, claiming that they had merely been observers as the prison fight broke out. The guard knew it was a lie because of the blood on Julian and Sonny's shirts, but Sonny pointed out that the incident could have been avoided if there had been guards on duty to prevent the fight.

After the guard stormed off, Sonny reminded Julian that he had saved Julian's life, but it wouldn't stop Johnny from sending more men after Julian. Julian explained that Johnny was merely a figurehead, so Sonny demanded to know who Johnny was answering to. Julian confided that he didn't know the man's name, but the man calling the shots had Luke Spencer's face.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly wondered how it was possible for Jake to be unsure if he had helped Cesar Faison escape because either Jake had aided Faison or not. Jake explained that it wasn't that simple then told her about his brief flashback of taking Sam hostage.

Carly and Jake sat down at a table as Jake revealed that Sam had shown him security footage from the police station of the incident then later accused Jake of being Faison's accomplice. Carly immediately defended Jake because Sam didn't have any proof to back up her claims. Jake agreed, which was why he had gone to the police station to clear his name. However, Jake had begun to question his innocence when he had experienced a flashback while he and Sam had stood in the same spot where the gunman had taken Sam hostage.

Jake insisted that he could account for his entire day on the day in question, but the flashback had felt real enough to make him question if Sam might have been right. He knew that it was impossible for him to have been in two different places at the same time, so he questioned if the flashback had been a true memory or something that had been planted in his head when he had watched the security footage. Carly suspected the latter was the case, but Jake confided that he'd had another flashback when he had seen Carly reading the newspaper article earlier.

Carly continued to defend Jake by pointing out that Sam's evidence against Jake was nonexistent. She added that Jake hadn't had any reason to want to help Faison, so the flashbacks had to be a result of Sam showing him the security footage and Jake's brain injury. Jake admitted that he was frustrated because he woke up every day wondering who he was, where he was from, and if anyone was waiting for him, but his questions continually went unanswered. Carly felt bad for Jake, but he warned her that he didn't want her pity.

Carly assured Jake that they would figure things out, so he admitted that he had talked to Patrick about the flashbacks. Carly feared that it had been a bad idea because Patrick and Sam had been dating, but Jake assured Carly that he hadn't discussed specifics about the flashbacks with Patrick. However, Patrick had advised Jake to talk to Kevin Collins. Carly agreed that it was a good idea, but Jake appeared uncomfortable with the idea because a part of him feared that Sam might be right.

At the hospital, Sam approached the nurses' station to talk to Liesl about Jake. Liesl explained that she was prohibited from discussing Jake's case because of doctor/patient confidentiality, but she could remark about Jake being a sponge on society for failing to pay his hospital bill. Sam was certain that the hospital could afford it, since Liesl had dumped millions into the hospital to secure the chief of staff position. Liesl reminded Sam to tread carefully because Sam was there to ask for Liesl's help.

Sam immediately backed down then explained that she suspected that Jake had helped Faison escape from jail. Liesl laughed at the ridiculous notion because Jake had nearly been a "smear of DNA" on Route 32 not too long before. Liesl pointed out that it was ludicrous to suggest that, just days after being released from the hospital Jake would have the strength and ability to storm a police station. Sam changed tactics by questioning Liesl about who had delivered Faison to the docks the night that Britt and Faison had left Port Charles together.

Liesl denied any knowledge of Faison's accomplice, but Sam revealed that Spencer Cassadine had seen Helena on the docks, talking to Liesl and Britt just moments before Faison had escaped. Sam threatened to share the information with Anna because Sam was certain that Anna would welcome the opportunity to arrest Liesl as an accomplice in aiding Faison's escape, but Liesl insisted that Spencer wasn't reliable because the young boy told more tales than the brothers Grimm. Sam shrugged then started to walk away, but Liesl called out to her.

Liesl agreed to "theorize" about Faison's escape, provided it remained off the record. Sam nodded, so Liesl pointed out that if Jake had been secretly working for Helena, then he would have remained hidden behind a mask in Liesl's presence when he had accompanied Faison to the docks. Liesl reiterated to Sam not to repeat anything Liesl had said to Anna because Liesl would deny it.

After Liesl walked away, Sam saw Jake and Carly exit the elevator. Jake excused himself because he had an appointment, so Sam seized the opportunity to confess that Carly's taste in men never ceased to astonish Sam. Carly conceded that Sam had a right to lecture Carly about Franco, but Sam clarified that she had been referring to Carly's new relationship with Jake. Sam insisted that there was a lot more to Jake than met the eye and that none of it was good, but Carly staunchly defended Jake by reminding Sam that Sam didn't have any evidence to back up Sam's accusations. Carly reminded Sam that Jake didn't have any reason to help Faison escape, so Sam suggested that perhaps Helena had put Jake up to it.

At the Spencer house, the impostor studied a height chart that had been made long before to mark the growth spurts of the children who had once lived in the house. Moments later, his phone rang. It was Helena. She was relieved to hear from him because she had been worried that he had been trying to avoid her. The impostor explained that it couldn't be helped because he had been dealing with the Julian Jerome situation. He assured Helena that he would meet her once Julian Jerome was dead.

Helena was disappointed but agreed it was for the best because they couldn't risk Julian talking. She then switched gears to inform her cohort that she had been dealing with another problem. "Samantha Morgan," Helena clarified. According to Helena, Sam was as troublesome as Sam's mother, Alexis, because Sam had been asking questions about Helena's "soldier boy."

Helena assured the impostor that Sam didn't have any evidence, but Sam remained determined to uncover the man's identity. The impostor was not pleased because their "soldier boy" was too valuable. Helena promised that she intended to handle Sam, but she quickly stopped speaking when she noticed Nikolas standing in the doorway.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas snatched the phone out of his grandmother's hand then spoke into the phone, demanding to know who Helena had been talking to. The impostor quickly disconnected the call, so Nikolas questioned Helena about the phone call. Helena claimed that she had been on the phone with a friend, but Nikolas didn't believe her because Helena only associated with "bootlickers."

Helena reminded Nikolas that she hadn't tolerated his "precocious" son's rudeness, so she was curious why Nikolas thought she would put up with Nikolas' abuse. "The fact that I'm not afraid of you?" Nikolas asked. Helena smiled as she warned Nikolas that her affection for him only went so far, so Nikolas invited Helena to move out if she had a problem with the way he ran things. Helena cautioned Nikolas that his little "fiefdom" could easily crumble to dust, but Nikolas refused to be intimidated.

Nikolas admitted that he was concerned about his cousin, Sam, but Helena argued that the "ill-bred little bastard" was not family, so he shouldn't waste his time on Sam. Undaunted, Nikolas made it clear that he would not allow Helena to hurt Sam. Nikolas knew that Helena had been eavesdropping during Sam's visit, so he was certain that his grandmother was well aware of Sam's theory that Helena's henchman had helped Faison escape. Nikolas pointed out that Helena had endangered two Cassadine family members by helping Faison, but Helena laughed because Nikolas had believed Liesl's lie that Victor was Nathan's father.

Nikolas seemed genuinely surprised that Nathan was not Victor's son, so he wondered why Helena had allowed Liesl to get away with the lie. Helena claimed that she had done it out of courtesy to Liesl because Helena suspected that Liesl had good reason to lie about Nathan's paternity. Helena suggested that if Nikolas was truly worried about Sam, then he should persuade her to stop snooping around.

Helena was confident that as much as Nikolas might want to help Sam, he was more concerned about retaining control of the Cassadine empire to pass down to Spencer. Nikolas warned Helena that he could easily take Helena down at any time, but Helena warned him that he would lose everything if he tried. She advised Nikolas to play ball with her then handed him a file that she suggested he study. After Helena left, Nikolas opened the file, which contained a report on ELQ.

Later, Jake entered Kevin's office but stopped short when he saw Helena seated behind Kevin's desk.

At ELQ, Bobbie entered Michael's office. After she greeted her grandson, she revealed that she had bumped into Ned, who had mentioned that he had spoken to Bill Eckert's sister, Jenny Hornsby, on Michael's behalf. Michael explained that they still weren't certain who owned the house that Luke and Bobbie had grown up in, but Sly Eckert had given permission for Michael to inspect the property to see if it would be a suitable location for the new clinic. Michael appreciated that Bobbie had mixed feelings about the house, so he offered to find another place if the idea of using the property bothered Bobbie.

Bobbie admitted that nothing would please her more than if the house that had been filled with painful memories was turned into something good that would benefit the community. However, she warned Michael that Luke might have a different view of things. Michael explained that he wanted Luke's support, so Bobbie reminded Michael that Luke didn't own the house and therefore didn't really have any say in the matter. She suggested that they wait until Michael was certain that he wanted to build the clinic on the property before they approached Luke for his blessing.

Satisfied, Michael wondered if perhaps Bobbie still had a key to the house so he didn't have to call a locksmith. Bobbie admitted that she had dug the old key out of storage the previous evening. She expected the key to work unless Bill had changed the locks before he had died.

At the Spencer house, the imposter muttered to himself that he hoped Helena hadn't messed up because things were finally falling into place. He made his way to the basement, where Luke remained bound and gagged to a chair. Luke tried to saying something, but the imposter wasn't interested in hearing Luke's complaints because Luke had it good compared to the impostor who was stuck with a town full of people suddenly wanting to reminisce about Luke's past.

The impostor rambled about Bobbie's "big mouth" and how she insisted on "yapping" about Bill Eckert. The impostor knew of a way to shut Bobbie up, so he picked up the baseball bat then violently smashed a ceramic jug that had been sitting on a table. Luke's eyes rounded with horror as the impostor vowed to use the baseball bat to "crack Barbara Jean's head open." The impostor confessed that it was a shame that both Julian and Sonny were behind bars because the impostor could have used the batting practice.

Meanwhile, Michael and Bobbie arrived at her childhood home. Michael noticed his grandmother's somber expression, so he asked if she was okay. She admitted that she hadn't seen the house in years, but she smiled when she suddenly noticed the tree in the front yard because she recalled how she and Luke would have fun climbing it when they'd been young. Michael suggested that Bobbie stay outside while he looked around the inside of the house, but Bobbie was determined to accompany Michael.

Bobbie was immediately assailed with memories as she and Michael entered the house. Her expression clouded with pain as she saw the recliner were her abusive alcoholic father would sit and drink, but she immediately brightened when she saw her mother's rocking chair. Bobbie fondly recalled how her mother had altered the hand-me-downs so Bobbie would have clothes that would fit. Michael assumed that Bobbie's mother had altered her own dresses for her daughter, but Bobbie revealed that the clothes had belonged to Bobbie and Luke's older sister, Patricia. Michael was stunned because he hadn't realized that Bobbie and Luke had had a sister.

Michael started to ask Bobbie about Patricia, but both Michael and Bobbie were startled when they heard a loud crash in the basement. Michael told his grandmother to wait in the living and be ready to call 9-1-1 then went to investigate the noise.

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